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    March 01st - March 31st mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, March 31, 2006

    • by Twisted :...
    • Bar Fly Inc.
      barflyin zip (18k) (M/f mom/daut pedo)
      Holding her hand mirror she checks her eye makeup, Karen was feeling slightly drunk and her being only female in the seedy bar she received so many free drinks before leaving her shift feeling tipsy was normal. Its been a slow day she didn't get shit in her tip jar, Karen really didn't do any whoring so to speak but being the barmaid she could get laid a lot if she tried. But kind of burnt out on sex, after being a model at X-rated photo shoots and all that partying associated with those people she about got strung out. A male friend convinced her to find a normal job. Living downtown didn't have many opportunities for a skill less second-rate porn actress.
    • by keyah :...
    • Early Breakfast Adventures
      earlybre zip (13k) (M/f pedo cons)
      Suddenly the fragile fourteen-year-old felt like a wild cat he couldn't let go. Her claws were digging into his back, her mouth was bringing blood to his shoulder and his dick was being incinerated with her heat and all that frantic screwing round and round. He found himself stepping back away from the car trying to keep his balance. For an incredible moment he wasn't sure he could hold her.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 11
      mikesw11 zip (15k) (Multiple M, bbbbb/FFFF, gggggg first, cons, inc, pedo)
      His knees were shaking, he wanted to puke, then crawl into a hole but Mike walked into the kitchen. At the kitchen table, his Uncle Ron was drinking coffee with his Dad but looked up at Mike and smiled. When Ron stood up, Mike was ready for the roof to cave in but all Ron did was ask if he was ready to go? Minutes later, they were in his Uncle Ron's pickup, out of the driveway and headed down the road.

      Thursday, March 30, 2006

    • by H. Grant :...
    • Molesting Little Sandy
      molestin zip (19k) (Mg/extreme pedo toddler oral cum anal peeing scat)
      In a small town in the heart of America, the local pastor of a Babtist church holds several dark secrets and perverted obsessions that he reveals only in the presence of small children.

      Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    • by FamilyMan :...
    • I Just Love It, part 1
      ijustlo1 zip (13k) (anything goes)
      I can't help it. I love cocks, I love fucking. It doesn't matter very much who owns the cock - he can be young, middle aged or old, he can be white, black or yellow; he can be rich or poor. If he has a cock of 7" and more and wants to fuck - I'm more than willing.
    • by Bach :...
    • Julie Bones the Helper Maid
      juliebo2 zip (10k) (M/f)
      Julie Bones helps a neighbor clean house.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Sword in the Queen's Garden, part 2
      theswor2 zip (19k) (F/m/cons)
      Prince Claid becomes interested in his mother, the Queen's handmaiden. At first she is demure little woman, but the Prince finds out that she is not quite the prim and proper woman he thought she was...

      Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Silent Love, ch 6
      silentl6 zip (06k) (Mf)
      Silent Love is a tender love story involving 3 main characters; Hans, a 27 YO engineer, Beth a 29 YO councilor, and Mary, a 12 YO girl. They are drawn together by their common impairment, being Deaf-mutes. The story mainly takes place in and around a Community Health center, where Beth teaches signing, with Hans and Mary being patients. Beth has deep feeling for Mary and would like to adopt her, but cant since she is not married. Beth is also attracted to Hans and is interested in developing a relationship with him. In this chapter, Hans, Beth, & Hans get together.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Sword In The Queen's Garden, part 1
      theswor1 zip (29k) (F/m/mot/son/inc/cons)
      The King has been killed in battle. The King's brother takes the throne and the ex-King's wife as his own. He demands that she give him an heir, but after a year there is no heir. Then she comes up with an ingeniuous idea of how to produce an heir for the King...

      Monday, March 27, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 10: Two Hot Mommies
      ajilte10 zip (14k) (FFFmfg inc cons 1st)
      "I guess that makes you my stepmother," Will remarked, not giving her a chance to respond. He pulled her face to his and pushed his tongue into her mouth before she could react. Martha closed her lips around the teen's tongue and gently sucked on it, as Will put his hands on her breasts. "You ... look a lot like your father," Martha commented. "Yeah, I guess I do," Will admitted. "I think I'll enjoy being your second mommy, Will," Martha answered, with a very sexy smile. "Do you want to play with me?," Debbie asked, with a naughty grin, as Will put his arms around her. "Of course I do, Debbie!," Will answered, confidently. "You are very sexy! I'm going to enjoy having a little sister." "Fuck me, Stevie!," Sheila gasped. "Fuck your new naughty mommy!"
    • by Cockney :...
    • I Wonder What It Feels Like, ch 4
      iwonder4 zip (10k) (Mg)
      Millie continues her voyage of discovery.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Marcella's Adventure
      marcella zip (13k) (Dad/Daut first time)
      Marcella shares her first time with a friend during a sleepover.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 10
      mikesw10 zip (14k) (bbbbb/gggggg first, cons, inc)
      It was late afternoon when Mike was walking home from Tony's and almost had a heart attack. There was a moving van pulling away from June's and June was following it in her car with all three girls in the car. All three girls waved madly and Mike waved back, but he saw tears in Linda's eyes and his heart fell. In his thirteen year old mind, Mike just knew his world had collapsed and was afraid to go home. Somehow, June had found out about him and the girls but Mike had to know and headed on home.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 13a
      sweet13a zip (12k) (mf, conc, inc)
      She had small breasts. It's not like she didn't have any, but her chest was so petite, it just wouldn't support anything large. They were perfectly proportioned, with tiny, dark brown nipples. When she moved, they swayed with her body, but they didn't swing. Somebody noticed again, and grew. She may have intended to present herself to me, she may not; it really didn't matter. I craned my neck to reach up, and meet her lips with mine, while my hand sought out her right breast. Like a blind man, I let my fingers see her, while my lips tasted her. Her lips were slightly open, and I tasted them. She had on some kind of sweet, fruity lipstick, mango's, I think. She was delicious. I savored her as a starving man a feast. I let my hands move off her breasts, and around her back before pulling her down to me.

      Sunday, March 26, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Carol on the Monkey Bars
      carolont zip (12k) (girl 10, boy 16; nudity, fondling, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Carol Blackman (10) was at the park climbing the Monkey Bars when three slightly older boys came up and began climbing it. She stayed part ways up and watched them as they climbed above her. She couldn't help noticing that the legs of their shorts opened, and she could see their underwear with something bunched in it. She felt an itch between her legs, and when she scratched it discovered she was wet down there. When she left the park she sought out her friend, 16 yo Paul, to explain to her why she itched and was wet. However, tell didn't quite do it, and it led to show, and she asked him to take her in his house to make everything clear.
      The Education of Jack McGuire
      theeduca zip (12k) (man 36, girl 13; nudity, showering together, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Jack McGuire (36) lived on an annuity left him by an uncle who had died, and his apartment was popular with kids in his building because he let them play games and access the internet on his computer. His favorite was Colleen O'Donnell (13) who liked to engage him in conversations which ended up give him erections. She had a gigantic crush on Jack, and after one discussion vowed she would come over to his apartment on the first school holiday and watch him as he did his morning routine. A couple of weeks hence she did just that, and after watching him empty his bladder, brush his teeth, and go into the shower, she took her clothes off and joined him.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Silent Love, ch 5: The Weekend, The Neighbors
      silentl5 zip (08k) (Mf)
      Silent Love is a tender love story involving 3 main characters; Hans, a 27 YO engineer, Beth a 29 YO councilor, and Mary, a 12 YO girl. They are drawn together by their common impairment, being Deaf-mutes. The story mainly takes place in and around a Community Health center, where Beth teaches signing, with Hans and Mary being patients. Beth has deep feeling for Mary and would like to adopt her, but cant since she is not married. Beth is also attracted to Hans and is interested in developing a relationship with him. In this chapter, we meet Molly from next door and her 10 year old twins.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 3 - Expanding Activities
      youngst3 zip (10k) (mf, group, mF, snowballing, spanking, cheat)
      Billy has more girls, and then a girl's Mom joins in the fun

      Saturday, March 25, 2006

    • by QT Lover :...
    • Baby Girl, part 4
      babygir4 zip (08k) (Mg, Cons, Pedo)
      Mark and Baby-Girl are interrupted at home... but they have a fun time anyway.
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • Hebephilia #5 Foster Child: Bought and Sold
      hebephi5 zip (20k) (Adult++/ Young teen (13), coercion, prostitution, Asian, schoolgirl uniforms, cuffs, kathoey, surprise (for some))
      I have trained my 13-year old foster child, fresh off the boat from Thailand, to sell blowjobs to packs of horny travelers. Considering what I had to start with, I'd say my achievement -- after only twelve weeks -- is practically miraculous!
    • by keyah :...
    • Tempting Danger - Cindy Learns
      tempting zip (22k) (M/g pedo n/c m/g cons rape revenge)
      The girl he had loved since she was ten looked up into his green eyes and was amazed at his understanding, his compassion, and most of all, his bravery. Billy-Bob did a lot of dumb things, but he was kind and brave. She could use a man like that.

