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      On Thursday, May 31, 2007

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      Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    • by DaddyGreg :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Melissa and Cindy, part 1
      melissa1 zip (06k) (M/f , non cons, anal)
      Melissa giggled as she hung up the phone. Only 11 she had just discovered boys. "Melissa has a boyfriend, Melissa has a boyfriend." Her sister Cindy taunted. "I do not! Now shut up or Ill pound you into the ground." "Melissa has a boyfriend, Melissa has a boyfriend." Cindy was relentless. "Ok I warned you!!" "Ouwww, I'm telling, you know what Dad said if you hit me." "Too bad you little weasel, take that!!!" Melissa pushed Cindy into the chair, causing her to hit her nose. "Waaaah... Waaaah... now I really am telling, you mad my nose bleed." Melissa's heart sank, she had done it now. Making Cindy bleed would surely get her in trouble.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Little Girl Lingerie Store
      2littleg zip (15k) (m/f pedo o/a/cons bro/sis inc)
      An afternoon spent working in his sister's store might not do Max's macho image any good, but when the store in question specializes in sexy outfits for young girls, the job does have it's compensations. In fact, it turns out to be an unforgettable day, thanks to two sexy preteens and a very special birthday present: "Max, honey, how would you like to take charge of the store for the afternoon? Sharon called in sick this morning and I have a couple of important business meetings I really can't cancel. You would be doing me a huge favor." "You know me, sis," I replied. "For you, no favor is ever too huge. Except maybe this time. Your store sells fashionable clothing and accessories for young girls. Last time I checked, I was still a man." "I'm glad to hear that, Max. Otherwise, I would have to uninvite you around to my place for dinner and birthday sex tonight." "Dinner and birthday sex sounds good, sis. Me behind the counter of a store for designer label obsessed preteen girls sounds just wrong. I'm sure your customers would agree." "Don't go all he-manly on me," Cheryl pleaded. "Save that for tonight, when I'm in the mood."
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Debbie's Delights
      debbiesd zip (15k) (M/b, M/g, M/g/g, M/b/g/g, M/F/b/g/g oral, b-11, ff-10 consent, fondling, love)
      These are my daughters Karen and Sharon" she stated placing her arm on one then the other and this is the man of the house Donny placing her hand on his head. To be honest the only way you could have told the difference in the two girls was that each wore a necklace with a letter on it "K" and "S". Looking at the two I jokingly commented, "Well as long as they don't take the necklaces off I'll be able to tell them apart". I stated with a smile. About that time Karen spoke up, "That's not the only way, Sharon has a little mole on her pooche and I don't but I got one on my breast here (pointing to her chest) and Sharon doesn't."
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, part 2
      itwasad2 zip (12k) (M/g Pedo Forced oral submission)
      By the third day, my life had settled into a new routine. It was nice having someone around, especially a pretty chatty giggling eleven year old. Little Allison was there in my bed when I woke up, she was beside me all day and she fell naked into bed with me at night. Allison had happily adjusted to life on my ranch in almost every way, except for having my cock rammed into her eleven old body once or twice a day. She was cheerful and happy as if she could completely block out what I was doing to her. She would sit in my lap and talk and laugh while we talked about nothing at all. Then when I stripped her clothes off, she was a screaming, fighting little girl. But as soon as I was finished with her, even as my cum dripped out of her pre-teen body, she went back to being a happy little girl asking if we could go out on a long horse ride after lunch
    • by Mister Dodds :...
    • Pants Down Spanking of Young Girl
      pantsdow zip (06k) (MF/f, spanking)
      During my tenure as a vice-principal in charge of disciplinary procedures at a junior high school, I recall one case of a delicate and wholesome young girl who happened to make a poor choice and, ending up in my office, had no recourse expect to accept a severe spanking with the regulation school paddle. Sherry was a cute button-nose cheery brunette with a stylish short bob haircut and slender but developing build. She was 12 with peaches & cream complexion and quite popular with teachers and fellow classmates and generally a good student. She reminded me of that cute child actress who played the younger sister of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". With wide innocent blue eyes and freckled cheeks, she seemed like an adorable miss who I would have preferred to perhaps stay for detention instead; but rules were rules and this was a repeat infraction on her part that demanded more stringent measures.

      Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    • by Nekkidgramps :...
    • Neighbors
      neighbor zip (14k) (Pedo, sex, ws)
      She had been kissed by the first wave of pubescent hormones and besides having just the hint of tittie buds and a slightly broader ass she had an erotic itch in her pussy that kept her on the verge of lusty hornyness a lot. Her nipples were certainly bigger as were the crinkled brown circles of her aureoles. She had a full head of red hair tied back in a ponytail that hung down between her shoulder blades: Dave Cummings was raking his garden for the first time that spring. It's something he liked to do, to get outdoors on a nice spring day to uncover the new growth there. On the other side of the old rusty wire fence was Rose, his Ten-year-old next door neighbor, who was also raking her garden. Dave is old enough to be her grandfather but was still a good looking guy. He enjoyed wearing his tight cutoff jeans before the mosquitoes hatch and other than his gardening clogs he wore a loose t-shirt. She is also wearing a loose t-shirt, which disappointed Dave, but she also wore skintight short shorts that showed a tiny slice of ass cheek, which pleased Dave. Now he knew that Rose liked him, but he thought it was just a response to the fact that he liked her and never hid that from her.

      Monday, May 28, 2007

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Child Care
      childcar zip (13k) (m/f/pedo/inc/dad/daut/o/a/w/s)
      Max gets a phone call. Claudia - his eleven year old girlfriend - is babysitting a 7 year old girl. Claudia's big brother is already upstairs with the preteen slut, taking some hot pics. Does Max want to join the party? What do you think? "You feeling horny, Max?" The voice on the telephone was that of Claudia, my eleven year old girlfriend. "I'm always fucking horny, babe," I replied. "Why don't you sneak out of the house and come over to my place for a little while? We can watch a dirty movie and fuck. I've been thinking about you all day and ..........." "I can't. I'm babysitting," Claudia interrupted. "That's why I called you. I thought maybe you'd like to come around here. The people I'm babysitting for won't be home until midnight." "That sounds good," I replied. "But what about the kids?"
      Mary, Kate and Ashley
      marykate zip (19k) (m/f/pedo/o/a/w/s/cons)
      A chance encounter with a lost and lonely five year old girl leads to more than just the fuck of a lifetime for a pedo on the prowl. There are two other females in the family and Max reasons they deserve a piece of the action. I see a pretty little blonde on the sidewalk. She's looking around like she's lost. I pull over and roll down the window. Check out the little girl close up. She looks about five. Her hair is almost as long as the cheap pink dress that barely covers her hips. Her legs are bare. Nice legs, nice body. Not skinny and boyish, like so many girls of that age. I'm already getting a hard-on. "Hi. Are you lost?" She looks at me, a little nervously. "Uh, yeah, I think so." "Where are your mom and dad?" "I don't have a dad. My mom is at work. My sister is supposed to be taking care of me, but she went away with her boyfriend, in his car." "Where do you live?"
    • by Asia Minor :...
    • Misako's Nightmare, part 2
      misakos2 zip (10k) (Mfg bdsm humil nc asian)
      As a prisoner in the "pleasure house," nine year old Misako is the subject of anyone's fantasy as long as they pay the fee. In this second part to Misako's Nightmare, the little Japanese girl meets some new friends and learns some new tricks: Misako Tanaka awoke with a start. She had been dreaming again and the shock of what happened to her was enough to jar her from the sleep world. She dreamed again about Kazuo and Sato-san. They had her bound to a bed naked. Her legs were spread open by ropes, and her young vagina was open for everyone to see. Behind her two captors stood a line of men. They were all men she knew in her daily life. Her teacher was there and so was the man who sold fish on the corner. Some she knew very well, others, she only knew by their face. All of them were naked and in their hands they held their penises. The men looked at her nude body and stroked themselves. Then, each man in turn approached her and pushing his penis into her mouth would let loose a stream of semen and sperm. It was so much she could hardly catch her breath. Just as she did, the next man would come and do the same. There seemed to be no end. She felt as if she would drown. Just when she thought she would pass out, she awoke gasping for air.
    • by William Caxton :...
    • Solving the Hibiki Problem
      solvingt zip (23k) (Mf, MF, inc, cons, Asian, story)
      This story directly follows the events in "My Gal Hibiki," and covers James' attempts to patch things up between Hibiki and her family so she can come and visit him in Tokyo...where they will be free to fuck like minks. In the course of this, he and Hibiki manage to find the opportunity to fool around twice more, plus James grabs a quickie with his red-hot wife: Driving back to the farm, I mulled over what to say to Hibiki's parents. It was easy for me to promise her I could do something, but the task of actually accomplishing that now seemed a bit daunting. I decided that first of all, I'd talk to Aoi. Osamu was such a cement-head I didn't expect to get too far with him. His wife, on the other hand, was both even-tempered and reasonable, plus she was also the lord and master of the house...behind the scenes, of course. To outside eyes she was a very proper, deferential Japanese wife. I might add here that one of the amusing myths of Japan that foreigners believe is of the subservient "geisha girl" Japanese wife/girlfriend. Oh, there may be an external display of that in public, but the reality is that most Japanese women are the proverbial iron fist in the velvet glove. Most guys I knew brought home their pay packet to the wife, meekly handed it over, and were given a bit of an allowance. The purpose of Daddy is to bring home the bacon so the wife can manage the house and raise the kids, which is considered the real goal of marriage. Girlfriends don't tend to be quite as hard-core, but they have some pretty set expectations and you'd better beware of failing them.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 11
      theent11 zip (14k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      Once aboard the plane, the girls were still shaken and pulled into shells, which Sam said was to be expected. They huddled together and kept to themselves and no one bothered them but I still had a lot of questions, that were unnecessary. When the plane landed in the Cayman Islands, Sam took us to a hotel so the girls could again shower, clean up and have a decent meal, then just he and the girls went shopping. When they returned, the girls looked great in new clothes and were even smiling, which made me feel great. They had their own room and no one bothered them, letting them have a great nights sleep.

