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      Tighter, Tighter


        Friday AM, February 12, 1999


        Thursday AM, February 11, 1999


        Wednesday AM, February 10, 1999


        Tuesday AM, February 09, 1999

      • by CuriusCat :...
      • Bed & Breakfast, Saturday, part 2B
        bfast2b zip (8k) (M/F,B&D,GS,MMMM/F,rough sex,anal,oral,M/F/b,M/bb,nc)
        Cath O'Sullivan rapidly approaches her 40th birthday and none too gracefully. Her boobs are beginning to sag, crows feet seemed to have captured her eyes, and she doesn't feel sexy anymore. She has no man & her kids don't seem to need her. Her complaint to her best friend, Summer Knight that nothing exciting ever happens is about to change.
        Sunny, part 3
        sunny3 zip (5k) (m/g,pedo (yng g),anal,oral,M/f/m,nc,M/m)
        Eleven year old Marianne's crush on her fourteen year old cousin Sunny proved to be her downfall as the big, blond farm boy popped her cherry in the hayloft during the 4th of July celebration...and that's not all he taught her about her body that summer...

        Monday AM, February 08, 1999

      • by HIGH STORRS :...
      • Biology Class
        bclass zip (8k) (m+F rape spank anal oral job)
        The boys of Form 5B were delighted to hear their usual master was ill - and was to be replaced by a temporary teacher - female! They gave her a welcome she did not expect - or appreciate.
      • by BP :...
      • Training Bra
        trainbra zip (7k) (M/f incest)
        My mother left daddy and me when I was two. As a result of her leaving, Daddy and I have become very close. Much closer than most parents and children. Although Daddy occasionally dates, he says that he hasn't found what he has been looking for or they were after his money.    Daddy and I have no secrets and seldom wear clothes around the house or in our pool after the house keeper goes home. Back when I had my first period daddy was caught by surprise. He didn't think I would get me period so early but rushed out and bought tampons and pads. When he returned, we had a good laugh when I told him I didn't need both and since I was so young I didn't think a tampon would fit in me. That day changed our relationship forever. Even though I was still a young girl I felt more grown up. A million questions I had about boys and girls came pouring out as Daddy did his best to answer them.
      • by Pedros :...
      • Unorthodox Treatment, part 4
        treat4 zip (18k) (M/f, w/s, pedo)
        Terry selects his first 'Weekend' child, ten year old Sue-Lin. They go to the beach after first having a very sexciting shopping adventure to buy the girl a sexy pair of bikinis. Then Terry continues to live out his fantasies with the youngster...' (This story involves wet sex....not to everyone's taste....)
      • by Nightingale Minigales 1999 :...
      • Mate Watchers
        watchers zip (19k) (MF, FF, group, interracial, oral, anal, voyeurism, exhibitionism, spanking, wife)
        An old friend liked the way my new wife treated him when he visited us shortly after we returned from our honeymoon. He wished his wife were like that. His wish was my command and I let him on part of my plan to realize his dream. But I had quite a few old friends.
      • by Diggity Dog :...
      • Cookies and Milk, part 1
        cookies1 zip (8k) (M/f girl scout)
        The tiny knock came at mt front door. I grumbled a bit and turned off my computer and answeared the door Standing there was a pretty asian girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old. She was wearing the green jumper and beret of the Girl Scouts and was holding a carton. She smiled sweetly and said, Hi, my name is Mia Wantabae and I am selling cookies. I f I sell enough, I can go to Girl Scout camp this summer for free. Would you like to buy some?" I opened the door wider and invited her in.     She entered my living room and sat on my couch. I went into the kitchen to get her a soda, while she arranged her wares. I returned, gave her the drink and sat in my chair. She sipped her pop while I looked at her. Her skin was a medium tan, smooth and lovely. Her sleek black was cut into a pert, page boy. Her sloe eyes graced her beautiful round face with a pug nose and a dazlling smile. I looked at her thin legs, slightly knobby at the knees, wearing white ankle socks and black sandlehoppers. There was a tiny scrape on one kneecap and a teddybear bandaide on the other.    She set her soda down and bent to pick up some of her cookies. When she sat up, her skirt slid up an inch or two. Her legs opened up a bit and I saw a flash of her panties under her skirt. She flashed that dazling smile again. She held up a few boxes of cookies, peanutbutter and choclate chip. She also had butter cookies and mints. I slouched just a bit to savor the veiw a little better. I could see some yellow dots on the cotton cloth. I heard her mention something.