      Friday, March 24, 2006

    • by POTHUS :...
    • A Family Again
      afamilya zip (34k) (M/F/F/g(10)/b(8), inc, brother/sisters, niece, nephew)
      Jack Tucker had always wanted to live in a cabin by a lake. After seeing the movie Jeremiah Johnson', when he was a kid, he had dreamed of living in the mountains, building a cabin, and just getting away from it all. At thirty, after working during the dot com bubble, Jack had made enough money to finally live out his dream. Tired of the Rat Race', he found himself quitting his job, selling all his stock, and moving to Idaho right before the bubble burst in the dot com business. He'd never married, though he came close once; but as they say, She got away'. Jack bought twenty acres of land, with a small lake, and built his cabin. Life was good, and he was happier than he could ever remember. Then a couple years later, and out of the blue, Jack had unexpected company show up on his door step. If he thought his life couldn't have been better, he was in for a incredible shock.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 9: Confidence
      ajilted9 zip (18k) (FFmfg inc cons 1st)
      Sheila glanced into the rear view mirror. Nancy's eyes were shifting around rapidly, like she was very nervous, but Jennie looked very excited. She knew something was going on in the back seat. Will pushed his fingers in the rest of the way, while Jennie tried to scoot forward, to give him more room. He reached the top of her thigh and slid a finger into the leg hole of her panties. Jennie was almost trembling in her excitement, as Will's finger reached her pussy lips. Will wiggled his finger into the heat and wetness of the preteen's excited sex, as his finger slid between her cunt lips. Jennie reached up and grabbed him by the neck, pulling their lips back together, as Will started to rub her bulging clit. Nancy was furious, seeing Will kissing and fingering her sister.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Catching Dad, part 2
      catchin2 zip (25k) (M/m/F/Dad/Wife/Son/Mother/conseq/Blackmail)
      David shows pictures to father and convinces him to help him fuck David's mother without her knowing it was David. Then the next day his mother shows David the sock she found in her room. Asks him how it got there and things escalate from there...
    • by Cockney :...
    • I Wonder What It Feels Like
      iwonder3 zip (07k) (Mg)
      Millie was intrigued, she had learned so much recently, about sex and stuff. It had never dawned upon the girl that grown up men liked to do things with little girls.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 9
      mikeswo9 zip (17k) (bbbbb/ggggggg first, cons, inc)
      When Mike crawled into bed, it was empty and it felt so funny that he almost went to Debbie's room, then, he remembered, Debbie was sleeping over at Jamie's tonight. It was a good night's sleep for Mike instead, then he was rudely awaken by Joey the next morning. There were three girls in the barn and one of them hadn't been fucked yet.
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • My Piano Students, part 5
      mypiano5 zip (10k) (M/gg, pedo, oral, mast, intercourse, tickling)
      In this final and most detailed account of the piano teacher's sexual education of 9 year old Rachel and 13 year old Tess, the girls complete their initiation into this new world with oral (giving and receiving, fondling, tickling, and finally the taking of their virginity. Special care has been taken in the delicate handling of this sensitive matter. I hope you fall in love with Rachel and Tess as much as I have.
    • by keyah :...
    • Trading Up
      tradingu zip (13k) (M/g pedo first rom)
      Please take me somewhere. I can wait till the rain stops, anywhere, please. I can't go home. I know you hate the smell. I can tell, but take me as far as the next shelter. They threw me out, and I didn't want to live there anymore.

      Thursday, March 23, 2006

    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • Break On Through, ch 4: Caught By the Creek
      breakon4 zip (04k) (mf, mutual mast)
      Mikey and Marie go down to the creek for some more exploring time, and get caught in the act by 12 year old William... This is the last chapter for a while where all parties are somewhat innocent still.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Catching Dad, part 1: Aunt Emily Comes A Visting
      catchin1 zip (15k) (M/m/F/Dad/Sister/Son/Aunt/conseq/Blackmail)
      David catches his Dad fucking his own sister, David's aunt. David gets his camera and gathers enough evidence of their Infidelity to blackmail his aunt into letting him do it to her...
    • by nncest_addict :...
    • Sometimes Life Imitates Art
      sometime zip (23k) (M/F/m/f inc cons)
      Mom & Dad start watching porn to rekindle their sex life. Once they find incest their fantasies go wild. Mom sets her husband up with their 16 yr old daughter and her 14 yr old son was Mom's unexpected bonus!
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Sommerferien, ch 6
      sommerf6 zip (10k) (m/g6 + mm/g4 pedo)
      "Heute bekommt Jessica das erste Mal einen Finger in ihre Kindermuschi geschoben und Thomas merkt, dass er mit seinen Vorlieben nicht alleine ist..."

      Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 8: Another Naughty Mommy
      ajilted8 zip (16k) (FFFm inc cons FFm strapon)
      Will was standing some distance away, looking at the blindfolded woman with his mouth open in surprise. He recognized Nancy Parker's mother, even with her eyes covered, ready to take off her clothes and have some nasty fun. Will's cock started to get hard, just thinking about what was ahead. Having three naked, horny, adult women to play with was more than he had even dreamed about. But with one of them being his own mother and another being Nancy Parker's mother, he could barely contain his excitement. "Son of a bitch! This is a real cock!," Rene yelled, as she reached up to grab what was poking her lips. "It sure is!," Polly confessed. "Have fun with it, darling!" "Sheila Brenner! Oh my goodness! Sheila! Who ... ?"
    • by Cockney :...
    • I Wonder What It Feels Like? ch 2
      iwonder2 zip (09k) (Mg)
      Charlie and Millie continue their secret little game.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, part 12
      sweetp12 zip (13k) (mg, mF, conc, alc, rp, viol)
      Peg was drunk. Drunk and stoned, and passed out in my bedroom. Somewhere along the line, she ceased being my sister and became someone else. I was pissed at her, OK? Pissed, and hurt and I wanted to get back at her. I was the one who'd helped her fix up her first apartment, when she was kicked out; as well as her second. I was the one who would stop and bring her things from the house; some eggs, milk, a few bucks. It's not like I was her savior, I was her brother, and I did what I could to help. I was the one who kept her in the loop; who visited her when she was all alone, because her boyfriend had gone into the Navy. And, I was the one she beat with the belt last night, when she came in so wasted she didn't know who she was, let alone who I was. If you don't believe me, I can show you the welts.
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • The Other Shoe, part 2
      theothe2 zip (13k) (M/F/m/f little girls group sex)
      It wasn't till the new arrivals walked up the sidewalk and climbed the steps to the porch, and gathered there under the bright porch light, that Dean and Steve really saw what was happening. The woman was wearing some sort of very light robe, the cloth nearly transparent...perhaps a beach cover-up. The three little girls...all of them titless with hairless pussies...were completely naked. The driver also turned out to be naked...a tall, dark-haired, muscular man...with a stiffly erect, medium length cock. He rang the doorbell, totally unconcerned that he and his girls were standing there naked and exposed. The raking light on the naked little giggling girls' bodies highlighted their fat pussy mounds and their deep, shadowed slits. As the boys watched, one of the little naked girls reached over and grabbed hold of her father's rigid cock while they waited. The door opened...and after a short pause, the family filed inside.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pedo Passions of Reverend John, part 4
      thepedo4 zip (09k) (MMMM/g, MF, inc, pedo)
      John could feel his cock stir as he imagined watching the bishop, Sophie's grandfather, sinking his throbbing tool into the little girl's delectable quim and then her father taking his pleasure from her lovely little bottom. Afterwards he and Bill intended to use the 5-year-old's holes in their turn.
    • by vibrerandeah :...
    • Baby sug_1
      babysug1 zip (04k) (M/F/toddler/oral)
      Rita drar av mig kalsongerna och börjar sakta runka min kuk. Babyn ser sin mamma runka mig men fortsätter suga på min bröstvårta. "Åh gud" stönar jag "Försöker du få mig att spruta medan babyn är här?" Rita besvarar min fråga genom att krypa längre ner och låta tungan spela över ollonet. Jag stönade tungt och smekte med handen över babyns silkesmjuka rygg. "Känn på hennes skinkor" säger Rita och fortsätter sedan att slicka på ollonet.
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Sommerferien, ch 5
      sommerf5 zip (09k) (Fm / g(6))
      Als unser Held heute seinen 'Job' beginnen will, wartet auf ihn eine teuflische Überraschung!

      Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Silent Love, ch 4: The weekend, Beth, Mary, & Hans
      silentl4 zip (10k) (12 yo deaf mute girl)
      Silent Love is a tender love story involving 3 main characters; Hans, a 27 YO engineer, Beth a 29 YO councilor, and Mary, a 12 YO girl. They are drawn together by their common impairment, being Deaf-mutes. The story mainly takes place in and around a Community Health center, where Beth teaches signing, with Hans and Mary being patients. Beth has deep feeling for Mary and would like to adopt her, but cant since she is not married. Beth is also attracted to Hans and is interested in developing a relationship with him. In this chapter, Beth, Mary & Hans have a trio.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 8
      mikeswo8 zip (11k) (bbbbb/ggggggg incest, pedo)
      It was a couple hours later before the Debbie and Patty headed up to the barn but Mike and Joey waited a little longer. When Mike and Joey reached the screen of trees, a lower branch was covered with girl's clothing and pajamas. Quickly, Mike and Joey stripped, then Mike put all the clothes in the pump house where they wouldn't get wet and no one else would find them.

      Monday, March 20, 2006

    • by Vixen :...
    • My Life With Daddy
      mylifewi zip (11k) (MM/gg oral, anal, beast, voyeur, multiple partners)
      My life with Daddy when I was six, and how he brought another Big Daddy and his little girl into our lives.
    • by A. Quarterman :...
    • The Introductory Special
      theintro zip (06k) (M/f)
      When the girl from the apartment next door catches Mister White looking at pictures of very young girls on his computer, he claims it's "research" and she decides he needs her help finding exactly what he's looking for.

      Sunday, March 19, 2006

    • by DannyR :...
    • Incest Tales 6: It's a Wonderful Life
      incestt6 zip (18k) (MMM/bbb, oral, anal, incest, pedo)
      All Travis wanted from the hardware mega-store was a toilet repair kit and a couple of light bulbs. What he found in the plumbing department was Doug(26), and his two boys (Danny, 4 and Randy, almost-2). Then things got really interesting in the men's room, on the changing table.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Nerve and Verve In a 10 Year Old
      nerveand zip (16k) (girl 10, boys and men various ages; nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Georgia "Peaches" McKinney was a bright 10 yo, but completely ignorant in the ways of sex and the opposite sex. Her cousin from out of town visits during spring break, and finding his cousin so woefully ignorant in the ways of the world he proceeds to teach her, and more specifically he teaches her to excel in the fine art of fellatio. When her cousin leaves after the week, Peaches is so enamored with her new found skills she begins trying them out on her male school mates. There follows several encounters including a boys basketball team, a male teacher, and finally an old man who likes to panty watch little girls in the park.
      Samantha's Adventure in the Woods
      samantha zip (09k) (girl 8, boys 12; nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Samantha, 8, was walking through the woods with Benjy, 12. When she asked him where they were going he told her they were going to Stevie's treehouse. When they got there Sam said she couldn't climb the rope ladder, and Benjy told her she could hold onto him, he would carry her up. She did, but it was a rough trip climb up. Once on top the boys announced that it was a naked treehouse, and they had to all get undressed. They did, and as they say in sports, "let the games begin."
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Silent Love, ch 3 Hans Gets Acquainted
      silentl3 zip (05k) (young deaf-mute)
      Silent Love is a tender love story involving 3 main characters; Hans, a 27 YO engineer, Beth a 29 YO councilor, and Mary, a 12 YO girl. They are drawn together by their common impairment, being Deaf-mutes. The story mainly takes place in and around a Community Health center, where Beth teaches signing, with Hans and Mary being patients. Beth has deep feeling for Mary and would like to adopt her, but cant since she is not married. Beth is also attracted to Hans and is interested in developing a relationship with him.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 2 - Sis Helps
      youngst2 zip (10k) (mf, mfff, fff)
      Billy's sister brings him her girlfriends, who are looking for sex.
    • by olda007 :...
    • Cousin CZ, ch 1
      cousinc1 zip (07k) (F/mm Mom/son/cousin)
      Bydlel jsem na škole dohromady se svým bratrancem a díky tomu jsem zažil nìkolik divokých píchaèek s holkama. Ale poslední letní prázdniny jsem zažil nìco, co jsem nepokládal za možné. Všechno zaèalo v pátek veèer na pitomé party u jeho rodièù. Bylo tam plno lidí z rodiny a jejich pøátelé. Celý ten veèer byl doslova nemožný. Naštìstí, díky mému bratranci netrvala tahle blbost dlouho. Nejprve øekl, že je nadržený a musí opíchat jednu z tìch panièek ve støedních letech. Vìdìl, že je tam sama, bez manžela a øekl mi: „Když ji dokážu dostat nìkam ven, budu ho mít v její kundì. Ale musíš jet s námi, aby nikdo nemìl podezøení."
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Sommerferien, ch 4
      sommerf4 zip (12k) (m/gg pedo)
      Heute, im vierten Teil meiner Sommerferiengeschichte, geht es für die 4- und 6-jährigen Mädchen Janina und Jessica langsam an's Eingemachte!

      Saturday, March 18, 2006

    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • 1976, part 3
      ninetee3 zip (13k) (Mg, g, conc, 1st, drug)
      I was dreaming as I woke up slowly the next morning. After the events of the last 3 days; the manic push to get ready for the gig; the drive down the coast the next day without sleep; the detour inland with my new business associate, again with out sleep, I was trashed. Everything had been so unreal for the last 72 hours, I couldn't tell fantasy from reality. The sensation of pleasure came to me first, like being in a wave, or a cloud. It was vividly ambiguous. I could make out the noises going on around me as they gradually sorted themselves into voices and then words. The sensation of having a hand on my penis came into sharp focus, as the words acquired meaning. "See," Chan was saying, "that's why it gets all hard, like that."
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Teaching My Daughter
      teaching zip (15k) (Mgg panties, preteen, voyeur, oral, touching)
      In which my 11 yo daughter Jessie has a question about sex, and tries to get me to show her. Later she asks me if I will tell her 11 yo girl friend Cherish as well... Without another word, she hitched her skirt up to her thighs...she was flat on her back, her legs spread wide, revealing a lovely white panty clad pussy to my gaze...her skirt held high, and her panties around her knees...
    • by juancarloslolita :...
    • Fiesta Desvergonzada
      fiestade zip (29k) (Niñas y Adultos)
      Es viernes por la noche. En el solitario y apartado "orfanato" comienza una singular fiesta. Los invitados son los pocos "socios de honor" de la organización, fundadores incluidos, todos ellos hombres muy poderosos e influyentes, muy acaudalados, de gran prestigio social. Es la acostumbrada fiesta del mes, que comienza el viernes al anochecer y dura dos días completos con sus noches. Esta vez es diferente. Se da la bienvenida a un muevo "socio de honor", el decimoquinto, un rico capitalista, filántropo de la infancia abandonada, propietario de hospicios para niños y niñas. Después de la cena, y tan sólo vestidos en ligeras batas de seda, han entrado en el "gran salón". Son quince varones por encima de los cuarenta años. Allí les esperan un número justo de treinta niñas "novicias", sonrientes y abochornadas, vestidas para la ocasión con ropas amplias. Son aprendices y todavía no han terminado el periodo de instrucción. Sus edades oscilan entre los siete y los doce años. Han sido seleccionadas por los propios asociados, tras una exigente inspección. Los sonrientes caballeros toman asiento junto a las redondas mesitas. Las novicias esperan de pie ante los hombres, sin osar a levantar la mirada del suelo entarimado.