      Sunday, May 27, 2007

    • by Fahrenh8 :...
    • Invisibility
      invisibi zip (98k) (MF MMF FF Mg mf inc anal oral bi)
      One day began just like any other but then he realised...he could make himself invisible!! This wasn't going to be a day like any other any more! Next door a pretty teen and her brother were about to find out just how!!! The realisation that he could make himself invisible came gradually. It was not a skill he was born with nor one he strove to acquire - rather it descended on him, uninvited, following a collapse at work. He did not realise this at the time, it was only later that he worked back to this event as the most likely candidate; when it happened he put it down to the tailend of 'flu coupled with stress: he was "out” for a minute or two and on regaining consciousness he went home and stayed off work until the virus passed.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 8 - Stephanie's Fantasy, part 1
      julie8a zip (14k) (Mf Ff preteen slut)
      It was all very innocent to everyone but the two of them. He told her that he was enjoying the show very much but was afraid that someone might find out about what they were doing. She said she didn't want to stop; that she really liked showing off when no one else was aware of it. It made her really hot. I like it too he said but we have to be very careful. You are a very pretty girl with a very pretty pussy. She slowly lifted her little skirt to show him her naked hairless pussy. I might be only ten years old but I'm horny all the time. I really want to have sex with you. I'm really happy that you like what you see, she told him. Do you like little girls? He reached over and ran his finger up her slit and she moaned at his touch. I like little girls very much, especially when they are really sexy like you. She didn't really have any tits yet but she asked him if he would you like to see her tits also. She slipped one side of her blouse off her shoulder to show him her tiny naked tits. They were just little buds on her chest. He pinched one of them and she was hooked. She was going to have to have more. The next day she stayed after class again and this time sat on his desk and spread her legs wide so he could run his finger over her open slit. He slipped his finger in past her pussy lips. She was still a virgin so it didn't go very far. She kissed him on the lips while he stroked his finger gently in and out of her wet pussy. My fantasy daughter was about to turn eleven years old and she was also about to start a sexual relationship with her teacher. She told him that she was having a birthday the following week and would like to have sex with him as a present for herself. She didn't really know what that meant but told him that she would give him a blow job if he'd like that.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Little Miss Sunshine
      littlemi zip (12k) (boy 15, girl 5; nudity, urine drinking, oral, penetration)
      Harry Fields is fifteen, and feeling sorry for himself because he's not good at things other boys are good at like sports, and girls don't like him because he can't seem to utter a complete sentence when he's talking to them. He does get along with Susie, his pretty little 5 yo next door neighbor, who he refers to as little miss sunshine. One day he's looking after her while her mother goes to town, and she comes over to him and announces she has to go. "Which do you need to do?" he asked, "number one or number two?" "Number one," she said. "Well, you have three choices," he said. "You could do number one outside and water the plants. They love the minerals in your pee, it makes their flowers grow pretty. Or you can go inside and use the toilet and flush your pee down the drain and pollute Buffalo Bayou along with most of the rest of Houston." "What number three?" she asked. "Number three is only if you can keep a very big secret." "Me keep secrets good." "Well, number three is we go in the house to the bathroom, and we both take all our clothes off and get in the bathtub, and you do your number one in my mouth." Susie's eyes widened as she contemplated alternative three, then she grinned and giggled at the thought of doing her pee in his mouth. "So," he said, "which will it be?" Which indeed? If you were a 5 yo girl which would you choose?

      Saturday, May 26, 2007

    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • The Family Reunion
      thefamil zip (27k) (M/g g=11, Semi-NC, First)
      I boring reunion that I had no desire to attend becomes more interesting when I little 11-year-old girl decides to talk to me. It all starts off inocently but before long I am watching her pee in front of me while in the Men's bathroom. Followed by some fun in my camper trailer: My old Ford camper truck groaned as it eased in to the parking spot and I turned the engine off. After 10 years and a little over 175,000 miles the old girl was doing pretty good. I had arrived at the Brockton City Park in sunny southern Florida, a nice piece of semi-wooded land with a larger picnic ground. I sat for moment and listened to the motor tick as it cooled. The parking lot was crowded with car for our reunion. I was a ways away from the pavilion where it was to be held. A little stream meandered by the parking lot not too far from my truck. My eyes are glued to a group of little girls ages 3 to 8 perhaps, playing in the water. I was a little surprised the mother was letting them play in their panties only, but then thought being an unusually warm day for the time of year she most likely had not brought swimsuits with them thinking it would be too cold.

      Friday, May 25, 2007

    • by Mister Dodds :...
    • Melissa's Punishment, parts 1-3
      melis1_3 zip (07k) (M/f, spanking)
      As a former assistant principal at a public school, one of the primary responsibilities I had was to maintain discipline in the school. The fact is that in the Texas public schools systems where I was employed over 20 years ago, paddling was an accepted part of school life and had become instilled in the culture to the extent that no one complained about it - not parents, not administrators, not students, even those students who had experienced corporal punishment themselves. All seemed to agree with its judicious use where warranted.

      Thursday, May 24, 2007

    • by William Caxton :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Gal Hibiki
      mygalhib zip (22k) (Mf, inc, cons, 1st, Asian)
      A foreigner living in Japan is drawn into sex with his fourteen year old niece, who is a bit of a juvenile delinquent: When I first came to Japan, there was still a whisper of the old country to it, especially outside of the big cities. But that had slowly faded away over the last twenty years, and things had changed: some for the worse, some for the better. For example, I missed the old side streets with their ancient buildings, especially those that were bar and restaurant districts. It was easy to believe, when having a whisky and water in one of those old wooden buildings, that my grandfather had been there on an "R 'n' R" trip back in the Second World War. Another thing that had changed - and this was a real blow - was the gradual adoption of the girl's schools of regular gym shorts, replacing the old "bloomer" style outfit. Now, you might be thinking that "bloomers" don't sound too sexy, but you have to realize that when the Japanese use English, it doesn't always mean the same thing. "Bloomers" were in fact more like bikini bottoms, tight and black, cut medium-high on the hip, and showing a sensual expanse of leg. There were many times I'd stop by a schoolyard where the girls were outside in gym class, and spend a few minutes enjoying the yards of smooth teen and pre-teen leg. Plus, this being Japan, usually no one would pay the slightest bit of attention as I gazed in delight. But there were a few changes that I did enjoy, and this story is about one of them: the "Gal" boom.
    • by Mister Dodds :...
    • The Shy Girl, parts 1-2
      thesh1_2 zip (04k) (M/f, spanking)
      Part of my duties as a vice principal at a Texas public school in the mid-70's was to maintain discipline in the school in order to foster a learning environment, free of disruption. On tool that we had at our disposal was corporal punishment, which widely accepted and practiced. A regulation wooden paddle was used and after a short time at this position I learned quickly how to extract the maximum amount of pain with each swing. Boys were punished much more often - but there were a number of occasions where I had to punish a young female student. What follows is such an account:

      Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    • by MisterDodds :...New Author.!.!.!
    • School Administrator In The South, parts 1-2
      schoo1_2 zip (07k) (M/f, spanking)
      I was employed as a school administrator in a public school in the South during the late 70's to early 80's. At that time and place, the practice of corporal punishment was widely practiced in the schools and had wide support in the community: Boys were punished much more that girls, but there were many occasions where it did happen. Most often it was uneventful, just routine performing of one's duties to paddle a young lady. A few times, however there would be a memorable event such as when one of the prettiest and most popular girls was caught in a tardy sweep - that is where a couple of administrator sweep the hallways and bathrooms after the tardy bell rings - looking for students not in class. the standard penalty was 2 licks for the first offense. Amy, a cute as a button 13 year-old cheerleader had not only been caught in such a tardy sweep, but she had been in a restricted area smoking with a friend.

