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    August 28th - September 03rd mid-Morning Updates

      Colorado Town

      On Friday PM, September 03, 1999

    • by Maggoo :...
    • First Cum, First Served
      1stcum zip (6k) (m/f teen 1st)
      The first time that I performed oral sex on a boy was also the first time a boy came in my mouth. The boy was my brother, Charlie. I was twelve, he was fourteen. We had fooled around several times prior to that.
      The Forest
      forest zip (6k) (teen m/F)
      Finally, after a few minutes of probing her as deep as his tongue would go, Scott felt her muscles contracting powerfully on his tongue again. Shawna quivered above him, her thighs squeezing him tight until her feet were almost under his back, and then breathed out heavily.
      Leather & Lace, ch 1
      leather1 zip (12k) (M/F slave)
      As the owner and manager of "Leather and Lace" an adult club of an unusual nature I have decided to put into print the policies and nature of the club and describe the tasks that I give to my slave as they apply to her duties at the club.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Fuck Baby Daughter
      fuckbaby zip (9k) (M/F/b (extreme pedo), golden showers, anal, oral, nc)
      Brad Simmons awoke one special morning to see the smiling face of his wife, Judy. The better treat though was the sleeping three-year-old blonde beauty Judy held out as an offering to her 25-year-old husband. A special wake-up treat to Brad...a sweet, tasty treat that had been ripening like a beautiful peach for the past three years... today is the day to bite into that delicious peach and let the juices flow...
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Gentle Persuasion
      gentle zip (17k) (M/f dad/daut)
      "...She was his, and every hole in her beautiful young body was his, to fuck in any way that he desired, and for as long as he desired, and the hole that he most desired was her back passage."
    • by Mkarl :...
    • A Child's Nightmare: Revenge of the Mommy
      revenge zip (5k) (F/M/Mom/Son/weird)
      Smarter than the averave mom... for everyone that wanted the kid to get his, this is the latest installment in the Child's Nightmare series and should appeal to anyone who has enjoyed this off-beat approach in the previous stories.
    • by Amanda :...
    • "Une semaine à l'hôtel" by Boz
      hotel01 zip (19k) (d'après une histoire originale de Boz, également disponible a
      Je me suis réveillée, un peu confuse, au son rythmé de ressorts de lit qui grinçaient. Comme je me retournais pour voir l'heure qu'il était au réveil posé sur la table de nuit, il m'a fallu quelques instants pour me rappeler où j'étais, dans la chambre d'hôtel que j'allais partager avec mon père durant les sept prochains jours. Enfin, on pouvait plutôt parler d'une suite. Nous avions deux grandes chambres adjacentes, avec une salle de bain commune. C'était un vieux mais confortable hôtel, situé en plein coeur de Paris, près des Halles.

