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    October 01 - October 31st mid-Morning Updates

      On Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    • by Doctor J :...
    • My Controlling Mom
      mycontro zip (08k) (m/F, mom/son, rom)
      " time is it?" mom asked, blinking in the dim room. I stood beside her bed, shirtless, wearing my boxers in the still, warm night. "2am mom...I got home about an hour ago...I had to come and see you" I said, as I looked at her. She was topless, wearing only a pair of white cotton panties as she lay on the pale sheet. Her boobs gently rose and fell as she breathed slowly, rubbing her eyes before looking up at me.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 17
      julie17 zip (11k) (all the same horny stuff as in the previous chapters)
      "Well how should I continue the story? she asked as she looked around the room seeing everyone still naked and enjoying her perversions about her daughter. It's good to see that all of you are enjoying yourselves. I love seeing my husband's cock sticking into my daughter's pussy. Shall I even continue or do you want to go to sleep and I could pick up the story tomorrow? The response was quick and decisive. 'Tell us more.' Her real daughter was very adamant that she continue with the hot fantasies that her Mother had about her. The fantasy daughter was soon going to be fucking a dog and she had always wondered what it would be like to have some big dog cock sliding in and out of her wet thirteen year old pussy. The fantasy daughter wasn't even twelve yet and she was going to be dog-bred some time soon. I could continue with what the little tarts did at the club their teacher took them to or go on to the whole year of fuck parties that my fantasy daughter was going to be doing for the twelfth year of life or maybe I should tell about the birthday video that she did at the school. I'll tell you about the video. It takes place just a couple of weeks after the deflowering of my husband's secretary's little nine year old girl."
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 15
      thevil15 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      The first order of business, was getting the five naked little preschoolers up, showered and fondled before breakfast. When Gina and Megan changed their dildos to the next size up, none of the five tiny nudes complained and seemed to be enjoying even greater orgasms as they tried to walk to the breakfast table. When their Mistresses told them they were going to school, naked, the tiny slaves figured if their Mistresses were going to school naked, they could to. As they led the five tiny naked beauties out to the buggy, the little ones began to realize that everyone was going to see them naked.

      Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    • by Bong F. Ripp :...
    • Still Tasting
      stilltast zip (27k) (M/f/f, bi-f, anal, drugs, cons)
      My friend Chris, a high school teacher, had an affair with a student! His adventures continue, as he takes up an offer he probably shouldn't even think about....
    • by Acre :...
    • Halloween
      thenewh7 zip (12k) (ff mff Ff violence ghost)
      Mary awoke in her friend Molly's bed feeling her naked young body snuggling into her back when the events of the previous evening came rushing back to her(described in The Sleep Over). Her eleven year old body shuddered with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure as she remembered being abused by both a man and a woman and enjoying sex for the first time. She saw her clothes draped over a chair together with the wooden snake lying on top of them. As she thought of the effect the snake had up her now widened pre teen slit her body trembled and, without thinking, her small fingers started to stroke the prominent red abused mound between her legs. Crawling out of bed she sat on the edge of the bed when the door opened and Molly's attractive mum, Julie, walked in wearing her dressing gown. Mary didn't resist when Jill smiled at her and ran her hand over the young girl's bare chest squeezing the soft small breasts rubbing her hands slowly around the sensuous pre teen nipples arousing them before taking her firmly by the arm to the bathroom.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The Accidental Cuckold
      theaccid zip (08k) (M/F, group, cuckold)
      "Are you fucking kidding me??" I yelled, as my wife sat on the couch, her legs drawn up to her chest, closed together, her breasts moving up and down as she breathed. She was breathing fast, not scared, there was something else in those eyes. But what?
    • by Pipilover :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Nasse Töchter, part 1
      nasseto1 zip (15k) (M/ff dad/daut ns)
      Ein Vater lernt seine beiden Töchter, die neujnjährige Lisa und die siebenjährige Susi, besser kennen. Schnell erkennt er, dass die beiden die gleichen Natursektspielchen mögen wie er. Uns sie verwöhnen ihn auf vielfältige Weise.....

      Monday, October 29, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by HoneyDaddy :...
    • Mickey, parts 2-3
      micke2_3 zip (17k) (pedo, M/f, inc, anal)
      "Has it been seven months already?" I thought to myself. I was thinking about Juliet,
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • I'm a Bad Slut Mother, But I Can't Help It
      imabadsl zip (11k) (Mf incest)
      Sometimes I am filled with guilt over how I'm leading my life. I mean, what kind of mother would allow her 11 year old daughter to engage in the kinds of things I let Amy engage in? I didn't plan it this way. Didn't intentionally set out to be a slut mother. Yet that's exactly what I am. How did things get this far out of control? Let me tell you about it. I'm a single mother. My husband left me for some little bimbo years ago, and shortly afterward God got him. Jake was killed in a car accident, leaving me with no alimony or child support and Amy with no father. It's been hard, raising her on my own, but I've managed. Through hard work and a strong real estate market I've managed to provide for the two of us quite nicely. The problems began for us when Amy came home from school early one afternoon and found me in bed, playing with myself.

      Sunday, October 28, 2007

    • by JoeKid :...
    • Little Ray and His Daddy, part 1
      littler1 zip (17k) (M/b (5), racial, pedo, oral, anal, inc)
      Did Bill, my *white* next door neighbor, really just tell me that while Janet and I were on vacation, and our precious five-year-old son stayed over with his best friend Bobby, that Bobby's daddy had turned little Ray into a cum slut whore? A *nigger* pussy boy? And suggest that I come over when Janet goes to work on Monday and slide my long fat nig...*black* cock into Bobby's skinny white ass? No. Impossible. Only--why'd Bill have a leaking hardon in those damned tight shorts of his? Why do I right now? Why am I looking at my son's plump bottom and leaking more?

      Saturday, October 27, 2007

    • by Longwith :...
    • Tabatha
      tabatha zip (07k) (M/f MM/f non cons. drugged rape)
      My body was changing and I was embarrassed by it, especially when one of the high school boys came up behind me one day and said nice rack. One day while I was walking through the Tinsley's yard Mark came outside and started talking to me. He was very sweet and complimentary about how I was dressed and he smiled at me a lot. It made me feel good about myself.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Fax and Fantasy, ch 7
      faxandf7 zip (11k) (f-solo, M-solo, no-sex, inc, anal(-fingers), veg, light scat, dirty-talk)
      On another hot day, Jo decides to pleasure herself with a cucumber from the refrigerator. The fact that her family is going to end up eating it only help her in her arousal.

