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    July 16th - July 22nd mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, July 22, 2005

    • by gusgus :...
    • A Hot Summer With My Mom and Aunt, ch 1
      ahotsum1 zip (20k) (mother/son inc)
      A young college boy finds out just how hot his mom and her twin sister are.
    • by Dr. E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Birthday Joy
      birthday zip (03k) (MF)
      Rosemary, my wife's sister, stood five feet two inches. She had a thin, sexy body with small breasts, a firm sexy behind and fabulous legs. She wore her jet black hair short and also had a cute face. In short, Rosemary was one hot Filipina. Each time I saw her in shorts, I got an erection. Usually, it was very big and hard to conceal. My prick got even harder when Rosemary started giving me those "come hither" looks. In the house, she always wore those athletic shorts which revealed most of her legs and often quite a bit more. Whenever my wife wasn't around, and Rosemary caught me ogling her, she parted her legs in various ways that enabled me to see all the way to her panties. Most of the time, she wore bikini panties.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Jake and KC, Their Story Begins, ch 2
      jakeand8 zip (18k) (M/f)
      The story continues as Jake and KC continue to learn about each other. No sex per se', but lots of love.

      Thursday, July 21, 2005

    • by Acid :...
    • Magellan - Caste Away, ch 1
      magella5 zip (19k) (FF, Beast)
      The continuing story of the Starship Magellan sees the ship encounter a strange planet with a lost human tribe living on it. Carol and Steffi have to pull away from each other to investigate.
    • by Vert-Man :...
    • My Step-Sis and Sharon Me
      mystepsi zip (06k) (fff/oral/incest sister/sister)
      This may sound like a story told by a guy with a wild imagination but I swear to you that every word is true. It's just that I kinda suck at putting things down in words so I'm getting my buddy Rodney to write this down for me. Now this ain't gonna be some long winded fairytale love story or for that matter even have much of a plot. I'll just give you the bare details so that I won't get anyone (including myself) in trouble. The whole sorted thing began about 6 months ago when my adopted mother, Sylvia, married the local jeweler named James Monarch. He had two girls from a previous marriage, Teresa who was 17 and Molly who was 11. The first few nights we spent together were hard, being that none of us had ever got the chance to really meet and get to know each other and before we could really adjust to life as a 'blended family,.' Mom and James ran off to celebrate their wedding with a week long honeymoon in the Carribean. Leaving me, Teresa and Molly to pretty much fend for ourselves. Fortunately Teresa tried hard to make me feel at home and before long we actually began talking and acting like step-sisters. Meaning I stayed out of her hair when she had friends over and she did the same for me when I did. Thing is she really only had one friend to speak of and that was Sharon Logan, a slender red headed girl with huge titties and a great set of legs.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Psychometry, part 2
      psychom2 zip (10k) (M/F m/f solo first)
      During a psychometric event, Terrie becomes her mother and has sex with her father. Psychic incest? She also trips Chuck and mounts him for her first in the flesh sex.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Simone the Horny Babysitter, part 2
      simonet2 zip (09k) (f(16)/b(6)/b(9)/b(7)/b(9)/b(8)/b(9), sister/brother, inc, oral, vag, anal, first gang bang)
      Sixteen-year-old Simone Castleberry was in heaven. Not only did she have her brother, Mitch, and Chester Holliway to fulfill her sexual fantasies, but she now had one of her little brother's friends, Jeremy. Simone loved little boys. She loved their smooth hairless little cocks and balls. Simone couldn't get enough of touching, fondling, and now fucking little boys. She had started babysitting with the thought of being able to just look at little boys naked, fulfilling her pedophiliac tendencies. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought of actually being able to fuck any of them. Now, she was getting calls from more of Mitch and Chester's friends, wanting her to babysit them.
    • by The Secret Sharer :...
    • The Governor's Daughters, part 1
      thegove1 zip (31k) (ffM, inc, les, pedo, oral, 1st time, humor)
      They were eight year-old spoiled little girls, left alone in Daddy's office while he tended to business. Nothing to do but poke around and not get into trouble from Daddy's office assistant . . . not that they ever do. Then they found Daddy's secret bedroom, and the porno videotape, and an entirely new way to have fun.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Wish
      thewish zip (11k) (M/b, b/b, oral, anal, fondling, semi-cons, threat, kidnap)
      "I wish I didn't have to go to school anymore, I don't like school! I wish I lived someplace else where I didn't have to go to school and sit there listening to those dumb teachers", Kenny said as he was awaken by his mother to get dressed and ready for school. 12 year old Kenny along with his parents had recently moved to California when his dad got a transfer with his job. Though the school and area they lived in was very nice Kenny, being the new kid didn't like it at all. Not only that but there were other things that had been going on in Kenny's life especially before they moved. His friend David who was a year older had told him about sex and even had some magazines with all kinds of pictures in them. He had looked at them several times causing his young cock to get stiff.

      Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    • by Perry Nayum :...New Author.!.!.!
    • I Was Ten, part 1
      iwasten1 zip (12k) (Mg, gg, pedo, first time, anal)
      I was ten! He was over sixty .... More than half a century between us, as I worked out later to my astonishment, though at the time it all seemed to happen almost naturally. I say "almost" naturally because somewhere at the back of my mind I knew very well that what we did together wasn't exactly the kind of thing I could tell them about in my Sunday school religious classes.
    • by Vert-Man :...
    • Daddy And Me - Not A Love Story, part 3
      daddyan3 zip (05k) (fm/anal/oral)
      "What about my mouth? Is it ok if I suck it for you?" Brittany asked as our Daddy smiled and lowered his boxer shorts down his thighs as his answer, letting that big cock pop out, and with one last glance up the steps he offered it to his little girl. Which made my ultra horny little sister all the more happier. Daddy moaned seconds later like it was heaven as Brittany lowered her pretty face and started to willingly suck our daddies cock.
    • by gusgus :...
    • Deneyce, ch 2
      deneyce2 zip (10k) (m/f dad/daut mom/daut mom/son)
      Deneyce continues her story of how she lost her cherry to her dad and the fun she had with the new neighbors.
    • by L.A.Wicker :...
    • Love Me Daddy
      lovemeda zip (16k) (incest, dad, daughter)
      'I love your cock, Daddy.' Kelly moaned, kissing and sucking him, wishing he would cum in her mouth. 'Cum, my sweet Daddy,' she whispered, looking up in his eyes, pumping his stiff cock with both her small hands. 'Cum for your baby girl,' she teased in the voice he loved to hear. 'Please cum, Daddy,' she moaned putting out her lip as her hands moved faster. 'I want to taste your hot cum,' she smiled and a strange thought came to mind. 'I want to taste the cum that made me.' Kelly said with need and she saw a new look cover his handsome face.
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • The Laundryman
      thelaund zip (08k) (M/g, g=7, Mastrubation, Oral)
      The hot day gets hotter as a little Latino girl masturbates in front of me and later I coat her with cum as she helps me get relief and then gives me a wild blowjob.
    • by Dr. E.M. Hyatt :...
    • The Tryst
      thetryst zip (05k) (M/F)
      I'd always been sexually attracted to Zaida, my best friend's wife. So much so, in fact, that I fantasized about her quite a lot. My fantasies were intense and quite vivid. After all, Zaida was a tan complexioned Latina with soft, flowing brown hair, hazel eyes and a dazzling smile. She was also one of the nicest people I'd ever known. Being a writer, I decided to write a hot adult novel using Zaida as my main character and myself as the male lead. Naturally, the book was filled with all of sexual fantasies and I vividly described each and every one. I didn't expect Zaida to see the book online and order it. In fact, I didn't know she had read it until I bumped into her at our chiropractor's office two weeks after it was published. At first, she scowled at me. When I asked her what was wrong, she reached into her purse and produced a copy of my book. "I read this last week," she said.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Kleine Beste Freunde
      kleinebe zip (07k) (m/f – Boy6/Girl 6 – Doktorspiele/masturbieren/nanal/vaginal/oral)
      Fine und Malte, beide sechs Jahre alt, sind eng miteinander befreundet. Sie gehen in dieselbe Kindergartengruppe und treffen sich auch am Nachmittag häufig zum Spielen.
      Kleine Petra
      kleinepe zip (06k) (m/g - Boy 17 / Girl 9-10 – masturbieren)
      Anfang der 80er war man in der ganzen Nachbarschaft ein King, wenn man einen C64, sprich Computer, besaß. Es interssierten sich nicht nur Jungs für die Spiele auf dem Computer...

      Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Pedo's Dream, part 2
      apedosd2 zip (08k) (M/g, M/g/g/g/g, fondling, oral, blindfold, gentle, consent)
      "A little later the girls are going to play a little game with you that I'm sure you will enjoy" she said with a smile on her face. "What kind of game is that?" "They are going to take turns to see who can get you excited enough to cum without having actual sex with you. That means on masturbating, no oral, anal, or intercourse. They can use anything they want but there are rules which will be explained shortly."
    • by hobbit :...
    • KC and Jake, Their Story Begins, ch 1
      kcandja1 zip (24k) (M/f, father/daughter)
      The story of KC, Jake and Anne's daughter, begins. In the begining, KC is reintroduced to Jake and part of her life before is revealed.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Lisa's Confession and Pennance, part 5
      lisasco5 zip (19k) (MMMMFFff/f photography, fingers - anal, oral, lesbian, dog licks, games)
      Lisa goes on her first retreat and meets two other young girls. They dress up and play games with the adults. Lots of HOT action.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Psychometry, part 1
      psychom1 zip (09k) (M/f F/m inc dad/daut mom/son slow oral)
      "Psychometry" is a novella showcasing the coming of age of a sixteen-year-old girl who exhibits amazing psychic abilities.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Tales Of Ranger X, part 3: Short Time
      talesof3 zip (07k) (Mf, pedo, infant, oral, anal, asian, n/c, romance?)
      Coming back inside, I gazed lustfully on Baby, still tied to the floor with her legs far apart, her hands and elbows still tied behind her back, her mouth still securely gagged. The sight alone brought my prick back to full and immediate erection, and I knelt down on the floor beside her. Baby's eyes rolled wildly as she felt my hands spread her ass cheeks to their utmost. Her small bottom was still thrust high up in the air by the pillows stuffed under her puss. Holding her buns apart with one hand, I guided my prick slowly into her virgin rear. At least it was well wetted by the oral attention it had received earlier. The microscopic hole stretched vainly in an attempt to accommodate the huge head of my throbbing cock as it fought its way inside her tight asshole, insistently pushing into her innermost depths. Her anus was still extremely sensitized by the furious tonguing it had received earlier, and it twitched maddeningly around my driving shaft, every nerve-end in her rectum quivering with sensation.

      Monday, July 18, 2005

    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Baby Sitting Is Fun
      babysitt zip (09k) (f/b, f/g/b, M/f/g/b, f/g, M/f)
      Fourteen year old Shannon tells of some of her baby sitting exploits.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Be Careful What You Wish For
      becarefu zip (25k) (b/g, b/b, b/b/g, b/b/g/g, W/b, combinations, oral, anal, masturbate, fondling, cons, fantasy)
      What would you do if you had three wishes available to you that you could use any way you wanted? Would you wish for money, love, sex, Or? What would you wish for knowing you could have it and never get in trouble over it? See what happens when a 32 year old childlover finds himself with three wishes and three sweet children who live down the street from him with a single mom.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Day Care Night Shift, ch 5: Casual Friday
      daycare5 zip (22k) (MF+g+b+ incest cons orgy)
      "Hi Miss Jan!," Scotty said, sliding his hand in Jan's frock and kneading her breast. "You're pretty!" Jan quickly recovered. She unfastened the eight year old's shorts, held the boy's tiny pecker with two fingers, and began to stroke it. Martha looked at Jan, as she played with her son's penis, and smiled tenderly. "It looks like you are very good with children," Martha noted, with a naughty grin. Max looked around the room as six year old Cathy put her small mouth around his cock. Max felt precum oozing into the girls mouth as he realized that five adults and thirteen preteen children were having an orgy. His own daughters were naked from the waist down and had their tongues buried in the twats of two other preteen girls.
    • by cb2 :...
    • Englische Soldaten, part 1
      englisc1 zip (05k) (M/T/b, oral, anal, semi-nc)
      Nachdem ich während des zweiten Weltkrieg meine Eltern verloren hatte, kam ich im Alter von 6 Jahren auf dem Land bei meinem Onkel und dessen Frau unter. Die beiden waren selbst noch recht jung und hatten alle Hände voll zu tun über die Runden zu kommen und mich kleinen Racker zu besänftigen.

