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    February 01st - February 28th mid-Morning Updates

      On Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • My New Life, part 2
      mynewli2 zip (07k) (Dad/Daut M/W pedo n/c? inc)
      An average guy who discovers a new life outside of just fantasizing about it.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 5
      sweetpa5 zip (07k) (bg, inc, ped, rom, 1st)
      I was too late. Pam was standing in the doorway to the bedroom, her eyes rivited to the bed, where I'd already laid out the transparent white babydoll nightgown she'd worn 'that' night. Her hand went to her mouth, and I was afraid I'd moved to fast, but, I needen't have worried. She turned her face toward me, and I saw tears begining to form in her eyes, then she ran up and gave me quick hug, before pushing me out of the doorway, and shutting the door. "It's bad luck to see the bride," I heard her voice say. "Go get our lunch out of the canoe, then come back here."
    • by Greven :...
    • Love Cubed
      lovecube zip (07k) (M/f+, dad/daughter,impreg)
      Mike lay there wondering what to do. The three girls were still sleeping and he knew that when they woke up just about anything was possible. He slowly slipped his arm out from under Megans shoulder, and snuck out of the bedroom to the kitchen. While cooking up breakfast he thought over what had happened last night.

      Monday, February 27, 2006

    • by Making The Grade :...
    • Making the Grade I, written by Zhagareet
      makingt1 zip (33k) (M/f; Older man, 12 yo)
      I stopped resisting and rubbed the fly of his pants up and down. Something moved in his pants and became harder. I looked up at him with a question on my lips, but said nothing. I kept watching as he closed his eyes and groaned quietly in his throat. When he opened his eyes and saw me looking, I tried to turn away.
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • My New Life, part 1
      mynewli1 zip (09k) (Dad/Daut M/W pedo n/c? inc)
      An average guy who discovers a new life outside of just fantasizing about it.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 4
      sweetpa4 zip (11k) (bgg, inc, ped, cons)
      The next week went by both quickly, and at at dead crawl. Every minute was taken up with showing our cousins where we fished, where we swam. Every morning Pam would take Suzette and Mary down to Gayles cabin to do 'girl'things. During those times, I did my chores, raked the dead fish and sea weed off the beach, made the beds, helped with dishes. By about nine o'clock, I'd be done, and could grab my rod and reel, take the canoe, and head off down the shore to fish. I'd figgured out how to find the house from the lake, and would paddle down the shoreline until I reached the edge of the bull rushes that hid the clearing from sight. Then, I'd beach the canoe, pulling it up into the tamarak, and making sure no one could see it from the lake. After that, I'd go to the house.
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • My Piano Students, part 1
      mypiano1 zip (08k) (M/gg, sexual excitement, tickling, gawking)
      This is the first part, an intro, to a series of sexual adventures with my piano students, all young girls from 7 to 13 with lots of tickling and sexual exploration. Part One introduces 9 year old Rachel and her 13 year old sister, Tess.

      Sunday, February 26, 2006


      Saturday, February 25, 2006

    • by Waddy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Becca's Plight
      beccaspl zip (19k) (MFg, pedo, nc, drugs)
      A man takes advantage of his girlfriend's weaknesses, and her daughter.
      Mr Ross
      mrross zip (19k) (MMFg, pedo, nc)
      The perverted neighbor next door unleashes a couple's base desires upon their very young daughter.
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • Hebephilia #4 Teased Niece: Just Say "Uncle"
      hebephi4 zip (41k) (Mf (14), Uncle/Niece, spanking, tickling, hebephilia, incest, first)
      A man and his fourteen-year-old niece play a "harmless," age-old game of playful dominance and submission. To succeed, he will try teasing, tickling, spanking, and even more - to get her to surrender and say "uncle." Her object is to resist quitting - no matter what he does. This is the story of a long, slow hebephilic defloration, incrementally paced, but with plenty of erotic description and action along the way.
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Little Girls In The Woods
      littlegi zip (15k) (mmmg Mg Mgg preteen panties petting oral pedo first time)
      In which I meet little Chelsea who is age 11 in the woods. All she wants to do is be allowed to play the same grown up games as her 13 year old sister and some boys from her school...the way she was sitting allowed me to see right up her skirt. She was wearing laundry fresh clean white panties with tiny cartoon figures on them, and she had that lovely preteen bulging pussy mound... I was sat with a gorgeous hot body in my arms and the delightful panty clad pussy of her sister...her plump pussy pushing out the front of her panties.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 3
      sweetpa3 zip (08k) (bg, inc, ped, rom)
      This is the story of intimate awakening between myself and my sister, primarily. Please, bear in mind that it's a true story. While I've had many other fantasies since then, these are the actual events. I've just changed the names, and locations. It might have been easier for both of us if it were just about sex, but it wasn't. It was about us growing up, becoming adults, and yet developing the kind of love that society calls unacceptable. In the five year time span this will cover... well, I'll just let you find out as it goes. Some of the codes would be (bg,bgg, bbg, Mg, Mbg, MF, inc, rp, 1st, conc, ped, teen)
    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pedo Passions of Reverend John, part 3
      thepedo3 zip (10k) (MM/g, M/g, inc, pedo)
      Olivia and Sophie walked into the room hand-in-hand and obediently stood before the bishop when he beckoned them. Both of them wore faded blue denim miniskirts and sleeveless pink tops with scooped necklines, cropped to reveal several inches of bare midriff.
    • by keyah :...
    • Making Of A Man, ch 2
      makingo2 zip (13k) (m/f con M/f incest rough nc revenge)
      When he was drunk he wanted it all, caring for nothing but his cock being satisfied. I watched and appreciated what the old man was doing. I had never in my life watched a girl and her dad get it on. But the way things were going, I knew it would happen.

      Friday, February 24, 2006

    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Aquapark, part 3 (corrected version)
      aquapar3 zip (16k) (previous post in error) (M/ff, 10yo twins, anal)
      Tuesday already, and although it was only two days since saw my gorgeous 10-year-old niece Stephanie - or perhaps it was precisely because of the unforgettable Saturday night we had spent together in my big round bed - I was beginning to get the itch again. Thinking back to our Saturday afternoon at the Aquapark and to all those totally edible little preteens frolicking around with very little to hide their delicious bodies, I couldn't help getting horny, or my prick from rising to the occasion. Stephanie was not due back till Saturday, and I needed some action now!
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Nursing Mrs. Miller
      nursingm zip (09k) (F/m, Older/Younger, Anal, Mast. Oral, first)
      Barry's neighbor a lady in her early 50's asks him to do a favor. It turnd ut to be very erotic.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 2
      sweetpa2 zip (11k) (mf, teen, pre, attempted rp, rom)
      This is the story of intimate awakening between myself and my sister, primarily. Please, bear in mind that it's a true story. While I've had many other fantasies since then, these are the actual events. I've just changed the names, and locations. It might have been easier for both of us if it were just about sex, but it wasn't. It was about us growing up, becoming adults, and yet developing the kind of love that society calls unacceptable. In the five year time span this will cover... well, I'll just let you find out as it goes.
    • by Nekkidgramps :...
    • Traveling With Crissy, ch 11
      travel11 zip (09k) (M/F/f dad/mom/daut inc pedo sex)
      (Crissy) looked thrilled, Sandy looked like a rutting slut as she kept her face about foot from the action and fingerfucked herself, and I knew I looked awestruck as we all watched the deflowering of our seven year old baby girl. Crissy said, "goodbye Herman," and lifted her feet up causing herself to ram down on my prick.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 3
      mikeswo3 zip (08k) (bbb/ggg first time, oral, semicons, incest)
      The first place Mike went the next morning, was over to Tony's house but he didn't have to go all the way. The two boys ended up meeting about half way and Tony wanted to know what Mike had been up to. For some reason, Mike didn't tell him about last night, or that he knew how to fuck now. Instead, he told Tony that he had to baby sit again tonight and if he wanted to, he could come over about nine thirty.
    • by bigcock :...
    • Her Soft Little Hands
      hersoftl zip (04k) (daddy/ daughter pedo. preg)
      A story for all horny readers to sit back stroke it while you read. She held it with both her hands, barely covering The shaft and stroking it with her soft little 6 year old hands maybe 10 times as she examined the head peeking out from it's hood. Her eyes were glued to the slit at its' tip as pre cum Oozed from my cock.
    • by pantau :...
    • Elkes Geschichte, part 2
      elkesge2 zip (14k) (spank, humil, exhib Mb/f)
      Elke, die Schwester von Bernd (siehe story: "Bernd") erzählt das Familienritual aus ihrer Sicht ihren vier Enkeln. Viel Spaß! Leseprobe aus dem 2. Teil: Ich wurde geil. "Dreh dich um," hörte ich die belegte Stimme Onkel Kurts. Gern folgte ich der Aufforderung. Vom Bauchnabel aus, vergrößerten sie ihre Kreise. Mein Körper vibrierte vor Lust. Zwischen den halbgeschlossenen Augen sah ich, wie Onkel Kurt sich auszog. Nackt legte er sich neben mich, küsste mich auf den Mund, biss mir leicht ins Ohrläppchen und flüsterte, "ich will dich, du heiße rassige Katze."

