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    March 26th - April 01st mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, April 01, 2005

    • by hobbit :...
    • Hank's Diary/Journal, part 4
      hanksdi4 zip (11k) (m/f, last appearance of Jane)
      Her breasts were heavy with milk and were hanging a little lower than they had the previous year. I moved to the edge of my chair and she moved between my legs and presented one, then the other nipple to me. I suckled at those breasts and enjoyed the breast milk. When I finished, they were a little flatter than the year before and sagged a little more but they were still beautiful. She was panting and was visibly turned on now and was making all sorts of small movements. I stood, dropped my pants and shed my shirt. I knelt before her, pulled her pants down to her ankles and then helped her lay down on the floor. I put my hand over her mound and she was very ready for sex so I just crawled between her legs and junior remembered the way home. I have made love to Chris and Jane and each are different. I do love to make love to Jane. She is warm and comfortable and there is no feeling that I need to perform. In contrast, I was Chris' teacher and felt that I should make her sexual times perfect.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Little Miss Fuck Doll 2005
      littlemi zip (13k) (M/g, F/g (five-year-old) M/F, anal finger fucking & dildo probing, anal fucking, restraints, rough sex, drugs, nc)
      Ever wondered what it would be like to select your own personal living doll? I don't have to wonder. I select a new five-year-old to coach every year and spend a fulfilling three-week training period getting her ripe and ready for the annual "Little Miss Fuck Doll" pageant. There's a helluva lot more involved in the selection and training process than you might suspect. Being the consummate professional, I have extremely high standards and expect the trainee to stretch herself in all ways to meet those standards. As for the stage moms, they go through their own "stretching and training" regime which totally ensures that they'll emerge well-fucked and submissively eager to please.
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Motel, part 2 (FINAL)
      familym2 zip (10k) (m/F, mom/son, inc, m/F/f, mm/F, pedo, inter-family groupsex)
      I have admit that I was not really surprised at the scene in the bedroom. There was my son, shoving his hard young cock into Loretta's willing mouth. And what a cock it was. It was as least as big as his father's seven inches, maybe a bit thicker. Loretta really knew what she was doing to, because my son's stiff prick disappeared all the way down her throat with every thrust of his slim young hips. She held his swollen young balls in one hand while the other held the head of a naked little girl who was on her hands and knees with her face in Loretta's pussy, slurping away noisily. The girl, who looked to be only eleven or twelve, was straddling another boy, who was pumping his long, thin cock eagerly in and out of the kid's hairless pussy. Occasionally Kevin leaned his head back between his mother's thighs and joined his sister in licking Loretta's hairy, gaping cunt. I knew that these two young people had to be Kevin and Sandy, Loretta's youngest children. Sam had his eyes closed as the older woman expertly sucked his cock. "Uhhh, Kevin," he said to the other boy, "you are really lucky! Your mom is a fantastic cock-sucker! And she lets you fuck your little sister and lick her pussy too... that's so fuckin' cool! I wish my mom would suck me off and let me lick her pussy! I jack off every night just thinking about it! Mmmmm, Miss Loretta, that's really starting to feel good! Suck it! Suck my fuckin' cock while Kevin and Sandy lick your cunt! I never knew a mom who let her own kids eat her out!"
    • by swaptide :...
    • Slumming With Brittany
      slumming zip (09k) (M/f pedo)
      Store owner Pete has a chance meeting with one of his young customers.

