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      If you wear red tonight,
      Remember what I said tonight.
      For red is the colour that my baby wore,
      And what's more, it's true...


    • Feedback and its effect....

        ....having eyes and ears on both sides of the fence, I think I see a pattern emerging:

            Authors write:

              I've written 3-4 chapters to this story and I don't think anyone is enjoying it much less reading it. I've received one email from someone criticizing my casual use of grammar, so I think I will just quit...

            Readers write:

              I just loved the [StoryName] by [AuthorName]....have any more chapters been written, and why did the Author stop writing on the story...?!!?!!? It was great, what happened...?.?.?

    • Christmas Bonus...!.!.!

        this website.... as it appeared in its entirety during Nov/Dec 1996
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          550 ... 
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    Scarlet were the clothes she wore,
    Everybody knows I'm sure.
    I would remember all the things we planned,
    Understand, it's true...



    Yes It Is

      On Friday AM, December 25, 1998

      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • The Sinister Sister, ch 14-15
        sin14_15 zip (16k) (Mf, Ff, Mff, rom, reluc, torture, caution)
        The evil little masochist Nicole, 11, and her lover John, 36, end up seducing a young salesgirl at a clothing store. But the star-struck couple starts to have problems with prying locals...
      • by James Bellamy :...
      • Grandma's Story, ch 8
        grandma8 zip (15k) (F/M inc)
        The regular weekly meeting of Isabel's Bridge Club convened with Jan and Millie insistent upon knowing about the vacation which Isabel and Ellen had returned from.
      • by JV :...
      • All I want for christmas is Mom's sweet ass...and a WEBTV
        momsass zip (15k) (F/m mom/son teen)
        I never gave incest any thought, I mean sure I have had passing thougts occasionally but I am not some kind of freak. Yes my mom is young, and I guess I always knew she was attractive from the way my friends acted around her. But until I saw her naked, I really never thought about fucking her.

        Thursday AM, December 24, 1998

      • by Rick Roll :...
      • My Hot Daughter
        hotdautr zip (12k) (M/F - father/daughter/inc)
        I watched with rapt interest as my cute, perfect little girl turned into a hot little slut. It became too much for me to deal with when she began flirting with me, and something had to be done.
        The Ski Trip
        skitrip zip (15k) (M/F/M/F - teacher/student/young/virgin/oral/4 way)
        Kristen organizes a ski trip for the students at her high school. When she runs into trouble skiing with a group of students, they rely on "body heat" to keep each other warm.
      • by The Englishman :...
      • The Looker, part 2
        looker2 zip (8k) (M/f First)
        A short sweet piece about a young girl on a shopping trip and a glimpse of a personal discovery.
      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • The Starry Mire, part 2
        starry2 zip (13k) (MF, Mf, MMf, rom, cons, nc, extreme caution)
        James Marsh and the his lover Fauve, 15, along with the anorexic, the adolescent redhead and Sasha, the tormented little slave, are staying at the governor's villa. They meet his teenaged daughter and James walks to a nearby park where he picks up a young drug addict.
      • by Pyros Magus :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        Playing the MC
        mikejen1 zip (5k) (M/f)
        It was Mike's big day. He, and another person in his class, Jennifer, were to be the Masters of Ceremonies for the Schools Christmas concert. That means he would have to study his lines with her, possibly at his or her house!
      • by Gandu :...
      • Family Visit
        famvisit zip (14k) (m/fff inc ped)
        My mother's brother had just bought a new house and had invited all the relatives over for some religious ceremony that's involved with a new house. I wasn't too thrilled about the trip, because I always get bored at those, because I am the youngest one in my generation of cousins. All of my cousins are married with kids.
      • by Scanner :...
      • Runaway, ch 2: More Fun and Games
        runaway2 zip (4k) (M/f)
        I lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling. Could the events that had transpired just a short time ago have really happened. I closed my eyes, expecting this to be a beautiful dream but it wasn't. This was for real. I had just tasted the sweet juices of the most beautiful child I had ever seen. I could be arrested for what I had done, but it didn't matter. I felt glorious.

