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    July 30th - August 05th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, August 05, 2005

    • by LincolnLee :...
    • Incest Island 7: Birth of a Nation
      incesti7 zip (08k) (Family Incest)
      Previously on Incest Island: The Maxwell Family was rescued from the clutches of their native government. The reunion was sweet. Incest Island declares itself a sovereign country to the frustration of the bully world superpower. As the Incest Islanders celebrate the return of the Maxwell family and new nationhood the bully superpower government is hard at work tracking them down and has plans for them all.
    • by Terry :...
    • Tomboys
      tomboys zip (07k) (M, f, infants f)
      It's been a long time since I spent any time with my college buddy. I've seen him few times, but this is the first time in a while that I stayed over at his place. My name is Terry and my friend is Bill. He and his wife Jenny invited me over to his place where I met their three kids - Linda at eight years, Sandy at seven years and Penny, their cute four year old. When you first look at the girls you would have a hard time believing they were girls since they wear old jeans and torn T-shirt. We had dinner and Bill and Jenny were getting ready for bed, the girls came back in from a bath, to watch a bit of TV, before turning in. The two oldest were in long T-shirt and what looked like boy's underwear, even with the opening in the front, while the baby was just in a night shirt, and when she moved around I could see her bare ass and few times a bit of pussy. I was catching up on current events, reading the paper, as Linda walked over to me. "Do you like us?" she ask.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • When the Cat's Away - Anything Goes in the Dark, ch 2
      whenthe9 zip (19k) (MF ++ hetero inc cons caution)
      Even in the blackness, I recognized her gentle mound and her puckered pussy lips. I was not surprised to feel a new mouth engulf my hard cock. The tongue was a happy one, which seemed to enjoy the feel of my cockhead. The girl beneath me was almost flat chested. I realized she was on her back, so her breasts might feel a bit smaller. The blackness gave me a sense of security, insulating me from the perversity of having sex with girls so young. I arched my back enough to get my lips to hers and she returned my kiss with childish passion. I lunged forward and finally felt a tearing sensation, followed by a painful shriek. "Are you all right?," I asked, disregarding the rules of the perverted game. "Yes!," came the whispered response, that still betrayed some pain. "Shhh!"

      Thursday, August 04, 2005

    • by Running Bear :...
    • Lessons Enough For A Lifetime
      lessonse zip (13k) (mg fondling oral pen ??)
      A boy caught for stealing learns his lesson the 'hard' way.
    • by L.A.Wicker :...
    • Sammy's Day With Daddy
      sammysda zip (07k) (incest, dad, daughter, oral, fucking)
      Sammy heard mom drive away, slipped from her bed and crept down the hall towards Daddy's room. Today was his birthday and she was going to give him the ultimate present that a young girl could give the man she loved, her virginity. Sammy opened the door, moved to the bed and carefully slid under the covers next to him. 'Mmm,' she moaned feeling his warm body next to her and that's when she felt it. His nine-inch cock lying against her thigh. She carefully reached down, lifted it up, placing it on her hot, virgin pussy. 'I'm going to fuck you today, Daddy,' she whispered, tenderly caressing the head with two fingers, savoring the feel of the soft skin covering it.
    • by DreamsinColor :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Daddy and Bella
      daddyand zip (02k) (M/f (3yo girl), dad/daut inc, penetration, character-driven, light on the sex)
      A short story about a widower and his 3yo daughter.

      Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    • by hobbit :...
    • KC and Jake, Their Story Begins, ch 4
      kcandja4 zip (23k) (M/f masturbation)
      KC learns more about Jake and their feelings.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • When Rosie Mae Adopted Danny
      whenrosi zip (20k) (man 33, girl 3; nudity, shared shower, fondling, oral, penetration)
      During a family barbecue on Saturday little Rosie Mae came over and adopted her 33 yo neighbor Danny Martin. She fed him his potato salad, and afterwards brushed his hair and beard. The next morning her mother Darla calls up Danny asking if he can look after Rosie Mae for her while she grocery shops. Rosie snuggles in his lap as they watched cartoons on television, moving his hand from her thigh to between her legs. Thus began a strange three week period which found Danny caring for her for several days (and nights) at a time while her mother goes to Galveston to arrange care for her grandmother. Nights which found Danny with a strange bedfellow indeed, and one guaranteed to spoil him for other bedfellows for the forseeable future.
    • by gusgus :...
    • A Hot Summer With My Mom and Aunt, ch 7
      ahotsum7 zip (11k) (f/f son/mom anal incest)
      I woke up with this warm fuzzy feeling of total contentment and happiness along with a somewhat hazy feeling that I was in a dream. It took me a few minutes to realize I was awake and not dreaming. I found myself lying next to a very warm body and when I pulled the sheets down, I saw a voluptuous female body with a beautiful face, magnificent tits, sexy legs and what appeared to be a slightly pulsating shaved pussy; yes indeed, it was my beautiful sexy mom. It is so very very hard to realize that it has been only a week since I came home from college for the summer, and what a week it has been; wall to wall fucking of my mom and her twin sister. This has been an absolutely fantastic experience and totally unexpected. If on the day I left college, someone would have said to me, "Glenn you are going to have maybe the hottest sexual summer of your life, you are going to find more than one woman to have hot and wild erotic sex." I would have laughed out loud, but it is turning out to be true.

      Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • A New Family
      anewfami zip (48k) (M/g, ped, cons, incs)
      Sixteen year old Danny always thought of himself as being normal, then his father re-married to a woman with a nine year old daughter and Danny finds himself falling head over hills in love with her instantly! He isn't sure how to take his new attraction and when the young girl discovers it he isn't really sure how to take her reaction to it either!!
    • by Acid :...
    • Magellan - Caste Away, ch 4
      magella8 zip (19k) (MF, Group)
      MACS and Carol work together to solve the problem of the people on the planet below. Even so, MACS still has plans about which Carol knows nothing. Once he's done, the Magellan will never be the same.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Scarlett's Vegas Gang-Bang
      scarlett zip (07k) (f/mmm)
      I am a very lucky woman. Very, very few women have ever experienced the total ecstasy of really letting go sexually. I have, and I can tell you it is extremely addictive. On a recent trip to Vegas, my husband shared me with another man. It was wonderfully erotic, particularly since the first time the other man, Jack, fucked me, we were in an outdoor hot tub in the secluded lagoon area of the Monte Carlo hotel and yes, there were other people observing us. It was so fucking hot to be watched while a man other than my husband slid his cock up inside me and fucked me right out there in public. Early in our relationship I had sucked my husband's cock on a public beach while three teenage girls looked on, and as my tongue slid over the erect cock I was filled with delicious tingles from knowing we were being watched.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Training Mother & Daughter
      training zip (32k) (F/M, M/g (7), spanking, dom/sub, exh)
      A man takes the time to train the mother, in order to ultimately train the daughter. It's an exquisite process that leads a mature woman and her seven year old daughter down the road towards submissiveness and obedience.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • When the Cat's Away - Anything Goes in the Dark, ch 1
      whenthe8 zip (18k) (MF ++ hetero inc cons caution)
      "Stay here," Rita insisted. "I'm going to turn off the lights." "Bob, you said you could handle 'kinky'. I'm counting on you. You'll learn all about 'kinky' tonight." "Rita, ..." "Shhh! No talking!" "Rules of the game!" I jerked a bit, from an unexpected sensation. There was another mouth around my cock. That was unmistakable. As I slipped my finger into her hole, I found it to be tight around my finger. As it slid into the warm tunnel, I felt something something blocking its progress. Was my finger inside of a virgin? I reached under her arms, and wiggled my fingers. To my horror, I heard a childish giggle. "Rita, I ...," I began to object. "Shhh! I told you! No talking!"
    • by Othello the Black :...
    • I Tricked Her Into Becoming A Voyeur, parts 1-2
      itric1_2 zip (05k) (M/f, Exhibition, IR, Masturbation)
      As I sat there looking out of the window, my eyes were treated to the most beautiful shapely little 10 year old set of legs and ass, and long beautiful blonde hair. Kendal's back was in front of the window (No curtains or blinds), and she was peeking around the edge of the chimney over into Jennifer's backyard next door. She wanted to make sure that David couldn't find her. My lusty perverted mind jumped into action. I had always been a serious voyeur and exhibitionist. I quickly stood up, and pulled down my shorts, and stepped out of them and kicked them into the corner. I then stood there in front of the window stroking my big thick black cock. I sat down in my chair, and wondered how I could get her to look inside the window and notice me without tipping my hand. I wanted this to seem like an accident so that I wouldn't be accused of being the pervert that I really was. The only thing I could think of was to turn up the volume on the TV so loud that she could actually hear it outside. So I did, and It worked like a charm. Kendal heard the moaning and groaning from the porno tape, and turned around and saw me sitting there looking at TV and stroking my Thick cock. Then I saw her run like a blur past the 2nd window, and off into Jennifer's backyard.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Your First Question For One Pound
      yourfirs zip (06k) (M/b 12)
      No phoning a friend. Young Billy Green has to find the right answer on his own.
    • by sister love :...
    • Linda 11 år Og Ludder, part 1
      lindael1 zip (04k) (M/g)
      Hva vil du ha til frokost, sa jeg. pikk, svarte hun. Jeg elsker å suge kukk mens jeg fingerpuler fitta mi.

