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      Billion Dollar Babies

      On Friday AM, April 23, 1999

    • by a. fudpucker :...
    • Watching Barney, ch 2
      barney2 zip (7k) (M/f, toddler, anal, oral)
      Molly has turned two, and if you read chapter 1, you know what that means. As I wait for my daughter to leave, I think back to what has happened over the past 3 months...or should I say, what I have done to my granddaughter during that time.
    • by BJ :...
    • Beyond Time, ch 3
      beyond3 zip (15k) (Mfff, extreme pedo)
      Showering with Kelly had been fun David decided. He hadn't pushed her into joining him in the shower; it was just that as soon as he stripped off and started to clean himself she joined him.
    • by ShadoWalker :...
    • Fulfillment
      full1_5 zip (24k) (Mf, MM, Ff,ff, inc, ped)
      A girl-loving uncle suddenly finds himself experiencing the many depravaties that until now were only in his mind.
      Playing With Her Friends
      playing zip (5k) (Mff, inc)
      Dad finds daughter in an 'interesting' position with her friend and winds up playing grown-up games with both girls.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • The Reward
      reward zip (13k) (MM,Mg,Mb,NC,Tort,Rape,Snuff,Sad,Inc,Cannibal,CD,Best,Anal,Ped,Ws,Scat)
      Derek ripped the embryo from her womb, tore its head off, and tried to fuck the dead fetus. It didn't work, so he forced shit into it's mouth and then pissed all over it. Still Derek wasn't at all excited. You'd think that the Dane Mastiff's humping cock up his ass or Bubba's greasy prick in his mouth would at least have some effect, but no. Instead, Derek was bored. All that he could think of was raping his three year old son's ass while getting head from his sister, but he'd already done that. Maybe hacking his mother apart with the lawn edger hadn't been such a good idea after all! I mean, she had been a good fuck. The problem there was that she'd forced him to chew the flesh from her arm after that accident with the hot water heater. Now Mom really WAS good enough to eat! Still there must be SOMETHING to get the poor man turned on! Then it hit him. It was his best idea ever! The blade of the chainsaw stung a bit but Derek secretly wanted to be a woman anyway. This would give him the opportunity to wear his aunt's pink chiffon gown AND go to the ladies' room without anyone asking questions. The last time that he'd tried it, Derek was arrested and gang-raped by the guards...
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Shrink, part 3
      shrink3 zip (19k) (M/ff cons, oral)
      Rickler is having quite a time when a much more difficult girl demands his attention, it could get dangerous.
    • by J-J Ames f.t. :...
    • Voice of Experience
      voice zip (9k) (F/F teenagers/masturbation/first time)
      Meet Lacy, her sister Ashley, and her best friend Sharon. Chapter 1 - Ashley enjoys a new toy found in her parents' room. Chapter 2 - Lacy gets an introduction to sex from her friend Sharon which provides satisfaction for both. be continued
    • by Pedestrian :...
    • Old Tricks
      oldtrick zip (22k) (M/f very young)
      John suddenly finds himself being attracted to little girls and his neices provide the ultimate temptation.
    • by Shakespeare_I._ Aint :...
    • Teacher Passes the Test, part 8, Now That's Entertainment!
      teacher8 zip (5k) (m/MF, everything)
      Our hero spends a few mornings at our pretty little teacher's home "cramming" for the "Final Exam."
    • by Lenicka :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jakub
      jakub zip (9k) (M/F;M/FF/inc)
      Moji rodiče odejeli poprvé na dovolenou sami, bez nás. To je beze mě a mojí o rok starší sestry Brigit. Té je 16 let, je štíhlá, hezká a má dlouhé tmavší blond vlasy. Mně je patnáct a právě jsem ukončil základní školu.     Brigit leží na terase na lehátku, opaluje se a právě usnula. Já sedím na židli vedle ní a čtu si časopis o počítačích.
    • by Dreamer :...
    • Kati
      kati zip (7k) (MFf/inc)
      Twins showing it to their father. In the end they have a threesome.