        Wednesday AM, December 23, 1998

      • by Poker :...
      • Cartoon Time
        cartoon zip (12k) (Mff, pedo, incest)
        Whoever said watching TV is a waste of time? When Dave Rawlings had to babysit his 4 year old niece, watching TV was just the start of things.....
      • by Tanzer :...
      • Grandma
        grandma zip (14k) (MF/Fg - incest, anal, oral, voyeurism)
        I would have never guessed that my mom's mom would be such a great fuck...
      • by Clayton :...
      • Babysitting - Jenny Chapter 8: Hot Tub Hoydens
        jenny8 zip (56k) (MgF, tease, voy, massage)
        Greg has dinner with Jenny and Dianne while the "Menfolk" are away. After dinner he treats both of them to his own special brand of massaqge.
      • by Corn53 :...
      • Lori Gets An Enema
        lorigets zip (10k) (M/f/f/F exam)
        12 year old Lori pretends to be sick again, so Mom calls a friend to help persuade her not to miss school again.
        Melissa and Friends: Research Weekend
        mfriends zip (24k) (M/f/f/F exam)
        5 little girls, ages 10 to 12 get 'researched' for the weekend by 12 adults. Lots of measuring, probing, peeing, etc. but they also get to dance, dress up, and play games for prizes.
      • by Centaur :...
      • Marie - Part Two: The Past - Virginia
        marie2 zip (49k) (M/f inc)
        Marv stepped through the door and stared in disbelief at the scene that greeted him. It was like a freeze frame of a video tape. Marv saw everything instantly and with great clarity, it was as though for that instance he was outside of his body suspended in space. He saw Chantel lying naked on her back tied to a long table, her beautiful long legs held back by a rope looped under her knees, her legs bent back along side of her head.
      • by Sniffer :...
      • Nicole
        nicole zip (8k) (M/f)
        I was working as usual in my office when Janet came in. She was a very attractive woman of 35 years who works parttime in our little company. We talked as usual and had our little laugh, but what attracted me most, was Janet's eight years old daughter. I saw her for the first time.
      • by HIGH STORRS :...
      • Somnambulism
        somnambu zip (7k) (F/m mom/son)
        The first time I walked in my sleep, it was for real. I was about thirteen, and I remember waking up to find myself standing in the middle of Mum's bedroom. She was sitting up in bed, covers pulled up under her chin, staring at me in astonishment. I blinked, and then almost fell to the floor.
      • by Sweet Marissa :...
      • Watching Nadine
        nadine zip (6k) (M/f inc)
        A father's spy camera begins to rock his world as he places the focus on his sexually craved 15-year-old daughter and her friends.
      • by Al Garcia :...
      • Un hombre mayor
        unhombre zip (5k
        Mi tío Ramón
        tioramon zip (6k
        Tania con casi 10 años
        tania zip (6k
        Sesión fotográfica
        sesionfo zip (6k
        Mi hermana Sandra
        sandra zip (8k
        Recuperando el tiempo
        recupera zip (6k
        Mi Vecina
        mivecina zip (5k
        Mi madre y mi tía
        madretia zip (8k
        Experiencias Infantiles
        infantil zip (3k
        Como perdí mi virginidad
        comoperd zip (8k
        (stories written in Spanish)

        Tuesday AM, December 22, 1998

      • by TinaS1t :...
      • My Daddy Needs Me
        mydaddy zip (17k) (M/f, inc, cons?, oral, ws)
        Lisa learns that even at 11 she can take care of her dads needs
      • by Netwanderer :...
      • Night Teen, part 2: Chinatown
        nitetee2 zip (10k) (M/f teen rape)
        I wasn't going to go back. I really wasn't. But then I found myself driving to a location I had never heard, getting out of my car, then when next I remembered, I was again sitting across from him. We were in a different location this time. It looked like the living room of a small house, the windows were covered, I couldn't see where we were. Then, he began to speak as if nothing happened.
      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • The Sinister Sister, ch 12-13
        sin12_13 zip (11k) (Mf, cons, rom, anal, messy, caution)
        John, 36, starts work at the liquor store while Nicole, 11, finds an way to get rid of the bodies. When he comes home, the beautiful little girl begins to teach him about her perverse needs.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • Kelly and her telescope
        telescop zip (13k) (M/F - father/daughter/inc/voyeur)
        Kelly's grandparents gave her a telescope that opened her up to the world of voyeurism. When she discovers that her father had similar habits, they join forced to discover pleasure together.
      • by JV :...
      • Stolen From Summer Camp
        stolen zip (69k) (M/f/F)
        He first met Sue when he joined the new Karate facility that had opened in the mall down the street from his house. It was only on his second visit after joining that he noticed the tall sexy red head as she practiced her kata with a partner. Frank was working toward his orange belt while the red head already had her brown. Man thought Frank, what a piece of ass as he felt his trouser snake rising in his outfit.
      • by Daddy Slut :...
      • Caught Off Guard, part 2
        caught2 zip (5k) (M/f inc)
        I had a hard time getting to sleep. I had so much sexual energy to release, but my husband Steve said he was too tired. Right! Too tired because he spent the day with his cock buried in his 6 year old daughters pussy giving her the cum that rightly belonged to me. That made me upset that my daughters were getting fucked more than I was by my own husband and they were wearing him out before I could get some!

