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    December 01 - December 31st mid-Morning Updates

      On Monday, December 31, 2007

    • 18 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Tricia, part 2
      tricia2 zip (10k) (M/ff touching, penetration, shaving)
      About five minutes later there was a knock on the door. I walked over and pulled the door open. Standing outside was Tricia and another girl who could not be much older than 15 or so. "Hi Mike, This is my Aunt Becky" said Tricia with a big smile. "Can we come in?" I must have looked stupid with my mouth hanging open, but I finally stepped aside and let them pass. "Somehow I had the image of an Aunt who was in her twenties or something?" I said, still staring at Becky. Now Pam's comments about Becky's immaturity made sense. She was immature, at least age wise, but the body was very mature. She was built! She had 36C cups and a tight waist that flared out to perfectly proportioned hips topping curvaceous slender legs topping small perfect ankles. The legs matched the old comment, they went all the way up to her ass.
    • by Southwind :...
    • Sex In The Darkness
      sexinthe zip (06k) (pedo Rape)
      He was a pedophile who find new victims on elsewhere. But this time he found an 8 Years old Blind one. He soon planned to rape her. But the surprises are only beginning.
      A Helpful Neighbor
      ahelpful zip (09k) (pedo nc voy)
      This is the story of a pedophile who discover that the couple next door is abusing one of the little girls of them. Now he needs to be in charge of this.
    • by Hans Schultz :...
    • Pity Is A Disease
      pityisad zip (24k) (MM/fF, viol, rape, tort, snuff, war)
      We're going through the buildings of this district one by one. The adjoining blocks have already been emptied and people have been transferred to the execution place. The same thing will happen here now. The other side of the street is already in the hands of turmoil. People are running around and the soldiers are beating them with clubs to make them form lines. Women are crying and looking for their husbands. Children are looking for their parents. Without any results of course. If they do find their families, they will be separated by force. Most of the people are going to get executed, but the strongest ones will be put to work. Also the most beautiful women will be forced to work as prostitutes at the whorehouses for the soldiers. We're getting into a staircase now. The stomping sound of our boots echoes from the hard concrete walls. I run to the top floor and hear how my men kick the doors open behind my back. As a commanding officer I shouldnt really be doing this. But I like the excitement...I like the smell of fear. And no-one can stop me from going to the battlefield if I want to. I throw a kick to the door and it flies open. For a moment I'm standing at the doorway looking around. No-one. The fuckers are playing hide and seek.
    • by snam :...
    • Paul, deel 2
      paul2 zip (10k) (MFb)
      Zoals steeds is dit een louter fictief verhaal bestemd voor de fantasie van volwassenen.

      Sunday, December 30, 2007

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Whipping Wendy
      whipping zip (15k) (incest, S&M, family orgy)
      "Mommy, can I ask you something?" 12 year old Wendy Miller said. "Of course, honey. Anything. What is it?" Jill replied. "Well... it's kind of personal." "What is, honey?" "Well... last night we could hear you... Jimmy and me. You were screaming and we thought Daddy was hurting you, so we went and peeked into your bedroom and saw you lying on your bed... naked. And Daddy was hitting you... with some kind of whip or something. And you said you LIKED it! Daddy's thing was real hard, too, and while we watched you Jimmy took his out and played with it and when Daddy crawled up and shot that white stuff all over your face you told him to keep hitting you because you were coming or something. It... it looked like you liked him hitting you, Mommy. Is that true?"
    • by Tiger :...
    • Das Schwein, teil 1
      dasschw1 zip (13k) (M/b+ oral anal ped feet smell smegma mc nc rough scat ws caution)
      Ich bin ein Schwein. Und bin auch Stolz drauf. Angefangen hat alles vor 10 Jahren. Damals bin ich aus einem langjhrigen Koma erwacht. Mit Hilfe von Therapeuten hab ich wieder laufen gelernt und langsam begann auch eine andere Fhigkeit strker zu werden. Zuerst nur ganz schleichend. Dann mit den Jahren machte sich immer mehr von meiner neuen Begabung bemerkbar. Und langsam lernte ich auch damit umzugehen und Kontrolle zu erlangen. Was es war fragt ihr euch? Ich wurde zum Telepath!
    • by Loli_Silver :...
    • Sterntaler
      sterntal zip (06k) (fairytale, girl/man girl/boy, rape)
      Schon lange werden den Kindern die Mrchen der Gebrder Grimm erzhlt. Kein anderes Mrchen bietet so viel Spielraum fr perverse Gedanken wie das Mrchen vom Sterntaler. In meiner Version zeige ich, wie das Mrchen sich ereignet htte, wenn einige der Figuren pdophil gewesen wren. Wre sicher auch ne gute Geschichte, die man den Kids vor dem Einschlafen erzhlen knnte. Aber lest selbst :)

      Saturday, December 29, 2007

    • by Oedipus Maximus :...
    • Saturday Surprise, part 3
      saturda3 zip (07k) (inc ped MFf cons)
      Karen continues to experience her new sexual horizons with her husband and daughter, intent on teaching her little girl to be a good slut - just like her mommy.
    • by Bob Roberts :...
    • Daddy's Little Girl - Allison
      daddysli zip (08k) (M/g, incest, masturbation, tickling)
      I guess I can thank my wife for leaving me. Who cares about the reasons now? Women are like that. That's why I steer clear. She left years ago and I haven't heard from her since. The only thing I can thank her for is the incredible sex life she blessed me with. Don't even begin to speculate about the sex life I had with my ex. That was non-existent. I'm talking about our daughter. When she left, our daughter was only 5 years old. I can't even begin to imagine the pain our little Allison was going through. She flatly refused to sleep in her room and chose, instead each night, to crawl under the covers and into the warmth of her Daddy's arms. There was no denying the fact that, even at this young age, I was tremendously attracted to her. And why not? She was a dazzling beauty of a child with big, blues eyes, blond hair that ran in natural waves down to the middle of her back, and an adorable little, round, bubble butt. Even at 5, she didn't have that usual baby-like pudginess, but was rather thin, lean and shapely.

