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    December 01st - December 31st mid-Morning Updates

      On Sunday, December 31, 2006

    • by Khiller :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Baby Bath
      babybath zip (24k) (Mf, incest, cons, extreme-pedo)
      Tanya is my niece - my sister's pride and joy, and my source of great admiration and mystery. She is one of those kids that can baffle you with their knowledge and insight, and she has a brain that belies her years in abundance. Always seeking to understand the world around her and the people in it, she is quite often seen merely observing. Nothing much ever escapes her attention, and when she does not understand.
      fetish zip (09k) (Mf Cons Fetish)
      The following story contains scenes of EXTREME violent sex and pedo erotica involving HUGE extreme men raping VERY young hot little baby blonde little girls. Reader discrecion is advised.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Uncle Pan's Favorite Preinternet Sex Fantasies
      favorite zip (22k) (nudity, play doctor, urination, fondling, dong measuring, mutual masturbation, flashing, boy, girl penetration, bed wetting, humiliation, first blowjob, horny son sleeps with sisters, mother)
      What did unconnected people do before the internet and mrdouble filled our needs? We did the same things we do now, it's just that we had fewer ready made fantasies to get off on. For me the bleakest times were the thirties and forties, for the magazines of those days airbrushed away the more interesting parts of human anatomy. What did boys do back then? Among other things we peeped in windows. The fifties were even worse with men wearing drab charcoal gray and females with painted eyebrows and conformity was the god to be worshiped. It was the sixties that opened things up and allowed people to finally find and become themselves. Catch 22, pot, The Beatles, Nancy Friday's books My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers, and Sex Magazines, all blossomed in the sixties and seventies. I share ten of my favorite sex fantasies with you here. As Archie and Edith used to sing, "Those Were the Days."
    • by The Minister :...
    • Milton Hall Scool for Girls, part 1
      miltonh1 zip (11k) (M/f, male "nurse"/young student, medical examination, mutual mast, non pen)
      This new story is the first in a series about a Girl's School in England. The characters are young, nubile, uniformed, and curious about sex. Our narator, the school nurse's son, does his best to patch up our little nymphet's skinned knees as his dear old mum sleeps of her gin habit. On one warm day, Miranda, a ponytailed nymph, can't wait to take her trousers off and let the nurse's stand-in check her out for a mysterious itch she claims is due to an insect bite.
    • by pudman :...
    • My Daughter and Me, ch 4
      mydaugh4 zip (10k) (M/f inc virgin)
      The story of how I took my 13 yo daughter's virginity and how we became lovers.

      Saturday, December 30, 2006


      Friday, December 29, 2006

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Angie, ch 11
      angie11 zip (13k) (MMMMbbb/FFFFgggggg fondling, oral, all out sex)
      It was set, I was going to fuck this little ten year old beauty, teach her to suck cock, and to love being fucked in the cunt and ass. As we walked out the back door, the sound of
    • by Vixen :...
    • Being Lisa's Nanny
      beinglis zip (12k) (FF/g oral, anal, beast)
      I fell into the perfect situation, as a Nanny to four year old Lisa. Just my cup of tea.
    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Monica the Temptress, ch 4
      monicat4 zip (07k) (M/b/g mast, fond, rom, ped)
      "You are cold." She grasps my hand and holds it in both of hers. I spring a hard on immediately as Troy on my left side does the same with my left hand. Their little hands feel so warm and soft. I feel almost as if energy were flowing between all three of us as we hold hands under the table. Then Monica is moving my hand and placing it on her lap.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Strange Life of Jack Waver, part 3
      thestra3 zip (37k) (M/g, M/g/g, b/F, b/f, ped, cons, preg, birth, first time)
      In the third and final part of The Stranage Life of Jack Waver, Jack learns about how life really comes into the world and also grows up. He takes his daughters and shows them a wonderful time and well. . .to find out what happens and how it happens you got to read the final chapter in the saga of Jack. . .
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Submissive Mother and Daughter 2
      thesubm2 zip (06k) (Lots of GS, Fucking, oral)
      "You're sure you want to go through with this, Dana?" I asked my 12 year old daughter. "Yeah. I think it will be a lot of fun, Mom," Dana answered. "You may get more than you've bargained for, honey. Bart... can be rather... nasty when it comes to sex," I cautioned. "I don't care! Please, Mother. I... I want to get FUCKED!" Dana giggled. "Then let's get you ready, but don't say I didn't warn you. Bart is going to get VERY nasty with you, baby, and I can't say no to him, so anything he asks me to do with you or to you or to him I'll do. Anything, Dana. No matter what." "I want to be like that with him, too, Mother. I think it's going to be so hot to be a slut like you. I loved what we did with that guy in the lingerie store, and I want to do a lot more stuff like that," Dana purred, openly reaching down to stroke her pussy.
    • by Martina :...
    • Das Geschäft mit den Kleinen, teil 1
      dasgesc1 zip (04k) (bdsm b g inc pedo tort)
      Schon seit der Geburt der zwei jetzt sieben Jährigen Kinder Fabian und Tanya haben Franz und Maria sie für Geld an Fremde verkauft die damit ihre sexuellen Gelüste gestillt haben. Für die bezahlten Stunden dürfen sie alles mit den Kindern machen was sie wollen, Hauptsache sie überleben es. Tanyas Vagina, die schon seit sie ein Baby war mit klein Dildos gedehnt worden war, hatte mit dem aufnehmen von richtigen Männer Schwänzen keine Probleme...
    • by BenDick :...
    • Tanja's Party am See
      tanjaspa zip (11k) (mmm/f inc, impreg)
      Tanja verbringt ein Wochenende beim Zelten am See und wird dabei von mehreren geschwängert.

