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    See The Light

    On Friday PM, August 27, 1999

  • by Candrah :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Madang Bay
    madang zip (12k) (f/M/F sis/bro)
    The background is Irian Jaya, close to New Guiney, A dutch slutty 15 year old girl's peeping on his big brother.A former whore helps her out and teaches her the secrets of femenine sexual pleasures. That gets her ready enough to design an incestuous plan to get to her hunky big brother.
  • by Neverlove :...
  • Altruism
    altruism zip (7k) (M/f, M/g inc)
    A man, heretofore unlucky in love, invents a device capable of creating immensely powerful orgasms in women. How will he use it?
    A Rape: The Interplay of Great Minds
    interpla zip (8k) (M/F reluc)
    Two strangers meet on a bus. Will one be able to persuade the other?
  • by ShadoWalker :...
  • A New Way of Life
    anewway zip (5k) (Mf,Ff,inc,Very NC)
    A domineering man uses his young nieces to teach his fiance a lesson.
    What 'Good Girls' Do
    goodgirl zip (4k) (Mf,Ff,ff,inc)
    Ten year old Angela teaches us what is required of a good girl.
  • by AnaLover :...
  • Annie's Anal Surprise
    annianal zip (5k) (M/f)
    Schoolgirl Annie with the peachy behind again becomes her brother's personal fuck-toy...
    College Memories II
    college2 zip (8k) (M/F)
    Another trip down a memory lane full of hot anal sex
  • by Jak :...
  • Cumming Home, part 1
    cumming1 zip (3k) (mm/f, mom/son inc)
    Mom comes home early to find hunky teenage son and best friend watching a porno...
  • by Silvio Stoker :...
  • Depravity (Lives of the Great Waifs Part 9)
    depravit zip (29k) (Mff, MFbg, MMMMMMFfffff, ff, etc., extreme caution)
    "Darcy knew that Yvette was a rape-murder kind of girl and worried about it - not because she was afraid of being killed but because she was in love with Yvette. She was worried that Mr. Jones would take her away or that her friend would drift off to pursue the compulsion that had obviously got hold of her. One night at home, when Darcy went to Yvette's room for sex, she found the twelve-year-old in a masturbatory daze with a rope around her neck. Darcy helped her get off and afterwards Yvette started rambling on about Sally and how good it had felt to kill her and how she wanted to do it again, had to, needed to." Yvette meets some weird teenagers in an abandoned warehouse and goes on a murder spree; Christopher humiliates Sylvie, 22 y.o., and her inbred children Virginie, 9 y.o., and Pierre, 10 y.o. ; Mr. Jones, a pillar of the community, hosts parties at his soundproofed summer place, supplying his guests with a fresh virgin each month...
  • by Kay Andrews :...
  • Lessons, ch 6 & 7
    lesso6_7 zip (5k) (g/g/F/F/M)
    The transformation of little Sally - and her mother - continues as they turn into a couple of irrestible little sluts, right before her eyes ...
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Secrets That Hurt, part 6
    secrets6 zip (6k) (M/f, pedo (yg g),MM/f, oral, anal, nc, rough)
    Brian and Grandpa Doyle gave me a quick sponge bath to clean out smells and stains. My clothes were just a little wrinkled though. Nothing serious. I felt pretty good by the time I left. My pockets filled with the precious candy from Grandpa Doyle's candy jar. Brian kissed me so many times, telling me I was "his forever" which made me feel very special.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Case 080699/3
    case3 zip (9k) (F/F/f/m/m/M/dog/nc/drugs/preg/inter)
    as my greatest saga enters into its penultimate leg of the journey, it is finally time to watch Lori put on a dog show. Helen comes to visit at christmas time and we make sure she gets her stockings stuffed. Deanna is in a need for another dose of Tyrone's baby-making juice too so if you like to see girls become mommies or just like kinky erotica, this one is for you and be here on Sunday for the big wrap up and a possible ivitation.
  • by Jimyh :...
  • Sweet Interludes With My Baby, part 3
    mybaby3 zip (10k) (M/m, inc, ped, cons)
    I awaken as usual at about seven and, as usual, you are still sound asleep between my legs, your accustomed sleeping place. I raise a leg over you and slip out of bed, doing my best not to disturb you. I manage that and pull on my clothes, knowing that I will have a client mid-morning for a family portrait. Not like our "portraits" is it, my sweet; theirs will be all nice and formal while our portraits are just the opposite, eh? My lovely little daughter, dressed in white stockings and nothing more, kneeling between my thighs as I sit on a low stool. My cock is at your lips and you are licking the tip of it while your daddy’s cum pours into - and dribbles out of - your open mouth. A REAL portrait of our family and not at all like the "straight" pictures I will be taking today.
    Welcome In
    welcome zip (7k) (M/F/f inc, beast, con)
    Not counting masturbation - which I started doing when I was four, maybe five - my first adventure in sexuality took place when I was eight. My uncle Derek, who was as tall as a derrick - or so it seemed at the time - would occasionally let me go on his milk route with him. It was a real thrill for me, even though it meant that I had to get up at 5:00 on a Sat-urday or Sunday morning and be dressed and ready when he drove past and beeped his horn. That was on a of the weekend morning when one of his own kids didn’t go with him, bumping me off the "roster", so to speak. Uncle Derek had four kids of his own, you see, and in retrospect I understand that it was only right that they have first choice if one of them wanted to go instead. There was Crystal, who was fourteen and, I’ve got to confess, the object of most of my masturbation fantasies, even though I had no idea what to do or how to do it with her at my age. The next one was John, who was twelve, then Susan, seven, and finally little Kaye, who was only four at that time.
  • by JV :...
  • Teen Plumper Lover
    teenplum zip (11k) (Teen/anal/lesbian/plump/fetish)
    Your about to read a story concerning a 17 year old high school jock who discovers his love for plump/fat teenage girls. Sharing his new sex hobby with his father, leads to more kinky adventures between them as son, lends one of his stable of young plump lovers to his Dad. Soon Son and father find that they can make money making videos of their sex acts with the sons 30 odd chubby girlfriends!