      Tuesday, May 22, 2007


      Monday, May 21, 2007

    • by Asia Minor :...
    • Kevin and Angie
      kevinand zip (12k) (Mg, NC, Incest, Bro Sis)
      A girl-troubled teen finds his nine year old sister an easier target for his desires. "Do you have hair on your pussy yet, Angie? Kevin Hunklemann grimaced as he entered his third period English Literature class. The man standing at the front of the room wasn't his regular teacher. Mr. Wade, was young and hip, popular with the students, expecially the girls. This guy was old and bent. He stood at the podium in front of the class watching the students... no glaring at them as they took their seats. Scrawled across the whiteboard in huge letters was his name, Mr. Rabb. Kevin hated substitutes. They had no control over the classroom, which meant he would get double the normal trouble from his peers. Kevin was unfortunate enough to be placed on the bottom of the social ladder. He was a dork - plain and simple. He had no people skills, no looks, no money. He had nothing to give him an edge. But he dealt with it. Just six months left of school and he'd be in the Navy. He wasn't planning on college. As far as he could see, college was like highschool multipled by ten. The Navy had a program that would allow him to get a degree while he served and he wouldn't have to deal with frat boys and sorority girls.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 10
      theent10 zip (12k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc, tort)
      Monday finally arrived, after a weekend party, where everyone fucked themselves silly and me included. It was hard getting up before daylight, but I pulled my cock out of my little sister's cunt and headed for the shower. When we pulled through the gate, Allen was waiting for us and we were soon on the way to Challenger Lake. The fishing was fantastic and camping out with Sam and Allen was a great. Even though it took most of the two days, we soon had enough fish to have a fish fry Friday night. The only one disappointed, was Allen, he thought I should have brought Sandy with us, so he would have had someone to keep his cock warm that night.
    • by explorer :...
    • The Gardener's Daughter
      thegardn zip (26k) (Mg(6) ped pre-teen pre-school toddler inc oral anal ws)
      Harry was surprised when he found his dick hardening as he watched the neighbour's little girl frolicking naked in their pool. He further surprised himself when she became the main subject of his masturbatory fantasies. The opportunity came to act out his fantasies when he tricked the gardener's six-yea-old daughter into revealing details of the games she played with her daddy and how, on the promise of a new bicycle, he'd tried and failed to penetrate her. Harry was only too happy to offer her the same deal.
    • by Ben Dick :...
    • 18 Jahre Und Schwanger
      eighteen zip (04k) (3some, impreg)
      Der Freund meiner Schwester schwängert uns beide: Ich bin achtzehn Jahre alt und habe heißes Blut in den Adern. Neulich unterhielt ich mich mit meiner 24jährigen Schwester über Sex. So aus einem Impuls heraus sagte ich zu ihr: "Lass mich doch einmal zusehen wie dich dein Freund fickt. Ihr tut es doch des öfteren, wie man manchmal hören kann". Sie erfüllte mir meinen Wunsch. Ich saß in ihrem Kleiderschrank als sie mit ihrem Freund das Zimmer betrat. Die beiden umarmten sich gleich und man sah, wie ihre Zungen miteinander spielten. Während sie sich küssten, zogen sie sich gegenseitig aus. Sie nahm seinen Schwanz in den Mund und saugte daran. Der Schwanz in Birgits Mund wurde immer größer. Es war das erste Mal, dass ich den steifen Schwanz eines Mannes sah. Mir wurde ganz heiß dabei.
    • by Luc Malfoy :...
    • Freiheit, part 4
      freihei4 zip (15k) (M/f/f)
      Luc blickte das hübsche Mädchen an, nickte still und legte sich neben sie auf das Bett. Sie küssten sich sanft, dann intensiv. Lucs Hand wanderte unter ihr T-Shirt und streichelte über ihre Brust, die Brustwarzen wurden hart und standen erregt ab. Dann glitt er mit seiner Hand tiefer über ihren flachen Bauch und öffnete die Jeans. Mit der Hand glitt er in ihre Hose und ihren Slip und ruhte einen Moment auf dem kleinen Venushügel. Dann schob er seine Hand tiefer und sein Mittelfinger glitt in ihre Spalte. Sehr sanft strich er über ihren Kitzler und spürte, wie sie langsam feucht wurde. Sophie seufzte und stieß ihren heißen Atem in Lucs Mund. Sie ließ von ihm ab, zog sich das T-Shirt über den Kopf und strampelte aus der Hose. Dann zog sie Luc das Hemd aus, öffnete seine Jeans und holte seinen Steifen heraus. Luc zog sich ebenfalls ganz aus und legte sich wieder zu ihr. Sie begann ihn nun langsam zu wichsen, während er sie an ihrer kleinen Muschi streichelte und sie sich leidenschaftlich küssten.

      Sunday, May 20, 2007

    • by TxFather78 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Greatest Father's Day
      thegreat zip (14k) (M/f)
      Before taking my shower I walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up to Macy to let her know I had returned. "Macy, I'm home! When I finish my shower, we'll get a bite to eat... maybe at Rustivo's." I intentionally excluded Todd hopeful he would get the not so subtle implication that he was not invited. I must have caught them off guard for I heard Todd say, "It's your dad! He's home early!" That was followed by a lot of rushed movement. I didn't like what I heard, and my first inclination was to dart up the stairs and burst into Macy room. But she is fourteen, and for several years Virginia and I have given her quite a bit of space.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Father Pro Tem
      afatherp zip (14k) (man 40, girl 11; cuddling, nudity, bathing, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Frank Balfour was sitting in his very hot house (his air conditioning was down) when a knock on the door brought him to his feet. Because of the heat he had no shirt or underwear on, just a pair of shorts. Because of his minimal dress he peeked before opening the door, but since the girl was Julie Cravens, a good friend and a girl who had played with his daughter years ago, Frank let her in. It turned out her mother wanted Frank to look after the girl while she went to her lawyers about alimony and child support her ex-husband was delinquent with. Frank agreed readily. The air conditioner repairman fixed Frank's air conditioning unit, and as they were enjoying the cool air Julie's mother called to ask if Frank could keep Julie overnight for the next couple of days while she and her lawyer traveled to Dallas to get the money out of her ex. Frank agreed, of course, and so did Frank's tale irrevocably unroll.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 6: Home Alone
      cinnamo6 zip (25k) (mg incest romance oral watersports lactation MFf public)
      "Wave at yourself, Danny!," Bunny joked. "Are there cameras in here too?"," Danny asked. "Oh, man! Dad didn't tell me about this! I'm sorry, Bunny! I tried to tell Dad ..." "It's all right, Danny!," Bunny insisted. "Go ahead, Danny!," Bunny urged, as she laid back on the bed with her legs apart. "Here's your chance! What do you want to do to me, big brother?" "Can I just look at you for awhile?" "Yes," Bunny answered, as her emotions welled up and a tear trickled down her cheek. "You can look at me as long as you want." Bunny followed his eyes, noticing that he was looking at more than just her breasts and pussy. He spent quite some time just looking into her eyes. "You really are beautiful," Danny repeated, in a tone of awe. "You should be a goddess or something!" "Come here, Danny! I need you to touch me all over. Make me feel pretty, Danny!"
    • by pudman :...
    • Saturday With Sandi - Morning
      saturday zip (07k) (M/f Dad & 9YO Dau Oral)
      I hadn't seen Sandi for a week and was pretty horny. In anticipation of her arrival I had stripped down, put some porn in the DVD player was lying back naked on the sofa and stroking myself while waiting for her. She loved sex as much as I do, if not more, since it was all pretty new to her - I had just busted her cherry 3 months ago and she couldn't seem to get enough of my cock and cum. The brief times we had together created big memories for me and never failed to get my dick stirring when I thought about her tender 9 year old body and her eagerness to satisfy her flesh.

