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      On Monday, July 31, 2006


      Sunday, July 30, 2006

    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 8
      edwards8 zip (20k) (Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages.
      Hymen Dot Com, ch 5
      hymendo5 zip (18k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Eddie moved in with Jenny and her kids; six year old Lisa, three year old Tommy and two year old Emma. After Jenny showed him Emma's hymen, he suggested they make some money by selling photo's of it to a website. Things progress and Eddie is recruited to use his talents with the camera on others wanting to make some money.
    • by Spin :...
    • Paul the 'Pedo' and the Last Temptation
      paulthep zip (15k) (M/g Pedo, Sex, First Time, Oral, Coersion)
      Here's another story with plenty of hot, steamy, preteen erotica. Paul the Pedo is up to his old self, as he gets lucky beyond belief. This Story is rated "A Full Roll of Paper Towels"
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Sunbathing in a Convertible
      sunbathi zip (05k) (M/f)
      I'm a poor, hard-working door-to-door salesman. One day, I see a 1959 Cadillac convertible in remarkably good shape. However, the back seat contains someone also in remarkably good shape.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The Swimming Coach
      theswimm zip (08k) (M/f)
      I was recently called in as a substitute teacher for a sports class at the local school. Whilst it wasn't the first swim class I'd ever supervised, it was certainly the most memorable.
    • by chuppa-chups-25 :...
    • Die Geburtstagsüberraschung
      diegebur zip (04k) (M/M/F Inc)
      Der vierundvierzigjährige selbstständige Makler lebte schon seit drei Jahren mit seiner einundzwanzigjährigen Tochter und dem neunzehnjährigen Sohn allein. Es hatte sich keine Gelegenheit wieder ergeben, nach dem viel zu frühen Tod seiner Frau, eine neue Beziehung einzugehen. Die Tochter sah zuweilen sehr tief in ihn hinein. Ihr blieb nicht verborgen, wie er ein weibliches Wesen entbehrte.
      sexualbe zip (06k) (M/F/F)
      Mit grossen Augen schaute die Frau im weissen Kittel Martina Fritsching an. Die kam sich unter dem lauernden Blick ziemlich klein und hässlich vor. Um überhaupt etwas zu sagen, brummelte sie: "Es fällt ja so wahnsinnig schwer, darüber zu reden." "Aber Frau Fritsching. Ich bin ihre Gynäkologin und mache auch schon seit Jahren im gewissen Umfang Ehe- und Sexualberatung. Sie können mir glauben...ich habe alles schon einmal gehört und immerhin auch eigene Erfahrungen."

      Saturday, July 29, 2006

    • by AnaLover :...
    • A Visit To The Doctor
      avisitto zip (09k) (M/f, anal)
      Now I'm pregnant I'm unbelievably horny most of the time and last week I went to the doctor for a routine check-up and can hardly believe what happened...(I'm still trembling as I write!)
    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 7
      edwards7 zip (27k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school drugs inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages.
      Hymen Dot Com, ch 4
      hymendo4 zip (14k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Eddie moved in with Jenny and her kids; six year old Lisa, three year old Tommy and two year old Emma. After Jenny showed him Emma's hymen, he suggested they make some money by selling photo's of it to a website. Things progress and Eddie is recruited to use his talents with the camera on others wanting to make some money.
    • by Perdido :...
    • Like for Like #4
      likefor4 zip (07k) (M/F/F/M girl (10) bdsm swopping oral anal)
      Mark lifted her on to the tips of her toes, bent his knees and aimed his cock into her sopping cunt. Brenda was licking Frannie's arse and now she beckoned me forward, took my cock, lathered it with her spit and aimed it at Frannie's arse. I didn't need a printed invitation: I forced my cock into her arse and encountered the incredible sensation of another cock the other side of the vaginal wall. We quickly adjusted to a rhythm, one thrusting in as the other slid out, then reversing. Then more sensation was added as I felt something wriggling around my own arse and realised it was Brenda, rimming me.

      Friday, July 28, 2006

    • by Dom Santana :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Unexpected Domination, part 1
      unexpec1 zip (24k) (MG/MGG/Mb)
      A story of the domination of an adult by a sexually-advanced child and the situations that ensue.
    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 6
      edwards6 zip (14k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages.
      Hymen Dot Com, ch 3
      hymendo3 zip (26k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Eddie moved in with Jenny and her kids; six year old Lisa, three year old Tommy and two year old Emma. After Jenny showed him Emma's hymen, he suggested they make some money by selling photo's of it to a website. Things progress and Eddie is recruited to use his talents with the camera on others wanting to make some money.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Matti, part 6
      matti6 zip (09k) (Father/Daughter/friends)
      Wanting to get Matti out of the house during the baby runs, Brandy arranged for Matti to stay with her friend Lisa Brown. Lisa was 18 and a senior. Bobby were 18, but only in the eleventh grade, as his birthdays fell past the deadline.
    • by Wizard :...
    • The Trailer Park: The Second Year
      thetrai2 zip (98k) (bg, slow, romance, humor)
      Tony thought being in love solved all his problems. Then Robbie moved to town.
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Sommerferien, ch 7
      sommerf7 zip (06k) (F/b10g7 sex)
      In diesem Teil wird zunächst einmal die laufende Filmsession weitergeführt mit einem weiteren richtig geilen Beitrag! Ein kleines Mädchen wird unter den Augen ihrer Mami von ihrem großen Bruder vernascht. Viel Spaß!

      Thursday, July 27, 2006

    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 5
      edwards5 zip (14k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages.
      Hymen Dot Com, ch 2
      hymendo2 zip (15k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Eddie moved in with Jenny and her kids; six year old Lisa, three year old Tommy and two year old Emma. After Jenny showed him Emma's hymen, he suggested they make some money by selling photo's of it to a website. Things progress and Eddie is recruited to use his talents with the camera on others wanting to make some money.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Greg's Story, part 2
      gregsst2 zip (13k) (M/m/f, pedo, inc)
      Greg's Story involves an adult male surprised in his backyard by one of his nine-year-old students with his younger sister. Greg has the habit of wandering around his yard naked and the two children are very interested in changes that occur to him while they are there. During the afternoon, Greg finds out the children are being physically abused by their drunken and drug dependent parents and he sets out to end their suffering. In Part 2: Greg brings Sam and Jenny home to his place after gaining custody of them. After getting them ready for bed, Greg begins to tend to Sam's bruising when one thing leads to another (again) and the three of them enjoy the first of many nights of love and sexual pleasures...."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 19
      pineri19 zip (14k) (Males/females (6-15) lots of sex, bestiality)
      We were through eating and the older girls grabbed my hand, Gary's, Mary's and Jessica's and began pulling us out the front door. As we went, they were yelling for everyone to follow and we went across the creek and over to the school. On one end of the bottom dorm was a bed, set out in the middle of the room and everyone gathered around it. The eleven year old Jessica and her twelve year old Brother Gary were taken to stand by another bed at the head of the row and April had the naked eleven year old kneeling at her brother's feet, looking at his four inch cock..
    • by chuppa-chups-25 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Katze im Sack
      katzeims zip (08k) (M/M/F)
      Wir waren noch nicht lange verheiratet, das entschloss ich mich, ihn mal von der Arbeit abzuholen. Lange nach Feierabend war es schon. Ich ging aus der Familienvilla über den Hof zu seinem Büro. Sein Vorzimmer war nicht mehr besetzt. An der Tür zu seinem Arbeitszimmer stutze ich. Geile Töne hörte ich, wie ich sie von Pornos, nicht allerdings von meinem Mann kannte.

      Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Cumsucker's Wife
      cumsuckersw zip (05k) (MF wife slut)
      This may be a bit too autobiographical for many of my readers, but I feel compelled to share it with you anyway. If you are reading this essay, if you are a reader of the kinds of fiction presented here on Mr. Double's site, and by me personally, then I suspect you will enjoy and appreciate this "confessional." My current (second) wife, Scarlett, is a slut. It is what I love about her... it is what attracted me to her in the beginning. Doesn't every man want a woman who will suck his cock, then show him his cum on her tongue before swallowing it... a woman with an incredible body... with great 34C tits... perfect legs... a shaved pussy... and the kind of sexy eyes and thick lips that cry out to be sexually used? I know I do. I love a woman like that, and I married one.
    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 4
      edwards4 zip (25k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages
      Hymen Dot Com, ch 1
      hymendo1 zip (21k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Eddie moved in with Jenny and her kids; six year old Lisa, three year old Tommy and two year old Emma. After Jenny showed him Emma's hymen, he suggested they make some money by selling photo's of it to Things progressed and Eddie was recruited to use his talents with the camera with others wanting to make some money.
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • The Playground Girls Return
      theplay2 zip (11k) (MM/gg, M/g, panties, touching, voyeur, oral, anal, pedo)
      In a sequel to 'The Playground Girls' I once again get to watch Sky(12) and Katrina(12) this time fooling around with some older guys. I then get a very unexpected surprise...As she fell, her skirt flipped up, revealing her white cotton panties pulled tightly up into her crotch, her cleft clearly visible through the taut material...both loudly gasped as the blanketed figure on the bed stirred and sleepily sat up in bed. The blanket fell away leaving...

      Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 3
      edwards3 zip (34k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Horny Mom, Naughty Neighbors, ch 2
      hornymo2 zip (12k) (M/F/m/f inc, orgy, anal, les, pedo)
      The two families continue to get to know each other. The two hot preteens play with sex toys, including a vibrating butt plug. Mom and son get sodomized together with the help of a willing father and daughter.
    • by Unclebuck :...
    • Matti, part 5
      matti5 zip (09k) (daut/dad)
      The baby runs continue
    • by Pantyhose King :...
    • Mom Matt and Katy, ch 1
      mommatt1 zip (06k) (MF)
      She was forced down upon the floor, there was no point in dissenting, there WAS 5 of them. They were all looking down at her, they, pretty strapping young men, masked, all in black, she, slightly overweight, 46 years old, still in work attire, charcoal jacket, white blouse, opera bra, knee length pleated silk skirt, nude shade pantyhose, no panties, sling back 3 1/2 inch heels. Her son looked at her in fear, 19, also strapping but no match for 5 other strong guys. He was seated in the chair in the corner of her bedroom, where she had stumbled into the unusually quiet house, then her room to change. She found these men, and her son. Her first thought had been, 'Oh my Gawd, where is Katy?' followed directly by 'Its a robbery Kay, keep cool...they want money and stuff, give them what they want and they will cool' soon turned to 'Oh my god, what are they talking about, why do they all seem to have bulges in their pants?'
    • by BP :...
    • Nipple Games
      nipplega zip (17k) (Voyeur, incest, nipple play, lact)
      Pull up a comfortable chair. I would like to share with you my unusual family life. My dad drives a long haul truck and mom is a house mom. Because dad is often gone, mom and I have been alone together a lot. From the time I was a baby Mom (Gloria) would let me sleep with her when dad was out on the road. However, it was understood, when dad came home, I went back to my own room no fussing.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 18
      pineri18 zip (13k) (Males/females (6-15) lots of sex, bestiality)
      By the time Helen and I left our cabin to walk down to the lodge, it was later than I expected and there was sounds of squealing coming from the barn. We made a quick detour through the barn and eighteen year old Ben was fucking seventeen year old Brianna and sixteen year old Robby was fucking fifteen year old Vanessa and both girls were hitting continuous orgasms. When I called them studs and mares, Helen gave me a dirty look and said that was degrading, mares didn't have orgasms. Still, she had a point and I would quit using those terms. As we walked out the other side of the barn, we could see Carrie and Sheila talking by the gate and Helen waved to them.
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • TV Programs
      tvprogra zip (04k) (MFffff pedo)
      David had the idea first when he was doing his MBA. He had been taken to a lab, which allowed advertisers to see where people looked on a TV screen during the showing of an ad. He had noticed on one particularly ad for a Childs product that men particularly zeroed in on an adults hands when they were on a Childs body. This was particularly true when the picked up a little girl in a short dress and bather and his hand was near her upper thighs.

