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  • by Boswell, the Bad :...
  • Alien Zoo, part 3: Conclusion
    alienzo3 zip (08k) (M/F/f, group sex)
    "I'll go first...the others trust me," she said soberly. "I have no idea what is actually going on, but we don't have a lot of choices anyway. Hansen...Walters...form the others into fifty person units and line them up in blocks by the gates." Frightened women and girls watched as a group was formed up...some of the five year olds, some of the pubescent ones...a few teenagers and an array of other women stood there frightened as Ann strode over to them.
  • by Benhead :...
  • Flashing The Flasher
    flashing zip (05k) (M/f, cons, exhibition, voyeur)
    Slowly, her legs began to open up ever so slightly. I kept hoping that she would give me some intentional peeks at her panties. I wondered if she had ever let someone look up her skirt and see her panties before. I assumed that she probably had. She seemed pretty sexual. After a few more minutes, with neither of us saying a word and neither of us covering up, I saw the hint of her pantied crotch again. This time, the wet spot had enlarged considerably. She saw me looking between her legs. She knew I was seeing her panties. And she had to know that they were soaking through. My cock was ready to explode as this twelve year old girl was flashing the flasher.
  • by Stepdaddy :...
  • Hebephilia #2: Latchkey Kid: Cornered and Coerced
    hebephi2 zip (37k) (hebephilia, innocent schoolgirl (13), home invasion, breeding, long hair, preg, nc)
    The next episode in the Hebephilia Series features a careful sportsman involved in a dangerous hobby - the breeding of young, unwilling teenaged girls. He operates under a very natural constraint - he must never get caught. Step into his challenging game as he attempts to impregnate Mary-Margaret O'Donnell, a sweet thirteen-year old Catholic schoolgirl who is thinking of becoming a nun.
  • by Silver Fox :...
  • Please Mommy! part 1
    pleasem1 zip (09k) (F/m, Inc, Mast, Oral, Voyeur, Anal, Preg)
    Henry's mother had very deep convictions due to being the daughter of a minister. Divorced and trying to do the best for her 15 year old son who was experiencing urges that she didn't quite know how to handle. So she feels it's best to seek help for her son.
  • by Smoky Waters :...
  • Teen Porno Queen, ch 13
    teenpo13 zip (09k) (MMMMMMMMFFF/bbbbbggggggggggg first, cons)
    When Amber and Donna arrived at Julie's Friday afternoon, the only ones with them were Ilene and Mary. All the two young girls things were being taken to their new homes by Robert and Mark Sr. and the two little ones didn't think anything of the fact that Ilene and Mary were driving them to the weekend party. When Amber asked what clothes they needed for the weekend, Julie just said they wouldn't be wearing any and both Amber and Donna had looks of panic on their pretty faces. They were just sure that Ilene or Mary had heard what Julie said, yet neither Mother said anything.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005


