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    September 01st - 30th mid-Morning Updates

      On Saturday, September 30, 2006

    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey: The Boys Club
      honeythe zip (11k) (pedo, MMf)
      Honey meets two teenage boys in a secret club and thoroughly enjoys being initiated.
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Keith Goes Home To Momma
      keithgoe zip (05k) (M/F, inc., sperm)
      Keith was angry as he drove to his mother's place. It was a 40 minute drive made slower than normal by a heavy build-up of traffic and his aching groin wasn't helping his disposition. "She'd better be ready to put out when I get there. No excuses, I'm just so goddamned horny," he thought as he slowly made his way toward her house. He really didn't have to worry because his mother was always more than willing and ready to open her legs for her son and allow him full access to her full and usually wet twat. Arriving at the house he leapt from the vehicle and run up the front steps and pounded on the door. His mother opened the door and saw her son standing there his eyes ablaze and breathing hard. Smiling she looked down and saw his erection poking forward in his light track suit. "Well hello baby, you'd better come inside," she said warmly.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Megan Kinsley
      megankin zip (15k) (Mother/son, inc, rom)
      Megan Kinsley never dreamed of becoming a mother at fourteen, not did she think that her parents would disown her. She had always believed that her parents would always be there for her. It wasn't her fault that she had been raped and gotten pregnant. Because of her upbringing, she believed she was doing the right thing in keeping the child. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought her parents would not only disown her but kick her out as well. Luckily for her, a kind old man took pity upon her and took her into his home.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 4
      sisters4 zip (11k) (M/gggg, pedo, cons, ws)
      When Max made it home from work, there were four girls in his pool but he had to look again. The blonde had to be Heather but where she had once been a skinny little kid, she was now very well built. The other brunette was no longer a chubby Trish, she was now built like a brick shit house and a real looker. Still, Mandy was the prettiest, and the best built for her size, then Sarah was prettier than the other two, almost as beautiful as Mandy. As Max detoured to the kitchen, he heard the girls coming in because Heather and Trish had to go home.

      Friday, September 29, 2006

    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Matti, ch 13
      matti13 zip (11k) (Mom/Daut)
      Lucy & Brandy fly north to move Lucy's things to LA. They visit with Mother Momeyer (Mo-Me-Yea), and Learn about Pi Momeyer. They drive back in Lucy's Red Mercedes station wagon, with fun and games in the motel on the way home. And .... we meet Ronnie, the real estate lady.
    • by keyah :...
    • Mother's New Husband
      mothersn zip (11k) (Mf MF Inc Pedo)
      The water was swirling around his naked erection and tugging at his dangling balls. Jack Wilson was in the ocean holding a young half naked eleven-year-old in his arms and his cock was sticking out ready to enter her chamber.
    • by Bodkin :...
    • Movie Night, part 2
      movieni2 zip (06k) (m/m inc oral anal discovery)
      Daniel and Wil have just finished watching some shocking and very arousing porn. Jerking off may not be enough to satisfy them.

      Thursday, September 28, 2006

    • by Bodkin :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Movie Night, part 1
      movieni1 zip (06k) (M/F, Bi)
      Wil and Daniel enjoy raiding their parent's hidden video collection. What they find on a new disc is the best and most shocking pron they've ever watched!
    • by Powerone :...
    • Female Masturbation-Japanese Style, ch 2
      femalem2 zip (16k) (MF/F, Mast, Bondage, anal, voyeurism, massage)
      A girl gets a second massage, this time while others watch, her body bound, her nipples clamped.
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Getting Ready for Daddy, part 1
      getting1 zip (06k) (M/F, lact, preg, new born, mast)
      Bry watched as Keith stroked his long thin cock aiming its bulbous head at her open mouth. The young girl held her newly born baby close to her full breasts as the baby suckled her long nipples oblivious of her father's intention to spurt his thick cum into the young mother's mouth. "Ugghh, Ugghh. Dammit Bry why can't I fuck you? You know it's been 10 weeks since the baby was born and the doctor says you're ok and ready for sex," he grunted as he continued stroking his tool.
    • by sexysuman :...
    • Lucky with Radhika
      luckywit zip (31k) (bro/sis, threesome)
      My sister Radhika is 12 years older than me - I think I was a bit of an after thought (or mistake!). When I was twelve, Radhika married Jayesh who was working in US. Shortly afterwards, they moved to US. It was really a costly affair to visit US from India or from US to India so from then on I saw little of Radhika.

      Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Demon
      demon zip (23k) (m/fF demon)
      Oh lord. my little sister had decided she was a witch and wanted her own demon.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • White Trash Honey
      whitetra zip (10k) (pedo, MMMf)
      Six-year-old Honey meets three hillbilly brothers and skips school to party with them all day.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Army Contract, ch 5
      unittwo5 zip (12k) (MF, ff, oral, bond, sci-fi)
      Molly - Unit 254 - has managed to persuade the crew that Scott was a victim of her own programming and wasn't in control of herself when she attacked Molly, Scott reveals her own deep desires and Molly helps her with it.
    • by Anonymous :...
    • Ich Bin Immer Geil
      ichbinim zip (42k) (...)
      Zum Anfang mochte ich mich einmal vorstellen. Ich heiße Beate und bin eine junge geile Frau 28 Jahre alt und habe eine schöne Figur, obwohl ich schon Kinder hab. Bin seit langen Jahren verheiratet und habe drei Kinder, zwei Mädchen und einen Jungen. Sie sind mein ganzer Stolz. Die Mädchen sind zwölf und acht Jahre alt und heißen Sandra und Conny. Mein junge ist jetzt neun Jahre alt und heißt Rocco. Mein Mann ist jetzt dreißig Jahre alt und sehr attraktiv, und er hat einen guten Job, wo er sehr viel verdient. Also, auf gut deutsch gesagt es mangelte uns an nichts, wir haben ein großes Haus mit Swimmingpool, Sauna und einen großen Keller mit Bar und Discoraum, sowie einen eigenen Raum für uns, also meinem Mann und mir, von dem die Kinder anscheinend nichts wissen durften. Diese Geschichte die ich hier schreibe ist aber nur in meiner Fantasie entstanden und sollte von Jugendlichen nicht gelesen werden. In dieser Geschichte kommt eigentlich alles vor was mit Sex zu hat, und beginnt, als ich selber erst 8 Jahre alt war.
    • by bandit :...
    • Rastplatz
      rastplat zip (09k) (f/M)
      Gabi langweilt sich in den Ferien weil alle Ihre Freundinnen weg sind und Sie alleine zuhause bleiben mußte. Da erinnert Sie sich, was Ihr Klassenkammerad Frank vor den Ferien gesagt hat und schon ist Ihre Neugier geweckt.