      Monday, July 24, 2006


      Sunday, July 23, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Hot Day for Papa Bear
      ahotdayf zip (15k) (man 36, girl 5; nudity, fondling, bathing, oral, penetration)
      What a hot day today is. Muy caliente, as our friends from south of the border would say. The only good thing about a day like this is that people, and by that I mean little girls, will be wearing as few clothes as possible. And many little girls six and under will even be running around shirtless, bless their bare little chests. Most of the time their tiny bee-sting nipples don't look a tad different to those of a boy of the same age, but that makes absolutely no difference to an experienced little girl lover like me, our minds know full well that is a girl's chest they are decorating, and that always makes for the nicest eye candy. My name is David DaVinci, same last name as the famous artist. Haaa! Except I can't draw a lick, though I can sure as hell lick a draw (if you get my meaning). Anyways, here's what happened to me on a real scorcher of a day in May.
    • by Smokey :...
    • Cousin For A Day
      cousinfo zip (09k) (M/f/g, scat, ws, cons sex)
      The phone-call came out of the blue. I hadn't heard from Shauna in a couple of months
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Demora, Slave Girl, part 1/6
      demoras1 zip (07k) (M/g; oral, forced, spanking, training)
      I circled the naked girl several times, checking out all of her features and enhancements. She was just so perfect. Her breeders, a male and female whose sole business is the sale of their specially prepared offspring, were on the computer at the far side of the room making sure that the money I had transferred into their off-shore account had cleared.
      Stress Relief Balls, part 3
      stressr3 zip (09k) (Mb/b; extreme torture/revenge/snuff; incest, oral, anal, watersports)
      The next several days were kind of quiet. I didn't know if Detective Bensen was going to keep his word or not, but from the way he had shot poor little Benjy's hand to smithereens, I had to assume he was telling the truth. I let William beat and rape Benjy for the next three days, on and off, but I kept out of the basement. I was too busy slamming my wife. Each month, during her peak flow, she gets real horny. She loves to be fucked while she's bleeding, and even I have to admit it's pretty sick, twisted, and erotic!
    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's Children, ch 2
      edwards2 zip (21k) (MF Mf Mg ped pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls. In the years that followed, he explored his sexuality with many special girls of all ages.
    • by Big Dusty1 :...
    • Kai and Raye 02: Rena, Raye and Unca Doug
      kaiandr2 zip (15k) (M/F/f 9yo, oral, intercourse, fisting sex, mom/dau, inc)
      "Pull her panties down Doug,look at my babygirl's cunt,tell me how wet she is.",says Rena. With severely trembling hands I reach out for the nine year old girls panties,the time seemed to warp,I could see my hands begin their shaky move toward the small strings of cloth that were the sides of Raye's panties,but it was as if my hands were submerged in cement,it took all the strength I had to even move my arms,agonizingly slow my hands delved forward toward heaven.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Cumsucker Clinic
      thecrave zip (09k) (slut, gangbang)
      My heart was beating wildly as I departed the taxi and stood in front of the large, grey stone building... Cumsucker Clinic. The name alone sent tingles into my pussy. I'd been dreaming of coming here ever since an online lover told me about it. He said a good little slut like me would love it... that it was a place where all my wildest fantasies could come true if I let myself be led by the doctors here. So here I was, my suitcase filled with my vibrators, dildoes, and the sluttiest lingerie imaginable, as outlined in the admission form.
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Dangers of Keeping a Diary
      thedange zip (18k) (MFgg)
      A sequel to "The Diary of Helen Fothergill" in which the protagonist Matt discovers the said eight-year old's diary and uses it for his own perverted ends. He blackmails Helen into a bare bottom spanking which rapidly turns into an oral sex session with the little girl. An interruption by Helen's three-year old sister Mandy gives Matt a chance to have some fun with the toddler before he shoots her older sister's mouth full of hot cum. Later in the evening an unusual situation develops which can only be described as "and mother makes three ..."

      Saturday, July 22, 2006

    • by typo12 :...
    • A Boy's Awakening
      aboysawa zip (09k) (FF/boy)
      Hi, my name is Sabrina and I'm quite an attractive 25 year old model. I am Blond with pinkish white skin and a beautiful figure, not to mention my shapely bottom and soft breasts. Until recently, most of my work came from modeling for various fashion magazine's with a few perfume ads here and there. I received a call from a woman named Summer who asked me if I would be interested in becoming a model for an erotic art magazine named Boy Kiss. She told me I would be posing nude with young boys, from ages 5 to 12, however nothing sexual would take place, just carefully chosen, although somewhat intense, photographs.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Morning Cuddles...1
      morning1 zip (03k) (M/f)
      A fun little story that...
      Morning Cuddles...2
      morning2 zip (09k) (M/f/F, anal)
      grew into something longer, harder, slippery with pre-come and lube...
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Number 6
      numbersi zip (10k) (Mg, gg, oral, rp, bond, nc)
      Mercer County was being terrorised! Girls were going missing and no clues as to where they were or what was happening to them! So far 5 had been taken, and this is the story of the last one, Number 6.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Twin Indecent Activities
      twininde zip (14k) ((m(10), f (10) twin sister, f (11), experimenting, oral, cunnilingus, fondling, playing doctor up in a tree fort.)
      Sara and Michael were 10-year-old twins ready to experiment. They had been encouraged to keep themselves covered by their parents, but at the insistence of the shy sister, they elected to participate in some indecent (but thoroughly satisfying) activities up in a tree fort their dad had built, buck naked! Before getting started though, Sara called over her best friend Amy who was quick to accept the invitation, especially since she had a crush on Michael, and his stiff cock already. What will Amy make the twins do to each other?

      Friday, July 21, 2006

    • by explorer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Edward's Children, ch 1
      edwards1 zip (36k) (MF Mf Mg ped / pedo pre-teen pre-school inc oral anal ws)
      Edward's encounters with the 7 yo daughter of a friend awakens his earliest memories of sexual awareness and triggers his desire to explore sexual relations with pre-teen and pre-school girls.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 17
      pineri17 zip (13k) (Males/females (4-15) lots of sex, bestiality, ws)
      With the three luscious red heads in my car, we headed back to my town, then on up to the ranch, so they could stay with Jim and Lilly. Who greeted the girls warmly and made them feel at home and I knew the other girls would go out of their way to make these new girls feel accepted. There were workmen across the creek and moving around, so I told the girls they were to stay dressed as along as the workmen were around. That Jim or Lilly would tell them when they could undress and run around that way. With another kiss for each of them, I was off and would see them again tomorrow night.
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • The Cherry Tree House
      thecherr zip (04k) (b/g, semi-nc)
      A short little story of a 13 year-old boy and his 9 year-old girl-friend in his Tree House.

      Thursday, July 20, 2006

    • by Perdido :...
    • Perdido Like for Like #3
      likefor3 zip (05k) (M/F g(10) voyeur forced anal)
      I kept on raping Frannie's arse as I whispered in her ear, "Your little daughter's watching us from the doorway." Frannie stiffened and tried to turn but I held her in position, one hand pinned across her neck and kept whispering: "She's watching me fuck your arse. She can see my cock sliding in and out. She has her hand in her pyjamas touching herself." It had the desired effect: as I thrust hard into her arse, Frannie soared above the pain and charged full on into a huge orgasm, bucking and roaring beneath me.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Rich Fools and School Girls
      richfool zip (16k) (M/f pedo con)
      Her face turned red under the old man's gaze. She turned away, distressed to feel the attraction between them. Like his son, who invariably stood too close, she could feel the growing ridge in the front of his trousers, coaxing her body to grow wet for it. The tension in the room was palpable.

      Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    • by Snatcher :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Merisa, ch 1
      merisa1 zip (06k) (M/f pedo rape)
      She looked Hispanic, about 3 years old. What I like to call a sweet little brown butt. What she was doing in the alley alone I'm not sure, but it was my lucky day. As I pulled up along side and slid down the window she stopped and smiled. Bingo! Where are you going sweetheart ? To see Cindy she said. Well she was young and I thought maybe easily fooled so I replied, Cindy's not home. Oh she said with a look of disappointment on her face. She stood there looking unsure what to do so I said it sure is hot, I'm going to get some ice cream, would you like some ice CREAM. The way her face lit up I knew I was home free but time to make haste before someone came looking for her. I opened the driver's door and she came right into my arms. I swung her into the passenger seat and quietly drove off.
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • Clever Girl
      clevergi zip (05k) (MMMF/g pedo, cruelty,torture, caution)
      Brian crouched low in the bushes, it was evening and the sound of birds singing was loud. Brian could smell the dead leaved in the undergrowth all round him, the heat of the day was slowly giving way to the cool of the evening.
    • by Smokey :...
    • Hot Sex Relay, part 5
      hotsexr5 zip (05k) (M/f, e.teen, cons sex)
      Janet proved to be the most fun of any of the previous 4 girls, who had each introduced me to the next. I found myself far more attracted to Janet's voluptuousness than Justice's waifish frame and Janet was simply more fun to be around. She came over to my place not long after the night Justice had seen the two of us making out on my floor. Inevitably, we fucked.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Mommy's Boy
      mommysbo zip (16k) (M/F mother/son conseq)
      Marie's current husband leaves her because she is spending too much time with her son, Roger. Roger's wife leaves him because mother is always under foot and Roger spends too much time with her. See what Marie and Roger do with their newfound freedom...
    • by Neverlander :...
    • Pretty Little Teasers, part 4 of 4
      prettyl4 zip (25k) (M/F M/f M/g F/g f/g f/b cons reluc oral ped solo voy 1st inc tease)
      A tale of forbidden internet pleasures, and the addictive delights of youthful seduction - conclusion.

      Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    • by Neverlander :...
    • Pretty Little Teasers, part 3
      prettyl3 zip (24k) (M/F M/f M/g F/g f/g f/b cons reluc oral ped solo voy 1st inc tease)
      A tale of forbidden internet pleasures, and the addictive delights of youthful seduction - continued.

      Monday, July 17, 2006

    • by Spin :...
    • Lickety-Split
      lickitys zip (10k) (M/g, Sex. Pedo, Oral, 1st, Cons)
      Don't let anyone tell you that little girls aren't sexual. Here's proof of the matter, once and for all. Little eight-year-old Angie's magnificent body will tempt even the most professed of the righteous. Her uncle Rick will certainly attest to his addiction for the little angel and after reading this story, you'll probably want to save it on your hard drive. Speaking of hard drives, better keep a paper towel handy as you read all about the power of "lickety-Split."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 16
      pineri16 zip (13k) (Males/females (6-15) lots of sex, bestiality)
      When I arrived at the biggest school district, I was well stocked with pills, a dozen walk men and a dozen tapes fit to what I figured I would need. The first thing I did, was rent a motel room, then went to the district office where I met with John Cause, from the school people's weekend. Together, we toured the high school, junior high and grades schools, where I saw girls that made me drool and John found out their names. In each class, John introduced me as the recruiter for the Pine Ridge Ranch, a prestigious school for gifted young girls.
    • by Neverlander :...
    • Pretty Little Teasers, part 2
      prettyl2 zip (23k) (M/F M/f M/g F/g f/g f/b cons reluc oral ped solo voy 1st inc tease)
      A tale of forbidden internet pleasures, and the addictive delights of youthful seduction - continued
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Reluctant Babysitter, part 1
      relucta1 zip (06k) (M/g, uncle/niece)
      My sister turns her house into a sports bar, so I can watch her 11yo niece, but the niece has other ideas.
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Shaman, part 4
      shaman4 zip (26k) (m/f/f)
      The witches are after Billy the Shaman
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Diary of Helen Fothergill
      thediary zip (07k) (Mgg)
      Eight year old Helen Fothergill tells us in her own words what happened the day she took her three-year old sister Mandy to the local park. They ran into a pervert called John who wasted no time in persuading the two children to accompany him to a deserted area. Once there, the two little girls rapidly lost their knickers ...
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Sign Fell
      thesignf zip (11k) (F/MMM conseq non conseq oral anal sex)
      Ella takes on her three buddies in a little fuckfest...
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Tristan and Isolde: An Incest Ledgend
      tristana zip (07k) (Father Daughter Incest)
      A story of love and revenge.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 8 - Billy's Training Continues
      youngst8 zip (12k) (Orgy, mF, mom/son, bro/sis oral, daddy/daught, family threesome)
      Billy's training continues as planned, and Diane's family tells her the truth

      Sunday, July 16, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Splashing Good Time
      asplash1 zip (17k) (man 40, girls 11, 9, 7; playing in lawn spray, nudity, manipulation, oral)
      It was a Saturday afternoon. I was sitting in my comfy chair lamenting the dirth of programming on free tv, and cursing at the offerings on satellite tv, which offerings though a bit broader in scope, tended to disappear into white noise at every rain. I had just decided I needed liberating from the life of a couch potato when a knocking on my front door brought three little neighbor girls who it turned out were determined to help cure me of my couch potato ways.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Bridgeford Tales
      bridgef1 zip (22k) (M/F, anal)
      This was written for one of those women's magazine competitions for 'flash stories' - no section can be longer than 300 words. Surprisingly, it wasn't published...
      Hercules Helps Out
      hercules zip (09k) (M/F)
      Jane felt wanton and couldn't stop her mind filling with the delightful image of Roger moving up behind her, his hands sliding under her top as he pressed his very erect cock between the cheeks of her behind...
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Cuddly Bear
      cuddlybe zip (16k) (M/ff, f/f, pedo, teen, oral, romance)
      "Oooh! "Oooh! Hey Charlotte, look at this!" Fifteen-year-old Lee Cooper turned around to look at the little girl seated on the floor behind her. Charlotte got up, putting down her magazine and joined her older cousin at the computer. "What is it?," asked Charlotte. She looked a lot like Lee, except that Charlotte had dark hair, and being only nine, wasn't as well-developed as the older and blonder girl. "Is it another email" She stretched up on her tip-toes, trying to look over her cousin's shoulder.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Matti, part 4: Lucy's Baby Runs
      matti4 zip (09k) (Mf)
      Dan awoke, blurry for a moment, then he remembered this was the first day devoted to impregnating his wife's sister Lucy. He struggled out of bed and went for a shower. After his shower, he decided to tidy up his bush, cutting the long hairs all over his crotch, and reducing his bush above his penis to a small square. He thought about a heart shape, but that was not his style. Dan called his office, advising that he was taking some vacation days, and wouldn't be in until next Monday. Brandy greeted Dan with, "Good morning dear, here's your breakfast." Dan sat down to eggs, a small steak, a stack of toast, and coffee, and of course, his iron pill!
    • by Neverlander :...
    • Pretty Little Teasers, part 1
      prettyl1 zip (21k) (M/F M/f M/g F/g f/g f/b cons reluc oral ped solo voy 1st inc)
      Lucas needed to come. But more than that, he wanted to be looking at a pretty little girl when he did. A naked little girl, or at least one in her underwear - teasing him in tight, see-through panties, maybe a little training bra. He had been surfing for hours, one hand on the mouse, the other slowly stroking his cock, looking for something that would excite him and get him really worked up. He was tired and he knew he should go to bed. But he also knew that if he found what he was looking for he'd be in jerk-off heaven. Lucas loved little girls.
    • by longsong :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Innocent Mother Abused, part 1
      innocen1 zip (05k) (Indian, m/f voy nc)
      Hello folks I'm vijay from india and I'm 15 years of age. First let me tell you about my family. I am the only son and I have two sisters. Both are younger to me. My father is in the Merchant Navy and he usually goes out for months. My mother named is Zeenat, she is 38 and has a very good figure A little on the thick side with size 42d breasts and wide child bearing hips.
    • by Raja :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Meena
      meena zip (09k) (Indian, Mf)
      The aching in her breasts alerted her that it was almost time for Him to arrive home. Her face, had anyone been there to see that sweet, lovely countenance, lit up, the blue eyes brilliant and soft as she contemplated His imminent arrival. She had been busy all day, scrubbing and cleaning and cooking up a storm, a delectable feast for His palate. Hurrying now, she gave a quick glance around, nodding unconsciously at the spotless house. The odor of beeswax from polished furniture wafted across the still, cool air of the house, twining with a hint of sweet vanilla in the background from the pure wax candles she loved.

