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      On Monday, April 30, 2007


      Sunday, April 29, 2007

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Tumbledown Moment
      atumbled zip (14k) (man 32, girls 11; skinnydipping, breasts fondling, sleeping together, manipulation, oral, penetrat)
      Jim leads a teen camp of 12 with 2 counselors plus himself. On a trip to Tumbledown Mountain in Maine, he leads the lazy group (2 boys and 3 girls) down the mountain after the climb. It was a hot, muggy day, and at the bottom of the mountain Jim's group ended the climb down at a pool in the brook. Jim goes in skinny, but the two 11 yo's tried going in dressed. One of them had a money belt, in which she had concealed a bikini. The other went in with panties and teeshirt, but soon learned how difficult it is to try swimming in loose clothing in a moving stream. Then the panties and teeshirt girl's main task was to talk miss bikini out of her clothes. Sounds like it might be difficult, but taking it one article at a time miss panties and teeshirt was amazed at what was possible with persistence.
      Preinternet Fantasies #6
      preinte6 zip (22k) (leg worship, manipulation, oral, anal, father daughter,)
      This episode: man makes the case for the worship of female legs; man gets it on in a crowded subway car; piano teachers fondles 15 yo male student's cock, then brings him off orally; married man gets rejuvenated with 17 yo dry cleaning clerk; office worker discovers why beads are erotic; and to top it all off three stories of family adventures in love and sex. The Family that lays together- STAYS TOGETHER!
    • by Singledad :...
    • Beat-up Day, ch 3-4
      beatu3_4 zip (12k) (girl 12, violent, beating, Caution)
      "They all want to hurt you darling" he said to me, I know it sounds kinda weird, I really loved him his words excited me, and apart from the unnecessary soreness of my tummy and pussy I really wanted more treatment, I felt cheated, because I like my painful experience to be long and slow, over the time I have realised that I like less extreme treatment but over a long time, and I really can take it.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • My Family
      myfamily zip (06k) (Mf, mf, incest preg)
      This story is based on a family that sleeps together and practices nudity within their home:I live in a mid-western state on several sections of land belonging to my family. I will inherit this land on the death of them but that is way too far in the future. I am John and I am 20 years old. I have 8 sisters and 2 brothers. I am the 4th oldest sibling. One brother is 2 years older and the other is the youngest in the family. My sisters are all younger than me. Mom had us almost 18 months apart on average. She became pregnant on their wedding night in the homestead house built by his grandfather. The whole family knew when she lost her cherry as mom was very vocal when dad ruptured her hymen. Dad is very well endowed, about nine inches by 2 inches and all of us boys take after our dad. I am bit larger and just as thick, my younger brother is already past six inches and he is over four inches and three quarters of an inch thick. Mom is currently pregnant. All of us kids sleep in the same room on the third floor. One side of the room is for the girls and we all have a communal bathroom. Nudity is practiced throughout our household. Mom is of average build with a nice figure. She was 17 when she met dad and they married after a short engagement. Her family owns the land adjacent to ours so we see our in-laws quite often. Our house is three story with a bathroom on each floor. The first floor has a living room, parlor, library/study, partial bath, and a full-size commercial type kitchen.
    • by Brad Kennedy :...
    • Rachael's Tool Time
      rachaels zip (09k) (M/g-5) (Father/daughter, pedo, first time, cons, oral, vaginal, anal)
      A month before Rachael was born, her father Ray bought a new mattress for an old crib. The sheets were purple and yellow, stars and moons with sleepy faces. When Rachael was no longer in diapers and too big for a crib, Ray put the mattress on the floor of a room above the garage. The room became a playroom. Rachael was an only child, so Ray spoiled her. Rachael had friends in her kindergarten class, but she lived out in the country. The nearest neighbor was a mile away, so she usually played alone. Rachael loved being "daddy's little helper". She was only five, but she knew the name of every tool in daddy's shop.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 6
      theente6 zip (11k) (MMMMMMb/WWgggg first, cons, inc)
      It was time, and as I followed the four little girls out of the bedroom, I loved the way I could see their bare ass cheeks with every step they took. As we entered a large dining room, there were four men seated around a table and when they saw us, they all rose and began applauding. We found our seats and men were pulling out chairs to help the girls take their seats and there was a girl between every man. My eleven year old sister was between two older men, ten year old Nicole was between a younger and older man. Then, my mouth dropped, eight year old Becky was seated between another man and Sam. On nine year old Amy's side, was Paul but on my side sat Mary and she gave me a soft smile.

      Saturday, April 28, 2007

    • by Spin :...
    • Reckless Days and Reckless Ways!
      reckless zip (08k) (M/gg Pedo Sex Cons. 1st Oral)
      Tiffany ran towards me with a bubbling, "happy to see you" enthusiasm when she returned to school. Her alluring little body was soon in my arms while my eager fingertips were busy, smoothing over her shapely little ass for the first time. She sighed for just a moment while I explored the innocence under her dress. Then her eyes lit up as she explained all about her birthday party and the fun things she and her sister did at Walt Disney World. An affectionate kiss followed while the adorable child filled my arms with her warmth and softness. Then her eyes opened wide as she hugged my neck and asked if I missed her.

      Friday, April 27, 2007

    • by Brad Kennedy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Consummation of the Flower Girl
      theconsu zip (08k) (M/g-6) (Uncle/niece, pedo, first time, cons, oral, vaginal)
      When Jeff agrees to be the Best Man at his brother's wedding, the honor comes with unexpected benefits...the deflowering of his six-year-old niece Nikki, the flower girl: I have been in love with my niece Nikki since the day she was born. Nikki is the prettiest girl I've known. In fact, I don't think I have ever had such passionate attraction towards any other female in my life. When she smiles at me with her cute little dimples and those hazel eyes that sparkle with childlike energy, I just can't help myself from hugging her close and covering her face with kisses. That is, if no one is around. I'm sure eyebrows would raise if they saw a thirty-year-old man kiss his niece the way I kiss Nikki. And she's only six. Nikki is obviously in love with me too. The way she runs to me yelling "Uncle Jeff! Uncle Jeff!" every time I visit. She'll jump, begging me to pick her up. And I do, just so I can get my hands on that little butt. "I love you, Uncle Jeff," she'll say so everyone can hear. Then my relatives will respond with, "Aww! How cute!" Meanwhile, my cock will be growing at an alarming rate.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Jason
      jason zip (31k) (F/m M/m F/m/m Inc Pedo)
      "Thirteen year old Jason has been invited around to his friend's, Terry's, house to watch Terry's mom, Kym, in a photoshoot for her boyfriend's web-site. He was infatuated with Terry's beautiful, young mother, who was a model, and jumped at the chance to see her modelling a new line of mini-bikinis. Never in his wildest wet dreams did he anticipate that he and Terry would participate in the photoshoot; nor that Mrs Wade would end up wearing a lot less than a mini bikini! Nor that the photoshoot would include shooting of a much more intimate kind...."
    • by Pudman :...
    • My Pregnant Neighbor
      mypregna zip (10k) (M/F Preg)
      I had no intention of trying to seduce or fuck my pregnant new neighbor, but little did I know she had ideas and desires of her own
    • by Familyman :...
    • Partying With My Sister, part 1
      partyin1 zip (15k) (fm, mF, multi, incest bro/sis)
      The parties that happened at Ron and Marcie's had a certain reputation and were hardly spoken about loudly. That's why I was surprised when my sister Linda invited me to one of those parties.
    • by Sexy Suman :...
    • Sexcapades Of Malika
      sexcapad zip (36k) (Indian mother/son)
      Malika was a TV actress and model. She was married to an industrialist at early age of 16, and within one year she gave birth to her son. The son was very lovely, and she devoted all her affection to her son. She used to call her "Sunny", As both sunny deol and Sunny Gavasker were her idols. As her husband was a busy man and being ten years elder than him, things were quite good between them till she was twenty-two. Than her husband started giving less time to her. She restarted her studies, joined health clubs, and at the age of twenty-five started modeling and acting in advertising films taking the roles of Ideal wife or sister or bhabhi and even heroines. She got chances for acting in TV serials too. Her profession brought her some chances of flirting, but she considered it adultery and thought of her son stopped her in doing any adultery. She always considered her profession as side job and time-pass.
    • by Cockney :...
    • The Slippery Slide, ch 2
      theslip2 zip (11k) (Mg semi-cons)
      The continuing slippery slide into sex by our horny young heroine Karly when she keeps her appointment the next day with Mr Brady Snr: Harvey Brady Snr hummed a little tune to himself as he prepared for his horny young visitor, glancing at the clock on the mantelshelf he saw there was another ten minutes to go before the agreed two-o-clock deadline he had set her, five minutes late would be OK, ten would be better, ten not too meaty smacks onto that little girl's chubby but firm young bottom would brighten his day no end and would most certainly brighten her lovely young butt as well he idly thought. He had considered greeting his visitor stark naked, but at sixty two years old his body wasn't that desirable, and he didn't want to frighten the horses! So he had taken a long slow shower resisting the urge to masturbate over the images that constantly flooded his thoughts since that memorable encounter the previous evening with his grandson's pretty young babysitter. The image of young Troy lying naked and supine on his daddy's bed, legs splayed out and bent at the knees like a young pink frog whilst that cute little girl was slurping away at his ramrod stiff little pecker with her creamy young butt pointing straight at Harvey and her busy little fingers wriggling about in her juiced up pussy was burnt deeply into his brain.