      Thursday, March 31, 2005

    • by A. Quarterman :...
    • Ackley's Revenge
      ackleysr zip (28k) (...)
      It's not often I let Ackley have his way. But what the heck, the new film is finished and I have the next few weeks off. I decide to let him cut loose just this once. "Ya HOOOO!" Ackley howls as he pushes her panties aside and plunges deep into the soft, sweet pussy of my co-star Virginia Woud. Virginia shivers and humps me. "Oh yes! Your cock feels so good, so thick and long. I don't think my pussy could stretch another millimeter."
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • The Best Mother, part 2
      thebest2 zip (08k) (F/m,Incest, oral, Mast,interracial)
      The black boy who had secretly seen Jessica and her son having sex, exposes his desire to Jessica who can't refuse.
    • by Rathan :...
    • My First Love, My mother, part 1
      myfirst1 zip (03k) (m/F, India Incest, Rom)
      How a son falls in love with his mother...a little slow but very romantic..
    • by Berliner1982 :...
    • Die Frau des Predigers
      diefraud zip (25k) (mF, inc, mother, son, impreg)
      Janet Riordan küsste ihren Ehemann und richtete ihm seine Krawatte. "Ich kann dich nicht zu der Party der Walker's gehen lassen, wenn du so unordentlich aussiehst," sagte sie. "Diese hinterhältige Hexe Marge würde überall herumerzählen, dass ich meinem Ehemann keine gute Frau wäre." Reverend Bill Riordan lächelte und küsste sie auf ihre Stirn. "Na, das ist aber keine Art über die Ehefrau meines wichtigsten Kirchenmitgliedes zu reden. Tom Walker ist der Vorsitzende der Dekane und wenn er nein zu meinem Vorschlag sagt, dann weiß ich nicht was wir tun sollen." Er blickte auf seine Uhr und griff schnell nach seiner Bibel. "Ich muss gehen. Marge hat Reservierungen für viertel nach sechs gemacht und sie hasst es, wenn man zu spät kommt."
      fohlen zip (08k) (MF, impreg, fetish, bondage)
      Spontan hatte sie den Entschluss gefasst, dorthin zu gehen. Seit ihrer Kindheit faszinierte sie alles, was irgendwie mit Pferden zu tun hatte, so wie fast alle Mädchen davon schwärmen. Und nun sah sie diese Anzeige in einem einschlägigem Magazin! Ihr Puls beschleunigte sich leicht bei der Vorstellung, ein ganzes Wochenende auf einem richtigen Gestüt verbringen zu können und dabei mit Pferden, Ponys und Fohlen umzugehen, zu reiten, und sich mit netten Menschen, die dasselbe Hobby haben, einfach ein paar schöne Tage zu machen.Vielleicht, so wurde jedenfalls in der Anzeige versprochen, durfte man ja auch bei Fohlenzucht dabei sein!
      Mutter und Ich
      mutterun zip (20k) (mF, inc, mother, son, brother/sister, impreg)
      Mom war eine wundervolle Frau und mit ihren 34 Jahren in der Blüte ihres Lebens. Sie war 5 Fuß und einen Zoll groß und wog 115 Pfund. Sie hatte wundervolles rotes Haar. Ihr Körper war normaler Durchschnitt, aber für mich einer der schönsten die es gab. Ihre Maße waren 34-24-34. Nachdem ich ihre Schubladen durchstöbert hatte, wusste ich, dass ihre BHs die Größe B hatten. Scham gab es bei uns nicht, wir liefen zu Hause immer in Unterwäsche oder Pyjamas herum. Wenn jemand fragte, ob ihm jemand seinen Rücken waschen konnte, waren immer helfende Hände da. Ich war, seit ich gehen konnte, von Seen umgeben. Ich wurde seitdem in eine Rettungsweste gesteckt. Wir fuhren an Wochenenden und an Mittwochabenden im Sommer zu den Seen zum Wasserski fahren. Ich hatte schon oft die Brüste meiner Mutter angefasst wenn wir im See schwimmen waren. Ich konnte zu ihr schwimmen und sie überall anfassen und sie sagte nichts. Wir wechselten unsere Kleidung im selben Raum und ich liebte es die nackten Brüste meiner Mutter zu sehen. Sie hatten große Nippel, die dunkelrot waren.

      Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.

