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    April 01 - April 30th mid-Morning Updates

      On Thursday, April 30, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Corn53 :...
    • Nine Year Old Wendy Models Swimsuits, part 2
      nineyea2 zip (14k) (MMM/f, anal fingering, photography, vibrator, masturbation, licking her finger after she puts it in)
      Nine year old Wendy is back for her second modeling session. She enjoys seeing pictures of some of the other girls, including some pictures showing a man's finger going into the girl's pussy. Wendy has her first big orgasm while playing with a little "finger-vibrator" in front of the four men and a video camera, with a man's lubricated finger up her bottom. She realizes that she gets "bigger tingles" when she is embarrassed, so she is glad there are new men to watch her.
    • by Klee Wyck :...
    • Connie's Cousin, part 2
      connies2 zip (08k) (MF, Mf, Ff, incest, MFf)
      Thanks for making Jamie's first day so special," Connie told me. "And thanks for shopping with us..." she grinned. Just the thought of her sucking me off in the dressing room got me hard again! But with her little cousin in the next room, I didn't dare start anything. Instead, we snuggled together on the sofa until Jamie called from down the hall that the bathroom was all ours. Connie got up to say goodnight to Jamie and helped her get settled down in the guest room. After a while she returned and motioned for me to follow. This was a pleasant surprise, I thought. With Jamie in the house, I didn't think I'd be staying the night, but Connie seemed okay with the idea.
    • by FamFun :...
    • Family Fun in Happy Acres, part 6: To Grandmother's House We Go!
      familyf6 zip (05k) (MFfmgFM fam inc orgy)
      The Danton family is off to see grandma and grandpa for fun and games.

      Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by dennypuss :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Granddaughter Night-Over
      granddau zip (05k) (pedo)
      My granddoughter came over and ended staying the night.
    • by Dark Night Daddy :...
    • Suzie's' No Longer Sad, part 1
      suziesn1 zip (49k) (Mg, MFg, mmmmmg, mg, rape, incest, mild violence, mast)
      A junior high school girl finds herself bwing accosted by a female classmate and three boys who are planning a rape party at her expense.
    • by Matson :...
    • Searching the Pearls
      searchin zip (07k) (M/f, pedo, cons)
      She met him by searching the internet with an unbelievable request. Now she was about to meet him face to face and carry it out.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • For The Love Of Liza, part 2
      forthel2 zip (13k) (M/F sex, Rom, Drama)
      It was late in Sep when I finished with all the details for the movies and decided to return home before I left for England. It was going be a short stay but I just had to see Liza. Oh, I missed Rose too and I loved them both. But Liza never left my mind in the six months I was away. That young girl was like a drug to me with her gentle nature and child like innocence I knew that I could not live with out her. So I made up my mind that I would ask Rose to marry me so I could be the father Liza never had. Little did I know that I would wind up becoming Liza's boyfriend before I left at the end of the month?

      Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Corn53 :...
    • Nine Year Old Wendy Models Swimsuits, part 1
      2nineyea zip (12k) (M/f, photography, nudity, fingering, fondling, cameras, pre-teen, see-through mirror, tan lines)
      Nine Year old Wendy gets to model swim suits and do other modeling for Mr. Davis after her Step-Mother signs the papers. Wendy gets to model swim suits in front of a camera and the big mirror on the wall. She looks through catalogs of other youthful models - girls and boys her age - and she has to categorize her pussy lips (A,B, or C) and her breast size (A, B, C, D, or E) etc. She finds out that modeling can be very stimulating.
    • by BruiseWillies :...
    • Sunset Boy Strip, ch 1
      sunsetb1 zip (14k) (M+/b+, toddler, rape, NC, inter-racial, rough)
      All around, I could see little boys 4 to 9 years old dancing erotically in various forms of nakedness as they slid, slithered and gyrated their nubile young bodies to the beat of the music as men either wanked their aching meat off or had some of the walking waiters (boys of course) suck their cocks. I wanted to cheer as a particularly horny group splashed their beers onto a young, pale little 5 year old blond boy before pulling him down and began spanking his cute little ass before commencing what looked to be a really brutal gang-bang.
    • by Tinus :...
    • The Poor Girl
      thepoor1 zip (64k) (Mf gi cons pedo lolita reluc slow)
      Walking home from visiting my elderly mother at the nursing home I found myself walking behind a pretty young girl. She seemed to be about 9 years old. She was wearing very worn out boots. Her jeans were the cheapest ones you can buy I guess and the thin cloth flapped around her pert little butt. Her coat too was an old worn-out cheap thing. This gave me and idea to help the kid and 'help' myself too.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Single Parent Trap #4
      thesing4 zip (08k) (FF/g)
      Brie and Jackie are in love, and Brie has never felt so good. The three make love and plan their future, a very nasty future. Alex is a little worried, but no so much that he let's it interrupt his party, so he puts Sandra, Holly, and Laurie to work.
    • by Tiger :...
    • Das Schwein, teil 3: Tag 3 bis 9
      dasschw3 zip (19k) (M/b+, 2-9yo, anal, oral, nc/cons, mc, abduct, ws, heavy scat,smegma, extrem pedo, caution)
      Nachdem ich am nächsten Morgen wieder wach wurde, blieb ich noch eine weile liegen. Um mich herum hatten sich die Jungs gelegt und Miniferkel war in meine Arme gekrochen. Vorsichtig legte ich ihn auf die Seite und Superferkel daneben. Meine Morgenlatte wollte ich mir von Ficksau ab melken lassen. Durch einen kurzen geistigen Stubs weckte ich ihn auf und er rieb sich verschlafen die Augen. Er öffnete vollständig die Augen, sah meine Latte und stürzte sich drauf. Wie von selbst legte sich meine Hand auf seinen Hinterkopf und drückte meinen Schwanz so weit es ging in sein Maul. Bei zwei Dritteln musste er würgen und ich ließ ihn wieder etwas hoch kommen. Aber immer wieder drückte ich ihn auf meinen Schwanz. Es war einfach ein zu geiles Gefühl wenn sich sein Rachen um meinen Schwanz verkrampfte. Aber was ich eigentlich wollte war sein sicherlich sehr gut gefüllter Arsch.
    • by Slutlover :...
    • Emmas Döttrar
      emmasdot zip (05k) (M+/ff teen anal oral ws scat bdsm)
      I parken med din dotter. Femtonåriga Linnea, sexiga Linnea. Inte undra på att gubben börjar prata med henne.. Leder henne till toaletten, du undrar varför hon gick med på det.. Följer efter, efter en stund. Gammal nog att vara hennes morfar, fet, stinker.. snuskig.. pervers... Tar hennes hals. TAR den! Borrar sig ner utan nåd, saliven rinner från hennes mungipor, tårarna från hennes ögon. Hon skakar. Du skakar, kommer ihåg din första gång. Tagen hänsynslöst, du stönar, kommer. Han piskar henne med sitt bälte, flinar, spottar på henne. Pervers nog att pissa i hennes mun innan han utnyttjar hennes trånga tonårsröv. Linneas fitta är våt.. Är det hennes eller gubbens piss, gubbens saliv.. eller något annat? Hon lyder, gör vad han vill, nästan ingen tvekan, vad han än begär. Din lilla dotter. Tvingad. Kan inte stoppa honom. Vågar inte. Inte du heller.. Gubbens kuk så fet, så lång, så skitig.. Hans konstanta glåpord får dig att fortsätta komma. Om och om igen. Kuken görs ren.. Om... Och om igen. Skitig kuk i hennes mun. Slickar rent sin egen smutsiga stjärt. Putiga, sexiga tonårsrumpa. Gubben brölar, äcklet grymtar som en gris. Tömmer sig skamlöst i hennes mage. Tackar, flinar, spottar på henne. Försvinner. Hon säger inget.. berättar inget..

