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      California Girls

      On Friday AM, April 16, 1999

    • by Nomad :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Becky's Trials
      becky zip (6k) (Dad/Daut)
      Becky had always been a good girl, but a parent couldn't take chances. Not with someone so precious and beautiful as Becky. No. I would have to examine her and ensure she was clean.
      doctor zip (7k) (M/f)
      "I can understand how your daughter's actions would cause you embarrassment Your Worship" My father said to the Judge and his wife as the portly gentleman finished telling us of his problem. My father and I were seated in their parlour with a view over the street and the small park across from it.      "We've seen other doctors. They all suggest Juliet has surgery!" the girls mother told us, wringing her hands nervously.      "A barbaric practise my dear lady, and not one that I follow. Why, your daughter is only 15?" he asked her.
      gchild zip (10k) (M/Ff)
      I looked again at the newspaper, hoping the small entry would go. But no. It was there. My son-in-law had died and my daughter and granddaughter would be on their own. Dare I show my face? What would my daughter say after all these years?
    • by Sugar :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Innocent Jen, part 1
      innojen1 zip (10k) (m/f)
      Innocent 13 year old Jenny learns sex from the most unlikely source...her best friends father
    • by Concake :...
    • Bird
      bird zip (4k) (F/m mom/son)
      I live together with my parent in a middle-class banglo lot. I'm 20 Mom and dad are 41.      I am a social person and have lots of friends. I have no special and never fucked anybody so far. I just resorted to meat beating when I feel that my hormone is overflow. I have 5-inch cock hard and always made me horny although I had it masturbated.
    • by Poker :...
    • On The Couch, part 1
      couch1 zip (10k) (Mf, pedo, oral, incest, nc, Mf, romance)
      Patty is a child psychologist. Taking on the case of 8 year old Mary, Patty is shocked to read about how she was abused from the age of 5 by her father. Thinking back to her own childhood, Patty remembers with fondness how her teacher relaxed her when she was tense.
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Seducer, part 2
      seducer2 zip (19k) (M/ff Sleep)
      Ned tries to blackmail Ludmilla into becoming his video tape actress with surprising results.
    • by A.F.M aka NL Soldier :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Deep South
      thesouth zip (6k) (mf inc bro/sis)
      My family had moved from the deep south during the depression. Extreme racism and depression conditions were crippling to a black share cropper in Texarkana in the late nineteen thirties, so my Grandfather packed up his family and all of his belongings and headed north. My grandfather was unsuccessful until the start of world war two, or more precisely when the United States entered the war. Because of the high need for labor my grandfather was easily able to get a good paying job building B-17 bombers and other wartime planes and was able provide a good life for him and his family.
    • by silent killer :...
    • Moving In With Dad
      movedad zip (8k) (mm, Mm, inc, cons)
      A young boy moves in with his uninhibited father after his mother leaves the country. One night in the shower, the boy's curiosity leads to an awkward situation, and after that, a new kind of openness changes both of their lives.