      Thursday PM, September 02, 1999

    • by Maggoo :...
    • First time for everything
      1sttime zip (6k) (teen m/F cons)
      She was a good-looking woman in her mid-30's. I'd know her and Paul for quite some time and was on a first name basis with her. "Here it is, Shelly. Took me a while to catch everyone at home." I said. "No problem, Mark. I'll run it by the newspaper offices tomorrow. Now I've got a slight favor to ask of you. With Paul gone, I really need the grass mowed. Would you mind? You can have a dip in the pool and $20 when you're done."
      Too Young for Loving
      2young zip (9k) (m/f teen)
      Love explodes between these innocent teenages kids!!
      Bedtime, ch 1
      bedtime1 zip (6k) (M/F)
      Your lips touch my inner thighs, left, then right, and I feel your tongue licking upward each time. I yearn to feel your touch between them. I do feel it. Your tongue moves in broad strokes, moistening my flesh. Then you firmly lick my most sensitive area, causing a quiet sigh to escape my lips.
    • by Double V :...
    • Amy and Her Sisters, ch 2: Gone Fishing with Amy and Stacey
      amysis2 zip (8k) (M/f/f oral cons)
      "Dad, Stacy asked me something the other day that I think you should know about."
    • by BOBBYLOVE :...
    • Happy Birthday "Pizza"
      happybda zip (5k) (M/f)
      It was another shitty day at work and to make things worse it was my 30th birthday, so you could imagine that I wasn't in the best of spirits. After work I stopped at the Pizza parlor and picked up a pie for dinner. As I walked passed the building next to mine there I saw the same little blonde 11-year-old doll that I have seen playing there all summer. She was about 4ft tall and about 90lbs she had long blonde hair and the hottest little body I had ever seen. I walked past her and I smiled as usual; today she was wearing a loose shirt that showed me her beautiful little pre-teen tits they were about the size of golf-balls. She smiled back and said; yummy pizza do you got enough for me? I chuckled and said; sure just come and get some. To my surprise she started to follow me.
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • The Foster Parents
      foster zip (15k) (M/b,F/b,inc,nc,scat, bdsm)
      Now that their own children are too old to abuse, George and Sylvia Fuller fill the gap in their life by fostering 11-year-old Colin. Stealing his foster-mum's purse is the trigger for a weekend of physical punishment and sexual abuse
    • by Mr. Shave & Little Girl Watcher :...
    • Perversion - Family Style
      perversi zip (81k) (M/F/b/b/g inc, infant, pedo, oral, anal, w/s, bestiality, hot!)
      Two Great Palisades Authors: Mr. Shave and Little Girl Watcher, have teamed up to bring you a torrid tale of a normal family who might sound just like your neighbors. June and Al Edmonson have three beautiful children: 10 year-old Donny, 6 year-old Darla, and 15 month-old Drake. 'Normal' that is until Al comes home from work early and stumbles across Donny and Darla jacking off their big stud horse Grant out in the stable. Al plays masturbating voyeur, but not for long. He talks his sexy but straight-laced wife June into agreeing to increasingly kinkier sex, then she follows him to Darla's room where their two horny children are engaged in their favorite “oral pastime!” After that, things spiral out of control in an orgy of incestuous pleasures and blistering hot perversion, as well as taboo-breaking heat as the four of them engage in an incestuous relationship that eventually involves their stud and bitch dogs, their two horses, and even baby Drake!
    • by lolitot :...
    • Playing Special Games, ch 1
      playing1 zip (8k) (g/g/M)
      Oh, boy! Wait 'til you see what these two do! Little girls can be soooo much fun to play with! Don't you think?!! I know George thinks so! <giggle>
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Skinny Dipping Part II
      skindip2 zip (11k) (m/ff)
      Jordan had been teaching 11-year-old Lisa and 13-year-old Tammy how to skinny dip. The naïve young ladies didn't know that the oral "dips" they had already performed on him, and what was to cum next, weren't part of the ritual they had heard about from their friends. We're about ready to actually "dip" in the water and then again go for the "big dip" up in his hotel room on the king sized bed.
    • by Jimyh :...
    • Grampa Gets A Treat, part 2
      grandpa2 zip (15k) (M/f, ped, cons)
      [Repost, previous post in error ]     Grey had inadvertently fallen asleep on the couch, still naked. Some time later he slowly struggled his way to consciousness because something nice was happening down around his loins. His eyes opened and… what a delight: his little granddaughter was kneeling down there on the floor, leaning forward over the edge of the couch to take the head of his cock into her sucky-sweet little mouth. Just as he had taught the girl, she had her right hand wrapped around his shaft and was jacking him off into her mouth while her pretty little head pistoned back and forth. Lord, what a treasure this child was! He focused on the youngster's sliding lips and pumping fingers, adoring the way the greedy little girl so eagerly ate his prick. One look and Grey KNEW that she was down there sucking so heartily because she wanted to drink the cream from his still-loaded balls! And he was not a man to disappoint a pretty little girl… especially when it was his own darling granddaughter sucking madly for his goo!!!
    • by Bandit :...
    • Das Haus gegenüber
      dashaus zip (11k) (M/f mastr. voyeur)
      Eine erotische Beziehung von Fenster zu Fenster, wer hat gesagt, daß eine sexuelle Beziehung ohne körperlichen Kontakt nicht möglich ist? Hier liefern uns die 12 jährige Katrin und Ihr Nachbar den Beweis dafür das es auch so ganz schön knistern kann.