      Friday, October 26, 2007

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Onyx, The Cum Slut
      onyxthec zip (13k) (MF/MMMM wife slut)
      After I actually carried out my first two sexual escapades at the direction of Luke, my sexual mentor, I knew my life would never be the same. I had exposed myself to strangers... sucked their cocks... let them fuck me... and I had loved it. Now I knew I could no more return to my boring, mundane life of monogamy than I could stop breathing. I had taken a bite from the apple and wanted more... more cocks... more cum... more slutty sex. "Did you enjoy yourself at the bookstore?" Luke words on asked on my computer screen. As usual my husband was out of town on business, returning the next evening. "Yes," I answered. "Very much!" "Are you ready for more? Another challenge?" Luke asked. "Yes!" I typed, eager to see what my lover would have me do next. "This may be dangerous for you, Onyx," he typed. "For your marriage. But I think you'll enjoy it immensely." "What?" I typed, my cunt tingling, stomach filled with butterflies.
    • by Acre :...
    • The New House: Sleep Over - Evening Time, part 1
      thenewh6 zip (13k) (ff, MFf, nc, ghost, drugs)
      Molly, our eleven year old daughter had invited one of her friends, Mary, the eleven year old quiet and shy girl daughter of the local dentist, to stay overnight. I was sure that a night in our haunted old Victorian mansion would cure her shyness. The ghost we called 'The Master' had a special delight corrupting the innocent quiet ones. Five foot in her black buckled shoes, wearing a pleated navy school skirt to just above her knees and the beginnings of a chest pushing against her white school blouse, she admired the high hall ceilings. She had a nice smiling round face with green eyes, dark hair tied in two long pigtails and green ribbons on them 'Welcome' I said giving her a hug but pulling her in tight as I 'accidentally' rubbed up against the soft preteen chest which was hidden by a tiny 1960's first bra. Though I was a female in my thirties, I loved abusing, molesting and corrupting little girls. 'Mum, she's not a long lost friend. Can we have a quick tea so that I can show Mary round and listen to some music?'
    • by Matson :...
    • Lara and Robbie
      laraandr zip (28k) (M/F, bro/sis, incest, semi-cons)
      His sister married way too young and her no-account husband was cheating on her while she remained virtuous to the man. Robbie never married, he didn't trust most women's priorities. He trusted his sister, though, and she trusted him to help her with her problems. It was obvious to Robbie she was viewing life through the wrong glasses. He helped Lara change her perspective. Big brothers can be extremely helpful at times.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 14
      thevil14 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      There were over a dozen naked sex slaves eating supper in the club when the music started and the first children out on the floor were Rolf and five year old Wendy. Where some of the older, new sex slaves were embarrassed, little five year old Wendy happily went out stark naked onto the dance floor with her Master eight year old Rolf. The two older gentlemen that had bought sex slaves, were taking their naked little slaves out to teach them how to dance and both young slaves soon lost their shyness. Then, everyone at the table was stunned, bashful nine year old Talal, was leading a naked eight year old Karen out onto the dance floor. If he could do it, the rest of the boys could do it and they started taking their sex slaves out to dance.

      Thursday, October 25, 2007

    • by Bubba :...
    • Ron
      ron zip (07k) (M/g)
      Ron stays late after school and offers some special instruction.
    • by wet_amber :...
    • Peter
      peter zip (29k) (Incest sister-brother / uncle-niece / preteen girl)
      As soon as Peter stepped out of the airport terminal building and onto the sidewalk, he whistled loudly and raised his arm. Surprisingly, a cab stopped immediately, and he threw his luggage into the trunk and gave the address of his destination as he climbed into the back.
    • by Baphomet :...
    • The Birds and the Bees, ch 3
      thebird3 zip (05k) (Fm,Mf,MF, anal, ped,enema, inc)
      When the grandparents arrive, the action heats up and little Kevin learns both discipline and some new moves. Grandma proposes a breeding farm, staffed by members of the Church of Christian Fruitfulness.

      Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    • by Bubba :...
    • Dis**y Gal
      disneyga zip (11k) (M/g)
      Girl must earn a toy
      The Piano Teacher
      thepiano zip (07k) (F/b)
      Peg teaches lessons and learns also
    • by explorer :...
    • Claire's Children, ch 5
      claires5 zip (11k) (Mf(12) Mg(6) Fb(3) incest ped pre-teen pre-school toddler oral anal ws)
      In Chapter 5 Jack turns his attention to six year old Katie. Starting with "you show me yours and I'll show you mine," after a couple of interruptions Jack takes the toddler to her bedroom where his expert tongue delivers a knew level of squishy feelings to her pee pee. Jack then tip fucks the toddler whilst she is still groggy from her first orgasm.
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Lolicon Dreams, a.k.a. Bruised Sushi
      lolicond zip (08k) (ped M/F/g mast voyer anal dildo penetration)
      One man's pleasure is another man's pain. Sometimes they're both. I was never one for raw fish. But a nine year old girl, with the help of her mother, helped me change my mind...

      Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    • by Xylomet :...
    • On The Slides, part 2
      onthesl2 zip (07k) (M/g/bdsm/medi)
      Kim had perfect little round nostrils. Ben looked forward to penetrating them deeply with the glass pipettes so he started immediately with that. Instead of using the drops made especially for children he used medicinal drops for adults. He knew of course that it was too strong for her age but he didn't care...

      Monday, October 22, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 9
      abishop9 zip (07k) (Mf, inc, chuch sex, blasphemy, vaginal, pedo, drugs, ir)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's wife is drawn further into a hell of blackmail, drugs and adulterous sex. The Bishop's youngest daughter is converted to Satan. She leads her 13 year old sister Kayla to the Bishop's hard, incestuous cock.
    • by Spin :...
    • Saga Of The Lucky Trucker
      sagaofth zip (15k) (MM/g Pedo Sex Cons 1st Force)
      Randy, a seasoned and beleagured truck driver, is ready to give up on life and an uncertain future until meeting a very alluring little girl on the side of a busy highway.
    • by cc :...
    • The 912F Wooden Horse
      thenineo zip (05k) (Mg bdsm)
      Another in a series of brochures for products by the 912F Company, specializing in items designed for the intimate discipline of the preteen girl.
    • by Gueldemann :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dani, ch 1
      dani1 zip (04k) (MMF mf exhib mast)
      Tom ist ein schüchterner junger Mann, Dani die von vielen begehrte, aber frigide junge Frau. Ihre Geschichte ist eine Geschichte von unerfüllter Jugendschwärmerei und sexuellen Eskapaden, die zunehmend intensiver werden und bald schon Dritte miteinbeziehen.
      Dani, ch 2
      dani2 zip (05k) (MMF mf exhib mast)
      Tom trifft Dani nach vielen Jahren wieder und stellt erstaunt fest, wie sehr sie sich verändert hat. Ihre Frigidität ist verschwunden, hat einer geradezu offenherzigen jungen Frau Platz gemacht.

      Sunday, October 21, 2007

    • by Drizzt :...
    • Her Name was Amber, ch 4
      hername4 zip (05k) (M/g, drunk, shower)
      I help her take off her clothes, and then quickly strip naked myself. She is leaning against the bed now, watching me in a daze. I stand in front of her, my cock slowly getting hard, and take her hands in mine.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Molly's Story, part 4
      mollyss4 zip (07k) (M/g/F)
      Molly continues her education from Rick and her mama helps.

