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    November 01st - November 30th mid-Morning Updates

      On Thursday, November 30, 2006

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 18
      justto18 zip (76k) (Mf-f-teens, MF. Mfff, ped, MFF, rom)
      Dave brings Deirdre home for a day where he "fixes" her. She spends all night and they fuck for 300kb. Debbie is pregnant, and she and Sheri move in permanently.
    • by zet :...
    • Vic and Chick, part 6: Experience
      vicand6 zip (65k) (bg mg mf gg fg Fg Fm Ff inc rom pedo bro/sis mo/son)
      The long-delayed continuation of the adventures of Vic and Chick, preteen brother and sister who were discovered by their parents having sex in part 5. Their parents separate them and they spend their energy having sex with various people and trying to get back together.

      Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 17
      justto17 zip (82k) (MFF, MFf-f-teens, rom)
      Tessie moves in with Jean to help with her evangelical aspirations and gets nailed. Bell, Ouma, Flor and Katrina all deliver within a span of two months. Lisa arranges an away-from-home liaison between Dave and her bi-friend Debbie, who throws in her 14 year-old daughter Sheri's cherry as a bonus. Sheri introduces her friend Deirdre to Dave, as another bonus.
    • by Pegasus :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Meine Tochter Andrea und Jenny
      meinetoc zip (12k) (dad/daut inc)
      An einem dieser langweiligen Herbsttage, an dem es die ganze Zeit nur regnete, hatte ich einfach keine Lust mehr in der Wohnung rumzusitzen. Das Fernsehen bot wie immer nichts brauchbares, also ging ich auf unsere Terrasse. Unter dem Vordach unseres Hauses saЯ Andrea meine schon 14 jдhrige Tochter, die mich seit Tagen immer wieder neckte, mit ihrer Freundin Jenny. "Na, ihr beiden, habt ihr auch so 'ne Langeweile wie ich?" "Ja, was soll man bei dem Wetter schon anstellen?" antwortete Andrea und sah mich mal wieder verschmitzt an.
      Bella's Erstes Mal
      bellaser zip (04k) (ff)
      Bella und Nadine waren schon Freundinnen, solange sie denken konnten. Jetzt mit 15 sahen sie sich seltener, die Schule und Nadines erster Freund lieЯen den Freundinnen weniger Zeit. Aber zweimal die Woche wurde trainiert. Gerдteturnen um genau zu sein. Selbst jetzt in den Ferien arbeiteten die beiden hart. SchlieЯlich hatten sie beide Sport als Leistungskurs. Und wer will sein Abi nicht mit guten Noten bestьcken?

      Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Angie, ch 8
      angie8 zip (13k) (MMMMbbb/FFFFggg fondling, oral, all out sex)
      After a swim we gathered some wood, then sat around a campfire as the night came over that beautiful mountain lake. It was erotic in it's own way, the firelight flickering off all the nude bodies, including my Mom's and my Aunt Trish's. Still though, my stunning eleven year old beauty sat naked in my arms and toasted marshmallows over the campfire. When a marshmallow would get done, Angie would feed me one, then the next one she would eat herself.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just To Much Love, ch 16
      justto16 zip (73k) (MFFFf, MF cuck, Mff, ped, rom)
      Jean and Lill invite Jean's friend Lisa over to play. She had been raped by her father and was a lesbian-until she meets Dave, and moves in. Dave knocks both Jean and Lisa. The church sexton's wife, Cora, loses her heart and fidelity to Dave.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Life in the Old West, part 2
      lifeint2 zip (07k) (Cons, M/f Preg)
      This is a continuation of a young man and his young teen bride living their life in the Old West.

      Monday, November 27, 2006


      Sunday, November 26, 2006

    • by Nomad :...
    • Come Along With Mummy
      comealon zip (24k) (Mother/ Daughter (4 mnths to 13yrs))
      Little children can be so difficult at times. Thankfully, lone parent Lisa, finds a way to control her growing daughter.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • My Baths with Cousin Carrie
      mybathsw zip (14k) (boy 12, girl 6; lapsitting, nudity, bathing, fondling, manipulation, oral)
      This week's story takes you back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when there was no television, only radio. In school I had been diagnosed by one of my teachers as a split personality, quiet as a church mouse in school, boisterous and rowdy when playing at home with my friends. And my life had its biggest change at age twelve when my mother's sister, Aunt Edna, moved in with her daughter Carrie. Aunt Edna was addicted to that strange creation of the radio of the times known which became known as the soap opera, and she bought some quiet listening time for herself by undressing her daughter and putting her in the bathtub with me. I learned an awful lot that day, including what girls looked like underneath their clothes, and how much better it felt having my peter played by someone else, especially by a six year old girl.
    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Thaddeus, ch 2
      thaddeu2 zip (31k) (Mmm/Fff, incest, pregnant)
      Gina was in fact using Zeke to practice deep throating. First she hit her nose too hard on Zeke's hard body causing tears to come to her eyes, then he complained when her teeth scraped him, then when he did come, it all went down her throat and she never did taste him. She almost made up her mind never to do it again until she looked into the big eyes of Zeke as he mouthed, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" and then bent down and took her cheeks in his hand to give her a deep tongue spearing kiss that almost made her come again.
    • by geilgiegel :...
    • Oom Caspar
      oomcaspa zip (05k) (M/f)
      Oom Caspar speelt met zijn kleine vriendin

