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      Gimmie Shelter

      On Friday PM, December 17, 1999

    • by ThomV :...
    • More AllisW
      allisw2 zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut inc MMMMM/f)
      Further ersatz e-mail correspondence between the author and 12 year-old Allie, a talented author of autobiographical family erotica.
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Blue Eyes and Blood
      blueeyes zip (68k) (Mg, Mf, Mggg+, Mff, Mbf, etc.; inc; pedo, yng teen, teen; caution)
      "She liked two dicks in her, but had never done it with her brother. She had dreamt of this, of her brother feeling another man inside her, of her twelve-year-old brother fucking her while she was another man's whore." The story of how Marina Ivanovna's uncle adopted her when she was 6 y.o. and turned her into a prostitute.
      At the Sign of the Mandrake and Maiden
      mandrake zip (44k) (Mf, MMMf, Mffff+, etc.; pedo, yng teen, teen; extreme caution)
      "Not many of the maidens who appear on milk cartons make it to Margate..." To outsiders, it looks like an ordinary New England village. But to its carefully screened residents, Margate is a pedophiles' dream - the mayor, the police chief, the local doctor and everyone else who lives in the closed community is in on the secret: there's a bar with a prepubescent floor show and naked adolescent cocktail waitresses, and every spring there is Auction Day, when young girls who have been lured or kidnapped from other parts of the country may be adopted, married or hired as servants. Once a month the residents meet to decide the fate of those maidens who have reached 'retirement age' - sixteen - and to punish those girls who have misbehaved. This is the story of this year's Auction Day and the Perfect Virgin Contest that was held the night before.
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Ready, Ready Mama
      ready zip (18k) (M/F,m/ff)
      Bill the Musician is no longer homeless. A ready mama and her three kids are a gig he can't resist.
    • by Maithuna :...
    • Tantra with mother, parts 2-3
      tantr2_3 zip (11k) (M/F,mom/son,inc)
      Tantra performed in part 1 yields interesting powers to the son which he cannot wait to try them on his mother.
    • by Richard Waire :...
    • Mutter
      mutter2 zip (7k) (mom/son inc)
      Die Fantasien eines Sohnes über seine Mutter werden Wirklichkeit....

      Thursday PM, December 16, 1999

    • by A.E. Whiting :...
    • Taking Danni for a ride, ch 3
      danni3 zip (5k) (M/F/f inc)
      We got back in the truck and headed out for what I knew was a very nice mall near Golden. Lisa was still trying to talk me out of spending any more money on them, but I finally convinced her that I was going to do it, and she quit.     Pulling into the mall parking lot, I parked out near the street where the merchants wouldn't object, shut off the engine and turned and said to Lisa, "Sweetheart, I want you to get some good clothes for the two of you. At least enough to change into a clean outfit every day for a week. Don't worry about how much it costs, because you aren't on any budget. Make sure that you get at least one very pretty outfit to go out in, and I have one request; please don't buy any 'practical' underwear. I hate the sight of the damned things, and as an old girlfriend of mine said, it always made her feel beautiful to be wearing some sexy underthings."
    • by Sally :...
    • A Kid With My Kid
      kidmykid zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut 1st inc preg)
      Eleven year old Emily is lying in bed contemplating starting sixth grade tomorrow when her Dad comes in and tells the facts of life and then shows her.
    • by lolitot :...
    • School Daze With Mr. Wilson! part 2
      school2 zip (9k) (g/g/M/F)
      Shy little Kathy liked Mr. Wilson cuming all over her face sooo much she just had'ta do it again ...! You know, play with his cock? An' Sissy showed her how! An' Sissy and little Kathy had some help, too! Betcha ya didn't have this much fun in elementary school, now did'ja?
    • by Nomad :...
    • Story
      story zip (10k) (Father/Daughter incest)
      I waited in the sitting room, my hand clenched around a beer as I stared at the TV, oblivious to the cartoons that were showing. I blinked the angry tears away and drank the bear as the tears threatened to engulf me.    How dare she, I kept on thinking, my hand tightening on the can. I drank the cool liquid and trembled with rage. How dare she! I kept thinking, the future a dark pit, a void I dreaded to meet.    My anger smouldered while I waited.
    • by A. Quarterman :...
    • The New Messiah, part 1
      newmess zip (8k
      Cardinal Vincente Frassinelli rested his hand on the final report on his desk. It had a vermilion leather cover and was thick, several hundred pages in length. He did not open it, didn't need to. He knew what it contained by heart.     From behind his desk he surveyed the room. Six men were present counting himself. All were Cardinals of the church.     "We find ourselves in a desperate position," he began. "Now that the Internet has broken down the old taboos, the ones that were needed before the advent of contraceptive water and the elimination of all disease, a true sexual revolution is taking place."
    • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
    • Les Yeux d'Agathe
      agathe zip (6k) (M/f, inc, pedo, rom)
      Un jeu amoureux entre un adolescent et sa petite cousine aveugle
      Les Nuits d'Indomitus, ch 2
      lesnuit2 zip (10k) (M/fff, pedo, rom, fant)
      Les relations étranges, entre un homme, deux fillettes, et une créature mythologique...