      Saturday, October 20, 2007

    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Without Restraint, ch 12
      withou12 zip (08k) (MFf, cons, inc, oral, rim, dirty-talk, feet/nylons, fart)
      The nasty threesome of uncle, aunt and 15-year-old niece get kinkier and kinkier, as perverted fetishes start taking over their feelings of lust. Tamra is truly one of them now, joining her aunt and uncle in filthy kinks.
    • by Perry Nayum :...
    • Bangkok tails, part 1
      bangkok1 zip (15k) (M/g10, preteen prostitutes, cunnilingus, anilingus, intercourse, anal play, much more to come)
      Bangkok, 9.30 a.m., and, as I left my discreet hotel in one of the sois off Sukumvit to get my breakfast in the little restaurant next door that caters essentially to Westerners like me, she is there again. Such a beautifully serious-looking face, with just the hint of a knowing smile, silky black hair down to her shoulders offering occasional glimpses of her elegant brown neck, tiny bumps barely apparent under a chaste white shirt open to the third button at the neck, narrow girlish waist hinting at firm round little buns beneath, long slim thighs and shapely legs under a micro-skirt, feet encased in oversized white tennis pumps. I had already noticed her yesterday - how could I fail? - but I had been in such a hurry that I had not had time to act on the shock the sight of her had dealt to my entire genital area. It was the way she had looked at me that did it, a frank, direct stare right between the eyes, as if she could read my darkest, most shameful secrets and was not afraid. The point is, though, that she can't have been more than ten or eleven years old at most!
    • by FormatMail :...
    • Hand-Me-Down Hero
      handmedo zip (15k) (mff incest)
      An evening of babysitting evolves into a variation of Strip-Poker: "No way I'm playing Strip-Poker with my brother. He plays poker with dad all the time and knows how to cheat." So she didn't object to the stripping, just my cheating. Flo asked me "You have a better idea?" I thought about it. Jokes about blow-jobs and strip poker set a new low moral standard for this babysitting session. I vaguely remembered a game. "How about Hand-Me-Down?" I never played it so I'd have to make up some of the rules. "It's kind of like Strip-Poker but you get to put clothes on too. Or you can refuse to take them off.

      Friday, October 19, 2007

    • by Oediplex :...
    • I Remember Mother, part 2: Continued and Finished
      irememb2 zip (14k) (F/m, Mother/Son, concentual, oral & fucking)
      We swung around being careful not to poke elbows into eyes. With me on the bottom and mom over me, we made the connections of lips to labia /orifice to penis. I could see her brown hole clearly, a thing of beauty I had had never contemplated before so directly. Mom's mouth moved over my manhood milking it like she was a hungry calf. I nibbled on the dangling dainty delights of her nether parts as if I were some short-necked giraffe reaching for a succulent leafy meal with a pink berry as an extra special treat. I stretched my tongue, and while not as elongated as the African animal of the plains, it served to stimulate the pleasure bud amidst the folds of my fun. Murmurs and moans were all the sounds we made as we munch on each other's genitals. Happy tones which signaled approval and guided each other to do just the right thing and to keep at the activity that was taking us closer to climax. The morning's foreplay had primed the charge about to explode with both of us. Mom started first, her hips pumping involuntarily as the paroxysm over took her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and mashed my face into her crotch, my mouth and tongue a machine slathering her privates, careful to not let teeth tear the tender flesh. Her anus winked several times at me as the spasms washed over her whole being.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 13
      thevil13 zip (09k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      It was the night before the auction and on the villa grounds were thirty nine, naked beautiful young slaves, not counting the five preschool sex slaves. They were doing things that young girls do and there were already people were milling about, examining little virgin pussies, breast and deciding which slaves they wanted and what they would pay for them. In the pool area, Madam Fong was sitting with the five preschoolers, and they thought she was the nicest woman and made them feel so special. It was twelve year old Gina, that walked up and smiled at Madam Fong, and listened as the preschool slaves told her what a nice woman Madam Fong was.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Molly's Story, part 3
      mollyss3 zip (05k) (M/F/g)
      Molly's mom gets involved
    • by Bemused :...
    • Backup Babysitter, part 2: The Anal Sequel
      backupb2 zip (12k) (Mf(11)f(9)f(14), oral, first time, anal, lez, lez-anal)
      Re-cap of parts I and II - Our middle-aged hero tried in vain to spend time with the two pre-teen girls who live next door until the sudden firing of their teenage hottie of a baby sitter created an opportunity. At first he is disappointed since the girls seem to want to spend all their time locked in their room leaving little time for seduction. Once our hero discovers what the girls are doing in their room though, he is able to use it fulfill his dreams of sex with young girls. Now that our hero has tasted the delights of Kimmy and Chrissy, he is eager to include their former babysitter Kelsey in their games. And he is really eager to fuck one of their little butt holes.
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 8
      abishop8 zip (08k) (Mf, inc, chuch sex, blasphemy, vaginal, pedo)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's older daughter Nancy fights for her soul as The Bishop gets more and more pre-teen pussy from his younger daughter Heather.
    • by Ferret224 :...
    • My Noisy Little Neighbor
      mynoisyl zip (46k) (Mg, cons, ped, voy, exhib, anal, oral, feet, dirtytalk)
      Everyone can relate to having a noisy neighbor. When I met twelve-year-old Michelle, who lived with her family next door to me, it was hard to be mad at her. But that wasn't the only thing that was hard. Our meeting changed both of our lives...
    • by Marco Polo :...
    • The Defloration of Zoe
      thedeflo zip (27k) (MFg(8) pedo)
      Eight-year-old Zoe falls into the clutches of paedophile Tim and his equally perverted girlfriend Lisa. After a day spent molesting the little girl, Tim comes to an arrangement with Zoe's dad that will guarantee permanent access to the pre-teen. That night Tim, Lisa and the eight-year-old end up in bed together for a little fun and games ...
    • by Xylomet :...
    • Oppassen, deel 1
      oppasse1 zip (11k) (M/f/medi/nasal/extreme)
      Uiteraard was Ben ingegaan op de uitnodiging om een lang weekend, van vrijdagavond tot zondagavond, op te passen op 3 kinderen van één gezin. Daar kwam dan ook nog een logé bij, Nienke van 9. In totaal 4 meisjes die alle vier al ontmaagd waren en op Maartje na ook nog regelmatig geneukt !!
      Oppassen, deel 2
      oppasse2 zip (06k) (M/g/bdsm/medi)
      Ongeveer een kwartier nadat Ben in de kelder met Noor klaar was ging boven de deurbel. Ben hoorde hoe er iemand naar de gang liep en de voordeur opende. Kort klonk gepraat. Daarna werd de deur weer gesloten. Ben hoorde meteen een nieuwe kinderstem. Dat moest Eva zijn !! Hij ging de trap op naar boven en kwam via de keuken in de woonkamer.
      Oppassen, deel 3
      oppasse3 zip (05k) (M/f/medi/nasal/extreme)
      "Er is een trucje om bij een kindje het gaatje opnieuw weer klein te maken, Maartje !", zei Ben terwijl hij de kleine meid voor zich optilde en in de behandelstoel zette. "Ga maar even liggen !". Terwijl het kind achterover ging liggen liep hij naar een kast en opende een lade. Daarna pakte hij er een medicijndoosje uit waarop "Xyloforce", stond.
      Oppassen, deel 4
      oppasse4 zip (07k) (M/f/medi/nasal/extreme)
      Terwijl Maartje lag bij te komen van de extreme penetratie liep Ben even naar Noor die nog steeds met de nog niet eerder geneukte Eva bezig was. Door middel van de voorbinddildo was ze bezig in Eva's net ontmaagde sneetje. Dat zag er ondertussen rood geïrriteerd uit en leek inmiddels voldoende gemasseerd om een volwassen penis te kunnen ontvangen. Even liep Ben terug naar de behandelstoel bij Maartje en pakte de Leidapharm grote-mensen-neusdruppels !!