      Wednesday PM, September 01, 1999

    • by KuM aGaiN :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The real story of me, ch 1
      truesto1 zip (3k) (m/f bro/sis m/f/f)
      It's the story of how did I get to fuck my little sister and my cousin, we were very young (my sister now is 13) and you're gonna like it.
    • by Maggoo :...
    • Horny Forteen
      14horny zip (9k) (m/f teen 1st)
      Kimmy pulled young Cassy onto her lap and pulled her tiny panties down. Cassy giggled and spread her legs, giving me a good look at her tiny, pink pussy. My cock began to twitch in my pants as I watched my cousin part the young kid's hairless pubes.
      Her First Orgasm
      1storgas zip (5k) (teenager)
      It was a normal saturday, I had gotten back from college the previous day and was preparing to go out with my girlfriend Kristen. Kristen and I have been dating for over four months now. Although we waited a while to have sex, our sexual urges had overwhelmed us after about 2 months of dating. We began to have sex, but, after two months of sexual activity, something special was about to happen...
      First Time Teens - part 2 - Finger Fun!
      1sttim2 zip (5k) (f/f teen 1st mast)
      Rachel's heart was pounding. The excitment of exposing her pussy while her 13 year old friend was there filled her mind and tingled her body. Tammy raised her eyes and looked directly into Rachel face as Rachel part her legs. Tammy could see the fluffy blonde hair above the delicate pussy lips below.
    • by Neverlove :...
    • Apocalyptic Affection
      apocalyp zip (10k) (M/F, M/f, necro, rape)
      A disease killes off every man, woman, and child, save one man and one woman. As she struggles to find him and save our species, he developes a demented perversion.
      The Epic Adventures of a Well-Hung Guy
      hungguy zip (24k) (m/f, m/ff, m/F, light viol, preg, non cons, rape)
      Jeff is the stud of his high school, able to win over just about any girl he wants with his good looks and divine lovemaking. His fancies soon deviate from the norm, however, and wind up involving him in some dangerous situations, which he is, obviously, well-equipt to handle.
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Beth and Amy
      bethnamy zip (8k) (m/ff inc)
      Beth and Amy were sitting in Beth's bedroom looking at movie magazines, commenting on the hunks. Amy, at thirteen, was the bolder of the two.     "Wow, look at that bod! I bet he has a big dick!" Beth giggled, sort of innocent of what her friend was talking about. Nevertheless, she joined in, trying to sound all grown up.     "Yeah, I bet it's a couple inches long!" Amy giggled in return.     "What do you mean a couple inches? Didn't you ever see one? Most guys are like six or seven inches long!"     "Nah!" Beth retorted, "I saw my little cousin and his is only like this," she said, holding up her little finger.
      First Communion
      communio zip (5k) (M/f, ped)
      Father Joe looked over the class of young boys and girls in anticipation. Every year he could count on there being at least one third grade girl who would need some special instruction in Holy Communion. This year he spotted one girl almost right away; she was a real cutie, blonde, freckles, and slightly chubby. What gave her away to his satisfaction was her demeanor. She seemed shy and kept her eyes to the ground, her hands folded in her lap, while most of the others looked directly at him as he spoke about the classes he would give them in the next four weeks.
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • His Mother's Toy
      momstoy zip (15k) (F/m - mother/son/mat/oral/anal/inc/cons)
      Growing up as a single child brought with it a ton of advantages. With no brothers or sisters, John Casken found himself the center of attention in his family, and he also found that his parents gave him pretty much everything that he wanted. They were a tight knit threesome, taking great vacations and sharing in the joys of life together. He also enjoyed a very close relationship with his parents, discussing anything and everything with them.
    • by P. Ping Tom and A. Boy :...
    • Weekend in Paradise, part 1
      weekend1 zip (21k) (nudist kids pedo/voyeur/mast)
      A Mr. Double FIRST -- two Palisades authors meet and visit a nudist resort together -- FOR REAL!! Sights include spread preteen cunts and assholes, a hung 8 year old, itchy nips, frigging kids and MUCH MORE! ALL TRUE! This is Part 1; Part 2 is under A. Boy's author's page.
    • by P. Ping Tom and A. Boy :...
    • Weekend in Paradise, part 2
      weekend2 zip (19k) (nudist kids pedo/voyeur/mast)
      A Mr. Double FIRST -- two Palisades authors meet and visit a nudist resort together -- FOR REAL!! Sights include spread preteen cunts and assholes, a hung 8 year old, itchy nips, frigging kids and MUCH MORE! ALL TRUE! This is Part 2; Part 1 is under P. Ping Tom's author's page.
    • by Quick_Shot :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ann's Story, ch 1
      annstor1 zip (5k) (Fm, Ff, F/K9)
      This is the first of 12 chapters (letters), each more revealing and erotic in it's content. Chapters are based on the true confessions of a woman driven by a hunger for daily sexual gratification.     The introduction. A typical midwestern housewife and her many sexual exploits, from childhood to present today.
    • by Stuart Burton :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Sis
      lilsis zip (4k) (m/f incest)
      Just recently young Dave had been having really dirty dreams about his sister Kim. Every time that he saw her he would get a hard-on. Sometimes he would find himself jacking of at the thought of his little sister sucking his cock.
    • by Uncle Sky :...
    • The heavy sleeper
      sleeper zip (5k) (m/f incest)
      Before I get into my story, let me tell you a little about myself. I am 18 and a high school senior. I am just an average guy. I am 6'1" and weigh 175 lbs. stripped. I am no jock nor am I a brain. Just an average guy like so many other guys. I am not any better looking than most but not unattractive either. Much to my own amazement there are a couple of girls in school who think I am special. Not the girls I wish, but beggars can't be choosers.

