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      On Friday, July 29, 2005


      Thursday, July 28, 2005

    • by Benhead :...
    • Dirty Old Man, part 4
      dirtyol4 zip (07k) (M/g, exhibitionism)
      I live in a fairly quiet residential neighborhood. As they say in real estate, it's all about location, location, location. And my house is located just 4 short blocks from an elementary school. I love to watch the young girls walk by my house on their way home from school in the afternoon. I work third shift, so I am home during school hours. My wife works 1st shift, so she is not. Many times I stand at my front window and stroke my cock as they walk by. I am sure a few of them have seen it, but they keep on walking. They are probably too far away to see my cock really well, so the thrill is mostly in my own mind. One day I decided I was not satisfied with the occasional glance of girls walking by, so I decided to walk past the school when it is in session to see what I could see. This particular school is a catholic elementary school so all of the kids have to wear uniforms. It is so sexy to see the girls in their plaid skirts and white button up shirts as they play on the playground.
    • by Vert-Man :...
    • Jessie, Melissa and Jen - Triple Sandwich On Sunday, ch 4
      jessiem4 zip (13k) (fff/oral/anal)
      In the fourth entry in the Jessie/Melissa cyber log series, Jessie is confronted with the emerging sexuality of her 10 year old sister, KC. The story begins to unfold as a hard day of labor with her mom and sister begins and soon becomes a sex ed 101 lesson that very night as Jessie has the pleasure of spending the night with not one but two horny as hell girls in a cyber butt fucking fest. All three girls get sandwiched before the fun is done as KC watches in shock and amazement.
      Me, Emily and Trish, ch 2
      meemily2 zip (10k) (ffm/fff/oral/anal)
      "Oh yeah Daddy's butt fuck stick feels good in that little asshole huh baby girl?" I asked in a moan as I leaned over her back and began pounding my cock home deeper and deeper in her asshole. Driving her pussy down into Emily's mouth each time.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Mommy Like's 'em Young, ch 4
      mommyli4 zip (16k) (M/F/ff/mm Inc, pedo, ws, group)
      When Tammy and Tom get together for a preteen, incest orgy, they didn't count on eleven year old Cindy dropping by with her infant nephew. Nine month old Lance gets his first experience with a hot cunt... and a hot cock!
    • by Wife Watching Husband :...
    • Hot Tub Honey
      hottubho zip (05k) (MMF, Wife Watching)
      Based on a real event. Kandy, a hot wife, finds out there is more to do in a hot tub than just soak!
    • by Nitetimeguy :...
    • The Game, part 3
      thegame3 zip (17k) (F/F/f, mother/daughter, inc)
      Up until this point in her life, Julia Hall never had an opinion as to whether adrenaline, or sex for that matter, were addictive. But as she drove towards the house of one Amy Gallo - the young girl who'd had a brief sexual encounter with her daughter, Beth - she knew they were both more potent than any drug sold on the street. Julia knew she was out of control, and she loved it. She knew that if she wasn't careful, or if she went too far, that not one but two marriages and many lives would be adversely affected. The thought of meeting this precocious little teen made her slide a finger up into the leg of her cut-off jean shorts as she drove. She felt more alive and more aware than ever before. It was wonderful. Julia had arranged over the phone to meet young Amy. She'd explained that while Beth was away on her honeymoon, "Coach Hall's mom" was checking in on all the swimmers and making sure they were preparing for next year. But Julia had no plan for when she arrived. She didn't know whether or not anyone else would be home. She didn't even know if she would try anything with this girl - shit, she didn't even know if the girl would be interested in her. She just wanted to see her, and play it by ear.
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • The Therapy Session
      thethera zip (11k) (sci-fi / pedo)
      In the fairly distant future the science and art of mental therapy will be totally different. This author takes a peek at one possible direction the field might go...
    • by cb2 :...
    • Polnisches Waisenheim, part 2
      polnisc2 zip (08k) (M/b, T/b, oral, anal, semi-nc, nc)
      In meinem Zimmer angekommen verschloß ich die Tür und begutachtete meinen kleines schlafendes Fickspielzeug im Bett, während ich mich hastig auszog und meinen schlaffen Schwanz musterte. Duch den gewaltsamen Fick mit Stepan war mein schlaffer Schwanz doch mehr mitgenommen als ich dachte. Meine Eichel schmerzte noch immer, so dass nicht daran zu denken war meinem kleinen Thomas eine weitere Ladung in den Hintern zu jagen.

      Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    • by gusgus :...
    • A Hot Summer With My Mom And Aunt, ch 6
      ahotsum6 zip (06k) (f/f m/f dp toys)
      When I finished taking a shower, I stretched out on my bed to get a little rest. I laid there thinking about how lucky I was to have such a sexy mom that loved to fuck plus having an aunt with such big tits that also liked to fuck. Just thinking about them gave me another hard on. As I laid there stroking my hard cock, I tried to listen to what was going on downstairs in the kitchen. All I could here were faint voices of their chatter. As I laid there going over in my mind the events of the last few hours, remembering how my mom looked lying on her bed with her legs spread freely giving me access to her private parts and wanting me to fuck her pussy and ass. And then remembering how good she tasted after she had a major orgasm, how her pussy got all juiced up. As I continued lying there engrossed in my thoughts while stroking my hard dick, I suddenly realized it was awfully quiet. I listened and could not hear any sounds coming from downstairs. I got up to investigate, hoping that they for some reason had gone out.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Fuck My Wife For Me
      fuckmywi zip (08k) (MF wifeslut)
      For years I was stuck in a sexless marriage, or rather a marriage in which I had little, if any, sex with my wife. Over the years she gained weight, lost interest in sex, and found pleasure in women's club activities, cocktail parties, and anything social. What I craved was a wife who loved sex as much as myself... someone attractive, with a great body, who placed a very high priority on sex rather than a low one. After bouts with depression, and the help of a good therapist, I finally managed to fight my way through a contentious divorce and gained my freedom. It was then when I met my current wife, Scarlett, and the way we met was most interesting.
    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • I Was Ten, part 2
      iwasten2 zip (11k) (Mg, pedo, first time, anal)
      John's fingers were behind my thighs now, feeling their way between the cheeks of my bottom. I know I have the kind of bubble butt men like to touch and I instinctively opened my legs a little to make it easier for him to trail his fingers up the crack and around my anus. (Mmmm, I love that word ... anus ... anus ... anus ... don't you?)
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Dad's New Hobby
      dadsnewh zip (04k) (M/b (12) Father/son masturbation)
      Dad comes home early and finds his young son tossing himself off. Dad takes over and it becomes his main interest in life.

      Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    • by Sailor Steve :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Yard Work
      yardwork zip (06k) (mm/f preg)
      This is the story my wife told me after I came home and found her in bed asleep with cum dripping from her cunt and anus. She tearfully told me how that had come about. I also had the benefit of the security camera in the kitchen that caught much of the action.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Psychometry, part 4
      psychom4 zip (16k) (f/f/f m/f m/F bi, lez, oral, gang, inc, mom/son)
      Cheryl started to run her hands over Amy's slim body, including her breasts. Mary, standing behind Amy, pushed the straps of the sundress off Amy's shoulders, and Cheryl dipped her head and licked one of Amy's nipples. Amy groaned with pleasure.
    • by Othello The Black :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mr. Dancy And My 8 Year Old Little Sister
      mrdancya zip (06k) (M/f, Ir, Voy, Exhib)
      By this time I knew what was going, that old fucker was molesting my sister everyday while I was upstairs jacking off, and my dad was at work. I didn't let on that I knew what was going on. I just played dumb, and asked Keisha to explain. She said "Every day I would go over and talk to Mr. Dancy and we would talk and play. One day when I came over he asked if I wanted to play hide and go seek, and so we did. When it was my turn to count, I started looking for him, and noticed that the Old storage house door was open I crept up and looked in, and Mr. Dancy was in there with his pants down and playing with his "thingy". He was squeezing it, and moving his hand up and down on it real fast and all of a sudden he started peeing and it was white."
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Rebecca's New Parents, ch 2
      rebecca2 zip (06k) (MF/g/extreme pedo/manipulation/coercion/ws/scat)
      Mommy Marge and Daddy Buck delve into further depts of deprevity as they begin Rebecca's new journey into a world of sickening sexual abuse. Warning! Not for the squeemish.