    Thursday PM, August 26, 1999

  • by little girl Watcher :...
  • Confessions And Consequences, ch 6: Jamie gets popped
    confess6 zip (18k) (MF~f/Inc: Inc/oral/anal/pedo/cons)
    "Yesss" Jamie squealed with pleasure. "Do it to me! Both of you! Both of you FUCK me at once!" It was a real thrill for the sexy eleven year old to feel her father's cock up her virginal young ashole, but feeling her mother's stiff black dildo breaking her cherry and fucking into her sultry pre-teen cunt at the same time sent the little girl into orbit.
  • by lolitot :...
  • Elizabeth Learns Lots - More! ch 5
    liz5 zip (2k) (g/g/M/M)
    All next week school was pretty much the same. "Cept for Mr. Wilson. I got to suck his cock three more times! And each time he played with me. Lots n' lots! My pussy really likes Mr. Wilson. He knows how to lick it just right! Susie got to play with me an' him again, too!      I don't know what he did but he got mom to let me come to school on Saturday morning. Mom dropped me off and I ran right to Mr. Wilson's room. I couldn't wait to play with him some more! But he wouldn't let me.      He wanted to take me somewhere so we got in his car. We went to someone's house. Some man Mr. Wilson knows. You should've seen his cock! Mr. Wilson was real nice and told him that I was really a great little cocksucker. He got all excited about that. So Mr. Wilson let me show him!
  • by Forbidden Innocence :...
  • Skinny Dipping the Girls
    skindip zip (9k) (m/ff)
    Thirteen-year-old Tammy and 11-year-old Lisa say goodbye to Jordan with his hot cum still dripping from their chests. They agree to meet him at the pool at midnight where he will teach them how to skinny dip. You and I know what skinny-dipping is . . . but they don't. Wait until you see the types of dips they have to perform to satisfy his lecherous desires.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Desert Wolves, part 2
    wolves2 zip (6k) (M/f, pedo, beast)
    That night was very moonlit and a cool breeze was blowing gently over the desert floor. As I, a small blonde girl made my way carefully through the brush, heading toward my favorite ridge, wearing only a light pink knee length nightgown and boots, the wind whipped the hem up above my butt cheeks and pussy. Since I was tapped into my wild side already that evening, it added to my sensory perceptions to have my pussy bared from time to time.
  • by Eleanora Fagin :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Penny's World
    penny zip (10k) (M/f f/f drugs)
    "Shit", thought Penny as she waited for the school bell to ring. It had been a truly awful day. She had Mr. Sims, her regular 5th grade teacher, in the palm of her ten year old hands only two weeks into the school year, but he was out sick today
  • by The Depraved Canuck :...
  • Little Girl Dreams
    lilgirl zip (4k) (f/f/sugar and spice and everything nice)
    our heroine is at the keyboard and wishes to expond upon the trials and tribulations of coming of age.
  • by Sergdriver :...
  • Lessons of drawing, part 2
    lessons2 zip (20k) (M/f inc pedo grdad/grdaut)
    Таким счастливым, как в эти теплые сентябрьские дни, Игорь Сергеевич не чувствовал себя никогда. Все наладилось самым замечательным образом. Он не думал, что так легко удастся заполучить Наташу, а девочка чуть ли не сама упала в его объятия. Их жизнь превратилась в волшебный сон, воплотившийся нежданно-негаданно наяву, в бесконечную ласковую игру, ли-шенную и стыда, и предрассудков. Первую неделю Игорь. Сергеевич сдерживал себя, полагаясь только на интерес и охоту внучки, ждал ее просьб "поиграть", или поделать ей так. Только ласки в постели и во время купания происходили уже как естественный ритуал. Если его мозг и плоть горели в постоянной готовности и желании, то девочку днем отвлекали уроки, игры дома и во дворе, другие дела и хлопоты. Ее не устоявшаяся детская психика не могла долго фиксировать внимание на одном предмете, и даже очень приятные игры с дедушкой являлись для Наташи только камушком в пестрой мозаике огромного мира. Игорь Сергеевич понимал, что без его "помощи" самостоятельное сексуальное развитие девочки может сильно за-тянуться и долго размышлял, что лучше: ловить падающий в ладони зрелый плод, или немного потряси дерево. Но его девятилетняя внучка дозревала очень быстро: малейшее его прикосновение, и под ноги шлепалось одно, а то и парочка "'наливных яблочек".
  • by WABE :...
  • Schwangerfick
    preg zip (4k) (F/M,preg)
    Ich habe letzte Woche Claudia besucht - wir kennen sie schon lange - sehen uns aber nur sporadisch. Sie ist 33, 165 , schlank, mittellange dunkelblonde Haare (echt) und wirklich hьbsch. Ich wusste, dass sie seit einigen Jahren ein Verhдltnis mit einem Lateinamerikaner hat und schwnager war, aber nicht, daЯ der gute Mann das Weite gesucht hatte, als der Bauch zu wachsen anfing ! Nun gut, diese ganze traurige Geschichte breitete sie vor mir aus, aber eigentlich hatte ich den Eindruck, daЯ sie als zukьnftige Single-Mutter nicht so sehr unglьcklich sein wьrde. Wir vernichteten im Laufe des Abends einige Drinks und waren zu spдterer Stunde ziemlich locker.

