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      • Christmas Bonus...!.!.! Bring It On Home

      • On Friday AM, January 01, 1999

      • by The Englishman :...
      • Resolution
        resolut zip (32k) (M/f teen control)
        A story for New Year's eve. There's a moral if you look for it but essentially this is the account of an older man's efforts to bed a much younger girl who is not only a virgin but engaged to marry another. She is lovely and sweet and innocent - he is none of those things.
      • by KBear :...
      • A Shoplifting Tale
        shoplift zip (9k) (M/f/young/coercion/spank/fingered anal)
        Debbie knew better than to try to get away with it, but Rachel had dared her to do it and her little sister gave her that look like "You wouldn't dare." So she slipped those lacy panties on and let her skirt drop down over them, leaving her own dirty panties behind on the dressing room floor.    Her friend had on a second little bra, from the racks, and they were giggling about how it made her look like she had a lot bigger boobs. She was just big enough to start wearing one and mostly because it made her feel older, not because she actually needed one.
      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • The Sinister Sister, ch 21-23
        sin21_23 zip (21k) (Mf, MMf, cons, nc, preg, torture, caution)
        John, 36, learns that Lucy, 10, has a younger and even prettier sister -- and Uncle Bob has already blown the money for Lucy, so he hopes to sell her, too. Meanwhile, his demanding lover Nicole, 11, is ready to be impregnated when something happens to make them flee the valley. Obsessed with her pale little body, John wants to take her to Chicago and buy her some interesting new toys...
      • by Dick :...
      • Star Children - Part 2
        star2 zip (11k) (m/f teen cons)
        Kanar looked over the valley, counting the huts and houses that dotted the landscape. By count there were over twenty in the North valley alone, their roofs nestled between a patchwork quilt of fields and roads. He could see that most the green foliage had been cut, leaving the brown and yellow stripes of the harvested crop rows. This was the eighteenth harvest of N-188-2, the second planet of a young yellow star, now commonly referred to as Eden. The colony that arrived here after their long voyage was now well-established. The Earth born pilgrims were actively involved in procreation, increasing the population of Eden by fifty or more each year.

        Thursday AM, December 31, 1998

      • by KBear :...
      • Gym-nasties
        gymnasty zip (16k) (M/f/group /young/spank/oral/anal/ws/non-con/first time/)
        It would be the greatest porn film ever made, but the only "catch" will be that the "actors" in this film will be unwilling to make it.   Sam knew just how to get around this little problem. If he got just the right group together, they would do what ever he said, after all he would pay them well and the fringe benefits would be all the young pussy they could handle, and then some.
      • by Poker :...
      • Old Macdonald's Daughter
        macdautr zip (12k) (MFf, pedo, incest, best)
        Little Sally Macdonald lives on a farm. One day she finds out that her animal friends can be more than just friends. She then goes on to find out just how much her parents love her.
      • by Dave Hedgehog :...
      • Teacher's Pet
        teacher zip (5k) (F/f, oral)
        Cindy Blake sat in her teacher's office, waiting for Ms Nelson to return. Actually she was rather hoping that the woman wouldn't return because she knew how much trouble she was in. The 10 year old had been caught in the girl's toilets with her skirt hoisted up around her waist and her panties around her ankles. She had been getting very aroused watching the sex-ed film and had excused herself saying that she was on her period and had to change change her tampon.   Ms Nelson had become worried at the length of time that young Cindy had been away and had gone to check she was alright. It was then that she found the girl sitting in one of the cubicles, masturbating furiously.