      Monday, July 25, 2005

    • by gusgus :...
    • A Hot Summer With My Mom And Aunt, ch 5
      ahotsum5 zip (09k) (m/f f/f son/mother aunt/nephew anal)
      Glenn continues to enjoy fucking his mom and aunt and also watching them enjoying themselves. He has four holes to fuck just about anytime he wants them.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Breaking Sis, part 2
      breakin2 zip (12k) (m/gg, mdom, reluc, anal, incest, sleep, drugs)
      I pushed Kaiti's hands down to Sandi's pussy, both of them feeling her slit now, Sandi letting Kaiti's small fingers explore her slit and find her clit. "You're so nasty Kaiti, I love you nasty girl," I said laying my hand on both of theirs, feeling Kaiti pull her friend back against my cock she tried to rise off my lap. I felt the last dregs of my cum leaking out of Sandi's tight virgin ass and I slumped them both off to the side and stood up slowly. They stayed locked together, almost asleep, both of them feeling Sandi's pussy as they spooned on the couch, their silk tops clumped bands of cloth above their navels, hiding nothing.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Incest Island, part 5: A Good Thing
      incesti5 zip (12k) (Dad/Daughter)
      The latest chapter in the Incest Island series. A camera happy reporter snaps a pic of the Maxwells and figures out that they are all fucking. The photos hit the press and the Maxwells are in deep shit. Meanwhile the reporter and his hot young daughter head to Incest Island to find what else is up. They discover more about each other than the Maxwells.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Intrigue
      intrigue zip (23k) (bg oral pen drug)
      A boy encounters an undercover FBI agent and winds up caught and involved in the kiddy porn ring that agent was investigating.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Jake and KC, Their Story Begins, ch 3
      jakeand9 zip (25k) (M/f, dad/daut)
      When he got up early the next morning, he first called his security service. "Get KC's sizes from Janet, then get her a couple of weeks of clothing, underwear, spare shoes, etc. In fact duplicate what Janet got her Thursday and have Janet advise you on some other items, then pack the items and put new case next to mine in the Axe. I want things ready if they are needed. Make sure all my communication gear is in place, then keep a close watch out for problems as we discussed last night." "Yes Sir, it'll be done, everything is aboard now except KC's and her things will be added as soon as we can. We check everything, the communication links especially every shift as per your instructions."
    • by White :...
    • Tales From The Neighborhood: The Mullers, part 1
      talesfr1 zip (10k) (M/F/f-teen/incest/watersports)
      The first family in the Uphill Estates that we take a closer look at. It won't be the last!
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Tales Of Ranger X, part 4: Coming Home Demented
      talesof4 zip (06k) (M/f, Asian, infant, mutilation, torture, oral, anal, extreme, caution, watch out!)
      The operation was, of course, the removal of Baby's arms and legs, to make her even more totally dependent on me. After this was completed, I took her to the aforementioned 'sympathetic' minister. With Baby dressed in a miniature wedding gown, designed for a limbless two-year-old, she was a vision. I had taught Baby how to say "I do," in English, so even if she didn't understand the rest of my specially written vows it would probably still go O.K. I had the vows changed to not only include the traditional troths, but also to include things like: "Do you promise to allow your husband full rights to your body, to do with it what ever he pleases, to punish or abuse you for your own good...etc." My helpless bride just answered 'I Do' to everything. When we came to the part where the minister said, "You may kiss the bride, "I thrust my tongue deep into my new wife's throat, roughly grabbing her ass beneath her gown. It was great to be home!
    • by Divya :...
    • Transformations
      transfor zip (30k) (Mom/Son, Bro/Sis inc)
      Hi friends, I am Ganesh, 21 years old graduate in mathematics. My father Shanmugam 55 was a farmer and my mother Parvathi, 45 is a housewife. I have one sister Sumathi, 25 years old still unmarried young woman. We live in a small village near Tirunelveli, South TamilNadu, India. Mainly farming and few cattles are our source of livelihood. A year before my father died of consuming illicit liquor. The government announced Rs.50000 as compensation, but we received just Rs.20000 after 6 months. I had to discontinue my studies to take care of my family end means. Since I was a below average student studies, I never bather about it. Soon I used to my regular duties. In our village of 100 households, with mostly middle-aged and elderly people farming their lives away or tending to a meager cattle. With the amount the Government gave I setup a small provisions store in our village.
    • by The Beat :...
    • Welcome Neighbor, part 2
      welcome2 zip (15k) (Pedo, Mf, Fm. Mf, fm Ff F)
      Bill Gates and family had just invited the Shingin family over for dinner on their first night welcoming them to the neighborhood, in their own inimitable way. Tammy, his beautiful bride, just had their baby girl three months ago. They believe he made her pregnant the first night he came to town. Tammy had her daughter Greta invite him over for dinner to welcome him to the neighborhood, and he had a heck of a lot more that night, and several weeks later they were married, the Shingen's walking their way over next door, and they are talking. "Toshiro are you sure they are like us? " his lovely wife Akiko asks her husband. "You saw then with your own eyes just like I did, and besides even if they are not, you still want to fuck him don't you?" "Yes, I do, and you want his big titty wife too?" she says smiling at him. "Yes I do as well, and their little daughter too!"
    • by Nick Young :...
    • You Need A Friend, part 2
      youneed2 zip (04k) (M/b (12) father/son inc)
      Walking unannounced into his son's bedroom, Martin found the boy masturbating. Being a kind father, he helped the boy get there by wanking, sucking and swallowing his 12 year old's load. Now it's time for breakfast.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Das Ferienlager
      dasferie zip (10k) (M/m/f - Kinder 12-14 - oral/vaginal)
      Eine Reise an einem verlassenen Strand wird für einen Betreuer und "seine" Kids zum größten und schönsten Abenteuer ihres Lebens...
      Urlaub Mit Meiner Schwester
      urlaubmi zip (06k) (m/f/f/m - 16/12/12/14 - oral/vaginal)
      Ein Urlaub mit der eigenen Schwester kann doch schöner werden, als zuerst gedacht... und wenn sich dann noch ein weiteres Geschwisterpaar anschließt, kann es nur besser werden...

