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      On Friday, March 11, 2005


      Thursday, March 10, 2005

    • by Bahamut and Boy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Digi-Nectar Series, ch 1
      diginec1 zip (10k) (m-12, b(beast), Digimon sex, consensual)
      Darkness. It was the only word that could come to Tai's mind as he woke up. He couldn't quite remember how he had gotten here and even less where here was. He couldn't even look around well since it was so dark. As far as he could feel however, the floor and the wall he had been leaning on were of stone, slightly softened by the passage of time, so he was probably in a cavern. As his fingers continued to feel around, he came upon something soft followed by fur. Of course, it was impossible that he was touching Agumon, since he had no fur. He reached over and began scratching and rubbing the soft fur beneath his trembling fingertips. He felt cold and began to adjust his eyes to the dimness and slight shadowy feel of his surroundings. Tai groaned from the almost dusk and wet smell around him and the coldness of the ground beneath him. He rubbed his head and spiky hair with his other hand. He couldn't remember much about what had happened. Had he been in a really tough fight after the battle with Apocalymon? And why was he so cold? He felt like he didn't have any clothes on and then, he realised that he didn't have anything but his underwear on.
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Aftermath, ch 7
      afterma7 zip (20k) (M+++++++f15/NC/anal/sm/bondage/rape/caution/scat/tort)
      "Up here bitch, let us see how hot that mouth of yours is." P.J. looked up at the wagging cockstick bobbing in front of her face and dutifully opened her mouth, the act now one of a variety of chores better done willingly than suffer the consequence of hesitation it appeared. Training the captive to perform any and all acts requested and show willingness to do so might have required a lot of concentrated effort by her captors knowing how bull headed my oldest could be. Her features were apparently intact unlike my previous experience with Jilly who had undergone a terrible physical beating that left her both emotionally and physically scarred maybe for life. My heart ached at how she might be handling this readmission into slavery, the acts not new but once again part of a life she'd thought she'd left behind forever. How terribly crushing could that be on her psyche and mental well being. P.J. worked on the now stiff cock in her mouth, ramming it in and out, the slim head butting against one cheek and then the other. She gagged briefly as he steadied her face between his two hands and flexed his hips driving the prong into her throat again and again. Long streamers of throat juice began to back out around the edge of her lips running in long streamers to the carpet where it soaked the material in wet spots. The buggering was going on full steam, the thick cock now wedged completely in the ass hole of the teen as far as it could physically fit which was a better part of the foot-long dong.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Good Boss: Working Overtime
      goodbos9 zip (13k) (M/F/f/f pedo, inc, orgy, voy, les)
      The orgy continues, fueled by some hot, new childporn. Becky shows everyone a hot, kinky way to have sex with baby Abbey. A preteen lesbian sex show adds to the heat. A thanks to HotMommy for adding two scorching scenes to this story.
    • by typo12 :...
    • Lil' Timmy, parts 2-4
      lilti2_4 zip (13k) (F/b inc)
      Timmy's father was never home much, mostly off on business and tonight was no exception. He was a good hardworking man, but he never seemed to be home.
    • by Ron :...
    • Pariah, part 3
      pariah3 zip (36k) (M/g/g/g/g g/g)
      Tessie squealed and yelled as Gail and I both let loose and nailed her hard, squeezing her between us and riding her for all we could give her. We bounced her around between us as she yelled, but every time I looked Gail nodded her head and grinned. Tessie's expression was lost in her own lust-filled world but it was plain to see she wanted this, or at least so thoroughly lost in her own sensual world she couldn't refuse.
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • Trudy Gets a Brother
      trudyget zip (83k) (m/g, Ages 13 and 11, Mast, Oral, Int, Firsts, Romance)
      We both stood there in our naked beauty wondering what to do next. Each took the time to run their eyes up and down the other's body. The moment if indecision only lasted for a few seconds but yet it seemed longer. We were both more mature now but still madly in love. Without a word, we each turned and walked down the hall towards the bedrooms. I am not sure why but butterflies took off inside of me and Trudy seems to be having the same feelings. Oral sex was one thing but going all the way it another. We each stiffly sat on her bed. We looked at each other and silently blushed knowing what was about to happen but not sure how to start. Then it happened, our eyes met and our heads came closer. Closer and closer until as each bent our heads to the side a little, our lips met. We have kissed many times over the last year, but for some reason this one was more...Ah...more...Well...More erotic. Suddenly, I felt so much more love for her than I had ever realized. Her kiss seemed to be telling me she felt the same for me. Her soft warm lips eagerly sucked on mine as our tongues met and dance a wicked dance of love. As one, our arms wrapped around each other and pulled our bare chests together. Her hard aroused nipples drilled into me as we slowly rubbed together. I could feel the heat of her skin flushing as each wonderful second followed the next. Hands stroked the other's back softly making the lustful desires stronger. I felt her begin to lean back and I followed her down. Our kiss broke but we rolled and scooted until we were both comfort on the bed. Each of us giggling like a small child as the feelings of our bodies rubbing together made us feel giddy and eager for more.
    • by EROS :...
    • How Me And My Friend Nicole Balled My Uncle, part 1
      howmean1 zip (10k) (m/f, mm/f, f/f, M/f, uncle/niece, inc, pedo)
      I suppose you want me to start at the beginning. But before I do, I should tell you that my uncle wasn't the first guy I ever fucked. Shit, I didn't make it with Uncle Jake until I was thirteen. First let me tell you about the first guys that fucked me... Like most kids, I played the usual games when I was seven or eight years old. You know, "doctors" and "house" and "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", and stuff... you know, kid games. Unlike most kids, though, I had my first fuck when I was eleven. I won't lie and say it wasn't painful or anything... in fact, it hurt quite a bit. But, once I felt the incredible amount of pleasure a boy's hard cock could give me... I was hooked! It happened with this boy named Kenny. He was about thirteen or fourteen... almost four years older than me. At the time I was just starting to grow some tits, but I still hadn't quite enveloped enough to wear a training bra. Whenever I would bend over, Kenny was always there, trying to get a look at my pointy little kiddy-breasts. I really liked teasing him. Sometimes, I would leave the top two or three buttons on my blouse undone so he could have a better view.

