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      Friday, August 31, 2007

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Teacher's Pet
      teachers zip (12k) (F/g 7years M/g, teacher/student, dad/daugh, oral, mast, first time, love, pee, lact, and more)
      Her legs were squeezing mine not hurting them but just kind of holding mine snuggly between them. Sometimes she would be rubbing my other leg with her hand all the way up to where my panties were. It gave me all kinds of butterfly feelings and made my tickle start to feel real hot and kind of wet too. I started wiggling around a little while I was on her leg and when I did it made even more funny but wonderful feelings start happening. Miss Kathy looked at me and asked if I was having fun with a smile on her face and I told her yes. She was looking right at me then she kind of leaned over and gave me a kiss right on my lips. When she did she touched me right between my legs on my panties where my tickle was. It was like something shot all through my body and made me feel like I went pee in my panties. "Oh are you ok, I didn't mean to touch you there?" Miss Kathy stated looking at me. "That's ok but I think I had an accident" I said looking down then back at her. "Well lets go in the bathroom and see what we can do about it" she stated with a smile.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Hornbills, part 6
      hornbil6 zip (12k) (MM/f b/f b/ff Mf pedo first)
      "Just shut up and keep humping." he said. But the boy was through and everyone in the room knew it. "Get off the table and lay down on the floor." Hannibal said. She reluctantly pulled herself off Ambrose and quickly spread out on cold, hard floor. The old man got down on his knees between her legs. His hard cock went into her easily. She moaned and flailed about beneath him. "I'm coming . . . it's so good . . . I'm coming! Pound me hard you old bastard, put it in me harder!"
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 6
      jennife6 zip (08k) (MF cons rim inc dirty-talk)
      Jennifer gets more heated, and in preparation for anal sex, allows her surprise to rim her thoroughly.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Een Lekker Mens Als Rens
      eenlekk2 zip (12k) (MF, Ff, cons, oraal, kontvingeren, rimmen, incest, vuile taal, harige kut, voet fetisj, plasseks, scheet, lactatie)
      Een jongen wordt tot smerige seks verleidt door de vulgaire maar supergeile vriendin van zijn zus.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Opa Past Op, deel 4 (laatste deel)
      opapast4 zip (10k) (MMFFmmff, inc, ws)
      Ria haar man is bij haar weg en ze zit alleen met drie kinderen, Kees, Ellen en Maaike. Kees weet nog van niets maar daar komt verandering in als ze op bezoek gaan bij de ouders van Wim, bij wie hij een weekend heeft doorgebracht.

      Thursday, August 30, 2007

    • by Ludus :...
    • Terror Attack on Maplewood School
      terrorat zip (16k) (mff incest, first)
      After it looks like we've been exposed to a deadly substance Louisa and my sister Elizabeth decide they want to do one thing before we go to the great beyond.
    • by Acre :...
    • The New House: The Vicar's Visit
      thenewh4 zip (09k) (FF Mm Fm incest pedo)
      I knew the Vicar and his wife were coming round for an afternoon bite to eat but little did I know that the crumpet they wanted to have was me with my 14 year old son Jack as dessert. The doorbell's ring signalled the arrival of the handsome Vicar and his very slim wife Milly who were both about my age. Under the terms of the will by which we were given free use of the house(explained in 'The New House 1'), they were appointed to check the house. To make the visit friendlier, I had prepared afternoon tea and cream scones. 'I'm sorry the house isn't really tidy but Jack is off school with a bug.' I babbled as I led them to the sitting room for tea.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Sleep Over Fun
      sleepove zip (12k) (F/b, F/g, b/g, F/b/g, boy11, girl8, oral, anal, mast, cons, first time, and more)
      Timmy and Donna were no exceptions to my games though I have never had the chance to carry them very far having not been alone with them very long, we had shared some nice fondling time together when I had been at their home. I loved seeing his young cock grow and get fully erect pointing out at Donna and I as we played around. Donna called it his "pokie" though I wasn't sure why till one day I asked and she told me that he runs around poking at her with it. I laughed then imagined him sneaking up behind her trying to poke his young stiff 11 year old cock at her young tiny 8 year old butt. This was a new opportunity for me having them with me over night my mind ran with some of the wonderful things we could do.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 3
      thevill3 zip (10k) (MM/ggg ws)
      With laughs, the two boys grabbed the girls hands and were leading them back to the main courtyard but poor Casey was trying to stay a step behind them. With a giggle, Alee told her that was only when they were in public and today didn't count. Then, he turned to Gina and Megan and asked if they had names. With blushes and giggles, the girls gave the two boys their names and then the boys wanted to know how old they were. It was Alee that giggled, Megan was the same age he was and then he blushed because he thought she was as beautiful as Casey and Gina. With bottles of water, the children made their way back to the auction and on the way the boys told the girls about their country and they were going to make Casey feel at home there.
    • by Bravo69 :...
    • Back To School Examination
      backtosc zip (05k) (Fm, Mm)
      Every year in late August, my mother would take me to see the doctor. The school required that every student have a physical examination and all their shots before starting the new school year. It had become a routine. For those parents that couldn't afford their own doctor, the school provided one free of charge. That was the doctor we ended up with. Each year it was the same thing. The nurse would check my weight, my height, how straight my spine was and give me a shot. I hated the shots. Then the doctor would come in and feel me all over to make sure everything was in good working order. Sometimes the doctor would touch me in places that would make me feel uncomfortable. You know what I mean. Last year, when I was about to start fifth grade, he was feeling my nuts and asking me to cough, just like he always did when the nurse walked in. Nurse Matthews was hot. I mean, I was only eleven, but even I knew that she was hot. I was kind of embarrassed that my underwear was down when she entered and just as the doctor was feeling me down there, it got, well you know, it got hard. Doctor Phillips looked kind of surprised when it happened and looked over at the nurse who grinned back at him as if they were sharing some sort of personal joke at my expense. Nurse Matthews moved closer so she could get a better look and licked her lips. "Wow Johnny, that sure is a nice looking set you have there," she smiled. "Thanks," I answered her back, not knowing what else to say. The doctor still had his hand on me. It sort of felt good but weird and I wiggled nervously on the examination table. "I think that we should schedule a special examination next year," suggested the doctor.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girl Heat
      trailer6 zip (16k) (MMgggg pedo exhib voy twins cum)
      It's a hot and sweltering day at the trailer park. Sounds like a perfect time for our four little tarts to enjoy a day of relaxation ... especially with the new management thats taking over. Hope there's a surprise for our little ones out there in all that heat.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • De Perverse Moeder, ch 3
      deperve3 zip (16k) (Ff, oraal, kontvingeren, rimmen, vuile taal, harige kut)
      Lerares Anouk ontdekt het seksuele geheim van Angelique's activiteiten met haar moeder en broer. De 33-jaar-oude onderwijzeres heeft zelf ook geheime fantasieën en weet dat deze nu bij het meisje veilig zijn. In een leeg klaslokaal, met studenten en leraren niet ver weg, verleid de vrouw haar leerling en viert haar lusten bot op het 12-jaar-oude meisje.

      Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Without Restraint, ch 11
      withou11 zip (06k) (Ff MFf oral anal(-finger) rim inc dirty-talk hirs)
      15-year-old Tamra, having been seduced by her aunt Sylvia as her uncle secretly watched from the hallway, surrenders more and more to perverted incestuous sex. Even after Tony joins them she won't be deterred from becoming the nasty slut her uncle and aunt hoped she would be.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Daddy's Secret
      daddysse zip (10k) (M/g, M/d, M/g/d, dad/daugh 10, girl 10, oral, fondling, cons, first time, voy, and more)
      As we headed on out I couldn't help but notice in my rear view mirror that I had a perfect view of at least two little girls. Not only that but was able to see all the way up their short skirt outfits to their sweet little treats. Heather an 8 year old was wearing a pair of yellow cotton panties while Tammy 9 sitting next to her was wearing white cotton panties with little designs on them. Unfortunately the light wasn't bright enough to make out what it was, but did give me a wonderful view.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Opa Past Op, deel 3
      opapast3 zip (08k) (MFmff, inc, ws)
      Ria haar man is bij haar weg en ze zit alleen met drie kinderen, Kees, Ellen en Maaike. De twee meisjes en hun moeder ondergaan de grillen van opa.

      Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Big Brother's Help
      bigbroth zip (08k) (B/g, B/F, mom/son, bro 13/sis 8, cons, romance, first time, oral, fondling, historic, and more)
      "Ok brat lets get your bath ready" I said as I got up going over to her placed my hand on my 8 year old sister's back. We were pretty close for being brother and sister. I think it had to do with dad's death that she seemed to start to cling more to me since she didn't have him around. Now that he was gone she seemed to want me to do more for her even if mom wasn't busy. We got into the bathroom pushing the door to so that it stayed a little warmer in there, I started the water being sure the temperature was ok put the plug in and added the bubble soap. I had to piss hearing the water running only made it that much more intense. Pulling my shorts down letting my cock free I stood in front of the toilet and started to piss. Tina turned and started watching me which started to give me a hard on. I had been masturbating now for almost three years after I discovered when I was 10 just how good it felt. It was about two years ago that I started to cum shooting a little at first but soon it got to where jets would come out.
    • by Grandpa Lester :...
    • Young Hill Billy Heaven
      younghil zip (10k) (M(42)/g(5) oral/sex/voy/con)
      This is a story about a man who falls down on his luck. His son marries into a hill billy family where incest and sex with children runs silent but deep. He stays with his son and by accident learns first hand about sex and little girls.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Deb and Ken's Boy Toy
      debandke zip (07k) (Bi Guy threesome sex with wife, piss, cum and ass licking)
      "We're having company tonight, darling," Ken said. "Joey?" "Yep." "Really? He's coming here?" I asked, my nipples hardening. Joey, the man Ken had been writing to for months... the bisexual young man who was into all the same kinds of nasty sex as my husband... cum facials... cocksucking... piss games... ass licking. Joey was a submissive slut, and at 24 was young enough to be our son, which is why Ken has told the boy to call us "Daddy Ken and Mommy Deb." The thought of finally meeting this little slut caused a rush of wetness to suddenly fill my cunt, and I knew we were going to have a fantastic evening of unbridled nasty sex.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 3: ch 12
      thelook3 zip (07k) (Mf mf incest)
      James and David finally get into Maries pussy.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 5
      jennife5 zip (07k) (MF cons inc anal(~finger) dirty-talk)
      Jennifer's surprise fucks her hard.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • De Peverse Moeder, ch 2
      deperve2 zip (15k) (Fm cons oral anal(-finger) rim inc (mother/son) dirty-talk spit fart ws)
      Moeder Mieke spendeert wat tijd alleen met haar 14-jaar-oude zoon, en het wordt allemaal nogal pervers, precies zoals de moeder en huisvrouw het graag heeft.

      Monday, August 27, 2007

    • by Femalefartfan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Lisa's Love Stink
      lisaslov zip (03k) (FM Farting)
      This story contains farting between Male/Female
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 4
      jennife4 zip (05k) (MF cons oral inc dirty-talk wife)
      After giving her "surprise a blow job", Jennifer gets to have her cunt eaten by him.
    • by GSP :...
    • Grandpa's Wise Lessons, part 1
      grandpa1 zip (14k) (M/F, M/g)
      After having been in more trouble than is good for me, my grandpa made a most startling revelation. What I considered to be my pervertedness was nothing less that some chromosome that appeared to run in just about all male members of our family. So grandpa started his lessons about how to dominate and humiliate little girls without getting into major troubles.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Roadside Love
      roadside zip (10k) (M/F, F/b, M/b, mom/son, 8yr boy, oral, mast, fondling, cons, love, romance)
      That was one of the things that broke us up along the way, I am very small and tight and can't take anything very large at all. Even a finger can cause discomfort if not done gently." She said. With that my mind went nuts thinking that maybe she was getting off with her 8 year old son Billy in the shower or maybe even at night. "So what you're saying is that one like Billy's would be a comfortable fit but that one like mine would be ok as long as it was done gently and very carefully?" I said as I set down grabbing another slice of pizza and more soda. Tammy set there almost as if I knew something then almost in a whisper stated, "yes". My mind was going crazy thinking of this 24 year old and her 8 year old son.
    • by Viezerik :...
    • Juf Gerda En Haar Kleutergroep
      jufgerda zip (07k) (F/mmmmmmmffffffffffff)
      Juf Gerda heeft een kleutergroep. Zoetjesaan geeft ze de kleintjes knuffel-les.
    • by slutlover :...
    • Hur Man Introducerar En Bajsgrotta Till Kuk, del 4
      hurmani4 zip (09k) (MFF/bb (3yo) M/g (3yo) pedo anal oral ws scat nc cons rough toys)
      Mamman tittade till hastigt på pojken som inte lämnade mannens sida, och gick sedan till det andra rummet. Där inne var en liten flicka, fastbunden med någon slags läderband till en hög pall under henne. Det var en av hennes grannars 3 åriga lilla flicka, som just nu blev knullad i sin runda fasta små rumpa och mun samtidigt av någon slags maskin. Löskukarna som var fast i pistongerna var riktigt stora, och gick in djupt, till och med den i munnen, och något kittlade hennes pyttelilla barnklitta väldigt snabbt. Hon borde gråtit, men gnydde istället lätt när kukarna dubbelknullade hennes små hål.

      Sunday, August 26, 2007

    • by bluStat :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Summer of Fun, ch 1
      summerof zip (14k) (incest, non-consenting, rape, drugged, mf, brother, sister)
      Finally school had ended and I could now relax and veg out the rest of this summer. Grades be damned as I was probably going to be bringing home all C's. My parents of course will probably ground me once they get my report card, but right now I could care less. My freshman year in middle school is now over and I can finally escape this hell. Sure I met some new people, but for the most part I've been labeled a loser and no one will get within a two foot radius of me. I've been outcaste to such a degree that the nerds and geeks won't even accept me.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girl Junk Yard Whore
      trailer5 zip (10k) (Mgg pedo inc bdsm smoking)
      A new manager for the trailer park is brought in to keep the cops out, and meets the four year old and eight year old little tarts that live at the junk yard.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Freddy Gets His First Feel
      freddyge zip (12k) (man 13-34, girl 4-25; lap sitting, fondling, oral, penetration)
      "Freddy Skype's the name, feeling up little girls is my game." So sang Freddy as he began his tale of seduction; HIS own seduction at the hands and mouth of his 4 yo neighbor's daughter, little Kathy May Cline. Freddy admitted he neither knew nor cared about sex at age 13, his age when Kathy first began her seductive ways. First lap sitting, then, well, it would be giving things away for me to tell any more. To find out more you will need to read Freddy's little tale for yourself.

      Saturday, August 25, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 2
      thevill2 zip (12k) (MM/ggg ws)
      It was early the next morning, when the three still naked preteens began coming around, and realizing what had happened to them. Yet, they weren't scared, just confused, then a matron was telling them to come out of the room. They were again escorted to the shower room, where they used the facilities, then were taken back to the main courtyard for breakfast. When both Damien and Carl walked into the courtyard, stark naked, not even ten and a half year old Megan was embarrassed. First, Carl called twelve year old Casey to him, and fondled her beautiful naked body, playing with her tennis ball breast, thick blonde pussy patch and with her soft, hairless cunt lips. The twelve year old made no objections and actually seemed to be enjoying Carl's attention, enough that she had almost had several orgasms from it. When he called Casey Slave, it made the beautiful, blonde twelve year old smile.
    • by slutlover :...
    • Whoring For Cigarettes
      whoringf zip (05k) (MM/g (4yo) pedo oral anal ws smoking)
      The older man in the car chuckled, but kept his car in neutral. Although the four year old sounded not unlike a bad impression of some asian, she was a perfectly blonde little girl with
    • by Wyverndrake :...
    • Dakota, part 1
      dakota1 zip (02k) (Fg inc herm)
      Until I can get back to Queen's Ring, which will be soon, enjoy this little torrid tale...Shelly pulled off her Denny's uniform while looking in the mirror. She was still fit and had gotten rid of the extra weight that came with a baby. Her tits she freed from a black bra and though small drove the men wild with their firm full shape. She touched the olive toned skin and darker nipples.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 3
      jennifer3 zip (04k) (MF cons oral inc dirty-talk)
      Jennifer continues to orally please her surprise.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Obediant, part 4
      obedian4 zip (09k) (Pedo M/gg Oral First Time)
      Stacy was ten; she was a bright ten year old, a very pretty ten year old, but still only ten years old. She had a good idea of where the boundaries in her life were and what ten-year-old girls normally did and didn't do. So she was pretty certain that standing naked in front of a grown up man gently rubbing her sensitive little kitty was outside those boundaries. Just the fact that she really knew that it wasn't her "kitty" but her "cunt" was also something most girls probably wouldn't learn until the advanced age of twelve or thirteen. But Stacy also knew that the past two and half weeks had changed her boundaries forever. She didn't quite know how it happened, but she had learned that undressing in front of a grownup man got her a very nice reward. A reward she now wanted, she NEEDED to have at least once a day and if she got two rewards her day was wonderful. She felt a small shiver of pleasure just thinking of lying down on the bed and opening her legs to show her hairless kitty to Brad. Stacy found it so exciting and forbidden to lie on the bed and open her legs to Brad's mouth. She felt hot and weak at the memory of Brad kissing and licking his way up her legs until he was at her aching little kitty. The small waves of pleasure she got with her rewards were getting bigger every time and she enjoyed holding Brad's head tightly to her ten year old cunt so her enjoyment increased. Stacy wanted her reward right now!
    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 2: ch 10-11
      thelook2 zip (09k) (mf Mf incest oral)
      James finally gets to taste some of the pleasures of his preteen neices hot young body as he and his son get blowjobs from her.
    • by slutlover :...
    • Hur Man Introducerar En Bajsgrotta Till Kuk, del 3
      hurmani3 zip (09k) (FF/b (3yo) MFF/b pedo anal oral ws scat cons rough toys)
      Men mormorn fortsatte att hålla sin dotter hårt. Plötsligt tog pojken upp en fjärrkontroll från sängen och tv:n slogs på. Hans mor tittade på tv:n förskräkt. Det var hennes son, hennes 3 åriga söta lilla son. Och han red på en man, han red på en gammal gubbes jätte till kuk! Och han njöt av det. Pojkens mun, kinder, haka och bröst såg ut att vara täckta av sperma, och han hade något brunaktigt runt munnen också. Sen kom en kuk till in i bild, och den tog hennes son i munnen utan att tveka, och så djupt! Under tiden hade pojken glidit av dildon och hade börjat slicka rent den. Mamman viftade på huvudet förskräckt och skrek.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Opa Past Op, deel 2
      opapast2 zip (08k) (MFmff, inc)
      Ria haar man is bij haar weg en ze zit alleen met drie kinderen, Kees, Ellen en Maaike. Het gaat wat moeizaam totdat haar vader aanbiedt om door de weeks op de kinderen te passen. Ze heeft haar vader betrapt toen hij naakt met een stijve lul de trap af kwam. Ellen (12) haar besmeurde nachtponnetje ligt nog in de kamer .....