      Sunday, July 24, 2005

    • by L.A.Wicker :...
    • A Helping Hand
      ahelping zip (10k) (M, F)
      She reached behind her back, unzipping her silky, black dress and let it fall to the carpet. Letting him see her see-through bra and her round breasts. A very small pair of bikini panties covered her gorgeous hips and that astonishing behind. Her velvety legs were covered with sheer stockings. "Is this better, my young man? Now you can see all of my old body." She moved closer to him. "Do I hold up to all of your many dreams?" she stood only a few inches from him, he could smell the soft sent coming from between her legs.
      alana zip (08k) (brother, sister)
      It was late one hot, steaming summer night. I had to get up and pee. When I started to get back in our bed is when my love for my sister changed. A light from the street shined across, Alana's, body. Displaying her wonderful body. Her little night shirt was up to her neck. Exposing her full breast to my view. Her areola circles were a very soft pink that blended into her breast like a fine oil painting. Her nipples looked like little pearls and they where very hard. I know it was wrong but, I couldn't help myself. I started tracing around her wonderful nipples with my finger tips. Her flesh was so warm, soft, and inviting, making me touch her more. Slowly my fingers began to caress her tender nipples, gently rolling them in my fingers.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Short Treatise On Leg Pulling, part 1
      ashortt1 zip (10k) (man 35, girl 8; nudity, fondling, oral)
      Bill Finley 35, had been married, but his wife reverted to the love of other women, and Bill was hopelessly attracted to little girls, so she moved on. Fortunately for him Margie Potter, 8, his next door neighbor's daughter, had a crush on him almost as strong as his for her. One day a discussion of leg pulling ensued. "You're pulling my leg again, aren't you?" she said, mockingly in an accusatory tone of voice. "Who me? I don't go around pulling the legs of pretty little girls. As much as I might want to I somehow manage to resist the temptation. It's a terrible strain on my psyche though, this constant resistance, but I feel it's for the ultimate good of the human race." "What about if the little girl wants her leg pulled?" she said with a mischievous glint in her eye. "Well, if she is in serious need of a little leg pulling," Bill said, "I suppose my gentlemanly instincts would rise to the surface and I would be forced to oblige."
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Day Care Night Shift, ch 6: Party Day
      daycare6 zip (21k) (MF+g+b+ inc cons orgy food anal ws)
      "We have a special lunch planned today. "Leave your clothes off while you eat." Cathy was the first one led in. She took a slice of bread and some crackers, before being led to Jan. "We have peanut butter, strawberry jam, cheese, and marshmallow creme," Stella told Cathy. "Mush-mello, please!" "Anything else?," Stella asked." "Umm ... cheese," Cathy agreed. Stella picked up an aerosol can of cheese topping and squirted some on Jan's nipples. She opened a jar of marshmallow creme and spread a generous serving over Jan's moist cunt. "Okay, Cathy! Enjoy your lunch!," Stella said. "Hi Dad!," Mindy greeted in a fit of giggling, as she looked at her new friend Traci, licking peanut butter from her mother's nipples. "This looks like it's going to be a tasty lunch!"
    • by Acid :...
    • Magellan - Caste Away, ch 2
      magella6 zip (20k) (M/F, F/F, beast)
      Steffi is not as comfortable on the Magellan as she lets others believe. The cannibalism on the planet below scares the daylights out of her, but is it a better option than living as a captive in space?
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Simone the Horny Babysitter, part 3
      simonet3 zip (14k) (f(16)/F/g(6), oral, vag, anal, fingers, toys, first lesbian experience)
      Sixteen-year-old Simone Castleberry had experienced her first gang bang by a group of young boys she babysat, and loved every minute of it. Being able to play, suck, and fuck, six little boy cocks turned her on beyond belief. She had met a sexy woman, who was the mother of one of the boys she babysat for, and found herself attracted to her. She knew she wasn't gay, and had never really thought about being with a girl before. Her world centered on little boys and their smooth, hard, little cocks. She would soon discover another side to her sexual depravity.
    • by nekkidgramps :...
    • Traveling With Crissy, ch 1
      traveli1 zip (07k) (M/f dad/daut voy, petting, dirty talking)
      My cute and inquisitive 7 year old daughter and I are going on a two week vacation to a cabin on a lake up north.