      Thursday, April 26, 2007

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Cum Slut Wife...and Daughter!
      cumslutw zip (13k) (M/f/F slut wife/daut)
      The Beginning: I met my husband here, on this web site. His stories turned me on, and I read them when I masturbated. Eventually I got up enough nerve to write to him, and after a torrid email exchange I finally gave him my phone number. We began having phone sex, and it was during this period when he began to "make me" do things... nasty things... the kinds of things I knew "good girls" didn't do, but I did them anyway. Like what? Read on. He told me he wanted to smell my pussy, and asked that I wear a pair of my panties non-stop for three days and nights, even sleeping in them. He also told me not to wipe myself after I peed, but to instead just pull my panties up so a few droplets of my piss would linger as part of my scent. Then he had me mail him the panties, in a Zip lock bag. God I was so hot the day I dropped that envelope in the mail. I realized he was making me do things I would never dream of doing myself, nasty things, and I loved it. When he got my package we had very hot phone sex that night. He told me to use a vibrator on my cunt while he jerked off, licking and chewing on my damp panties. Yes, they were still damp when they arrived at his apartment, and as I fucked myself with my vibrating dildo he made sure I heard him sucking my juices out of my soiled panties. We both came explosively that night, and I knew, somehow, we'd end up together, which we did.

      Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Britney Depraved, part 4 of 4: Buggering Britney
      britney4 zip (10k) (Pedo (M57, g11, g15, g13, g7), anal, cum)
      "Well, mister, do you think you can still get it up? Because I want it all the way up, up my bum, before I leave this place. You wanna know how many guys have fucked my ass? Well, sorry, mister, I can't tell you 'cos I can't even remember. So join the gang ... !" With a sluttish leer on her sexy preteen face and with the cum that she had sucked out of Melanie's anus still dribbling down her chin, a gloriously nude 11-year-old Britney crouched down on all fours, shoulders to the floor and bum raised high like a cat in heat, and displayed for me the full beauty of her clenching asshole and hairless cunt.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • It was a Dark and Stormy Night, part 1
      itwasad1 zip (06k) (M/g Pedo forced)
      I saw a small figure standing in the rain. It waved weakly at me. I pulled over and I saw a young girl who was wearing a torn black garbage bag over a soaking wet sweatshirt and thin pants. She was shivering in the cold rain and was probably going hypothermic. Her hair was so wet, I couldn't tell her age, she could have been ten, but no older than twelve. "Please, sir," she sobbed through chattering teeth, "I'm so cold and hungry." "Alright, get in, I'll get you something to eat." I said. She smiled, picked up her small knapsack by the wall and clutched it to her chest as she jumped into the truck. I immediately began to think of the possibilities. I knew no one had seen me pick her up. It was still raining hard and the streets were dark and empty.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 4: The Part of the First Part
      julie4 zip (11k) (MMMfff exhib)
      "As long as we're going to be doing all this sex stuff we might as well enjoy each other. I find that I'm really horny all the time so I'll need your services quite often. I'm sure it won't be much of an inconvenience for you to service my pussy whenever I'm in need. And I'll suck you whenever you want, especially if we're in a public place" she said as she undid all the buttons on the shirt and dropped it on the floor leaving her in just the boots and a tiny black satin thong. "Do I look as good as I did last weekend?"
    • by Cockney :...
    • The Slippery Slope
      theslipp zip (07k) (g/bb, Mg)
      Karly was twelve years old and seemed to be constantly horny. Ever since she had begun her period some few months earlier, her hormones were out of control and she lusted after practically any boy she looked at, especially when they were cute, blonde and had blue eyes when she creamed her panties instantly. It was an exciting and frustrating time for the little girl and she had no idea where her actions would ultimately lead her.

      Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Scientific Method, part 2
      thescie2 zip (07k) (M/g Pedo oral)
      Sandra had carefully planned to make the evening agony for Aaron. Sandra had begged her mom for permission for the weekend long sleepover, even though Sandra knew Ann was leaving for Boston on Thursday! Now Aaron couldn't get Sandra alone until Sunday night! And his torture would get worse because Sandra knew Karen was a very cute girl. Having both girls running around in their t-shirts, flashing their legs and butts, would be a misery for Aaron. And Sandra would make sure that Aaron would see that Karen was wearing a thong. Two eleven year olds in thongs! Sandra's cleverest idea was to insist on swimming after dinner. She had never told Karen to bring a swimming suit, so of course Sandra had to loan her one. Before Aaron could stop her, Sandra loaned Karen one of her special swimming suits. The suits Aaron made her wear when her mother wasn't home. With nothing but an extra, extra small thong and a top with two tiny patches to hide their nipples, the girls looked naked swimming in the pool. Aaron had become spoiled in the past seven months. He had little Sandra anytime he wanted her because she was powerless in the house. But tonight he couldn't get to her. He had a headache and blue balls that would not stop.

      Monday, April 23, 2007

    • by Spin :...
    • Pirates of "Misty Lake" and The Good Ship Penis
      pirateso zip (13k) (M/g B/g ggg Pedo Sex Oral Cons Incest 1st)
      Nine-year-old Angela's exquisitely soft, fleshy thighs suddenly caught Tim's attention as she carelessly opened her legs, causing her nightshirt to rise above her knees. Bright, silky smooth panties could be easily seen, revealing the magical spot where her tiny slit would be nestled and hiding under the fabric of her underwear. The swollen penis in Tim's pants went to a full erection the instant his sister chose to tease him by lifting her nightshirt all the way to her chest. "Having sex was addictive, but fucking his cute sister, Now That! could be habit forming,"
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 5
      theente5 zip (11k) (MMMMMMb/WWgggg first, cons, inc)
      When we entered the pool area, I glanced at the cabana and it was still locked, which didn't surprise me. As usual, I went to the door to let Sam and Mary know we were there but this time I told Sam that the girls knew he had been watching us but it was okay. That the girls had decided it would even be okay if he and Mary came out and watched us from the patio, or even went swimming with us. "Charlie, are you sure?" Sam asked. "Sure, we talked about it and all three girls agreed. The only thing they might like better, is if you and Mary were naked like we are. I think they want to see what older people look like naked," I replied. "Charlie, we aren't any older than your parents," Sam laughed. "Are you going to be embarrassed if Mary wants to see you up a little closer?"