      Friday, August 24, 2007

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Visit by Auntie May
      visitbya zip (13k) (g/g, F/g 7yrs, F/b 10yrs, aunt/nephew, aunt/neice, fondling, oral, first time, cons, discovery)
      "Well I will say one thing, you haven't changed from when we were kids. I remember you were the one who first made the moves of our own playtime together." June stated looking at her sister remembering once again their childhood acts together. "Yes and over the years I've got even better, something working in the day care has helped me develop. You would be surprised how many horny little one's I've had the pleasure of fondling, licking, and playing with and never have had one yet ever mention a word to their parents or anyone else about it. Mainly because they were either curious or wanted it to begin with." May said as she held her little finger to her nose taking in the child's sent of her sex then putting it in her mouth sucked it for a few seconds.
    • by gusgus :...
    • My New Life, ch 6
      mynewli6 zip (10k) (F/Mmm oral breast penetration)
      "Right. You can celebrate that you got a new contract and I'll celebrate that I got in your pants!" "You guys are all the same, always thinking about pussy." "So what have you been thinking about most of the day?" I stuck my tongue out at him and responded, "Cock! Your cock." "Speaking of pussy. Are you still pantieless?"
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 2
      jennifer2 zip (04k) (MF cons oral inc wife)
      Jennifer finds out what her surprise is and likes it a lot.
    • by StarRider :...
    • Karen's Cumming Of Age, part 2
      karensc2 zip (07k) (M/f Uncle/neice M/ff f/f inc cons)
      Karen came into room and got onto his lap. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Her little tongue went between his teeth and explored his mouth. He ran his hand down her back and held her bottom. She hugged him tighter as his fingers found the crack between her cheeks. She reached behind her and caught his wrist. She moved his hand around her body and put it between her legs, then parted her thighs as he felt up to her crotch.
    • by uitkijker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Opa Past Op, deel 1
      opapast1 zip (08k) (MFmff, inc)
      Ria haar man is bij haar weg en ze zit alleen met drie kinderen, Kees, Ellen en Maaike. Het gaat wat moeizaam totdat haar vader aanbiedt om door de weeks op de kinderen te passen .......... verhaal

      Thursday, August 23, 2007

    • by zet :...
    • My Sister Robin
      mysister zip (19k) (Mf mg inc 1st cons rom)
      That night when I walked past the bathroom,the door was open a crack. I confess I looked through the crack to see if I could see anything (I couldn't), but that was just reflex teen horniness. I didn't think of my sister as a 'girl' in that way. She must have heard me in the hall because she called, "Bobby, would you wash my back?" "Sure," I said. This wasn't out of any desire to please her. She was in the tub, nude I had to presume. Even if I didn't think of her as a 'girl,' she certainly wasn't a boy. If I thought about it I had to admit she was really pretty with dark hair she usually wore in a pony tail, gray eyes that could look at you mischievously or intensely, and a quirky curving smile. She'd have boys hitting on her like crazy in a year or two. I opened the door and saw her naked.....back. Not a big thrill. She turned towards me, but she held her right arm over her chest. The tub was full of bubbles so there was nothing to see there either. Nonetheless, the possibility of naked female flesh was much higher right then than at any other time in my life. I smiled at her. She smiled back. I knelt on the mat beside the tub and picked up the wet wash cloth. I started rubbing it over her back. That wasn't going to take very long. It wasn't a big back. But it was a naked back, so I took my time, soaped the cloth, was gentle, was firm, went over her shoulders.
    • by gusgus :...
    • My New Life, ch 5
      mynewli5 zip (12k) (F/Mmm penetration breast oral)
      He raised his head up enough so he could look down and see my twat. I then spread my legs real wide giving him the best view of my freshly fucked pussy. He sat up and rotated his body so that he was now looking straight down at my cunt, I could tell he was trying to convince himself that it was OK to eat me. He just sat there a few seconds and so to encourage him, I reached down with both hands and gently spread my pussy lips. He lowered his head a little so he could better see inside my fuck hole. I then removed one hand from my pussy and let my other hand straddle my cunt with my pussy lips between my index and middle finger. I was able to open and closed my fuck hole by merely wiggling my fingers back and forth. He lowered his head a little more getting his face just inches from my pussy. I placed a hand on the top of his head and with very little if any pressure he soon had his face buried in my crotch.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Hornbills, part 5
      hornbil5 zip (13k) (Mf pedo)
      She shuddered as he filled her completely again! She clawed through the hair on his chest! He felt her little sharp fingernails scratch into his skin. But he didn't care! Nothing mattered now but climaxing with her wrapped round his boner.
    • by slutlover :...
    • Hur Man Introducerar En Bajsgrotta Till Kuk, del 2
      hurmani2 zip (07k) (F/b (3 yo) M+/b pedo anal oral ws scat rough cons toys)
      Men hur skulle mormorn få med sig pojken hem nu, tänkte hon. Köpcentret var folktomt, men nån person fanns det säkert som inte nog skulle se åt sidan med det här. Just du däremot så sket hon i konsekvenserna. Dottern var bortrest, och hon hade just sett till att hennes dotters barn blev rejält uppknullat och använt av en snuskig pervers storkukad gubbe, och inte minst av henne själv. Hon hade aldrig kommit så hårt och så länge som nu, och hon ville göra om det, och det ville säkert pojken också, så som han hade smaskat på kuken bara några minuter sen.

      Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    • by babyNpop :...
    • Down On the Farm
      downonth zip (07k) (M/M/M/g)
      Harry's wife died after a long bout with cancer leaving the old dad with the chore of not only keeping up his farm but caring for his little baby Lolly but Harry had a stoke of good luck when he hired on two farm hands to help him with all the farm chores.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girl Cindy
      trailerg zip (07k) (Mg pedo exhib voy cum)
      Cindy rubbed her pulsing little clit and felt the tingles and shocks of pleasure hit her. The nine year old took her other hand and slid two fingers into her wet pre-pubescent pussy hole. As she rubbed her small clit and fucked her preteen cunt hole she could feel a pulling inside her. She tried to shove her small nine year old fingers further into her tight little pussy, but an aching deeper inside couldn't be reached.
    • by Silk :...
    • A Life Changed, part 4 (Sophie)
      alifech4 zip (06k) (M/F father/daughter-in-laws, cons, (ages F 19,23))
      Alan had walked his new daughter-in-law down the aisle at her wedding, knowing her pussy was full of his cum, which he had deposited there not an hour before the ceremony. For Sophie that encounter hand changed her life. Now she was marrying the son of the man she really wanted. Even as the wedding march sounded and he prepared to walk her down the aisle he had squeezed her hand, and whispered in her ear... "Simon may be about to marry you, but you are mine now. And as soon as you're married, I intend to have you again." She had nearly fainted at those words, but had managed to whisper back, "yes daddy".
    • by Vartek :...
    • Hanging Around In Belgium, ch 2
      hanging2 zip (07k) (Bdsm caution non-cons viol breast fist beast)
      The slut under goes some drastic abuse of her more than ample breasts at the hands of the sadistic mystery old man and his supple granddaughter. After a heavy round of abuse levied at her tits and sluttish body she is given a reprieve for the weekend and tied in the dog pen, the best treatment for any bitch, soon she is very popular with all the dogs.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Danny and Uncle Dave
      dannyand zip (11k) (M/b, B/g, brother/sister, uncle/nephew, oral, anal, fondling, cons, incest, love, first time)
      Going on into the bathroom I started the shower then climbed in letting the warm water hit my body. I had only been in there for a minute or two when suddenly the shower door opened and in stepped Danny my 12 year old nephew. "Its ok if I shower with you isn't it Uncle Dave?" He asked looking at me with a smile on his face. "Sure I guess you can as long as your parents don't mind" I stated as my eyes glanced down over his naked body.
    • by Slutlover :...
    • Hur Man Introducerar En Bajsgrotta Till Kuk, del 1
      hurmani1 zip (09k) (MF/b (3 yo) anal oral ws scat rough nc cons)
      I ett köpcentrum nånstans sitter en äldre man på en bänk och bredvid honom sitter en söt liten flicka, högst 3 år gammal. Till höger om flickan sitter en kvinna med en väldigt yppig byst och figur. Det är en söndag, så det är väldigt folktomt. - Fin liten tjej du har där, säger mannen med ett elakt flin. Han hade en rejäl kulmage, och något väldigt tjockt och långt tryckandes

      Tuesday, August 21, 2007

      Passions' Flame; The Fire Within
      passions zip (02k) (rom)
      There is a fire within us... that only needs a touch to bring forth flame. Passion ignites... when I hear you whisper my name. My body shivers...oh... but not from cold... but from sweet anticipation... of desire that never seems to grow old.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Secret Box
      thesecre zip (15k) (M/b, b/b, b/spirit, oral, anal, cons, noncon, ghost, photography, and more)
      Leaving Mike and Jerry to look at the photos I headed back into the bathroom to shower again. As I stepped into the shower I started to soap off but then as I reached my cock I began rubbing it. I wanted to cum, I needed to there was something about those photos that seemed to excite me especially the ones that had the guy in them with his cock fucking a boy's ass. I began to think about what I had seen as I massaged my cock wondering what it would be like having one in my ass. About that time I heard a man's voice that had a funny accent to it, "Would you really like to know what it feels like?" came the words.
    • by Viezerik :...
    • De Auditie
      deaudito zip (06k) (MF/ff)
      Een auditie voor de film

      Monday, August 20, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Vila, ch 1
      thevila1 zip (11k) (MM/ggg ws)
      The two men sat at the bar and watched the dance floor, three girls in particular, one ten and a half, the other two twelve. This was a bikini bar, open to all ages and these three little rich girls were trying to act twice their ages. Still, both men thought twelve year old Casey was a living doll, just barely five foot tall, long blonde hair, beautiful face and filled her string bikini out quite well. As she danced and strutted, her B sized, cup cake breast never even moved, but their excited little nipples poked through the fabric quite nicely. The other twelve year old, Gina, was a strawberry blonde, the same height as Casey but her B breast were obviously pointed but just as firm.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girls, part 4
      trailer4 zip (17k) (MMMMgggg pedo exhib voy twins drugs cum)
      Our little trailer girls need to learn how to be real sluts ... and you can't just do that all in the park. Sometimes you need to go into the dirtier parts of town to really learn. And our little girls finally get some cock!!

      Sunday, August 19, 2007

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Henry's Summer of Note
      henryssu zip (15k) (boy 14, girl 10; voyeurism, nudity, doctor game, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Henry Boxman was 14, but was unsure of himself around girls his own age. It was summer. His buds who he played fantasy games with during the school year were away for the summer. He was bored. He enjoyed watching younger girls at play in the park, particularly girls in dresses as they were swinging on the swings. On this day of note, a girl he had been watching earlier suddenly knocked him out of his daydream as she appeared before him, accusing him of watching girls swing so he could see their legs and underwear. Henry didn't know what to do, if he could have disappeared he would have. However, it turned out to be very lucky he didn't have the power to disappear, for he wouldn't have been able to participate in the adventure of note that followed that confrontation.
    • by ArtsyCraftsyKid :...
    • The Messiah
      themessi zip (21k) (mff, bro/sis/sis, humor)
      Annette and Josette transpose my life.
    • by Spin :...
    • The Kiddy Shoe Store on Seventh
      5thekidd zip (13k) (M/g Pedo Sex Cons First)
      After many years of working as a Shoe Store Manager, John finally gets his reward when Nine Year Old Sarah Montgomery becomes the ultimate prize and...then some. Selling shoes has an erotic side... maybe a change of career anyone?
    • by Slutlover :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Tonårsluder
      tonarslu zip (05k) (M/f M+/f anal ws nc cons)
      Det började me min lärare när jag va 14. Han va en över 50 årig fet gubbe som alltid stirrade på mig som om jag va ett luder. Jag va ju ganska slynigt klädd, o vilken jättebula han hade i byxorna! Han visade mig va jag va för. En dag i skoltoan kom han in när jag höll på o pissade. Han tog tag i mitt hår o lyfte upp mig medans hans andra hand strypte mig o jag fick ingen luft. Jag pissade på golvet o på hans skor o han skrattade bara rått o spottade på mitt ansikte. Han sa att jag bara va en liten knull-leksak, o det bevisade han verkligen! Jag fick slicka mitt piss från golvet o skorna o när jag tittade upp såg jag hans jättelika ådriga o hårda gubbkuk. Han tänjde mig ordentligt. Och hårt! Han älskade o bulta sin hästkuk in o ut ur min flickröv, som bara nåra minuter innan hade varit oskuld. Det gjorde så ont! Men han brydde sig inte utan bara skrattade o sa att han aldrig skulle ta det lugnt me mina små hål. Han lärde mig hur småtöser som jag ska suga kuk oxå. Varje centimeter av gubbkuk ner i tonårshalsen, utan nåd, o jag lärde mig ganska fort. Det e ju svårt o inte göra som en kåt gubbe säger när han kväver en totalt me sin bamsekuk, o det hjälper inte o spy, han stannar inte för det utan bara fortsätter o våldta din trånga lilla hals, ännu hårdare. Sen dess va jag hans egendom, den gamla perversa gubben o hans söta lilla fjortishora, han ägde alla mina luderhål o fick göra precis va han ville me dom.

      Saturday, August 18, 2007

    • by Horny Heather :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Daddy's Whore
      daddyswh zip (03k) (Mf young)
      Daddy said I was bred to be a whore, my 14 year old mother was too worn out and bored him, he wanted some baby cunt to train. He gave my mother to a friend who liked old pussy and raised me by himself, weaning me on cum.
    • by Ludus :...
    • Unforgettable Night Games, parts 5-6
      unfor5-6 zip (22k) (mmffffvoyeur, exhibitionism, strip poker)
      Carl gets to see Julia again along with some new friends.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Hornbills, part 4
      hornbil4 zip (11k) (Mf Pedo)
      The man's fingers started to caress the outside of her thigh. He stopped dueling with his tongue and looked at her, the dim light from the windows in front of the house showing the dark outline of his face. "Rebecca," he moaned, "I want you.
    • by Wyverndrake :...
    • Queen's Ring, ch 2
      queensr2 zip (04k) (anal, inc, MF, MFf, magic)
      Estrea slid from her perch to the ground below. She was careful to keep out of sight of the changeling wolf. She did not trust changelings much, yet this one acted like he was satisfied for now. He was close in size to Mullin, yet the ranger's bonded animal would listen to her and because of the bond, she could feel when Mullin was close to cumming and she could prepare herself for the heat that always flooded her. She felt a tingle in her loins, and she touched her cleft through her breeches.
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • My Daughter's Friends, part 4: The Morning After
      mydaugh4 zip (07k) (M / Daug 10 / incest)
      It all came back to me as I opened my eyes and took in the surroundings, there, sure enough was this beautiful little imp, naked and sleeping so soundly on the side of me. She was spread out and her legs splayed, showing the bruised pussy in which I had inflicted upon her. I wondered if she would hate me, but that feeling was passing quickly as my cock started to harden once again from the delicious site of this immature sex on show before me.
    • by Susie Incestia :...
    • Daughter's Dirty Books
      daughter zip (16k) (Mg (daddy/daughter), consenting incest, pedo)
      10-year-old Penny finds some dirty old incest novels. These inspire her to discover her sexuality and the strange, exciting feelings she has for her father. The young girl sets out to discover the joys of daddy/daughter incest for herself.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girls, part 3
      trailer3 zip (16k) (Fg/gggg pedo inc exhib voy twins bdsm drugs)
      Fun times are in store for our little preteen tarts. Twelve year old Sarah and nine year old Cindy are ready for some fun times. They get to stay with the twin six year old pedo dolls as both their mothers go to work ... but who is going to babysit if Mr. Harris is not around?