      Friday, December 28, 2007

    • by Oedipus Maximus :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Saturday Morning Surprise, parts 1-2
      sunda1_2 zip (06k) (inc ped MfF)
      Karen heads out on her Saturday morning shopping trip and forgets her list at home. Sneaking back into the house to retrieve the list, she finds a surprise that might change her family forever.
    • by Mr. Lonely :...
    • A Beach Encounter
      abeachen zip (09k) (M/W/G (Toddler))
      Hello, My name is John and this is the story of how I met whom I feel just may be my perfect match. It was a warm summer day around six months ago. I had wanted to get a way for a while from the stress of every day life . So I decided to take a little trip to a beach that was a few hours for my home. I didn't choose the beach because I love to swim in the lake , it wasn't because I like the warm sun and sand between my toes. No it was for the simple fact that each summer it's filled with ton's of little kids. Many of which are barely dressed. You see I am a pedophile, and when I say that I don't mean I like girls or boys a few years under legal age. No I like the VERY young. The youngest of young, Infants and toddlers. At the beach there's always plenty of little ones for my eyes to enjoy. Many of which are not fully dressed, because most parents feel at that age no one is going to be looking or be sexually attracted to them. But how wrong they are.
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Coach, part 4
      coach4 zip (19k) (M/fff touch, pene, nude pictures)
      He got out and walked to the front of the car and started to work on the combination. He seemed to be having a little difficulty. Erica's hands had slid under her dress from the front and they moved under my swim suit and pulled my cock free, pushing the leg of my suit back to completely free my cock. She then did something that almost caused me to have a heart attack on the spot. She pulled my cock upright between her legs, rose up and dropped her wet pussy down onto my cock. "Oh shit, what the hell are you doing", I whispered in panic. "Getting comfy, just like daddy said", she replied.
    • by Pudman :...
    • Amber's Bedroom, ch 3
      ambersb3 zip (08k) (M/g inc Dad/9YO dau fucking)
      Amber seemed to know what to do when she gave her Dad a blow job, but when it came to fucking him she needed a bit of advice.
    • by Kleiner-Traum :...
    • Der Kinderarzt, teil 1-2
      derki1_2 zip (12k) (M/g/f,oral,inz.non-cons)
      Darf ich mich vorstellen,mein Name ist B. Heinze. Bin 52 Jahre alt und arbeite als Chefarzt in einer Kinderklinik. Ich bin mit einer wundervollen Frau verheiratet mit der ich 2 Tchter habe. Svenja 12 Jahre und Mira 10 Jahre.
      Der Lehrer, teil 1-2
      derle1_2 zip (13k) (M/f/f oral, 1st, anal)
      Seit 3 Jahren bin ich auf der Pestalozzi Hauptschule als Lehrer ttig,ich unterrichte Deutsch und Geschichte in verschiedenen Klassen.Mit 54 Jahren bin ich der lteste Lehrer hier an der Schule. Es gab immer Schler und Schlerinnen die sehr schlecht waren,wie auch Melanie aus der 5a. Melanie war 13 Jahre alt und ihre Schwche war Deutsch,sie stand vor einer 5 in diesen Fach auf ihren Halbjahreszeugnis,ihre Versetzung war damit gefhrdet. Darum bat ich sie nach der letzten Stunde noch zu bleiben weil ich mit ihr darber reden wollte.
      Zwei Grazien
      zweig1_2 zip (08k) (M/f/f, oral, inz. 1st)
      Ich hatte mich Geduscht und machte mich fertig um ins Bett zu gehen,meine Frau war auf einer Kegel Tour und wrde erst bermorgen am Sonntag zurck kommen. Meine Tchter Anja (13) und Sina (10) waren in ihren Zimmern und schliefen schon. Ich stand nackt vorm Spiegel und betrachtete meinen Krper der mit 38 Jahren noch sehr knackig aussah. Zufrieden ging ich zu Bett,wie immer nackt weil es fr mich am angenehmsten ist. Mit einem wohligen Gefhl schlief ich ein.

      Thursday, December 27, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • Daydreaming
      daydream zip (10k) (Mf incest Pedo first)
      My hand reached all the way up his leg and started across the top of his pant sliding up and down the middle. He was growing hard as my hand pressed against him. For the first time in my life he looked at me as a woman, not as a daughter.
    • by Fantasia :...
    • Hannah, part 7
      hannah7 zip (07k) (M/f)
      I opened the lap top & clicked on one of the photos. Hannah's eyes opened wide, as she looked at the image on the screen. The photo showed her mum, dressed in black basque, opaque thong & sheer, black stockings. The 8 year old child watched as I showed her more.......much, much more.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 24
      thevil24 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      All fifty of the young, beautiful sex slaves were very nervous yet excited by what was going to happen Saturday. Yet, they had no idea what was going to happen, other than people were coming to buy them, to use their bodies sexually. The fourteen were the most excited, they knew what sex was like and hoped that whoever bought them treated them as well as the men that had taken their virginities. It was only the last ten, that Gina and Megan both worried about, but still were confident they would make it just fine.
    • by cog_dis :...
    • Bathroom Fun With Mom, part 2
      bathroo2 zip (07k) (m/F mother/son consenting incest oral ws)
      The incestuous lovers move to the shower, where they continue their forbidden sex play.

      Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    • by cog_dis :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Bathroom Fun With Mom, part 1
      bathroo1 zip (04k) (mF mother/son cons inc oral ws)
      A bathroom encounter begins a journey of exploration for a teen and his mother.
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Christmas Ski Trip
      christma zip (09k) (Mff - f(13), f(9) pene)
      I drove back to the Lodge and hit the bar. I had nobody to share Christmas with, and everybody at the Lodge was either "a family group" or "paired off." This lead to my drinking several Scotches and by 9 o'clock I was feeling no pain - other than the muscle aches from skiing. The sauna, steam room and the hot tub looked inviting. Perhaps they would take the aches out this old body. By 9:20 I was in the hot tub when a mother and her young daughter came in to soak. The mother was my age and her daughter was about 13. Not having kids of my own I am poor at estimating ages. The daughter was in a skimpy bikini and had nice hips and small hand size tits. I could tell there was some strain between the two of them. The mother was making cutting remarks, or at least I assumed so from the other end of the big hot tub. Finally the mother got out and snapped - "You better be back in the room real soon!"
    • by Kleiner - Traum :...
    • Daddy's Liebling
      daddysli zip (06k) (M/f dad /daut inz)
      Hallo ich bin Julia. Ich bin 13 Jahre alt,habe lange Blonde Haare ,155cm gro,blaue Augen. Meine Brste sind noch nicht sehr gro,sie haben etwa die Grsse von Mandarinen und unten an meiner Muschi wchst der erste leichte Flaum. Und ich wrde euch gerne meine Geschichte erzhlen.
      Nchtliche berraschungen
      nachtube zip (08k) (M/f dad/daut,inz, 1st)
      Ich htte mir nie Trumen lassen das mir so was mal passieren knnte. Mein Name ist Georg und bin 38 Jahre alt,und bin glcklich mit Maja meiner 37 Jhrigen Frau verheiratet.

      Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    • by makinbabies :...
    • New Family School Teachers, ch 1
      newfami1 zip (08k) (MFbg inc preg Mg Fg pedo)
      The Beaver family have just moved into a new small community that held some closely guarded secrets from outsiders. Dick and June Beaver had heard some of the rumors of this very small town hidden away back in the hills and had applied as school teachers there as they had both just gotten there teaching degrees in elementary education from the state university. Dick and June where brother and sister who also had a guarded secret. The entire Beaver family enjoyed incestuous relationships. Dick and June told everyone who asked, that they were married while going to college and the children were adopted. The kids ages ran from 12 thru 7,the oldest was Wally 12,then Beth 11,then Billy 9 and Amber 8 and Julie 7 What the rest of the world did not know was that these were all fathered by Male members of the family with June being the mother. Dick was 24 and June was 22 years old..
    • by Pudman :...
    • Amber's Bedroom, ch 2
      ambersb2 zip (12k) (M/g inc Dad/9YO Dau oral)
      After only brief consideration, Amber makes a bold move. Her Dad and her wind up in each others arms naked, and bring each other to new heights of ecstacy with their mouths, while Mike's wife sleeps upstairs.
    • by Kleiner - Traum :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Das Jugenelexier, teil 1-3
      dasju1_3 zip (14k) (g /Opa /oma /1st)
      Hallo mein Name ist Julia. Ich bin 13 Jahre alt,155cm gross. Habe Blonde Schulterlange Haare und wiege ca.50kg. Und ich wrde euch gerne meine Geschichte erzhlen die ich vor ca. 2 Wochen erlebt habe.
      Mein Kleiner Prinz, teil 1-2
      meink1_2 zip (09k) (F/ b, oral, 1st)
      Also mal vorweg,mein Name ist Claudia und bin 37 Jahre alt. Habe schulterlange Blonde Haare,blaue Augen,175 cm ,und wiege ca. 63 kg.Und Solo. Es war vor ungefhr 6 Monaten als alles Anfing. Ich surfte mal wieder im Internet. Als ich durch Zufall auf eine verbotene Seite landete.

      Monday, December 24, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by Tiger :...
    • Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte
      eineweih zip (09k) (M/b cons oral anal ped smell feet smegma)
      Neben ihm knackte ein Zeig. Martin blieb erschrocken stehen und starrte in die Dunkelheit. Die Bsche raschelten. Etwas kam auf ihn zu. Zuerst dachte Martin er wrde berfallen und sein Herz raste. Dann brach der Mond durch die Wolken und beschien eine kleine schmale Gestalt die langsam auf ihn zu ging. Als die Gestalt nher kam, sah er das es Junge war. Nicht lter als neun Jahre. Er war ein eine Decke gewickelt die ziemlich lchrig wirkte. Trotz der Decke war seine dnne Statur nicht zu bersehen. Martin atmete auf. "Hallo." sagte er. "Hallo." antwortete der Junge mit vor Klte zittriger Stimme. "Haben Sie etwas zu essen? - Bitte!" Seine groen Augen schauten Martin Mitleid erregend an. "Bist du alleine?" fragte Martin. Der Junge zgerte kurz. "Nein, mein kleiner Bruder wartet dort drben. Er traut sich nicht. Bitte geben Sie uns etwas. Wir haben seit Tagen nichts gegessen. Wir tun auch alles was Sie wollen!" Martin war skeptisch. Aber dann bekam er Mitleid: "Mein Khlschrank ist voll und ich hab auch noch von meinem Weihnachts Braten etwas brig. Kommt doch mit zu mir, dann knnt ihr euch aufwrmen." Der Junge war berglcklich. Er sprang frmlich auf Martin zu und schlang seine Arme um dessen Hfte. "Danke!" brachte er noch heraus. Dann lief er zurck zum Gebsch und kehrte mit einem kleinen Rucksack und einem anderen Jungen an der Hand wieder zurck. In diesem Licht konnte er die beiden nicht genau erkennen, aber Martin schtze den kleinen auf etwa sechs Jahre. Er war sehr gespannt darauf die beiden im Licht seines Wohnzimmers begutachten zu knnen. "Na dann lasst uns mal gehen, bevor ihr noch erfriert." Martin ging los und die beiden folgten ihm dicht auf den Fersen.

      Sunday, December 23, 2007

    • by Pudman :...
    • Amber's Bedroom, ch 1
      ambersb1 zip (06k) (M/g inc Dad/9YO Dau Masturbation)
      Mike and his 9 year old daughter Amber have a sudden secret lust for each other. One night Mike checks on Amber, becomes excited by her partially naked body and, thinking she's asleep, jacks off on to her carpet while looking at her and having wicked thoughts, little knowing that Amber wanted him and all he had to do was to crawl in to her bed. After he leaves Amber relieves her own frustrations. Neither own knows of the others desires and decisons are made that night.
    • by Acre :...
    • A Christmas Carol Tis Not, part 3
      achrist3 zip (21k) (Mmf MMm Ff mf nc ghost violence golden shower Victorian)
      During my constitutional nap on the evening of Christmas Eve I may have been transported, like Scrooge in the Dickens tale, by my evil spectre and Housekeeper to the two roomed hovel of Reverend Chatham and his skinny wife Miriam whom we have already met. Like all Victorian families theirs was large. George 16, Charlotte 14, twelve year old twins Albert and Emily and finally Ruth, the skinny shy girl of about ten whom I think I had tasted.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 23
      thevil23 zip (12k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      All forty naked sex slaves, Mistresses Gina, Megan, Helen and Janet, were walking up the road after school let out. They hadn't gotten very far when the Masters were coming down the road in the girl's buggy. They turned everyone around and headed them back to the village, Garcia's men were due to arrive with the four pieces of merchandise. They were back at the village when a small delivery van pulled up and two men stepped out. For several minutes, neither man said a word, they were just staring at all the beautiful, naked young girls. Once Damien had introduced himself, the man opened the back of the van and three more men stepped out, then began passing out bound, gagged and blindfolded young girls. Each dressed like number ten and her group, but there were ten of them, the youngest couldn't have been much over seven, the oldest maybe ten and Gina heard number ten gasp and quickly pulled her aside.