    Wednesday PM, August 25, 1999

  • by alex :...
  • The Grant Family, ch 7-10
    gran7_10 zip (30k) (F/m/f inc rom ws scat)
    The doorbell rang. Ann and Dave both jumped up and headed for the front door. "The pizza is here!", Ann yelled to her mother as she and her brother opened the door. Dave took the pizza box from the delivery man as Ann held the door open, and Dorthy paid for the pizza. "Thank you very much!", she said as she tipped him and closed the front door.      The family was gathered in the living room as Dave set down the pizza. "This was a great idea, Dad!", Dave said as he took a slice. Soon everyone was enjoying the family's favorite pizza... along with sharing a nice bottle of wine. "This pizza tastes great, Daddy!', added Ann as she took another bite and smiled widely.
  • by BP :...
  • Jim And Jenny, Made For Each Other
    jimjenny zip (9k) (Inc. impreg, ws)
    Jenny and I are fraternal twins, what is really unique is we have different fathers. One look at us will confirm it, I'm tall and dark, while Jenny is a petite blonde.      At the time we were born Mom and Dad were living in an apartment that only had two bedrooms so Jenny and I shared the same crib as well as everything else. Jenny and I played well together and often would suck each others thumb instead of our own. Mom thought it was cute so she didn't try to stop us. When it was time, to potty-train us, we did it together. In many ways were acted like identical twins. As we got a little older Mom tried to put us in separate beds, Jenny and I made such a fuss she gave up.
  • by lolitot :...
  • Elizabeth Learns Lots - More! ch 2
    liz2_4 zip (4k) (g/g/M/F)
    Golly! you guys sure liked what Sissy did with Susie's dad! Now I just gotta tell you all about her Saturday, and how she went shopping with her Mom, and how much she made selling candy for her Brownie troop!
  • by Keyman :...
  • Lynn's Visit, ch 3
    lynn3 zip (7k) (M/f uncle/niece inc)
    Lenny awoke with the sun shining, was yesterday a dream, could what he remembered be true. Just then the sweet voice of his niece Lynn laughingly said, "Are you going to sleep all day or do you want breakfast". Well sure I want breakfast if you're part of it he thought. Climbing out of bed and he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Looking in the mirror he reminded himself of his promise to not molest his niece again. Oh this was going to be a hard promise to keep for the remainder of week. Well he reasoned he would always have his videos of her visit to while away his lonely nights.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • The End of Summer Bash
    ofsummer zip (8k) (M/f - oral/mast/sex/voyeur/public)
    A true story that happened last weekend as I stopped by a friend's end of summer picnic bash. I met this young high school girl who connected with me immediately. When we accidentally run into each other in the bathroom, well, let's just say that nature takes its course.
  • by Bruce :...
  • A True Story, part 2
    truesto2 zip (5k) (m/f bro/sis)
    The next several weeks were almost reruns of the first Friday. Sis would lead me thru the woods, have me strip and lead me to the twins barn as soon as their parents left. There I would first drink three bladders of piss, lick and suck clean three shitty ass cracks, they were always dirty now, in fact Jan had been told to go wipe again by her mother as they left, she went and wiped OK, but went to the barn and wiped it clean on my tongue!
  • by Steve Buttler :...
  • Young Lust, ch 2
    young2 zip (9k) (m/f incest)
    After mom left, I got out of bed, and made sure the door was locked. I looked at the front of my pants again, and examined the spot. I had played with myself several times, but had never made any cum. Some guys at school told me that some day I would be able to 'shoot' my wad, but I didn't want them to know that I was rubbing myself on my pee-pee, so I just acted like I didn't know what they were talking about. But I remember well my first orgasm.
  • by The Depraved Canuck :...
  • Bad Girls, by Lean and Michelle
    badgirls zip (5k) (f/f/bad girls/experiment)
    You never know what you are going to find when you start looking... the mail i get in response to my deciding to write is pretty cool sometimes. Bad girls is fiction but what if it wasn't?
  • by mkarl :...
  • Case 080699/2
    case2 zip (9k) (F/F/F/m/m/M/nc/drugs/preg)
    Part II of IV. This story sees the dynamics of the guys intrpersonal relationships start to becaome established. Lori gets fucked... again and so does the secretary and a sexy police officer. The guys seem to have everything going there way and for these chapters it's all smooth sailing and easy fucking.

    Tuesday PM, August 24, 1999

  • by JohnFitz :...
  • My Personal Assistant and Her Son, ch 10-14
    per10_14 zip (9k) (M/b,F/b,Inc (brothers,forced),bdsm cons & non-cons)
    Sam, now 11, is beaten up at school by 12-year-old Gary who, with his 10-year-old brother Brian, are the terrors of the neighbourhood. Sam lures the boys to Ken's house on the pretext of robbing it. When they arrive they find a very unwelcome welcoming party indeed.
  • by Neverlove :...
  • Union
    union zip (13k) (M/f inc)
    I become desperately infatuated with my curious eleven-year-old cousin, who reminds me of a girl I played with as a child. We play in the pool affording me precious opportunities to fondle her divine form before the main course is served.