      Tuesday PM, August 31, 1999

    • by Neverlove :...
    • Canine
      canine zip (6k) (g/dog beast)
      Do you ever wonder what the other half thinks? This is the story of Lucky - a very fortunate dog indeed - and his mistress, Heather, a precocious eight-year old nymph.
      To Whom it May Concern
      towhomit zip (4k) (no sex)
      Hello! Jeff let me write a story for him, but I guess I wrote a letter instead. Sort of. I'm looking for a boyfriend, who's older and cute and nice, so if you are, read this please.
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Dad's Sex Lessons
      dadssex zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut)
      My sex lessons with Dad started when I was ten. He was going on a business trip for a few days to Florida, and as it was summer and I was bored, I begged him to take me along, leaving my little sisters and mother at home. He consented, and on the long drive, we talked about various things. He told me of his experiences in France, and told me that pre-marital sex was common there. I expressed some curiosity about sex, and he proceeded to tell me the mechanics of it. He described how a rubber should be used to prevent pregnancy. This led to a description of the penis and its role in the sex act. I expressed surprise at his description of the head and foreskin.      "I didn't think it looked like that, Dad," I said. To him, this was an invitation to show me his penis.
      Mandy Takes a Look
      mandy zip (5k) (M/f ped)
      He and the eight year old girl were driving along, going to the store for her mother. She was a cute child, with reddish blonde hair, freckles, plump sensuous lips, and a bit chubby. Thinking about her, how pretty she was, he began to get erect. He sat back a little, hoping she would notice the growing lump in his pants. She did, casting a glance at it.      "What's in your pocket, John?"      "Oh, I got my pocket knife and lighter in there, and some money. What's in your pocket?"      "In front?" she asked, pointing to the middle of his trousers. Acting nonchalant, he shrugged.     "Nothing else that I know of."      "No, this," she said, reaching over and putting her hand on the bulge; "what's that?"     "Oh, that's my thing," he said, "it gets big sometimes," he said casually. Mandy stared out the window for a while, contemplating this new thing. She lived with just her older sister and mother, and had never been around men too much.      "Can I see it?"
      Nina's First Time
      ninatime zip (5k) (M/f ped)
      He was babysitting the ten year old girl from next door. Nina was a bit chubby, but she was also starting to fill out, her tittie bumps were nice little cupcakes on her chest that were plain to see through her shirt. With her short dark brown hair and freckles, she was very cute; he loved the way she smiled at him with her big blue eyes. Her round bottom would wink at him as she walked, just little handfuls of tender flesh. They got along well, always wrestling and kidding around. This day, she was sitting on his lap as they watch TV. He had his hand on her firm little bottom, and the other on her knees as she had her arm around his neck. She had a very fresh smell about her, the scent that pretty little girls always have. During a commercial, his hand stole up to her ribs, and she giggled and squirmed around a bit on his lap with the tickling. He caressed her bottom, squeezing it softly.       "I can tell what color your panties are just by feeling them," he teased.
    • by Cagey :...
    • Indian Summer
      indian zip (53k) (M/f, con., rom)
      Working on a Reservation, Dave (35) meets Anita (13/14) and an interesting relationship develops between them. This story describes their growing together and the sexual attraction and fulfilment that becomes a very large part of their lives.
    • by TinaS1t :...
    • Mom and Me, ch 2
      momnme2 zip (10k) (F/f Mother/daughter)
      Sex with mom was special. I never knew submitting was so good
    • by lolitot :...
    • Mr. Deacon's Harbor Trip
      mrdeacon zip (6k) (g/g/g/g/g/g/M)
      This is a really special story for a special friend of Sissy's! Talk about dreams cumming true!
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • My Personal Assistant and Her Son, ch 15-17
      per15_17 zip (8k) (M/b,F/b,nc, extreme)
      Ken and his companions throw themselves into the severe punishment of the two pre-teen thieves. Eventually, Ken attempts to bring the proceedings to a close, but matters are taken out of his hands.
    • by Maggoo :...
    • Teen Love
      teenlove zip (12k) (m/f teen)
      Story of young love and how it blossoms into rapant sex!!
    • by The Seer :...
    • One Summer, ch 2
      1summer2 zip (6k) (b/g, b/dog, inc, ped, bd)
      Wade's first day at his new home is filled with advenure. He once again decides the English life might not be so bad.
    • by Mkarl :...
    • Mom Helps With Homework: TMH
      momhelps zip (10k) (F/m/dog)
      Sort of similiar in spirit to the nightmare series that I do, this is a fictionalized retelling of two differnt real life situations where a dog was able to bitch a human. Told with a little humor and a little erotica with nothing to offend if you don't mind beast sex.
    • by Bandit :...
    • Nachbarskinder 2
      nachbar2 zip (9k) (m/f boy/girl)
      Hier der zweite Teil von Nachbarskinder. Stefan trifft sich am nächsten Tag mit Bettina im Keller und nun geht der Ferienspaß erst richtig los.     Da ich normalerweise immer darauf bedacht bin, daß meine Stories sich so auch wirklich abspielen könnten, nehmt es mir bitte nicht übel wenn in diesem Fall zum Ende der Geschichte meine Phantasie etwas mit mir durchgegangen ist.(Aber passieren könnte es so auch!)