      Saturday, December 22, 2007

    • by Pudman :...
    • Doing Dana, ch 2
      doingda2 zip (08k) (M/g inc Dad/10YO Dau)
      I glance up at her before pushing myself inside. "Remember what I told you Dana, it's going to hurt a little when my dick breaks your cherry but after that it'll be nice." I saw she had raised her head and was watching me, her bottom lip gripped between her teeth. She looked me in the eyes and nodded her head, then dropped it back on the floor. "Do it, Daddy. Fuck me!"
    • by Btate :...
    • Moving On
      movingon zip (08k) (Fbg Inc Anal WS Coerc)
      Story about a young widow left with 2 young children to raise and how they move on from their grief.
      quickie zip (08k) (Mg Inc Ped Preg)
      Story of a family away on holiday when the father must go back to the room to get sun screen. His daughter goes with him and they have time for a quickie and the father remembers where it all started.
    • by Bookworm :...
    • The Threesome, ch 2
      thethre2 zip (15k) (MFff)
      As Mark awakes next morning he is introduced to Mary, Beth other daughter and he sees further into what they have been doing and where he fits into the story. After breakfast he takes Mary to the swimming baths, but on the way he is sidetracked. Well he had been sent out with her to get to know her better.
    • by Fantasia :...
    • Hannah, part 6
      hannah6 zip (09k) (M/f)
      I watched, fascinated, as my cum oozed over that 8 year old pussy. I moved Hannah's fingers through the thick coating. We still had the rest of the day together so this was only the beginning.

      Friday, December 21, 2007

    • by Fahrenh8 :...
    • Pillars of the Community, ch 3: Day one continued even more...
      pillars3 zip (09k) (Fg, Mg, MFg, oral anal)
      What a day it's turning out to be! Nine year old Cressida finds out what happens to preteen beauties who go to school without any panties on, especially if her teacher is as perverted as hers!
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Love Cruise
      thelovec zip (12k) (MFMMM wife slut)
      God. Just the thought of another man sliding his cock into my wife while I watched gave me a tingling sensation in my balls. For a long time Pia has known I've wanted to see another guy fucking her, and I know she rather enjoy the fantasy as well. Years ago she had a threesome a couple of times and when we're fucking I love hearing about it.. about how she sucked one guy's cock while his roommate fucked her, then switched and let the other guy fuck her while she sucked off the other cock. I love that she loves facials, too. And she really does. It's true. When I'd asked her once why she loved me coming on her face so much she told me it was because it makes her feel slutty, something that thrills her. She said she knows a lot of women wouldn't dream of even sucking a cock, much less letting some guy come on their faces, so she said when she does it naturally that makes her a lot sexier than most other women.

      Thursday, December 20, 2007

    • by POTHUS :...
    • Janie's Adventures, part 6
      janiesa6 zip (16k) (g(6)/M/F/g(16)/b(11), incest, father/daughter/mother/daughter/brother/sister, various)
      Janie McClaren was a precocious prepubescent and curious child. She was the youngest of three children. There was her father Tom McClaren, her mother Maggie, her oldest sister, Ericka who was sixteen, and then her brother Kurt who was eleven, then there was Janie who was six. Janie had experienced her first gang-bang with her next door neighbor Billy and his friends. She had also had sex with her brother, Kurt, and had sex with a dog. To top it off, after having sex with a dog, she had sex with her sister, Ericka. Janie, Ericka and Kurt went next door to Billy's where they had another gang-bang session, and this time there were six boys, including Kurt. Janie was having fun having so much sex. She had even fucked two old men down the street, spending the afternoon sandwiched between them. After spying on her parent's having sex again and this time actually seeing her father's cock, she wanted to have sex with him as well.
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • Brothelkeeper ( )
      brothelk zip (47k) (MMM/ggg, dog/g, pedo, preteen prostitution, dog rape)
      "Brothelkeeper" by Wet Amber , ... , . . , , , , . , , ...

      Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    • by Fantasia :...
    • Hannah, part 5
      hannah5 zip (10k) (M/f)
      I now had the whole day to spend with Hannah. The whole day to spend with her & that delicious 8 year old pussy that was now covered only be an indecently short white skirt.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Dad Puts his Finger On It: Xmas Special
      dadputs4 zip (11k) (Santa/ elves/g(12) mast squirting anal light bondage)
      Here cums Santa Claus, and his elves. And Berniece. But is it REALLY all a dream. A present of some Christmas magic for you, and best wishes for the cumming year!!
    • by Toy Daughter :...
    • Chat Log: Mommy's Black Friend
      chatlogm zip (07k) (MFg rape hum anal pain interracial)
      Blk Friend: "hello toy" toydaughter: "hello mister. my mom told me to be good for you. to do as you say." Blk Friend: "mmmm,,lookin at ur lil white 10 yr old body. cum and remove my shorts dear." He grinned evily. "welllll," grabbin her pigtails, spankin her lil soft white asss. toydaughter: "stoppp! i will be good" She starts pulling down his shorts. Blk Friend: "You lil bitch,,u better be" Her little 10 year old hands trembling. toydaughter: "mommy told me to be good. I will be good, mister." As his limp 9 inch cock lays on his thigh. Blk Friend: "You better be..."
    • by Pudman :...
    • Doing Dana, ch 1
      doingda1 zip (09k) (M/g inc Dad/10YO Dau)
      How an innocent afternoon led to me having my finger up my little girls pussy, and the beginning of my sexual encounter with my 10 year old daughter.

      Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    • by Sarah :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The After Hours Club, ch 1
      theafte1 zip (07k) (f/f)
      A story about a girl who stumbles upon a very exclusive after hours club at her local strip where her best friend works.
      The After Hours Club, ch 2
      theafte2 zip (08k) (g-solo, mast)
      Allison is intrigued and ready to find out what goes on at the After Hours Club
      The After Hours Club, ch 3
      theafte3 zip (07k) (f/g-infant, extreme ped)
      Alison is shocked and ready for more as her best friend is about to star in a very erotic scene
    • by Spin :...
    • Chastity and the Preacher's Son
      chastity zip (15k) (M/gg Pedo Sex Oral Cons.1st Incest)
      A small country church in a small country town is the seting for this non-stop thrill ride that's filled with plenty of child erotica. You'll drool over the two very cute and vulnerable preteen nymphs. Add one country preacher and his horny son and you've got the makings of an arousing, "can't put it down" story.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Michelle's Fantasy
      michelle zip (06k) (Dad Daughter)
      Everyone seemed to know more about sex than Michelle. Being the "go-getter" that this sweet young thing is, she decided to find out all she could first hand.

