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        On Saturday AM, December 05, 1998

          • by JS3729 :...
          • New Author.!.!.!
            ATW - Assuming the Worst
            assumin zip (16k) (mf (teen) MF rom)
            My best friend was Aaron Mott. He and his sister Tracy 11, and a fox, lived next door. Tracy was the first girl in the neighborhood that became interested in boys, I was that boy. I assumed I had no chance of ever kissing her, much less anything else. Was I wrong...
            TAG - There's Always Gina
            gina zip (12k) (mf (teen) MF incest, love)
            I go through relationship after relationship always thinking there is always Gina, when it ends. Gina is my sister and we are close. Our mother divorced our father, and keep us not because she wanted us, but to hurt dad.
            Choice of a Lifetime
            lifetime zip (15k) (mf (teen), MF, incest, rom)
            I was 19, and Lynn 15 when I realized my dream was a reality. My sister was actually sucking my cock.
            Next Door Neighbors
            nextdoor zip (15k) (MF Mf(teen) inc rom love)
            Amy, the oldest daughter of the new next door neighbors, came over to extend an invitation from her mother for lunch tomorrow. Abby, the youngest, came by later and told me that Amy had a crush on me. The mother Daphne 32, widow, very large tits, was very attractive. He liked all three of them. He was leaving the lunch when he heard Amy mutter, "wait til tonight - my turn first".
            HSSS - High School Sex Slaves
            sexslave zip (59k) (mc, mf & ff (teen), nc, cons, d/s (light), inc, rom, love)
            Oscar, a college freshman, had a strange power that he found he had a month into his freshmen year of high school. His mother, a widow, stopped mourning over his father when he wished she would in front of her. The same thing happened when he wished he could have sex with his sister Jeannie.
          • by GoDSpiT :...
          • The Impossible Escape, Part 2: Seeds of Escape
            escape2 zip (18k) (M/f, m/f, cons, incs, preg, rape)
            Celeste 12 was in Randy Johnson's 5th period English class. Celeste wondered what it would be like to do it with him.
          • by Clayton :...
          • Babysitter - Jenny Chapter 2
            jenny2 zip (27k) (Mg, touch)
            Vanessa wants to know about some funny feelings that she has been experiencing, and catches Greg peeking at her undies. He whows her just how good those funny feelings can be.
          • by TinaS1t :...
          • Mom, Dad, and Me
            momdadme zip (44k) (F/f, M/f, inct, cons (?))
            KC, a cute 10yo, learns the facts of life from mom and dad.
          • by Rick Roll :...
          • Managing the Store
            thestore zip (14k) (M/F - teen/sex/oral/anal/voyeur)
            Lara was a 17 year old girl who worked for Tom. She had forgotten to request time off for Christmas vacation, and she devises new ways to convince him to give her the time off.

            Friday AM, December 04, 1998

          • by Clayton :...
          • Babysitter - Jenny Chapter 1
            jenny1 zip (23k) (Mgg, voy, setup)
            Greg applies for a position as tutor and meets a couple of wannabe sluts.
          • by Story Teller :...
          • Love for a Kidnapper
            kidnap zip (17k) (M+/f, M+/m, rape, torture, incest)
            My sister (14) and me (13) were kidnapped and held for ransom. We were tortured and degraded sexually by the kidnappers. They were hard and cruel but one of them was kind and gentle. He saved our lives!