      Monday, April 27, 2009

    • by Andrew Roller :...
    • The Andrew Roller collection of stories is now published here.
      Andrew Roller is a fantastic author who posted his stories in the newsgroups during the 90's. As I recall, he left the scene shortly after the first COPA laws were passed during the Clinton administration. He usually posted one story per week along with political and satirical commentation. Nearly all of his stories are from the viewpoint of a young teen girl (12-19yo) with large breasts, and so his collection deserves a place on this site. Enjoy.

      Sunday, April 26, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by yoniforce :...
    • Mijn Lieve Zus En Haar Kleine Kinderen, deel 2
      mijnlei2 zip (10k) (MF/mf/incest)
      Hoe het verder gaat met Mijn lieve zus en haar kleine kinderen. Hoe Sar en Wim leren wat en hoe lekker sex is tussen broer en zus maar ook met hun eigen moeder.

      Saturday, April 25, 2009

    • 10 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

    • by FamFun :...
    • Famiy Fun in Happy Acres, part 5: Sunday Funday
      familyf5 zip (07k) (MFmfgg, inc, orgy)
      Sunday is a very special Funday at the Danton home. No shedules to meet, no hurrying, just a leisurely morning of glorious incest fun for all the family!
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Pastor Davis' Church
      pastorda zip (06k) (MM/g M/F/g)
      John Enoch Davis is the third generation Pastor of the family's small church. He returns to his loving home to share his dinner and his young daughter with his father, retired Pastor Ezekiel Francis Davis. As well as catching his Father up on the buisness of the church after dinner.

      Friday, April 24, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Amelia Jones :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ame intro
      ameintro zip (11k) (pedo, incest, mf)
      my love for my father
    • by Amelia Jones :...
    • trin, em and angel
      trineman zip (09k) (pedo, fff, ff, incest)
      three wild girls!
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Master, ch 12
      themas12 zip (12k) (MMM/gggg/b)
      On Wednesday, nine year old Brittany and ten year old Kelly's soccer practice coincided with twelve year old Breanne and twelve year old Heather's cheerleader's practice. After practice, Charles loaded all four girls into the limo and they headed to visit Doctor John. In a very plush office, full of beautiful women, a nurse took all the information from the girls then escorted them to a back office and pointed to a doorway. Inside the doorway was a bathroom with a shower and the nurse told the girls they needed to shower before the Doctor examined them. That once they were all showered, they could just dry off and wait for the Doctor, then once he had examined them, they could dress.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • The Davis Family Chronicles, ch 2
      thedavi2 zip (13k) (M/F, M/f+, Underage sex bisexual acts, romance, Drama, and some humor)
      Day Three: The next morning Patrick awoke to the sound of the alarm clock going off with Janie still cuddled up to him. He leaned over he kisses her on the check saying "good morning" as he turned on the light. Blinking at the light she looks up at him with a sad smile saying, "good morning Uncle Patrick." Patrick looked at the young beauty lying in the bed beside him; feeling guilty for what he had done to her. "Janie I am so sorry if I took advantage of you last night in any way." She looked him the eyes and reached up to caress his cheek and said, "Its ok Uncle Patrick if I had not wanted it to happen, then it would not have happened. You were so gentle with me when I needed it the most and I will always remember and love you for that," she said with a sad smile as tears started running down her checks. Patrick took her in his arms and held her as she cried. "Shhh it's going to ok Janie," thinking her crying might be from remembering what they had done.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Rogue Riders M.C., part 2
      therogu2 zip (16k) (F/ggg/M/F/ggg/ Gangbang/Orgy/F/ggg/rough)
      Christine has made a mistake and there is no where to run. She and her daughters are taken for a second weekend at the Chapter House, Christine goes reluctantly, with no real choice or options. Her girls go with enthusiasm thinking it will be fun like the last time. It's not a pleasant weekend.

      Thursday, April 23, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Tinus :...
    • My Life As An Apartment Caretaker
      mylifeas zip (102k) (mf Mf gi cons pedo lolita 1st slow)
      My name is Tinus, I'm in my mid 40s and I'm the caretaker and manager of an apartment complex. As I repair some defects I come inside all the apartments. It's an older apartment complex and most tenants don't have a lot of money to spend. They are often single moms with little kids. I like those tenants the best as I like kids. Actually I like little girls the best.
    • by Spin :...
    • Kiddy Camp Surprise!
      kiddycam zip (07k) (m/g Pedo, Sex,, Cons, 1st Time Smoking)
      Summer camp is the perfect place to meet young,tempting little girls of preteen age. But Luther, an accomplished pedophile, and the head counselor has a surprise in store when he makes friends with one of his young guests. Read on my friends and you'll be tempted to trade jobs or careers with Luther.
    • by Dragon Spit :...
    • Jessica
      jessica zip (11k) (Mf vampire first)
      Soon he urged her to slide up his body where he kissed her mouth with heated passion, his tongue meeting hers. Her little body arched up as he rolled her onto her back.
    • by Keyah :...
    • Learning Curve
      3learnin zip (10k) (Mf first child prostitution)
      She noticed their cocks got hard after seeing her, but by then her mother was talking money. She didn't know why but she liked making cocks hard. They got hard around her a lot, till it became a regular game with her and she did it without thinking. It wasn't long after that when one man started paying her mother extra.
    • by Benhead :...
    • Beach Flash, part 2
      beachfl2 zip (06k) (M/g exhibition)
      As I continued to dig in the sand, I made sure that my cock was working its way to be visible with my balls. She still hadn't seen it yet, but I was pretty sure it was open for display. Finally, I noticed that she stopped shoveling and was looking my way. I briefly glanced at her to verify that her eyes were drawn to my exposed penis. I also quickly looked around again to make sure no one else could see what I was doing. Perfect. I stopped digging in the sand as well and looked back at her. Her eyes darted from my cock to my eyes and I just gave her a big smile. I could see that she was embarrassed since her face turned pink as she watched me. I wasn't embarrassed one bit even though it was my cock and balls on display for the child.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • For The Love Of Liza, part 1
      forthel1 zip (23k) (M/F, M/f, Romance Drama)
      Chapter 1 meeting the new neighbors: Hi, my name is Jack Snow I am a 33-year-old freelance writer for some major magazines out of New York City. I have also written five mystery novels. I am average looking man standing 5 foot 10 inches tall and weigh 185 pounds. I have red hair, plus I have one blue eye and one green eye. I am single and hope to find a woman like my late girlfriend very soon because I am very lonely. I had gone with my girlfriend for ten years, and I was going to ask her to marry me, but I never got the chance. The reason I never ask her, a drunk driver hit her as she was riding her bike killing her instantly. That happened on Nov 22 2000 and I have been picking up the pieces of my life ever since that day, well enough about me now on with the story. It all started back in 2001, on a sunny afternoon in mid Oct. When a young girl moved into the empty apartment next to mine, with her very sexy mother, it was a day that would change my life forever.
    • by juancarloslolita :...
    • "Bambina Sex" Club
      bambinas zip (13k) (female child prostitution)
      A la orden de la directora las niñas se levantan presurosas de los asientos. Las chiquillas se dan prisa. Se quitan las batas y se bajan las ceñidas bragas hasta las rodillas. Dos hombres ya están en el salón recibidor del selecto burdel, el "Bambina Sex" Club. La señora los recibe amistosa.

      Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Corn53 :...
    • Summer Camp for Bad Girls (Sisterhood of the Trees)
      summerca zip (37k) (MMFF/ggg, anal finger, photography, oral, blindfolds, spanking)
      Nine year old Nancy was in trouble with the courts. She lived with her single, step-mother in a trailer court. Nancy's mother was approached by a female "officer" in plain clothes, who told her about the special summer camp opportunity for Nancy. She said that Nancy was recommended for the program by one of the judges. Nancy meets 29 other girls - ages 8 - 12 - who have also been in trouble. She learns many new skills which will keep her out of trouble with the courts or the bad boys at her school. Nancy's step-mother is paid for allowing her daughter to attend the free summer camp for selected girls. Nancy learns to build trust with the counselors, other campers, and of course, all the camp sponsors. She learns to pleasure other girls or men, boys, or any of the adult, female sponsors. She is trained with spankings, vibrators, and exciting games. And she is a natural "actress" for the pictures and videos the counselors or sponsors take almost everyday!
    • by FamFun :...
    • Daddy Wants to Know More!
      daddywa2 zip (07k) (MFb inc)
      Daddy has found out much more than he had expected about his fucking wife and his fucking kids, and now he doesn't know quite what to do with the information overload. Why not ask his big sister for some advice?
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Once Upon A Time In Korea, part 2
      onceupo2 zip (14k) (MMMMMMM/F/gg/Gangbang/Orgy/FFF/ggggg/infant)
      Tony's weekend just keeps getting better and better, starting with a small pussy fucking iniation for four year old Min, and ending with a rather large gangbang for two slut military wives and their young dauughters.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Younger Sister Plays Possum
      youngers zip (12k) (f (10),f (12), m (15), oral, mild drugs)
      10 year old Joy secretly waits until her sister is asleep and then assumes a different identity online and has become a true COCK addict on adult sites and longs for any opportunity she can find to view the male genitalia. Her older sister has begun to blossom and wants to let this "hot" guy come over while their parents are away. Katie has no idea what is in store for them both as Darren enters the scene and brings them both to a new level of carnal experience.

      Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Spin :...
    • Tom's New Neighbors
      tomsnewn zip (14k) (m/gg Pedo, Sex, Oral, Cons, 1st Time)
      After Tom moves into a new home he discovers what life can be like after a nasty divorce. His interests in the younger creatures on the planet change too, and so does his sex life when he meets nine year old Tammy, his friendly new neighbor and much more with a little help from U haul.
    • by Klee Wyck :...
    • Connie's Cousin
      conniesc zip (08k) (MF, Mf, FF)
      It's hard to refuse a favor when you're being pleasured by one of the world's great cocksuckers. Connie was doing just that. And it didn't seem like much of a problem agreeing to take her and her little cousin Jamie shopping down by the beach the next morning. Little did I know that the little excursion was only the prelude to a much bigger favor that had even bigger consequences.

      Monday, April 20, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by FertileMind :...
    • Third Generation Slut
      thirdgen zip (11k) (Ed. Note: previous post in error) (MMM+/FFF/g/infant)
      7 year old Paula is described by her own Mother as a "third generation slut". But by offering her daughter up as entertainment at a sex party, Mommy fucks up, and Paula willingly becomes someone elses property.
    • by DannyR :...
    • Jesse and the Boy Lovers 05 (Serve and Protect)
      jesseand zip (43k) (MMM/b, oral, anal)
      It's all the fault of Ron's World that Part 4 of the third Trinity story isn't done. Honest. He held a dick to my to my head and insisted that I finish this story and concentrate on it to the exclusion of anything else. And then he blames me because I kept on cumming to this one and it took longer than usual to complete. So here's the scoop: a 10 year old devout boy slut, a cop, a squad car, a storm, another teacher, a virgin boy...and *then* it gets interesting!
    • by Lilbo :...
    • Stefan, das Fotomodell
      stefanda zip (08k) (b / bb / mb)
      Stefan hat einen neuen Wochenendjob, er arbeitet als Fotomodell.

      Sunday, April 19, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Dark Night Daddy :...
    • Meeting CK, part 1
      meeting1 zip (77k) (mf, mmf, Mf, first, teacher/student, rape, hope, romance, preg)
      This story involves a remembered occurance of a man grown older, about a very special art teacher who teaches him about more then the world of fine art, she instills in him all the knowledge he will need to please his women throughout life.
    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Porno Store Mom, ch 2
      pornost2 zip (17k) (M/F/f inc, pedo, voy, orgy)
      Connie finds a customer that enjoys young girls and decides to give her daughter a thrill and let her watch as she and the customer fuck. Of course, the youngster gets to do more than just watch.

      Saturday, April 18, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Rogue Riders M.C.
      therogue zip (17k) (M/F Gangbang F/ggg)
      Fredrick McKenzie, President of the Rogue Riders M.C. has a new girlfriend. Christine, a sweet divorced Mother of three girls, he charms her, then seduces the needy Mommy, she falls for him, and he invites her and her daughters to a family barbcue at the Rogue Riders Chapter House, their fate is sealed as they meet about fifty of the members of their new family.
    • by MommyLover :...
    • Deep Space 69, ch 3
      deepspa3 zip (15k) (Fb, Inc, M/s)
      "I'm gonna spoil my baby's dick with this pussy." She said, digging her heels into his thighs so that his cockhead was crushed against her cervix. Charlize fell back onto her elbows arching her back so that her big tits rolled off the sides of her chest. Jeff took hold of her wide birthing hips and gazed down at the rounded contour of her belly and her cute little belly button. His eyes traveled down to the thin patch of well manicured fuzz crowing that swollen clit and the big bloated lips clutching the base of his pipe. The fact that he was seeing his own mom this way made his knees go weak. Jeff's instincts took over and he began to slowly saw his cock in and out of it's new home. Charlize rocked a bit, meeting her son's downward stroke. "That's it, sweetie...feed it to me....Feed it to momma." Her voice whined.
    • by Misguided Child :...
    • Thief2
      thief2 zip (23k) (MF, MMMF)
      Cher finds out what Brian does for a living. Brian finds the money and steals it, but there are complications. Cher is captured by three of the Mexicans and Brian has to rescue her. Of course he has to wait until they are thoroughly distracted. After all, one against three is not good odds. Cher gets introduced to triple penetration, something she wants to try again in safer circumstances. They get chased by the drug cartel thugs and with a brief reprieve find a place to hide with a family of four.