      Friday, August 17, 2007

    • by Wyverndrake :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Queen's Ring, ch 1
      thequee1 zip (03k) (beast f-solo reluct fantasy)
      Amber settled back on blanket behind the barn and pulled her tunic up just enough to feel the air between her legs. It was twilight and her uncle and aunt would be busy with their chores. She had finished brushing down the plow horse Brill, once a tougher horse, yet had become older and only useful for the plow. And, now she had some time to herself, and ever since she had discovered how good it felt to caress her cleft one night, she had wanted to touch herself more and more.
    • by Acre :...
    • Shooting Stars, part 1
      shootin1 zip (08k) (Ff, Fm, incest)
      Maria's three daughters were stunning. All three wore identical school uniforms of white blouses, green tartan kilts and short white socks but, the result of each was different. Thirteen year old Rosita was slightly chubby and self conscious. She was struggling to keep a pair of big tits in a strained tight white blouse. Her ample arse cheeks filled her kilt and looked a pleasure to hold. The kilt had also seen better days and was now riding up her thighs when she rested on the sofa. She sat defensively with folded arms and her legs closed trying to hide the gorgeous assets that many people were going to abuse. If only she knew how often I intended that she was to be fucked then she would have welded her limbs in that position. Her light coffee crème complexion set off the shine of her white blouse and socks beautifully. Anna and Teresa's skin tones were much lighter but all three girls had long glossy black hair. I wondered if there were two fathers but said nothing. Anna at ten was more curious than Rosita leaning forward to hear more about modelling. Through the blouse I could see nice mounds pushing against a vest but no training bra. Her legs were longer and skinnier than her older sister's and mum's. Teresa at seven was almost anorexic with her uniform hanging off her. Her innocent look as she read her comic and licked an ice lolly was just what some men wanted. She was ripe for long term abuse. A nervous Maria had greeted me and my suitcase full of modelling outfits. We had talked about what the modelling work involved on the phone so all I needed to do was see how compliant the family would be. Maria was a comfortable looking lady of 35 with ample 36 inch cleavage showing through the cross over dress which was bit a good three inches above the knees and a bit shabby.
    • by Mysterian :...
    • Incest House: The Playroom
      incestho zip (17k) (M+/g+ (all ages), Dad/daut/ inc, oral, anal, penetration, cons)
      Matthew Douglas and his nine-year-old daughter Kristen are accepted into the Colton Arms, a very exclusive condominium catering to pedophiles. They get a tour of the very private upper floors and are astounded...and what they see.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Club, ch 2
      theclub2 zip (08k) (12 men/ 13 girls severe rape, torture, bondage, bestiality, snuff)
      For what seemed like an eternity, twelve year old Brandy tried to get her lungs to work properly. That huge cock had went so deep in her body that it was hitting her lungs, then she began to wonder about how bad she was bleeding. It didn't seem to bother the man in the least, he just pushed her one leg aside, stood up and walked away. He was gone for some time, then returned and moved back to kneel between Brandy's still splayed legs. Without any preparation, he began shoving that fourteen inch by three inch cock back into the beautiful twelve year old's cunt. It hurt just as bad and went just as deep as the last time and Brandy was again fighting to breathe.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girls, part 2
      trailer2 zip (13k) (Mgg/Fgggg pedo inc exhib voy twins bdsm)
      Preteen trailer park hotties 12 year old Sarah and 9 year old Cindy dress up in barely anything and head to the small park and open water hydrant. They get to spend some time in the water and meet the new Japanese family in the park, Kiko and her twin six year old little lolita girls.
    • by Bandit :...
    • Urlaub Umsonst!
      urlaubum zip (22k) (M/g/F/b, love, blow)
      Hier die nächste Sommergeschichte, wie versprochen. Paul plant einen besonderen Urlaub und sein nicht geringes Vermögen erlaubt Ihm goße Pläne. Aber das der Urlaub solche Ausmaße annimmt hatte er sich nie zu träumen gehofft...

      Thursday, August 16, 2007


      Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    • by Baldie :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Trailer Girls, part 1
      trailer1 zip (06k) (Fgg Pedo Inc Exhib Voy Drugs)
      Little girls from those rich neighborhoods can be sluts sometimes, little cock teases in their designer clothes. But they have those moral peer pressure issues, concerned parents and all kinds of people watching out for their "innocence". They are teases, and nothing more. But those preteen girls from the trailer parks, they are the true little sluts and this is their story.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Hornbills, part 3
      hornbil3 zip (11k) (MF watching pregnant birth)
      "Child," Sady said, "The stream of experiences that we call "good" and those we call "bad" come to us not from God but from ourselves, from what we've been in the past and what we make of ourselves in the present. Earth is a learning ground - nothing more."
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Afternoon Snack
      afternoo zip (08k) (MF ff cons oral anal rim dream exhib public dirty-talk hirs feet nylons)
      Commuter John waits for his train in a train station diner. When a good looking, yet demure blonde sits at his table, John can't help imagine her asking him to do her right then and there.
    • by gusgus :...
    • My New Life, ch 4
      mynewli4 zip (12k) (F/mm breast, oral, penetration)
      "In my position, it is just not a safe thing to do, I cannot afford to jeopardize my business for just a little hot fun." "If it were not for that, would you let me fuck you?" "Yea, I probably would. You have a very nice big cock and I know that I would thoroughly enjoy feeling it up inside me and being fucked by you." My pussy began to juice up as I was talking to Ralph, I could not believe that I was calmly talking to this kid that I did not really know, about fucking him. I could tell our conversation was having an affect on him as the bulge in his trousers became very prominent.
    • by Viezerik :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Een Losbandige Famillie
      eenlosba zip (06k) (MM/bbggg)
      Fre vind een paar geile jongens en daarna hun gezinnetje

      Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 14
      julie14 zip (15k) (Mf exhib lots of other stuff)
      I knelt on the car seat and took his cock out of his pants. I opened my mouth over it and sucked on the big head. I'd like you to undo my school girl shirt and feel me up I told him. And I'd like you to pull up my skirt and rub your hands all over my naked bum. I'd really like you to run your finger over my little rose bud anus. That feels really good to me. It reminds me of get a stiff cock up my asshole and I love that. As he ran his hands over my nude bum his finger flicked over my asshole and I took a bigger gulp of his cock. He did it again and I went down on him further. He got the idea and ran his finger back and forth over my anus. Then he surprised me. He shoved my mouth all the way down his cock until my lips were touching his pubic hair. His cock head was at the back of my mouth. I started slowly sucking up and down his full hard prick. He ran his hands over my tiny tits and moaned in pleasure every time I bottomed out on his cock. I could hear the camera clicking away as he was molesting my petite young body. I want you to cum in my mouth I told him as I took my mouth of his cock. I want to feel you spraying your hot sperm all over the inside of my mouth. I just a little bitch so use me to get off. Flood my mouth with your sticky cum. It was then back to sucking on his fuck meat. His hands were busy exploring all the naked parts of me and the camera was recording everything he did. He was back at my ass with one hand and he was using the other to push my head all the way down his cock. My head went down and his finger went into my ass, then his cock was at the back of my throat again. I knew he was close to cumming as his balls we tightening up. I had one hand around his cock shaft and the other tickling his nuts. I wanted him to blow in my mouth soon.
    • by Greven :...
    • Lillies of the Field, part 5
      lillies5 zip (12k) (M/f, preg)
      I awoke feeling better than I ever had. I had spent the night in bed with the woman I loved more than almost anything, after making love to two of the three girls I loved just as much
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • My Daughter's Friends, part 3: The New Acquaintance, Tim
      mydaught3 zip (07k) (M / daug 10 / M / f 10)
      Tim and I looked at each other's porn for nearly an hour before the girls came walking, or more resembling stumbling, in through the side door. Tim's mouth nearly hit the floor as the two beauties came strolling into my office with nothing on but their sexy two piece bikinis that covered nothing more than the most private of parts. I managed to change the screen on the computer and welcomed the two girls in and introduced them to Tim.