    Monday PM, August 23, 1999

  • by Bruce :...New Author.!.!.!
  • A True Story, ch 1
    truesto1 zip (4k) (m/f bro/sis)
    I cut across the corn field, then headed out into the woods. I had told dad that I was going over to Ed’s to study, but a swim was what I had in mind. The stream meandering thru the woods had a bend in it where the water was 4-6 feet deep, a place us fellows always went swimming, stripping my clothes and boots off and hiding them behind a bush, I dived into the cool water.
  • by Steve Buttler :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Young Lust
    younglus zip (7k) (m/f incest)
    Hi, my name is Steve. I came from a big family, and I think we were all pretty normal, at least none of us ever hurt anybody, or hated anyone. My uncle Dan was the father figure in our family, and my mom was not only my greatest influence, but also my closes friend. I still see her as more of a sister than a mom. I was born in 1974, when the Vietnam War was just ending, and life was still fairly simple.      One day when I was 17, I came home to find a surprise. My mother's great niece was standing in the living room when I walked in the door to my house. Her name was Mary and she was only 4 years old. I found out that her parents were called away to Oklahoma for the funeral of one of Mary's grandparents. Mom, being kind as she was, offered to keep Mary for a few days so that they could attend the funeral, and visit where their family. Seeing Mary started me to thinking about all sorts of things. So, this is where my story starts.
  • by Nomad :...
  • A Viewing
    aviewing zip (15k) (Father/Daughters)
    I sat in the comfortable chair, awed by what I'd uncovered and finding it incredible that no one had known about this room.      Every room upstairs and the guest toilet downstairs were covered by video cameras. Deactivating the last camera I turned my attention to the recorders. I assumed the one spare one would be meant to watch the tapes stacked in the cupboard, so I took one out at random and fed it into the slot. At the end of the room the large screen television brightened. A young girl of about eight was in the bedroom quickly removing her clothes totally unaware that she was being filmed. I assumed he'd edited the original tapes as the show skipped from one camera to another to give the best views of the little girl's nudity, not only her pink and podgy fanny, but her cherubic little bottom too.
    develop zip (20k) (Parents/Daughter + Mother/daugh)
    A married man exposed to the varying morals of a tropic island, finds his own family willing to adopt some of their standards. The education of their children is very important.
    Step Mother
    stepmom zip (12k) (M,F/mf Father,daughter)
    I glanced up from my tea and saw Allen's son gazing at me. David quickly dropped his eyes, his smooth cheeks blushing. I smiled, knowing he'd been admiring my bust above the low cut gown I had chosen to wear. Beside me Jenny wiped her little mouth on her napkin and pushed her seat from the table as she prepared to rise.     "Don't go yet," I told her, covering her wrist with my hand. She stopped and looked at me, her own cheeks beginning to colour nicely. I smiled and patted her little hand while my gaze returned to her elder brother. "David is going to show us how much he learnt yesterday," I told her, smiling at the lad as his face began to burn.
  • by The Madhatter :...
  • Black Sheep of the Family, ch 4: Family Orgy
    blacksh3 zip (8k) (m/f teen inc)
    Dinner finished, we all take our dishes to the sink. Darlene offers to help her mother do dishes, while the rest of us go to the living room to relax and let our food settle. Darlene winks at me. Although she'd probably never I actually admit it, I'm pretty certain that the reason she volunteered was so that I could be with Paula. Of course, I do have to compete with her father and brother for her attentions. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Watching my sexy cousin's gorgeous ass as we leave the kitchen, I can feel myself starting to get hard again, despite having just fucked her younger sister. Once we get into the living room, Paula sprawls out on the couch, spreading her legs wide.      "So, what are we gonna do first?" she asks, running one of her hands down her stomach to her crotch.
  • by Kay Andrews :...
  • Lessons, ch 5b
    lesson5b zip (4k) (F/F/g/M mom/daut inc+)
