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      On Saturday, March 31, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • Daddy's Home
      daddiesh zip (14k) (Mf dad/daut)
      "Curtis, what are you doing home so early?" Xenia gasped, surprised to see her stepfather standing in the doorway to her bathroom. To her young mind, he resembled a blonde Adonis standing there. It came as a shock to her when her mom remarried, and then an even bigger surprise when she and Curtis invited Xenia to spend the summer with them in their spacious country home. Her handsome stepfather owned a prosperous construction company. The size alone and the lavishness of the mansion they called home showed he was loaded. She had never seen such a lavish place. "We closed the deal early today, so I though it might be nice to take the afternoon off and become better acquainted with my beautiful stepdaughter." He said, walking over to sit down on the edge of the big sunken tub. He acted like it was natural for him to be there while she was taking a bubble-bath. Story_preview:"Curtis, what are you doing home so early?" Xenia gasped, surprised to see her
    • by Bach :...
    • Erin's Walk
      erinswal zip (12k) (M/f anal oral spank)
      But just as those thought entered his mind, Erin opened her cream coated mouth and stated simply, "Girls got pussies." "Y-yes," Jason stammered, "they do." "Boys like to look at them." Erin scooped out another cookie half, tossed it in her mouth, and then asked, "Do you like looking at 'em?" "Yes. Very much." "You wanna see mine?"

      Friday, March 30, 2007

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 8: Family Values
      aperilo8 zip (19k) (MFffgg incest romance first-12 defloration)
      "Marsha! That's not only disgusting, it's sick!," Florence griped. "I'm your mother!" "That is nasty, isn't it?," Greg agreed, as Gabby got her mouth over his slimy cock. "I love it when my daughters get nasty for their daddy!" "Oh my gosh!," Florence gasped, as her daughter's tongue stimulated her. "There's some stuff coming out," Amanda exclaimed. "Are you cumming?" "That's precum!," Gabby tutored. "Try it!" "He's going to do it, Amanda!," Florence proclaimed, in a tone that mixed triumph with lust. "He's going to pop your cherry! Are you ready, honey?" "Yeah!," Amanda panted. "Fuck me! Pop my cherry, Uncle Greg!"
    • by Shaking_Pen :...
    • What's a Daddy To Do?
      whatsada zip (06k) (m/f, incest, dad/daughter)
      Wendy had eventually married the guy she had lived with for over four years, after producing yet another child! Don't these kids know anything about protection? However, her husband's sex drive was about as fast as the heap of junk he normally drove, and her frustrations were building up. That was when the call came, not an wholly unexpected call, but one which he had anticipated quite yet - well, what was a daddy to do when his daughter calls?

      Thursday, March 29, 2007

    • by Peter Small :...
    • Delicate Flower
      delicate zip (04k) (g08, voy, mast)
      Little eight year old Flower lay in her warm bubble bath reflecting on what she had witnessed a little over an hour ago.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • High School Honey
      highscho zip (59k) (m/f (age 13), Mm/f, M/f, F/f, oral, anal, doggy fuck, cherry busting, young pregnancy, family love, GS, MMM/f, rough sex including beast, drugs)
      After transferring from a local junior high school to Emerson High, I got right into the swing of things at this special school from the moment I entered Mrs. Primmer's home room. First it was Vince, who introduced me to his loving family. Eventually though, I came to know all of them intimately...his older brother Bob and the kinky brother Jack. Even their daddy contributed greatly to my education. I aced their informal "SEX 101" with flying colors and went on to some pretty intense advanced, private studies. My birth parents were clueless about the amazing transformation I underwent. As I found myself getting to know Vince's family, I drew away from my own parents more and more. They filled my educational gap quite well!
    • by BP :...
    • Mom's Accident
      momsacci zip (12k) (Incest, oral, period, F/m)
      It was scary as hell when Mom's horse spooked and Mom fell to the ground landing on her outstretched hands. Twenty feet away, where I was standing, I heard bones snapping. For an instant I wondered if I was going to be an orphan. Thankfully Mom moved enough that I knew she wasn't dead. However from the odd way her hands dangled, I knew something was wrong. Before the dust settled, Miss Kathy, the owner of the stable and her hired hand were running to Mom. Strangely, I didn't run to Mom, instead I grabbed her cell phone and called 911, before going to her side. As a result of her fall, Mom broke both wrists. There weren't any other injuries but the doctors wanted Mom to stay in the hospital. When Mom questioned them as to why she should stay in the hospital, Mom was told she would need someone to take care of her. "I can take care of her. I know how to cook and do laundry." I said proudly. Before the doctor could speak, Mom looked at me proudly and said. "Billy's right, get my clothes and let us go home." Shaking his head, the doctor told the nurse to help Mom get dressed. As the nurse gathered Mom's clothes, she glared at me while I stood talking to Mom. Mom looked at the nurse and said. "What's wrong?"
      Saggy Sarah
      saggysah zip (10k) (Incest, body mods, impreg)
      At an early age Sarah and I learned that life can be cruel. Our mother and father were either drunk or stoned, leaving Sarah and me to fend for our selves. I started working when I was thirteen and used that money to feed Sarah and myself and buy clothes at Good Will. Somehow we managed to get good enough grades in highschool to get scholarships to a community college. Shortly after graduating from college and getting a job as a nurse, Sarah got married. Because I kept my grades up, I got a scholarship to a university and become a teacher. I too got married after getting my degree.
    • by Minos :...
    • Im Schlaf - Caorle
      imschlaf zip (07k) (mm / m17m16 / sleeping_boy_rape / anal / non-cons)
      Eine Serie von voneinander unabhängigen Geschichten von schlafenden oder auch nur scheinbar schlafenden Jungs:Ich kann mich nicht halten und muss unbedingt mit der geilsten und vielleicht auch perversesten Geschichte anfangen. Habt Ihr schon gewusst - ich bin pervers. Ich bin weder stolz darauf noch bereitet es mir schlaflose Nächte. Nun ja, einiges was ich so als Teen angestellt habe, würde ich jetzt wohl lieber bleiben lassen. Es spielte zu Gymnasium Zeiten, als ich so um die siebzehn Jahre alt war, die meisten anderen waren etwa ein Jahr jünger. Unsere Jahrgangsstufe, bestehend aus zwei Klassen, machte eine Fahrt nach Caorle. Dieser Ort liegt direkt am Meer, unweit von Venedig. Nur soviel: Venedig war richtig geil und so furchtbar, wie das viele oft erzählen, stank es da nun auch nicht. Jedenfalls waren wir in einer Anlage in lauter kleinen Bungalows unter gebracht. In der Regel waren die mit vier bis fünf Personen besetzt und wir waren nun zu viert in einem Bungalow. Wir hatten unsere Ruhe und konnten da (fast) alles anstellen, was wir wollten. Okay, einmal kam tatsächlich so ein Nachtwächter an und meinte, wir wären zu laut...

      Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Spring Break
      springbr zip (21k) (mf incest cons Rom non cons/rape)
      School is in session and the spring break is near. This is always a good time to find young girls since they are often left alone at home with nothing to do. He also finds them hanging out at the mall or theater especially when there is a new chickflik movie just introduced. This story takes place during spring break. Each of the girls was selected based upon his knowledge of them and preparatory flirting by postit notes. Each girl is actually looking forward to her anonymous encounter with him. Jason maintains his anonymity by always putting a black hood over the girl's head or blindfolding them, He frequently will tie them to their bed.

      Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    • by Spin :...
    • The Kiddy Motel
      4thekidd zip (12k) (M/ggg F/gg Pedo Sex Oral Anal Cons. Violence)
      Tim Bates, the new owner of an infamous tourist motel, adds a new twist to making sure that his guests are satisfied. Read on and discover the thrills that await your erotic desires when you check into "The Tourist Motel For Lonely Travelers":Tim Bates took a slow drag of his cigarette. A bottle of expensive, single malt scotch whiskey stood idle on the counter while the distant "swoosh" of a few passing cars outside of the motel filtered through the half opened window. A sly smile crept slowly over his wrinkled, aged face as he spotted a guest pulling into the parking lot. "The usual tonight Mr. Smith," he asked with a "knowing" gleam in his eyes as the well-dressed man approached the counter in the office. Mr. Smith, like so many other Mr. Smiths, Jones or whatever they chose to call themselves, were regular guests at the "Bates Lodge For The Lonely Traveler" The motel had a sordid history before Tim Bates purchased the place from his older brother, but after a number of years and a ton of investment dollars, time had finally healed the infamous reputation of multiple murders and missing travelers that were never found.
    • by DannyR :...
    • Max's Boys, part 3
      maxsboy3 zip (20k) (MM/t, MMM/b, t/b, oral, anal, incest, pedo)
      The saga of Max Harris and his family continues. This time you meet Maxie, Max's oldest son (15), and a pervert off the old block. There's a pedo party with a U.S. Senator, his son, his 6 year old grandson and Maxie having a hard fuck session. And oh yeah, something about Max himself and a gang fuck when he was 5. Wank on!

