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      Sunday, September 30, 2007

    • by Zanzibar :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Strangers In The House, ch 1
      strange1 zip (08k) (MMf, pedo, NC, drugged, preg?)
      Eleven year old Britney's parents were gone for the night, and a couple of men decide to rob her house. After Britney is drugged and unconcious, they decide there are better things to do than rob the place.
      Too Little for Glory, ch 1
      toolitt1 zip (08k) (Mf, pedo, NC, drugged, sleep, inter, preg?)
      Sweet little 10 year old Amanda crosses paths with a perverted porn shop owner. After drugging her, the pervert puts on a show for himself, with Amanda as the star.
    • by Drizzt :...
    • Reality Bites, ch 4
      reality4 zip (03k) (M/f, oral)
      After another few minutes, I feel capable of walking again, and Traci and I take a shower together. I am really hungry now, and Traci goes into the kitchen to make me breakfast. She won't join me though, as she is feeling pretty full at the moment.
    • by Acre :...
    • The New House: Julie's Wartime Evacuation
      thenewh5 zip (09k) (Mf, Ff, ff, war)
      The family stared at me when I entered the farm living room after being dropped off late in the evening from the evacuation train. Mary, the mum, introduced me and I said I was pleased to meet them all. They laughed at me being so polite but the nice lady Mary gave me a drink of milk. She was worried about me spilling it on my nice thin blue floral dress so she undid the buttons and whipped it over my head. I felt silly standing there, an eight year old in my light blue pants and vest especially as everybody was running their eyes all over me. A young girl took off her grubby vest and short grey skirt to show her navy pants before she grabbed my nice dress from her mum and put it on even though it was too tight. 'Its mine now'
    • by pudman :...
    • Delicious Candi
      deliciou zip (14k) (Dad/ dau 8yo bj pussy eating fucking)
      Eight year old Candi visits her Dad in the bathroom while he's shaving. Atfer grabbing his dick inside his robe, she fulfills both of their fantasies.
    • by Viezerik :...
    • Drie Generaties
      driegene zip (06k) (MMF/mff)
      Opa en zijn dochter en schoonzoon genieten onbedaarlijk van de nieuwe generatie.

      Saturday, September 29, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 9
      thevill9 zip (11k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      Over breakfast, Damien and Carl explained to twelve year old Gina and ten and a half year old Megan that what they had done at the club last night, was advertising for the villa. Also, the reporter at the miniature golf course, was advertising they couldn't have bought anyplace else. Most of the people that frequented the club, were very rich and powerful, this country was a place where they were safe from the laws of their native country. Even though they were avoiding the law, for one reason or another, most of them were decent people that if they owned slaves, would treat them well.
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • Two Very Short Stories: Little Ruth and A Quick and
      Easy Guide to Buying Your First Mecca
      twoverys zip (10k) (Young Oral)
      Story One: Little Ruthie: It was the early 60's before Woodstock, before the Summer of Love, when the last innocence of the 50's was still in the air. Little twelve-year-old Ruthie quietly struggled with her date in the back seat of his car. He had opened her blouse and unclipped her white training bra a long time ago. He had been sucking on her little pink nipples and she had very reluctantly allowed that. But now his hand was under her skirt and she was fighting to keep her thighs closed. But his fingers were strong and they both knew she had to open her legs to him. If she refused, he would just date someone else who would and she couldn't let that happen. She knew she should make him stop but she was afraid to completely refuse him, afraid he wouldn't date her again. He was the first boy to date her and he was a high school boy! When she started seventh grade in two months, all the other girls would be so jealous especially if she was wearing his letterman sweater. She always felt dizzy at the idea of getting off the bus and letting everyone see her in his big black sweater. Story Two: A Quick and Easy Guide to Buying Your First Mecca
      Barter, part 2
      barter2 zip (04k) (M/W M/g Oral Submissive)
      I started helping out Nicole and Sara. It made Nicole pathetically grateful and I'm sure she liked being under my control. I started paying the mortgage on Nicole's house since Bill was three months behind and she was four days away from eviction. I discovered that Bill was living by bouncing checks, using credit card cash withdrawals and interestingly enough selling pictures of little Sara.
    • by Xylomet :...
    • De Geheime Bunker ! (deel 1)
      degehei1 zip (08k) (M/f medi nasal)
      "Is die hond van u ?" vroeg het meisje dat voor hem stond. Ben keek op uit het blad dat hij aan het lezen was. Hij was deze middag speciaal naar deze plek op de kinderboerderij gekomen om zijn slag te slaan...
    • by Uitkijker :...
    • Het Kerkdorp 1 - Peter
      2hetkerk zip (08k) (FFmm, inc)
      Nadat Riet en haar zoon betrapt zijn door Maartje moeten ze van Maartje haar zoon Peter (12) dwingen om met zijn moeder te neuken.

      Friday, September 28, 2007

    • by Xylomet :...
    • Een Heerlijke Tweeling !! (deel 1)
      eenheer1 zip (08k) (M/f/cons)
      Het was midden in de nacht, rond drie uur, en Ben kon de slaap maar niet vatten. Vlak naast hem in zijn tweepersoons bed lag Eefje, zijn overbuurmeisje van 6 jaar. Naast haar lag haar zusje Sann, ook 6 jaar want ze waren een eeneiige tweeling...

      Thursday, September 27, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • The Visitors
      thevisit zip (12k) (b/g first pedo)
      Flossie leaned over and kissed his lips. He seemed unsure of himself. When she licked his lips, he opened in surprise and then she sucked his tongue. Instant arousal brought the boy to life. Brian was hot. His cock grew in his pants till the outline of his boner became distinct. "You like my breasts, Brian?"
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Fax and Fantasy, ch 6
      faxandf6 zip (17k) (Mf, f-solo, Mff, cons, oral, anal, rim, inc, interr, dirty-talk, feet, squirt, felch)
      Michael fucks black girl Jill in both holes in front of his sister Jo.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 7, ch 17
      thelook7 zip (05k) (mF Ff oral Fm anal 1st)
      Janice eats her nieces pussy and David gets some ass from mom.
    • by The Dragon :...
    • The Offer
      theoffer zip (07k) (Mf)
      The author gets an offer he can't refuse.
    • by Xylomet :...
    • Op De Glijbaan, deel 2
      opdegli2 zip (06k) (M/g/bdsm/medi)
      Kim lag weer bloot op haar rug maar nu op de picknicktafel in de achtertuin !! Een riem op haar buikje en een riem over haar borst hielden haar op de tafel. Haar beentjes waren opgetrokken en ver uit elkaar getrokken gespreid. Door middel van twee touwtjes, die met een lus in de knieholtes zaten...

      Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girl Chikan Ride Home
      trailer9 zip (13k) (Mg/FFg pedo exhib voy cum oral nc)
      How Ginny became a Preteen Prostitute. The tale of little eight year old Ginny continues after being molested through the day. Now it's a ride home with Sean, the drug dealer. But Sean has an idea or two and needs to make a stop at the strip club before little Ginny can finish her dirty day.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Fax and Fantasy, ch 5
      faxandf5 zip (15k) (Mf, f-solo, cons, oral, anal(~finger), rim, interr (WM / Bf.); dirty-talk, hairy cunt, spit, fart)
      Jo watches secretly as her friend Jill seduces her brother Michael for some steamy sex.
    • by Xylomet :...
    • Op De Glijbaan, deel 1
      opdegli1 zip (11k) (M/g/bdsm/medi)
      Vóór hem op de plastic kinderglijbaan ligt een naakt, klein kind. Ze is vijf jaar en heet Kim. Haar beentjes liggen links en rechts over de rand heen zodat ze met gespreide beentjes voor hem klaar ligt...
    • by Viezerik :...
    • De Internetboerderij, deel 2
      deinter2 zip (14k) (M/bgg/watersport/scat/extreme)
      Een verhaal van een vriend die liefhebber is van pies en poep...Tja....

      Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, part 7
      homeinv7 zip (07k) (Mf Mm fm incest rape torture violence)
      George continues his enjoyment of his captives.
    • by Spin :...
    • Babysitting Is Full Of Surprises
      3babysit zip (11k) (M/gg Pedo Sex Oral 1st Cons Incest)
      Wendy's uncle Richey is finally in for a few amazing surprises after numerous babysitting visits with his young, very cute niece. Panties fly in this erotic, believable story of preteen delights.
    • by Viezerik :...
    • De Internetboerderij, deel 1
      deinter1 zip (13k) (M/bgg watersport scat extreme)
      Een verhaal van een vriend die het leuk vond om ook eens wat gepubliseerd te zien.
    • by Xylomet :...
    • Bij Marloes Thuis, Het Vervolg...
      bijmarl2 zip (07k) (M/f/cons)
      Een halfuurtje later waren Ben en Marloes weer beneden in de kamer. De gordijnen hadden ze inmiddels gesloten, de deuren op slot gedaan en de tv stond af. Kleine Marloes lag op haar rug op de keukentafel,...