      Thursday, December 28, 2006


      Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    • by Hans Schultz :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Club Of The Japanese Businessmen
      acluboft zip (14k) (M/g, non-cons, caution)
      The private night club is half-empty. Only 40 or 50 customers sitting at the tables. Japanese businessmen in their mid-fifties. They are dressed up very formally in dark or grey suits. The atmosphere in the club is very tensed, even nervous. This is not a place where a man would go to have a nice dinner with his wife. They all are at honored positions in the society. And each one of them share a same secret fantasy. It's a fantasy that they can't speak about in public. They all get sexual pleasure out of violence. And naturally violence as a part of the sexual intercourse. At home they can't beat their wives or their daughters, but here they can do whatever they want.
      Girls' Communal Orphanage 27 - A Documentary
      girlscomm zip (18k) (M/g, non-cons, caution rape, pedo, kidnap, violence, prostitution, snuff)
      A truck stops in front of a decayed, grey concrete building with a text "girls' communal orphanage 27" on the wall. The policemen drag a girl out of the vehicle and enter the building. Inside they meet an old, balding man in a grey, worn out suit. "Good morning. What do you officers have for me today?", the old man asks. "Hello Ivan", says one of the policemen, "A typical case. Mother was beaten and raped to death a few of days ago in the suburbs. No relatives, no money. We thought you might be interested". "She's skinny", Ivan says matter of factly, "but I suppose I can take her in anyway" The girl is then left alone with this strange man who is staring at her with his cold, grey eyes.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Santa and the Virgins
      santaand zip (11k) (...)
      Jason has an all-consuming desire to fuck and impregnate all of the girls in his class and any other young girl whom he happens to meet. He found the girl while riding the city bus one day. He followed her to her home and there he learned where the spare key was kept. The story unfolds two days before Christmas.
    • by Texas :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Firmenschlampe Manuela, teil 1
      firmens1 zip (14k) (...)
      Ich bin die Manuela, eine 33-jährige glücklich verheiratete Frau. Ich arbeite als Sachbearbeiterin bei einer großen Versicherung in Stuttgart. Ich war meinem Mann Thorsten, den ich sehr liebe, in den sechs Jahren, seit wir zusammen sind, immer absolut treu, obwohl es an Gelegenheiten zum Seitensprung nicht gefehlt hätte. Meine Freundinnen sagen immer, ich sei sehr attraktiv: Ich bin jedenfalls ca. 1,70, dunkelblond, halblange, leider glatte Haare, sehr schlank, mit kleinem, aber festem Busen und langen Beinen. Die Männer schauen mir nach, wenn ich im Minirock unterwegs bin. Ich kleide mich aber zumeist eher unauffällig.
    • by RunningBear :...
    • Bukkake Underground
      bukkakeu zip (25k) (MF mf bukkake oral pene)
      A young merchant sailor finds a strange place in the Japans where the women give the sloppiest blowjobs en masse.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Life in the Old West, part 3
      lifeint3 zip (04k) (M/F m/f cons, preg)
      Final installment of JJ and his family. Life goes on and his family is growing in all kinds of ways.
    • by Martina :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Alm, teil 1
      diealm1 zip (05k) (bdsm b g inc pedo tort)
      Als die Familie Fink eine private Alm bei einer Lotterie gewann konnten sie ihr Glück kaum fassen, die beiden Eltern Maik (32), Yvonne (30) und die beiden Kinder Julia (8) und Max (9) konnten von der beengenden deutschen Großstadt in eine abgeschiedene Alm in der Schweiz ziehen. Die Alm hatte eine große Wiese und war dann von Wald umzingelt, den sadistisch veranlagten Eltern war sofort klar das sie hier ihren Gelüste sogar außerhalb der vier Wände ohne Angst nachgehen konnten. Als dann bürokratische Probleme auftraten und die Schweizer Behörden vergaßen die Kinder zu registrieren war ihr Glück perfekt, endlich konnten sie ihre Kinder erziehen wie sie es wollten ohne fürchten zu müssen das man es in der Schule entdeckt.

      Monday, December 25, 2006

    • by White :...
    • Fading, part 2
      fading2 zip (29k) (m/f/F incest pedo blackmail Science-Fiction voyeurism fisting)
      Will faces the consequences of his actions and learns how to use his gift for the better. And he has some sex along the way as well.
    • by LANCER :...
    • I Thought We Were Going Camping..... Not Sex! part 2
      ithough2 zip (35k) (M/gg, rape, nc, preteen, pedo, oral)
      A continuation of poor young beauties Marti and Ryanne. Indeed it is still rapecore pedo. This is a slower story and mostly forced preteen oral. However there is much more focus on the indiviual characters of the sweeties and the sweetness that little girls are. Enjoy them.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 22 (conclusion)
      justto22 zip (77k) (Mf-f-teens, MF. Mfff, ped, MFF, rom)
      Dave finally confesses Ellie and Sondra after three years (Chapt. 3). He returns to them in hopes of bringing them into the Family, but Ellie balks and only Sondra returns to Phoenix. She and Moira generate mystical powers than amaze the household. Shawni (now 6) loses her cherry, and there this story finally concludes with a surprise ending. Or does it re-begin?
    • by pudman :...
    • My Daughter and Me, ch 3
      mydaugh3 zip (05k) (M/f inc virg)
      The story of how I took my 13 yo daughters virginity and how we became lovers.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 12
      sister12 zip (12k) (MMMM/gggggg, pedo, cons, first time, ws)
      Instead of tipping his recliner back, Max left it upright and had eleven year old Ronnie sit on his lap, facing him. There were some questions that Max wanted answers to, about Veronica's home life and he knew it would embarrass her. As they talked, Max slipped a hand between the naked eleven year old beauties shapely legs and massaged her petal soft pussy.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Submissive Mother and Daughter
      thesubmi zip (09k) (incest, bisex, GS)
      When my boyfriend told me he wanted to fuck my daughter I couldn't believe it! I knew he was kinky from the kinds of things he made me do for him... sucking his balls and cock... licking his asshole while he jerked off on my face... even drinking his piss, all of which I did eagerly and all of which I found to be tremendously exciting. But when he revealed his "need" to fuck my 12 year old daughter I was at a loss for words. "Trust me on this, baby. She wants it, and it will be a hell of a kick for both of us," he said. "Just think about licking my asshole while I'm fucking her... or licking hers or her cunt while I fuck her above your face." "You're kidding, aren't you? She's just a KID for Christ's sake," I stammered.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Whose Boobies Are Prettier?
      whoseboo zip (15k) (man 42, girls 11; breast baring, fondling, nudity, hand stimulation, oral, penetration)
      I am Walter Donaldson, 42, I work as an independent financial consultant doing as much of my work as possible at home. The other day the 11 yo girl from across the street came in and asked me if I would judge whose boobie growth was prettier, hers or the girl next door's. I mean, how can anybody in their right mind agree to do something like that. For one thing it requires looking at them, uncovered, you can't judge something you can't see, right? And for another by choosing one you lose the other's friendship for life. But it can have interesting possibilities which you will find out if you read on.
    • by BenDick :...
    • Tanja's Daddy
      tanjasda zip (15k) (M/f/dad/dau)
      Tanja wird von ihrem Vater bei der Pokerparty als Preis eingesetzte.
    • by geilgiegel :...
    • Op Vakantie
      opvakant zip (08k) (M/ffm)
      Eric bezoekt een vakantieoord en is blij verrast door de mogelijkheden die daar geboden worden.