      Monday, March 26, 2007

    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • As Good As It Gets, ch 1: Brittanie's Fate
      asgooda1 zip (06k) (M/f beast anal reluc)
      "Listen Brittanie, it's no secret that you don't like me and I don't like you." My 14 year old step daughter just looked at me with contempt as I spoke, desperately wanting to interject with her own feelings and words of disdain, but she knew what I held over her head could ultimately make her life a virtual living hell, in which no teenage girl could hope to survive from: "Listen Brittanie, it's no secret that you don't like me and I don't like you." My 14 year old step daughter just looked at me with contempt as I spoke, desperately wanting to interject with her own feelings and words of disdain, but she knew what I held over her head could ultimately make her life a virtual living hell, in which no teenage girl could hope to survive from. "So I figure, we both have something that the other wants. You want money, which I have plenty to give and I want sex, which, from what I saw, you apparently have plenty to give. "You sick fucker, you want to have sex with me?!"
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Doing It
      doingit zip (25k) (b (12) gg (10 & 11) exploration, fondling, oral and penetration)
      At twelve, I was the oldest kid and only boy in a neighborhood of girls and the closest one of these girls, to my age, was my Sister who was eleven. When I would go to visit some of my friends, there would always be the talk about doing it with the girls, but like most twelve year old's I really had no idea what doing it was.
    • by MakinBabies :...
    • Love Family, ch 6
      lovefam6 zip (12k) (Fb Fbg Mg MFb Mgb bg inc ped oral preg)
      When we left the LOVE FAMILY last they had just finnished a hard and fast fuck between Father and Daughter and a long drawn out teasing fuck between Mother and son. All the Family members where exhausted and had fallen asleep in the rec room: Judy was the first one to wake up after sleeping for nearly three hours. She went over to her Mother and woke her up. Mom said Judy, should we let Daddy and John continue to sleep or should we wake them up. No Judy lets let them sleep while we go get showered and cleaned up, and will find some new sexy clothes to put on for are men to see us in. As Debbie and Judy leave the room,Debbie notices how late it has gotten,Judy we should start getting something ready for dinner as it late and our men need to keep up there strength don,t you think. I,ll grab some steaks from the freezer and place them in the microwave and get them thawed out while we are in the shower and put some potatoes in the oven and get them baked. That sounds great Mom I can make a salad then after I shower Debbie gets the steaks and potatoes and gets them started then joins Judy in the shower. Both Debbie and Judy begin to lather each other up soon it turns into sexual play.
    • by DannyR :...
    • Max's Boys, part 2
      maxboys2 zip (39k) (MM/t, MMM/b, oral, anal, incest, pedo, ws)
      Young Danny (14) is still on the private jet, heading to Florida to meet the incredibly wealthy Max Harris, who has suddenly turned out to be his real father. He's been having sex with the flight crew and it just keeps on going. And stay tuned for Part 3, where you meet his horny, perv half-brother Maxie: Not very long. Not even 'til I was done with my sandwich. It never lasts. See, there's this empty space inside. Sometimes if I do good, it's like, well, it all fills up with light. Maybe winning a swimming race. Getting a good grade on a test I was worried about, not that they would ever know I was worried. All that brightness, 'n then, what the fuck, it fades away. Quick. My not-dad prick not-father bought this big, glass-fronted case to keep my swimming trophies and medals in. Then he put it in my bedroom where only I could see it. 'n mom, with the "that's nice, dear." I mean, she at least said it to my face when I showed her a prize, or a report card, and tried to make it sound like she meant it. 'cept I never thought she really did.
    • by Powerone :...
    • The Village of Agony and Ecstasy, ch 7
      thevill7 zip (09k) (M+/Ff, nc, anal, oral, bdsm, reluc, humil)
      A tale of long time ago when women were taken from their villages to become sex slaves by cruel men that had no regard for them except to satisfy their sexual perversions. This is the plight of Bella and her new found friend, Raisa and what they had to undergo to survive in this brutal time: Raisa was scared, her protector Bella was passed out on the table next to her. Bella had protested their rude handling of her body but her screams of protest had turned to pleasure, begging for sexual relief by the two servants, Raisa confused as to how Bella was transformed into a mindless slut. Bella went so far that she even took the huge organ of Jamon into her mouth, Raisa watching as Bella energetically sucked his weapon as Jamon thrust it in and out of her tightly clenched lips. The servant girl continued to take the strange whirling device to the torturous cylinders that stretched Bella's sex organs so long, forcing Bella's body to bounce up and down on the hard table in ecstasy. And the butt plug, the huge fake phallus that was unceremoniously shoved into Bella's defenseless backside was tapped by the servant girl, Bella jerking in pleasure each time the thick object vibrated in her anal tract. Bella had cum loudly, her orgasm ripping through her body as Jamon filled her mouth with his seed, Raisa swallowing his sperm with vigor before succumbing to the powerful orgasms that ripped through her body.
    • by snam :...
    • Linda, deel 7
      linda7 zip (14k) (MMffb inc ped)
      Linda en haar vader ontmoeten een andere familie: Soms ging ik met Linda naar een speeltuin Ik kon rustig een boek lezen of wat rondkijken terwijl Linda rondkuierde in de speeltuin met wat speeltuigen te proberen en vriendinnetjes te zoeken. Nu ik echter de smaak had van haar jonge kinderlichaampje dacht ik nu anders over speeltuinen en ging er met een heel andere instelling naartoe. Meestal zag ik het als een verplichting voor mijn kind dit te doen maar nu ging ik er met een zekere opwinding naartoe. Ik had een boek meegenomen voor het geval ik het mocht nodig hebben. Linda had ik speciaal gekleed in een kort sportief rokje met daaronder een wat doorschijnend slipje, verder een topje dat haar naveltje bloot liet. Met haar sandaaltjes en haar mooie volle naakte beentjes tot bijna bovenaan de dijen was ze schattig om aan te zien. Het was mooi weer en iedereen liep er licht gekleed bij dus het viel niet zo op maar een "kindervriend"zou haar zeker opmerken.

      Sunday, March 25, 2007

    • by David Stephens :...
    • Preteen Passions
      2preteen zip (11k) (MMF/g, inc, pedo)
      "In this paper," said Anna, "I examine, among other things, the hypothesis that prepubescent girls are not only physically capable of sexual intercourse with adult males but greatly enjoy a variety of sexual practices with both males and females."
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Amy's Got Questions, pt 1 of 2
      amysgot1 zip (09k) (boy 15, girls 8,9; nudity, self manipulation, girls bathing boy, handjob, orgasm)
      Amy (8) was spending the night with her 9 yo friend Laura when she asked her friend why boys dicks get hard. Laura didn't know that they did, and Amy went on to describe an evening the week before where she had spent the night with her friend Polly and together they had watched Polly's 15 yo brother Roger as he had lain naked in the bath. After Amy's description both girls couldn't wait to spend the night at Polly's and take in the sight of brother Roger taking a bath.
    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 17
      anewsu17 zip (16k) (m/m mm/f)
      Timeline - Saturday morning, Brandon hated to wake them. The two were sleeping so soundly; Andy lying; draped onto Brandon's left side. Rave curled up under Brandon's right arm; his back against Brandon's side and his head on Brandon's shoulder, hugging Brandon's arm between his. Rave's legs were parted, and Brandon's hand was over Rave's small package, keeping it warm. They'd been that way so long, Brandon's arm was past numb. But having two boys, no, make that two beautiful, naked boys, sleeping against his own naked boy stirred feelings Brandon never remembered having before. He was tired, but unable to sleep; not wanting to sleep; wanting to enjoy every last moment of their companionship. But it now it was after dawn and the night was ending. He needed to get the boys back to Neal's room before they were missed and before early,rising Lindsay came out from her room. Maybe he would go for a run, clear his head, wear himself out so he could sleep. He kissed the top of Andy's head. "Andy," he whispered, patting the boy's butt with the arm he had behind Andy's back. "You need to go back to Neal's room. "Rave," he said, kissing the back of Rave's head and gently fondling the boy's cock and balls with the fingers he had there. They barely stirred. Reluctantly, Brandon extricated himself from them, sitting up. He popped both their butts. "C'mon guys. Get up."
    • by barbarosanj :...
    • Coffee
      coffee zip (06k) (M/M)
      We agreed to meet for coffee, but both of us were looking for something more...I see him in the booth and my stomach does that thing where it feels like it drops a foot. Instantly, I get all light-headed. For the 37th time in the last half-hour, I think about turning around and going home. Instead, I approach the booth; albeit hesitatingly. He looks up from the menu he'd been studying. His gray moustache spreads across his face as he smiles when he realizes it's me. He folds the menu and gestures that I join him. I slide into the booth across from him. We're in a corner booth of the Parkside Diner. It's after 9 on a Tuesday night and the place is nearly empty. "I'm glad you came," he begins. "Me, too." I say. Before anything else can get said, the waitress arrives. We order coffee and then we start to talk. The conversation is casual. Comfortable, even. From the beginning we're both at ease. The relief we both felt that the other guy wasn't an unwashed troll is quickly replaced by the knowledge that we're both going to get lucky tonight. I'm telling a story when I stop abruptly. His foot is sliding up the inside of my leg.
    • by MakinBabies :...
    • Love Family, ch 5
      lovefam5 zip (15k) (MFg Fbg bg MFb Fb inc preg pedo)
      The next morning after Judy's birthday party with her mother and father. Mother Debbie is getting ready to bring in her 13 year old son into the family incest and allow her son to knock her up with his baby, just as her husband has done to their daughter. Their son is due home in a few hours after spending the night at the Reynold's Family Home. As Judy begins to wake up after sleeping with her Mom and Dad all night in their bed and having her fathers cock in her pussy as they both slept,she feels her Father slowly fucking her in his sleep. Judy slowly begins to use her cunt muscles to stroke and squeeze her Fathers cock,John slowly begins to wake up also, and as he doe,s he reaches around Judy and pulls her tighter to him and whispers in her ear,"good morning Honey, and how is my beautiful Mommy to be this morning,I just have a feeling that we got you knocked up last night Honey. Oh Daddy I hope so,I really want your baby,replied Judy. Please continue fucking me now Daddy,I need to cum once more,please.