        Monday AM, December 21, 1998

      • by Young Fox :...
      • "Undercover Operation": A Jack Durango Story
        durango zip (35k) (M/F M/ff inc)
        In this story Jack Durango teams up with his former partner Deena Sully and two "special agents," fraternal twin 10 year olds from Denmark, who pose as Jack and Deena's daughters. Their job is to investigate a Montana cult that promotes incest. Youngsters participate in the action. It ends in a harrowing "blow 'em up" climax with Durango fighting to save the life of one of his daughters.
      • by Cagey :...
      • Hope Island
        hopeisle zip (23k) (M/f)
        A man and young girl find themselves on a deserted, tropical island....unaware that the other first........
      • by Clayton :...
      • Babysitting - Jenny, ch 7: Practicing
        jenny7 zip (33k) (Mg, tease, fondle, mast)
        Things begin to heat up a little bit between Greg and Jenny. After Jeremy has an accident, she spends the night at Greg's house.
      • by KBear :...
      • Messy loses it!
        losesit zip (10k) (M/f /oral/ dad/daughter first time)
        Tia was determined to loose her pesky cherry one way or the other. Oh sure there was probably a dozen boys her age that would love to slip her the meat, but they were just kids. She wanted man meat.
      • by Poker :...
      • Midnight At The Lost and Found
        lost zip (5k) (Mf, rape)
        Lovely 6 year old April Pane is missing. Somewhere, she is lying drugged and gagged in the dark. Will the police find her before it's too late?
      • by HIGH STORRS :...
      • Overnight
        overnite zip (3k) (M/F)
        England is not a very big country, and so it is unusual to make use of a sleeping car when travelling - unusual but not unknown, as you will see. I was a very occasional user of this service, and would like to tell you about something which happened the last time I did use it - something happened which if you read about it in a story you wouldn't believe. But you know what they say about truth being stranger than fiction.
      • by AnonX :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        Uncle Jack
        uncjack zip (10k) (MMffF)
        My name is Jack, I am 40 years old and I live alone. The flat I live in is in an apartment block, which has its own swimming pool, laundry and restaurant. My neighbors have two daughters, Jenny (6yo) and Millie (4yo). I often spend many hours watching them play around the pool, laughing and screaming wearing their little costumes that were obviously bought for them a while ago.
      • by Lincoln Lee :...
      • Joined
        joined zip (6k) (M/f inc)
        "Daddy it hurts," Debbie said weakly, "Ooooohhhhhhh gossssssh." Her quiet sobbing voice was barely audible over the creaking of the bed springs. I continued to saw my cock in and out of her tight cunt.
      • by Cumsucker :...
      • Lisa’s Dark Desires, ch 2
        lisadar2 zip (9k) (WS, DS, SM, Beast)
        In the days following my evening with Professor Dulon and his wife Ninka, I must have masturbated fifty times, lying there in bed, my eyes closed, vividly recalling every detail of that extraordinary evening of sexual depravity and lust. God it was exciting... watching as the dog fucked her... handling the dog’s cock myself.
      • by Sweet Marissa :...
      • The Sex Lesson
        sexlessn zip (7k) (Mff - incest - young)
        He stood at the top of the stairs, looking down at his daughter and her school friend playing Parchesi. The two 13-year-old girls were giggling as they played, talking about their friends at school and the boys they adored.

        Sunday AM, December 20, 1998

      • by Poker :...
      • Voice Of An Angel
        angel zip (9k) (Mf, pedo)
        Steve Howard is a journalist, assigned to travel with Charlotte Church (the UK's 12 year old singing sensation). They are instantly attracted, but, with Charlotte's mother around as chaperone, could anything happen?
        The Night Before Christmas
        b4xmas zip (7k) (Mf, oral)
        Another tale of the Faerie Folk. Chris Cringle is a grumpy old Santa. The reindeers are frisky and the elves have gone on strike! To cap it all, he's surprised by 7 year old Gemma, who's awake when he delivers her present. Maybe she can cheer him up!
      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • Drottninggatan
        drotting zip (10k) (Mff, inc (granddaughter), rom, cons, anal)
        A semi-retired German businessman is in Scandinavia to visit his granddaughter, 13. When she catches him with a very young prostitute, he discovers that she is precocious in more ways than one...
      • by JS3729 :...
      • Gerri's Secret, part 4
        gerri4 zip (14k) (MF inc rom)
      • by Clayton :...
      • Babysitting - Jenny, ch 6: Repercussions
        jenny6 zip (25k
        Jenny discoverz some of the pitfalls of her slutish behavious. While Greg teaches her about birth control.
      • by Youngset :...
      • Work in Progress, part 1 & 2
        progress zip (9k) (m/f teen inc)
      • by Pedros :...
      • Star, part 3
        star3 zip (18k) (MMMm/f, s&m, bon, pedo, film)
        The nine-year-old heroine makes her third movie, which involves some scary s&m scenes for her involving pegs, clamps and chains; but which she finds she ultimately enjoys. She is tended to afterwards by the film's director and is well on the way to becoming a Star.
      • by Diggity Dog :...
      • Sophie's Revenge
        sophie zip (14k) (M/f inc)
        Jamie the Seductress
        jamie3 zip (12k) (M/f inc)
        Steph and I educate Sophie
        steph2_3 zip (27k) (M/f inc)

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    Please don't wear red tonight
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    In spite of you, it's true...


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