      Saturday, May 19, 2007

    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Obediant, ch 2: It's a Hard Job, But Someone Has To Do It
      obedian2 zip (08k) (M/g Pedo)
      Brad was getting bored. Eleven year old Karen was so well trained and so submissive that the thrill of the seduction was gone. She was the perfect pre-teen fucking machine and he felt like moving on. Get a new pre-teen, maybe a younger girl, force her into submission and train her to obey him completely. That was the fun. But he didn't know what to do with Karen. She was a very valuable piece of property. He didn't know if he should sell Karen or trade her. Selling her would be very lucrative; there were many buyers abroad for a pretty pre-teen. But the chances of being ripped off were tremendous. Taking Karen into a foreign country, getting his money and his skin out of the country would be a very risky business. Trading was easier, no dangerous overseas travel, but Karen was a high quality piece of little girl ass. Trading for a girl of similar qualities would be hard. The few men he knew who had a young girl to trade had a pudgy unattractive girl of low intelligence. And they weren't as well trained as Karen. It usually required a lot of force and coercion to get those girls to perform. Besides her lovely looks, submissive little Karen was always eager to please. Brad began to think rather than lose such a well-trained little cunt; maybe he just needed a second girl around the house. He just needed a little variety.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Teasing the Wrong Guy on the School Bus, part 2
      teasing2 zip (09k) (Mmff (35, 13, and both 10), voyeur, oral, mast. blackmail)
      Jeff had to almost continually place his hand over the nonstop BONER in his pants on the ride home from school so as not to embarrass the girls sitting beside him (although one of them he would have loved to have pulled out his long shaft and shot a load of cum all over her face). He knew he had both his sister Holly and Krista exactly where he wanted them (i.e. as his full-time sex slaves) and couldn't wait to get in the house and make them do whatever he wanted . . . right in front of him! He also couldn't wait to see the picture he had asked Holly to take as proof that Krista had flashed her pert little pointy breasts at an unsuspecting driver . . .
    • by Ludus :...
    • Unforgetable Night Games, part 4
      unforge4 zip (08k) (mf)
      Carl and Claire begin a new relationship after the sleepover at John's: Over the next couple of weeks things seemed to return almost to normal. John seemed less friendly than before and Janet more so. John still spoke to me but he seemed distant and aloof. Janet now said hello to me when we passed in the hall which she had never done before and smiled at me when she saw me at a distance. Once I saw John and Ruth talking intensly to each other but when they saw me coming they stopped abuptly and seperated. Claire behaved as if nothing had happened. For my part I couldn't stop watching her, looking at the beauty of her face and legs and remembering what the rest of her looked like that stayed covered by her clothes. This wasn't restricted to Claire either. Many times at school I found myself watching the more attractive girls as they went about thier business. Watching and imagining. Of Julia my first lover I saw and heard nothing. I did not have the courage to try to contact her nor if I had, did I have any idea what I would have said. I felt I had had my great night of sex and no other loomed on the horizon. Once again of course I was wrong.
    • by Luc Malfoy :...
    • Freiheit, part 3
      freihei3 zip (14k) (M/f/f)
      Sophie nickte sanft. Dann öffnete sie ihre Beine ein bisschen und fasste zwischen ihren Beinen hindurch, ergriff den Penis und legte ihn entlang ihrer Ritze. Dann schloss sie die Beine wieder Fest. Nun schaute Lucs purpurne Eichel vorne heraus. Luc stöhnte leise und begann ganz langsam sein Becken zu bewegen. Der harte Schaft fuhr nur entlang ihrer Schamlippen, die Eichel rieb über ihren Kitzler und nun begann auch Sophie zu stöhnen. Luc streichelte über ihren nicht vorhandenen Busen küsste ihren Nacken und knabberte an den Ohren. Sophie begann nun die Bewegungen von Luc aufzufangen und zu erwidern. So wurden die Bewegungen schneller und erregter. Luc, der eigentlich dachte, dass er, nachdem er gerade zweimal abgespritzt hatte, etwas länger aushalten würde, stellte fest, dass ihn der weiche, zarte Körper und das sanfte Wesen Sophies unglaublich erregte. Dazu kam der große Vertrauensbeweis, den ihm das blonde, schüchterne Mädchen entgegenbrachte.

      Friday, May 18, 2007

    • by Ludus :...
    • The Promise
      thepromi zip (16k) (mff)
      A girl plans her own introduction to sex but her smarter sister has her own plans. The older little girl again wrecked the road Bobby was trying to build in the sandbox. That done she moved on and kicked the mound of sand the younger girl was trying to make into a sand castle sending sand flying in all directions. Little Annie the younger girl screamed in frustration and yelled. "Debbie stop that, If you don't I'm telling." Debbie the older girl just smiled and said,"It wasn't much of a sand castle so who cares." "I care," Annie yelled back,"You always wreck things." Bobby just sighed and went back to his road starting to repair where Debbie had stamped on it. Unlike the two girls Bobby was a patient child. Bobby was resigned to the fact that Debbie always wrecked things and Annie always yelled about it. That was just the way they were. Somewhere in his mind the little boy understood that the older girl disliked order, and liked nothing better then upsetting it whenever she encountered it. "This is dumb, "Debbie said, "Lets play something else.
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Proper Family - End of the Family
      theprop5 zip (28k) (Mf MMf pedo MF)
      Finally they came to the top of the mountain. It was an ideal place. Long green grass blew in the wind. The interstate highway could be seen in the far distance with other green mountains and hills. The little stream wasn't visible from his vantage point. She had ripped off his trousers the moment they got top the top. He was in carnal heaven. Jack Campbell was given over to carnal lust. Gasping for air, his forehead and torso sweating like he had been running for four miles, the old minister reached out and felt that silky black hair covering her bobbing head. He was in heaven. If only he had known having his dick sucked felt so good he could have had Mavis suck him off every day. Then he thought of his step-daughter. He leaned his head back in the cool green grass and besides listening to the girl slurp over his cock he remembered his daughter and they way her pussy sounded when she was masturbating. She was a hot little bitch. He wondered what she would look like with his dick in her mouth?

      Thursday, May 17, 2007

    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 7
      julie7 zip (10k) (MFMFMFMFfff mf exhib teenslut incest gangbang)
      Julie led one of the girls into the room. They had stripped her almost naked. She was wearing a leather hood to hide her identity. Her eyes were covered but her mouth wasn't. She had a ball gag in her mouth and her lips were painted a bright red. Her hair was not visible. She had leather cuffs with hooks on her wrists and ankles. She had a chain around her waist and was wearing short high heeled boots. The other girls had written, with lipstick just below her navel, 'Please fuck my pussy Daddy!' She looked stunning but there was no way that anyone would know whose daughter she was. Julie led her to a waist height table and laid her down. She then took chains and attached them to the ankles cuffs. Then she told the girl to raise her legs straight up in the air and spread them wide open. She then attached the other ends of the chains to hooks in the ceiling. She attached chains to her wrist cuffs and then attached them to hooks in the floor spreading the girls arms wide open. The young sluts pussy, ass and mouth were open for use and abuse. "Well gentlemen, who wants to fuck this lovely teenaged spread-eagled pussy. Which one of you is her daddy and will mommy really let you fuck her hot teen cunt. It's time to put up or shut up. Do you really want to stuff your prick into your precious young teenage daughter?"
    • by babyNpop :...
    • The Handy Man Visits
      thehandy zip (06k) (M/M/g)
      Jake's little charge,four year old Emily,has been living with the 65 year old man for the last two years and Jake thought he had taught the little tot just about all he could until Joe the handy man pays a visit.
    • by Luc Malfoy :...
    • Freiheit, part 2
      freihei2 zip (13k) (M/f/f)
      Lucs Mund wanderte nach unten, spielte mit der Zunge in ihrem Bauchnabel und schließlich fand sein Mund den Schlitz und den dicken Kitzler. Er begann sie zu lecken, wie er noch nie zuvor eine Frau gelegt hatte. Das glatte, unbehaarte Fleisch war so sanft, so weich und so unheimlich lecker. Am liebsten hätte er ein großes Stück aus ihr herausgebissen, so sehr begehrte er sie. Er knabberte an ihrem Kitzler, leckte durch die ganze Ritze, schob die Zunge immer wieder tief in ihr Loch und schlürfte ihren wunderbaren Saft. Anna wurde von einem Orgasmus zum nächsten geschüttelt. Sie stöhnt, hechelte und keuchte. Dann stand Luc auf, stellte sich vor sie hin und drängte sich zwischen ihre Beine. Seine pralle Eichel berührte die feuchten Lippen und mit der Hand führte er seinen Schwanz und furchte durch den nassen Schlitz. Anna blickte an sich hinunter und grunzte wohlig. Dann flüsterte sie ihm ins Ohr: "Steck ihn rein!"

      Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Older Sluts - A Little Different
      olderslu zip (08k) (MF, mF, cheat, not much sex, incest mom/son)
      My mother wanted to know why I had never gotten married. My explanations released a few skeletons out of the closet: We had just buried my father, who passed away at the age of 58 after long-term cancer. Neither my mother nor I really cried, as it was a relief that his long suffering had ended. We were sitting after the wake reminiscing about Dad, and mother was telling me stories about the good times they had had in their twenties, when suddenly she stopped. "Rob, darling, can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure, Mom, after all you've been doing that for the last 35 years." "This is really personal. I hope you don't mind." "Go ahead, Mom, I just reserve the right not to answer." "Why haven't you ever married, Rob? You are good looking and women seem to be attracted to you, but you keep changing girlfriends and you never settle down with one." Now how can I answer such a question? The truth can overwhelm her. There are things you just can't tell anyone and that includes your mother.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 9
      theente9 zip (11k) (MMMMMMb/WWWggggggg first, cons, inc)
      It was around six, when Terry arrived to take me back to her and Bill's house, to baby sit their daughter. Since I had never asked what the girl's age was, I was surprised to meet a seven year old Chrissy, a little blonde who was cute as a bugs ear and some what shy. Since I had expected at least nine, I quickly took Terry aside and asked if Chrissy wasn't a little young to be having sex. A kiss on the cheek for my concern and Terry assured me that if I took it easy with Chrissy, the seven year old could easily take my cock, then afterwards her daddy's.
    • by Fahrenh8 :...
    • The Feast
      thefeast zip (12k) (Mg MFg)
      Two twelve year girls act as waitresses for an adult birthday party feast! The delicious food isn't the only that gets eaten! The room was small and dimly lit. I was one of a handful of guests invited to celebrate Jess's birthday and sat at a table to one side of the room. There were four tables in all. I arrived alone and sat with some people who I'd not met before but who were friendly enough. There was music in the background and candles on each table. Jess greeted me and took my present before kissing me in thanks and calling to her daughter, Holly, to find me a drink. Holly followed me to my seat and offered me a drink from a tray. I took a mineral water. Most of the guests were drinking wine and chatting away. Holly was waitressing alone with her friend Sam. Both girls looked lovely, beaming and enJessing their work; they were twelve and were beginning to develop. Each wore a sleeveless dress which hugged their bodies, Holly's was beige linen and Sam's a bright pink. Holly's long blonde hair fell to her shoulders as did Sam's brown tresses. I noticed both girls were wearing bras although I suspected their little mounds didn't quite need the support yet. Still, if it made them feel older.
    • by Luc Malfoy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Freiheit, part 1
      freihei1 zip (16k) (M/f/f)
      „Ich habe wieder eine Erektion!" „Eine was?" fragte sie und zog die Augenbrauen hoch. „Einen Steifen!" „Oh!" machte sie, rutschte ganz an ihn heran und klemmte seinen Schwanz zwischen ihrer Muschi und seinem Bauch ein. „Und jetzt küssen!" Und ohne eine Antwort abzuwarten setzte sie wieder an und nach einem kurzen Moment kam ihre Zunge zögerlich aus ihrem Mund und suchte nach seiner, der Kuss wurde intensiver wie auch das streicheln. Sie kratzte über seinen Rücken, während er inzwischen ihre kleinen festen Halbkugeln knetete. Sie stöhnte und begann ihren Unterkörper zu bewegen und ihre Muschi gegen seinen harten Schwanz zu reiben. Das brummen wurde immer lauter, sie bekam kaum noch Luft und löste ihre Lippen von Luc und begann sich hart an ihm zu reiben. Luc stand plötzlich auf und hielt sie am Hintern fest. Er stieg aus dem Becken und legte sie auf eine Liege.
    • by KNDRFRND :...
    • Unsere Kleine WG, ch 1
      unserek1 zip (10k) (MMgg, Intro)
      Zwei kleine Ausreißerinnen laufen mir eines Nachts auf einem S-Bahnhof in die Arme...

      Tuesday, May 15, 2007


      Monday, May 14, 2007

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 5: Pearls and Panic
      cinnamo5 zip (26k) (MFmg incest exhibition voyeur Fg masturbation lactation Fg Fm oral)
      "It's a cock!," Bunny giggled, picking up the latex toy. "You promised to help me get even with the guys! That may require some cocksucking!" "Okay," Bunny agreed, "It looks like fun!" "Let's wear the fishnet rompers tonight," Janine decided. "Daddy!," Bunny exclaimed, hearing the front door open. "Do you like my new outfit, Daddy?" "Yes, that's very ... pretty," Richard stammered. "Mom got me this pretty jewelry! It makes me feel all mushy inside whenever it moves!," Bunny explained, bumping her clit jewelry with her fingers. "Look!" Richard felt his cock spurt precum as his daughter placed his fingers on her pussy. "It feels so nice, Daddy!," Bunny whined, as she put her arms around him. "Rub it more!" "Bunny can't wait to show you what she learned after school today," Janine taunted.
    • by pudman :...
    • My Pregnant Neighbor, ch 2
      mypregn2 zip (10k) (M/F Preg Lactating)
      She was wearing a typical maternity style top held up by shoulder straps that left the tops of her breasts exposed and a skirt that fell about mid thigh. The top draped loosely over her swollen breasts and belly and hung to just over her skirt, but was cut so low on her chest that a generous amount of the tops of her breasts were exposed. As she neared me it was apparent she was bra-less, as her nipples were clearly poking through the material. It seemed to be more than I thought would be normal for a young married woman to be wearing when she went to visit an older male neighbor.
    • by Powerone :...
    • The Village of Agony and Ecstasy, ch 8
      thevill8 zip (13k) (M+/Ff, nc, anal, oral, bdsm, reluc, humil)
      A tale of long time ago when women were taken from their villages to become sex slaves by cruel men that had no regard for them except to satisfy their sexual perversions. This is the plight of Bella and her new found friend, Raisa and what they had to undergo to survive in this brutal time: The girls are prepared for Zorg.

      Sunday, May 13, 2007

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Confessions of an Unrepentant Ogler
      confessi zip (12k) (man 35, girl 11; nude dancing, fondling, masturbatory arts, oral)
      Harlan Boxman is 35, and calls himself an unrepentant, equal opportunity ogler of children, mostly little girls. He tries his best to keep his predeliction under society's radar, but he was ensnared by a lovely 11 yo who liked to dance naked in her room as he peeped at her out of his office window. All was going well and he filled many a kleenix with his nightly offering until one day 6 months later, when the girl suddenly appeared at his back door. What did she want? Was his jig finally up? This and many another pressing question is answered in the Confessions of an Unrepentant Ogler which follows forthwith.
    • by Basildon Bond :...
    • Just Another Day On The Farm, ch 1-2
      justa1_2 zip (23k) (M/ff)
      "Oh, go on..... You've got loads of money." Pause. "I'll pay you back. Honest...." Another pause. Ah, come on. Don't be mean.... Look, it's my birthday in 2 weeks. I always get money for my birthday. I can pay you back then. Honest, I will so..." Heavy emphasis on the last sentence. Another pause. "Jackie's going and so is Helen, and Sharon. Everyone's going..... except me.... 'cos I've got no fucking money. Have I!" This last said in a spurt of anger. "Please... I'm only asking for twenty quid. It's nothing to you. Come on.... I really will give it back..." Another pause, longer than the others. Then, a small, quiet voice.... I'll do anything you want..." More boldly now. "I really will... lend me twenty quid and I'll do whatever you want me to...." For the first time since the pleading had started, Barry paused in what he was doing and looked up at the supplicant. On the other side of the work bench, the young girl was facing him, head lowered, but watching all the same from upturned gaze, warily, face flushed red from the knowledge of what she'd just said. On seeing that she'd at least got a reaction, a small, secretive smile stole across her features. Lifting her head, she thrust her pubescent bosom out towards him. "Honest... Anything you want.... " Another pause, then in a quieter voice. "You can do it to me if you want..... I'll let you....."