      Tuesday, September 26, 2006


      Monday, September 25, 2006

    • by Clitty Cat :...
    • The Baby Blue Bikini
      thebabyb zip (05k) (F/m teen boy cons)
      "Hey Josh," I called from my backyard across the hedges. "Thirsty?" "Wow, yeah, thanks Ms. Connor," he waved back and stepped through the bushes. "I guess I didn't pack enough." With his eyes slightly downcast, he accepted the ice cold bottled water from me and drank from it. "I was just getting ready to go in the pool," I said as I shed my lacy cover up. "Come on. Join me." Poor kid. He just stood and gawked at me. I wore a tiny pale blue bikini, the one I like best for sun bathing. The bra part ties in the back and around the neck, and the panties tie on each side. And I cut the lining out of it, so even dry my nipples and shaved pussy are pretty visible.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Resort
      theresor zip (09k) (MF)
      When my husband suggested we consider vacationing at a "clothing optional" resort at first I was not very happy over the idea. After all, I'm in my mid-30's, and although I still look just fine, thank you, my body isn't the same as it was when I was in my teens. Ray says I shouldn't worry about it since I'm still able to fit into a size 6, and my 36C breasts are still firm and according to him, very sexy. My tummy could be a little tighter, but at 5'4" and 115 pounds I still have a good body, great legs and a killer ass... not too bad for a woman my age.

      Sunday, September 24, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Follow The Leader
      followth zip (14k) (boy 12, girl 10; doctor games, peeping tom, undressing, fondling, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      When Charlie Letterman was 12 he used to follow the lead of Hugo, the boy across the street. They would bike to explore the big park north of Buffalo Bayou, take $.50 round trip street car and interurban rides to the beaches of Galveston, and he would organize doctor games with little girls. Plus the two of them would flit through the neighborhood after dark wearing their Shadow cloaks and hats, spying on girls. But when Hugo took Charlie to see a girl in the next block that 'puts out', Charlie froze up with acute stage fright. And so Hugo assigned Charlie the task of finding a girl who would at least let him get to 'third base,' if not one who would let him 'go all the way.' And thus began Charlie's big adventure.
    • by White :...
    • Not Quite Aspirin
      notquite zip (28k) (MC/M/F/f/g pedo incest)
      A nice little mind-control story for everyone's enjoyment. Long live experimental medicines!
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Stacy, part 5: Julie's First Time
      stacy5 zip (04k) (pedo, Mff)
      Nine-year-old Julie loses her virginity in a very unusual way.

      Saturday, September 23, 2006

    • by Clitty Cat :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The New Neighbor
      thenewne zip (07k) (M/f cons, teen)
      "Cat," Ed Miller rolls my name around in his mouth. "Mmmm, conjures up all sorts of interesting visions." "It's short for Catherine," I explain. "My father nicknamed me 'Cat' when I was a little girl." "Sensual ... feline ... exotic ... aloof ... " Ed's eyes roam up and down my body as he says those words. And he smiles knowingly when he watches my nipples harden under my thin cotton tank top. I feel his lust, almost as if it physically touches me. Yet he hasn't. His eyes ... a seductive gray color ... caress my breasts and cause my nipples to tingle again.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • My Little Brother's Friend
      mylittle zip (12k) (B/b, boy13/boy10, oral, fondling, masturbate, discovery)
      "Sure, lets go ahead and change in here then we don't have to bother anyone." I said as I unbuttoned my shorts letting them fall standing there in only my briefs. Tom got up off the bed and in one swift move pulled both his shorts and underpants down and off. His little circumcised dick was about three inches long and pointing straight out at me. I quickly pulled my own off exposing my erect four inch uncircumcised member that sprang free. Tom looked at my dick I had only recently began to get little fuzz hair while he was still smooth as a new born baby.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 3
      sisters3 zip (12k) (M/gggg, pedo, cons, ws)
      The cabin was really four rooms, a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen dining area, Jim's bachelor pad. He was a big man, with a great sense of humor and even though Jim was one of Max's best friends he was also a pervert. When Max and Mandy walked into the cabin, Jim was sitting on the sofa watching television and wearing a bathrobe. He looked up at Mandy, winked at her and told her the bathroom was through the bedroom.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Stacy, part 4: Double Trouble
      stacy4 zip (06k) (pedo, Mff, inc)
      Eleven-year-old Stacy introduces her nine-year-old friend Julie to the fine art of orally pleasuring Daddy.