      Sunday, December 24, 2006


      Saturday, December 23, 2006


      Friday, December 22, 2006


      Thursday, December 21, 2006

    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Monica the Temptress, ch 3
      monicat3 zip (07k) (m/b/g solo mast)
      It's a bitterly cold day. And even though he is wearing a good coat over his sweater, he can still feel the bite of the wind. Worst part of it is that he can't play since his best friend stayed home sick. Not that he feels like playing ball or anything with this cold. He has just finished eating an apple when he sees Monica coming towards him. All day long she kept looking at him and winking. And she finally had slipped a note to him to wait for her during recess while they were getting into their teem work groups.
    • by Vixen :...
    • My Two Christmas Presents
      mytwochr zip (05k) (dad/dau (7) oral anal beast incest)
      I wanted two things for Christmas. A bicycle and a puppy. My daddy got them both for me!

      Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 21
      justto21 zip (71k) (Mf-f-teens, MF. Mfff, ped, MFF, rom)
      Missy's mother Grace is tricked into the house to meet Lill, and they all find piggyback love. Grace sends her wayward son away so she and Missy can become permanent members of the F.amily.
    • by pudman :...
    • My Daughter and Me, ch 2
      mydaugh2 zip (05k) (M/f virg inc)
      The story of how I took my daughters virginity and we became lovers.

      Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    • by Rapier :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Bad Girl: Erin Learns How, ch 1
      abadgir1 zip (11k) (Mf bd cons)
      13-year-old Erin is not allowed to swear in the house, and when her daddy overhears her when she is on the telephone, Erin must recieve some discipline.
      Erin's Punishment
      erinspun zip (10k) (mf cons)
      13-year-old Erin must treat her older brother to some tongue action to atone for her foul language used in the house.
    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Christmas Joy
      christma zip (08k) (b/g, b9, g7, bro/sis inc young ped cons)
      A young boy and his little sister exchange early Christmas presents late on Christmas eve while their parents are asleep.
      Monica the Tremptress, ch 2
      monicat2 zip (07k) (m/b/g solo mast)
      That night as I lay in bed alone in my apartment with the wind howling outside, rain pelting the windows, I could not help but think over and over of the two of them; of what they had been doing when I came in to the nap room. The sight of them lying on top of each other humping for all they were worth. I started fisting my cock as my mind conjured up all the different possibilities. I knew from the moment I did not tell them to stop that I had altered the course of my life irrevocably. My first duty should have been to education, and to the child care center.
    • by Sweet Dreams :...
    • Jasmine, Sarah and Their Daughters, ch 15: Pool Party
      jasmin15 zip (24k) (F+/f+)
      The girls were quite excited in Diana's SUV as they drove toward Jasmine's house and it's with great enthusiasm that they talked about what they would like to do at Jasmine's. Susan thought that a little warning was needed at this point.

      Monday, December 18, 2006

    • by pudman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Daughter and Me, ch 1
      mydaute1 zip (09k) (M/f, virg, inc)
      My name is Tim Evans and this is a story of incest between me, a 39 year old father, and my 13 year old daughter, Traci. I should probably be ashamed of myself for fucking my own kid but to the contrary I am rather proud that my daughter would choose, almost beg me, to take her cherry and be her lover. I always thought that there was something special about a Daddy/daughter relationship, a certain bond between the two - but not one that included sex. After all, that's incest. It's taboo, against the law, against human morals and so on. Those used to be my thoughts, but that all changed a few short weeks ago.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Angie, ch 10
      angie10 zip (11k) (MMMMbbb/FFFFggggg fondling, oral, all out sex)
      Over dinner, Angie and Beth began talking about having a cock sucking contest, which had the two twins sitting their wide eyed. The two twelve year old's, Ashley and Amber, couldn't believe the two girls were talking about things like that, right in front of our parents. Yet, it was Aunt Trish that said a contest wouldn't be fair, because Amber and Ashley wouldn't have partners. With her cute little giggle, eleven year old Taylor just teased and said they could have Uncle Ron and Uncle Dan for partners. When my Mom saw no problem with that, I thought both Ashley and Amber were going to crap, then they both blushed and giggled.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Busy Little Mouths, ch 1
      busylit1 zip (09k) (F/f M/d , ws, rimming)
      The nine year old shuffled forward on her knees and extended her head back, rising slightly in order to bring her mouth up, under her mother's suspended sex. Joanne watched, mesmerised, as Isabella's tongue stretched out again, this time to gently draw the thin membranes of her mother's labia apart.
    • by RunningBear :...
    • Karen
      karen zip (27k) (m-14/g-8 fondling oral pene)
      A shy, mistreated eight-year old finds a teenage admirer and comforter.
    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Monica the Temptress, ch 1
      monicat1 zip (06k) (M/g, b/g, M/b/g M22, b10, g10, voy)
      Monica was ten-years-old and in the fifth grade. She had long blond hair which fell down passed her shoulders. She also had very green eyes. As flat chested as a boy her age, she was lanky almost. That is the best way to describe her say for some definite shaping of her hips which soon would start to developed the curb of womanhood. Lucky me had ended working for the after school day care to help pay for my car the winter of my sophomore year of college. I would turn 23 in the next few months. We kept the older kids from third grade on up separate from the younger kids, and I was detailed to the wing of the older children. Some of them were already developing early, mostly a few of the fifth graders. Monica had the longest legs of them all. She was tall for her age standing at five feet already, and from the first day I saw her, I wondered how it would feel to be trapped between those long skinny thighs, or to have them wrapped around my body as I fucked her little fifth grade' brains out. I don't know why she chose me from the other boys, or staff. But sure enough before too long I could tell that she had some sort of a crush on me.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Strange Life of Jack Waver, part 2b
      thestr2b zip (27k) (m/f/f/f/f/f/f, ped, cons, preg, first time)
      Jack goes on a sleepover with six girls and he gets an experience he will never forget. Jack and his mom also learn that they have a little surprise of their own. . .

