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    June 01st - June 30th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, June 30, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • A Girl's Best Friend Finds Some New Friends
      agirlsb3 zip (05k) (M/g (10) /m/m (late teen/early 20's) oral mast voyeur)
      Someone was watching them! Martin was only too aware of the possibilities. Whoever they were, they'd seen some, heck, they could see it all, and good luck to 'em!
    • by Keyah :...
    • Coming Home
      comingho zip (14k) (M/f Inc pedo first seduction)
      Slowly I slid her panties down half way to her knees. Then I lifted the hem of her skirt. I could see her hairless pussy and her puffy mound, bald with the slit prominently displayed between her creamy thighs.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 11
      pineri11 zip (13k) (Males/females (7-15) lots of sex, beast)
      A few at a time, couples began moving out onto the lawn, even still most of the women were still basking in the glow of many hard orgasms from having their pussies eaten. Already, Shelly and Mandy were stripping Ralph and Carl, and the other's followed suit. Soon, Colleen was kneeling in front of a naked Robby, sucking his cock and enjoying the taste of his cum as her little Daughter was enjoying the taste of Robby's Daddy's cum. Almost shyly, Carrie came to me and asked if she could suck my cock, so I smiled and nodded. It didn't take the woman long to get my clothes off and she sucked my cock like she was starved. While Carrie sucked my cock, I watched the boys and several of them were almost funny, once they began moving their hips, they were almost pounding their cocks into the women's mouths.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 13d: Caught
      sweet13d zip (11k) (Fmg, inc, ped, conc.)
      My eyes had noticed the little red splotch on the sheets, evidence by its shape of one thing and one thing only. I needed to get them off the bed before anyone else saw them. I listened to the sound of the water spraying in the shower, not bothering to dress as I stripped the mattress, and then made my way to the laundry room, taking time to pick up the clothes of Sarah's and mine as I went. I may have been a little too focused on the sound coming from the bathroom, as I didn't hear the side door opening until it was too late. "My, My," Aunt Emily's voice came from behind me, "looks like someone's getting a little too relaxed in my house.

      Thursday, June 29, 2006

    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Acting Out Porn after School
      actingou zip (14k) (m(12),f(11),f(10),f (10) fondling, mast., oral, voyeur, school/neighborhood)
      Katie was only a 5th grader . . . but she was determined to get the attention of Michael who was 12-years-old. She had just had her two 10-year-old friends over for a sleepover where she had them "rub off" in a tent outside as she read them porn she had taken from her uncle. She changed her plans slightly one day after school when she invited over Michael to join her two friends . . . and had him read and watch porn she had manipulated ahead of time to include everyone as they acted out whatever he read. Nothing like following the leader . . . all naked and horny as hell!
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Our Shy New Ten Year Old Model, part 3
      ourshyn3 zip (15k) (MMMFFF/f, fingering, embarrassment, titty squeezes, games, video, orgasm)
      10 1/2 year old Nicky goes on her first out-of-town photography trip and meets several possible new sponsors - wealthy adults she will do private modeling for. She also demonstrates some of the games that she has learned so far.
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Panty Monster, part 4 (Conclusion)
      thepant4 zip (29k) (Mgg ped cons)
      Sue relates the tale of her sordid sex life at the orphanage from the time she was eight years old. Pete listens sympathetically until he discovers that she still hasn't told him the whole truth about her eight-year old daughter Kirsty. Sue wants his help with something she has been planning for a long time and after a heated discussion he agrees. As part of her scheme Pete is a willing participation in the further molestation of four-year old Carly on web-cam. That night The Panty Monster makes an appearance and Pete ends up in bed with both little girls and a threesome ensues. Pete encounters a major problem with Carly that Kirsty helps him to solve; he makes love to her in the woods to say thank you. Then we rush towards the dramatic conclusion and more little girl sex.

      Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • A Girl's Best Friend Finds Somewhere Quiet
      agirlsb2 zip (07k) (M/F int M/g (10) dad/daught oral mast incest)
      After showing his wife how much he loves her, Martin takes his little girl out for the afternoon...somewhere quiet. Actually, there's more to it than that...
    • by Lake Constant :...
    • Our Adorable Daughter
      ouradore zip (07k) (Mom/Dad/Daughter Pedo/11 year old)
      A loving tale of a couple and their 11-year-old daughter's first time all together.

      Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    • by Cotton :...
    • The Photographer, ch 1
      thephot1 zip (14k) (M/m, incest, mild n/c, slow, nosex)
      After suffering his urges in silence (and misery) for over 6 months, a budding photographer finally gets a chance to become more intimate with one of his subjects - his 5 year old cousin.

      Monday, June 26, 2006

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 10
      pineri10 zip (13k) (Males/females (7-15) lots of sex)
      When I walked into the house, Helen reminded me that we were supposed to meet Sandy's Mom tonight, for diner and asked what she was like. In all the years I had lived on the street, I had never met Sandy's Mom and couldn't remember ever seeing her as I drove by their house. So, Helen, Jenny and I walked down to Sandy's house to meet her parents and Sandy's Dad greeted us at the door. It was when we walked out onto the patio to meet Sandy's Mom, that I almost lost it, she was Connie, the woman from Damien's school.

