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    July 09th - July 15th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, July 15, 2005

    • by Rogerher :...
    • A Conversation With My Girls, part 2
      aconver2 zip (23k) (Dad/Daughters, M/f, M/F, older/younger, submiss, inc)
      This is the concluding part of a recent conversation I had with my two stepdaughters. In a frank and open discussion the two little sexpots describe their early sexual experiences and experiments with other male and female partners. The two sisters, Gen. the youngest and Bri, the elder sister had started their sexual experiences while still pre-teens. Although it is apparent the girl's early sexual activities were confined to incestuous relationships with their natural father and his brothers. Both were eager to experiment with other males outside the family circle and took every opportunity to fuck and suck others living nearby.
    • by rosebud :...
    • Adam And Jenny
      adamandj zip (04k) (M/b/g infant pedo inc)
      Beginning sex-ed very early, a dad teaches his baby boy and little girl what the birds and bees wish they knew.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Carnival Time
      carnival zip (12k) (M/b/g, M/g, M/b, upskirt, oral, anal, masturbate, fondling, multiples, historic rape, conset)
      Getting a good job was impossible no one wanted to hire a child molester that was till the carnival came along. There was a sign up, help wanted no experience necessary. I went to apply after talking to the foreman found out that the different rides were individually owned. Going around I found one who didn't seem to care about my past or anything else for that matter. The booth was simple enough little plastic fish that you had to catch, each had a number on it which was the size of the prize with one having a star which let you pick anything at all. The owner was an old man around 50 who told me that he knew and understood what I was going through. He told me that if I were to play my cards right I would be able to have just about anything I wanted and could possibly go with them when they left. He told me that within a couple months no one would ever know where I was nor anything about me other then what I told them. Little did I know how much enjoyment I would have after meeting him.
      Fun With Chris
      funwithc zip (11k) (M/F, M/b, Fondling, Masturbate, Oral, consent, romance)
      Tina and I had been dating for almost four months over which time we had became very close and in the last month began having sexual relations. During that time she had told me about her life and of her young son Chris. I felt very serious about her asking her the other night for her and her son to be a part of my life. I had not met her son yet she decided to invite me for a weekend outing with them giving me a chance to know Chris and for him to meet me. In the time we had been dating I knew she had a young son Chris who was 7 from her first marriage as she knew I had a son and daughter from my first marriage but didn't get to see them much since they lived out of state. Tina had taken some time before inviting me to meet and be around Chris, wanting to feel sure our relationship was going to work out before letting me in his life. This was going to be our first outing all together for a three day weekend. We were going to an area that I knew of where we could camp, fish, ride my quads along with getting to know each other. Little did I realize how much fun we would really have.
      Taking Care of Danny
      takingca zip (13k) (mom/son, M/b, Uncle/nephew, fondling,masturbate, oral, consent, romance)
      My sister didn't get out much having a 6 year old then one weekend she called asking me to babysit. Going over she then instructed me how to bath and apply lotion to him after. Nothing like having to care for a little 6 year old boy who loves and adores you except for the fact of having a slightly perverted sister who has him well preped and trained before I get there.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Freeze Frame
      freezefr zip (08k) (Mff, mild sci-fi, MC, touching, oral)
      Most of us fantasize about others safely inside our minds but recently on a cruise ship I single-handedly developed a power that I think is a bit amazing. I had been practicing the ability of placing suggestions in others minds for a few years. Every so often it would work out . . . you know where you really want to see more of a little girl's new titties . . . if she would just bend over more . . . and miraculously a merciful dip takes place and one or two muffin sized tits are displayed as your cock begins to grow to unimaginable lengths and you quickly gaze at the nymph hoping she doesn't see you starring at her. But what would happen if you focused on a particular person, and the rest of the world stood still while you played out all of your fantasies with her.
    • by Canker :...
    • Succubus
      succubus zip (09k) (Mf, attempted rape, sex with monster, mf)
      Tebeka is turned into a Succubus after fighting off the advances of her new husband who is also a wizard....
    • by grandpa lester :...
    • Terra
      terra zip (08k) (M/g-(8) Sex/Con/Interacial)
      Terra lives five miles outside of town on a small farm with her grandmother. I climb into my truck reach over and open the door so Terra could climb on up in. As Terra is climbing up I can clearly see right up her dress. To my ut'most surprise Terra had no panties on. Her legs are spread kind of wide. I get a clear shot of Terra young open pussy. I can see her very bright pink pussy hole and her small pink clit. They were ever so clear against that dark black skin of hers.
    • by Ashtoreth :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Heropvoedingsgesticht Voor Tienerhoertjes
      heropvoe zip (26k) (MF Fff ff f-dog nc bd sm best enem bibl)
      Het tienerhoertje Irena wordt voor heropvoeding naar een klooster/bordeel gestuurd dat geleid wordt door een perverse en krankzinnige priores.