      Monday, September 24, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 8
      thevill8 zip (10k) (MM/gggggggggbbb ws)
      There was the usual evening fondling and touching of all the sex slaves bodies, but after them seeing the blonde thirteen year old fucked, this afternoon, almost every girl slave had orgasms from having their cunt lips massaged. The three boys had orgasms just having their little cocks pulled and stroked, but none of them were old enough to shoot cum yet. Still, when the slaves were sent to their cells for the night, the four new girl slaves and three new boy slaves were given injections and the speakers in their cells turned on.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 16
      julie16 zip (18k) (MfMf ff lots of stuff)
      "The first thing I said was 'Oh my darling little daughter, I can't believe how incredibly wicked you've become. I'm so proud of you. If your Master says that your brother and father should cum on you too then we better do that. I want you to sit on my face while they jerk off on you. I want all the cum that's still in your pussy and ass. I want all that fuck in my mouth and down my throat.' So I lay on the floor and she sat her cummy cunt down on my face and smeared it around. Most of the cum had dripped out already but there was still enough for me to enjoy. Her father and brother started jerking their very hard cocks at her open mouth and as she ground herself against my face they soon started spraying her with their hot incestuous sperm, covering her face so it dripped off in sheets on to her dress. The guys were so horny from the story they had heard that they shot off in record time. When I stood up I lifted the cum covered dress off my daughter and rub it over my body thrilling to the feel of all the cum. My daughter was standing there naked except for her spike heel shoes. How could such a young girl be so sexy and so slutty? I loved her wantonness, her desire to give her body to anyone that her master wished."
    • by Zponkf :...
    • Åsa Och Anneli
      asaochan zip (11k) (FF,Ff, Ff,FFff)
      Hej, Jag som skriver detta heter Åsa. Av naturliga skäl berättar jag inte mer personliga detaljer om mig själv än sådant som är relevant för min berättelse. Eller bekännelse, rättare sagt. Många av de saker som definierat vem jag är och som format mig som individ har skett med Anneli vid min sida. Jag och Anneli växte upp tillsammans, vi gick i samma klass, vi är båda lärarinnor och mödrar till var sin dotter. Min dotter är elva och heter Josefin. Annelis dotter är också elva och heter Charlotte. Jag kom tidigt på att jag var lesbisk. Jag förälskade mig i lärarinnor, klasskompisar och tjejer jag såg i tidningar och på TV. Killar var väl OK, men jag blev aldrig kär i killar. I åttan förstod jag för första gången att Anneli också var lesbisk. Vi hade inte varit jättekompisar innan, men när jag kom på hennes lustar för sitt egna kön så ändrades det drastiskt. Vi umgicks jämt och vi förlorade våra oskulder till varandra på fler plan än bara det fysiska. Jag är mörkhårig och har page, jag är 28 år gammal och var således bara 17 när jag fick Josefin. Hon är ett resultat av att jag blev för full på en fest och utnyttjad av en kille. När jag förstod att jag var gravid så var det för sent att göra abort. Jag är vältränad och ganska kort. Josefin är också mörkhårig men har långt hår. Hon är vacker och ganska smart (men det tycker väl alla mammor att sina barn är). Anneli är 1,75 lång, 28 år gammal hon med. Hennes dotter Charlotte är ett resultat av att Anneli för en period inte ville vara lesbisk, hon ville till varje pris vara "normal" och var ihop med en kille under några månader. Till skillnad från mig så ville Anneli ha barn. Det ville inte hennes kille. Det tog slut direkt när han fick veta att Anneli var gravid. Annelis dotter Charlotte är liksom sin mor ljushårig. Båda har långt hår. Båda är om inte trådsmala så i vilket fall inte överviktiga. När Anneli och jag var 24 så köpte vi varsitt radhus precis bredvid varandra. Vi fick båda jobb på en skola och undervisade mellan och högstadieklasser. Vi träffades då och då men var inte tillsammans. Det hade vi inte varit sedan vi fyllde sexton ungefär. Vi levde ganska lugna och anonyma Svenssonliv med enstaka förbindelser. Allt det ändrade sig under en enda kväll. Åtminstone var det under en enda kväll allt startade...
    • by Viezerik :...
    • De Groep
      degroep zip (05k) (bbb/ggg)
      Een groepje kinderen wijdt een jongen in in de geneugten van het sexuele leven.
      Een Ontmoeting In De Duinen
      eenontmo zip (06k) (M/bbb)
      In de duinen zijn een man en een jongen getuige van een opwindend spel van jongens.
    • by Xylomet :...
    • Bij Marloes Thuis !
      bijmarlo zip (12k) (M/f/g/cons)
      Toen de moeder van Marloes naar school kwam wist Ben bij voorbaat al waar het over ging; het gedrag van diens dochter. Marloes was 8 jaar, had bruin haar, hele mooie bruine ogen en had een glad, gaaf gezichtje met een lief wipneusje. Haar moeder was alleenstaand en van haar vader wist Ben alleen dat hij al sinds de geboorde van haar zusje verdwenen was. Iedere maand had hij wel een gesprekje met de moeder van Marloes en hij wist hierdoor dat het kind zich erg tot hem aangetrokken voelde. Dat was trouwens wederzijds ! Ook Ben zag haar graag, vond het fijn als ze bij hem om uitleg kwam vragen en dan tegen hem aan kwam staan. Hij legde dan zijn arm om haar middel en trok haar tegen zich aan om haar te laten merken wat hij voor haar voelde. "Vertel het eens ?", zei hij tegen de moeder toen hij de deur van de klas achter haar gesloten had en plaats nam aan zijn bureau. Marloes' moeder keek bezorgd en antwoordde : "Nou, ik vond gisteren een blaadje en toen ik het las zag ik dat het uit haar dagboek kwam. Ik denk dat ze het weg wilde gooien want het gaat over seks en over een kinderlokker !". Ben was niet verbaasd, kinderen waren wel vaker bezig met seks. Daarom speelden ze doktertje of vadertje-moedertje. Voor sommige ouders reden voor grote ongerustheid maar feitelijk normaal in de ontwikkeling van een kind. Ben kreeg een blaadje van Marloes' moeder en begon te lezen. Inderdaad leek het uit een dakboek te komen. Hij herkende ook Marloes' handschrift. En het begin was nog redelijk onschuldig. Toen las hij inderdaad dingen over..

      Sunday, September 23, 2007

    • by jallen944 :...
    • Miss Varley the Math Teacher
      missvarl zip (08k) (F/m, m/f, teen, monster cock)
      The new math teacher measures Ethan's huge cock.
    • by GPC :...
    • Tammy And The Girls, ch 3
      tammyan3 zip (09k) (M/F Public hum, anal, slut)
      Tammy gets tasked for the first time in her quest for the big prize.
    • by Vartek :...
    • Who's The Bitch Now?
      whostheb zip (06k) (Beast, f/m, Non Cons, Mild Bdsm)
      Written from the point of view of the unfortunate slut whom is abducted and forced to service a range of animals for the delight of her capture
    • by pudman :...
    • Feeding the Girls, part 2
      feeding2 zip (22k) (F/g-5 yo pussy eating, shit eating, piss drinking)
      This morning, though, she needed to have the sexual cravings that had been building inside of her all morning satisfied. She rested her head on the back of the sofa and stroked Lisa's hair as the little girl continued to suckle her breasts. She reveled in the sensations but wanted to feel that little tongue licking her pussy and her mouth sucking on her asshole. She didn't really want to climax at this juncture, she had plans for that later, she just wanted to feel Lisa's tongue and mouth on her.

      Saturday, September 22, 2007

    • by Vartek :...
    • Bound To Breed
      boundtob zip (19k) (Dom/sub/ f-dog/beast/ preg/ lactation/ mild fantasy)
      This story is collaboration between my self and my friend wolfsong... Amy a good looking young woman, whom is accosted and forced to breed various animals upon a farm where she is filled with a variety of drugs to turn her into a huge titted milk cow and nurse made to a range of farmyard animals.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Het Kerkdorp 1 - Moeder En Zoon
      hetkerk1 zip (15k) (FFm, inc)
      In het kerkdorp gebeurt het een en ander tussen de weduwe Riet en haar zoon Geerten (13).

      Friday, September 21, 2007

    • by Vartek :...
    • Weekend Slave For The Master Uncle
      weekends zip (12k) (Pedo, bdsm, rape, beast, nc, incest, cau)
      Kate is 11 and sent be her mother every week to fill the sadistic tastes of her uncle with her nubile young body only this week mommy will also be getting a taste of what her daughter endures when she is taken down to the stables and bread like work horse.
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Eri
      eri zip (35k) (M/ff a little bit of everything)
      Don is the author of his own misfortune. Volunteering for an assignment wasn't the brightest thing he has done. What starts out as a total screw up, ends on a very high note! It has something to do with a Girls Basket ball team, to young teens, Eri and Chi make the trip worth while.