      Sunday, December 17, 2006

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Laurie's Dalliances With Cousin Mike
      lauriesd zip (15k) (boys 13, 14, girl 6, 7; nudity, fondling, manipulation, oral, front, rear penetration)
      Laurie was thirteen years old when she wrote down this account of her introduction into the ways of sex. It had begun at the tender age of six. Her teacher was her thirteen year old cousin Mike, whose parents had been killed in a car crash, and who that summer had moved in with Laurie's family. Laurie's mother had gotten Mike to take care of Laurie while she went shopping in town, and Mike proceeded to take somewhat better care of Laurie than perhaps her mom would have liked. Laurie, however, liked it . . . a lot!
    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Missing Out, ch 1
      missing1 zip (11k) (m/b, b/b, b/m,boys10 mast, oral, anal, rom)
      I fell in love with a ten-year-old boy that summer and ended up getting two for the price of one. While at it, we managed to help a boy heal from previous sexual trauma.
    • by Spin :...
    • Rainy Day Glory!
      rainyday zip (13k) (M/gg Ped Sex First Oral Cons)
      This story could also be called "Thngs To Do On A Rainy Day" Read all about the main character and his sexual exploits with some very cute little preteen charms. Rainy days will never be the same!

      Saturday, December 16, 2006


      Friday, December 15, 2006

    • by Rogerher :...
    • Bry Gets Bred Again
      brygetsb zip (05k) (F/D. inc, preg)
      Roger intended to fuck her - fuck her hard and deep. This would be Bry's first fuck since before the baby was born. She shivered and mewled at the thought of her pussy being filled with hard man-meat. "Put it in. Put it in me and fill my cunny," she pleaded as Roger's hard cock stroked her dripping cunny.
      Knocking Up Mom
      knocking zip (04k) (m/s, inc. preg)
      A boy takes his frustrations out on his Mom.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Incest Diaries, part 4
      incestd4 zip (15k) (M/f, M/F, writing, romantic)
      At the conclusion of the last chapter, I'd nearly been caught reading my mom's diaries, which were full of steamy accounts of an incestuous relationship between her and her father. I was left in a rather tough situation, as mom came into the attic, and found the box of diaries open. She stood up, holding...a diary.
      Tina: 9 Year Old Fuck Toy
      tinanine zip (13k) (MM/f, M/f, threesome, young)
      The two men walked into the house as Tina's stepfather greeted them at the door. "I warmed her up for you...she's in here" he said, as the men smiled and began removing their shirts. They stepped into the bedroom to see Tina, laying on her back on her stepfathers bed. Her hands were tied to the top bedposts, her feet tied to the bottom bedposts. She looked like a flesh-coloured star, her long blonde hair spread around her head, her bald cunt on show, pink and wet.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 20
      justto20 zip (73k) (Mf-f-teens, MF. Mfff, ped, MFF, rom)
      Applegate sends a dealer from the Springs to Phoenix to help Dave bring Moira's ideas to fruition. The dealer is a young woman-Hannah. She soon begs to stay, and is accepted by all. Bell's daughter LaShonda (age 7) loses her cherry. Moira introduces her best friend Missy to Dave, and they all formulate a plan.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Pi, ch 1: Matti Finds A New Cousin
      pi1 zip (14k) (Sister love)
      Mother Momeyer informs the family she has arranged for Pi, their Recently discovered cousin, to come to Oakland, and asked them to come up and welcome her.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Strange Life of Jack Waver, part 2a: The Return Home
      thestr2a zip (19k) (m/f, b/g, b/F, ped, cons, preg, first time)
      Jack and his mom return to their house and on the way home things happen to change their relationship. While back at home Jack meets someone new to enjoy his time with!!

      Thursday, December 14, 2006


      Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot 13: The Bad Doggy
      honeyp13 zip (05k) (pedo, zoo)
      Honey was walking home from school one day when a big, black dog started following her. He got beside her and walked at pace with her, bumping his large, wet snout against her smooth legs. She stopped and petted him on the head. He nuzzled against her leg, teasing her skni with his warm, soft fur. "Teehee," she giggled, "that tickles." Then he moved around behind her and stuck his nose up her skirt and started sniffing aournd. "Bad doggy!" she laughed as she pushed him away.
      Honey Pot 14: Easter With Honey
      honeyp14 zip (07k) (pedo, M/f, oral)
      Six-year-old Honey is talked into going to church, despite her interest. But when she's there she finds more than enough fun with her Sunday School teacher, Paul.
      Honey Pot 15: Sticky Feet and Buns
      honeyp15 zip (04k) (pedo, M/f, inc, feet)
      Grampy sat I his old recliner pretending to watch TV as his grand-daughter, six-year-old Honey, lay out in front of him on the floor studiously scribbling in her colouring book. He was more interested at sneaking peeks at the tender soles of Honey's bare feet and rounded, nude rump poking teasingly from the bottom of her thin, sheer nighty. He had to be careful so his wife, Grammy, who was sitting in the opposite corner of the room in her own chair, would not notice stealing horny leers at this baby girl's perfect body as his cock stiffened into an itchy, throbbing steel rod.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Matti, ch 17: Pi and Matti Get Horny
      matti17 zip (14k) (Dau/Dad)
      Matti needs a man. Pi gets horny and is attracted to Her teacher. Dan to their rescue?
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 11
      sister11 zip (13k) (MMMM/gggggg, pedo, cons, first time)
      After Breakfast, Max took Jenny shopping with him and she had a great time, then they went to an antique store just to browse. There was lunch at a hot dog stand in the park, then they listened to a youth band, there in the park. When Jenny would see one of her friends, she would proudly introduce Max as her friend, never using the word Daddy. There was one little friend that was just as pretty and almost as built as Jenny, that spent over an hour with them, at the park.

