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    November 05th - November 11th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, November 11, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Matson :...
    • Loving Baby, part 2
      lovingb2 zip (12k) (M/F, toddler, mast, breastfeeding)
      Mom reached for the baby oil in the window sill and lubed him up. Junior ceased his whining as she did. "You little turd-blossom," she muttered softly. "You like that, don't you? Typical male." Mark and I shared a smile while she laid him across her lap, supporting his head while cupping the clean diaper through his crotch. She looked him in the eyes and gently massaged his tiny genitals. He was quiet as a mouse. "He wants to suckle, do you guys mind?" We didn't mind. Why would we mind?
    • by Bach :...
    • Nice 'N Naughty, part 2
      nicenna2 zip (10k) (M/f anal oral spank)
      Two men, one gone, one here, both becoming one in her little mind. She loves him. She loves to be loved by him...
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Teen Porno Queen, ch 10
      teenpo10 zip (10k) (MMMMMMMMF/bbgggggg first, cons, pony girl, beast)
      When the time came, Ilene helped prepare ten year old Kayla for her Husbands nine inch by two inch cock to enter her ten year old cunt. Just the head of it took up all the space between the ten year old's legs and Julie kept filming as Kayla's pussy lips spread paper thing, until they disappeared around the head of Robert's fat cock. Slowly, Robert worked six inches of that monster cock into Kayla's little belly and there was a definite cock line showing through her abdomen. When Robert started stroking his cock in and out of Kayla's cunt, the camera could see it's progress by the moving lump.
    • by Rob Berry :...
    • An Allem Ist Nur Meine Freundin Schuld, ch 1
      anallem1 zip (07k) (M/f daut/dad inc)
      Meine Freundin hat mich erst darauf gebracht, was ich für einen heissen Typ als Vater habe.

      Thursday, November 10, 2005

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Dream Come True
      dreamcom zip (12k) (M/b, oral, fondling, first time, romantic, love, cons)
      After moving in with my girlfriend and her 11 year old son things seemed to change. One evening after dinner I mentioned to Kim that I was going to go take a shower. She was just finishing the dishes there was a movie she wanted to watch which I didn't care much for. Devon hearing me spoke up asking if it was ok if he could shower with me, something he had never asked before. Probably because usually Devon was the one who showered or took a bath first in the evenings so he could go on to bed early. Little did I know that this evening would change all three of our lives.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Never Knew, part 2
      neverkn2 zip (18k) (m/g bond, reluc, oral, pene, dom)
      "I'm going to get another girl," he whispered as she keened, climaxing as he pinched her raw clit, enjoying how he could mix pain and pleasure for her, then let her sink into the new, muddled sensations. She was both mad and sad, it made her scheme, fantasize about destroying her rival before she even came on the scene. "How?" was all she could muster in reply.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Lonely Girl
      thelonel zip (10k) (teen, ws, bs)
      We live in a retirement community, and, as is generally the case in developments like this, most of the residents are over 60... retirees and grandparents, with a few working families sprinkled in among the elderly. That's why when a beautiful young girl moves in it causes quite a stir among those of us still horny enough to appreciate a beautiful, tight, sexy young body. Her name is Kim, and she is adorable. I first saw her when she was walking back to her grandmother's house after school let out one afternoon. I was doing a little yard work, and as she walked past she smiled and said, "hello." I returned the greeting, and asked if she was visiting someone.
    • by Dr. E. M. Hyatt :...
    • Vivian And Rosie
      vivianan zip (23k) (FF)
      Vivian was a Flipina. Although she was in her forties, she looked much younger and, when she decided to dress up, she looked fairly attractive, even with her glasses. Art, an America who worked in the same place as Vivian, was married to a very pretty Flipina named Rosie. He naturally introduced the two to each other one afternoon. During the course of their conversation, the two women became friends and Vivian invited Rosie to go to a video store she knew of that sold Filipine movies. As time went by, the two became good friends. Vivian often brought movies to Rosie's house so they could sit and watch and talk. They also started going places together.
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • Jimmy and Brittany, part 1
      jimmyan1 zip (06k) (teen b/g, inc, tick, oral, mast. bd, nc)
      Jimmy has a younger sister with supermodel looks and, unfortunately for her, a very ticklish body. He loves to use her to satisfy his tickling fetish. The problem for little Brittany, however, is that Jimmy gets very horny tickling the gorgeous little girl, so she reluctantly must submit to his incestuous desires in order for the cruel tickling to stop.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der „K.P.F.C.", Der „Kinder Po-Fick Club", teil 1
      derkpfc1 zip (12k) (m12 / w10 – masturbieren / oral / anal)
      Michael ist neu in der Stadt, doch bald findert er Anschluss dank der 10 jährigen Sissy, sie ist auf der Suche nach neuen Clubmitgliedern...

      Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    • by Mr Ecchi :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Narazol, ch 1-3
      naraz1_3 zip (14k) (M/g ScFi, ped, inf)
      Alien Princesses can be fun and sexy....Especially when you might soon be the last man on earth. And especially when she's ten.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Aunt Pru, ch 11, part 1
      auntpr11 zip (45k) (m/f, M/f)
      Penny is hurt in an bicycle accident and spends several weeks in the hospital and is seduced by her doctor.
    • by Ferret224 :...
    • Candy, Belinda, Vol 2
      candybe2 zip (19k) (Mgg, cons, inc, ped, oral, 1st, anal, feet, reluc)
      Belinda has a friend, and her name is Candy.
    • by PeachLover :...
    • The Virgin Hooker, ch 3
      thevirg3 zip (09k) (M/g, M/g/g, cons, incest, oral, inter)
      One good tryst deservers another. Mindy goes for a repeat performance and Tara joins in for the first time.
    • by Sholder :...
    • Die Ausländerschule, teil 1
      dieausl1 zip (23k) (mf mF Mf Ff MMMf, orgy, nc, rape, viol)
      Endzeitstimmung in Deutschland. Für ausländische Jugendbanden wird es normal sich ein Mädchen zu greifen, unter Druck zu setzen und für die Prostitution abzurichten. Zum Spaß für sich und andere. Um Kasse zu machen. Warum eigentlich nicht? Das Mädchen ohne Zukunft geht wieder einer sinnvollen Beschäftigung nach und die jungen Ausländer müssen sich ihre Klamotten nicht mehr aus dem Kaufhaus stehlen.

      Tuesday, November 08, 2005


      Monday, November 07, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • Caught Jacking Off
      caughtja zip (03k) (F/f pedo)
      Andy had been single all his life, he had been out with a few slags and fucked a few times but most of his sex came through masturbation. To 'feed' this habit he delved into all forms of pornography. He had thousands of pictures downloaded from the internet, videos, magazines, books, stories - you name it any had it. His bedroom walls were papers with porn, he had cut pics up and pasted them together so thathe had walls of young cunts or young mouths sucking cocks. One of his favourite pastimes was watching young girls and masturbating. He had found a great place on an old ruin near a park, it was raised up and overlooked a new play area. He was able to get inside a rhododendron bush and watch them. He would unzip his pants and handle his fleshy cock, gazing at some child and imagining her naked. His cock would soon stiffen and he would jerk it while his mouth opened and he drooled like a dog, lusting for her little body.
    • by Mickthewee :...
    • Jessie, part 4: Jake Having A Swim With Jessie
      jessie4 zip (07k) (Mf)
      Jessie discovers there is more to summer than holidays.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Never Knew, part 1
      neverkn1 zip (18k) (M/g bond, oral, anal, pene, dom, romantic)
      She was so tight it didn't move, she just jerked and bucked as he held her wrists with one hand and his cock, trying to bend with the other. All his restraint, his impulse control gone. Her mouth had made him lose control, her thin lips sucking his cock, her surrender to the inevitable, being his slut, his sexual toy and partner, slave. It didn't matter, now he could do it, push his cock into those soft, bald pussy lips that were spread wide, stretched, moving up his cock tip even now, as she was reamed open by the pressure, the natural process of her cunt tissue stretching letting him inside her the first time.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Naughty Teachers, part 2
      naughty2 zip (13k) (MF, Mf, MfF)
      In the first part of the story we met John and Tina Galloway, a couple of teachers who liked "nibbling" on the side from time to time. Tina had just seduced a 13 year old boy from the school she taught at, and told John that many teachers had "flings" with students. She later promised John that she would let him know which girls were interested in him.