      Saturday, July 23, 2005

    • by Standard Bearer :...
    • A Gangbang For Becky
      agangban zip (05k) (M/G ped (group, oral, mast, reluc, bondage))
      After finally getting the man of her dreams, Becky gets a little surprise a few weeks later in the group's hotel.
    • by Vert-Man :...
    • Daddy And Me: Not A Love Story, ch 2
      daddyan2 zip (06k) (ffm/oral/incest (sister/sister & daddy/daughter))
      It tasted really good to say the very least and I did it again and again without a second thought or opening my eyes. It took a few more passes before my concentration broke enough to hear the wonderful sounds of pleasure feeling the air. It was my best friend moaning and I soon figured out that she was making those noises cause of what I was doing. Her juices began to flow into my mouth a little at a time as I stroked my tongue endlessly up and down that pussy and found my self getting good at it.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Happy Holly Day
      happyhol zip (08k) (M/f oral anal pedo)
      Never being a big one for Christmas parties, I decided to sit out the giant one my parents throw every year and this year just stay in my room in the back of the house, surfing the internet. The old folks had not only invited family and friends, guests were encouraged to bring along any extra people they could. An extreme madhouse scene! Even at the other end of the house you couldn't escape the hollering and howling. Although there are no small children directly related to me, I could hear plenty of high-pitched shrieking indicating youngsters were on the premises. Trying to ignore the noise and concentrate on reading a story at Mr. Double's, I was surprised when someone opened my door without knocking. My back was to the door, so I just said in an annoyed tone, 'Yes?' as I turned in my chair. My anger died immediately when I beheld the sight before me. An absolutely beautiful little brunette girl, no older than three, hand on the doorknob, looking up at me. She was wearing an extremely short red-and-green Christmas dress and had her long brunette hair done up in a shiny silver ribbon. She even had a little Christmas star decal stuck high up on one pink cheek. I had never seen her before and had no idea who she belonged to. "Hello?..." she said hesitantly, perhaps having heard the irritation in my voice. I immediately wanted to set her little mind at ease.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Psychometry, part 3
      psychom3 zip (14k) (M/f oral)
      "Tell me how you like your cock sucked," I said as I slowly stroked his erection with my hand. "I wanna be the best cock sucker ever."
    • by Nick Young :...New Author.!.!.!
    • You Need A Friend
      youneeda zip (03k) (M/b dad/son inc)
      Usually Martin knocked on his son's bedroom door before taking in his early morning drink. This morning, he forgot, just openened the door and...
    • by Allyn :...
    • My Fifteen Year Old Neighbor
      myfiftee zip (06k) (Adult male- fifteen year old female)
      My neighbor's daughter stays overnight at my home after locking herself out of her house.
    • by pantau :...
    • Meine Kleine Schwester
      meinekle zip (17k) (g(10)/m(14); g(12)/m(14); m(13),m(14),m(15);exhib; cons)
      Julia ist erst zehn und zeigt ihrem 14 jähr. Bruder in kindlicher Naivität wie es mit Mädchen geht. Ihre zwölf jährige Freundin kommt dazu. Alle drei machen ihre ersten unschuldigen Erfahrungen. Ich finde - beneidenswert...

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