      Thursday, October 18, 2007

    • by Xylomet :...New Author.!.!.!
    • On The Slides, part 1: Prologue
      onthesl1 zip (07k) (previous story translated into English) (M/g pedo)
      Ben was a young energetic man although he led a quiet and relaxed inconspicuous life. He grew up in an ordinary village, joined the local scouting group and played a lot in the forest next to the village. When he grew older he became active being the leader of a scouting group and that made his popularity increase, something he was happy about. He also spent a lot of time in and around the cabins in the forest even beyond the active hours of the club. He enjoyed the time he spent taking kids on scouting trips the most.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Diamond In The Rough
      diamondi zip (16k) (Mf pregnant sex pedofile)
      Michael took her in his arms and looked at the young pregnant twelve-year-old and though how very beautiful she was in both mind and body. Those big blue eyes looked so trusting, so soft. Her long blond hair framed her face perfectly, once again making her the picture he carried in his mind for the perfect woman. From a distance he had watched her grow from a gawky adolescent to a beautiful young woman.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Molly's Story, part 2
      mollyss2 zip (08k) (M/g)
      Molly returns to Ricks and begins her education.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 9
      thelook9 zip (06k) (M/f oral)
      Marie goes home and looks for a new friend.
    • by Baphomet :...
    • UP, ch 2
      up2 zip (07k) (Fm, MF, Mm, anal, urethral play)
      In this chapter,little Chris and big Kevin get to know each other better, and the boys, 4 and 5, learn some new games.

      Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    • by Mr. Lonely :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Mother's Love
      amothers zip (04k) (F/g, pedo, oral, infant)
      My name is Jenny Stevens, by looking at me you think I would just your average 25-year-old women. I have long brown hair, green eyes, and average sized breasts and I keep my self in pretty decent shape. I have a one-year-old daughter name Katelyn that has the cutest light brown hair, green eyes and a sweet smile. All that know me say think I'm a very adoring, loving mother. And they are very right. So I look like the average woman - however I am not. My sick adventures began a few months back. But before I get to that, I feel I need to let you know what lead me down such a dark path. One I never thought I'd be on. So here's a little history. My life was going pretty well really, I had a loving husband, had a sweet new baby. However, shortly after her birth, my husband was called to war and with in only three months of active duty, he was killed by a roadside bomb. I was devastated when I heard the news of his death. I was left all alone with my sweet baby.
      My Dream Come True
      mydreamc zip (07k) (F/g, M/g, ped, infant)
      My name is Jake Jackson and this is the story of how my fantasy became a reality. When I made the choice to write this story, I was unsure about how to go about it, as I really didn't know where to start. But I guess I should begin with the start of my desires.... It began when I was around nine or ten years of age. It was a warm summer's day and the sun was shining brightly. My mom had asked me to ride with her while she visited a friend that lived out in the country. I didn't really want to go, but then in the end, I didn't want to leave. You see, as we arrived, we were greeted by my mom's friend and we walked around to the back of the house, and that's when I saw a sight that would change my life forever. It was the woman's two-year-old daughter, Angie. She was playing in a small kiddy pool with nothing on at all. I was shocked by the sight, to say the least. My mom didn't seem to notice at all. We sat down on a small patio near the pool. My mom and her friend sat and chatted for some time. Me? I kept fighting the urge to stare at the girl in the pool. But my eyes kept drifting over to her.
    • by explorer :...
    • Claire's Kids, ch 4
      claires4 zip (15k) (Mf(12) Mg(6) Fb(3) incest ped pre-teen pre-school toddler oral anal ws)
      In Chapter 4 Jack takes the girls shopping and buys twelve year old Kelly some 'slutty' clothes and make-up. Seeing Jack's interest in Kelly, Claire reveals the love affair she had with her own father which resulted in the birth of Kelly and suggests that Kelly might be similarly attracted to Jack if he was to become her daddy. On the strength of that suggestion Jack proposes marriage. The couple ply the girl with alcohol before Jack fucks here whilst mom watches. Claire later helps Jack take her daughter's arse cherry whilst lay unconscious on her bed.
      Claire's Kids, ch 3
      claires3 zip (08k) (Mf(12) Mg(6) Fb(3) incest ped pre-teen pre-school toddler oral anal ws)
      In Chapter 3 Jack takes the girls for a day out to the zoo. After filling them with soda drives the long way home. With them both at bursting point he gets little Katie to pee into a coke bottle which he held to her kitty. Kelly, realising the coke bottle would be too small does it standing up by the side of the car, peeing through her school girl knickers in a vein attempt to hide her modesty. Jack then takes the girls shopping to replace their wet knickers with some 'big girl' lace thongs.
      Claire's Kids, ch 2
      claires2 zip (09k) (Mf(12) Mg(6) Fb(3) incest ped pre-teen pre-school toddler oral anal ws)
      In Chapter two Jack offers to read the girls a bed-time story. Six year old Katie was confused when she felt his hands fondling her pee pee beneath the sheets as he read to her but decided to pretend she hadn't noticed. Twelve year old Kelly was shocked and embarrassed by his roaming hands as he read to her but she couldn't help herself as her maturing body gave in to his expert fingers.
      Claire's Kids, ch 1
      claires1 zip (14k) (Mf(12) Mg(6) Fb(3) incest ped pre-teen pre-school toddler oral anal ws)
      Jack targeted girls like Claire and as soon as he saw her, he knew she had potential. A plain looking girl, shy and introvert with kids, she found it hard to get a boyfriend. Girls like Claire were easy to seduce for a man with Jack's experience and mature years. He knew that they very quickly became so besotted they were likely to over-look any suspicious attention her gave their children. Claire exceeded his wildest dreams when she revealed that her twelve year old daughter Kelly was the result of an incestuous relationship with her father and suggested that Kelly might feel that way towards him. Just when it couldn't get any better, it did, when Claire revealed her sexual attraction towards little boys and confessed to molesting her friends two year old baby boy. That opened the door to Jack 'playing' with Claire's six year old daughter Katie (and more).
    • by LANCER :...
    • I Thought We Were Going Camping.... Not Sex! part 4
      ithough4 zip (36k) (MMM/gg, rape, nc, pedo, preteen, sad, BRUTAL FUCKING!)
      The 2 sweet meat littlies are forced to perform for the new MEN and finally get fucked by the MIGHTY MALES!
    • by Brother Derek :...
    • Cousin Maggie's Visit
      cousinma zip (06k) (m/g inc nc 1st)
      One Christmas holiday when I was 13, I was babysitting my 8 year old cousin overnight. She was a bit naive and curious about sex due to a sheltered upbringing, and I was desperate for my first sexual experience.

      Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    • by Stan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Stan The Old Man
      stantheo zip (05k) (pedo)
      This is a story about a chap called Stan who was a dirty old man but was not interested in seeing little girls naked or raping them, but was quiet happy to watch them show their little knickers off for him as this is what he loved. If this is your kind of thing read on.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Close Relations, part 2
      closere2 zip (10k) (mf ff bb incest mast voy)
      The cousins arrive, the fun begins.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Molly's Story, part 1
      mollyss1 zip (08k) (M/g)
      Molly, age 10, meets her neighbor and finds herself modeling, no sex
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 7
      abishop7 zip (06k) (chuch sex, blasphemy, ff)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's older daughter Nancy gets the new rules explained to her by her new mistress.
    • by pedofan :...
    • Die Sklavin, teil 2
      dieskla2 zip (12k) (M/g, pedo, anal, slavery, nc)
      Fred umfaßte die eiserne Klinke am Eingang zu dem Raum, in dem seine ungehorsame Sklavin auf ihn wartete. Der Kontrollmonitor draußen zeigte ihm nur, was er ohnehin längst geahnt hatte: Das kleine Miststück hatte sich nah neben die Tür gekauert und wartete offenbar darauf, daß Fred tölpelhaft in den Raum treten würde. Dann, so schien ihr Plan, würde sie blitzschnell aufspringen, ihm den CB aus der Hand reißen und an ihm vorbei entwischen. Fred grinste verächtlich. Sie würde nicht weit kommen, denn in der Gegend herumrennende Sklaven fielen auf - und ein einziger Anruf in der Zentrale hätte sie mit einem Elektroschock zu Boden gestreckt, bis sie wieder eingefangen war. Was also versprach sie sich wohl davon? Vermutlich gar nichts; sie reagierte instinkthaft, wie ein wildes Tier, das einfach nur entkommen wollte. Es war nun an der Zeit, daß sie lernte, nach wessen Regeln dieses Spiel hier in Wirklichkeit ablief.
      Die Sklavin, teil 1
      dieskla1 zip (13k) (M/g, pedo, anal, slavery, nc)
      Fred war zittrig, und sein Herz pochte bis zum Hals, als er aus dem Elektrobus stieg. Endlich, endlich war es so weit - jahrelang hatte er sich jeden größeren Luxus verkniffen, besaß weder ein Auto noch einen dieser praktischen Haushaltsdroiden. Nun aber hatte er schließlich genug Credits angepart, um sich seinen lang gehegten Wunsch zu erfüllen: Eine echte Sklavin zu kaufen, eine aus Fleisch und Blut! Natürlich keine neue, nein - sich so sehr in Unkosten stürzen war ihm trotz der vielen Entbehrungen nicht möglich. Aber der Gebrauchtmarkt war groß, und eben hier stand er nun, am Eingang des größten Gebrauchtsklavenmarktes der Stadt. Seine Handflächen waren schweißnaß, und angesichts dessen, was er hier erwerben würde, hatten sich auch andere Teile seines Körpers bereits üppig befeuchtet.
      baggerse zip (05k) (MM/gg, pedo, anal, rape)
      Der richtige Tag zum Baden. Schon früh am morgen war es fast 30 Grad heiß. Karl und Tom fuhren zum Baggersee hinaus. Sie kannten sich jetzt seit drei Jahren, hatten eine Zelle geteilt. Beide waren wegen eines Sexualdeliktes inhaftiert gewesen und waren jetzt wenige Tage erst wieder frei. Karl kannte ein abgeschiedenes Plätzchen am Seeufer. Er ging durch dichtes Gebüsch voran. "He...hör mal..." Beide begannen zu lächeln. Helles Kinderlachen ertönte vom Ufer. "Musik für meine Ohren!" grinste Karl. Der kräftige Mittvierziger ging leise weiter. An dem winzigen Strand spielten zwei kleine Mädchen. Die größere der beiden war etwa 12 Jahre alt. Die andere weit jünger, Tom schätzte sie auf 6. Sie trugen bunte Badeanzüge mit Comic Motiven darauf. Genüsslich betrachteten die beiden die Szene.

      Monday, October 15, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 6
      abishop6 zip (10k) (Mf, inc, chuch sex, blasphemy, vaginal, pedo, drugs, ir, anal)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's wife is drawn further into a hell of blackmail, drugs and adulterous sex. The Bishop's older daughter Nancy and 13 yaer old daughter Kayla lose their cherries, setting them up for more blackmail.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 12
      thevil12 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      When Gina wheeled the buggy into the village, there was again a crowd of villagers, but in the middle were five new sex slaves. This group was again a bunch of beauties, but again younger, eight to ten years old. Once they were stripped, humiliated and a couple of them had been hit with the prod, they were roped together and walked to the villa. It was the naked tiny preschoolers that walked among these five new sex slaves and told them to listen and learn if they didn't want to be hurt any more. Once school was out, Gina loaded her tiny naked preschoolers into the buggy and they headed to the villa.
    • by Steve :...
    • Mutter und Tochter - Hautnah miterlebt, part 3
      mutteru3 zip (05k) (MFg mom/daut/friend voy oral ped nc)
      Nach dem ersten erotischen Erlebnis ist die 8j. Laura in diesem Teil hautnah mit dabei ...

      Sunday, October 14, 2007

    • by zet :...
    • Tales from the Incest Underground
      talesfro zip (35k) (Ped rom cons uncle/niece bro/sis Mg (ages 32/12) Mf (18/15) mg (14/10) MF (26/22))
      An underground support organization for people in incestuous relationships meets in a few US cities. Here are three of the members' stories -- with the intimate details. Codename Juliet seduced her uncle when she was twelve. He felt terrible until she brought him to an Incest Underground meeting. Codename Vivaldi fucks his adult sister whenever they get together. They've been doing it since he was in college and she in high school. Codename Byron played doctor with his little sister. When they talked about it years later they went a lot further.
    • by Baphomet :...
    • UP
      up zip (05k) (Fm, MF, Mm, anal, urethral play)
      When Anne asks her friend Sue to use her husband, Kevin, to get pregnant, the reason is an erotic surprise that soon involves two families.
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 4
      abishop4 zip (09k) (Church Sex, oral, ff, ir)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's 9 year old daughter is seduced by her girlfriend from Sunday School and is taught to get ready for fucking her father.
      A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 5
      abishop5 zip (09k) (Mf, inc, chuch sex, blasphemy, vaginal, pedo, drugs, ir)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's wife is drawn further into a hell of blackmail, drugs and adulterous sex. The Bishop finally gets to fuck his youngest daughter.
    • by Spin :...
    • Invitation To Paradise
      invitati zip (18k) (M/gg Pedo Sex Oral Cons 1st Time)
      After recieving an unexpected invitation to visit the island of Tahiti, Chuck meets a cute ten year old girl that teaches him a few things about a distant culture and freedom when it comes to child love. You might want to relocate to this island in the sunny South Pacific and discover true freedom for yourself. But You won't find any advertisements for child sex on the travel brochures, you'll have to visit the island nation and meet your own little island girl.
    • by Neverlander :...
    • Jack-Buddy Pervs
      jackbudd zip (19k) (mast, voy, exhib, oral, pedo, tease, MF, Mf, MM)
      Two pedophiles share their lust, in adventures that take them from one little girl's bedroom window to another's exciting striptease.
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Ertappad (1)
      ertrapp1 zip (05k) (F/b)
      När jag, Roger, var 15år bodde jag hemma tillsammans med mamma. Pappa och mamma hade skilt sig 2år tidigare. Min mamma heter Monika. Hon var den snyggaste mamma jag visste. Mamma var blond med ett vackert ansikte, blå ögon, fylliga läppar. Hon hade en söt liten uppnäsa. Mamma var lite mullig med stora bröst. Jag och mamma var lika långa 172 centimeter. Mamma var 36år när jag

