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    October 29th - November 04th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, November 04, 2005

    • by Liznotbeth :...
    • Carolyn
      carolyn zip (08k) (F/F/F waxing/humil)
      Liz was at her wit's end. Her lover's recalcitrance was getting to the point where something needed to be done. Spankings didn't help, corner time didn't was time to come up with a plan to put Carolyn back in her place, where she belonged.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • I Like Little Girls
      ilikelit zip (09k) (Mg 8 oral cons inc)
      I find it hard to believe that my wildest fantasy happened during a big snow storm. Safe and warm in the cab of my big truck on a cold night it seemed as if it should be a dream. But it was real. It turned out to be the snow storm of the century but at the time no one knew that. Those of us caught up in the storm were only trying to survive any way we could. Roads were completely closed as snow plows operated 24 hours a day but with the constant snow fall it was like trying to keep the ocean from rushing up on the sand.
    • by Euphoria :...
    • Postcards
      postcard zip (09k) (M/f dad/daut pedo anal)
      A man becomes secretly obsessed with the pre-teen daughters of a friend and takes measures to hide his desires. But can the pre-teen darlings keep their own desires hidden?
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Babysitter!!
      thebabys zip (42k) (M/g(toddler), ped, cons, rom)
      Sixteen year old Scott is asked to baby sit his best friend's four year old sister Taylor whom he gets along with so very well and whom he also has a secret desire to be with. What happens will surprise everyone!
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • The Supermarket Girl
      thesuper zip (06k) (M/f pedo semi c, molest)
      When you last visited the supermarket did you see her, shes around 3 or 4yo and her mommy is not very bright. Her dress is old and tatty, short too. The dress has buttons up the back but her mom didn't do them all up so bits of her little bare back show through. She sits in the special place in the shopping trolley; her little legs wide apart, wrapped round the wire frame. Her panties are grimy as well, probably bought from some second hand store, they are too big and have slipped to one side to reveal a piece of the childs slit. Smooth, a continuation of her white thigh. Her thigh is so very white because she never gets out much, she stays in the house with her parents. They both smoke and allow her to crawl around the home in her panties. The carpets there are filthy, never cleaned. The television is always on usually showing shows about plastic surgery or soaps. She has seen her mommy fucking many times as she has played with her Barbie doll.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • What's A Lonely Housewife To Do?
      whatsalo zip (22k) (F/dog, F/solo, F/b(10), mother/son, inc., oral, anal, vag, auto, preg)
      Melissa Richards had everything. She had a big beautiful house, a husband who provided for her, a young beautiful son. She belonged to the local Country Club, had a tennis instructor, did aerobics to stay in shape. Some of her friends would say she had the perfect marriage and life. If she had everything, then why did she feel as if there was something missing in her life?
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Youth Counselor, part 2
      youthco2 zip (04k) (F/m,Mast,oral,int.,Preg)
      Karen is delveloping a fixation on the young boys penis.
    • by Mickthewee :...
    • Jessie, part 3
      jessie3 zip (09k) (Mf)
      Jessie discovers there is more to summer than holidays.
    • by bigcock :...
    • Sperm Treatment In The Future
      spermtre zip (04k) (dad' daut age 6 /doctor/ pedo lots of sperm/+ sex/preg)
      a doctor in the future is face with a rare disease to treat in a 6 year old girl. he does cure the girl with her dad's help and of that doctor.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Well? What Would You Have Done Then?
      wellwha3 zip (09k) (M/g(7)b(9) mast int oral)
      The Microbe ends her visit with a bang! The Microbe cums back and brings a surprise!
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Wendy, ch 8
      wendy8 zip (28k) (MFmg+, oral, anal, cons, spank, non-cons)
      This is the final chapter in the John Argent story. He discovers that life in Ropeville is not the simple life that it appears, he's now involved with Tanya (but can't do much as she wears a pendant) having sex with his daughter and then invites Adrian to join them. Can life get any better?