    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

  • by derisible :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Toys, part 1
    toys1 zip (04k) (g toys)
    It started with someone picking up a camera and shakily bringing it in to focus on a small young girl slowly wiggling and slipping out of her clothes with her back to the camera. As she turned I could see she was heavily pregnant, tiny breasted with perky nipples and no hint off fuzz between her slim legs.
  • by Boswell, The Bad :...
  • Alien Zoo, part 2
    alienzo2 zip (06k) (F/f, gs, the story builds)
    "My people need rest rooms...toilets...toilet paper," she turned and snapped at the trooper, "and we want them now!" "Animals do not use toilets," she heard the trooper reply, "there is a ditch at the back of the enclosure for your needs." "What? That's disgusting, tell your officers that I demand a meeting at once," Ann spluttered. The only answer was given by the troopers turning their backs on her and ignoring the confused women behind the gate. Ann was speechless! No rest room facilities to be provided? And what did the trooper mean by 'animals?'
  • by Benhead :...
  • More Than A Conversation
    morethan zip (04k) (M/g, pedo, cons)
    "I can see your panties!" "Mr.. Phillips! That's naughty!" "I know, but they're so cute that I had to tell you." "Yeah, but you shouldn't be looking up my skirt like that." "Why not?" "It's not nice to do that." "But I really like to see your panties. It's not the first time I've seen them." "Mr.. Phillips!"
  • by Forbidden Innocence :...
  • Naughty Touches for Good Luck, Episode III
    naughty3 zip (05k) (Mf (11), fff (10 & 11), mild bondage, oral, explorations of young girl's bodies)
    It was only a matter of time before Mr. Siegel, Martin and Jack got caught tying up and manipulating and entering Katie's young body again and again. In the previous episode, no one was aware that a classmate named Caitlin was using her new cell phone to film Mr. Siegel in action. She makes a copy on her hard drive, reflects back on what she made her sister and best friend do naked in the living room and finally how she was going to blackmail, Mr. Siegel, Martin, Jack and to some extent Katie (her best friend) by staying after class and showing them the video. Suffice is to say the tables will get turned.
  • by Corn53 :...
  • Our Shy New Ten Year Old Model, part 1
    ourshyn1 zip (27k) (FFM/f, photography, shy, kissing, clitoris, blush)
    Nicky's mother tells her ten year old daughter to do everything the lady photographer tells her to do, so they can send the pictures to the Japanese modeling agency. Nicky is so shy at frist, but does better after her mother leaves. By the thrid week she is not so shy, and loves to model panties and training bras.
  • by Plato :...
  • Raquel, ch 1-2
    raque1_2 zip (07k) (Mg Rom Slow)
    A tale of love and romance between a man and a girl. Reflecting back over the years I spent loving and needing my little love. Slow to start, as true love often is.
  • by Allyn :...
  • Sex At A Hot Tub Party
    sexataho zip (06k) (Sex with mother and daughter)
    A man, recently separated from his wife is invited to a hot tub party where he meets a beautiful woman. They have sex and later he is seduced by her daughter.
  • by Dr. Kucho :...
  • Hamburgerrestaurangen
    hamburge zip (06k) (Mg, cons)
    För nåt år sedan öppnade dom äntligen en restaurang som säljer hamburgare här i staden där jag bor. Dom gör dom absolut godaste burgarna för att inte tala om deras dipsåser. På tal om dippa...

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005


    Monday, November 28, 2005

  • by hobbit :...
  • Aunt Pru Ends Her Story I
    auntpr12 zip (25k) (M/f, rom)
    Aunt Pru ends her story as she tells how she met her future husband.
  • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
  • Chance Encounter
    chanceen zip (10k) (M/f/f/g oral cons)
    While strolling down the street, I encounter three young girls who change my life.
  • by POTHUS :...
  • My Sister, My Love
    mysiste3 zip (19k) (M/F, inc. rom. slow beginning)
    Rebecca McConnell was everything any man would want for a wife. She was smart, funny, down to earth, and honest. She could brighten up a room just by walking in, or flashing her smile. She could put anyone at ease with her easygoing manner, or make you feel as if you were the only person in the room when she talked with you. She had a wicked sense of humor and a laugh that would cheer up the most stoic and reserved person. Rebecca was also very beautiful, with shoulder length sandy-blonde hair, with light-blue eyes and a perfect smile. Of course she would never say that she was pretty, even though she had many offers to grace some of the fashion magazines. Rebecca was modest, and it came naturally. She could be anything she wanted to be, be with anyone she wanted. But the one person she wanted to be with was me, Michael, her brother.
    The Mastiff
    themasti zip (09k) (F/dog)
    A woman's animal curiosity becomes an obsession.
  • by DF :...
  • Paying The Rent, ch 2
    payingt2 zip (04k) (M/F rape)
    The next day, just as Min walked down the stairs to go to the supermarket, the landlord walked in through the front door of the building. She thought of turning around and getting back upstairs before he saw her, but it was already too late. He had seen her, and at the sight of her slender figure in the short white summerdress, her long brown legs and arms nude, made him hot instantly.
  • by Bob Roberts :...
  • Jimmy's Ticklish Sister, part 4: Jimmy's Friends
    jimmyti4 zip (06k) (teen bbb/g, tickling, oral, mast, nc, inc, bd)
    Jimmy again exploits his beautiful, little sister's ticklish body, coercing her once again into sexual encounters. This time, however, Jimmy brings in 2 of his good friends to reap the benefit of his sister's talented mouth.
  • by Dr. Kucho :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Babe
    babe zip (08k) (Mg, cons)
    Det var snart sommar och vart jag än vände mig stod där en söt flicka, kvinna eller tjej som tycktes klä på sig mindre och mindre kläder för varje dag som gick förbi. Jag älskar den här tiden på året. Alla sexiga mammor, kåta kursare eller heta småungar som tycks...
  • by Zephirin :...
  • Bordel de garcons, ch 4-5
    borde4_5 zip (07k) (M/b no sex, nc)
    Dans ce chapitre de transition, Frank entend parler pour la premiere fois du bordel de garcons.