      Thursday AM, April 15, 1999

    • by Fuckpuppy :...
    • Aunt Mimi
      auntmimi zip (18k) (gg gM gF MF interracial incest cons)
      I tell ya, people, those two weeks without my pussy pal Didi were no doubt the longest fucking two weeks of my life! The day she got back, I ran over to her place and we threw our arms around each other and screamed and did our little Tigger dance; bouncing up and down and spinning around as we motivated along her front walkway. We kissed and giggled and rubbed our happy snatches against each other, and then she took my face in her hands and grinned at me.      "I gots a suprise for ya, girlfriend! Come in the house...I want you to meet somebody!" Didi was grinning so big I thought her face was gonna crack!
    • by Richard Strokker :...
    • Lilly Desires Dad
      lillydes zip (4k) (M/F/g oral, voy, mast)
      As Lilly returns home from a cancelled sleepover at a girlfriends house she is drawn to intense moaning from her mom and dad.
    • by sniffer :...
    • Nicole, part 6
      nicole8 zip (9k) (M/f pedo watersport cons)
      When I came home there was a little fear that maybe Nicole would talk about our evening by accident. But the next morning Janet called me on the phone.    "Tom? What did you do? My little girl is so happy. She dances around, she smiles all the time. It's magic! Did you have fun playing with her dolls?"    I smiled: "Oh yes, she is so cute! I'd like to have a daughter like her!"    "Oh, don't say that! You know, she is in love with you. But when you were her dad... She talks very bad about her father!"
    • by CuriusCat :...
    • The Singers, part 1
      singers1 zip (7k) (M/f, m/m/f, pedo (yg g),MM/f, oral, anal, nc, rough)
      My name is Dani Singer and I'm 32 years old. I've been married to my childhood sweetheart, Bobby, for nearly seventeen years. He knocked me up the first time when I was barely fifteen. We have five kids. The twins, Jake and Brad, are almost twelve (the same age their dad was when he began doing me for real). We have two daughters, Allie is ten and Betsie is nine. We have a little boy, Scotty just barely a toddler. Some of them have been fathered by Bobby. Others by his brothers. We are a loving just about every sense of that word.
    • by OralDude :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Niece Jenny
      niecejen zip (3k) (M/f pedo oral)
      My niece Jenny introduces me to pedo sex
    • by silent killer :...
    • Young Paige Brown
      paige zip (13k) (Ff, Mf, inc, cons)
      Little Paige is introduced to sexual exploration by her babysitter. Paige continues the experiments with the next babysitter (her aunt), then with her father.
    • by LilRomeo69 :...
    • Spawn of Rage, ch 2
      spawn2 zip (8k) (m/f, pre)
      He couldn't understand why he all the sudden became attracted to her. He had known Rebecca for over a year now, and has never looked at her the way he looks at her now. He guessed it was just that he had finally noticed how well a body she really had. It was just really strange for him how this came about. He had the strongest desires to fuck her so damn hard. He wondered if she was still a virgin, but then dismissed that thought. Of course she was, she was only fourteen, and her mother wouldn't ever let her be with a boy by her self anywhere. Her parents were very protective of her, and they should be. They knew that every boys dream lays under their sweet little Rebecca's panties, and now one mans dream too. His thoughts were disrupted when the telephone rang.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Fernando
      fernando zip (6k) (m/F, impregnation)
      Fernando llevaba varias semanas bastante preocupado por algo que le estaba sucediendo y para lo cual no tenía ninguna buena explicación.Resulta que el chico estaba comenzando a experimentar erecciones muy frecuentes y bastante molestas.Sabía que las erecciones se producían por la excitación que produce ver a una mujer desnuda por ejemplo, pero no tenía ni idea de por qué se producían cuando se levantaba de la cama por la mañana.