      Saturday, May 12, 2007

    • by funplay8 :...
    • Let's Make it Pop Out
      letsmake zip (06k) (M/b mast b8)
      Little Ned comes to my bed complaining of a tummy ache and gets to learn a cure all remedy:I met Ned the previous time I had visited the place. Carl's family had them over for lunch. This time around Carl had to go out of town and had asked me to sit house for him since I was between jobs and had no place to stay. I work for a shipping company, and most of my time is spent out at sea. When I am in port I had to find a hotel which fortunately my company pays for. But this time, I need the break, and with two weeks off, the offer from Carl came at a good time. The boy is eight-years-old. I'd say he stands about four feet three to six inches tall. Nothing too majestic as far as features. Just your average American third grader. I had not talked much to him that last time, but he seemed quite a friendly little boy. His parents are good friends of Carl, so we got to talking as well. This time they came to say good bye as I was taking a nap in the spare bedroom. Carl was entertaining them and feeding them lunch. That was when the little boy had complaint of a bit of a tummy ache. As the other beds were taken up with clothes and suit cases, Carl told him to come into the spare bedroom with me.

      Friday, May 11, 2007

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • A Page From Cumsucker's Diary - a True Story
      apagefro zip (05k) (MF wife slut)
      Wednesday, May 9, 2007. God how I loved looking down at my slut wife, at her face under my cock and balls as we masturbated together, the sound of the porn video adding to our trashy moods. She was waiting for it... for my cum to be splattered all over her face. How I love to do to her what I did then, smearing her lush tits with Vaseline and baby oil, smearing the messy mixture all over them, then up over her neck, all over her face, telling her it is the cum from dozen's of men's cocks. "Yes!" she answered. "God you're such a slut wife, aren't you, Scarlett? My cum bucket whore wife. "Yes, give them to me... cocks... more cocks... more cum," she panted, lifting her head as I rubbed the gooey lube all over her face.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Teasing the Wrong Guy on the School Bus
      teasingt zip (09k) (Mff (10), voyeur, oral, blackmail, tiny breast sucking fun)
      Krista wanted so badly to hang with a group of friends from middle school that she decided to accept the dare her best friend's brother offered her . . . to flash her titties at the back of the school bus. Sam was the lucky recipient of the preteen peep show, but neither of the girls, nor their brother would have guessed that he would follow them home and intimidate them to do all sorts of naughty games for him: Krista nervously boarded her friend's school bus outside her elementary. She was a 5th grader and the year was almost over, and she wanted so badly to hang with a group of friends that included Holly's brother Jeff. He was a cute 8th grader and was very "hot" in her book. He had this thing for younger girls and was not above having them do things for his kisses and touches that would prove to him they would be loyal, without worrying about getting parents involved. Krista had fantasized all day about the note Holly had given her from her brother about today's initiation. She just wondered whether she would have the guts to do it . . . especially on a school bus.

      Thursday, May 10, 2007

    • by Brad Kennedy :...
    • A Young Girl's Curiosity
      ayounggi zip (20k) (MM/g-7/b-7) (Father/daughter, father/son, uncle/niece/nephew, oral, vaginal, anal)
      Daddy was in the shower. The girl was eating breakfast.Holly couldn't finish her cereal. She was curious to see what a naked man looked like. Like a bad girl, she dumped her Lucky Charms in the sink and tiptoed to the bathroom door. "Holly," a voice in her head said, "your curiosity is going to get you in trouble." She almost turned away. She almost went into the bedroom to lift off her nightie and put on her school clothes. She almost gave up the chance to see her father's penis, until the shower stopped. Alan stepped out onto the bathmat. His skin felt clean and refreshed. He wrapped a towel around his waist and used a second one to dry his hair. With his face covered with a towel, the other one covering his sex organ fell off. Alan continued to dry his hair and his face. He felt like he was being watched. But that was ridiculous. The only other person in the house was his seven-year-old daughter....
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 4: Dressing Up For Daddy
      cinnamo4 zip (22k) (MFmg incest exhibition voyeur masturbation lactation Fg oral anal MF oral)
      "That is so pretty," Janine remarked, as she moved the camera closer to her daughter's pussy. "Hold your lips open for me. I want a picture of your sexy cherry." "Okay," Bunny agreed. "I wish I could pop your cherry myself," Janine told her. "I know you'll enjoy getting a hard cock in there!" "I'm so happy, Mom! I had no idea this sex stuff could be so good!" "It's going to get a lot better than this," Janine promised. "Are you still going to help me finish getting even with the guys?" "Of course Mom!," Bunny whispered back. "Do you think they are watching us now?" "I'm counting on it lover!" "Is Bunny all right, Dad?" "Yes, she looks fine," Richard grunted, as his cock sent another load into the tissues. "They're coming downstairs! Hurry!"
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Proper Family, part 4 - Jack's Fall From Grace
      theprop4 zip (11k) (Mf pedo)
      Debbie was willing to cooperate, it was just the unexpected request which threw her. She moved forward, resenting only for a moment the minister who was a man not supposed to fall victim to such behavior: The remembered conversation with his wife last evening still rankled in his mind. There was a distinct lack of respect in the woman's voice. He would have to chastise both she and Donna-Gail when he got home. Jack was near the beginning of his fourth decade and planned to live a lot longer than that, so he was careful to stay on good terms with the powers that be. Those same powers, he was confident, would soon choose him to lead one of the larger congregations in their denomination. All he had to do was keep his family in line for another year and the prize would be his. There had been sacrifices over the years. He had married a wife who was smart rather than virgin. When you're married to the church and father to everyone in it, it's hard to share your life with one woman and her child. Sometimes he ached inside for that fulfillment of a young body beneath him, but up to now his station was worth the price. That's not to say he was a stranger to carnal knowledge, far from it. There just wasn't enough room in his life for the commitment of family and church.