      Thursday, February 23, 2006

    • by POTHUS :...
    • An Innocent Question or, Daddy Is My Butt To Big?
      aninnoce zip (24k) (M/g(12), inc, rom, preg)
      A daughter's innocent question leads to incestuous passion.
    • by PedoPee :...
    • Hammer Horror, ch 1
      hammerh1 zip (03k) (M/F/b/g, violence, ws, scat, snuff, extreme caution)
      The opening chapter of a sickening story of two adults who encourage a group of children to beat each other up and chase each other with hammers, hitting, maiming and killing each other, while the adults masturbate and get their depraved sexual highs.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • The Circle, 4 - Final
      thecirc4 zip (17k) (Family incest)
      In part 1 Billy had his first lessons of sex from his aunt and twin cousins. In part 2 Billy had sex for the first time with his mother and his 2 sisters, and was taught about his very special family "The Circle". In part 3 Billy made love for the first time to his girlfriend Emma, only to discover later that Emma and her mother were related to him, and therefore members of The Circle. In part 4 we'll travel with Billy and his family to the great family reunion which happens once every 5 years, and we'll also find that not everything that glitters is made of gold.

      Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    • by UBoatBob :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Neighborhood Pedo Moms, part 1
      neighbo1 zip (06k) (F/m g/g pedo/incest ws)
      I was in my room reading when mom knocked gently. "Jimmy...we need to talk." I got off the bed slowly as I was afraid of what was going to happen next. As a horney 12 year old boy I had been baby-sitting for the last 6 months around the neighborhood trying not to get caught molesting the kids I'd been babysitting.
    • by Jay Trooley :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sweet Pamela, part 1
      sweetpa1 zip (06k) (bg,bgg, bbg, conc, v)
      A note: This is the story of intimate awakening between myself and my sister, primarily. Please, bear in mind that it's a true story. While I've had many other fantasies since then, these are the actual events. I've just changed the names, and locations. It might have been easier for both of us if it were just about sex, but it wasn't. It was about us growing up, becoming adults, and yet developing the kind of love that society calls unacceptable. In the five year time span this will cover... well, I'll just let you find out as it goes. Some of the codes would be (bg, bgg, bbg, Mg, rp, conc, rom, Mbg, MF, inc, rp, 1st, conc, ped, teen)
    • by littlewhitepants :...
    • Sophie Cunningham, My Story
      2sophiec zip (13k) (Mg Spank, Cane Oral)
      My name is Sophie Cunningham and I am a quite little eleven year old girl. I know I am quite as many people tell me. this is my version of the day I was punished for redirected bad reports.
    • by TheDope :...
    • A Tribute
      atribute zip (17k) (M/g, MMFF/gg, inc, pedo)
      "Du kannst jetzt die Augen öffnen Schatzi", forderte Sandra ihren Mann auf. Er sollte es sich im Wohnzimmer mit geschlossenen Augen gemüdlich machen und auf seine 'Überraschung' warten... und auf keinen Fall schummeln und luschern! Als Frank die Augen aufschlug traf ihn fast der Schlag. Keine zwei Meter entfernt stand seine kleine Tochter Susanne auf dem Wohnzimmertisch, gekleidet in einem superengen rosa Bikinioberteil das gerade einmal die kleinen Nippelchen verdeckte und von dünnen Spagettiträgern gehalten wurde. Untenrum hatte seine zweieinhalbjährige Tochter eine ebenso enge rosa Leggins mit weißen Herzchen an. Die Kleine stand da mit leicht gespreizten Beinen, ihr unterentwickelter Schlitz war deutlich zu erkennen, einem fetten Grinsen und einer niedlichen rosa Herzchenbrille.

      Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    • by Making The Grade :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Making The Grade, written by Bemused
      2makingt zip (23k) (Mf (12), pedo, first, oral, anal)
      Mike Rogers is having a bad year. He has been forced to quit his teaching job at a prestigious university and move back to his hometown of D'Sainte. The only job he could get is teaching at local junior high school. He takes out some of his frustration with his life on Patty Payne, the daughter of his old school nemesis, Greg Payne. Mike is giving Patty poor grades to punish her father for having taken the love of Mike's life. But Patty is not going to take a grade fucking lying down.
      Making the Grade, written by Dr. N. D'Sainte
      3makingt zip (22k) (Mg Mgg inc cons exhib 1st)
      Patty lifted the front hem of her skirt, while holding the teacher's face to her young breasts. "I believe you're determined to bring your grades up," Mr. Rogers said. Patty had her hands on the sides of her teacher's head and he was holding her soft, round ass cheeks. Mike's eyes went straight to the girl's crotch, plainly visible with her skirt tucked up at her waist. Patty felt a shudder run through her, as Mr. Rogers took one hand off her ass, sliding his fingers between her thighs. She shifted her feet to widen her stance, giving him more room to explore her virgin treasure. "History is so interesting," Patty moaned, as the teacher began to rub her pussy through her sheer panties. "I'm think I'll have fun in your class, Mr. Rogers." "You might turn out to be my best student ever," he encouraged in response.
      Making The Grade, written by Ron
      4makingt zip (19k) (M/g13/b/b/b/b)
      "Mr Rogers," Patty started, "I think you don't like me for some reason. I'm a good student. I get A's in all my other classes but every time I get a grade from you it's terrible." Mr Rogers looked up at the girl standing at his desk, setting a challenge for him. "I really need to get an A in your class," the girl said. "Can't you see some way I could do that? I'd do anything."
      Making The Grade, written by Mummified Bog-Man
      5makingt zip (18k) (M/f, pedo, oral, anal, interracial, coercion)
      Patty Payne was so mad she could scream. Sitting in the cafeteria of Mont Venus Middle School's rather swanky cafeteria with an uneaten tray of food in front of her, Patty contemplated the unthinkable. She was going to fail History! The normally brainy 12-year-old couldn't understand why her grades were slipping so badly. She was as smart as any of the other girls in her class. Mont Venus was a very exclusive, private school; they wouldn't even admit you unless you were exceptionally bright. Her teacher, Mr. Rogers, seemed to be picking on her. She had been doing great the first semester at her new school, but now in the second semester, it seemed that he was trying to find ways to downgrade her papers. Mistakes that he let her classmates get away with were always pounced on when she made them. Was it because she was the only black girl in his class? He couldn't be a bigot, could he? Patty fumed as she tried to figure out why this fate had befallen her.
      Making The Grade, written by FamilyMan
      makingth zip (16k) (fm, teach/student, Dad/Dau, Group)
      I'm Patty, Patty Payne. I just turned 12 a few weeks ago and I have a big dream. Ever since Daddy caught me fucking Jimmy on the back porch after a date - I'm actually in love with my Daddy. How come? Daddy surprised me by not being angry with me and by being very understanding.
    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Aquapark, part 3
      aquapar3 zip (16k) (M/g, M/twins10yo, anal)
      Tuesday already, and although it was only two days since I saw my gorgeous 10-year-old niece Stephanie - or perhaps it was precisely because of the unforgettable Saturday night we had spent together in my big round bed - I was beginning to get the itch again. Thinking back to our Saturday afternoon at the Aquapark and to all those totally edible little preteens frolicking around with very little to hide their delicious bodies, I couldn't help getting horny, or my prick from rising to the occasion. Stephanie was not due back till Saturday, and I needed some action now!
    • by Hardguy :...
    • As It Was Meant To Be
      asitwasm zip (53k) (M/g, exhib, mast, rom, cons, first time, oral, scifi)
      In this prequel to 'It Began One Day At The Mall' we learn the fate of Danielle's father, who finds that his future lies in events long past.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Gay GangBang
      gaygangb zip (09k) (M/MMMMMM)
      I answered a personal ad on a gay website, and received an email reply that was just a phone number. I rang the number and got a recorded message. " at the Shaw Motel on Highway 41 at 9pm on the 15th. Just you. We will meet you in room 12." I knew I shouldn't have gone, but I did. When I got there and things didn't go as I'd planned, I got nervous. But in the end I was glad I did. With three alternate endings to keep everyone happy!
    • by Hotmommy :...
    • Motherly Passions, ch 6
      motherl6 zip (23k) (F/F F/g F/b M/g M/b, dad/dau, mom/son mom/dau infant, toddler, penetration, lactating, lesbian)
      Susan, Angela, 13-month-old Anne, 3-year-old Ben continue their fun with 4-year-old Sara and her mother Jessica. Jessica invites her husband Jim to join them for an incredible evening of pleasure. Anne and Ben experience a man's cock for the first time, enjoying Jim's cock in almost everyway imaginable...
    • by Roberta :...
    • Sommergeschichten
      sommerge zip (21k) (family, nudist, size)
      A young beautiful girl meets a hung guy at the lake and one thing leads to another and soon the entire family is involved.

