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      Back In The U S S R

      On Friday AM, April 09, 1999

        • by Poker :...
        • Alpha Centauri, part 4 - last part
          alpha4 zip (12k) (Mf oral MFf pedo incest)
          Zakharov is recuperating in hospital. Meanwhile, Captain Campbell wakes up next to the lovely 10 year old girl, Meadow. On the way to try and find Meadow's father, Gaia's Landing is attacked by a swarm of Mind Worms. Back at the University, 7 year old Tania becomes even closer to her father.
        • by Uncle Ernie Walker :...
        • Girl Scout Gang Rape, part 4- The Forklift
          compoun4 zip (13k) (M+/ggg, nc, cum-eating)
          Jimbo leaned over and scooped up the child's ravaged body, and tossed her over his shoulders, her bottom only inches from his face, her torso hanging down his back.      He looked over to Jack, who was pile-driving the other girl, pulling his cock all the way out only to force it back into her preteen ass. The girl would pant and gasp every time he forced himself into. "Hey, you want to finish that here, or you wanna come with us? I'm taking this one to go visit her sister - wherever she is," Jimbo said as he absent-mindedly fondled the preteen's abused vagina and still virgin asshole.
        • by Dalton :...
        • The Disaster, part 2
          disast2 zip (17k) (M/f cons)
          Knessel begins to explore how he can bring little Leta into his life.
        • by Sniffer :...
        • Sandra
          sandrae zip (8k) (MMM/f, pedo non cons, rape)
          "Hey cutie!" Sandra is terrified when she hears the deep male voice in her back. She quickens her steps.     "Hey, where do you want to go so quickly?" the man asks ironically.     The girl's heart beats hard. This is the moment, she had feared.     Well, she had been very proud four weeks ago, almost exactly at her twelfth birthday, when her ballet-teacher told her, she was good enough for the advanced group. The group that trains every Wednesday in the evening till half past eight. Now, in mid-September, it's almost night and Sandra fears her way home.     She hurries, she doesn't change clothes, she only puts on a Tshirt and a little skirt. It's only ten minutes at home, but the path is deserted- and now!
        • by Sam Jason :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Blackmailed Grandmother, parts 1-2
          grand1_2 zip (18k) (Hetero incest, blackmail, seduction)
          I hated my Mother.    She was bossy, cruel, self-centered, demanding, busty, and beautiful.    All she thought about since Dad died was the business that she started. How to squeeze the last penny out of it, no matter what it took. That left me as a distraction, a bother.    She constantly made me do all the work around the house and only ridiculed me for my mistakes.    I'm sure she was glad to get rid of me for a few weeks during my Summer vacation.     "Your Grandfather is going on a World War II reunion trip, and your Grandmother needs you to clean the attic," she said in her usual bitchy voice.
        • by JV :...
        • Dee In Bondage
          deebond zip (22k) (M/F/F)
          She didn't know her friends were that wild, Susan had never mentioned that her and husband Jack were into such kinky activities. Dee thought she knew most everything about her friend and co-worker Susan, after all they had been working side by side in the large insurance company in ********** for the better part of eight years. If you had tried to convince her that Susan was bisexual before today's events, Dee would have laughed you out of the room. Dee never noticed even a hint that Susan was into women, all of their kidding and sexual jokes always concerned men. She knew that Susan was very much in love with her husband Jack and she had even hinted that Jack was very good in bed. Once she made a joke concerning how hard it was to live with a "large" man to Dee knowing that Dee was aware that Jack was only 5' 9". But kinky sexual activities like bondage and bi-sexuality. . . Susan. . . no, it wasn't possible.
        • by Diggity Dog :...
        • Like mother, like daughter
          likemom zip (14k) (M/f, M/f inc)
          "Aw, dude, awesome shit!" My best friend, Wayne, took a deep toke, inhaling the pungent smoke deep into his lungs and handed me the joint. I took a deep one myself and let the buzz travel through me. Ahhhh, nothing like a few tokes afterwork to wind down. We passed the joint back and forth, while strains of Pink Floyd took us on a level even further. Wayne had just gotten out of the Navy a few weeks before, so he seemed to be trying to catch up. His body wove about and shook as he acended again into what just a few short weeks before had been forbidden.      Suddenly, he started gasping. He unsteadily stood, mumbling, "Man, I need some air." moving out the front yard. I sighed, knowing he would make it into the cool grass before collapsing in my yard, passed out. Light weight! Sure enough, he almost made the chaise lounge and collapsed. I knew he would be out for an hour or so, so I turned off the stereo and popped on the tube, looking for some cartoons. I settled for Scooby-Do. The antics of Scooby and Shaggy always made me loose control and laugh hysterically. I heard a tapping at the door and called out "ENTRE'".      It was Dina, the neighbors 14 year old daughter.

