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      On Friday, March 04, 2005


      Thursday, March 03, 2005

    • by POTHUS :...
    • Family Secrets, part 1
      familys1 zip (26k) (M/F, b(12)/b(12), F/f(16), fam, inc, dog)
      The Allenby family was your typical dysfunctional family. Janet Allenby wasn't satisfied by her husband, Bob, though she did love him. Bob Allenby knew that his wife was cheating on him, but couldn't prove it. Their children were as distant and defiant as any children. Their daughter, Allison, spent hours on the phone, ignoring the rest of the family. Her parents knew she was either into drugs or having sex with boys. Their twins, Jason and Patrick were quiet and spent most of their time in their bedroom. Neither parent could bring themselves to find out why their family had slowly drifted apart. It took a chance encounter and an embarrassing moment to finally break the tension and ice that was pulling them slowly apart.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Island
      theislan zip (16k) (F/m/mot/son/incest/conseq)
      Boy and mom spend day on island. Get caught in thunder storm and end up seeking shelter under a table...
      What Does It Taste Like
      whatdoes zip (15k) (F/m/mot/son/incest/conseq)
      Boy is fascinated with mother's tits as she nurses new baby. Asks to taste breast milk and she gives him sample of it and more...
    • by Courtney E. :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Truth Behind The Smile
      thetruth zip (04k) (abuse)
      This is a story about my own personal experience in an abusive relationship. It was my first attempt to put into words my experience.
    • by sister love :...
    • Pia's Dream
      piasdrea zip (13k) (M/F preteen)
      Jeg hadde truffet en dame på byen som jeg ble med hjem. Hun het Jenny og var bortimot 10 år eldre enn meg. Jeg var 25 på det tidspunktet. Hun hadde en datter på 11 år som het Pia.

      Wednesday, March 02, 2005

    • by barbarosanj :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Tim
      tim zip (07k) (M/t)
      This is the true story of the first time I sucked another man's cock.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Neighbors
      theneigh zip (24k) (F/F/m/m/incest/adult/mot/son/mot/son/son/mot)
      Connie returns from shopping to find her her neighbor, Meg having a pool party with her son, Toby and Connie's son, Grant. They are playing a game of tag when the boys turn it into a game of keep away with Meg's bikini. Connie can't believe it and follows the trio into the house to see what is going on...
      Worth Every Second Of It
      wortheve zip (26k) (F/m/mot/son/incest/conseq)
      Stan returns home from college to find that his mother has changed. She seems more sexy and more interested in him. Then he finds out just how interested in him she really is...
    • by horneyson :...
    • Discovering Mother
      discover zip (06k) (incest/mother/son/india)
      How an Indian son discovers his Mother's beauty.
      Mother Story
      motherst zip (06k) (incest/mother/son/india)
      How a mother came close to her son.
      Son-In-Law's Fantasy Comes True
      soninlaw zip (13k) (incest/mother/son/india)
      I am from a South 'Indian' city called Chennai (Earlier Madras) and have described my story the way we use English here. The story narration also follows Indian traditions and customs. Most guys select their wife for the reason he would love her or because she is beautiful. He could select her because she is rich or perhaps she is a famous. But even my wife had everything money, beauty and she is also a bit famous in the rich society. And she loved me very much. But these are NOT the reason I married her.
    • by writersblock :...
    • All The Time Slut
      alltheti zip (05k) (g/m g/m+)
      This is a story about thirteen year old Amy, a self proclaimed slut. Once she discovered orgasms, her body and mind became addicted.Every move she made from then on had to do with her next fix.

      Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    • by Keyman :...
    • Preteen Exhibitionists – Doreen Chase: Moms Likes to Watch Too
      preteen3 zip (29k) (F/g 13 Incest, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Beast, Voyeur)
      This is the first of a series of case histories of young preteen exhibitionists. The first story depicts one day in the life of eleven year old Doreen Chase. Chapter Three "Moms Likes to Watch Too" details what happens after Doreen arrives home from school. Doreen finding herself alone decides to try an experiment, a very unusual experiment. Jane Chase, Doreen's mom inadvertently stumbles upon the experiment and becomes intrigued by what she sees. Doreen spies her mother peeking. The eleven year old preteen exhibitionist decides to put on an eye popping and pussy wetting show for her voyeuristic mommy. What happens during and after that show has to be read to be believed.