      Wednesday, May 09, 2007


      Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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    • Cum Slut Wife...and Daughter, part 2
      cumslut2 zip (11k) (M/f/F slut wife/daut)
      When his orgasm finally began to subside he leaned down and kissed Tina, tasting his cum on her face. I joined them, licking and kissing them both as we swapped the cum from Tina's face and mouth among the three of us. It was a glorious moment, and I knew none of us would ever forget it: Looking down at my young daughter, naked, her face coated in her father's cum, I knew she had inherited my genes... knew she was going to be a slut like me... knew she already WAS a slut like me... and I loved it. "Didn't I tell you you'd love it, Tina?" I asked, kissing her neck, tasting some of Roger's cum there. "Oh God, Mother, it... it was so... so FUCKING hot to have Daddy's cock erupting and squirting all over my FACE like that. It... it made me feel so... so dirty... so NASTY! And I love it. But Mom, I'm... I'm still really hot!" Tina breathed, rubbing herself, her wet young pussy. "I know, baby. And so am I. Should we put on a little show to get Daddy hard again... so he can FUCK YOU?" I asked. "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" she hissed, rubbing her cunt faster now.
    • by AugustGentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 6
      julie6 zip (11k) (MFMFMFMFfff mf exhib teenslut incest)
      "I also want to be part of that fantasy. I want to take her to another city and have the two of us get jobs in a strip club. I want to see her perform every night by taking off her clothes and showing off her body to strangers. I know she's only fifteen and couldn't get a job in a strip club but it's my fantasy and so I can have anything I want. Maybe I went to school with the owner or maybe he's blackmailing me or some such thing. Anyway we would be able to do it and I want to do it with her. It would be a mother and daughter team. We could do our shows one at a time and then do one together. After she has finished stripping I want her to meander through the audience giving lap dances to anyone who asks. She would be naked, well maybe just some sexy heels, and hopefully the guys would have their cocks out so she could sit on them as she squirms around. I'm sure a lot of them would end up in her nice tight pussy. Her body would be available to anybody in the club. I'd walk hand in hand with her to ensure that she gets used as much as possible. Can you imagine all the cum that would get fucked into her hot teen slut cunt."
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • The Barter, part 1
      thebart1 zip (04k) (M/F M/g Pedo Oral)
      Five days a week, Nicole drops her daughter off at grammar school and then she drives over to my offices. She stays for six hours and then goes back and picks her daughter up and goes home. All her friends think she has the perfect little part-time job, no day care hassles, and her daughter never even misses her. Of course her neighbors don't know that underneath her business skirt, she never wears panties over her freshly shaved little cunt. And they don't know that on my orders, she always arrives with a butt plug rammed up her pink ass hole. They'd be surprised to see that as soon as Nicole comes inside, she strips naked and puts on a large black dog collar. She then crawls over to me and give me the leash. For the next six hours, I own Nicole.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 8
      theente8 zip (12k) (MMMMMMb/WWggggg first, cons, inc)
      It just blew my mind away as to why girls were so happy about parties, they had spent all day yesterday and today, helping Mary and the staff get everything ready for tonight and the rest of the weekend. They had even went shopping this morning because Mary didn't want the girls wearing the same uniforms as last weekend. Yet, when they came back, I sure loved how they looked, the girls hair had been done. Each preteen was wearing almost transparent strapless micro dresses, short heels and no underwear. They looked stunning, sexy, beautiful and I just couldn't find enough words to describe them, but liked Sam's word, exquisite.

      Monday, May 07, 2007

    • by phill4free :...New Author.!.!.!
    • How It All Began, part 1
      howital1 zip (04k) (MM/F/f pedo)
      This is an introduction to my hero. It explains a little bit of his present life and some past events that led up to it. It is an introduction to a man that would like to tell you some of the evil and perverted things that he's done in his life. And to keep you filled in on all the perversions he will commit in the future.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 3: Getting Even
      cinnamo3 zip (24k) (MFmg Fg Ffg incest voyeur exhibition masturbation)
      "We got bored so we went shopping," Janine explained. "Do you like our new outfits?" "Yes, they are very nice," Richard agreed. "Bunny likes the skirt," Janine added, making her point by lifting the skirt as she felt the fabric, exposing Bunny's bare, newly shaved pussy. "It really is soft, isn't it Bunny?" "Yeah, Mom," Bunny agreed, as she lifted her mother's skirt, giving the guys a good view of her pussy as well. The twelve year old felt the heat in her sex spread to the rest of her body, as her father stared at her bare pussy. "Let me help you, Mom!," Bunny offered, as she dropped some flatware, Janine set her feet were wide apart, before bending at the waist to help her pick up the dishes. Bunny felt her pussy making its juices and the droplets trickling down her thighs, as her father and brother stared at her bare pussy from behind.
    • by UnclePan :...
    • Henry's Garnishment of Flossie
      henrysga zip (12k) (boys 13,12, girl 5; wanking, nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      At 7 Henry Peterson had discovered the joys of self manipulation, and by 11 he was shooting bullets and shortly afterwards was sharing his pleasure with 3 friends in his very own treehouse JackOff Club. At 13 he discovered that his sensations were very much increased when his actions were being witnessed by a girl, it didn't seem to matter what age. Thus Henry embarked in a quest to educate the girls in his neighborhood in the fine art of watching a boy shoot his wad. One day when he was walking through the woods he spied 5 yo Flossie Jacobs approaching. Quickly he lay down, opened his fly and pulled out his pecker which he proceeded to wrap his fingers around, just in time for Flossie to happen upon him as she walked up. Can a girl without a penis gain membership in Henry's JackOff Club. This and many another question you'll be dying to ask will be answered in the tale that follows, that of Henry's Garnishment of Flossie.
    • by Hans Schultz :...
    • I Don't Care, Why Should I ?
      idontcar zip (08k) (M, f, rape, viol, humil, scat, piss)
      The city is big and the poverty is spreading like a disease. No-one really pays attention to me when I drive around in my car, stop by a homeless child and lure her inside with money or drugs. The youngest of them haven't really done drugs so far, but that doesn't matter. They're still very eager to give it a try and they're just meat for me. Of course there's always a possibility that a five year old will die to an overdose of heroin, but who cares ? No-one will be missing them anyway.
    • by Familyman :...
    • Partying With My Sister, part 3, final
      partyin3 zip (10k) (mF, mf, multi, tears)
      Disaster strikes and life changes: Life went on, but not like before. Linda was in college, and yet there remained some kind of tension at home. Mainly between Mom and Dad. Me - I was still in a sour mood for the way Linda had 'dumped me' for Dad, although I kept reminding myself that no one owed anyone else a thing. It was a few weeks until the tension between Mom and Dad started ebbing away, and then seemingly disappeared. However Linda's phone conversations with Mom were very short and remained within the 'has to be done' form. It was 4 months after Linda had left for college when disaster struck us with all its cruel force. Dad had been on one of his trips to Washington DC and was due come back that evening. Mom and I were in the family room, she reading a book and me with a newspaper, when the phone rang. Mom lifted the receiver: "Yes, yes it's me." And then she screamed: "Fraaaaank!" And fainted, the receiver falling from her hand.

      Sunday, May 06, 2007

    • by Princey :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Just D'oh It!
      justdohi zip (07k) (M/b, oral, anal, parody)
      Simpsons character story! Bart remembers first-time sex with father, Homer:"Hey Dudes! It is me, Bart Simpson, here (as usual) to tell you what I have been up to lately. For those of you who are just joining my stories, I had recently realized, before this story of course, that I was gay. During a near recent (and previously mentioned) sleep over, Milhouse and I experimented sexually with each other, and though it was my first time, it is a different story (and best left for another time). I will say this, I did not stop experimenting, with Milhouse or any one else, after that experience. Also, thanks to me, the Boys Room at Springfield Elementary now comes complete with a glory hole. After I had a lot of random oral sex, Skinner eventually found out, as he so often did, and sent me to his office for damaging school property. Though that was often the case, to make a long story short, I bribed Skinner with some quick sex to avoid a lengthy punishment. He and I have been on and off lovers ever since, though that is also a different story."
    • by carnal.geek :...
    • Her Conference Night Surprise, part 1
      herconf1 zip (06k) (MF, rom, oral, cons)
      My new girlfriend was away out of town on conference with her company, but I had managed to get the information of where it was from her earlier on, so I thought I might sneak down there and see what I could do to help out with the stress of being at conference... Luckily for me, an old friend worked for the same chain of Hotels, so I was able to get him to vouch for me and I was let into her room while she was out at dinner with her work mates. First I covered the bed in rose petals and lit some scented candles, carefully I placed a towel in the middle of large king-sized bed and got out her favourite massage oil. As it was early, I decided to take a quick shower and make sure I was refreshed from my drive down the countryside for her. This was good, a quick shave, shower and a splash of aftershave and I was ready and so was the time, dinner would've finished a little while ago and I guessed she would be having a few drinks with her colleagues before retiring for the night, ahead of more work in the morning.

      Saturday, May 05, 2007

    • by Wishlist :...
    • Truck Driver
      truckdri zip (08k) (MF, inc, father-in-law)
      Dad did a lot of dirty talking when he was in there jerking off that day. At one point, I heard him say "Oh Jesus, Karen! I need to fuck you... I really need to fuck you." Well, that was what really planted the seed. That same night, after we got in bed, I started working the conversation around to Dad and eventually to what he had told me about his sexual frustration and about the whores at the truck stop. Anyway, by the time Dad was back for his next visit, two weeks later, Karen had barely gotten over my asking her to pose naked for him and had begun saying things like "If I did, you can Goddamn well know right now, he's not touching me in any way... I'll give him a kiss and hug when he gets here and when he leaves, like I always do, but there's no way I'm lettin your dad touch me when I'm naked!" Holy Cow!!! I did it!! I actually talked Karen into posing naked for my dad.