      Thursday, September 20, 2007

    • by Doctor J :...
    • Britney's Bodyguard Testifies
      britneys zip (08k) (M/F, MM/F, F/F, voyeur)
      With the court case for custody of Britney Sp*ars' two children heating up, the testimony of a bodyguard is being called before the court. In it, he tells of nudity and improper behaviour by Ms. Sp*ars while at home, occasionally when the children were present. This is the testimony transcript. It makes for interesting reading.
    • by Melissa J. :...
    • Dirty Sisters, ch 6: Swimming In Filth
      dirtysi6 zip (09k) (fgg pedo incest scat)
      Later that evening Mandy asked if we could go swimming. "But we don't have a swimming pool Honey." I said. "We can fill up the tub and pretend that that's a swimming pool, would that be fun?" I figured a 5 year old pretty much just enjoys playing in water. "Yes!" Mandy shouted excited by the idea. "Okay, but did you bring a swimsuit?" I asked. "No." she said with a big frown. "That's okay cutie." I responded stroking her hair. "We can pretend we are wearing that too." She smiled from ear to ear as I lead her to Jen's bedroom. "We are going swimming in the bathtub." Mandy said to Jen. "Wanna come?" "Sure." Jen said as she turns off her radio. "That sounds like fun." We all three walked into the bathroom. I reached in and began to fill the tub. I looked over at Mandy who was standing by the toilet with a firm grip on private area while Jen is staring at herself in the mirror. "Do you have to potty Honey?" I asked in a caring voice. She nodded and I told her we are all girls here so you can just go we won't mind. Mandy didn't hesitate as she pulls down her shorts and panties at the same time then hoped up on the toilet. She did it so quickly I didn't even get a chance to see anything. Just then a dirty idea came to mind.
    • by Drizzt :...
    • NanoSlaves, ch 8
      nanosla8 zip (06k) (M/f, M/g)
      Time to shower with 6 naked little girls. The effects of my recent commands are fully active, and I start things off by sitting on a short stool, my knee's well apart, and inviting Mackenzie to give me a hug.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Marooned
      marooned zip (14k) (Mf pedo)
      She felt the hot shaft of his erect prick pressing against her soft flesh. Slipping one slender hand between them, she curled her fingers around the rock-hard,cylinder. Her hand squeezed him just to reassure herself of its reality, its power, and its hardness.
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Reincarnated
      reincarn zip (74k) (Ffm)
      William W. Williams gets reincarnated to share the body of seven-year-old Billy Lopez and his life with Aunt Nela and Cousin Mimi.
    • by Xylomet :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Proloog !
      proloog zip (04k) (Mg Reluct)
      Ben was een jonge, energieke man die een tamelijk rustig, onopvallend leven leidde. In zijn jeugd groeide hij op in een rustig dorp, was lid van de locale scoutinggroep en speelde veel in de bossen rondom het dorp. Toen hij later als leider bij diezelfde club actief werd steeg ook zijn populariteit wat meer en dat vond hij niet vervelend. Hij was veel te vinden in en rondom de blokhut in de bossen, ook buiten de uren dat de club samenkwam. Maar het leukste vond hij toch de momenten dat hij samen met de kinderen er op uit kon trekken. Avonden, weekends en kampen waren hoogtepunten. Op één van die kampen gebeurde iets dat Ben's aandacht op andere zaken. Het kamp was amper twee dagen oud toen twee van de kinderen aan zijn zorg werden toevertrouwd. Ze hadden blijkbaar een kou gepakt en hoestten en snuften flink. Omdat hij redelijk kundig was geraakt in de huis tuin en keuken geneeskunst nam hij ze dan ook onder zijn hoede. Bij de lokale apotheek haalde hij een fles hoestsiroop en 2 flesjes neusdruppels en toog hiermee terug naar het kamp. Vanaf dat moment kwamen de twee kinderen ieder ochtend, middag, avond en nacht bij hem in de tent voor hun medicijnen. Op hun knietjes zittend gaf hij ze eerst een lepel hoestsiroop en daarna een flinke dosis neusdruppels. Het eerste vonden ze niet zo erg, het tweede wel ! Maar omdat ze de aandacht duidelijk prettig vonden bogen ze dan tóch braaf hun hoofdjes achterover. Ben merkte wel dat de kinderen hem volledig vertrouwden en hem zijn gang lieten gaan maar merkte dat hij zelf óók genoot. Het glazen buisje ging steeds dieper in en uit het kinderneusje en dat vond hij op de een of andere manier een geil gezicht. Na deze week bewaarde hij de flesjes als aandenken, en in gedachten zag hij nog vaak de gebeurtenis voorbij komen. Op internet verdiepte hij zich meer in deze methode om medicijnen toe te dienen en ontdekte...

      Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    • by Scott Free :...
    • Jenny Jones Side Story: Jenny and her Brother
      jennyjo3 zip (10k) (pedo, mf, bi, Mfm, rimming, threesome)
      I fantasize about what COULD have happened that night after I fucked Jenny Jones.
    • by Melissa J. :...
    • Dirty Sisters, ch 5: Little Mandy Comes To Play
      dirtysi5 zip (06k) (fgg/incest/pedo/scat/vomit/caution)
      As expected the weekend came really slowly. Jen and I were excited for Mandy to come stay for the weekend. She was a little 5 year old girl that lived next door. Her Mom Tracy was going out of town for the weekend and I was tending her. My goal was to figure out a way to play dirty games with her and her not tell anyone. Jen and I came up with a plan to give her a big dose of sleeping pills to knock her out. If it worked we could do pretty much do anything we wanted to her and she wouldn't know. On Friday afternoon Miss Jenson (Mandy's mom Tracy) dropped Mandy off at the house. Tracy Jenson was a beautiful single mother. At 26 she had short brown hair that ran barely to her shoulders. Her eyes we're dark blue and were very sexy. From the looks of it her body was as tight as mine but that was clothed. She was a very attractive lady. "Here is all her stuff." she said as she handed me a small pink bag. "Now you be a good little girl for Melissa and Jen okay Mandy." "Yes Mama." Mandy said in her cute little voice.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Fantasies Cum True
      fantasie zip (08k) (swinging, teens and younger, families, orgy, GS - pure FICTION, but good for jerking off!)
      Over the years my husband and I had conjured up a lot of very naughty sexual fantasies while we were fucking, and almost all of them involved me with other men. My husband is orally bisexual, so I didn't have to worry about him wanting other women to join us. No, we both love cocks, and cum, so we shared the same desires... to have a group of men in the bedroom with us... me naked, spread open, masturbating while he sucked the men's cocks until they were hard enough to fuck me. Then he would slide their cocks inside his wife's slutty cunt and begin to prepare the next cock until the man fucking me came in my pussy, when the next guy would take the first guy's place. Did we ever think it would happen? No, not really. Or at least I didn't. Until our fateful trip to Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well... not really. Because, you see, once a girl has been the subject of a gangbang, lying there as the center of a group fuck, well... it's pretty hard not to want a scene like that repeated, which is exactly what we've done many times since that first gangbang in Vegas. How did it happen? Like this....

      Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, part 6
      homeinv6 zip (06k) (Mm anal first voy)
      George pops Trents anal cherry and gets him some boypussy as his sisters watch.
    • by Scott Free :...
    • Jenny Jones, part 2: Aina
      jennyjo2 zip (12k) (pedo, masturbation)
      I journey across the country trying to get away from what completely fucked up my life in Georgia, only to find more of the same in California. Only this time, she's a little younger, and a little more Latina.
    • by Slutlover :...
    • Hur Man Introducerar En Bajsgrotta Till Kuk, del 6
      hurmani6 zip (10k) (M+Ff/bb pedo anal oral ws scat nc cons rough)
      Mormorn kände ett sug, ett sug efter ett eget barnhål att gosa sig med ända sedan kalaset för några veckor sedan. Knullmötena med dotterns son hade räckt ett tag, men sen den elaka granngubben träffade pojken blev besöken bara färre. Inte konstigt heller när gubben hade ett sånt bra tag med barn. Så var det den där festen, då hon på länge fick se sitt sexiga kukälskande 3 åriga dottersbarn igen. Det räckte inte med de sällsynta besöken och de enstaka filmerna dottern gav henne längre. Hon ville ha ett alldeles eget litet horluder att leka med, och adoption verkade det enklaste alternativet. Hon kunde ju själv välja sin favorit, någon söt liten pojke, vilken ålder som helst, ovetandes att han skulle komma att bli en knullslav.

      Monday, September 17, 2007

    • by Dick :...
    • My Daughter Rachael In The Gazebo
      mydaught zip (09k) (orgy, m/f, M/F, mm/f, fath/dau, m/f)
      The animalistic hunger for copulation took over and he impaled me with his tool. The sex was fast and furious as we fucked there in the booth. Another orgasm took me as he found my clit with his finger. I was his to do with as he pleased. Wet sloppy sounds filled the room as I got wetter with each carnal tremor. After time he started to grunt and grab me harder. I instinctively knew I was about to be bred by this stud of a man. The cock pistoning my cunt began to bulge. Deep inside I felt the warm swell of his liquid as it was push into my uterus. I came again as I realized my fertile womb was being pumped full of his potent sperm.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, part 5
      homeinv5 zip (04k) (mf incest rape violence voy)
      As Trent rapes his baby sister George plans his next day with his captives.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 7
      thevill7 zip (12k) (MM/gggggggggggbbb ws)
      By the time Gina and Megan returned to the pool, there were some very relieved looks on the nine slaves from yesterday's faces. They had evidently already been telling the new slaves what Gina and Megan had been through and how much they seemed to like it. Still, the older girls of the eight new girls had a lot of questions, that Megan and Gina tried to answer. It was still, the seven year old, that clung to Gina and finally the twelve year old asked one of the older Irish girls why. The seven year old had a twin brother, and the pirates just put him on the rail of the boat, shot him and pushed him over board.

