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    Madman's Return

    On Friday PM, August 20, 1999

  • by Jak :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Big Sister's Panties
    bigsis zip (4k) (m/f, bro/sis, inc)
    Big sister discovers her brother sniffing her panties and decides to let him try the real thing...
    Mom's Dildo
    momdildo zip (4k) (mom/son inc)
    Horny Mom finds 16/yo son's big cock an excellent replacement for her dildo...
  • by Harry Kuntz :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Letter to a Cuckold
    cuckold zip (19k) (M/F, adultery, humiliation, huge dick)
    A wimp husband's inadequacy is driven home to him in agonizing and humiliating detail in this letter from the superstud who has seduced the wimp's beautiful wife.
    honeymoo zip (15k) (M/F, NC, light violence, humil)
    Barton has it all, including a fabulously gorgeous new Asian American trophy bride. He has it all, that is, except for one thing--the sexual equipment that is needed to satisfy such a babe. He is thoroughly humiliated and destroyed when a superhung young stud takes his place when the marriage is consummated.
    Mom's Big Boy, part 1
    mombigb1 zip (12k) (M/F, Huge Dick, Adultery)
    Vicki is a gorgeous mother with strong religious convictions who has tried to remain faithful to her husband, despite his sexual inadequacy. But the unexpected sight of her son's incredible manhood brings back vivid memories of the superstud who seduced her early in her marriage.
  • by lolitot :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Elizabeth Learns Lots, ch 1
    liz1 zip (3k) (g/M)
    My aunt told me to write this. She said I would have a lot of fun doing it, and she was right!
  • by Analover :...
  • College Memories I
    college1 zip (9k) (M/F)
    I remember being in two minds when a letter came from Kathryn saying she was coming to stay for a weekend.    "Fuck me," said my brother Alex, over a pint. "Not that crazy American bitch from Hong Kong you told me about?"    "The very one," I said, with a mixture of trepidation and cock-hardening desire.    I'd first met Kathryn in Hong Kong the year before I came back to the UK. She'd led me a merry dance. The attraction had started on her side - she wanted me, and made no secret of it. But something capriciously feminine made her hold back from letting me fuck her.
    Annie's Peachy Behind
    peachy zip (4k) (M/f)
    Annie's teacher isn't too thrilled when she starts daydreaming about sex...
  • by Ted :...
  • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 4
    awaken4 zip (13k) (mff/con/very young)
    Ted has his first sexual experience with two girls at the same time and, they are the sisters, Patsy and Pam. Again, he plays the role of erotic instructor
  • by Kay Andrews :...
  • Lessons, part 4
    lessons4 zip (3k) (F/F/f/M mom/daut/inc+)
    "Joan, why don't you show Sally your pussy?" Jim asked. "It'll be easier to explain all this, if she can see what we're talking about."    "Joan! You can't!" cried Crissy, a helpless note in her voice.    Joan hesitated, looking first at Crissy and then to Sally, seeing the child's bright eyes urging her on. She slowly pulled up her skirt, hunching forward until her shapely ass was at the edge of the couch, her long legs spread and her hair-fringed pussy exposed.
  • by Fifteen :...
  • A Night with Daddy
    nightdad zip (8k) (M/F,dad/daut,daut/daut)
    Carrie and Katie don't get much sleep when Daddy comes home from the pub drunk...
    shoplift zip (11k) (M/f,F/f,inc)
    Someone in the family has been shoplifting, but who was it?
    With Child
    withchil zip (10k) (M/f,f/f,sm)
    Lisa's pregnant and her best friend's family is none to happy about it...
  • by Bozo Da Klown :...
  • Preteen Bound, ch 6
    preteen6 zip (20k) (M/f pedo kidnap bdsm)