      Thursday AM, April 22, 1999

    • by Max Wheeler :...
    • The Domination of an Angel
      angel zip (21k) (M/F d/s)
      Of course she always said she was submissive, but he knew she was, in reality, about as submissive as a wild mare in rut. After the First time they'd met in person he could see the flashing in her eyes whenever he'd extend the least challenge or begin to tease her.      True, she did always seem to pull back from actually voicing anything that could have been considered "disrespectful", however playfully it would have been meant, but still, he could see that she was swallowing the impulse hard. It always made him smile wickedly and in a way it was one of the things he adored in her... her spirit...
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • College Life, part 1
      college1 zip (5k) (M/F light s+m, sex, exhib)
      Some college memories of some fast and furious fucking with a wild woman who came to visit campus for a weekend.
    • by JS3729 :...
    • Gerri's Secret, part 6 of 7
      gerri6_7 zip (25k) (mf (teen) MF inc rom)
      Lori continued to grow and look more and more like Gerri. Gerri noticed and asked me when we would get around to making her brother or sister. I told her we wouldn't. I was terrified of losing her in childbirth and I told her that. She cried for days before finally agreeing with me.     While our family was coming to an end, Bonnie finally got pregnant. She seemed to think it was during the experience with Jan. She was so happy she even was cordial to Doreen when she saw her.      Jan did keep her appointments with Gerri, and like I feared made a pass at Gerri. Five seconds later she was laying on the floor her arm hurting.      Gerri told me what happened.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Magazine
      magazine zip (9k) (Dad/Daut)
      John looked again at the magazine he'd just found under his daughter's bed and licked his lips as he felt himself grow warm. The angelic image of his daughter lay shattered with finding the magazines. Just replacing them was out of the question. So what was he going to do?
      sam zip (11k) (Vampire, ws, F/fffm)
      James had seen many strange things during his tenancy as Butler to the Dracula family, but his work for the latest heiress was certainly the strangest. He quickly checked that all the children were partying happily, that the toilet doors had been locked properly, that the sun was going down. He then went upstairs to wake her.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Peek-A-Boo, ch 2
      peekabo2 zip (8k) (M/ff, Inc, Ped)
      It wasn't time to get up! My body knew it long before my mind did. Still, some nagging force dragged me kicking and screaming from a wonderful little dream. That force turned out to be Tabitha's fingernails. I lay there groggily until I realized what was going on.
    • by BJ :...
    • Work, part 1
      work1 zip (19k) (Mfmf)
      Hell, he had been damned lucky the first time, a social worker with a pregnant thirteen-year-old girlfriend. He had survived that, but it had cost him Sandi.
    • by NL Soldier aka A.F.M :...
    • Polaroids Suck
      polaroid zip (7k) (mf nc mast. blackmail)
      I strained my eyes in the low light emanating from the slits in the closet door. My mind was screaming at me. " What the fuck are you doing here. You could get caught!" but I didn't listen. The closet was cramped and sharp pains radiated throughout limbs, reminding me that I was a five foot six guy stuffed in a four foot wide, seven foot tall closet stuffed with boxes clothes and books. Thinking back on what happened earlier in the day strengthens my resolve and I ignore the pain and try to slow my breathing and heart rate before I give away my position.
    • by LilRomeo69 :...
    • The Shack, part 1
      shack1 zip (6k) (m/f, f/f, pre, beast)
      He was exhausted, this heat was taking a toll on him. He knew that he shouldn't have depended on that damn car. He should have taken his motorcycle to the beach instead, then he wouldn't be in this predicament. He wouldn't be stuck walking all the way home. He wouldn't be dying of thirst. He would be home by now.     His feet began to ache with each step he took, he had been walking for over two miles in sandals and they were not the most comfortable shoes. The last mile had left him walking down a dirt road, which wasn't traveled very much to his benefit. It hadn't rained in weeks and a car would definitely leave a nice hefty dust cloud.     "Son of a bitch!" he yelped at the pain under his foot. A rock had managed to find its way between him and the sandal for the fifth time. He knew that he only had a few more blocks before he could take a short cut threw a field.
    • by Dreamer :...
    • Bastis Schwester
      bastis zip (12k) (mff/inc)
      Bastian war fünfzehn, seine Schwester Maike sieben, als er sich das erste Mal, an sie heranmachte. Die Eltern waren aus und würden erst am frühen Morgen zurück sein. Maike saß in der Wanne und spielte mit ihren Schiffchen, als Bastian ins Badezimmer trat. Er setzte sich auf den Wannenrand und schaute ihr zu.