      Tuesday, March 29, 2005

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Aftermath, ch 9
      afterma9 zip (15k) (Mg(4 years old)/NC/pedo/anal/MF/con/incest(mother-daughter 4 yrs old))
      "Little bitch," I muttered down into the wailing face, "crying won't get the fucking job done, your ass is mine and I'm gonna bust it wide open." Which I did repeatedly. Thrusting, no mercy, pain radiating and not reducing, the tears and cries constant. I heard Alex groan as he jettisoned his spunk into the anal chambers of the mother, her cries at feeling the infusion equally as loud. They lay there panting, each still raptly held in awe at the sight of the ravishment of the child. Hilda crawled to her knees and came to where my cock joined anus, bending to genuflect at the point of intrusion, little chortles of sympathy crooning from her lips. "So small and his cock is so big. Ohh, my precious, how this must be hurting you."
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Pedo's Dream
      apedosdr zip (14k) (M/gggggg, M/F, M/F/gggggg 7-10, B/g, B/b, oral, fondling, cons, gentle)
      "Wow we can swim naked" Kim stated looking at Beth, "Cool" reaching down pulled her bottom off then tossed it over to the edge of the pool. Before Donna could say anything Beth followed right behind her and so did Susan. With three naked mermaids in the water the other three looked at Donna as if wondering if it was ok or not. "Ok here's the deal you little vixens all of you over here now. If you want to swim naked and be naked or run around naked while you are here that is fine. But you have to understand that this is something that you might not want to tell your parents about or they might not understand, Ok?" Donna said as she spoke to all the girls who were gathered around her. "Is Uncle Mike going to be naked too?" Kim asked with a smile. "Well I don't know if that is a good idea or not since he is a man" Donna said. "That's ok I see my dad all the time" said one of the girls, "Me too" came sound of reply form all the other girls. "Please Mr. Mike you be naked too?" Kim and Beth asked.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Hank's Diary/Journal, part 3
      hanksdi3 zip (21k) (m/f rom)
      Hank travels with his father and meets the love of his life, Chris.
    • by typo12 :...
    • Lil' Billy
      lilbilly zip (13k) (F/g/b)
      I was really jealous of my little sister, Tammy. She was seeing two boys at once, Jerrold and Billy. My problem was that I only dated little boys.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • My Wife, My Slut
      mywifemy zip (11k) (gang bang, ws, bisex)
      The first time I saw my wife fucking a group of young men I came three times. I came gloriously, wallowing in the depravity of what we were doing while listening to my sexy wife urging them to splash cum on her... to coat her with their scummy sperm.. I loved it, and certainly Cindy did as well, judging from the way she joined us in our orgasmic explosions. How did we decide to have Cindy begin fucking other men and that first time, with boys? It was quite easy, actually. We love each other dearly, and trust one another implicitly. Cindy is my second wife, and I'm her third husband, our multiple marriages due to sexless spouses as much as anything. Cindy and I met on line, exchanging sexual fantasies via email at first, which led to phone sex, and eventually an incredible week at the beach together. It became the location for her first gang bang, and neither of us will ever forget it.
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Tight Sister
      tightsis zip (09k) (mother/son, father/daut, incest, preg)
      Moira's tight young pussy bulged as Lindsay's fat 15-year old cock thrust deeper and faster into her. This was the fourth time the nine-year old girl had felt her brother's six inch long tool stroke her vagina after she'd lost her virginity to her father's thick fuckstick just five weeks previously. "Oh yeah Lindsay, pump me. Pump me hard and blow in me," croaked the young girl as she lay spread-eagled beneath her oldest brother.
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Motel, part 1
      familym1 zip (27k) (M/f, inc, mom/son, FF/m, interracial, inter-family orgy, voyuerism, pedo)
      "So, Yolanda, how does a woman entertain herself out here in the desert?" I asked innocently. "Do you ever get a chance to go out and have fun?" She smiled slyly, slightly hitching up her dress and spreading her legs a little more as she answered, "It's almost two hours to town, so we don't get there too often. Sometime' I have a little fun with one of the guests who stay in the motel." "Is that why you don't wear panties?" I asked boldly. "Just in case you want to have a little `fun'?" "Oh, no, senora!" she answered with a sly smile. "I wear no panties because Carlos always tears them off if he is in a hurry to put his hard young cock into me!" This time I was the one to sit up straight. "Carlos?!" I exclaimed. "But didn't you just say that Carlos is your son?!!" "Oh, si, Senora, Carlos is `mi hijo', my son!" the pretty maid answered in an almost matter-of-fact tone. "And we take care of each other. He is so unselfish. Not like his older brothers and his pendejo of a father. Here, there are no women for him, but still he stays and takes care of his mamma. I like to have a nice thick cock in my pussy every night and, at his age, Carlos just loves to fuck all the time... so we take care of each other... you know what I'm talking about?"
    • by Rabbnd :...
    • Our Maidservant Rena, ch 2
      ourmaid2 zip (10k) (g-10, India)
      I always loved the way a preteen girl's chest develops, the small pointed mounds capped with a light brown nipple. Rena's chest wasn't flat but nor was it very far developed. I looked on her small mounds of tit flesh. Her breast buds were just as I imagined them, tiny pink and pointed nipples capping a small protrusion of flesh on her otherwise flat chest. Her nipples were pretty dark and had nice little points. Their darkness made the plump mounds around them seem all the paler. Overall it just looks like two little rosebuds on her chest. It reveals that she has not entered into puberty but at the very verge of it. I am always of the opinion that the beauty of a flower, which has just started blooming, is totally incomparable to anything else than the flower, which has already bloomed. Immaturity is a beauty by itself. Dear Readers, hope you will agree with me that the color of the nipples of an Indian girl, especially of a preteen girl is always dark, no matter what the colour of the rest of the body is, white or fair skin texture, I don't know the reason, however.
    • by Pietie de Waal :...
    • Leonie Se "Swinger" Partytjie
      leoniese zip (05k) (m/f/fff/mmfff)
      Dit is Leonie se eerste aand wat sy as n enkel persoon na n "swingers" partytjie toe gaan. Sy en haar man het so afgepreek, sodat sy haar fantisieë kan uitleef. Hy gaan ook na die partytjie, maar sal net kyk hoe sy haar fantisieë vervul. Leonie sit in 'n bad vol skuim en is besig om voor te berei vir die partytjie. Haar man sit by haar in die badkamer en kyk wat sy doen. Leonie was haar tiete met die spons totdat haar tepels skotstyf staan.
      My Vrou
      myvrou zip (06k) (m/f/fff)
      Lekker sonnige strand, jagse man wat in die son langs my lê, my g-string sopnat met poessous. Ek is lus vir naai. "Leonie, jy kan my nie op die strand bevoel nie!!" Dit is my eie skuld dat ek so jags is, ek flash al die hele dag my poes vir almal. My tiete peul amper by die bikini se top uit so styf sit hy.