    Six-year-old Miranda savored the six-inch, cherry-flavored candy sucker that resembled a grown man's erect cock down to the last detail, including a mushroom-shaped head and upraised veins. Her wet young lips glistened with the red sticky stuff, some of which was smeared around her mouth, making it look as if she had hastily applied her lipstick without a mirror. She sucked the candy phallus completely into her mouth and throat, her cheeks hollowing with the effort. Moaning ever so gently, hands folded in her lap, her eyelids half-shut, she closed her full lips around the base so that only the wooden holding stick was visible. She loved the shape and touch of the cock, even if it was only candy. She of course much preferred the real thing. She imagined for a moment that it was her master's cock. She could feel and taste the gamy, fleshy fuckstick that she craved so much, especially when he shoved his seven-inch cock into her preteen mouth immediately after reaming her little ass. That was her favorite time, when her master let her suck and lick the brown-streaked cum off of his deflating cock. She could feel a tingle begin in her little pussy as she continued daydreaming about real cocksucking while deep-throating the candy dick.
  • by Silvio Stoker :...
  • Secrecy (Lives of the Great Waifs Part 8)
    secrecy zip (49k) (Mf, MMMf, Ff, MMFfbg, etc., inc (bro/sis, mom/daughter, etc.), anal, mast, extreme caution)
    "Shivering, Yvette started to cry. She didn't want to clean herself in front of them. She had to go to the bathroom and _couldn't_ go in front of them. And she was terrified - she'd seen what happened to Sally, she had seen Rosemary's bleeding cunt, and expected the same. She couldn't even imagine it... and at the same time it made her remember how she had come, standing on the oil drum peering into Sally's trailer, watching them fuck her senseless. She had come without touching herself. It had turned her on. But it wasn't _her_ who was being raped. There was a sort of hymen separating her from what she saw, a thin membrane between her body and her mind - and it was about to be torn." Catherine, 13 y.o., is worried about the strange feelings she has while masturbating - until she comes across an old briefcase while riding her bike through the forest preserve. What she finds in that briefcase changes her life. 9 y.o. Sally adds spice to a sandwich, and a 5 y.o. inbred fuck toy gets to see what her daddy does to the girls in her 16 y.o. mother's school, and Yvette, also 16, remembers what it was like to be gang-banged at age 12...
  • by Dick :...
  • The White Infidels
    whiteinf zip (12k) (abduction M/f Y2K)
    Harold sat quietly in the church confessional. He had timed his entering of the booth so she would not see him. The young girl entered the church and walked straight down the red carpeted path to the altar. After bowing and making the sign of the cross she turned and walked slowly to the confessional booth. Pulling the door closed behind her she sat down.     Before she could even get a word out her body became rigid as the high voltage stun gun rendered her unconscious. She then slumped slowly to the floor.
  • by Boz :...
  • Exceptional Student, ch 10-12
    exc10_12 zip (32k) (M/f/M+)
    I was very tired and had great difficulty making sense of my feelings and desires for Susie, and the way I had let our sweet affair somehow mushroom into an unbelievable orgy of sex, a bizarre and disturbing erotic fantasy become real. My sleep was long but disturbed, filled with tormenting dreams and visions of Susie constantly surrounded, enveloped by anonymous and unattractive male bodies.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • White Woman's Dreams
    whitewom zip (7k) (fantasy/nc?/pregnancy/interacial)
    From an engaged young virgins prospective... a wander through some jumbled scenes of suggestive erotica... a little leading perhaps but hopefully the charms of this one will shine through... a good introduction to my work if you want something light to digest, but all the dirty words are here too.
  • by Bandit :...
  • Nachbarskinder 1
    nachbar1 zip (5k) (m/f mastr)
    Stefans Sommerferien waren bisher ein wenig langweilig da alle seine Freunde weggefahren sind. Das дndert sich als er seine Nachbarin Bettina auf dem Spielplatz trifft......