          Thursday AM, April 08, 1999

        • by a. fudpucker :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Erica
          erica zip (9k) (Mf, pedo, oral)
          Erica was my daughter Jenny's best friend, and at 12 years old knew a lot more about sex than I ever would have dreamed of. And what she told me about my own daughter surprised me even more.
        • by Dalton :...
        • The Hunter and the Hunted, part 3
          hunter3 zip (21k) (M/fff mast)
          Several former Soviet armymen are brought into the plan to assualt Timetz and rescue the three girls who have been kidnapped.
        • by Amanda :...
        • Farouche - Chapitre 1
          farou1 zip (14k
          Claire avait treize ans quand Victor commença à entrer dans sa chambre sans frapper. Il avait trente ans. C'était le plus bel homme qu'elle connaissait, d'un charme débordant, agréable à écouter parler, doué en affaires. De tous ses oncles, il était son préféré. Pourtant, elle l'avait toujours un peu craint. Sans doute parce que tous le traitaient comme un prince, comme s'il était le centre de la famille. Claire savait que c'était faux. C'était son grand-père, Henry, qui régnait sur la famille. Il établissait les règles et Victor devait y obéir, comme tout le monde. Néanmoins, lorsque son père et Victor étaient ensemble, son père semblait se ratatiner alors que Victor, de onze ans son cadet et plus petit de vingt centimètres, paraissait devenir plus grand et plus beau. Si son père était toujours calme, Victor s'enthousiasmait pour un rien : ses voyages à l'étranger ou bien les affaires qu'il traitait. On n'avait aucun mal à deviner, en le voyant, qu'il était celui qui avait le mieux réussi des cinq enfants d'Henry
        • by Mark Aurel :...
        • Die Kinder Auf Der Robinsoninsel
          kinder zip (10k) (m(13)/f(13), pedo)
          At the end of a summer-camp a boy and a girl of 13 are left behind on a deserted island by their without any clothes by their mean class mates.