      Monday, August 13, 2007

    • by Matson :...
    • Dream One
      dreamone zip (10k) (M/f, 12, grandfather, oral, anal play, cons)
      I felt her small tongue drift up and down the loose skin of my pecker's sweet spot, seeking to harden me. It worked "a little", I grew in her hands. She enjoyed this tremendously, my reacting to her, feeling me lengthen and thicken, sweet feedback for her efforts. Her tongue increased in speed and intensity, she was young and eager and wanted the ending to happen much faster than I wanted it to.
    • by Pappie :...
    • De Familie Smits, deel 3
      defamil3 zip (04k) (MMMFFFmfff)
      Net toen we besteld hadden kwam een familie met drie jonge kinderen en een peuter in een buggy binnen. Ik herkende Tim die ik eerder die middag al had gezien. Het bleek de zoon van Wilma en Ruud te zijn met zijn gezin. Ze kwamen bij ons aan de lange tafel zitten. De zoon bleek ook al over mij gehoord te hebben. Hij stelde zichzelf aan mij voor. Zijn naam was Frits en hij was 35 jaar. De naam van zijn vrouw was Evelyn en zij was 34 jaar. De kinderen waren Nicole (13), Tim (10), Ciska (6) en Bianca (2). Frits ging naast zijn moeder Wilma zitten en streek liefkozend over haar borsten. De tepels van zijn moeder werden meteen keihard. Ciska ging naast haar vader zitten.
    • by Bandit :...
    • Tage am Rhein
      tageamrh zip (15k) (g/M voy masturbate blow)
      Hier die erste Geschichte von einigen Sommerstorie die folgen werden. Ein heisses Date Fickfreundin Brigitte wird für Tom heisser als er es sich gedacht hatte.

      Sunday, August 12, 2007

    • by horneyson :...
    • A Post Funeral Saga
      apostfun zip (20k) (incest mother/son indian)
      How her 2 sons took advantage of her after their father's death.
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • My Daughter's Friends
      mydaught zip (11k) (M / daug 10 / f 10)
      It's really amazing what a young girl will do for possessions. It's also really amazing what little girls don't consider to be sex and how young they start getting boy crazy. At ages of 8 years old they start dressing like college girls going to a rave club. Ah, they grow up so quick these days.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Ellie May Gets an Eyeful (and Uncle gets and earful)
      elliemay zip (10k) (man your age, girl 4; exhibitionism, nudity, fondling, oral)
      Little Ellie is 4 years old. Her mom called to tell me she was coming over. I said send her over. Ellie is seems to be a very horny little girl, as she can be frequently seen playing with herself under her dress or in the leg hole of her shorts. I decided to put her horniness to the test by unzipping my fly and bringing out my flesh covered vaginal plunger, balls and all. To get her reaction I called out for her to come on in. Would she recognize what it was? What would she think to do with it? Those are questions whose answers lie embedded in the story that follows.Little Ellie is 4 years old. Her mom called to tell me she was coming over. I said send her over. Ellie is seems to be a very horny little girl, as she can be frequently seen playing with herself under her dress or in the leg hole of her shorts. I decided to put her horniness to the test by unzipping my fly and bringing out my flesh covered vaginal plunger, balls and all. To get her reaction I called out for her to come on in. Would she recognize what it was? What would she think to do with it? Those are questions whose answers lie embedded in the story that follows.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 1
      jennifer zip (06k) (F cons caution no-sex dirty-talk)
      While horny and at work, Jennifer gets a phonecall from her husband that a surprise is waiting for her when she gets home. Not being able to stand her arousal any longer, she decides to go home immediately to see what the surprise is.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • A Spectacle To Beat All Others
      aspectac zip (07k) (M/M/M/ g toddler)
      Sam had actually managed to penetrate baby Pammy and I'd thought that was as good as it gets but little did I realize what was next in store for the little baby.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Club, ch 1
      theclub1 zip (13k) (12 men/ 13 girls severe rape, torture, bondage, bestiality)
      Twelve hours ago, they had all been on their little team mini bus, on the way home from winning a soccer game. They were on a quiet rural road, when the driver stopped for a man laying in the middle of the road. When their driver went out to see what was wrong with the man, non of them noticed the canister tossed into the bus. Now, all twelve of the eleven and twelve year old girls huddled stark naked in a cold cell, crying and trying to understand what had happened to them and where they were. A woman walked to the cell door, dressed like a nurse and each of the twelve began sobbing and begging to know what was going on.

      Saturday, August 11, 2007

    • by Vartek :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Hanging Around In Belgium, ch 1
      hanging1 zip (07k) (Bdsm caution non-cons viol breast)
      Holly was a stuck up little slut whom was the perfect description of cock-tease whom had tormented her stepfather for far to long so he had arranged for her to be kidnapped, extradited and duly punished at the hands of a sadistic group of men and women.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Without Restraint, ch 10
      withou10 zip (06k) (Ff cons oral anal (~fingers) inc dirty-talk hirs)
      Sylvia continues to sexually seduce her teenage niece and has her play with her ass as Tony secretly watches.
    • by Zponkf :...
    • Jenny Och Sophie
      jennyoch zip (11k) (Ff MFf incest)
      Jag träffade Jenny ganska snart efter min skilsmässa. Jenny var precis vad jag behövde: Lugn, analytisk och ändå varm och intensiv. Vi tog det väldigt lugnt i början eftersom hon också nyligen genomgått en separation. Jenny var 29 år, långt ljust hår. Det räckte henne till ändalykten faktiskt. Hon var inte pinnsmal, hon hade former. Men hon var vältränad. Hon hade ett lite finskt utseende. Hon var inte fotomodellvacker. Men det har jag å andra sidan aldrig gillat, de ser mest ut som plast tycker jag och utan smink mest som skit. Killar vände sig om efter Jenny, men det handlade om helheten. Hon utstrålade vacker kvinna hela hon. Jenny bodde ensam i en trea i stan tillsammans med sin dotter Sophie, 9 år. Sophie såg ut som en minikopia av sin mamma. Jenny var väldigt restriktiv med att jag skulle få träffa Sophie alls i början. Hon ville inte släpa nya män in och ut ur Sophies liv. Jag hade inga problem med att respektera det. Men efter ett och ett halvt år flytta de vi ihop i en fyra. Jag var då 32 år. Jenny 30 och Sophie hade precis fyllt 11 år. Ganska tidigt var det en sak som jag fann udda med Jenny och Sophie. Inte konstigt, men udda. Jenny nattade fortfarande Sophie. När det var dags för Sophie att sova så följde Jenny henne till sängs, läste en bok och låg kvar tills Sophie somnat. Jag sa naturligtvis ingenting om detta utan relaterade det till den traumatiska upplevelse det säkert hade varit för Sophie när Jenny och Sophies pappa gick isär. Hon kanske behövde detta för trygghet.