      Saturday, October 13, 2007

    • by Baphomet :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Birds and the Bees, ch 1-2
      thebird1 zip (09k) (FMfm, inc. preg, anal, ped)
      When her mother sat down to give 5-year-old Mindy a talk about the birds and the bees, she knew that Mindy and her brother, Kevin had already been practicing, with her blessing...
    • by pudman :...
    • Feeding the Girls, ch 3a
      feedin3a zip (21k) (F/g 5yo toilet training, piss drinking, pussy eating, shit eating. masturbation)
      After feasting on her Mother's asshole for a few minutes, Megan raised her face. "Do you have to use the toilet yet Mommy," she almost pleaded, "it's been a long time since you had lunch." "Mmmm, I think so baby. Are you ready?" "Uh huh," Megan crawled out from between her Mothers buttocks, moved to the middle of the bed and laid on her back.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Judy's Story, part 5
      judysst5 zip (09k) (F/tod/b)
      Judy helps out and helps herself.

      Friday, October 12, 2007

    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Helen's Weekend
      helenswe zip (13k) (Brother/Sister Dad/Daughter)
      Helen walks in early from school and finds her siblins have a good ol' time. She sets her sights on her dad.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Marooned - Training Ginny
      maroone2 zip (10k) (Mf first)
      The young eleven-year-old child stood shaking as he felt her bare tummy and her smooth back. Thumbing her panties, he pulled them down and watched as she stepped out of them. Her ribs showed up easily through her skin. Her pussy was a little puffier than he expected and completely bald. Even at her age, Ginny shivered from his touch. He caressed between her skinny legs and then her sensitive thighs.
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 3
      abishop3 zip (07k) (Church Sex, Satanic, oral, anal, drugs, ir)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. In this episode, the Bishop's wife is drawn into a hell of blackmail, drugs and adulterous sex.
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Don't Wake Daddy, Sweetheart
      dontwake zip (17k) ((Originally by Little Dan, Revised by Wishlist 2007) Fd, Mg, Inc)
      (I'm not the original author of this general story line. It was originally written as a father/son story. I really liked it a lot and, being as there is a larger audiance for father/daughter stories, I have re-written it to suit my own tastes in that genre. I hope you enjoy my version of it and have many wet delicious releases from reading it.) His hand reached out and started clawing at my pajamas. I backed up to get further from the stairs. He followed me. He kept fingering my pajamas. He was getting very upset. I didn't know why. I only knew I had to get him back to bed. As he held on to my pajamas, I began backstepping toward his bedroom. He followed me. Both hands now were fitfully pulling on my nightclothes. His face was a mass of confusion and distress. Then I realized. He was used to feeling Mommy's soft, silky, lacy nightgown, and here I was in my rough cotton-polyester blend PJ's. There was nothing I could do about that now. I just kept backstepping toward his bedroom and he mechanically followed me, holding on to my garment. Inside the bedroom, I maneuvered myself onto the bed, and he tumbled down beside me, stilling clutching my night clothing.
    • by babyNpop :...
    • Brand New Daddy
      brandnew zip (07k) (M+/g)
      This is a story about how,at the age of 65, I became a dad of a darling baby girl and the delight I have in raising her with only the help of a few aquaintances.
    • by Steve :...
    • Mutter und Tochter - Geile Urlaubserlebnisse, part 2
      mutteru2 zip (04k) (MF/g mom/daut/friend voy oral)
      Nach der Rückkehr ins Appartment lernt die 8j. Laura ihre Mutter von einer ganz neuen Seite kennen ...

      Thursday, October 11, 2007

    • by XHellfire :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Catholic Girls School, ch 1: The Beginning
      catholi1 zip (12k) (fffff/f, non-cons)
      Sandy is the school bully, till she messes with the wrong girl and get what's coming to her in the shower.
      Catholic Girls School, ch 2: Babysitting Maya
      catholi2 zip (14k) (f/f/g inc)
      Sarah and Beth have plans, but Dad changes them at the last minute, asking her to babysit her little sister.
      Catholic Girls School, ch 3: Running Away
      catholi3 zip (18k) (F/f, fist)
      Sandy comes home after being attacked at school to find her whore of a mom whoring herself out with his little brother home... They need to escape!
    • by Bubba :...
    • Judy's Story, part 4
      judysst4 zip (07k) (F/b)
      Judy recalls an incident as a student teacher
    • by Bemused :...
    • Pool Time Fun
      pooltime zip (16k) (Mf(11), oral, anal fingering, first time)
      Brad visits his neighborhood pool in hopes of finding some eye candy or maybe even a little girl to play some fun games with to fulfill his pedo fantasies. When he finds 11 year old Amy at the pool, things are looking very good. But when a thunderstorm interrupts the pool time fun, Brad has to come up with a new plan.
    • by Steve :...
    • Mutter und Tochter - Wie Alles Begann, part 1
      mutteru1 zip (06k) (M/F/f mom/daut/friend voy)
      Heidrun macht im Urlaub mit ihrer Tochter Laura eine vollkommen neue Erfahrung, die das Leben der kleinen Familie grundlegend verändern wird.

      Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Eclipse
      eclipse zip (11k) (orgy F+b+g+, mc, inc, ped, oral, anal, dp, rim, fist, feet, ws)
      During a total eclipse of the sun, for some strange, unexplainable reason all sexual inhibitions cease to exist, and whoever happens to be close to fulfil a person's depraved desire is good enough. In the case of this story, a birthday party thrown by Joanne for her 9-year-old son turns into a short but perverted orgy.
    • by Drizzt :...
    • Her Name was Amber, ch 3
      hername3 zip (03k) (M/g hot tub)
      The water felt really nice on my bare skin, and having a cute little 5 year old splashing about made it much better. She was wearing an old one-piece suit, and I was determined to get it off of her.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Cumming Daughter, Horny Dad
      cummingd zip (16k) (M/F/g Mast, orgy, inc, ped)
      Nine year old Vicky and her hunky dad Steve become lovers. But what happens when Steve's hot girlfriend catches the youngster spying and masturbating with her fathers willing help?
    • by Fahrenh8 :...
    • Pillars of the Community, ch 1: Day One
      pillars1 zip (13k) (Mg)
      What would happen to preteens if the local policeman and the head of the town school were both pedos? What would happen if some parents were too? In chapter one Claire, a pretty nine year old, finds out what happens to little girls caught out of school without permission!
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 11
      thevil11 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      By Sunday afternoon, the five preschool sex slaves were comfortably wearing four and a half inch by inch and a half soft dildos and eight year old Rolf had fucked five year old sex slave Wendy in every position they could think of. If any of the four, five and six year old preschool sex slaves realized five year old Wendy wasn't having her cunt stretched, they never said anything about it. With each new size dildo these little four, five and six year old girls were being impaled with, they just seemed to have orgasms faster and harder. Enough, that they kept asking to have a larger size, but Megan and Gina would just put them off and tell them to be patient.
    • by DeSadnik :...
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 2: Come to the Dark Side
      abishop2 zip (08k) (Mf, ff, inc, chuch sex, blasphemy, vaginal, pedo)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side. Tiffany drags him down even farther into depravity.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Hockey Trutjes
      hockeytr zip (07k) (F-groep, cons, oraal, rimmen, kontvingeren, celeb, vuile taal, voet fetisj, plasseks)
      Na het behalen van het landelijk kampioenschap dames-hockey vieren de speelsters uitbundig in de doucheruimte. Al snel zorgen de overwinningsroes en de gedronken champagne ervoor dat de lusten de vrije loop worden gelaten, en wat zich vervolgens voltrekt is een hete en natte lesbische orgie. Als vervolgens ook nog eens een bekende TV-presentatrice, zelf een oud-hockeyspeelster, zich bij de dames voegt om hen te feliciteren, weet de oudere vrouw niet wat haar te wachten staat.

      Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    • 5 eNovels were published today.... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • by DeSadnik :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Bishop's Fall From Grace, part 1
      abishop1 zip (15k) (Mf, ff, anal, chuch sex, blasphemy, vaginal)
      A Mormon Bishop gets ensnared in a forbidden tryst with a young seductress intent on turning him from God to evil as the first step in her plan to turn the conrgation to the dark side.
    • by GSP :...
    • Grandpa's Wise Lessons, part 2
      grandpa2 zip (09k) (M/f nc rough (intended))
      part 2 of the story how to be a loving yet very dominant stepdaddy.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Close Relations, part 1
      closere1 zip (21k) (m/f f/f voy incest mast. slow nosex)
      A group of repressed siblings rebell against their upbringing and become much closer over one summer.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Judy's Story, part 3
      judysst3 zip (06k) (m/f)
      Judy recalls a not so pleasant encounter from high school.
    • by Will Wanton69 :...
    • Hitsige Sonja in Het Pashokje
      hitsiges zip (11k) (FF, cons, oraal, kontvingeren, rimmen, celeb, interr, vuile taal, voet/nylon fetisj, spuug, scheet)
      De bekende TV-persoonlijkheid Sonja ***** komt net voor sluitingstijd nog even een setje kopen in een lingeriewinkel. De bloedmooie donkere vrouw vraagt meer hulp van de blonde verkoopster dan gewoon is, maar de verkoopster is maar wat bereid om Sonja te assisteren op elk mogelijke manier. Wat volgt is een wel heel heet en kinky lesbisch nummertje.

      Monday, October 08, 2007

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Our Gradual Descent Into Depravity
      ourgradu zip (07k) (Slut wife, cum eating husband)
      Cum eating threesome fantasies: How did my husband become such a cum slut for me? And me for him? How did we get this far? Quite easily, actually. It began one evening when we were having sex. We began fantasizing about a threesome with another man, something I had done before we met, and something Jack loved hearing about. "Tell me again, darling," he said. We were fucking, and Jack was moving in and out of my pussy in long, slow strokes. "It was an accident," I began. "My boyfriend and I were fucking, in the living room, on the floor in front of the fire, and his roommate came home and caught us. I tried to cover up at first, until the roommate handed me another glass of champagne. I was already slightly toasted, so when I reached up to take the glass it naturally exposed my naked tits. After that I didn't bother to cover up, letting the roommate see me naked. One thing led to another and suddenly I was sucking his cock while my boyfriend fucked me. Then they switched. The roommate fucked me while I sucked my boyfriend's cock. God it was hot, Jack. So fucking hot... to have two naked cocks to use for my sexual pleasure. I loved it... loved being a slut. Hell, I still do. Why else would I allow you to post my naked photos online everywhere," she laughed.
    • by Loli_silver :...
    • Tim, teil 2
      tim2 zip (08k) (Kindergarten, Junge, Mädchen)
      Die ganze nacht lag ich wach und dachte darüber nach, was ich am Nachmittag zuvor mit Tim gemacht hatte. Ich hoffte inständig, dass er es niemandem erzählen würde. Als ich dann am darauf folgenden Tag wieder im Kindergarten war, entwickelten sich die Dinge anders als ich es erwartet hatte....
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Het Vullen Van Leemtes
      hetvulle zip (06k) (Fm (16), cons, incest (moeder/zoon), oraal, kontvingeren, vuile taal, harige kut)
      Huisvrouw en moeder Monique ontdekt haar masturberende zoon op haar bed, haar vuile slipje ruikend. De seksueel gefrustreerde vrouw herkent een kans op een verzetje wel als ze hem ziet, en geeft de jongen waar hij over fantaseert.

      Sunday, October 07, 2007


      Saturday, October 06, 2007


      Friday, October 05, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • Fortunate Misfortune
      fortunat zip (11k) (Mf fb fbb pedo first impregnate)
      She began rubbing a washcloth against my hairless groin, making a cloud of suds around my jutting cock. Taking my balls in her wet hands, Ann began squeezing them, kneading them gently, weighing the sperm-filled eggs. I groaned with excitement. "You are beautiful!" she whispered.
    • by zet :...
    • Vic and Chick, part 7: Vic Loves Daddy
      vicandc7 zip (24k) (Mg, fa/dau, inc, ped, cons, rape)
      Eleven-year-old Victoria considers seducing her father to get him to understand her love for her brother. She wears her sexiest outfits and posees for him to get him hotter and hotter, and makes some dubious decisions that her father is very happy about.
    • by Lancer :...
    • I Thought We Were Going Camping..... Not Sex! part 3
      ithough3 zip (47k) (M/g, rape, nc, preteen, pedo, oral, humil, sad)
      Continuation of the plight of perfect preteens Ryanne and Marti who are kidnapped by 'Uncle' Elliot so that he can sexually abuse them. Long intro that will setup for the next 2 or 3 parts. Elliot finally brings his friends over so that they can share in the palatable preteen fresh.
    • by Silk :...
    • A Life Changed, part 5 (Lucy)
      alifech5 zip (09k) (M/f father/daughter cons, (age f 14))
      With her arms braced on her dad's shoulders, Lucy lifted herself upwards, using a combination of her knees and her arms for support. Lucy expected her father to somehow pull off her leotard and her tights but instead he fumbled to his side for a moment and came back with a pair of nail scissors. Showing no emotion he slide the blades across the crotch material of her leotard and simply cut the crotch apart. Then without care pierced the now exposed material of her tights and cut a rough hole in them, using his fingers to rip it open further.
    • by Zanzibar :...
    • Fill Her Up
      fillheru zip (06k) (Mf, Pedo, NC, Sleeping, Preg)
      Little Hannah is 12 years old and loves to play in her backyard. What she doesn't know is that Bill, her perverted neighbor, loves to watch her. But, Bill has more in mind than just watching.
    • by Bubba :...
    • Judy's Story, part 2
      judysst2 zip (06k) (f/g/b)
      Young Judy fins fun with her cousin baby sitting.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 10
      thevil10 zip (12k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      The first day of school, two very nervous, naked preteens loaded their books and such and lunches into their buggy and started towards the village. When Gina parked outside the school, both Rosa and Julia were waiting for them and they walked into the school like it was normal. After a while, the rest of the children quit staring at them, because the teacher reminded them that they had all seen Megan and Gina naked before and knew this was how they had to be. That seemed to put an end to the staring and whispers, and several of the other girls became friends with the stunning nude almost eleven year old Megan and stunning nude twelve year old Gina.