      Sunday, September 16, 2007

    • by Jack :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jake & His Sons: Going For a Test Drive
      jakeand1 zip (07k) (Mb, MMMb, inc, pedo)
      Jake's a horny dad who loves nothing better than keeping his sex life in the family. He's got 2 sons, Aaron who's 3 and Cole who's 11 months old.
      Jake and His Sons: Visiting the Office
      jakeand2 zip (07k) (Mb, MMMb, inc, pedo)
      Jake's a horny dad who loves nothing better than keeping his sex life in the family. He's got 2 sons, Aaron who's 3 and Cole who's 11months old. Jake has to go into the office today and takes the kids with him.
      Jake & His Sons: Aaron Takes Over The Baton
      jakeand3 zip (08k) (Mb, MMMb, inc, pedo)
      Jake's a horny dad who loves nothing better than keeping his sex life in the family. He's got 2 sons, Aaron who's 3 and Cole who's 11months old. Jake's Uncle Dean has a proposition for Jake - he wants to breed Aaron!
    • by pudman :...
    • Saturday With Sandi - Afternoon
      saturda3 zip (06k) (M/g Dad/9yo dau inc anal)
      I couldn't get over the thought of butt fucking my little daughter as she lay on top of me and I squeezed her ass cheeks. From the way she had sounded earlier I didn't think she would really mind, it was probably just the thought of having something stuffed in her asshole that caused her to think about it. Fuck it, I thought, stop thinking about it and just do it. Being convinced I was going to take her anal cherry I started to figure out how best to do it, I didn't want to just shove my prick into her butt.
    • by DannyR :...
    • Incest Tales 9: There's a New Trinity in Town
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      Little Davy's grandpa is a sick pedo pervert, all right. Besides joining his son-in-law in fucking and sucking or being sucked by the little boy, he wants to make the boy's birthday very, very special, by giving him a train. Daddy thinks that's a kind of dumb gift...a model train for a kid so young...but then grandpa explains. And arranges for young Davy to have his train in a hotel men's room. But first, daddy has to take Davy to a toilet in the park, just to be sure Davy's really, really, really ready to pull his very first, very long train.

      Saturday, September 15, 2007

    • by Arapahoe :...
    • The Masters - A Meeting
      themast3 zip (05k) (Con, Rom?, MC, NC)
      He smiled to himself remembering the Irish girl who had been sent over on a flight from Dublin for a threesome. A few months out of her initiation she got off the flight dressed like any college student. Jeans, T-shirt, sneakers and worse, her marks were covered up and the two of them, standing at arrivals couldn't identify her. Finally, when nobody else was left she had announced herself. She had thought it would be acceptable to change at the flat they both shared. They used her, spread her dress and stocking with their cum, threw her Jeans and panties away and sent her back later in the day. They laughed as she walked across the airport concourse, cum dripping down her legs, trying to suppress her tears. By way of 'refund' the society sent her back the next weekend. This time wearing fish-net stockings, ankle strap heels, a bustier top, makeup you could scrape off with a palette knife and the shortest satin mini skirt that would not get you arrested. She looked like a total slut. . . . .and of course all the men in the flight had reacted to that in the way men do. Trained to respond to the smell of pre-cum and the sight of men trying hide their hardon's she was a horny as hell when they took her. A much improved fuck.

      Friday, September 14, 2007

    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 6: ch 16
      thelook6 zip (07k) (b/g incest 1st time F/b voy)
      David fucks his mom.

      Thursday, September 13, 2007

    • by Ferret224 :...
    • Big Brother
      bigbroth zip (40k) (Mf, cons, rough, inc, oral, anal, feet, dirtytalk)
      Bobby and Vanessa quickly find out that they have more in common that most brother and sisters.
    • by Arapahoe :...
    • The Masters - An Initiation
      themast2 zip (12k) (MMMM/f reluct, mc)
      'You body has chosen this one Mary, he's fat and old, but a smooth fucker, he's fucked dozens of little sluts like you - probably boys as well.' For a moment Mary's upper body stiffened, and she looked away, body and mind for an instant separate, then in a moment of decision she turned back to her fucking. The words came tumbling out' "Fuck your young whore, give me your cock, fill my cunt with seed." A red flush began to creep down her chest, and the words crumbled 'fuck, cunt, whore, cock, which trailed away into juddering moans of pleasure as she reached that peak for the first time.

      Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 6
      thevill6 zip (12k) (MM/gg ws)
      A couple days after the party, the strawberry blonde twelve year old and brunette ten and a half year old, had come to terms with their Parent's death and the fact they were still sex slaves. Yet, the days after the party, and the treatment by their Masters, let them understand they were loved sex slaves. The two stunning, naked beauties also realized that they had come to love their Masters and when they shared this in an e-mail to Casey and Amber and found out their friends had also come to love their Masters. They were giggling about something when they heard their Masters coming into the office and they were talking about a group of merchandise arriving in the morning.
    • by Arapahoe :...
    • Dr Harriet McPherson M.R.C.P.
      drharrie zip (08k) (con reluct mf)
      "Go behind the screens and take your clothes off please" I said firmly. A minute or two later I went round. He stood nervously beside the couch a man in his late forties, strong and muscular and only just beginning to lose his hair. I looked down. Jesus! A doctor sees lots of naked men, and some are bigger than others, but Bill, he had the biggest penis I have ever seen. It dangled down his thigh like a thick, wet rolled up newspaper.
      The Masters
      themaste zip (07k) (rom f/f con)
      She knew her partner would be selfish, not uncaring, just selfish. There had been moments of intimacy before this, a light touch on the cheek, fingers lingering, a soft touch as caring hands arranged her hair... but now the time had come. It was not the first time, there had been others, but none like her mistress. For that was what she was. Not a partner, not a lover, not a friend. She would demand everything, unconditionally -- and it would be given, unconditionally. It was simultaneously a state of freedom and enthrallment. There were so many thoughts in her mind in those few moments before she surrendered. Fleeting memories of childhood, of other partners, other places, other relationships. A reverie swept over her, as if she were making a transition from one life to the next. "Help me with this", her mistress said reaching down to the fastenings on her uniform skirt. It was a signal that she was ready, but it was also in both a command and an invitation. She fumbled with the catches, then the skirt fell down to her ankles. There was a moment of confusion, surprise, she blushed. The older woman looked down on and can smiled. "You're never seen stockings or a garter belt on someone before, have you"
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • The Perverted Mother, ch 3
      theperv3 zip (16k) (Ff (12), cons, oral, anal(-finger), rim, dirty-talk, hairy cunt)
      At the same that Michelle had filthy sex with her son (see chapter 2), her daughter Angelica had her own filthy adult woman to deal with. The girl's teacher, Miss Annette, finds out her secret and promptly takes advantage of the opportunity that presents itself.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The MotherFucker Club, part 2: Danny's Mom, Gretel Franklin
      themoth2 zip (07k) (bbb/F, group)
      "Here she is again! Danny's mom...Gretel Franklin!" the boy said, stepping aside as the door at the top of the stairs leading from the house opened. Gretel Franklin walked down the stairs, wearing a pair of spandex hot pants and a halter top. She was 45 years old, with short blonde hair. Most of the fathers in the neighbourhood had been into her more than once, and this was the third time she'd been involved in the Mother Fuckers Club. Gretel liked cock, and her just husband couldn't give her enough. He tried, and Gretel loved him for it. But her appetite was insatiable, so they'd made a deal. The end result was that Gretel could get cock from wherever she liked. It also meant that Danny had been fucking his mom for two years. Even Danny and his parents had been involved in more than a few threesomes as well. Gretel loved being spit roasted by her two special guys.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, ch 4
      homeinv4 zip (05k) (Mf mf incest torture voy rape)
      As George pulled his pecker from his mouth Trent looked over at his sisters. Jessica was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at the two of them with a mixture of what could only be disgust and amazement. Melinda was laying on the other bed iin a fetal position just staring in their direction . Trent didnt know if she had actually seen any thing or if she had just tuned everything out. George saw the same thing and decided to shake Melinda up a little bit. He pulled Trent to him and spun him around , slicing through the tape that was binding his hands with his knife . He showed it to Trent again and said " DONT TRY ANYTHING OR I WILL CUT YOUR SISTERS LITTLE NIPPLES OFF, UNDERSTAND." To make sure he did, he grabbed Jessica off the bed and sat her naked sweaty body in his lap with his hard, saliva, slick pecker sticking up from between her thighs and grabbed her tiny tit with one hand while his other brought the knife blade to a spot just under her nipple. He then told Trent to go over to Melinda and untape her hands . The teen boy obeyed with out a word and George thought he might have made some progress in breaking him when he made him suck his dick in front of his sisters . But when he told him to strip his sister for them he angrily said " Hell no you nasty old pervert I ain't gonna do it she's just a lttle kid ."

      Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    • by Arapahoe :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Dancing Master
      thedanci zip (09k) (mc, nc, reluct, preg)
      Caroline is introduced to her first lover by the ghost of his wife. . . .
      The Passion Trap
      thepassi zip (09k) (mc, nc, reluct, preg)
      She knew her partner would be selfish, not uncaring, just selfish. There had been moments of intimacy before this, a light touch on the cheek, fingers lingering, a soft touch as caring hands arranged her hair... but now the time had come. It was not the first time, there had been others, but none like her mistress. For that was what she was. Not a partner, not a lover, not a friend. She would demand everything, unconditionally -- and it would be given, unconditionally. It was simultaneously a state of freedom and enthrallment. There were so many thoughts in her mind in those few moments before she surrendered. Fleeting memories of childhood, of other partners, other places, other relationships. A reverie swept over her, as if she were making a transition from one life to the next. "Help me with this", her mistress said reaching down to the fastenings on her uniform skirt. It was a signal that she was ready, but it was also in both a command and an invitation. She fumbled with the catches, then the skirt fell down to her ankles. There was a moment of confusion, surprise, she blushed. The older woman looked down on and can smiled. "You're never seen stockings or a garter belt on someone before, have you". "Not outside of men's magazines" she said. Why did it embarrass her so?
    • by Melissa J. :...
    • Dirty Sisters, ch 4: Taking It To Our Limits
      dirtysi4 zip (07k) (fg/g/incest/ws/scat/vomit)
      We woke up the next morning and I asked her if Jen had any regrets. I was nervous that maybe she thought about it and she didn't want to do it anymore. She smiled and said that she loved every moment of it. "We're blood Melissa so maybe that is why we are both such freaks" she said. We both laughed and I told her to get up and get ready for school. We both jumped into the shower and helped each other clean our bodies taking extra time on our special spots. When we got out she got into a tight yellow tee shirt as some small tight shorts. While I was driving her to school we began talking about how dirty we had been the night before. I told how horny it makes me thinking of all the other sick and twisted things we could do with each other. She said we could make it a game trying to come up with the most disgusting things we could think of to do with each other. "I love the way you think Jen." I said "You start thinking of stuff and so will I. But I bet I will go so much farther then you could ever realize." "We'll see." She replied. "I know you broke the toilet on purpose now. And it turns me on thinking what you did with my shit that night." "You're not mad?" I asked. "Not at all." She said reaching for my hand. "I actual think it's really hot that would wanted it so badly." "Well then." I said "Let the games begin." As we pulled up to the school I got a devilish thought. I told her that her first dirty task was to follow a younger girl into the bathroom and somehow bring home her shit to me. I explained to her how she could break the toilet so that it wouldn't flush. I said find a plastic baggy and put it in it. If you don't bring it home you will be punished. Jen attended middle school so there were girls as young as twelve that also went to her school. She was so excited about her assignment she was smiling ear to ear. "Yes Mistress." She said
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, part 3
      homeinv3 zip (04k) (Mf Mm oral voyouer)
      George gets through with Jessica and surprises Trent.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The MotherFucker Club, part 1: Rob's Mom, Rita Plant
      themoth1 zip (08k) (bbb/F, group)
      Rita Plant stepped down the stairs, smiling as she saw the boys. Wolf whistles greeted her as she descended, her long, shapely legs oiled lightly, her feet clad in her best pair of fuck-me heels. She wore a pair of silk panties and a silk bra, barely restraining her 42DDD breasts. Rob had squirted between those puppies so many times he was sure that his cum was making them grow even bigger. "Hi boys..." Rita said, stepping off the bottom step, one hand on the wooden banister post as she leaned a hip out to the other side in a classic pose. Eleven boys spoke at once!
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girl Chikan
      trailer8 zip (09k) (M/M/M/g pedo exhib voy drugs cum nc rape)
      A new little trailer girl, eight year old Ginny, has to run an errand for druggie Mom and her boyfriend. But the little preteen is in for a surprise as busy crowds let others have a fun time with the newest little trailer girl.

      Monday, September 10, 2007

    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • The Perverted Mother, ch 2
      theperv2 zip (14k) (Fm (14), cons, oral, anal(-finger), rim, inc (mom/son), dirty-talk, hairy cunt, spit, fart, ws)
      With her daughter Angelica in school, mother and housewife Michelle has a perverted 1-on-1 with her 14-year-old son Tony. The depraved, filthy woman holds nothing back as she enjoys her offspring, letting go of inhibitions that even other incestuous mothers would be inclined to have.
      Fax and Fantasy, ch 4
      faxandf4 zip (16k) (ff, cons, oral, rim, anal(-finger), interr (Wf / Bf), dirty-talk, hairy cunt, spit, squirt)
      Jo confides in her friend Jill, a 16-year-old black girl, about her desire for, and experiences with her brother Michael. Although Jo hoped Jill would be understanding of her hidden, perverted desires for her own brother, she didn't expect Jill to be as accepting as she turned out to be. What ensues is a teenage, interracial, no-holds-barred lesbian thing right then and there on Jill's bed.
    • by JKP :...
    • Small Town Secrets
      smalltow zip (07k) (ped, M,m, F,f,f,f, scat, ws, exhib)
      Even in a small town there is a lot of sinning going on and sometimes it takes a voyeur and the threat of exposure to bring it out from behind closed doors. Dega was good with computers, good at finding pedophiles, and good at blackmailing them. Then and only then does the real depravity begin.

      Sunday, September 09, 2007

    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Fax and Fantasy, ch 3
      faxandf3 zip (13k) (M-solo, f-solo, no-sex, incest, dirty-talk, panty-sucking, hairy cunt, very mild scat)
      Jo walks in on her brother as he is masturbating and sucking her dirty panties.
      The Perverted Mother, ch 1
      theperv1 zip (06k) (Fmf (14, 12), cons, oral, anal, rim, inc (mom/son/dau), ped, dirty-talk, hairy cunt, ws, felch)
      A secretly perverted married mother of two discovers her teenage son and daughter fooling around in her son's room. Seeing a wonderful opportunity to start living out the depraved fantasies of her true self, the 34-year-old woman decides the join them. The rest is history.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Meg's Tell All Diary
      megstell zip (14k) (girl 9 (almost 10), boy 13; hand holding, petting, nudity, photography, fondling, oral)
      Little Margaret Custer (Meg) tells her brand new diary all about how her mom and dad are perpetuating the Battle of Little Big Horn, about a trip to the doctor's where she had to undress and don a hospital gown, and how when the doctor's finger probed between her legs she discovered she had a hole there she never knew she had. Then she found herself with a 13 yo boy talking to her on the park swings, and taking her to the movies and the art museum, and introducing her to paintings of ladies without any clothes on which he called nude studies. Although in her opinion all of the ladies in the paintings were too stout to get any work as models these days, the boy further confounded her by telling her that if she would consent to get naked and let some artist paint her, he thought she would be more beautiful than any of the models in the paintings. This made Meg's mind take many twists and turns, which thankfully she describes in great detail in her diary, and to us, the vicarious reader of her diary.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right, ch 2
      homeinv2 zip (03k) (Mf rape ist time voy)
      George rapes a preteen and her brother watches and wishes.

      Saturday, September 08, 2007

    • by wet_amber :...
    • Twins
      twins zip (43k) (Incest mother/daughters - preteen twins - zoo sex preteen girls/dog)
      Alison Kruse was having a really bad day. She was so busy at work that she was planning to work into the night to clear some of her desk when she got a call mid-afternoon from her childminder to say that she would have to finish at five. At such short notice, Alison couldn't arrange any cover, and she had no alternative but to go home, laden down with files and paperwork.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 5
      thevill5 zip (13k) (MM/gg ws)
      Over the next two weeks, the ten and a half year old brunette beauty and the twelve year old strawberry blonde beauty began looking forward to having their Master's cocks in their preteen bodies. They lived in the nude and accepted this as just the way it was, even when there were guest at the villa. They kept to the use of Master but both stunning beauties felt like they were more than slaves and were actually beginning to think of their Masters as Father figures. Still, they knew Fathers never fucked their Daughters like their Master's did them, because if Fathers could do this, there would be a lot less problems in homes.
    • by Melissa J. :...
    • Dirty Sisters, ch 3: Jen Catches On Quick
      dirtysi3 zip (05k) (fg/incest/ws/scat)
      I decided to show Jen Dads secret stash of scat porn. If she liked watching these movies then I know I could convince her to get just as dirty with me. With my Dad being a trucker he was only home once or maybe twice a week so we usually had the house to ourselves. When she got home from school I told her I had a secret. She followed me to Dads closet and I pulled out the DVDs. She asked what they were and I just said porn. She got a really big smile and said, "Let's watch it." We went to my room because I have a DVD player plus my TV is bigger. She still had no idea what kind of porn it was. The first scene was of two girls on the grass kissing. They removed their cloths quickly and I paused the movie and mentioned to Jen we should get naked also. She agreed and we hurried and took off all of our cloths. We snuggled back onto my bed both of us feeling up each others body as we briefly kissed. I pressed play on the DVD player as one of the girls had made it down to the others pussy and was eating her out like crazy. I started really rubbing Jen's little pussy now to make sure she was nice and horny when the scat part came. The two girls got into a 69 position as they were both licking each others assholes. "Do you like it when I licked asshole the other night?" I asked Jen in a cute little baby voice. "Yes, a lot" she replied. "But I bet it was yucky for you cause it wasn't clean." "You worry too much." I said. "I knew what I was getting into"