      Tuesday, December 12, 2006


      Monday, December 11, 2006

    • by Tacitus :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Girls' Party
      agirlspa zip (12k) (FFFFgggg, inc)
      A female bodybuilder and her daughter meet other likeminded girls.
      Donna's Strength And One Weakness
      donnasst zip (17k) (Fm, incest)
      A strong statuesque mother starts flirting with her son and putting her husband in his place.
      Good Girl
      goodgirl zip (14k) (MMMMMg, incest)
      An inquisitive young girl is thouroughly educated about the mysteries of sex.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Consequences 5 - Mom's Phone Calls
      consequ5 zip (13k) (Cheat, FM, Fm, multi)
      By age 18 I was an electronic and computer genius. At that time I invented a small gadget that when attached the right way to a phone extension, you could listen in on any call on the other extensions without the infamous 'click' that was a giveaway. I could connect the device to my computer, have the calls recorded and listen to them at any time.
    • by RunningBear :...
    • Doctor's Orders
      doctorso zip (20k) (Fb fondling oral pene)
      A boy's stay at the hospital for tonsillitis becomes of interest when he must undergo special testing, including a semen sample. No wonder medical insurance is sky high!
    • by Corn53 :...
    • I Was An English Teacher In The Former Soviet Union In The 1990s
      iwasanen zip (56k) (MMMF/ggggg, oral sex, photography, light bondage)
      He remembers his days at a school-orphanage near Prague in 1990s - where they trained girls ages 9 - 15 to be erotic models and dancers. It took several weeks for Phillip to realize they want him to be more than an English teacher. He is there for two years and ...
    • by Twisted :...
    • Schools Out Forever, Adventures of Jake
      schoolso zip (11k) (kidnapping rape pedo)
      Excursion into the suburbs for fresh green prospects a chance meeting occurs completely by accident. Jake's whole life he has been a magnet to curious kids. Having been told his sympathetic facial expressions and his abilities to relate to preteen minds make him a pied piper or sorts. Three sixth grade students left school after the bell sounded. The three best friends Jenny Patty and Susan were most always together. Today they were on a mission, Jenny the tallest of the three lead the way since coming here by herself. The old abandoned house on the edge of town is where the girls were heading. The day before Jenny had met a homeless man she gave away her lunch money after feeling sorry for him. Jenny told her girlfriends of his hopelessness they all about cried while eating their lunches it was decided that after school the three would go on a mission of mercy. Once they all arrived at the old house Jenny she left her friends on the upstairs landing. She didn't want to scare the homeless man so she went first heading down into the very dark basement. I hope everything is still OK and he remembers my kindness. Thinking she had already made friends with the man the other day. The man's name is just Jake; Jake pointed to where he lived at this very house and said he lived alone down in the basement.
      The Van, part 4: The Adventures of Jake
      thevan4 zip (14k) (pedo, White slavery and ~ Child prostitution)
      Sara Kidnapped from a car parked at a shopping mall. At just five years old Sara had apprenticed under Jake and Karen. Karen was the one that introduced Sara to consensual sex by way of her uncle who really called the shots. After seven days of around the clock sexual assaults on the young girl, Sara was deemed ready to be sold into Gerry's prostitution stable. Mandy kidnapped from an apartment building. Mandy also apprenticed under Jake, Karen was present but didn't participate in her training Jake and a black boy had brought Mandy up to speed.