      Monday, December 17, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Dad Puts His Finger On It: After Lunch
      dadputs3 zip (10k) (D/d(12) MM/g(12) incest oral mast ejac)
      Berniece has it out with her Dad. Sorted. Then two friends of her father's turn up, but he's nowhere to be found, so it's up to the preteen to keep them entertained.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 22
      thevil22 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      When Garcia and Gonzales walked out to the courtyard for breakfast, both eleven year old Megan and thirteen year old Gina broke out laughing. The two men were dressed but walking so very carefully, then the two naked sex slaves came out and they were giggling and blushing. When Gina sent number one and number ten to the showers, the two men gave the slave they had been with, a passionate kiss goodbye, then came to sit with the Master, Gina and Megan.
    • by Acre :...
    • A Christmas Carol Tis Not, part 2
      achrism2 zip (09k) (MFf, Ff, incest, drugs, ghost Victorian)
      My regular dream of abusing the naked young carol singer vanished when I was rudely interrupted one morning, a week before Christmas, by my new housekeeper. Laying a tray of breakfast delicacies in front of me, she slipped her hand under the bed covers and grasped my hard member. I enjoyed her experienced ministrations of my cock as she rubbed the tip of a finger over its head before beginning to stroke me even harder.
    • by Pudman :...
    • In The Basement With Laura, ch 3
      intheba3 zip (07k) (M/g inc Dad/12YO Dau pussy eating, anal)
      As I laid there thinking about sliding my cock between Laura's soft ass cheeks and butt fucking her she continued to play with my dick, playfully swishing it from side to side and flapping it against my thighs. "Gee, Dad,' she giggled, "your dick is so soft and small like this, if I didn't know better I'd call you a liar if you told me it would get big and hard enough to stick up my pussy or into my mouth." "Yeah," I reached down and rubbed her head playfully, "but you do know better don't you, you little cocksucker."

      Sunday, December 16, 2007

    • by Btate :...
    • Tonight on Cheaters
      tonighto zip (08k) (MFgb Inc Pedo TV Anal)
      I was starting to get really hot and I took the initiative and took dad's hand and placed it on my tit. I than placed my hand on top and glided his hand back and forth over my nipple until it hardened. Dad then took over and played with my nipple in his fingers pinching and rolling the nipple. His other hand glided down my side until it reached my thigh. I knew what he wanted so I opened my legs by lifting my top leg and resting it over the top of his leg. This resulted in my pussy opening up to his incestuous advances. His index finger glided over the lips of my pussy, they were wet from anticipation. Slowly as her rubbed his finger broker the seal and started its journey into my pussy for the first time. I opened up wider for him and slightly thrust my hips forward hoping to force his finger deeper into me. Daddy plays around my lips and then slowly pushes deeper into me.
    • by Fantasia :...
    • Hannah, part 4
      hannah4 zip (08k) (M/f)
      Helen wanted to know if I could look after Hannah for the day I didn't have to think for long.

      Saturday, December 15, 2007

    • by POTHUS :...
    • Janie's Adventures, part 5
      janiesa5 zip (08k) (g(6)/M/M, various)
      Janie McClaren was a precocious prepubescent and curious child. She was the youngest of three children. There was her father Tom McClaren, her mother Maggie, her oldest sister, Ericka who was sixteen, and then her brother Kurt who was eleven, then there was Janie who was six. Janie had experienced her first gang-bang with her next door neighbor Billy and his friends. She had also had sex with her brother, Kurt, and had sex with a dog. To top it off, after having sex with a dog, she had sex with her sister, Ericka. Janie, Ericka and Kurt went next door to Billy's where they had another gang-bang session, and this time there were six boys, including Kurt. Janie was having fun having some much sex. She wondered what else might be in store for her.
    • by Btate :...
    • All In The Family, part 1: The One With The New Camera
      allinth1 zip (08k) (Mgg Pedo Inc)
      Hi my name is John and I am 35 years old and I am married to Ann who is 33. We leave in Central Florida with our two daughters Samantha or Sam as we call her is a tall tanned 12 yo with long blonde hair. Sam has a long wiry frame like a ballerina and is starting to develop with orange size breast with the puffiest pink nipples at the end of them. Her sister Bethany or Beth who is 11 yo and is a brunette again with the family slim features. Beth has just started to develop and has golf ball size tits. Both girls are very active in the school and belong to the volley ball and gymnastic teams. Given the weather in Florida the girls are always running around the house partially clothed or in their bathers in the pool. Ann is on her way out of town on business for a few days leaving me to fend for the girls and myself. Not a problem as Ann is always travelling. It's the holidays so as the girls drag themselves out of bed I ask them what they want to do today. "Shopping" came the response in stereo. We need swimmers our old ones are starting to wear out and are too small. I was going to mention it as last time I saw them in the pool Sam tits were starting to fall out the side and the crutch was so far up her pussy you needed a map to find it. Beth's had become so sheer you could seem the areola of her forming nipples.
      All In The Family, part 2: The Next Day
      allinth2 zip (05k) (Mgg Pedo Inc Anal)
      I awoke sit sitting on the floor on the lounge naked. The girls where no where to be seem and I was horrified when I remembered the activities of the previous night. Shit they were drunk and I took advantage of them and now they are hiding in shame from me. I get up and tidied up the lounge and proceed through the house. I hear some activity out back in the kitchen, so I cautiously make may way there. I peer through the door and see my daughters making breakfast. They both look showered and refreshed with apparens on , but they are still naked. I start to relax and enter the kitchen, "Morning girls". "Morning daddy" they reply in unison running to give me a hug and a kiss. First Sam hugs my around my waste and looks up and kisses my on the lips. The she is replaced by Beth who does the same but at the end of the kiss snakes her tongue into my mouth. "Go and clean up dad and come down for breakfast dad" orders Sam.
      All In The Family, part 3: Mum Comes Home
      allinth3 zip (08k) (MFgg Pedo Inc Anal)
      Later that day Ann returned from her trip with hugs and kisses all around upon her return. As a home coming we decided to have a family movies night after first having swim and BBQ. After going to the shops to pick up some supplies, I return home to find my wife and daughters already swimming in the pool and half a bottle of wine gone. I quickly change and come down stairs to join them in the pool. By this stage they have all lost their tops and breast are everywhere. "What's going on here" I asked.
      Watching TV
      watching zip (06k) (Mg Pedo Inc)
      My daughter and I have always watched TV in the evening together since she was about 5 until now at age 11. My wife is not a TV person and spends most of her time reading books in bed upstairs. Tonight is business as usual my wife cleans up after dinner and Sarah and I sit down in my recliner to watch the evening shows. She wins and we end up watching Hannah Montana, I do not mind too much as I don't mind watching those beautiful girls on that show. As you can imagine I love prepubescent girls, I love the way their breasts form and their puffy nipples. I do manage to control my urges with my daughter, I am a looker not a toucher. There we are watching TV with Sarah snuggled sideways on my lap with a blanket over us. My wife likes to keep the heating bill down so it can get a bit cool at night. After Hannah is over I get a turn and we watch SVU, this episode is about child pornography. About half way in I start to feel a little tense as my cock starts to grow. It is not helped by Sarah squirming in my lap. "Dad what's child pornography all about" seemingly a little confused regarding the show.
    • by Spin :...
    • Splendor In The Grass
      splendor zip (08k) (M/g Pedo Sex Oral Cons First)
      Paul the "pedo" is up to his old tricks as he staulks little girls and makes new friends. His latest conquest is filled with edge of your chair, inspiring child erotica that will make you envious for sure!
    • by Fantasia :...
    • Hannah, part 3
      hannah3 zip (07k) (M/f)
      Even now, driving away from her school, I wasn't thinking about her enjoying her lessons, playing with her friends or behaving well for the teachers. I was thinking about her dress pushed to her waist, her legs spread willingly over my thighs & my hand pushed inside her panties.