    Thursday PM, August 19, 1999

  • by Concake :...
  • Billiard Night Replacement
    billiard zip (3k) (mom/son/incest)
    Tuesday night is my billiard night. It's time I spend with my buddies and have a few beers. My Mom, Gina, doesn't like my billiard night because she says Tuesday is the worst day of the week for her and it depresses her to come home and be alone.
    Not Too Late To be Lesbian
    notlesbo zip (3k) (olderwomen/lesbian)
    If it wasn't for my ex-boyfriend Jim this never would have happened.
  • by Kay Andrews :...
  • Lessons, ch 3
    lessons3 zip (3k) (F/F/f/M mom/daut/inc+)
    Jim followed Joan into the room and immediately saw Crissy sitting on the couch, very nervous, with Sally sitting quietly next to her. Joan seemed distant, yet still happy to see him. He detected a faint aroma, but couldn't quite place it. He sniffed, concentrating, then he identified what the musky, exciting aroma was.      Pussy.
  • by Ron :...
  • Witched
    witched zip (20k) (M/g NC M/g CON INC MEDIEVAL)
    I am a forester of this land as yee can plainly see It's the mantle of your maidenhead that I would have from thee"
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Rape 'Play'
    rapeplay zip (9k) (play format/rape/mother)
    no game playing here... heavy and mean Dark Desires are the rule of the day... The fun comes in that this could actually be acted out... Use common sense though okay.

    Wednesday PM, August 18, 1999

  • by Kay Andrews :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Lessons, ch 1 & 2
    lesso1_2 zip (5k) (F/F/f/M mom/daut/inc)
    A tender story about two young women, a young daughter, and a boyfriend, as they explore new and exciting pleasures.
  • by Cagey :...
  • Gentleman Farmer
    gentlema zip (10k) (M/f/f)
    Very early one morning, after just arriving at his country place, late the night before, Johnny discovers two young girls have taken up residence in the farmhand's quarters of his old barn/workshop. Taking a peek, he watches as one of them the other looks on with a great deal of interest.     He gets so horny that he has to get involved.........
  • by Bach :...
  • The Helping Hand, ch 5
    helphan5 zip (5k) (m/f)
    Heather and Will learn about the magic of the human body.
  • by Concake :...
  • Security Secrets
    ssecrets zip (3k) (olderwoman/youngboy)
    My duties as a late-shift security guard consist of sitting in a small room for eight hours, watching the monitors that are attached to the security cameras. This can make for a long boring night.
  • by Neverlove :...
  • Sympathy for the Used-Car Salesman
    sympathy zip (9k) (m/F)
    A frustrated teenager finally decides he needs a little assistance to seduce his teasing slut of a teacher.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • White Boy's Shame
    whiteboy zip (7k) (b+/m/F/Rape/Humiliation/interacial)
    Another entry in the Dark Desires series... anyone thinking I should get punished should like this one... no laughs but one of the most extreme pieces I have ever done.
  • by Boz :...
  • Exceptional Student, ch 7-9
    excep7_9 zip (8k) (M/f/M+)
    I realized that I had done a very foolish thing, no matter how exciting it was. I mentally cursed myself for my stupidity. Letting Harvey know about Susie and I, even letting him join us, was one thing, but now a complete stranger--and not a very appetizing one at that--knew that there was an adult who fucked a little girl living right in this house.
  • by Takatak :...
  • A Housewife's Rape
    wiferape zip (10k) (M/F nc rape)
    Deven is the husband who is depressed because Chaya, his wife, is an orthodox minded woman. The sexual relationship is okay in bed but Deven wanted different spices in it which Chaya did not allow. This affected the work habits of Deven in his office. Deven's best friend, Prem plans and converts this opportunity in his favour.