      Sunday, June 25, 2006

    • by Dalton :...
    • Breaking Sis, part 13
      breaki13 zip (17k) (M/g bond, oral, anal, pene, dom, romantic)
      I kissed her, and fucked her pussy, still tight and slightly dry, getting me excited for a few moments until she slicked up with her quick arousal. She sucked my neck as I lay on her, fucking my cock against her cervix, jamming it, trying to find the little hole in the hard ball of flesh guarding her womb. She moaned, a tinge of pain coloring her excitement as she felt my cock tip press into her cervical opening. I pulled her ankles up over my shoulders and grabbed her hips, pushing my cock harder, fucking tiny strokes as her pussy took all my cock at last, my raw cock tip sucked in by the tight, hard rim of her womb. She bit my shoulder to compensate for the pain of feeling her cervix jammed open. I felt my cock tip slide into that taunt hole, tighter than anything I'd ever felt.
    • by Formatmail :...
    • Modest Hero
      modesthe zip (30k) (M/f inc)
      A father and his teenage daughter win a free cruise using her mom's name. The daughter ends up impersonating her mother more than anyone expected.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • The Little Park Waif
      thelittl zip (13k) (man 40, girl 10; panty peeking, nudity, bathing, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Charley Shannon is my name. I'm forty. Three days ago I spotted a ten year old girl playing in the sandbox at the park. Ten is way too old for a girl to be playing in the sandbox by herself. There has to be something troubling her, and it must be the latent humanitarian inside me, for I can never resist coming to the aid of a troubled little girl. Since I had nothing better to do I sat on a bench where I could watch her, and particularly watch her panty views as she squatted to scoop up sand for her castle. I saw her for three days straight, and on the third day she came out of the sandbox and sat down alongside me. We introduced ourselves. The most notable thing about her sitting close was her smell. She smelled really rank. When I asked her in a very undiplomatic way when was the last time she'd had a bath, she broke into tears, and told me a strange, shocking story, which I recount here and now for any of you might be interested.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Tina, John, and their Daughters
      tinajohn zip (06k) (MF/f wife/daut slut)
      After my gang bang at the porno theater I knew it would only be a matter of time before we started fucking around with our daughters. Both Johnnie and I were real young when we got married. I was only 17, and I got pregnant right away for the twins. So at 30 I'm only 18 years older than our 13 year old daughters, and, unlike their mother, both our girls are built like Hooters sluts. At 5'6", Samantha is a little taller than Ashley, but both girls totally fill out their C cup bras... WHEN they wear them.
    • by jolanda :...
    • Inocencia Perdita
      inocenci zip (05k) (MM/g gay incest pedo)
      Bem, olá para todos, como vocês também sou um admirador dos contos do forúm. Mas vamos ao que interessa à história. Hoje tenho 20 anos, porém isso começou a ocorrer quando eu tinha por volta dos meus 10 anos. Eu nesta época morava no interior com os meus pais, e tinha dois tios que moravam na capital, e todas as minhas férias eu ia para lá passar com eles. Eles eram universitários na época, e era o meu pai que os ajudava financeiramente, o meu tio mais velho tinha 24 anos, e o outro 21 anos. Nestas férias foi onde tudo começou, eu um garoto, muito ingênuo com apenas 10 anos, não tinha noção de nada, sobre sexo, namoro e nem mesmo sobre o meu próprio pênis.
      O Fotografo
      ofotogra zip (06k) (M/f inc)
      Primeiramente, contarei o que aconteceu acerca de três anos atrás. Estávamos na chácara de um de meus cunhados. Após o almoço, todos foram dar uma caminhada na sombra. Fazia muito calor. Eu não quis ir e fiquei debaixo de algumas árvores. Após algum tempo, quando entrei na casa para beber água, ouvi barulhos na biblioteca. Eu me aproximei e, por uma fresta, vi minha sobrinha, Michele, com seus peitos para fora do sutiã. Na época ela tinha 17. Um rabinho que só uma ninfetinha bem cuidada tem. Seios deliciosos, de tamanho médio. Um rosto angelical, olhos azuis e cabelos negros. Confesso que fiquei excitado, e me aproximei mais. De repente, ouvi a voz do Armando, pai dela. Tomei um susto e tentei procurá-lo em torno de mim. Não vi nada e saí dali. Para disfarçar, fui ao banheiro. Daquela janela, eu tinha uma visão melhor da biblioteca e queria continuar olhando para os seios da minha sobrinha. Tomei um "choque" quando olhei e lamentei por não estar com minha máquina fotográfica. A Michele mamando na pica do próprio pai! Vagarosamente, passava a língua no cacete do Armando e depois o colocava na boca. Parecia inexperiente, mas aquilo me excitou mais ainda. Puxei meu pau para fora e comecei a me masturbar. O Armando colocou a filha sobre a mesa e começou a chupar os peitos dela, que fechava seus olhos e eu parecia ouvir os gemidos dela. Continuei me masturbando. Ele desceu para a xoxotinha dela, abrindo as pernas da filha e delicadamente lambeu a bucetinha dela, que se segurou na mesa. Armando a colocou de quatro e o meu tesão aumentou. O telefone tocou. Armando atendeu e logo despachou o amigo. Abriu a porta da sala e, com sua filha de quatro, começou a lamber o cuzinho da Michele e acariciar os seios dela ao mesmo tempo. Depois posicionou seu cacete, que não era tão longo, porém era grosso, para o cu da filha. Eu não agüentei. Silenciosamente saí do banheiro e me aproximei da biblioteca. Fiquei escondido atrás da máquina de lavar roupas, a poucos metros da cena. "- Devagar, pápá" - disse ela.

      Saturday, June 24, 2006

    • by Alice :...
    • April is Real Fun with a Good Massage
      aprilisr zip (13k) (M/f lt bdsm)
      "That really helps, Uncle Marty," April said, sighing deeply. I listen for that deep sigh, indicating real relaxation is setting in. "Glad to be of service," I said, as I dug my fingers into the firm muscles of my niece's back. She had come over from next door complaining that her neck and shoulders were really sore from her extra long tennis lesson. April is the smartest and most impish nine year old I've ever met, and I enjoy the hell out of her visits. She was named after her month of birth. She is always full of chatter about school and friends, and never runs out of questions. She has thick, unruly hair down to the middle of her back, so dark I swear it shines with blue highlights, and these unusual blue-violet eyes framed in long black eyelashes above a matching straight nose and full lips. Think Elizabeth Taylor at nine. She has a little mole on top of her right cheek; I call it her beauty spot. By the time she's twelve, people will be double-taking looks after her on the street, women and girls staring in unqualified envy. She has an athlete's muscle tone under her flawless skin and fully feminine hills and valleys in all the right places. Her tennis in the sun has deepened her natural dark skin color.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Darren's Mouth 2
      darrens2 zip (05k) (b/b (14/9))
      Having dumped a load inside Darren, he gave me a surprise, and I gave him another load, by way of an explanation.