      Friday, December 14, 2007

    • by Pudman :...
    • In The Basement With Laura, ch 2
      intheba2 zip (07k) (M/g inc Dad/12YO Dau)
      "Honey," I complimented her, "you just gave your old Dad the best blow job he has ever had." "Thanks, Daddy," she grinned broadly at my praise and leaned her head up to kiss my cheek. "I loved every minute of it. I didn't think I would be able to take your dick down my throat, but it was easy once I relaxed like you told me to."
    • by Fantasia :...
    • Hannah, part 2
      hannah2 zip (06k) (M/f)
      The rest of the evening passed by in a blur. Helen & I talked and laughed as we would normally, but in truth my mind was full of only one thing. Helen would have killed me if she had known, but as we talked, the only thing I was thinking of, was the sight & feel of her daughter's pussy. No, that's not true. If this story is to be told, it should be told properly & honestly. The only thing I was thinking about was her daughter's cunt. Her 8 year old daughter's smooth, ripe, rounded cunt. The sex between Helen & I had always been good. It was one of the things that had clicked from the very first time I had met her. However, that night, it wasn't just good, it was spectacular. The harder I fucked her, the harder she wanted it & when we climaxed it was with a shared intensity that was simply awesome. As Helen lay against me in the darkness, my thoughts were still with Hannah. I knew then that I was going to take that gorgeous little girl as far as she would allow.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Janie's Adventures, part 4
      janiesa4 zip (10k) (g(6)/g(16)/b(13,12,11,11,10,11), incest, various)
      Janie McClaren was a precocious prepubescent and curious child. She was the youngest of three children. There was her father Tom McClaren, her mother Maggie, her oldest sister, Ericka who was sixteen, and then her brother Kurt who was eleven, then there was Janie who was six. Janie had experienced her first gang-bang with her next door neighbor Billy and his friends. She had also had sex with her brother, Kurt, and had sex with a dog. To top it off, after having sex with a dog, she had sex with her sister, Ericka. Afterwards her sister told her that she too enjoyed having sex with dogs and now wanted to join her in a gang-bang with Billy's friends. She asked whether they could include Kurt in their gang-bang.

      Thursday, December 13, 2007

    • by Fantasia :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Hannah, part 1
      hannah1 zip (04k) (M/f)
      Hannah was just 8 years old. I had never seen her as anything except the youngest of my girlfriends 3 children. Until the day I saw under her nightdress. Everything changed from that moment.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Get Me Out-ta Here
      getmeout zip (10k) (Mf first)
      I softly kissed those pretty lips of my beautiful ten-year-old lover. Then I lay down on my back, my cock glistening with pre-cum. With my help, Mary put one leg on either side of my hips and squat.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 21
      thevil21 zip (12k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      By the time Gina and Megan were up and out on the courtyard, the slaves were already out and eagerly waiting to be fondled and felt. Both Gina and Megan watched the eleven closely and they saw little difference in them, except they shyly stood by but eagerly moved over the Master's legs when their turn came. Everyone of the eleven hit almost instant orgasms from having their little pussies felt and stroked, including number ten, but it was number four that kept watching them. Finally, Gina called her over and asked her what was wrong.
    • by Bubba :...
    • The Stay Over
      thestayo zip (16k) (M/g)
      Tim keeps 7yo Katy for her mama.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Janie's Adventures, part 3
      janiesa3 zip (11k) (g(6)/dog, g(16)/g(6), incest, sis/sis)
      Janie McClaren was a precocious prepubescent and curious child. She was the youngest of three children. There was her father Tom McClaren, her mother Maggie, her oldest sister, Ericka who was sixteen, and then her brother Kurt who was eleven, then there was Janie who was six. Janie had experienced her first gang-bang with her next door neighbor Billy and his friends. She had also had sex with her brother, Kurt. Now Janie wondered what other delights she could experience.
    • by Karl Robert :...
    • Kongo, teil 2: Das Hospital
      kongo2 zip (06k) (F/m M/f newborn lact)
      Ein Mann (Thomas 25) erfhrt whrend eines Afrikaaufenthaltes die sexuelle Erfllung seines Lebens und grndet mit den weiblichen Hauptfiguren (Janala 26, Kara 9) eine eigene Familie. Nachdem Thomas im letzten Teil erste Erfahrungen mit Janala und Kara sammeln konnte, beginnt nun die Planung der gemeinsamen Flucht. Weitere Erlebnise sumen den Weg. Die Geschichte wird fortgesetzt.

      Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    • by DrPepper :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Helping Out, part 1
      helping1 zip (04k) (mf)
      I was having a slow day on a weekend, watching cricket in my old sofa. Australia was winning and England appeared to not be fighting it, when my sister come in and asked me to watch her kids. I've always loved playing with her kids, as I had spent 2 years living with them, when I was out of work. My sister had 3 kids, Rhonda aged 11, Tom aged 7, and Jenny 3. With nothing but England letting most balls go by the stumps, I went to find out what the kids were doing. Two, Tom and, Jenny were watching the Loin King, and had drifted off to sleep on the lounge. Since I knew they had tea and were pushing there bed time. I careful directed Tom to his bed. Careful not to wake him up, as he's a little terror to control when awake I took him to bed. Going back I carefully picked up jenny and placed her into her bed. Gave her a kiss goodnight and turned off the light. I hadn't seen Rhonda though. Rhonda a little hottie really, she had boys chasing her since she was 8. Rhonda has the perfect figure, and has even started to develop a firm set of tits, like haft grown apples. Rhonda has brown eyes, and brown hair that is perfectly straight hair to her neck line.
    • by Btate :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Progression, part 1-3
      famil1_3 zip (17k) (MFggb Ped Anal WS)
      Story where the family's sexual life takes waht some may say is a natural progression. Starting with the engagement and conception of the first child on the doorstep. We continue on to the wedding and progression of the wife and husband in to child porn and pedophilia and finally introducing the kids to sex after spying on their parents wanton sexual urges.
    • by Centaur :...
    • The Conversation
      theconve zip (11k) (Mf, inc)
      I'd been sitting in my dentist's waiting room for about ten minutes when I heard voices on the other side of the folding wall; obviously someone had entered the family side of the waiting room. Two chairs made scraping noises on the tile floor and I felt the accordion-wall move slightly behind me. Suddenly I perked up when I heard a young female voice - very clearly, it was like I was sitting next to her. "Mom, can I ask you something, uhh something private, you know like personal?"
    • by Baphomet :...
    • The Birds and the Bees, ch 6
      thebird6 zip (05k) (Mf, Mm, ped, anal)
      Mr. Bradley, the headmaster, brings Lily's brother James to the Judge's estate for advanced training and a family surprise.

      Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Horny Mom, Naughty Neighbors, ch 4
      hornymo4 zip (11k) (M/m M/f F/mf inc. gay. pedo. orgy. mast)
      The two families continue the hot incest orgy, with both preteens being sodomized by their fathers, side by side, with Linda's whole hearted support. Linda brings out her box of toys for more fun and frolic.
    • by Pudman :...
    • In The Basement With Laura
      inthebas zip (11k) (M/g inc Dad/12YO Dau)
      When the movie ended Laura bent over in front of the VCR to remove the tape, stretching the material of her bottoms and causing it to slightly ride up the crack of her butt. She glanced over her shoulder and asked "Is there anything in particular you would like to see now, Daddy?"
    • by Acre :...
    • A Christmas Carol Tis Not, part 1
      achrist1 zip (09k) (Mf, ghost, Victorian)
      'God. How I hate Christmas though twas still two weeks away.' I said aloud to myself savouring the fine brandy in my glass whilst looking out at the snow gently falling on a the carol singers in the Victorian street below. Their false joviality and smiles not to mention the collecting of alms for the poor made me sick. I looked into my newly acquire mirror and wished that my fellow sound English citizens admitted that they lusted after wealth, women or even children and bugger the poor, literally if they wished.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Janie's Adventures, part 2
      janiesa2 zip (07k) (g(6)/b(11) incest, bro/sis, g(16)sister/voyeur)
      Janie McClaren was a precocious prepubescent and curious child. She was the youngest of three children. There was her father Tom McClaren, her mother Maggie, her oldest sister, Ericka who was sixteen, and then her brother Kurt who was eleven, then there was Janie who was six. Janie had experienced her first gang-bang with her next door neighbor Billy and his friends, now she wanted to have sex with her brother.
    • by Karl Robert :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Kongo, teil 1
      kongo1 zip (07k) (M/F M/g cons ped)
      Ein Mann (Thomas 25) erfhrt whrend eines Afrikaaufenthaltes die sexuelle Erfllung seines Lebens und grndet mit den weiblichen Hauptfiguren (Janala 26, Kara 9) eine eigene Familie. Die Geschichte wird fortgesetzt.

      Monday, December 10, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by Vixen :...
    • Naughty Girl
      naughtyg zip (11k) (MM/g oral anal incest voyeur beast whipping licking)
      While she is confiding to Arthur, a man she meets in a chat room, young Mandy's new stepfather gets her a job with his brother working on his horse farm. Her duties are very unusual!
    • by Pudman :...
    • Feeding the Girls, ch 5
      feeding5 zip (14k) (F/g 5yo Scat, piss drinking, shit eating, pussy eating)
      It was about 10:30 when Lisa woke up alone in Penny's bed the next morning. She laid there and considered what happened the night before, her Mommy had shit directly from her ass into her mouth and she had eaten it. She was relieved she didn't feel ill or seem to be suffering from any adverse side effects and reached down to rub her tummy; it gave her a perverse sense of bonding knowing that her Mother's shit was inside her, mixing with her own.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Janie's Adventures, part 1
      janiesad zip (09k) (g(6)/b(13/12/11/10)various)
      Janie McClaren was a precocious prepubescent and curious child. She
    • by Uitkijker :...
    • Met De Bus
      metdebus zip (16k) (MMFf)
      Over een meisje die met haar moeder de bus neemt naar het strand.

      Sunday, December 9, 2007

    • by Bookworm :...
    • The Threesome
      thethree zip (14k) (MF Ff Mf)
      Mark meets Beth at a party and she asked him if he would be willing to have a threesome so as to help her seduce the other girl. When he agrees he soon finds out it is not quite what he'd been led to believe.

      Saturday, December 8, 2007

    • by Toydaughter :...
    • Japanese Maid
      japanese zip (05k) (Mf, dog, nc, hum)
      "Thank you, Mr Marker, I am very glad to be allowed to work for you". Mr Marker looked up. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing her, his eyes sucking in her unblemished perfect skin, her cat like eyes, her raven black hair. She was 17, but didn't look a day older than 12. Something he especially enjoyed. She is already wearing her work uniform, a short black dress with a white apron. She had white socks, going above her knees, but still revealing some of her beautiful legs between the high socks and the short skirt. "You're welcome, Yuko. It sure is a pleasure having you around."