      Friday, September 07, 2007

    • by Keyah :...
    • Doing Debbie
      doingdeb zip (09k) (MF b/g incest first)
      Richard, you bastard! Bastard!" She whined. It was too late. He was staring at her from the door. Fingers from both hands tore at the pink hole in her horny body. She had been caught and knew it. Richard closed the door softly and moved silently across the room.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Jewel... A Real Estate Slut Wife
      jewelare zip (16k) (MMMM/F)
      My husband answered on the second ring. "Hi baby," I said. "I've got some exciting news. Mike Keller and three of his investor buddies are in town and they want to see my $1.5 million Jenkins listing tonight, so I'm afraid I'll be tied up with them and not home for dinner. Wish me luck, okay?" "I wish you more than luck, baby. If you can sell that one to them let them tie you up... and do anything they want to you," Jerry teased. "Be careful what you wish for," I teased back. "I just might let them do exactly that to me if they buy THAT property! Don't wait up for me. See you later. Love you," I said, and hung up.
      My Spectacularly Sexy Slutty Wife
      myspecta zip (10k) (MFF, incest teens, slut wife, GS, lots of cum)
      "I want you to come on my face... all of you, while my husband eats my pussy. Then afterward, if you have anything left, you can fuck me," I said, thrills coursing through my body. God I love sex... cocks... and most of all, cum. Hot, sticky, nasty, wet cum. I love it in my pussy, on my tits, in my mouth, but on my face most of all. I don't know why. I suppose it has something to do with how slutty it makes me feel. I mean, is there anything nastier than having a group of cocks spurting hot cum on your face? God how I love it, and fortunately for me, so does my husband. We're both cum sluts. How convenient for me, huh?
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Fax and Fantasy, ch 2
      faxandf2 zip (09k) (f-solo no-sex (incestuous)exhib)
      Jo moved forward in her attempt to seduce her brother, and the next step is to flaunt herself while sunbathing at poolside.
    • by Acre :...
    • Shooting Stars, part 2
      shootin2 zip (10k) (Ff ff Mf incest anal young girls)
      The family looked astonished when a smiling sexy looking 13 year old Rosita came back into the room wearing a thin white nylon school blouse and school kilt. The pretty uplifting white lace bra seen thro the blouse and the newly brushed pony tail hairstyle that gave her the 'All American' look. The other two girls insisted that we style their hair to rival Rosita. Anna had big white balls fixed to each side of her head, a fashion which I had seen on Russian kiddy porn pictures while Teresa's hair was plaited into pig tails with big white bows on the ends. They gradually relaxed with adults touching their face and pushing and caressing them into position.
    • by Melissa J. :...
    • Dirty Sisters, ch 2: Warming Jen Up
      dirtysi2 zip (05k) (fg/incest/mild scat)
      Hi it's Melissa again. This is the second chapter to my story about me and my little sister Jen. Make sure to read the first chapter so you can keep up. It was a few days after my bathroom experience. I was sitting in Jens room and we were just talking. She was wearing a small pink belly shirt and some tight blue jeans. Her hair was in pig tails which always drove me crazy and she looked really, really cute. As we talked she mentioned that she was getting sick of boys already. She told me that the guy she had just given her virginity too was no longer interested in her. He no longer calls and never messages her back. I told her that she was only 14 and she doesn't need a guy in her life. That is when I told her I only like girls. At first she thought I meant just hanging out with girls but I explained that I do everything and I mean everything with girls. She looked at me in shock and asked if I'd ever kissed a girl.
    • by Baldie :...
    • Trailer Girl Junk Yard Whore - Pay Day
      trailer7 zip (13k) (MMMgg pedo inc bdsm nc oral drugs)
      Another tale of the Junk Yard Whores, and this time its Pay Day for a few new business partners. And what's payday without a party featuring our favorite junk yard whores, little four year old Christina and eight year old Patricia.

      Thursday, September 06, 2007

    • by Melissa J. :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dirty Sisters, ch 1
      dirtysi1 zip (04k) (fg/incest/ws/scat)
      My name is Melissa and I have some dirty stuff I would like to share with you. Some of you might think I am a really twisted slut and you're right. It started when I was young and I found my dads stash of scat porn. Now I am 18 and I live at home with my Dad who is never around and my younger sister Jen who is 14. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I am 5' 10" and weigh about 110 pounds. I am a lesbian and have been into girls for as long as I can remember. I have tried it with boys but they just don't do anything for me. My sister and I are very, very close. Jen looks just like a younger version of me. Her hair isn't as blond as mine and not quite as long. She has braces but I think they look really cute on her. I've had a secret crush on Jen for a really long time. Sometimes I would talk her into sleeping naked so I could sneak into her bedroom at night and stare at her sexy little body. If I was lucky she would spread her legs while she was sleeping and I could see her perfect little hairless pussy. I would quietly put my nose right next to her pussy and smell it but I didn't dare touch her in case I woke her up. It made me want her even more. Before I left her room I would always check her dirty cloths pile for her panties. I would grab them and take them to my room with me. When I was in my room I would look at her dirty panties to see if she had left any messes in them. Most of the time they would be little pee stains in them but sometimes when she didn't wipe good enough there would be brown streaks. Brown steaks were my favorite. Just putting them to my nose made my pussy start leaking all over. I could always smell the brown streaks but there was never enough left over to taste anything. I would stay up for hours sucking on her dirty panties while I rubbed my cunt raw. One night I got an idea. I purposely broke the toilet. I knew that after she would use the toilet she would never go get Dad if she had taken a dump and it wouldn't flush. That night she came to my room. She told me she had just used the toilet and it wouldn't flush. You could tell she was embarrassed because of her cute little red face. I told her not to worry I was going to take a bath and I would fix the toilet while I was in bathroom. She told me not to lift the lid because it was number two. Just her saying that made me wet as I smiled and said, "I won't".
    • by Greven :...
    • Father Goose, part 1
      fatherg1 zip (10k) (No Sex, intro to new story)
      It all began when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. As the allies forces were falling back from their forward bases a new group of independents were pressed into being heroes and spies. They were called island watchers.
    • by Grandpa lester :...
    • The Measurement: Moment of Truth
      themeasu zip (12k) (M(18)/g(7) bro/sis first/anal/oral/sex (g/Toddler to pre-teen/Lots of exploration))
      She wanted to measure it before she would let me stick it in her. So she goes out and gets moms clothe measuring tape from her sewing basket. She measures me form the tip of my cock down through my bush of cock hairs right to where my boner ends. Then she wraps the tape around my shaft to find the thickness. She wants to make sure it wouldn't stretch her to the point of pain. For seven years I've been waiting and praying for this moment to cum and now it's finally here.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Fax and Fantasy, ch 1
      faxandfa zip (09k) (M-solo f-solo inc no-sex fart)
      The story of a 17-year-old girl that reads "Without Restraint" and notices how much she would like to be a nasty girl with her own brother. In this chapter, the seduction begins...
    • by Mysterian :...
    • Salima's Dance, part 2
      salimas2 zip (16k) (M/g(12) pedo cons oral anal penetration)
      After a devastating roadside bomb caught him in its blast, reporter Daniel Stone has been sheltered in a Baghdad cellar by a young Iraqi girl. She tends to his wounds, feeds him, has sex with him. Incredible sex. Though only twelve, she is schooled in the ways of love and uses all the tools in her possession to keep him with her.
    • by Barrett_E :...
    • Rivers Edge, ch 5: An Ending In Sight?
      riverse5 zip (06k) (bbg/b bond cons gay)
      Sarah stepped up and smiled as she gently rubbed my cock once more, it was far gentler than Matt and as I closed my eys for that final time my legs buckled from exhaustion and the tremendous orgasm I experienced. She stepped back as stream after stream shot forward and I collapsed the ropes to my wrists holding me up. "Guess you enjoyed that hey, well, I'm off now as well, so it's down to you Bradley, take care of him, he may be useful" and Sarah too left the island. "Wow, you've had some day Austin, and it's not all over yet, see I bought along the broom handle" as he held the handle up in front of me with a huge grin... Bradley, Sean and Sarah were the only three left now. "So what is the broom handle all about Bradley", asked Sean. "Well, when I found him, it was stuck up his arse and he seemed to be enjoying it so I thought we might ask him why and test it out on him", replied Bradley.
    • by gusgus :...
    • My New Life, ch 7
      mynewli7 zip (07k) (F/m breast oral penetration)
      Like clock work, at 10 to 9 am, there was a knock on the door. There was young Jamie looking handsome as ever supporting a nice hard on in his trousers as usual. I just smiled and motioned for him to come in. As soon as I closed the door, I dropped my robe to the floor giving him full view of my naked body. Jamie without saying a word, reached over fondling my tits while I reached down to stroke his hard cock. I said, "How many times this week have you jack off this beautiful cock of yours?"
    • by Ben Tyson :...
    • It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, part 3: Stealing Beth
      itwasad3 zip (22k) (Pedo M/ggg Coerced)
      Amanda silently looked around. She smiled shyly and said "It doesn't look that different from home, another dark lonely place in the middle of nowhere." I pulled out a bag from the truck and smiled back "Yeah, but Jakob is three days that way!" Amanda nodded and took the bag from me. "Allison told me what you do to her. I told her it's the same thing Jakob does to me. I know what you want from me, but my sister is only nine, will she have to do it too? Can you wait until she's older? I'll do everything you want. Please, leave my little sister alone." I looked at Amanda, "You all have to please me, even the little ones. If you don't want to, you have to go back to Jakob, he is your husband and the little girls families might want them back" Amanda looked at my face; suddenly looking much older than fourteen "You know they don't care where we are, except to punish us." "So what are you going to do Amanda?" "I am going to bed with you whenever you want, just like I did for Jakob. Jakob said I had to honor and obey him. I'll do that for you, I promise. And I'll help the little girls understand what you want from them, but please don't hurt them too much. Amy and Beth are so small. I don't know what else we can do." Amanda stood by the door with tears in her eyes, waiting for me to unlock the door to her new life.
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Voyeur Mom, Naughty Neighbors, ch 3
      momsvoy4 zip (17k) (...)
      After the hot weekend when Eric lost his virginity to his mother and the naughty preteen next door, the week was one of exploration and excitement for young Eric and his mom. When they got back home, she excitedly showed him her collection of perverted toys and put on a sex show, where she used all of them on herself... and him! They took to running around the house naked together, often masturbating themselves as they ate supper, then attacking each other in the most perverted of ways as the evening progressed.
    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Nadine; Een Bezoekje in de Badkamer
      nadineen zip (07k) (Mf (17), cons, oraal, kontvingeren, rimmen, incest (oom / nicht), vuile taal, geschoren kut)
      Mijn 17 jaar oude nichtje Nadine ontdekt me naakt in de badkamer tijdens een bezoekje, terwijl mijn vrouw even de deur uit is. Een momentje van seksuele spanning slaat heel snel om in een vlug en stevig incestueus nummertje.

      Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    • by Barrett_E :...
    • Rivers Edge, ch 4: Who's Next
      riverse4 zip (09k) (bbbbgg/b bond cons)
      I watched in anticipation and nervousness as the plan went into action and each drew a twig from Danny's hand until only one was left, his own. Then they carefully gathered to compare lengths, the excitement in the air increasing as each comparison was made. Finally Danny turned to me..... "Sarah goes first, then Me he he, then Sean, then Matt, then Lucy and finally your founder Bradley". "Oh good, I've always wanted to play with a boy", said Sarah excitedly. I looked down, so humiliated by the turn of events. I wished I had not taken this so far and that I had just waited for Irwin to come along once more. "So what did you have planned then Sarah, asked Bradley. I looked back into Sarahs eyes afraid of what she would say next. She took her time responding, knowing she was causing me distress as I held my breath in anticipation. She grinned at me and winked, this made me once more look towards the ground, trying to keep any dignity I may have had left. "Come on Sarah, tell us".
    • by turbo93 :...
    • Home Invasion Gone Right
      homeinva zip (05k) (M/m kidnap)
      George Jacobs thought things had gone really wrong. He had been casing this house out for a week and there wasnt supposed to be any one home tonight. But there was he could hear music coming from one of the bedrooms and see a light on under the door of another. GOD DAMMIT why did everything have to screw up. he just needed to get a little cash to support himself while he figured out what he wanted to do nextand now this. He started to turn around and stake out another house for a while, but then he thought "fuck it' im here and im going to go through with it. He checked his bag to make sure he had some duct tape , sure enough a full roll. George eased open the door with the music playing and slid inside, his eyes made out a body on the bed , it looked to be a boy about 13 or 14 maybe. He was sleeping on his stomach and George just grabbed his hands in one hand and covered his mouth with the other while he whispered in his ear that he didnt want to hurt him , but he had a knife and would if he had to. The boys body finally relaxed and George was able to put a piece of tape over his mouth and wrap his wrists and hands tightly.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • De Opvoeding
      deopvoed zip (10k) (MFf, inc, ws)
      Gerrit hoort hoe in het park een moeder probleempjes heeft met haar dochtertje. Hij helpt haar wel even met de opvoeding maar dan blijkt dat haar moeder er wel erg op aandringt het meisje eens goed de les te lezen.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Ups-geile-Momente
      upsgeile zip (08k) (...)
      Heute an der Fußgängerampel... Eine Mutter ist an diesem sonnigen Tag mit ihrer Tochter (7 oder 8 Jahre alt) in der Fußgängerzone unterwegs. An einer Kreuzung, die durch Gitter neben den Ampeln gesichert ist, muss sie kurz warten. Dem Mädchen (langes gewelltes dunkeles Haar, weißes T-Shirt und ausgewaschene hellblaue Jeans) wird es langweilig und sie beginnt, an dem Geländer rumzuturnen, dabei mit dem Rücken zu alle an der Ampel wartenden Personen. Dabei ist nicht nur ihr T-Shirt etwas hochgerutscht, sondern auch ein Stück ihre Jeans (wohl mit dem Slip) und entblößte den Ansatz ihrer Pobacken. Deutlich lugten 3-4 Zentimeter ihrer hellen Pobacken ans Tageslicht und ich war nicht der Einzige, der verstohlen die Minute, bis die Ampel umschaltete und sie mit ihrer Mutter den Weg fortsetzte, auf ihre kleinen Bäckchen...
    • by Viezerik :...
    • Het Gezinnetje
      hetgezin zip (05k) ()
      Het was koud buiten maar binnen brandde de haard en verspreidde een weldadige warmte.

      Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Stranger's Helping Hand
      astrange zip (07k) (M/b 10yrs, stranger, mast, discovery, first time, semi cons)
      When we got inside the long tunnel that we had to go through to get down to the ride itself which was suppose to be in the basement of this hotel it was kind of dark with a lot of fog stuff in the air. There were little lights on the ramp so we could see where we were going but that was about it making for a more spooky type of setting. I felt the man reaching back again to see if I was there only this time when he did he touched the front of my thighs and around my dick area. The board shorts I was wearing were pretty loose fitting as most are, the man didn't move his hands away but instead began reaching around on where my dick was. I was a little scared I wasn't sure what to do I couldn't just leave the line was too long. His hands didn't seem mean or rough but were gentle and it started to make me excited with my dick starting to get hard. I knew he could feel it getting hard he fondled around playing with my zipped got it down a little reaching in with his fingers found my erect dick drawing it out setting it free.
    • by Mysterian :...
    • Salima's Dance
      salimas1 zip (18k) (M/g(12) pedo cons oral penetration)
      Daniel Stone was glad to be in Baghdad. For a young reporter it was a prestigious assignment. It was also difficult and dangerous. Daniel felt safe when he was embedded with an armored infantry unit. He shouldn't have. On routine patrol, a huge roadside bomb blew him from his vehicle, but didn't quite kill him. Instead, he found himself in the arms of a young Iraqi girl.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 5, ch 15
      thelook5 zip (04k) (...)
      David went to his room after his mom caught him looking at her crotch, but he couldnt sleep. His thoughts were allover the place. First and foremost was the fact that he wasnt a virgin anymore. He could still feel the incredidble warm wet tightness of his young cousins pussy around his dick when he closed his eyes. But he could also see the amazing image of his fathers dick buried in that same small hairless preteen pussy. GOD what a turn on that was. It was almost unbelievable that Maries cunt could stretch enough to accept that swollen member. Then his mind drifted to the sight of his dads hairy asscheeks flexing as he drove his cock into the preteen and how they had felt under his hand , he could feel the power and energy stored in them and it had made him hot . But the sight of his mother laying on the couch with her hand between her long legs was what he finally drifted of to dream about.

      Monday, September 03, 2007

    • by Grandpa lester :...
    • I Was Only Nine
      iwasonly zip (10k) (M/g(9) oral/con/sex/first time (picture taking))
      Nine year old Kellys mom went crazy after her husband left them. Kelly has to go stay with her uncle till mom gets better. Kelly models the new silk underwear her uncle bought her. Things go a lot further than Kelly ever expected them too.
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Villa, ch 4
      thevill4 zip (11k) (MM/ggg ws)
      When Damien entered his bedroom, ten and a half year old Megan lay on his bed. The stunning, naked brunette beauty was curled up in a fetal position, but she wasn't crying. After Damien removed his clothes he gently, slipped into his bed, and pulled a sheet up over he and the naked preteen beauty, then turned out the light. There was no movement out of Megan and when he touched her bare back, the ten and a half year old jumped. Yet, when he pulled her to him, she let him, then he slipped an arm under her head and cuddled her into his side. When he kissed the top of that soft brunette hair, he heard a little gasp, then Megan turned her face up towards him.
    • by August Gentleman :...
    • Julie, ch 15
      julie15 zip (14k) (MMff Exhib lots of other stuff)
      "They exploded their cum on to her face and in to her open waiting mouth. She was smiling the whole time the were painting their cream on her pretty face. When they had finished, she came over to me with the cum running down her face, and said, 'Let's kiss.' I sat in the chair and she straddled me again. My fingers went to her wet cunt and our tongues played with each other. She smeared the cum from her face to mine and picked up some and pasted it on to my pierced nipples. She was really raunchy. I loved her. When she touched my nipples, I wanted to shove my fingers all the way in her cunt hole but knew that I couldn't. I did however come one more time, telling her to play with my nipples a bit harder as I wanted to feel a little bit of pain. She pinched one then the other and then a little bit harder and then harder again. I was coming close to another orgasm as she twisted one of my sore pierced nipples. It was wonderful and I screamed out a cum. I wanted to take her home so I could have sex with her all the time. Who knew that four year olds could be so much fun. Her father was capturing all this with his camera. It would look great on the web site I was sure. There would be a lot of guys blowing their loads over this little girl and her face covered in cum."
    • by Nori :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Nachbarstochter In Meinem Pool, teil 1-2
      diena1_2 zip (39k) (M/g, petting/oral)
      Es war gerade kurz nach 15 Uhr, als ich zu Haus ankam. Da es ziemlich heiß war, hatte ich etwas früher Schluss gemacht. Ich bin Selbstständig und kann so meine Arbeitszeit selbst einteilen. Ich verkaufe und installiere Sicherheitstechnik wie Alarmanlagen oder Überwachungssysteme. Da ich eine Erfrischung dringend notwendig hatte, beschloss ich mich in meinem Pool abzukühlen. So holte ich mir ein Handtuch und begab mich zur Terrassentüre. Als ich diese öffnete, sah ich, dass sich schon jemand in meinem Pool entspannte. Mitten auf dem Wasser, auf einer Luftmatratze schwamm ein 10 bis 12 Jahre junges Mädchen. Ich traute meinen Augen kaum. Ich vermutete, dass sie nicht damit gerechnet hat, dass ich heute früher zurück bin, als die letzten beiden Tage. So lag sie ganz entspannt auf der Matratze, die Beine hingen links und rechts in das Wasser.