      Saturday, March 24, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 16
      anewsu16 zip (18k) (m/m mm/f)
      Timeline - Friday night, "Come on guys," his dad said, leaning into the doorway of Neal's bedroom after supper. "I'm taking Andy to look at skateboards." Neal glanced at Rave. "Aw, do we have to?" he asked. "We're in the middle of a game." Brandon glanced at Andy and then back to the two younger boys. "Well, I suppose we can leave you guys for a few minutes. Will you watch the girls?" he asked. "Sure," Neal said, suppressing a grin. "OK, call my cell phone if you need me." "Hey, Andy," Rave called to his cousin, waving him over. "I'll go check on the girls," Brandon said, popping Andy on the butt the way a coach might as the young boy walked past him to enter the room. Brandon may have meant it as something like an encouraging swat, but he let his hand linger for just an instant. The boy had a nice butt.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 7: Custody Challenge
      aperilo7 zip (16k) (Mffg incest anal cons)
      "Why should I let you tell me who to fuck?," Marsha asked, although she was still looking around the big house in awe. "It's for your own good!," Dolly asserted. "Take off your clothes!" "This is our cousin Marsha," Dolly introduced. "Hi," Marsha greeted. "I think I remember you from when I was little ... Uncle Greg." ... "I want a taste!," Gabby insisted, pushing her tongue into her cousin's fuck hole. "Oh, Daddy!," Gabby grunted, as Greg started to work his finger into her anus. "Oh my gosh! Gabby!," Dolly exclaimed, when she saw her father pull his cock out of her sister's pussy and press it against her poop hole. Gabby made a squealing noise as Greg slowly forced his hard cock into her nether opening. Greg felt his daughter's excitement as four inches of his cock disappeared into her nasty hole.
    • by MakinBabies :...
    • Love Family, ch 4a
      lovefa4a zip (08k) (MFg inc oral preg pedo)
      When we left the Love Family last chapter, they were taking a short break for refreshments. We now are back in the family rec room where Judy is about to open her birthday presents and continue fucking and sucking and other erotic pleasures with her mother and father.

      Friday, March 23, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 15
      anewsu15 zip (14k) (m/m mm/f)
      Timeline - Friday, just after noon, Matt and Andy sat on the edge of the bed; Matt on Andy's left. They were playing John Madden's NFL on the Nintendo. Angela and Krystan strolled in casually, and Angela knelt onto the bed behind Andy. "Let's do something," Angela said. "Let's go swim or something." "Not now," Andy said, "we're busy." "You're not that busy." Andy turned to his nine,year,old opponent. "Hey Matt, did you know that these old Nintendos came with a sister control option." Matt glanced at him and laughed, then turned back to the game. "No, dude," seriously, Andy insisted. "I'll show you. You just gotta know the right sequence of buttons."
    • by Singledad :...
    • Beat-up Day, ch 1-2
      beatu1_2 zip (08k) (f ped dad/daut viol cons beating caut)
      Beat up day, I s'pose it sounds frightening, or cruel, but I was used to it, even looked forward to it in an odd way. It would happen regularly, but not often, usually two weeks in between, because the damage to me would have to heal, he would tell me two days ahead when I would be off school, and he and some of his friends, the Circle he called them, would gather.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Canadian Adventure, part 3
      canadia3 zip (15k) (MF, bg Fb Mg cons Rom)
      Continuing story of a family who moved to British Columbia to live. It is the story of their lives and loves and life itself in a forboding land. It has a lot of detail and situations: I am a multi-millionaire and recently married a girl who is the same age as me who has a 6 yr old daughter. We acquired 10 square miles of land in Northern British Columbia, meet some wonderful people there, build our home and live our own lives. The reader should read part one for the complete story. Jessica has lost her virginity to Bill and wants her own little brother to play with. Carol is pregnant with a new sister or brother for Jessy. Susie has lost her cherry to her brother Jim and Jake and I have swapped our wives during their visit in the spring. The Jessy wants Bill to stay with us for an extended time. The story now continues.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 22
      sister22 zip (09k) (MMMMM/FFFggggggg, pedo, cons, first time, ws)
      When dinner time arrived, Mandy sat with the Sultan, a blushing Brenda and the twelve year old Son, who proudly sat by Lisa. The ten year old Son had invited a nine year old to dinner, by the name of Cindy and she had copper colored hair, beautiful face and the beginning swells of small breast. Both boys were perfect little gentlemen but Mandy was sure that the youngest boy and Cindy, were playing footsie under the table.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Duplex, The New Tentants, ch 3
      thedupl3 zip (06k) (Adults/children)
      Linda and Jane get a new tentant for the other side of the duplex. A mother with 2 daughters, 13 and an 11 years old: Linda Darnell (not related to the movie star) used some of her inheritance money to build a very upscale duplex. Each unit had 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 4000 sq ft of space. Each had a patio covered by an extended roof, with a storage unit projecting out from the juncture of the two dwellings. There was a very large pool, and the rear area was completely surrounded by a large thick hedge. The rear entry gate was positioned towards the house, giving no view of the pool area. The large pool area was populated generously with umbrella tables and convertible lounge chairs. Linda Darnell was a nice looking lady of somewhat average proportions. She carried her 110 lbs, on her 5' 5" frame very well. She inherited heavy 7-figure money when her parents were taken in an automobile accident. At age 36, being the only child, and having never been married, found herself in a very comfortable position. This third story is a continuation of the Duplex series. After Jane and Luke move in with Linda, she needs a new tenant for the empty side.
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Proper Family - Donna-Gail's Rebellion
      theprope zip (11k) (Mf ped first)
      "What's in the valise?" He asked, holding it while she got in. "I didn't think you would mind. I'm running away from home with my mother's permission today. I'd appreciate if you would drop me off at an apartment I'm going to share with a girlfriend. I have lined up a job with another friend's father so I can support myself. You don't have to worry."

      Thursday, March 22, 2007


      Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 14
      anewsu14 zip (14k) (m/m mm/f)
      Timeline - Friday morning, Having stopped by the mess hall for coffee, Harold now sat in a camp chair in front of his tent, sipping and reading. It was almost time to wake the boys. While they got ready for breakfast, he would have time to read and enjoy his coffee. He could hear boys stirring in the camps around theirs, but he was glad his was a group of late sleepers. He enjoyed the few extra minutes of quiet. But then it was time to wake them. Setting down his coffee, he did what he did every morning; he went from tent to tent, giving each a shake while yelling, "Rise and shine! Time to get up!"
    • by jallen944 :...
    • Madame Kon's Daughter
      madameko zip (17k) (M/f, first time)
      He has traveled a thousand miles to meet the daughter of Madame Kon.
    • by beimler1972 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Carolas Opfer
      carolaso zip (05k) (preg)
      Die Ehefrau des Protagonisten wird durch einen Verkehrsunfall getötet. Die Schuldige Unfallverursacherin gibt sich dem trauernden Witwer hin.

      Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 13
      anewsu13 zip (11k) (m/m mm/f)
      Timeline -Thursday night, Their game of Marco Polo was strange to begin with; because they had to be so quiet, and because the pool house had so little light. The moon was still low, and moonlight through the high windows hit the top of the far wall, leaving the game below in shadow. But then, Marco Polo had morphed into a whole new version anyway. The seven other boys were slowly circling around ten,year,old Ryan who was the current 'it'. Every time he called Marco, they called Polo and Ryan's job was to feel up a different boy each time, remaining 'it' until he'd felt up each of them. Every time he went for one boy, others around the circle playfully grabbed at each other. Several sported erect little cocks. Things had changed in the six days since these boys loaded the bus for camp. All but Jon and Ryan had 'messed' with other boys before. But in these last few days, all their inhibitions had been steadily falling away.
    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Britney Depraved, part 3 of 4
      britney3 zip (08k) (M/gg (9yo, 11 yo), pedo, anal play, cons)
      It is a week since my chestnut-haired, micro-titted, bubble-butted, not-even-ten-year-old Melanie stumbled out of my apartment, cum dripping from her little baby pussy and running down the inside of her thighs, the lips of her mouth as swollen as the lips of her fledgling cunt, eyes still dazed from what had happened between us so quickly. God only knows how she had explained her appearance to anyone she met that she might have known. I don't want to know! Now that she has got a taste for fucking dirty old men, questions like that are better left unasked and unanswered
    • by Mysterian :...
    • Erin - The Lost Chapter
      erin2 zip (10k) (M/g(11) uncle/niece ped ws, oral)
      Roger awoke the next morning to the feeling of his cock being gently sucked. He fluttered his eyes open, looked down at the tented covers and smiled. "Good morning, little one," Roger said as he pulled the sheet back. Erin was huddled between his legs, her fingers grasping the base of his cock as she softly slid his shaft into her sweet little mouth. "Murnnnngg," the naked child answered, looking into his eyes but keeping his stiff cock in her mouth.
    • by pudman :...
    • Melissa, My 10YO Lolita Granddaughter, ch 2
      melissa2 zip (12k) (M/g Incest Virgin Oral BJ)
      One good thing leads to another, mainly my bed....I had wiped myself off and was returning from the bathroom with a damp washcloth when I stopped dead in my tracks. Melissa had propped herself up on her left arm and was swirling my cum around with the fingers of her right hand. I stood and watched as she dragged some of the spunk up to rub on her titties, then stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked off what was left. "Well, what have we here?" I grinned walking towards her. "I guess I needn't have bothered to get this." She turned to look at me while she continued to suck her fingers. She looked so sexy as the sides of her cheeks contracted in the sucking motions and she moved her fingers slightly in and out of her mouth as she licked in between them, that I felt my dick begin to rise again. "Umm, Grandpa," she muttered as she removed her fingers from her mouth. "I wondered what cum tasted like and just had to try it." "And..." I queried, standing next to her, my now fully erect prick sticking out in front of me.