      Sunday, April 22, 2007

    • by Fahrenh8 :...
    • A Victorian Railway Fantasy!
      avictori zip (57k) (...)
      The train arrived in the station at the end of a long journey. Mrs Phallasia Quimtwat sat with her three children, Bertie, Charlie and Mikey. Bertie and Charlie were girls. Bertie was 13, dark haired with luscious broad lips and a full mouth; she was slim and her growing body was apparent beneath her dress and coat. Charlie was 10, also dark haired with a rounded face and a merry smile, her pert form was not so readily visible yet. Mikey was 11 and a little tearaway, forever causing trouble and running amok. His mother would never tell him off because he so reminded her of her dear husband, Alfred who was currently in prison having been falsely accused of producing pornography for his superiors in governnment via a contact in Paris. Mrs Quimtwat was a beauty in her own right, in her late thirties with an ample bosom and a slender ankle as well as coy face and luxuriant head of brown hair. At the station there was no carriage to be had but a friendly porter, Mr Spunks, agreed to carry their bags to the cottage they had rented. The family were on reduced means and so could not have afforded a carriage should one have been available, as it was Mrs Quimtwat worried how she might pay the gallant porter with the rude smile. Once Mr Spunks had shown them Muffmusk Cottage and located the key for them, which was hidden under the bucket by the front door as ever, he carried their bags into the hall. The cottage was in reasonable repair and was of a goodly size, with outbuildings and a garden of half an acre. Mr Spunks turned to Mrs Quimtwat and gave her a full leering smile. There you go, mrs, and I'm sure you'll settle in no time at all!
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Burton Blogs Sadie
      burtonbl zip (14k) (man 32, girls 5, 11; nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Welcome to Burton's Blog. A place where I sporadically tap out pearls of wisdom and astute observations of one kind or another. My name is Steve Burton. No relation to Richard Burton, the late Welsh actor and several times Elizabeth Taylor husband. He had a way with beautiful women, and alcohol. Me, I don't drink, and I don't have any beautiful girls hanging around me. I'm thirty-two, single, and carefree. Anyway, there I was, rocking back and forth on my front porch swing, dreaming my life away swing while all around me life is rejuvenating itself, leaves on the trees, and the green grass grows all around. When a little girl voice brought me back to reality. The voice had a face, the face had a name. It was little Sadie Martin, a five year old cutie pie from down the street. Sadie has frizzled, dirty-blonde hair, a skinny, sprite-like body, and the cutest little smile you ever did see. A slightly crooked smile with just a hint of devilment lurking behind that grin. Definitely my kind of girl.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Mama Bar, part 1: ch 1-4
      themama1 zip (08k) (M/F, M/g, Pedo, forced)
      In the military, stationed overseas, Jason was still in awe of the brilliance of it all. He had known there was under-age sex going on somewhere, but he never could find it. And he had tried hard! The local authorities would tolerate a lot, but pre-teens selling their ass would have to be very, very secretive. So secret that Jason never did find them... until the Moms Bar. Every woman in the bar had a photo album with pictures of a pretty pre-teen "daughter". Everyone knew Moms were proud of their kids and wanted to show their pictures to people they met. A customer paid to take the lady home and by the strangest coincidence, the little girl from the album was sleepily waiting for them. The customer got both females all-night and the bar knew nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g! Jason had tried all the album girls in the bar at least once. Some were exciting little Lolita's and some were pathetic waste of time, but he loved them all.

      Saturday, April 20, 2007


      Friday, April 20, 2007

    • by Hunter1076 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • I Love My Uncle
      ilovemyu zip (08k) (M/b 7 anal)
      It all started with a shopping trip gone bad. My mom had to go out of town for 3 weeks to help with a sick friend from college so I was going to stay with my Uncle Mike.

      Thursday, April 19, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • The Proper Family - Debbie's Solution, part 3
      theprop3 zip (10k) (Mf pedo)
      Thirteen-year-old Debbie Carmichael walked up dark, narrow stairs in a flophouse where she looked out of place. The, willowy young woman felt better about her condition now that she had a plan. Her plan came to mind in a clear vision as her father told her he and her mother would be leaving for a week while the new preacher stayed in their home to conduct the meetings for the coming week. The plan was both simple and foolproof if the visiting minister would cooperate, and she was sure he would, men were men, weren't they? Debbie loved Toney Wise. Her solution to their mutual problem would be in his best interest and she was sure he would agree to her daring plan. Even now she felt wet between her thighs, knowing he would want her as he always wanted her. Knocking gently on the dingy door she heard the noise of him scurrying around inside.

      Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    • by DrTongue :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Donna's Girls, part 1
      donnasg1 zip (05k) (Fff)
      Donna had the best little girl a mommmy could ever have. She was smart, pretty, and above all else a little slut but Donna didn't know that yet. But you know what they say Like Mother, like Daughter: Donna couldn't believe how lucky she was. She got married at 16 and was only 17 when Kimmy was born. Kimmy was so perfect. A miniature of her beautiful mother. Donna stood 5'5" and tipped the scale at about 105 lbs. Kimmy, even at 6 years old stood about a foot shorter and weighed about 85 lbs. Both had long brown hair down to their butts that they both wore straight. Both had the cutest asses you've ever scene.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 3: A Room With A View
      julie3 zip (11k) (MMf ff exhib)
      "Nice and slow please. This is the first time I've been pussy and ass fucked at the same time. I'm just a little girl remember. Oh yes that's heavenly. I don't think I've ever felt so stuffed before. Your cocks are wonderful. I'm going to want all of you to fuck me like this. Oh shit that feels tight. Now I want another cock in me. In my mouth please. Then you can go to town and really do me hard. The guy in my pussy will have to stay there for a while but the other two of you can keep switching off with the other guys. Just use me as your little teenage fuck toy. This is so nasty. I love it."
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Pretty Preteen Pussy
      prettypr zip (16k) (M/g......consenting but forbidden sex......)
      My wife and kids were out of town visiting my in-laws for the weekend so I decided to go to the local Friday-night high-school basketball game and treat myself to ogling some sexy little girls. After I arrived and got inside the crowded gymnasium I was overjoyed to discover that cute 12 year old Mitzi was attending the game. This small sweet girl just happened to be the favorite 'fantasy-fuck' of my dreams....And, she was there without either of her parents!!!
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Trade-Off, parts 2-4
      thetr2_4 zip (08k) (M/g, Pedo, forced)
      The first time Anne left on a business trip, Aaron immediately went up to Sandra's room. She was lying on her bed watching TV. Aaron sat down next to her and put his hand on her slender leg. She stiffened. When she felt his hand go up her leg, she screamed and tried to get up. She felt his hand grip her leg and she was rolled over, and found herself looking up at him. "If you scream again, I'll take off all your clothes and spank you until your little butt is red!" he said in a conversational tone. Sandra stopped struggling and stared up at him. Tears were running down her pretty little face. "You have a choice, Sandra. You do what I tell you to do, or I leave forever and you can tell your mother she has to come home," Aaron said in the same conversational tone.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Verbotene Gefühle, teil 3
      verbote3 zip (13k) (m/w (Geschwister) - 13j/11j - erste Gefühle - sehr real)
      In diesem dritten Teil der Geschichte um die Geschwistern Michael und Nadine, die ihre ersten sexuellen Erfahrungen machen, kommen sie sich langsam beim Baden näher: Schon früh war Michael wach, noch vor 7 Uhr. Dies war für einen Sonntag ungewöhnlich, da er gern lange schlief aber er hatte Nachts die Idee gehabt, heute mit Nadine nochmals an den einsamen Strand zu gehen, allein mit ihr. Es war sich 100%ig sicher, dass Nadine mitkommen würde, jetzt musste er nur noch seine Freunde davon abzuhalten, dass sie ebenfalls zum Strand kommen wollten. Kurz nach 8 Uhr verließ er nach einholen der Erlaubnis seiner Eltern die Wohnung und steuerte die Telefonzelle zwei Straßen weiter an. Nach und nach rief er bei Tim, Bernhard, Thomas und Sven an. Michael erzählte ihnen von einer Badestelle, von der er erfahren habe und die sogar noch besser sei und das er sich mit ihnen dort heute um 14 Uhr treffen wolle. Dies war natürlich alles gelogen und der Treffpunkt zur Badestelle lag auch im Norden, während die Badestelle, wo sie gestern waren und wo er heute mit seiner Schwester hinfahren wollte, im Süden der Stadt lag. Michaels Idee war die, dass seine Freunde nachmittags in den Norden der Stadt zum See fahren, während er zur selben Zeit bereits schon im Süden am See ist und wer im Norden der Stadt ist, kann nicht gleichzeitig im Süden sein.

      Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    • by Doctor J :...
    • Crossing The Equator, part 3
      crossin3 zip (24k) (M/f, voy, group)
      My name is Doug Frances. I run a cruise yacht out of Macapa, Brazil. It lies at LAT:00 02N, LON:51 03W, a mere 2 nautical miles north of the equator. In Part 1 I introduced my business, and started telling my tales. Part 2 told of more of my blossoming business and relationship with Sandrine, a 13-year old Brazilian girl: Sandrine sailed with me on quite a few trips in the next month, both alone and with her youth group, who now had a monthly booking for a cruise. I didn't mind, as I knew Sandrine would keep quiet about me and her, and it bought in money, so I could run my adult cruise ads more regularly. We didn't spend all our time at sea making love, only every other trip or so. I didn't want Sandrine to think I was only in it for the sex. Sure, that's what drew me in, but Sandrine became precious to me. I took out a particularly memorable cruise one bright day, involving two couples.
    • by SmokyWaters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 4
      theente4 zip (09k) (bM/Wggg first, cons, inc)
      Before Sandy and I left for Helen's, she was there to pick mom up and told us the girls were bathing and for us to just go on over. When we walked in, Nicole was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel in each hand and nothing in between. When Sandy became embarrassed, Nicole just ignored her and asked me to dry her off, that Becky would be out in a little bit. It was fine by me and as I dried the ten year old off, it was as I had before and when the edge of my hand rubbed against her pussy slit, she gasped and told me that felt so good.

      Monday, April 16, 2007

    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Disappearing Act, part 1
      disappe1 zip (07k) (M/g, M/F, Pedo, forced)
      Susan disparately needed a place to hide; she had little money and she knew every FBI agent in the eastern US was looking for her. She needed some one like Jack and she knew exactly what he needed. Susan placed Amber in Jack's lap. The naked eleven year old immediately went to sleep. Jack started to stroke her firm little body as Susan talked to him. "It's simple Jack. You hide us until I get this mess straightened up. If you do, this little girl belongs to you" as she pointed at Amber. "You can do ANYTHING you want to her. And I'll make sure that anything you want her to DO for you, she'll do it! You'll own her Jack, from that pretty little mouth to her tight little cunt to that pink little ass hole, everything is yours! "How about you," he asked, "Do I own you too?" "Absolutely" Susan said in a low voice "I'll do anything you want" "Well,the little girl has some cum dried on her face, lick it off", he ordered.
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Mark Takes It All
      markgets zip (06k) (m/F/f/f)
      I love to jack off, almost more than breathing. But my Mom hates it when I do. So, one night, I get an opportunity to cum like crazy, and believe me, I don't pass it up: I watched as his 15" cock drove in and out of her mouth, rocking her head back and forth. Her tits flopped around on her chest, as he drove that massive tool down her throat. I could see his butt muscles clench up as he began to shoot gallons of cum down to her belly. "Swallow every drop Granny, or you don't get no other supper tonight", he snarled, as she choked on his emissions. "Mark, Mark, come downstairs", Mom yelled, just as I had myself on the verge of cumming. "You forgot to take out the garbage young man, so no more computer time today." I dropped my dick, and slid off the seat. I flicked off the monitor, and was just pulling up my pants when the door opened.
    • by Spin :...
    • The Chicago Story
      thechica zip (13k) (MMM./g Pedo Sex Oral Anal Cons. 1st Time)
      To Paul, he was looking at the essence of a child sex goddess...if there ever was one! Unconsciously, he licked his lips with a lust filled desire to fondle and touch the softness between her silky smooth thighs. His balls warmed at the thought of stuffing his thick cock inside of the little wonder's tight, preteen pussy. "God! What an incredible 'fuck' THAT would be!" he thought: A vintage electric fan whirred noisily on the windowsill of a partially opened window while nine-year-old Roberta stood looking, gazing and admiring herself in her bedroom mirror. A wide smile soon crept over her face at the thought of teasing her new neighbor. Totally naked, she stood in a strategic place to allow a clean view of her body from across the alley. "Yes! There he is. He's looking at me!" She mumbled excitedly as she pretended not to notice.
    • by Gary Proctor :...
    • The Girl Next Door, ch 3 & 4
      thegi3_4 zip (18k) (ped, Mg, 1st, cons)
      It is nine o'clock on Saturday morning when the bell rings. I have just started my breakfast, sitting in the kitchen in my bathrobe. I walk to the door and open it. There is Susie standing on the doorstep! "Hi Gary! Are you surprised?" "I sure am!" I reply. I haven't seen my little love in several days because she has been busy with school and badminton. I invite her in and once the door is closed behind us, she throws her arms around my neck and gives me a nice long kiss. Her mouth is cold from the outside air, but her luscious tongue is still warm and it flicks pleasantly around my mouth. Susie's kissing is getting better by the day and I let her know it. She blushes slightly at my compliment and removes her coat. Beneath she is wearing a denim skirt with leg warmers and a light sweater. "Wanna hear the good news?" she asks coyly. "Let's hear it!" I urge, infected by her enthusiasm. "Mom and dad drove to Portland today but didn't make me come. And they won't be back until dark!" I can hardly believe my good fortune. I have almost a whole day with my eager little girlfriend. I know that by the time she goes home today, sweet little Susie will have tasted my cock for the first time. I start getting hard thinking about all the fun we are going to have today.