      Thursday, July 14, 2005

    • by Vert-Man :...
    • A Preteen's Guide To Oral Sex - Pussy Licking, ch 1
      apretee1 zip (07k) (ff/oral/preteen)
      How young is to young for a girl (or boy for that matter) to learn about the art of sexual pleasure? Say 10 or 11 is way too young do you? What about 12 or 13? No. The reason I asked this very unusual sounding question is for the purpose of this story. See I had never addressed the thought of age in any of my many fantasies about young girls and the exploring of their sexual awakenings I'd longed to do with my cock. But in general 10 to 13 was my preferred age range and I always assumed that it was just strictly a male fantasy and that girls that age would never really go for that type of extreme sex. Well you'd be wrong too, just as I was.....
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Day Care Night Shift, ch 4: Quality Child Care
      daycare4 zip (21k) (MFFFg+b+ incest cons)
      Lisa and Traci watched open mouthed as their mother demonstrated cocksucking on their little brother. "You try it now," Jan told Lisa. She crawled between his brother's legs, and flashed him a naughty grin. She put her mouth around his cockhead. "That's it, sweetheart! Now slide your lips up and down," Jan said. Greg's cock had never been so hard and it felt like it was moving by itself ... Max and Jan stepped into the next room, with Pete and Cindy. Jan felt her orgasm begin as the hard boy meat slid into her hot, wet, quivering cunt. The perversity of fucking a twelve year old drove her arousal to new levels. "Oh yeah!," Cindy panted, with a slight grunt, as Max's big cock began to fill her tight hole. "You're so big! You feel so good!"
    • by Running Bear :...
    • My High School Dream Girl
      myhighsc zip (54k) (f-15/b11 rom fondling oral pen)
      A boy goes away to college, leaving behind a girlfriend that misses him and a younger brother in elementary school who is brought by tragic events into his shoes.
    • by Funplay8 :...
    • My Jack Off Buddy, ch 3: First BJ
      myjacko3 zip (08k) (b/b 10 b/g 10 oral mast fond)
      "If you try sucking on my dicky, I will tell you what me and my girl friend did."
    • by cb2 :...
    • Polnisches Waisenheim, part 1
      polnisc1 zip (19k) (M/b, T/b, oral, anal, semi-nc, nc)
      Nachdem ich nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg im Alter von 26 Jahren die Leitung einer Station in einem polnischen Waisenheim für Jungen im Alter zwischen 3 und 7 Jahren angeboten bekam, wusste ich noch nicht welchen Glückstreffer ich gelandet hattet.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Das Erste Mal Im Kinderzimmerbett
      daserste zip (04k) (m/f – Boy 12 / Girl 12 – masturbieren/vaginalsex)
      Mein erstes Sex-Erlebnis hatte ich mit 12 Jahren. Es war Wochenende, Samstag. Unsere Eltern gingen ins Kino, ich und meine Schwester (sie ist ein Jahr älter als ich und war damals gerade 13 geworden) blieben daheim.

      Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    • by gusgus :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Deneyce, ch 1
      deneyce1 zip (16k) (m/f dad/daud mom/daud)
      This story is about my nineteen year old nice who works for me as my special assistant. By that I mean that she services my clients. I'm the president of my company and have lots of clients that like to be wined and dined. I landed two large contracts primarily based on her performance while she serviced the president and his staff; she is really hot and knows no boundaries. Her dad took her cheery when she was only twelve and she has not looked back since, sex is her middle name. When things are slow, she frequently visits my office to spice up my day. She is my brother's daughter, an only child in an upper middle class family. When she turned sixteen she convinced her dad to allow her to have implants. Her bust size went from 33C to 38DD, which for her small frame makes her very top heavy. Because of the way she was raised, she is the most sexually liberated female I have ever met, but she really needs to tell her own story.
    • by Dr. E. M. Hyatt :...
    • Barbecue
      barbecue zip (05k) (M/F)
      One hot summer day, I decided to host a barbecue in my back yard for my friend Steve and his wife Zaida. It was late July and the temperature was in the 90s. Although my yard is well-shaded by trees, the heat was still significant, so everyone dressed for comfort. I tossed on a pair of gray athletic shorts and white t-shirt. Steve wore regular shorts and Polo. Zaida arrived wearing lime green running shorts and a sleeveless top. The shorts showed off her sexy legs and left very little to the imagination. Zaida usually turned me on. That day, she did it in spades. Steve and I drank cold beer and talked about sports. Zaida drank pina coladas and joined in when she could. All the time, I kept looking at her legs and my attention did not go unnoticed by Zaida. She smiled at me whenever she could catch my eye and even moved forward in such a way that her shorts rode all the way up to her crotch. Now, I could see all of her legs. Zaida winked at me and nodded. When Steve turned away, she leaned toward me and whispered. "It's okay to look."
      It's What's For Lunch
      itswhats zip (05k) (M/F)
      One afternoon in July, I was having lunch with my friend's wife Zaida in a small café. Zaida is a sexy Latina with a good personality. Her husband was at work while me and Zaida had the day off. Since she was bored, I invited her to lunch. We did this often as we've been friends for many years. It was a very hot day, too. So hot that Zaida wore a white t-shirt and red athletic shorts. I was wearing a green tee with blue jean shorts. Zaida saw me looking at her legs and smiled. Then she parted them slightly so I could get a better view. "You have gorgeous legs," I said. "What's so gorgeous about my legs?" Zaida asked. "They're smooth, athletic and perfectly shaped-and they lead up to your perfectly shaped ass," I replied honestly. Zaida blushed a little at my frankness. "Thank you for saying that even if it's not true," she said. "But I mean every word, Zaida. I think you're sexy. Very sexy," I assured her. "How sexy?" she asked.
      Lotus Blossoms
      lotusblo zip (69k) (M/F)
      Susan Wang was Chinese and stood five-foot three inches and weighed 108 lbs. Born in Shanghai in 1953, she emigrated to the U.S. in 1965 and lived most of her life in New York City and Long Island. She had shapely legs, a fine looking behind and small breasts like most Asian women. Her eyes were almond shaped, large and black with fluffy lashes and her lips were sensuous. She kept her raven hair at shoulder length and wore it up in back in a sort of pony tail style. In short, Susan was quite beautiful and very sexy. In fact, she literally broadcast sex appeal. Because of this, men were always after her, always trying to get her into bed. She also dressed nicely. She liked to wear mini skirts that showed off her legs or tight slacks and jeans that highlighted her figure. She was well educated and personable when she wanted to be and was an executive with a major insurance company. Unlike most women in the company who slept their way to the top, Susan earned her position by passing a series of very difficult exams. This fact earned her the respect of her bosses and the envy of her peers. Professionally, she was everything she wanted to be. Personally, her life was a shambles. At 24, she married a much older Chinese man who proved to be her inferior in just about every way imaginable. His career was on a fast downhill slide. This made him jealous of Susan's success and he began to resent her. On a sexual level, he simply just couldn't make her happy. In fact, Susan couldn't even remember the last time he brought her to orgasm and their sex life had dwindled to nearly nothing.
    • by Benhead :...
    • Dirty Old Man, part 3
      dirtyol3 zip (10k) (M/g, exhibitionism)
      Who doesn't love a good baseball game. There are always plenty of families out at the old ball park and since it is in the summer. many of the young girls are scantily dressed. I always made sure to sit in the general admission section of our local minor league park because I could find a place next to some cuties. There is a section of the stands that usually doesn't get too many people sitting there because the view of the field is not all that great. But if you were not going to watch the game, like me, it didn't really matter. I had other things on my mind that late July evening when the temperature was 95 degrees. In fact, I tried to pick out days when the weather was hotter than hell because I was always sure to see short skirts, spaghetti strap tops and lots of skin in general.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Jake & Jo, The Story Begins, The Final Part
      jakeand7 zip (29k) (M/f, 1st time, Romance)
      The final chapters of the introduction to Jake and Jolene. They consumate their love and make their vows for living together.
      Jolene's Parent's Wedding
      jolenesp zip (09k) (Romance, no sex, fill for main story line)
      This is the story of how Jolene's parents wed. It is also the first story I wrote and from it came the inspiration for all the other stories. There is no sex, just love and a blending of the family.
    • by WifeWatchingHusband :...
    • Cumuppance
      cumuppan zip (08k) (MM/F, Wife Watching, Nonconsentual, Spanking, Groping, and of course some good old raunchy sex)
      Wife Julie is a sassy brat, but with some lessons from his best friend, Jeff teaches her some manners.

      Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    • by PeachLover :...
    • A New Lease on Life, ch 11
      anewle11 zip (15k) (M/g/g/g/g M/g first cons ped)
      For those of you that have been along for the long ride on this story, this chapter should be a treat. Mandy finally gets on even footing with the rest of her family. I actually wrote the Mandy deflowering section of this chapter months ago when I was inspired to write it and was stuck on an earlier part. The timeline of has finally caught up to when this occurs.

      Monday, July 11, 2005

    • by Dalton :...
    • Breaking Sis, part 1
      breakin1 zip (13k) (m/g, mdom, reluc, anal, incest)
      On my forearms I scooted back and guided my cock tip against her ass then slowly pressed it down until the tip was grinding, dimpling her tight asshole, the rough ring centered on the tip of my cock as I squirted my hot cum on the slick texture, pressing harder so it sealed there, feeling it squirt inside her, the perversity of my action, filling her ass with my hot cum, the white beads leaking out around the fat purple tip almost hidden by the dark pink of her rosy sphincter pushed in even deeper as I felt it opened by my pumping, jerking cock.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Day Care Night Shift, ch 3: New Volunteer
      daycare3 zip (20k) (MFFFg+b+ incest cons)
      "Oh my gosh!," Jan gasped, as Joanne put her mouth around Pete's hard little prick. "That's sick! What the hell is wrong with you?" "Come on, Jan! I know you want to do this!," Stella said, in a soft, seductive voice. "Look at that young, hard cock! It looks so good, doesn't it?" "I know you want to do this!" Jan's brain screamed at her, but she felt like she was in a trance. She realized she was trembling, but it was more from the sexual excitement rather than the fear. Things got hazy as Jan closed her mouth around the young cock. Jan felt her body shudder as an orgasm washed over her in waves. "That's right, Jan! Make Pete cum in your mouth!," Stella said. "I know you want to feel that boy juice sliding down your throat!"
    • by Azuryo :...
    • Sarah's Milk, part 3
      sarahsm3 zip (13k) (ped, incest)
      ... Chris began to realize, as he rested his head against the pillow, that after being with Sarah, after touching her smooth skin, after running his fingers up and down her tiny slit, after making her wet... the thought of a woman with big breasts and a hair-covered, developed pussy just didn't excite him any more. Although people had told him persistently that the latter was acceptable, healthy and clean, and the former was wrong and dirty, why did it feel so convincingly the other way around? Why did this all feel so... right?
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Tales Of Ranger X, part 2
      talesof2 zip (06k) (M/ff pedo oral anal fist torture snuff infant Asian)
      I picked a tall (for her age) slender 10-year-old next. She had almost no figure (yet) to speak of, and even her hair was cut like a young Asian boy's in sort of a bowl-cut. Her tremendous brown and jutting nipples gave her femininity away, though. She looked up at me with beautiful deep brown eyes, looking fearfully from her cage. No doubt the other girls had heard the cry of my first girl, and were now somewhat more aware of their fate. This particular 10-year-old girl was wearing the panties with the small blue flowers printed on them. Her backside was a gentle, slightly pronounced curve, barely pushing out the fabric. Compared to the last girl, this one had no butt at all, but that subtle curve was in a way even more tantalizing. I unlocked the cage and hoisted the girl in my arms. I carried her to my room, enjoying her frightened gazes over her ball-gag.