      Wednesday AM, April 21, 1999

    • by Nomad :...
    • Cathy
      cathy zip (6k) (M/f incest dad/daut)
      John looked at the clock for the tenth time in as many minutes and chewed his lip anxiously. It was only a little after eleven at night, an hour since Cathy had gone to bed, forty minutes since it had fallen silent upstairs. Normally he waited till midnight before going upstairs but for some reason, tonight he just couldn't wait.
      johnny zip (13k) (Femdom/boy & mother, xdress)
      "You like me. Don't you?" She asked softly, her fingers reaching out to touch my arm. "Of course Debbie." I stuttered. She smiled and slid her nails down my arm. "Don't call me Debbie. Call me Mistress." She told me softly. I gulped.
    • by The Story Teller :...
    • Entrapment
      entrap zip (16k) (M+/mf, slavery, non-cons, love, incest, pedo)
      I needed to clinch this sale. The sale would make the difference to continue living my extravagant lifestyle or losing everything. I was a successful corporate salesman, a large company house, an expensive company car and a 5 figure salary. Or at least I was a successful salesman. My wife left me a couple of years back. Actually she ran away and I haven't seen her since. She left me with the 2 children. My son Ross who is now 12 and little Claire who is now 8. Having 2 young kids to look after has severely hindered my ability to do my job.
    • by Badttbone :...
    • Orphan Train, ch 2
      orphan2 zip (4k) (M/ff pedo nc)
      The ironic part of this story is there were "orphan trains" in the early 1900's. Hopefully for society, There was no one like James Webb. What he does to his new "daughters" is thankfully just a concoction of my sick little mind.
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Seducer, part 3
      seducer3 zip (17k) (M/f cons)
      Ned and Ludmilla continue their dance as Luddie finds even a little kissing can have dramatic results.
      The Stalker, part 2a
      stalke2a zip (22k) (M/ffff oral, mast)
      The Stalker changes, moves into an alternative reality in this variant of the original story line, a kinder gentler madman, god like, sex crazed, but friendly.
    • by Xanya :...
    • Taking Care of Little Sister
      takecare zip (6k) (M/f, inc)
      Little sister was too drunk to drive home, but big brother took good care of her.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • My Tammy a Tomboy?
      tammy zip (23k) (M/f, Dad/Daut, Inc, Rough, Cons)
      Damned if you do - Damned if you don't! If I made a big deal out of it then I'd have a whole different set of questions to deal with. If I continued, I'd be masturbating my own daughter. I looked down on my sweet angel's face while thinking, "Alright June! YOU made this happen! Now let's see YOU figure a way out!
    • by Tanzer :...
    • Travelin' Man -- Email Rape
      travelin zip (16k) (Mf/rape/oral/anal)
      When an email chat request to rape his stepdaughter scrolled by, how could I refuse?
    • by Julie :...
    • Bustrip, ch 3
      bustrip3 zip (5k) (M/f Dad/daut inc)
      "Uncle Pat, Bree is such a little vixen isn't she. I bet you were so turned on when she told you that story. Right? You're so stiff in me that I just have to do something about it."      I wiggled my bottom on Uncle Pats cock and slowly fucked him. Pat's cock felt so good in me that I was shaking all over. I fucked a few strokes and brought myself to a point where I almost came. But I really wanted to hear the rest of the story. I then settled down to listen again.      "Oh, that feels so good. Now tell me more."      "okay... So Bree continued"
    • by Dreamer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Alte Lüstlinge, teil 1
      lustlin1 zip (10k) (MMMMffffmm/inc)
      Wir saßen im Garten und schauten den beiden Mädchen und dem Jungen beim Planschen zu. Wir, das waren vier Männer, Gerd, Manni, Kurt und ich. Eigentlich waren wir alte Männer, alle so um die sechzig, aber das wollte keiner von uns wahr haben. Das jüngere der Mädchen war Kati, mein Enkel, sie war damals neun. Die anderen beiden waren Tanja und Maik, Zwillinge. Sie waren Kurts Enkel und gerade elf Jahre alt geworden.
    • by Borge :...
    • Emma
      emma zip (9k) (M/g dau, cons, ws)
      Den här historien har jag knĺpat ihop enligt en av mina läsares önskemĺl. Är det sĺ att ni inte gillar wetsex, sĺ behöver ni inte läsa vidare, eller hur? Jag är förresten inte säker pĺ att jag gillar det jag heller, men den var kul att skriva!