      Friday, September 22, 2006

    • by QT Lover :...
    • Cutiepie, part 4
      cutiepi4 zip (07k) (Mg, Cons, Pedo)
      Another fun Sunday afternoon, where Cutiepie entertains her daddy and his friend... but this time, there is a business proposition hanging in the balance.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Fifth Grade Teaching Adventures
      fifthgra zip (14k) (M/f pedo M/F)
      I leaned forward to kiss her on the lips, tasting my own cum on her mouth. She opened her mouth and I sucked on that wonderful tongue. The kiss lasted an eternity before Joy broke away. She smiled at me and I lat her down on her back, my hand running under her skirt to relieve her of those thin lacy panties.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot 11: Gift from Uncle Jimmy
      honeyp11 zip (07k) (pedo, M/f, inc, S/M, bondage)
      Honey was very excited. It was a Friday afternoon and she'd just gotten her report card. It was only her second report card ever and her first one was not so good. This time, though, she had gotten straight A's, thanks to her being such a naughty little girl for her teacher. She was happy about her grades but also very happy because she was going to spend the weekend with her Uncle Jimmy. Mom usually dropped her off at his house on Saturday mornings when she'd spend the weekend with him but this time he was more than happy to come and pick her up Friday as soon as she got home from school.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Mary Anne, ch 3: Conclusion
      maryann3 zip (08k) (Man/12yr Girl)
      Buck is so infatuated with Mary, that's he's completely at her mercy. He wants to shield her from her past and help her move into a good life. But unfortunately, he gets involved in some intrigue that almost wipes every one out.
    • by BP :...
    • Out Of Africa
      outofafr zip (09k) (F/m, impreg. Inter, voyuer)
      A week after the end of the semester, we were crossing the Atlantic toward South Africa and two other countries to study their agricultural techniques. During our travels we met Ulwazi and his young sons, Abayomi, and Kakaka.
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Over The River and Through The Woods, part 7
      overthe7 zip (08k) (M/F,M/f,m/f, mostly consentual)
      Shaking her head as she rose, Mary knew that Karen had recently experienced her first two menstrual periods...and the last period had ended about eight or nine days ago. Tommy's cock tip was ramming itself against her daughter's virgin's cervix with every inward stroke...battering it and loosening the mucous plug that kept sperm from entering. Mary had been a nurse before she got married, and knew what was likely to happen. Tommy's cock was getting ready to flood Karen's vagina with over a million potent and eager sperm from his youthful balls. Not only was he going to flood her vagina, the battering of her cervical cap would loosen the plug to open the passage from Karen's vagina to the interior of her uterus. He'd probably also completely fill Karen's uterus...with those same enthusiastically wriggling and highly dangerous sperm.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • The Hots - Getting Them
      thehotsg zip (08k) (g(14)/dog mast oral)
      On what is probably the hottest day of this summer, Paula and Henry get hot and bothered. What can they do about it?

      Thursday, September 21, 2006

    • by FunnyDaddy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Halloween Treats
      hallowee zip (06k) (Pedo, nosex, voy)
      An amusing tale of the debauchery of a man's little tricks for Halloween on his home planet.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Grandpa's Little Angels
      grandpa3 zip (10k) (grandfather/granddauts, oral, first time, g3yrs, g5yrs)
      It was one afternoon in July when my daughter called me asking if I would mind caring for my grand daughters who were 3 and5 years old for a few weeks. it seemed that Don her husband had surprised her with a 30 day cruise as a second honeymoon. I accepted knowing how much they loved their Papa.
    • by Bach :...
    • Julie Bones: Baby Sat
      juliebo6 zip (10k) (MM/gg panties anal pedo)
      "Both of you have better behave for this man. You do whatever he tells you to do!"
    • by jolanda :...
    • Meu Tio
      meutio zip (06k) (M/f inc pedo)
      Hoje, com 21 anos, sou uma mulher plenamente realizada e noiva com data de casamento marcada e muito feliz. Nem assim deixo as vezes de recordar minha infância e adolescência. Ontem, neguei pela milésima vez aquiescer ao pedido de meu noivo em fazer sexo anal comigo. Aleguei ser moça séria e se satisfazia suas ansiedades tocando umas punhetinhas nele e até mesmo fazendo uma chupetinha vez ou outra, nem por isto ele deveria fazer mal juízo de mim solicitando tal forma de aberração sexual. Se ele me queria como esposa, como mãe de seus filhos, como poderia me pedir sexo anal. Penetrar-me o ânus com seu descomunal pênis Coitado. Ele ficou arrasado e pediu mil desculpas e terminamos a noite com ele esporrando em minhas coxas e como sinal de que não estava zangada com ele permiti que ele esfregasse seu cacetão na porta de minha bucetinha até ele atingir o orgasmo que me lambuzou toda, fazendo-me gozar ao sentir o calor do seu esperma em meu clitóris intumescido. Mal sabia ele do tremendo desejo que me assolava em ficar de quatro e facilitar ao máximo a penetração do cacetão dele em minha bunda. Mas, sempre existe um "mas"... Eu não podia entregar o ouro ou até perderia o casamento. Para ele eu sou virgem, imaculada e realmente sou virgem... na xoxota... pois no rabinho... bem isso é outra estória... Morava em casa de uma tia. Deveria ter 10 para 11 anos
      Mihna Tia O Meu Amor Lesbo
      mihnatia zip (08k) (F/f inc lesb)
      Minha Tia Zezé Minha tia Zezé e dessas tias que todo mundo tem uma, bem louca, sem papas na língua, fala tudo que tem vontade, dar palavrões com a maior naturalidade. Mas a minha tia Zezé foi algo bem mais, ela foi minha professora na arte do prazer e das coisas boas da vida, uma coroa enxutíssima, loira, cabelos até os ombros, sempre molhados realçando sua grande beleza, tinha uns 46 anos na época, lindos olhos verdes, seios médios, tipo perinha, com bicos sempre durinhos apontando para o alto, nem muito alta e nem muito baixinha, cintura fininha e um lindo bumbum que chamava aténção de todos os homens por onde passava, arrancando assobios e olhares de todos eles, e olhares de mulheres também, esses ela fazia questão de responder, e eu ficava sem entender porque sempre minha tia estava trocando olhares e sorrisos com as mulheres na rua ou no clube que nos sempre íamos, junto com o marido dela, meu tio Luís. Quando lembro da primeira vez em que fui passar um final de semana na casa da minha tia Zezé, falava para minha mãe que ia ficar tomando conta do meu priminho de 5 anos, Lucas, ou Luquinha como todos o chamavam, na época eu já tinha 12 anos e sempre notava olhares da minha tia sempre direcionados aos meus seios e minha xotinha

      Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Stacy 3: Two Little Princesses
      stacy3 zip (06k) (pedo, voy, M/f/f, inc)
      After Daddy discovers eleven-year-old Stacy exploring her best friend, nine-year-old

      Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Mommy's Love, ch 2
      amommys2 zip (10k) (M/g, M/g/g, M/F, g/g, cons, oral, first time, inc, knotting)
      In Chapter 2 David shows little Kim what pleasure her sister and mommy have been having. Tina as well gets to find out some wonderful things that Thumper can do, and of course as always there is a great deal of love.
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Lucinda, part 2
      lucinda2 zip (08k) (M/F m/f F/m f/F)
      Lucinda, the 34-year-old former virgin, embarks on her new life as a sexual being.
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Renting Yoshi, part 1
      renting1 zip (11k) (MM/b; incest, anal, rape, forced, bondage, torture, extreme)
      The pics were grainy, at best. But, still they caught my eye. I was in a discussion group, where men and women talked about the sexy things they wanted (or had already done) to their own kids. Pics were often posted, but no nudes or naughties, that was the rule. So, this cute, not-too-pudgy boy's pics caught my eye. He was about 3 years old, and seemed to be of Japanese decent. Actually, much later I learned that his mother was Japanese, but his father was Siamese. That gave little "Yoshi" quite a unique look.

      Monday, September 18, 2006

    • by Funplay8 :...
    • Love Nest
      lovenest zip (20k) (b/g b9, g9, rom first mast int penetration)
      A dull Saturday spring morning suddenly turns very exciting indeed for little Ann and her boy friend as they explore at the recycle bins. A magical day that would forever change their lives.
    • by Carnal Geek :...
    • Saturday Morning
      saturday zip (04k) (MF cons)
      It was another Saturday morning, I'd just got back from the gym and was just about to shower when I got the TXT, "I'm horny, have you eaten?" Well, I guess I'm going to get another cardio work-out this morning I thought to myself, I quickly TXT'd back "about to shower, yes hungry, see you in 15!" After a quick splash through the shower I grab my keys and rush out the door. I get to her house in a few minutes as she lives close by, open the front door and make my way through to her master bedroom. There I discover a sight that would send any man into a state of readiness, my luscious friend lying up in bed gently stroking her hard clit, even from the doorway I can see her glistening juices on her fingers and around her shaven pussy. By now I'm as hard as an iron bar and already removing my clothes. In front of me is a gorgeous mature lady, enjoying her horny Saturday morning.

      Sunday, September 17, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Miho, My First Love
      mihomyfi zip (19k) (man 33, girl 7; exhibitionism, touching, backrubs, nude photography, defecation, manipulation)
      I would like to take a few minutes and tell you about my very first true love. Her name was Miho. Miho Becker. She was seven and I was thirty-three. My name is Bennett Albritton. On that first occasion Miho (her name in Japanese means 'beauty+ crest of the wave'), being seven, that made her older brother Stevie ten, and her younger sister, Takara (her name means 'treasure, precious object'), four. We had a lot of exciting times together, she and I, over three fun filled years. And we shared intimacies few married couples get to share. All in all it was the experience of a lifetime. At least it was for me.
    • by Spin :...
    • When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
      whentru2 zip (18k) (M/ggg Pedo Sex Oral Cons 1st time)
      Sometimes a pleasent memory becomes the ultimate future. Take a walk down memory lane with me and discover a few incredible Precocious preteen girls and one very cute loving teen, which stole my heart like a thief in the night. This story is the conclusion of a two part saga of the same name. Panties fly in these true but rare events so grab a roll of towels and get your fill of child erotica at its best.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der "K.P.F.C.", Der "Kinder-Po-Fick-Club - Holiday-Spezial 1
      derkpfc6 zip (12k) (mff - 12/9/9, anal)
      Die beiden 9 jahrigen Mädchen Manu und Michi aus dem K.P.F.C machen ihren ersten FKK-Urlaub in Griechenland. Dass dabei griechische Liebe nicht zu kurz kommt, haben sie einen 12 Jährigen Jungen namens Anael zu verdanken...
    • by jolanda :...
    • Ginecologista
      ginecolo zip (08k) (M/f inc drug mast 39y/8yo)
      Meu nome é Heitor, tenho 39 anos e sou ginecologista. Há três meses atrás, fui a casa da minha noiva, num churrasco da família e levei minha priminha junto. Durante todo o dia, fiquei no garra garra com minha garota mas por estar menstruada, ela ficou só me enrolando. Por três vezes, ela me masturbando, estive prestes a gozar, sendo interrompido ora pelo telefone que a chamava, outra vez minha prima e outra vez pela mãe dela. Eu estava maluco já com as bolas anestesiadas...e a coisa não terminava. Não teve jeito, fui embora morrendo de vontade. No caminho, minha priminha, ficou pelejando para que eu a deixasse dirigir minha caminhonete. Acabei cedendo, gosto muito dela, amor de irmão mesmo, já que foi criada na casa do meu pai e como havia pouco tempo que veio do interior pra morar lá em casa pra estudar, fazer o ginasial, faço sempre seus caprichos. Ela era mais pra menina do que pra mocinha, com os seios pequenos, o corpo delicado, tamanho pequeno, uns 1,45 mais ou menos, apesar de saber que já era mocinha era ainda uma menina 8 anos. Tinha o rosto lindo, o cabelo farto até a cintura e uma franginha angelical. A única coisa que desenvolveu muito e que era motivo de brincadeira de todos com ela, era o bumbum, maravilhosamente exagerado.

      Saturday, September 16, 2006

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 2
      sisters2 zip (14k) (M/g first time, pedo, noncons, ws)
      As they walked across the lawn, a naked and very embarrassed, thirteen year old Mandy was happy to have her Daddy's arm around her waist. They entered a side door into the mansion and into a huge room filled with people. Immediately, Mandy became extremely embarrassed and actually tried to hide in her Daddy's side. Then, she saw the girl her age, she was stark naked with spiked hair, small tits and in the girl's nipples were gold rings and attached to the rings were gold chains. There was blood dripping off her recently pierced nipples and her arms were bound to her sides, just like Mandy's.

