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      On Friday, March 25, 2005

    • by HT1 :...
    • Holiday
      holiday zip (09k) (MMMM/late teen, cons)
      A story about a bit of a fantasy of mine, written for someone who nearly made it come true. Monica is invited to stay with an older man at his beach house, as a sex toy.
    • by Sookijook :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Teenchicks, ch 1
      teenchi1 zip (17k) (M/f/f/f)
      Hera is a community located about five miles outside of a big city. The community is located by the sea and is very famous for its beautiful cliffs. Oaks and other various sorts of trees dominate the area but in some spots one can find numerous wide fields of grass. It's a little community without any gang problems or criminality. There's a school, a football club, a recreation center, a church, a camping site, a hotel, a restaurant and a harbor. Under Hera's surface an amazing and unbelievable urge and interest for sex hides. The community is particularly well known for its intrigues on this subject.

      Thursday, March 24, 2005

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Cock on the Run
      cockonth zip (18k) (m/g, underage, oral (pussy/cock,) masturbation, cumming, cherry bust, tit sucking, finger fuck)
      Hey! My name is Randy and I really think I was born under a lucky star. And if I do say so myself, I’m tall, handsome, and well-endowed with “God’s favorite gift” for young pussy. While I’m tooling down some back road in my trusty pick-up, I love to reminisce about cherries I’ve busted or tight pussy I’ve fucked. Even way back when I was just barely able to squeeze out some cum, I was more interested in the young pussies than in the older ones. And just oozing with fucking charm. Melody was only twelve years old with some world-class tits when she crossed paths with me. I was a junior in high school. A big, fucking jock too. I guess she was a jock lover because within ten minutes of her sitting down next to me on the hay ride, I had my big hand on her pussy. A little later, I had my hot mouth on her tits, sucking away. And a few days later, she was a cherry no more thanks to my big, old fuck stick.
      Hot, Young Road Pussy, part 2
      hotyoun2 zip (17k) (M/f (12 years,) underage, fuck, cock suck, butt fuck, pissing, piss swallowing, cumming, nipples, incest)
      They always say that all good things must cum to an end. Well, Desiree and I almost got caught by the law. We’d fucked and sucked our way up and down the Interstate between Louisville and Atlanta. But this particular night, we were just fucking out brains out in the bed area of my truck cab. My cock was fully buried inside her sweet, tight, young pussy and I was rocking the cab. What the fuck is wrong with that? Did I mention that she’s got the hottest pussy on the road this side of the Mighty, Muddy Mississippi River? Trust this old pussy fucker, she does!
    • by hobbit :...
    • Hank's Diary, part 2
      hanksdi2 zip (32k) (b/g, some sex, development)
      "Hank, I saw you through the window. You were playing with yourself weren't you?" "Nope, just adjusting." I said. "I don't think so, you had your hand in there longer than just adjusting. But that's your business. You know though, that what you were doing is a sin and is bad." "I don't think so." "Yes it is, Brother Peter said so and you can't argue with a Preacher. Anyway, I have those feelings too so I looked up what it said in our readings and it said that self stimulation was wrong. OK, self is wrong but it didn't say anything about someone else doing it for you.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Mommie's Panties
      mommiesp zip (15k) (M/b, oral, fondling, anal, first time, cons, crossdressing)
      My wife and I had only one child in our marriage before our divorce a boy named Paul. Blonde hair, blue eyes, I knew he was going to grow to be a nice looking young man. Paul was 8 when Karen and I divorced, giving me custody of him yet wanting visitation now and then I had no problems with it. After all I did have my own business and doing very well where she was in the military bouncing around from place to place. Paul and I got along very well and he seemed like a very happy child having a number of friends. Though we weren't what I would consider nudists or anything like that, around the house nudity wasn't an issue after all it was only the two of us and it did help cut down on some of the laundry most of the time.
    • by Poker :...
    • The Blood Of The Innocent
      theblood zip (03k) (Mg rape nc)
      The following is a poem that I wrote some time back. I originally posted it in thread in the forum. A couple of people have recently asked me about it, so I thought I should post it here on my page. So here it is, slightly re-written as I can never leave well alone.
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 46
      blackm46 zip (08k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, F/f, mom/daut, m+/F, m/f, bro/sis, dad/daut, mm/f, FF/m, mM/f, pedo, anal, inter-family groupsex)
      The six of us spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking each other senseless. While Tanya sat on my lap, bouncing merrily up and down on my cock, I took pictures of Jeff fucking his mother and Walter fucking Kitty up her cute little ass. Then we swapped partners. I screwed Mary, doggy-style, while Walter fucked Tanya and Jeff banged his mother in the ass. By the time Tanya and I left, the Lundgrens were still going at it strong. When we got home we found Terry, Mom and Linda in the master bedroom engaged in a very noisy threesome. Mom was riding Terry's cock while Linda knelt over his face, getting her pussy eaten. Mom and Terry were facing each other, fondling each other's tits and kissing passionately. Linda's gorgeous ass was swinging from side to side as she rode Terry's face, grinding her pussy down on his mouth. Both women were moaning loudly into each other's mouths as they rode Terry to orgasm. They were extremely close and all it took was a series of deep, hard cock-thrusts and clit sucks by Terry to send both hotly-aroused women surging over the edge into orgasm.

      Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    • by zet :...
    • Alison Has a Plan
      alisonha zip (30k) (M/f M/F Inc bro/sis rom cons)
      Eighteen year old Alison has always had a crush on her much older half brother. She remembers when she was young and fantasized he was making love to her. When she hears he's going to visit, she formulates a plan to get him into her bed, and her bod.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • House of Seven Princesses, Night 1
      houseof1 zip (35k) (mm/ggggfff f/g mgg crossdress various)
      Two boys end up spending the night with seven girls... alone! Oh, my!
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • I Pervert, ch 8
      iperver8 zip (19k) (M+g (6 years old)bondage rape caution scat tort MF nc rape tort M+g (9 years old) nc pedo)
      The big man buggered the child unmercifully, the sight of her blood and later her feces driving him to a point of insanity. He teetered at that brink, the red haze swimming before his eyes, his hands clutching the small childish flanks so hard the flesh turned purple with bruising. Later, much later he felt his semen rising in his balls, the rush about to be propelled deep inside the small but bow gaping anal mouth. He let his juices flow, the DNA signature of himself implanted deep inside for all to read and match with his prison blood and DNA samples. No, finding the child would not go well for him, that he was sure of. Simon let her collapse to the bed. He glanced at Billy Scott. "You want some?" The tall man's eyes lit up. He let the child's head go to flop to the mattress as he scooted behind her spoon fashion. The giant cock pried the pussy lips apart and Simon covered the cries rising from her throat as the cock pushed inside to new depths. The previous encounter with Simon was nothing as she endured every new inch of cock and when it eased from her battered pussy and she expelled a sigh of relief, that sigh quickly tuned to a gasp of horror. The huge cock entered quickly where the previous man had gone, her narrow anal tube now invaded by what seemed to be red hot iron bar twice as big as the one before. Her screams were muffled but the sheer force and quantity surprised Simon, the kid had a lot of fight left in her for what she had gone through. Soon Billy Scott signaled he was about to come. Simon, without any discussion with the hillbilly fucker, handed him the rope and the wooden bar.
    • by Daddy Duke :...
    • Ret'elth, Daughter of Destiny, ch 1-2
      retel_2 zip (06k) (M/f dad/daut inc MMF rough light scat ScFi)
      The first part of a fantasy novel dealing with a Warrior princess and her fight to keep the kingdom free. Something different from my usual work so let me know how you like it.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • The Play House
      theplayh zip (08k) (Father daughter first time)
      Vic spent many weekends building his little girl the perfect playhouse. Now that Tracy is nine years old, she's too big for tea parties. She has a new use for her playhouse.
    • by Bobo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cop This!! part 1
      copthis1 zip (10k) (M/f Ped)
      Work can often affect your views on everyday things...such as your feelings...your urges...your desires.
    • by WifeWatchingHusband :...
    • Melissa Plays Poker
      melissap zip (08k) (MMF, Wife Watching)
      After watching TV, Melissa tells Hubby she's an ace of a poker player. But an expert shows her a thing or two on the poker table, and she loves every minute of it. And so does Hubby.

      Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Mom's Voyeur Urge, ch 3
      momsvoy3 zip (12k) (F/F/f/m Inc, pedo, les, orgy)
      Gina and her mom involve her friend Gail in their kinky escapades. Gina has a fantasy involving young boys, and both women work to make sure it comes to pass. A beach full of skinny dipping boys works nicely!