      Sunday, April 15, 2007

    • by Scott Free :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jenny Jones, ch 1
      jennyjo1 zip (12k) (M/f)
      Our Narrator meets a friendly twelve-year old on a luxurious Georgia island and gets some southern comfort...I'm wondering if I'm going to end up in jail. A week ago if you told me I'd be Bubba fodder soon, I would have laughed at you. I'm a master-of-the-Universe type fucker, in control of my own destiny. I know how shit works, and I enjoy exploiting it. But this week it all went crazy... It all started when I met Jenny. But I'll get to that in a minute. I'm on a resort island in the South. Georgia, Golden Isles, that kind of area. I won't say which one, because...fuck if I want to go to jail any sooner. But suffice to say, my family's wealthy enough that I can spend as much time by a pool as I want. Every Easter, the island gets flooded with families. Big, crazy clans of people, all rich snd silly and DRUNK. Mine included. I generally just find the nearest lawn chair, put on a pair of cheap sunglasses, and enjoy the view. Gorgeous girls--stacked southern dames with tits pushing out of their bikini tops, cute petite yankees with pale skin and bright smiles--walk by constantly Easter Week, and all you need to do is watch and shift your towel to hide the hard-on. Which I was doing, when Jenny walked by.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Rosie in Bloom
      rosieinb zip (17k) (man 49, girl 11; bare titties, fondling, manipulation, oral, showering together, penetration)
      Bert Coleman lived alone since his wife Penny died of breast cancer a year before. He was visited by Rosie Walker, the pretty little 11 yo who lived across the street, and who was looking for a place to stay while her mother went to the beauty parlor. Bert notes how Rosie had helped him get over the death of his wife, just by being herself and showing him there were still wonderful things in the world. Rosie had some questions for Bert, like why did her newly growing titties itch and what could she do about them. Bert explained about chemical changes and growth, and told her how just giving them attention should solve her problem. Then she slipped off her teeshirt, and he showed her just what he meant. And as usual, one thing led to another, I wonder if you could guess where.

      Saturday, April 14, 2007

    • by Peter Small :...
    • Little Flower and The DVD
      littlefl zip (12k) (g08, mast, g08, pee, def, b13, sex, anal, con)
      Mr. Mitchell stood before his post office box, key in hand, and in an unsuspicious way looked around before inserting the key. His box was nearly empty, as usual, since he hadn't been living there very long and hadn't built up a following of junk mail as yet. The flea market/garage sale flyer seemed to be a little thicker than normal as he pulled it out, next was a new car advertisement, they always seem to know when any one new has moved into the area before any one else in the world. Only the local and state government seemed to be a little bit faster. Next was his new subscription to his regualr computer magazine, though it was under a different name than the previous subscription. He felt a little dissapointed, the thing he had been looking forward to the most wasn't there. No. Wait a minute. Was that it lieing on the floor of the box.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Necklace - a short story
      theneckl zip (04k) (Mg, Pedo, non-forced)
      Amanda opened her eyes slowly, sensing something was going on. The naked pre-teen girls around her yelled in excitement. One gave her a hand mirror. On her throat was a gold necklace with a shiny diamond heart, the proof that she had lost her virginity to the Master. All the other girls had least a silver necklace, but that meant little. Even the youngest girl in the Harem had a silver necklace. All that meant was that they had sucked on the master's cock. Some of the little ones had the good fortune to have the Master give them some of his cum to taste. But they still only wore a silver necklace. Amanda now had the proof that she was ready to be used regularly in the Master's bedroom.

      Friday, April 13, 2007

    • by DoctorJ :...
    • Getting It On With Mom, part 1
      getting1 zip (14k) (m/F)
      My mom and I have a special relationship. There were three incidents that lead up to us following our path, much to our mutual delight. We figure now that it was always there in some form, it just took the right spark to ignite the fires in both of us. My mom was 42 and I was about to turn 17 at the time our relationship began, and still a very sexy lady. A few of my friends had a crush on her, and I could sorta see why. She was pretty, long, dark hair, blue eyes and a great smile: It started when I was 15. Mom threw dad out after she caught him screwing some young bimbo on the living room floor. He was in a bad way after that, the times I stayed with him. Mom wouldn't listen to him, the courts gave mom the house, and the young bimbo he'd been seeing left him as well after she figured out he was lying about being divorced. Still, it was hard to feel pity for him after what had happened.
      Spy Girls, part 2
      spygirl2 zip (14k) (M/f, MMM/f, group)
      You now know of my freelance spy agency, and our rather unorthodox means of obtaining the information we are hired to get. Eva had a very successful visit to Istanbul where she obtained information for our client about security at a nuclear establishment. Eva had a talent for the job and its peculiarities that she adapted to quite well, and I felt confident she would become one of the best: You now know of my freelance spy agency, and our rather unorthodox means of obtaining the information we are hired to get. Eva had a very successful visit to Istanbul where she obtained information for our client about security at a nuclear establishment. Eva had a talent for the job and its peculiarities that she adapted to quite well, and I felt confident she would become one of the best.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Sady's Delight
      sadysdel zip (11k) (MF Mf bg pedo first)
      The sight stunned Sady's ten-year-old mind. All those grunts and little mewling had meant this. Her friend's wild stories were all true: Ten-year-old Sady Richards lay quietly in her bed listening. Her older brother would be asleep. Now that she was almost eleven, she was noticing her mom and dad just like Brian had urged. Brian had been in one of his good moods and explained it to her, about the noises and the groans coming from her parent's bedroom. Did they really do that? Brian's graphic description only titillated her wild curiosity rather than assuage her fears. She wondered if she were pretty enough for any boy to notice. Her short black hair was glossy and thick and her blue eyes went with her rounded face very well, she thought. But she had nothing on her chest, unless you thought two large nipples that would get hard was something. Boys wouldn't take a second look at her hairless pussy.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Scientific Method, ch 1: Learning the Basics
      scienti1 zip (04k) (Mg, pedo, no force)
      Ten year old Karen was inquisitive like most children, but her area of study was unusual for a pre-teen, because it was sex in general and oral sex specifically. Because all her friends told her that oral sex wasn't really sex. All the older girls, the twelve and thirteen year olds did oral sex to their boyfriends. They giggled when they told her that one seventh grader was known to give Mr. Hendricks, the math teacher, oral sex before every math test. And Karen started thinking that it must feel good to suck on a man's thing.

      Thursday, April 12, 2007

    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Comfortable? part 1: The Beginning
      comfort1 zip (06k) (Mg, Pedo)
      My name is Jason and this is my story of how I started on the road to fame and fortune by using my preteen stepdaughter Sandra. I have been quite successful with a subscription web site devoted to pictures of Sandra. My site has no hard-core sex because I don't want to spend the next ten years in federal prison as the love toy of a guy named Rufus. But it does show Sandra in the smallest bikinis I could find for a pre-teen, or Sandra posed in thong panties with a skin tight tube top, or in a school girl's uniform with the skirt raised up so high my subscribers could see her cute little butt in a microscopic thong. Sandra would stare at the camera and I would pick the poses where her eyes seemed to submit as if to say, "I know what you want to do to me" Our most popular photos are always the last photos in each series. It's what I call the fantasy photo. Not illegal, but it makes you think they lead to some thing very, very illegal. One example, photos of Sandra in a microscopic thong and a small tight lace-training bra. She never takes them off, never touches her self. But the last photo shows her on a bed on her elbows and knees. Sandra's beautiful little ass is up in the air and her knees are spread open. The thong barely covers her cunt. Her head is resting on the sheets and her lovely little face is looking back. It looks like she's waiting for you to do it to her doggy style. And in the side of the photo, is the back of male just entering the scene. I think we all know what's next in the series!
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Obediant, ch 1
      obedian1 zip (05k) (Mg, Pedo)
      Brad lay on the couch with eleven-year-old Karen snuggled up next to him. They were both naked and gleaming with sweat. Karen had come home from school and found Brad waiting for her. He didn't say a word. With only a giggle, Karen quickly undressed in the hallway. When she was nude, she crawled on the floor to him and then he carried the pretty pre-teen into the living room. Just like every day, he was soon pumping his cock into the obedient little girl. As she lay with her legs spread, Karen knew she didn't actually enjoy sex yet, but she definitely loved the attention she got from Brad and would do anything to keep him happy. Anything.

      Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    • by Ben Tyson :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Trade-Off, part 1
      thetrad1 zip (09k) (Pedo, first time, forced, Mg, reluct)
      It was only seven months ago that eleven year old Sandra was a virginal little girl. Now she was nervously waiting as her mother left on her business trip, because she knew before her Mom reached the airport, her new step-dad would have her stripped naked on her bed.
    • by AugustGentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 2
      julie2 zip (08k) (MMfFF exhib)
      Having just been nicely fucked by the driver of the semi-trailer, it was time to see what else might be out there in the world. With cum slowly leaking out of your pussy you walked around to the front of the truck and out onto the roadway. Those wonderful boots were all that you had on. You walked down the roadway in full view of everyone, but there was no traffic. There was no one to leer at your exposed body. Still, it felt great to be naked outside. You decide to wait until someone does come along so you can give them a thrill. You put your jacket and mini back on and climb onto the trunk of the car. You spread your legs and start to finger-fuck yourself waiting to see who might show up. Sure enough, in a few minutes along comes a car. You are in their headlights but can they see what you are doing? The car drives by but slows down. It backs up and stops beside the car where you're finger fucking yourself.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 3
      theente3 zip (11k) (b/gg first, cons, inc)
      Right at seven, I arrived back at Helen's and she was already dressed to go out, then Nicole came out and she looked great in a short white dress, with matching shoes. Still, the ten year old just had to come and give me a kiss, and did it in front of Becky. The obvious jealousy from eight year old Becky didn't surprise me, because she thought her mom always let Nicole do things she couldn't. As Helen had with Nicole, she told Becky to take a bath, let me wash her back, then dry her off. Even though I knew Nicole was very nervous about going, she hid it well from Becky and excitedly went out the door with her mom.
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Proper Family - While The Cat's Away
      theprop2 zip (10k) (MF infidelity)
      Her soft hands took his rigid meat in hand and pulled it down as she spread her knees on the soft padded floor. "You tell me what to do, if I do it wrong."
    • by Shaking_Pen :...
    • What's A Daddy To Do, ch 2
      whatsad2 zip (05k) (m/f, inc, daddy/daughter)
      Wendy and her dad had certainly enjoyed their time together by the poolside, but the tanning session had turned into something really not envisaged by the horny couple, and had resulted in some hot action for the incestuous lovers. Both are now anxious to exploit their opportunities to the full. How are they going to go about it - well let's see!

      Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • My Sister's Milk
      mysister zip (18k) (MF bro/sis incest lactation oral intercourse)
      Tim goes to help his sister paint her husband's den. After painting, they recall their first brush with sexual experimentation and decide to experiment a little more...Tim pulled the rental car to the curb in front of his sister's house and parked. Pulling a small duffel bag from the back seat, he started up the walkway to the front porch. He hadn't seen Cynthia in a little over six months, and the last time he'd seen her, she had looked as though she'd swallowed a basketball. A month later, Cyn had given birth to Lisa, his first niece. Let's see, he thought, that would make Lisa about five months old, now! He should have made it back to see his niece earlier, but living on the opposite coast made the trip an expensive one. And he'd used the last of that year's vacation days on his last trip home. Thankfully, the new year had brought a new batch of vacation days, and he'd managed to time this trip to let him kill several birds with one stone: visit with his parents, visit his sister and see his niece for the first time, and also attend his best friend's wedding. A side benefit was that he'd be able to help Cyn paint her husband's den while he was away on a business trip. She was sure that Tom would be surprised by the renovation, when he returned home.

      Monday, April 09, 2007


      Sunday, April 08, 2007

    • by UnclePan :...
    • Maddie and Bessie
      maddiean zip (12k) (boy 17, girls 8,9; panty showing, nudity, manipulation, penetration)
      Bessie Coleman (8) was at the park with her best friend Maddie Pryor (9), only Bessie was horrified that Maddie was sitting on a park bench, her dress pulled up and her legs spread, plainly showing her underwear to 2 men sitting on a nearby bench, and 3 boys throwing a frisbee nearby. Bessie tried to get Maddie to quit, but Maddie instead decides Bessie needs to experience the thrill of showing herself to a boy. Maddie's 17 yo neighbor Jimmy Ralston was the lucky boy, and Bessie got the experience of a lifetime along with her first time flashing.

      Saturday, April 07, 2007

    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Brother Did Me First
      brotherd zip (04k) (mf, cons, incest)
      Megyn is 14-years-old and a late bloomer, as they say. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and 103 pounds soaking wet. She is a very active teen, straight A student and drum major for the city band. She lives with her parents, and her older brother, Mark. Mark is 6 feet tall and plays basketball as a point guard. He is a freshman in high school and 15 years old. He will soon be sixteen as he is 16 months older than Megan. Her parents were very successful and upper middle class. They lived in a spacious home in the country with more than 5 acres of land that afforded complete privacy. They were not nudists per se, but they wore little or no clothing in the confines of their home or property. When their children were born it was not unusual to find them naked. After they were potty trained they did not separate them into their own rooms. They simply put them into one room with one double bed mattress built on a frame low to the floor. It ws a very large room with a separate bathroom complete with a large tub and separate shower. A spacious walk-in closet served both kids well.

      Friday, April 06, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • Not Quite The Truth
      notquite zip (11k) (Mf first pedo rom)
      Closing those big blue eyes, Deborah felt his hands touching lightly, then squeezing her breasts harder. When he pulled her stiff nipples, her mind exploded. Her body followed him down as he lay back onto the mattress. Then, he rolling her over onto her back. She wrapped her long thin legs around his waist and arched with pleasure at the wonderful sensations of a man's lean, hard body between her thighs.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 2
      theente2 zip (10k) (b/g F first, cons)
      For several minutes, I lay there stark ass naked in Helen's bed and realized last night had not been a dream, I had actually had sex with a grown, beautiful woman. When I heard voices I quickly started to get up, then realized I had left my clothes in the bathroom. Just then, Helen came in, wearing a bathrobe and a big smile, carrying my clothes. After she laid my clothes on the bed, she pulled the covers down and put a hand on my cock, caressed it, then told me I should be getting dressed because Nicole was already up.
    • by Gary Proctor :...
    • The Girl Next Door, ch 1
      thegirl1 zip (09k) (ped, Mg, 1st, pett, cons)
      Susie doesn't really live next door to me. Actually she lives two houses down. Of course, where I live I cannot even see the next house, so its not like I really have a next door neighbor at all. My house is the last on the lane. I chose it because it is quiet and secluded where I can get lots of work done without being bothered. Beyond my house is only the forest. Susie is a quiet sort of girl. She reads a lot and likes to take long walks in the forest. When I first start becoming interested in her, she has just started the fifth grade at the parochial school in town. The start of the school year makes the timing of her walks more regular, so I begin arranging to be outside when she passes my house on her way into the forest.
    • by absinthe :...
    • What Little Girls Are For
      whatlitt zip (07k) (Mg MMMMMg rape nc inc caution)
      This story is fairly dark: She held her father's hand, happily skipping beside him as they walked up to the house. Her little dress barely covering her pink cotton panties, white lace socks over little shoes and long pigtails where her favorite outfit. She was so excited to get to go somewhere with daddy, her little four year old face shining up at him. She fidgeted from one foot to the other as he rang the bell. A man she had never seen before opened the door and stepped back, gesturing for them to enter. Her daddy shook his hand and they all went into the livingroom. Picking her up, he set her in a chair and the moved to sit across the room from her on the couch with the man. "baby, this is Jamie. He is a friend of mine" She looked at Jamie, her smile lighting up her entire face, her baby cheeks so soft and round. "Hello, little girl." His voice was deep and he looked so stern. Her daddy turned to Jamie, "What do you think? Do we have a deal?"
    • by Suitcase Pimp :...
    • Gedankengut, Paedophiles, 1: Forts
      gedanke1 zip (08k) (MMM, ggg, WW, b, inc, pedo, orgy, cons)
      Wenn man in Thailand die Sitten, Gebräuche und Vorzüge des Ferienorts kennen lernen will, muss man /rau sich aus dem Hotel oder Ferien-Bungalow möglichst weit entfernen und langsam zu Fuß oder per Fahrrad die Quartiere der Einheimischen erkunden. Die beste Zeit ist am frühen Abend, wenn die Menschen aus den Häusern kommen und das bunte Leben auf den Veranden und in den Vorgärten der Häuser (sowie den Vorplätzen der Slumhütten) beginnt. Hunderte von Kindern sind in den Straßen, spielen auf den marmornen Terrassen und gepflegten Rasenflächen der gutbürgerlichen Häuser, oder im Staub der Elendsquartiere. Viele schwimmen nackt oder in Unterwäsche in den vielen Kanälen und Lacken, lassen sich hinterher im Freien von einander oder den Eltern mit dem Wasserschlauch sauber spritzen und mit Shampoo sauber waschen. Dabei sind sie natürlich nackt und man kann so manches Zwischenspiel zwischen Kindern untereinander und mit Erwachsenen live miterleben. Da sieht man Ringkämpfe zwischen Jungen und Mädchen, wobei die Knaben keineswegs schamhaft ihre erigierten Phalli verstecken, sondern stolz vorzeigen. Eltern trösten weinende Kinder, indem sie ihre Genitalien streicheln oder küssen.