          Wednesday AM, April 07, 1999

        • by Max Wheeler :...
        • The Abduction of Beatrice, ch5: The Servitude Begins...
          abduct2 zip (6k) (M/f)
          It was a cold and snowy evening. A fire crackled happily in the fireplace as Thornton sipped his evening brandy and smoked one of his favorite cigars. Beatrice knelt before him the position that she had been taught, breasts outthrust, back straight, hands crossed behind her head, facing her knees. Her bowels had been host to Thorton's largest ebonite butt plug for the past hour, and she was beginning to experience aggressive discomfort in her rear. Thorton gazed down upon his latest possession, delighting in her beauty, for she was. Long, curly (Now coifed by Madison), flaming striking red hair, perfect nose, cheekbones and facial features. Thornton looked down at Beatrice.      "Turn around, little one", he bade.
        • by Uncle Ernie Walker :...
        • Girl Scout Gang Rape, part 3 - The Elevator
          compoun3 zip (8k) (M+/ggg, nc, cum-eating)
          Jimbo lifted Cindy's head off his cock one last time and stood up.      "Next!" Jimbo shouted jovially and immediately another of the grown men crouched where he was. Cindy barely had a moment to catch her breath before she noticed the knees on either side of her head and the new man's large "cock" dangling over her face. If she looked right up, she could see things hanging down between his legs, big and hairy objects not an inch from her eyes. He, too, was furiously pumping his cock.      "How was she, Jimbo?" Bill asked, the big black man said as he stroked himself. He looked up and saw Jose stroking himself still between the girls legs, her Brownie-scout uniform in tatters on either side of her body.
        • by GoDSpiT :...
        • Kryl, ch 1: Legend of an Emperor
          kryl1 zip (21k) (m/f, M/f, more)
          In the beginning they say that the earth was full and prosperous the human race grew and conquered after the fall of the dinosaurs. They say that the human race spread across the planet covering it all changing it pushing it to the limits. Some would argue that this is wrong, that the human race was waiting was due for a fall. A fall that would ultimately destroy them. Others said that this was all part of evolution that a race like the humans had to conquer its own inner desires before it could attain peace and prosperity. Conflict though is embedded in the human genetic code. And as the human race did prosper they did spread out across their very own solar system.
        • by Max Free :...
        • Twin Capers, ch4
          twins4a zip (13k) (MFMFBgBg inc)
          One evening, more than a month after Mary had returned, Jack phoned Mike and invited him for a drink in his favorite hang-out. They had more than one drink and Mike then told Jack everything about the latest sexual developments in his family. Jack was flabbergasted to hear that his brother now not only fucked his little daughter, 11 years old, but also that his son Lex at 14 now regularly fucked both his little sister and his mother! Jack of course was very jealous of his brother and told him so. And then, after a few more drinks, Mike said "Why don't we just swap for one night again, then you can not only fuck Mary but probably also Maggie. You would like that wouldn't you, fuck my little 11-year-old daughter, she really has the most sexy body imaginable, not a child any more but a very young little woman! It is now Saturday and on Sunday morning we normally have a foursome. Tomorrow morning we can then meet again for a party of golf and switch back. We only have to exchange our suits here in the toilets and our wives will never know about it if we exchange them again after our golf. I must say that I am looking forward very much to fucking Janet once again." The two men discussed a few more details of this plan and then they decided to go ahead with it, the fools.
        • by Skaidan :...
        • La leche de la canguro
          sitermlk zip (6k) (m/f)
          Traducido al español por Skaidan (Original title: "Sitter Milk")

          Tuesday AM, April 06, 1999

        • by Ron :...
        • Hobby, part 4
          hobby4 zip (22k) (M/g M/g M/F inc)
          "Sure. Go ahead," Gary told me and watched as I brought the net up, going up to the location window and typing in an address.      "Been to this one?" His eyes flared in guilty recognition, a slight quivering and flush coming to his lips as he shook his head in denial.      "This is one of my favorites. Read it?"      He was really getting antsy, but he nodded his head.      "Good to see, good to see. Did you like it?"      "Uh, well, yeah. It was pretty good," he stammered out.      "Thought so. I enjoyed writing it. One of the fastest ones I ever did. Just seemed to write itself. Didn't even need an outline. It wrote itself as soon as the characters set themselves up."      He looked at me a moment and uttered, "You? You wrote Tiny Dancer? What a trip."      It was the start of another confession.
        • by RWEIII :...
        • Little Snacks..., ch 2&3
          snack2_3 zip (31k) (M/g F/b, Inc, Bibl, Ped, First)
          Julie's eyes were the size of saucers. Her hand held mine tightly. Her actions became more erratic and I had to use her tiny arm as a leash to keep her from bolting into the tent ahead of me. The cashier was obviously tired and this was the last show of the night. She did show signs of life when I asked if there was anything left on the front row though.
        • by BeachDaddy :...
        • Bedtime, part 4
          bedtime4 zip (12k) (M/ff)
          The plot thinkens as Stu takes his 11 yr old daughter and 15 yr old baby sitter home from the beach to shower.