      Monday, March 19, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 12
      anewsu12 zip (09k) (m/m mm/f)
      Late Thursday afternoon: They were well back into the trees now. Davey and Kyle let go of Ryan's arms and stepped back from him. "OK," Kyle said, "let's see." "You've seen me before," Ryan said, defensively crossing his hands over his crotch. "Not with a hard,on," Davey pointed out. "I don't have a hard,on," Ryan said, as if that settled the issue. "We'll get it hard for you," Kyle promised. "Just whip it out." Ryan swallowed hard.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 6: Facing Destiny
      aperilo6 zip (22k) (MFg incest romance first-11 defloration)
      "I feel like a princess!," Gabby shared breathlessly, as she admired the jewelry. "You are my princesses," Greg assured. "I love you both more than anything else." "I love you too, Daddy!," both girls chorused. "My little girls have grown up to be dirty little vixens," Greg remarked. "Show me how nasty my baby girls are. Show me how you play dirty with each other." "Okay, Daddy!," both girls agreed, as they moved to the bed. "Gabby is really juicy right now!," Dolly observed. "I think she's ready to be fucked!" "Yeah, Daddy!," the eleven year old agreed. "I'm ready in every way! Please, Daddy!" Greg ignored his compromised sense of propriety and rolled Gabby onto her back. Gabby's eyes sparkled with excitement as she eagerly awaited the big moment.
    • by bookworm :...
    • Jenny
      jenny zip (16k) (Mg)
      Ten year old jenny was my daughter's best friend. She was also the daughter of the village lush. A single mother finding solace in the bottle and money for the bottle in the pant's of the village men. Then one afternoon I found myself filling in the gaps between what she had seen her mum do. Over the afternoon I take her from sitting on the sofa watching a porn movie, to naked on a bed bucking through multiple orgasms.
      maureen zip (08k) (F/M thoughts m/f dream little sex)
      This is a funny one. Not funny Ha Ha but funny to write a tease for. It's the thoughts of a woman as she realises that her new lover, the best she had ever had might have designs on her two daughters. There is a little sex but it's a dream sequence. To be fair I'll tell all of you what I told my proof reader. "Done bother getting it out it will only get cold but still it might be worth a read."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 21
      sister21 zip (13k) (MMMMM/FFFggggggg, pedo, cons, first time, ws)
      On his way home, Max expected to find his house full of beautiful, naked, young girls but wasn't prepared to find four, attractive, fully dressed young ladies, sitting in his living room. As Max went through the house, the four young ladies watched him nervously and out by the pool, there were more than a dozen naked young girls. Quickly, Mandy and Sarah left the pool, hugged and kissed their Dad, then told him about the four girls in the living room. They had actually taken the bus from the next town, to get here and went to school with Brandy and Angela. Their files were on the patio table and they were part of the Trent group, but they were all eighteen years old. After reading their files, Mandy and Sarah took Max into the front room and introduced him but stayed with him.

      Sunday, March 18, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 11
      anewsu11 zip (15k) (m/m mm/f)
      "Oh, shit!" Andy murmured under his breath. The quietly closing door woke him. Lifting his head, he looked into the kitchen. Was the sound of the door, his mom leaving? If so, did she see Angela and him lying there naked on the couch? It didn't seem possible because if she had, he was sure they'd be hearing about it. Then Andy realized that his cock was hard and pointing straight up his belly. It would be really bad if his mom saw that. His arm was behind Angela's back, and he patted her bare bottom. "Ange," he said softly. "We need to get back to your room." She stirred sleepily.
    • by dragyonfly :...
    • Jack and His Nymph...endling
      jackand4 zip (13k) (M/f, pedo, cons)
      Here in the last part of the saga of Jack and his nymph, finds us as voyeurs in the heat of their passion, and as Jack works through his anguish of having fallen in love with such a young thing, and trying to work out how he can claim her as his. You will find out what happens as things go astray from his plans and he loses control of the situation.
    • by GPC :...
    • One For The Road
      oneforth zip (04k) (m/g, oral, gs)
      I pulled off the road with a sigh of relief. The hot sun pounded through the windshield of my car as I pulled up to the small general store that was the only sign of civilization I had seen for the last hundred miles. The old fashioned thermometer nailed to one of the poles that supported the awning showed a temperature of 101. My mouth watered as I read the sign proclaiming that there was ice-cold beer to be had inside and air conditioning. I opened the car door and stepped into the blast furnace heat. I stretched my arms over my head as I walked toward the building, sweat already running down my back. I opened the door and stepped into the air-conditioned chill of the store. After closing the door behind me, I stood for a moment, soaking up the cool air. The store looked unattended. I sat down on a stool under the air conditioner and turned my face into the cool stream of air. "Hi there," a voice said from behind me.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Preteen Seductress
      preteens zip (14k) (m/f pedo cons)
      Sexy seven year old Katy has a problem with her computer. Her computer is in her bedroom. Computer expert Max finds himself alone with a preteen girl who seems to know what he is thinking as soon as he does.
      The Sadists, part 5
      thesadi5 zip (12k) (m/f bro/sis inc/pedo rape/tort n/c snuff necro caution)
      Lacey and her psycho brother join forces on a one way ticket to Hell. The first victims of their depraved union are a family. Mom,dad and their two little girls are butchered in a bloody orgy of torture, rape and murder.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Duplex, Horse Cock, ch 2
      thedupl2 zip (08k) (Adult/Child Sex)
      This is the continuation of the Duplex story, where Linda finally fit's The Horse Cock in her pussy. Then Jan and Luke move in with her.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Truck Stop Encounter
      trucksto zip (05k) (M/M/g)
      Earl is the single parent of his four year old stepdaughter Katy. He is not a very nice man and poor little Katy has suffered much abuse during the last year she's been living with her step-dad but if she thinks what has gone on so far was bad she's in for some big surprises tonight.

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      Friday, March 16, 2007

    • by Grassman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Voyeur Video, part 1
      voyeurv1 zip (07k) (Erotica)
      Kari learns of an interesting new way to spice up her sex life with her husband. Her friend leads her down a path she would never have thought of on her own.
    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 10
      anewsu10 zip (17k) (m/m mm/f)
      "Why can't we just ask them to let us join them?" Jon asked. Ryan frowned uncomfortably as they walked the darkening trail toward the fire ring. "Because," Ryan said. He still felt like Kyle and Jason had teased him two days ago. That and, there was one other thing. The only other erection he'd seen besides his own was Jon's much larger one. Ryan was sure all the other boys would also have longer cocks than his. He was afraid no one would want to sex with him. But as long as Jon had no one else to mess with, Ryan had a sex buddy. "Because why?" Jon asked, waiting for Ryan to finish his sentence. "Because they're pricks," Ryan replied angrily.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 5: One in a Trillion
      aperilo5 zip (16k) (MFg incest romance)
      "Gabby!," Greg objected, once his daughter let him breathe. "We shouldn't ..." "Shhh!," Gabby hushed in a whisper. "Stop worrying about it, Daddy! It will all work out fine!" Greg felt a flurry of movement as Gabby dove under the blanket. By the time he figured out what she was doing, his cockhead was in her hot little mouth and her tongue was teasing the hole in its tip. The scent of arousal reached Greg's nose and he found Gabby's naked bottom just in front his face. He arched his back slightly to reach her juicy pussy with his tongue. Greg felt like he was in a trance, as Gabby's mouth slid down his hardening shaft. Gabby trembled as her father's finger continued into her poop hole and he started rubbing her clit harder. She pressed her pussy against his mouth and moaned around his cock.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Beginning Again, part 1
      beginni1 zip (19k) (m/f m/F incest first)
      The ship shuddered and alarm bells went off. It sounded like the end of the world for the two suddenly guilt ridden teens. They quickly got up and dressed as again and again booms sounded and the alarms screamed. Sprinting into the hall they stood for a moment and watched the passengers in a state of bedlam.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Incest Party
      incestpa zip (16k) (m/f/dad/daut inc mom/daut bro/sis orgy w/s cons)
      Take seven hot little girls, ranging in ages from four to ten. Add their pedo parents and extended family, along with a couple of new friends, and you've got a red hot pedo party!
      Little Girl Goes With Strange Guy -She Dies
      littlegi zip (07k) (m/f/pedo rape/tort n/c snuff caution)
      One man's lucky day is another little girl's misfortune. The man is Max, a sadistic predatory pedophile. The girl is six year old Judy. No happy ending for this little cutie!
    • by PennyG :...
    • My First Time in Public
      myfirstt zip (08k) (exhib, MF, rom, mast)
      It was the summer after I graduated from high school; I was eighteen at the time. I was dating the guy who was to eventually become my first husband. He was two years older than I. We both worked day jobs and saw each other most evenings. We both worked about 5 minutes from a large county park. In nice weather, when our lunch hours coincided, we used to meet at the park for lunch. Both of us would brown bag it on those days that we planned to meet. In that park there were probably 20 or so groves each complete with picnic tables, stationary grills, swing sets, see saws, etc. On the hillsides that separated each picnic grove were, scattered here and there, picnic tables and a few stationary grills.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Play With Me, Uncle Jimmy
      playwith zip (26k) (M/g (age 12), m/g, ass fucking, dbl fk, anal, oral, titty play, drugs, underage preggers)
      Our little Janie might be only twelve years old in real age but at the hands of her mother's boyfriend Jimmy, she's gained years in experience at fucking, sucking...all the usual suspects. Meanwhile, her poor, sweet mother suspects nothing and throws her boyfriend and young daughter together at every opportunity. There's something about a glistening pool, the sun, a hot pink bikini on a nubile body that just begs for some down and dirty fun. Come on, y'all...let's par-tee!
    • by Voyeur_2cu :...
    • Sunday Morning, part 4
      sundaym4 zip (07k) (M/Fgg, incest)
      When she sat down Karen watched her Mom. "Hey honey see what I am doing? Your Dad loves it when I suck on him. See how hard it is? See how I just put my mouth on it, and lower my head on it till I feel that gag complex. And then I return back up the shaft with my mouth while still using my hands, constantly stroking him, to keep his shaft warm. See how big it is getting? See how purple the head is becoming? He is going to cum very soon. He will spurt out that warm sticky nectar that I love, the same stuff that made you Karen. I just can't get enough of the taste of it. She continued stroking me, as my arm was around Karen holding my daughter close to me while my other hand was rubbing Donna's slit. Girls watch closely because as soon as he cums I will allow you to taste this, I want you to like this because it was men like."