      Thursday, November 03, 2005


      Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    • by BP :...
    • Beauty Down Under
      beautydo zip (18k) (Voyeur, M/F, M/f, F/f, impreg. Incest)
      I was smart enough to get out of the Dot Com. business when I was at the top. This enabled me to retire at the ripe old age of thirty. While that was good, it cost me my marriage and almost my freedom. You see, after my wife left me, I began to notice that young girls were sexually appealing to me.
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Bri and Gen Party
      briandge zip (24k) (M/f, inc, Pedo, Sado, MM/ff)
      Bri lay on her back with her legs open. Her tight 18 year old pussy was devoid of all hair and her cunny lips pouted fully to form a small heart shaped mount with her long clitoris peaking from under its velvet hood. She lay very still and quiet waiting; waiting for her stepfather to appear in her bedroom. Bri was naked because he had insisted she be naked when he came to visit. The girl gently rubbed her nipples making them hard and erect so they sat like brown points on her olive skinned 36C breasts. She lay there in silence listening for the front door of her apartment to open announcing his arrival. She shivered in the humid warmth of her small apartment. Bri wasn't at all cold, the shiver was in anticipation of what he might do when he arrived. The girl stopped toying with her breasts and slid her slender fingers down to cup her waiting and increasingly moist pussy. She trickled her fingers over her clit making the flesh nubbin fill with blood and erecting her tiny girl penis. Bri thought of the number of girls and women who had drank from her wetness. The cloying touch of their tongues as they opened her cunny and teased what had seemed like almost continual orgasms from her small frame.
    • by Mickthewee :...
    • Jessie, part 2: Jake
      jessie2 zip (06k) (Mf)
      Jessie discovers there is more to summer than holidays.
    • by Vixen :...
    • Lily and Her Stepfather
      lilyandh zip (07k) (MMF/g oral seduction)
      Three year old Lily enjoys a unique relationship with her new Stepfather Earl,who is 54 years old and a very sexy guy.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • My DA Daughter, part 2
      mydadau2 zip (04k) (m/F, oral)
      My daughter is 12 years old. She loves cock. One day we were taking a drive to escape the house, and chanced upon an interesting scene.
    • by Ferret224 :...
    • Stormy Night, Belinda, Vol 1
      stormyn1 zip (15k) (Mg, cons, inc, ped, oral, 1st, anal, feet)
      Belinda is afraid of the storm and goes to her Step-Father for comfort.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Naughty Teachers, part 1
      naughty1 zip (06k) (Fm, FM)
      "Come on, John, I'm surprised that you don't know that these things happen with many teachers. Boys are boys and women are women. No big deal. It's one of those 'little secrets' we all carry. Don't tell me you wouldn't have a fling with a 13 year old girl if you had the chance. AND I'm surprised you haven't gone for one yet."
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      Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    • by Mickthewee :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jessie, part 1: Jessie At The Pool
      jessie1 zip (05k) (Mf)
      The day was hot and still, Jessie had just finished having a swim and was sunbathing lying face down on the warm patio next to the pool. She was a natural beauty with a heritage that made sure she turned as brown as a berry at the first hint on summer. She released the top of her togs and adjusted them downwards relieving the pressure on her crotch and mad a mental note to ask her mother for a new set preferably a bikini like her friend Cindy has. The pool was a large kidney shape, secluded by a high fence and trees and placed between the large house and private park surroundings. It was warmed with a built-in solar heating system so that it could be used all year with an ingenious custom-made marquee that surrounded the pool to keep out the winter chills making this a pleasant location to be at anytime. Subdued indirect lighting made night swims a pleasant experience. Not that Jessie needed any of these as the sun beat down drying her long blond hair, she rolled over onto her back and placed her straw hat over her face in a vain attempt to stop her freckles becoming prominent and thought how luck she was to be here.
    • by XJ :...
    • Aitken Park, ch 3
      aitkenp3 zip (07k) (M/f dad/daught inc continuation, Oral, 11yo)