      Sunday, December 10, 2006

    • by Gandofli :...
    • As Luck Would Have It
      asluckwo zip (44k) (M/f Cons Romance)
      I can't remember what isle it was, the biscuit isle I think, when I crossed paths with a small family group. The group was comprised entirely of, as I found out later, a father and his two young daughters. The two girls were trying to convince their father to buy this or that brand or flavour of treat while the pestered man was trying to concentrate on the best prices. There was something about the little group, the full to overflowing trolley, or the tired but clean clothing that told me this was probably a single parent unit.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Troika for Heidi
      atroikaf zip (18k) (man 35, girls 4, 20; nudity, bathing, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Mike Bell was 35, quit working 5 years ago when his parents were killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver. Heidi Thompson is 4 and lives next door. Her mom is Caroline Thompson, 20, who is single and had Heidi when she was 16. Heidi was the result of planning, and was sired by a former neighbor of hers. Heidi looks on Mike as a father figure, and loves to cuddle with him, especially in the hammock on Mike's back yard. One day Heidi wandered over while Mike was in the shower, and hurriedly undressed and crawled in with him. There she came face to face with that strange lump she always sat on with she lapsits Mike. It was a day of prime discovery for both Heidi and for Mike.
    • by Twisted :...
    • Contrived: Adventures of Jake
      contrive zip (25k) (pedo)
      Assigned to this case reading the case of suspected terrorists manufacturing explosive devices in a uptown apartment complex one of the terrorist suspected of molestations in same building reading from an FBI secret report is an actual employee in the maintance department had supplied rooms for the laboratory. Strongly suspected the janitor/terrorist in question is the molester a James Watson he then reads still under surveillance. The officer reads the four names of girls possibility molested or their families are connected is some sort of terrorist plot. The three share the same last name sisters he says aloud. Connections need to be made quickly verbal and physical poof, the higher ups wanted these girls replanted wired for sound to expose the entire terrorist cell. Everyone living in the building had been arrest now waiting in holding cells broken up by age and sex. In the early AM selecting was never easy, right after breakfast Officer Jake Hines assigned to the interrogation squad would make his early rounds, while walking inside the full holding cells the kids had arrived last night after a massive arrest of the adults then a roundup of all Juvenal's all taken from some luxury apartment complex in the uptown area. Jake specializes in interrogating the young he was only used in extreme cases to build sets of charges against real or contrived confessions needed in putting suspects behind bars.
      The Van, part 3: Memories to Madness
      thevan3 zip (13k) (pedo)
      The patient lay upon the couch she had been given a sedative to help her relax, her mind started to calm down and she slowly entered a sort of dreamland. Karen had been a ward of the state since her thirty-second birthdays for being severely mentally unbalance, after several suicide attempts Karen was admitted to the states mental ward. Karen had undergone intense therapy and shock treatments for sever mental depression for years, which hadn't helped her state of mind another tract was proposed for the young woman, hypnosis. The young intern directed the woman while under hypnosis Karen's past history came to light during sessions of hypnosis with a young intern assigned to her chart. He sought information about her more recent events in her life. What came fourth at first such as Karen's drug abuse and alleged prostitution? Karen's childhood years soon came into the picture she told of a normal childhood up until she turned nine years old.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Strange Life of Jack Weaver, part 1b
      thestr1b zip (27k) (b/g, b/f, M/f, b/F, ped, cons, oral, first time, impreg)
      As the life of Jack continues the oldest Foster daughter, Sarah, decides its time that eleven year old Jack Waver needs some education and she knows just how to give it to him. Of course it just doesn't end there. . .
    • by Reginald :...
    • Familiengeschichten, teil 5
      familie5 zip (17k) (MMMFFFmmff inc dad/daut mom/son pedo whole family)
      Hallo, hier kommt vorerst der Abschluss des Grillfestes unserer 2 geilen Familien. dafür aber mit herrlichen Ausblicken für die Zukunft. lasst euch überraschen und die Fantasie spielen.
    • by geilgiegel :...
    • Nick en Tom
      nickento zip (05k) (mm)
      Nick en Tom zijn geile jongens op onderzoek. hoe gaat het verder, vertel het maar

      Saturday, December 09, 2006

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Angie, ch 9
      angie9 zip (12k) (MMMMbbb/FFFFggggg fondling, oral, all out sex)
      It was Tuesday evening, when a car pulled into the drive and a couple and two young girls were getting out. It was the Jenks and both Angie and I were taken by surprise, but Mom quickly explained that she had talked to Carol Jenks and she wanted the twins to meet Angie. Both Amber and Ashley were stunning beauties, with short dark red hair, obvious breast and nice looking bodies. Both were identical and about five two, beautiful faces and smiles that lit up the world. Yet, when they entered the house, it was obvious that they weren't impressed but yet stayed polite.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Cum Into The House And Meet The Gang: Introduction
      cuminto6 zip (04k) (M/bb (12) oral)
      Terry here again. My uncle's in a bit of debt trouble, so Barry, my cousin, comes up with a great idea for raising money.
    • by jallen944 :...
    • Pam and the Gym Teacher
      pamandt3 zip (06k) (M/f)
      18-year-old Pam skips math for a special Sex-Ed class.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Strange Life of Jack Waver, part 1a
      thestr1a zip (27k) (b/g, b/f, mast, oral)
      Jack Waver is a typical eleven year old boy just learning about his body and the changes that he is starting to go through. Jack never would have guessed that his entire life was about to change, or that his mother would be the catalyst towards the changes. Jack will experience more than most eleven year old boys even dream of. . .
    • by geilgiegel :...
    • Interactief Schrijven, part 1
      interac1 zip (04k) (MF/ff)
      Hoe willen jullie dat het verder gaat , vertel het maar

      Friday, December 08, 2006


      Thursday, December 07, 2006

    • by Derisible :...
    • Animals! ch 3
      animals3 zip (08k) (MF dad/dau inc scat pee beast)
      Julie didn't know how to react, she only know that it was just what she wanted to hear. She carried on with her confession. 'I liked the stories when the girls and boys did dirty things with their mummy and the daddy... like play with his willy...and her boobies and... wee wees and bottoms' Julie though she was chancing it but all her daddy did was to take her hand and place them on his very hard cock. 'Go on then!' said Tom. You can do anything you want, I like to hear about dirty things too, and I'd like to do them with you as well!'
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Blizzard
      blizzard zip (19k) (fbf fondling pene oral)
      A boy at home alone during a winter storm shelters two girls, discovering just how grateful they can be.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Choices, Version 1
      choices1 zip (08k) (M/g)
      "Banbury nodded. The red book. Most of the books were brown and a couple were blue, but only one was red. He used to give it out to particular girls, but now he found it more fun to let it get past out randomly. Nor were all girls equally susceptive to the subliminal messages and instructions hidden in white ink between the line of crisp black lettering of the normal history text. Some arrived at his door uncertain as to why, but knowing they had to see him. Other's arrived eagerly, their eyes shining, their hands eager to pull their uniform apart and bare their youthful essentials to him."
    • by GLMorgan :...
    • Junior High Diaries: Birds of a Feather
      juniorh2 zip (31k) (12 13 cons consensual mf bg b/g m/f)
      "Junior High Diaries: Birds of a Feather" is the second story in the "Junior High Diaries" series; a series that details the erotic adventures of youth normally ranging in age from 12 to 16; whom are having their eyes opened to a wonderful period in life of sexual curiosity and discovery. "Birds of a Feather" is the story of a 13 year-old boy (Kyle) and his 12 year-old step-sister (Raegan). One day, Kyle comes home to what he thinks is an empty house. He ends up masturbating in his bed; only Raegan is actually home and sees him. The sight of Kyle masturbating and cumming brings about a lot of new feelings for the young girl. What develops over the course of the evening is sure to change their relationship forever.
    • by wet_amber :...
    • Lauren
      lauren zip (53k) (Incest - various combinations, young girls, oral, anal, DP, best girl/dog, girl/horse, boy/horse)
      Lauren Fleming had met Billy Rae Parker about four months ago at a rave in the city. She was 15 years old and had run away from her drug-crazed parents three years ago. She had been living on the streets when she had gate crashed the rave and Billy Rae found her hanging around the gents toilets offering blow-jobs for twenty bucks. She was dirty, smelt even worst and was dressed in little more than rags. Billy had bought her drinks and something to eat and offered her a bed for the night. He didn't just do this out of kindness - when he got her back to his flat, he threw her in the shower and then fucked the shit out of her. By the time the dawn broke through the window of his flat, he had splattered his spunk into every hole she had.

      Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • A Dark and Windy Night
      adarkand zip (07k) (M/f non-cons rape)
      Once upon a time in a warm clime, I did a lot of night fishing from my kayak. An ocean going kayak is a very quiet and stealthy fishing platform. Previously, I had been to this location and found a house on a canal that had a number of girls living there. They were cavorting in their pantys and bras. I was fishing near their dock when they first appeared.
    • by Sweet Dreams :...
    • Jasmine, Sarah and Their daughters, ch 14: Payback
      jasmin14 zip (18k) (F+/f+)
      It was silent in Susan's car as she drove the girls back home. She stopped at the McDonalds drive-through so the girls could get something to eat and then she headed for the house. The girls were expecting the worst after what Susan had told them at Jasmine's house. The fact that their aunt Diana was mad at them for what they had been doing since the night before had filled each of them with a guilt feeling. They all thought that maybe they shouldn't had done that but the pleasure they got out of these encounters was too great to simply forget about it. They hoped that Susan would help them to make Diana understand that it was only for fun. Jenny and Jessica were especially nervous since Diana was their legal tutor and they were afraid that she might not love them anymore. An awful feeling hit their stomach as Susan pulled the car in the driveway.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 19
      justto19 zip (73k) (Mf-f-teens, MF. Mfff, ped, MFF, rom)
      Susan and Lorraine deliver girls, Susan's second. Jean gets a chance to prove herself big time in the ministry and becomes an evangelist on behalf of the oppressed. She and Tess move away from the family to avoid involving the family in her prominence. Dave rescues Janet, age 14, from a Las Vegas detention center, and reunites her with Louise. Moira flies to New York with Dave for an Applegate business meeting and steals the show with her ideas.
    • by wet_amber :...
    • Peadophiles
      paedophi zip (16k) (Pedo / anal / extreme underage sex, MFg(6))
      Carole and Jason Gibson were both 37 years old and had been married for six years. They were lawyers practising in Chicago but with different firms. Jason was mainly involved with Corporate Law while the bulk of Carole's work was with the Public Prosecution Service. They were both respected in their particular fields and Jason was in line for a partnership in the firm next year. The nature of their work meant that they both pulled down an excellent wage package but the downside was that they simply didn't get to see much of each other. When they did, it wasusually for a hurried lunch or a quick fuck somewhere. Both had a heavy sex drive but because of their
    • by carnal.geek :...
    • Surprise
      surprise zip (04k) (MF cons)
      When I first met him, I thought he was sweet, if a little serious. Sometimes when I cracked a joke, he would look into my eyes as if to tell me my joke was stupid. I just ignored him and laughed anyways. Through uncomfortable conversation, we went back to his house, and after watching TV for what seemed like hours, I looked at him and we started kissing. He was a great kisser, and with the red wine that was pumping through my system, I was definitely starting to get wet.

      Tuesday, December 05, 2006


      Monday, December 04, 2006

    • by wet_amber :...
    • Angels
      angels zip (13k) (Group sex, NC, rape, torture, snuff)
      The Hells Angles wore their chapter colours, leather straps and studs, and rode loud and powerful bikes. All this made a simple statement to the general public - DON'T FUCK WITH US! If anyone did try to fuck with them, it wasn't out of bravery, it was pure stupidity.
      Best Laid Plans
      bestlaid zip (17k) (Incest brother/sister, anal, WS)
      "Yea, yea, okay," Ian said into the telephone, "But you can tell Coach from me that he's a bastard!" "Tell him yourself," the voice at the other end of the telephone replied with a laugh. "I'm not quite ready to commit suicide." They said their goodbyes and Ian dropped the receiver back into the cradle, muttering, "Shit. SHIT!" It had promised to be a good night. His parents were out with friends and wouldn't be back until the early hours of the morning, and his sister Jill was spending time with her new boyfriend. With the prospect of having the house all to himself, Ian had managed to get a hold of a porno DVD that was doing the rounds at his school and he invited a couple of his buddies around to watch it. He had even braved going into a liquor store with his fake ID and had bought two six packs of beer. His plans were going so well until the phone call from his friend to inform him that the basketball Coach had called the whole team together for extra practice before the big game. It was just his luck that his two buddies were in the team and they had phoned to cancel on him.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Jason, part 2
      jason2 zip (06k) (m/f noncons (?) impregnation?)
      Continuation of Jason and his adventures in impregnating the vulnerable girls in his class. The story contains seduction, consensual sex between minors and pregnancy.
    • by Prefer12Minus :...
    • She Calls Him Daddy
      shecalls zip (17k) (Male 36, Girl 11, Prostitution, Daddy, Daughter, Oral, Cons, Ped)
      The young girl shivered on the curbside, pulling her arms across her chest for warmth. She'd been standing there for a half an hour, enjoying the quiet, but she suddenly wished her thighs were covered up from the biting chill of the November night...
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 10
      sister10 zip (14k) (MMMM/ggggg, pedo, cons, first time)
      When Max came home that afternoon, he was surprised not to hear the usual giggling, then Mandy and Sarah came running in and he hugged both of them and told him how proud he was of them. Together they walked back out to the pool, where Trish and Heather were talking to Charles and both girls were stark naked and not embarrassed. With a giggle, Mandy explained that Charles was teaching the girls Twai Kon Do, for self defense and discipline.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Perverted Family
      theperve zip (11k) (Teen Incest, GS, Beast, Cum)
      My husband, Derek, travels constantly in his job, leaving my 13 year old daughter, Mandy, her twin brother, James, and me alone in our large, secluded home in suburban Atlanta. As a result, we decided to buy a dog for protection, a German Shepherd we named Baron. He's a gorgeous animal, very loving and very protective of Mandy, Jimmy and me. When we bought him, little did I know I would someday be fucking him!
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Tina Makes Her Stepfather Proud, A Gonzo Porn Story
      tinamake zip (16k) (M/f, MM/f, M/Ff, young, dad/dau, group)
      There's no other way to say it. Gonzo all the way with 9 year old fuck machine, Tina. Tina is a 9 year old sex machine. She was raised by her stepfather after he spirited her away when her mom found out that he'd been fucking her ever since she was 7 years old. He had an addiction, and was constantly on the lookout for young girl flesh to play with. Tina was willing, able, and hot.