      Monday, February 20, 2006

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Alissa
      alissa zip (40k) (M/f/f/F more of the same)
      Alissa gets her way, however into the mix Don is introduced to her best bud, Hayley and her mom. the results are as expected. Thrown into the jumble is Sarbie Jassal, the new receptionist, at Don's place of work. This is a continuation of 'Christmas Wish Fulfilled'.
    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Brief Encounter Of The PT Kind
      briefenc zip (04k) (M/f heavy fondling)
      We are staying with some very good friends, a youngish couple with a small daughter aged three who is a pain in the bum and ... another daughter aged seven and a bit who has recently developed into a beautiful (no, but REALLY stunning) slightly dark-skinned, long-black-haired, full-lipped beauty. I generally enjoy simply looking at her.
    • by Janus :...
    • The Amusement Park
      amusemen zip (11k) (M/g pedo molest reluc semi-cons)
      Michelle is a pretty ten year old girl who is enjoying a day at the amusement park with her friends. She gets briefly kidnapped by a stranger, however, who shows her how to really have a good time.
    • by Mickthewee :...
    • Brandy, part 3: Tammy's Story
      brandy3 zip (08k) (MFb)
      Things returned to normal around the house following that weekend. I became engrossed in my work Brandy would sometimes come around to play in the afternoons and it was about a month before Jim was due to spend time away from home. My daughter had taken to wearing that skimpy night attire I had brought. It showed her pussy outline and I would look. I would also have a good look at her pussy when she was in the bath but I did nothing untoward apart from viewing the pictures and wanking off.
    • by littlewhitepants :...
    • Sophie Cunningham
      sophiecu zip (12k) (M/f spank, cane, oral)
      Sophie Cunningham was a naive little 11year old girl. She was of average build and not yet starting to blossom in any direction. The good part is that she had a sweet little face and a small mouth. She looked so cute in her school uniform, white blouse with a short black flared skirt, white ankle socks and black patient shoes.
    • by Spin :...
    • When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
      whentrut zip (11k) (M/g Pedo Sex, Cons, Molestations galore)
      The essence of this erotic tale comes from actual personal experiences with some very cute, desirable preteen girls. Read on and imagine yourself where I've been. You won't believe all the thrills and preteen, sexual permissiveness in this action packed tale of surprises.

      Sunday, February 19, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Cindy and Bev's Sex Lessons
      cindyand zip (12k) (man 42, girls 8,11; nude exhibitionism, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Jonathan Siegle who worked at home for a company with an internet website let several neighbor kids share two of his computers, but the two girls who hung around were more interested in Jonathan than in his computers. Cindy 8 liked to lap sit Jonathan while he worked on his consulting, as she felt him rise under her she would adjust herself so that his meat fit snuggly along her bottom crack. Bev 11 liked to sit in such a way that Jonathan had a clear view of her undies. This came to a climax one day when Cindy asked Jonathan to show her his weapon, and he refused unless both girls would also strip for him. One thing follows another, and soon the girls gain knowledge and experience ahead of their time.
      Crackling, Spewing, and Bouncing
      cracklin zip (06k) (boys, girls 7 yo; nude dancing, fondling, penetration)
      Sexual excitement is really something to experience. You can almost hear the energy crackling and see it spewing and bouncing off the walls. Most people probably think it exists only in people old enough to do something about their urges, those with the wherewithal to carry them to their logical conclusions. But that isn't necessarily true, sex excitement happens with people at virtually any age, it can run every bit as strong in children from five up as it can for their teenage brothers and sisters or even their fathers and mothers; and maybe even stronger. You don't run across it very often, but when you do you don't soon forget it. This is the story of a time when it happened in my presence. The players were four boys and three girls, all aged seven, a 15 yo girl in a maid's costume, and little me playing the 5 string banjo. And one boy, the 7 yo grandson of a famous German movie star and sex icon, ran the show with a sure hand.
    • by The Slum Lord, written by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Return of the Slumlord: Promising Future
      returno2 zip (20k) (MFFbggg inc reluc 1st)
      "Mrs. Mason, you're two months behind on rent!" "I'll get caught up, eventually, Mrs. Smith. I'm between jobs right now." "If you want to keep from being evicted, you'll bring your children to my apartment, Friday evening," Rachel stated. "Mr. Williams will be there. We are going to have a sex party." "Are you out of your mind?," Marie asked, after a stunned silence. "Maybe," Rachel answered. "You're free to decide for yourself." "You bitch!," Marie said, angrily. ... "I've got good news!," Marie told her children, trying to smile. "What, Mom?," Jimmy asked, happy to see his mother smiling for a change. "I'm making friends with our landlords!," Marie announced, a bit too dramatically. ... "There's an Amy Smith in my class," Jill said, "She's cute, but sometimes she stares at me. It's kind of creepy."
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Babysitting Billy
      babysitt zip (21k) (Incest - brother/sister, pedo, Fb, mast, anal)
      Debbie, a buxom 20-year-old singleton, is looking after her 12-year-old brother for the weekend. The two of them end up having fun in bed together.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Bored Wives Club, 2 - Helen's Story
      boredwi2 zip (09k) (MF, MF)
      In the first part of this story, 5 wives who were friends for eternity, discussed how boring and lacking their sex lives have become over the 20 plus years of marriage to their successful businessmen husbands whose work took up all their time. In order to spice up their lives without taking outside lovers - the wives decided to seduce each other's husbands. We now have round one of the seductions. Will they succeed?