      Friday, May 04, 2007

    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 2: Good Health
      cinnamo2 zip (19k) (MFmg Fg incest voyeur exhibition shaving masturbation)
      "That's crazy!," Bunny scoffed. "Why would Dad look at me that way?" "He's a guy!," Janine pointed out. "If he's looking at you, other guys are too!" "I wish I was as pretty as you," Bunny lamented. "Stop it, Bunny!," Janine scolded. "You're very pretty!" "Wow!," Danny muttered. "Yeah! Shit!," Richard agreed. "I can't believe they're making out! That's so hot!" "I can't ...," Danny grunted, as his cock erupted. "What did Bunny do to Mom?" Richard grunted as he too came, missing the tissues. "She made your mother cum, Danny!" "That feels nice," Bunny whimpered, as a shudder ran through her. "A cock will feel even better," Janine promised, as she pressed her daughter's hymen towards the walls of her vagina. "We'll work on stretching your cherry so you'll enjoy it more when the time comes."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Entertainers, ch 7
      theente7 zip (13k) (MMMMMMb/WWggggg first, cons, inc)
      It was a little after six when Andy arrived and with him was the sweetest little blonde, ten year old Amber and I was in love. She wasn't very tall but the front of her blouse pushed out enough to tell me she had boobs about the size of Nicole's. Her golden hair was trimmed close and shaped her very pretty face, in what Mary called a page boy cut. With a smile, I opened the car door for her, but she didn't seem to appreciate it but I could understand. At ten, Amber probably figured she didn't need a baby sitter, especially one that was only three years older that she was.

      Thursday, May 03, 2007

    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 5
      julie5 zip (10k) (MFMFMFMFfff exhib)
      Looking directly at her Mary asked, "do you have a daughter?" "Yes I do. She's very pretty and she's just fifteen." "So am I," replied Mary. "Think of me as your daughter while you play with my nipples and suck on my tongue. Think of this stranger's cock in my pussy as a stranger's cock in your daughter's pussy. Would you like to see that? Would you like to see some hard cock pounding away in your little girl's cunt, shooting her full of hot sperm. Maybe you like to see you husband shoot off down my throat; your 'little girl's' throat. Ask your husband to put his cock in my mouth. Take hold of his prick and place it on my bright red lipsticked lips. Tell him to flood his 'daughter's' belly with his cum. Demand he fuck his 'daughter's' mouth. I can be your 'daughter' and you can have him fuck my open willing mouth."
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Passionate Incestual-Sex With My Preteen Sister
      passiona zip (07k) (M/g....incest....consenting)
      I was practically an adult and my little sister was only eleven years old! But I was desperately wanting to fuck my small sexy sibling....AND....our parents were going out of town for the weekend....My golden opportunity!! - I was eighteen years old and although it was a Saturday night I hadn't gone anywhere. I was home baby-sitting, or at least I was home watching television all alone with, my eleven year old sister. I had been ogling my lovely little sister for several months now ever since her young body had started budding out very sexily all of a sudden. Many times lately I had fantasized about how it would feel to put my long thick cock inside her little pussy while my hungry mouth was suckling on her small perky breasts. My small sister Sherry had only recently turned eleven but to me she was already one of the sexiest girls in the world. Almost daily she would prance around in front of me wearing nothing but a thin t-shirt and a pair of tight shorts. The pretty preteen girl seemed to know that I could easily see her little pussyslit's imprint against the front of her soft-material shorts and several tines she had caught me ogling her little body's sexual-attractions and didn't seem too concened about my vulgar-interest. So I felt fairly confident that I would become much more intimate with my enticing little sister during our parents absence.
    • by Brad Kennedy :...
    • The Father's Gift
      thefathe zip (08k) (M/g-8 Father/daughter, oral, vaginal, some non-cons, some romantic)
      "Hey, Jim, I got to tell you something and you have to promise to keep it a secret," John said. It was the first thing he said to Jim without using the obligatory small talk. A wonderful thing had happened to him last night and he couldn't wait to tell his best riend. "My daughter and I were alone over the weekend. She's so beautiful. I tried not to go into her bedroom to watch her undress, but having an eight-year-old girl on my lap while we were sledding sure got my cock hard." Jim agreed. He gets a boner when his daughter Stacy sits on his lap, too. It's been five years since his wife died, so he has grown many erections because of his baby girl lately...

      Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der Aufregende FKK-Urlaub 0, Teil 1
      deraufr1 zip (22k) (ww 9-12 / w+dog / anal+oral+vaginal)
      es soll vorkommen, dass Mädchen (Jungs übrigens auch!) Haustiere, meist Hunde, für die Stillung ihrer sexuellen Sehnsüchte benutzen. Einige der Mädchen experimentieren mit dem Ziel, dass der Hund ihre Scheide mit einer rauen Zunge stimuliert, weitere gehen einen Schritt weiter und lassen sich von ihrem Hund sogar besteigen. Natürlich gibt sich nicht jedes Mädchen, was einen Hund als Haustier hat, diesem hin aber es gibt Ausnahmen und ein paar Mädchen geben sich dem Hund als Sexpartnerersatz völlig hin...

      Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    • by Singledad :...
    • Beat-Up Day, ch 5
      beatupd5 zip (08k) (violent, pre-teens, caution)
      I had been beaten badly and Dad had stopped the proceedings, for the first time ever, but he said that he thought the guy was going to kill me, and anyway a beating that severe would render me useless for the rest of the session. I was glad he stopped the man, I like my pain sessions, but this was too extreme...
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Cinnamon Twists, ch 1: Good Security
      cinnamon zip (17k) (Mmg Fmg MmF incest voyeur exhibition masturbation)
      "What's that, Dad?" "You don't need to worry about it, Danny," Richard answered sternly. "Unless, you know how to keep a secret!" "Yeah! Sure, Dad!," Danny agreed, as he watched his little sister step in fron of a hidden camera. "I think Bunny is very hot!," Richard admitted, as he zoomed in a camera on her pussy. "Be honest! Don't you think she's hot?" "Yeah, Dad!" Bunny's breathing became more rapid as her imagination and her fingers pushed her arousal higher. Her fingers moved faster, rubbing her little clit almost furiously. She leaned back as she stimulated her clit with one hand and rubbed her labia with the other. She rubbed herself hard enough that her budding breasts moved slightly on her chest. "Use a tissue, son," Richard insisted, pushing the box closer. "I don't want spunk on the keyboard."
    • by FamilyMan :...
    • Partying With My Sister, part 2
      partyin2 zip (11k) (mf, mF, multi, incest bro/sis, mom/son, dad/dau)
      Billy widens his horizons. Also, some really unexpected turn of events: Well, my life has changed unrecognizably. Participating in the orgies was something I've never even dreamed about. Making love to my beautiful sister who up till then has hardly ever spoken to me unless we were arguing or fighting was a long lived dream come true, and then finding the photos that showed our parents fucking different people.... The awkwardness of facing our parents after seeing the photos was real bad, and we had to hide it somehow. We just stayed more in our rooms avoiding the parents as much as we could, and with time we became more at ease, just digesting the fact that our parents were swingers. The orgies were monthly. It was explained to me that when you have too much of something good you get used to it, the novelty wears off and you enjoy it less. However, Linda and I started using every opportunity that the parents were out to make love. We enjoyed each other so much that our attitude towards each other became very obvious, and one time at dinner Mom remarked: "It's wonderful to see that you two have grown out of the fights and the arguments and that you actually like each other. I only wish it would have happened earlier and saved a few years of you behaving as if you hated each other." Oh, if only she had known....
    • by Brad Kennedy :...
    • The Lollypop Party
      thelolly zip (15k) (M/g-9 Uncle-niece, Father-daughter, oral, vaginal, anal, group)
      I put on my prettiest dress for the party. I don't know who's gonna be there, I never been to the place where it is, but I think I know what kinda party it's gonna be! I found a note on my bike that said, "No good girls should come to the Lollypop Party!" It gave a time and the address and a cute drawing of a lollypop winkin' at me. Now, I may be only in fifth grade, but I know what sounds like an X-Rated party. I was only five years old when my Uncle Dan began to sexually molest me. At first, when he could get me alone with him, he would just hug and kiss me. No big deal, until he started touching my nipples, belly button, and "down there." I was too young to know why he liked touching me that way. Sure, I thought it was gross, but I let him do it anyway and I've never told anyone. I love my uncle Dan. I love him a lot!

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