      Saturday, July 15, 2006

    • by Perdido :...
    • Like for Like #2
      likefor2 zip (04k) (M/F/g (10) oral anal voyeur)
      Frank, a 58-year-old paedophile, continues his campaign to pop 10-year-old Gina's cherry by exploiting her mother's unstoppable urge to get married. The sex with the mother isn't bad either.

      Friday, July 14, 2006

    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Horny Mom, Naughty Neighbors
      hornymom zip (16k) (M/F/m/f Inc, preteen, mast, orgy mom/son dad/daughter)
      Linda spies on her next door neighbors and catches the hunky dad molesting his daughter. Turned on, she has sex with her son for the first time. Later, the two families get together for a picnic and the kids show them how!
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 15
      pineri15 zip (15k) (Males/females (6-15) lots of sex, bestiality)
      It was a beautiful Saturday morning on the ranch, naked little girls everywhere and naked men following them. The few girls that hadn't been chosen by men, had each evidently still spent the night with a couple, and been included in the fucking and sucking. Ever so proudly, Jeremy, Paul's Son, admitted that he had fucked two different women last night. For me, I hadn't fucked one, but had a little six year old's mouth attached to my cock most of the night and I knew Natalie had swallowed several loads of cum.

      Thursday, July 13, 2006

    • by OkieTX :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sister
      oksister zip (09k) (mff bro/sis)
      I have often wondered what it would be like to have had sexual relations with my sibling sisters. The following novella is perhaps how it would have occurred. I would like to read your responses. I have to think back several years to recount this true story. I have read so many other articles here that are clearly imagined without a bit of truth in them. I finally decided to write this true story as best I can remember it. My sister Jean was five years older than me. When she was 13 she had a slim and very trim body. We used to wrestle, playing of course, in the back yard out near the garden and couldn't help but press against her every chance I could get. It felt good to do that. One of our chores was to hoe the garden of weeds during the summer months. We would manage to work our way to the rows of tall corn where we couldn't be seen from the house. In there is where I first learned the differences in the makeup of a girl's body and of a boy's body. She always wore a very loose play dress in those days and I only wore shorts. We went barefoot when we played outside or worked in the garden. When we would find ourselves in the corn patch we would put aside our hoes and sit down in a shady spot. She would let me look down the top of her loose dress at her breasts and I always loved to see them. I wanted to touch them but she said that they were best sucked so she showed me how suck her breasts. It was real pleasant to suck on her breasts and feel her nipples rise a little in my mouth. She would hold me tight against her while I sucked contentedly.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Consequences 1 - Wife
      consequ1 zip (08k) (No-sex, cheating wife, cuckold)
      Consequences will be a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue will be the effect of extramarital sex on the family unit. Readers who are looking for active sex scenes and descriptions - please find other stories to read. This is the first story of this group.
    • by PedoLust :...
    • Jeremy, ch 5
      jeremy5 zip (04k) (m/b(8)/b(6), reluc, cons, rough, anal, oral, pedo)
      Jeremy stared, suddenly feeling very nervous. As the man turned his way and started walking towards him, Jeremy took a step back, wondering if he was in trouble. The boy on the table lay limply, breathing heavily but silent, his tiny tongue licking the heavy load of pedo cum from his small lips. "What are you doing here, little boy?" Asked the man. Jeremy was shaking but excited, his nervousness far overshadowed by the lust he felt for the massively huge cock hanging down between this mans muscular legs. His mouth watered, his asshole twitched, and every fiber of his being screamed for him to worship that cock, be ravaged by it, take it in his tiny holes and make it cum and cum and cum. He wanted it. He NEEDED it.
    • by Perdido :...
    • Like for Like #1
      likefor1 zip (05k) (M/F/g (10) forced sex voyeur pedo oral anal)
      I'm 58, divorced and horny. I like to target youngsters entering puberty but I haven't had any luck for a long while. Then I met Frannie, a 30-year-old desperate to find a husband and willing to use her 10-year-old daughter as bait. Like had met like and Frannie and I both focused tightly on our separate goals.
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Lucinda
      lucinda zip (10k) (m/f, M/F)
      Lucinda was a 34-year-old virgin. I know that's hard to believe in this day and age, but it's true.

      Wednesday, July 12, 2006


      Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The House Or: Watchstone Estate (more probable)
      thehouse zip (70k) (M/g, M/f, M/g/g, M/f/g, b/f, b/g, ped, cons, ft, preg)
      Aaron Jones has worked for a living for the past ten years and he has grown tired of day he gets a visit by a lawyer who tells him that he has inherited a house and an inheritance worth more than twenty million dollars. When Aaron arrives at the house prepared to sell it he gets a surprise he does not expect. . .
    • by sexy suman :...
    • Tanay's Treat
      tanaystr zip (20k) (Indian, mom/son,bor/sis)
      House of Bose Family in Kolkatta was without their master once again. Bengali Housewife Sharmila Bose and her 15-year-old son Tanay had been used to this scenario for nearly three-and-a-half years. Sharmila 's husband Rahul Bose was an astute businessman, climbing the ranks of his company because of his business savvy. He also was very willing to go on business trips. After all, Sharmila didn't work, so she would be home to take care of their son Tanay, while their 19-year-old daughter Mahua was off to college. His trips lasted around six to eight weeks at a time. Sharmila didn't seem to mind his absence, since his promotions came with hefty raises and bonuses.