      Sunday, September 02, 2007

    • by Will Wanton 69 :...
    • Jennifer's Surprise, ch 7
      jennife7 zip (13k) (MF cons anal mast inc dirty-talk)
      Finally, Jennifer gets fucked in the ass by her surprise.
    • by Collette Reagh :...
    • Jennifer Goes To The Movies
      jennifer zip (15k) (MMFFff. n/c, reluctance)
      Back stalls, bad trip, crazy, dumb, but explosively electric. My fingers toy with my pussy as bits of my mind say, Stop! My hips curl around my sexual stage to form a protective guard. I am abed. My bed. Warm and safe. But ... how the hell did I let that happen? I cannot get it out of my mind. I was there with Sophie Grey. Big Sophie. They call her Big Sophie because her tits are huge. Everyone wants to go out with Sophie, but few dare because of the size of her melons. Mine don't match hers, of course, but they do okay. And I'm reckoned much prettier anyway. So I go out with Sophie. Most of the girls in our year haven't developed as much as the two of us, so tag on behind. Sophie and I lead the way. But what do we really know? Not a heck of a lot! But jeeees - did we learn at the movies this afternoon, OR WHAT!
      The Church Bazaar
      thechurc zip (11k) (MMMMMMMMMMMMM...f. n/c)
      'A Pound a Kiss for a Good Cause.' That was the name of the stall. The plan had been for three ladies from the choir to man the stall - or woman it, I suppose - but all three had called up Daddy to say they'd changed their mind. This caused great consternation at the breakfast table. My father's the pastor, you see, so is sort of responsible for the Church Bazaar's success, and quite obviously an un-manned, or un-womanned, 'A Pound a Kiss for a Good Cause,' stall, is unlikely to make much money. I didn't join the discussion. Teenage daughters in the pastor's household do not involve themselves in adult business, or so I've been brought up to believe. This was clearly adult business. At the end of breakfast none of us around the table was talking to each other much, until Shaun, my younger brother, suggested I should man the stall. I burst out laughing. Mummy scolded Shaun. Father glanced at me, fleetingly, then got up and left the table ... But I ended up doing it anyway.
    • by turbo93 :...
    • The Look, part 4: ch 13
      thelook4 zip (05k) (MFfm)
      As Marie screamed David finally came out of his sex induced stupor and looked over towards her. What he saw caused his young preteen cock to spring to life immediantly. His dad was laying over Maries tiny body, holding his much larger one off of her with one hand, while his other one had guided his swollen cock to the entrance of her tiny pussy and somehow managed to get almost all of its length inside of his nieces small writhing body. The sight of their two bodies joined at the crotch excited David tremendously, he had never thought about what his dads large cock would look like in a tiny pussy, but it looked awesome. Maries small pink lips were stretched till they were colourless as if the blood had been forced out of them by the invasion of his fathers pecker into her hole. And David could actually see her smooth belly move up as his fathers cock moved in and out of her pussy. David hadnt paid that much attention to his dads body when he watched him and his mom fuck , he had been to entralled with his view of his moms naked tits, ass and pussy. But now as he watched his dad fuck his young cousin, he found himself drawn to the sight of his dads ass ,as it clenched and unclenched as he drove his cock in and out of the tight preteen pussy that surrounded it. David moved closer to the pair and layed his hand on the small of his dads back James jerked his head around to see what had touched him. Then smiled at him and told him"go ahead son touch me or Marie all you like."
    • by The Dragon :...
    • Caught and Trained, ch 4
      caughta4 zip (06k) (Mf)
      Tom and Anna, the story comes to an end.
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Verbotene Gefühle, teil 4
      verbote4 zip (14k) (exhibitionismus / mf / 8-14 m/w (Geschwister) - 13j/11j - erste Gefühle - sehr real)
      Manchmal passieren sie nur aus Unachtsamkeit, manchmal gedankenlos und manchmal provozierend oder gar berechnend: Momente, an denen man von Kindern mehr sieht als man eigentlich sehen sollte ... eine nackte Brust, den Po oder die Geschlechtsteile.

      Saturday, September 01, 2007

    • by Dream Maker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dream Whores
      dreamwho zip (09k) (g(5), slut, smoking, consensual)
      "With all of the political opposition to smoking these days, I decided to move to the tobacco region to satisfy my strong fetish for smoking ladies. The public sentiment is still pro-smoking in "tobacco alley". I settled in a small town in South Carolina. Here I have found more smoking ladies than I ever thought possible. Smoking ladies of all ages...."
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Young Carrie's Craving, Episode 2
      youngca2 zip (08k) (m, f, brother/sister, humil, blackmail, oral, penetration)
      Holly left Carrie's house with lewd memories of Carrie's brother's big cock shooting off in her mouth and all over her body, almost like the spray of a fire hydrant (read episode #1). She now had a mission and that was to see if she could get her dad to expose himself and with luck snap a few pictures for Carrie's collection. In exchange, her best friend promised that she would hook her up again with her brother . . . especially if the pictures were revealing enough. Little did she know her brother would prefer that he would be first to have her sample his goods.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • My Shower With Little Susie
      myshower zip (13k) (man 40, girls 6, 4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 29; nudity, showering, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Sex isn't funny, or is it? Personally I think it is pretty funny, some of the positions we have to get in to make it work, and some of the situations we cook up to make it happen. I guess what isn't so funny is when we don't get enough of it. Try "don't get any" on for size. If it fits join my party. To paraphrase Howie in this week's tale, my prostate's "git-up-and-go done got-up-and-went." Anyway Howie Fletcher, 40, had every reason to be depressed over a life which was seemingly passing him by. Until one fateful Saturday when Susie Oppenheimer, the 6 yo daughter of his next door neighbors, suddenly appeared in his bathroom as he prepared to take a shower. What happened then and later that day is the stuff to meet even the deepest of depressions head on and mow it down, just like the grass Howie had spent the morning cutting.
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • Dear Stepdaddy
      dearstep zip (11k) (Mf, inc, preg, advice, spanking, uniforms, beast, hebe)
      Stepdaddy gets mail all the time asking his advice, and has recently decided to begin publishing some of these "gems of wisdom" as a sort of "Hebephile's Ann Landers." In this installment, Stepdaddy responds to questions about spanking techniques, hypocrites, and junior-high dog sex.
    • by pudman & Nimue :...
    • Feeding the Girls
      feeding1 zip (24k) (F/g love seduction WS Scat Toilet Training)
      Penelope Adams was walking home from the neighborhood grocery when she saw the little girl sitting on the side of the street. She looked to be about 5 or 6 years old and was holding her face in her cupped hands, her elbows resting on her pulled up knees. Penny thought she might be hiding her face and counting while her friends hid in a hide-and-seek game, but as she drew closer she knew it was something entirely different. She could hear the little girl sniffling into her hands and noticed the childs back wracking in spasms as she sobbed. Penny's heart melted for the child, but at the same time she found herself becoming excited; this could very well be the beginning of the fulfillment of her long-standing dream.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • PE Class with Coach Roberts
      peclassw zip (09k) (M/b, boy 11, teacher/student, mast, oral, anal, cons, first time, discovery, gentle)
      I had got away with sneaking out for almost two weeks when one afternoon Coach Roberts caught me. "David why didn't you shower?" He asked as he passed by me as I started to leave. He happened to step out just as I had came by, noticing that my hair was dry he asked to see my towel that was in my bag. When I pulled out the folded dry towel Coach Roberts got an angry look on his face. "You have to shower everyday there are no excuses or exceptions unless you have a broken arm or leg. Now get yourself ready and shower" he stated in an angry voice. There was no way of getting out of it, at least the other boys wouldn't see me as I began taking my clothes back off I took my towel then started to head to the shower. Hearing the water running as I stepped in there was Coach Roberts standing by the shower pole washing off. I couldn't help but notice his cock that he was massaging in his soapy hand. He had a large patch of black hair all over, it was longer then any of the boys I had seen but not real thick. When he saw me standing there, "Haven't you ever seen a man before?" He asked looking at me. "No Coach" I said as I stepped in knowing I had to shower or else.
    • by slutlover :...
    • Hur Man Introducerar En Bajsgrotta Till Kuk, del 5
      hurmani5 zip (13k) (M+F+/bbbf pedo anal oral ws scat cons rough)
      "Det är klart jag vill det! Min mor spelade även hon in min första gång med gubbarna och min far. Tänk dig, där var jag en 3 årig liten tjej, som på kvällen blev noggrant sminkat och uppklätt av sin egen mamma för att bli sexleksak åt gamla gubbar. Hon visade mig med sina fingrar hur man tar något djupt ner i halsen, och jag kräktes nästan. Jag visste ju inte varför hon gjorde det där, och varför hon smorde in mitt anus så ordentligt. Hon sa att jag skulle bli pappas lilla luder. En liten 3 årig oskyldig flicka som av sin egen mor blir lett till fem flinande gubbar som smeker sina massiva kukar. Helt naken, förutom ett par skinande röda högklackade skor, med hela kroppen insmord med barn olja så den glänser sexigt. Mitt långa hår flätat i en hästsvans, så att gubbarna kunde greppa det när de munknullade mig hårt. Vad var det som skulle hända undrade jag när de band mig fast över bordet så att min lilla stjärt var klar för tänjning hela natten. Varför spottade och skrattade gubbarna åt mig när de utnyttjade min mun och röv så totalt, och varför filmade min egen mamma allt det där? För att jag var ett luder. Jag visste det inte bara ännu. Men det visste mamma, pappa, och de där gubbarna. Och det vet du nu också tjejen, du är ett luder, för mamma, pappa, och alla vuxna som vill använda dig ordentligt."

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