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      Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    • by PennyG :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Entertainment At The Beach
      entertai zip (08k) (Exhib, Voy, MF, Mast)
      I have often been at the beach and noticed a guy looking me over really well or staring at me. Girls have a sixth sense about these things. Often times the guy appears to be looking at something in the distance behind you but he is actually looking at you. There are also guys that seem to be scanning the beach as though they are looking for someone but their eyes keep passing over you again and again. Then there are the strollers; these are the guys that keep walking past where you are laying, over and over again. One time he will walk past you on the right then a minute later you will notice him walking past on the left. Before long he walks past again, only this time he is going the other.
    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 9
      anewsum9 zip (14k) (m/m mm/f)
      Cheryl laid down the pen and rubbed her eyes. She glanced around the small back room that served as her office for the shop. The previous day's conversation with the case worker kept running through her mind, not that she was really worried about the kids. Maybe she should worry, but what kept going through her mind were memories. The conversation had started her remembering how her own sexual activity started. She remembered those early times as she tried to fall asleep that night. And then she dreamed. Andrew came to her, not her son, not Andy, but Andrew. In her dreams before dawn, he came to her like the first time, when she was fifteen and he was fourteen. She woke from the dream, aroused, excited. But it was too near to the time she had to leave for work for her to indulge herself with any kind of release.
    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • Canadian Adventure, part 2
      canadia2 zip (12k) (MF, bg Fb Mg cons Rom)
      I am a multi-millionaire and recently married a girl who is the same age as me who has a 6 yr old daughter. We acquired 10 square miles of land in Northern British Columbia, meet some wonderful people there, build our home and live our own lives. The reader should read part one for the complete story. Jessica has lost her virginity to Bill and wants her own little brother to play with. She watches and assists as I make love to Carolyn and attempt to make her pregnant. The story now continues.
    • by pudman :...
    • Mom Teaches Me, ch 4
      momteac4 zip (09k) (Mom/14YO Son Anal Ass-To-Mouth)
      I find out more about my slut Mom: I awoke with a start, it was morning. Mom was out of bed and from the smell filling the house was obviously making breakfast. I laid there thinking about what had happened on the previous day and night, how she had actually seduced me, and cursed myself for not trying to put some moves on her earlier. Hell, if I would have had any idea I probably could have been enjoying that sweet pussy of hers long before this. My dick started getting hard as I thought over what had happened and how horny and hot she had been. In all of the fantasies I had about fucking Mom I had never imagined that she would be so nasty when she was aroused, it was so opposite of the sweet Mother I thought I knew. Well, she had opened the door and I wasn't about to shut it. I wanted more sex with her, any kind, and I didn't really care when or how. I got out of bed and headed for the kitchen, my stiff dick leading the way. I watched her from the doorway to the kitchen for a moment or two, admiring the naked form of my Mother that until now I had thought was taboo. I was stroking my cock, admiring her firm tits and the jiggling globes of her ass as she went through the motions of preparing breakfast and setting the table, when she noticed me. "Morning, Davey," she smiled sweetly, "how's my boy this morning?"
    • by PhG :...
    • The Kiddie Porn Producers, ch 1
      thekidd1 zip (06k) (M/g nonc voy)
      Tom Anderson watched his flat screen; there was the picture taken by him with is new Nikon D2X digital with 12,4 mega pixel, the image of a soft skinned smiling little angel of 10. On the other side of the desk sat the angel's mother, Ashley.
    • by BenDick :...
    • Meine Geile Familie
      meinegei zip (04k) (fam/inc/preg)
      Jasmin treibt es mit ihrer schwangeren Tante und ihrem Onkel: Ich heiáe Kathrin, bin 16. Ich hatte nun schon ein paarmal Sex mit meiner Schwester Sybille (14) und meinen Eltern Hans und Sandra. Doch das sollten nicht die einzigen bleiben... Am n„chsten Nachmittag besuche ich meine Tante Jasmin und ihren Mann Steffen. Jasmin ist im neunten Monat schwanger, und es dauert nur noch zwei Wochen, bis das Kind kommen soll. Ihr Bauch ist schon total dick. Bei dem Gedanken daran werde ich pl"tzlich total geil. Seit ich es mit meiner Familie treibe, denke ich sowieso bei jedem, den ich sehe, nur daran, wie es w„re mit ihm oder ihr zu ficken.

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      Monday, March 12, 2007

    • by PhG auf English :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Sex Tourist - St Petersburg
      thesexto zip (06k) (M/f prostitution rough/violence)
      Tom is a wealthy man and a sex tourist, hunting for young flesh to abuse. Tom knows that mony is power and young girls are cheap cunts to be bought, used and abused for his fun: Snow and sleet was coming down heavy now. The windshieldwipers worked back and forth as Tom Anderson scanned the street. His new AVIS rental car was warm and cosy, outside St.Petersburg looked grey, wet and cold. He cruised around the train station; looking for the things he had come here for. A small group of young teenagers milled around, not young enough for Toms taste, but perhaps later he could pick up a few boys and girls to film. It was his hobby, and as a reasonably wealthy man he had both time and money. The young teenagers would star in his privately made films that he would put on his Internet site. It wouldn't be the first film he made and he prided himself of being skilled at what he did.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 4: Naughty Girls
      aperilo4 zip (19k) (MFg incest romance)
      "Let's play doctor!," Dolly insisted. "I've been depressed lately," Gabby read from the card. "Sometimes I feel like nobody loves me." "That sounds serious," Doctor Dolly decided. "We'll need to start with a full examination. Open your mouth and say, 'ahh'." Gabby was clearly responding well to the treatment. "Can you see her problem, nurse?," Dolly asked. "See how big her clittie has gotten?" "Yes, doctor," Greg agreed, as they took turns touching the girl's swollen nubbin. "The patient still has her cherry," Dolly explained, as she pushed a finger into the ring of virginal tissue. "We'll need to schedule major surgery to remove it!" "Absolutely!," Greg agreed, knowing he had lost his mind, as he took a turn sliding his fingertip into the small opening in the center of Gabby's hymen.
    • by Hotmommy :...
    • A Troika for Heidi, part 2
      atroika2 zip (18k) (nursing, nudity, fellatio, cunnilingus, other earthy and other worldly delights)
      When Hotmommy approached Uncle Pan and pleaded with him to do a follow up to his story A Troika for Heidi, which she seemed to identify with strongly, the poor girl didn't count on being pressed into service to produce the follow up herself. But wily old Uncle Pan, he of cloven hooves, silken tongue and the famous pipes of Pan managed to slyly talk the innocent child into writing the sequel herself, and the first result follows. It is a story rich and salacious in colorful memories as Heidi's mother Caroline recalls her own growing up and being loved by her neighbors and their children. Happily the story promises to go onto a part three, which Uncle Pan for one looks forward to with relish and aplomb. Meantime may we happily direct you to part two which follows forthwith.
    • by Crazeydad :...
    • Dad's Dark Hair
      dadsdark zip (04k) (M, f, inc)
      After a late-evening shower, my father always curled up in his favourite chair, wearing his bath robe, and read the evening paper. He would then turn on the television and watch a few shows. I used to look at his slim, muscular, hairy legs, and wonder what it would feel like to run my hands over those hairs, all the way up his thighs. I wondered what it would feel like to move my fingers across the warm skin of his hairy legs, up to his thighs, and then between his legs to his cock and balls. I wondered if his cock would get hard at my touch. I began sitting on the floor, close to his legs, sometimes across the room, pretending to read a book. Usually, though, I was looking at his thighs, and at the short hem of his robe. Sometimes, when he moved just the right way, I could see big patches of dark hair and flesh there. I used to sit there and get excited, feeling a burning in my crotch, wanting to see more. Sometimes, I had to get up and go masturbate, fingering myself to orgasm, visions of my father's hairy legs and thighs in my head, fantasies of his hairy cock exploding loads of cum into my mouth and pussy.
      My Naked Sister
      mynakeds zip (04k) (inc, mf, voy)
      Annette is just a year younger than I am, and lately, she had been going around the house not wearing a whole lot, since the weather warmed up a lot and school was out. She would wear only a halter-top and a pair of tight white shorts, showing her nipples through the top fabric and the perfect heart shape of her ass through the bottoms. Mom had said something to her about it once, about how she was dressed improperly, and she just shrugged and smiled. Mom didn't do anything, but did glance in my direction. I could plainly see Annette's dark pussy hair thatch through the white shorts, and I was walking around with a semi-hard on all day long. I think that Mom knew this, and it bothered her. Or, it turned her on to see the bulge in my crotch; I couldn't tell which. I did notice her frequent glances at my crotch while Annette was around. But, Mom remained silent about it, accept that one time.
    • by Perdido :...
    • Fucking Feminists, part 1
      fucking1 zip (08k) (M/preteens M/F pedo nc oral anal)
      For a full-blooded sexist male, there are few things more delicious thank fucking a card-carrying member of the feminist brigade. Well there are a few things: not just fucking her but turning her into your sex slave and then. best of all, fucking her preteen daughter: Life can be truly amazing at times. You do something today and years later the consequences catch up with you. Or, in my case, the rewards, in the shape of a nubile 10-year-old girl, land in your lap. What made things even more rewarding was that it all came about because of that species I have long hated, feminists. For a red-blooded male who likes sex any way he can get it, feminists are anathema so when you can score against them, it is doubly delightful.
    • by Fahrenh8 :...
    • Lizzie, Her Mum, Me and the Dog!
      lizziehe zip (22k) (Mg Fg MF inc anal bi bes)
      What happens when a pretty preteen, her sexy mother, a curious dog and a horny neighbour get together? Fun, games and a big smile! Lizzie was always frightened of Titan, our dog. Always wary. He wouldn't hurt her but that didn't matter. She would fuss anyway. This time she was in the house already and wanted to go to the loo. Her mother, Claire, showed her the way. She walked off, her her long pale blonde hair flowing and her ten year old body bouncing as much as it could - mainly her bubble butt. Lizzie was still flat-chested but beginning to develop, her legs becoming long and coltish and her smile just a little more eager!
    • by Spin :...
    • Sex, Hot Tubs and Champagne
      sexhottu zip (15k) (M/g Sex, Pedo, Oral, 1st time, cons)
      Stanley loved sitting in his security room, watching little preteen girls as they enjoyed the facilities. Panning to the pool area, he zoomed in on an assortment of cock teasing little muses as they frolicked and played. The camera lens was so powerful that he could actually make out the faint image of several young pussy slits and some very cute butts. His mouth watered at the sight of the nubile little bodies as he imagined fucking one or two. He smiled, realizing that his hopes and dreams would soon be delivered to his door.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 20
      sister20 zip (11k) (MMMMM/FFFggggggg, pedo, cons, first time, ws)
      When Max arrived home from work on Monday, there was a van parked in his driveway and a cop at his front door. Just as Max started to panic, Mandy came out the front door and told the cop he wasn't needed any more. Then, the stunning thirteen year old beauty greeted her Dad with a hug, kiss and no explanation, instead she just led him out to the patio. His whole back yard was full of naked young girls, all eleven gold ring Sisters, Eve, Ann, Sherry and ten girls between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. When the ten older girls saw Max, they began squealing and trying to cover their naked bodies.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Some Classic Previously Published Erotica
      someclas zip (38k) (nudity, fondling, punishment, oral, penetration)
      Unlike the previously posted four Preinternet Fantasies, this week's episode deals in erotic literature. The Nymphettes of Naples tells of respectable middle class families in the Italian city who, for a price, would allow their pubescent and prepubescent daughters to be played with naked. In three girls, a different obsession is discussed for each girl. In Marshall Ford's story he tells how he and his sister were adopted out of an orphanage at age ten, and into a family of a very rich and sexually loving parents. And the Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk don't seem all that awful in this day and age of newspaper disclosures of priests and their nefarious activities. Perhaps A.D.M.M. was some of the priest's introduction and inspiration into the priesthood. Maggie D. documents a young girl's introduction into sex, and five stories of Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. round out our little collection of previously published (but hard if not impossible to find) erotica.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Duplex, part 1: The Horse Cock
      thedupl1 zip (08k) (Adult/children)
      The duplex, two very plush 4000 sq. ft. apartments that share a large pool. The entire back area is surounded by a large hedge, suporting nude swining. As tentants come and go, they always bring a good story: Linda Darnell (not related to the movie star) used some of her inheritance money to build a very upscale duplex. Each unit had 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 4000 sq ft of space. There was a 2-car garage on each end. Each and a patio covered by an extended roof, with a storage unit projecting out from the juncture of the two dwellings. There was a very large pool, and the rear area was completely surrounded by a large thick hedge. The rear entry gate was positioned towards the house, giving no view of the pool area. The large pool area was populated generously with umbrella tables and convertible lounge chairs.
    • by explorer :...
    • Tommy's Children, ch 3: Tommy Does Daisy
      tommysc3 zip (12k) (Fm mg(4) mg(5) ped pre-teen pre-school toddler inc oral anal ws)
      In the third chapter Tommy's aunt Sarah offers him her 5 year old daughter if he allows her to fulfil her ws fantasies: The post pubescent teenage hormones that wracked Tommy's 13 year old body had him lusting after anything hot and wet. The problem was that any female over the age of 11 guarded the contents of their panties with their life. He discovered however, that younger girls and older women were more receptive. In the third chapter Tommy's aunt Sarah offers him her 5 year old daughter if he allows her to fulfil her ws fantasies.