      Friday, September 15, 2006

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Mommy's Love
      amommysl zip (20k) (mom/daught, M/g/g, inc, oral, masturbation, first time)
      Little did Ashley and her till little girls know when they met David that winter night their car slid off the road how much all their lives would change and all the fun the four of them would come to have with David's gentle teaching ways.
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Over The River and Through The Woods, part 6
      overthe6 zip (06k) (M/f/F/m/f/m, mostly consensual)
      "I never screwed one this little before, Dave," the man spoke loudly, "hold her down and let's see if I can get my cock inside her cunt. I already popped her cherry with my fingers. You can have her next, if you want her." "Please, mister...let Patsy go...please let my sister go," an equally pale skinned and naked little boy padded alongside the man, trying to hold him back and get his attention, "she's too little...please let her go, mister." The boy was about the same age...they might even have been twins. His little cock was stiffly erect from fear...and the slim pink shaft stuck out clearly above his tiny hairless balls.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Preteen Blackmail in the Buff, episode II
      preteen5 zip (11k) (m (16) ff (10) oral, voyeur, exhibition, blackmail, mild drug use)
      Tommy was going to take advantage of the two silly and very drunk 10-year-old girls he discovered in the park servicing Derek. Once in the vehicle, he made them play cards in the back seat as he went into rush hour traffic . . . and with each hand another piece of clothing had to be taken off, before the light changed. How long would it take for both of them to be naked and in a much better position to satisfy the 16 year old and that 8" cock he was hiding in the front seat.
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Tyler's 10 Punishments, part 2/2
      tylerst2 zip (09k) (M/tb/tb; intergenerational sex, anal, oral, discipline, bdsm, bondage, watersports)
      I have to admit, as much as I like to "give it" when it comes to sex and pain and all that, I didn't mind "getting it" from my sons. I have to say that letting my 13 and 16 year old son's have their way with me, physically and sexually sounded like a good idea at the time, but once I was their "guinea pig" I wasn't sure any more. I very rarely played the part of the "bottom"; that was something I had given up when my dad died and I stopped getting beaten and raped by him.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Army Contract, ch 4
      unittwo4 zip (13k) (M+g, bond, oral, replicant, sci-fi)
      Scott's secret is revealed but her status is unknown, Milly is now outed! But how will that affect the ship? And the cargo's voice is heard by the Captain and Molly, what else will be revealed?
    • by Keyah :...
    • What Daddy Did
      whatdadd zip (12k) (M/f inc ped F/M dad dau)
      His little girl was becoming a woman. It came as a wonderful erotic charge for him when Devana whispered in his ear, "Daddy, you're making my cunt all tingly." As she spoke she hunched herself against him. It was awkward because he was so much larger than her.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Poor Little Sally, part 2
      poorlit2 zip (05k) (M+/f)
      Sally is further initiated in the peasures of the flesh whether she likes it or not!

      Thursday, September 14, 2006

    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot 12: Weekend At Grampy's
      honeyp12 zip (07k) (pedo, inc, M/f)
      Honey spends the weekend with her grandpa and has an experience footlovers won't be able to forget.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Poor Little Sally
      poorlitt zip (03k) (M/f grandad/grandaughter)
      Poor little Sally's folks are killed in a car wreck and she goes to live with her old grampa.

      Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • A Natural Talent To...
      anatura2 zip (06k) (b(14/g(7) mast oral)
      Going on with my story, Nick, old mate, I get that bit closer to filling both ends of my little friend - but, hey - there's no rush!
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot 9: Uncle Jimmy
      honeypo9 zip (12k) (pedo, M/f, inc)
      "Honey, we've got to get going! You can't stay in bed all day, you'd better get up and get ready!" mommy said, knocking on Honey's bedroom door. Honey crawled out of bed and peeled off her cumsoaked panties. She had stayed up way past her bedtime the night before waiting for daddy to join her after mommy fell asleep. She held the still wet undies up to her face and gave them a good, deep whiff. "Mmm," she moaned as she sucked some of her daddy's juice mixed with hers from the thin fabric. Honey couldn't think of a better way to start each morning than tasting cum. For that matter she could not think of a better way to spend any time of day.
      Stacy, part 2: Julie
      stacy2 zip (06k) (pedo, f/f, oral)
      Eleven-year-old Stacy develops a crush on her best friend, nine-year-old Julie. The two share an intimate moment which is cut short when Stacy's daddy finds them.
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Skin Violin
      skinviol zip (05k) (F/d pedo incest very young)
      The skin violin is a delicate instrument. In order to get the best music out of your instrument you must apply the most careful of touches, with your bow. It often takes many years of patient practice, in order to produce the sweetest of sounds. But then again, once in a great while, you find an instrument of rare quality, and few years, that, with the right touch, can be incredibly sweet!

      Tuesday, September 12, 2006


      Monday, September 11, 2006

    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Mary Anne, ch 2
      maryann2 zip (12k) (Man/girl 10)
      I hurried upstairs and at the closed bathroom door, I asked, "How you doin? Need any help?" No reply. I opened the door a bit, and asked again. No reply. "Would you like me to wash your back?" "Ok. If you want." That's all I needed, and in I went.
      Matti, ch 12: The Positioning Of Matti
      matti12 zip (06k) (Adult/child)
      Before Brandy flies north to move Lucy's things to LA, she gives Matti birth control pills. Matti & Dan spend some quality time. Matti meets Grabber Hunt's boyfriend, Paul.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 1
      sisters1 zip (13k) (M/g first time, pedo, noncons, ws)
      When her Mom and Max married Mandy was only nine, a beautiful little brunette that resented Max's very being. Yet, over the next two years, Mandy blossomed and so did the relationship between she and Max. Enough that Max adopted her and considered Mandy his own flesh and blood. Then, when Mandy was eleven, her Mom died in an auto accident and things went down hill from there. At thirteen, Mandy was a living doll, built like a proverbial brick shit house, with a nasty temper and the disposition of a pit viper.