      Monday, February 28, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Middle School Muscles, part 5
      2middle5 zip (13k) (MF/b; g/b; g/M; incest, pregnant, anal, oral, light bdsm)
      It was less than a week after my brothers and I had read dad's online diary. We still hadn't decided if we were going to confront our parents about it or not. It was early Thursday morning. For me, things have always happened on Thursdays. I was born on a Thursday. When I was little I lost my first tooth on a Thursday. I got my period on a Thursday just last year. This Thursday was the second one in October. I had been feeling off for a few days, but this morning was terrible. It wasn't flu season and yet I was sick. I was bent over the toilet, puking my guts out when it suddenly, completely, and terrifyingly hit me. No period.
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • A Daughter's Discipline, In The Pedo Zone!
      adaughte zip (18k) (M/f ped)
      This is a tale of erotic fantasy...This fantasy is a trip of sorts, made by a father and his daughter...These two are traveling down the road less traveled...The road they're on is a road that often leads to flights of fancy, and dangerously erotic imaginations... Their road is bent on sexual destruction, bordered with hints of perversion... You see, a certain thirteen-year-old girl and her unsuspecting father are about to turn the next bend in the road, and find themselves squarely trapped, perhaps forever, in the inexorable confines of... The Pedo Zone!
    • by Powerone :...
    • Boarding School Sex Training, ch 10
      boardi10 zip (21k) (M+/F, anal, oral, bond, humil)
      It is a story of the coercion of a young lady, Rachel, to fulfill the sexual desires of her older Guardian. In order to gain the inheritance that is rightfully hers, she must consent to be trained by the Headmaster to service her Guardian. She will be taught to experience pleasure against her own will and to give pleasure against her will. She will be trained in all the perversions of the flesh.
    • by EROS :...
    • My New Family - A Twilight Zone Fantasy
      mynewfam zip (08k) (M/f, dad/daut, m/F, mom/son, inc, pedo, underage pregnancy (implied), sci-fi)
      I came home early one day and found Jacqui in bed with her kids! No, I'm not kidding! My wife was naked on our bed with her legs spread while 11-year-old Amy, still dressed in her school uniform, crouched on hands and knees between her mother's legs licking at Jacqui's hot, gaping cunt-slit like a little puppy-dog. Timothy was busy feeding his rock-hard, 14-year-old prick into his mother's mouth as she fondled his furry young balls. They never heard a thing as I entered the room and stood at the bottom of the bed... the same bed I had fucked Jacqui in, that very morning! I was furious, yet something held me back. The totally erotic nature of what I was witnessing suddenly hit me. I loved all three of them... and they obviously loved each other... who was I to say what was morally unacceptable behaviour within a family and what was not! The number of times I'd fantasized about members of my own family when I was a kid came flooding back as I stood there watching my new family actively engage in what I had previously only ever dreamed about. Amy's cute little ass was pointed right at me. Her short school dress hiked way up over her ass-cheeks as she licked hungrily at her mother's gooey fuck-hole. I could see a dark, moisture patch in little Amy's plump young crotch. Her tight little panties were very, very wet indeed! My cock twitched as I watched them in silence.

      Sunday, February 27, 2005

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Best Buddies
      bestbudd zip (13k) (2 girls 10 yo, boy 16; monkey bar climbing, hiking, skinnydipping, fondling, manipulation)
      Sharon and Becky were ten, going on eleven, and were best buddies. They walked to school together in the mornings, and walked home in the afternoons. In the summer they went to the park together. Sharon had begun puberty the year before, at age nine, and by this year found her shape becoming more womanly, and her psyche pushing her to boys and exploring. Becky was as yet left out of the developing process, but because of her uncertainties, Sharon found herself clinging more closely to her friendship with Becky. Enter sixteen year old Eddy, who begins by speaking to the girls, and after a few days opens up a friendship. Eddy suggests they explore the shoreline of the creek, and on the second day of their explore, suggests they avail themselves of the cool, refreshing water in nature's original swimming costume. However, though the swimming was fun, it was the drying off after the swim that led to the most exciting discoveries of their young lives.
      Carl and Ronnie, part 2
      carland2 zip (13k) (man mid-30's, boy 14, 2 girls 11; nudity, 3-way sex)
      Carl Dougherty is in his mid-30's, works in the library, and writes sex fantasies on his Apple Cube for a very popular website. Three years ago he had invited his neighbor girl who was 8 at the time, to visit and use his spare iMac and PlayStation, and she comes over several times a week. At age 11 she begins her journey through puberty, and selects Carl as her mentor– advisor on her journey. She had Carl give her instruction on any topic she chooses three days a week from four to five thirty. In the process, she had Carl rid her of that annoying piece of skin in her vaginal passage. As part 2 begins Ronnie has a most intriguing proposal to make to Carl. And a most interesting turn of events follows thereafter.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Horse Fucking Family Frolics
      horsefu2 zip (12k) (M/F/f/f inc, pedo, beast)
      Lynn and Roman introduce their eight year old daughter to their hedonistic lifestyle. They take a ride on their horses and introduce both hot little preteens to the joys of sex, both man and animal.
    • by Spin :...
    • Life On The Beach...Ain't Bad
      lifeonth zip (20k) (M/g. Pedo, Sex, Drugs)
      Here's a story that is sure to make your mouth water and your....hard. Dave the lifeguard, tells his story of preteen conquest, having plenty of willing, little girls and a life on the beach that...ain't bad.

      Saturday, February 26, 2005

    • by Jefrem06 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Blackmailed Brian
      blackmai zip (15k) (m/b+ nc/rape ws inc anal ped 1st)
      "But, Mom, me and the guys're supposed to hang out this weekend!" I protested one last time. I still thought that it was unfair that my weekend plans were ruined. Joey, Jake, Sam, and I were supposed to go see the new action flick coming out in theaters tomorrow night.
    • by EROS :...
    • Diary of a Paediatric Psychologist, Case #1: part 3 [FINAL]
      diaryo1c zip (10k) (M/g(11), inc.(implied), pedo, oral, penetration)
      "Wow! it sure is hard, Dr. Dreschler... an' it's much bigger than my Daddy's!" "Do you like big cocks, Marissa?" "Fuck, yeahhhh! That's all me and my friends ever talk about at school... the size of the pricks of the boys and men we get to fuck us." {Marissa was stroking my erection with one hand while her other worked busily between her legs, thrusting three stiff fingers up her slippery little snatch. At the same time her thumb was rubbing her tiny clit and her pinky was stimulating the sensitive little patch of skin between her pussy and asshole. This little girl was an expert masturbator, that was for sure!] "Tell me about your friends, Marissa... how old are they and how do they get these men and boys to fuck them?" "Well... my best friend is Katrina Kelly, she's the same age as me. She lives with her father and two brothers, Steven and Richard. Steven's 16 and Richard is 18. Her mother died when she was little. She's been fucking her brothers since she was eight. Ricky's a real hunk! So's Steve, but Ricky's got the biggest cock."

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