          Monday AM, April 05, 1999

        • by Darling :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Darling's Daddy, ch 1
          daddy1 zip (6k) (M/f dad/daut/ yng/ inc)
          Darling's Daddy comes to her rescue, and teaches her about "loving" when a storm sends her from her bed to his.
        • by Dalton :...
        • The Hunter and The Hunted, part 2
          hunter2 zip (19k) (M/fff anal, rape)
          Stendahl and Anitoli plot to find a way to rescue the little girls kidnapped by the Russian Mafia
        • by Admat :...
        • Lena
          lena zip (382k) (f/dog)
          When Lena woke that morning, she was already sexually aroused. Her pussy was wet enough to drench the crotch of her panties. Her nipples were stiff and throbbing. Knowing she had work to do around the apartment, she decided first to take care of the ache in her loins. She needed a climax before attempting anything else.     The quickest way to deal with that, she decided, was to have Tom, her dog, come in from the next room and help with her problem. She got up from the bed, walked over to the bedroom door, and opened it. Tom was lying in his accustomed spot, on the living room floor, where the morning sun was shining in, warming the apartment.     After crossing the room and kneeling down beside the dog, Lena stroked his head lovingly and then reached down to lightly touch his genitals. "Come on, kid," she said to the animal, "it's time again for you to earn your keep."
        • by Young Fox :...
        • Jack Durango & the Baroness Sabatini--An FBI Story
          sabatini zip (25k) (Mf)
          Jack Durango went to the Benelux to break a child porn ring. He met the Baroness Sabatini, who was twelve. The enchanting child had funded the studio and kept men as her pawns. One night he ate her shit, fresh out of her bottom. He fell under her sway and betrayed the Bureau...but the Bureau, it turned out, had betrayed him. Jack took his revenge.
        • by Inetamanto :...New Author.!.!.!
        • The Guardians of Kovzland, ch 1
          guard1 zip (33k) (g/g g/b)
          This is a transposition of original "Guardians of the Kovz land" I made a transposition of this nice story from an all-boys story to a girls-and-boys one. I'm the original author of the transposition, NOT the original author of the story.
        • by daddyslut :...
        • Getting ready for school, ch 1
          school1 zip (4k) (MffF, ped, inc)
          Mom and dad get their girls ready for class

          Sunday AM, April 04, 1999

        • by Dalton :...
        • The Hunter and the Hunted, part 1
          hunter1 zip (22k) (M/fff pedo, rape anal)
          An american businessman goes to Siberia to have a vacation, hunting moose with his ex NKVD, now Factory Manager and Partner, friend. While on vacation he makes a discovery that may lead to trouble, big trouble for both of them.
        • by Delphi :...
        • Lucky, ch 3
          lucky3 zip (10k) (M/f/f)
          A continuation of the Lucky series when Uncle returns to the hotel room for a loving night with his nieces.
          Pillar of the community
          pillar zip (14k) (M/f, M/f+, Anal, N/c, Slavery)
          A local Judge keeps a secret from the community. He enjoys the love of a young woman regardless of whether they like it or not.
        • by Uncle Ernie Walker :...
        • Nancy Goo and the Mystery of the Sore Bottom, ch2
          nancygo2 zip (6k) (F/ggg, panties, examination)
          Bess and Nancy stood on either side of the toilet bowl, leaning against the walls of the stall. Bess looked at Nancy questioningly as she tried to figure out how her friend came to be here.      Nancy held her finger to her lips for Bess to be quiet. They had to be careful, their teacher was right in the next stall! And worse, there were now two strange girls coming in and they were trapped on all sides.      Bess motioned for Nancy to lean in so they could talk. As Nancy pushed against the stall, she heard the girls who came in the bathroom after her finally enter the room proper. It was George and Sabrina! George, Nancy's other best friend, was eight-years-old as well and had a seperate homeroom. Sabrina was the new girl in the school, a seven-year-old with large grey eyes. Nancy liked Sabrina, though she thought the girl was little shy. George was telling Sabrina all about the school and who she should be friends with and who she should avoid. Bess took this opportunity to whisper to her friend.
        • by Pedros :...
        • Unorthodox Treatment - Part 5
          treat5 zip (12k) (M/f, w/s, pedo)
          Terry has chosen the beautiful and very provocative Sue-Lin as his weekend child. They decide to spend more time at the beach before going back to Terry's place for more fun before their dinner at Dr Ralph's. This story contains wet-sex...not to every one's taste :-)......
        • by Skaidan :...
        • El hijo adoptado
          adoptado zip (10k) ("The Adopted Son", translated to Spanish by Skaidan)
          -¡Walter!      Patty se quitó su largo y ondulado pelo rubio de delante de los ojos y miró con el ceño fruncido la puerta del dormitorio de su hijo adoptado.      -Walter, sé lo que estás haciendo ahí dentro.Estoy harta de escuchar cómo te la meneas en tu habitación todos los días.Walter, ¿me estás escuchando?      Su hijo adoptado adolescente no respondió.Los golpes secos continuaron, incluso más fuertes.Era el sonido del cabecero de la cama golpeando la pared mientras Walter se cascaba la polla moviendo la mano de arriba abajo por ésta.      -¡Walter!