      Monday, July 10, 2006

    • by sexy suman :...
    • After The Funeral
      afterthe zip (15k) (m/f, indian, mom/son)
      As a cold rain fell Jaya Gonsalves stood by her husband's grave trying to understand how this could be happening to her. She was still a young woman, only thirty-one in fact. How could God be so cruel as to take her husband from her. The muttered condolences from her husband's friends and coworkers meant nothing to her. Standing by her side was her fifteen-year-old son, Ashish. The child of a wartime marriage he had been born when his mother was just sixteen. Now almost as tall as his mother, he held an umbrella over her head to keep the rain off. Finally he touched her shoulder and said, "We should go, Mom. I don't want you to get sick too."
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • A Little Cell Phone Wickedness
      alittlec zip (12k) (M m (12) f (10), voyeur, fondling, mast. mild drugs, blackmail, oral, popping a little girl's cherry)
      Gary had walked up to the hardware after saying goodbye to his wife and daughter who were heading up north. Upon returning to his house, he smelled the familiar odor of weed in the air . . . except it was bellowing out of his garage! Once he got closer, he realized it was his 12-year-old son who was trying to get the 10-year-old blonde nymph next door high. Mark had already unbuttoned Wendy's top and was closely inspecting her budding nips. Sit back and enjoy the use or misuse of a picture snapping cell phone and a preteen seduction to boot!
    • by Alice :...
    • April is Real Fun With a Good Massage - A Logical Conclusion
      aprilis3 zip (10k) (M/gg lt bdsm rom)
      My sister took off for a vacation with April so it was not until a Saturday afternoon about three weeks later, that April called and asked to come over. I didn't a client lined up so I said okay. When I opened the front door I was not surprised to see Midge beside her. Both were in their baggy shorts, were barefoot on one end and sported huge grins on the other.
    • by Duncan McCloud :...
    • Mindy's Initiation
      mindysin zip (06k) (M/f dad/dau inc first)
      Laurie and Sally, sisters, had been lovers since they were teens. Even after they grew up and Laurie married, they had continued to fuck. Having grown up in an incest family, they, along with their younger sister Kate, had been introduced by their dad at nine, it was only natural that Laurie and Sally would introduce their children to fucking at an early age. Norm, Laurie's husband, was a pedophile himself, so he had enthusiastically joined them. Even while the children, all girls, were nursing, Norm would take the child from her mother's breast and put his cock in her mouth for "daddy milk." The girls had learned to swallow Norm's cum at an early age.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 14
      pineri14 zip (13k) (Males/females (6-15) lots of sex, beastiality)
      Since Jenny was coming up with Sandy, Beth and the others, on the bus, Helen and I headed to the ranch shortly after lunch. The first thing we did was inspect the new office and it was perfect. Then, I went over the guest list and it was mostly corporate officers, Damien and a few of his guest, Pillar and some of his friends. It surprised me to see Paul's name on the list with the word guest behind it, but he was one of the founders and very entitled to bring guest. There were six younger boys coming and a couple of Wives, so in all we would have twenty four people. Two of the boys were Paul's son Jeremy and Pillar's son Robby, so I knew they were taken care of.

      Sunday, July 09, 2006

    • by Zack :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Weekend of Bashing
      aweekend zip (08k) (rape, violence, w/s, scat, Nasty!)
      "Welcome, gentlemen, to the monthly meeting of the Bashers Club, a welcoming space for Superior White Men to gather and let it all out. This is where our natural inclination to hate cunts, bitches, whores, sluts, slags, split-crotches, and cum dumps is nurtured and celebrated. The fact of having a white dick between our legs automatically and naturally entitles us to get what is due us, and that is a rigid erection and a sizzling orgasm from the exquisite pleasure of beating, raping, kicking, spitting on, pissing on, shitting on, cutting, and snuffing cunt. In other words - BASHING THE BITCHES!"
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A 7-Year-Old Wet Dream Walking
      asevenye zip (12k) (man 44, girl 7; nudity, first discovery, fondling, manipulation, oral)
      "Mister Cummings . . ." The soft, feminine voice from my front door seemed to float into the room on zephyrs. "Oh, Mary Lou, it's you. How nice to see you. What can I do for you?" Behind my broad smile several distinct possibilities instantaneously flashed through this gnarley old mind of mine, each one of which though novel was one I'm sure she would find infinitely pleasurable in the end. At which end I'll leave entirely up to you. STOP THAT, CLAUDE CUMMINGS!" my saner, more rational side screamed into my deaf ear. SHE'S ONLY SEVEN YEARS OLD, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! The girl I was making conversation with is the beautiful daughter of my next door neighbor, Gladys Walker. . . Gladys is pretty hot herself, but I swear her daughter is the epitome of the cat's meow, a veritable wet dream walking.
    • by maxsuite :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cody's Einschulung, teil 1: Das Arztzimmer
      codysei1 zip (05k) (m/b)
      Ich war neu in der Stadt und dachte schon ich muss einen Scheißjob außerhalb meines gewählten Traumberufes als Arzthelfer annehmen. Zu meiner Überraschung wurde ich als Arzthelfer bei einem Kinderarzt eingestellt. Die Praxis war in meiner Straße und ich mochte Kinder, besonders Jungs. Sicher, ich bin jemand den man Boylover nennen kann, ein Mann der sexuelles Interesse an jungen Boys hat. Der neue Job reizte mich da ich wusste ich würde viele Jungs in unterschiedlichen Bekleidungsstadien untersuchen dürfen. Und als Arzthelfer war ich berechtigt auch komplette Körperuntersuchungen durchzuführen. Trotz des Reizes auf mich habe ich beschlossen die Jungs anzusehen und zu bewundern aber keinen Vorteil aus meiner Stellung zu ziehen. Der Einsatz ist einfach zu hoch. Und auch wenn sie alle hübsch sind, ich habe noch nie einen Jungen gesehen der es wert war den Job zu riskieren oder ins Gefängnis zu gehen. Aber all das geschah vor einem Monat.

