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      Saturday, June 30, 2007

    • by Acre :...
    • The New House, part 1
      thenewh1 zip (10k) (Ff MMm MMff ghost pedo incest)
      Usual slow build up so be patient! I couldn't believe my luck. An elderly uncle who had only met my family a couple of times last year died leaving me the free lease of a big Victorian house in his will with an indoor pool and a small wood a mile outside a nice country village. The stipulations in the will were eccentric. It may have been 1965 England but I had to agree to live in the house till the kids left home, neither to sell the house's Victorian furniture nor the kids playroom toys.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Holiday Games, part 1
      holiday1 zip (13k) (M/F, anal)
      Watching Emma sleep, Tom realized just how much he loved her but he was restless, unsettled in his mind. For the first time since the start of their relationship Tom had been thinking of someone else while he was sodomizing his lover...Tom was lying naked in bed, his head propped on a pillow, his arm behind his head so he could watch Emma sleep. It was just after dawn and Tom and Emma were staying in a guestroom of the Villa Antorini, Max and Tanya Richardson's holiday home in the south of France. Between his legs, Tom's long, thick cock glistened with the lube he had used to oil Emma's asshole prior to spending much of the night engaged in a vigorous and prolonged bout of sodomy, his throat coated with the huge load of his own thick, creamy semen he had sucked from her asshole after he climaxed. He loved the flavor of his own ejaculate, and always looked forward to licking and lapping Emma's gaping asshole after he had pumped his come into her rectum.
    • by Oh Daddy :...
    • The Gunman
      thegunma zip (12k) (Mf, Fm, MF,mf,Non-con, Forced, Pedo, Incest)
      The gunman looked over the family he held hostage and smiled to himself. The father and mother had their hands cuffed to the staircase posts with plastic ties, one on each side while the children were seated on the floor in front of them. "If you follow my instructions then no one will get hurt" he told the family. "If you follow my instructions then no one will get hurt" he told the family "Now for some introductions." He pointed his gun at the father "What's your name?" "If you hur..." The gunman reached out and slapped the oldest girl before her father finished.
    • by UnclePan :...
    • Polly Want a Cracker?
      pollywan zip (11k) (man 35, girl 9; fondling, fellatio, nudity, quimling, penetration)
      One day when I was 35, I was sitting on my front porch swing reading the morning paper and sipping the last of my morning's coffee when a little girl's voice broke through the morning's stillness. It was Polly Morgan, the 9 yo daughter of my next door neighbors. She wanted to talk. We did. She proceeded to tell me all about her initiation into sex with a 14 yo neighbor boy, Lester Westfield. As she was telling me this my jaw practically bounced off the floor. Somehow you don't think of a child you've known since she was 35 minutes old, and whose diapers you changed as a baby, as having a sex life. At least not at age 9. All the rapacious details follow, including why she chose me to make her little confession to.
    • by JoeKid :...
    • Another Pedo Church Group
      anotherp zip (35k) (MMM/bb, M/g, extreme pedo, oral, anal, incest, rape)
      I'm going to like this church. Never thought I'd say that, but still...I also sure the fuck never thought I'd be in a church hall filled with members of the congregation, all naked, just like the fucking pastor, just like all their kids, from babies right on up to that hairy football player type teen with his dick in my little girl's asshole. Fat dick, too. She screamed a lot when it went in, even though she's used to me. I'm thick and damned long. Football boy was a hell of a lot thicker. My other girl, the younger one, was around here somewhere. Yeah. Over there. With the pastor's dick in her cunt, the pastor's young preteen son with his dick in her ass, and my little girl's mouth eagerly eating out the twat of the pastor's wife. A real family affair. But then our hero finds out about the fun to be had with very young little boys and their tight virgin boypussies.
    • by BoswellTheBad :...
    • Eight O'clock In The Morning
      eightocl zip (10k) (M/F/m/f/all ages aliens orgies science fiction)
      The little girl stood up and unzipped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down, exposing her pale belly and her fat hairless cunt mound with a deep slit. Seconds later she had pulled her T-shirt off and was entirely naked...and waiting...her eyes avoid his as he scanned her beautiful juvenile ten year old body. "That's better..." he croaked, "now...on your hands and knees...side by side...spread your legs...both of you." Mother and daughter complied slowly, hesitantly...their quivering naked asses aimed at him as he knelt between Lil's thighs to thrust his cock into her already sloppy vagina...while he reached over to Norma's cunt slit and fingered her tight virgin hole. A dozen strokes in and out of the his girl friend's cunt wetted his cock with slippery cunt fluids.
    • by makinbabies :...
    • Family Summer Fun
      familys1 zip (07k) (MFbgFb Mg Fg inc oral con pedo preg)
      After dinner both parents told the kids to go get showers and get into there night wear as it was getting late and they would be going to bed in a couple of hours. As the kids did what there parents wanted Bob and Cindy went to the master bedroom and shower,as Bob closed the door to there bed room Cindy started removing her bikini,Bob tells Cindy after seeing her in the nude that she looks as lovely as the day we got married. She looks down at Bobs groin and see,s the erection that Bob has and ask in her sweet voice,is that all for me daddy knowing that will turn Bob on even more. Oh yes little girl ,replys Bob,daddy is going to put his little friend up inside you and make you feel real good.
    • by Spin :...
    • My Preteen Text Messenger
      mypretee zip (06k) (M/g Pedo Sex oral Cons 1st)
      OH! The possibilites are boundless when a young preteen girl gets her first cell phone. Easy to capture and send, erotic cell phone pictures of tempting little body parts are soon to be on a cell phone near you someday. Read on and discover the saga of one man and his very cute little niece. I'm sure you'll agree. Every little girl should have her own cell phone: The 21st century has exploded with the latest and greatest high tech gadgets-and it seems that everyone feels the need for their share of these new toys. I remember when a cell phone was once the symbol of the upper middle class. Guess what? Today! You'll find over two thirds of the American population, including preteen children with their own cell phones. After my pretty, nine and half year old niece finally convinced her mother to cave in and put her on the family plan, she soon learned to text message. As her only uncle and a known fan of her tempting little body, her very first phone call...and first text message graced my Motorola Razor one lucky day, causing a special unexpected warmth in my heart and a stir in my pants. Her words were like a drug to my brain. "Hi Uncle Robb! This is Megan and Guess what? I got my own cell phone now and you're my first call."
    • by The Dragon :...
    • South Carolina Here We Come
      southcar zip (09k) (Mf)
      Jack and Li are still moving around and enjoying their time together, along the way they find a home: Jack and Li set out to get Jack's SUV that broke down on the way to the theme park. Arriving at the repair place and paying for the repairs Jack and Li left for South Carolina. They traveled most of the day and reached South Carolina's border around sunset and found a place to stay in a little rundown motel. Jack signed in and Li was waiting in the car. While Jack was signing in Li saw two little girls walking to the pool about her age. Li asked Jack when he got to the car if she could go swimming and told Jack about the girls. Jack said it was ok and when they reached the room Li quickly changed into her suit and went to the pool. Jack changed and followed her a short time later. When Jack arrived at the pool he was greeted with the sight of three girls playing in the pool. All three were about the same size and the water cascading off their bodies and dripping to the ground. Jack walked over to a table and sat watching the girls and relaxing. Li came over to Jack with the two other girls and introduced them to Jack as Mandy and Jackie. Jack said hello and the girls giggled and ran back to the pool.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Preteen Soccer Girls Getting Naughty, Episode II
      6pretee2 zip (08k) (M, f, f (both 11) mast, voyeur, drug, fondling young bodies)
      "Meet my COCK Hannah. Go ahead and touch it," I said moving right in front of the surprised young girl. Without thinking she curled her hand around the dark purple head. "It is sooooo warm and soft . . . but REALLY BIG!" she said manipulating my shaft through her tiny fingers. This was being done right in front of Kellie's face and as I looked down I watched her slip her fingers into her bare pussy as she fantasized about placing it first in her mouth and then deep into her slippery pussy.

      Friday, June 29, 2007

    • by William Caxton :...
    • A Gift for Hibiki (Part 4 of "Hibiki")
      agiftfor zip (24k) (Mf, MF, inc, cons, Asian)
      James makes it back up to the farm after a long absence and gets a special gift from Hibiki's beautiful mother. Afterwards, Hibiki decides she ready for a bit of experimenting in their sex life. Both breasts were now visible on her slim frame. Despite her tiny A-cup breasts, her areolas were sensuously large and dark from breast-feeding Hibiki. She was tiny and delicate, but this was no little girl - it was pure woman. I slid my hand down her ribcage, along her hips, and down her leg. She arched her back and moaned softly. Her skin was as smooth as I had expected, and her legs were firm...a dancer's legs. I wanted to kiss her, but it was not traditionally done until later, so I resisted the temptation to nuzzle those lush, ruby-red lips. I continued to run my hands over her, letting her feel my desire for her body. She continued to make the soft moans and gently moved her legs. I glanced at her neatly trimmed bush and saw the droplets of moisture there. She really was getting into this! My cock stiffened even more.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • That Father Daughter Dance of Desire
      thatfath zip (37k) (M/g,M/f,f/m, ped, cons, first time, incs)
      Alice is daddy's little tomboy. She is a softball and soccer player and enjoys most everything out doors especially if she's spending time with her daddy. In the spring her school decides to have a father/daughter dance a tradition that the school does every year for the fifth grade students of which 10 almost 11 year old Alice is one. This sets the stage for a life changing event, one that neither Alice nor her daddy saw coming. . .
    • by Keyah :...
    • Sady - Family and Friends
      sadyfami zip (11k) (bg bbg incest pedo)
      The end of school meant freedom, and this year, experimentation. Sady chuckled. Since the end of school she had learned, in that tiny unfinished house, the pleasures of sex. The thought brought a faint flush to her cheeks. It had been a week since her orientation, but her thoughts turned to the carnal need growing in her body since that day.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Internet Fame - Introduction
      internet zip (04k) (Pedo)
      I was lucky enough to cash out of the Dot Com world before the big technology crash of 2001. I live privately and quietly in a rural area where my nearest neighbor is 8 miles away. So when my newly divorced "cousin" Barbara and her 11-year-old stepdaughter came to stay with me, I had to do some adjusting. I didn't know it at first, but Barb's stepdaughter Megan was famous, Internet famous. Barb had married her husband Jim after his first wife had died in a traffic accident. Jim was left with a small stepdaughter and a large insurance settlement. Although Barb wasn't interested in the little girl, the insurance money made Jim very attractive to Barb. Barb claims that she didn't know that Jim had continuously and regularly molested his little stepdaughter from the time he had first married her mother when Megan was 6. What made her famous was he had posted the video evidence on the Internet. He was only caught when he invited in three other pedophiles to share little Megan. One of them was caught on another rap and squealed on the others for some lenience.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 11: Stephanie's Continuing Fantasy
      julie11 zip (09k) (Mf ff pre-teen slut exhib)
      It was another thirty minutes or so until we got to my daughter's teacher's house. She told me along the way that she had taken to calling him master. She liked saying that as it made her feel more like a whore and she really liked being a whore. I assured her that I liked her being a whore also. I also liked her being pimped out by her teacher and I liked her calling him master. I liked that she was a fuck toy for strangers, a tiny pussy for dumping cum into and I liked showing off her sexy body to anyone that cared to look. I liked her being a pre-teen slut cunt for all the men that wanted her. I had wanted to be a fuck slut when I was her age and now I could be one along with her. We were going to have a ball as she was growing up.