      We had finished our afternoon swim several hours before yet the image of my eleven year old daughter's bare cunt was still fresh in my mind. How sweet it was to lick, suck, and taste her virgin hole. The thought would make me dizzy at times, still thinking that this was all a dream. A wonderful, wonderful, dream. We had milled about the afternoon completing the necessary camp chores: getting and cutting wood, cleaning the sand from the tent, and preparing the food for supper. There wasn't much talk between us, but there was defnintly a spring my young daughter's step. Elizabeth was a great kid. She did excellent in school, and was always volunteering for one community group or another. It had been a complete shock to me that she participated in, and encouraged, our love games. Our first night camping I had penetrated ever so slightly her smooth cunt. Her small hand guiding my throbbing member to her love hole. Hearing her ask that I not take her virginity just yet, but still pumping my hot seed between the opening of her cunt lips. This led to today where I gave my daughter her first 'eating out' - in the middle of the lake on an air mattress none-the-less! She would remember these experiences as unique ones for the rest of her life.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Aunt Pru, ch 9-10
      aunt9_10 zip (27k) (m/ff)
      Penny, Eric, Ellen continue and add several others during their summer vacation. Each of them will tell about their new summer conquest.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Breaking Sis, parts 10-11
      bre10_11 zip (30k) (m/ggggg bond, reluc, oral, pene, dom, incest)
      I pushed my cock inside Geena as I clamped my mouth over hers and held her hands above her head. She bucked at me, making my cock tip go inside her deeper, popping inside her pussy and slam against her hymen. I froze and lay down on her, kissing her as she moved her head side to side, telling me to stop and take it out.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Cousin Billy Doctors Me
      cousinbi zip (11k) (boy 8, girl 4; nudity, fondling, urinating, oral, penetration)
      Sarah Collins was fifteen. She reminisces back when she was 4 and her cousin Billy Spinnaker who was 8 was living with them. Billy suggested that if he examined her she wouldn't need to go to the doctor's. She agrees, takes off her clothes and lies down on the bed. A few minutes later when she says she has to pee, he goes with her and takes her pee in his mouth. Billy lived with Sarah's family until she was eight and he twelve, and during those years they found many games they could play together. A few of them are described as follows.
      Poker Night's Halftime Show
      pokernig zip (11k) (girls 7,8; strip tease, nude dancing, lap dancing, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Raymond Crusher had eight of his coworkers over on Friday nights for a Poker Party. His friend Bill urges him to liven up the party by getting Millie, his 7 yo daughter to dance naked for a halftime show. Ray talks it over with Millie, and she agrees to do it, for she loves to dance, and she loves running around naked. The dancing goes over with a bang, and after a couple of weeks Millie suggests getting a second girl into the act.
    • by TitBudMan :...
    • Custom Kids, part 1
      customk1 zip (25k) (M/g, M/f, M/g/f, F/f, M/b/g, Oral, Intercourse, Incest, Pedo, Body Modifications)
      If you are lucky enough, you might one day get invited to become a guest at the Custom Kids resort somwhere in the south Pacfic. Where all children love to have sex, and where for a price, some almost magical things are possible.
    • by Ron :...
    • Laura
      laura zip (32k) (M/g, Voyeurism, Seduction)
      No one forced you to bet on the inside straight. But in paying me back, you failed. I cannot tolerate failure. Makes me look bad and that causes ... complications. I thought of just having your knees broken, but then I'd still be out my money. Instead I have something better." The monitor showed the image of a young girl spread eagle on the bed with ties holding her in place, brown hair, creamy smooth skin, the beginnings of breasts sprouting on her otherwise flat chest, the rest of her as naked as can be. And very frightened. "She really is a strikingly beautiful girl, Vargus. As you can see you are not going to be paying the price this day. Your daughter is."
    • by Terry :...
    • Mommy Toy, part 3
      mommyto3 zip (03k) (kids, animals)
      I got a phone call, telling me if that if I liked wild sex, to check out To use the login name of Pony, with as password of dirty fart. So I figured, why not, and booted up my computer. Logging on to a private paid website, that had pictures of kids and dogs playing in a park, nothing sexual about the opening page, not even a hint of sex on it. All it had on it was a join part and member part. I click on the member part and filled in my login name and password, I taken even deeper into the website. I soon learn, that the site was filled with many kinds of sex; I landed on a page showing a boy, about three, laying his head on an dog, while half of the dog's cock was in his mouth. Cum was leaking out; the dog must have already cum on the boy's face as the two rested there. I clicked on a movie so I could watch as it was being saved. It opened as a mother walked into view, with a German Shepherd, and her small four year old daughter, were playing naked on the floor. The mother just sat down as the dog walked over to the girl and started to smell her ass.
    • by bigcock :...
    • The Pool Keeper
      thepoolk zip (03k) (male/girls all ages/ oral sex/ sex)
      A man who is the city pool keeper gets to have fun not with just one girl but many. he has more fun than the young horny lifeguard.