      Monday, August 01, 2005

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • BJ's Don't Count
      bjsdontc zip (11k) (g/b; b/g; oral)
      Have you noticed how much the press is talking about kids and oral sex these days? They talk on CNN and FOX NEWS about teens having oral sex, even those that abstain from regular intercourse. You have seen these reports, haven't you? We'll, they are right. Kids in America are sucking each other more than every before. And what's wrong with that?
      Corey and Andi, A Love Story
      coreyand zip (15k) (b10/g16; heavy petting, oral, intercourse, first time, consensual)
      Corey shuddered as the orgasm hit. He had felt cums before, but never like this one. Of course, before, he was just using his own little fingers to crank off his nearly-mature, cum-spurting, ten year old cock. This time, his four and a half inch stiffy was buried to the hilt inside of his cute, small-built, dark-skinned, 16 year old baby-sitter.
    • by GPC :...
    • Mommy's Little Helper
      mommysli zip (03k) (Mom/daut 4yo)
      Two pregnant women get reaquainted in the park. One of the women has a 4 yo daughter and an interesting secret.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Mummy Kiss It Better
      mummykis zip (04k) (F/b mother/son inc)
      Does it hurt, sweetheart? Mummy will make the nasty pain go away!

      Sunday, July 31, 2005

    • by L.A.Wicker :...
    • G.I. Son
      gison zip (06k) (incest, Mother, son)
      'Maybe a nice bath would help,' she said standing up and made her way down the hall. She passed his room and heard him moaning. Jenny moved closer to his door, gently turned the knob and looked inside. 'Oh my God!' she gasped looking at his massive, hard cock pointing straight up into the air. She stood in shock gazing at the beautiful thing, watching the blood pulsing through it. 'I bet you give a woman everything she wants.' Jenny whispered, wondering what something so big, long and thick would feel like deep in her body. 'I need you,' he moaned in his sleep. 'Please!' Jenny wanted to hold and comfort him. She moved to his bed and sat next to him. 'Baby, are you ok?' she asked trying to keep her pretty, green eyes from his cock, but couldn't. It was so long and thick, it took her breath away just looking at it. 'It hurts so bad,' he moaned, turning on his side, pressing the massive cock to her side. 'Help me.' 'Oh baby, Mommy's here,' she said leaning to kiss him. 'Wake up,' she whispered caressing his face, having a good idea that he was dreaming of being in Iraq.
    • by The Beat :...
    • Homework
      homework zip (08k) (Mf)
      Alvin is 32 years old and going back to college to get his degree. Every other night he heads home after class to do his homework. He is having difficulty doing his math homework. His Professors tell him he should get a tutor; the tutors provided are not available after six, and that is when he gets off from work. Several of the brighter fellow students live far out of the way for them to come by and help him with his homework. He trudges on, and makes whatever progress he can make, which is very little. Ugh! So unfair!
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Tales Of Ranger X, part 5: Color Him Father
      talesof5 zip (07k) (M/f, dad/daut, incest, pedo, spank, oral, torture, drugs, semi-n/c)
      I had to go home at some point, so I left Baby with a friend I knew I could trust, promising to pick her up in a week. Now to go home to my 'first' wife, Pam, and our two daughters, brunette Brittany, 10, and little blonde DeeDee, 4. Brittany I had known before I went off to war, and although she had only been six then, she had been a horrible little brat, despite our best efforts to keep her in line. According to the steady stream of letters I had been receiving in 'Nam, Brittany had only gotten worse in her Daddy's absence. DeeDee, however, had been born just after I left, and I only knew her from pictures. Pam had said in her letters that DeeDee was an angel, the opposite of our older daughter not only in coloring but also in temperament. DeeDee was a little underdeveloped mentally for her age though (she took after her mother in this respect.) She still slept with Pam and I most nights, even though she had a room of her very own. Pam said when she started to put her back in her room, DeeDee always whined that she 'wanted to be with Daddy', and who was I to object?
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • The Exhibitionist
      theexibi zip (25k) (Mg Mgg mmg mmmmmmg mg panty flashing fondling oral pedo incest)
      In which we discover the sexual adventures of 10 year old Elizabeth and her best friend Amber who is also 10...she lifted her loose gingham dress up revealing her lovely round belly, her lower halve encased in a pair of tight white panties...pulled up into her little slit, giving the boys a close up view of her delightful camel toe..."Push your pussy forward," both boys she slowly opened her legs allowing sight of her panty clad crotch, the indentation of her lovely pussy lips could be clearly seen. "I've got a real big favor to ask of you," she said.
    • by Beachhead :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Naughty-little-incest-kid-sister-cum-slut
      naughtyl zip (42k) (M/f, bro/sis, inc, oral, anal, cum, rough, sub)
      Cassie was desperate, she had just gotten her final history project and she was in trouble. Normally there wouldn't have been a problem, whatever she needed, she could get either from the local library or off the internet. Initially, she had just been nervous, the focus of the project was WWII, a subject she had managed to do well on by sticking to the political and home-front side of things, but her teacher had had enough of having his assignments 'handled' by her as he called it. He meant manipulated.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Cum Into The Garden & More
      cumintot zip (06k) (M/bb inc b/b masturbation oral anal first time)
      A lovely warm sunny day. Just perfect for getting out in the garden with the right tool.
    • by Reginald :...
    • Die Nachbarn, teil 1
      dienach1 zip (11k) (Family, inc, MFmf, dad/daut, mother/son)
      Dies ist die Fortsetzung der Geschichte vom Arztbesuch. Unsere kleine geile Familie erlebt ihren ersten gemeinsamen Fick nach dem Arztbesuch. In den dann folgenden Episoden wird geschildert, wie auch eine Nachbarsfamilie mit macht. Also viel Spaß beim Lesen.