      Wednesday PM, December 15, 1999

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sammie Nymphet
      sammie zip (17k) (M/f Teen/inc/unc/niece)
      Don looked up from the book he was reading while relaxing around the pool of his brother's house. The most sensual, sexually arousing young girl he had ever seen appeared around the corner of the house. She smiled a shy little smile that spoke volumes. She was 12, tan, slim and tall with honey blonde hair that was hightlighted golden blonde from the sun. She was wearing whtie little shorts that showed off long perfect legs and a red tank top that showed her small breasts that were still developing. He fell instantly in lust with his niece, Sammie.
    • by Sissipus :...
    • Seduced by the Darkness
      seduced zip (20k) (F/M, taboo, Y2K)
      It all started one strange night when a young man received a rather impossible visit. Was she truly the devil, as she claimed, or just some sex-starved madwoman? Either way, she has quite an offer to make, and David . . . well, he just might not be able to refuse.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Willingness
      willing zip (17k) (MF/f incest obedience)
      "I found this in Lisa's room the other day," she told me with a catch in her voice. Her hand shook as she held out the small glossy magazine to me. A young girl looked out from the cover, a worried, nervous look on her otherwise pretty face. The title 'Corrective Measures' was written boldly across the top while the usual warning concerning the sale to minors was stamped on the bottom.
    • by Louise Lane :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Discovering Cock
      discover zip (8k) (M/F/11 year old voyeur/semi NC/)
      It was a very hot summers day and I had my new short pink rah-rah skirt on with white ankle socks and white pumps that were in fashion back then. On top I had a short pink tee-shirt that showed off my flat belly . Sadly , my chest was just as flat .My friend Sharon had nice tits but mine didn't appear until a year later. I had pig-tails because it was cooler than having my long hair hanging loose . I had been aware of men looking me over all day but didn't have any idea why. That was how innocent I was. I was pure fucking jail-bait and didn't even know it !
    • by ACTJC :...
    • After School Care, part 1
      school1 zip (4k) (M/f pedo)
      Greg smiled as he saw the children waiting for him. A few months ago he had volunteered to help his local school run an after hours care program for children who's parents weren't able to pick them up from school because they worked late. As it was sunny outside he thought it would be a good idea to let the kids play on the grass.     "Hello Mr Wilson" said the children as he reached them.      "Hi kids" he replied. "I think we should go outside to play today. I just need someone to help me with the equipment". A few children raised their hands to volunteer, but Greg had already chosen. "Sarah, can you stay behind to help me?" Sarah smiled at Greg. "Yes Mr Wilson".