      Wednesday, March 09, 2005

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Billy and Bobby's Brutal Ball Bust Beat-Down Bash
      billyand zip (09k) (MM/bb; incest, oral, anal, heavy BDSM, ball torture)
      Neal and Liam went on and on, bringing the canes down on the ten year olds asses over and over. Deep red stripes appeared, the welts would be visible for days and days. Billy and Bobby wept the whole time, and screamed with each new thwack of the cane. Both of the little guys were getting much more than they had bargained for.
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Memories
      memories zip (39k) (m/f, M/f, incest)
      A moving story about brother and sister, Dale and Nicci Gordon, a reminiscing of their lives before and after tragedy strikes. As a result of the catastrophe, Dale learns of a secret his sister kept from him, a secret once revealed starts a new beginning in his life.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Preteen Exhibitionists – Doreen Chase:
      Daddy, What Big Eyes You Have!
      preteen5 zip (33k) (M/F/g age 11, Incest, Oral, Anal, Beast, Deflowering)
      Here is the last chapter of the Doreen Chase – Preteen Exhibitionist series. This Chapter "Daddy, What Big Eyes You Have!" details Doreen's attempted seduction of her father. Will he fall victim to Doreen's exhibitionism. What dirty little tasks does Doreen have planned for her dad? Will Doreen learn the family's dirty little secret? Will Joe learn about Rusty the Wonder Dog? All these questions will be answered in the conclusion of this tale.
    • by MasterRAnon :...
    • Slave Girl In Training Punishment Manual
      slavegir zip (04k) (Mg Mf MF nc enem span)
      I always conduct punishment enemas in the case of eating too much junk food, smoking, drinking, willful disrespect, or repeated smart mouth. This enema ordeal is designed to discourage any repeat of the offense.

      Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by typo12 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Lil' Timmy, part 1
      liltimm1 zip (09k) (FF/b inc)
      I was sitting on the couch in our downstairs den when Timmy, my five year old little cousin walked into the room. His face was bright red and he looked like he had been into something, he looked kind of afraid.
      My Jerrold
      myjerrol zip (11k) (FF/b inc)
      My six year old little boy, Jerrold, called for me again. Apparently he was having trouble with his homework and wanted me to help him. I had to turn off my bathwater and rush downstairs to see what he was having trouble with.
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • A Daughter's Discipline Continues, In The Pedo Zone!
      adaught2 zip (08k) (M/f ped domination mast)
      This is the second part of a tale of erotic fantasy...This fantasy is a trip of sorts, made by a father and his daughter...These two are traveling down the road less traveled...The road they're on is a road that often leads to flights of fancy, and dangerously erotic imaginations... Their road is bent on sexual destruction, bordered with hints of perversion... You see, a certain thirteen-year-old girl and her unsuspecting father are about to turn the next bend in the road, and find themselves squarely trapped, perhaps forever, in the inexorable confines of... The Pedo Zone!
    • by MasterRAnon :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Punishment Enema For Britney: The Punishment Service
      apunishm zip (12k) (Fg Mgg span enem nc)
      Talking back to your mom is never a good idea. But mocking her in front of her friends! "Britney, you're getting a punishment enema. You deserve this and I mean to make you a sorry young girl for smart mouthing to me..."
      The Governess: Jan Gets a Spanking and Enema
      thegover zip (11k) (ffg nc span enem)
      "No, Jan, we are going to do it right now. We are going to take our time and give you a prolonged, thorough enema...." The child's humiliation was unlike anything I had ever seen before.
      The Snake for Katie
      thesnake zip (09k) (Mf nc span enem)
      "I'll give you a smarty-pants. This part of your punishment is nothing compared to what you will be receiving in a few minutes, young lady... The snake is going to make sure that you think twice."
    • by EROS :...
    • Married With Hormones, part 3 (FINAL)
      married3 zip (08k) (M/f, m/F, inc, mom/son, dad/daut)
      Bud entered his parents' bedroom with his stiff young cock in his fist. He looked down at his moaning, writhing mother and began to jerk off. She hadn't heard him come in, so he moved up as close as he dared. He could see everything at this distance, from the pink flush on her tits, to the tiny goose pimples on her erect nipples, to the tiny pearls of sexual sweat on her pussy lips as they bulged around the large dildo. His mother was so engrossed in what she was doing that Bud doubted she'd notice even if he climbed onto the bed with her. As if to reinforce that view, Peg gave a low moan and sped up the in and out strokes of her black, plastic pleasure-pole. Bud's young cock was hugely swollen. He'd never felt it so big before. It was obviously the effect of watching his sexy, naked mother fuck herself with a dildo like some hot, sexy slut in an XXX-rated movie. Bud began to moan himself as he jacked his fist back and forth on his huge erection. All at once, Peg gave a startled little squeal and sat up straight. The dildo was still deeply imbedded in her hairy pussy, but most of it disappeared from sight as she closed her legs tight. "Bud!" she gasped. "What are you doing in here?" "Mom!" he replied, gently mocking her tone. "What are you doing fucking yourself with that thing?"

      Monday, March 07, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Bemused :...
    • Doing Well by Doing Right
      doingwel zip (46k) (MF, Mg(12)g(8)), oral, anal, cons, mild WS)
      Alex Summers, a closet pedophile, is married to a great woman. One of the reasons she is so great is that she arranges for two foster girls, 12 year old Natalie and her 8 year old sister Katia to spend the weekend with them. During the weekend Alex is treated to many opportunities to see the little darlings naked and even manages to seduce the younger one into letting him teach her the finer points of sex.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Full of Grace
      fullofgr zip (31k) (b-11/f-14 rom interr)
      A boy living next door to a black girl that he grew up with sees their relationship taking a delicious turn. A girl and boy's first time.
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • I Pervert, ch 7
      iperver7 zip (17k) (M+g6 NC/M+g9 nc pedo bondage caution scat tort)
      "I've got to pee real bad," she said, her face showing the anxiety she was feeling from an over filled bladder. Simon glanced at her manacles on her feet. "Bedpan's under the bed, you can reach it," he said turning back to the eggs. The girl frowned, glancing at commode in the corner near the tub. Even if it was till not private Simon couldn't see her from the stove if she used the toilet. "Can't I use the potty?" "It's the toilet or crapper and no, you can't, I'm busy. Just squat your buns over the pot and piss or shit, whatever you need to do." Susan wasn't thrilled but the constant pressure on her bladder warned her she didn't have a lot of choices. She slid off the bed conscious of her nudity and kneeled on the floor. Looking under the bed she saw the enamel bedpan way underneath. Saying ‘shit' under her breath she leaned forward reaching, aware she was presenting her captor with an unobstructed view of her nether regions framed below the twin moons o f her small ass. Simon did not fail to look, his anticipation of the view the girl would be required to show retrieving the bedpan fully realized as he kneeled and bent. He saw the pale vertical line of her cunt part slightly, the inner lips a shade darker edging from pale pink to light purple as she moved. He felt his cock lurch against the cotton of the jockey shorts, tenting nicely and bulging against the fabric.
    • by rathan :...
    • Fun With Aunti
      funwitha zip (05k) (Indian/m/F aunt/nephew inc)
      A story of a Aunt and Nephew falling for each other and making love. The aunt is 26 yrs old and real sexy. Consists of straight and anal sex.

