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      Pretty As You Feel

        On Saturday AM, December 12, 1998

        • by Mikey :...
        • A Day at the Beach, part 2
          begining zip (12k) (M/F, M/f, M/M, inc)
          Katty got off my cock and went outside to play. Inge, her mother, told me about her and Katty's dad Ken. Ken liked little girl pussies, and also liked little boys. When they met, Inge was 9 and Ken was 19.
        • by Centaur :...
        • While the Cat's Away
          catsaway zip (9k) (M/f, inc, nc, drug)
          I was really ticked off at my wife Pam, and my daughter Allison 15. Allison was 5' 6", long brown hair, soft brown eyes, and had started to grow a big set of tits, and was filling out nicely. Pam talked with Allison, putting men down, and then bought her a new wardrobe to cover her body.
        • by Dick :...
        • Autumn for Sharon
          sharon1 zip (15k) (m/f teen cons)
          Sharon moved to California to live with her daddy. She made friends with Rebecca, an Asian American girl with a petite frame. Sharon rocketed down the freeway in her Mercedes toward the party, where Rebecca introduces her to lesbian sex.
        • by Silvio Stoker :...
        • The Sinister Sister, ch 1-9
          sinister zip (50k) (MF, Mf, Mmf, Ff, yng/teen, pedo, rom, cons, anal, extreme caution)
          Melusina, 15, a masochistic ballerina, moves in with John, 36. She gets turned on by a child prostitute and plots to seduce her sister Nicole, 11. When Melusina hurts herself and is hospitalized, John sleeps with a minister's perverted daughter, 17. They are all in love, but the little sister has something up her sleeve...
        • by Sweet Marissa :...
        • The Exchange Student
          frenchsis zip (8k) (mf, masturbation, sex)
          The Roberts family hosts an exchange student from France and when she arrives, Dr. Roberts welcomes her to his American lifestyle, but this little hottie has something else in mind!!

          Friday AM, December 11, 1998

        • by JS3729 :...
        • Gerri's Secret, parts 1 & 2
          gerri1_2 zip (28k) (mf (teen) MF inc rom)
          Lance, 17, was the middle child between two sisters. Krissie is 19, in junior college, strong and big-boned, into sports, beautiful, with barely a B cup. Gerri is 16, has big tits (an E cup), red hair, and is the sister Lance wants to fuck. Gerri is upset when she finds Krissie fucking Lance.
        • by B. P. :...
        • Bruce's Education
          bruce zip (20k) (F/m mom/son)
          Melissa, Bruce's mother, met Frank in high school. Frank had always said he was going to marry a slut. They married a year later and had Bruce. They stayed with Melissa's parents, and Frank parents wouldn't talk to them. Frank seduces her family, and gets her mom pregnant.
          Mom's Sex Games
          momsex zip (13k) (F/f mom/daut)
          Mom loves sex and is training me to do so also. When I was born the doctor did something, and mom couldn't have anymore babies. She won a settlement and mom and dad didn't work. When I was 10, mom gave me some pink cream to rub on my pussy crack, and I liked the tingling feeling it caused in my pussy.
          OUR Sex TOYS
          sextoys zip (24k) (M/F/m fam inc)
          Phil, my dad, has always openly fondled mom. When I was 12, I began to realize what they were doing was sex. Mom was pregnant with Becky. When the baby finished nursing, Mom would let the older kids nurse.
          The Treatments
          treatmnt zip (10k) (Teen, preg, toys
          Since Kim was having periods, her mother took her to see Dr. Nick, a friend of her mother's. Cathy, the nurse, gave her injections in both pussy lips. It made her touch herself, then Dr. Nick came in and started asking questions.
          Watching Mommy
          watching zip (16k) (Impreg, inc, MFFm, voy)
          When I was 11, I remember Grampy touching Mommy's and Grammy's boobs and butts. I watched my Grampy and Mommy doing lots of things together. I started playing with my growing cock thinking that my sexy mother played with herself.
        • by Black Dragon :...
        • Kids Molesting Kids
          kidskids zip (8k) (b/g inc 1st)
          9 yo Christie and her twin Mickey find out how to have fun making their own video.