      Monday PM, August 30, 1999

    • by Maggoo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • First Time Teens
      1stteen zip (5k) (m/f mast. 1st teens)
      This is the first chapter about the story of Rachel, 13, Dave, 13 and their friends and how they come to find out about their emerging sexual feelings and understanding their bodies
    • by Double V :...
    • Amy and her Sisters, ch 1
      amysis1 zip (14k) (M/f mast, oral)
      Well let me start off by saying that my name is Robert, I am 6'4" about 225 lbs of firm muscle. I am well endowed as my wife Barbara would attest to all 9 inches of my circumcised meat. We have 5 kids all of them girls. Amy was the reason we got married, she was the product of a back seat late night romp after watching the submarine races. She is 11 and me and her mother have been married 11 years since we eloped a month before Amy came along.     Then nine months later came Stacy, now 10, she was the product of our wedding night. A year later came Jennifer, she is now 9. After that we decided to take it easy. We figured out that anytime I came inside of my wife she was indeed going to be pregnant. So from then on I would pull out and Barbara would suck the rest out or she would jerk me off.
    • by TinaS1t :...
    • Mom and Me, ch 1
      momnme1 zip (8k) (m/f, F/f, Mother/daughter)
      I loved sex with boys. Now thanks to mom I love sex with women
    • by Mkarl :...
    • Mom Takes A Delivery
      momtakes zip (8k) (F/M/M/m/m/slut mom)
      access to a diary can explain so much. Find out how the new bed got 'broke' in during the delivery. And just who spread holiday cheer at my house last Christmas? hmm... i wonder what dad would pay to find out who mom was kissing under that Christmas tree.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Paula Preteen Model, ch 1
      paula1 zip (8k) (M/f/F Beast)
      When we last left Lenny, his niece Lynn had just left his care after a week of sexual exploration. As Lenny watched her go he felt that he had lost the love of his life. Just at that point a young girl pulled up on her bike and said "Hello, I'm Paula and we just moved in" "I found out you work in the TV station, I am in the 7th grade and we have to do a video presentation." "Mom said it would be alright for me to ask you for help." Lenny appraised the waif in front of him, she had a boyish figure, no breasts to speak of but she had short black hair, big blue trusting eyes, and slightly oversized lips graced her face. She was wearing a oversized white blouse which was not tucked in and it covered her ass, so Lenny could not tell if she had started to fill out in that area. Lenny mind went into overdrive, he thought could I get lucky again.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Scott
      scotty zip (20k) (M/m m/f M/f/m pedo porno)
      "Hi, little man. That's a great sand castle."     The boy squinted up at the man standing beside him, the sunlight behind making it hard to see him properly. The man was dressed in black bathers and a singlet and had a camera dangling on a strap around his neck. He had a small carry bag in one hand. He looked to be about thirty years of age, about as old as the boy's mother.     "Thanks," he responded, turning back to his work in the sand. He wanted to get it finished before his sister, Kelly, came back from the cabin. She had gone to get a drink for them both from the shack his mother lived in, several hundred metres back over the sand dunes that skirted the length of the beach.