      Sunday, March 06, 2005

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • All American Twins, part 2
      allamer2 zip (09k) (FFFg/b; incest, domination, watersports, bondage, oral, anal)
      Trevor crawled into the room. It was a large room, designed by his own mother for kinky sex play. Trevor had loved this room since he could remember. In this room of his house, he was never in control. He was always the “under” the “bitch” the “bottom”. BUT, he always, always got off when he was in this room. His mother saw to that. So, while he was humiliated, abused, and lightly tortured, he did have orgasm after orgasm.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Kevin the Backrub King
      kevinand zip (06k) (man 42, girl 3; foot massage, back massage, fingers explore buttocks, bottom split)
      An Interlude describes the finger wanderings of one Kevin Lockhart over the feet, shoulders, neck, spine, and tailbone of his 3 yo neighbor, Sissy Collins. His loving fingers create a state of relaxation in the child, which is climaxed when his fingers slip below the waistband of her jeans, and explore her rubbery bottom cheeks, and the valley of her bottom split.
      The Misadventures of Mike and Kimberly, part 1
      themisa1 zip (16k) (man 42, girl 3; nudity, showering, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Mike Rutherford was divorced, lived in an apartment. He invited kids of the apartment residents to use his iMac and PlayStation, and along the way developed a fondness of 3 yo Kimberly Woods, whose 14 yo brother Kevin loved to play with Mike’s toys, but who liked to sit on Mike’s lap and watch cartoons. Things get a little more intimate when she comes over one morning, finds Mike in the shower, and proceeds to strip and climb in with him. Things come to a climax when her mother must leave town for the Thanksgiving holiday, and Kimberly absolutely refuses to stay anywhere but with Mike.
    • by up-n'cummer :...
    • The Teacher: Introducing Monique!
      theteac5 zip (05k) (F/m f/mf/M Lots of good fun incest)
      Monique was laying in bed thinking of the many chores she wanted to attend to today. As she lay lazily stretching she reached down between her legs and ran her hand through her pussy lips. "Oh, I love to fuck!" Too bad Ray had to leave so early this morning." "Unknown to her, she had an audiance. Her son, Tim was passing her room. The door was open when she gasped out the "OH" part. It caught his attention. He looked into her room and saw a very sexy lady laying exposed on her bed. Her hand was stroking her pubes in a very sexual way.
    • by EROS :...
    • Married With Hormones, part 2
      married2 zip (07k) (M/f, m/F, inc, mom/son, dad/daut)
      Meanwhile, in Kelly's room, Al and his daughter were going at it like two horny bunny-rabbits. The sexy young sixteen-year-old had sucked her father's cock until it was hard as a rock, then just climbed on. Her hot little teenage cunt was still as tight as ever, even though Al knew she'd been fucked by at least a hundred boys and men in the neighborhood. 'It must be the aerobics she does that keeps her little pussy so damn tight', thought Al as his big, thick cock slid deliciously up into Kelly's hot, clinging little fuck-hole. Al gazed down between their legs and watched as his gorgeous, naked young daughter impaled herself on his huge, throbbing erection. In a split second Kelly had the full length of her father's prick inside her hot, hungry little cunt. It filled her deliciously and her pussy gripped it so tightly, she could feel every ridge and groove on the rock-hard shaft as it rippled through her belly, making her little pussy bulge with its massive thickness. "Ohhhhh, yeah, ohhhhh! Fuck that feels good, Daddy!" she moaned.
    • by horneyson :...
    • Mother's Property
      mothersp zip (09k) (incest/mom/son/indian/pregnant)
      A mother gives her son her property and also her body.