      Saturday, November 25, 2006

    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Hi Honey, ch 3
      hihoney3 zip (32k) (M/FF, m/ff, M/f, Incest)
      The two girls ganged up on Jim, with July sitting on his chest near his face and Susie sitting on his shorts. Susie reached down and unbuttoned Jim's shorts and carefully lowered his zipper until his manhood popped out. She then positioned herself over his manhood, wearing only the tee-shirt and nothing else and she eased herself down. July had an old pair of ratty panties on that was too small and the elastic was pretty weak. She had taken a bath and was ready for bed. The house during the summer was too hot to wear very much and no one complained when she only had a sleep shirt on and a pair of panties. Jim's eyes had already rolled up in his head and his toes were half way to curling from what Susie was doing. Jim pulled the gusset of the panty off to one side and sniffed with his nose. He determined that his sister smelled pretty good and Susie seemed to be okay with July sleeping with them. Jim licked July. She looked at him with big eyes.
    • by Tiago :...
    • Lewis and Louise
      lewisand zip (53k) (Boy 14, girls 9, 11 & 12; oral, deep-throat, lap-sitting, anal, lap-sitting anal, vaginal, defloration)
      Lewis is a very intelligent and bookish boy. His neighbour Louise needs his assistant, as she is not succeeding in geography. He offers to help her interested only in helping her, but things will evolve to a very different step. As Lewis already assist two friends of him...

      Friday, November 24, 2006

    • by explorer :...
    • Edward's (Calcutta) Children
      2edwards zip (26k) (Mg(8) Mg(3) ped pre-teen pre-school toddler inc oral anal ws)
      In this sequel to Edward's Children, Edward finds himself on a short term contract in Calcutta. After catching Gheeta, the 8 year old daughter of a maid, taking a piss behind a bush outside his apartment, Edward takes advantage of her predicament. With the promises of ice cream, Gheeta returns the following day with Chahna, her 3 year old sister. When the children's mother discovers where they've been she takes the opportunity to earn money to pay of the debt she'd inherited from the late husband.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Ratana
      ratana zip (13k) (m/f)
      She whined as he first licked the hard nipples and then allowed it to come into his mouth. Ratana began to sink onto the ground, her naked back laying in the crystal white sand. "Ohhhhhhh, that feels so nice" she sighed, "Suck them hard, Bryan. Suck them hard. Pull it all in your mouth."
    • by Spin :...
    • Sandbox Stories
      sandboxs zip (17k) (M/f ggg, Sex, Pedo, Cons, 1st, Oral)
      Stanley's mouth watered as he stared at the child's inviting posture. Another teasing panty shot and in an instant, he was in the sandbox.
    • by gendude :...
    • Laraaaah, ch 1-2
      laraaaa2 zip (09k) (mff)
      Ich war mal wieder mit meinen Eltern in die Ferien unterwegs. „Mann ist das wieder langweilig", kam es bereits auf der Hinfahrt nach Frankreich aus mir heraus.

      Thursday, November 23, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 15
      justto15 zip (79k) (MfFFFf, ped, rom)
      The home additions are complete and everyone in the house decides on her new quarters. Charlie Applegate gets the lease on a new casino and makes Lorraine manager with Susan head of the legal dept. He comes to Phoenix and stays overnight with the family. Dave and Lill bring a new member into the family-Jean, the bisexual minister who had previously married them. Cara loses her cherry.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Thanksgiving
      thanksgi zip (11k) (pedo, M/f, inc)
      Six-year-old Honey spends Thanksgiving with her family full of rectal rangers.

      Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Hi Honey, ch 2
      hihoney2 zip (44k) (M/FF, 69. Public Sex, Wife Slut)
      Amanda standing beside them helped guide Larry's manhood into June's love canal as she jumped wrapping her arms around Larry's neck and her legs around Larry's torso. Larry and June were both wet enough to allow a smooth joining without rubbing anything raw. The beat of the music matched Larry and June as Amanda petted, pinched and jumped as the two banged together matching the flashing lights going on all about them. June's eyes were still leaking tears as she hung on for dear life. Around the three the other dancers made a circle clapping and screaming. June looked to the ceiling and screamed above the sound of the music. Her hands released as she passed out. Amanda could see Larry's eyes were closed as his body jerked again and again sending millions of trouble makers into June's body. Richard was there and took Amanda's hands and made a circle around the couple holding both of them in place. The music ended and the other dances clapped and screamed.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 14
      justto14 zip (83k) (MFF, anal, MF, ped fant., rom)
      Dave and Maria go on their vacation to old Mejico where they find Maria's long-lost cousin Teresa, who always wants more-from both of them. Next, Dave takes Louise to Yosemite where he tells her of his life before Love.
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • The Agent Of Special Purpose, part 6
      theagen6 zip (41k) (M/g, pedo, pre-teen prostitution, porno)
      Юлечка, золотко, тебе сейчас приятно. Изображай, что тебе нравится, и попытайся сама начать Алекса брать в горло. Вот, умница, чтобы я без тебя делал! Теперь обведи руками бедра Алекса. Изгибайся животиком вверх. Антон толкает в тебя, а ты изгибаешься. Антон и Алекс, слышите меня? Начинаем работать в полную силу. Антон хватай ее за бедра и начинай трахать, а ты, Алекс бери ее за голову и качай член в горло. Смелее! Накалывай...

      Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Matthew's Escape
      matthews zip (28k) (Nudity)
      Matthew noticed no tan lines on any of the bodies. "Linda, I hope it is okay, I had a hard time keeping them in clothes on the beaches in Tahiti too. They have grown up with a clothing optional environment at home and.........."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 9
      sisters9 zip (13k) (MMMM/gggg, pedo, cons, ws)
      Before Max had everything put away, it was obvious that Trish was already there by the giggling and squealing from the pool. When he walked out by the pool, both girls were stark naked and this time Trish was standing on the diving board. The brunette was taller than Heather, and Max loved her larger breast, thicker pubic patch and waist length brunette hair. The girl had the olive skin of an Italian, which was perfect for her because she always looked tanned. Then she was surfacing in the middle of the pool and Max believed Trish was almost as beautiful as Mandy.

      Monday, November 20, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 13
      justto13 zip (52k) (MFfFfFff, ped, FF, rom)
      The household revolves around Shawni. And Lorraine takes her previous live-in to court for palimony, managing to keep Dave out of it. Becca's mother learns she's pregnant.
    • by cryss :...
    • Master P.C.: Helens Family
      masterp1 zip (13k) (mF fM gM family aunt nephew smoking)
      Helen lusts after her nephew a computerprogram makes it a reality.
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • Momma's Breeding
      mommasbr zip (13k) (inc, moth/son, interracial)
      Donnie accompanies his mother to the breeding clinic where his mother is mated to try to have another baby because daddy is sterile. Donnie not only gets to watch, but is included in the process by momma.
    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Thaddeus, ch 1
      thaddeu1 zip (32k) (Mmm/Fff, Dad/Daut, Mom/Sons, inc)
      "YES!" Lexis said without voice, Zeke heard it plain as day. The two of them somehow ended up with Zeke sitting in a seat next to the door with Lexis impaled on his manhood. Later she would thank Teresa for teaching Her Zeke the wonders of the Female body.
    • by Blackwind 2000 :...
    • The Kidnapping of Stacy
      thekidna zip (11k) (MMMMMM/f, kidnap, bond, exposure, touching, nudity, nosex)
      It was just another day when Stacy got off the school bus at her house, opened the white picket fence gate to her front yard and then unlocked the front door of the house beyond, and went inside; she did her normal routine of laying down whatever books she had (not many, since she was only in second grade), drank a glass of juice from the fridge, then let herself back out, locking the door behind her. Normal, like any other day. Except it wouldn't end that way...

      Sunday, November 19, 2006

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Fuck My Wife
      2fuckmyw zip (09k) (threesome, male bisexuality)
      "Are you SERIOUS?" Kate asked, incredulous. "Very," I answered, my cock tingling, heart pounding. "You really want to watch while another man fucks me? Or MEN???" she continued. "It would just be sport fucking, Kate. Nothing more. Just something incredibly exciting for us to do together." "And then what? You would want to fuck some other slut? Is that it?" she continued.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Incest Diaries, part 3
      incestd3 zip (09k) (M/f, writing)
      The continuing stories contained in the diaries I found while clearing out my mothers attic. While going through a heap of old junk in my mother's attic, I stumbled across a chest full of letters, books and diaries. I flicked through a few letters, mostly from my mother to my father, before opening the first diary. It was dated 1950, and had the title page "Susan Rogers, Age 10". There were others, all with the same name, but different years. After what I'd read in the first one, the second one grew ever more intense.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Margie Takes a Tumble
      margieta zip (18k) (man 35, girl 7-8; dressing cuts, fondling, nudity, oral, penetration)
      My name is Robin Terrance, I'm 35, and I've always been attracted to women in full bloom. That is until that day last summer when a winsome 7 yo girl named Margie McClennan took a tumble on the sidewalk in front of my house. Her parents weren't home so I had to carry her into my house to treat her wounds. And in the process of playing caregiver the applecart of my taste in women was completely overturned. And things came to fruition on a day for which both the country and I will always give thanks.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • The Free for All Community, part 1
      thefree1 zip (09k) (mF)
      A 16 year old boy gets to learn what his friends' mothers like most.
    • by Powerone :...
    • Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman, ch 5
      tawnyda5 zip (27k) (M+f, anal. oral, virg, incest, teen, bdsm)
      Daddy teaches his little girl to be a woman. A story of incest between father and daughter. In Chapter 5 Daddy and her Uncle cathc Tawny and her best friend Jessica embracing passionately and decide to blackmail them into submission.