          Thursday AM, December 10, 1998

        • by Avid Dreamer :...
        • New Author.!.!.!
          Horny High School, part 1
          hornyhs zip (10k) (m/f teen)
          Martin Lewis has been the principal of a Vancouver school for 2 years now. Ms. Sanders, a beautiful black teacher, 5' 10", 25, enormous firm tits with large erect nipples, came to see Mr. Lewis about a problem with Rebecca Wilson 12, blond, cute, large tits, and a bare pussy.
        • by Clayton :...
        • Babysitter - Jenny Chapter 4
          jenny4 zip (24k) (Mg, no sex)
          Greg gives Jenny her next lesson. However, her disabled brother Jeremy disrupts procedings, causing a rethink of venues.
        • by Mythos :...
        • Sharon's mistake
          mistake zip (8k) (M/f, nc)
          Sharon had a nice curvy body, with about 36C tits. Chris 21, took her out once or twice a week, but no more than a good night kiss happened. Darrel (black, 18, big cock) and Chris rape her.
        • by HIGH STORRS :...
        • Nursing Mother
          nursing zip (4k) (M/F mom/son)
          Jim's mother was still very weak when she returned home from the hospital. He had to help her with the bedpan between nurses visits.
        • by The Story Teller :...
        • The Sex Shop
          sexshop zip (15k) (M/mm, pedo, slavery)
          I reluctantly took on the management of a new sex shop for a friend of mine, but the job opened my eyes to whole new way of life! If I hadn't had taken on the job, I would never have met 10 year old Ben.
        • by K2-Koala :...
        • Teaching Julie, part 2 of 2
          teachj2 zip (32k) (M/f cons)
          I listened to Julie tell me how she and her girlfriend tried to listen to the older girls at school talk about sex but didn't understand anything. I told her not to worry, that I would show her.
        • by Rick Roll :...
        • Tracy catches her parents
          tracy zip (12k) (M/F - father/daughter/inc/sex/mast/virgin)
          14 year old Tracy secretly watches her parents fucking one night. Her father notices her, and they both secretly fantasize about the other until.....
        • by Sweet Marisssa :...
        • Katie Did It
          katiedid zip (9k) (Mf, incest)
          A good-hearted father watches his daughter prepare for her first date. He's depressed as he realizes his little girl is all grown up. He sees her off on her date and his emotions change from sadness to something completely different as he realizes he is very attracted to his daughter.
        • by Shakespeare_I._ Aint :...
        • Teacher Passes the Test, Part 5 of 10, Kind of Slutty for a Cheerleader
          teacher5 zip (5k) (m/F, everything)
          Wherein our anti-hero makes a date with our pretty little teacher in the janitor's closet.

          Wednesday AM, December 09, 1998

        • by Rick Roll :...
        • The Carpenter and the Wife
          carpentr zip (13k) (M/F - mast/oral/sex/rough)
          A bored and lonely housewife takes matters into her own hands while she watches the carpenter's build a deck in her back yard. The sight of their sweaty, muscular body has her dripping with passion.
        • by Cumsucker :...
        • Lisa’s Dark Desires
          lisadark zip (12k) (M/F/F bdsm inc)
          Lisa is a beautiful young woman with enormous tits, a great ass, long hair, and an insatiable appetite for sex. She masturbates several times a day. She loves pain due to the fact that her mother used to spank her.
        • by Mustang :...
        • My Hispanic Beauty
          mybeauty zip (13k) (M/f inc)
          Author: unknown (Edited & added to by Mustang)
          Henry's wife Maria, is 5' 1", 122 lbs, with huge nipples on her 34D's, and the prettiest little pussy you ever seen. The school called and asked if it would be okay to send a male student, and Maria said yes! The foreign exchange student, Wolfgang (Wolfy) Wagner, 18-year-old soccer player from Germany, with a huge cock, takes over Henry's wife, and other things.