      Sunday, September 10, 2006

    • by Nick Young :...
    • Dad Puts His Finger On it Again
      dadputs2 zip (07k) (M/g(12) father/daughter inc mast light bondage)
      Mum goes to visit Auntie Joan for the day, leaving me and Dad to amuse ourselves! And I find out what's at the bottom of our garden - and it ain't no fairy!
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • My After School Girl
      myafters zip (13k) (M/f man, 30's, girl 11; panty flashing, nudity, golden showers, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      My name is Carl Hennings. While working the overnight shift at a book and magazine store, going to sleep at eight a.m and getting up at three p.m., I used to take my morning (afternoon) coffee and drink it on the front porch swing watching the neighbors walking by. One day a beautiful little girl dressed in the uniform of a Catholic schoolgirl walked by, and we each scoped the other out. The next day as she passed, she turned into my walkway and came up on the porch and introduced herself. And that began a year long association as she joined me most every day after school. We talked about her friends and her school, and as time went on she made it clear she wanted to learn some of the things she wasn't being taught in her school. Which of course would be my pleasure.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Preteen Blackmail in the Buff
      preteen4 zip (09k) (m (16) ff (10) oral, cunnilingus, voyeur, exhibition, blackmail)
      Tommy finds his sister's diary with entries explaining encounters with a boy after school with her and her friend. He picks up on where they should be from reading a particular entry, and finds the three of them high as a kite on wine coolers. When he approaches the mini-island where they are at, Derek is sitting naked from the waist down with Amanda learning how to satisfy him. Her sister is close by with her school outfit in disarray but wait: what does Carly make everyone do and how does Tommy end the episode in a surprising fashion?
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Reluctant Baby Sitter, part 2
      relucta2 zip (06k) (M/g uncle/niece)
      My sister calls me again to watch my eleven year old niece, Laurie. I not only watch, but I get involved.
    • by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy :...
    • Stacy's First Love, parts 4-11
      stac4_11 zip (19k) (m/f, cons, oral, religion)
      Stacy smiled back down at Doug and just stared into his eyes, completely lost in them. The little girl had known why Doug was feeling "ill" all of a sudden, she and Jenny in one of their secret conversations had orchestrated it. Stacy felt jealous that Jenny was doing this, but didn't know why. She knew that Doug was a nice guy and handsome, but just wasn't sure why she felt possessive about Doug when she was near him and Jenny was around. She was to soon find out.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Baby Trisha's Training, ch 3
      babytris3 zip (05k) (M+/f)
      Retired widowed trucker initiates his 4 year old step daughter's training then elicits the assistance of other like minded gentlrman to assist in her education.
    • by pantau :...
    • Johannes, ch 8
      jahanne8 zip (15k) (mast humil spank Dad/b b/b 6g/b)
      Johannes hat mich in meinen Urlaub begleitet und mir zwei weitere Abenteuer als "Indianer vom Stamme 'Kennt keinen Schmerz'" erzählt. Ich find sie g... Ihr auch

      Saturday, September 09, 2006

    • by DaddyBob :...
    • (DFMS!) Daddy Fucked Me Silly!
      daddyfuk zip (16k) (ped incest Father / Daughter chat)
      Kendal is a bored thirteen year old girl with nothing really to do for the summer, except chat on line with a few new girlfriends, and hang out with her dad in the evenings and over the weekends... When a new on line friend by the name of Candy suggests Kendal try and seduce her daddy, as a way of passing away the summer, the girl is grossed out. At least at first...
    • by BP :...
    • Queen of Clits
      queenofc zip (09k) (Incest injections, impreg, oral F/m, m/f, M/F)
      My clit has always been special. My fingers were attracted to it when I was ten or eleven at least six months before my tits started to sprout. I soon became obsessed with playing with clit anytime I was alone.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Army Contract, ch 3
      unittwo3 zip (13k) (Mg, Wg, replicant, sci-fi, oral)
      In this second story of Molly the replicant on board the SS Rochester, the ship has a new cargo for immediate delivery, they also have a new First Officer, a female with a secret. Time for Molly to learn a new use for her tongue?

      Friday, September 08, 2006

    • by scribblaria :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Angels and Monsters
      angelsan zip (07k) (Mg)
      When mother is away daddy and daughter had some daddy daughter time.
    • by bookworm :...
    • A Family Of My Own
      afamilyo zip (35k) (MF, MFgg)
      The man was a loser but still he didn't need to die that way. I was his neighbour and it was I that heard his screams I had run out of the house ringing 911 on my mobile as I ran. I had found the girl and her children in the back yard. Even though it had only been minutes the house was so alight you couldn't get near it. They stood in a huddle all crying, a girl in her late teens, and two small children. Uncharitably I wondered if they cried for the man or their home. I mean uncharitably because I had seen them many times as a family and he was a good husband and father. He was just not the brightest star in the sky where work was concerned. I knew the house didn't belong to them.
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot 8: Bathtime With Daddy
      honey8_9 zip (15k) (pedo, M/f, inc, watersports)
      Following part seven, Honey and her daddy have plenty of fun in the tub.
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Family Legacy
      thefamil zip (15k) (M/f incest pedo vampire)
      My hips rolled displaying a glistening slit open for the world to see. "I'm so wet, Uncle Ted," I whined as my fingers pinched the clit. Tiny spasms rippled through my virgin body as I opened my mouth in a silent scream of frustration. "I'm so hot!" I whined, arching my hips.