      Thursday, June 28, 2007

    • by POTHUS :...
    • Kimberly All Grown Up
      kimberly zip (20k) (M/F, Uncle/Niece)
      It had been years, more like fourteen years actually, since I had seen my niece Kimberly. The last time I saw her, she was just a scrawny little thing, with braces and a snotty attitude. I had moved to another state and hadn't seen much, if at all, any of my relatives for quite some time. So when I got a phone call from my brother, wondering how I was doing and how I liked living out in the middle of nowhere. I had moved back to Idaho, where my family had lived when I was two. We only lived there for about six years, but from what I had remembered of the place, I really liked it. We talked about many different things before he said his goodbyes. I thought the call was somewhat strange since I hadn't spoken to my brother in a couple of years. I am like that, in that I will fall of the face of the earth from time to time, and then out of nowhere, call my family to let them know I was alright. They understood and thought nothing of this. Now what was even stranger and what would eventually change my life, was that I received a telephone call from his daughter, my niece, Kimberly, just a couple days later.
      The Apprehensive but Eager Bitch
      theappre zip (26k) (F/dog/b)
      Ashley Martin was looking forward to this day with some trepidation. She had been accepted to college on a soccer scholarship and knew that she would do well on the soccer field for her school. It was the thought of leaving home for the first time, being away from her family and friends that were causing her the greatest concern. Even though she would be four hours away from home, she still felt as if she was moving to the other side of the moon. Her small town was all she had known for the past seventeen years, and now she would be living on campus, with unfamiliar people and places that she would have to become accustomed to. Ashley had led a sheltered but loving life with her family, though her parents had tried their best to ready her for what lay outside of her small town.
    • by explorer :...
    • The Rehabilitation of Faye
      therehab zip (12k) (Mg(5) ped pre-school toddler inc oral anal extreme ws)
      Jack loved Faye, his five-year-old foster daughter and was angry when he found out that his wife had duped the girl into drinking her piss. After 10 years of married life he knew that Alice was a bit kinky even a little perverse but this time she'd gone too far. After an argument over the incident Alice packed her bags and left him. Probing the child for details of the 'games' she'd been playing with mommy, Jack found himself getting excited. After the child showed Jack where to find Alice's stash of kiddie porn videos they watched them together. Desperate to unload his nut sack Jack went up the bedroom to pull himself off only to find the little girl had followed him. "Mommy said that daddy juice will make a girl's boobies grow, is that true?" the toddler asked.
    • by Greven :...
    • Lillies Of The Field, part 2
      lillies2 zip (11k) (M/F, M/f, incest)
      As I got out of the car carrying Amy I found Lillian talking to the driver. She headed over to me and we went up. I held her she whispered in my ear "I hope mommy keeps you."
    • by The Dragon :...
    • Time At The Park
      timeatth zip (05k) (Mf)
      More of Jack and Li, the reach the theme park and have fun: Early the next morning Jack awoke to the feeling of hid dick wrapped in a soft warm wet velvet sheath. He opened his eyes to se Li sitting on his cock and smiling. Li said good morning and then started rising and lowering herself on his shaft. Li was keeping a steady rhythm and seem quite satisfied and was beginning to rock a little forward and back as she was going up and down and Jack was just laying there and watching this little girl enjoy herself. She was moving faster and harder and Jack could feel he pussy getting tighter. He knew she was beginning to cum and he did not move he let her finish and as she slumped down on him he kept his dick inside her. As she rested there on top of Jack he started slowly pushing and Li was making little noises each time he pressed into her. Jack reached around her and started pressing his finger tip against her asshole again. Li smiled and gently pressed back allowing his finger to enter her ass and he started moving his finger with his dick and Li started moaning as Jack increased the speed and pressure Li started to orgasm and Jack came at the same time. Both were spent and happy. Li started to stir and asked Jack about what they were going to do today. Jack smiled and said the theme park awaited.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • AMBER Alert Failure - The Saga Continues
      amberal2 zip (06k) (M+/g)
      (read on...)

      Wednesday, June 27, 2007


      Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    • by Daughter Raper :...
    • Rape Trained Daughter, parts 1-2
      rapet1_2 zip (19k) (M/F Incest rape, anal, oral)
      Jolene slid into the tub and sighed in relief as her hot teen body sank beneath the cool refreshing water. Suddenly her stepfather burst through the bathroom door like a charging beast and strode over to the toilet eyeing her naked body in the tub like an animal eyes its prey: It was mid July, the weather was blistering hot, and the midsummer sun beat down hard on Jolene as she walked home from high school down the long dusty road towards her stepfather's farm. She was 16 well formed, very attractive and she hated living on this secluded farm, without friends, but most of all she hated her stepfather Bill. He was always stingy lecher and leered at her younger sister and her. She could always feel his eyes, undressing her in his mind. It repulsed her and made her sick to her stomach, not only was he her stepfather but he was much older, he looked to be in his forties or older. And her mother wasn't bad looking, she was still in her thirties and had kept her figure, so why was her stepfather so obsessed with his stepdaughters she wondered? Jolene followed the winding road until it narrowed and wound around to the gate in front of the farm house. Jolene walked through gate across the long wooden front porch and into the house.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 16
      theent16 zip (10k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      From the terrace, Jawee, ten year old Maria, twelve year old Carlita and I watched the children leave. They had left their clothes outside the main gate but none of them dressed to go home, they just carried their clothes with them. It was Jawee, that told the two nude beauties to follow her, we went back to her room. There was a ominous sense of fear among the two nude virgins, but Jawee just smiled at them and had me sit on the edge of the bed. The first one to stand in front of me, was twelve year old Carlita and I gently fondled her pointed breast as her eyes seemed to get bigger and bigger. Yet, when I tipped my head forward and captured one of those pointed tips in my lips, the twelve year old gasped. Then as I began to lick that tiny nipple, her arms wrapped around my head to hold me to her breast.

      Monday, June 25, 2007

    • by bigPaul :...
    • My Step-Mother Jessica, The Cum-Junkie, ch 2-3
      myste2_3 zip (26k) (m/F son/step-mom cum/addict)
      My step-mother and I share an addiction to cum. I make it, and she eats it. Our adventures continue: On the way home from the porno store, Jennifer rested her head on my shoulder and gently touched me all over. It had been an intense experience for us both, and we were in a quiet mood. She had her hand under my sweater and was slowly running it over my stomach and chest, not trying to turn me on but more like she was getting to know every square inch of my body. "God, Paulie, that was such a turn-on for me, sucking you in that booth. You came so fast I couldn't even cum myself." "Are you still horny? I asked. "I'm fine for now, but I want you to fuck me good when we get home."
    • by Dan The BJ Fan :...
    • Ransom of the Red Dress
      ransomof zip (26k) (Kidnapping, Mf, MMf, Consentual)
      Little Rosie Ryder was what her Grandfather would have called, a real spitfire. She was sharp as a tack, and had wit and an attitude to go with it. She ruled her universe, and that's all there was to it. She was 10 going on 20. Her life wasn't full of many hardships. Her parents lived in a lavish apartment in New York. Her life was filled with benefits of that lifestyle. She also suffered from the short cummings of such an upbringing. She was disrespectful of anyone's opinion aside of her own, and she was spoiled beyond all belief. She didn't have imaginary tea parties like other girls... She sat and had real tea. She didn't play with makeup like the other girls... she had professional makeup artists and hair stylists do it for her every morning. She didn't play dress up like the other girls... she played dress up in seven and eight thousand dollar dresses. On this bright sunny summer day she awoke late and decided to wear a silky sequin red dress that reflected the red in her long hair. She wore small heels, and diamond earings. Everything about her screamed look at me. and look at her many did.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Pretty Things
      prettyth zip (10k) (M/g 11, first)
      Excitement raced through me as, with her legs well enough apart, her slit had cracked open and revealed the long and bulbous shape of a well developed prepuce. No wonder she had moistened, I thought, admiring the tender shaft of pale pink skin half exposed within the rounded edge of flesh that was the apex of her vulva.

      Sunday, June 24, 2007

    • by Acre :...
    • The Snatch, part 2
      thesnat2 zip (06k) (FF Ff MF ff)
      We started the video again as eight year old Annie stood up facing the camera in front of her mum with her legs apart. As we watched she looked at her mum for guidance, smiled shyly and slowly pulled off her tank top. Putting her hands on her hips she stood still as Chuck panned the camera up her skinny legs and simple pants before zooming in on the chest. There were only slight mounds where her tits would be one day but the red nipples were beginning to show.
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Over The River and Through The Woods, part 9
      overthe9 zip (09k) (M/F/m/f/all ages, orgy, semiconsentual)
      Seconds later, the man she only knew as Steve stepped to the seat beside her. His hair was tousled, his pubic hair matted with semen...and his seven or eight inch long cock hung half flaccidly...spent...above those impressively massive testicles. He dropped into his seat, clipped the seat belt into place and leaned back. "Want to talk about it?" he asked softly, and an astounded Mary looked down at her own lap and felt him move to her semen fouled pussy...and stared as he started to stroke her slippery, and very definitely erect clit. "Stop that, you bastard!" she hissed and thrust the hand away. Steve chuckled. "Its been quite a trip...worth a fortune, it was," he said, his eyes closed, "I have no idea how many pussies I've had this night. I'm sure it will never happen again." A naked and rumpled stewardess walked past them, checking seat belts, and ignoring the man beside Mary who was gently stroking his half-stiff cock.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Ode to Mother Nature
      odetomot zip (18k) (man 38, girls 13, 7; nude exam, fondling, manual digit stimulation, oral, penetration)
      JimBob Buford here. 6 years ago a 7 yo girl who lived across the street from me took a tumble on her bike and fell on the sidewalk in front of my house. I carried her inside and patched up her wounds. She was also hurt between her legs, and so I had to examine that part of her. At her suggestion I opened her up and gazed within. I must confess to getting carried away, especially when she told me about how her mother always kissed her wounds to make them well when she was little. Could there possibly be a better way to heal than that? It is 7 years later, she is 13 now, and she wants me to make her a woman. What do you think I should do?

      Saturday, June 23, 2007


      Friday, June 22, 2007

    • by Daughter Raper :...New Author.!.!.!
    • What Is Life Without A Slut? part 1
      whatisl1 zip (38k) (rape, slavery, anal, oral, B&D)
      Bill Johnson was a very rich, powerful and bored man. He had won at just about everything that he had tried and should have been content with that, but something was always missing: It was yet another warm morning with promise of a blistering day to follow, I rolled out of bed at 9 and took a long shower, dressed and prepared for the day's business. I can afford to take my life at a leisurely pace, I am to put it modestly, rich; having made my fortune several times over in real estate, I do not need to work, but I do need something to take up my day give my life purpose so I do a few sales, always large mostly commercial properties, and a couple large secure stock trades, perhaps a company acquisition or two but little else. I have no living family, divorced no kids and no serious relationships, fear of intimacy and more importantly gold digging bitches keep from pursuing anything further. However, although I am in my fifties and still fit I am not attracted to women my near my own age preferring much younger ones that I can have a brief fling with and discard.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Martha's Story
      marthass zip (08k) (Dad/Daughter)
      Martha has lived a very happy incest life with her dad. She tells all: Well I never thought I'd actually get up the courage to write down my experiences, but after much thought and soul searching I decided that my story needed to be told. I thought for a long time that my experiences with incest were uncommon, but in the last few years I found just the opposite. You see, my first sexual experience was with my father. It is hard to say when it began, but if I had to pin down a date, I would be my 7th birthday. My parents held a birthday party for me. One of my friends came with her father. At some point I noticed that they were missing, so I went to look for them. I found them in one of our bedrooms. They were kissing. Even at 7 years old I knew that the kind of kissing they were doing was different than the way my dad kissed me. I quietly backed out of the doorway before they noticed I was there.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Party Games, part 2
      partyga2 zip (12k) (M/F, anal)
      Emma recognized the muscular man's voice immediately. She screamed in shock. The man pumping the contents of his balls into the teenage boy's upturned ass was her father, Alex Boswell...
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Preteen Soccer Girls Getting Naughty, Episode I
      6pretee1 zip (11k) (M, f, f (both 11) mast, voyeur, drug, fondling young bodies)
      "In a minute . . . why don't you tell me . . . or better yet SHOW me . . . what the boys made you do first, and then we'll put the clothes in the dryer?" I suggested.