    Tuesday PM, August 17, 1999

  • by BelleChandra :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Daddy's Daughter
    daddaut zip (18k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
    Young beauty Raven falls in love with her father...but is it an unrequited love?
  • by Neverlove :...
  • Alak
    alak zip (4k) (M/f rape)
    A tale from a future world in which Big Brother uses His power for sadistic sexual purposes. A girl is imprissoned, raped, beaten, humiliated and tortured at the hands of a despotic madman.
    Little Hitlers
    lilhitlr zip (4k) (M/f)
    A Nazi official falls for one of his fragile little girl prisoners.
  • by BJ :...
  • Beyond Time, ch 4
    beyond4 zip (10k) (Mf, Mff)
    "What do you mean don't worry it?"      "Huh?" David had to think back to what he had just said, then, "don't worry about it," he replied.     "It's a private matter."    "Are you sure your ok boss?"    "I'm fine."    David could barely wait to finish work that night he had to get back to the flat to see if anything had happened. He felt a little bit tired but that was all, and that could simply have being the anticipation that had built up before he had hit the final switch. It was with great relief that he finally finished the final work on his current, official, project, and handed it over to his boss. Once he had done that he could finally get out the door.
  • by Young Fox :...
  • John Byzantine
    byzantin zip (41k) (Inc, pre-teen, magic)
    John Byzantine slept soundly, drunkenly. He was 27, straw blonde, didn't believe much in shaving but believed heavily in the bottle.     John was something of an artist, not pictures but books, stories. And he told crackling good jokes.      The near infant girl he'd slept with had supple small child breasts. Like anyone he bedded, he loved her. You know, as love goes. Now he was awake, and the little girl took her clothes and left, clutching her 10 pound note. Sweet bum, tiny. O joy. John watched her dress, so little, such a little girl. So dripping wet sweet. He always gave a girl something if she was really young and he enjoyed himself. He could make little jade figurines, just by rolling his hands in a certain way. It was a gift. He gave gifts. A 10 pound note and a jade water buffalo. Happy, happy little tart. Tra la.
  • by Tanzer :...
  • Fantasy
    fantwife zip (9k) (MF/MMMMF/FF - anal, oral, rape, gang-bang)
    It was just a lark - it wasn't supposed to turn out this way!
    helena zip (24k) (Mg/MF/Fg/MgF - incest (mom/son), anal, oral, rape)
    She was such a perky little girl, which is why I just had to have her! Then again, it was my mother who opened the door...
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • The ICU Nurse
    icunurse zip (7k) (F/m - mast/oral/sex/coma/virgin)
    When a nurse in ICU watches over a 15 year-old boy in a coma his massive cock intrigues her. As she moves to the night shift, she ends up spending more and more time alone with him. She is incredibly turned on when he masturbates in front of her one night, and she soon becomes more involved with his cock.
  • by The Seer :...New Author.!.!.!
  • One Summer, ch 1
    1summer1 zip (5k) (M/mf m/f inc pedo con)
    Wade is resentfully on the way to a new home. On the trip though, he finds out that it might not be as bad as he thought.
  • by Boz :...
  • Exceptional Student, ch 4-6
    excep4_6 zip (34k) (M/f/M+)
    Saturday I spent at home doing what Susie had ordered-- resting. But I wondered if even four days would be enough rest to match the insatiable Miss Susie Little.
  • by Rex Wilder :...
  • Den sexglada familjen (2)
    gladsex2 zip (14k) (M/f/F/m, incest)
    Jag blev smеkеt nдr jag sеg dom kela, ja riktigt grovhеngla med varandra. Tдnk dig sjдlv att se dom djupt tungkyssas. En дldre karl och en liten flicka. Mеnga gеnger sеg jag henne ta initiativ till deras hеnglade. Du mе tro att det var gulligt att se Linda цppna Olles gylf och ta fram kuken.
  • by Sergdriver :...
  • Vidped, By RedRose
    vidped zip (18k) (M/ff pedo extreme)
    Сидя на моем любимом стуле, я щелкал пультом видеомагнитофона. Откинувшись на спинку стула и стал просматривать обычный порнофильм. Фильм начался, и первая же сцена была не более чем стандартным трахом. Я тут же ускорил воспроизведение. Было забавно видеть людей трахающихся в быстром темпе, и мне стало смешно. Внезапно я увидел смену сюжета и остановил ускоренное воспроизведение. Перед моими глазами было трое голых людей. Что же необычно было здесь? Все было как всегда, кроме одного: одним из этих трех, был ребенок. Девочка, я предполагаю, приблизительно 4-х летнего возраста. Она сидела в коленях женщины на краю кровати. Руки женщины опустились и коснулись промежности маленькой девочки, затем раздвинули пухлые безволосые маленькие губы и направили их на камеру. Я вжался в стул и затаил дыхание. Мужчина приблизился к ним. Его твердый член торчал как палка влажный от желания. Женщина схватила член мужчины, потянула его ближе.