      Friday, March 17, 2006

    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • Break On Through, ch 3: Ellyse, Mikey & Marie
      breakon3 zip (06k) (mff, mast, exploration)
      The siblings get into some rubbing again, and little neighbor Marie shows up and all of them get in some rubbing.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 11
      sweetp11 zip (08k) (mg, ped, teen conc)
      Dawn came the next morning, like it had for thousands of years in the lake country. The plaintive cries of loons carried over from the lake, while the trill of red winged blackbirds
    • by Mysterian :...
    • Treasure Chest
      treasure zip (11k) (M/g(10) ped, oral)
      An unexpected package from his recently-deceased uncle gives David Cummings the biggest surprise of his life. It seems his uncle shared a secret passion with David - a lust for little girls. And the bequest he's left for David could change his life.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 7
      mikeswo7 zip (11k) (bbbb/ggggg first time, incest, b 9-13 g 5-11)
      When Mike made it home he was disappointed, Patty wasn't there any more but a little later Debbie caught him alone. She thanked him for showing Patty such a great time and told him that Patty wanted to do it again. Then, after dinner, Mike heard Debbie on the phone telling Patty that he wanted to spend another night with her. Much as Mike wanted Patty to come back tonight, he had to baby sit and headed across to June's house. Ten minutes after Mike arrived, June was gone and Mindy was sitting on his lap.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der K.P.F.C. - Der Kinder-Po-Fick-Club, teil 4
      derkpfc4 zip (17k) (6 girls + 3 boys, age 7-12, anal orgy)
      In diesem bis jetzt längsten Geschichtsteil erfahren wir, warum der Der K.P.F.C. - Der Kinder-Po-Fick-Club gegründet wurde... 21
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Lotta, en Liten Nymf, del 3
      lottaen3 zip (08k) (M/F/g/b)
      Robban betraktade den erotiska synen. Lotta sugandes pappa Oves kuk. Ove satt skönt tillbakalutad i fåtöljen och bara njöt av lilla Lottas kuksugande.

      Thursday, March 16, 2006

    • by Thor :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Church Rape
      churchra zip (14k) (M/f Pedo Rape)
      Growing up, going to church was always a chore. Every Sunday, my mother would drag us out of bed and herd us down the street in our finest clothes. I hated it. Every week, I hated it even more. Fortunately, they tore down our old church and mom never found another one to go to. It was nice being free and growing up without the towering steeples and robe clad pedophiles.
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • Break On Through, ch 2: Little Neighbor Girl in the Mud
      breakon2 zip (05k) (mf, mutual mast, exploration)
      The story continues as young Mikey plays with his neighbors sister down by the creek. Things get interesting with Mikeys newfound knowledge.
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Sommerferien, ch 3
      sommerf3 zip (13k) (m/gg pedo)
      Heute geht es mit meinen beiden Mädchen in die dritte Runde... es warten einige Überraschungen!

      Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 7: Corrupted Care Giver
      ajilted7 zip (15k) (FFmbgg inc cons 1st-10)
      "Why are you upset?," Sheila asked. "Something has been happening to my children over here!," Polly angrily accused. "I think you've been molesting my children!" "I see," Sheila said, nodding. "You think that what we've done to your children amounts to molesting. Tell me what you call fucking my thirteen year old son, Polly!" "It's ... That's ....," Polly stammered, not sure how to express her thoughts. "I understand, honey!," Sheila said, softly. "If I do it to your son it's child molesting. But if you do it to my son, it's something different. Is that it?" Polly looked at Sheila, feeling frustrated. She was in no position to accuse Sheila of wrongdoing, after letting Will fuck her the night before.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • In The Pines
      2inthepi zip (10k) (M/f, pedo, oral, interracial)
      I have a favorite fishing spot, located deep in the Tennessee woods. Not too many people know about it, and I keep it that way so that the place might stay unspoiled. After moving to this area from the big city, I relished the solitude the place provided. In a large clearing surrounded by tall pines is the most beautiful lake, jumping with trout, big-mouth bass, and other types of fish. I don't even know the name of the lake; it's not on any map I've ever seen. There is a picnic area near to the access road, but I had yet to ever meet any other visitors, even after years of going there. That was fine with me, the peace and quiet was very relaxing. That was until one day...
    • by POTHUS :...
    • It Happened Ten Years Ago
      ithappen zip (25k) (F/b(12), inc, preg, rom, slow beginning)
      Erica Russell smiled as she looked down at her lover as he lay sleeping in her bed. Her belly was swollen with their third child as she watched her lover sleep peacefully beside her. It was late in the morning, when the baby usually caused her to awaken with its kicking, that she would quietly watch her lover sleep. It was during the quiet times like this, that Erica would go over in her mind how their relationship had come to fruition and how her little brother had become her lover and the father of her children. She was still amazed at how one night of passion between a her and her brother had resulted in the birth of their first child, and led to a long and happy and lasting romance.
    • by Bach :...
    • Julie Bones and the Raffle Tickets
      juliebon zip (07k) (M/f)
      The Daisy Troup are preschool girls. Julie is now a Brownie. Her first job is to sell raffle tickets.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Silent Love, ch 2: Hans Meets Mary, Again
      silentl2 zip (06k) (Mf)
      Beth continued, "As far as adoption, no one wants a child with her problems. She has been out on trial adoption a few times, but nothing worked. She became so dejected that everyone just quit trying to place her. Plus, although she would never admit it, the is strong suspicion that she was sexually molested in the foster homes." This really upset Hans and at the same time increased his concern for Mary. Learning of little Mary's problems and background has made Hans very sad. He wishes he had not mentioned her to Beth. He had enough on his plate adjusting to his new situation. But he was a compassionate and caring person, and couldn't help himself.
    • by Sailor Steve :...
    • Ten Years Later But Not Too Late
      tenyears zip (08k) (m/f/f lactation pregnancy)
      A chance encounter with a old girlfriend allowed me to finally get into her bra and panties - just 15 years late.
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • My Piano Students, part 4
      mypiano4 zip (08k) (M/gg, oral, mast, swallowing, tickling)
      The story continues with little Rachel dealing with a face full of cum, her teasing sister's giggling and the teacher's embarrassment. But, pretty soon they all get down to some real sexual exploration as the deflowering of 9-year-old Rachel and 13-year-old Tess continues.
    • by Worrak :...
    • Alte Böcke Haben's Noch Immer Drauf
      altebock zip (09k) (MMF, wife, oral, anal, humil, size)
      Karo und ich machen Urlaub in Portugal. Am Pool lernt meine Frau zwei ältere Schweizer kennen. Interessant wird es, als die beiden zum Essen kommen ....
      Black Meat
      blackmea zip (25k) (MMF, MMMF, M+F, wife, oral, anal, humil, size)
      Karo macht Bekanntschaft mit Farbigen. Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier, dann steht die Meute vor der Tür ....
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Sommerferien, ch 2
      sommerf2 zip (10k) (m/gg pedo)
      Heute geht es in die zweite Runde mit Jessica und Janina! Ich hoffe, ihr habt soviel Spaß daran beim Lesen wie ich beim Schreiben !!!

      Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    • by Cockney :...
    • I Wonder What It Feels Like, ch 1
      iwonder1 zip (07k) (Mg)
      10 yr old Millie watches her elderly neighbour change his grandsons nappy and finds herself wondering what it would feel like to be put into a nappy. She wonders about it out loud and her neighbour is more than happy to help her find out.
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Soccer Dad
      soccerda zip (12k) (M/g, dad/dau)
      My wife died when my daughter was seven years old. For two years nothing could rouse Shelley from her lethargy. Then she found soccer. And other things.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 10
      sweetp10 zip (18k) (bg, inc, ped, rom, 1st)
      "I feel like I gotta pee, alright?" The words came out of her in a rush. "You mean you get sort of wet between you legs," I clarified. "Yes, my," she stumbled over the words, "my vagina." Just hearing her say the words, while her skin was under my hands made me squirm. The scent of her hair was making knots around my brain causing me to tremble. "What's wrong, Jay," I felt her pull herself tighter to me, "are you OK?" "I'm OK," I reassured her. I knew she had to be able to feel the hard length of me, pressing into her abdomen. My hands found the round muscles of her bottom, and pulled her to me. "When you get wet," I explained, "for a girl, that's the beginning of sex."
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Minister's Slut Wife and Daughter
      theminis zip (17k) (MF)
      I really don't know what's happened to me. Lately all I can think about is sex. Not so-called normal sex, either. No, I'm talking about the kind of perverted, sick, demented, nasty sex most "good people" would never even be capable of imagining. Sometimes I wonder if I'm losing my mind. Here I am, a minister's wife, a "pillar of the community," with a good husband and a beautiful daughter, and I am consumed by my perverted thoughts of sex.
    • by Worrak :...New Author.!.!.!
    • In der Sauna
      indersau zip (12k) (MFMF, wife, bi, swing, oral, anal, size)
      Chris hat mit Karo ein Spiel vereinbart. Er sitzt in der Sauna und sie macht ihn von draußen heiß. Aber dann kommt alles ganz anders ....
    • by KNDRFRND :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sommerferien, ch 1
      sommerf1 zip (07k) (m/gg pedo)
      Das ist meine erste veröffentlichte Story. Ich hoffe, dass sie dem ein oder anderen gefällt. Falls ihr sie einfach nur Scheiße findet, seid mir nich böse.

      Monday, March 13, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 6: Seducing the Seductress
      ajilted6 zip (19k) (Fmbgg inc cons 1st-g12 -b11 food FFm reluc)
      Sheila put her fingers on Polly's cunt and rubbed her swollen clit. She pushed a finger into her and fucked it in and out, making wet smacking noises. "That's right, lover! Suck my son's cock," Sheila said softly, in a tender voice. "A woman has needs, honey. You can either depend on a dildo or let another woman satisfy you. Then again, you can settle for a nice, hard cock!" Polly couldn't respond with a mouth full of boy cock. She was even more disabled by her perverse arousal, triggered by the knowledge that she was sucking a thirteen year old. The boy's pecker felt wonderful in her mouth, as it drooled its precum onto her tongue. She realized that she didn't care how depraved it was.
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • Break on Through, ch 1: Introductions & Inspections
      breakon1 zip (06k) (mf, mast, exploration)
      This is the first chapter of a story about a bunch of kids learning the ways of the force... or something like that. I already have 10 or so chapters saved up... enjoy.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Silent Love, ch 1: We Meet Mary
      silentl1 zip (08k) (...)
      Hans goes to his regular appointment. Hans Struck had a nice comfortable feeling as the bright morning sun warmed his face and uplifted his spirit. He had just left one of the required regular meetings with his employer, where he was once again given reassurance that the company would stand by him and take care of his every need. This included a nice settlement, full medical coverage, and he was not required to work, should he not feel up to it. You see, Hans was seriously injured while on company business. The accident inflicted permanent damage to his brain, causing his to loose all hearing and the ability to speak. He was a Deaf-Mute.
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Taking The Plunge
      takingth zip (15k) (Mggg panties, preteen, voyeur, oral, pedo)
      In which my 11 yo next door neighbor Suzy, and her two school friends come into my garden to play, and then try to seduce me...her legs were wide apart allowing me to see her lovely white panty clad crotch and clearly make out an adorable camel toe...she made no attempt to close her legs...they opened their legs wide, revealing their lovely panty clad crotches...Tabitha had a very large bulging pussy mound and...
    • by typo12 :...
    • A Mother's Red Hot Attraction
      amothers zip (13k) (F/boy, incest, ped)
      "Oh donald, mommy needs you in bed so bad with her, daddy is gone and I'm so lonely and afraid, can you protect me?", I asked him. "uh-huh." he said, walking up to the side of the bed. I was facing him, my legs pulled apart and he looked hard at my smooth vagina.

      Sunday, March 12, 2006

    • by Bemused :...
    • Illegal Guardian, part 3
      illegal3 zip (09k) (Mf(10) oral, fucking, and of course anal)
      Jim is a retired executive living alone after becoming a widower. He is also a closet pedophile. When his maid asks him to take care of her delectable 10-year old daughter Victoria, Jim is reluctant but consents. He is soon glad he agreed when Victoria offers him access to ALL her charms in exchange for living with him. In Part 3 of 3, Jim finally fulfills his life long dream of anal sex with a pre-teen girl. Will it be the experienced Suzie or the rectally virginal Victoria?
    • by Terry :...
    • Oh Brother
      ohbrothe zip (07k) (m, f, g tots)
      My name is Wendy and I was fourteen years old when this story happened. I'd just come home from cheerleader practice early because Miss Watson gave me a lift home, as I walked into the house I noticed my brother Larry who'd just turn twelve leaving our small sister's room. Mom call our small sister Penny a gift from heaven. The small girl was almost three years old. I went up to see what was going on. I walked in and Penny was laying in her crib, in her small T-shirt and diaper. She was making noises like she needed to be changed, and I am sure my brother only just looked in on her. I started to take her diaper off when I noticed her skin was very wet, boy she muss really have had to go. I took the tape off and pulled the diaper down.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Sister Peeks at Brother
      sisterpe zip (09k) (boy 15, girl 8; masturbation, nudity, spying, girl brings off boy, boy girl)
      Ronnie Nunn is 15. He has been a proud practitioner of the fine art of self abuse since age 11. Every day after school Ronnie gets naked in his bed and wanks away. Whether consciously or unconsciously, he leaves his door slightly ajar. His sister Charlotte, who he calls Charle, happens by one afternoon, and hearing rhythmic squishy noises opens the door enough to see Ronnie wanking away. She watches in silence, and leaves shortly afterwards, but several days later she peeks again, and this time asks him what he's doing. He tells her and shows her, and thereby hangs a tale.
      Uncle Robin's Topless Babysit
      unclerob zip (14k) (man 23, girl 12; titty massage, masturbation, oral, penetration)
      Uncle Robin, 23, has been in love with his sister's 12 year old daughter Susan since she was in diapers and he would frequently change them. When he sat with her as a baby he used to pay homage to her genitals with his fingers and lips and tongue. But when she grew out of diapers his intimacy ended. Now she's 12, has a mile high crush on her uncle Robin, and can't wait until she can figure a way to get under his skin. Little did she know she was already under his skin. At any rate their relationship began one night when she pulled off her teeshirt and had him stimulate her boobies. With two budding 12 yo breasties under his loving fingers, can true paradise be far behind?