      Saturday, November 18, 2006


      Friday, November 17, 2006

    • by greven :...
    • A Daughter's Love, part 4
      adaught4 zip (08k) (m/f)
      Ray woke up to the sounds of babies being soothed. It had been a little over two months now and the little girls were growing like weeds. They were also eating like little horses. While Jennifer was quite a bit larger than she was before she had the babies there just wasn't enough for both of them all the time. So Anna and Jennifer had to workout a schedule for the two.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Caught! (2)
      caught2 zip (17k) (b, g, Mother, Bondage)
      "I think we need to tie her legs apart now, don't you, David?" Mrs Wilson asked as, having removed Lisa's jeans from about her feet, she stood and tickled her child's flanks. "No, NO!" Lisa screeched, convulsing under the hook in her nose.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 12
      justto12 zip (57k) (MFFF, FF, anal, rom)
      Lorraine answers Dave's call for help. The mistress of a rich man, and heretofore barren, she gives him up for a chance to have a child by Dave, and become one of his harem. Lorraine also meets and falls in love with Susan-like 2 + 2 = 5. Susan, Dave and Bessie save Shawni from Tania's drug habit and take her to Phoenix. They all meet THE Charlie Applegate who makes Lorraine an offer she can't refuse.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Mr Man Meat, part 1
      mrmanme1 zip (13k) (M/f, m/f, group, young)
      I don't remember when I first started thinking the way I do. I guess it was about the time mom and dad divorced, when I was about 14. My dad and I went to live with another woman and her daughter. Annie became my little sister. She was 7 years old. It was a few months after we moved in that I heard the noises that I investigated, which led me down the path I have followed ever since.

      Thursday, November 16, 2006

    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Emma
      emma zip (07k) (mf, non-cons, impreg)
      Jason continues to find and impregnate vulnerable young girls. He has a consuming desire to spread his genes far and wide.
    • by Sweet Dreams :...
    • Jasmine, Sarah and their daughters, ch 13
      jasmin13 zip (26k) (F+f+)
      Before going back home to see how the girls were doing, Jasmine and Sarah went downtown to a fine lingerie boutique where they bought some outfits for the evening orgy they were planning at Dorothy's. After that they went back home and at the same time they opened the garage door to park the mini-van, Susan's car pulled behind them in the driveway. Jasmine stopped the mini-van and left the garage door open for Susan to join them. Susan was flashing a big smile at them. "You fucked your little sister...", Sarah asked with playful airy singing voice as she closed the garage door. "Does it show that much...", Susan said with a laughter, "you bet I did girls... and only god knows how many times we came in each others mouth... by the way I have a message for you...", Susan said before plastering her mouth against Jasmine's. Susan kissed Jasmine and then Sarah lustfully.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Show and Tell Wife
      showandt zip (12k) (Mm/F, group, exhib)
      I was sitting in the class on that friday morning with a huge smile on my face, and a hard on that I struggled not to show in my pants. Grace had practically begged me to bring her to school for class when she learned of the problems I had with the boys getting erections in my biology class. "Now boys, calm down" I said, as they filed in raucously, as only teenage boys can do. "Special lesson today...we're going to get a little advanced" I said. My wife was in the opposite classroom waiting for my signal, which would be sent from my mobile on my desk at the push of a button. A couple of the boys had noticed her as I overheard them talking.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Stuffing The Turkey
      stuffin zip (21k) (m/f incest preg mom/dau sis/bro dad/dau M/f)
      As if in an addled state of mind, the young thirteen-year-old boy walked to his sister and let his pants drop. Without hesitation the girl took his prick and brought it to her mouth.
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • Agent, ch 5
      agent5 zip (42k) (M/fff, pedo, pre-teen prostitution, rape)
      "АГЕНТ СПЕЦИАЛЬНОГО НАЗНАЧЕНИЯ" Часть.5 Продолжение. План внедрения, разработанный руководством оказался известен противнику. Новые хозяева первербовывают агента и для верности заставляют его исполнить жуткое задание...

      Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    • by Raven Callows :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dawn the First or How It All Began
      dawnthe1 zip (30k) (violence, youmg, romaince, oral, anal)
      I saw her, a maid, and a rather gifted male stranger entangled on a massive bed. All completely nude. I thought of fleeing before someone discovered I was there but come now. How often do you get to see this kind of thing when you're eight. I stayed put, reader and watched something I thought I would never see, ever. Morgan had been doing the screaming. At this moment, the maid was driving four fingers deep in her boss's pussy and my guess was it hurt. Besides that, her asshole was now filled with the strange man's dick, a rather large one, which was pumping at a fever pace. Every now and then, he would grab Morgan's nippples and pinch them, or else slap her ample asscheeks. As I stared on in wonder I thought no wonder she's yelling. The maid looked Asian with slightly smaller tits and short black hair. I couldn't see what she was doing to herself without revealing myself so to speak but from the look on her face, I had an idea where her other hand was. But now she lowered her head to Morgan's right tit and let rope of spit drool from her mouth to the nipple. Then the maid dove in with force, shoving her mouth upon the tit and sucking like a vaccuum. At that moment, Morgan's screams became intelligible although I'd never heard language like this before. "You're not a baby you dirty little cunt! You bite that nipple, bitch.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Life in the Old West, part 1
      lifeint1 zip (07k) (Rom, Mf, Cons, Preg)
      A young man begins building a life with inherited land. How he gets his bride and future life is beginning. This is the first of a continuing story.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The School Counsellor
      theschoo zip (06k) (M/f)
      In my role as counsellor for a middle school, I see a lot of troubled and misdirected children come through my office. I wouldnt say the school I work at is particularly bad or good, but we get our share of problems. One day, a teacher referred a young girl named Sarah Wilkins to me. The referral slip mentioned that her attention was slipping, her grades dropping steadily, and she had a preoccupation with 'unnatural play during classtimes'. I didnt know what this meant, and couldnt corner the teacher in question to clarify the statement.

      Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Angie, ch 7
      angie7 zip (13k) (MMbbb/FFggg fondling, oral, all out sex)
      Soon, all three of us boys were all stark ass naked but as we walked towards the camp I was becoming embarrassed but trying to hide it. It was Uncle Ron, that whistled at the three stunning naked eleven year old beauties, which made Angie blush, Beth smile and Taylor beam with pride. Yet Uncle Ron, that bashfully smiled at Angie and told her he couldn't believe how beautiful she was. It sure was strange, being naked around my parents and Angie's but they went out of their way to make us comfortable.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • A Pool Hall Tale
      apoolhal zip (11k) (M/f)
      My name is Ken Roberts. I run one of the busiest pool halls in the city. Twenty-five tables, no less. On a good weekend I often get three to four hundred people through the door in a day, which is not bad for an all ages, no-alcohol venue. I run a decent shop, no trouble, no fights, no booze, no drugs. Myself and my 2nd-in-charge, an ex-NFL linebacker, help keep order at the place, mostly by being visible rather than force. One slow night I closed up early, and stayed back to have a few games of pool myself. I heard the toilet door open, and turned to see a girl standing in the doorway.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Jason, part 1
      jason1 zip (04k) (mf, non-cons, rape?, impreg)
      Jason, a 14yo boy, who is scheming, horny, seeks out vulnerable girls, preferable virgin, and attempts to make them pregnant. This is a continuing story. Other stories should be read first for continuity.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 11
      justto11 zip (71k) (MFFf, ped, interr, menst, rom)
      Dave meets and rejects Bell's sister Viv in Vegas, but is set up with and accepts black Bessie, and her daughter Tania and granddaughter Shawni, age 5, the whitest and most beautiful black child in the world. But he forever loses Tania.
    • by Minos :...
    • Nico, ch 2: Nico Besucht Mich
      nico2 zip (10k) (Mb, oral, anal, defloration)
      Die Fortsetzung, in der mich Nico besucht und er das bekommt, was er schon lange mцchte...

      Monday, November 13, 2006

    • by Nomad :...
    • Angel's Taking
      angelsta zip (10k) (M/g (11))
      The Taking of an Angel
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Fucking Nina
      fuckingn zip (33k) (Incest - brother/sister, threesome (MFm), gang-bang (FMmmmb), first, oral, )
      Nina is a 22-year-old nympho who lives with her equally randy boyfriend, Danny. The pair have a steamy sex-life, one that gets steamier when they end up inviting Nina's 13-year-old brother, Jack, to join in. Being a generous boy, Jack decides to share his sister with a few of his friends.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Family Next Door
      thefamily zip (36k) (m/g, m/F, ped, preg, cons, ft)
      William is a typical horny fourteen year old boy, one that dreams of what it will be like to be with a girl, hell any girl of any age. He doesn't expect what happens one day though, a new family moves in next door. A cute little girl all of eight years old and her very pregnant mother who is still in her young twenties! What happens next well you can guess!
    • by geilgiegel :...
    • Het Kamperen
      hetkampe zip (06k) (m/ff/b)
      kamperen is pas fijn als de camping meezit
      Opbinden Is Heftig
      opbinden zip (08k) (F/ff)
      als je opbinden leuk vind moet je je kinderen dat ook gunnen

      Sunday, November 12, 2006

    • by GLMorgan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Junior High Diaries: Tired of the Wait
      juniorhi zip (22k) (anal b/b m/m 12 cons consensual mm bb)
      "Junior High Diaries: Tired of the Wait" is the first story of many to come in the "Junior High Diaries" series. The series will detail the erotic adventures of an eclectic array of youth normally ranging in age from 12 to 16; many of whom are having their eyes opened to what is a wonderful period in life of sexual curiosity and discovery. "Tired of the Wait" is the story of two 12 year old boys, Jeremy and Shawn, who discover the pleasures that can be obtained together, without having to wait on girls their age. What starts as an innocent sleepover turns gradually into the most incredible night in the young boys' lives.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Fathers' Club 7: The Purity Ball
      father7b zip (19k) (Father Daughter Incest)
      The Religious Right feel they have the market cornered on "family values". Ha Ha! says Fathers' Club!
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Henry Nelson's Time Warp
      henrynel zip (09k) (man 26, girls 25, 4; nudity, fondling, penetration, oral)
      Henry Nelson, his head flooded with memories, walked out of the college he graduated from four years before. He was now working for a pharmaceutical company visiting physicians and giving them news of, and samples of his company's new drugs. On leaving the college he decided to have lunch at a diner a short distance away, and upon entering discovered that the waitress on duty was his love during his recent college years. And that wasn't to be Henry's only surprise as he went home with her after she got off from work and found she had one more suprise up her sleeve.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Playing With Monsters
      playingw zip (19k) (M/f demon pedo first mmf)
      Thirteen-year-old boys still needed to get a life. True, he was her favorite, but still he was a child. He was still juvenile enough to go trick or treating, and since tonight was Halloween he would be out with the kids. But Richard the egghead was in for a rude awakening. She would make this a Halloween he would never forget.
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Young Stud 10 - FamilyReunion - Final
      youngs10 zip (13k) (Multi, Incest)
      Billy is now fully trained and ready for the biggest event of all - the full family reunion.