        Wednesday AM, December 30, 1998

      • by Centaur :...
      • While the Cat's Away, part 3
        cataway3 zip (9k) (M/f, inc, nc, drug)
        For the second morning in a row I woke up feeling really good. It was amazing what some good sex with a couple of tight teens could do to set the day off right. I realized how much I had been missing being married to that worthless bitch Pam. She really hated sex, she had since after Allison had been born and the doctor had told her that she couldn't have any other children. I got sex about once every two weeks if I fed her enough wine and was real sweet to her - lately that had been hard to fake so I had been doing without. I started thinking that if things worked out with the girls I would begin moving my assets to where they couldn't be found and start divorce proceeding.
      • by Corn53 :...
      • Mary And Sarah Make A Video, part 1
        maryvid1 zip (13k) (MM/ff, and dog)
        Eleven year old Mary & Sarah are walking home from school. Stop togive men in Cable TV van directions. They trick girls into going with them. Forced to do naughty things with each other in front of camera.
      • by Jim Fix :...
      • Summer Job
        sumjob zip (10k) (F/m)
        I could feel the warm sun on my back as I bent over a flower bed clipping stray tufts of grass with a pair of hand shears. There were at least a thousand other things I would rather be doing, but if it cost money I had to mow lawns. Mom and Dad were not generous with my allowance; they came from the school that said money was earned through a person's own sweat and effort.
      • by Shaking_Pen :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        The Edwards Family Secrets - The Dawn
        telltrue zip (14k) (Mf/inc)
        At last! My wife had finally gone off to her clothes party. A lucrative side-line indeed and one that ensured she was out of the house at least three nights a week, strutting her stuff with bags and bags of clothes to less well-off families in the neighbourhood. Some neighbourhood! She could travel up to 40 miles and return midnight or more!    I was left as usual to baby-sit for my stepdaughters or at least to look after them. I mean, at their ages of 12 and 14 they wouldn't thank me for using the term 'baby'.
      • by Spangles Muldoon :...
      • It Pays to Advertise....
        itpays zip (28k) (M/F)
        From: Kitty   Too bad I'm a 6'0 blonde.....(with kids, sigh)     From: Spangles Muldoon  Kitty...Like I said in the ad....I will consider all...and I would certainly consider a 6' 0" blonde... after all, a preference is just a preference...   From: Kitty  Ok, I responded yesterday, and have really been thinking about this.....Are you really for real? Have you gotten any promising responses? I am just really curious.....I think a relationship like this is ideal. I'm not sure why I find this ad so compelling......Please answer, if only for the hell of it.....
      • by K9Loveman :...
      • Mein Hund und ich
        meinhun1 zip (14k) (F/m, M/m, F/f, M/f, best, WS, Inc)
        Zu meinem 3 Geburtstag, bekam ich von meinem Patenonkel einen kleinen Hund geschenkt. Meine Freude war riesengross, die Freude meines kleinen vierbeinigen    Freundes nicht weniger, denn beide pinkelten wir vor Freude mitten ins Wohnzimmer unter den Weihnachtsbaum.    Von meiner Tante, die wie zufällig unter dem Tisch ihre Hand in meinem Schritt hatte, war mein kleines Missgeschick zuerst bemerkt worden.

        Tuesday AM, December 29, 1998

      • by Spit 'n' Image :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        Sandra and Jacob
        sandra1 zip (15k) (M/f) (edit by GoDSpiT)
        Rebecca Jennings and her daughter Sandra lived alone in a big old house on the edge of town. Sandy never knew her father because Rebecca was raped when she was 12 years old. Being Catholic Becky's parents insisted she have the child and they would help raise it. Rebecca had to quit school and be home schooled while she was pregnant. After the baby was born she wanted to stay home and take care of her so home schooling continued. You have to give her a lot of credit. Becky raised a child and finish her education by getting a GED.
      • by Mythos :...
      • Tommy, Teddy and Tina
        tommy zip (11k) (m/m, m/f, inc)
        Tommy and Teddy had become the best of friends over the summer. Tommy and his family had move to Townhedge right after the end of the last school year when Tommy's father had gotten his new position. Tommy had gone over to a local "Climbing Wall" and had hooked up with Teddy as belay partners. By the time School started in the fall, Tommy already had a dozen friends.
      • by Nightingale Minigales 1998 :...
      • A Pink Christmas
        pinkxmas zip (19k) (MF, FF, group, oral, anal, risk, voy, exhib, spanking, wife, inc)
        My folks visited for Christmas. By the time dad arrived, my new bride and I had already seduced mom. It started by mom catching Beth blowing me in the living room. Then Beth used her tricks to seduce dad. All that resulted in an unforgettable Christmas.
      • by The Traveler :...
      • École des oies blanche………
        blanches zip (8k) (a story written in French)
        Mon nom est Caroline, mais tout le monde m’appelle Caro. Je suis psychologue dans le milieu scolaire depuis quelques années dans le sud de la France. Vous comprendrez que je ne peux nommer la belle ville ou je vie…
      • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        La Petite Malade
        malade zip (14k) (M/g, pedo, inc, medical)
        "Voilà, on est arrivé", dit Papa en se garant devant la jolie maison en meulière de Pépé Maurice. Manon ne sait guère si elle doit ou non se réjouir de passer ses vacances de Pâques chez Pépé Maurice. Elle ne se souvient même plus de la tête qu'il a. Il est vrai que la dernière fois qu'elle l'a vu, elle était toute petite. Et elle a sept ans et demi à présent.