      Saturday, March 11, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 5: Naughty Babysitter
      ajilted5 zip (17k) (Fmbgg inc cons oral Fm anal)
      "Are you afraid of boys, Charlotte?," Sheila asked, tenderly. "No! I'm not afraid of boys!" "It sounds to me like you might be afraid to see a boy with his clothes off. Tell me honey, have you ever seen a boy's penis?" "Yeah, I've seen one!" "That sounds exciting, Charlotte! Tell me about it!" Charlotte looked at her brother's little pecker, with an arrogant smile. Phoebe's stared at Bobby's penis with wide, eager eyes. "Charlotte, do you show him your pussy too?," Sheila asked softly. "Or are you too embarrassed to do that?" "I ... I let him see it sometimes." Sheila felt a surge of perverse arousal as she looked at Bobby's little pecker and Charlotte's tender cunt. She was thinking about her son's cock, starting to get hard in his pants, as he looked at the girl's naked pussy.
    • by Bemused :...
    • Illegal Guardian, part 2
      illegal2 zip (12k) (Mf(10) oral, fucking, and of course anal)
      Jim is a retired executive living alone after becoming a widower. He is also a closet pedophile. When his maid asks him to take care of her delectable 10-year old daughter Victoria, Jim is reluctant but consents. He is soon glad he agreed when Victoria offers him access to ALL her charms in exchange for living with him. In Part 2 of 3, Victoria talks Jim into bringing her best friend, 11-year old Suzie over to stay with them. Suzie is very willing to abide by the same terms as Victoria in order to stay but first Jim has to show her a few things about sex that her step-dad neglected to teach her while he was using her butt for his own pleasure. Part 3 is completed and will be posted shortly.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • 1976, part 2
      ninetee2 zip (11k) (No Sex - Set Up)
      The next couple of weeks passed in a bit of a blur. I had gigs in Coos Bay, and Portland; as well as a studio back up session with some folks at Blackberry studios. Part of me wanted to put the events of that weekend in the past; part of me couldn't let go. Chant'e was there in my dreams, night after night. I smelled her smell; felt her hair on my face; tasted her essence on my tongue. And always there was the future I'd seen in the tiny drip of her lubrication. I kept falling into that shining silvery orb, finding myself in a future where the kids she had called me 'Da.' I kept waking up, drenched in sweat, with only my Martin guitar to keep me sane. I stayed away from the Farm.
      Sweet Pamela, ch 9
      sweetpa9 zip (05k) (mf, b/s, rom, ped)
      "Shhh," she mimed at me, placing her fingers over her lips. She dropped her hands down to the sheet, and pushed it off her shoulders, exposing the beautiful orbs of her breasts. Over the winter they'd grown, covering her entire chest, from the pit of her arms, to her sternum, and were more than a handful each. They weren't soft, or fatty; but rather firm, and even as she lay on her back, they thrust up from her ribs like small, round mountains. As much as I was thrilled to find her next to me, Mike was only ten feet away. I knew the chances of him waking up before noon were small, since he didn't come in last night until after two, and there was an even better chance that Jer might come back. "Not now, Mike is right there," I mouthed to her, using my head to gesture to where his back was facing us. "So be fast," she mouthed back.
    • by keyah :...
    • Making Of A Man, ch 4
      makingo4 zip (13k) (m/f revenge incest bro/sis)
      "You get me all hot and then you come in your pants! Just get out, Roy. The girls at school said you would do something like this. It's true, I wanted you to pop my cherry, but I want to enjoy it. Don't bother coming back, Jack Rabbit-dick."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 6
      mikeswo6 zip (12k) (bbbbbb/ggggggg first times, incest, b 9-13 g 5-11)
      While Mike was doing his morning chores he saw Joey and Bobby taking the five year old Becky to the barn for her morning fuck. About an hour later he saw Becky coming back by herself, then ten minutes later saw Liz and Cathy going up to the barn. A few minutes behind the two girls, Mike saw Mindy going to the barn and eased his way up to see what was going on. He reached the barn just in time to hear Mindy trying to run the two younger girls off, so she could get fucked instead.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 1 - The Beginning
      youngst1 zip (12k) (mf, Fm, Mf, incest, cousins, dad/dau, aunt/neph, uncle/niece)
      The introduction of a 14 year old boy to sex in general, and to family sex in particular.

      Friday, March 10, 2006

    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 8
      sweetpa8 zip (23k) (Mg, mf, ped, non concensual, alc, conc, preg)
      It was Christmas vacation. The streets were already lined with berms of snow three feet deep, and fat flakes were falling. The whole city was clean, and white; literally clean as the driven snow. It was about one in the afternoon, when the doorbell rang. My mom answered it. "Jay," she called me from the bottom of the stairs, "theres someone here to see you." I went down, and was surprised to find Diane waiting at the door. She looked so different, in a big parka, with a fur collar. "Hi," I hugged her, delighted to see her. It was a quick hug, so I wasn't worried when I turned around, to see my mom watching me from the kitchen. "Mom, this is Diane," my mom nodded hello, "she's Shanes cousin, from Africa."
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Coach, part 2
      coach2 zip (13k) (M/ffff, mast, pen, suck, fuck)
      This had all started when I agreed to drive them to a soccer tournament on the far side of the state to help out their parents, and bad weather had forced us to spend the night together in a hotel room. The four girls blackmailed me into having sex with them, or they would embellish the story of what really happened to their parents and I would end up in prison anyway. I must admit the sex was incredible, but I had hoped this weekend was over and my life could return to normal. No such luck!

      Thursday, March 09, 2006

    • by Greven :...
    • A Daughter's Suprise
      adaughte zip (09k) (M/f, Dad/Daughter, inc, preg)
      As Ray sat in the waiting room of the hospital he tried to figure out just how he had gotten here. His world had turned upside down about 8 months ago and now it had reached its culmination. His little girl, all of thirteen years of age was in the next room getting ready to have his baby.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 4: Meeting Polly
      ajilted4 zip (18k) (Fm inc cons rom mbgg)
      As the flames flickered and leaped higher, Will thought about how his love for his mother was growing and getting stronger. Will walked into the kitchen to see his mother peeling potatoes and humming a happy tune. He hadn't seen her that cheerful in a long time. Will stepped behind his mother and put his arms around her from the back. He slid his hands up to her breasts, cupping them in the palms of his hands. Sheila continued to hum the tune, but maybe a bit louder. "Don't blame me when breakfast is late!," Sheila scolded, playfully. "Mom! I want some appetizers this morning!" Sheila squirmed happily in the arms of her young son, as his finger slid between her cunt lips. "My naughty boy wants to play!," Sheila exclaimed, in a happy tone. "I guess it's time for Mommy to get naughty too!"
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • My Piano Students, part 3
      mypiano3 zip (07k) (M/gg, mast, oral, tickling)
      The lessons continue when Rachel, Tess's little sister, catches the teacher cumming into Tess's shirt while the young teen is tickled. The girls' fascination leads to more exploration with their hands and mouth while the teacher gleefully tickles and explores their sensitive little bodies; one, an angelic 9 year old beauty, and the other, a budding 13 year old adolescent. Their tank tops and miniskirts offer little protect against his wriggling fingertips.

      Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • 1976
      nineteen zip (16k) (MF, Mg,oral, conc., ped, drug)
      The next morning, the girls woke us up by crawling all over us. S'ske's naked little body wriggled in between us, her butt shoving into my stomach as she burrowed in, next to her mom.
    • by UBoatBob :...
    • Welcome to FamSex Island!!!
      welcomet zip (05k) (M/f, M/F, incest, pedo, B/D, W/S, all combinations)
      We welcome you to the premier resort dedicated only to the pleasure of couples engaged in the family sex lifestyle. Families with sluts of all ages and genders are encouraged to explore all aspects of their sexuality in an open, completely uninhibited environment without fear of sanction by any law enforcement agency. Sex is allowed with anyone, any time and anywhere, of any kind without restriction (subject to the rules below)! Typically during any week-long session, there are around 100 couples of all ages, and anywhere from 200-300 child sluts and sluts-in-training of ages ranging from 6 months to 16 years old.
    • by nncest_addict :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Anonymous Encounter, ch 1-2
      anony1_2 zip (27k) (F/M/F/m dad/daut/mom inc cons group bi best)
      20 something rich couple get invited to exclusive anonymous swing party; masks are required. Anonimity = no inhibitions and ANYTHING goes. Mom sent invitation and wants to see family play. Daughter and son-in-law know who they are and that makes it hotter!
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 5
      mikeswo5 zip (08k) (bbbb/gggg oral, vagin, anal, cons, first times, inc)
      On the mattress ten year old Mindy was now kneeling over Bobby, who was laying on his back and guiding his stiff nine year old cock into her cunt. Nine year old Darren moved so he was on his knees straddling Bobby's head. Since Mindy was a natural born slut, she just had to have Darren's cock in her mouth and as she bent forward to take it in her mouth, Joey knelt behind her. When Joey lunged forward, Mike didn't understand what his little Brother was doing but watched him.
    • by olda007 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Matka Dìvka Pro Svého Syna (Joanna and Son), ch 1
      matkadiv zip (10k) (F/m mom/son inc)
      Joanna, succesful businness woman, finds comfort in her sons arms. Her new unfolded lust brings her to new horizons of love ....

      Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 3: Common Law Incest
      ajilted3 zip (18k) (Fm inc cons rom 1st-b12 MFbg inc)
      "Will, we are going to need to talk about this," Sheila said, softly. "What we did last night was nice, but I'm your mother." "Mom! Isn't it kind of late for that?," Will challenged. "Do you expect me to pretend it didn't happen?" "That's not what I meant!," Sheila said curtly. "I'm your mother and I'm responsible for raising you. I'm not going to let you get sidetracked and forget all about your plans for college!" "Mom, what on earth does one thing have to do with the other? You think I'm about to suddenly quit my job and drop out of school just because my mom gets me all sexed up?" "No ... I mean ... I don't know, Will! I'm trying to do the right thing!" Sheila felt like she had just betrayed her wonderful son, in the worst way possible. "I'm sorry, Will. I had no reason to doubt you."
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • A Swinging Surprise
      aswingin zip (32k) (MF, MFx, Intr, spanking, dad/dau, bro/sis, mom/son, phone-sex)
      I found out that my parents had become swingers only after I saw mother fucking our neighbor, who used to be my childhood best friend.

      Monday, March 06, 2006

    • by King Mayonaise :...
    • Future Slut of Kiddie Smut
      futuresl zip (11k) (M/f, dad/daut, inc, pedo, scat)
      Nine year old Linda posed naked on all fours, her bare blushing bum inches from her Daddy's leering face. She wiggled her naked butt. Harry slapped both hands on each of his daughter's ass cheeks, and squeezed. Laughing, he squeezed again. And again. "Ooooo! Daddy!" squealed the naughty brunette, "Your hands are all over my bummy! Eeeee!" She loved it. So Harry played with his preteen daughter's ass, kneading her pink flesh with delight. His greasy fingers slid all over her bum cheeks, touching and examining every pretty inch of her bottom lovingly, poking and squeezing and feeling every delightful goosebump on her soft body. After awhile Harry took his pants off, stroking an enormous cock. He began rubbing it all over his daughter's ass flesh. He knew it was sinful for a father to play naughty sex games with his 8 year old daughter. But he couldn't help himself.
    • by keyah :...
    • Making Of A Man, ch 3
      makingo3 zip (13k) (b/g first F/b fist cons)
      Her eyes grew big as saucers. "I been in your daughter, tonight, Mrs Ford." I said after pulling my tongue from her open mouth, "You look like you need a man, a man who can fulfill your needs. Try what you feel down there with your hands. See if I measure up to specifications."

      Sunday, March 05, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 2: Blind Date
      ajilted2 zip (15k) (Fm inc cons rom mast)
      "She laughed at me, Mom." "That's terrible, Will!," Sheila replied, sharing her son's pain. "Girls can be so cruel, sometimes." "I'll be all right, Mom. "Some day I'll find a girl that wants to be with me." "It's all about confidence, Will," Sheila revealed. "Girls are attracted to guys that show confidence." "How can I be confident if I've never been out with a girl?," Will asked, helplessly. "Don't you have any experience with girls, at all?," Sheila asked her son. "You've kissed a girl before, haven't you?" "No." The mother and son sat in silence for awhile, just watching the fire and enjoying it's warmth. "Will, I really want to help you," Sheila said softly. Her emotions were ignoring her brain, pushing her forward to a place she knew no woman should ever go.
    • by White :...
    • John And The Magic Armband
      johnandt zip (13k) (M/F/f/g/incest/pedo/MC/magic)
      John gets an armband that allows him to do anything he wants with people. And he has lots of ideas.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Growing Pains at Fourteen
      growingp zip (13k) (boy 14, girls 10, 9; fondling through clothing, on bare skin, boy masturbates girls, girls masturbate boy, oral, penetration)
      At fourteen Walter Sheehan didn't know diddley about socializing with girls. In his own words, "I was shy, stupid, unfit for human cohabitation. It wasn't that I was ugly or anything. I was reasonably good looking, not an athletic type, but I was mobile enough and reasonably well coordinated. It was primarily that I was shy, backward, and scared to death of rejection." Walter found his salvation in the company of younger girls, as girls his own age "are insecure about their own attractiveness and are desperately looking for someone to make a move on them and thereby make them feel as though they are attractive and desired." At the direction of 10 yo Carole and 9 yo Annie Walter discovers the true delights of touchy and feely, and a few of the many surprises only true cohabitation can bring.
      Unka Charles Answers the Big Question
      unkachar zip (10k) (man 33, girls 3; exposure, fondling, manipulation, oral)
      Charles Hammerly lived in the family household along with his sister Ruth Lee, her husband Jimmy Bond, and their three year old daughter Julie. One evening as Ruth Lee was preparing the evening meal her little daughter came up to unka Charles to ask him why it felt so good when she rubbed her weewee. He tried to shunt the question off to her mother, but her mother had beat him to the punch. He finally replies, "Well, little Julie, it's this way. Rubbing your weewee feels good because whatever kind entity created us, He wanted us to have lots of fun rubbing each other's weewees. That way we'd be sure to populate the world, and make life on this planet an unforgettable experience." The moment he said it he realized he mispoke, but it is too late as Julie has taken his hand and rubbed her weewee with it, and it felt so good on the outside of her panties she put his hand under the waistband of her panties so he could rub directly on it. And so began little Julie's initiation into the secret joys of sex.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Karen's Chinese Meal: Something To Drink
      karensc3 zip (07k) (F/b(5) oral int ws)
      Donnie could do with a drink and Karen's got exactly the stuff, already prepared.

      Saturday, March 04, 2006

    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • An Offer I Couldn't Refuse, part 2
      anoffer2 zip (12k) (MM/fg panties, preteen, voyeur, incest, oral, pedo, petting)
      In which I take up a neighbor offer to have some sexy fun with his daughters Kelly (13) and Beth (8), in exchange for cash, providing that he can watch and join in...both girls opened their legs allowing me to see their white panties...he eagerly stared up his daughter's skirts...they opened their legs wider allowing us a better view. It was a mouth watering sight, two white panty clad pussies straining to be released from their covering...Beth could be seen licking her lips in nervous anticipation...
    • by UboatBob :...
    • Pedo Slut Housemaid, part 1
      pedoslu1 zip (10k) (M/F, F/ff, Mom/dau)
      I'd made a ton of money in the stock market boom and had retired at the ripe old age of 38. My palatial house on a wooded hilltop far from my nearest neighbor gave me the privacy I desired but being a slob, and not being able to cook to save my ass, decided to hire a live-in housemaid. Little did I know at the time the stunning change that decision would make to my life! I'd always been a closet pedo but being afraid of the consequences had limited my activities to internet downloads and lots of jerking off.
    • by vibrerandeah :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Min Fru Gör Mej Till Pedofil, ch 1-3
      minfr1_3 zip (19k) (M/F/f baby/ws/ Extremt/ och mycket mer)
      Där sitter min fru och kissar Moa ligger framför hennes fötter och sprattlar på armar och ben. Vad sött tänker jag och står och iaktar senen när min fru plötsligt ställer sig upp och spolar i toaletten. Oj jösses säger hon till Moa slut på toapapper trots att jag ser att det hänger en nästan full rulle brevid henne. Oj oj vad ska vi nu göra? Till min förfäran sätter sig Mia på huk med sin pissblöta fitta över Moas ansikte jaaa stönar Mia lite nytta kan du göra min lilla horunge torka bort mammas piss från fittan jaaa precis där, sug lite hårdare.