      Saturday, February 18, 2006

    • by Bach :...
    • Denim and Diamonds
      denimand zip (06k) (M/f oral anal)
      After school 12 year old Denise relaxes with a nice sandwich.
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Lori - Dirty Angel
      loridirt zip (14k) (Mg MMg preteen incest petting oral anal pedo 12yo girl)
      This is the story of how I first met lovely little Lori, a dirty faced cherub, who looked like an angel and sucked like a slut...She leaned back on the stool causing her already short skirt to ride further up her legs. In addition she had parted her legs slightly and I could clearly see her gray panties...with her pussy mound pushing out the front, her little indentation easily visible in the centre of the mound... She seemed to be pleased with my attention and even opened her legs a little more to afford me a better view...
    • by The Slum Lord, written by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Return of the Slumlord: Sealing the Promise
      returnof zip (19k) (MFgg inc cons rom 1st-10yr, MFgg inc inf ped fist)
      "Push another finger into Mommy's hole, honey!" Rachel had taken her daughter's hand, holding her thumb and fingers together, pushing them into her cunt. "Push harder! Twist your hand!" Rachel grunted, as the three year old's hand slowly disappeared inside her. Rachel let out a happy scream, as her hand slid into her cunt, all the way to her wrist. "That's so good! Make a fist! Fuck Mommy!" As Emily became a toddler, Amy tutored her on how to make Mommy cum hard ... "Brad! I didn't expect to see you until Friday!" "I hope you don't mind, Rachel. I picked up some things I wanted you to have." "It's tiny!," Emily giggled, as she held up a tiny skirt. "It's very sexy!," Rachel added, realizing she could see right through it. "I want my naughty little girls to look as naughty as they are," Brad confessed.
    • by Nekkidgramps :...
    • Traveling With Crissy, ch 10
      travel10 zip (08k) (M/F/f Dad Mom Daut pedo incest)
      "you sit over there and I'll dance for you." She put on some dance music that I didn't recognize and started strutting and wiggling while giving me a wanton wink. She must have seen something on the Internet or late night cable about strippers because she had some sexy moves as she danced to the music for me. She gave me hot looks as she showed me her girlish charms and I was fully hard and dripping by the time she had bared her beautiful child body. Damn I wanted to fuck her, and I was sure I would... someday, when she was ready.
    • by pantau :...
    • Elkes Geschichte, part 1
      elkesge1 zip (11k) (spank, humil, mast)
      Melanie setzte sich bei Opa auf den Schoß und drückte ihm den Dankeskuss auf die Wange. Ihre strammen Brüste berührten dabei den Oberkörper des Mannes, der ausgiebig den Oberschenkel des Mädels streichelte. Die Hand glitt bis in den Busch und an die Muschi. Als Bernd das sah, murmelte er, "ich muss mal zum Klo", und war aus der Tür, bevor Opa antworten konnte. Bernd griff sich das Handtuch und wichste hinein. "Hmmm, war das gut", er wusch seine Hände und seinen Schwanz und ging so erleichtert, aber schweren Herzens zurück ins Wohnzimmer.

      Friday, February 17, 2006

    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pedo Passions of Reverend John, part 2
      thepedo2 zip (09k) (M/g, MF/b, pedo)
      "Ruth told us that you used to visit her bedroom late at night and put your hand up her nightdress and - er - molest her. Well, molest is hardly the right word as she loved what you did to her and was extremely disappointed when you stopped."
    • by keyah :...
    • Making Of A Man, ch 1
      makingo1 zip (12k) (m/F inc first Cons)
      Fortunately, the door remained open just a crack and I saw, before barging in, what the magazines had described as acceptable behavior between a man and a woman. Big sister was at it, for real. Carmen was buck-ass naked with Bud ensconced between those cream white thighs
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 2
      mikeswo2 zip (08k) (bbbb/ggggg noncons, cons, oral, anal, inc, first times)
      It was late Friday afternoon when Mike made it home from camping and there was news that almost made him sick. Two days ago, John and June had split up and June had kept the girls. Then, his stomach returned to normal, June was still in the house, John had moved out. Then, there was even better news, June called and wanted Mike to baby sit the girls tonight, he didn't have to be there until nine, so he had plenty of time.

      Thursday, February 16, 2006

    • by Ferret224 :...
    • Gymnastics Class
      gymnasti zip (54k) (MF, Mf, cons, ped, voy, exhib, oral, anal, feet, gymnast, panty)
      Peter Ross was the P.E. coach at Mark Twain Jr. High. He tried to help his co-worker, Linda Williams, who was the girl's P.E. coach and gymnastics coach, as much as possible. Occasional lovers, Peter couldn't ask for a better partner...until he discovered a dark desire that even HE didn't know about.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Sam and Max, Finale
      samandm8 zip (18k) (g(12)/dog+, oral, vag, anal, bond, enslave, con)
      Samantha Weaver read the letter from Mrs. Tolliver and couldn't understand what was so important. Hadn't she performed her duties well for the Tolliver's? Mrs. Tolliver said in her letter that she wanted to discuss something very important with her concerning her sessions, something that could change their very relationship.. She hadn't gone into to much detail, but that the matter was urgent and needed Sam's reply as soon as possible. Mrs. Tolliver had said that she must speak with her father before agreeing to coming to see them, and that she mustn't delay. Sam began to worry, wondering if something was wrong, and afraid that they weren't happy with her ability to train their dogs. Sam had already made up her mind to agree to seeing the Tolliver's's, but was worried that her father might not let her. Little did she know that accepting the Tolliver's request would change her life in ways she would never have dreamed of before.
      Sister's Syrup
      sisterss zip (09k) (f(14)/f(14), f(15), sisters, inc, dickgirl)
      Tina and Ashley Davis, also know by their friends as T&A, were identical twin sisters. They were so much alike, that their parents couldn't tell the difference between them. They both had long, chestnut colored hair, that fell around their pretty faces in soft curls. They both had the same gold flecks in their hazel colored eyes and full, kissable lips that seemed to be in a constant state of seductive pouting. Their figures were the same, 34B-22-34; each standing five-foot-five. They even weighed the same at one-hundred-two-pounds. There were times that even they couldn't tell the difference between themselves. That in of itself wasn't the most remarkable thing about the twins. What made Tina and Ashley unique was that they both had eight-inch cocks.

      Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    • by derisible :...
    • Animals!, part 2
      animals2 zip (13k) (gg, Fg, Mg, best, cp, ws)
      The files were full of pictures of little girls, from babies to older girls. They were all completely naked and posing for the camera with legs wide. Most were just posed but those called 'action' had the girls doing stuff that Julie deeply wished to be doing- playing with big willies and making them spurt. One little girl, no older than Julie was holding a massive willy as it spurted all over her pussy, and in another, all over her face and into her wide open mouth. Another had a doggy licking at a toddlers bottom with another small girl sucking on the dogs willy.
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Coach, part 1
      coach1 zip (14k) (M/ffff, oral, pen, molest)
      "We have the tournament next weekend over the other side of the state and several of us were hoping you could help us out. Harry and I and three couples want to go up early in the week and spend some time fishing and boating. As you know some of the girls are at a summer camp next week, so we thought it would be a good chance to have some adult time together. Problem is, the other players parents' cars are filled to the brim with their families and don't have room to bring up our girls. None of us want to drive back over 400 miles to get them. We were wondering if you could give them a lift next Friday to the tournament?"
    • by mara_coo :...
    • Jody's Story, part 1
      jodysst1 zip (06k) (Mf /pedo)
      Jody was indeed all I had hoped. She stood proud in her thick blue toggle duffle coat, black shoes and of course the mandatory white school socks, her legs bare and I presumed a school skirt as we made our way along the corridor of the virtually deserted building.
    • by Spin :...
    • Your Daughter Will Do!
      yourdaut zip (16k) (M/g. Pedo, Sex, Oral, Anal, Cons, Light Force, First Time)
      Old Jacob,the landlord is living proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. Being the landlord of a certain kind of apartment building, he is a master at exploitation; Exploitation of his poor, single mother tenants with cute children...that is. Better grab an absorbent paper towel when you read this story.
    • by cb2 :...
    • Cousin Bastian, part 1
      cousinb1 zip (04k) (t/b, oral, abuse)
      Alles began als ich etwa 6 Jahre alt war. Als Kind wohlhabender Großstadteltern, war es das halbjährliche Highlight in meinen Augen, für zwei Wochen auf den Bauernhof meiner Tante in die Ferien fahren zu dürfen.

      Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    • by The Written Word :...New Author.!.!.!
    • While Innocence Sleeps, ch 1
      whilein1 zip (04k) (F/g Mom/daut inc mc magic)
      Theresa Boyd started awake at the first scream, and before her mind was fully awake was already at her young daughter's door. There she paused in shock for a moment, as she took in the scene within, before being jolted out of her momentary paralysis as her hysterically, sobbing daughter threw her slight body in to her Mother's embrace.
    • by Hardguy :...
    • The Gym Teacher
      thegymte zip (09k) (M/gg, b+/g+, cons, humiliation, bd, orgy, nc, gang bang, indirect bukkake)
      Brian deals with a young girl that breaks the rules in the gym class he teaches.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pedo Passions of Reverend John, part 1
      thepedo1 zip (11k) (M/g, MM/g, F/g, inc, pedo)
      6-year-old Olivia took hold of her father's hand and smiled up at him. She was a pretty, dark-haired little girl, looking very demure in a cream-coloured blouse and knee-length, grey pleated skirt. She was the very picture of childhood innocence.
    • by Tiago :...
    • The Venus Institute
      thevenus zip (43k) (fM)
      Alice is enrolled in The Venus Institute, the most reputable school of sluts in the world, where she will learn all the aspects of female sexuality. In the hands of the most experienced studs on the planet, the twelve-year-old pupil will be introduced to the magic of lust (or will the magic of lust be introduced into her?).
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Valentine's Day Massacre
      valentin zip (14k) (M/f, pedo, oral, interracial)
      "I wish you wouldn't keep doing that," Cherub Kaspar said to his fellow Cherub, CuPed, as the latter struck a kitchen match off of his halo and lit a Lucky Strike with it. "There seems to be a lot of things I do that people don't like," the cheeky cherub smirked, dragging deeply on his cigarette. "At least, people around here," he gestured in a wide arc around him at the cloud bank they were presently perched on. "But you know what? I could give a monkey's. You know why? The Man Upstairs," CuPed gestured upwards with the cigarette. "HE likes me. HE believes in me. HE supports me, and appreciates how unsung I am, how hard I work, and what forces are in league against me." He smugly puffed on his cig, chubby little arms folded in front of him as he hovered in the air, wings flapping slowly.
    • by Janus :...
    • Exhibitionist Tricks, ch 1
      exhibit1 zip (06k) (Mgg pedo exhib)
      Using the old, "severed finger in a box" trick, a man devises a secret way of exposing himself at the park.
      The Pediatrician, ch 1
      thepedi1 zip (07k) (Mg pedo)
      A pediatrician recounts why there's never a dull day on the job.

      Monday, February 13, 2006

    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Daddy's Cheerleaders, part 3
      daddysc3 zip (13k) (M/F/m/f Dad Mom son conseq incest oral)
      When Marty and Kathy return home the next morning, Josh and Lorna have a real surprise for them...
    • by Mysterian :...
    • The Piano Teacher
      thepiano zip (17k) (MM/g(11) ped, oral, pene)
      Dominic Grant was one of the most sought after piano teachers in Victorian England. He had seduced many of his pupils over the years, but even he wasn't prepared for what happened when he took on the young, sweetly beautiful daughter of a rich matron.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Alice - A Paul Purple Story, ch 6
      aliceap6 zip (47k) (Ff, ff, oral, fist, bond, action, Mf, oral, anal)
      In this, the final chapter, Alice meets with her new owner, meets lots of sisters, Fights the wiles of kidnappers (again), stands up to an aggresive shop keeper and has fun with a Little Cat. For Paul it's watching one of his trainees learn her real positon in life.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 1
      mikeswo1 zip (09k) (bb/gg fond, cons)
      For a thirteen year old boy, Mike lived in a great area, there were only a eighteen or so families in the rural neighborhood. Not far away was the river, a heavily wooded area to hike in, everything a boy could want. He would soon realize it was even better than he could imagine, there was more than fishing and hiking. The first thing happened with one of the little neighbor girls, on the sofa in Mike's front room. All the parent were in the dining room talking, Mike, his little Sister and little Brother were in the front room, watching television with Mindy, Linda and Becky. They lived across and down the street, but all their Parents were best friends and they spend a lot of evenings together.

      Sunday, February 12, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Adventures On A Summers Day, part 2
      adventu2 zip (13k) (boy 11, girls 7,8; nudity, defecation, fondling, skinnydipping, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      In pt. 1 11 yo Jimmy Rosenthal had planned to go to the park and scare up games of either baseball or basketball but got sidetracked when he spied the girl next door and her friend playing with dolls and sitting in such a way that their panties showed. Jimmy gave up the park and went over to the girls and invited them over to his house, where he played his cd's for them while he took in the sight of their underwear from up close. One thing led to another, and he ended up showing Rosie, who had never seen a boy naked before, what a boy looks like in the buff. In part two Jimmy again spots the girls playing with dolls, and this time invites them for a walk along the river bank. It turned out to be a memorable day for a walk, one that appealed to virtually every one of their senses.
      Showing Off for the Girls
      showingo zip (11k) (man 33, girls 7,8; exhibitionism, nudity, fondling, manipulation, bathing, oral)
      George Massey, 33, enjoyed taking his 7 yo niece Jean and her 8 yo friend Polly to the store. They would drop by his house on the way back, and would watch tv for awhile while George changed his clothes. George used to leave the door of his room open and strip naked in the fond hope that a curious little girl would come and check him out. It took four occasions before it happened. But check him out Polly did, and after several times watching from the doorway she finally asks if she can come it and see him up close. Isn't it funny how one thing can lead to another? Where this little exhibition finally leads is documented in the words that follow.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Daddy's Cheerleaders, part 2
      daddysc2 zip (13k) (F/m Mot/son incest conseq)
      Lorna returns home to find Josh and Kathy gone, but her son, Marty is in the infamous rec room lifting weights. Hot after two weeks abstinence, Lorna takes what is available...
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover, ch 29: Final Conclusion, Buck's story
      thechi29 zip (08k) (dad/dau)
      It was Saturday afternoon and Buck was sitting alone in his shop behind the house feeling very low, and a bit sorry for him self. He missed his wife terribly, since her passing over a year ago. His next-door neighbors, Beth and her daughter Sue have moved away, Mia and Mary disappeared, and Lilly has formed her own business and also moved away. His only remaining playmate was Jean (Jean, Jean, the Machine), and his only sex partner. Jean is now 14 and quite busy with boys her own age. However, she did stop by occasionally for a quickie, for which Buck was most grateful.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Alice - A Paul Purple Story, ch 5
      aliceap5 zip (32k) (Mf, ff, oral, anal, bond, action)
      "To start let me say that the news of my death were greatly exaggerated", these are the first words of this chapter, in which Red raises his ugly head and offers Paul Purple an exchange, what will happen? Does Paul exchange Alice and leave her with Red? Or will he try to save her from Red's evil clutches.
    • by Mickthewee :...
    • Brandy and Me, part 2
      brandya2 zip (11k) (MFff)
      Brandy has her first sleepover.