      Wednesday AM, April 14, 1999

    • by Richard Strokker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Anal Aunt
      analaunt zip (4k) (M/F/F oral, anal)
      Aunt Julia and Uncle Edward teach their 21 year old niece about the pleasures of anal sex.
      My Sister Lilly
      sislilly zip (6k) (b/g oral)
      Michael's sister Lilly finds her missing panties have been stolen and are now quite crusty.
    • by leppard :...
    • 6th Grade Catfight
      catfight zip (8k) (f/f Catfight, wrestling, young, sex, dildoes)
      Missy and Kate had known each other since kindergarten. Though they had never really been friends, they hadn't had problems with each other till recently. Both had developed the hots over a 7th grader named Bobbie, and both were determined to have him.      Through friends and hallway rumors they found out the other liked him, and the anger was set in stone. It was only a matter of time until one moved onto liking another boy, or the two would come together in a clash.
    • by Dave Hedgehog :...
    • Girl's Night In
      girlnite zip (8k) (f/f, spank)
      Young Holly is staying at her friend Nikki's house, a friend she likes a lot more than most...
    • by Xanya :...
    • Help Desk Diary, ch 1
      helpdes1 zip (10k) (MF, preg)
      Tori really appreciated all the support she received from her company's PC help desk. When her husband thought pregnancy made her fat and unattractive, the Help Desk Manager made her realize just how sexy she really was.
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Fun With The Kids, ch9 – Becky’s Slumber Party
      kids9 zip (18k) (m/f)
      When they got home, Billy and Becky immediately ran upstairs to Billy’s bedroom. Billy stopped briefly on the stairs and looked back at his parents.     “Do you want to join us?” he asked.     “No, you two go ahead,” Barbara said. “You’ve obviously got a lot of catching up to do. We’ll probably join you later tonight.”     “Okay.”     “Come on, Billy,” Becky urged, tugging on his arm.     “Okay, okay, hold your horses!”
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Little Snacks..., ch 4
      lilsnac4 zip (11k) (M/g, g/g, Rough, Pedo)
      Our story continues as the devoted babysitter returns to his duties at hand.
      sibs zip (5k) (b/g, First, Inc)
      This is a little play of sorts. I'm sure that you'll figure out who is who. Enjoy
    • by Mandil :...
    • The Apprentice Mesmerizer, part 4
      mesmer4 zip (14k) (mm/f, incest, bro/sis,m/f)
      While his sister is under a trance, Lawrence learns from her own lips that barely an hour previously she has just been raped by her boyfriend and another boy. Not being able to resist to the chance of examining her cunt while it was still full of spunk from her numerous bouts of fucking, he makes her strip and he begins to examine her.
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Sweet Allyson
      sweetaly zip (13k) (M/f, bro/sis, oral, incest)
      "C,mon, baby, you make me feel, mm, so goood!" I whispered in her ear, as my hand ran along her tuumy, moving up and down the taught skin along her ribs. "Ooh, Billy" groaned Tia, "That feels sooooo good, mmmmmmmmm..." as my hand reached up further, pushing her bra off of her tiny breasts. ur mouths joined, our tounges sliding over each other, my hands busy, one hand squeezing and pulling on her tits, while the other frantically unbuttoned her blouse. Tia released a sigh as her blouse fell open and I could start to lick and nibble the dark brown nipples on her tanned tits. I pushed her onto her back, holding her tiny body under mine, sucking those delicious asian tits while she gasped and sighed. My left hand ran down her smooth flank to her waist, then slid to the snap on her jeans. Again, I struggled abit, trying to open them. "No!," Tia cried, "NO! Not that!" as she began to struggle beneath me, "NO! I SAID!" she said furiously, her tiny fist striking my back, pushing me away. "Get off me, you big oaf." she growled, pushing me away. I sat up, unbeliving that it was happening again. She scrambled to sit up in the seat of the car, moving to the door, as far away as she could get. Tia pulled her bra down and wrapped her blouse around herself. "I told you I'm not ready for that, and you promised," she pouted. Fucking bitch, she'd done it to me again.
    • by Joe Slackie :...
    • Caught by Dad
      caught zip (16k) (M/f Mm/f Mm/ff teen preg)
      Dad comes home from work early one day and catches his son with his new girlfriend. Dad watches and then joins in.     (The first half of this story was written in 1995 and pub in The second half has never been seen.)
    • by LilRomeo69 :...
    • Spawn of Rage, ch 1
      spawn1 zip (6k) (m/f, pre)
      Story about a man and a 14 year old child who are neighbors.
    • by Mark Aurel :...
    • Die Kinder Auf Der Robinsoninsel, teil 4
      kinder4 zip (9k) (m(13)/f(13), pedo)
      Dann fragte Jane: "`Willst Du mich bumsen?"' Ganz leise fragte sie es.      David zuckte zusammen, und sein Herz klopfte bis zum Halse. Ein Schauer durchlief seinen Koerper, als er sich "`Ja!"' sagen hoerte, und es war ihm, als kaeme seine Stimme ganz von ferne.      "`Dann komm! Sag mir, was ich machen muss!"'