    Monday PM, August 16, 1999

  • by Lutwidge :...
  • Alice's Adventures
    aliceadv zip (6k) (M/f pedo)
    ...I was entirely innocent at that age, and as my mother (and presumably my father) had consented to his taking photographs and drawings of me in scanty dress or none at all, I felt no embarrassment or shame in appearing in his presence in such a nature. He was most kind, understanding and playful, though he controlled events.     He established that we were playing a game of dress-up; or rather, undress-up. For he had me change from one costume to another while he sat there.
    Motel Service
    motelser zip (4k) (M/f, pedo, inc)
    "Twenty dollars," the man said, "and you can't touch her; got that?"     He nodded, not looking at him and his daughter. He had come into the motel's restaurant with a hungry look, and the man had picked him out, how? Perhaps he had seen the glance he stole at the girl, and the glint in his eye. He had told him of his bum luck, that he needed some money to get to LA, and that Rose, his daughter liked to watch.... men enjoy themselves, as he put it.
    Sweet Meeting
    sweetmee zip (11k) (M/f pedo)
    His eyes followed and he saw to his delight that the loose top gaped open so that he could see her white training bra; what really set his heart on fire was that the bra was loose on her as well, it was obviously too big for her; she was practicing being grown up. He caught a flash of a light pink nipple when she moved her arm, then she started to stand up.
  • by Nomad :...
  • Bank Loans
    bankloan zip (10k) (M/F/f)
    I sat in the hotel room, an unlit cigar in one hand and an untouched scotch on the rocks in the other. Mrs Joan Wells stood before me slowly undoing her blouse, her face pale and her hands shaking as she slid the fabric apart and let it sail down her arms. Her bra was a plain white with a lace design through which the dark circle of her nipples could just be seen. Her belly was only slightly rounded and the breasts within her bra looked large and firm.     "Not bad for someone with two kids," I told her, watching her slowly turn her skirt around so she could easily undo the fastening.      She bit her lip, chewing it while her eyes welled up with tears. She stepped from her skirt and began softly crying, a hand held protectively in front of her crotch.
    germany zip (18k) (M/Fffff)
    It was the third day of my search. I had known it would take a long time. The German police didn't like Paedophiles and you could never be too careful. "Hey you! Englisher," called a voice from one of the deep doorways of the buildings I was passing. I saw two burly figures, dark hats pulled low over their eyes and large woollen overcoats hiding their figures as much as their sexes. A young girl stood between them, tall enough to be nine, slim enough to be no older than ten.
    Love & Obedience
    loveando zip (12k) (M/fff Fath, Daugh, Male dom)
    INDEX     Chapter One, Daughter arrives.     Chapter Two, Explanation.     Chapter Three, Example.     Chapter Four, Induction.     Chapter Five, Oral Lesson.     Chapter Six, Finger Training.     Chapter Seven, Intercourse.     Chapter Eight, The Finished Article.