      Friday, March 03, 2006

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Jilted Mother, ch 1: Lonely and Confused
      ajilted1 zip (22k) (mF inc cons rom voyeur exhib mast)
      Sheila heard herself moan and thought of her son in the next room. She was sure he was watching her, through the crack in the back of his closet wall. She tried to imagine him in the closet, with his thirteen year old prick in his fist. She tried to visualize what his young, virile cock would look like. Thoughts of her son watching her pushed her arousal even higher, prompting her to rub her clit harder. The vision of Will in the closet, pumping on his hard, young cock stayed in the woman's mind. She knew it was sick to think about it, but she couldn't get it out of her head. Will couldn't believe his mother was doing that to herself. It didn't fit with his image of her as a warm, compassionate, nurturing woman. But it excited him to see the hidden, passionate side of her womanhood.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 7b
      sweetp7b zip (10k) (bg, inc, ped, rom)
      The lodge was deserted. I told Mary I wanted to go into the lodge, to see if there was any pop or anything to eat. Mary told me she just wanted to get changed, and that she'd meet me at the cabin. I wandered around for a little bit, poking my nose into things that I probably shouldn't have, before finally coming up with two snickers bars, a Dr. Pepper, a Coke, and a root beer. I took them all, and headed down to the cabin. "Mary," I called, as I walked in the door. "I'm right here," she told me, walking around the corner to her bedroom. I think my mouth may have dropped open just a little. She was wearing her negligee from last night, but, under it, she had on her sisters garter belt, and stockings. They really didn't go together, the garter belt was loose on her hips, and she had absolutely no behind on her to hold it up. The stockings wrinkled on her legs, so long on her that they hung off her toes a few inches. The whole outfit did nothing on her but emphasize how young she really was.
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • The Other Shoe, part 1
      theothe1 zip (10k) (M/m/f; setup and implied sex)
      "Well...uh, how about just segments that involve guys fucking girls that look like they're ten years old or younger," the man behind the desk leaned forward, a sparkle in his little eyes, "and I don't want to waste time on any girls over ten...and none of them should have tits at all...and I don't want to see any pussy tits and no pussy hair." "George are you really sure you want to open up this part of your life again?"
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Mike's World, ch 4
      mikeswo4 zip (11k) (bbb/gggggggg pedo, sex, cons, inc)
      By the time Mike went over to June's for his baby sitting, he was walking very carefully because he had fucked Debbie one time to many. He spent a few minutes talking with June, then she was on her way and wouldn't be back until late. Both ten year old Mindy and eight year old Linda were still up but five year old Becky had already went to bed. That Becky was already in bed and asleep, didn't bother Mike at all but he checked on her just the same. The little girl was sound asleep, so Mike headed to the front room where Mindy and Linda were.

      Thursday, March 02, 2006

    • by Hotmommy :...
    • Hansel & Gretel, ch 1
      hansela1 zip (18k) (F/b/g, b/g, F/F/F/b, witch, newborn, pregnant, lactating, occult, implied cannibalism, cooking, snuff)
      4-year-old Hansel and 5-year-old Gretel get lost in the woods on the way home, coming upon a brightly colored, candy-coated house. An old lady invites them in, feeds them her special soup, and soon is enjoying their naked and very willing little bodies. But she has special plans for the children, and soon Hansel is being fattened in the most wonderful ways, while Gretel becomes the witch's insatiable little lover, falling totally under her spell...
    • by Bemused :...
    • Illegal Guardian, part 1
      illegal1 zip (22k) (Mf(10) oral, fucking, and of course anal)
      Jim is a retired executive living alone after becoming a widower. He is also a closet pedophile. When his maid asks him to take care of her delectable 10-year old daughter Victoria, Jim is reluctant but consents. He is soon glad he agreed when Victoria offers him access to ALL her charms in exchange for living with him. Part 1 of 3. The other parts are completed and will be posted shortly.
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 7a
      sweetp7a zip (15k) (bggg, gg,bg, b/s, inc, 1st, ped, rom)
      That was enough for me, I sank my self balls deep in my red headed cousin's pussy. She wasn't the same as Pamela. She was looser, but just as hot. Maybe it was because she was older, and bigger; maybe she was just not in the same physical shape, I don't know. But, I know it didn't feel as good as Pam. Suzette never knew that. As I settled in her, she gasped, and her eyes flew wide, looking down to where I was buried to the root, brown hair above red. "Do you need a second," I asked her, not knowing if I'd surprised her, or if she felt ready. "No," she hissed, "fuck me."

      Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    • by wishman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Simply Suzanne
      simplysu zip (06k) (M/f pedo/conc)
      Some girls are women before their time, as this lucky man finds out that Suzy can take everything he's got, and give it back.....
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Charlie And The 10 Year Old
      charliea zip (12k) (man 30, girl 10; flashing, nudity, fondling, masturbation, oral, penetration)
      Charlie was 30 but had a thing for young girls, and particularly for the 10 yo daughter of his next door neighbors. Claire had begun puberty at nine, and by ten she had lovely little titties which she dearly loved to flash Charlie along with her panties. After a time she began to notice a decided swelling in Charlie's trousers and eventually she connected it to the little glimpses she was giving him. When she asked him what that swelling was in his trousers he told her, and if you believe what he told her Charlie has something he would like to share with your daughter.
      Ellen's Park Pee Club
      ellenspa zip (13k) (girl 3, boys 9-15 ; urinating, nudity, fondling, masturbation, oral)
      It was summer vacation and 15 yo Mike took his 3 yo sister Ellen to the park on every sunny day. On one trip Ellen tells her brother she needs to pee, and Mike takes her to the boys' room as she needs help peeing and he can't accompany her into the girls' room. Four boys were lined at the urinals and Ellen discovered for the first time how boys are built. As the boys finished Mike undressed Ellen and they came over to watch. Ellen squatted on the commode and sent her yellow stream streaming into the bowl to the delight of the boys lined up on the floor. When the boys left Mike asked Ellen how she liked using the boys' room, and she nodded. "Fun." Thus began a summer when a group of six went to the boys' room with Mike and Ellen most every day, Ellen watching them as they did their thing and they watching her do hers. The older boys were wanking as they watched Ellen, who seemed to really get off being their inspiration. Would the boys eventually need wanking assistance? How much assistance can a 3 yo really give?
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • "My Daddy..."
      mydaddy zip (10k) (M/f, pedo, oral, incest, granddad/grandaughter)
      "Well, Grandpa Ron, what d'you think?" Lauren Littel asked, doing a twirl for him. Ron gave a low whistle as he appraised his little 9-year-old granddaughter. She was wearing an extremely tight white t-shirt, very short tan shorts with cuffs on the legs, and the cutest little ankle-high cowboy boots he'd ever seen, the same color as her shorts. "You look fantastic, Lauren," Grandpa Ron said, and he meant every word. He had secretly lusted after his granddaughter Lauren for months now, ever since she'd taken to wearing more and more abbreviated outfits. She loved showing off her long legs, which were filling out more and more every day as Lauren grew into a teen. And she was particularly proud of her budding breasts, which she took every opportunity to show off to anyone who would notice. Grandpa Ron ALWAYS noticed!
    • by Jay Trooley :...
    • Sweet Pamela, ch 6
      sweetpa6 zip (08k) (bbg, inc, b/s, 1st, rom)
      It took a few days before Pam told me she wasn't sore anymore, and, other than spending a little time with her lying on the couch with me, we didn't do anything together. That weekend, Mom wanted to take us into town to buy school clothes, and then we needed school supplies, and then, summer was just about over. I finally got to see Gayle, and Suze again, just before they left again for the cities. I guess Pops finally decided that I really hadn't been doing anything 'untoward', but I knew it would never be the same at their house again for me. Once school started, there didn't seem to be anytime for us to be alone together. Pam was in the fifth grade at Feathers Elementary, and I was beginning junior high. After school, she had Girl Scouts, twirling, and all the little girl things that keep little girls busy, and out of trouble, and I was making my way through elementary algebra, and gym class, and jock straps.
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • My Piano Students, part 2
      mypiano2 zip (08k) (M/g, tickling, mast, con)
      The story of Rachel and Tess continues as Tess reveals a secret that she and her sister have been keeping. The Man then moves from Piano teacher to Teacher of things that little girls should never do with strangers.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • The Microbe Chronicles 2: Dead Lucky
      themicr2 zip (06k) (M/g(7))
      I had to go away for a few weeks. My first visitor when I returned was The Microbe. She looked different, but underneath, she was as always!

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