      Monday, March 28, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Cranium :...
    • Brother's Medicine
      brothers zip (06k) (f/f, M/f, bro/sis, handjob)
      Lacey and Shalene were best friends. If you didn't know better, you might think they were sisters. Both girls were 11 years old, had long, dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and were about the same height. The only difference between them was that Lacey was a bit skinnier and her hips started to flair a bit, while Shalene was a little more pudgy with baby fat and had a small speckling of freckles on her nose.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • House of Seven Princesses, Day 2
      houseof2 zip (62k) (m/gg f/m m/g mfggg f/g m/g various)
      It's the next day and Tony's adventures with the girls haven't ended yet. And it doesn't look like it's going to, either. Someone he least suspects pays him a little visit. Oh, poor kid!
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Middle School Muscles, part 6
      middles6 zip (16k) (Fb; bb; b/gg; incest, anal, oral, gay, first time)
      Since my sister has told you all about what she was up to that Friday, thought I'd fill you in on what was going on that day with me. It was quite a ride, let me tell you. Looking back, it was a great day; maybe one of the best ever!
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Predatory Grandma
      predator zip (12k) (F/b, F/g (two-year-old) pussy & cock sucking, pussy & ass finger fucking, cumming, storytelling, nc)
      Have you ever really noticed how things never are what they seem? Like this sweet-faced old granny sitting in my law office who had been charged with sexually abusing two-year-old twins left in her care. Of course, none of us really are what we seem, are we? I know I'm not. How about you? Confession is good for the soul...or so they say. In my case, it makes my cock feel good...real good!
      Why Do I Do What I Do?
      whydoido zip (25k) (M/g (seven-year-old,) G/g, f/f/g, M/f, fucking, pussy fingering, Lesbian, ass finger fucking, object pussy fucking, cumming, douching, incest)
      It's funny the tricks Fate plays on us. And it comes full circle sometimes… Like our little Melly. First, Grandpa played with her hot, little pussy, awakening all sorts of pleasurable sensations and curiosities. Then, as she grew older, she found other playmates, old and young, inside the family and out, who further educated her in the pleasure zones of her being. Last, but not least by all means, just when she thought she'd tasted it all, there was another wonderful lesson in loving from an unexpected resource.