      Tuesday AM, April 20, 1999

    • by BOBBYLOVE :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Bobby
      lilbobby zip (10k) (m/f)
      As I was growing up I had a pretty normal life and family all that was about to change. I had just finished the seventh grade and was looking forward to my summer vacation but little did I know how much this summer was going to change life.     I was going upstate New York near the Canadian Border to stay with my uncle and his wife on their farm I was going to spend most of my time fishing and just relaxing (yea right). My mom took me to the port authority bus terminal in NYC and bought me a ticket, and waited for me to get on the bus she said Bobby IM trusting you to be on your best behavior. Do everything your aunt and uncle tells you. Ok mom I will don’t worry I told her, gave her a hug and got on the bus.
    • by Lewis :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Rita's Diary, Installment 1
      rita1 zip (28k) (f/f f/m m/m f/f/m inc)
      Diary of a young European girl, 1919, beginning when whe was 12 and ending when she was 15.
    • by BJ :...
    • Beyond Time, ch 2 & 2a
      beyond2 zip (20k) (Mf, Mff, ff, mf, nc, pedo, extreme pedo, beast, ws, photo etc)
      There was a little girl, about eight, walking hand in hand with her younger sister. The young one looked like she was only about two. Both blondes and he did have a thing for blondes, though the youngest looked like she may eventually turn into a redhead.
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • Fred Sasha and Peter
      sasha zip (5k) (bb/f, 1st, inc)
      Fred tries out a few new tricks with his cousin Sasha and invites his friend Peter to see
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Mi vida con mamá
      vidamama zip (5k) (m/F, incest, sad)
      La vida con mi madre siempre fue un tanto peculiar, por decir algo. Desde su divorcio, cuando yo tenía seis ańos, mamá se comportó de forma extrańa.Se volvió más introvertida, y pasaba de salir a la calle si no era para trabajar.No se le ocurría llamar a ninguna de sus amigas y no iba ni al cine ni casi de compras.La verdad es que vivíamos en una casa bastante agradable.Era un ático del centro de Madrid, en el que teníamos una azotea llena hasta rebosar de macetas con flores de todo tipo.Teníamos un par de sillones allí y nos solíamos sentar en ellos a leer o escuchar la radio.