          Saturday AM, April 03, 1999

        • by Dave Hedgehog :...
        • Life's Little Luxuries
          luxury zip (40k) (M/f/g/b, inc)
          The life story of a paedophile and his "family"
        • by Mandil :...
        • The Apprentice Mesmerizer, part 3
          mesmer3 zip (19k) (m/f, inc., anal, mm/f)
          In this part of the story, Lawrence succeeded to have sex with his sister Sandra while she was under a trance. To do this he had to trick her by pretending that he was able to prevent her from getting pregnant. But this will backfire on him since she is still going out with her regular boyfriend.
        • by Ernie Walker :...
        • Nancy Goo and the Mystery of the Sore Bottom
          nancygoo zip (5k) (F/gg, panties)
          "Ow!" Bess exclaimed as she tried to sit down at her desk. Her bottom hurt! She rubbed her bottom over her skirt, trying to make the pain go away.      "What's wrong, Bess?" Nancy whispered, looking up from her workbook. She had been connecting the dots on what was starting to look like a bunny when she heard her friend yell.      "My bottom hurts," Bess said as she tried to sit down again, and winced in pain. "Owwww..." Bess moaned.      "Golly, Bess - what happened?" Nancy inquired. This was indeed a mystery for the seven-year-old sleuth to be involved in!
        • by Julie :...
        • Bustrip, ch2
          bustrip2 zip (8k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
          Hi, Julie here. This part continues the story told to me by my uncle Pat. When on vacation in Hawaii in 1985, my Uncle Pat and Aunt Lynn had met a couple and their family. The couple had talked to them about their family experiences. Their daughter, Bree, told uncle Pat the story about how she and her daddy started into a relationship.
        • by Rich Humus :...
        • Space Vixen Sperm Farm, ch 9 & 10
          spac9_10 zip (14k) (M/F+ , oral, cum, gravitational theory)
          (Author Unknown)
          I groaned and then realized that I was ravenously hungry. My lunch cart was still in the room, and I lunged for it without thinking. Working furiously, I stuffed my mouth full of food, not caring what it was or whether it required chewing. I swallowed bite after bite, never losing my hunger even though I could feel my stomach expanding to the point of painfullness. Taking a breather as I tried to make some room for more, I looked down. Shanna was still sucking my cock, a glazed intent look in her eyes. Suddenly, I became angry. "Don't you ever stop? Give it a rest, for God's sake!" I barked, tired and irritated from the stress and hunger.

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Show me round your snow peaked mountains way down south
Take me to your daddy's farm
Let me hear your balalaika's ringing out
Come and keep your comrade warm.

I'm back in the U.S.S.R.
You don't know how lucky you are boys
Back in the U.S.S.R.


("Back In The U S S R", as written & performed by The Beatles)


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