  • by little girl Watcher :...
  • Confessions And Consequences, ch 5: A Plan For Jamie...And HER OWN Confession
    confess5 zip (21k) (MFf Inc: Inc/oral/ws/pantswetting)
    "Watch me mommy! Watch me daddy!" The little eleven year old was apparently getting a real charge out of her embarrassing act. "Watch me go pee-pee in my pants!" The girl had her head thrown back and eyes closed in ectacy. Her hips were swaying, in a strong immitation of fucking as she soaked the crotch of her bodysuit.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • A Frustrated Mother
    frustrat zip (13k) (F/m - mom/son/oral/sex/inc/cons)
    Janet's husband has lost interest in sex. When she spies a hot looking guy at the beach with a prominent bulge in his shorts, she is surprised to find out that it is her son. When her son finds his mother crying over her uninterested father, the inevitable happens
  • by Boz :...
  • Exceptional Student, ch 1-3
    excep1_3 zip (25k) (M/f/M+)
    All through my last-period science class I could feel my cock twitching. Fortunately, as befits a greying, bachelor, Junior-High teacher, I wore baggy flannels, and I don't think anyone but me noticed. The reason for this genital response was sitting right in front of me, in her usual place, but she seemed to be beaming up at me with an attention and warmth I hadn't seen before. What I had seen before--her angelic face with its sparkling eyes and luscious lips, and her devilish body with its over-ripe adolescent curves and adult sensuality--was more than enough to stir up my lower parts. Especially when I looked around at the gawky, tooth-braced, flat-chested classmates who surrounded her and made her sexiness even more noticeable and irresistible.
  • by silentkiller :...
  • Feeback, written by AnonX
    feedback zip (30k) (misc)
    Hi.     I found your web site through a link in one of the newsgroups. I have read most of your contributors stories. And having done so I thought I would like to add my contribution to your website. Assuming of course you want to use it. Mine is both a positive and a negative story. I honestly believe that there are positive encounters between adults and children that are beneficial to both parties. And these should be told.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Going Through The System
    system zip (7k) (Celebrity parodys/courtroom theatrics/gang-rape)
    Launching a new line of Erotic Crime Storys comes the spoof tale of one rape victim's humiliation in Going Trough The System.
  • by Lincoln Lee :...
  • N Zest Chronicles, part 6
    znest6 zip (16k) (Family inc)
    'It is going to be a great Day,' Gary White thought to himself as he watched his young son, Todd, making the most of a beautiful Saturday morning. Todd headed out to his most favorite spot in the world, his tree house. Gary had recently built it for him and was glad to see The enjoying it so. Todd was so proud of it and would never be able to thank his dad enough for it. Yes as a far as Gary was concerned it was a great day in the North Zest gated community. All is peace and tranquility as usual and family that loved each other.