    • by Mkarl :...
    • Mom's Have Nightmares Too
      momshave zip (5k) (F/m/fantasy/slut mom)
      Children had nightmares in my earlier entries in this silly series, now a new mom enters the format and just maniplates poor little junoir seven ways to cumming all over... well, you know where.
    • by NL Soldier :...
    • If This World Were Mine
      weremine zip (9k) (MF inc bro/sis)
      David has a hard time accepting the end of his relationship with Angel, until he finds comfort and more in the arms of someone unexpected.

      Sunday PM, August 29, 1999

    • by Golflover :...
    • Marion
      marion zip (6k) (m/f)
      When I was in college I spent a summer in Oregon with my surrogate parents. They had a son who was about 2 years younger than I. Ordinarily we probably would have become good friends but his parents kept making disparaging comments to him about his acne problem and his failure in college. They would make such comments like "why can't you be more like David". This naturally did not endear him to me and we never really became close although we did share a few beers that summer. He was dating a girl named Geri who was a real looker. She was far above anything one would have expected him to have. It seemed as though she was dating him because it made her mother and his parents happy. Whatever the reason their relationship led to an encounter for me that was something very special.
    • by Candrah :...
    • The Rehab Affair
      rehabaff zip (12k) (F/M inc)
      Debra gets ready to welcome her cousin at home, after telling her Aunt she could conduct some drug rehab on him. But her true intentions are far from this: to get her hands on his meat.
    • by Poker :...
    • Stiffteen And Sweetlips, part 6
      sweet6 zip (11k) (FFff, pedo, incest)
      The Sweetlips site is now so successful that Debbie suggests that they recruit some help. David is dubious, but she thinks she knows just who to ask. Debbie takes Janet to stay for a weekend with an old school friend, Amanda, who has loved Debbie from afar for years. Amanda is also a single mother and has a beautiful 5 year old daughter...
    • by Bruce :...
    • A True Story, part 3: Farm Pets
      truesto3 zip (4k) (m/f bro/sis bestiality)
      Was another week when both sets of parents were away for two days, and after waking me early in the morning using my tongue for toilet paper the girls moved outside. after several rounds of orgasms on my tongue, my sister, Jan and Dotty were playing their favorite game. Jan had strapped on the large dildo and with my feet tied about two feet apart I was released into the woods, with sis and Dotty swiping at my penis with willow switches, Jan would chase me till I stumbled, then she would pounce upon me, rapeing my ass hole. Jan and Dotty were changing the strap on when our shepherd came by and began sniffing my ass hole where I lay. I shooed him off, but sis noticed the activity.
    • by Mkarl :...
    • Case 080699/4
      case4 zip (10k) (F/M/m/m/sex-slave/interacial)
      The four part/9 chapter/forty plus page epic look into the lives of Lori and company concludes. The sex gets turned up another notch, and hopefully a few developements catch your interests too.