      Friday, August 10, 2007

    • by Mister Dodds :...
    • Naughty 11 and 12 Year Old Neighbor Girls
      naughtye zip (07k) (M/f, spanking, humilation, oral, anal)
      Coming home early one day, I realized that I had left the patio door open slightly. Closing it, I was startled to hear voices upstairs. A bit of panic rose up in me before but before I could decide on a course of action, the voices clarified as that of female children. Suddenly two young girls appeared descending the stairway and stopped frozen in their tracks upon seeing me. I stood somewhat fixed in my position but quickly assessed the situation. They were two girls from the neighborhood; 11-year old Stacy from two doors down and 12 year old Nicole from across the street. Apparently seeing the door ajar and thinking I was away, had sneaked inside to try to steal something. Upon confronting them, this hypothesis was confirmed and I soon found the ransacked drawers in the bedroom with the little bit of cash I kept there missing. Obviously these young girls were not hardened criminals, just innocent children who gave in to the temptation of a door left ajar to hopefully profit a little extra pocket money. The small amount of money taken was not the issue, the fact that these little girls had invited themselves in was not the issue either. It was more a matter of principle and that these kids needed to learn from their mistakes. It would be in the girl's best interest for me to call the girl's parents and have them deal with them. My paternal side told me that this was the proper thing to do. But on the other hand, my perverse side tempted me with the rare possibilities at hand.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Annalee
      annalee zip (08k) (Mf pedo first)
      There was no love lost between mother and child. Annalee had just been sold this morning to a fat man so her mother could buy food and pay the rent.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Without Restraint, ch 9
      without9 zip (05k) (Ff cons oral inc dirty-talk hirs)
      As Tony watches from behind the door, his sister starts getting down and dirty with their teenage niece, by having her pull down her panties and go down on her.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • De Perverse Moeder
      deperver zip (04k) (mf Fmf cons bi oral anal rim inc ped dirty-talk hirs ws felch)
      Moeder Mieke betrapt haar twee jonge tienerkinderen terwijl ze elkaar oraal bevredigen. Geil als ze is, besluit ze mee te doen en het incestueuze triootje tussen moeder, zoon en dochter eindigt wel heel pervers.
    • by Zponkf :...
    • Kristina Och Lilla Anna, del 4
      kristin4 zip (08k) ((previous post in error) MFFFFMffff incest)
      Familjen blir större: Hur fungerar det sociala livet i en så apart familj som vår? Kan man alls umgås med andra? Nja, vi gjorde vårt bästa för att kapa band med bekanta där vi egentligen bara umgåtts genom parmiddagar. Kristina hade mycket lite släkt, bara en syster med familj i livet och min bodde på så långt avstånd att det var lätt att ursäkta sig från deltagande på högtidsdagar. De fåtal gånger vi inte kunde undvika besök så var det ju bara att uppträda normalt. Den mer "onormala" delen av familjen (Katarina, Lena, Anna och Lisa) spenderade de tillfällena i den andra lägenheten. Fungerar det socialt inom familjen då? Ja, självklart uppstår strider. I vilken familj gör det inte det? Men i grund och botten grundades umgänget i alla former på respekt och framförallt kärlek till varandra och till vårt gemensamma intresse. Det knöt oss samman till en mycket tajt grupp av människor. Allt var tillåtet att diskutera hemma hos oss. Allt diskuterades också. Jämt. Min och Kristinas kärlek var starkare än någonsin. Vart skulle någon av oss hitta en liknande person att leva med igen? Hur söker man efter en sådan partner? Tillfälligheter och tur hade tagit vår familj dit vi var idag. Men vi ville ha mer. Så länge vi inte såg några större risker eller kunde styra över och begränsa riskerna själva så fick familjen bli hur stor som helst för mig och Kristina. Vi var också överens om att den i familjen som ville gå vidare till ett annat liv skulle få göra det om vi kunde hitta en praktisk lösning. Detta gällde naturligtvis inte Katarina. Vissa upptagna familjemedlemm ar skulle aldrig kunna lämna familjen. Allt styrt av vem man var och hur man kommit till oss. Även detta handlade om att riskminimera och på så sätt kunna fortsätta leva som vi gjorde.

      Thursday, August 09, 2007

    • by Anonymous Author :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Down at the Beach: Alice and Robbin Make Nice, part 1
      downatth zip (04k) (trans)
      I had been invited to a beach party by a young man I had met on the internet. Kevin and friends were going to be partying at one of the many fire pits that dot the state beach just off the highway through most of the night. I was staying at another friend's house for a few days and was alone for the evening; James had to work until 4am. I bathed and got ready for the party. I wore a yellow sun dress over a red tank top and g-string panties. My nails were painted bright red and my long blonde hair was tied back loosely for a sultry look. I drove to the beach and parked close to where Kevin had instructed and put on some lipstick and freshened my makeup, Putting on a pair of pretty yellow flip flops I ventured forth and crossed the pavement to the sand.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Without Restraint, ch 8
      without8 zip (08k) (Lesbian Ff (15); incest (aunt / niece); dirty talk; spitting)
      Weeks had passed since I had hot, perverted sex with my sister Sylvia. And although she would aim a meaningful glance at me now and then when we saw each other during family visits, she said nothing out of the ordinary to me. Apparently, she wanted to take no chances of her husband Ron getting suspicious, and I just had to be patient until an opportunity would arise to continue our incestuous relationship. She did stuff a pair of filthy panties into my pockets two or three times when nobody was looking. But although they continued to be great little gifts, they didn't compare to the real thing. I also had more and more difficulty not to outright stare at my 15-year-old niece Tamra, about whom my sister and I openly fantasized that last time we had hot, nasty sex. I hoped with every fiber of my being that I would get the opportunity sometime to bone her, but until then I could only regard her as she was: my unblemished teenage niece.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Een Lekkere Snack
      eenlekke zip (07k) (MF ff cons oral anal rim exhib public feet nylons dream)
      Forens John wacht op zijn trein in het stationsrestaurantje. Wanneer een knap, maar terughoudend ogende blondine tegenover hem gaat zitten, kan John niet anders dan zich verbeelden dat ze hem vraagt haar te ter plekke te nemen.
      Hoog en Nat
      hoogenna zip (12k) (MF cons interr oral rim interr WM~BF)
      Een man met vliegangst wordt gekalmeerd door een donkere stewardess. Op een wel heel gewaardeerde manier.

      Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • Mommy's Confession
      mommysco zip (15k) (Fm Mf incest cons)
      Coming in from jogging, a husband and his daughter find his wife and son on the couch. Wife comes clean about her sexual history which opens up new attitudes and behaviors in the family
    • by Luc Malfoy :...
    • Freiheit, part 6 (last part)
      freihei6 zip (08k) (M/f)
      Der Arzt hatte Lucs Hand ergriffen und hielt sie fest umschlossen. Luc spürte das brennen in den Augen, doch er beherrschte sich. Er nickte kurz, dann sprach er mit rauer Stimme: "Wie hoch ... wie hoch ist die Chance?" Für einen Moment schwieg der Arzt. Dann sagte er sehr leise: "Zehn Prozent, dass sie wieder so wird, wie früher ... zwanzig, dass sie überlebt. Aber das ist das Beste, was ich sagen kann ... es tut mir leid!"
    • by Zponkf :...
    • Kristina Och Lilla Anna, del 3
      kristin3 zip (11k) (MFFFFMffff incest)
      Kristina hade ett tag pratat en del om en kvinnlig programledare som fanns på hennes arbetsplats. De gillade varandras sällskap och efter ett tag hade Kristina förstått att under den i TV så strikta ytan fanns en kvinna som var både spännande och eldig. Hon brukade kommentera Kristina när hon tyckte att Kristina var snygg. Kallade henne vid ett tillfälle för sexig och Kristina tyckte att Katarina var fruktansvärt sexig. Kristina ville veta om det fanns mer under ytan än vad hon sett hittills. Hon bjöd hem Katarina en kväll då jag "inte var hemma". Jag, Lena, Anna och Lisa var förstås i den andra lägenheten och kollade på hur Kristinas och Katarinas kväll gick. Vi hade sedan ett tag tillbaka fått hem hårborttagningsmaskinen. Det var ett ganska drygt jobb, men resultatet blev perfekt. Jag, Kristina och Lena var nu alldeles hårlösa. Med lite glidmedel på kroppen så var känslan fantastiskt len och sensuell när vi tog i varandra. Och vi gjorde ju nästan inte annat. Lisa hade utvecklat en smak för analsex. Hon hade nu fyllt elva och det fanns inget hon gillade bättre än att bli knullad där bak.

      Tuesday, August 07, 2007


      Monday, August 06, 2007

    • by Collette Reagh :...
    • The Babysitter's Drive Home
      thebabys zip (08k) (Mf. nc, power play, losing control)
      The dark car backed out the drive. The babysitter was in her teens. A shy girl, but prettily built. The driver, father of Carrie, who was eight, was taking her home. They'd been to a dinner, his wife and he, drunk a bit. He'd had a cigar. The babysitter, Cherry was her name, had done a little homework then watched TV. It was now after eleven o'clock. As they backed out the drive the driver glanced at his passenger. She wore a plaid skirt, buttons down the front, a floppy pullover. He asked her a question or two about her school, sports, homework. She had her school satchel on her lap. The shy Cherry answered obediently, mostly in monosyllables. The driver kept this chatter up as they drove out of town, heading for Carrie's home. He kept up the little glances that he made, every now and then, across at her. His eyes taking in the girl's softly rounded knees, no stockings, the satchel on her lap, the pretty swell of breasts beneath her sweater, the neck, the pretty face.
    • by Vixen :...
    • Daddy's Birthday
      daddysbi zip (06k) (MMMMFFF/g incest oral anal pee beast voyeur group consensual)
      It's daddy's birthday, and his daughter wants to make it the best birthday ever! See what delights daddy receives for presents.
    • by Pappie :...
    • De Familie Smits, deel 2
      defamil2 zip (04k) (MF)
      De volgende dag was ik al vroeg wakker. Ik belde om acht uur mijn baas om te vragen of ik een dag vrijaf kon krijgen. Gelukkig was dat geen probleem. Nadat ik nog vlug een douche had genomen ben ik rond een uur of 1 naar de camping gereden. De camping was prachtig gelegen aan de rand van een groot meer. Mijn auto parkeerde ik op het parkeerterrein bij de ingang van de camping. Op de plattegrond zocht ik de standplaats die Wilma Smits had doorgegeven. Deze bleek helemaal aan de achterkant van de camping te liggen.