    Sunday PM, August 15, 1999

  • by timmy :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Naughty Little Boy, ch 1
    naughty1 zip (4k) (b/b, F/b moth/son incest)
    Mommy finds out two things: her little boy likes to have other boy's peters inside his bottom, and she likes to watch
  • by Maxamm :...
  • Pedo's Hot Afternoon
    pedohot zip (8k) (m/g/m/b/pedo/incest/oral/anal)
    On a hot summer day, the local park proves a fertile hunting ground for a child lover. Seven year old twins Bobby and Amber are a wet dream cum true. In the course of one hot afternoon, the innocence of these little beauties is corrupted as they are initiated into the pleasures of sucking and fucking with a bisexual man and each other.
  • by Roman A'Clef :...
  • Prom Weekend II, ch 8 & 9
    prom8_9 zip (12k) (M/F , MM/F, fam inc, exibitionism)
    David, Maggie, and Jim explore each other and Sue finally comes to visit.
  • by Pedros :...
  • Star, ch 7
    star7 zip (17k) (M/M/m/f pedo)
    Nine-year-old Julie moves in to Don's mansion to live with him and his eleven year old lover, Peter. She gets quite a few surprises on her very first day - not the least of which is an interesting gift for her and Pete from Don.
  • by Poker :...
  • Stiffteen And Sweetlips, ch 4
    sweet4 zip (12k) (MfF, oral, 1st, pedo, incest, romance)
    Back from their holiday, Debbie wants to see the pictures that David has taken. Incredibly turned on by what she sees, Debbie becomes a willing participant in producing pictures for the website. Fans of Sweetlips are desperate to see the 8 year old lose her virginity and, of course, "The customer is always right!"
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Taken For A Ride, part 6
    taken6 zip (6k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, GS, MMM/F, rough sex, anal, oral, beast, M/F/b, FF/F)
    Susanna Baldwin was bored and hot on that steamy August evening when she met Nick Danger in his own lair. As he took her away from her humdrum life, she embarked on the adventure of her life.
  • by Flubber :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Bike
    bike zip (8k) (m/f)
    One Saturday afternoon, I was riding my cycle with two friends near home. The whole area was a large army camp with buildings spread all over town. We were all either thirteen or fourteen, and were just riding around having fun.     We headed for a large barn like shed, open along one side. It had been used as a garage at some time but was now empty. The attraction was a very smooth concrete floor covered in dust, which was great for sliding the bikes around. As we noisily approached the building, we passed a army Landrover trailer parked next to the garage. One of my friends noticed two kids in the trailer, a boy I didn't know, and Anna, the twelve year old sister of a boy I went to school with.
    A Roll In The Hay
    hay zip (21k) (m/f incest)
    I was brought up in my family home, consisting of mom, dad, two sisters and a brother; I was fifteen at the time. My two sisters, Kelly and Petra were thirteen and twelve respectively. Bobby, my young brother, was nine. Dad, a not very successful salesman, was away for long periods so mom ruled the house. In retrospect, I suppose I would describe her as a blond bimbo, but to us she was just mom. I shared a small bed room with my brother, while the two girls shared an equally small room next door. I was finding the sleeping arrangements rather confined, having recently discovered the joys of masturbation.
    mouse zip (15k) (m/ff)
    At seventeen I was working as an apprentice at a local electronics company and attending the local technical college on a day release scheme. Although I gained a good technical education it also meant that I was very poor; No company was offering a training scheme, time off for college, and a living wage.     I was renting a room close to work and obviously, being poor, could not go out socialising much. I could occasionally earn extra money by working overtime at the weekends but due to extended industrial disputes in the electricity supply industry, that hadn't been possible for several months; Remember the three day week?
  • by MucMucMuc :...
  • My Brother's Cum Whore, part 2
    cumwhor2 zip (7k) (bro/sis, cum)
    The last two months have been wonderful. Bob and I have been careful around Mom and she has no ideas that her son is shooting two or three loads a day of cum onto his thirteen-year-old sister's naked body. I love the power I feel when I see my brother's face filled with lust for my body. The look in his eyes as I kneel naked before him. His hand is flying on his cock. My hands are cupping his ass cheeks and reaching down to fondle his balls. Our eyes lock on each other, right as he cums, as he covers my face with his creamy hot cum.
    Seduced by my Sister
    seduced zip (14k) (bro/sis, ffm)
    Two weeks ago, Donna and Sherry had had three-way sex with Sherry's seventeen-year-old brother Roger and they were planning the same for me.
  • by silentalltheseyears :...
  • A Daughter's Prison
    daughter zip (25k) (M/f dad/dau inc rape preg)
    At fourteen, Janine Simm's rosy family life turns for the worse when her mother dies of cancer. She is left to alone with her baby brother and her drunk abusive father. We become witness to the rising perversity of the father as Janey's body begins to mature.