      Friday, December 07, 2007


      Thursday, December 6, 2007

    • by Baphomet :...
    • UP, ch 3
      up3 zip (04k) (MF, Mm, Fm, anal, inc, ped, urethral play)
      Young Chris and Kevin show the boys a new form of pleasure, as Anne and their mother enjoy them too.
    • by Vixen :...
    • Life With Daddy in a Small Apartment
      lifewit2 zip (06k) (MMMm/g Incest oral anal beast voyeur whipping consensual)
      I live in a small apartment with my daddy, and we do lots of fun things together. We play on the web cam with other daddy's and special men too! We go to the park, and we have visitors. Daddy is very romantic.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Starting Again
      starting zip (13k) (Mf pedo)
      Kaolin knelt behind the thirteen-year-old and moved her legs apart so he could get up close behind her. He was about level with her round, pale butt. Taking his shaft, he angled it down with his hand till it was nearly straight out from her moist sex hole. Leaning slightly forward, he touched the tip of his cock against the puffy folds.
    • by Geilepik :...
    • De Pedobus
      depedobu zip (15k) (MMf, nc, pedo, rape, torture, drugs)
      Hoog zomer, droge lucht trilt over het plakkerige asfalt. Hoog in de lucht vangen zwaluwen in sierlijke bogen insecten weg. Op enige afstand zie je de eerste huizen van een middelgrote stad. Een ruime groen stook met woekerende struiken ontrekt het achterland aan het zicht van de automobilisten. Fred zit gekield een badlaken, zijn broek hangt over de knien. Voldoende afgeschermd door de struiken dat hij nog net een blik heeft op de omgeving. Langzaam schuift hij de voorhuid over zijn stijve pik heen en weer. Fred kijkt geconcentreerd naar de grote foto's, bijna A4 formaat, die voor hem op het badlaken liggen. Hij heeft de enveloppe met deze foto's een uurtje geleden uit zijn anonieme postbus gehaald en is daarna haastig naar zijn favoriete plek gereden. Hij heeft de foto's op volgorde gelegd. Eerst zien we een klein meisje van een jaar of 7-8. Ze heeft lang blond haar en draagt een blauw zomerjurkje met een wit kraagje. De witte kniekousjes steken scherp af tegen haar gebruinde beentjes. Een rode rugzak van glimmend kunstleer, vast gevuld met schoolboeken is eigenlijk veel te groot voor het kindje. Ergens eerste klas van de basisschool had Fred al geschat. De tweede foto geeft een wat vreemd beeld. Het zelfde meisje wordt nu vastgehouden door een dikke man die clowns masker op heeft. Ze kijkt angstig met grote ogen naar de tweede man. Aan de zijkant, slechts half te zien, staat namelijk nog een andere man die bezig is zijn broek uit te trekken. Net onder de rand staat wat geschreven."hallo Fred, lekker neukertje is dit he!" Dit zijn glasheldere kinderporno foto's van zeer goede kwaliteit. Het lijkt dat ze recent genomen. Op de volgende foto's zien we hoe het meisje tegen haar zin wordt uitgekleed, heftig trappelt ze met haar beentjes en de eerste traantjes biggelen over haar wangetjes. Op foto nummer 6 wordt het kindje door een van de mannen met zijn voet op een soort deken geduwd die op de grond ligt terwijl hij haar beentjes omhoog en uit elkaar trekt. Het kleine meisje is nu helemaal naakt. Ze heeft rond haar middel een zwarte SM-riem met banden waarmee haar armpjes strak langs haar lichaam vast zitten.

      Wednesday, December 5, 2007

    • by KingCap :...
    • Chase and Ally
      chaseand zip (18k) (mf 1st fond oral mast fondling)
      Chase and Ally were two 13-year-old kids in love. When that love is threatened by their parents, they go to drastic measures to save it.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Please Don't Make Me Do That!
      pleasedo zip (08k) (MF/M swinger wife-slut)
      "Why do you force me to do such nasty things?" Chrissie asked, her expression anxious, a thin layer of sweat visible on her upper lip. We were in my latest babe's living room, and she was dressed as I'd instructed. Thin white tank top, no bra, the shape of her 36D tits clearly visible beneath the semi-transparent material, nipples hard already, easy to spot. "Force you?" I asked, laughing. "Shit, you love it, baby, that's why. You know you do. And I love making you do anything I want. It's nasty. And exciting. For both of us." Her face colored, but I saw the heat there, in her brown eyes, sparkling with lust, with hunger for the kinds of things we do together... and with others. "I don't like it, Rick," she said, weakly protesting. "Oh come on, Chrissie. Look at you. You're nipples are hard as rocks, you're sweating. Shit, you're in heat so much right now I bet your panties are already soaked. Aren't they."
    • by Tiger :...
    • Im Wald, teil 2
      imwald2 zip (14k) (M/t/b inc oral anal cons bond)
      Am nchsten Morgen erwachte Robert sehr frh durch die Trklingel. Verschlafen stieg er aus dem Bett, warf sich den Bademantel ber und stapfte zur Tr. Ein Blick durch den Trspion machte ihn schlagartig und grndlicher wach, als es ein Liter Kaffee es vermocht htte. Vor der Tr standen Bernd und Mark. Robert ffnete die Tr und die beiden grinsten ihn an.

      Tuesday, December 4, 2007


      Monday, December 3, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 20
      thevil20 zip (12k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      A few minutes before school let out, Helen came in and asked if Gina and Megan could be excused a little early and she was carrying their helmets. When the two Mistresses made it out of the school, there was Garcia's van and he was talking to Damien and Carl. Once Gina and Megan had their helmets on, Garcia opened the back of the van, then he, Damien and Carl brought eleven young girls out. For a second, Gina was lost, Garcia was only supposed to be bringing six pieces of merchandise, not eleven. Still, she wasn't going to question, and picked up her cattle prod and moved over to where these eleven young slaves stood, blindfolded, gagged and bound.

      Sunday, December 2, 2007

    • by Vixen :...
    • Life With Daddy and Granpa
      lifewith zip (09k) (MM/gF/g Incest oral anal beast enema whipping voyeur contests)
      My life with Daddy and Granpa was exciting and wonderful for an intelligent little four year old, and as I grew older, it became even more so. Mama loved our life too.
    • by Pipilover :...
    • Nasse Tchter, part 4
      nasseto4 zip (14k) (M/Fff, incest, ns)
      Er hob Susi vom Tpfchen runter und setzte sie auf seinen Scho, so dass sein Schwanz an ihrer Mse rieb. Papi, kannst du schon wieder?" fragte Susi und Horst nickte. Er drckte Susi nher an sich ran und schob dabei seinen Pimmel in die kleine Mse seiner siebenjhrigen Tochter, die so nass und feucht war, dass er im Gegensatz zum Morgen-fick kein Gleitmittel mehr brauchte. Tiefer und tiefer schob er seinen Schwanz in die Kleinmdchenmuschi, es war eng, so unglaublich eng, dass Horst glaubte, seine Vorhaut wrde abreien. Oh Baby, ich knnte dich, ich knnte euch beide ficken bis zum jngsten Gericht" entfuhr es Horst, Ja Baby, komm, mach dich breit auf meinem Schwanz, reite ihn!" Susi drngte sich auf dem Scho ihres Vaters und schob sich den Schwanz tiefer und tiefer in ihre Mse. Horst nahm das vollgepisste Tpfchen vom Tisch, das Pipi sollte ja nicht ungenutzt bleiben, und lie den Saft ber seinen Kopf an sich runterlaufen.

      Saturday, December 1, 2007

    • by zet :...
    • Dreamgirls
      dreamgir zip (59k) (pedo inc rom cons 1st-time uncle/niece Mg (Ages 36/11) bro/sis mg (14/11) MF (36/32))
      Tommy, twelve-year-old Clare's uncle, finds himself surprisingly attracted to her. He controls his urges until they meet in a dream, and when they wake up she remembers what happened (and likes what she remembers) making his best intentions difficult to stay true to. Gradually Clare gets her way and her uncle falls deeply into love and an incestuous relationship with her. Things become complicated when Clare's mother, Tommy's kid sister Brenda, decides she wants Tommy too.

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