      Saturday, November 11, 2006

    • by greven :...
    • A Daughter's Love, part 3
      adaught3 zip (07k) (f/f)
      Jenn opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. The large bedroom she shared with her father seemed to glow from the early morning light. As she turned her head to one side she saw her handsome father lying next to her. His mouth was wide open, with a terrible snore rumbling out. "It's amazing" she thought "that she could drown out the noise in her sleep." she turned her blond head to the other side and saw the matching cribs of her two daughters. They had tried to let the girls sleep in one crib but they always seemed to end up tangled up and crying. So the separation had begun. The twins were deep asleep and issuing a smaller version of their fathers snores.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 10
      justto10 zip (54k) (MFFF, rom)
      Dave and Becca go on their vacation together next-to her parents farm, where Dave screws the mother and she can't get enough of it. So he decides to leave Becca there and heads for the airport, only to be interrupted by Alice for four days before arriving there. She wants to be one of his women, too.
    • by Sagar garg :...
    • Perverted Indian Mom & Son
      perverte zip (10k) (Indian incest (mom-son))
      Vinay Ramachandra(Vinu) is a 23 years old software engineer in a reputed firm at Bangalore, India. Ramachandra, Vinu's father is a very rich and busy businessman. His wife Anandam Devi is the headmistress of a junior college. Anandam or Anandi as she is often called is 46 and is an active leader of some religious organisations. Anandi always likes to dress very conservatively, never revealing. She always wraps herself in sarees and when going for Ashrams etc she used to wear Kavi or White sarees. Since Ramachandra and Anandi were very busy, Vinu's studied staying at Boarding schools. Ramachandra and Anandi had high status in society and Vinu is also a obedient character and is very athletic. Both Anandi and Ramachandra used to affectionately called him "Cheenu".
      The Unpardonable Sin
      theunpar zip (05k) (Indian incest (mom-son))
      My name is Sirish and I stay in Chennai. I am presently 25. My family consist of one sis aged 22 doing post graduation her name is Suma. My mom is 47. She is a school teacher. My sis is very sexy fair tall modern. My mom is a teacher in school. What I am going to write is a real incident happened in my life and shattered my innocence and thoughts.
    • by bigcock :...
    • Under The Brownie Uniform
      underthe zip (07k) (man/girl pedo)
      The neighborhood that I live in is mostly made up of very low-income families.

      Friday, November 10, 2006

    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Consequences 4 - Getting Caught
      consequ4 zip (13k) (FM, Cheat)
      Consequences is a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue will be the effect of extramarital sex on the family unit. This is the fourth story of this group.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey's Halloween
      honeysha zip (06k) (pedo, group)
      Honey gets plenty of tasty treats on Halloween.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 8
      sisters8 zip (10k) (MMMM/gggg, pedo, cons, ws)
      When they reached the house, Max just picked up the paper and threw it inside because Mr. Tarver was coming across the lawn. Warmly, Heather greeted Charles and with a giggle told him she was baby sitting Max for the weekend. It made Charles laugh and Max blush a little. When Heather moved so she was standing a little closer to Charles, it made Max smile. Before Charles left, Max told him to plan on being over tomorrow afternoon and they would have a pool party.
    • by Writersblock :...
    • Twin Sluts, part 1
      twinslu1 zip (05k) (F/gg mom/daut)
      My, twin girls were born when I was just sixteen. When, Joy, and Candy, were little babies I'd fuck in front of them, thinking they'd never remember when they got older.

      Thursday, November 09, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 9
      justtoo9 zip (63k) (MFF/f-teen, interr, anal, rom)
      Dave and Bell go alone on vacation together, a promise made to all the women in turn. On a Caribbean island, Dave and Bell meet and love Ouma, a native woman. Dave impregnates her, and also her daughter Flor whom they bring back to the mainland to live with them and attend an American school. Dave starts additions to the house itself, besides the occupants.
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Babysitter, part 1
      thebaby1 zip (17k) (m/fff anal, oral cons nc bond drug)
      I rolled her over and she knelt for me, her ass and pussy offered, any one I wanted. I got really hot thinking of her nasty sexy ass and as I got close to cumming I found her asshole, hearing her gasp as I pushed, fucking into that tight space, feeling her squeeze down to keep me out, to make me hot, to join in the excitement I was feeling. I came inside her as I popped inside her, fucking her now easily as my cum lubricated her ass nicely. I stayed hard and kept fucking her another twenty minutes or so until I came again, this time pulling out of her ass and pressing in one, slow movement, jacking my cock as I did it to stay almost ready to cum, fucking in tiny back and forth thrusts, feeling her pussy hole tighten, then let me in, fucking her hard, getting all the way inside her fast, cumming as I bottomed out.

      Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    • by Peter Evan Delaney O'Phyle :...
    • Bedtime Stories
      bedtimes zip (24k) (M/f; 12, 9, 7: ped, n/c, Halloween, oral, anal)
      "The devil gazed down on his helpless victim, her small, immature body writhing slowly as his long, hard prick invaded her. Her small, cone-shaped titties rose and fell with her rapid breaths and a sheen of perspiration made her slender torso glisten. There were few things as erotic to him as violating a frightened, powerless girl who still retained most of her child-like qualities, but was evidently on the precipice of becoming a woman.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Doris Gets Hers
      dorisget zip (06k) (mf non-cons preg)
      Doris let it be known in her conversations with her friends just when her period started and Jason picked up on that and the other girls and noted them in his journal. He has an obsession to fuck and impregnate all of the vulnerable girls in his home classroom and do it so as to not be caught.
    • by Sweet Dreams :...
    • Jasmine, Sarah and their daugthers, ch 11-12
      jasmine2 zip (25k) (F+f+)
      The next morning Susan left at around ten to get ready to pick up her long awaited sister at the airport and Jasmine went at the corner store to pick up some things for breakfast. When she approached the counter she could hear the conversation between the lady in front of her and the clerk. "You know Mrs. Moore who live down the street", the lady told the clerk as she opened her purse to pay, "well I heard she's a lesbian", she added with a faint voice, just loud enough so that Jasmine could hear. "That's probably why we always see her alone", the lady added, "she's such a strange women and I'm sure that there are strange things going on inside her house".
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • Nancy's Ticklish Ordeal, ch 9
      nancyst9 zip (06k) (M/gg, tickling, feet, masturbation)
      This latest chapter continues the "Summer of Nancy" while she invites a new friend to Uncle Bob's home. Lots of 12 year old girl tickling and Bob's shattering climax.
    • by Dalton :...
    • New Neighbors, part 1
      newneig1 zip (39k) (bb/ggg, sleep, inc, anal, force, cons)
      His cock leaked more pre-cum out on her pussy. It started to get wet and shiny. His excitement increased as his penetration into the soft virgin lips deepened. Her body moved slightly as he pushed into her tight little vagina. His cock was small like mine, still not full sized, but she was still a virgin. He'd only done this for a few months, over the summer, interrupted when they'd moved. I saw him hold her hips and let go of his cock as he pushed harder. She moaned, moved, the discomfort in her pussy making her wake up. He'd lost it by now, his cock hard and almost ready to cum, he had to cum inside her. The added thrill of having an accomplice, of fucking her in front of me and knowing I'd want to fuck her next made his logical mind disappear.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Army Contract, part 7
      unittwo7 zip (09k) (M+Fg, Fg, bond, spank, toys, replicants)
      The final chapter in this episode see the delivery of the Cargo to the Army, Will Scott be allowed to remain on board, can they get rid of Captain Conrad and his crew? Please read on.

      Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 8
      justtoo8 zip (74k) (MFffff, ped, anal, MFF, Mf, FFf, rom)
      A reprise to the Islands, this time with all the little girls. Carmi returns to Lill's life, and into Dave's house. She and Dave seduce and rescue April, age 11, from an evil house into their own, and Carmi adopts her.
    • by cryss :...
    • Smoking Demons, ch 2-3
      smoki2_3 zip (06k) (Ff ff inc smoking herm demon)
      11 year old Claire came home from school to a big surprise. As she opened the front door she saw her grandmother sitting on the sofa while her mother kneeling between her grandmothers legs eating her cunt. Her grandmother had a big fat cigar clenched in her teeth as she started to orgasm on her daughters lapping tongue. "what are you doing?" Claire asked. "come sit dear I'll explain it to you alright?" grandma Samantha told her granddaughter indicating the middle cushion on the couch between her two smoking family members. Grandma stated to tell the tale "I want to tell you a story, my dear, about when I was a little girl of 15. My dad had died in a car crash coming home from work on a icy night. It was just mom and me since then. We lived in New York City then we had some money from the insurance policy dad had but mom still worked 12 hours a day. When I turned 16 I got a job in an occult store. It paid okay so with our combined money we were doing okay. Any way after about a month of working there a lady came in trying to sell these books she said she found in her late mother s attic. Well as I was categorizing them I was drawn to one particular book it was titled 'THE LEGEND OF CHEITAN' the pull of the book was so strong I stole it.