    Saturday PM, August 14, 1999

  • by Rick Roll :...
  • Gym
    gym zip (7k) (F/F/F)
    I had been a gym rat all of my life, spending several days a week at the gym to stay in shape. I was never one of those overblown, hormone busting female body builders, but I was a very toned and defined woman. I have always been very proud of my body, and it has served me well. Although I am single now, I have been in numerous relationships with men and a few women, and I have explored most of what a body can do.
  • by Darcek :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Window
    window zip (4k) (M/F)
    I can see into the back yard of my next door neighbor from the upstairs window of the master bedroom of my house. Quite by accident I had gone to the window to open it for some fresh air and to relieve my headache. As I opened the window, I glanced outside and noticed movement in the neighbor’s backyard beyond the tall fence and oleander bushes, about 2-300 feet away. I continued to watch and saw the figure of a woman stroll into sight, carrying a book under one arm and a drink in her hand. She was dressed in a long, softly flowing robe and wore a large droopy hat. I could not see if she was young or old...but, from my vantage point she appeared to be tall and blonde.
  • by Jimyh :...
  • Sweet Interludes With My Baby, part 2
    mybaby2 zip (11k) (M/F/f, ped, inc, voy, cons)
    Oh, truly you are a princess, my sweet. I watch you twirling around in front of the six-foot mirrors that front all four sliding doors on my wardrobe - a feature I’ve added just to be able to watch your sexual antics with me on our big bed - and I smile to see you so happy. Your new pink party dress, all satin and lace, those white nylon "knee-high" stockings that I was able to get in an almost-small-enough size that go right up your lovely thighs like real grown-up lady’s stockings, to which daddy has added pretty pink garters so they’ll stay up, those pretty new pink, very low-heeled pumps… ahhhhh, what a feast of beauty you are, my love.
  • by Anon813 :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Clara min kдresta
    claramin zip (4k) (M/young f)
    Allt bцrjade med att min brors bдste vдn rеkade vara en tjej som gick i hans klass, de skall bцrja sjuan om nеgra dagar. Hon heter Clara och дr 1,55cm lеng och vдger "ofattbara" 44 kg, har ljust lеngt hеr och A-kupor till brцst. Hennes stjдrt skall vi inte tala om ;) Ja, de дr bara vдnner, de sportar tillsammans i samma orienteringsklubb och bеda tycker de att "tre kronor" var det bдsta som nеgonsin visats pе tv...
  • by Sergdriver :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Girl on a road
    girlroad zip (13k) (M/f pedo first time)
    Per the first second it seemed, that to her 11 y.o. - Mr., whether want well to carry out time? Addy was surprised. It he did not expect and since some seconds was silent. Then has asked: - With you, what that?.......Эдди чуть притормозил машину и через двадцать секунд плавно остановился рядом с девушкой. Та подошла к лимузину, открыла дверцу и заглянула внутрь. В первую секунду он дал ей на вид лет 11. -Мистер, не хотите ли хорошо провести время? Эдди Райт обалдел. Этого он не ожидал и с несколько секунд молчал. Затем спросил: -С тобой, что ли?.......
    Lessons of drawing, part 1
    lessons1 zip (26k) (M/f inc pedo grdad/grdaut russian)
    В каждом классе, где Игорь Сергеевич вел рисование (черчение начиналось в девятом и там его уже никто не интересовал), у него появились любимицы, ничем от остальных, не отмеченные, тайные. Как-то само собой получилось, что все они были светло-русые или белобрысые, тихие по характеру, и, конечно же, симпатичные. Все детские мордашки милы и привлекательны по-своему, но вот телосложенке.... Есть тип девочек, по природной глупости не отмеченные сверстниками, выбирающими для изъявления первых чувств самых красивых, и самых развитых. Это - полураскрытые бутончики, удивительно пропорционально сложенные, чуть худощавые, с длинными стройными ножками и печальными глазами, в которых блестят беспричиннные слезки и отражаются спины обогнавших их первых красавиц. В 5-м " Г" с особенной болезненной нежностью к первенцу, он любил Олю Смирнову.......
  • by Bandit :...
  • Das Jugendlager!
    jugend1 zip (7k) (M/f man/girl)
    Als Leiter in einem Jugendlager erfдhrt Jьrgen, daЯ die Kids ganz andere Spiele mцgen als er bisher dachte.

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    Madman-Mad is my favorite sport
    raised in the projects help from the key, Sport
    DA no play
    made a clean getaway
    say what i wanna say
    do what i wanna do cuz i'm out
    home boys in the hood know what i'm talking about
    lay low for a while quiet as a mouse
    never hold water as my MadHouse

    click for the rhyme
    blow the lyric next
    and go for mine
    back and i'm bitter
    i'm the real killer
    that damn-C is a dog-sitter

    all new kids on my block get hurt
    chase babies and skirts
    I got the back beat that work
    cuz none of the chicks' acts can hang
    i'm the Madman and i'm the Real Thang


    the Madman has Returned

    ("Madman's Return", music by Benito Benites, as performed by Snap )

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