      Friday, June 23, 2006

    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot V: Under Arrest
      honeypo5 zip (06k) (M/f, pedo, cons, BDSM, anal)
      Honey meets new neighbor Jack and plays her filthiest game ever with him. Honey has the time of her life as Jack completely disrespects her.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 9
      pinerid9 zip (13k) (Multiple Males/females (7-15) lots of sex)
      With having my own personal secretary, Ralph decided I needed a better office, one more like his, sound proof and with a divan that turned into a bed. Yet, it was on an outside wall, with windows that were tinted so no one could see in but I could see out. Now, it was time to tell Helen and Colleen about their promotions and I walked back to the steno pool and told Helen to pack up her desk. There was a smile on Colleen's face, because she was happy for Helen, then I told her to pack up her desk also, that she was moving upstairs. The look on Joanne's face was priceless yet she never said a word, and as Colleen headed for the elevator, I took Helen to our new office.
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • Training With Grampa
      training zip (41k) (Mf Grandad, grandaughter. mmff, preteens)
      Finally one long one from me instead of a bunch of different parts. Hope you like this. This one is dedicated to my friend Pantyman... but I think you all will enjoy this tale of a girl who turns to her grandfather for help in the ways of sex.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 6 - Learning About Incest
      youngst6 zip (11k) (mom/son, dad/daughter oral)
      Billy and Pam learn about family sex.

      Thursday, June 22, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • Girl Goes Riding
      girlgoe2 zip (08k) (M/g(10) mast intercourse)
      'Sunday morning, go for a ride.' The Beatles sang it, Tess agrees with it, although she and the Fab Four may have diffent ideas on the actual ride itself. Or maybe not!

      Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    • by Vixen :...
    • My Happy Home Life
      myhappyh zip (05k) (MF/g)
      A brief sketch of what is perceived as a happy home life by one young wife. This story is complete fiction and has no resemblance to reality at all. It is a dream.
    • by Benhead :...
    • Sammy, part 1
      sammy1 zip (10k) (M/g, pedo, cons)
      She came over to where I was standing and I turned her around to face away from me and put my arms around her. I had never, ever done anything so open with her before and was a little nervous that she might not like it. But she seemed to melt in my arms and I hugged her to warm her up. I could feel my cock was starting to fill a little and I knew she must feel it as well. But I didn't say anything about it or move away from her. In fact, I thought I could sense that she was pressing her tight bottom a little firmer into my groin. Maybe she wanted to feel more of it.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Tina Goes Flashing
      tinagoes zip (06k) (MF slut wife)
      I still can't believe how my life has changed in the last few weeks. It seems like I have suddenly gone from being a normal wife and mother to a raging nymphomaniac. It seems like the more cock I get the more I want it, and the most amazing thing of all is that I've become a total slut at the urging of my husband. I mean, how many women are lucky enough to get all the cock and sex they want with the permission and even the encouragement of their husbands? Is this a great country or what?
    • by BP :...
    • Toy Pussy
      toypussy zip (05k) (Incest, toys, impreg, lactation)
      Hi I'm Becky, I'm not sure when I discovered my pussy but I know it was before my boobs started to sprout. My fingers soon found the little bump at the top of my pussy slit and the hole just below my little pee hole.

      Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • Girl Goes Gardening
      girlgoes zip (08k) (M/gg (both 10) father/daughter/niece. inc mast oral intercourse first time)
      Tessa visits her uncle and cousin and discovers gardening can be fun, if you find the right tool.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot VI: The Principal
      honeypo6 zip (04k) (M/f, pedo, anal, cons)
      Honey gets sent to the principal's office for being a bad girl.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 8
      pinerid8 zip (13k) (Multiple Males/females (8-15) lots of sex)
      It was just a few minutes after seven when Kim arrived with eight year old Jade and nine year old Jasmine. Since both girls were here, I had Jenny and Helen take Kim out back while I programmed Jasmine and Jade at the same time. This programming took a lot of thought, because at eight and nine years old, I knew they understood very little or nothing about sex and it would take a little longer. Yet, by the time I was done there was little doubt the two little Amerasian beauties understood exactly what was going to happen to them and how much fun they were going to have.
    • by Spin :...
    • The Banished Pedo
      thebanis zip (08k) (M/g Pedo, Sex, Cons, 1st, Anal, Oral)
      Read The Latest addition to the "Paul The Pedo" saga. The first story,"Another Third Grader In My Bed" was quite a hit with my readers. This new story begins years later after Paul pushes his luck with a neighborhood child and gets literally run out of the city and banished to the country. Our hero is up to his old tricks but as you'll see, he's discovered a few new ones too.
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Panty Monster, part 3
      thepant3 zip (23k) (Mgg ped cons)
      Our protagonist Pete's appetite for child sex is growing. He enjoys bath time as the Panty Monster with Kirsty and her school friend Melissa. Later that night the two eight-year olds drag him out of bed and drive him wild with their newfound interest in sex. More tragedy surfaces from Sue's earlier life when she describes how she was raped by her foster father Phil at the age of six. Pete spends an enjoyable night with Carly and introduces the four year old to the delights of oral sex. He sets off on a journey to the dark side of the Internet after a seemingly innocent conversation with Sue. There are further revelations from her as the story becomes more complex.

      Monday, June 19, 2006

    • by mickthewee :...
    • April
      april zip (08k) (M/f)
      It's funny how things turn out. The other week I was reading a story by BigWaveBoy on the Mr Double site, "Catching the Kids in the Storm Cellar" and how Rick rubbed 9 year old Louise on the stomach - and further. Not long after I had a visit from an old friend, Brandon along with his daughter, Sandy and granddaughter, April. Brandon lived down country and had come to move Sandy back down as she had split up from her partner. All their possessions were on a trailer as well as being jammed in the rear of his SUV. The family are very big people. Not fat, just big-boned. April was eight and very tall for her age. She was slim and lithe and had yet to take on the family bulkiness. I noticed that her seat in the rear was cramped and appeared to be rather uncomfortable.
    • by Powerone & SummerElizabeth8 :...
    • Family Rituals, ch 1-2
      famil1_2 zip (14k) (M+/F, incest, oral, anal, mast)
      A story about Amanda, eighteen, a virgin announces that she is to be married. Brought up strictly by her Father, he shockingly announces that according to tradition, he will sexually train her in the art of pleasing her future husband. Her fiance will be satisfied sexully by her Mother while Amanda is being trained.
    • by Ronsworld :...
    • The Estate, ch 1
      theesta1 zip (10k) (M/f)
      This story is set in Victorian England where child prostitution was very common. Mr. Tilden is a tutor who has been dismissed without references from his position as a tutor. Seems he has an eye for the ladies, or shall I say...girls. He is invited to a secluded country estate for a job interview. He discovers the owner is a man after his own heart, absolute master of his domain, and dedicated to the pursuit of incest and very young pussy.
    • by reginald :...
    • Familiengeschichten, teil 3
      familie3 zip (12k) (MF, Mf inc family)
      Nach einer doch längeren Pause hier nun der Auftakt zu einem ganz speziellen Grillfest unserer kleinen Familie. Die anderen Teile kommen so schnell wie möglich.