      Sunday, August 05, 2007

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Two Of A Kind
      twoofaki zip (11k) (man 38, twin girls 9; shower sharing, bathing, fondling, manipulation, oral, penetration)
      Brian Kessler is 38, with a wife and two kids, and shares vacations with two other families, people he and his wife went to school with. After college, they kept in touch, welcoming each other's kids into the world, and in the summers they take combined group vacations. One of his friends families consisted of 9 yo identical twin girls, and one day Brian found himself taking the girls swimming, and after returning to the beach house, suddenly found the 2 girls naked in the shower with him. It turned out to be a situation that surely became a learning experience all the way around.
    • by Collette Reagh :...
    • Sue and the Poker Guests
      sueandth zip (15k) (Mf ... Mf ... Mf)
      Sue Channing was a pretty girl. Well built for her age - she was in her early teens. Popular at school. She had a nature people liked: serious when need be, bubbly when not. Always looking for ways to help. Eager to please. 'Quite charming,' was on her report card from Bible Class, but then most got praise from there. Sue's mother's name was Sadie, who drank. She had married again when Sue was ten, to an older man, Lance Channing. Lance was forty-eight. Tall and distinguished, financially well off. During her mother's brief courtship Lance had asked Sue along. Said they should work as a team. They'd gone North in a campervan to look at the lakes. The three of them shared the only bed the campervan had. Lance always slept in the middle. Sadie objected, at first, but Lance was a fine catch. She should learn to trust him, he said. So she did ... and Sue learned to sleep with her step-father's hands in her night-clothes.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Hornbills, part 2
      hornbil2 zip (12k) (Mf incest pedo)
      Rebecca watched as the old man inhaled deeply. Her brother hadn't sniffed her like this. "Oh, Gawd, baby!" he whispered, his voice catching in his throat, "You smell so fresh and young and clean. It's intoxicating just being this close to such a gorgeous teenage girl." Smiling at her he sat her down on the bed and pushed her back till she caught herself with her hands.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 24
      theent24 zip (13k) (MMMMMMbbbbbbb/WWWggggggggggg first, cons, inc)
      Today, was our first day of school, and we had little to do to get ready, but when the six boys came out from the bedrooms, they thought maybe they should put their clothes on to attend school. Those six wives wanted to keep the boys for a while longer, but Sam told them they must attend school. It was Edward, that drove us down to the school, and there were about forty village kids there, from six to fourteen, and most of them girls. When the twenty two villa kids arrived naked, there were a few stares and a coupe of looks but only one girl became offended enough to say anything. She looked to be around fourteen, attractive and very vocal, enough that she had Mr. Vasquez cringing before she stormed out of the school.

      Saturday, August 04, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • Hornbills, part 1
      hornbil1 zip (16k) (MF bg pedo first pregnant)
      It would have been all right if the box she was standing on hadn't taken that particular moment to break and throw her to the ground. The old man had gotten up in mid-stroke and ran to see who screamed. He wasn't particularly surprised when he saw whom it was spying on him, but it was damn inconvenient. Right away he knew this would call for negotiation.
    • by Zponkf :...
    • Kristina Och Lilla Anna, del 2
      kristin2 zip (11k) (MFf MFff Ff MFFff)
      Det hade bara gått två dagar. Kristina hade pratat med Annas mamma Lena som var kvittrande glad över att Anna hittat ett sätt att tjäna lite egna pengar. Hon uttryckte också särskilt hur glad hon var över att Anna tyckte så mycket om oss och hur hon såg fram emot att vara hundvakt. Vår förevändning var att vi jobba tillsammans en del sena kvällar. Men vi sade ingenting om vad vi jobbade med. Som sagt det hade bara gått två dagar innan Anna ringde på vår dörr. Denna gång fanns ingen anledning att låtsas. Kristina hade på sig sina skolflickskläder, hon tycktes älska att klä sig i dem och jag tyckte hon såg hur sexig ut som helst i dem.

      Friday, August 03, 2007

    • by The Dragon :...
    • Caught and Trained, ch 3
      caughta3 zip (05k) (M/f BSDM humiliation Caution)
      Anna learns more at the hands of Tom.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Trade-Off, part 4
      thetrad4 zip (11k) (Pedo M/g reluctant)
      Sandra stopped screaming. Her eyes were still full of tears but the silence was deafening. She stared up with frightened eyes at Aaron and then she turned her face to the wall and shut her eyes. Aaron gave a grim chuckle and firmly turned the pretty pre-teen's head back to look at him. "When I fuck you, you will look into my eyes. Little girls always look at the man fucking them. Little girls always look at the man that owns them. Do you understand little girl?" Frightened at his voice, Sandra nodded. "Now look at me!" Aaron ordered. Sandra lifted her head up and looked into Aaron's eyes. As she looked at him, Aaron pushed in hard and fast deep into her tiny cunt. Sandra gave out a loud sob of pain and started crying again. She began panting in short hard breaths. Aaron pushed her legs back against her chest and looked into her tearful face as he rammed into her tight little cunt for the third time in her young life. Earlier today when he was taking her virginity, Aaron hadn't noticed any resistance but didn't he expect any. Gymnastics, horseback riding, bike riding all probably took care of any hymen months ago. And now Sandra was just his obedient little pre-teen fucking machine. Sandra started moaning "Mom" every time Aaron pushed into her and each time the word "Mom" came out in a gasp of air. Aaron felt himself cumming. It was the third time today, but Sandra's little body was an incredible aphrodisiac. He didn't need any blue pills with her around! Aaron felt himself shooting deep into Sandra. The little girl was still submissively looking at Aaron and when she felt his cock pulsing cum deep inside her, tears filled her eyes again.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 23
      theent23 zip (14k) (MMMMMMbbbbbbb/WWWggggggggggg first, cons, inc)
      It was mid morning when we left the plane in Manizales Columbia and loaded everyone into a small bus. An hour and a half drive and we were in the valley below the villa and stopped to look at the river. After leaving the river, we were about a mile below the villa and there was a little village, where Sam had Edward stop the bus, then stood and told all of us kids to strip. Once we were all naked, Edward opened the door of the bus and Sam said us kids were walking home from here, and I was in charge. As girls squealed with embarrassment, I realized what Sam and Allen were doing, letting the village people know who and what these girls were.
    • by Zponkf :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Kristina Och Lilla Anna, ch 1
      kristin1 zip (11k) (MF Ff)
      Från början var det inte alls min tanke att det skulle bli som det blev med Kristina. Vi träffades under helt normala omständigheter genom att våra respektive jobb förde oss i varandras väg. Hon bakom kameran och jag tillfälligt intervjuobjekt i ett nyhetsinslag. Flört blev till middag, middagen till fler och efter ett tag blev vi ett par och flyttade ihop. Allt var helt normalt förutom den lilla detaljen att Kristina är bisexuell.

      Thursday, August 02, 2007

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 9: Cinnamon Girl
      cinnamo9 zip (14k) (MFmg incest group Fm Mg Fg first defloration exhibition lactation)
      As his hot, sticky semen filled his mother, the spasming around his cock got stronger and her orgasmic scream rose in pitch and volume. "They're cumming, Daddy!," Bunny announced, jubilantly. "Mom looks like she's really cumming hard!" "Yes, she sure is," Richard agreed. "Oh, yeah!" Bunny felt a thrilling shudder run through her, as her father's fingers began to tease her genitals. "Are you sure this is what you want?," Richard asked. "Of course! I love you, Daddy!," Bunny pledged, in a whiny, panting voice. "Do it! Pop my cherry, Daddy!"
    • by GSP :...
    • Childhood Memories In Postwar Europe
      childhoo zip (11k) (exhib, post-spanked)
      A few memories that nowadays are no longer imaginable, perhaps they are the seeds of my fantasies nowadays.
    • by wet_amber :...
    • Video Fuckers
      videofuc zip (21k) (Incest sister-sister / underage sex / anal / group sex / zoo sex girl-dog)
      Lisa Harper woke up slowly with the most delicious feelings coming from between her legs. The bright sunlight was streaming in through her bedroom window and she had to blink her eyes a few times before she could focus on the back of her sisters head as she lapped at her cunt.

      Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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