    "I want to lick it, too." Sally said, as she looked up. Her eyes sparkled, smiling at him.     "Hmmm ..., I don't know." he said, an uncertain note in his voice. "You're way too young to do that, you know."    "No I'm not." she stated flatly. "You saw how good I licked Auntie Joan. I made her come and I even made my Mommy come, too. So will you? Let me lick your cock, I mean."    "Sally!" said Crissy, suddenly alarmed at what was about to happen. "I-I don't think ..."
  • by lolitot :...
  • Elizabeth Learns - More! ch 1
    lizmore1 zip (6k) (g/g/M)
    I gotta tell you what happened when I went over to Susie's house after school! An' you thought Mr. Wilson had fun, ha!
  • by Keyman :...
  • Lynn's Visit, ch 2
    lynn2 zip (6k) (M/f Uncle/Niece Inc)
    When we last left Lenny and his niece Lynn they had just finished a mutual masturbation session on the pretext that it was only a backrub. To recap Lenny had prepared a voyeur's dream setup for the visit of his twelve-year-old niece Lynn. Lenny had hit the jackpot in more ways then one on the first day of his niece's visit. First he had watched as she changed into a bathing suit and watched as she did some body exploration, then at his pool her bathing suit revealed a lot more then her mom would have liked. Last but not least while watching TV an innocent backrub had turned into a hot mutual masturbation session. Now the story continues as Lynn prepares for her first night at Lenny House.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Desert Wolves
    wolves zip (14k) (M/f, pedo, beast)
    Although it happened many years ago, when I was barely eight and a half, I can remember that night with an amazing clarity. I mean how often does a young girl find herself out in the middle of the desert at midnight, surrounded by a pack of hot, tracking wolves. They fucked me too. It was the first time but certainly not the last. I've grown to love the wildness of being fucked by wolves. But I'm getting a little ahead of my story so let me begin slightly before that give you some perception and background.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Case 0806991
    case zip (22k) (m/m/f/F/M/incest/sis/mother/nc/drugs/interacial)
    Part 1 of 4... psychiatrist is hired to counsel a 15 year old pregnant daughter... events lead to a session with mom and she is knocked-up too? Then the boy has his say and suddenly things get really kinky... the story has a few surprises and is layered in subtleties for those who appreciate such things... the sex builds with each post so catch the wave and hold onto your... well, you know, cause CASE 080699 is going to be wild.
    XENA: Hooves & Horses In PornoVision
    xena zip (7k) (parady/amazons/centaurs/rape)
    Presented in PornoVision... my attempt to rewrite Xena to appeal to a more sophisticated audience... actually I just wanted to describe huge horse cocks raping the hell out of amazon cunts and mouths and...
  • by MucMucMuc :...
  • Cum Again
    cumagain zip (7k) (bro/sis inc sleep/cum)
    As I drove toward my sister's house, my mind drifted back to growing up in our old house. A picture flashed into my mind of me kneeling next to Patty's bed. I was naked, my penis was erect and I had my hand inside her panties and my finger was exploring her young cunt. Then my cock was spurting cum all over her legs and thighs. The image was so clear that I could even smell the sweet scent of her bald young cunt. Without realizing it my love-starved cock began to harden as the image danced before my eyes. I hadn't thought about Patty like this since before I was married.
  • by F. M. :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Melissa and Anthony
    melissa zip (4k) (m/F bro/sis inc)
    16 year old Melissa has to babysit her seven year old brother Anthony. She watches a movie on HBO which has a sex scene. She starts to masterbate under the covers then begins to notice her little brother in a sexual way. Things start to get interesting from there
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • Pleasures Postponed, ch 6
    pleasur6 zip (6k) (inc, M/F Bro/Sis Mother/Son)
    "You're sitting in my favorite chair, you know," she said, refilling my glass.     "Oh, sorry, here let me get up."     "Just sit still, Big Bro, we can share."     Jen nudged me to turn a little toward her and hiking her skirt over the dark brown bands at the top of her stockings and straddled me. Her soft bottom squirmed against my thighs as she slipped closer. I watched as her lacy panties crept to contact with my cock, now returned to that comfortable hardness that is less than rigid but feeling full. She pressed it tight against my stomach; her hips squirmed as I scooted down to meet her firm pressure.