      Friday, April 17, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Ian :...
    • The Albany Girl
      thealban zip (16k) (M, M, g, rape)
      Darius and Leshawn are two Bronx boys with vision and ambition. When housebreaking in New York gets too risky they cast their eyes further afield, to the city of Albany. It's not the first time they've driven up from New York in the hope of finding softer targets, but neither expected to find a cute little blonde girl asleep on the sofa in the first house they tried. Never one to ignore a godsent opportunity, Darius rolls her up in a blanket and takes her into the yard at the back of the house. There the two men strip the youngster before introducing her to the realities of life - Bronx style...
    • by Dragon Spit :...
    • Kathy Is Having a Baby
      kathyish zip (11k) (Mf first preg sex)
      She needed for him to stuff her full of rigid meat. Like some slut out of his wet dreams, this beauty of his desire raised herself slightly so the boy could get his hand under her to feel her breast. The girl was home alone.
    • by Blackruled :...
    • Helping Sissy Son and Little Girl Please Black Men
      helpings zip (05k) (M/F M/m M/g Inter trans teasing rimming pedo)
      Mom gets a job in a gym where she can get lots of black cock. She happily supports her sissy son`s efforts to become a black cock lover, too. Then a neighbor with a daughter in kindergarten asks her to babysit!
    • by FamFun :...
    • Daddy Wants To Know
      daddywan zip (08k) (FMmgg inc orgy)
      When daddy suspects his teen son of using drugs, he sets out to find the truth. He finds much more than he expected, and it's not just one family member!
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Sex Jackers #2
      thesexj2 zip (09k) (MM/F/gg/b M/FF/g)
      The story of this crazy club continues with Matt's adventure into incest and child love with the incredibly hot Connoly family. Meanwhile, back at the house, Vivian gets comfortable being an incest loving slut with her girlfriend Tracy, her husband Dan, and her baby Alanna.
    • by MommyLover :...
    • Deep Space 69, ch 2
      deepspa2 zip (06k) (Fb, Inc, M/s)
      Jeff turned to see his mom's back to the camera as she slowly unzipped her gown. Charlize had a wicked little grin as she looked over her shoulder. The material parted, revealing the smooth tan skin of her back. She continued to peal it open, all the way down to the crack of her meaty ass.

      Thursday, April 16, 2009

    • by MommyLover :...
    • Momma's Boy
      mommasbo zip (14k) (Fgb, Inc)
      "Suck on Mommy's nipples, Jim," I coaxed. He complied with alacrity, gobbling on them like a hungry baby. "Slow down, Jim. Take it easy. We have all day, you know." He eased off and started to nibble gently. That made my pussy very wet, and I slid my hips back and forth, the lips of my pussy massaging his cock. It was still growing, recovering from my blow job. "Do you like Mommy's tits, Jim?" I asked. "I like the feel of you sucking on them, but I want you to lick somewhere else." I leaned back and lay on my back. I brought my knees up and spread them as far as I could. "Be a good boy and lick your mother's pussy Jim," I commanded. "Taste me and feel how wet you have made me." Jim tentatively took a few licks. I took charge and pulled his head down on me as I ground my hips into his face. "Yes Jim! Lick me up and down!. Stick your tongue deep in my cunt......Yes, I called it my cunt....Lick Mommy's cunt. You are making me so horny. Yes!!! Come on ....lick right there.....I am going to cum!!. Stay there while Mommy comes on your face! Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!"
    • by MommyLover :...
    • Deep Space 69, ch 1
      deepspa1 zip (06k) (Fb, Inc, M/s)
      Jeff's cock was about to burst through his space-suit. He reached down and unzipped himself, releasing the nine-inch monster from it's cage. Possessed by lust the horny teen crawled up onto the bed between his mom's legs and slipped his cum-drooling helmet into Charlize's socket, splitting her quim. With a few grinding thrusts Jeff's cock sunk into his mother's treasure box. He moaned with wicked delight as he felt the wonders of having his meat wrapped in cupid's glove.
    • by Oedipus Maximus :...
    • The Pastoral Visit
      thepasto zip (08k) (MFf inc ped)
      Pastor Tom has been faithfully visiting Gladys, one of the church's shut-ins every week. Gladys is a sweet old widow and Pastor Tom has helped meet her every need - including her sexual needs. After hearing Gladys' confession about her early life experiences, Pastor Tom decides to bring he and Marjorie's young daughter, Rebecca, along on this pastoral visit. Gladys has no idea what pleasure awaits her when she opens the door.
    • by FamFun :...
    • Family Fun At Happy Acres, part 4: "Daddy's Home!"
      familyf4 zip (04k) (Mgg)
      At the end of a day at the office, daddy Doug receives a somewhat warmer filial greeting than most fathers do when they come home from work.
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Garden, part 2
      thegard2 zip (10k) (Mff orgy)
      He moved his hand over the curve of her hip, up the side under her short top, and when she turned her body, he cupped his hand around the outer curve of her trembling breast. It was warm and full.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • The Davis Family Chronicles, ch 1: The Day I Found My Nieces
      thedavi1 zip (20k) (M/F, M/f+ underage sex, bi, Rom, Inc, Con, Drama, Humor)
      Patrick Davis is a 41 widower having who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident two years ago. He stands about 5'7" tall, weighting about 175 pounds, with an average sized cock about 7 inches long, and 1 ½ inches around. He earned a 6- figure salary and has the use of a company car, working as a sales agent for a national ad agency. He was returning home from a long sales trip when he pulls into a rest stop to stretch his legs, go to the bathroom, and get him something to drink. After climbing out of the car, he noticed two young girls setting all alone at one of picnic tables. The oldest looked no more 14 or 15 years old and the younger girl looked to be about 12 or 13. Not thinking much of it at the time, he goes about his business. Not knowing that he is about to meet his nieces.

      Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Master, ch 11
      themas11 zip (12k) (MMM/gggg/b)
      The nude, thirteen year old auburn haired beauty moved over to stand beside the man that had won her cunt. When Heather started to slip under the table, he stopped her and wanted to taste her tits first. Bashfully, the stunning beauty pushed her baseball sized breast down for the man to suck and when he latched onto one of her nipples, Heather gasped a sigh. As the man gently nibbled and chewed on Heather's bare breast, his hand slipped between the thirteen year old's legs and she was lubricating heavily. Without taking his lips off her breast, the man slid his chair back and moved Heather over until she was straddling his knees.
    • by Ron's World :...
    • Ménage
      menage zip (08k) (M/m, m/b, M/b, M/g inferred, incest, extreme pedo, oral, anal, ws)
      For those of you who are tired of waiting to see what happens when the three month old in Danny R's Incest Tales 10, part 3, FINALLY gets inside that effin doctor's office, I offer you a tidbit to tide you over. Since Danny has not yet posted the next installment, I have invented my own three month old boy. This is my first totally M/b story, so tell me what you think. There is some M/g sex, but it happens off screen, so to speak.
    • by Tinus :...
    • Hungry Aliens
      hungryal zip (16k) (Mf gi pedo fant)
      It's a story of invading Aliens which released a virus keeping humans from maturing. They like to eat little girls flesh. One girl under ten and her uncle manages to stay out of their hands and live together building a (sexual) relationship.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Coach #2: Tutoring
      coach2 zip (05k) (M/g)
      Kallie cums to her first tutoring session with Coach.
    • by Tiger :...
    • Beim Kinderarzt, teil 1
      beimkin1 zip (10k) (M+/b 4yo, Smegma, Oral, Anal, Scat, WS, NC/cons, Caution)
      Papa fuhr mit mir zum Kinderarzt. Ich wunderte mich etwas darueber, weil eigentlich war ich nicht krank. Aber Papa meinte das der Arzt eine Vorsorgeuntersuchung machen will - was immer das auch sein soll. Papa hatte manchmal schon komische Ideen. So fuhren wir also hin und giengen rein.

      Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by FamFun :...
    • Family Fun at Happy Acres, part 3
      familyf3 zip (05k) (Fg inc FMf)
      Karen does lunch to counsel with the ministers wife and daughter. Too bad Karen can't propose her solution! When Kim comes home from school, her mother makes her feel right at home.
    • by cc :...
    • Interlude
      interlud zip (06k) (M/g spank reluc anal oral pseudo-incest)
      A man describes a 'punishment session' with his little girl
    • by GrowlingProwler :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Reich und Abartig, ch 1
      reichun1 zip (06k) (M/M/F/F/m/ff/drug, inc, family, animal, piss, scat, fart, all combos, light SM)
      Ein Elternpaar so um die 40 sassen spliternackt mit ihren 4 Kindern auf der Couch und grinsten in die Kamera. Der Vater hatte seine etwa 10 jährige Tochter auf seinem Schoss sitzen mit ihrem Rücken zu ihm und ihre Beine links und rechts von seinen Schenkeln gespreizt. Sein Schwanz stand steinhart und pulsierend zwischen ihren Beinen und hoch bis zum Bauch der Kleinen. Sie bewegte ganz langsam ihr Becken und rieb so ihre Kinderfotze am harten Ständer ihres Vaters auf und ab. Die Kamera schwenkte rüber wo die Mutter...

      Monday, April 13, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Oedipus Maximus :...
    • Candy Cums of Age, part 2
      candycu2 zip (13k) (fmf FMf ped inc)
      Candy is surprised when Sylvia, her new "mommy," asks her to babysit the very next night after their first sapphic encounter. Candy jumps at the chance and finds her sexual horizons expanding. First, with Sylvia's children and then with Sylvia and her husband.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Once Upon A Time In Korea
      onceupon zip (11k) (M/F/gg MMMMMMMMMMM/F/gg)
      A look back to events in a country far away, as a military man tells of his adventures in the Far East and Korea.

      Sunday, April 12, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by The Observer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cherry Pie
      cherrypi zip (45k) (M/f 1st virg preg semi-nc w/s rim)
      I was damn well tired of over stretched, over used pussy. I had no wife, no family and no access to seduction that might have delivered relatively fresh housing to my needy manhood. Like most males, I lusted for cherry pie, fresh sheathing, an untouched virgin in which I could quench my lust. Failing that, I wanted access to pussy that large numbers of males hadn't driven through.
    • by Misguided Child :...
    • Thief1
      thief1 zip (20k) (MF)
      Brian Hope, a thief by trade, meets a young girl while on vacation. They get to know one another very well before havinge a night on the town. After over hearing a conversation involving a lot of money, Brian decides to go after the cash.
    • by FamFun :...
    • FamFun in Happy Acres
      famfunin zip (05k) (FFgb)
      Everybody is off to work and school, and Karen visits the lovely young mother next door to help with her children--and maybe have a little morning fun!
    • by Bottom Dweller :...
    • In Search of a Dirty Girl, ch 2
      insearc2 zip (07k) (M/g, cons, ped, oral, scat)
      After spending as much time as possible with his eleven year old neighbor Ashley, Dave finally begins to openly express his dirty secrets to her, and things begin to move forward.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • Victoria's Dirty Little Secret
      victoria zip (07k) (M/f con inc virgin)
      Hi, my name is Victoria. I attend a state collage on the east coast. I am in my final year for a doctorate in early child hood and human development. This field of study has a very special meaning to me. Why you might ask, well let's just say that you need to read this story to find out why. It all started when I was very young, that's when my gymnastic coach introduced me to oral sex. At the time, I didn't know or understand that it was wrong for him to have done that. But it happened and I enjoyed every minute of it. After several years of having, oral sex with him, I lost my virginity to one of my cousins.

      Saturday, April 11, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by FamFun :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Fun in Happy Acres
      familyfun zip (06k) (inc FfggMm)
      Doug and Karen live the life that many daydream of. Sensual pleasure and sexual indulgence are the norm, and fun is the best form of living.
    • by Drizzt :...
    • Reality Bites, ch 5
      reality5 zip (06k) (M/f, handjob, setup)
      I am definitely feeling some pressure in my groin, and impulsiveness takes hold. I dismiss the principal with thanks. I released a very familiar reality packet into the room, turning myself into a non-entity. My physical self would not change, but I would become effectively invisible, inaudible, and any tangible to anybody around me. They would walk around me unconsciously, any sounds I made would not register with them, and any tactile sensations generated by media would simply not be noticed. Unless I wanted it, of course. Next, I get naked.
    • by Drizzt :...
    • Sam's Ill-Fated Elevator Adventure Continues
      samsill2 zip (04k) (M/g, oral)
      The best part about the park is that there is a decent sized playground just off to one side that is frequented by many children, especially on a weekend. But the best part of that is that the benches where mothers or fathers generally wait for their children to get tired is closest to me, meaning that they sit facing away. This way I can stand in front of the window, fully exposed to many children in the playground and not have to worry about their parents glancing up and see me.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Tempted Mother
      thetempt zip (11k) (Fm mom/son incest)
      While I don't know why married couples drift apart after a few years together, I know we do. Fred and I are living proof of it. After the honeymoon, when we fucked continually, Fred and I seemed to return to "normal," whatever that is, and we had less and less sex. After Tommy was born and Fred's career took off it seems like we were lucky to squeeze in some fucking once a month or so, and over the years that once a month changed to once a quarter, then almost never. Some of that was my fault, I admit. I'd put on a little weight, hadn't taken care of myself as I probably should have, and by the time Fred began traveling overseas I began to look to our son for my only source of affection. By then Tommy was 13, and into all kinds of sports. Whether he was shooting hoops, hitting a baseball, or throwing passes I loved attending his events. He's a good kid, and already has the buff, developed body of a young man to go along with his athletic prowess, making me a very proud mom indeed.
    • by Brad Kennedy :...
    • Grandpa's Masterpiece
      grandpas zip (20k) (M/g-9 Grandfather, granddaughter, touching, oral, vaginal, anal, rough, cons)
      Kelly felt like she was the ugliest girl in the world. She was so jealous of the girls who had pretty dresses and the nicest shirts with Hannah Montana on them. The bullies would pick on Kelly no matter how hard she tried to be pretty. The only person who really saw how pretty she was, through her glasses and freckles. was her grandpa George. Everyone who knew him would say creating art was his greatest passion, but that wasn't true. His true passion was his nine-year-old granddaughter Kelly. George wanted to take his grandchild and do something to her that would fulfill his ultimate fantasy, a fantasy too taboo by society...
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Single Parent Trap #3
      thesing3 zip (11k) (MM/b FFF/ggg piss anger MMMMMM/b)
      Quentin preps for a small gangbang for Jeff's son Kevin, and then the guests arrive for a night of boy pussy and cocksucking. Kevin gets used hard and his Daddy Jeff and Quentin are happy with the outcome. Brie and Holly and the girls are getting Jackie and Gina ready to go to Alex's, everything going smoothly. But something in Brie snaps, causing things to go very wrong. Leaving Brie's emotions in a shambles of doubt and regret and questioning her own future.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Sex Jackers
      thesexja zip (10k) (MMMMMMM/FF/b/g)
      Vivian is "Jacked". No, not car jacked, a crazy group, a club of sorts, has devised a way to introduce hot sexy families, to the joys of the incest and pedo lifestyle. Vivian and her family are family number four in this interesting adventure. The idea seems to be working, and as usual of late with my stories, a little chemical romance assists the "Sex Jackers".
    • by I.M. Odepa :...
    • Sari Is My Daughter, part 3
      saraism3 zip (07k) (Mg, Sexual molestation, incest, anal, oral)
      As told in the previous Parts Steve had found himself in possession of his 2 year old daughter after he was unable to keep any nannies working for him out in the country. His wife had basically committed suicide from post partum depression when his daughter was one. Now his interest in Sari as a sexual object was growing though she was only 2 it did not matter to Steve. To him his interests came first. So he had finally fucked her in the ass. Later that same night he did it again. We rejoin Steve about a week later. (I have notice the age of Sari is not the same in different parts of the story. I have transpose the age of Betty in Babysitting duy with Sari in this story sorry)
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Het Zwembad, deel 4
      hetzwem4 zip (10k) (MFFff, incest, ws)
      Anneke, Victor en Esther kijken vanuit een verborgen plekje toe hoe hun dochtertjes van vijf en zeven jaar zich laten gebruiken...
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Het Zwembad, deel 3
      hetzwem3 zip (06k) (MFFff, incest, ws)
      Anneke en Victor gaan met Esther en de meisjes naar het zwembad om te proberen of het gebeuren van de 1e keer herhaald kan worden.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Het Zwembad, deel 2
      hetzwem2 zip (08k) (MFFff, incest, ws)
      Anneke en Victor spelen met hun dochtertje Ingrid (5) en laten haar voordoen wat er is gebeurd in het zwembad.
    • by uitkijker :...
    • Het Zwembad, deel 1
      hetzwem1 zip (07k) (MFFff, incest, ws)
      Anneke en Ellen gaan met hun dochtertjes Ingrid (5) en Linda (7) naar het zwembad. Ingrid trekt te pas en te onpas haar broekje uit en gaat dan ook wel eens staan plassen...