      Thursday, September 07, 2006

    • by Ron :...
    • Sheila, My Neighbor
      sheilamy zip (28k) (M/g 10)
      I pulled away, reluctantly, from her kiss and looked into her beautiful eyes to see
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Shop Tales, part 6: Buck & Alice Discuss Future
      shoptal6 zip (14k) (Dad/Dau)
      Buck and Alice discuss their future. When Buck declared his love for Alice it surprised him. Since his wife had passed away, he had arranged his life into a very neat well-organized situation which was fine-tuned to fit his personal style. He had often pronounced his total disinterest in having anyone live with him, as it would interfere with his routines and all the other little things established his Virgo personality. Alice's declaration of love for Buck also came as a surprise, as the path she had planed for her life certainly didn't include a man. While deeply in love, both were a bit uneasy with how to proceed.
    • by Mr Splak :...
    • The Junkyard Princess: The Library of Forbidden Knowledge, ch 2
      thejunk2 zip (06k) (Pedophilia, Mutual Masturbation, Cum, Comical Violence)
      "Keep still Tim, ain't gonna take more than a second..." She pulled the trigger on the BB gun, sending one of the tiny copper balls flying through the air and just inches past Tim's head to collide with a cardboard box behind him. "Emmy, stop! I said I'm sorry!" That had been the third near miss as he ran from his sister, ducking behind a fridge for cover as she pumped the gun up for another shot. "What'd you even go in there for? S'my room, you can't just go round steppin' into other people's rooms without even knockin'!" She crouched down and moved as quietly as she could through a few small piles of garbage bags, trying to flank around him to get off a good shot.
    • by Wizard :...
    • The Trailer Park: The Third Year
      thetrai3 zip (72k) (mf+, cons, slow)
      Tony and the trailer park gang go to high school. It HAD to be easier than middle school.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Start, ch 2
      unittwo2 zip (16k) (M+g, oral, anal, bond, replicants)
      Unit 254 is now active and finds it needs sperm to survive, with a crew of 5 men the source is assured, but how can it remain hidden ... and should it? 254 needs to be part of the crew and that will need help from someone, or something
    • by H.Woodsonnema :...
    • Familie Sex, ch 3
      familie3 zip (07k) (MM/FF/mmmm/ffff MM/bbbbbbbb)
      Kevin en Eef neuken nichtje Lise en akela Ad en zijn boys are joining the party

      Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    • by Mr Splak :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Junkyard Princess: The Library of Forbidden Knowledge, ch 1
      thejunk1 zip (06k) (Pedophilia, Masturbation)
      "Stop shakin' so much, you're gonna make me miss you know." Emily trained the sights on the old BB gun on the small plastic cup she set atop Timothy's head, one eye closed, the other squinting to line up her aim just right. "I still think this is a bad idea..." Timothy wasn't normally the nervous sort, but he'd been pelted by one of Emily's BBs before, and it wasn't a very pleasant memory. "what if you shoot my eye out?" "Just keep 'em closed... don't be such a baby." She waited until he had still long enough for her to pull off a decent shot, and squeezed the trigger, sending the little metal pellet flying through the air and straight through the Styrofoam cup atop her brother's head. "See? Clean off, no problem."
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Young Joey, part 1
      youngjo1 zip (11k) (b(6)/F, inc, size)
      How young Joey Nolan replaced his father as man of the house.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Baby Trisha's Training, ch 2
      babytri2 zip (05k) (M/M/M/M/f)
      Old retired trucker is widowed and begins his baby step daughter's training eliciting the assistance of a few online buddies. He starts her training early but then meets up with 3 other guys from online to further the little girl's traing!

      Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    • by babyNpop :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Baby Trisha's Training, ch 1
      babytri1 zip (05k) (M/M/M/M/f)
      Old retired trucker is widowed and begins his baby step daughter's training eliciting the assistance of a few online buddies. He starts her training early but then meets up with 3 other guys from online to further the little girl's training!
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Honey Pot, part 10: Dirty Old Man
      honeyp10 zip (10k) (Pedo, M/f, graphic sex)
      First grader Honey meets a horny old man in the park who she teases into submission.
      Honey Pot, part 7: Afterschool Snack
      honeypo7 zip (04k) (pedo, M/f, oral)
      Six-year-old Honey and her daddy share a tasty treat one day after school. (Sorry for the delay on this one.)
    • by DannyR :...
    • Incest Tales 7: Shining Moment
      incestt7 zip (28k) (MM/b (5), MMM, MM/t, oral, anal, incest, ws, pedo)
      The Incest Tales are back with a restless middle-aged man quietly reading on a beach when Jeremiah asks the reader if he'd like to fuck Isaiah, Jeremiah's 5-yr-old great-grandson. After a fine beach fuck, they head back to the old man's beach house for more fucking and sucking with the boy's father and grandfather, and tales of public sex in toilets and parks. A definite cummer.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Matti, ch 11: Lucy Sees The Doctor
      matti11 zip (10k) (Adults/kids)
      Dan and Brandy were setting in the kitchen having a glass of wine, discussing Matti and their schedule for next week. "Lyn just called. She has given Matti, Lisa, and Bobby a clean bill of health. We're going to let Ted go the full two weeks. Is that OK with you?" Dan replied, "Yea, sure." Matti came down asking "What's up?" "Well first," Brandy replied, "Lyn called, and you're blood test was good. You don't have to continue the treatments." Matti gave Brandy a big hug saying "Oh, that is great news!"
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Stretched to the Limit of Total Satisfaction
      stretche zip (09k) (mmm (all 14), f (10) blindfolded, stripped, spread-eagled, oral, fisting, dildo and much more)
      Courtney overheard her brother and his two friends in the bedroom next to the bathroom she had just taken a shower in. They wanted to strip a little girl naked, tie her wrists and feet with ribbon, and have fun with her. Sit back and visualize Courtney's initiation to middle school boys.
    • by Powerone :...
    • The Priest Teaches His Flock, ch 12
      thepries zip (15k) (M/F, reluc, nc, anal, oral, humil, young)
      Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners. Bishop Samuel and Father John take the sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his servants, their bodies used in many ways in the Lord's work.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Unit 254 - The Start, ch 1
      unittwo1 zip (11k) (Mf, non-con, replicants, sci-fi)
      This is the story of Unit 254 a Replicant - imitation human - destined for Callisto V, but then something happens that prevents this.