      Tuesday AM, April 13, 1999

    • by 3K4P :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Toi, ch 1-5
      toi1_5 zip (103k) (Mf, MFf, Ff, NC, oral, anal, toilet slave, enema,wax, rubber , fanta-s)
      She had been a very spoiled person all her life, At the age of 22 she was a real bitch. She always got her way. She was daddies little girl. She thought she was better then anyone else. At work she treated all the other worker like shit. Always pushing them around , Ordering them, And belittling them. She could get away with it, You see she was the daughter of the owner.She even treated her boyfriend rottenly. ..... this is a story of what happens to her...
    • by Curius Cat :...
    • Johnny Fucker Faster, part 3
      fuckher3 zip (7k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),mmm/f/m,M/m,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      I moved closer to him, comforted by the strength in his voice. Johnny was no pushover. He didn't seem to be afraid of the older boys, or even the fact that he was outnumbered 3 to 1. I guess it was his military training coming out. Ronnie seemed surprised at him too. Johnny took that slight advantage to turn to me and whisper, "Get your clothes on fast. When I distract them, run like hell. Understand?" I began to ask him further about it and he quelled me with a look. I knew to shut up.      Johnny stood up to face the older boys and blocked me partially from their view. Using his body as a shield, I quickly pulled on my blouse and then my shorts. I could hear Johnny challenging them. I stood there unsure of what to do next. I almost missed his signal. He was flapping his left hand in a strange way when I realized that he wanted me to run for it. I leaned in and whispered softly, "Now."
      Secrets That Hurt, part 2
      secrets2 zip (6k) (M/f,pedo (yg g),MM/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      I awoke thinking of my secret lover. Unconsciously, my small hands pushed up my cotton nightgown and pressed against my small cunny. I loved the funny feelings my fingers brought forth between the inner folds of that secret place. My whole body began to tingle as I remembered my stranger's hands stroking my smooth, soft pussy mound. A lot of strange and wonderful feelings were shooting throughout my small body. I could hardly wait to meet him after school.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Jannie, part 2
      jannie2 zip (7k) (M/F, Inc, No Sex)
      Making sense of it all is a difficult thing to do. It's even more difficult when you find that your mind has been keeping things from you - things that will change the very course of your life.
      Roni, part 2: "Hi sis"
      roni2 zip (15k) (M/f, Cons, Play)
      Why is it when a man sees two cute sisters that he feels that he must have them both? Isn't one enough?... What, are you kidding?!! Of course not!!!
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Seducer, part 1
      seducer1 zip (19k) (M/f cons, mast)
      Ned has a crush on a local girl, a little creative work with his video camera lands him a full time actress for his in house studio.
    • by ShadoWalker :...
    • My Sister's Rape
      sisrape zip (5k) (mf, inc, nc)
      Bratty little sister learns that when you push your brother too far, her pushes back
    • by silent killer :...
    • Three Women, Two Relationships, One Taboo
      3women zip (20k) (FF, Ff, FFf, inc, cons)
      After discovering a side of her mother that she never knew existed, a lesbian re-evaluates her ideas about incest, as well as her relationship with her daughter.
      Lara's Dog Years
      dogyears zip (15k) (MF, Mf, Ff, beast, ws, inc, cons)
      Young Lara discovers that her dog is adept at giving her pleasure, especially when she and the dog imitate her parents' private activities. Many years later, Lara discovers that her husband enjoys the stories of her childhood escapades - and her own daughter has the same tastes that she does.
    • by Spangles Muldoon :...
    • Rambeau
      rambeau zip (8k) (M/F semi-nc)
      I guess I was naive, but at the time it seemed like a good way to make some extra money for very little work. Looking back on it now, joining the Air National Guard was a dumbshit idea. Sure, it wasn't too bad doing drill weekends, and for that matter, summer camp was not all that bad either. I actually sort of enjoyed it. I was working in the Guard as an aircraft mechanic, and because of licenses, ratings, and experience in the civilian world, I had a dual specialty code, one for fixed wing, and one for helicopter.
    • by Boz :...
    • The Hotel, ch 1-3
      hotel1_3 zip (34k) (previous post in error, contains missings chapters)
      Susie's mother thought that letting her accompany her father on his business trip to the big city would be educational. And so it was. Their hotel was full of men (not to mention women, animals and various inanimate objects) eager to teach the young girl all about sex -- and Susie was an avid student with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She couldn't wait to show Daddy all she had learned.
      The Hotel, ch 4-7
      hotel4_7 zip (27k) (previous post in error, contains missings chapters)
      In which young Susie discovers that age and experience can be as satisfying as youthful force, is introduced to Greek sex by Apollo himself, brings together two gay men, and comes between a man and his dog -- among other adventures.
    • by Mark Aurel :...
    • Die Kinder auf der Robinsoninsel, teil 3
      kinder3 zip (9k) (m(13)/f(13), pedo)
      Nachher lagen sie nebeneinander am Strand und liessen sich die Sonne auf den Pelz brennen. Viel hatten sie einander nicht zu sagen.      Dann ging David noch einmal ins Wasser. Jane lag mit ausgestreckten Beinen auf dem Ruecken, als er wieder herauskam. Sie hatte die Augen geschlossen, und ihre Schenkel waren geoeffnet. Nicht so weit, wie vorhin in der Huette, aber immerhin. Ihr Schiffchen war in voller Groesse zu sehen, doch war es jetzt geschlossen und eingegrenzt von ihren Schenkeln.