      Thursday, June 21, 2007

    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • The Other Shoe, part 3
      theothe3 zip (18k) (M/F/m/f/orgy, consensual)
      "See," he said softly, "girls know how to fuck from birth. Don't worry...she's way too small for my cock. I won't try to fuck her...but I suggest you find a boy just old enough to get an or eight...with a short and skinny penis...and have him fuck her tomorrow. She's old enough to learn how to fuck...and she's a natural. Break her in now and she'll be ready and willing by the time she's three. Will you do that for her...and for me?"
    • by Neverlander :...
    • A Helping Hand for Brother
      ahelping zip (24k) (g/m voy mast tease)
      Kimee was a pretty little girl who enjoyed teasing and arousing older men. When she found out some very private things about her step-brother, she decided it was time for some very naughty fun...Kimee stretched luxuriously, extending her feet over the end of the tub on either side of the faucet. It felt so good to melt into the warm bath, gently touching herself between her legs, but she'd better hurry up and wash her hair or people will wonder what happened to her. Caressing herself one last time with fluttering fingertips, she drew her hands up over her stomach to her breasts. She cupped them in her soapy hands, pleased that they were filling out enough that she could actually squeeze them. She was eleven now, almost twelve, and was glad that she wouldn't be just a skinny little kid any more. Some of the girls at school had started to develop early, and she noticed that the boys were paying more attention to them. And not just the boys; she saw some of the men teachers looking at the girls' chests, too. That made some girls uncomfortable, but Kimee couldn't wait to see if the men would look at her like that when she got bigger. The thought excited her and made her feel tingly.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Failed AMBER Alert
      failedam zip (06k) (M+/g)
      (read on...)
    • by Dan The BJ Fan :...
    • Imaginary Friend
      imaginar zip (28k) (Ff, Mf, long intro)
      Frank was giving up. He was done with trying in this life. It was just too much for him. A failed suicide attempt leads him to a new friend who bestows upon him a gift, and possibly trouble down the line: Frank Axel sat in his car with the engine running. He had the windows rolled up and plastic tube duct taped onto the tail pipe. He ran the tube along the side of the car and up into the car window. The small gap in the window to allow the tube in was duct taped as well. The engine was running and he was listening to the radio. Ironically the song on the radio was some punk kid singing to his girlfriend about how he knew they would be together forever despite the fact he fucked her best friend. It might have been the fumes, or his mental state, but he found this absurdly funny. He had gotten up every day for the last 20 years and gone to work. He never stayed out late. He never went out with the guys. In fact there were no guys, he had zero friends. He spent whatever time he didn't spend working doing a seemingly endless list of things that needed to be done around the house, provided by his wife. He cooked, he cleaned, he did laundry, he rebuilt entire rooms in the house to her specifications. He never complained. He didn't need to complain he enjoyed it mostly. It made him feel important. It made him feel like he was doing all he could to provide for his family.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 15
      theent15 zip (12k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      It was early when I woke up to Alice's sweet little mouth sucking my cock and Sam in the doorway telling us to get dressed because we were going on a trip. Just then, my cock exploded in the red headed ten year old's mouth and she greedily sucked down my cum, then was out of bed to see where Sam and I were going. When Sam told her that she and Vicky were going also, Alice squealed and ran back in to get Vicky and I out of bed. The naked eleven year old Vicky, looked better today, her bruises weren't quite as red and the swelling in her face was almost gone.

      Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    • by Rick the Dick :...
    • Little Black Boy's Bitch, ch 2
      littleb2 zip (15k) (M/b inter oral anal mdom va span)
      Little black kid brings in his even younger cousin and both get off making their bitch landlord bend over: I was sitting in a traffic jam on the way to work when I got a crazy idea -- I could just move into that vacant unit! I had wondered how picking up Shawn regularly on some specific day to travel back to my place would work out, because what if he jacked off just before we met, and wouldn't be interested? Or just otherwise wasn't horny? But, I figured, if I lived two doors down from him, maybe he could just come over whenever he felt the need, even multiple times a day! (Or so I fantasized...) So that's what I did. I really couldn't afford missing out on another unit's rent payment, but the thought of a cock in my ass maybe daily was worth far more than that to me. I still kept my condo, but went out and bought some basic furniture at Goodwill, plus a new bed, and got the utilities turned on. By the next week I was officially "moved" in to my new apartment, and that's where I slept. And there I sat every evening... waiting... and waiting... peering out the window, waiting for Shawn to walk by. But I kept missing him!
    • by The Dragon :...
    • Jack and Li
      jackandl zip (06k) (Mf)
      Jack and Li run into small problems and take a trip: Jack is in his twenties and Li is eleven. Jack saved Li from a life of a sex slave in Thailand. Jack returned home and picked up Li and took her to his home and tried to setup a loving household with just him and Li. Jack was involved in several organizations that tried to end slavery around the world and he also was deeply in love with Li. Jack was trying to justify his love for Li and his actions with her. They had met because she was a sex slave and Jack had had sex with her, at first for the reason that she not get beat again. Now he was having sex with her because he liked it and she was willing. He knew this was a sticky situation and if he was caught there would be hell to pay.

      Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    • by JoeKid :...New Author.!.!.!
    • More Than I Bargained For
      morethan zip (35k) (MM/b, M/t, MM, extreme pedo, racial, oral, anal, incest, ws)
      What a difference a day makes. A cute little nigger boy gets past my security and into my back yard 'cause he wants to see a white peepee. Well, a white man's gotta do what a white man's gotta do. Though unless he's got eyes inside he wasn't seeing much what with the way my white cock was plunging in and out of his tight little nigger pussy. Three times. Not bad for 45, I'd say. I thought it couldn't get any better than that...until the next morning: I'm lazy. I admit it. Glory in it at times. Three weeks ago I bought this huge old house with the huge, like "holy shit, Batboy, look at the fuckin' size of this" back yard. And way off in the corner, where the 8-foot south brick wall intersects with the hedge on the west that acts as a property line divider, there's this old-fashioned gazebo. I hadn't really looked at it before today. Saw it off in the distance when I was on the back porch...damned veranda actually...and glanced at the pics in the brochure. Bought the place the same day. For cash. Shocked the shit out of the real estate agent when I wrote the check. The poor bitch was almost peeing in her panties over all that nice, lovely, freshly-laundered money. Not that she had any idea about that last adjective.
    • by The Dragon :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ideas
      ideas zip (12k) (Mf / Mf)
      Out to change the world his crusade changes him into what he wants to stop and he can not help it: It all started so nobly, save the world and all of that. Now here he stood, a long way from home and in too deep to get out without some serious trouble. He stood there looking at the situation and wondering what he was going to do. Three dead bodies, and him the only one there after the attack. "How did I get to this?" he wondered out loud. Looking around he decided he needed to get out of there and try to get home and safe before anyone could link all of this to him. Jack arrived in Thailand and the mission was all important. Rescue children from the illegal slave trade and get them to safety. He was in his twenties and in good shape, well educated and serious about his crusade. He had decided the he could make a difference and do something about the situation, even if it was only one child. Being an American in Thailand everyone knew he was there for one of two things. Either changing the world or looking for sex he could not get at home. Bangkok was a busy place crowded and everyone in a hurry. He caught a taxi to the hotel and found his room and powered up his laptop. Much to his surprise there was internet available wireless. He logged on to his account setup just for this trip. There was a new e-mail from his contact here, he was to meet them at a small café not far from the hotel and there were directions. Jack left the hotel and headed for the café. As he went down the street he was approached by several young men offering sex with women for little to no money, one offered anything he wanted delivered to him, any age any thing he wanted to do. He ignored them and went to the café. He met with his contact and two other men that gave him the usual warnings, do not say anything about why he was there to anyone not involved.
    • by Rick the Dick :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Black Boy's Bitch, ch 1
      littleb1 zip (16k) (M/b inter oral anal mdom)
      Pre-teen black stud gets off fucking adult white landlord in the ass while his mother gets off on the free rent. A true win-win for all sides: I had bought an inexpensive six-unit apartment building in a really bad part of town -- a friend at work convinced me that was the road to riches -- but what a mistake! I just had chronic problems with everything and everyone. Nobody would pay on time, everybody complained, stuff was always breaking down, but I was kind of stuck with it and as a part-time landlord at that. And nobody had taught me how to be a landlord, so I'd always give in and let late payments and things ride. I had one particular chronic late-rent payer who was a single mom with two kids. She was on welfare and AFDC but I couldn't get section 8 subsidies so she had to pay cash, which I knew she could afford from her payments, but she always had some excuse why she couldn't (I'm pretty sure it went to drugs). Finally I was tired of it. She had missed two payments, so I went over to her unit and told her I'd let last month go, but she had to pay for this month or I'd start eviction. She let me in, tried her normal excuse thing at first, then tried anger, then tried pleading. I wasn't going for it, because she had played me like that for over half a year. Then she tried bartering. "You want my stereo?... You want smokes?... Meth?..." but I just looked at her like I'd had enough. I really did. I had a mortgage I couldn't afford unless everybody paid, and explained that to her. Finally she asked "You want ME?" which made me chuckle a little, because she knew I was gay (the topic had come up when I was telling her about the place and myself, no big deal), but I reminded her anyway.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • A Kinky Father's Day Celebration
      akinkyfa zip (11k) (M (father) g (11 daughter) b (11 twin brother), 13 (brother), 14 (brother), handjobs, blowjobs, semen)
      With trepidation Abby walked forward and stood directly in front of her Daddy waiting while he allowed his eyes to travel over her naked body, hairless pussy and admire her breasts with their aroused pink nipples. "I don't know about the others," he said. "But your dancing has given me a hard-on honey, which is pretty uncomfortable in these jeans and I think you ought to do something about it." "What?" asked Abby fearing the worst? "Well I suggest that you take my pants and boxers off and give my cock a little rub," he suggested. Abby began to shake her head but suddenly thought better. Kneeling down in front of her Daddy she reached out, undid the catch on his jeans and began to pull down the zipper. She could feel the mammoth size of his cock through the material . . .
    • by greven :...
    • Lillies Of The Field, part 1
      lillies1 zip (21k) (no sex)
      I have to admit I never saw my self where I am now. Just a few weeks ago I was a normal middle aged man. I was just a regular gopher sitting in my little cubicle, just waiting for something, anything to happen. Well it did and not in the way I thought it would...ever: I'll start where it began. My friends are always setting me up on blind dates. They can't seem to stand that I was their age and still on my own. So they keep trying to hook me up with the women they know in the same position. I kept my scene of humor and went with it. I have to admit there were a few ladies who seemed to be something good but somehow it always went south. Well one day my best friend, Brian, had set me up for another go. He told me straight out that this one was something his wife had set up. It seems this was a girlfriend of hers and that she had been through the mill. She was both a widow and a divorcé. It seemed she had lost her first husband to a DWI, and the second one was closet psycho. The kind of guy who was great till he thought he owned you then got nasty.
    • by Oh Daddy :...
    • The Glass Manor
      theglass zip (22k) (MF, Mff, Fm, Father-daug, Mother-son pedo incest and more)
      Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cook, You and your family are cordially invited to stay at The Glass Manor for one week all expenses paid. We will fly you here in a private jet and provide a limo driver to pick you up from the airport. Breakfast, Lunch and Diner will be provided as well as a fully stocked bar. There is a lake for boating and swimming and a small 9 hole golf course. Our location is secret and hidden. Only people that receive this special invitation may attend. We only ask that you attend a short presentation at the end of your stay. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with the service you may leave at any time and full transportation will again be provided. This is the only invitation you will receive and you must respond within five working days. The number is 1-800-555-6969. When you call please have the entire family available and have your phone set on conference. The number will only be good for one use then will be changed. We hope to hear from you soon.

      Monday, June 18, 2007

    • by Acre :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Snatch, part 1
      thesnat1 zip (03k) (kidnap rape reluctant movies)
      The kidnapping took time to set up but it was worth it. I'm a psychiatric nurse so I had access to all sorts of interesting drugs to reduce resistance or heighten awareness. We had watched them arrive, the slim mother in her thirties and the two gorgeous blonde girls of about eleven and nine. They had hired a remote log cabin for three weeks and kept themselves to themselves coming into town once a week for supplies. When they were at the drug store my gadget freak boyfriend rigged up an electronic gizmo that made their engine cut out. He switched it off well out of town near the dirt road cut off to their cabin in a mobile phone black spot. With Bob, his twelve-year-old kid brother we 'accidentally' drove by as the mother waved us down. Lifting the hood Chuck asked her to look down into the engine compartment. While she was doing this I jabbed her in the neck with the powerful sedative and paralysing drug so she fell. Calling the kids out of the car we showed them their fainted mum on the road. As they started to cry and panic we suggested that we could take mum to the cabin to recover. They agreed so we loaded mum into our van while the kids went back into their car that now started first time. At the cabin a mile up the dirt track the kids Zoe and Annie showed us where the bedroom was so that we could dump Sue as the mother was known. Explaining that I was a nurse I told them I would check mum out and phone for help. To make them feel better I suggested they have a coke which I had laced with a nice new trial drug that makes the patient feel happy and desperate to cooperate. Finishing the coke their little eyes sparkled as we asked them to sit on the sofa and watch cartoons. Now all were ready for the party.