      Saturday, February 11, 2006

    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Daddy's Cheerleaders, part 1
      daddysc1 zip (13k) (M/f/Dad/Dau/Oral/conseq)
      Josh and his daughter, Kathy are home all alone when Kathy tells him that she thinks he's a real hunk. Then she proceeds to tell him about her secret wish...
    • by BabyBeca :...
    • He Eats Little Girls, part 4: Capture
      heeatsl4 zip (07k) (M/f/M/b pre-teen rape anal torture erotic horror blood snuff extreme)
      Dealing the helpless boy one last blow up between the boy's spread legs, caused a bone-chilling scream of pure agony. As one of the sharp ends perched the boys scrotal sack, driving a sharp spike clear through his left testicle to come out on the far side of the right.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Alice - A Paul Purple Story, ch 4
      aliceap4 zip (27k) (ff, oral, bond, punishment, enemas, Ff, oral)
      Alice is learning on becoming a slave, but she finds that some of the lessons are mundane, maths, english and English History? What use is this to her? but then the other lessons are enjoyable, except when she has to be punished. The arrival of Mistress Sharon allows a slight change to the routine - change? they are completely busted! As Billie-Jo is revealed in her true role. The arrival of Paul (see Lessons) now raises a different problem as Paul gives into the monster inside him and attacks Alice with surprising results.
    • by keyah :...
    • Deborah
      deborah zip (13k) (M/f Mm/f cons first twosome)
      Jeff had arrived and found me fondling my baby sister in the front room. Before I could say anything about my discovery, the little minx in my arms kissed me on the mouth passionately and reached down between us, grabbing my boner. Unfortunately, any semblance of normal behavior in front of our mutual friend was destroyed by her action.
    • by Macheide :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Blöde Göre, ch 1
      blodego1 zip (09k) (M/f pedo violent)
      "Hallo Ftefan, kann if mit Dir fpielen"? Elli, die Göre von nebenan hatte wieder mal Langeweile. Ich hatte gerade etwas Fußball geguckt, ein paar Kekse genascht, und eigentlich kam das Klingeln an der Wohnungstür nicht ungelegen. Aber ausgerechnet die? 8 oder 9 Jahre, ein wenig blöd, nicht gerade eine Schönheit, dicklich und einen Sprachfehler hat sie auch noch. "Komm 'rein, aber mach' keinen Unsinn!" war das höflichste, was ich im Moment zu bieten hatte. Aber sie grinste überglücklich - wer spielt schon mit so einer.

      Friday, February 10, 2006

    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Bears! ch 25: The Conclusion
      bears25 zip (11k) (M/F/m/f/incest, groups)
      " a good little mommy...go call the girls and their friend...or I'll go out there naked...and bring them inside," Steve said, a stern note in his voice, his hand cupping her pussy again. This time, his middle finger wriggled in between her fat outer lips to probe for the wetness that lay under her belly. She gasped in surprise, shuddered, but just stood there as his finger rubbed her clit and toyed with the slippery entrance to her vagina.
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Kidvid02
      kidvid02 zip (10k) (M/g F/g g/g ped mast incest?)
      Making kiddie-porn isn't necessarily all fun and games, especially if you are a seven-year-old ingénue who does not want to fuck or suck a twelve inch long man-cock... Unfortunately, there are times when a young girl must do what she is told, or face the consequences... Cum join our little heroine, and her erotic little sisters of sex, in a tale of lustful delight, debauchery, and maybe, just maybe, a little deflowering...
    • by Ludus :...
    • Snatched by Mistake III
      snatche3 zip (07k) (mfff cons)
      I was worried that Helen Hillary and Tracy would blame me for what had happened but I found out I was wrong.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover: ch 28: Conclusion, Mia & Mary
      thechi28 zip (06k) (daut)
      Mia had known many young girls and yes, had deep feeling of affection for a few. But .. There had been nothing like the love she felt for Mary. However, with Mary her feelings were split between a protective motherly role, and a deep sexual woman to woman physical attraction. While she enjoyed the physical side of the relationship, she also enjoyed just being with Mary. She wanted to have Mary with her always and the thought of leaving her behind was unbearable.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • The Jolly Sailor, part 1: In Safe Hands
      thejoll1 zip (07k) (M/b(11) masturbation oral)
      Eleven year old Tim thought it was the most boring holiday ever, until a local fisherman took him in hand and taught him seaman stuff!

      Thursday, February 09, 2006

    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Alice - A Paul Purple Story, ch 3
      aliceap3 zip (17k) (Mf, ff, bond, spank)
      After the shock Paul finds out the truth, the nice kind FBI agents hear a nasty story from the young girl held by the bad man, who finishes the story with a mystery. read to find out.
      Lessons - A Paul Purple story
      lessonsa zip (22k) (bmf, mf, fond)
      This story takes place just after chapter 3 of Alice and explains why Paul is missing from the main story. He has to help out Ropeville - much to their bemusement as he was never to return there again! How well will he teach the team of kidnappers?

      Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Blue And Red
      blueandr zip (11k) (m/f, pedo, oral, incest, bro/sis)
      Seven-year-old Beatrice had trouble pronouncing her name. Because of that, and her startling blue eyes, she was nicknamed, 'Blue'. In spite of that moniker, she was usually a happy and cheerful child. I say usually, because today, little Blue WAS blue. Blue had a big brother, James, who was in High School. She idolized him, devising infinite ways to get his attention. He had a nickname too, 'Red', because of his extremely red hair (Blue had red hair too, but it was much darker). Their parents thought it was cute to have them nicknamed that way. Blue had gone to greet him when he came home from school today, meeting him at the bus stop like she always did. Blue's second grade class let out an hour earlier, and she loved to meet Red when he got home from school, always jumping up into his arms for a kiss and a hug.
    • by Ludus :...
    • Snatched by Mistake II: Trouble with Tracy
      snatche2 zip (14k) (Mmfff first NC)
      Helen Hillary and I were determined to find out what was happening with Tracy. When we did we found ourselves pulled into Tracy's troubles.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Alice - A Paul Purple Story, ch 2
      aliceap2 zip (24k) (Mf, ff, bond, spank, nonc)
      Alice is taught what happens when she deserves punishment, and Paul finds out that there are some things that needs more help! Red seems to have more than just the need to watch Alice and takes out his anger on an innocent person. Just who can you turn to when you're a kidnapper and have a teenager who needs help?
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Cum Into The Wood And Play A Little
      cuminto5 zip (06k) (M/bb(12/8) oral)
      I give Mr Green a little surprise and get quite an eyeopener myself!

      Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Bears! ch 24
      bears24 zip (15k) (m/ff/F/reluctantly consensual)
      "Yeah," Dean continued, "we were right...that's some fine body you have. A bunch of us guys were just talking about you in the locker room last week. You know when you wear those real tight slacks, we not only see the shape and size of your pussy, us guys can generally even see your pussy slit. Thursday a bunch of us guys were standing around naked before we took our showers...just standing there jerking off...discussing what you'd look like naked...and what it would be like if we got the chance to fuck you."
    • by The Slum Lord :...
    • Slum Lord, part 2, written by DaddyBob
      slumlor2 zip (28k) (M/g M/F ped incest romance)
      I knew my sister Rachael needed my help. How badly I wasn't sure. What I didn't expect were the demands my two nieces, nine-year-old Emily and eleven-year-old Amy would place on me. Their needs went deep... Who knew I could get there?
    • by Ludus :...
    • Snatched by Mistake
      snatched zip (22k) (mfff exhib)
      Central High had a grudge against our football team. My mistake that night was going out to see my girlfriend that night with my older brother's football jacket on.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Alice - A Paul Purple Story, ch 1
      aliceap1 zip (24k) (Mf, ff, bond, nonc)
      Alice was scared, her step-father was trying her door at night, her mother didn't care and so she was crying in the mall, when a young girl called Billie-Jo started to talk to her.
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Beach, part 6
      beach6 zip (06k) (M/ffff)
      She walked over and wrapped her arms around my neck and reached up to kiss me. I slid my hands under her T-shirt and stroked her perfect skin of her bottom. I lifted her up and sat her on the kitchen counter and pressed my body between her legs. We kissed and caressed each other until we heard another set of footsteps heading to the bathroom upstairs. Lifting her T-shirt up a little I exposed her sweet young pussy and quickly placed a large wet kiss on it. Molly giggled and pushed my head into her crotch. I gave it one more lick then straightened up and adjusted my swollen cock to point upwards in my pants.
    • by re:load :...
    • Bucharest Confidential, ch 2: Cerebral Sumo
      buchare2 zip (09k) (M/g, cons)
      Leaving the hotel with cum-stains on the sheets, I was glad that I had paid in cash and not left my name or credit card with them. Stepping towards the street, I hailed a cab. Before we stepped in I instructed Nadjia not to speak a word to the cab driver no matter what. She seemed to understand and nodded approval.