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    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 8
      anewsum8 zip (14k) (m/m mm/f)
      "Has Angela acted out?" the case worker asked. Cheryl didn't like the lady. She had walked into the shop just before closing time, wanting to conduct a "follow up interview." Cheryl gave her a cup of coffee and took her to a table in the back. "What do you mean by acting out?" Cheryl asked. The worker took a sip of coffee. She set it down, clasped her hands, and leaned closer to Cheryl. "Even very young girls can become highly sexualized when they have been victims of repeated sexual abuse. They can become aggressive and seductive around males." "No," Cheryl said, with a frown. "Angela has not acted out. Besides, there aren't any males around my house. Just my twelve-year-old son and Angela's nine-year-old brother."
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Educating Alisha, part 9
      educati9 zip (09k) (m/f dad/daut inc cons o)
      "As I followed Mandy through to the kitchen, I savored the shape of her preteen ass through her tight fitting panties. I wondered how her mom might react if she knew what happened right next door, whenever Mandy came to visit."
      Erotikids - Issue 7
      erotiki7 zip (52k) (pedo inc dad daut mom son o a w s yng animal cons n c orgy wordpics)
      Hot little Asian lolis sucking and fucking. Five year old black cover girl slut. Lots of "pics", personal adverts and fun pedo stuff in the latest issue of your favorite kiddy smut mag. (FICTION)
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Taken for a Ride, part 12
      takenf12 zip (25k) (M/f, b/f, F/F, B&D, S&M, pussy & anal dildo, oral, tit sucking, ass plug, kidnap & escape, young pregnancy, incest, family sex)
      It's been a looooonng time cumming but some of you longtime readers might remember the travails of poor Susanna Baldwin and her husband Nick Danger. Through their years together, he's planted a succession of babies in her belly and forced her to be his submissive wife and sex slave.
    • by Matson :...
    • The Interview
      theinter zip (21k) (m/F, Mom/Son, rom, cons incest)
      After reading several hardcover family incest tales you will find the "social storyline" is clear; they are to end badly, depicting a repulsive, reptilian father or a depraved, slut-like mother or other family relative. But departing from the familiar - the cum and heady domination and oppression - did you ever wonder what you'd find if you peeled back the layers of such a heroine or antagonist: disgusting fecal material and hazardous waste perhaps? Or would we find a living, breathing person in there - someone who has lived through (and survived) some rather extraordinary experiences? And so, a person not entirely unlike you and I? How different are "we" from "they"? I mean, really?
    • by explorer :...
    • Tommy's Children, ch 2
      tommysc2 zip (11k) (Fm mg(4) mg(5) ped pre-teen pre-school toddler inc oral anal ws)
      In the second chapter Tommy's aunt Sarah lusts after Tommy and sends her 5 year old daughter in as bait. Summary: The post pubescent teenage hormones that wracked Tommy's 13 year old body had him lusting after anything hot and wet. The problem was that any female over the age of 11 guarded the contents of their panties with their life. He discovered however, that younger girls and older women were more receptive. In the second chapter Tommy's aunt Sarah lusts after Tommy and sends her 5 year old daughter in as bait.

      Friday, March 09, 2007


      Thursday, March 08, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 7
      anewsum7 zip (14k) (m/m mm/f)
      Rave dropped the towel and jumped onto Andy's back, laughing. He threw his arms around Andy's neck and wrapped his legs around Andy's waist, and when he did, the towel dropped from Andy's waist. The older boy simply laughed and pulled Rave's legs tighter around his waist. Then pulling open the door, he ran down the hall toward their room. They laughed at the boldness of it, and at what they imagined Cheryl's reaction if she caught them running down the hall naked. In the room, Andy didn't even rush to close the door behind them. But then he did and fell backward onto the bed, pinning Rave with his back. Rave howled and dug his fingers into Andy's ribs. Andy howled and spun, digging his fingers into Rave's ribs. They rolled up onto the bed and wrestled. Angela heard them as she walked down the hall to the bathroom, hoping they hadn't used all the hot water for a change. She almost went into the room; they sounded like they were having fun. But Rave would probably have a fit. And she loved her brother so she let them be.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Descent Into Depravity
      descenti zip (06k) (Threesome, facials, gs)
      My descent into depravity began slowly, as, I suspect, do most addictions. While I love sex, most of my activities had been contained to what I would consider mainstream acts... fondling, French kissing, oral sex, and fucking. That was about it... until I met Jack. Then my life began to change, and the changes haven't stopped yet. I was a recently divorced 34 year old mother of two young children, Amy, ten, and Brian, 13. Forced to fend for myself in order to raise my kids, I had returned to my career in real estate after the divorce. While the jerk, my nickname for my ex, did occasionally provide alimony and child support, I couldn't count on it, so I had gone back into real estate sales, something I'd done well prior to my marriage to the jerk. Fortunately the market was hot, and I was making a good living fairly quickly. My life began to change when I met Jack at a real estate convention. My mother was watching the kids for me so I could get away for a few days to attend the conference. Jack was single, wealthy, attractive, and sexy, and I found myself enjoying his company. I had gone six months without sex, something I enjoy very much, and to put it bluntly, I was fucking horny. When Jack suggested we continue our discussion of real estate during dinner I accepted. After the conference seminars ended, I changed into something sexier than my normal convention clothes, and went down to the bar to meet Jack for dinner.
    • by Spin :...
    • Pastor Johnson and His Kiddies
      pastorjo zip (11k) (Mf)
      "NOW BECKY! YOU COME DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE! Pastor Johnson is here and you're to go home with him tonight and...YOU BETTER GET DOWN HERE YOUNG LADY!" Becky's mother hollered from the bottom of the stairs. Becky cringed in her closet as if she could escape her fate. At nine and a half years old, it was the custom of her church and religion to break young children into puberty by allowing the Pastor and God...his due. "PLEASE MOMMA! I DON'T WANNA GO," Becky argued at the top of her lungs. Pastor Johnson, a thin, balding man of forty-five gentle years, straightened the black- rimmed glasses on his nose while smiling with delight as the child finally scampered down the stairway. Holding her overnight bag and wearing a frown that reflected her disapproval of what was about to happen to her young innocence, Becky fought back the tears as she spotted the old preacher standing with her parents in the living room. Her father grinned as if he was proud of this eventful, fateful night for his only daughter. Her mother leaned down, offering only a farewell hug as the pastor reached for her daughter's hand and flashed a wide smile while bidding them "goodnight."
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Dancer's Daughter
      thedance zip (15k) (MF Mf b/f incest pedo)
      Dawn's mother unbuttoned Dawn's blouse, pulling it from her daughter, leaving her naked before the adult's lusting eyes. "You're beautiful." Hank said, "I could just eat you." The twenty five-year-old mother sucked her little girl's tittie for a moment before looking at Hank. "Go ahead and eat her Hank.
    • by Lake Constant :...
    • Thomas
      thomas zip (07k) (peeking, family, F/m, M/f)
      This is the story of Thomas and his hobby, including a couple of very memorable evenings.
    • by explorer :...
    • Tommy's Children, ch 1
      tommysc1 zip (07k) (Fm mg(4) mg(5) ped pre-teen pre-school toddler inc oral anal ws)
      The post pubescent teenage hormones that wracked Tommy's 13 year old body had him lusting after anything hot and wet. The problem was that any female over the age of 11 guarded the contents of their panties with their life. He discovered however, that younger girls and older women were more receptive. In the first chapter of three he gets his hands on his first young girl when a four year old asks him to take her to the toilet.
    • by nncest_addict :...
    • Training Day, ch 2
      trainin2 zip (13k) (m/F Mom/son inc, mild bi, hint of family)
      Husband continues confession to wife about his families history. Wife finally admits she is fascinated and incredibly excited. She also agrees that it is time to train the kids.

      Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    • by Oholibah :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Pastor's Sinful Family, part 1
      thepast1 zip (32k) (MFf, Inc, Oral, Vag, Religion, Blasphemy)
      "Sister Shirley! Heather! Stop!" The pastor tried to lift himself from his entrapment once again to no avail. "You must not speak this way! This is ungodly!" "What is ungodly pastor?" asked Heather. "Your talk...yyyour...what you are doing..." the preacher stammered. "What, exactly, are we doing Pastor Hanson?" Shirley asked. "You'" gasped the nearly speechless pastor. "Making your cock all big and hard!" giggled Heather. Mortified, the pastor remained silent as Heather continued massaging his prick. "You think it is sin, don't you Pastor?" Shirley continued. "You believe the Bible says it's wrong for a child and a parent to have sex, right? Yet your cock gets hard every time you think of your own daughter!" The preacher felt his huge cock spasm uncontrollably. "Nooo! I don't get...Yes. Sister Willet, have you not read what Scripture teaches about immorality? Have you not read what a great and evil sin incest is?"
    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 6
      anewsum6 zip (12k) (m/m mm/f)
      The upper edge of the sun cleared the mountain, and its bright rays spilled into the campsite, sparkling across an unseasonable sprinkling of light frost. Already a wind was stirring from the southwest. During the day, it would bring increasingly warm air from Mexico and the Pacific. The only movement at the campsite was a cardinal hoping across the top of Kyle and Davey's tent. Inside, the two ten,year,olds had kept each other warm through the night, and now were sleeping on their stomachs beside each other. Kyle's arm was over Davey's back. In the next tent Richard was spooned behind Jason, his arm over Jason's side. He stirred briefly, and snuggled closer, nuzzling into the back of Jason's blond hair while rubbing the flat of his hand over Jason's firm belly. Jason smiled in his sleep, wrapping his arm over Richard's.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 3: Another Wicked Night
      aperilo3 zip (15k) (Mfg incest romance)
      "You want to see my kitty again, don't you?," Gabby happily accused with a naughty smile, as Greg knelt in front of her. Helost control, putting his finger on her pussy and rubbing it, feeling her heat and moisture through the thin material of her worn panties, as she whimpered her approval. He peeled her white panties down, exposing her pudgy, hairless pussy. Gabby was so excited she was trembling when he started to rubbed it. "I like playing with you," Gabby said sweetly as she pushed her moist pussy back against his finger. "You like my sister's pussy, don't you?," Dolly asked. "You're both very sexy," Greg agreed, as his finger slid between the eleven year old's pussy lips and was coated with her warm juices.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • BabyTrisha Pulls An All Nighter
      babytri3 zip (05k) (M/M/M/g)
      Am a widowed retired trucker who's raising my ste-daughter Trisha and have already begun training her. I met up with a cop by the name of Frank and two of his friends and after Frank got his rocks off he had to leave to get back to his family. This episode recounts what happened after he left.
    • by Benhead :...
    • Chrissy
      chrissy zip (13k) (m/g, pedo, cons)
      She didn't argue but reached for the top button of her shorts and undid it quickly. She unzipped them and dropped them to the floor without any hesitation. Now she was standing in front of me with her white cotton panties. I could just make out the bulge of her little pussy mound. That was a sight that I found very erotic for some reason. I openly stared at her charms.
    • by Ron :...
    • Jason: The Boy Of My Dreams
      jasonthe zip (19k) (M/b)
      I got home from work and decided to sneak up on Jason, just to see if I could get a good spook out of him. Very quietly I slipped through the kitchen door and crept toward the living room. I found Jason sitting in front of my computer with his pecker well in hand and all kinds of anime on the screen. Not the sort you find on Saturday cartoons, no, he'd managed to find my collection I thought I had hidden behind a password. There on the screen was a gay boy cartoon that was barely legal and certainly far beyond what any parent, much less the police, would find appropriate for a twelve year old. Jason was still pulling his pud when I slipped up and made a sound.
    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Melanie Debauched, part 2 of 4
      melanie2 zip (08k) (M/g (9yo), pedo, anal play, cons)
      "Wow!", Melanie exclaimed as she examined the full-screen spread of a naked little Thai girl barely older than herself, crouched on left knee and right foot over a naked man barely older than me, and holding his engorged penis in her right hand as she guided it into her minute hairless cunt. "God!", she blasphemed in her cute little lisp. "It'th jutht like my friend Britney thaid. Have you got thome more?"
    • by Hans Schultz :...
    • Post From The Battlefield
      postfrom zip (08k) (M/g, non-cons, caution rape, pedo, violence, ws, snuff, war)
      I and my comrades are attacking all those poor rural villages and the people there can do nothing to stop us. Most of the local men are sent out to die from the bullets of our army and only women and children are at home. There is no way they can offer any resistance for strong soldiers like us. This way everything is much easier. No one in our company really cares about politics. Our only interest is to get to rape and kill. As a man you must understand this, son. I am proud of my uniform and my rifle, which I carry. As proud as I am proud of my cock that hardens inside my uniform trousers every time I see a woman or a girl begging for mercy in front of me. That is the feeling of power, son.
    • by Voyeur_2cu :...
    • Sunday Morning, part 3
      sundaym3 zip (06k) (M/F, voyeurism, incest)
      Saturdays had never been more wonderful. Three naked woman frolicking and splashing in the pool for my pleasure, 2 of them under 12.

      Tuesday, March 06, 2007


      Monday, March 05, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 5
      anewsum5 zip (12k) (m/m mm/f)
      When Kyle told Davey that Jason and Richard set up their sleeping bags side by side, and that he wanted them to do the same, Davey shrugged. "We can zip them together, you know. We both have the type you can do that with." So now they were face,to,face in the dark, inside their zipped,together sleeping bags, under shared blankets. Kyle pulled off his boxers. Davey did the same. They moved close, reaching for each other's cocks. Davey's was still flaccid, but quickly began to stiffen. Some ten year olds get frequent erections anyway, as their bodies prepare to grow their equipment. Kyle and Davey, however, once they discovered the joys of playing with each other's 'stiffies', had been helping each other get erections every chance they got. Perhaps as a reward, their cocks were no longer pencil thin; they definitely seemed to be growing. At that moment however, Kyle was thinking about how much bigger Jason's cock was. "On the bus," Kyle whispered as they started to stroke each other, "I sucked Jason's cock."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Sisters of the Ring, ch 19
      sister19 zip (16k) (MMMMM/FFFggggggg, pedo, cons, first time, ws)
      When Max decided to leave the office a little early, he wasn't prepared for finding his pool full of beautiful, naked young girls. On the patio, sitting on Charles lap was a stunning twelve year old and it was easy to see that she was impaled on his cock. Her name was Samantha and she was very embarrassed because Max was seeing her be fucked. Yet, when Max bent down and gave Samantha a passionate kiss, her embarrassment turned to a smile. A kiss for each small breast, then Max kissed her lips again and this time she kissed him back.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der "K.P.F.C., Der Kinder-Po-Fick-Club, teil 7
      derfkpfc7 zip (19k) (many boys and girls - anal)
      Sechs Mädchen und nur drei Jungs, da musste was geschehen ...