    Sunday PM, August 22, 1999

  • by alex :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Grant Family, ch 1-6
    grant1_6 zip (33k) (M/f   F/m  inc rom)
    Ann was Daddy's girl.  She always had been, and now after just turning 17 years old, she very much felt that way.  Ann was the only daughter in the family, her brother Dave was only a year older.  Ann was a beautiful young girl, with rather big tits for her teenaged youth, and her pretty blonde hair hung to just below her shoulders.  She had a deep crush on her father, and her days were mostly spent dreaming about ways of seducing him.  But there never had been the right opportunity.  It was something that was constantly on her mind.           Lately the beautiful teenage blonde had been acting openly sexier around her father, wearing new and sexy outfits daringly.  Her unfulfilled lust for her wonderful Daddy was becoming harder and harder to live with.  Ann found herself leaving her blouse nearly unbuttoned, often bending over to allow her father to glimpse her enticingly firm, growing tits to give him a thrill... and to let her own Daddy know that his baby daughter was very interested in him.
  • by Keyman :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Lynn, ch 1
    lynn1 zip (8k) (M/f uncle/neice inc)
    Lenny had just received a call from his sister Mary, where she had asked him if her twelve-year-old daughter could stay with him for two weeks while she vacationed in Mexico with her new boyfriend. Lenny had readily agreed to the arrangements for his niece's visit, which was to start in one week. After he hung up the phone an image formed in Len's mind of his niece. Lynn had a boyish figure, which was just starting to change into a woman. Lynn had light brown hair with big blue eyes, her tits were just starting to form and where small orange sized bumps, her ass was still small but was starting to round out into a young woman.
  • by Ted :...
  • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 5
    awaken5 zip (11k) (mm)
    Ted and his best friend, Randy indulge in mutual exploration.
  • by Tiberius :...
  • Bangkok Kiddy Hump Hump Show, part 2
    kidhump2 zip (22k) (Pedo/fem)
    Jack Hale arrived back at his apartment around one in the morning, a little tired from the evening’s exertions at the Bangkok Kiddy Hump Hump Show, but on a natural high, and looking forward, with pleasurable anticipation, to deflowering and enjoying the nine year old girl, Nohk, whom, he knew, shortly would be escorted to his apartment.     It had been an enjoyable, entertaining, and, to some extent, intriguing evening so far. Jack and his friend Jim Tiley had been pleasantly entertained by lots of child humping at the Bangkok Kiddy Hump Hump Show. He, like his friend, had enjoyed a charming pre-teen girl while at the show, and, now, there was this delightful and enigmatic prepubescent virgin to look forward to.
    Bangkok Kiddy Hump Hump Show, part 3
    kidhump3 zip (26k) (Pedo/fem)
    Jack Hale lay in bed with Nohk, gently fondling and caressing his young girl’s small, dark, perfectly-shaped young nipples - occasionally tapping her small, moist, prepubescent clitoris with the tip of his middle finger - lost in thought and recollection.    It seemed so long ago he reflected - before he lived as a resident in Thailand - and so much had happened since. ‘Was it possible?’ he whispered to himself as he looked down at the nine year old sleeping next to him.    His mind went back nearly ten years.
  • by Kay Andrews :...
  • Lessons, ch 5
    lessons5 zip (5k) (F/F/g/M mom/daut inc+)
    Little Sally's curiousity gets the best of her ... mother! A continuation of "Lessons", a story about awakening young lust.
  • by lolitot :...
  • Elizabeth Learns Lots, ch 2-5
    liz2_5 zip (7k) (gg/M)
    Ooohhh! Auntie was right! I got so excited I just gotta tell you more!
  • by Harry Kuntz :...
  • Mom's Big Boy, part 2
    mombigb2 zip (13k) (M/F, mother/son, huge dick, WS)
    Only once, years ago, has the beautiful Vicki cheated in her marriage. Despite her husband's inability to satisfy her, she is resolved never to be seduced again. But she is powerless to resist an incredibly hung superstud--her own teenage son.
  • by timmy :...
  • Naughty Little Boy, ch 2-4
    naut2_4 zip (11k) (b/b, M/b)