      Friday, April 10, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Chrian :...
    • Tina & Tami (Twins), part 3: Nurse Sandra Stops By
      tinaand3 zip (08k) (FFf, Incest)
      Lisa missed the kids so much she had to go and get them from their Uncle Steve's house who is actually their biological father even though Derek is not out of the hospital yet. Once she drove the three hours home and the twins got in bed Nurse Sandra stops by with information about Derek. However, they talk about their lesbian experience they had a few nights back, which leads into another lesbian experience.
    • by Matson :...
    • Darla's Daughter, part 1
      darlasd1 zip (29k) (M/f, hebe, cons, rom)
      We were only thirteen back then and madly in love, and nervously exploring our crazed young bodies. Then it was over twenty years when our lives once more crossed paths. It was different now as mature adults, she with family, me with scars. But however unlikely, it was the woman's daughter, thirteen now (why does this always happen to me?) and the mirror image of her mother's sultry memory that yanked me back to my youth... and a male's body never forgets an ardent, young-girl embrace. No, it never, ever forgets.

      Thursday, April 09, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by MommyLover :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Beach Mom
      beachmom zip (19k) (inc, Fm)
      "O fuck yes Max, ram your hot, hard cock into me, fill your mummy with hot incestuous cum" Holding his mom Max rolled over so he was laying on his back, his mom above him impaled on his hard fuck-tool. Reaching up he grasped her heaving breasts, pulling at her engorged nipples. Susan moved upon her son's cock driving as deep as she could into her hot pussy, feeling the head brush against her cervix. "O yes Max that feels so gooooooooood" Releasing her breasts Max held onto his mom's hips as he started to meet her thrusts with ones of his own. Faster and faster they moved together each striving for the release of their orgasms. Max was the first to cum; grasping his mom he pulled her hard onto his cock as he felt his jism pump deep into her womb. The feel of the hot liquid filling her deepest centre pushed Susan over the edge as she cried in pleasure as she orgasmed. "O Max mummy's cuming baby, mummy's cuuummmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggg"
    • by MommyLover :...
    • Revenge On Sex-Slave Mom
      revengeo zip (03k) (inc, Fm)
      My mother Sharon laid down and spread her legs and said, "Son, kneel down and put your big cock on my pussy lips." I did what she said and I could feel that she was hot. She told me to put it in me and as soon as I did, she gasped and she told me to keep going. "Yes son! FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR DIRTY WHORE OF A MOTHER!! MAKE ME CUM!! OH GOD YES!" She yelled and I started to pound into her like a dog would. It would only take a couple of thrusts until I was ready to cum in her as she had an orgasm. "Cum in your dirty mother!" And I did just that. I shot my seed in her and filled her up so bad that my cock was forced out of her cunt and I sprayed her bush. We were told to leave and we went into our room. As soon as I was there, my mother bent over and I spread her cheeks and I shoved my cock right into her ass letting her adjust. I read a lot of anal sex and I knew what to do. "FUCK YOUR MOTHERS ASS! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! FILL ME UP!!" She yelled and she backed into me. I kept pounding into her and my balls and spilling out cum and she cum were hitting her pussy. I shot my seed hard in her ass and I emptied my balls in her. I lay down and she got onto of me and licked cum off of my cock. She slid myself into her and we slept together like that all night long.
    • by Tinus :...
    • Britney Is Growing Up
      britneya zip (44k) (Mm/g, inc, sado, ir, pedo)
      This is a follow up of the Britney series. As Britney loves to be hut a little she is looking for more. And more is what she gets...
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Coach
      coach zip (04k) (M/g)
      Coach transfers to a school where a force of nature named Kallie attends. Man....poor Coach don't stand a chance!
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Single Parent Trap #2
      thesing2 zip (14k) (FFF/fff)
      Jackie and Gina are looking forward to a day of fun at the park. But Brianna decides to change the plans, she wants Jackie and Gina to be the first "accelerated" program graduates. So she shows up early at Jackie's apt. with Sandra, Holly and Laurie. Things move fast after Jackie gets a dose of date rape drug, and the slutting of Jackie and Gina begins.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The Cuckold Family Man, Episode 2
      thecuck3 zip (12k) (f/M, F/m, oral, TS)
      The word 'cuckold' originated as an allusion to the cuckoo's habit of laying its eggs in other birds' nests. Hopefully you will be familiar with the cast of this story, Warwick, Sarah and Zoe, from the first instalment.
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Teen Film Reviews
      teenfilm zip (08k) (f/M, F/m, oral, TS)
      The following is an extract from the monthly magazine "Promiscuous!", the self-proclaimed 'magazine for horny girls of all ages'
    • by Drizzt :...
    • NanoPlague, ch 3
      nanopla3 zip (09k) (M/F, oral)
      I regrettably stand up, pull my short on... again... and pull Ellie to her feet. One of her hands stays between her legs. I put my arm around her and lead her to her apartment. In my genuine concern to keep the poor thing from falling, I find the most effective place for my hand is on her breast. But only because I don't want her her hurt herself! Really!
    • by Dragon Spit :...
    • Daughter's Big Tits
      daughter zip (10k) (Mf incest first)
      Her pretty long, red nails squeezed frantically at her hard pointed nipples. Her stomach contracted and her whole body coiled in pleasure. She brought her knees up involuntarily, waiting for her lover, waiting for me to mount her body and shove the stave of her desire deep within her body.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • My Beautiful Daughters
      mybeauti zip (24k) (M/f+ Inc, Underage Sex)
      Hi, my name is Barry Jackson. What I am about to tell you is the story of how I found my Daughters secret website and how it changed our lives. But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you a little about us. First thing, I'm not what you call handsome. I stand 5' 5" tall. With light brown hair, green eyes, and 7-inch cock that is 1 and half inches around. I weigh 180 pounds all fat. Now my Twin daughters Ashley and Carla are the most beautiful girls in the world. But of course, I should think that, after all I am their father.
    • by Keyah :...
    • The Garden
      thegarde zip (12k) (Mf first)
      You've never been with a man have you." Giggling she said, "No, Martin. But I've done it with a woman. I know what you want to do. My teacher told me. We looked at a movie and saw some pictures together. I . . . I'm not . . . stuuu . . . stupid." "I never meant to imply that you were stupid, Claire. You are twelve and I'm forty-three.
    • by yoniforce :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mijn Lieve Zus En Haar Kleine Kinderen
      mijnliev zip (08k) (incest/M/m/F/ff 5)
      Zus met jonge kinderen sinds kort van haar man gescheiden en haar liefhebbende broer geeft haar en haar kleine kinderen onderdak. Daar komen intieme jeugdherinneringen weer boven en dun alles nog eens dunnetjes over, en haar kinderen dan?
    • by Pappie :...
    • De Familie Smits, part 5
      defamil5 zip (03k) (MmFF MMFf)
      Toen ik buiten kwam zag ik dat er nog licht brandde in de caravan van Wilma en Ruud. Door een kier tussen de gordijnen kon ik naar binnen kijken. Daar zag ik dat Wilma haar schoonmoeder Trudy aan het beffen was. Wilma had dus ook lesbische neigingen. Toen ik iets verder naar rechts keek zag ik dat de tienjarige Tim voorovergebogen tegen het aanrecht aanstond en van achteren door zijn opa Ruud werd gepenetreerd. Tim schreeuwde het uit van plezier. In deze familie genoot dus iedereen van elkaar in alle mogelijke combinaties. Ik was benieuwd wat er verder nog voor zou gaan vallen in de tijd die nog ging komen. Ik besloot maar verder te lopen en kwam langs de caravan van de Duitser die ik ook had gesproken toen ik op de camping aan was gekomen.

      Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Oedipus Maximus :...
    • Candy Cums of Age, part 1
      candycu1 zip (08k) (MFf Ff inc ped)
      Candy begins to tell her story, from her earliest recollections with parents who loved her in every way, to her adoption by loving ultra-conservative parents, and finally to the "mommy" who would help her cum to terms with her diverse life experiences.

      Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by FierceRabbit :...
    • Exploring Birching Meadows Trailer Park
      explorin zip (12k) (Caning asses, vibrating bikeseat, photographing and painting young pussy)
      After her incounter with a mutt in chapter 1, Sonja observes a BD session where her grandma gets a good caning. The next day she encounters a nice man who lends her a bike with a vibrating seat for her enjoyment and meets some girls who pose for an artist who's specialty is painting pre-teen snappers. The day ends with some neighbors photographing young Sonja, with special emphasis on the damp clingy fabric in her crotch.
    • by Tinus :...
    • Magical Friends
      magicalf zip (05k) (boy gi fant 1st cons pedo mag)
      This is a little magical story about a preteen girl with a crush on a teen boy.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • The Sudden Rain Storm
      thesudde zip (07k) (M/F sex, virgin first con)
      It was the end of their senior year in high school and Alicia & Bradley were setting in cafeteria talking about what they will be doing in the week before graduation. "Allie I was thinking of going hiking at the lake tomorrow would like to come along," Brad asks the pretty girl setting with him. "That sounds like fun Brad, I could fix a picnic lunch and we could make a day of it," she replied. Alicia Baker had just turned 18 the week before and had been Brad's friend since the first grade, after he beat up a boy that was hurting her on the playground. Alicia Baker stood about 5 foot 4 inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair, blue green eyes, 32b cup breast, 26-inch waste, 30-inch hips, with long legs for her height and weighed no more 114 pounds.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Harold Loves Willow
      haroldlo zip (10k) (MM/FF/teens/bb/gg/ dog)
      Meet 10 yo Harold Atkins and his family, animal lovers and trainers of "special pets". An evenings respit to a neighbors farm for a friendly visit and some dog training. Its a time for love to blossom between Harold and Willow.

      Monday, April 06, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by SamuelB :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Repayment
      therepay zip (30k) (Mf reluct bdsm)
      A girl mortgages her body but defaults on payment...
    • by Dalton :...
    • A Girl All His Own, part 2, ch 20: Gennie's World
      agirla1t zip (28k) (M/F/g (7,8), sleep, mast, nc)
      Here it is! The long awaited continuation, Gennie's World. This is more heated than the first Part (which I'll continue later). Enjoy. It was a ritual he'd repeated with each girl until Gennie. But her limp, never rousing, leaden sleep had made him wildly take off Gennie's panties and spread her legs -- what he'd really wanted with all the other girls but never had the opportunity to try more than a few times, mostly because they would wake up at some point and complain or fidget then battle his penis with their flicking fingers, pushing him away or grabbing his cock to tug it out of position over their pantie gusset. That was the normal outcome, frustrating him so much he'd either give up and leave, abandoning their clueless mothers, or, with two of the girls, he was forced to run when their mothers confronted him about his nighttime forays into their daughter's bedrooms. But never any charges, no cops, no jail time -- a real blessing that reinforced his addiction for the young, hairless pussy of sleeping girls who he could gently and slowly invade and hopefully ravish and fill with his endlessly spouti ng, electric, super sensitive cock tip.

      Sunday, April 05, 2009

    • by Misguided Child :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Removing the Kinks
      removing zip (18k) (MFf, Inc, Con)
      I took the opportunity to look at her after school outfit. She had on short shorts that I seem to remember her wearing when she was 11. They were so tight you could actually see the outlines of her pussy and it looked like curly brown hairs were peeking out below he shorts. Her top was a short tie together blouse made of t-shirt looking material that tied just below those luscious 14 year old breasts and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were at attention. I would love to pay them attention I thought as my cock lurched again.
    • by Drizzt :...
    • NanoPlague, ch 2
      nanopla2 zip (07k) (MF, oral, sex)
      It seems at though some women are finding themselves compelled to ingest sperm. The rumor started quietly, and hung around for a couple weeks. Small newspapers, specialty magazines, and of course some internet blog's were the only ones to cover it at first. Many thought it was some joke to further ridicule the poor men of the world. But as those weeks passed, the story didn't die off. It slowly spread, and eventually was picked up by the news-hungry cable news channels.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Single Parent Trap
      thesingl zip (13k) (MMM/FF/g MM/b drug)
      A daycare facility, legitimate in every way, except for the single parent's it captures in their trap. But its an enticing trap, who can blame them for being caught, if the desire is already there, buried deep in their hearts. And the fight wasn't fair, since a little chemical engineering assists the captors in their pursuit.
    • by Astroglide :...
    • Chaniqua and Desiree Have A Slumber Party
      chaniqua zip (11k) (Mgggggg (12, 11, 11, 10, 9, 8) interracial, consentual, pedo)
      "Ahhhhh you mean, you want me to come over and fuck your little girl friends? A bunch of little pre-teen black girlfriends?" I must have sounded like a blubbering idiot. "Of course, silly honky boy. What else would we do? If we don't do that, we'd be bored stiff. Let's have a fuck party, and my girl friends can find out what white cock really feels like. I know they are gonna love it."
    • by Dark Night Daddy :...
    • Ritia Gits Riddin, part 1
      ritiagi1 zip (27k) (gmm inc, nc, cons, molestation.gangbang, g/beast, mastrubation)
      This is the introduction into the plight of a young mountain girl who endures the knowledge of her mothers brutal rape, humilation, repedd by dogs, in addition her mother being impregnanted during that rape, and then her mother basicly selling her to a man for a debit owed, the man it turns out is the head of a family completely consumed with incestial relations with all his daughter, and he tells our lovely Rita that he had bought her for the primary purpose of using her as breeding stock, he in addition allows one of his younger daughter to be taken by the family dog. Rita runsaway, into the arms or our hero, who does not fully understand the circumstances she has escaped, but finds a lust of his own for her boiling in his loins...
    • by Bottom Dweller :...
    • In Search of a Dirty Girl, ch 1
      insearc1 zip (11k) (M/g, cons, ped, oral, scat)
      Dave has a dirty little secret. He lusts after young girls who don't wipe their bottoms very well, and in pursuit of this obscene fetish, he relocates to a new apartment where he meets Ashley, an eleven-year-old redhead who appears to match his criteria exactly.