      Monday, October 31, 2005

    • by QT Lover :...
    • Baby Girl, part 1
      babygir1 zip (06k) (Mg, Cons, Pedo)
      Mark finds his little Baby-Girl has an itch that he knows just how to scratch.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Breaking Sis, part 9
      breakin9 zip (14k) (m/g bond, reluc, oral, pene, dom, incest)
      She relaxed after a few minutes and I laid her on her back and put her panties on her ankles and then slipped inside her thighs, her trapped feet on my shoulders, her panties tight across the back of my neck. She was comatose with pleasure, noticing how I was getting ready to fuck her but not caring, only wanting to be fucked more. I felt her pussy almost completely closed and started squeezing into her. She was as small as Prinsa, my cock barely fit into her as I used my entire body to push inside her. She keened in pain and excitement. Her own hunger for my cock made her submit to the pain from my hard cock pressing into her climax shrunken vagina.
    • by Liznotbeth :...
    • Cheryl
      cheryl zip (08k) (F/F, incest, spank, humil, abuse, mast)
      The call came at midnight, which was reason enough to piss me off. The caller was someone I heard was taken in on a wing and a prayer, thinking, against my front office person's better judgment, that she would be able to keep up with the rent.
      A Boy of Her Own
      aboyofhe zip (21k) (m/f/g/b abuse cons)
      Gladys Potter wanted a child in the worst way. To be specific, she wanted a little boy. For some reason a girl just wouldn't do. But there were a lot of obstacles to overcome. The first obstacle was getting laid. Gladys was not pretty. With a large hook nose, mousy hair and no "meat" on her bones, there weren't a slew of men whose head she'd turned. She was also certifiably insane. But to her credit she was always remorseful after fingering herself to orgasm imagining disembowelments with a sharpened fingernail of young boys.
      Three Vignettes
      threevig zip (10k) (F/b, spank, mast)
      Liz catches Andrew at it again, in flagrante dilicto, masturbating. It would be tiresome if it didn't turn her on so much. Not watching the little brat playing with his little pricklett, but the punishment she was allowed to administer because of it. Spanking is one of her favorite things.
      dichotomy zip (19k) (f/f torture)
      Dee was in the mood for sex. She briefly considered and cast aside a notion to use her new favorite toy, her dolphin. She wants human contact. She wants control. She wants a pretty stranger to beg her...for something. For release? Maybe. For more? Definitely.
    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Halloween at Aunt's
      hallowe2 zip (15k) (b/g b/b M/g b/g solo mast inc preg g12, b12 b10 M20)
      As she looked at the kids, she felt a chill go up her spine. The oldest was very nice looking. And the younger one was quite cute. But her uncle, he was way out there. Even as she looks at him, she feels a thrill in her stomach.
    • by Bach :...
    • Nice 'N Naughty, part 1
      nicenna1 zip (10k) (M/f anal oral spank)
      While trying to earn summer money eight year old Laci meets a man that reminds her of her father. As they get to know each other he takes on the role.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Mummy Kiss It Better, part 7
      mummyki7 zip (07k) (F (23)/b (6) preg lact mast oral and anything else I've missed!)
      Suzanne continues her account of her 'get-together' with her son, Harry, which Linda listens to in amazement. Her friend, Suzanne, she never thought she had it in her, but she had!!
    • by Powerone :...
    • Teaching The Au Pair To Submit-An Outtake
      teachin zip (24k) (M+/f, anal, oral, nc)
      In February 2005 I published the novel, "Teaching The Au Pair To Submit". During editing, the publisher suggested that I delete this chapter (it already had one chapter with the Captain, the strip search chapter at the airport) as it seemed to be too much of this character. I agreed and it was left out. Since I spent considerable time writing it, I thought you might like to read it.
    • by CARPORT1 :...
    • The House Party
      thehouse zip (03k) (Lite on sex ,anal)
      A small house party starts off the first week in Oct.(The rest of the month will probably get written about later)
    • by Spin :...
    • Whispers In The Woods
      whispers zip (11k) (M/g Pedo, Sex, Cons, Voyeur)
      Squealing little girls were my prize for sitting and waiting; waiting for their small preteen bodies to multiply as one, then another, until finally, a banquet of cute, shapely little butts or an occasional peek at a child's silky smooth panties would be a welcomed feast for a pedophile like me. Everyday, my throbbing cock almost explodes with excitement when a rare glimpse of some careless little girls' pussy slit would be revealed as she fell down, or postured herself just right while she played. Little did these kids know, I was sitting so close with my hand on my cock while jacking off to their sexy little bodies while an oversized sweater on my lap made a convenient cover from their inquisitive eyes.