      Sunday, June 17, 2007

    • by Oh Daddy :...
    • The Journal of Father Mcduffy, A Shipwreck Story
      thejourn zip (07k) (Mfffff Mb Pedo)
      This is the Excerpt of a journal found on a beach not long ago. It was hand written by Father William McDuffy until it ran out of pages. Parts were illegible and were either left out or attempted to be filled in as best as we could. Caution the contents are quite shocking, but considering the circumstances the priest has been post-humanously been exonerated of all of his sins by the church. My other hand was on Helena's buttocks and was griping it as she continued to ride me. Her vagina was spasming on me driving me to even new heights.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Obediant, part 3
      obedian3 zip (16k) (M/g Oral Pedo M/gg)
      For both little girls the time in the hotel after the beach, the pool or the mall was a lazy time hidden from the glare of the sun and people's eyes. The girls could order pay-for-view movies or room service just like a grownup. But Stacy also saw that part of the afternoon routine was Brad taking Karen into his bedroom. Sometimes Brad would say "Karen, private time" and Karen would make a silly laugh and jump into his arms or she would just run giggling into his room. But if the afternoon went on into evening and Brad didn't take Karen into the bedroom then Karen would quietly climb into Brad's lap. She would put her arms around his neck and then she would whisper into his ear like she was begging for something like new clothes. But Stacy quickly realized that whatever she was begging for, it wasn't clothes. Brad would smile and look down at Karen and he would say something like "Are you sure? Don't you want to go back out to the mall instead?" And Karen would pout cutely and wiggle her butt in his lap while she whispered even more to Brad. One time Stacy saw Karen take Brad's hand and put on her leg and slide it back and forth all the way up to her kitty! Then Karen moved Brad's hand up onto her t-shirt and Stacy watched as Brad played with tiny hard bumps of Karen's little nipples! Karen looked all wound up and her face was pink with excitement as she kept pleading to Brad. Karen couldn't keep still and she was squeezing her thighs together and moving her little bottom around on Brad's lap. Karen pushed Brad's hand back down to her kitty and Karen kept whispering as Brad's hand gently rubbed the soft skin on the inside of Karen's thighs. Finally Brad smiled and kissed Karen on the head. He whispered something to Karen that made her look up at him and she nodded her head and Stacy heard her say, "Please Brad, please". Then Brad carried Karen to his bedroom. Stacy thought it was weird that Karen always sucked her thumb after she begged Brad to take her into the bedroom.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Pool Time Fun the Third
      pooltim3 zip (10k) (M/f, oral, fondling, first time, romance)
      Brad knew better and yet having Amy there with him at that moment didn't matter. Leaning down he started to kiss her Amy wrapped her arms around his neck. The kiss wasn't one like she got from her mom, it was much different. She could feel butterflies in her stomach and a strange kind of itch where her poochie was. It also felt kind of wet or damp on her shorts but she knew she didn't have to pee. Brad darted his tongue out meeting her lips Amy's mouth opened a little allowing his tongue entry. As they kissed she didn't notice him unbuttoning her blouse till she felt his fingers and hands begin to caress her waist slowly making their way up to her chest.
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Wrestling Photo Shoot
      wrestlin zip (31k) (mmff nc first drug preg)
      "Aren't you afraid you'll wake him up?" Donny interrupted...."Nah..." Heather chuckled. "Little Jakey Boy here is out in La-La Land. Ain't you Jakey?!" she said, slurring her words a bit and speaking right into Jacob's ear. She shook his shoulder for effect. Jacob just grunted quietly and contentedly. "See?! He's a good boy!"..."Wow, that stuff really works." Changing the subject, Donny picked up the camera that had been hanging inconspicuously at his side, holding it loosely on the side of his face. "I was just going to ask you if you wanted to continue, but I guess that's out of the quest...?!"... "Ooh great!" Heather interrupted. "Porno!" she cried out, jubilantly.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Playing House with a 7 Year Old
      playingh zip (13k) (man 35, girl 7; nudity, fondling, oral male, female, penetration)
      Ricky Pearson was reading a book outdoors on a beautiful spring day, when his thoughts were interrupted by his beautiful 7 yo neighbor girl. Her name was Cecile, and she told a story of how she had been up in her friend Jimmy Walker's treehouse, "playing married. You know, that's where you pretend you're married and you take all your clothes off, and Jimmy plays with my coozie until his wiener gets stiff, and then he sticks it in me. He put it in me and it was just starting to feel really good when Mrs. Walker stuck her head inside the tree house and had a screaming fit." On hearing this Ricky thought to himself, 'I had never thought of the child as sexy before this moment, but looking at her now, and especially with the mental image of her lying naked while Jimmy Walker runs his stiff little poker in and out her coozie, now that is an image guaranteed to blow your mind.'

      Saturday, June 16, 2007


      Friday, June 15, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 14
      theent14 zip (13k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      As I eased my way up over that white, naked, ten year old body, I felt a small hand grasp my cock, and another hand was spreading Alice's cunt lips. When the tip of my cock pushed against that tight pussy opening, I felt a small hand on my bare ass, pushing me down. For almost a full minute, I pushed the tip of my cock against that tight little opening and all that was happening was my cock began to bend. A tiny hand wrapped around my cock, giving it support and the hand on my butt pushed harder. That tiny vaginal opening was beginning to give way and slowly oozing around the head of my cock. Above me, I heard Sandy telling Alice that it was okay to scream, but the ten year old never did.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Party Games, part 1
      partyga1 zip (11k) (M/F, M/b, anal)
      Emma knew from the way Tom kept glancing at her that he was concerned; usually she was bubbling with excited anticipation, the scent of her wet pussy mixing with the subtle perfume she wore assuring him she was looking forward to being fucked and buggered by anyone who wanted her at the swinger's party...
    • by William Caxton :...
    • Hibiki in Shibuya (Part 3 of "Hibiki")
      hibikin3 zip (20k) (Mf, cons, inc, Asian)
      While fourteen year old Hibiki is working to build up enough brownie points to be allowed to go to Shibuya, James angles a way to slip up to the farm and see her. Much sex ensues. Then, she finally makes the trip into Tokyo and the two get to spend their first full night together really enjoying each other. I slid my hands down to her chest and placed them over her nipples and the faint mound of her budding breasts. Her tiny nipples poked at my palms. "Oooh," she said, and slid forward to rub her pink satin panties against my expanding crotch. Even through my pants it felt exquisite, the smooth satin stretched tightly over her firm mound, She began to rub slowly as we kissed and I ran my hands up under her short top, seeking her hard little nipples. She moaned into my mouth as I tweaked and caressed the tiny pre-pubescent bumps. Suddenly she broke off and leaned back, breathing hard and giving me a sexy look. "I want to suck you," she whispered. I wasn't about to say no. I knew we had many hours ahead. "Stand up," she ordered, then leaned forward to caress my erection. "Mmm," she purred. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this tonight." She began to unbutton my pants. I watched as this girl-woman eagerly sought my cock. Girl, because there was no disguising her slim, curveless body and child-like face. Woman, because the fuck-me makeup and clothes of a Gal exuded a frank sexuality. She tugged open my pants and freed my hard cock. "Ahh, I've been waiting for this, she said, and lovingly stroked the shaft, running her hands over the head and slickening the shaft with my pre-cum. She looked up at me lasciviously. "Did Hibiki make you all hard?" she asked, coyly. My mouth was dry. "Y-yes." She looked back at the glistening shaft. "Did Hibiki make you...wet?" "God, yes." She sighed happily. "And all from a kiss." She leaned forward, exposing even more of her panties, and licked slowly up the shaft, placing a light kiss on the head. Then she grabbed the shaft firmly and ran her tongue around the glans, licking off the pre-cum and transferring it to her lips, making them glisten. She looked at it once more with satisfaction, then engulfed the head in her little mouth. I groaned, I had to. I never got tired of my pre-pubescent lover sucking me. Watching my hard prick slide in and out of her glittery pale lips was so hot. The Gal makeup added a special spice, giving her a naughty 'underage hooker' look. I freely admit it turned me on, and it was tough not to immediately blow a load in her young mouth. She was such a sexual creature I was not surprised that she'd become an enthusiastic and skilled cocksucker.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Another Pool Time Fun
      anotherp zip (14k) (M/f, oral, anal, cons, first time, love, romance)
      Hearing that Amy seemed to melt in his arms, their eyes locked on each other Brad slowly leaned down a little placed a gentle but long kiss on her lips. Amy's eyes closed as their lips met, this wasn't like any kiss her mom ever gave her it was different. She felt her butterflies going crazy inside her. Her lips seemed to part as did Brad's and his tongue slipped into her waiting mouth. Amy wrapped her arms even tighter around him as their tongues danced together from her mouth to his and back. As their kiss broke, Brad softly said, "Lets go swim" reaching up for the top button on the back of her dress. Amy only gave a sigh as their lips once again locked and tongues met again in a kiss that only two lovers share. Brad's hands went for the second, third, fourth, and then last button of her dress. Running his hands over her back he felt her training bra that she wore.

      Thursday, June 14, 2007

    • by Myfakenick :...
    • The Best Job on Earth
      thebestj zip (14k) (MMFg(6), cons, pen, oral, anal, beast)
      Ashley was an incredible beauty. A little under four foot tall and thin. Her blonde hair was long and put up in a pony tail. She had gorgeous blue eyes and creamy smooth skin. I was getting stiff just checking her out as she sat next to her daddy. The little angel was wearing a white tank top with the words "Porn Star" in sparkly pink letters, it left just enough of her smooth flat tummy exposed to make you want to see more. She also wore a bright pink pleated skirt that ended mid thigh, the kind that cheer leaders wear. Ashley was bare foot but her finger nails and toe nails were painted pink as well. Jill could tell I was falling in love with this little honey. The most amazing thing was how animated and friendly she acted. Many of the girls we film are quiet and reserved, a common trait of children who are regularly sexually abused. This little preteen was in no way depressed or resigned to some dreary fate. My cock was getting hard as hell, as usual, while we discussed the action scenes and what our actors would perform for the camera. I was intrigued by the way the little six year old readily discussed things like sucking daddy's cock and being fucked in the ass or pussy. It really turned me on to listen to Jill and Ashley discussing how the little girl should open her mouth and show off the cum she's about to swallow and the best way to spread her pussy open for a close up.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Pool Time Fun
      pooltime zip (13k) (M/f, oral, cons, romance, first time)
      Brad was laying it on thick and the words were like music to young Amy's ears. She could feel that tingle and itch even more between her legs as she set there. "Mr. Brad you're not old!" she replied putting her hand on his leg without thinking. "Do you mean it when you said you wished you could be my boyfriend?" She asked with a curiousness in her voice. "Yes Amy I have even had dreams about you. I even have your sweater that you forgot on the bus at my house. I keep it in my bedroom so that its close to me. But if you want I will give it back to you." Hearing that Amy did remember losing a sweater earlier that year and could never find it. She remembered how upset her mother was as well of her losing it since it was a Christmas present from her grandmother. "Mr. Brad it would make my mom really happy if she knew I found it again. Do you think I could have it back?" "Yes Amy you are welcome to have it back, where is your mother we could go over and get it now and give it to her?" Brad asked as he was hoping that her mother wasn't around. "Mom had to work but I wanted to come here instead of staying home all day. Mom didn't want to let me stay by myself so I told her that my friend and her mom was going to be going too so he let me." Bard began having some ideas and thoughts of his own.

      Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    • by urmrn :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Mother's Games With Her Sons, part 1
      amother1 zip (08k) (m/F moth/son inc lact)
      My name is Vandhana - a 36 year-old widow staying with my two teenaged sons in the city of Bangalore. To describe me, you can just look at the picture of yesteryear sex bomb zeenath aman - I'm an exact replica of her with just the right curves at the right places and the right amount of flesh all over my luscious body. I come from a wealthy family. My late husband was also a rich man and had left us with a great deal of properties and money. Having no worries about our income for the next two generations, I decided to stay at home to look after my kids and shower them with all my love & affection. Having lost my husband at the 5th year of my marriage at the age of 26, I've been leading my life from then on with no sex partner. If you want to know what keeps me going on with this lonely life, it is nothing but the unconditional, boundless love that my sons display towards me. The elder one 15-year-old Kiran and the little one Jaggu who just turned 13 a month back are the only men of my life. Being the only adult around at my home with two young lads, I never built any barrier to my sons when it comes to showing out love & affection and this approach taught my boys to never feel shy in expressing their love most of the time physically and highly touchy-feely. To my boys, their policy is wherever you are - whether it's a public place with people all around you or you are within the four walls of our sweet home, if you want to say "Mom! I love you", just grab your sexy mommy with both hands by the nearest reachable part of her body, give her a long full-body hug and a loud, wet kiss wherever her skin is exposed - which some times feels like an open-mouthed sucking.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Child Care Offering
      childcar zip (13k) (M/F, M/b, F/b, fondling, oral, incest)
      "So tell me Dave, as I said Karen's told me pretty much everything about you and your life. I still have one thing that keeps popping up in my mind, what is it that you like about a young boy's cock that has you wanting to suck it?" Steve's mom said with all of us sitting there. I had been taking a drink of tea and almost choked on it hearing her especially in front of 10 year old Steve. "Nothing like getting to the point of something now is there?" I said as I looked over at Karen.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 10: Stephanie's Fantasy
      julie10 zip (06k) (Mf ff pre-teen slut exhib)
      We went on the Saturday, a week before my daughter's next sex orgy, and my first. I thought that we should dress sexy to go and buy sexy clothes. She wore a very short white skirt with nothing under it, a red shirt, unbuttoned and tied in front and her high heels. She was a sexy looking bitch. I hoped she would spread her legs while we were driving so I could stick my fingers in her. I also wore a skirt. It wasn't quite as short and I did wear a thong under it. I also went with a shirt but kept it mostly buttoned. I didn't bother with a bra and even with only the top four buttons open you could still get a good look at my tits when I turned or bent over. I thought we made a truly great sexy pair of sluts but I'm sure that no one would have realized that, as mother and daughter, we were getting ready to get royally fucked. I loved how nasty that sounded. My daughter did spend most of the time in the car with her legs spread and her fingers in her pussy. She even offered her fingers to me several times and I licked them clean.
    • by explorer :...
    • From The Lips Of A Child
      fromthel zip (21k) (Fg(5) ped pre-school toddler inc oral anal extreme ws)
      Alice's interest in using the mouth of a little girl to pleasure herself started when she was a little girl. After finding her father's stash of porn mags she and her friend Lorna would check out the latest additions whenever they could. When Alice first saw the pictures in a section called 'Golden Rain' she was disgusted. Disgust turned into intrigue and then excitement when she found herself fantasising about peeing into her friend's mouth. As she grew older the fantasy progressed to a craving. Of course she dare not share her secret with anybody, least of all her husband. For 10 years of married life, she'd avoided pregnancy, worried about what she might to her own child. The problem came to a head when her husband insisted they take a foster child. Alice soon gained the trust of the beautiful five year old who willingly allowed her mom to use her mouth in any way she wished.

      Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Student Aides Having After School Fun
      studenta zip (11k) (M, f (13),f (14) ,f (14), oral, fondling, voyeur, rom., humiliation, and very naughty emails between participants)
      Bob Johnson saw their pictures in the newspaper . . . and decided to hire all four girls as his after school aides. He communicated first with Sam, discovering online her uncle had already perfected her oral abilities on his own raging cock. She got the other girls to join in on the fun . . . and a couple were very reluctant . . . and before he knew it, he was teaching his own mini-class on the skills girls should know before going out with boys. We should all have experiences like this one. Go BJ!
    • by pudman :...
    • My Pregnant Neighbor, ch 3
      mypregn3 zip (08k) (M/F Preg lactating intercourse)
      "Yesss," she hissed, "this is what I want." She wrapped her free arm around my neck and pulled me against her as she slowly began to jack me. I moved toward her and grabbed her butt cheeks to pull her on to me but she wouldn't have it. "No, Tom, not here," she whispered in my ear as she licked my face. "Take me to bed."
    • by White :...
    • The Powers That Be, part 1: The Inheritance
      2thepowe zip (29k) (m/F/f/g/incest/mind-control/magic/Mdom)
      Chris has an unusual inheritance in the form of a Book that allows him to improve his (sex)life and exact some revenge on the people who have made his life miserable: Chris wasn't a very happy young man. He was somewhat introverted by nature and loved nothing better then to read. He wasn't a typical nerd. He didn't know more about computers then anyone else his age and besides his glasses he didn't have a typical nerd-look either. He was somewhat skinny as he was in the middle of a growth-spurt. But being a 16-year old bookworm in a school that considered athleticism one of its highest priorities wasn't good news. He was a good student, but an abysmal athlete, except perhaps for swimming. At least by this school's standards. It wasn't called Athletic High for nothing.On most other schools he would have been considered a top runner, but here he was average in even that. Chris didn't just like to run, but it was also necessary whenever some of the more popular guys decided to use him for target-practice. His parents weren't much help either. His mother was completely dominated by his stepfather and his real father was long gone.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Unsere Arschgeilen Schwestern
      unserear zip (19k) (m14+g9 / m12+g10 / anal+vaginal+oral)
      Am Samstag, genau 4 Wochen, nachdem wir begonnen hatten, zu ficken, wollte Tante Martine das ganze Wochenende über mit ihrem Freund eine Ausstellung in Hamburg besuchen. Am Samstag Morgen fuhren Beide los und kaum waren sie mit dem Auto aus unserer Strasse um die Ecke gebogen, hing Annika auch schon am Telefon und rief ihre Freundin Miriam an und lud sie und Miriams Bruder Christian "zum spielen" ein. Es gab seitens ihrer Eltern kein Problem und so durften sie uns besuchen kommen, für den ganzen Tag! Nur wir vier Kinder!

      Monday, June 11, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 13
      theent13 zip (11k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      For several more hours, the girls giggled, squealed and talked as Vicky slowly rode my cock, until she just had to let herself go. Then, the eleven year old pounded herself to several gigantic orgasms, then collapsed on my chest, where I just held her and stroked her naked back. Shortly after that, all the girls were asleep, scattered around Vicky and I, on my bed. Several times, during the night, I felt Vicky fucking herself on my cock, and I would just stroke her beautiful face and fill her newly opened cunt with cum, then go back to sleep.
    • by MisterDodds :...
    • Jail Ordeal of Celebrity Hereiss
      jailorde zip (06k) (F/F, (sad, rape))
      This is a continuation of the account of Parice Thiltin, the wealthy socialite celebrity who ended up in the county lockup as a result of her irresponsible behavior and privileged attitude. The distraught and scared young lady who had known only luxury and comfort her whole life had just undergone the humiliating check in procedure of admittance into the inmate population. The strip search left her feeling violated as her private areas had been rudely forced open and inserted with several thick and clumsy gloved fingers. Especially her small anal hole felt slightly sore after a fat digit had been roughly pushed in apparently without lubrication. On top of that, her buttocks area, which normally she bathed with the most luxurious bubble baths and dusted with the best imported scented talc powder and sat on the most expensive and plush sofas, had received a stinging stroke with a leather belt that made her cry! Now entering the general ward where on either side were rows of tiny grimy jail cells behind bars of peeling paint. The strong smell of paint together with the stink of mildew was pervasive all around. Parice shuddered to think she had to spend the next two weeks in this dim and dirty place and thought for a moment she could blink hard and awaken to in her luxurious satin sheets in her feminine girlie pink bedroom. But it was not to be; still she had a hard time coming to terms with all that was happening to her. The haughty and spoiled heiress shed a tear, genuinely feeling that no one in the world could be suffering as much as she was.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Cumming Of Age
      cummingo zip (38k) (Femdom, training, b(13), g(11), bro - sis incest)
      Miss Form looked at me knowingly as, reaching round, she stroked the pale young cheeks and then, gripping them at the heavier base, drew them apart so I might gaze within and see, not only the rear of her open slit, but her burnished little anal rosette, quivering like a frightened bird under my wide eyed stare. "Show me," Miss Form murmured.

      Sunday, June 10, 2007

    • by Asia Minor :...
    • The Dumpster
      thedump zip (20k) (BBg inc first mast asian)
      Twelve year olds, Bill and Kenichi, find more than they bargain for when they open the dumpster behind the discount beverage store. When five year old Kanako joins them, the good times begin. This is a coming of age tale that peeks into the sexual awakening of two preteen boys and one little girl: Billy Washburn was halfway over the concrete block fence when he saw what he was after. A discarded wooden pallet may be junk to most people, but to twelve year old Billy and his friend Kenichi, it was Grade A lumber. Especially this pallet, the wood looked brand new. Someone had leaned it against the dumpster behind the Discount Beverage to be taken away. Billy and Kenichi intended to do just that. Billy helped his buddy climb up on top of the wall and then the two of them jumped down like ninjas on an mission. Making sure no one had seen them, they ran up to and crouched behind the dumpster. From this close, they could see now why the pallet was being discarded. Two of the slats were broken, probably ran over by a forklift. This didn't phase the boys any, the rest of the wood was still good. "Alright, grab that end," Billy motioned to Kenichi. But Kenichi, who liked to be called "Ken," had another idea. "Wait, let's see if there's something else cool in the dumpster."
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Peggy Bares All
      peggybar zip (14k) (boy 14, girls 10,9; nude pool play, skinnydipping, fondling, assisted masturbation, oral, penetrat)
      Peggy Newman, 10, remembers when she was 4 to 6 and used to play naked in her backyard pool. Rick Holtzman, who was 4 years older than her at the time used to swim with her, though he always kept his underwear on. Nowadays, at 10, Peggy spends most every days with her friend Gretchen Walton, but as she gazes at her naked body in the full length mirror in her bathroom she remembers those days in the little pool and wishes she could relive them once again. One day, while climbing the monkey bars at the park, her friend Rick climbs up and they reminisce together of those golden days, and when she tells how she'd like to relive the feeling, Rick tells her of a spot along Jones' Creek where there is a beautiful swimming hole, and where they could have the privacy to do as they damn well pleased. What happens on that walk propelled the both of them head over heels into life with a capital L.
    • by Acme Illusions :...
    • Amy's Shower Buddy
      amysshow zip (05k) (M/g (5) pedo, cons)
      Join Mike and Amy, strangers until a few brief moments ago when she asked him for help. Little did Mike know when he agreed, but he was about to learn and experience a few things in a way completely new to him. Listen in on Amy and Mike's dislogue...

      Saturday, June 09, 2007

    • by pota :...New Author.!.!.!
    • I Love My Mom
      ilovemym zip (23k) (inc)
      This story goes back to eighteen years. I was only eighteen years old then. My mom Sujata was thirty seven years old and I had a sister who was married and was just twenty. My father ran away from the house may be to become a sadhu. I was just fifteen years old then. We have never heard of him till today. My mom was just sixteen when she was married. My sister Anita was born one year after the marriage. I was born two years after that. My father was a very high profile man working as a civil servant. We lived in a small town in Nasik near Mumbai. My mom continued to study even after her marriage because of my father's encouragement. I don't know being a civil servant how he managed to marry my under aged mom. After completing her college my mom took up a job in a local bank.
    • by Jess Porcheddu :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eternally Bound
      eternall zip (06k) (con/rom)
      A young woman in search of some excitement in her life. Meets a married man on the beach, and becomes eternally bound: Jesse walked along the shore. Been years since she been to the shore of New Jersey. It was as beautiful as she remembered, and missed. It was dusk and it was quiet. She had runaway so to speak. Life was beginning to suffocate her. So much she missed. She was lonely, busy in a life full of people, yet she was no where. She found herself wondering alot lately if she was a woman or a robot. Hell she didnt even feel sexy anymore. So she had left. Just took off no notice to anyone. Not that anyone in her so called life would care, she laughed. She walked, listening to the ocean. Beautiful and peaceful it was. It always brought her a peace that nothing else seemed to be able to bring. She stopped and listened. It was faint, but it was there. Someone else was on the beach playing music. A very solemn, lonely tune. Fitting, she thought to herself, as she headed in the direction she thought the music came from, occasionally scanning the distance for the mystery musician. She spotted him about a mile down the shore. All she could make out was a shadow, hunched, playing the sad tune. She couldnt see much else as he was wearing some kind of hat. She, however, was drawn to him. His music struck her heart. It was her, her loneliness, her strength, even her determination. As she quietly approached him, she slowed, not wanting to startle him, or have him stop. She stopped and slowly sat in the sand. "You can come closer," the deep voice said. "I dont bite."
    • by Liefhebber :...
    • Schoonmoeder
      schoonmo zip (06k) (incest?)
      Schoonmoeder helpt schoonzoon, maar die helpt op zijn beurt zijn schoonmoeder: Die avond had Henk een aardig borreltje gedronken en was door al die mooie meiden in de dancing aardig geil geworden. Omdat z'n vrouwtje al een week met vakantie was had hij thuis eigenlijk niks te zoeken maar hij dorst niet met zo'n jong mokkel het bed in te duiken en ging toch maar naar huis. Tot z'n verwondering was z'n schoonmoeder nog op. Ze deed de huishouding zolang tot over drie weken haar dochter van vakantie terug zou komen. Henk nam nog een borrel en vroeg haar of ze er ook een wilde. Om hem te plezieren nam ze er een en onder het praten nog een. Toen ze na een poosje opstond om te gaan slapen probeerde Henk haar nog te lijmen met een borreltje, en ja, ze liet zich er nog een inschenken. Toen die leeg was en ze opstond, waggelde ze lachend een beetje. Henk schoot te hulp en pakte haar vast waarbij hij per ongeluk haar borsten beetpakte. Hij liet wel direkt weer los maar hield haar toch vast in zijn armen.Zodoende waren hun gezichten dicht bij elkaar. Welterusten jongen zei ze en gaf haar schoonzoon een kus op z'n wang. Nou, als er geen betere zoen van af kan, zei Henk. Wat voor kus wil je dan?,vroeg schoonmama.