      Sunday, December 03, 2006

    • by wet_amber :...
    • A Visit to the Grandparents
      avisitto zip (26k) (Family incest group sex girl/dog & dogs woman/horse anal WS)
      Helen woke up slowly with the sum streaming through her bedroom. She was eleven years old and her shoulder length brown hair fanned out on her pillow. She yawned and as she turned over in the double bed her outstretched arm brushed against another body. At first she assumed that it was her twin sister Rachel but as the last of the sleepiness left her brain she remembered that her school friend Susan had stayed over. As the full memories of last night flooded back to her she felt her little cunt tingle and she sniffed at her fingers. Helen and Susan had fucked their brains out last night and at about two in the morning they had both collapsed exhausted onto the bed and pulled the covers over themselves. The smell of Susan's cunt clung to her fingers and her face and she knew that she badly needed a shower.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Elaine, a Fantasy Comes to Life
      elaineaf zip (12k) (boy 14, girl 9; girls bathing, urination, erection, nudity, manipulation, oral)
      Elaine was 9 and best friends with Margie, also 9. Margie's big brother JimBob was 14, and for two years now had been using his memories of Elaine in the bathtub with his sister as his masturbatory fantasies. This is the story of that fateful summer's day when JimBob's most errant fantasies came to life.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Punishment
      punishme zip (14k) (Father, daughter, sex, corporal punishment)
      Spanking may be approriate for young children, but once a child has moved into puberty, then alternatives have to be found.
    • by Ron :...
    • Ronnie: Tomboy Niece
      ronnie zip (24k) (M/g (9))
      As she read I remembered the sight from the night before, how she'd come out of the shower drying her hair, the idea of a towel that was supposed to keep her covered up seemingly lost in the moment. Every bit of her body was exposed to my suddenly lustful sight, the long legs, smooth thighs, trim waist with just that bit of widening that I found most enticing, and the sleek twin folds of her bare labial lips protruding and slightly pinker than the rest of her to set them off in my view. Yeah, I got horny thinking about her.
    • by Raynese :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Young Tease
      youngtea zip (03k) (Mf)
      I met a rally nice looking lady a few years back. We hit it off right away. The only problem was that she had three children. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that; however, she was beautiful as well as a great fuck. All three of her children were girls. The oldest, Raynese, was 7. Nayla was 5, and alice was only 1. We ended up getting along well, and over time, all of her kids looked at me as a father to them. Well, my woman, Cindy, worked two jobs. One she worked full time, and that was at night. The other she worked on the weekends. One night, while Cindy was at work, I went into Raynese's room to turn off her TV. Well, she was wearing one of my shirts, which had ridden up over her ass while she sleep. She always kicked the covers off at night. I found myself looking much longer than I should have. My dick started getting hard, and I thought wow, how could this girl be turning me on. I walked over to her bed and realized that she had her hand in her panties. I was so turned on at that sight, that I did something that I never imagined me doing to a child, I started rubbing her finger, through her panties, and making it rub her little pussy. After a while, she started moving, so, I quickly left her room.

      Saturday, December 02, 2006


      Friday, December 01, 2006

    • by wet_amber :...
    • Babysitter, part 1
      babysit1 zip (25k) (Teen sex / preteen sex / zoo sex girl-dog / anal)
      Sandra Dunlop was rushing around the house, frantically trying to get herself ready to go out before the cab arrived. It really pissed her off that Richard, her husband of 12 years, had been ready for about an hour and was relaxing in the living room, watching the television, with a large glass of malt whisky. He just seemed to step out of the shower and get dried before throwing on some clothes. His hair dried naturally and perfectly, he didn't have to spend time putting on make-up, and he knew exactly what he was going to wear. Sandra on the other hand, had tried on just about every outfit in her wardrobe and was still undecided.
      Dirty Little Fuckers, part 1
      dirtyli1 zip (18k) (Incest bro/sis/cousins preteen zoo sex girl-dog)
      Jason Cavell padded quietly along the carpeted corridor and stopped outside his sister's bedroom door. Their bedrooms backed onto each other and he had lain on his bed and listened to the low moans from the other side of the wall before deciding to investigate. The door was open a few inches and swung noiselessly on its hinges at his touch.
      Egyptain Mummy
      egyptian zip (38k) (Group sex rape zoo sex woman-dog torture)
      The theft of the Egyptian Mummy from the British Museum only warranted two paragraphs on page seven of the local papers. The Mummy had been unearthed in an unmarked grave with no artefacts anywhere near it and the museum archaeologists had no idea who it was. The Mummy had been stored in the basement of the museum and had never been on public display. By the time the reporters had written up the story of the theft however, the Mummy had been crated into a box labelled "Machine Parts", and was being loaded onto a rusting old freighter sailing for New York.
    • by ColonelQAZ :...
    • Trevor And His Younger Brothers, part 1
      trevora1 zip (05k) (mb anal oral)
      Trevor (16) and Kyle (12) liking playing naughty games together but this time Trevor has an unpleasant surprise for his little brother...

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