      Monday, February 06, 2006

    • by Terry :...
    • Puppy, Puppy, Kitty, part 1
      puppypu1 zip (04k) (M, F, f, dogs)
      My friends love dogs, and when this family of three purchase two cute saint Bernard's. There small daughter was so over joy. She was running around her back yard waiting for her dad, while her dad went to pick them up. Wearing a thin yellow sun follow dress with her bare feet she was climbing up and down as she watch the road. Having set up my chairs for summer, I took a seat, watching this young child as I read a book. Soon her daddy showed up and the young mom held onto the cute tot, so she would not run in front of the car. Daddy then release the two pups, both were about as big as she was, almost a year old already, the two pops made there move on her, as they had her down on the ground and was licking away on her face. The small tot love the kissing, that almost look a bit of French. Soon dad had to leave as he drove his huge truck down the lane, over the road will take him out for three weeks, as the tot hug the over anxiety dogs.
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Beach, part 5
      beach5 zip (06k) (M/ffff, pen, oil bath)
      Erica giggled and said "You know Bobby Smith at school? He always told me size doesn't matter. He's wrong", said Erica as she wriggled her bottom on my thighs and moved my cock around inside of her. She put her hands just below her belly button and said, "He's all the way up here. I can feel it."
    • by Wanderer :...
    • Beach Play, ch 2
      beachpl2 zip (03k) (M/b b/b (M13, b7, b4, b4, b2) inf inc ws scat anal oral)
      Ned's thirteen years old half-hard cock stiffened a little as he took off his swim trunks. Little Johnny squealed in glee as his seven year old brother slurped Ned's cum off his baby chest. Ned lowered his crotch over the two-year old's face, and the boy took his cock with his sticky hands and put the cockhead in his mouth, slurping off the strands of cum that was left there. The feeling was wonderful, the boy's baby lips caressing the dirty teen cockhead.
    • by bookworm :...
    • Maria
      maria zip (22k) (MFg Mg)
      "I'm sorry but I haven't got enough money left this month to pay the rent." I had been in the process of shrugging it off. I had never been that interested in renting the caravan. It wasn't as if I needed the money. Although I wasn't rich I was not hurting either. I had been left the house by my grandmother and I had a fairly well paid job, but to her the shrug went unseen. Her head was already under her dress as she pulled it over her head.
    • by Dblmnd :...
    • Teaching Her Daughters, part 1
      teachin1 zip (16k) (M/F/f/f first time ff cons inc oral pedo)
      Cathy Miller has finally found happiness after the death of her husband 5 long years ago. How ever her new husband wants more than just her he wants her daughters too

      Superbowl Sunday, February 05, 2006

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • A New Beginning
      anewbegi zip (29k) (F/ffmm, F/F)
      Life's roll of the dice took away Darlene Lee's reason for living. In a fluke accident she lost her partner in life throwing her in the woes of depression. The needs of one of her new neighbors opens a small crack in the door of life that gradually results a reason for her New Beginning.
    • by derisible :...
    • Animals!, part 1
      animals1 zip (06k) (gg7 9)
      She wanted to get really dirty with them but none wanted to do anything. She wanted to see them pee and poo in front of her and watch her do it. But 9 year old boys are not naturally versed in the ways of dirty things. In fact no 9 year old is - but Julie had secrets only she and her best friend Darla knew and that helped her become very dirty minded. Darla herself had other secrets, some she kept from even her very best friends.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Cynthia's Hands On Experience
      cynthias zip (07k) (girl 6, boy 11; nudity, fondling, manipulation)
      Cynthia Reeves is six years old, a curly haired redhead, with pale to pink skin and an artful scattering of freckles around her face and chest. With no girls close by Cynthia loves to hang out with 11 yo Tommy Haskins. They don't do much together, she just likes to be around Tommy, and he enjoys being around her in spite of the occasional kidding from his friends. One day when Tommy's mother is out shopping Cynthia comes over and lets herself in the back door and goes hunting for Tommy. She finds him in his room, stretched out on his bed stark naked, pulling on his peter while looking at girl underwear ads in the Sears Catalogue.
      Deborah Has A Blackhead
      deborahh zip (13k) (girl 8, man 32, lapsitting, nudity, genital blackhead removal, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Stella Cruise and her 8 yo daughter Deborah move in with Barney Pickering. Deborah, who had had sexual play with one of her mother's former boyfriends, is determined to bring back those good feelings again with Barney. Barney had no idea of the child's previous experiences, and truly believes her to be an innocent, although she is producing feelings within himself which scare him. When Deborah prances nude from her room to the bathroom every night Barney gets upset when he can't take his eyes off the child, and gets an erection, though he believes that only pedophiles and child molesters get erections from seeing nude 8 year olds. But Deborah forced Barney to take in the sight of her nudity one night when she discovers a blackhead near her genitals. How does one remove a blackhead from a little girl's pussy lip? Don't ask. Just read on.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Muscheln am Strand, Teil 6
      muschel6 zip (09k) (m12 / f11 - spank)
      "Mein Gott, du bist erst 11, noch ein Kind!", sagte mein Vater entrüstet und schon etwas lauter und nervöser. "Na und, darf man keine Gefühle haben? Was meinst du, mache ich manchmal abends im Bett?", fragte ich ihn.

      Saturday, February 04, 2006

    • by Rogerher :...
    • Stephanie And Other Games, part 1
      stephan1 zip (10k) (M/f, f/f, Father/Daughter, inc, cons)
      Bryana's father watched, his eyes narrow with disgust and contempt as his 12 year old daughter knelt in front of her then boyfriend's father fellating his thick penis whilst her boyfriend BJ sat idly by stroking his cock in time the girl's facial movement. The couple was at a party hosted by Bryan, BJ's father in honor of his son's 19th birthday. The small living room was packed with revelers who were either high on sweet smelling weed or intoxicated with whiskey which Bryan had boasted he'd purchased after selling his latest supply of rich B.C. Bud marijuana.
    • by Wanderer :...
    • Beach Play, ch 1
      beachpl1 zip (03k) (m/b b/b m(13) b(7,2) inf, ws, cons, implied inc)
      He watched a two year old boy playing distractedly with his baby penis. Ned got really close, his hand drifting just inches from the baby's half-hard little peanut, watching with his teen cock hardening in his bathing trunks. The baby's daddy was standing with his back to them, talking to another guy. The little tyke looked at Ned's questing hand, then at his face and smiled. Ned checked again that the big man next to them was occupied in his chat. When he looked back, the boy was looking down at his swelling baby peepee. - Got pee, the toddler piped.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Bored Wives Club, 1 - Introduction
      boredwi1 zip (05k) (No sex yet)
      We have been friends since high school, 5 guys and 5 girls. We were couples at high school and we all went on to the same college. All 5 guys majored in Electronics, while the girls went for the less practical majors, like, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Agronomy and Nursing. Since we had all started together, we all graduated together, came back to our hometown, we all got jobs at companies owned by our parents, got married to our high school sweethearts, and we each have one son and one daughter. Somewhat, the American dream.
    • by DannyR :...
    • Incest Tales 5: Ahmad and His Brother 01-04
      incestt5 zip (30k) (M/t, M/b, MM/b, t/b, oral, anal, incest, pedo)
      Ahmad is a half-Latin, half-Arab, 14-yr-old bully with 8" of fat cock. Join him on his adventures with 8-yr-old brother Ricardo, their dad, a little black boy and his dad, a submissive 16-yr-old, a 5-yr-old and his dad in a rest stop toilet with a couple of truckers...
    • by Spin :...
    • Kiddies - The New Drug
      kiddiest zip (14k) (M/g Pedo, First Time, Oral)
      Here's a peek into the future, a future of passive Permissiveness as kids are rented out by their help with family finances in the failing economy of the new world. Desperate people do desperate things but to our main character,the fruits of their desperate acts become a new addiction.
    • by Zack :...
    • Letter To A Perv Dad
      letterto zip (03k) (M/f, dad/dau, violent, extreme, rape, racist)
      Son ready to enter military writes to perv Dad how he wants to be killer rapist just like him. CAUTION: extreme.
    • by Steve Dema :...
    • Little Cumbag And The Doctor's Receptionist, part 1
      littlec1 zip (18k) (M+g, F+g, b+g, humil, best, rough, fist, piss, consensual)
      Part 3 in the beginning Cumbag saga. Cumbag is invited to the receptionist's house to play.
      Little Cumbag Gets Toilet Trained
      littlecu zip (12k) (M+g, F+g, incest, humil, best, rough, fist, piss, scat, consensual, body mod)
      Part 2 in the beginning Cumbag saga. Little Cumbag gets toilet duty.
      The Babysitter's New Life
      thebabys zip (15k) (b/F, humil, rough, piss, incest, consensual)
      Lori's life would be forever changed when she began babysitting her friend's son.
      The Son's Whore
      thesonsw zip (11k) (incest, young, rough, consensual, humiliation, S&M, piss)
      "Well do you feel any older, son? Ya know...Turning 16 is the first real step into manhood you know. You are now a young man." Jack said as he looked proudly at Johnny. Thanks Dad. I don't feel any different but you know, 16 is old enough for a car, don't you think?" "Yeah...ha, ha, ha. I should have known a car would get into this conversation. You're right. We'll have to go car shopping."