      Saturday, March 05, 2005

    • by Benhead :...
    • A Twisted Voyeur, part 2
      atwiste2 zip (09k) (M/F/g, pedo, cons, voyeur)
      Amber was dressed like a little hooker and I just stood their with my mouth open staring at her outfit. Chloe giggled as she knew I was giving her the desired reaction. Amber had on a tight white button down blouse that was low cut and ended above her belly button. Of course she didn't have a bra on since she did not have boobs big enough to need one. She also wore a low riding leather miniskirt that barely covered her bottom. She had on fishnet stockings that looked so sexy on her cute legs. And to finish off her outfit, she wore "fuck me" heels. She also wore mascara and red lipstick that really made her look hot. She was definitely a pedo's wet dream come true.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Episode From A Brothel - Newcomer
      episode2 zip (09k) (M/ff (10&6) oral, play, tease)
      Jeremy is introduced to the Brothel, and proves his willingness to participate.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Preteen Exhibitionists – Doreen Chase: Uncle Joe, What Big Eyes You Have!
      preteen4 zip (29k) (M/G ages 17/8 Incest,Voyeur, Oral Anal)
      Here is another chapter of the Doreen Chase – Preteen Exhibitionist series. We take a diversion from the adventures of Doreen. This Chapter "Uncle Joe What Big Eyes You Have!" details the early life of Doreen's next conquest, her own father. What dirty little secrets lie buried in Joe Chase's past. You may be very surprised when you hear the story of Uncle Joe and his little eight year old niece Janine.
    • by zet :...
    • Vic and Chick, part 5: Saturday, at Last!
      vicandc5 zip (13k) (b/g, inc, cons, rom)
      Vic and Chick, almost-teen sister and brother, spend a couple of days at home alone working on an orgasm for Vic, while she works on her brother for more.
    • by EROS :...
    • Married With Hormones, part 1
      married1 zip (05k) (M/f, m/F, inc, mom/son, dad/daut)
      It was a typical day in the Bumby household. Bud was in his room, fucking his favourite inflatable doll, Peg was upstairs making love to her 12" vibrator, Kelly was in her room masturbating and, as usual, Al was sitting in front of the TV with his hand in his pants. "Ooohhhhhhh, yeahhhh, fuck me, you big handsome stud!" came a husky female voice from the TV. "Shove it right up there! Uuhhhhhhhh! Uhhmmmmmm!" "Yeah, give it to the horny little slut!" muttered Al, fisting his stiff cock. "She fuckin' wants it bad!" He was watching his latest mail order video purchase, "Schoolgirl Sluts With Big Hooters", and it was just getting to some real action. Al lay back and began to jerk his cock like crazy, staring at the leading man's big thick prick plowing into one of the young schoolgirl's tight little cunts. He was just about to cum when Kelly bounced down the steps and flopped onto the sofa beside him. All flicked off the TV and pulled his hand out of his pants with a frightened look on his face. "Jesus, Pumpkin! Don't you ever knock!" cringed Al.
    • by up-n'cummer :...
    • Surprise!
      surprise zip (08k) (m/f bro/sis)
      It seemed to me that my life couldn't have gotten any better! I had finally found the one person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! My work had taken an unexpected turn for the better. I was just about to take a long leisurly trip to the Bahamas with the love of my life, Janet. Wow! Could it get any better?
    • by DirtyMind :...
    • Peter und Kurt - Drehen ein Video, part 1
      peterun1 zip (11k) (MM/Fff dog ws nc caution)
      Peter und Klaus, zwei perverse Kumpel beschliessen einen Film zu drehen - und zwar das perverseste Video das die Welt je gesehen hat. Im ersten Teil wird das Set vorbereitet, Darsteller beschafft und eine erste Szene gedreht.

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