      Saturday PM, August 28, 1999

    • by Ted :...
    • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 6
      awaken6 zip (15k) (mf/mf/ff/mm/cons/very young)
      Ted arranges for Randy to join him and the Hewlett sisters. They bring along a new friend Rowena and all five have a good time.
    • by Clayton :...
    • Clayton's Kids - Sprung bad
      claykids zip (29k) (mfg, cons)
      Seven year old Grace catches her big sister and babysitter in a compromising position. She demands to be taught the ins and outs of what they are doing.
    • by Jak :...
    • Cumming Home, part 2
      cumming2 zip (3k) (mm/f, mom/son inc)
      Continuation of how mom convinces her son and his best friend that she's better than any porno...
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Dance, parts 1 & 2
      dance1_2 zip (10k) (m/f teen spanking sex)
      It was a typical high school date and typical people, with me as head cheerleader and Ron as quarterback of the football team. Hetook me to the drive in for hamburgers and fries then went on to the high school dance.      It wasn't like we were going steady or anything. It was just our third date and I had only let him fondle my breasts a little on our last one so I didn't think there was anything wrong with dancing with other guys. I am kind of vain and enjoyed the fact guys would push and shove to ask me to dance.      Ron was kind of sulky even though I made sure he got to dance with me to the slow ones that were the most intimate since our bodies rubbed together.
      Indian Whipping
      indianwh zip (6k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      It was all my fault I should never have told the boys of my fantasy of being a brave heroine who would endure torture as the heroine in the cowboy movie we had seem.      Mike laughed and said, "You can take a little spanking alright but a real whipping would be different. You would tell in a minute."      "No I wouldn't!"      "We can see I can get this all set up."      "I doubt it but if you could I wouldn't tell."      I was really surprised and a little scared when the next day he told me everything was set.
      payback zip (8k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      After my Walmart experience I had almost rationalized away my guilt by convincing myself it had just been a special experience that would never happen again and had even placed some of the blame on Mike for leaving me alone so much I became sexually frustrated.     That all went out the window when Mike returned from his business trip to make love to me for hours and then for no reason at all gave me a lovely diamond and emerald ring. The money was not the big thing since money is no problem for us but the idea of him taking out time from his busy schedule to shop for me even though he hates shopping was so sweet I began to cry.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Little Porno Slut
      lilslut zip (8k) (m/g/pedo/incest/lesbian)
      Max is a pervert who gets his kicks from videotaping the sex games of the exhibitionists who respond to his contact ads. Little girls were never his scene. That is until he met Sam and his sister Mona. Filming the couple having sex with Mona's six year old daughter proves an enlightening experience. Fortunately for Max, these pedos are willing to share their hot little porno slut.
    • by lolitot :...
    • Elizabeth Learns Lots - More! ch 6 & 7
      liz6_7 zip (7k) (g/g/g/M/F)
      Auntie said you guys would really like this one! Ever wonder what Sissy would do with a couple of her little Brownie friends? Mr. Deacon sure was interested! And he had lots more to teach her then, too! And Ms. Ryan ... you guys just gotta see what happens with her!
    • by Keyman :...
    • Lynn's Visit, ch 4
      lynn4 zip (8k) (M/f Uncle/Niece Inc)
      When we last left Lynn a plan had formed in her mind on how to seduce her reluctant uncle, returning everything but the video of her uncle, which displayed his unusual masturbation habits to their proper places she took the video, left the room and locked the door. Tonight would be movie night and if she had her way she would get to taste that creamy white liquid that her uncle seemed to like right from the source.
    • by Jimyh :...
    • Sweet Interludes With My Baby, part 4
      mybaby4 zip (9k) (M/ff, inc, pedo, beast, voy, con)
      I am prepared, even though I am distracted by thoughts of what my little one is doing upstairs with Dina and that dog… that very large dog. With its very large cock. Was my tiny angel going to try to suck it? Almost certainly, especially since she was watching Dina plug that long, fat organ into her mouth and, given her love of cum and being almost certain that Dina would make a show of it when her dog unloaded in her mouth… yes, I expected that by the time I returned to the bedroom my little angel would for the first time have sucked a cock other than her daddy’s - and a dog’s at that!!! It doesn’t bother me because my angel had been so taken by the dog thing at the restaurant that there was no way I could deny her, particularly as she had seen dog pics on our computer and early on thought it a super idea to ‘…do that with a doggy, daddy!’ Okay.
    • by The Depraved Canuck :...
    • Open Letter From Raped Mother
      rapedmom zip (12k) (F/m/M/confessions/Nc?/slut-wife?/interacial)
      Did you ever stumble onto a letter someone seemingly wrote to themselves? How about those Dear Penthouse letters that start off... can't believe this, and end up... we fucked 300 times? This is my attempt at merging the two ideas and giving me a chance to revisit the Sex Slave Mommy idea that started it all off in May. Hope you enjoy and this one is fairly Vanilla so go ahead and take a look.
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Slynan
      slyan zip (10k) (M/M/f/oral, anal)
      När jag öppnade dörren såg jag ett tjockt kuvert. Jag visste vad det innehöll och att det var från Evert. Jag kunde inte få av mig kläderna fort nog. Ååhh vilka läckra bilder på unga tjejer som blev knullade i alla hål. Tidningarna innehöll också härliga kåtnoveller.