      Monday, September 04, 2006

    • by CumSucker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Shy Sick Slut
      shysicks zip (11k) (Extreme perversion, cum, piss, tampon sex, animal sex, sex with minors)
      God I love sex. But not just fucking. Way too tame for me. No, the kind of sex I love is nasty... sick... wet... sticky... the kind of sex only total sluts will wallow in... and I do mean wallow in it. I know most people would call me a sick fuck, and I suppose I am. But I also know I need the kind of perverted, sick sex that gets me off, and I have no intention of stopping what I do. One of the things I discovered a long, long time ago... when I was still a teenager... is that I love men to make me do things. I could never suggest anything myself... way too shy for that... but I will do ANYTHING anyone asks me to do, and I do mean anything.
    • by H.Woodsonnema :...
    • Familie Sex, ch 2
      familie2 zip (07k) (MM/FF/mmmm/ffff MM/bbbbbbbb)
      De familie heeft een natte dag maar houdt het binneshuis ook niet droog en we maken kennis met een tweetal zeer betrokken Akelas met hun groep.

      Sunday, September 03, 2006

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Kenny's Triple Whammy
      kennystr zip (26k) (boy 14, girls 14, 12, 12; nudity, fondling, masturbation, oral, penetration)
      Kenny Washburn is fourteen years old. Like most fourteen year old males he suffers from a condition known as CEHO (chronic extreme hormone overload), a condition he shares with many males of his age group, one symptom being the incessant rhythmic tapping of a foot, and the primary symptom of which being a condition known medically as erectus uninteruptus. Jenny McGyver, a very pretty girl who sits next to him in his History class, had not only flirted with him on this day, but had actually backed him into a utility closet just off the cafeteria. And once inside with the door closed she had taken one of his hands and placed it on her bosom. She had a bra on, but still he could feel their firmness and her hard little nipples had sent electrical shocks straight to his dick. Then she had reached down and felt his hardon through his pants. Thus Kenny's impetus was to worship the memory of that encounter with a hands on experience. But the only question is, whose hands, and how many on?
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Fifth Grade School Teacher
      thefifth zip (11k) (M/f Pedo)
      She was filled with misgiving but the eagerness of her lust let her enjoy the sensations, the new feelings, and especially the attention. Only her closest friend had guessed Mr. Rutherford would be happy to teach her about sex.

      Saturday, September 02, 2006

    • by Corn53 :...
    • Emily & Danny Get to Perform, complete
      emilyand zip (32k) (MMMFF/fm, photography, seduction, masturbation, fingering, oral sex, anal fingering, Uncle)
      Emily is 9 1/2 and her uncle takes pictures of her. Then he has a friend over to take pictures, and the next weekend she goes to a party to "be an actress." Danny is 12 1/2 and does yard work for Gloria... who planted pictures of young girls in a box in the garage. She catches him masturbating on her surviellance cameras... and then recruits him to "be an actor" at a rich man's party, so he will get to undress a little girl. He agrees.
    • by hwoodsonnema :...
    • Famillie sex, ch 1
      familie1 zip (08k) (MM/FF mmmm ffff)
      Een fantasie. een vakantie, een hete famillie, een a moreel verhaal, gewoon om klaar te komen

      Friday, September 01, 2006

    • by Greven :...
    • A Young Girl Hurts, part 2
      ayoungg2 zip (07k) (M/f, rom, slow)
      I'm just you average guy. I work hard and live quietly, but just recently I have been exposed to great pain and joy at the same time. To start it off right I need to start at the beginning. My name is Ray and like I said I'm average, to the bone. If I was in a crowd you'd probably never notice me. I'm a late 20's mixed Caucasian, 6 foot nothing, dull brown hair, brown eyes, and a little overweight, but the biggest curse though is that I'm a "Nice Guy"
    • by Herb Grinder :...
    • Boarding School Adventures, ch 3
      boardin3 zip (11k) (Ff+M reluc bd humor)
      Timmy gets cajoled into a spot of joy-riding!
    • by Vixen :...
    • My Happy Home Life, part 3
      myhappy3 zip (13k) (MF/g MMMMM/g FF/g incest oral anal beast)
      Cindy's Fifth Birthday Party orchestrated by Dad Jerry and Mom April. Many guests are invited, most of whom will "help" Cindy through her first year of school.
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Over The River and Through The Woods, part 5
      overthe5 zip (08k) (MM/FF, M/f, m/f, reluc, orgy)
      Naked and vulnerable, cum running freely from within her abused vagina, Mary left the galley and returned to the seat where her beautiful and helpless naked daughter Kay was lying on her back, spread-eagled and being raped. "Stop...stop that you asshole," she barked, kicking the naked man in the side, the impact hard enough to make her tits bounce. "What the shit?" the man raping her little girl growled and stopped for a moment, half rising, his thick cock still half buried in the girl's friction-reddened cunt slit. Mary's eyes were drawn to the startling color contrast between her daughter Kay's pale, nearly white inner crotch skin between her thighs, and the pale yellow of her scant cunt hair. The deep pink of her inner slit tissues was boldly accented by the exclamation point of the man's thick, brown-pink, and heavily veined cock, a cock so firmly lodged in the little girl's vaginal opening.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Pine Ridge Ranch, ch 29
      pineri29 zip (16k) (Males/females (6-15) lots of sex ws beastiality)
      Just as we passed my office, April and Jenny were coming out of the office with Helen, so I had the girls take the group on over to the dorms and get them set up with beds. If the older girls were there they could turn the group over to them, if not take care of them but to keep them away from the guest for now. As Helen joined me, we watched the girls as they realized there were men here that were seeing them naked, but the one that made me laugh was two year old Sherry, she had just seen five year old Joey. With a laugh, I yelled at Joey and told him there were four of these girls for him to train and the naked five year old trotted right out to meet them.

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