      Friday, June 08, 2007

    • by Mister Dodds :...
    • Celebrity Heiress Strip Searched in Jail
      celebrat zip (05k) (F/F, spanking, humiliation)
      Parice Thiltin was the only child to the fashion and perfume magnate Morgan Thiltin. The Thiltin name was considered to be the name brand of the rich and famous as well as the trendy and sheik. The senior Thiltin lived a lavish and lifestyle and shared this with family and friends, most notably by spoiling his only daughter with the best of everything. Wanting for nothing and having little required of her by her father except occasional well-metered adoration or attention, Parice grew accustomed to a sense of entitlement that rivaled royalty. Thus when the wealthy socialite was arrested for speeding and in possession of contraband substances, she assumed that it her well-paid attorney would "make it all go away". But she was wrong. When she showed up at the jail amidst the media circus, she was not her glamorous, camera loving self. Feeling downtrodden, scared and slightly sick, she was led inside to the processing center. She had heard about what goes on there, but didn't quite digest the fact that it would be happening to her. She was also nervous about how she would be treated by the other inmates, as her lawyer was unsuccessful in getting her assigned to a private cell, away from the general population. The judge purposefully left this out to avoid appearing to grant special treatment to the "rich and famous".
    • by Keyah :...
    • Little Eiko
      littleei zip (11k) (Mf incest pedo)
      Her ten-year-old body beneath the shirt felt wonderful to his touch. It sent a thrill through his fingertips, so much so his body gave an involuntary shudder of anticipation. He kissed the back of her neck and felt her move it against him, completely acquiescent. His free hand held her against him, moving strongly over the outline of her breasts and ribs, tracing with a fierce tense hand, their firm, springy contours.
    • by hired-gun :...
    • My Teaching Career, ch 10-17
      myteac2 zip (32k) (pedo inc orgy)
      Carol's historical account of the Andersen family had us all in a high state of sexual arousal. We were supposed to relax in the hot tube, but sweet little Sara had other ideas and I was in no mood to fight her off: Carol had been telling this story for almost a half hour. We ate the meal on auto-pilot, without seeing or tasting the food. None of us could take our attention away from the incredibly erotic story that Carol was telling. Carol paused for a moment and I looked around the table. I could see that all three of kids had their hand under the table and you could tell by the arm movement that they were each masturbating. That was when I noticed I had my own dick in my hand without even realizing it. I still felt like I was in a dream. Here I was with this incredibly sexy family listening to one of the hottest stories I can ever remember, told by a beautiful young woman and surrounded by her sex-crazed children. I had already gotten the sexiest blowjob of my life by a girl that I didn't think was even old enough to know what one was, and the other two females in the family had already made a claim on me.
    • by Liefhebber :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Pappies Liefde, deel 1
      pappie1 zip (33k) (M/f dad/daut)
      Toen mammie ons verliet met een andere man, veranderde ons leven zoals we nooit hadden kunnen dromen: Toen mama er met een andere man van door ging veranderde ons leven ineens helemaal.Zij ging met die ander naar hetbuitenland en wij, mijn zusjes Emmy van 9 jaar, mijn oudste zusje Herma van 13 en mijn broertje Henk van 14 jaar en ikzelf Alie van 7 jaar bleven bij mijn vader. Voor ons was het helemaal niet zo naar, we mochten ineens heel veel dingen die we vroeger absoluut niet mochten. We kregen lekker te eten en te drinken en wat wilden we meer? We deden waar we zin in hadden,al moesten we natuurlijk wel gewoon naar school en zo. Maar dat ging nu helemaal zonder morren en we leefden als god in Frankrijk.

      Thursday, June 07, 2007

    • by hired-gun :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Teaching Career, ch 1-9
      myteac1 zip (16k) (cons inc)
      Little did I know when I lost my high paying job in Manhattan that it would lead me to a small town where the folks had very differnt ideas about sex: At the time of the new millennium I was riding high. I had leveraged my Biology major and a love for technology into a fast-track career. By 2001, at the age of 35, I was working for a bio-tech firm that was awash in money from venture capitalists. They were happy to pay me a handsome salary and I was living a very good life in Manhattan. I had a hot young lady living with me that helped me spend all that disposable income. That all came to a screeching halt when the tech bubble burst and the bio-tech company's backers decided they had better uses for their money. The hot young girlfriend latched onto a Wall Street broker after my money ran out. I was having trouble paying the rent on my SoHo apartment. One day I was getting daily calls from headhunters and the next they wouldn't return my calls. I finally decided I should try another line of work. I had always liked teaching and wondered what it would be like to teach in a public school. The problem was, I didn't have teaching credentials and it would have taken some time to get them. When I saw an ad in the New York Times for a teacher at a private school I thought I'd send off my resume and see what happened. The school was in a village called Summers near Woodstock, New York. I was somewhat surprised to get a phone call a few days later. Could I come up for an interview? We arranged for me to come up the next Friday afternoon. In the mean time, I started asking around about Summers. A few people that were familiar with that area in the Catskills raised an eyebrow and gave me a funny look, but I couldn't get anyone to explain why. One friend just said "Well, I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you get a job there." and gave a weird grin.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Tutoring Young Sprouts, Again
      tutorin2 zip (14k) (m (14), f (10) ff (twins, both 11) mc, fondling, oral, voyeur, mild humiliation)
      As he was pulling down his zipper, her cute little plum-sized breasts became naked. Damn those were some fine titties, he thought. She stood up and then unhooked the clasp at the top of her shorts and let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them. "Just leave your shoes on," he said yanking his pants off. "Go ahead and sit back down," he said moving slightly to the left as the girl sat on the cushioned kitchen chair. Jeff's huge cock was forcing out the front of his white boxers and since he had been leaking precum for several minutes, the fabric had become almost transparent, allowing the girl to peek at the purple tip of his shaft. He deliberately stood right in front of her, with his lewd upright cock positioned right in front of her face. Mesmerized by its size and shape, she slowly began to crave its length inside her mouth. She licked her lips in anticipation.
    • by pudman :...
    • Saturday With Sandi - Mid Morning
      saturda2 zip (05k) (M/f Dad/dau 9 yo incest)
      "I expect you to take that big hard cock of yours, stick it into my little hole, and fuck me." Then stuck her tongue in my ear and licked it a few times "That's what I expect. What do you expect?" then sat back up, still grinning. "I expect you're right." I sat up quickly: I laid with Sandi and cuddled with her as she wanted, although I must admit it wasn't at all disagreeable to me to be lying naked next to my equally naked nymphet of a daughter. We gently toyed with each others body, I gently stroked her flank, frequently running my hand down to caress and knead her tight buttocks, and she was playing with my now almost soft dick, flipping it from side to side. She seemed to suddenly recuperate and pushed herself upright, draping her legs along the sides of my body. Her still damp pussy was spread wide and I could feel its' damp heat on stomach as she grabbed my shoulders and started pulling herself forward. When her face was even with mine, she released my shoulders, grabbed my head and pulled it up as she lowered her face and began kissing me. "Mmmm," she moaned lightly, "I love kissing you Daddy." She licked at my lips then started licking at my face. "I can taste some of my pussy juice on your face Daddy. I like it almost as much as I like your cum."
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 9 - Stephanie's Fantasy, part 2
      julie9b zip (08k) (MMf exhib pre-teen slut)
      When my teacher picked me up he took me to a sexy lingerie store. I think it is for hookers or strippers. Everything is really sexy and kinky. It seemed strange to be there because I was so young. I don't think they get many eleven year olds there. He got a really pretty salesgirl to help me and I liked her right away. She was oriental or something like that. I wanted to lick her face she was so pretty. He told her that I was his slut and he wanted me to look like one for the weekend. She looked at me and smiled saying she thought that she would have no problem making me look slutty, in fact, it would a pleasure. He wanted something that showed lots of skin and was easy to get off. I ended up in a very short white skirt with no panties and a tube top that was about two inches wide. It just covered my nipples, not that I have much of anything else to show anyway. He also bought some high heel sandals with straps that wrapped around my legs up to my knees. And a silver wig. I looked like a hooker and that's what he wanted me to look like. I did get to lick her face too. As she was helping me with the skirt, they had me undress right in the store so that I was completely naked, she slipped her finger into my pussy. That was a real turn on with all those people looking at my bare snatch and tiny tits. I squatted a bit so she could get it in further and I leaned forward and lick her. She liked that as much as I did and sucked on my tongue. It was really hot being half naked in front of people and making out with some stripper chick. I hope he takes me there again.

      Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    • by rue :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Girls At The River, part 1
      girlsat1 zip (19k) (M/gg (12 & 13 yo), sleeping, sex, cum swallow)
      I saw the girls playing down by the water; they were both young and cute and when I drifted off to sleep I thought it would be last I saw of them. Darn, I thought, and they both had such short shorts. When I woke they were both standing outside my van...i was down at a park by the river cooling off. i reclined in the back of my van and the breeze came off the river through the open rear doors to where i rested. i'd been traveling for some time now across the US, enjoying the freedom, spending a day here or there, wherever the wind seemed to take me...there were a few other cars at the park, a family was having a picnic, or a birthday celebration. they were making a good amount of noise but were staying clear of me. i also noticed two girls wandering down around the river. they were young and wore shorts and tank-tops in the hot summer sun. i thought they were with the birthday party. they looked bored. i knew how it was to be a teenager. i watched them for a moment as they dragged their feet in the water, kicking the river up at each other, then i slowly drifted off to sleep.
    • by Mysterian :...
    • Incest House: The Interview
      theinter zip (12k) (MM/gg (9) pedo, cons, penetration, oral, dad/daughter)
      Nine-year old Kristin and her Daddy have had a loving sexual relationship for two years already. They are happy and content, but events soon conspire to shake up their secret life. Now they are looking to leave their home and move...into a very special place: A brisk New York wind swirled around their legs as Matthew Douglas and his nine-year-old daughter Kristen stared up at the imposing building. It was an old-style semi high-rise, only 25 stories tall, but the gargoyles and bas-reliefs on the art-deco entrance gave it an elegant feel lacking in more modern buildings. The words "Colton Arms," were emblazoned above the doorway. Twenty years ago it had been completely renovated and changed from a run-down hotel to a very exclusive condominium complex. "Kristen, this is it," Matthew said seriously. "Are you ready?" The little blonde girl smiled and gulped nervously, "Yes. Are you ready, Daddy?"

      Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    • by GSP :...New Author.!.!.!
    • You Are Going To Show Me, part 1: ch 1-5
      youareg1 zip (20k) (Mg, nc, spank)
      Things change for little Lisa and her sister after mommy abandons them. Daddy gets some good advice about how to raise obedient girls: "You're going to show me to your friends again, aren't you?" Little Lisa looked teary-eyed up to her father, scared to anger him yet unable to stop herself from asking. It had been such a humiliating experience for her last weekend! Never in her whole life has she been so ashamed, so horribly embarrassed. "No child should ever have to go through something like that" she thought. The mere memory gave her goose-pimples and made her shiver. The helplessness, being at the mercy of her dad and his evil friends, unable to flee out of the room because one of them had placed his chair straight in front of the only door. The evil grin on his face when she saw what he'd done would probably stay in her memory for the rest of her life. It all had started out rather innocently. Eleven year old Lisa had helped her mom before getting some snacks and drinks on the table for daddy's card playing friends. She didn't like the way those friends looked at her, in fact it gave her the creeps, but by staying close to mommy there wasn't much to worry about. Besides, when they arrived it was close to her bedtime so she never saw much more than their arrival. The only thing that made her wonder was why her dad would enjoy the company of such filthy looking men who often used such foul language. A few times she had woken up late at night when those friends went home, invariably belching and very drunk.
    • by Acme Illusions :...
    • A Random Act of Kindness Pays Further Dividends
      arandom2 zip (10k) (M/g (7) cons, pedo)
      I remember when I was a youngster hearing the line, 'and a small child shall lead them.' At the time I thought, 'How cool! It's about time they put a kid in charge!' As time went by, I realized that the comment was allegorical and was more intended to point out that even a small cog in an organization can prove very valuable. As I was a small cog myself, I often found that thought to be reassuring. There are times, however, when words of wisdom may just be meant to be taken literally...
    • by Bemused :...
    • Favorite Fantasies, part 4: Mommy's Little Helper
      favorit4 zip (09k) (MFf(8), Oral, Anal fingering, cons)
      Another of my Favorite Fantasies for your reading pleasure. This fantasy, or variations of it, is probably my most common one. I have had fantasies about a mom who lets her little girl or girls not only join us in bed but participate in sex for 30 years. I hope you enjoy it in this form as much as I have over the years: Morning sun streaming through the bedroom windows fell on my face and woke me. I lay there on my back on Amanda's bed with Amanda snuggled against my side and tried to fall back asleep but did not have much luck. We had stayed up late the night before and had gone to bed too tired to fuck our brains out like we had nearly every other night in our two-month whirl wind romance. Consequently my eager cock was making a tent in the sheets which made it tough to fall back to sleep. My horny restlessness awoke Amanda and it took only a few moments for her hand to find my morning wood. As usual, we both slept naked despite a reasonably good chance that Amanda's eight-year old daughter Courtney would wind up in bed with us. Courtney had crawled in the bed almost every night that I had spent at their apartment. Amanda's willingness to let her young daughter sleep in the bed with us while I was bare-ass was one of the reasons I was quickly falling for this hot single mom. The fact that she called her daughter my "little girl friend" and herself my "big girl friend" was a hit with me too.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • More Handy Man Training
      morehand zip (04k) (M+/g)
      Little Emily has been trained now by both her 65 year old pappy and the forty five year old handy man Joe but her lessons are far from over as Joe pays another visit to Jake's place: All night long Jake and Joe molested the little four year old. Fucking her up her tight little asshole and forcing their cocks into her tiny baby cunt. It got so that all the two men had to do was lie on their backs in bed and the four year old would take turns squating on the men's rigid big adult cocks and while she squoted on one man's cock the other one would stand on the bed and put their stiff dick in her mouth so she could get it from both ends. It was well after two am when Joe shot his last load deep in the four year old's pussy. When Joe did leave he first set up another meeting with Jake for the next night promising the old guy he had plenty of other tricks up his sleeve and promising Jake he would be amazed at what all else he use to train the four year old.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Stories from the Schoolyard: The Special Student
      storiesf zip (12k) (M/g Pedo Oral non-forced)
      Before Sam could knock on Bill's classroom door, it opened slightly and a small blonde head peeped out. When the pretty little girl saw Sam, she quickly pulled her head back and closed the door. Then Hendricks himself opened the door and looked out. When he saw it was only Sam in the hallway, the math teacher opened his classroom door to let the lovely child out. He gave her a friendly pat on her small butt. He had a satisfied look on his face and when the little girl saw Sam looking at her, she blushed and quickly walked down the hall. Sam thought she couldn't have been over eleven years old. Bill grinned at Sam, "My favorite student goes home happy with her new A and she deserves it for effort alone!" He opened the door and made an after-you wave to Sam. Bill walked over to his desk and sat down heavily, "That was Chloe Matheson, she has trouble with negative numbers. What Chloe doesn't have problems with is sucking cocks." "What the hell aren't you scared the girls are going to talk?" "Just little" Bill admitted. "But there's two reasons why I can sleep at night. First, the little girls call cock sucking doing "mushrooms" and they don't consider it sex. As long as they keep their little cunts virgin, they don't seem to care how many cocks they have to suck. Most of the boys expect sex from their girlfriends and all the girls feel the social pressure to keep their boyfriends. I estimate that ten percent of the sixth grade girls are on their knees every Friday night trying to gag down everything that's shooting out of their boyfriends cocks!" Sam was amazed, "But the sixth grade is eleven year olds! You think one out of ten is already doing blowjobs?"
    • by sPacificDream :...
    • The Blackberry Motel
      theblack zip (23k) (swinging father/daut M/F M/f inc cons)
      While on a romantic getaway to re-kindly some passion in their lives. This couple find themselves meeting the motel owners who have a jovial attitude towards nudity in the Jacuzzi. That and seeing a Father and Daughter just off a hiking trail earlier in the day, fucking their brains out, leave these two innocents seeking more titilation of their senses. The sexual situations build to be an overwhelming influence that changes their conservative ways forever. As told from the woman's point of view. . .
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Meine Arschgeile Schwester
      meinears zip (19k) (m14+g9 / (m12+g10) / anal+vaginal+oral)
      Der 14 jährige Oliver passt an diesem Tag auf seine 9 jährige Schwester Annika auf. Als er badet, steht sie plötzlich bei ihm im Bad und möchte ebenfalls baden aber dies ist noch nicht alles, was Oli später mit seiner Schwester erlebt...Unsere Mutter starb, als ich zehn war und meine Schwester Annika fünf. Unser Vater, der im Außendienst arbeitete und damit einen Fulltime-Job, wobei er lange außer Haus war und zwei kleine Kinder zu versorgen, schlichtweg überfordert. Er fragte seine Schwester Martina, die sich gerade von ihrem Mann geschieden hatte, ob sie sich nicht um uns kümmern könnte und er uns nur am Wochenende zu sich holen würde. Martina war einverstanden, denn sie wünschte sich selber Kinder, konnte aber keine Eigenen bekommen und so wurden wir quasi zu ihren Kindern. Seit 6 Monaten hatte sie wieder eine Beziehung und ging oft zu ihrem neuen Freund, weil sie nicht wollte, dass wir bestimmte Sachen, von denn sie dachte, dass ein 14 Jähriger und eine 9 Jährige besser nichts mitbekommen sollten. So wurde ich mehr und mehr ein Ersatzvater für meine Schwester.

      Monday, June 04, 2007


      Sunday, June 03, 2007

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Summer Break Delights
      2summerb zip (19k) (M/f, M/b, F/b, F/f, F/f/f, M/f/f, oral, anal, con and noncon, drug, and more)
      Personally I loved the idea of Cindy being a teacher, every once in a while I would stop by to see her while at school. I enjoyed seeing the young kids running around most of them with very little modesty at times. There was something else that no one knew about, a secret that Cindy and I both shared between us. Cindy loved kids in a sexual way too, though she did manage to reframe from much touching at school she would always come home with stories of seeing someone's panties or one of the boys having an erection poking against his shorts. For her the feelings she had started way back as a little girl with her family. Her father would have her lick her baby sister, suck her little brother, and yes even had a loving relationship with her parents sexually as well. One that carried over to adulthood and one that in many ways she wanted for us to have together but as of yet hadn't. I too had some of the same feelings though mine came about in a different way.
    • by Dick Rigid :...
    • Cum-Hungry Kiddies
      cumhungr zip (06k) (Mggg (12, 8, 4) pedo incest cum oral con)
      Susie was on her hands and knees on the bed, her little skirt hucked up around her waist, her legs apart and Arthur's cock was rammed tight into her fat pink pussyhole from behind in the doggie position. Susie was Arthur's 12 year old daughter. He had been fucking her since she was nine and this evening's performance was pretty routine for the family. Read on for more cum games with Arthur and his three willing little daughters. Little 4 year old Millie lay on the bed too, she was quite naked lying under Susie, looking up at her father's cock banging away at her big sister's cunt, her face directly under the center of action. Her bald little pussy slit was receiving the attention of Susie's tongue, the chubby pink lips of her sex glistening with saliva as Susie licked out her little sister.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Preinternet Fantasies #7 (conclusion)
      preinte7 zip (28k) (mother+son sex, father+daughter sex, brother+sis sex, fondling, masturbation, golden showers, loving)
      This seventh volume is the last of Uncle Pan's collection of previously published preinternet sexual fantasies. Mostly from the letters columns in the magazine Response and from Nancy Friday's book Forbidden Fantasies, these little tidbits tell of people's real and possibly imagined sexual adventures in the terse words of the non professional writer. Uncle Pan would like to commend mrdouble for giving this erotica the ink of html and the chance for a second life on the web: All things must come to the end, and I've finally reached the end of my preinternet erotica collection, mostly from Response magazine and from Nancy Friday's collections of women's sex fantasies, My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers. In my second collection I quoted from the introduction to My Secret Garden. It is so right and to the point that I'd like to quote it once again, to usher out the last volume of the series. "In the late 1960's I chose to write about women's sexual fantasies because the subject was unbroken ground, a missing piece in the puzzle, and I loved original research. I had sexual fantasies and I assumed other women did too. But when I spoke to friends and people in the publishing world, they said they'd never heard of a woman's sexual fantasy. Nor was there a single reference to women's sexual fantasies in the card catalogues at the New York Public Library, the Yale University library, or the British Museum library, which carry millions upon millions of books - not a word on the sexual imagery in the minds of half the world. "Publishers were intrigued however, for it was a time in history when the world was suddenly curious about sex and women's sexuality in particular. Editors were frantically signing up any writer who could help flesh out this undiscovered continent called Woman.
      What Harold Was Doing with Laura
      whatharo zip (08k) (boy 14, girl 9; back rubbing, nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Last night I eavesdropped on a most interesting conversation. I was sitting outside, rocking back and forth on my front porch swing. Two voices drifted out of an open window from the house next door. I didn't know the voices, I just moved into this neighborhood, and haven't as yet met any of my neighbors. The conversation took a turn towards the interesting and I took out my cassette recorder and began recording. Later I transcribed the conversation. I thought maybe you might enjoy reading it: Last night I eavesdropped on a most interesting conversation. I was sitting outside, quietly rocking back and forth on my front porch swing. Two voices drifted out of an open window in the house next door. I didn't know the voices, I just moved into this neighborhood, and haven't met any of my neighbors as yet. The conversation took a turn towards the interesting and I took out my cassette recorder and began recording. Later I transcribed it. I thought maybe you might enjoy reading it. "What'cha doing Harold?" "Nothing much. Just rubbing your back, Laura. Does it bother you?" "No, I don't guess so. It feels kinda good I guess. I was just wondering why you wanted to do it. I mean, you're fourteen and I'm only nine. I thought fourteen year olds were mainly interested in other fourteen year olds." "Well, I'm not exactly sure why I want to do it. I mean you're very pretty and all, Laura. And I really like talking to you. I don't feel all that comfortable talking to girls my own age. They seem to be only interested in boys older than them."
    • by Luc Malfoy :...
    • Freiheit, part 5
      freihei5 zip (10k) (M/f/f)
      Luc schrieb wieder. Doch seine Gedanken drehten sich nur noch um Sophie, um ihren Duft und ihre Liebe, beruhigende Art. Als er sie wieder anblickte, hatte sie die Augen noch immer geschlossen, aber eine Hand war nun in ihrem Höschen und Luc konnte eindeutig sanft kreisende Bewegungen erkennen. Luc spürte, wie es ihn erregte, sie so zu sehen: Am nächsten Morgen erwachte Luc als erster. Er rollte sich vorsichtig aus dem Bett, da er seine beiden kleinen Mädchen nicht wecken wollte. Nach einer ausgiebigen Dusche und einer Tasse Cappuccino ging er an seinen Laptop und schaltete ihn ein. Er blickte aus den großen Fenstern auf London und war eigentlich sehr glücklich. Dennoch spürte er, dass etwas Unbehagliches in der Luft lag. Er konnte nicht sagen was, es war so eine Ahnung, die ihn nicht losließ. Um sich abzulenken, checkte er seine Emails und fand natürlich eine Email seines Verlegers, der mit Händen und Füssen und nicht zu letzt durch das schlagkräftige Argument "GELD" Luc bat, nicht mit dem Schreiben auszusetzen. Schließlich sei er doch jetzt gerade so populär und diesen Vorteil muss man unbedingt ausnutzen und so weiter und so weiter. Luc rief ihn an und versprach, zu einem persönlichen Gespräch zu erscheinen. Was konnte es schaden. Die beiden Mädchen würden sowieso ab Herbst in die Schule gehen und so hätte er von neun bis drei viel Ruhe. Dennoch wollte er den guten Verleger ein bisschen zappeln lassen. Schließlich war dieser gerade sehr willig eine große Stange Geld zu bezahlen ... warum also diesen Vorteil nicht ausnutzen.