      Sunday, November 06, 2005

    • by Dalton :...
    • Breaking Sis, part 12
      breaki12 zip (32k) (M/gg bond, forced, oral, anal, beast, dom)
      The last thing I remember was Kaiti saying "Make him fuck me again," she was talking in her sleep. Her eyes opened wide as she woke up and realized something. "You're nasty Carl, you're my brother, stop, don't fuck me," she was a little girl, regressed, shattered by so many archetypal scenes coming alive with her as the lead performer. "Stop fucking me," she demanded gently as she humped into my cock slowly moving in and out of her. Her pussy seemed to tighten. "This is nasty Carl, stop," again it made no difference to her hips that kept moving against me to take all my cock inside her. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she mumbled as she fell asleep moving, curling her hips into me, wanting me to knot her pussy, trap myself inside her pussy forever.
    • by cc :...
    • Gangraped
      gangrape zip (06k) (MMMMM/g ped spank whip 'pseudo-rape' rom)
      A preteen girl is given a 'gangraping' by her 'Daddy' for loving punishment.
      Impaled Alive
      impaleda zip (12k) (M/g ped spank whip rom pseudo-rape)
      A preteen girl is captured by a tyrannical government. The official torturer wants to help her, but is forced to punish her and finally impale her alive in order to save her life and defeat the tyrants.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Naughty Touches for Good Luck
      naughtyt zip (14k) (mf (11), mmf, school setting, mild bondage, handjobs, exploration of a young girl's body and oral)
      Eleven year old Katie had just begun to sprout little titties as the school year started. She had a crush on Martin who sat next to her, but she wasn't ready for a little game he had planned. He deliberately failed a math test and then talked the inexperienced girl into letting him rub her titties for good luck on the next one. He manages to get his best friend Jack involved, who was a teacher aide for the handsome Mr. Siegel. When Martin makes a miraculous recovery by acing the next quiz, he hopes to continue using the little girls body to do well on the chapter test.
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • Supermarket Girl
      supermar zip (06k) (M/f pedo, erotic, manipulation, deceipt)
      When you last visited the supermarket did you see her, shes around 3 or 4yo and her mommy is not very bright. Her dress is old and tatty, short too. The dress has buttons up the back but her mom didn't do them all up so bits of her little bare back show through. She sits in the special place in the shopping trolley; her little legs wide apart, wrapped round the wire frame. Her panties are grimy as well, probably bought from some second hand store, they are too big and have slipped to one side to reveal a piece of the childs slit. Smooth, a continuation of her white thigh. Her thigh is so very white because she never gets out much, she stays in the house with her parents. They both smoke and allow her to crawl around the home in her panties. The carpets there are filthy, never cleaned. The television is always on usually showing shows about plastic surgery or soaps. She has seen her mommy fucking many times as she has played with her Barbie doll.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • The Girl in the Woods
      thegirli zip (08k) (man 30's, girl 6; nudity, penetration, oral, 3 way)
      I was camping out in the moutains last weekend, and as I was walking down the Old Mill Trail I came across a very pretty little girl who looked about six sitting on a tree root near the trail. I introduced myself, and found out her name was Molly Perkins. I put an arm protectively around her, and cupped a bottom cheek. She tensed a little at first but soon relaxed. I told her she was all tensed up, and if she would lie down I would give her a back rub. What wonderful things a back rub can lead to, and as I bunched her dress up around her neck my fingers traveled up and down her spine, and they would slip a little ways under the waistband of her panties, just to establish their right to the territory.

      Saturday, November 05, 2005

    • by DF :...
    • Paying The Rent, ch 1
      payingt1 zip (04k) (M/F nc oral interr)
      He smiled when she opened the door of the apartment. Hot as always, he thought, while his eyes feasted on the small frame, round little ass, firm perky tits and cute face with round dark eyes and long black hair. She wore a miniskirt and a tanktop, which left her belly uncovered and her curves all too visible.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Spanky Pants
      spankypa zip (09k) (M/f, pedo, oral, incest, spank)
      Two adorable 5-year-olds, Emma and Nicole were playing with a dollhouse in Nicole's room, when Nicole asked an unusual question: "Have you ever been spanked, Emma?" Emma, a beautiful green-eyed blonde with pigtails, shook them violently as she gaped at her friend, astonished. "Unh-uh!!" Emma said. Her parents were very liberal, and not only had she never been spanked, she had never even HEARD of anyone being spanked, although the concept was clear to her. Nicole, the darker, more grown-up of the two kindergartners continued. "MY Daddy spanks me all the time! It's neat!" She twirled a finger through her brown curls as she remembered. "Last night he spanked me with a hairbrush!" Her eyes twinkled at the memory. "And on my bare butt too! It made my pee-pee tingle!" Unconsciously, the randy little girl had started rocking in place, her butt pressing into her heels as she knelt on the floor. She took the tiny doll she'd been holding and began pushing it rhythmically into her crotch, rubbing it against her mound as she spoke.
    • by Amit :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ideal Marriage
      idealmar zip (17k) (Mom Son)
      Mom fall for her married son.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Teen Porno Queen, ch 9
      teenpor9 zip (14k) (MMMMMMMMF/bbgggggg first, cons, pony girl, beast)
      When Vicki's Dad dropped her and Priscilla off at Julie's Friday afternoon, Julie just nodded at him. All the kids fit into the SUV and they only supplies they had to take were food and beverages. When they arrived at the old farm, the motor home was there and a tent already set up beside it. The first thing Prissy asked was if there were going to be more guys there, then blushed as everyone laughed at the beautiful fourteen year old. When Jeremy and Kayla arrived on Jeremy's quad bike, both kids were already stark naked and the one most happy to see Kayla, was Victoria.
    • by up-n-cummer :...
    • The Winter of Discovery
      thewinte zip (05k) (F/m)
      My big brother delighted in tormenting me into fights and then proceeded to kick the shit out of me. I also found out that he was not only fucking our mother but bringing home his friends for her as well. I had to do something about him.
    • by Curt :...
    • Tysklandsresan, Del 1
      tysklan1 zip (07k) (MF/g mother/daut incest anal)
      Det var först när hon leende klev in i bastun som hon insåg att det var fler än en av männen som satt där som först tittade på Linn och sen på henne för att sen titta tillbaka på Linn. När hon satte sig ner insåg hon att det fanns en del i bastun som faktisk uppskattade hennes dotters omogna kropp före hennes.

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