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  • oh~no~this~can't~be~true~~~oh~no~this~can't~be~true

    hey where you going, what are ya doing
    have you got some identification
    shut your mouth, son, and get in the car
    we're taking you down to the station

    just when they decide to shake me down
    the radio in the car starts jumpin' up and down
    squawks out something in secret code
    they pile back in and drive off down the road

    well i don't waste no time, i flag me a ride
    don't ask where it's going, i just jump inside
    sit down in the front seat start rolling up the dope
    sit back and relax and enjoy my smoke
    the hippie that's driving turns to me and says:

    "FBI, son, you're under arrest."

    oh my god what rotten luck i swear man if i get
    out of this bust i ain't never coming back to
    colorado again in my whole fuckin' life man,
    this has been a horrible terrible day, oh shit man
    i'm gonna have to call up my lawyer, my old lady
    i don't know where i'm gonna get money for bail, god damn


    ("Colorado Town", as written by Barry Melton/Joe McDonald, as performed by Country Joe McDonald ) Album: Paris Sessions

  • Wake up Call.... where will you wake up in the morning...?.?.?

      Palisade Author: posted illegal pics to the newsgroups...

        ...result: woke up in jail

      Palisade Author: kept illegal images on his computer at work...

        ...result: woke up in jail

      Resident Author: responded in person to advertisement for "child sex" in newsgroups...

        ...result: woke up in jail

      a Reader: kept illegal images on his PC...PC crashed, took PC to get repaired at local repair shop...

        ...result: woke up in jail

      a Reader: responded to chat session by suggesting a desire to sexually abuse a real live person...

        ...result: woke up in jail

      a Reader: exchanged illegal images during casual chat session...

        ...result: woke up in jail

      a Reader/Palisade member: read stories at

        ...result: woke up in his own bedroom

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