    Mrs Clarke walked unsteadily from the playhouse to the main house, her mind a whirl of images and contradictory feelings. When she enter the kitchen through the back door she heard the water running the pipes and knew that her son was taking a shower. She went up the back stairs to her own room and stood still in the cool, air-conditioned breeze for a moment. Then she loosed her large breasts from her halter and pushed her shorts and panties down to the middle of her thighs. The cool air felt good on her bare pussy. She looked at herself in the mirror and then turned almost all the way around. She looked over her right shoulder at her buttocks, firm, plump, cream-colored with a deep crease between them. Her son liked to spank himself! Had she contributed to this by spanking him so often. She'd never hit him very hard, never raised welts or bruises on his pale bottom cheeks.
  • by Poker :...
  • Stiffteen And Sweetlips, ch 5
    sweet5 zip (9k) (MfF, pedo, incest, exhib)
    Debbie is now a total convert to paedophilia and enjoying being and exhibitionist. When David suggests they put on a live show and broadcast it on the net she jumps at the chance to be low down and dirty and to make them all some more money...
  • by Forbidden Innocence :...
  • Immature Bodies by the Pool
    untitled zip (9k) (Mff voy. mast. and more)
    Jordan Young is on a business trip and when he arrives in his hotel room he looks down to see two young girls frolicking in the pool below. He focuses his binoculars on their immature almost naked bodies but is discovered by the 13-year-old. Soon he learns they are naive young girls that need to know more about the male body. After sampling their young chests he invites them to up to watch him show off his lusty equipment.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Dark Desires II: Whoreo
    whoreo zip (9k) (forced prostution/interacial/incest/dogs/snuff)
    I think I got all the good stuff to shock and offend everyone in this one. I invite you all to take a look as I think it is one of my more interesting pieces, but my responsibility as an authors requires me to caution all but the most sophisticated of perverts from proceeding beyond this point.
  • by Euphoria :...
  • Young Fuckhole Photographer
    youngfuk zip (12k) (pedo / m/f / anal / piss / scat)
    Do you want photographs of your children fucking? Or sucking your cock? Perhaps you'd like loving close-ups of your daughter's hungry anus being sucked out? How about your wife sucking your son's cock to climax or licking your daughter's pissy clit? If the answer is Yes, read on. (this is a fictional request)
  • by Boz :...
  • Exceptional Student, ch 13-15, end
    exc13_15 zip (29k) (M/F/f/M+/best)
    Susie was an angel at school for the rest of the week -- no teasing, no joking, no tantalizing, just a sweet little girl -- and that somehow made her even more arousing. I think I got a hard-on every time I saw her. She probably noticed, but there was some strange new glint in her eye when she looked at me. What was she planning, I wondered.
  • by Jimyh :...
  • Grampa Gets A Treat, part 3
    grandpa3 zip (19k) (M/f, ped, cons)
    Grey was cuddling his little darling after that superbly eager blowjob while he and his seven year old granddaughter watched the next scene which came up on the video. He was nuzzling the little girl’s neck and licking her tiny, stiffened nipples when there was a fade-in to a man - a huge, athletic-looking, big-cocked, line-backer sort of man, black as the ace of spades - laying nude and immensely, hard in the very middle of a large bed. His head turned toward the camera and he smiled, beckoning with a wave of his hand. The camera dolleyed around to show a lovely little white girl standing in the doorway to the room. She was tiny in comparison to that giant on the bed, five years old, perhaps six at the very most. The little honey was wearing a frilly blouse and bobby socks, nothing more.
  • by BeachDaddy :...
  • A Night with Daddy
    nightdad zip (6k) (M/f dad/daut)
    "Baby, you don't drink a martini like that, you sip it slowly, it's pretty strong" "But it was such a little glass, daddy, I though you just drink it down" Stu realized that there is so much she has to learn as she grows up and smiled as he realized that he was starting to flirt with his daughter. He went and re-filled her glass, realizing that after 2 martini's she will be ready to learn anything, he hoped.
  • by D :...
  • My Slut Family, ch 1
    slutfam1 zip (5k) (MfgB)
    My Slut Girlfriend gets married and goes on her honeymoon. (The kids go along)
  • by Hajo :...
  • Die Therapie
    therapy zip (59k) (pre-teen, incest, bestiality)
    Stefan entschlieЯt sich, an einer in einer Zeitungsannonce angebotenen Inzest-Therapie teilzunehmen. Er und die anderen Teilnehmer schildern ihre Erlebnisse.
  • by J.P. :...
  • Heisse Schwestern
    2schwest zip (4k) (ff/MM)
    2 Schwestern erleben ein feuchtes Italienabenteuer
    Orgasmus nach den Hausaufgaben
    jungteen zip (4k) (f/M)
    Junge Teenyschьlerin beim Nachhilfeunterricht