      Sunday, July 10, 2005

    • by hobbit :...
    • Jake and Jo, The Story Begins, ch 5-6
      jakea5_6 zip (25k) (M/f, mast)
      The story of Jake and Jo continues through chapters five and six. Now the vacation begins. Jake and Jolene travel together as father and daughter with some different twists as they register at a hotel.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Mr. Cocker Strikes Again, part 2
      mrcocke2 zip (13k) (M,F, fff (10), teacher/students mm (both 12)f, oral, mast. MC, tit-fucking, sex)
      "Would it be ok if we took a picture of your . . . ah COCK sir?" asked Katie the 10-year-old reaching for the digital camera close by. She winked at Kellie as she took the camera out of its case and turned it on. "Oh . . . I guess so. Although that's kinda cheating," he said. All the while Adrienne had been watching the material opposite the head of his cock begin to dampen with his precum. She couldn't believe how horny his big cock looked only inches away from her face. She had spent the weekend desperately shoving that long dildo he gave her in and out of her virgin 10-year-old hole and looking straight at it . . . she longed to have his full length deep inside her.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Shannon And Johnny's Day Of Learning
      shannona zip (13k) (boy 12, girl 11, boy 17; fondling, nudity, oral, penetration)
      Shannon Smithers (11) and her buddy Johnny Fitzpatrick (12) were playing in the park when they got bored and went for an explore along a small stream which flows through the park. After awhile they stopped to rest, and Johnny began playing with Shannon's newly forming titties. He invites her to play with his hardon, and while they were so engaged Shannon began leaking so badly she was forced to remove her shorts and panties before they got soaked. Neither had any idea what was happening or why, but Johnny had the idea of going to ask his old brother Robert (17) about what was causing it. Did Robert indeed have answers to their questions? In words or in deeds? Or in both.

      Saturday, July 09, 2005

    • by Vert-Man :...
    • Jessie, Melissa and Robbie - Third Night, ch 3
      jessiem3 zip (11k) (ffm/oral/anal)
      Jessie and Melissa invite a lucky birth boy into their little online get togethers. All three have the same idea in mine. For Robbie to give both of their little assholes a nice workout while they 69 with each other.
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Stephanie
      stephani zip (11k) (M/g panty flashing fondling oral pedo)
      Telling of how I meet plain little Stephanie (9) on the bus with her mother, and how it leads eventually to the most erotic sexual adventure...much to my surprise she lay back full length on the seat and pulled her skirt right up to her thighs. She then spread her legs wide, allowing me to see all her panty covered little girl sex in all it's splendor, her panties pulled up tight causing her pussy to bulge through the taut white material. I could clearly see the dimples where her inner thighs joined her body, and could clearly see the outline of her little slit...
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Lotta, En Liten Nymf
      lottaenl zip (08k) (M/F/g/b)
      Jag tittade på Lena. En sån vacker kvinna. Hon var rödhårig, kortklippt. Dessutom hade hon små söta fräknar i sitt ansikte. Inte undra på att jag tyckte hon var vacker, jag som älskar rödhåriga, fräkniga kvinnor.

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