      Monday, November 06, 2006

    • by sewer_age :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Wet Girl
      thewetgi zip (07k) (ws, ff, fF, fb, fM)
      Ginny had become 16 years old a month ago. She was lying in the little room upstairs at the house of Jim and Mary where she had stayed for one day now to look after their children. In fact she was a little young compared to the children she had to take care of. William was 13 years old and Mimi was 11.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Angie, ch 6
      angie6 zip (15k) (bbb/ggg fondling, oral, penetration)
      It was almost noon, when I saw the girls headed for the creek and without me, but I had expected that. They stopped long enough to let me know they had called Jeff and Ted and I had about a half hour to make it to the creek.
      Sisters of the Ring, ch 7
      sisters7 zip (12k) (MMMM/gggg, pedo, cons, ws)
      After forty five minutes of shopping Mandy and Sarah found their Dad and George at the coffee shop and George asked for the receipts. When he didn't see any receipts for underwear and bras, he told Sarah she couldn't go to school like she went on dates. After another half hour, the girls returned and there were two strange men sitting with their Dad and George.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Childhood Love
      childhoo zip (12k) (b/b, b/g, b/b/g, bro/sis, oral, anal, cons, sex play)
      David was turning 12 had just moved into their new home while swimming in the family pool naked meets up with Brett a 10 year old neighbor boy who was looking over the fence and his 7 year old sister Tina. David was offered to send the night with them and the fun games they played while together, with David finding out that Brett and his sister knew a lot more about "Pokie" then he did about sex.
    • by White :...
    • Fading, part 1
      fading1 zip (34k) (m/f/F incest pedo blackmail Science-Fiction voyeurism)
      William Stone discovers he has a rather unique ability. He has fun experimenting
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 7
      justtoo7 zip (65k) (MFFFf, interr, ped, rom)
      Louise and Becca deliver-both girls. Dave hires Bell (with two preteen daughters) to be a live-in nanny/cook. Bell accepts and adopts house "practices" the first day, if not house rules. The women of the house attempt some strange pussy themselves to take the load off Dave.
    • by jallen944 :...
    • Pam and the Pervert
      pamandt2 zip (08k) (M/F)
      Pam's boyfriend humiliates a pervert.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Army Contract, part 6
      unittwo6 zip (15k) (Mf, sci-fi, action, replicant)
      The SS Rochester is attacked and hides in an area of space known as the Turner Storm, During this time there is the destruction of a ship, the holing of another and a rescue, Will Molly and the others survive this, or is this the last.

      Sunday, November 05, 2006

    • by Copious Delectibles :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jimmy and Mary, part 1
      jimmyan1 zip (11k) (b/g, inc, con/cons)
      My life became wonderful - and I became a man - during the summer when I was 10 when Jimmy and Mary moved to a house down the block from me in the Midwestern city I lived in. Jimmy was a couple of months younger than me and Mary was a couple of months older than my sister Sandy, who was a year and a half older than me.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Jack's Doctor Visit
      jacksdoc zip (14k) (boy 14, girls 22, 9; flashing, nudity, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Jack Dowling was paying a preschool visit to his mother's doctor for a back-to-school checkup and a couple of shots. What he found there placed him light years ahead along his path to the Kollege of Sexual Knowledge. A lady doctor, a 22 yo nurse who looked 16, and a 9 yo girl, combine to give Jack an education in life and the human body he'll likely never forget.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 6
      justtoo6 zip (78k) (MFFF, Mfff, ped, Mf-teen, rom)
      Nine months pass; Lill, Maria, and Susan deliver three girls. Dave has kept his cock out of strange pussies, except with a certain Terra and her mother, but he doesn't bring them home. Dave hires Becca to work for him, and Louise and Katrina flee Las Vegas, after a threat on their lives, to move in with Dave and the other women.

      Saturday, November 04, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • Hello Ian (1)
      helloia1 zip (06k) (M/b(9)g(7))
      Dracula and a spooky Spook come to visit, just as I had planned it. Big trick, and the promise of a great treat!
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 5
      justtoo5 zip (65k) (MFFFfff, FF, ped, rom)
      Susan and Dave take a business trip together to Las Vegas where they meet Katrina, Louise and Becca, the latter two of whom Dave also knocks up. Lill forgives everything; they are married and honeymoon in Hawaii, the way nature intended it.

      Friday, November 03, 2006


      Thursday, November 02, 2006

    • by Billy-Bob Horndog :...
    • Allison and Her Dad
      allison2 zip (12k) (Mg, inc, cons, ped)
      Only a few days ago, little eight year-old Allison had been curious. Now, she was just horny. Well, she was still a little curious, but she was a lot more horny. She thought about this while she was in bed one Saturday morning. She'd lost - given! - her virginity to her teen-aged baby-sitter the night before, and it had only just whetted her appetite. She wanted to know more about this sex stuff, and she was wondering if she might be able to find out from her father.
    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 4
      justtoo4 zip (96k) (MFFFfff, FF, ped, rom)
      Before Dave gets home from his business trip, he gives his love to Susan and Maria, and Maria's little daughter Cara, age 6, and tells them they can live with him if Lill agrees. He has to buy a larger, more secluded house, in which they adopt nudism, among other practices. Dave knocks up Lill, Maria and Susan.
    • by Benhead :...
    • Mile High Flash Club
      milehigh zip (08k) (M/f Exhibitionism)
      She was lying down with her head down so I wouldn't know she could see so I just pulled my cock all the way out from under the blanket and started rubbing it in long strokes that visibly showed the length of my shaft to her. When anyone came by I quickly covered up. It was so hot knowing that I was masturbating in full view of her on that airplane. I wondered if her panties may be getting wet. Or at the very least she may have been feeling those funny tingly feelings between her legs.
    • by geilgiegel :...New Author.!.!.!
    • De Nieuwe Vader
      denieuwe zip (20k) (M/F/f/pedo/watersport)
      een ontmoeting in een winkelcentrum loopt uit op een heftig avontuur
      De Sponsorclub Voor Een Nieuw Leven
      desponso zip (94k) (M/m/mf/pedo/watersport)
      Ben zit te vissen en maakt kennis met een aardig joch

      Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    • by CONFIG 7 :...
    • Just Too Much Love, ch 3
      justtoo3 zip (67k) (Mf, MFF, ped, rom)
      Dave goes on a business trip, and finds Ellie and her daughter Sondra, age 4, both of whom tab him as their fathers in addition to lovers.

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