      Saturday, April 04, 2009

    • 10 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

    • by FertileMind :...
    • Sara Cums Undone - Completely, The Conclusion
      saracum2 zip (05k) (MMMM/FFF/g)
      Sara's and Kristen's family reunion is concluded, and Sara see's the future.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • The Corruption Of Ann-Marie - The Conclusion
      thecorr7 zip (08k) (MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM/FFF/ggg)
      The finale for Ann-Marie, Lauren, Jessica and Baby Rose. Maybe Tim will write the next story?
    • by Lilbo :...
    • Charles The Babysitter
      charlest zip (04k) (M/t/b anal oral)
      "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" Charles spun around on the bed and tried to cover his naked 14yo body with a blanket. "'s not..." Mr. Benett interrupted him and snarled at him. "Shut up." He grabbed the boys arm and pulled him up, dragging him out of the room and locked him in a big cupboard downstairs.

      Friday, April 03, 2009

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Master, ch 10
      themas10 zip (12k) (MMM/gggg/b)
      There was time, and on the way home Charles stopped by the boutique with Brittany, Breanne, Heather, Kelly and Brandon. When they all went inside, both ten year old Kelly and thirteen year old Heather figured they were there for nine year old Brittany and twelve year old Breanne. The lady that liked Brandon was still there and greeted Brandon with a hug that pulled the twelve year old boy's head to her ample chest. Once she had greeted Brandon, Stephanie greeted Charles, then hugged Brittany and Breanne also.
    • by Herb Cat :...
    • Pedophiles at Last
      pedophi6 zip (34k) (MMFF/bbgg, F/t, oral, anal, incest, pedo, bi, interracial)
      Is this sixth installment of the Wilson family saga the final episode? I think so, but I thought that about the previous five stories as well! This time, several new surprises are in store for the eight-year old away at school; the eleven-year old and his mother enter an exciting new phase of their relationship, and the father discovers what his new role will be. He also meets several beautiful new little girls to satisfy his lust. Both parents do a lot of soul searching and discover new aspects of their sexuality. In addition, the network gains some new members, old and young, who bring with them some very unique traits. Oh, yes, we also revisit the cruise ship.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Kallie's Story #4: Sharing, And A Trip To Opryland
      kallies4 zip (13k) (MMMMMM/g)
      Kallie's Uncles decide to share her with a friend a few months before her ninth birthday. Uncle Jim also arrainges a birthday surprise for Kallie, a trip to Opryland. And an introduction to gangbang sex for a hot little nine year old. Mommy knows, but keeps quiet, enjoying her fantasies of what they are doing to her baby.
    • by FertileMind :...
    • Linda's Dream #5: A Visit With Daddy
      lindasd5 zip (06k) (M/g)
      Linda's mind is racing as Kallie spends another night with her Uncle Jim. Linda wants her Daddy, between her fantasies of Kallie and her own past with her baby girl, and her Daddy, she's having trouble sleeping. But her unconsious mind brings her to a happy place and time, when she finally falls asleep.
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • Hunting Baby Nigglets, part 1
      hunting1 zip (06k) (M/F/f)
      I watched the attractive black woman as she rolled by with her infant happily gurgling away in its expensive looking stroller. I had just read the news that JO had gotten off because of the piss poor way his court case had been managed.
    • by Ian :...
    • Late Night Subway Madness
      latenigh zip (17k) (MM+, g, rape, anal, tort, snuff)
      Paris is a city of extremes; a city of old and new, rich and poor, light and dark. Unfortunately for Pia and her pretty 12 year old daughter Arina, it is when they leave the light of day and stumble into the twilight world of the subway, it turns into a nightmare. A misunderstanding sees them in separate compartments. Unlike her mother, Arina is not alone, and when the train breaks down in a narrow tunnel deep below the bowels of thecity, the scene is set for tragedy. Unable to help, Pia can only watch as her daughter is beaten and raped by the three dark skinned men. The only question to be answered, is whether the breakdown will be fixed in time to help the slender little blonde.
    • by Matson :...
    • The Lighthouse, part 2
      theligh2 zip (24k) (M/F M/f oral rom cons)
      The old, cantankerous lighthouse keeper stealthily brings the Makah tribal woman and her unwelcome daughter to his island for a visit in this 1903 reflection of the harsh life of the early Northwestern pioneers. While he tries to avoid her pubescent curiosity he can't help but wonder if the young mountain maiden is skilled in the ways of servicing men.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Sierra
      sierra zip (68k) (M/g, M/M/g/g/g, ped, cons, firsttime, rom)
      Daniel Brooks parked his 1980's Camero in the parking lot of the restaurant and looked in the rear view mirror at himself again, his hair was combed and neat as it always was. Daniel wasn't exactly sure why he had agreed to this meeting, it had been ten years since he had last seen the girl that he was meeting up with and that had been shortly before her marriage to a boy that was four years older than her, but it was a boy that Daniel had approved of. Daniel was in his forties having just turned forty two a few months ago and he didn't feel like he was that old. Though how you know what you're supposed to feel when you reach a certain age Daniel wasn't really sure about either.
    • by Benhead :...
    • Beach Flash
      beachfla zip (08k) (M/g exhibition)
      She didn't notice my exposed cock at first, but as I start filling a pail with sand, I saw her glance my way and see it. Her eyes got really big, but she didn't say anything. She just looked away quickly and I could see that her face got a little pink with embarrassment. I love that kind of reaction. I continued to move around a little to make sure it was fully exposed to her young eyes. She kept stealing glances at it when she thought I wasn't looking. I kept stealing glances at her bikini covered pussy to see how it moulds to her fat lips. Finally, she decided to say something. "Uh, Mister, I can see your thing," she said as she openly looked at it.

      Thursday, April 02, 2009

    • 5 eNovels were published today... Book 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

    • by Dragon Spit :...
    • The Abduction of Sarah Parker
      theabduc zip (14k) (MMMMMM/f first rape kidnap)
      The youngest of her captors knelt between her splayed legs, his organ already hard. Sarah groaned in despair as the second native climbed on top her. She watched dully as his fat cock pushed against her pussy then dove inside.

      Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    • by Lilbo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Max' First Real Photo "Shooting"
      maxfirst zip (04k) (Mbg posing cum)
      A photographer at work.
    • by Matson :...
    • Two Boys
      twoboys zip (17k) (m/m 14, oral, anal, cons)
      Two adolescent boys, hungry to explore sex with the feminine, find an unlikely outlet in each other.
    • by Jollyman :...
    • My Cute Neighbor Girls
      mycutene zip (23k) (M/ff, underage sex, con)
      Hi, my name is Franklin Gary but my friends all call me Frank. This is my story and before I get started let me tell you a little about myself. I am not the man it was 14 years ago when I married my high school sweetheart. You may ask why I say that at the age of 34 but it's true. It all came about 26 months ago when my family and I were in a bad auto accident. That accident took the lives of my lovely wife and our two kids, leaving me to deal with the emotional and physical scars of that tragedy.

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