      Sunday, June 18, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • A Girl's Best Friend Is Her Father
      agirlsbe zip (04k) (M/g (10) father/daughter inc mast)
      Daddy usually knocked on the bedroom door and waited, when he brought up his daughter's morning drink. Today, he forgot, and was glad he did.
      A Girl's Best Friend Is Still Her Father
      2agirlsb zip (05k) (M/g (10) father daughter inc oral maturbation)
      Mummy pops next door, which usually takes ages, Daria eats her breakfast and Daddy eats Daria, who lets him have a nice drink.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Girl Watcher's Tale
      agirlwat zip (14k) (man 40, girl 11; panty sighting, nudity, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      It was summertime. 40 yo Warren Castle liked to sit on his front porch swing and watch the kids of the neighborhood play their various games. He also liked to go to the park and watch girls as they swung and climbed the monkey bars. One day a beautiful little girl appeared and climbed the bars. What struck Warren most was not just the girl's beauty, but unlike most of the little girls of the day she seemed to enjoy doing her climbing in dresses, which of course, were unbeatable for giving any and all observers views of her panties. Warren came back for several weeks, and each day the girl returned and did her climbing. But was really shocked Warren the most was the day she came over to him after her climb and struck up a conversation.

      Saturday, June 17, 2006

    • by Just Imagine :...
    • Dad And Daughter Association, part 6
      dadandd6 zip (51k) (M/g,cons,inc,oral,ped,pett,g-1st. Contains explicit language and graphic descriptions)
      An in-depth report about the Dad and Daughter Association (aka DaDa) - a members-only, educational organization that teaches fathers and their preteen daughters how to best perform sexual relations with each other. The report includes excerpts from the organization's instructional guide to be followed by members only.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 7
      pinerid7 zip (15k) (Multiple Males/females (8-15) lots of sex)
      A half hour later, we were driving down off the hill into the ranch and Jenny was all excited about what she was seeing. Of course the girls swarmed the car, then just had to meet Helen and Jenny but it was Jenny and Crystal that hit it off, since Crystal was only a year older than Jenny. When Crystal asked if Jenny wanted to go horseback riding, Jenny wasn't sure, she had never ridden a horse before. That didn't slow Crystal down, they would just get Kelly to teach Jenny, then they could all go out together. Now, I wondered how they were going to all ride, Jim didn't have that many horses. With a giggle, Kelly said her Dad had picked up a dozen more gentle saddle horses, with tack, because he was sure guest would love to go riding with the girls.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Stacy's First Time
      stacysfi zip (07k) (M/f, dad/dau inc, cons)
      A father reunites with his eleven-year-old daughter who he has not seen in nine years only to find out she's very frisky and curious.

      Friday, June 16, 2006

    • by Just Imagine :...
    • Dad And Daughter Association, part 5
      dadandd5 zip (48k) (M/g,cons,inc,oral,ped,pett,g-1st. Contains explicit language and graphic descriptions)
      An in-depth report about the Dad and Daughter Association (aka DaDa) - a members-only, educational organization that teaches fathers and their preteen daughters how to best perform sexual relations with each other. The report includes excerpts from the organization's instructional guide to be followed by members only.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Princess Soney In The Orient
      princes5 zip (18k) (M/f m/f MM/f orgy con)
      "Well, lover, what do you do with me, now?" She whispered, lowering her hand between them and finding his hard member throbbing in his pants. His body was freezing, but his cock was hot and ready for her. She smiled and rubbed it from the root up to the tip. Indeed! The boy was a man. Thinking at first she would not be that interested in a thirteen-year-old virgin boy.
    • by Roberta :...
    • Summer Memories, part 3
      summerm3 zip (21k) (mf)
      Sonia figured that Rudi would be right on the beach with his surf-class and she was not (yet) prepared to disgrace her husband by openly walking out of the sauna with Serge and his colossal member swinging around right next to her while she had still a constant stream of his sperm oozing out of her open gaping pussy. It would be obvious for everyone to realize what was going on. After getting the fuck of their lives, Sonia asked Serge to leave first. She and Gabi would stay behind to clean up the place including their own ravished bodies. They asked Serge to meet Gabi at the café in about 30 minutes. Gabi was actually worried to leave Serge alone for that short time. She knew that she was not the only size queen in this world. As a matter of fact she knew a handful woman in the camp by name who would bust their kneecaps to drop right in front of Serge to serve his giant schlong without hesitation.

      Thursday, June 15, 2006

    • by Eric Shon :...
    • A Losing Proposition, part 1
      alosing1 zip (14k) (F, b, tease, oral)
      With no warning, Jeremy suddenly felt pressure on his thigh. His big gut blocked out direct view of what Rhonda was doing, but it wasn't long before the rest of his body knew exactly what she had in mind. Jeremy felt the two edges of the towel being pulled apart at his left leg, the coarse terry cloth fabric rubbing against the tip of his penis, making him fully aware that he had a woody. A second later he could feel the cool air of the kitchen on it. His heart pounded. "Aw, you still have a boy-cock, Jeremy." She tilted her head up, her eyes appearing from beneath his girth, and looked up at him, her eyes now smoldering. "But I bet it still makes you feel good, doesn't it?" Jeremy felt a warm sensation engulf his penis and pull on it. He knew instantly it was her hand. "Doesn't it?" Jeremy felt his breath coming in rasps. "Uh-huhh-h-h" he said, nodding his head. Rhonda smiled wickedly, the same look in her eyes that Jeremy had caught in them briefly at the gym. Her tongue snaked out across her lips and slid across them. Then she lowered her head beneath his belly, beyond his view, leaving him only the sight of the back of her head. He felt his breath rush out of his lungs and his knees turn to rubber as a hot, wet sensation surrounded the top half of his penis, followed by a strong suction.
    • by Just Imagine :...
    • Dad And Daughter Association, part 4
      dadandd4 zip (13k) (M/g, cons, inc, oral, ped, pett, g-1st. Contains explicit language and graphic descriptions)
      An in-depth report about the Dad and Daughter Association (aka DaDa) - a members-only, educational organization that teaches fathers and their preteen daughters how to best perform sexual relations with each other. The report includes excerpts from the organization's instructional guide to be followed by members only.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • When Patsy Passed Out
      whenpats zip (07k) (uncle/niece (10) oral nc (unconscious))
      I'm a retired teacher, widowed, and have a niece with a problem - she keeps losing consciousness. The doctors are baffled. She can't have normal schooling, so the family have her come to me for tutoring. I've never tried this before, let's hope it comes out all right.

      Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    • by Just Imagine :...
    • Dad And Daughter Association, part 3
      dadandd3 zip (49k) (M/g,cons,inc,oral,ped,pett,g-1st. Contains explicit language and graphic descriptions)
      An in-depth report about the Dad and Daughter Association (aka DaDa) - a members-only, educational organization that teaches fathers and their preteen daughters how to best perform sexual relations with each other. The report includes excerpts from the organization's instructional guide to be followed by members only.

      Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    • by BP :...
    • Abused Sister
      abusedsi zip (04k) (Abuse, rape, drugs, understanding)
      Other then exchanging Christmas and Birthday cards, I hadn't heard from my sister, Joan since I got married. My marriage didn't last long due to the fact, I caught my ex in bed with another guy, I got the house and ducked alimony payments. One night as I was about to sit down to a TV dinner, the phone rang. Joan's voice was so choked with emotion, I didn't recognize her at first. Once I calmed her enough to understand her, she explained that she had a big fight with her boyfriend and he had given her twenty four hours to get out. Without hesitation I told her she was welcome to stay with me until she got things straightened out.
      Keeping Grampy Happy
      keepingg zip (07k) (incest, impreg)
      When Momma asked me if I minded letting Grampy sleep in my big bed, I asked why he couldn't have his own bed. Momma told me that Grampy needed someone to sleep with him so he wouldn't get lonely. I gave Momma a big hug and told her that I would love to keep Grampy from getting lonely. The next day Momma gave me a new nighty to wear when I slept with Grampy. When I tried my new nighty on it was so short it didn't cover my bottom if I bent over at all. Momma assured me that it was just right and that Grampy would love it.
    • by Just Imagine :...
    • Dad And Daughter Association, part 2
      dadandd2 zip (31k) (M/g, cons, inc, oral, ped, pett, g-1st. Contains explicit language and graphic descriptions)
      An in-depth report about the Dad and Daughter Association (aka DaDa) - a members-only, educational organization that teaches fathers and their preteen daughters how to best perform sexual relations with each other. The report includes excerpts from the organization's instructional guide to be followed by members only.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Ladies Meeting In The Village Hall - First Part
      ladiesm1 zip (05k) (F (group)/ b(5))
      Welcome, ladies. After my opening remarks, I will be introducing this afternoon's entertainment, and I know you won't be disappointed. But first...
    • by King Cap :...
    • Which Way to Go?, part 1
      whichwa1 zip (25k) (mm mf yng teens oral anal mast 1st)
      A trip to camp leaves 12-year-old Timmy confused. Is he gay? After returning home and meeting a sweet girl, he thinks he's not gay. Or is he?
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 5 - Revelations
      youngst5 zip (11k) (no-sex)
      Billy is being told about his parents habit

      Monday, June 12, 2006

    • by Just Imagine :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dad And Daughter Association
      dadandd1 zip (18k) (M/g, cons, inc, oral, ped, pett, g-1st. Contains explicit language and graphic descriptions)
      An in-depth report about the Dad and Daughter Association (aka DaDa) - a members-only, educational organization that teaches fathers and their preteen daughters how to best perform sexual relations with each other. The report includes excerpts from the organization's instructional guide to be followed by members only.
    • by Edo :...
    • Malachi, ch 2
      malachi2 zip (04k) (b/g (infants), tort, medical)
      As the machine prepares itself, Malachi uncovers the tray, and checks that all the tools are present. They are. An assortment of needles, swabs, and bandages is all laid out in perfect precision.
    • by KingKookie :...
    • Mountain Camping Trip, ch 2
      mountai2 zip (09k) (b/g (bro/sis preteens), M/F inc)
      "Your mother and I have talked about you two and the intimacy that you have been sharing between each other and we want you to know that it's OK with us. But, remember the rule. Anything that you find or discover out here, stays out here. So enjoy it while it lasts. Now, does either of you know what sex is?"
    • by Spin :...
    • Room 6-6-6
      roomsixs zip (11k) (M/g, Pedo, Sex, 1st, Beast, Horror)
      Room 6-6-6 offers much more than just a taste of vacation luxury for ten-year-old Stella and her mother. The story begins with the typical antics of a young, curious little girl. But curiosity sometimes has consequences as the child soon discovers. Non-stop action, fueled by plenty of horror, lust, desire and erotic sex at it's best will tantalize your senses.