      Monday AM, April 19, 1999

    • by BJ :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Beyond Time, ch 1
      beyond1 zip (11k) (Mf, extreme ped, voy, ws, time control)
      “Hmph,” he grunted and started to leave the store, as he did so he walked through the women’s clothing section and almost tripped over a little girl who was perfect to be his first test subject. She was young enough, about four if that, blonde, and wearing a light summer dress.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • I'm 13 but Passed for 18, part 2
      13but_2 zip (13k) (F/f, M/f, inc)
      “You look great, Erica.” said Aunt Jane. “I’m glad I got you that dress last weekend so I would have time to hem it.”      “Don’t you think it’s too short?”      Jane laughed again. She seemed so happy today. “Loren really likes you, Erica. And he has been real nice to me lately. Wasn’t it fun the time we went to his house?”      “Yes, that was so exciting. Dancing and kissing in a bar, riding in a limo, getting felt up in a fancy house. I never got the tingly feeling that many times in one weekend, Aunt Jane.”      And another laugh, “Do you mean orgasms? Like you had an hour ago, just before your bath?”
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Three Faces Of Deborah
      3faces zip (10k) (m/f)
      "Do you know your breasts are different?" David mused, slowly tracing his fingers over the tips. "I know," Deborah said. "Do you know how lucky you are to be perfect twice-fold?" He kissed her. He rubbed the trace of hair at her crotch, and she kissed him back, with one hand finding his penis. Her thumb thrummed it. "Put it in," she begged. "Are you sure?" he smiled. "Damn you!" He thrust. She sniggled.    David lowered over her. "You don't know how beautiful your are."     He leant to her face, kissed her. Her lips were mauve and striated. "I...."
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • I Never Meant To Hurt You, Mother...
      inever zip (8k) (M/F incest (mother/son) oral rape)
      When I took my new girlfriend home to her flat that night, I had high hopes - that we would finally get it together, and I would finish up in her bed, perhaps not for the whole night, but at least for long enough for a good fuck. And it began to look good - I was invited in for a 'coffee or something'! I elected for a 'something' - a Scotch - and we settled companionably on the sofa for a goodnight snog - and, hopefully, rather more.
      sue zip (8k) (m/f/brother/sister/mom/son)
      My dad had great ears and said "One more fucking noise back there and I'm going to beat all three of you". We shut up then Tom whispered in my ear " Sue, bet you can't stop me" then he started sliding his hand under the blanket we were covered with then touched my leg, just below my knee
    • by Rich Humus :...
    • Who Needs Oxy-10?, part 3
      oxy10_3 zip (11k) (M/f dad/daughter Oral)
      A few weeks after our first sex together, Rebecca and I were sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast one Saturday morning. I never tired of looking at her angelic face, her creamy skin starting to show signs of the summer tan she'd soon have. Her deep blue eyes looked over her cereal spoon at me, twinkling with love and affection. She had her hair tied up in a simple ponytail behind her head. She had a torn tee-shirt on that just barely covered the bottom swells of her growing breasts and a pair of skimpy black satin running shorts that I think fit her when she was 12, but now at 15 looked like a second skin.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Teacher's Pet
      teacher zip (18k) (M/F/m, pedo)
      Eleven year old Jamie uses his school project as an excuse to go around to his pretty teacher's place on Saturday afternoon. Little does he realise that what starts off as an innocent excursion becomes a would-be rescue mission that ends up being an experience he will never forget.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Trailer Trash, part 9
      trailer9 zip (21k) (M/fff cons)
      He woke up in the middle of the night, Christi's leg was still laying across his shoulder, her pussy just a few inches from his mouth. He blinked his eyes, waking up, finding them all clustered around him, naked, the smell of their bodies, the delightful scent of Christi's pussy near his face, it was like a dream come true, better.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Uncle
      uncle zip (8k) (M/f)
      Mandy wasn't sure she wanted to go to Uncle Ted's house this time. She could still vivdly remember the little game he'd introduced her to the last time. It was definately a very naughty game!
    • by A.F.M aka NL Soldier :...
    • Changes, ch1-3
      chang1_3 zip (16k) (MFff bro/sis unc/neice inc)
      My sister Angela got married when she was 19. At the time I was just entering High School, our parents weren't exactly thrilled and disowned her when she eloped with him, his name was Dan. Me and Angela were really close, even though she was five years older than me, we got along pretty well, and I was devastated when she left. Our parents to my knowledge never spoke about her again, but I could tell they were very hurt. Angela was their little angel, at the time I was a little jealous of the attention they used to give her. But she always made me feel as if *I* was the one who was special. I cried for a long time after she left home.
    • by Carnal Quill :...
    • Return of the Kovz King, part 4 of 15
      kovsk04 zip (39k) (Written by Kelvin Guard)
      Kelvin and Eric attend a bachelor party for Erin, a 14-year-old friend of Eric's. Eric and his friend Michael make a gift to Erin of an afternoon with their slave boys, Kelvin and Shawn. After their sex play, Erin makes a stunning revelation to Eric and his friends.
      Return of the Kovz Queen, part 4 of 15
      kovzq04 zip (38k) (By Kelva Guard and The Carnal Quill)
      Kelva and Eric attend a bachelor party for Erin, a 14-year-old friend of Eric's. Eric and his friend Michael make a gift to Erin of an afternoon with their slave girls, Kelva and Shawna. After their sex play, Erin makes a stunning revelation to Eric and his friends.