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  • Do~you~see~the~light~~~you~can~always~call~my~name~and~i'll~be~there~~~i'm~gonna~be~back~there

    Do you see the light

    where's the future
    here's the future
    we're the future, see
    how's that suit you
    look at how ya living
    are ya living right
    or base'n or chasin' that kryptonite
    racist communistic materialistic typist
    or are you on the lickity split
    go or get go we don't need ya
    do under others as you would have them do unto you
    see, so get it right
    get tight fight for the right

    Do you see the light

    Do you see the light
    you can always call my name and i'll be there
    i'm gonna be back there...

    Do you
    Do you see
    Do you see the light
    Do you see

    Do you
    Do you see
    Do you see the light
    Do you see the light


    ("See The Light", music: Benito Benites/John "Virge" Garrett III; lyrics: Thea Austin/Penny Ford/Durren Butleras; as performed by Snap )

  • Double's the place ...

      Horny and ready, a story you need,
      What to choose from, oh what to read?
      So many sites, so many to choose,
      Double has 'em all, you'll never lose.

      So get some lube, get some juice,
      Check the door, it shouldn't be loose.
      So lock that door, make sure your alone,
      Erotic text, it's better than phone.

      So do it yourself, enjoy what you can,
      So much pleasure for many a man.
      People will come and people will go,
      Double is here, it'll always be so.

      .....written by Abear

  • Humor ...

      A nurse caring for a woman from Kentucky asked, "So how's your breakfast this morning?"

      "It's very good, except for the Kentucky Jelly. I can't seem to get used to the taste," the patient replied.

      The nurse asked to see the jelly and the woman produced a foil packet labeled "KY Jelly."

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