      Monday AM, April 12, 1999

    • by ShadoWalker :...
    • Feeling Better?
      better1 zip (5k) (m/f incest)
      "Awww fuck!" Sixteen year-old Gar Cleveland groans, sitting down at the kitchen table and burying his face in his hands. "Why in the hell does this shit always happen to me."      "What's wrong, Gar?" Tammy, Gar's twelve year-old sister, has always been there to listen when her brother needed a shoulder and this time is no different. The thin teen has never noticed how his little sister idolizes him, or the feelings he stirs whenever she looks at him. "Can I help?"
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Shrink, part 2
      shrink2 zip (22k) (M/ff spanking, cons)
      Dalton begins working with another sexually wild girl who needs a little discipline before she opens up to him.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Gilliane
      gilliane zip (6k) (MMf)
      A lovestory of father/daugher/and son in law
    • by Jester :...
    • The Advantage Of Solo Mothers, part 1
      terri1 zip (4k) (M(exhib)F - g voy, a little mg)
      When Dean, a 20 year old carpenter, met Tania, a 28 year old nurse and solo Mum, he had no idea of where it would lead.    Tania was a friend of the family and it was only when Dean started to mature a little that the chemistry started happening between them. Tania was a tall (6'), slim, good looking brunette. On the physical side she wasn't hugely endowed - in fact she was quite flat but Dean liked small breasts so that was just fine by him. Sure she had a daughter from a previous marriage but that wasn't really a problem. Terri, just seven years old, was a vivacious little stick-thin blonde - a naturally affectionate girl, constantly hugging him and wrapping her arms around him, and she and Dean got on like a house on fire.
    • by Mark Aurel :...
    • Unshuldige Geilheit, part 2
      geilhei2 zip (11k) (M(20)/f(6), pedo)
      As a student the author lived at a family with a 6 year old daughter. This little girl was extremely curious an uninhibited to expose all her 'treasures' to her new 'Uncle'. So the author and his friend had a lot of fun with her.
      Die Kinder auf der Robinsoninsel, part 2
      kinder2 zip (12k) (m(13)/f(13), pedo)
      At the end of a summer camp a boy and a girl of 13 are left behind on a deserted island without any clothes by their mean class mates.

      Sunday AM, April 11, 1999

    • by Xanya :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dreamworld
      dreamwor zip (17k) (Mf, FM, MM)
      At the Dreamworld Hotel, you'll be able to fulfill all your sexual fantasies -- if the investors can be persuaded to finish the project.
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Don gets "stuck" watching his daughter
      don zip (12k) (M/f/f - Father/daughter/friend/oral/sex/mast/young)
      Don gets stuck watching his 12 year-old daughter and her friend on a Saturday afternoon. When her friend shows off her tight little ass in her thong bottom, natural instinct takes over.
    • by Lil N :...
    • What Dreams Are Made Of...
      dreamsr4 zip (5k) (M/f, pedo, incest)
      He went to bed exhausted, depressed and lonely.      John was so tired of being so lonely. Night after night he would masturbate till he was exhausted. And now he was so tired of that. His daughter Angela lived with him - his wife/her mother had ran off a long time ago, abandoning them. Now he was left alone to raise a young 10 year old daughter. His thoughts were interrupted when Angela skipped into the bedroom. She jumped onto the bed, landing on top of her father. John lost his breath at the impact. He tickled his daughter under her neck. Angela giggled.      "Daddy! Stop!" she began to protest. John kissed his daughter.
    • by JS3729 :...
    • Every Night, part 10
      every10 zip (7k) (An incestuous vampire love story)
      Jasmine raised up from my wife's dead body with a look of pure hate on her face.      "Finally, I get a little revenge for what you did to me!"      "Why, Jasmine, I never hurt you? Why do you want to hurt me?"      "Never hurt me? Do you think I liked being lesbian all these years? Having to ignore my natural inclinations and never have a cock again? Do you think I don't know why you did this to me? I knew you were visiting me all those years ago, and I loved it. But you were scared to lose me, so you made me hate men. Why? Couldn't you have made me into what Debbie was? I would have gladly done so. But you were scared I'd leave. Now, you'll never have me, and I'll make sure you never love anyone again!"
    • by Young Fox :...
    • No Breasts
      nobreast zip (6k) (M/F)
      A man and his breastless nymph enjoy the Fourth of July.
      sluts zip (17k) (M/f, Young, Lez, Kiddie, Orgies)
      Two crazed sex-tarts get together, the older girl tries to teach the younger one how to be more vocal and demonstrative to please men. She's worried that her friend won't have partners when she gets older and the competition heats up.      "Get back on the bed, legs open."      Pru did as instructed and Brenda carried the quiet, hard dicked baby over to the bed and held him over Pru's cunt. With one arm across his chest and one hand holding his feet together, she maneuvered the infant so his dick was going in his sister's puffy hole.
    • by Beachdaddy :...
    • Bedtime, part 5
      bedtime5 zip (13k) (M/ff ffmm)
      Angel and Carol get it on with Beachdaddy, then Carol baby sits for neighbors, and gets the kids into the action
    • by LilRomeo69 :...
    • Got pussy?
      gotpussy zip (3k) (M/f,pedo,non cons?)
      She lays on the bed, as you stand looking her over. She is sleeping so peacefully. If it weren't for the alcohol that you had given her, she might not be sleeping so peacefully.
      The Inner voices of I, part 2
      voices2 zip (4k) (m/f,pre,incest)
      I dream of her.      Laying in my arms.      We speak not a word but say a million things.      I am drunken from her presents.      The sun has woken me.      It is morning and we still lay together.      She is awake too.