      Tuesday PM, December 14, 1999

    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Cassie
      cassie zip (6k) (M/f incest)
      Cassie opened her eyes, seeing the sun streaming in her window. She didn't want to get up. It was summer and the bright day beckoned, but it was also Friday. Friday. Friday's were a special day. She never knew just what Friday's would bring.    She knew if she looked at the bottom of her bed she would know. If there was nothing there, it would be just a normal Friday. If there was special Friday clothing there, then the day would revolve around the man downstairs and secrets, too nasty to tell to anyone.
    • by LisaD :...
    • Frustrated Wife, part 3
      frustra3 zip (9k) (M/f inter /non cons)
      How I went from being an ordinary housewife to a sex toy for young black men in less than two weeks.
    • by Hornibro :...
    • My Friend David
      myfrien zip (4k) (b/b/F First and very young)
      True story, first of several chapters, how I was started at age five.....
    • by Stranger Steel :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Punishing Melissa
      punishin zip (5k) (M/F dom)
      The first girl I ever laid was a nut. Actually, she was more than that. She was a conniving, manipulative, little bitch. She used sex and mind games to keep me in line and back then I was too naïve to hold my ground.
    • by Pookass :...
    • Mom Teaches Daughter
      momdaut zip (4k) (M/f, young)
      Mother thinks it's time her daughter learn about sex.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Los años 40
      anos40 zip (4k) (m/F, incest, anal, WS)
      Yo volvía del colegio despacio, pensativo, cansado de toda una mañana de duro trabajo, aunque contento porque en casa estaba mi madre esperándome, mi madre que tanto me quería.Caminé como siempre por la callejas del centro de Madrid, que en aquellos días de la posguerra en tan mal estado estaban, y pronto llegué a la casa de vecinos donde vivía.Era una casa de cuatro plantas sin contar el bajo y por dentro tenía bastante mal aspecto, con múltiples desconchones, olor a humedad, escaleras y pasamanos deteriorados y bombillas desangeladas.Subí al tercer piso, donde vivíamos, lentamente y con cuidado de no tropezar con nada.Golpeé la puerta de casa y mamá me abrió al poco rato sonriente como siempre estaba conmigo.

      Monday PM, December 13, 1999

    • by A.E. Whiting :...
    • Taking Danni for a ride, ch 2
      danni2 zip (10k) (M/F/f inc)
      That damned alarm clock went off exactly on schedule at a quarter of five. It was time to get up.     I looked at Lisa; her back towards me, curled up like a kitten. It's strange how much nicer it is to sleep with someone than alone. Then the events of last night came rushing back to the front of my brain and I remembered how I had come to invite her and her daughter, Danni, to share my bed for the night.
    • by lolitot :...
    • More Than A Mouthful, part 11
      mouthf11 zip (5k) (g/M)
      Here's a little one that wants' 'ta help ya let off some pressure. You know, all that really gooey, slippery stuff ya built up over the weekend? Yeah! 'Cept she doesn't really know she wants to, yet!

      Sunday PM, December 12, 1999

    • by A.E. Whiting :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Taking Danni for a ride, ch 1
      danni1 zip (9k) (M/f pedo)
      I was sure looking forward to getting this load off of the truck.     This was the last time that I'd have to work long haul. I'd managed to get a job in construction that would let me be home every night, and I told them that I was going to take a month off before starting to work. Well, that month was going to start as soon as I finished this run...and this was the last of the Washington apples that I was to deliver.      I got to the delivery the night before at about 7:00pm and was just settling down in the sleeper to watch some TV, when there was a knock at the door of my red Peterbilt truck. This wasn't a very good section of town, so I expected the usual wino beggar or hooker looking to take some of my money, but instead it was a woman and a child.
    • by Fugue-in-D :...
    • Four in the Summer, part 3
      4summer3 zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      Jason, Fred, Shandy and Willow, four eleven year olds, finish their explorations in the country and head for home. After dinner, Willow's dad gets a phone call from Fred's - caught! Willow solves the problem by involving her dad!
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • A Double Christmas
      mrdxmas zip (14k) (M/f, M/F, incest/pedo)
      As with most Palisades authors, I had originally started out in the land of the free, the Resident section. This story is my homage to my roots, to all of the Resident authors and their fans. I put together a story of what I envision may someday be the MR. Double's Palisades and I took the liberty to use some of the authors as the characters. It is an orgy replete with beautiful women, lots of drugs, and some incest added in for good measure. Merry Christmas!!