      Sunday, July 17, 2005

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Byron And Lainie - A Romp
      byronand zip (07k) (boy 16, girl 3; nudity, rubbing, toilet help, oral)
      Byron MacMillan was 16, it was summer vacation, and his mother likes to join Hilary Potter for coffee and gossip, and so they send 3 yo Lainie over for Byron to babysit. "I never knew how pretty girls are naked," Byron said, "even three year olds, until one day she skinned out of her clothes and spent the rest of her time over here bare naked. It weren't long after that she had discovered sitting in my lap, and snuggling up to that red hot rod I hide between my legs. This one day when I only had a thin pair of shorts on, no underwear, she actually rubbed against my meat til I had a full blown cum. Unbelievable."
      Cousinly Love, part 2
      cousinl2 zip (13k) (boy 10, girl 7; nudity, urinating, oral, penetration)
      In part one Claire Baker 7 and her cousin Henry Blackstone 10, each discovered how the other sex was built, with Claire learning to masturbate Henry and he discovering oral sex with her. Part two finds them on a two week vacation in a rented house on Galveston Bay. The first afternoon they swim in the bay, each urinating in front of the other. And later, when their parents go next door to a drunken party, they begin to relive what they had experienced on the visit two weeks before, Claire getting a chance to do for Henry what he had done for her. And Henry, well Henry gets to do what he had dared not dream before that night.
    • by L.A.Wicker :...
    • Just A Man
      justaman zip (21k) (m/f. cheating wife)
      Harry never really thought of himself being no special than any one else or different. But, being blind people never really saw it that way. Either treating him like a helpless person or just pretending he wasn't there, never thinking of him as, just a man. Just like in the office, he had been working in the last 20 years. His boss acted as if Harry wasn't there and the others treated him like a baby. They could never see how he did all the things he did. Harry made his way off the elevator and could hear the voices murmuring through out the office. As he moved towards his desk, he could smell lovely young Tina Smith. She always wore a light perfume that could be bought in any store on the East Coast, but he loved smelling her. Harry also loved when she would bring him a Coke; her soft hair always fell in his face as she lightly leaned her breasts against him.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pleasure Garden - part 1
      theplea1 zip (14k) (M/g, MMF/g, inc, pedo)
      Wandering through the extensive grounds of Hartshill Manor that morning it had been difficult to know where to look - there must have been at least twenty children there, at least a dozen of them little girls in the 2-8 age range which I found particularly desirable.
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Masochist Sis
      masochis zip (17k) (Inc - brother/sister, teen, rape fantasty/roleplay, anal, spanking, bondage)
      For a 15-year-old, Crystal is a very kinky little slut. She has extensive masochistic fantasies and regularly masturbates to the idea of being whipped and raped. One day her older brother, Joe, finds Crystal's sordid notebook outlining her depraved desires, and being a kind-hearted big brother he decides to make his slutty sister's fantasies come true.
    • by Powerone :...
    • The Judges Molests His New Orphans, ch 2: Grace Poses for Pictures
      thejudg2 zip (16k) (M/b(12), M/g(10/g(13), PEDO, cbt, humil, mast, bdsm)
      The Judge adopts three orphans, 2 girls age 10 and 13 and a boy age 12 in the early 1930's. He intends to exploit them sexually for his friends and himself. Grace is photographed for the Judge and his friend, her body stripped naked for the camera.
    • by cb2 :...
    • Cousin Roland, part 1
      cousinr1 zip (05k) (T/B/b, oral, anal, semi-nc)
      Nachdem ich während des zweiten Weltkrieg meine Eltern verloren hatte, kam ich im Alter von 4 Jahren auf dem Land bei meinem Onkel und dessen Frau unter. Das Zimmer und Bett teilte ich mir mit deren damals 12-jährigen Sohn Roland.
    • by Curt :...
    • Lilla Pelle
      lillapel zip (11k) (M+Fb 1y)
      Stina satte sig tillrätta mellan hans ben och lyfte upp Pelle i sitt knä "Har du sett vilken stor och fin kuk farbror Curt har" Hon tog ett stadigt grepp om kuken och runkade den. Curt stönade högt "Det gillade han" sa Stina och log "kan du prova Pelle?" Hon förde Pelles hand mot kuken och han tog grepp om den med sin lilla hand. Curt stönade högt. "Smaka på den, den är god" sa Stina och förde milt Pelles huvud mot kuken. Den rörde vid Pelles läppar och Curt tittade storögt på scenen som utspelades framför honom. "Öppna munnen och var en duktig gosse" manade Stina.

      Saturday, July 16, 2005

    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Three Delights
      threedel zip (08k) (M/fff sleep)
      The best and most satisfying time I had sex with children was when I had my girlfriend's three daughters overnight at my house. Carol, the oldest, was eleven years old. She was beginning to bloom, and as I had never had intercourse with her before, I decided that I should take this opportunity to do so, for a number of reasons: I didn't relish having intercourse with a girl having periods, with the risk of pregnancy, and I had a distaste for pubescent pussy; I suspected that sooner or later, her father Jim might take her virginity. He had taken his oldest daughter's virginity when she was twelve, and though he hadn't taken the virginity of Mary, the daughter between Pam and Carol, he had a closer relationship with Carol than with Mary. And of course, the main reason was that I found it exciting to be the first man with a girl.

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