            Thursday AM, December 03, 1998

          • by Katherine DeMonde :...
          • Affairs of the Heart, Chapter 5: Home
            affairs5 zip (11k) (MF, mFF, inc, ped, cons)
            Jenny tells Kat's brother Erik everything about Kat and their dad. Erik loves to watch Kat and did so tonight. Kat goes to Erik's bedroom naked, and finds Jenny there.
          • by Young Fox :...
          • Alois & Francois, a Gagnon Story
            gagnon7 zip (11k) (Mm, mf, Mmmmmm, intense incest)
            Alois and Francois have relocated to New York where M. Gagnon works for the UN delegation from France. They go to a male-only club and Alois learns to enjoy homosexuality, but on return home he succumbs to the irresistible wiles of his sinfully young sister.
          • by HIGH STORRS :...
          • A Few For Christmas
            few4xmas zip (11k) (christmas tales, lite sex)
            "I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa" and other Christmas favorites told a little differently.
            paradise zip (34k) (M/F)
            Brian Johnson always wanted to be a musician. He could play many instruments, and became a teacher. His first assignment was a year at Chillingford Ladies College. He finds a secret passage in his room, and goes exploring.
          • by Rick Roll :...
          • Lacy and I Play Truth or Dare
            lacyandi zip (11k) (M/F - teen/sex/oral)
            Stuck at an airport overnight, David ends up sharing a motel room with a stranded girl. A high school junior, she is scared and alone in the city, and he offers her just the comfort that she needs to make it through the night. They end up playing a special version of truth
            or dare.
            Playing Doctor With My Cousins
            playdoc zip (9k) (M/F/F - teen/inc/mast)
            An 11 year old boy discovers the pleasures of playing doctor with his two older female cousins, and they revisit the game as they grow.
            The Christmas Vacation
            xmasvac zip (12k) ( M/F/F - teens/virgin/sex/3-some/brother/sister)
            Home from college for Christmas break, John gets off to a hot porno he brought home. His 16-year-old sister and her friend discover the tape, and the three of them make it a vacation to remember.
          • by Euphoria :...
          • Little Ass-Slut's Experiments In Babysitting, part 1/3
            lasaexp1 zip (11k) (F/f/M/m oral/anal/ws)
            Ten year old Jenny and nine year old Jody start a babysitting service so they can experiment with really young children of both sexes.
          • by StoryMan :...
          • My Niece Amy
            nieceamy zip (14k) (M/f inc)
            This is a story about my niece Amy. I really don't know what possessed me to go forward with this affair but all I know is that I did. Now I am sorry, because I fell in love with her and now she has a life and a boyfriend of her own. Here is my story.
            My Brother's in Law
            broinlaw zip (24k) (m/f teen)
            Monica 17, 5'6", long brownish hair, deep brown eyes, full lips, well developed breasts, meets Danny Baker. On her 18th birthday the following month, he takes her out. On her 19th birthday, he asks her parent's permission to marry her. Danny is in the service and has to leave. Monica goes to spend time getting to know her in-laws. They go to NYC for the weekend, and her brother-in-laws invite her to dinner.
          • by KBear :...
          • The Sneaky Itch Scratcher
            sneaky zip (9k) (M/f/young/spank/oral)
            Tony likes his job at the child drop off center for the plant. Moms have to sign a paper that he may discipline their children, and they have to be toilet trained. Abby 6, is the first naughty girl and pees her pants.

            Wednesday AM, December 02, 1998

          • by The Story Teller :...
          • The IRC Trap
            irctrap zip (9k) (MM/mm, incest, oral, anal. nc, bondage)
            I was led into a trap by meeting a stranger on IRC on the Internet. At the age of 14, I had lied about my age but I wasn't the only one being deceptive!
          • by Iluvatar :...
          • Breakfast at Tiffany's
            tiffanys zip (7k) (m/f, pedo, m/f/f)
            He was a sophomore in high school, 6' 5", 16, brown hair and gray eyes. She was blond, beautiful, 5'9", blue eyes, 13, and her name was Tiffany. She was his future.
          • by KBear :...
          • Messy Pants has a Slumber party
            messy4 zip (22k) (M/f/f /Spank/oral /anal)
            Daddy lets Tia have a slumber party for her 10th Birthday. Tia and the 3 girls steal a 12 pack of daddy's beer. Trish catches them and tells her daddy. Tia and the girls are in big trouble.