      Thursday, October 04, 2007

    • by Corn Dolly :...
    • Katie Brings A Friend Home
      katiebri zip (06k) (Mgg)
      I had been molesting Katie my girl friend's daughter for almost a year now and she was always eager to please me whenever mummy went out. Katie was now nearly 8 years old. She had made a new friend at school called Rachael. Rachael was from a broken home and seemed to love attention. One weekend Katie's mum was away working and Katie had asked if Rachael could come and stay. Of course, I agreed as long as it was ok with her mum.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • My Secret Life, by Onyx
      2mysecre zip (09k) (gangbang, exhibitionism)
      A long time ago singer Peggy Lee performed a song called, "Is that all there is?" It could just as easily have been entitled "Housewife's Lament." God how I can relate to that song. Early in life we start out as attractive as we'll ever be... eager, excited, challenged. We marry, maybe have a family, raise them, and then as the kids grow older, and the husband follows a career, things begin to sag a little on our bodies, and there isn't anything very exciting going on for us any longer. We're bored... comfortable, perhaps, but bored. The sex, what little of it there is, has become predictable. It's okay... it just isn't very exciting. Unless you meet a man like Luke, that is. I was one of the lucky ones. I met my... what shall I call him... my motivator, my personal Devil, always urging me on to do nastier and nastier things? My Svengali, perhaps? Whatever, at this point all I can tell you is that this man has become my sole source of excitement... him and the men with whom he shares me.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pleasures Of A Pedo
      thepleas zip (11k) (MM/g, M/g, inc, pedo)
      The Maples family enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on the first day of the long summer holidays. Afterwards, Oliver and Jodie relaxed in the sunny living room as their 7-year-old daughter, Susie, paraded before them in her new summer dress, its flimsiness serving to highlight the loveliness of her slim young body.
    • by Zanzibar :...
    • Doggie Helps Baby-sit
      doggiehe zip (06k) (Mg, extreme pedo, NC, sleeping, best)
      Fourteen year old Jordan is stuck baby-sitting a little girl still in diapers. His life seems like such a drag. That is until he discovers what is hiding in that little diaper, and then he lets the family dog in on the fun too.
    • by loli_silver :...
    • Sonja und Ankatrin 1
      sonjaun1 zip (06k) (lesbisch, teenager, fesseln)
      Die beiden heranwachsenden Mädchen Sonja und Ankatrin machen miteiander spontan ihre ersten sexuellen Erfahrungen, als Ankatrin Sonja zum ersten Mal zum Judo begleitet....

      Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    • by Bubba :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Judy's Story, part 1
      judysst1 zip (08k) (g/b, M/g)
      Judy recalls her sexual history from age 4 to present.
      My First
      myfirst zip (13k) (M/g)
      Young man tells story of his first little girl lover.
    • by Zanzibar :...
    • Vacation With The Family
      vacation zip (07k) (MMFf, teen, NC, drugged, sleep, preg?)
      Phillip decides to take his family on a little vacation to strengthen their realtionships. His naughty wife has some other ideas for his little girl though, and he gets pulled along on the ride.
      The Little Green Monster
      thelittl zip (07k) (Mf, pedo, NC, sleeping, fantasy, sci-fi)
      With Halloween coming soon, I thought a little "monster" story was in order. In this story, a happy little family moves into the wrong house, and discovers there was already something living there. Something that takes a liking to daddy's little girl.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, part 8
      homeinv8 zip (05k) (Mf mf Mm rape torture)
      George finishes up with his captives and leaves with his suprise booty.
    • by loli_silver :...
    • Mariana und Eddy
      marianna zip (06k) (Mädchen 15 Junge 11 Mutter,Twen)
      Mariana und Eddy sind Geschwister. Sie leben bei der Mutter, die sie alleine erzieht, sich aber meistens bei Männern herumtreibt. Als sie merkt, dass ihre Kinder wieder einmal streiten, denkt sie sich eine Strafe aus, die sie garantiert nie wieder vergessen.....

      Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 8, ch 18
      thelook8 zip (08k) (MF mf anal oral incest 1st)
      David fucks both moms and cousins ass , what a day for a preteen boy!
    • by Loli_Silver :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Tim, teil 1
      tim1 zip (07k) (kleiner Junge 6 Twen 21)
      Seit einem Dreivierteljahr arbeitete ich nun in dieser Kindertagesstätte. Die Kinder ab etwa vier begannen mich geil zu machen. Vor allem aber dieser Junge aus meiner gruppe, Tim, der nun 6 jahre alt war. Nun war der tolle Tag gekommen, an dem ich zum ersten Mal auf ihn aufpassen durfte bei mir zuhause. Ich war so geil wie nie zuvor....
    • by Uitkijker :...
    • Het Kerkdorp 3 - De Bijbelkring
      herkerk3 zip (09k) (MFFFFFFFFmmmmmmmm, inc)
      Wat vooraf ging. Geerten (13) heeft sex met zijn moeder Riet maar ze zijn betrapt door Maartje, een vriendin van Riet. Zie (deel 1). Geerten en Riet hebben ervoor gezorgd dat de zoon van Maartje, Peter (12), nu ook met zijn moeder neukt. Maartje heeft Riet nu echter onder druk gezet om mee te gaan naar de bijbelleeskring. Ze heeft beloofd dat ze tenminste een keer meegaat.
    • by Xylomet :...
    • Op De Glijbaan, deel 3
      opdegli3 zip (10k) (M/f medi nasal extreme)
      Kan het extremer ?? In de week erna was er uitgebreid aandacht voor de gebeurtenis in de lokale krant. Natuurlijk vond iedereen het een schande en werd het kind in de watten gelegd. Maar Ben was ook van de partij...

      Monday, October 01, 2007


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