      Sunday, March 04, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 4
      anewsum4 zip (14k) (m/m mm/f)
      With a start, Jason reached for his cock, but not in time. His clear, watery cum pumped out furiously hard, soaking the front of his sleeping shorts. He was panting in the dark, slowly realizing that he'd had the second wet dream of his life. The first had been a dream about Andy, who he'd had serious hots for forever. No surprise he'd be Jason's first wet dream. But moppy-haired, redheaded Richard as his second dream wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for earlier that day. Harold, their scoutmaster had set the two of them to work packing the back of the old school bus that Harold owned and used for scouting. The back seats had been removed to make room to store gear, and the scouts loaded it through the rear door first; a steady stream of boys handing in tents, suitcases, and duffels in the order Harold thought they should be loaded. Inside the door, Richard and Jason stacked the gear starting in the back corners.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, ch 2: Ice Palace
      aperilo2 zip (21k) (Mfg incest romance exhibition masturbation)
      "Are you gay?," Gabby asked. "No!," Greg answered, knowing she was being argumentative. "Then how can you go so long without a woman?" Gabby sat cross legged with her jersey resting on her thighs. "She's right," Dolly remarked as she got in the same position so Greg would see her pussy too. "It can't be healthy to go that long without a woman. Do all your parts work?" "What?" "Your sex parts! Do they work?" "They work fine," Greg answered, noticing her glance at his crotch looking for his reaction to her exposed pussy. "You really need to use them!," Dolly insisted. "Don't they stop working if you don't?" "You need to find a girlfriend, before something happens and you can't," Gabby agreed.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Baby Trisha's Ongoing Adventures
      babytri2 zip (04k) (M/M/M/M/g)
      Am a retired trucker who was left to raise my four year old stepdaughter after her drug addict mother gets killed in a car crash. Previously I had initiated her the first night after the funeral and then had gotten assistance in her training from several on line pals. Now her training gets furthered when I meet a cop and his buddies.
    • by White :...
    • Fading, part 3
      fading3 zip (39k) (m/f/F incest pedo Science-Fiction voyeurism interracial)
      The final part of Will's story as an invisible teenager. All will be revealed, so to speak!
    • by DannyR :...
    • Incest Tales 8: The Trinity Made Me Do It
      incestt8 zip (14k) (MM/b, t/b, oral, anal, incest, extreme pedo)
      None of this is my fault. Yeah, yeah, I turned my baby boy into a happy cocksucking slut, with a boy pussy eager for daddy dick and hot daddy cum. But it's not my fault. The Trinity made me do it.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Luxy's Spouting Horn
      luxysspo zip (12k) (boy 11, girls 4,3,5; nudity, peeling foreskin back, manipulation, oral)
      Luxor Brimley was eleven and one day discovered the fine art of masturbation after having seen a girl's bosom in school earlier that day thanks to a missing button on her blouse. Discovering the pleasure his fingers could bring him while his mind recalled the incident of the girl's bosom was like discovering a slice of heaven here on earth. Realizing that practice makes perfect he went on to diligently develop his skills two to three times a day. Unfortunately the skin on his uncut penis adhered to the head underneath causing a condition which risked his health. Or so his mother warned him on the day she came into the bathroom as he was drying after a bath, and forcibly pulled down his foreskin for him, almost sending him into orgasm. What did send him into orgasm shortly after his mother had left the room was a complete surprise.
    • by PeachLover :...
    • Marlene and Tammy
      marlene zip (27k) (MF, Mg g-11, first, oral, inter)
      Marlene was my current girlfriend. She was the most passionate woman I had ever known and the the best in bed as well. We had some interesting similarites. Usually we would end up at my apartment for sex as I knew she had a young daughter, but on this particular night we ended up at her house. Things take an unexpected turn after I notice our lovemaking is being observed from the doorway, and ... well, read on to see what happens.
    • by pudman :...
    • Melissa, My 10yo Lolita Granddaughter
      melissam zip (10k) (M/g 10yo pedo incest virgin cons)
      My 10 year old granddaughter was staying with me for a couple of days while my daughter and her husband took a long weekend to celebrate their anniversary. They thought that since I lived alone I would enjoy having Melissa around for company; they couldn't have been more right.
    • by Voyeur_2cu :...
    • Sunday Morning, part 2
      sundaym2 zip (04k) (M/Ff incest)
      This is the second Sunday and how things are developing. Patty and I enjoyed sex, and we enjoyed sex games. We would play with other couples on our webcam and at the swinger clubs. We would think of new things and do them whenever and wherever we wanted, but it what was happening at home that kept my cock stiff. Karen, Patty's daughter was 11, and if you read the first chapter, she had unknowingly been in the same bed when Patty and I had anal sex. Her watching TV while Patty and I fucked. The following weekend I could not wait. I really wanted to see how far Patty would go with our little escapades and her preteen daughter. I never had a woman of such interest.
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Twins, Buck Loves Sara, part 6: conclusion
      thetwin6 zip (08k) (Man/Child Sex)
      Alice and her two girls came over for a swim, and stayed. Helen had a nice little romp with her twins and Alice's 8 year old, Peggy. Buck fell in love with Sara, Alice's 12 year old. When he found out she was a virgin, her Mom took care of Buck, with a nice little fuck.
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Wild Child
      wildchil zip (16k) (Mg, panties, touching, voyeur, anal, pedo)
      The story of little Miriam and her progress from an innocent at aged 8 to a fully fledged slut by the time she was 11...I was entertained to the most wonderful sight of a little girls plump panty covered pudenda...she giggled, a slight blush on her cheeks. There was the most wonderful sight of a pair of white cotton panties, pulled tightly up against her bulging mound, her crease clearly she opened her legs, I realized that she had removed her panties and was now very deliberately exposing her little...

      Saturday, March 03, 2007


      Friday, March 02, 2007

    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 3
      anewsum3 zip (10k) (m/m mm/f)
      When Angela tried to sit down to supper in just a T-shirt and panties, and Raven tried to sit down in just boxers, Cheryl chased them out. "You two might have been able to dress like that at your Mom's," she said, "but when you sit down for supper here, have some clothes on. Afterward, if it's just us and we don't have any company over, you can dress like that." They did. After supper Rave stripped back to boxers and Angela stripped back to her T-shirt and panties. When Andy took a blanket and laid down on the couch to watch TV, Angela took the other end of the couch and blanket. Rave studied the two of them on couch for a moment, and then climbed under the blanket to stretch out behind Andy, resting with his arm over Andy's side and his head on Andy's shoulder where he could see the TV.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Horse Fucking Family Adventures
      horsefu3 zip (13k) (M/f F/f inc, beast, pedo, toy)
      Roman and Lynn continue the girls education with a family orgy, where they show the kids a film of Lynn having sex with horses and other men. Ellie gets her virginity taken by the family dog, with her sisters loving help. Of course, mom and dad cum, too.
    • by Muc :...
    • Kari the Tease, part 1
      karithe1 zip (08k) (Dad/Daut, shower, teasing)
      14 year old Kari does a strip tease and oil massage to get her Dad horny ... they meet in the shower and help each other out ...
    • by Voyeur_2cu :...
    • Sunday Morning, part 1
      sundaym1 zip (05k) (MF, f cumming soon)
      This is a story of my adventures with my ex. She was wild as she introduced her daughter to the pleasures of sin.

      Thursday, March 01, 2007

    • by Muffin Stuffer :...
    • A Canadian Adventure, part 1
      acanadi1 zip (13k) (MF mf Mf Fm cons rom)
      Setting: Story takes place principally in British Columbia in Canada. There are no roads into this northern wilderness, no Mounties, No nearby cabins, camps, or people. No electricity, Gasoline, LP gas, Telephone, or any other amenities found in the US civilized world.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Alice and the Rose Garden
      aliceand zip (12k) (Mf Pedo first)
      Before she realized what she was doing, she had her arms wrapped around his neck tightly and had laid her head against his strong chest. His heart pounded heavily under her ear. She felt strangely safe. Warm. Most of all, she felt desirable. As if maybe she weren't a total loser, after all. "You're a very special girl, Alice.
    • by Jack Edwards :...
    • A New Summer, part 2
      anewsum2 zip (10k) (m/m mm/f)
      His mom had lied. Andy heard her. On the phone with case workers from Wisconsin, she told them that Mrs. Davis from two houses down helped watch Andy and would be glad to help watch Thomas and Angela. Truth was Mrs. Davis hadn't looked after Andy since he stopped checking in at her house after school two years before. "I'm not having my niece and nephew living in foster homes," Cheryl Littleton told her son. "So don't you say anything about having to watch them." Andy had grumbled at the time and gone off to sulk. His mom owned a small sandwich shop-eatery downtown. That meant that she left early every morning, Saturdays included, to drive downtown and get her shop ready. And though she closed when most downtown offices did, she was always the last to leave and normally got home between seven and eight every night. The shop was doing well, and she could afford to hire a good manager. In fact, she had one; Able. She might let him close more often on his own if she wasn't staying late to screw with him most evenings after everyone else was gone.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • A Perilous Storm, Ch 01: Dire Necessity
      aperilo1 zip (20k) (Mfg fg incest exhibition voyeur masturbation)
      Greg found himself looking through the open bathroom door. "Hi!," Dolly greeted, casually lifting her towel to cover herself. Gabby was less concerned with her nudity, lifting her towel only after Dolly had. His anatomy responded, provoking his inner fears. He was still curious about who they were and why they were homeless. "I like him! He's nice!," Gabby whispered. "I don't trust anyone," Dolly retorted. "You're making me feel all tingly! I love when you do that!" "Shhh! We don't want him to catch us!," Dolly whispered just loud enough for Greg to hear. "Make me cum!" "Shhh! I can't! You cum too loud! He'll hear you!" "I'll be quiet! Please?" Greg's mouth dropped hearing the exchange.
    • by Jizza Riter :...
    • Harem Master, ch 2: Iori's Mom
      haremma2 zip (09k) (Mf, MF, ff, reluctant, mc, interracial, anal, pregnant, slave)
      Misty and her daddy take Iori back home, and meet her mom.
    • by Modeman :...
    • Midnight Peeper, part 1
      midnigh1 zip (04k) (M/f dad/daut)
      The house was extremely uncomfortable after the hot sun beat down on the roof all day. My wife Patty and I took our usual walk around the neiborhood, greeting friends and enjoying the cooler temperatures of the evening air. Sprinklers were spraying the laws and the children were playing in it's cool mist.
    • by pudman :...
    • Mom Teaches Me, ch 3
      momteac3 zip (04k) (F/m Mom & 14 yo son, virg, pissing, ws)
      After having fucked Mom we went to the bathroom to pee. But she had other ideas and things soon got wet and wild.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Verbotene Gefühle, teil 2
      verbote2 zip (11k) (m/w (Geschwister) - 13j/11j - erste Gefühle - sehr real)
      In Teil zwei dieser sehr realistischen Erzählung kommen sich die Geschwister Michael und Nadine näher...

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