      Monday, March 21, 2005

    • by hobbit :...
    • Hank's Diary, parts 1-1a
      hanksdi1 zip (21k) (m/F, intro, rom)
      I must have been staring and then trying not to watch as the baby suckled. Jane watched me and had a big grin on her face as she did. "Hank, haven't you ever watched a woman breast feed her child?"
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • I Got My Kicks Just Off Of Route 66
      igotmyki zip (24k) (M/g, (Ages: M33/g13), cherry busting, fuck, cumming, consentual)
      It was one of those crazy, life-altering days on the road when I just veered off the Interstate and found myself in Wilmington, Illinois. A small burg of five thousand inhabitants not too far from Joliet. It just so happened that Wilmington had been my boyhood home town. My family moved away when I was about ten or eleven so my actual memories were pretty hazy until I met up with a crafty, old waitress named Ruby. For some reason, this straight-talking old broad took an instant liking to me and before I knew it, I was knee high in the shit involving her thirteen-year-old hot pussy of a grand daughter. Not that this stud is complaining one single bit.
    • by White :...
    • Living Fuck-Doll
      livingfu zip (06k) (M/F/g/inc/ped/paralyzed)
      A man discovers that his paralyzed aunt still has a sex-drive. Not to mention her daughters.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Preteen Exhibitionists – Ann Malo: Shake Your Booty
      preteen6 zip (31k) (M/g Age 12, Incest, Pedo, Oral, Voyeur, Mast)
      This is the second story in the Preteen Exhibitionists series. This tale revolves Ann Malo who recently turned twelve. Ann from a very young age had always loved to dance for an audience. That would turn out to be her Achilles Heel. In the first part of this story we watch as Ann's innocent dance for her Uncle Milo changes her life forever. Uncle Milo is a confirmed and unrepentant pedophile. He, using praise and promises, perverts the initial innocent intention of Ann's dance into a wanton sexual display of the preteen's body. How far will Ann's lower her moral code to entertain her favorite uncle? To what lengths will she stoop to keep the attention and praise he showers on her? How will this special individual dance recital affect Ann's future?
    • by PeachLover :...
    • The Prince and the Slave Girl
      theprinc zip (25k) (M/g g-11, M/f f-14, M/F F-19, D/s-S&M-mild, ped, non-cons, cons?, viol)
      This is a change of direction for me in some ways, but not in others. Story Line: Crown Price Galen goes a large village on the edge of his realm where a slave auction is being held. He is looking for a pretty young girl to make into a pleasure slave as he has a taste for hairless pussy and innocence. He is a powerful, but fair man, a good ruler and a deadly swordsman. He finds what he's looking for in the beautiful Bitta, but gets more than he bargained for and has to fight to keep his new property. This story takes place in a single day and night. What becomes of Britta?
    • by EROS :...
    • How Me And My Friend Nicole Balled My Uncle, part 3
      howmean3 zip (13k) (m/f, mm/f, f/f, M/f, M/ff uncle/niece, inc, pedo)
      "Come on. Let's go into my bedroom." I whispered hotly into her ear. We got up from the couch and Nicole held my hand as I led her to my room. Once inside, I shut the door and we fell into a hot embrace on the bed. We were just a tangle of naked flesh, licking, sucking, stroking, kissing, all over each other's bodies. After a few minutes, Nicole breathlessly told me to lie back and relax. I did as she asked. She climbed on top of me and, once again, we kissed each other passionately. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, Nicole pulled her lips from mine and began to kiss and suck at my neck, giving me hot little love-bites as she ground her pubic mound sensually into mine. I held her head in my hands and pushed her lower, soft sighs of passion rising from my throat as her hot little tongue trailed down across my chest to my upthrust young tits. My nipples were hard as pointy little rocks and aching with desire as Nicole sucked them into the wet warmth of her mouth. She nibbled gently at the rigid flesh until I was just a writhing mass of anticipation beneath her. Then, taking her mouth from my tits, Nicole cupped them both in her hands and started kissing and licking her way slowly down my quivering young body, tasting every inch of me as she went. The muscles of my stomach tightened involuntarily as her tongue neared my crotch. I wondered if she was actually going to lick my pussy.
    • by Wife WatchingHusband :...
    • Too Much Wine
      toomuchw zip (04k) (MMF, Sleeping Wife Watching, Masturbation)
      My wife was passed out from too much wine. What could my friend and I do to her helpless body?