      Thursday, April 05, 2007

    • by absinthe :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Daddy Has Needs
      daddyhas zip (05k) (Mg reluc nc inc ped)
      Daddy teaches his little girl she should never tell him no: She lay on the floor in front of the television. Her head propped on her hands as she watched, legs in the air, gently swaying. Her cotton panties peeked out from under her skirt as it rode up on her thighs. He watched her from the couch. His little girl. She was so beautiful to him and his heart swelled as she giggled at the antics in front of her. His need for her flared inside him. 'Princess, come here, baby.' 'Daddy, I'm watching TV.' She didn't even look up. His voice soft but firm now. 'Come here. Now.' 'Okay, Daddy.' Her voice a little pouty. She scooted up onto her knees, her bottom in full view to him now under her panties. Grabbing her teddy bear, who always watched TV with her, she crawled the short distance to him and climbed into his lap. He stifles a small groan as she moved on him, her bottom settling right on top of his cock. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her back against him. Her long pigtails brush against his face as she turned to continue watching her show.
    • by AugustGentleman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Julie, ch 1: The Begining
      julie1 zip (07k) (MMf exhib)
      This is the first chapter in the story of Julie. She's a 15 year old wanna-be slut who gets lots of help in her quest. She starts by showing off to the world and getting her pussy filled as well. There's lots more to come as she meets new people and enjoys new experiences: When I saw Julie that fateful morning I noticed the shoes. It was definitely the shoes. Oh yes, it was the shoes. It was Christmas morning. You were standing outside of the church. It seems strange now but this all started outside a church. A very strict church with a very strict minister. And you were that ministers' daughter. What must he have thought when he saw you dressed that Christmas morning. A ministers' daughter wearing high spike heels on Christmas morning. A fifteen year old ministers' daughter with come-fuck-me high heels. You looked fucking fabulous. Maybe he hadn't noticed the heels. After all the rest of your outfit wasn't out of place. It was just those shoes that screamed out to the world. Hey, look at me! I'm sexy! I'm hot! I want to get fucked. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but I surely did. You were a dream to behold and you were about to become my reality. You were a teenage slut hiding behind the facade of the ordinary teenager, except the shoes gave you away. Those shoes raised your ass into the perfect fucking position. How many of the men looking at you - those perfectly nice religious men - wanted to bend you over the hood of their car and slip their hard cock up your sweet wet pussy. Maybe most, maybe none, but you knew that was what you wanted. You knew that you wanted it to happen but how could you make it happen? Well I was a photographer who worked with pretty teenage girls, encouraging them to show off what they had. We got together to do a modelling session and that was the beginning of your make-over into a hot-body slut.

      Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    • by Wishlist :...
    • A Typical Day at the Convent School
      atypical zip (16k) (F/F, F/f, M/f, Mother/daughter, nuns)
      The young nun tensed and jerked into a climax, but kept sucking. The old woman never has multiple orgasms, but she knew to hold off so that her playmate could have her usual three or more intense climaxes. Then, a few minutes later, as she sensed her little lover was getting out of breath from cumming so much, the Mother Superior began her slow climb toward feeling her own clit start to tighten and draw near to it's fulfillment. Now, the older woman started to "shift gears" and go into some serious girl fucking as she began to "get there". MOTHER SUPERIOR - "Oh, God, Ronnie, talk to me... talk to me, Baby... tell Mother what she likes to hear her little girl say!" SISTER VERONICA - "Oh, Mommy! Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck me like Daddy used to, Mommy! I want you to cum on me Mommy... cum on me like my Daddy used to, Mommy!" MOTHER SUPERIOR - "OH GODDAMN! You little bitch!! Tell me! Tell Mommy what your daddy did to you... you fucking little GODDAMN whore... tell me BITCH!!!" SISTER VERONICA - "He fucked me, Mother... My daddy used to come to me during the night when Mommy was asleep and fuck me." MOTHER SUPERIOR - "How old? How old were you, you little whore!?" SISTER VERONICA - "I was only 6 the first time, Mother... I was only 6 years old."
    • by pedofan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Vaterfreuden, teil 1
      vaterfr1 zip (04k) (M/g, pedo, incest, oral)
      Kane und seine 4 jährige Tocher entdecken "geheime Spiele", die Mami nicht erfahren darf. 1.Teil einer geplanten Serie mit jeder Menge Anal und wilden Sauereien: Kane war schon ein Glückspilz. Mit 46 Jahren hatte er so ziemlich alles im Leben erreicht, was sich ein Mann wünschen konnte. Eine hübsche junge Frau (Karen, 24), ein eigenes Haus, eine eigene Rechtsanwaltskanzlei und 2 wunderschöne Kinder (Justin, 2 und Chantel, 4). Trotzdem war Kane nicht zufrieden, mit sich und seinem Leben. Etwas fehlte ihm zu seinem Glück. Seine sehr viel jüngere Frau war nicht prüde und die beiden trieben es oft mehrmals am Tag und an den ungewöhnlichsten Plätzen, trotzdem kam irgendwann der Tag an dem er eine neue, bisher verborgene Leidenschaft entdeckte. Seine Frau Karen traf sich zweimal die Woche mit Freundinnen abends zum Plausch und er verbrachte den Abend zuhause und achtete auf die Kinder. Keine große Sache, doch an einem jener Abende sollte sich alles in seinem Leben verändern und endlich sollte die große Leere in seinem Leben gefüllt werden.

      Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    • by Gary Proctor :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Best Little Lover in the World, ch 1
      thebest1 zip (13k) (ped, Mg, cons)
      I am sitting in the living room watching reruns when the phone rings. It is Kyle, my friend whom I have come to see in Los Angeles. "Gary, listen," he said. "I'm with a client and it's going to take a lot longer than I had anticipated. I'm going to sleep here in Ventura and then drive back tomorrow morning. Great, I think. Friday night, I don't have a car, much less know my way around here. "Just make yourself comfortable there," he said. "We can go out and tear up the town tomorrow night." "Sure, no problem," I managed to say without betraying my irritation. "Maybe I'll go to that little shopping center and pick up a DVD or two." "Oh yeah, I almost forgot," Kyle said. "I promised my friend Andrea she could come over this afternoon and use the jacuzzi. Could you let her in for me?" Then after a pause, he adds "If you guys hit it off, you might have a lot of fun." "Huh?" "She's the best little lover in the world." Kyle signs off right after, leaving me to wonder just what he meant by "a lot of fun". Something sounds just a bit strange. Surely he doesn't think one of his female friends is going to trot to bed with me just because I happen to be around? And what the hell does he mean by "best little lover in the world"?
    • by Peter Small :...
    • Doctor's Visit
      doctorsv zip (10k) (g9, M40's [doctor], mast, con)
      Flower had just come back from her first visit to a gynocologist for her very first female examination, as her mom called it. Flower was still confused by what had happened to her and why her mom wanted someone to look at her little flower, that's what her mom taught her to call here coo, as the other little girls at school called theirs. She was surprised when her mom had left the examination room before the doctor arrived, telling her that she shouldn't be embarassed by what the doctor would do when he examined her.
    • by wet_amber :...
    • Seducing Mom and Dad
      seducing zip (26k) (Incest mother-daughter-father / zoo sex girl-dog / preteen sex)
      Susan lived on a working ranch in the Mid-West with her mother and father and she was well used to seeing the animals breeding. As she leaned against the timber fence at the back of one of the barns, she held her breath as her mothers horse, Prince, reared up and came crashing down on the back of the mare. His long, thick cock had no trouble in finding the slick horse cunt it was looking for, and slid easily inside the mare's body. Both animals snorted and neighed loudly as Prince's shaft slipped in and out and Susan could feel her little cunt tingle and become damp beneath her denim cut-offs and cotton panties. The day was rapidly coming to a close and the sun was low in the sky, casting long shadows that made the sight of the rutting horses all the more erotic to the young girl.

      Monday, April 02, 2007

    • by David Stephens :...
    • Loving Lisa
      lovingli zip (11k) (MFF/gg, inc, pedo)
      It was so unusually warm that she dressed Lisa in the skimpiest clothes possible, despite the frankly lecherous looks that the flaxen-haired little girl often received on their daily outings. Christina had a shameful secret which she tried to hide even from herself - she loved it when men stared at Lisa with blatant lust in their eyes. She herself was becoming increasingly sexually attracted to the 6-year-old and understood why so many men obviously felt the same way.
    • by SmokyWaters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 1
      theente1 zip (11k) (b/g F first, cons)
      At thirteen, I was so backwards compared to my friends, it was unbelievable, I knew nothing about sex and my buddies knew everything. Even John, the class nerd had touched a girl's pussy! Maybe I could brag about that, since I was the neighborhood baby sitter and had changed a lot of diapers, many of them on baby girls. Of course I was fascinated by the talk of sex but rarely engaged in it, only listened. Then, one day the word faggot came up and I knew what that word meant and it wasn't me, I liked girls, just knew nothing about them.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • The Wedding
      theweddi zip (23k) (F/m Mom/son)
      Charlene felt terrible. Roy, her husband of twenty years had left her for the proverbial "younger woman". She had gotten custody of the house and a princely sum to maintain her until the divorce became final. In the meantime, she lived alone with her eighteen-year-old son, Ryan. While there was still a big empty hole in her life, she did have her business. But it had been was difficult to return to work. Depression had wrapped its numbing hold on her. Just getting up to go to work was a real chore for the first few weeks. Thankfully, Ryan had seen her through it all, comforting and consoling her as any son would. The day the divorce became final, she and Ryan had come home to celebrate. They were sitting on the couch sharing a bottle of CC, gloating over her victory. The family had been quite well off before, and Charlene had taken Roy to the cleaners. So things weren't as bad as they had seemed to her earlier.

      Sunday, April 01, 2007

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • All About Eve
      allabout zip (11k) (man 32, girl 9; flashing, nudity, baths, fondling, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Ross Sterling was 32, has a steady income and writes for fun and gain. At the moment his 9 yo neighbor, who has been taking refuge in his house since she was four, is flashing him. Here is a bit of his description. "Eve has brown hair, parted at mid-scalp, the forward part hiding her forehead, the back half gathered rearward into a ponytail. Her brown eyes are compelling as at this time they are giving me the time honored look of a young girl flashing a man her private parts . . . Wearing only a sweater with dark and light brown parallel stripes horizontally adorning it, plus two white socks and not another stitch, she is facing me while propping herself up, feet well separated, arms extended behind her, all her digits effectively raising her hindquarters to a point several inches above the floor. And what presents itself for my unabashed adoration is a veritable symphony of curved flesh and usually unseen female body cavities."
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Horny Divorced Mom
      hornydiv zip (15k) (F/mm Mom/sons)
      I won't bore you with a lot of background information because I know you want to get your dick hard, coat it with Vaseline and baby oil, and jerk off, but you need to know a little about me first before we get to the sexy stuff. Let's start by saying I'm a divorcee... 38 years old, with two sons, Jeff, 17 and Jimmy, 15. They're good looking kids, and their hormones are raging, which is why seducing them was so fucking easy. As for me, I'm honestly a hot looking MILF... 5'2" tall, 36C tits, slim 115 pound body, perfect legs, and a cute little Mohawk shave above my pussy. I'm an attractive brunette, with killer brown eyes, and a slender face. "Nuff said" about all that shit. Now... on to the sexy stuff. For a while now I'd been finding sticky towels under my sons' beds, clear evidence of masturbation. Coupled with a few Playboy and Maxim magazines, it was pretty obvious what they'd been doing in the privacy of their rooms late at night. I saw nothing wrong with their masturbating. Hell, I do it pretty much every night myself. What changed things for me in a hurry though was when I began finding my soiled panties under their beds instead of towels... my panties... with their cum in them! It was then I realized either they loved the scent of my pussy or were fantasizing about fucking me... or both.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Duplex, Conclusion, ch 4
      thedupl4 zip (09k) (Sex, Adult/Child)
      This fourth story is the conclusion of the Duplex series. After Jane and Luke move in with Linda, she needs a new tenant for the empty side: Linda Darnell (not related to the movie star) used some of her inheritance money to build a very upscale duplex. Each unit had 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 4000 sq ft of space. Each had a patio covered by an extended roof, with a storage unit projecting out from the juncture of the two dwellings. There was a very large pool, and the rear area was completely surrounded by a large thick hedge. The rear entry gate was positioned towards the house, giving no view of the pool area. The large pool area was populated generously with umbrella tables and convertible lounge chairs. Linda Darnell was a nice looking lady of somewhat average proportions. She carried her 110 lbs, on her 5' 5" frame very well. She inherited heavy 7-figure money when her parents were taken in an automobile accident. At age 36, being the only child, and having never been married, found herself in a very comfortable position.
    • by Suitcase Pimp :...
    • Paedophiles Gedankengut
      paedophi zip (13k) (MMM, ggg, WW, b, inc, pedo, orgy, cons)
      Wenn Mann nach Thailand fliegt erwartet Mann ja wohl, die sinnlichen Freuden zu genießen, die von Thai Freudenmädchen und Lustknaben ausgehen. Es kommt aber manchmal auch anders, denn Thailand wird jetzt auch als Urlaubsziel für Familien und Paare gewählt, vor allem von solchen der toleranten Art. Unser Held wohnte in einer kleinen Ferienanlage mit zentralem Swimmingpool auf einer der vielen Touristeninseln im „Land des Lächelns". Eines nachmittags hörte er erfreut eine niedliche hohe Kleinmädchenstimme deutscher Sprache vom flachen Ende des Pools.

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