    Sunday, November 27, 2005

  • by Boswell, The Bad :...
  • Alien Zoo, part 1
    alienzo1 zip (07k) (M/W, Science Fiction, story setup)
    Angry, but impotent, the two began to strip. Lynn tried to keep her eyes off David Wenter as she stepped out of her coveralls, undid and removed her bra...and then stripped her panties to the floor. Nude, her nipples hard and erect with the coolness and her fear, she turned at last and saw Wenter. He was more handsome than he appeared on the viewscreen...and his penis was huge...and long...above heavy, hairy testicles. "Follow me," was the Starynx trooper's only comment. They did as ordered, stepping in behind the alien. He was also naked, covered with short brown hair, genitals retracted into a sac at the base of his belly. The alien was mostly humanoid...if one could ever overlook the three pairs of arms. His head was rounded...bore three deep blue eyes, a flattened nose and a slit-like mouth.
  • by Matson :...
  • Loving Baby, part 3
    lovingb3 zip (26k) (M/F/M, phonesex, WifeSharing)
    She and her husband had fantasized about it, finally selected someone and made the proposal to "him". Then the military sent Kyle on a three-day inspection trip, leaving his bride and the baby alone in the parking lot, standing with their tall and handsome friend, the man they'd selected for their "first try". It wasn't supposed to begin that way, Kyle was supposed to take the lead. Now Kyle was on a plane waiting to take off, after telling Mark to "take care of my wife while I'm gone". Holding the baby in her arms the remark had stirred a recipe of feelings inside her; excitement, trepidation, wonder, all blending a warm soup. She never wanted another man but the pillow talk had grown, and the feeling of curiosity grew as well. Now her hubby, her leader, her counsel, was leaving her in someone else's "care" for a few days. Damn him!
  • by bigcock :...
  • Santa's Own Wish
    santasow zip (04k) (m/f girls/boys all ages- oral - pregnant)
    Santa and Ms Santa work at a super store. each girl to visit Santa drinks his sperm. Each boy to visiting Ms Santa gets a sucking, and sperm her breast. read how babies are born to still virgin girls when they become 12 years old, and how wearing a green dress has something to do with it all!
  • by cb2 :...
  • Campingplatz, part 2
    camping2 zip (05k) (T/b, anal, rape)
    Auf dem Weg zu seinem Wohnwagen begegnete uns mein Vater, der Simo sofort herzlich begrüßte. Da Simo erfolgreicher Stürmer des Fußballclubs war, kannten ihn natürlich alle im Dorf.

    Saturday, November 26, 2005

  • by Jack Spratt :...
  • Abbotville's Summer Fair
    abbotvil zip (41k) (m/ff a little bit of everything)
    After a long respite Don Parson makes a return. As in many of his prior situations Mary his co-worker is the catalyst; this time is no different. The pivotal point is the Abbotsville Fair which in the past Don has successfully avoided. Mary in her womanly wiles convinces Don to partake as a First Aid person. What brings this all together is a young red head named Wyn.
  • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
  • Angel's First First Time
    angelsfi zip (06k) (Mg Incest petting pedo 8yo)
    This is the story of how Angel discovered the joys of sex when she was just eight years old, and how she started playing lovely games with her daddy soon after that...He would chase after her...throw her face down on the bed, lift up her skirt and, after gazing at her lovely panty clad bubble butt for a few moments, would pull her panties off...she sat in daddy's favorite chair, pulled her skirt up to her waist, pushed her white cotton panties down to her knees, and started...
  • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
  • Baby, Let's Play House
    babylets zip (11k) (m/f, pedo, oral, anal, incest, bro/sis)
    "Anybody home?" Matt Baxter called out loudly as he came through the front door with a bang. Nobody answered back, which was fine with Matt. He'd had a particularly frustrating day, trying to cop a feel off of Mary Jane Kappellhoff after school had been a disaster, and now he had a raging hardon with nowhere to put it! Since it appeared neither his Mom or little sister was home, and his Dad wouldn't be home from work for a few hours, Matt figured he had some time to spank his monkey without being bothered. Pulling down his pants and flinging himself on his bed, the horny teenager came to grips with his huge erection, stroking himself furiously while imagining Mary Jane's beautiful face and killer bod, particularly her firm teenaged bottom. Matt wasn't really a tit man, but tight female butts ruled his world. And Mary Jane's was particularly tasty. He'd only gotten to grope her there once, but the image was burned into his memory, and he recalled it now as he choked his chicken to oblivion.

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