      Sunday, June 11, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Funny Thing
      afunnyt zip (17k) (Mf)
      A funny thing happened to me the other day. Not funny like in hilarious, but funny as in odd, peculiar, positively mind blowing. However before I tell you about it maybe I ought to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. My name is Terry White and I am thirty five years old. I'm a pretty ordinary looking guy, neither too skinny nor too fat. More or less normal. I'm not particularly well built, I never did get off on exercising, but I run every couple of days and I guess that helps make up somewhat for my otherwise sedentary lifestyle. I'm not married. I was for a couple of years, but in our case although familiarity didn't bring contempt (as the military used to be so fond of saying), unlike the Dr. Sholl ads we just weren't jelling and we finally decided to go our separate ways with no hard feelings, but also with no strong ties to one another. We almost never see each other, but we do talk on the phone occasionally. She usually calls me.
    • by bookworm :...
    • Baby Sitting, ch 2
      babysit2 zip (17k) (M.g.f.b. mix and match)
      The continuing exciting sex lives of Sara Amanda and Peter as their grandfather continued to teach them all about sex.
    • by Nekkidgramps :...
    • Meteor Boy, part 1
      meteorb1 zip (27k) (F/f/f/m Mom/Daut19/Daut8/Son17 pedo inc Fantasy/Sci-Fi)
      "What happened to me?" "Well young man you got hit by this piece of space rock," said the doctor who held up the meteorite where I could see it. "It was traveling faster than a bullet and glowing white hot when it blew a hole straight through you. When you came in we could have put a spit through you like a roast pig.
    • by SlimTickler :...
    • Tabitha's Ticklish Tales, part 1
      tabitha1 zip (07k) (m/f, f/f, tickling, nosex)
      Well, I'm really ticklish, and my feet are probably my worst tickle spot! So I nearly hit the roof! And what made it even worse was we have to wear thin blue socks as part of our school uniforms, and all the girls say they make their legs and feet WAY more ticklish, and they're right. My feet are pretty ticklish WITHOUT the socks (my brother will tell you) but with them on, I can't stand it at all.
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Panty Monster, part 2
      thepant2 zip (21k) (Mgg ped cons)
      After seducing his girlfriend's eight-year old daughter Kirsty, our friendly pervert Pete spends an enjoyable Saturday morning pumping the little girl full of cum and choosing which panties she should wear when they go to collect her belongings. Something unnerves Pete about Sue' past but he's more interested in Kirsty so he puts his curiosity to one side. He then relates the tale of how he obtained the little pink panties he made Kirsty wear when they played the Panty Monster game in Part 1. In bed that night the eight-year old gives Pete a big surprise followed by a stunning blow job. Pete questions Sue more about her past life. He discovers that she is an orphan who was adopted by a paedophile at the age of five
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Tina's Vacation
      tinasvac zip (08k) (MF slutwife)
      My husband, John, is all excited these days because this guy Cumsucker has written a couple of stories about us. I'm only grateful our daughters aren't old enough to read them, because if they found out what kind of parents they had they'd probably want to join in on the sex with us, too. Some day, maybe... when they're in their teens... I might let them, but not yet. They're WAY too young. I think. Anyway, I'd like to tell you how all this "slut wife" stuff got started. My husband, John, is a very needy guy when it comes to sex. He's always after me to fuck him, or suck him, and when I'm in the mood I love it, so I really can't complain. For years we had a great, but very normal, sex life. Then, after we'd been married a while, John decided he wanted to do some things to kind of spice up our sex. That's when he began showing me off to other men.

      Saturday, June 10, 2006

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 6
      pinerid6 zip (12k) (Multiple Males/females (8-15))
      Around the office, it was as if nothing had happened between Helen and I, but just after morning break, I called her into my office. We talked for a little bit and I told her how she would be spending weekends at the ranch fucking boys and watching men fuck Jenny. She was fine with it, and I happened to see Joanne walk by the window and mentioned her to Helen. When I asked Helen if she knew Joanne, she did and there was a funny look on Helen's face.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Princess Soney Visits the Neighbor
      princes4 zip (09k) (M/f Pedo)
      The taxi came in thirty minutes and in another twenty she was getting out at the train station. Fortunately it was only a three-hour train ride to Olympia. Soney had never even seen the old man who had died, but it was her mother's father. Her mother was unconsolable right then. Her father had been the one to call. But Soney knew she would be the one to stop her schooling and go with her mother to Korea. Living with her mother and father had always been interesting to say the least. This was just another event she understood, but the average American would never understand. Why would a granddaughter stop her schooling to attend a funeral, not attend the funeral, simply be in the neighborhood, as it were? No. She and the children would not be allowed to go to the grave site. There would be many women screaming and crying and when it was all over, everyone would be drunk. Her mother had taken her to an uncle's funeral. She fully expected this to be a repeat of the former event.

      Friday, June 09, 2006


      Thursday, June 08, 2006

    • by Sexy Suman :...
    • Feeling Kmini
      feelingk zip (42k) (Indian bro/sis incest)
      I never considered my sister, Kamini, a sexual object until one day three years ago my sister was changing at my parent's house getting ready for of all things for attending a marriage. My sister screamed something out while I was in the kitchen. I walked into the living room to see what she wanted. And there she was. She was trying to tie laces of her panties and her creamy thighs were bare except her mound. As the laces of her panties were not tightened I could see the small portion of her neatly trimmed bush.
    • by ColonelQAZ :...
    • Next Boy On The List, part 2
      nextboy2 zip (13k) (Mb pedo rape)
      After having raped ten-year-old Shane in house Peter is still not done with the boy and continues his fun with the little boy...
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Academy
      theacade zip (39k) (b/g, b/f, ped, preg, cons, firsttime)
      Something strange is going on, Alex isn't really sure what it is. But when his parents send him off to a place called: The Academy for Wayward Kids he begins to wonder what it is that he could have done! That's when everything changes. . .

      Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    • by HoneyDaddy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Honey Pot I: Daddy's Lap
      honeypot zip (04k) (M/f, dad/dau inc, pedo, cons)
      Five-year-old Honey's mommy is not at home so she takes advantage by having a little fun with her daddy.
      HoneyPot II: Honey's Yummy Package
      honeypo2 zip (04k) (M/f, pedo, oral, cons)
      Honey is home alone when the handsome postman delivers a tasty treat for her.
      Honey Pot III: Santa's Lap
      honeypo3 zip (04k) (M/f, pedo, cons, anal)
      Honey goes Christmas shopping and is a good and naughty girl for "Santa."
      Honey Pot IV: Honey Turns Six
      honeypo4 zip (04k) (M/f, inc, pedo, cons)
      On Honey's sixth birthday her wish of a wet and wild orgy comes true.
    • by Edo :...
    • Malachi's Quest, ch 1
      malachi1 zip (03k) (M/m(infant)/f (Infant), medical, torture, caution)
      Settling the infants into a double stroller, Malachi nonchalantly rolls them down the hall and into the elevator. The hospital is so busy, nobody notices him; and if they did, nobody would suspect.
    • by SlimTickler :...
    • The Genie And The Tickler, part 5
      thegeni5 zip (06k) (m/f, tickling, nosex)
      This sexy 12 year old girl giggled hysterically as I poked and prodded her ribs and sides, even tickling her neck and causing her to tilt her head against my fingers. She was so pretty, all tickled helplessly like that, and I was a sadistic, dirty old man, disguised as a 12-year-old.
    • by PhG :...
    • Kidnapad Och Såld, ch 1-5
      kidna1_5 zip (51k) (f/MM F/M rape bondage torture slavery)
      En ung svensk tjej, Kattis, finner sig vara fången i afrika hos en hänsynslös slavhandlare.
      Välkomna Till Solvik
      valkomna zip (24k) (M/f rape M/f incest dad/dau rape mmm/f rape)
      Väkomna till Solvik. En fiktiv kommun någonstans i Sverige, där inget är vad det ser ut att vara. Under den lugna och idyliska ytan döljs mörka hemligheter och våldsamma händeler...
      Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta
      stockhol zip (09k) (M/ff rape historical)
      En novell som utspelar sig i 1870-talets Stockholm. En ung ädling besöker ett horhus på söder i Stockholm och utnyttjar två unga flickor. Om du känner igen början av novellen så har du helt rätt, jag har helt skamlöst stulit den...

      Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    • by GNGordon :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eating Brownies, ch 1
      eatingb1 zip (10k) (M/fff inc cons 1st)
      When Uncle John was recruited to watch over his niece's Brownie meeting he had no idea of the opportunities it provided. You have to eat Brownies if you want to learn to eat Girl Scouts!
      Tommy and Suzy, ch 1
      tommyan1 zip (12k) (m/f bro/sis 1st inc cons)
      Tommy thought he would be a virgin until he turned 30 but he had no idea his little sister, Suzy, could be such a great sex partner.
    • by BruiseWillies :...
    • Matt's Web, ch 1
      mattswe1 zip (08k) (M/b toddler,extreme caution,foot fetish, circumcision, castration, non-cons)
      "Welcome, boy lover to the first time such an event has been shown on camera," he saud while casually ruffling the crying boy's silky sandy-blonde hair affectionately. "This here is little Eric and he's going to be a big boy soon aren't you lovely?" More cries from the poor naked child. "Yes, he's going to be all of 2 years old today," the man smiled leaning down to kiss the boy's lovely forehead while one hand stroked the bulging cheeks from the large dildo gag lodged firmly in the boy's pretty little mouth. "As you can see, this baby fucktoy is most probably the prettiest boy you've seen in awhile. Note the exquisite specimens's tiny perfect genitalia," he purred as a stray hand pushed the thighs apart.

      Monday, June 05, 2006

    • by SlimTickler :...
    • The Genie And The Tickler, part 4
      thegeni4 zip (06k) (m/f, tickling, nosex)
      She bent and thrust her body, jerking it to each side that I tickled and boy was she laughing. She had a baby laugh. I figured her to be about 8 or 9 years old.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • The Jolly Little Sailor Girl
      thejolly zip (08k) (M/g(11-just) mast oral female ejaculation)
      On holiday, but very bored, Tina jumps at the chance of helping an old fisherman find a good place to put his rod. But first....
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Tina's Gang Bang
      tinasgan zip (05k) (f/mmmmmm)
      After the threesome Tina and I had with the older guy who fucked her, we were both eager to do it again. "Did you know Bob has a big boat, baby? When you were in the bathroom he told me he'd love to take us out on it for a 'sex cruise' sometime. Maybe with a few friends of his and just us," I said. "Are you serious, Johnnie?" Tina asked. As I watched her nipples grew harder, and I knew the idea was exciting to her. "Yeah, I am. Would you ever do something like that, baby? Would you like to go on a nice big boat and get fucked by a bunch of men? Gangbanged, Tina? Would you do that for me?"

      Sunday, June 04, 2006

    • by Sniffles :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Internet Videos, ch 1
      theinte1 zip (03k) (M/b, Ped, Oral)
      My mom went on vacation; she said she needed time away from my dad. I think they are about to get a divorce or something. Anyways, my name is Dylan, im 11 years old and I am an only child. I have a caramel brown skin tone, with black hair, and brown eyes. I'm not fat but I do have baby fat around my waist. I have a big tight ass that is pale compared to the rest of my skin. My dad works from home, and my mom is usually the one who goes out to work. My dad is 36 years old, he's what people call a bear. He's hairy all over his chest, and legs. He also has a big tummy.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • A Girl's Question For A Pound
      agirlsqu zip (09k) (M/g(10) mast)
      Milly (10) is sunbathing in her back garden. Her next door neighbour asks her to come round and help him with the answer to a question. As he is an honorary uncle, Milly sees no harm in helping him out.
    • by BP :...
    • Nursed
      nursed zip (05k) (Incest, oral, pregnancy, lactation)
      After my wife, Katie passed away, my granddaughter Becky, insisted that I move in with her and her husband Jim. Although I insisted that it wouldn't be right for me to intrude, Jim pointed that they had a big house and lots of empty room and that I didn't know how to cook.
    • by Alice :...
    • Photo Phun - a Raucous Conclusion
      photoph2 zip (07k) (M/bb/ggg)
      That evening, when I viewed the camera recordings, cash registers were ringing in my ears. And, rare for me, I not only got hard I almost creamed my shorts. When I'd sent the five up to the showers and turned on all the cameras, I expected some good shots, but never would I have imagined ... The first shower segment splashed on my computer monitor just in time to greet Terry storming in followed by nine year old Marcy, both butt naked and twirling the suit bottoms they'd somehow gotten off on the way up the stairs. They were screaming and the reason came bursting in after them - ten year old Bobby with hands outstretched to grab.
    • by Spin :...
    • The Annual Child Fondling Contest For Charity
      theannua zip (10k) (M/g. Pedo, Sex, Penetration, 1st time, Cons)
      The cast of characters in this lighthearted tale will be familiar. It's only a parody and NOT written to offend, but cast a little humor into my fellow hobbyists.
    • by SlimTickler :...
    • The Genie And The Tickler, part 3
      thegeni3 zip (05k) (m/f, tickling, nosex)
      As a 12-year-old, I would have just stared at her, said nothing, and spent weeks hitting myself over it. As a 45-year-old in a 12-year-old body, I was slick and manipulative, and far wiser than this girl who appeared to be all of 11.
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Girl In The Orange Dress
      thegirli zip (15k) (Mgg ped cons)
      Dave is a predatory paedophile who seeks out little girls at parties. He luck is in when he meets seven-year old Holly, a nymphet already addicted to playing with her little pussy. Holly soon loses her knickers and the two of them enjoy some adult fun and games. Dave then lures Holly and her four year old sister Lucy into the woods and that¡¯s when the action really heats up.
    • by JohnDoe1 :...
    • Der Soziale Tag, ch 1
      dersozi1 zip (09k) (MffF)
      John läßt sich überreden, 2 Schülerinen (11 und 12 Jahre) einige Zeit bei sich arbeiten zu lassen. Die Mädchen versuchen unbeholfen, aber zielstrebig, ihn anzumachen. Als noch die Tante eines der Mädchen kommt, um ihn in Augeschein zu nehmen, wird es spannend für John!