      Sunday AM, April 18, 1999

    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Girl Scout camp
      gscouts zip (8k) (m/f - oral, mast, virgin, cousins, sex)
      A Girl Scout camp located in the woods is a perfect enemy for two cousins playing cowboys and Indians in the woods. Returning as a college junior, Jeff finds other uses for the camp and his 13 year old cousin Linda.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Peek-A-Boo
      peekaboo zip (36k) (M/f+, Cons, Ped)
      "Wearing braces isn't the end of the world Michelle!" That's what the poor girl's mother repeated as the two walked up the landing. Michelle sobbed in pain and disgrace. She reluctantly followed her mother up the cement stairs to 3C. I lived in 5B.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Shelter
      shelter zip (9k) (M/ff)
      I lay there in my tiny sleeping tube and listened to the children sleeping, condemned to life in this fall-out shelter, my dead wife in the closed off tube beside mine. I knew that unless something happened soon I would go mad.
    • by Amanda :...
    • Farouche - Chapitre 2
      farou2 zip (11k
      Le lendemain soir, il vint dans sa chambre. Elle y avait passé la journée en pyjama et robe de chambre, refusant toute nourriture, interdisant l'entrée ŕ Marianne qui voulait lui prendre sa température et appeler un médecin.     -- Je vais bien, dit Claire. Je n'ai envie de rien, c'est tout. Je veux que l'on me laisse tranquille ! -- Les enfants qui ont le goűt du drame ne sont pas faciles ŕ manier, murmura Marianne pour elle-męme. Mais ŕ treize ans, n'est ce pas toujours le cas ? ajouta t-elle avec sagesse avant de retourner ŕ son jardinage.

      Saturday AM, April 17, 1999

    • by Fuckpuppy :...
    • The Night Me and My Sister Seduced Our Dad, by Alison Wonderland
      alison zip (14k) (M/ff incest)
      Me and my sister, who I will call Sarah, grew up kinda "different." Now to look at us, you probably couldn't imagine the things that we have done, but we've been told that's one thing that is such a big turn-on about us. We're both your typical girl-next-door types; long blond hair, nice skin, tight, squeezable bubble-butts. I have brown eyes, Sarah's are sort of hazel, which is kinda unusual. We're only about a year apart, and we look enough alike that when we were little people used to mistake us for twins.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Blackmailing My Sister, part 1
      black1 zip (5k) (M/ff incest)
      I'm going to be 13 in a few months and want to share my story. For the last few years my sister has been mean to me, especially when Mom isn't home. She started driving last month and really held it over me, making me clean up her messes if I want her to take me anywhere.      Lately I've taken a new interest in her and her friends, and thought of a way to turn the tables on my sister Pam.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Magic
      magic zip (6k) (M/ff)
      The daydream returned, the one that made her 12 year old body feel so strange. Once again her father knelt at her feet, his tongue extended to lightly stroke her thighs.
    • by Centaur :...
    • Marie - Part Four (Conclusion)
      marie4 zip (62k) (M/f)
      Jim had called QANTAS from his hotel and confirmed the reservations for Mr. and Mrs. Williams on the London flight. Marv had told him that he would have back-up people at Heathrow Airport in case Mitchell and Amy got to London ahead of them. They would subtly follow them and find out where they were staying. Jim felt pretty comfortable with the arrangements, they were the best they could do on such short notice. Somehow though this just didn't feel right - it was out of character for Mitchell to cut and run like this without a well developed plan. And the idea that he had "sent" the letter somewhere was out of character too. Well he told himself, he would have plenty of time to think about it on the flight to London, maybe he and Julie could work out the puzzle, but with so many pieces missing it would be more like guesswork.
    • by Dunthat :...
    • Thanksgiving visit with my father
      visitdad zip (14k) (M/F father/daughter/preg)
      Sammie was seventeen and having to share her room with her half-sister. After one big argument it was decided she would go spend the week of Thanksgiving vacation with her father. She wants to stay with him. What will she do?
    • by silent killer :...
    • Mom's Breast Treatment
      breast zip (4k) (mF, inc, cons)
      Tina likes to suck her son's penis, from infancy to early adolescence, with the encouragement and support of her husband. When her son turns 13, she decides to go even further.
    • by Boz :...
    • The Hotel, ch 10-12
      hot10_12 zip (24k) (f/M+/dad/F)
      Susie dines on the kitchen staff, finally gets what she wants from her father, asks a maintenance man for help, entertains some new friends in the hotel parking garage, and meets a woman who has a thing about big black cocks.
    • by Gob's O'Semen :...
    • My Mom and Me, Author Unknown
      mom_me zip (130k) (incest)
      She was warm and snug in bed and she had just been loved. It wasn't often that Chad put it to her early in the morning, not anymore. But that made it just that much better when he did wake up with his thing hard and eager.

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