      Saturday, June 02, 2007

    • by Mister Dodds :...
    • A Strapping at the Millmount Reformatory for Girls
      astrappi zip (06k) (F/f, spanking)
      The Millmount Reformatory for Girls was a state run institution in Southwest Tennessee that operated as a juvenile correction facility starting from the 1920's. Until it's closing in the mid 60's, this facility became the place that the most incorrigible and troubled girls were sent when other means had failed. At Millmount, the code of conduct was spelled out in strict terms and the consequences made crystal clear to all who were admitted. Rules were strictly enforced to the letter and without compassion, and might be considered excessive at times, if the staff deemed that an example was to be made of an inmate. Corporal punishment was the simplest and most immediate way to enforce the rules and it was practiced regularly and harshly.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Babysitting Fun, part 2
      babysit2 zip (08k) (M/b, b/t/t, b/F, oral, anal, fondling, consent)
      The next day I could hardly wait for school to be over. All I could think about all day was going over to Tim's house to see him, his brother and parents. If I would have told anyone that I was excited about going over to a 5 year old and 2 year old's house they would have thought I was nuts. I didn't know what excited me more doing more with Tim and Gary if I could or with Donna. I was still fearful of Jim and yet thinking about the things Tim had told me and how happy he always seemed to be I didn't think he would hurt me. I thought about him sucking my cock and how it felt then when he put his cock in my mouth. It was kind of weird and yet I kind of wanted to do it again. Every time I thought about it sitting in class I got a hard on pushing against my jeans. It was hard to listen to the teachers thinking about what we had done that night and what we might get to do today when I went over.
    • by sPacificDream :...
    • Hanging with Mom
      hangingw zip (27k) (F/son, b/g incest Asian, preg)
      Asian stepmom and well hung son go for a hanggliding get away where their living situation puts them in comprimising circumstances. They also meet Jong and Kim, a loving brother and sister that will greatly enhance their time together: Timmy grew up in a military family. His mother Lucy was Filipino but U. S. born and not his birth mother but one who came along early enough in his childhood and was the only mother he knew. His real mother had died long ago in a car accident. Lucy cherished Timmy and was good to him. They were mother and son in every way except in blood. There was love between them. Both parents were in the Navy. That's how they met. But with his parents getting different assignments from time to time it was hard for them. They were rarely together. Poor Timmy grew up jostled from one parent to the other until it got to be too much and they divorced. They parted friends and went their separate ways. Timmy stayed with his dad at first but then he got carrier duty so Timmy had to go to his stepmother Lucy who was stationed in San Diego. That worked out better for Daddy as he was a bit of a playboy anyways, another reason for the divorce. Voluptuous Lucy would normally been more woman than any normal man could want in a lifetime.
    • by Anal_King :...
    • JPEG Girl
      jpeggirl zip (17k) (m/f, bro/sis, incest, anal, first time, manipulation)
      Sleazy businessman fucks the hottest ass ever seen on a preteen girl while documenting their affair by taking pictures. Her brother discovers the pics and wants in on the fun. In the end, brother learns there is a high price to pay for blackmailing baby sis: My world permanently changed when my eight-year-old sister began puberty. They say one in six girls can start puberty as early as eight. Julie happened to be one of the lucky ones - but not if you asked her. She hated the changes taking place in her immature body since it attracted the wrong kind of attention from boys. You see, Julie didn't fill out like the other little girls in the neighborhood. Unlike most of them who enter puberty with proud budding breasts, Julie got stuck with a round backside that seemed abnormally large for a kid her age. It was round, doughy, and shot straight out in defiance of gravity, much to the disappointment of my sister since it earned her the nickname "Assy." Despite that one feature, her shape resembled that of any other eight-year-old girl.
    • by Gary Proctor :...
    • Little Miss Blackmailer, ch 1 & 2
      littl1_2 zip (14k) (ped, Mg, voy, blackmail, cons)
      Following our first night together, Susie and I have been making love together as often as possible without arousing suspicion. The weather is quite cold as winter has taken hold, so Susie does not go as often for her long walks in the forest. On the other hand, her parents don't mind her coming over to my house to exchange books or talk about history and other things. During much of these afternoons there is little talking going on at all, or rather our bodies are doing a lot of talking, either on the living room floor near the fireplace or upstairs in my bedroom. Susie is a very tender and sensitive lover and as our love has grown so has the intensity and earnestness of our sex. Susie now has quite a collection of pretty things to wear for me and she keeps them in the spare bedroom. Then when she comes over, she slips upstairs and emerges wearing something special. I am expecting her over today and have put milk and cookies on the nightstand near my bed. I know how much my sweet little ten-year old likes sipping milk and getting crumbs all over the bed after our love-making. Then I decend to the ground floor and look out the window. Susie is just letting herself in the gate and coming up the path. Something about her seems strange, but I am not sure what.
    • by Peter Small :...
    • Flower & the Doctor - Second Visit
      littlef2 zip (16k) (g08 & M (doctor) (enema/anal exam/mast/anal penetration/con & noncon) / M (mast))
      Flowers father wearily climbed the stairs to his daughters room, if his wife hadn't gone to bed early she would have looked in on her little girl instead. He stood before the closed door of her room, contemplating whether or not he should check on her, his wife didn't seem to think it was necessary, since she had already gone to bed. Pulling on the knob and turning it slowly, so as not to awaken her, if she were asleep, he slowly pushed the door open. He peered into the room but could only make out a shadow of his little girl as she lay on the bed. He stepped into the room for a better look and was startled to see that she was laying on top of the bed covers, stark naked.
    • by Acme Illusions :...
    • Melody
      melody zip (13k) (M/g (4), cons / bathroom / touching / oral / anal)
      A young girl expands the perspective of a middle-aged traveler with little patience for children. Read his journal account of the day's activities...The morning began pretty much like any other - lots of hurry up and wait. The motel I had spent the previous several nights in served a breakfast as part of the price of its rooms, but the hot items went quickly, so one needed to get down to the trough early. Food consumed, there was an hour to wait before catching the shuttle for the 35 minute stop and go drive to Sea-Tac. A copy of the Post-Intelligencer lay on an end table in the lobby, so I gave it a once over prior to catching the shuttle. Twice during that time I was run into by a bull in a china shop of a youngster who was dashing about the lobby. The first time she crashed into my lap, crushing the newspaper between us. A quick smile and a muttered, "Oopsy," was all she said before pushing off and sprinting in a new direction, her dark red, shoulder length hair streaming behind in a breeze of her own creation.
    • by Trish P :...
    • Miss Carole, part 2
      misscar2 zip (39k) (incest, mom-son, aunt-nephew, interracial, oral, anal)
      When Carole finally adopts little James she starts immediately starts taking an interest in James' little 6 year old cousin, Albert. Carole ends up having two little boys to play with! One day Carole gets a call from her sexy sister Tina who is having marital problems and asks to stay at her house. See what happens when you combine two very horny blonde women and two very horny little black boys!
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 12
      theent12 zip (12k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      When Bill, Terry and Chrissy dropped me off at home, I had Samantha's phone number, her cell phone number and her address, and a cell phone of my own, provided by Carl and Jill Turner. They gave me the cell phone and it was the mate to Samantha's and were paying the monthly charges on it. While Bill and Terry went to talk with Sam and Mary, Chrissy and I went out to the pool where Sandy, Nicole and Becky were. For the first time I could remember, since moving in with Sam and Mary, all three girls were wearing swim suits. Still, Chrissy just stripped naked and jumped in the pool with them but said nothing about the three older girls wearing suits, so I joined them.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Trade-Off, part 3
      thetrad3 zip (10k) (M/g Oral Pedo non-forced)
      Returning from the airport from her latest business trip, Ann found a quiet house. It was a school day, so she didn't expect to see her daughter Sandra. She wasn't sure where Aaron was, but his car was gone. She only had a few hours at home anyway. Time enough to get some clean clothes, package up some sales reports for a courier to take to the office and then leave for Paris! The thrill of becoming a big success for the company made up for all the travel and hotel rooms and room service steaks. She went for a long hot soak in her own bathtub and after her bath, she walked around the house dressed only in a towel. She walked into Sandra's room. She saw that room was unnaturally neat, like Sandra never touched anything in the room. The stuffed animals were all neatly displayed, perfectly aligned. The study desk was bare of any loose papers. Ann gently pulled back the covers on the little girl's bed and there laying on the bottom sheet was a long blonde hair. It was Ann's hair and was just where she had left it when she left on her last trip; untouched and never moved. So obviously Sandra wasn't sleeping in her own bed. She just hoped that her eleven year old daughter was satisfying Aaron in whatever bed he forced her sleep in! After all, their trade-off was working fantastic so far for her; her career was going great! She only hoped that Aaron was as happy.
    • by Spin :...
    • Thunder Hollow
      thunderh zip (09k) (M/g g Pedo Sex Oral Incest Cons)
      Another culture in another time will feed your need for "edge of your seat" child erotica at its best. Meet Tom, the wealthy benefactor in the coal mining country of Kentucky. His appetite for the likes of little girls is insatiable and his constant supply of cuties keeps his cock hard and fuflilled. After reading my story, don't bother to visit the town that's mentioned. Visitors are not welcome...unless you're a cute preteen girl with needy parents: Tom's eyes were still bloodshot from the previous night of nonstop partying with his friends. His head felt like a stampede of horses racing through his foggy brain, but in time, the pain would go away as billions of unhappy neurons would finally recover from too much alcohol. Partying with the boys was a once a week habit, which always ended the same way, but another habit was far from painful. In fact it was a pleasure to embrace whenever he had the chance.
    • by RunningBear :...
    • Welcome to the Neighborhood
      welcomet zip (18k) (bg fondling oral pene)
      Some places have Welcome Wagon to greet new people. Brian's new neighborhood has this little girl across the street: Ten-year-old Brian Lewis put the last of his books away having emptied another box. "Whew!" he wiped his forehead. His family had moved from a third floor apartment to a simple house a few days ago. For Brian, school started next week, a few days of summer left. He didn't look forward to attending a new school and making new friends. Brian collected up the empty boxes and let them drop over the banister. "Brian," his mother scolded. "Honestly!" "Finished my room, Mom, can I go out now?" "Everything put away including your closet?" "M-mostly!" Brian responded. There were a few boxes left, hidden under his bed -- things he wouldn't need right away. Really, the boy wanted to go outside and play, having met a friend the other night. A boy named Fred stopped by and helped move a few boxes from the truck before the boy's parents called him inside. Brian wanted to go out and find him again.
    • by Liefhebber :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Schoonmoeder
      schoonmo zip (06k) (incest?)
      Schoonmoeder helpt schoonzoon,maar die helpt op zijn beurt zijn schoonmoeder: Die avond had Henk een aardig borreltje gedronken en was door al die mooie meiden in de dancing aardig geil geworden. Omdat z'n vrouwtje al een week met vakantie was had hij thuis eigenlijk niks te zoeken maar hij dorst niet met zo'n jong mokkel het bed in te duiken en ging toch maar naar huis. Tot z'n verwondering was z'n schoonmoeder nog op. Ze deed de huishouding zolang tot over drie weken haar dochter van vakantie terug zou komen. Henk nam nog een borrel en vroeg haar of ze er ook een wilde. Om hem te plezieren nam ze er een en onder het praten nog een. Toen ze na een poosje opstond om te gaan slapen probeerde Henk haar nog te lijmen met een borreltje, en ja, ze liet zich er nog een inschenken. Toen die leeg was en ze opstond, waggelde ze lachend een beetje. Henk schoot te hulp en pakte haar vast waarbij hij per ongeluk haar borsten beetpakte. Hij liet wel direkt weer los maar hield haar toch vast in zijn armen.Zodoende waren hun gezichten dicht bij elkaar. Welterusten jongen zei ze en gaf haar schoonzoon een kus op z'n wang. Nou, als er geen betere zoen van af kan, zei Henk. Wat voor kus wil je dan?,vroeg schoonmama. Nou, in ieder geval een op m'n mond lachte Henk. Zo bedoel je?     

      Friday, June 01, 2007

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