      Saturday AM, April 10, 1999

    • by a. fudpucker :...
    • Watching Barney, ch1
      barney1 zip (7k) (Mf, toddler, anal, oral, inc)
      Molly, my 19-month-old granddaughter, seems to go into a trance every time she watches Barney. Only a sick grandpa would ever think to take advantage of the situation.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Trailer Trash, part 8
      trailer8 zip (20k) (M/fff cons)
      Dalton finds out what his little girls are thinking and finds out they're planning a little surprise.
    • by Max Wheeler :...
    • The Business Trip to Japan, part 2
      biztrip2 zip (11k) (M/f)
      It had been a grueling day in Tokyo. All day he had been pulled from factory to factory by Mr. Omaka-san, shopping for wares for his stores. It had been a pleasant distraction that he had allowed Chiaru to accompany them on their search. She was so attentive and kind. And she treated the two men like a king.     And what he thought about almost all day was about what had happened that morning. He was still almost in a daze from it. Here he was, a fifty-five year old man, and he had been so deliciously sucked off this very morning by the most beautiful Japanese Maiden he had ever seen in his life.      His cock expanded in his pants every time he recalled the experience.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • An Unusual Partnership, ch 1-5
      unusual1 zip (26k) (M/f, m/g, Voy, Pedo?)
      "...and Bob's massive ten-inch cock parted the pouting nine year old's nether lips. At the rough diameter of a soda can, Bob really had to work to get inside of any woman. The pleasure for both of them was incredible!" "What a crock of shit!," Jim thought aloud...
    • by LilRomeo69 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Inner Voices of I, part 1
      voices1 zip (4k) (M/F, Pedo, Incest)
      It was getting late that night, empty pizza boxes on the floor, glasses of pop half drank, the window open, it was hot.    There we were, both of us laying together on the couch watching TV.    I wore shorts and a T-shirt to keep cool. She wore shorts and a T-shirt as well.     One of my hands under my head, with the other resting on my leg.     Amy laid there in front of me with her hands tucked under her head.
    • by Boz :...
    • The Hotel, ch 7-9
      hotel7_9 zip (27k) (f/MM/F/M+)
      In which little Susie breakfasts with her father, thanks an admirer, has a sandwich for lunch, generously tips a cabbie, really gets to know her father's girlfriend, and completely disrupts a poker game.

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  • I wish they all could be California~~~~~(wish they all could be California)

    The West coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan
    I dig a french bikini on Hawaiian Island dolls
    by a palm tree in the sand

    I been all around this great big world and I seen all kinds of girls
    yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the States
    back to the cutest girls in the world


    ("California Girls", as written & performed by the Beach Boys)


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