      Sunday, October 30, 2005


      Saturday, October 29, 2005

    • by Matson :...
    • Loving Baby, part 1
      lovingb1 zip (25k) (M/F & M, noncons, dom)
      "I stood there at the stove with him behind me. His hands were everywhere and it felt good for awhile. Of course I was responding to him, my body was on fire and he was stoking it relentlessly. My panties went down again, but by then I just didn't care. I let him, he had me boiling. I forgot the coffee when he raised the back of my dress and rubbed his... thing against my butt! I never even realized he had it out until I felt it rubbing between my naked cheeks!"
    • by Liznotbeth :...
    • Swimsuit Shopping, part 1
      swimsui1 zip (09k) (F/F/f/f spank incest brutal)
      Liz had some unusual ideas about disciplining her daughter. Firstly, her belief that doing something wrong first was never necessary in order to get a trip across Liz's knee. Secondly, anyone who wanted to could discipline her daughter, for any reason whatsoever. Mary's school teacher often took full advantage of this privilege, as did Mary's 15 year old after school babysitter, Dee. Liz had also carefully chosen a playmate for Mary, a rather nasty little neighbor girl named Nancy. So Mary's bottom was very often too sore to sit on.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • The Breeders: "Waiting"
      thebree2 zip (04k) (F/f, M/f, pedo, incest)
      "Mommy, when's Daddy getting home?" little Jenna asked, pressing her pug nose against the rainy window. "The usual time. Calm down, with this rain, traffic was probably heavy. He'll be here!" her mom, Amy said. "But Mooo-oom!," the 6-year-old whined, "I need some cock, NOW!" Rather than be annoyed by the youngster's whining, Amy's heart went out to the little first grader. Amy wanted some cock too! And she loved watching her little Daughter get the crap fucked out of her by her Daddy! But he was running very late, so...! "Look, sweetie, we'll just have to make do," Amy said, rummaging in a drawer. She produced a flat rubber disc with two prongs pointing straight up from it, both pointing in the same direction. One prong was slightly larger than the other. Jenna's eyes lit up! She'd seen this toy before, it was her favorite, the double-pronged dildo!
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • When The Cat's Away - Trick Or Treat, ch 5
      4whenth5 zip (18k) (MFmg incest cons watersports)
      The stark, brutal reality of the night before gripped Hank. He had committed the unthinkable act. Carolyn stared at Jason's cock, standing straight up in the air and unconsciously licked her lips. "Daddy, Jason woke up with a bit of a problem this morning," Jenny noted. "It looks like you have the same problem. Come on, Daddy, let me help." "Really, Jenny? Do you mean it?," Jason asked. "Jason, you've been the best brother in the whole world. I want you to fuck me." "How long will you keep your mother that way?," Hank asked. "I don't know," Jenny answered. "I didn't do that to her, Samantha did." "Is she a witch, or something?" "She's a 'Wise One' in the ancient Celtic traditions," Jenny answered. "Are you a witch now?" Hank stood in the yard of the house across the street and looked at the boarded up windows. He just couldn't remember!
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Cum Into The Park And Ride
      cuminto3 zip (08k) (M/bb (12) mast anal M voy)
      If you went down to the woods that day, you'd definitely be sure of a BIG surprise. Been there, done that, watched the other!
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Mom And My Friend
      momandmy zip (17k) (F/m, mom/son)
      I knew Mom was alone ever since my Dad died, and I often wondered why she had not started any new relationships or at least dated. She was 35 years old and very hot looking. But, when she finally started a new relationship I was stunned. She started it with my best friend who was 14 years old like me.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Wendy, ch 7
      wendy7 zip (21k) (Mf, bond, spank, toys, Mg, mast. ggF, bond, oral)
      John meets again with Abigail, and her sister Tanya. Again things don't go as planned ... John make a decision that will change his, and Wendy's, future lives will he regret it? Finally Tanya stays overnight.

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