        Monday AM, December 28, 1998

      • by Centaur :...
      • While the Cat's Away, part 2
        catawa2 zip (9k) (M/f, inc, nc, drug)
        I woke up alone in my bed the next morning feeling just great. You know how it feels in the morning when you have really had great sex the night before? That nice light feeling in your balls? I reached down and rubbed my prick and balls. I could still feel a little stickiness from the night before. I brought my fingers to my nose and took a big sniff. Ahh that great smell of Allison's little virgin pussy. It brought back how great my daughter tasted and smelled last night as I took her fifteen year old pussy in my mouth while she lay there in a drugged sleep.
      • by Dunthat :...
      • Once upon a time, ch. 1-6
        once1_6 zip (29k) (M/f incest)
        The door to the bedchamber was closed. Dan opened it, entered and closed the door behind him. Candles lit the room. His daughter Daniel stood with her mother just a few paces inside the room. His wife unfastened Daniel’s ceremonial robe and removed it. Daniel was now completely naked.    “This is your daughter flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood. She presents herself to you, her father pure and untouched. She is ready to become a woman, to learn from you and to submit herself to you,” his wife said.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • Tom's Slut Daughter
        slutdaut zip (22k) (M/F/M - father/daughter/rape/inc/cons/sex)
        As a single parent, Tom did his best to raise his daughter in the way that he thought was best. He had no idea that he was making his daughter into a little slut. His own hot little slut.
      • by DH2 :...
      • Brian's Story
        brian zip (24k) (M/m m/m teen inc)
        Dave Williams, age twenty-eight was sitting in the hospital room. He still couldn't believe what had happened in the last twenty-four hours of his life and was unsure of what the future held. Dave was a computer programmer and had his own computer store, in upstate New York. His marriage had ended at age 22 , when his wife was killed by a drunk driver. He hadn't dated since then. Dave buried himself in work. His brother, Tom had invited him to spend a week with him, his wife and son at their home in California.
      • by Sweet Marissa :...
      • Keeping it in the family
        keepfam zip (10k) (M/m/f incest)
        Father notices daughter. Daughter teases father. Father touches daughter. Father notices son and daughter together. Father watches. Son and daughter have sex. Father watches, then.... read it and see!!

        Sunday AM, December 27, 1998

      • by Jaz1701 :...
      • All I want for christmas is Mom's sweet ass...and a WEBTV
        momsass zip (15k) (F/m mom/son teen)
        I never gave incest any thought, I mean sure I have had passing thougts occasionally but I am not some kind of freak. Yes my mom is young, and I guess I always knew she was attractive from the way my friends acted around her. But until I saw her naked, I really never thought about fucking her.
        (previous post in error)
      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • The Sinister Sister, ch 16-20
        sin16_20 zip (16k) (Mf, Mf, ff, rom, cons, nc, severe torture, extreme caution)
        John, 36, and Nicole, 11, continue their erotic misadventures, buying a wino's little niece and avoiding the police. As Nicole's self-inflicted illnesses take a turn for the worse, it's beginning to look like John will have to fulfill his promise of dying with her -- but even with the end in sight, the perverted lovers are determined to know each other's bodies as never before. John hopes to stop her from killing herself even as he seems to be fucking her to death...

        Saturday AM, December 26, 1998

      • by Davy Sprocket :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        Mr. Marks
        marks zip (53k) (M/f yng)
        I felt the crash before I heard the bang!  My whole body jerked, being held in place by the seat belt.  A brief second later I was opening the door to survey the damage and see what had happened.  Jen ran up to me. "Ohh, I'm sorry, Christ I'm so sorry, are you OK? It was all my fault." Tears began to roll down her cheek. "It was really my sisters' fault! They were fighting in the truck and I was driving and they bumped me and I wasn't supposed to be driving the truck, I don't have a license, please don't tell, my parents!! Oh, I'm so sorry!!" Then more tears.
        Molly and Mom
        mollymom zip (23k) (F/f/m yng inc mom/daut)
        Molly looked down the street towards the corner. It was the last day of the school year. But what should have been a happy day, wasn't. She watched as Becky and Dina walked hand in hand with their boy friends. When Molly was nine she had always been the cute one. Her long red hair and her freckled cute smile had ensured that she received more than her fair amount of attention. Now here she was just 2 months away from her eleventh birthday with the realization that her body had betrayed her!! Not that she was under developed, no she couldn't really complain on that score. She was sure she was still cute, but unlike Dina and Becky, her breasts and hips hadn't yet begun to define her as a "young woman".
        treena zip (30k) (m/f teen cousins inc)
        Treena rushed into the house crying, holding her bum. "I fell off the swing," she sobbed.  "Oh jeez, I got to go" blurted out Del into the phone "I'll call you later."    Del followed Treena upstairs. "Where does it hurt?" He asked.  "My butt," offered Treena, still sobbing .  "I think I broke something."   "No bones in your butt to break" consoled Del.  "Well it hurts, it hurts a lot," whined Treena.  Del had been pressed into baby-sitting his 12 year old cousin. Dad and Mom had gone out for the day with Treenas' parents to the mountains. Things had gone downhill from there.
      • by Silvio Stoker :...
      • Him, part 1
        him1 zip (22k) (Mf, Mmf, cons, rom, caution)
        A drifter from Mississippi, 28, is hired to search for a missing girl, 13, by a shady businessman in Berlin. He soon finds himself caught in a web of child slavery and prostitution.
      • by Mr. E. :...
      • New Author.!.!.!
        Spanked and Milked, part 1: At Home with Mommy
        spankmlk zip (9k) (Spanking, masturbation, incest, F/m, M/m)
        Danny Dixon had butterflies in his stomach. His mother had noticed several semen stains on his bedsheets and had taken Danny by the hand and marched him into his bedroom    "Have you been playing with yourself, young man?" his mother asked, pointing at the sheets.    "No, Mommy," he replied.

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