      Saturday, July 08, 2006


      Friday, July 07, 2006

    • by Alice :...
    • April Is More Fun With A Good Massage, part 2
      aprilis2 zip (12k) (M/gg lt bdsm and more)
      The call came the next Sunday afternoon. When the doorbell sounded the Big Ben theme, I opened the front door to see ... two grinning faces! "I brought my friend, Midge," April said. "She's going on ten too, is in the same grade and is goalie on my soccer team." They were both barefoot and wearing baggy shorts and loose T-shirts.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 13
      pineri13 zip (14k) (Males/females (7-15) lots of sex)
      When Helen and I made it to work Monday morning, my first appointment was only a half hour away and it was Damien. When Damien arrived, there were two other men with him and he introduced them as the Superintendents of Schools, from two different towns. Quickly, Damien explained that they weren't part of his group but he would vouch for their desire to have young girls. Since I was out of pills, I had to trust in Damien but these men talked openly and there were six of them that wanted a party Wednesday night. The other four would be principals from their schools, two junior high and two high school.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Running From Home
      runningf zip (13k) (M/f Pedo first cons)
      Feeling strange and not understanding the reason, she pinched her brown nipples until they were erect. One hand slid down her belly and found her hard mound. For the past few months she had noticed a few black hairs surround the top of her slit. This she pressed till she saw flashes of light and shuddered. Turning off the water she stepped out and began to dry. Without even looking at her she noticed Tom go behind the curtain.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Tina... The Early Years
      tinathee zip (08k) (wifeslut)
      For as long as I can remember I've played with my pussy, and I'll never forget the first time I had an orgasm. I was around nine or ten, and although I'd touched myself "down there" forever, this was the first time I ever came from it. I was taking a bath, and as I often did in those days, I casually began to touch myself, only this time I felt something different, and I kept touching... and touching... and rubbing.
    • by reginald :...
    • Familiengeschichten, teil 4
      familie4 zip (19k) (MMmFff inc pedo whole Family)
      Hallo liebe Freunde der Familie, hier kommt der nächste Teil des ersten Grillfestes unserer Familie mit Ihren Nachbarn. Bevor wir aber richtig anfangen zu Grillen, wollen wir sehen, was sich bei den Kindern tut.

      Thursday, July 06, 2006

    • by Marauder :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Babysitting of Crystal, ch 1
      thebaby1 zip (05k) (MFg(9), M+F/g(9), drugs, reluc, oral, anal, DP, bond, interracial, group, incest, beast, size)
      Susan Morgenstern was going on a vacation with her new boyfriend for 2 weeks, and needed someone to look after her 9 year old daughter, while she was away. Her parents lived across the country, and were out of the question, since she had drained her bankaccount for the upcoming vacation. The only chance she had, was to contact her fathers brother and his wife, The Andersons, who lived in a house in the same city, and "cry" her need. She had met them a couple of times, and believed them to be nice people. They were nice indeed, and would introduce Crystal into their world of BDSM, groupsex and even sex with animals during her stay.
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • Rape the Innocent, ch 1
      rapethe1 zip (05k) (M/f rape)
      "Listen you little bitch." I said, holding her tightly around the throat. "You have two choices, you can either stop the fucking fighting and let me rape you and you live through it or you can continue fighting me and I'll kill you right now and still rape you, which will it be?"

      Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    • by The Green Mask :...
    • Effie, part 1
      effie1 zip (04k) (M/f pedo violent)
      It was a warm sticky day at the seaside and Walter was lurking in the sand dunes behind the crowded beach. He had his binoculars with him and had been focussing on the seemingly hundreds of children paddling at the waters edge. So many were in the tiniest of little bikinis, some with cute little frills on the edges. So many girls of around 8 or 9 with tight fitting costumes revealing camel toes, Walter was hard and loving it.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Misty Gets Caught - Complete
      mistyget zip (29k) (MMMFF/f, photography, fingering, titty pulling, panties down, cunnilingus, oral sex, role play)
      12 year old Misty and her Mother moved to a new town in July. Misty develops a crush on Jim, the 17 yr old who runs the equipment room at the community rec complex. She sees Jim take girls about her age into his equipment room and they come out 20 minutes later. She begins spying. and then Jim invites her to help him one night. There is a break in that night - and her fingerprints are on the little window where she had been spying. She is scared, and the policewoman has Jim's camera with nude pictures of her in it! She has to do whatever the policewoman tells her... and then she meets the judge and other detectives... and then...
    • by GPC :...
    • Small Town, ch 5
      smallto5 zip (07k) (F/g 4yr, finger, set up for next chapter)
      After Heidi and her little sluts had left I took a quick shower. That done, I had some time to burn before school let out and my next appointment showed up. I hopped into Amanda's car to drop it off at her place. I was pretty sure I would be able to catch a ride from someone to get back home.
    • by BP :...
    • Tanya's Training
      tanyastr zip (05k) (Inject, genital mods, F/f, m/f)
      Laying on my bed staring at the I.V. bags, I wondered how much Mom is going to make me take that day. At my bedside, two I.V. stands, held out their arms in chrome splendor as the containers hanging from them feed their liquids into my body.

      Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    • by Centaur :...
    • Cheerleader Sister
      cheerlea zip (13k) (mmf, bro/sis, con, inc)
      Mark and his best friend Trey are exploring his cheerleader sister's underwear drawer one day after school, they find something that gives a whole new meaning to the idea that sometimes having a big sister can be a good thing.
    • by Vixen :...
    • My Happy Home Life, part 2
      myhappy2 zip (06k) (MF/g oral anal dad/mom/daut inc love)
      April and Jerry take their four year old daughter Cindy to new heights of sexual exploration. And then Daddy has a surprise for Cindy!
    • by Bach :...
    • Nice 'N Naughty Final: Erin
      nicennau zip (09k) (M/g, pantyhose, oral, pedo, smoking)
      As they neared his home, Jeff tapped the button on the remote control mounted to the sun visor. The garage door was opening as the car turned into the drive. Smooth as silk they slid into the garage. Before they could open the car doors the garage door was down again. "All right, Little Missy," Jeff grinned as he got out of the vehicle, "let's see what kind of a naughty girl you really are." "I'm very, very, very naughty," laughed Erin as she followed her new friend into the house.
    • by Grandpa Clemons :...
    • Perverted Church, ch 2
      pervert2 zip (05k) (M/m M/M m/F f/F inc incest ped)
      This time the pastor reached under her dress and slipped her panties down to her knees. He reached inward with his hand feeling the wetness within her pussy lips and rubbed his finger between them. Slowly he moved it in and out of her and she began to cry softly.
    • by Narikadas :...
    • Rajiv my Janeman, part 1
      rajivmy1 zip (10k) (Indian incest, m19, m17, oral, anal)
      I am hard as I watch Rajiv's thighs. He is playing a badminton match between first year and final year engineering. As he jumps and strides across the court, his smooth healthy thighs glow and his taut round buttocks ripple inside his shorts. I have been lusting after him since he became my room mate one month back. I am in third year and he is a fresher. Our college believes in mixing up freshmen and seniors. I was smitten as soon as I saw him. Rajiv is shorter than me, has a slim athletic body and a cute boyish face, the boy hasn't even got the beginning of a moustache yet. I have immediately taken him under my wing and saved him from the ragging that freshmen go through in the hostel.
    • by Lavrenti :...
    • My Little Amy, ch 1
      mylittl1 zip (04k) (M/g ped inc cons rough)
      I try to go grocery shopping with my 6 year old niece, but the horny little minx won't stop teasing till I give her what she needs.