      Saturday PM, December 11, 1999

    • by Dunthat :...
    • Second shift
      2ndshift zip (11k) (M/F father/daughter/preg)
      It was seven thirty in the evening and David was taking his shower. He liked being clean after a long hard day but as his wife was working evening shift he had to cooked dinner for his nine year old son Bobby and his almost fourteen-year-old daughter, Heather before taking his shower. Heather would be fourteen in less than two months and hated being told she was thirteen. He stepped out and closed the curtain behind him. He quickly dried off and tossed the towel onto the rack. Opening the door he walked out into his bedroom. There sprawled on the bed leaning on a pillow was his daughter. She had changed into one of her nightshirts and was watching something on the TV. He saw her look at his cock then quickly avert her eyes. It was the first time she had ever seen him naked and it sent a thrill through him.
    • by Luckystar :...
    • Alison's story, part 2
      alison2 zip (6k) (M/f M/F inc force)
      Ali's plan to be with her dad worked but now things were getting different. Thats when Ali founded the chest an started to learn what she had gotten into with dad.
    • by JoJo :...
    • The Formative Years, ch 2
      formati2 zip (15k) (F/boy/oral)
      Saturday morning! This was going to be my big day. All I could think about was that I was going to be with a woman. We were going to make love. I was finally going to find out what sex was really like. At night I would no longer need to poke my erection into the corner of a pillow pretending it was a girl. Today was going to be the real thing. I was nervous, that is an understatement, my entire body was tingling with excitement and anticipation. The butterflies in my stomach had found a bowling ally in my intestines. Adrenaline was building in my veins, making my heartbeat thump loudly in my chest. I had thought of skipping lunch but decided getting to the main gate an hour early was not going to do me any good, apart from that I didn't want to do anything to cause suspicion. The highlight of my life was going to take place today, I couldn't shout it out to the world, it had to remain a secret. I had to act like it was just the normal relief of getting away from school.
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • Now You're Gonna Get It!
      nowyoure zip (9k) (M/f, Father/daughter, inc, play-nc, young teen)
      Why is my fourteen-year-old daughter behaving like this? She must know she'll have to be punished....

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  • rain~rain~~~it's~just~a~shout~away~~~it's~just~a~shout~away

    the flood is threatening
    mired on my life today
    gimmie, gimmie shelter
    or, i'm gonna fade away

    oh, children, it's just a shout away
    it's just a shout away
    it's just a shout away
    it's just a shout away
    it's just a shout away

    i~tell~you~love~~~sister~~~it's~just~a~kiss~away~~~it's~a~kiss away

    Gimmie Shelter, as written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, and performed by The Rolling Stones

    (this CD & sound sample from "Gimmie Shelter", available at

  • Patterns of Incest R.E.L. Masters

      "Incest Among Various Peoples"
      ...Let us note once again the assertion, advanced by so many writers, that 
      there exists a "universal incest taboo." Not only is this false, but perhaps 
      it may not even be said that all peoples "make something" of incest.
      W.G. Summer (Folkways), for one, presented a great many examples of 
      primitive and other peoples who tolerate incest, approve incest, have no 
      concept of incest, or have extremely unusual ideas about what constitutes 
      The Dyaks of the coast, Sumner noted, prohibit incest; but the inland Dyaks 
      have no concept of incest at all -- suggesting that the taboo was brought to 
      the coastal Dyaks by outsides and failed to penetrate inland.
      The Cucis allowed all varieties of incest except mother-son.
      Cambodia permitted brother-sister marriages, and among the Kalongs of Java 
      mother-son marriages were believed to bring especial luck and good fortune.
      In the highest Balinese castes, twins of opposite sex married.
      In East Africa, the males of Teita marry their mothers and sisters, mainly 
      because they are too poor to buy wives. Chiefs of the Niam Niam marry their 
      daughters. ... The Tinneh marry their mothers, daughters and sisters. ... 
      Brothers and sisters married among the Mordvin of central Russia. And the 
      Aleuts of Kodiak were known, in the nineteenth century, to practice all 
      forms of incest without restriction.
      ... The Baiga are said to take a tolerant view of grandparent-grandchild 
      incest. And quite recently, by some reports, marriage between father and 
      daughter was permissible in the Solomon Islands.
      ... On the other hand, the Kalongs of Java copulate with their mothers to 
      achieve prosperity. ...
      ... Royal brother-incest was practiced, as noted, by the royalty of the 
      Egyptians, also by the royalty of the Incas of Peru, the ancient Hawaiians, 
      and in Uganda. In ancient Ireland, princes sometimes married their sisters 
      and kings their daughters. In Gaboon, kings married their daughters and 
      queens their sons. Royal siblings were wed in Siam, Ceylon, the Sandwich 
      Islands, etc....con't


      There was a little girl and her mother
      walking through the park one day and
      they saw two teenagers having sex
      on a bench. The little girl says, "Mommy
      what are they doing?" The mother hesitates
      then quickly replies, "Ummm they are making cakes."

      The next day they are at a zoo and the
      little girl sees two monkies having sex.
      Again she asks her mother what
      they are doing and her mother replies
      with the same response, making cakes.

      The next day the girl says to her mother,
      "Mommy, you and Daddy were making cakes
      in the den last night huh?"

      Shocked, the Mother says, "How do you know?"

      She says, "Because I licked the icing off the sofa."

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