      Sunday, March 20, 2005

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Driving Billy Home
      drivingb zip (10k) (M/b, B/b, oral, fondling, teaching, first time, cons)
      We finally hit the Texas, New Mexico line about 11:00 p.m. that evening stopping at a motel I got a room for the night and next day as the weather was going to be over 100 degrees that day.Going on into the room we had both been hot and sweating I suggested I grab a shower then he could take a bath."I don't want a bath" he stated looking at me.Billy was acting more like a 5 year old not getting his own way then a boy almost 10."I want to take a shower with you I don't want to take one by myself and I don't want to stay in here by myself. Please let me take a shower with you too" he stated looking at me.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Sue Ellen
      sueellen zip (13k) (man 24, girl 2 1/2; fondling, nudity, oral, penetration)
      Russell Beatty is 24, a year out of college, but stuck in a low paying job causing him to move in with his recently divorced sister and her 2 and 1/2 yo daughter. When her mother's not around Sue Ellen likes to get naked to get Russell aroused, and then feel Russell's hardness through his clothes. This went on until the day she finally got to see Russell as he was trying to take a piss, and she got to feel his hardness in the flesh. A few nights later on a date with his girlfriend Russell kept seeing images of his naked niece as he was feeling up the girl, and as they were making out at his climax his mind flashed back to Sue Ellen's feeling his naked penis. He forgot to set his alarm the next morning, and his sister Emily having a meeting with her lawyer, was forced to send Sue Ellen into his room as she had to leave. "I was lying facing away from Sue Ellen, who after peeling off her covering used her tiny, inquiring fingers to start exploring the cheeks of my bottom and the valley which separates them. Sue Ellen brought her face very near to where her fingers were busily ferreting, and I could feel her warm breath on my rear portal. Her tiny middle finger circled my opening several times, and even poked inside once. This of course had the effect or turning my usual morning woody into a dedicated battering ram . . . "
    • by Daddy Duke :...
    • Summer's End, ch 1
      summers1 zip (06k) (F/m inc cons)
      The first Chapter in a novel about a young man named Johnny Bane and his path to manhood aided and abetted by the loving women in his family. Chapter One involves his first time with Aunt Suzie.
    • by Terry :...
    • Yu Be Drunk
      yubedrun zip (09k) (M, F, b, g)
      What do you do when you find someone that's drunk. I'm going to dive into that question for a bit, but of course let's make it interesting and think up a few ways that might lead to sex. I took the liberty of writing down a few of my ideas. OK, not all my ideas are likely to happen, but let's just see what fantasies we can dive into, they might happen, well probably not, but let's have a little fun anyway.
    • by WifeWatchingHusband :...
    • Melissa In The Backroom
      melissa2 zip (06k) (MM+F, Wife Watching)
      Melissa, a hotwife, discovers the pleasure of multiple orgasms and multiple men.

      Saturday, March 19, 2005

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Cousin Nick's Secrets
      cousinni zip (23k) (M/f (13-year-old) (daddy/daughter), fucking, cherry busting, cock sucking, pussy sucking, cumming, incest preggers)
      Nothing could have prepared Nikki Rattigan for what she read in her darling mother's journals. Secrets, little and not so little. Gigantic, in fact. Her thirteen-year-old head was reeling from the revelation that her close family ties were even closer than she'd ever dreamed. Her mother's cousin Nick, for instance, had some secrets he shared with her mother. And history does have such a delicious way of repeating itself. Over and over and most delightfully seems.
      Scotty: Best Rental Puppy Ever, part 2: Rental Puppy
      scottyb2 zip (07k) (M/b (young), ass fuck, cum, slight scat juice, swallowing, mutual cock sucking)
      It's been four years since "Daddy Steve" first popped Scotty's butt cherry when he was only a toddler rental puppy for hire. Now they've developed a loving and deep relationship even though Scotty has only graduated to being available to Daddy Steve on an exclusive basis at the Family Farm. Things are looking up for the gorgeous, blue-eyed puppy these days. He might have just earned a very special bonus for performing his tasks above and beyond the call of duty.
    • by rosebud :...
    • Johnny's New Games, ch 1
      johnnys1 zip (05k) (M(16) g(11) g(6) pedo, voy)
      Allison was cute, but a little chubby, although it looked nice on her eleven year old breast buds. Chrissie on the other hand was the real object of Johnny's desire. Her skinny six year old frame and pixie like face had captivated him, but he wasn't the only one captivated, so he was to learn.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Secret Place
      secretpl zip (28k) (M/g, M/M/g, M/M/g/g, ped, cons)
      Two friends walking through the mall looking at the "sights" find a cute little girl that wants do more than just talk with them. She wants to show them something that neither one of them was ever gonna believe. . .
    • by MasterRAnon :...
    • Hayley Rides The Punishment Saddle
      hayleyri zip (10k) (MFF/f nc tort enem nosex)
      "Hayley I am Master John and I see you've already met Mistress Ann and Mistress Jade. They are here to help me with your ride on the punishment saddle. You will do exactly as we say or you will be given a double dose...
    • by WifeWatchingHusband :...
    • Melissa In The Parking Lot
      melissai zip (05k) (MMF, Wife Watching)
      I listened to her sweet little whimpers of pleasure. Even from where I stood I could tell that the car was filled with the strong musky smell of raw sex.
    • by horneyson :...
    • My Happy Family With Mom And Sister
      myhappyf zip (12k) (incest/mom/son/sister/indian/preg)
      A son keeps his family together by marrying his mom and sis.
    • by alexkid :...
    • Freundschaft, Liebe, Was Weiss Ich, ch 2
      freunds2 zip (06k) (romantic)
      Am nächsten Morgen wurde Isa unsanft von ihrer Mutter geweckt. "Kind, du verschläfst noch!" Isa brummte etwas unverständliches als Antwort, rollte sich herum und sah auf den Wecker. In 20 Minuten würde die Straßenbahn fahren, noch genug Zeit zum Frühstücken.

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