      Monday, July 03, 2006

    • by David Stephens :...
    • Cunt Heather, part 1
      cunthea1 zip (16k) (m/g, M/F, BDSM, inc, pedo)
      "Lift your skirt up higher, bitch!" he spat. "I've told you about that before - you should always make sure I can see your panties when I sit across from you!"
      The Pedo Passions of Reverend John, part 5
      thepedo5 zip (09k) (MMMMFFFF/g, inc, pedo)
      3-year-old Maisie struggled in her mother's arms as the bishop approached her, his huge erection thrusting from between his hairy thighs.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Girl Goes Parking
      girlgoe3 zip (08k) (M/g/g (10) strip mast int voy)
      What's needed is somewhere secluded, where nobody goes, but everybody cums. Well, two out of three's not bad, I'm sure you'll agree, whoever you may be.
    • by Bravo69 :...
    • My Punishment
      mypunish zip (09k) (M/m/F mom/son/dad inc/mast)
      Since I had turned 13, I had been spending a lot of time in my room... Well, you know... Whacking off, slapping my salami, bopping my boloney, spanking my monkey. In other words, masturbating had become my favorite past-time. I started to fantasize constantly about what it would be like to really fuck. I stuck my dick into anything I could find that might feel like a pussy. Banana peels, pillows, you name it. There wasn't a stuffed animal on my bed that didn't have some dried cum in its crotch. I think my parents suspected. They never caught me, but I got the "good little Catholic" lecture about how "touching yourself in inappropriate places" was a sin. Oh well, I guess I was going to hell. If masturbation was a crime, I would get the death penalty.
    • by Bong F. Ripp :...
    • No Such Thing As A Little Taste
      nosuchth zip (28k) (Mf, hs, oral, anal, cons)
      Chris Chandler is a young, cool teacher at an expensive prep school. His female students are cute and forward, but he's got lots of willpower. Will he be able to hold out?
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 12
      pineri12 zip (13k) (Males/females (7-15) lots of sex, beast, whip)
      Saturday morning, the ranch came alive a few couples at a time and most of the newer girls were a little embarrassed waking up with cocks in them. Still, it only lasted for a few minutes, except for fourteen year old Brandy, when I had brought her down last night, she never realized how many people there were laying around us. After leaving Brandy and Kelly to talk, I found Ralph and told him about the other four kids coming back this afternoon, or early evening. It gave him an idea, his Wife had always wanted to come to something like this as had Carl's, so Ralph called them and Aaron and Jack had dates for the night. The two girls would be used by someone, or maybe a lot of guys, so that was no problem. Then, Ralph was asking Steve if he had enough rings for the three extra girls, and Steve assured him he did.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Date
      thedate zip (20k) (m/F/mot/son/inc/conseq)
      Mother and son get a little drunk and decide to have a date...
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • The Day Cupid Struck
      thedaycu zip (11k) (man 36, girl 11; bike injury, nudity, fondling, oral)
      Jon Patent, 36, was feeling frustrated, with his job, his position in life, and his single status. It was a Saturday morning and he was sitting on his front porch swing ruminating about his situation when he saw his neighbor's beautiful ll year old daughter ride by on her bicycle. She passed several times, until one time she fell. Jon was quick to his feet to help her, and when he reached her he helped her up and into his house.
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • Your Secret Island
      yoursecr zip (03k) (M/f pedo meditation)
      This is a guided meditatio. It would be best to play it using a text reader and listening to it over headphones. Get naked, relax and indulge yourself...

      Sunday, July 02, 2006

    • by Lavrenti :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Katie Is Silent, ch 1
      katieis1 zip (03k) (Mg bd sm tort nc ped toys ws inc)
      Katie is five, and doesn't want any more orgasms, but the device doesn't stop.
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Carlos Goes Both Ways, part 2/2
      carlosg2 zip (09k) (M/b; M/g; bi-sexual, anal, oral)
      Vonnie stood there with whipped cream dripping off her body, and like a shot Carlos and I were on our knees, each one on each side of her, licking up the tasty treat, and sucking on Vonnie's suckable body parts as well.
      The 10 Year Itch
      thetenye zip (25k) (M/b M/tb; anal, forced, raped, torture, snuff, extreme)
      James slammed his sixteen year old cock into the asshole of the tiny boy who was screaming and shaking under him. It wasn't like 9 year old Charlie Boyer wasn't used to being raped like this, god knows. It had happened dozens of times over the last week.
    • by Southwind :...
    • Her Smile
      hersmile zip (04k) (M/f Mind)
      A smile, just a smile, but not a simple smile, is one smile with thousands of words inside; her smile tells me: hug me, kiss me, lick me, fuck me, in a way that no one man can resist. And I guaranty that's not my mind making tricks to me; she really wants to seduce-me, maybe knowing that I'm not interested in her charms.
      The Drug of Desire
      thedrugo zip (07k) (M/f drug)
      Mark was the chief of the scientists in a lab, working in a drug that's allowing the victims to total control of their sexual desires. But this kind of drug isn't easy to create, and he has worked on this for five years, without success. Maybe that's the reason of his euphoric state when the preliminary tests confirmed the power of the drug. Now comes the time for tests in humans, and mark create a lotion with his drug mixed to test in some "voluntaries".
      The Motel Voyeur
      themotel zip (05k) (M+/F voy Cheat)
      This Story was about an couple driving to their honeymoon, who get lost in the road, when they find a motel, who could let them more then just a honeymoon night.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 7 - Training Billy
      youngst7 zip (10k) (mF, mf, multi, mom/son, dad/daught, bro/sis oral)
      Billy is over the shock and continues his sex romp.

      Saturday, July 01, 2006

    • by mickthewee :...
    • Brandy & Me, part 4
      brandya4 zip (09k) (Mb)
      The following week I had a surprise visit from my second cousin, Catherine, and her two boys. They were travelling through and decided to call in on the off chance I was home. I had taken some time off work and I was working on another passion, restoring my old veteran car. Cathy and the boys had been on a camping expedition or "discovering their country" as they put it. This was something she was passionate about and would take the boys away from school if necessary to undertake some journeys. Not that she slackened up on their education. On the contrary, she made them work hard on catch-up.

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