      Sunday, March 27, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Don't Look Now, I Gotta Pee!
      dontlook zip (13k) (girls 9, 8, boys 11; urination, masturbation contest, oral)
      Mary Murphy 9, and her friend Clara Bolling 8, were playing in the woods out behind Mary's house because in the days before indoor airconditioning it was cooler playing out in the woods than indoors. Nearby Clara's 11yo brother Kevin was playing with 11yo Chucky Peterson. At one point Mary announces to Clara she's got to pee . . . "When she began to make a move to pull her shorts down Clara hissed at her in a loud whisper, "You're gonna pee out here in the woods? The boys'll see," she hissed horrified. "Can't help it. When you gotta pee, you gotta pee," Mary answered hoarsely. Then she called out to the boys in a loud voice, "Kevin, Chucky, don't you look now! I gotta pee." And with those words she slipped her shorts and panties down her legs and off of her feet. Of course Kevin and Chucky were looking as hard as their eleven year old eyes would allow. Chucky even got up his nerve enough to walk over to where Mary was squatting and bend down for a really close up look. . . "
    • by WifeWatchingHusband :...
    • Melissa Gets Groped
      melissag zip (05k) (MMM+F, Noncensentual Groping of Wife)
      Melissa plays with the big boys and discovers the pleasures of being throughly groped.
    • by horneyson :...
    • My Mom, My Girlfriend
      mymommyg zip (07k) (incest/mom/son/india/impreg)
      A son save his mom from his father and makes her his girlfriend and more....
    • by Vegasman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Slut Grandaughter Valerie, ch 1
      slutgra1 zip (04k) (M/f grandad/grand daut)
      Grandpa get's custidy of 3yr old grandaughter,Valerie. He and his pedo friends teach her to be their sex slave.

      Saturday, March 26, 2005

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Please Don't Hurt Me, Mister!
      pleasedo zip (11k) (M/g (10-year-old), kidnapping, semi-rape, bondage, rough sex, finger fucking)
      I like snatching little girls off of the street and cuffing them to the floor of my van. All during the ride out to the country, my cock is throbbing in anticipation of raping them. And the sweat just rolls off my brow. If I'm lucky, mine will be the first cock to ever carve its was into the girl's tiny cunt. And if I'm not, well, it's still a great feeling to be fucking her anyway. This time, I was in for something of a surprise but I plunged ahead and did my business anyway. Seems that the little fuck slut knew more than she was letting on. Afterwards, we had a little talk and I began to appreciate the whole concept of possibly cumming back for seconds. And maybe even...thirds or fourths.
    • by zet :...
    • Princess Leia Is Wounded
      princess zip (23k) (b/g m/f M/F cons rom)
      Preteen cousins Lucy and Paulie played innocent games at the family cabin every summer. Every year they became more daring, less innocent.
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • The Best Mother, part 1
      thebest1 zip (10k) (F/m,incest, other/son, oral anal)
      16 Year old Jamie has an opportunity to spy on his pretty other while she is dressing. He relieves himself outside of her door while watching. Once his mother realizes what he had done, she decides he needs more than just a hand to bring him off.
    • by Sookijook :...
    • Teenchicks, ch 2
      teenchi2 zip (16k) (M/f/f/f)
      Hera is a community located about five miles outside of a big city. The community is located by the sea and is very famous for its beautiful cliffs. Oaks and other various sorts of trees dominate the area but in some spots one can find numerous wide fields of grass. It's a little community without any gang problems or criminality. There's a school, a football club, a recreation center, a church, a camping site, a hotel, a restaurant and a harbor. Under Hera's surface an amazing and unbelievable urge and interest for sex hides. The community is particularly well known for its intrigues on this subject.

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