      Saturday, July 30, 2005

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Day Care Night Shift, ch 7: Family Ventures
      daycare7 zip (22k) (MF+g+ incest cons)
      I still want to do this," Lisa clarified. "But I could wait for a little while. Valerie wants to do this even more than me. She can do it tonight. I'll wait!" "All right, go make yourselves pretty," Max told his daughters. Max was almost knocked down by the force of Valerie and Mindy reaching him at the same moment, rewarding him with hugs and sexy kisses. "I am like, so envious of you!," Lisa said. "Are you really serious?," Melanie asked. "Is your own dad really going to pop your cherry?" "Yeah, he really is!," Valerie said. "I'm so excited!" "What's wrong?," Valerie asked Lisa. "If your daddy starts fucking you, are you going to stop doing us?" "Of course not! I love it when we do each other! Valerie turned and kissed Lisa on the lips, while Martha zoomed in the camera.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Incest Island, part 6: The Conspiracy
      incesti6 zip (08k) (Father/Daughter, Mom/Son incest)
      Brit the Snapper, a two-bit reporter for a national scandal sheet, publishes pictures of the Maxwell's incestuous interests. All hell breaks lose for the Maxwell family. Brit and his young daughter soon discover the good thing that the Maxwells lifestyle and repents of his actions against them. He cooks up a plan to help the Maxwell family out of their troubles with the help of the Incest Islanders.
    • by Acid :...
    • Magellan - Caste Away, ch 3
      magella3 zip (19k) (MF, MMMMF)
      Carol is pissed at MACS. Letting Steffi go dirtside unprotected has resulted in a terrible loss. Now MACS wants her to go down to the planet herself. Is this to find more information or is it all a trap?
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Dingaling
      mydingal zip (30k) (b/g/g/g incest)
      This is an amusing story about young Tom and his discovery; the difference between boys and girls and of course to make it interesting, about life, love and of sex, oh yes lots of sex.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Psychometry, part 5
      psychom5 zip (21k) (F/F m/F m/f inc mom/son solo)
      Of all the pussies I've tasted in the personas of both men and women, Lena's is my favorite. The flavors, the texture of her oils, her scents, how she shaves her pubes, the size and responsiveness of her labia and clitoris, all come together to offer a pussy gourmand a superlative dining experience.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • You Need A Friend, part 3
      youneed3 zip (10k) (M/b inc M/t m/b t/b)
      Martin is feeling on top of the world. Work is going well and he's looking forward to spending quality time with his son. But first he has a chat with his wife about the situation.
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Lotta, En Liten Nymf, del 2
      lottaen2 zip (07k) (M/F/g/b)
      Robban och Lotta låg på sängen i lekstugan och kelade med varandra. Robban låg på rygg med Lotta liggande på Robban, mage mot mage. Dom kysstes och Robban smekte Lottas stjärt. Den var så len och fin.

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