          Tuesday AM, December 08, 1998

        • by Pedros :...
        • His First Lover
          1stlover zip (14k) (F/m)
          At the beach, twelve year old Tommy only wanted a drink. Mrs Miller, his best buddy's mother and a very sexy looking lady, wanted something else, much to Tommy's surprise and delight....
        • by Rick Roll :...
        • The Cheerleader and the Quarterback
          cheerldr zip (12k) (M/F - teen/sex/rape/virgin)
          A young freshman cheerleader is introduced to the ways of the world by the senior quarterback. She falls in love, and they end up on the beach together at a party.
        • by Max Free :...
        • Love Letters, Letter 8
          lovelet8 zip (15k) (FfgMm in many combinations, inc, interr)
          It has been two months since they arrived home after seeing John. Cindy told me she had licked Susy's little clit, when she was a baby, until she started herself at around 3.
        • by Dunthat :...
        • My Fathers surprise
          myfather zip (11k) (M/F father/daughter)
          Katie started masturbating when she entered puberty. When she was 15 she started to think about sex with guys. Her father would look in on her and she would pretend to be sleeping. She laid on the bed naked one night and he walked into the room.
        • by Sniffer :...
        • Sandra
          sandra zip (9k) (MMMf, pedo noncons, rape)
          A story written in German
        • by FormatMail :...
        • Starlight Hero - Nelson and Nancy
          starhero zip (16k) (m/f inc)
          Cousins spend an evening watching shooting stars and make a few of their own.
        • by Sweet Marissa :...
        • Exploring Maya
          explore zip (7k) (ff, consensual, first-time lesbian)
          Maya and Angie have been friends since childhood. As college students, they shared in their fantasies of lesbian encounters, but never actually acted upon it. One day, when Angie visits Maya, they find themselves downloading stories from MrDouble's erotic pages, which leads them into a whole new world of sexuality.
        • by Lincoln Lee :...
        • N. Zest Chronicles, part 5: The Starks
          nzest5 zip (29k) (Family inc)
          Margot goes to see Kelli Masters and sees her father on top of her. She returns home to find her brother Cole in the Kitchen, in his underwear. She walks to him and feels his hard chest, and they kiss.
        • by Diggity Dog :...
        • Summer Camp
          sumcamp zip (10k) (m/f teen)
          We didn't have alot of money growing up. A local church ran a summer camp, and when I was 12, I went as a charity camper. When he was 16, they hired him as a counselor. He sees Rhea 14, 4' 10", firm young body, short dark hair, deep brown eyes, in the mess hall and drops a rack of plates.
        • by Shawn Squirel :...
        • Taking Care of Mom, ch 2
          takecar2 zip (4k) (F/m mom/son)
          The next morning he awoke to find his mother crying in the kitchen blaming herself and insisting on separate beds. He tries to get her to change her mind, but the answer was no. He meets Linda, his age, blond hair, tall and thin, 34B maybe. They studied together.

          Monday AM, December 07, 1998

        • by Rick Roll :...
        • Artie's Mom
          artysmom zip (6k) (M/F/ - teen/oral/mast)
          Mike's roommates mother comes to college for parent's weekend, and she walks in on something that she did not expect.
        • by Clayton :...
        • Babysitter - Jenny Chapter 3
          jenny3 zip (24k) (Mg, teasing)
          Greg gives Jenny her first lesson and meets the rest of her family.

          Sunday AM, December 06, 1998

        • by Silvio Stoker :...
        • New Author.!.!.!
          The Starry Mire
          starry zip (147k) (MF, Mff+ yng teen, rom, hebephilia, scat, cons-torture, caution)
          I was on a train to Oror when I saw her. When the train pulled into the station, I saw her being taken by the arms. I ended up paying, or having to pay, $500 for her.
        • by Young Fox :...
        • RETURN TO PARIS--Another story in the ongoing Gagnon Saga
          gagnon8 zip (17k) (Mm, mf, Mmmmmm, intense incest)
          Alois and Pierre quickly become friends. Yvette told Angelique everything, and was now fucking her son. Alois, who loved to masturbate, did so out the window, and on the gardeners head. Pierre was amazed at his load.

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