            Tuesday AM, December 01, 1998

          • by Nightingale Minigales :...
          • The 25th Anniversary
            25thanni zip (13k) (MF, FF, group, oral, anal, risk, incest)
            Mom was fabulous as her 25th wedding anniversary approached. She looked irresistible in the anniversary party, so I could not resist her and the kitchen witnessed the hottest moments of our lives while the party was still going on.
            The Drive-It-In
            drivein zip (11k) (MF, oral, anal, spanking, cheating)
            Due to a business emergency a friend of mine had to cancel a night out with his wife. Not to spoil her fun, he delegated me to take her out to the movies. After the movie I took her to dinner and dance. Then we stopped by my apartment, where we had a great time getting to know each other well.
            The Godmother
            godmom zip (16k) (MF, FF, group, oral, anal, voy, exhib, bond, toys, cheating, wife)
            My godmother continued to sponsor every aspect of my life. After I got married, I continued to talk with her and listen to her advice. One day she gave me a surprise call at work, telling me she and Beth were waiting for me. My wife was all tied up, blindfolded and ready to be shown the light of carnal desire.
          • by Nightingale :...
          • The European Vacation
            eurovac zip (26k) (MF, FF, group, oral, anal, risk, exhib, voy, wife, inc)
            My parents and I went on a vacation to Europe with a couple and their daughter. As soon as we started the cruise, the ladies changed into skimpy bikinis. Then they went topless and finally everybody went nude to my deep embarrassment. Swimming in the Adriatic sea was great, but was by no means the highlight of that cruise.
          • by Centaur :...
          • Marie- Part One: The Present - Australia
            marie1 zip (60k) (M/f)
            Jim, Amy, and Julie are on field assignment. Marv is waiting to hear from them, but he feels something has happened.
          • by Dunthat :...
          • My Daughter Sharon
            sharon zip (8k) (M/f/f sleep/drug)
            I have two daughters, but this story is about Sharon 19, 5' 5", 123, 34B -26 - 38, brown hair, hazel eyes. She is in her freshman year of college, and came home for Easter Vacation, talking about Ted.
          • by The Story Teller :...
          • Teaching my Sons
            teach zip (13k) (M/mm, m/mm, M/F, m/F, cons, bondage, incest, anal)
            When my two boys started to lose interest in school I took over their education at home in an unusual manner. Later a friend from school was to join us along with his mother. I think I learnt as much as they did!
          • by Elizabeth Abercrombie :...
          • Young Lust
            yunglust zip (7k) (m/f teen)
            Andrew was 17 when this story began. Jan 14, was a cousin of my cousins on their mother's side. She was blond, small beautiful elfin shaped face, full sensual lips, and blue eyes, and was a virgin. He wanted her.

            Monday AM, November 30, 1998

          • by Rick Roll :...
          • Laurie teaches Cathy
            lauricat zip (15k) (F/F/F - les/oral/mast/sex)
            I worked at a beach side bar in Connecticut that was located near a couple of colleges. I thought I had tried nearly every sexual experience, until Cathy. She was divorced with a huge settlement. She was 5' 9" tall, her body sleek and tan with jet-black hair.

            Sunday AM, November 29, 1998

          • by GoDSpiT :...
          • The Impossible Escape, Part 1: Terrible Nightmares
            escape1 zip (18k) (M/f,m/f,incs,cons,preg, rape)
            Jamie 14, went out with William Grey 16. He rapes her, she gets
            pregnant, her mother throws her out, Williams father takes her in,
            they get married, she has twins, Celeste and Chris. Jamie makes plans
            to save her kids from their father, and she is killed in a car accident.
            Celeste 6, becomes a victim of her dad.
          • by Lazlo :...
          • Voyeur III: Uncle Charlie's Return
            voyeur3 zip (12k) (MMFFff,pedo,inc,voy,nc?,con?)
            Charlie moves his little family to a quiet little community on
            Long Island. While in a coffee shop, he hears his niece Gina
            Farrell introduce herself to the man at the table. She has a
            cute, blond haired girl with her. He follows her home.
          • by The Englishman :...
          • Christmas Magic
            xmasmagx zip (14k) (M/f reluctant)
            Penny feels that she is too old at 12, to visit Santa's grotto.
            Her mum persuades her to go. She gets a gift from Santa that
            definitely was not on her list.
          • by Dragonette :...
          • French Teacher's Pet
            french zip (29k) (F/m, teen, teacher)
            What a boy really learns when a tutoring lesson by his
            beautiful French language teacher goes a bit farther than expected.
          • by ButtGuy :...
          • Keri: Helping Daddy, Part Two
            keri2 zip (6k) (M/f inc)
            Candy takes the two kids and leaves Keri home. She had to clean her
            room. Tom goes to see how she is doing, and helps her with her bed.
            She ask him if she could help him, and they go to the bathroom, where
            he was to work, and they both remember last week.
          • by Muc :...
          • Sleeping Sister Two
            sleep2 zip (8k) (m/f inc bro/sis)
            Our parents were going to NY for the weekend. I was going to be
            able to spend quality time with Donna.

            some intros written by LinS

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