      Friday, February 03, 2006

    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Bears!, ch 23
      bears23 zip (14k) (M/F/m/f/many of all ages, incest)
      "Shit...that was so awesome seeing that fucking Palmer, the police chief, with his little girl on the table. Him standing there naked, working that big cock into his kid's virgin pussy...with his wife helping...and her at least as excited as he was. And all the while she was helping her husband fuck her kid, her little boy was poking his hand up inside his mom's sloppy cunt trying to get her to lay down so he could fuck HER...LOL," Dean laughed, "and the little three year old just standing there stark naked...looking at it all and having no idea what was going on."
    • by KingKookie :...
    • Mountain Camping Trip, ch 1
      mountai1 zip (15k) (M/F, b/g bro/sis inc preteens mast)
      A family learns what it means to be "roughing it". Especially nine-year-old Jenny and ten-year-old Rick, who share a tent together, plus a lot of experiences.
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Beach, part 4
      beach4 zip (08k) (M/ffff)
      I stroked her tits and ran my fingers over her slit. She continued to play with my balls and stroked my cock until I got another erection, so Tammy climbed on top and lowered herself down onto me. There we sat with her on my lap and her back against my chest, still watching TV with my cock deep up her cunt. I had a can of beer in my hand and this young girl laughing at the cartoons and thinking nothing of having a 30-yar-old man's cock up her cunt.

      Thursday, February 02, 2006

    • by BabyBeca :...
    • He Eats Little Girls, part 3
      heeatsl3 zip (06k) (M/f/M/m pre-teen infant rape anal erotic horror blood snuff extreme)
      The pre-teen female lifted her green skirt up out of her way, as she squatted down to attach the support ropes to the wooden pegs. Unaware of his presence, this simple action give Bergen, a clear unobstructed view through the slit in her pantaloons, at her smooth hairless Venus mound.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Breadwinner
      thebread zip (26k) (F/m Mot/son incest conseq)
      Jason watches his mother nursing his step-sister and fantasizes about her breasts. See what happens when she comes to his room one night to ask him why he keeps staring at her breast...
    • by Dragyonfly :...
    • Jack and his Nymph, part deux
      jackand2 zip (10k) (Mf)
      When we left our pair, they were snuggled up together telling secrets and Jack was showing Carrie about the anatomy of a penis. She was a rapt student, with much participation and interest. She had learned many things these few days, and was a very interested in the new feelings and activities that her new friend, Jack, had been showing her. Her mother was always unavailable and she was so desperate for any adult attention, that his affections were welcome and he lavished them upon her freely. Jack was smitten by the young beauty and could not fathom being away from her for any length of time, and was even now, contemplating not taking her home. He knew this was not possible, because he was not a kidnapper, but her pleas to stay with him and be his "little girl" was almost more than he could bear.

      Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    • by Myfakenick :...
    • Camp Meat, ch 4
      campmea4 zip (07k) (MMM/f,4yo, penetration, oral, anal, semi-nc)
      John took the small child's hand and pulled her up off the couch. He then sat on the edge of the couch and pulled the little girl down to her knees in front of his hard fat pole. The experienced older man firmly but gently placed the little slut's hands on his huge stiff rod then pulled her small head down onto his bulbous purple cock head. The little four year old began stroking and sucking like she had learned the day before. Our little camp meat was learning her lessons well. She could only fit the first two inches of John's big fat prick into her tiny mouth but John didn't seem to mind at all.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Mary Jane's Bad Day
      maryjane zip (13k) (girl 11, 4 men 30's; diaper changing, bathing, violent gang rape, fondling titties)
      In a foolish youth I used to occasionally download pictures from a newsgroup. One photo still remains in my memory lo these many years later. It was titled: 14gbng and showed a girl (she could have been anywhere from 11 to 18) with no pants on and her panties shoved to one side being bounced on the joint of a man with his shorts down below his knees, while three other men were unzipped and playing with their peckers, and two of them were fondling the girl's breasts. Who knows if the photo was staged or real, it certainly looked real. I tried to identify with that girl, and tell of the incident as seen through her eyes. I think what started out as a bad day ended up pretty well for the Mary Jane of my story, all things considered. I hope the girl in the picture (assuming it was real) fared as well as my fictional Mary Jane did.
      My Streaking Cousins
      mystreak zip (17k) (boy 16, girls 10, 12; nudity, exhibition, fondling, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Jimmy Lockwood, 16, had two cousins, Bev and Linda Ringwald and their mother moved in with he and his mother. He tells of a trip to Galveston where he saw his first pair of naked girl titties. Later when the girls were parading past his room after their shower and Bev tries covering her titties with her hands Jimmy gives her towel a little tug and it crumples to the floor exposing all of her charms. The competitive spirit being what it is with the two girls, Linda plots to make her towel fall away too. And one day when Jimmy paraded past the girls with a towel wrapped around his middle, Bev used the patented Jimmy trick of plucking it away so that Jimmy's rock hard projection was unveiled to their eager eyes. Things just go downhill (or uphill if you prefer) after that as the kids discover a whole new world of after school home schooling.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Skatin' Katie
      skatinka zip (11k) (M/f, pedo, oral, anal)
      Katie Shea wiggled and squirmed impatiently as her mother tightened the straps on the bright blue plastic safety helmet Katie was wearing. "Now, Katie," her mom said, "You're going to be careful out there, aren't you? I don't want you skating too fast downhill and hurting yourself." "Mother!," the little girl whined, "I'm almost eleven! I know how to be safe. I've been skating for three years!" She pulled away from her mother's grasp, redoing the chin strap the way she wanted. Her mom stood up and admired her daughter proudly. She loved it when Katie wore matching clothes, and today she was dolled up like the perfect little roller skating princess.
    • by Ferret224 :...
    • Tickle My Pink, ch 10-17
      tic10_17 zip (31k) (Mg, MF, mg, cons, inc, Ped, oral, exhib, feet, anal, spank, tickle)
      The conclusion to this series. Secrets are found out and good times are had by all.

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