      Saturday, June 03, 2006

    • by Lord Rossette :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Premarital Counselor, ch 1
      premari1 zip (13k) (M/Ff, inc, preg, anal, lact)
      When they first walked into the lobby I knew I had to impregnate daughter AND mother.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Finding Comfort At Home
      findingc zip (49k) (b(14)/F, Mother/son, inc, rom, preg, slow)
      A recently divorced young mother finds comfort in the arms of her fourteen-year-old son and considers the moral dilemma their relationship entails.
      Gone To The Dogs
      gonetoth zip (08k) (F/dogs, all)
      Kirsten Daniels was an embarrassment to her family. She had gone from a straight 'A' student her first year in college to barely passing. She was on the honor role and voted homecoming queen in her senior year in high-school, but after her first year in college, things began to change. First, she died her natural blonde hair, black and started wearing dark makeup. The she began piercing different parts of her body and hanging out with people only a year earlier, she wouldn't have been caught dead with. At first, her family thought she was going through a faze, but when she came home for Christmas break with her current lover, another girl, things went downhill fast, according to her family. But that wasn't the most shocking thing that Kirsten would admit to her family.
    • by Sexy Suman :...
    • Taboo in Ranikhet
      tabooin zip (25k) (M/f dad/daut,borther/sister inc)
      Rati was Anurag's elder sister. She was 10 years older than him. They came to Ranikhet to arrange for Rati's divorce. Rati discloses Anurag about her hate with her father. Than she offer herself to her brother.
    • by paraman2 :...
    • Young Meat, ch 1
      youngme1 zip (25k) (M/m chap 1 then M/m M/f to follow)
      Sitting on the cliff top was so relaxing. I had come to this remote part of Cornwall to do just that. Almost at the point of taking early retirement, i was determined to make the most of my 3 week break and sitting here in the warm sun, overlooking the blue sea with a flask of coffee was my idea of total relaxation. My name is Paul, i am almost 55 and single, i have been married and had long term relationships but none of them lasted more than a few years, i am now on my own and loving it. The only thing i miss is a nice wet cunt to shove my cock into on occasion but i can't complain, i have had a lot of girlfriends who were very much younger than me and some, one might say, indecently younger but hey, a cunt is a cunt, right ?? !!
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 4 - Explosion
      youngst4 zip (10k) (Fm, fm, multi, anal, DP, voyeur, mom/son, WS)
      Billy gets a few big surprises while 'visiting' Mrs. Green.

      Friday, June 02, 2006

    • by Robot :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Young, Naked Playmate, ch 1
      myyoung1 zip (25k) (M/f, cons, rom, solo, f-1st)
      My last summer before college graduation, I hadn't expected to engage in a steamy relationship with my neighbor's 13 year old granddaughter involving a lot of sex and nudity as I took care of my parent's house for two months...And some other kids find their way into this story too.
    • by dilligaf :...New Author.!.!.!
    • 01 Boatride, parts 1-2
      onebo1_2 zip (10k) (M/f)
      Chance meeting with a girl from church becomes more than he bargained for. But it all works out for the best in the end. It turns out to be quite a weekend, and there's alot more that follows.
    • by Bemused :...
    • Backup Babysitter
      backupba zip (19k) (Mf(11)f(9), oral, first time, anal fingering)
      Our middle-aged hero tries in vain to spend time with the two pre-teen girls who live next door until the sudden firing of their teenage hottie of a baby sitter creates an opportunity. At first he is dissapointed since the girls seem to want to spend all their time locked in their room leaving little time for seduction. Once our hero discovers what the girls are doing in their room though, he is able to use it fulfill his dreams of sex with young girls.
    • by Bach :...
    • Julie Bones and the Grouch
      juliebo5 zip (10k) (b/g M/g panties pedo masturbation anal)
      "I think we got a little bit of a problem," I said to that Billy Jerkins. He looked over his shoulder and said, "UH, OH." I took that as a little bit of a bad sign. Billy's Jerkins dad yelled, "Stand up, little girl!" So I standed up. Then real fast I reached down and...
    • by Edo :...
    • Kazu, ch 8
      kazu8 zip (06k) (b (11)/g (teen), romantic, preg)
      The kisses grew more and more passionate. Sue knew she wanted this boy. She knew she wanted him in every way. He was 11, but very hairless and small. She doubted he could cum. But, even the slightest chance of him being interested excited her. It was illegal but the sense of danger was the best part!
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 5
      pinerid5 zip (13k) (Multiple Males/ females (10-15) lots of sex)
      All the cars stopped on the hill above the ranch, so Damien, Carl and Mr. Drew could get a lay of the ranch itself. It was a good thing Kelly was with us, because she was able to point out the boundaries of the ranch to them. In all, there were three thousand acres to the ranch but both Mr. Drew and Carl were interested in the little valley behind the ranch house. They could already see a dozen little bungalows in the valley, which would still keep them within a hundred yards of the main buildings.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Teaching Miranda to Sail
      teaching zip (14k) (M/f cons first)
      His conscience and his cock were fighting and his cock was winning. He turned back and watched her. Swallowing and nearly gasping for air he knew just how crude he was, but now he looked unashamedly under her dress and wondered how her pussy might look?
    • by MarcoPolo :...
    • The Panty Monster, part 1
      thepant1 zip (32k) (MFg ped rom cons)
      In which our protagonist Pete meets an adorable eight-year old girl named Kirsty. He introduces her to the Panty Monster, his alter ego and a creature whose sole diet is little girl panties. Kirsty likes to play the Panty Monster game and the story descends into further depravity when Pete's girlfriend joins in the action. Then things get kind of complicated when the truth is revealed...

      Thursday, June 01, 2006

    • by Slim Tickler :...
    • The Genie And The Tickler, part 2
      thegeni2 zip (05k) (m/f, tickling, nosex)
      Here they were, at 11 and 12, at the front door of their puberty. Already you could see a little growth on some of the girls while the others were still deliciously flat-chested. Their legs and armpits were totally devoid of hair, a chore they would know about within the next few years.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • The Pest 1: An Introduction
      thepest1 zip (04k) (bb(11)/g(4))
      When THE PEST pushed DICK and WILLIE too far and why what happened, happened - although it doesn't really happen until later!

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