        Sunday AM, February 07, 1999

      • by Poker :...
      • Cartoon Time, part 2
        cartoon2 zip (10k) (Mff, ff, pedo)
        The characters of Cartoon Time have been brought back. Dave Rawlings goes to collect his gorgeous 4 year old niece from playgroup and is turned on by the sight of the children there. Picking his 10 year old daughter from school, he can't wait to get them both home to see what else can be learned from his favourite cartoon, "Tokyo Schoolgirl Sluts"
      • by E. A. Stone :...
      • Nina the babies and daddy
        ninadad zip (9k) (M/f pedo baby incest cons)
        Nina had just turned twelve when began to receive offers of baby sitting jobs from neighbors. She really hadn't had any experience with children. She was an only child.     Her mother promised to be home to advise her if she ran into any problems so she agreed to watch Mrs. Johnson's babies. Jennifer and Joshua were eighteen months and three years old respectively.     She was very nervous as the time approached. Her mom agreed to come over in half an hour and show her how to change diapers, clean butts, prepare bottles etc. Relieved, she headed to her first babysitting job.
      • by Proculus :...
      • Studio Schoolgirls, part 1 of 8
        skoolgirl zip (7k) (M/fff)
        "I'm bored!" exclaimed Debbie to Pam, sitting in the back of her sixth form school class.    "Quiet, I'm trying to concentrate," she replied.    "On what?" asked Debbie, looking about the class. Their tutor Simon, was explaining for the hundredth time the basic reproduction systems of a woman and how the male made sperm to fertilize her eggs.    "Who can tell me what this process is called?" asked Simon, as the lights went on and the blinds were opened.    "Fucking!" said Debbie quietly to Pam and sniggered bowing her head down to her desk.    The whole class turned instantly to look at her as did Pam. "Debbie!" Shouted Simon. "See me after this lesson." She looked up stunned.
      • by Uncle B :...
      • The Twins, part 2
        twins2 zip (6k) (m/ff. inc, con, oral)
        As I knelt there between the two girls, watching Ashley lick my come off her twin sister's body, all kinds of new ideas were running through my head. How could I continue to enjoy this depravity? I knew that John and Debi would be home soon. I decided to help the girls clean up and wait for another time to play.     I said to the girls, "We had better jump back in the pool and clean up. Your mom and dad will be back anytime. And we can never tell them what we did today." Both looked at me a little funny. Ashley asked, "Why Uncle Bob?" I told her that some people just don't understand the things we did, and that I could get into a lot of trouble for them. Amber piped up, "Uncle Bob, that was so much fun, I will never ever tell anyone!" Ashley said, "Me either! When can we do it again?" Ah, such innocence.

        Saturday AM, February 06, 1999

      • by GoDSpiT :...
      • A Look At Blue Skies
        blueskys zip (32k) (M/f incest)
        I parked the car in the driveway of my older sister's house and looked up at the large two story building. What the hell was I doing here? I asked myself again for the thousandth time. I looked my car clock and wondered again what had led me to this moment, to this decision in my life. Sleeping next to me buckled in her seatbelt was my six year old daughter Rachel. God she was so beautiful so much like her own mother had been at her age. The fool that I was had perhaps led me to a life far different from the normal life that most people live.    My daughter and I had lived in many different states and even a different country in the last six years of her life. I had hated moving her around so much as it had left her with very little of a social life, but what choice did a man on the run from Lute have? What other choice did I have besides to keep running and hope that when they got close I escaped again with my life, and my daughters life intact.
      • by YinYang Smiley :...
      • Frack, ch4
        frack4 zip (10k) (M/f dad/daugh inc preteen pedo infant (future))
        Becky Green's face was on fire. He HAD been looking at her yesterday! She stopped breathing for a second and stared straight ahead. Her mind raced with discarded idea after discarded idea of what to say next. Jeff broke the silence.     "McNoddles?" he asked, seeing the fast food restaurant coming up on the right.     "Sure!" she sputtered.     They pulled into the driveway, and walked inside the restaurant. In the corner, the clown Arnold McNoddle was entertaining a group of kids at a birthday party. They placed their orders, got their food, and chose a booth in the smoking section way in the back near the restrooms. They were alone back there so they chose to sit in the big booth. They sat down beside each other, and ate slowly.
      • by Elizabeth Abercrombie :...
      • Heaven's Gate
        heaven zip (3k) (a love poem)
        When one is young and eager With desire, full surging, rushing, flooding,     Unrequited by the maiden fair. Fulfilled not yet, for yet a little while, The maid with modesty attired, Will hold at bay the eager swain,     Whose wiles she'll not resist When last he gains his great desire Of Heaven's Gate.
      • by Fifteen :...
      • All You Need Is Love
        islove zip (14k) (M+/F,m/F,rape)
        After a painful divorce, Eve is forced to move to a new town and start her life over. Will she find happiness this time? A tender, Valentine's Day love story from Fifteen.
      • by SpiT' n' Image :...
      • Summer Vacation: A Story of Jordon and Lisa
        sumvac zip (20k) (m/f, f/f, incest)
        As much as they tried Lisa Collins and Jordon Hampton could not find a time or place to get together for more than a brief kiss since their rendezvous at Christmas. Now that school was out this would change. The summer of 1966 would be a time to remember for these two kids. Lisa turned 9 in March and Jordon was still 15 so it seamed for a brief time that they were a little closer in age. It was obvious though that Lisa was still a little girl and Jordon was biologically a man.     Jordan questioned his love for Lisa many times. How could he be in love with a girl 6 and a half years younger than him? Jordon turned down dates with girls his own age and became a social recluse. The teen never attended school dances and pretty much dropped out of most social activity completely. This was not all bad, it gave him a lot of time to study. As for Lisa, she led an otherwise normal life. She played with her friends and sometimes she boasted that Jordon was her boyfriend. It was hard for her to not tell anyone what they had done, but she knew that it would cause Jordon trouble so kept quiet about it.
      • by Angeleyes :...
      • Trixie's First Gynecologist Visit
        trixie zip (7k) (M/f exam)
        "I don't want to go mom." Trixie yelled out having a tantrum.    Her mother Barbara was washing dishes at the kitchen sink. "You have to go Trixie. It's about that time for your first female check up." Turning around wiping off a dish with the dish towel, she looked at her daughter standing in the doorway. "And you are going. That is the end of it." She watched as he fourteen yr old daughter stormed out and up the stairs toward her bedroom.    Lying in her bed Trixie hugged her teddy bear and cried. "I don't want some stranger looking at me naked!" Trixie isn't little miss innocent. She had been dating this older kid from school, who not to mention is seventeen, and with whom she was no longer considered a virgin. Trixie sat up hearing her mothers voice from the end of the hallway.
      • by Puzzler :...
      • Uncle Jack, ch4
        uncjack4 zip (10k) (M/M/F/fffffffff)
        My name is Jack, I am 40 years old and I live alone. The flat where I live is in an apartment block, which has its own swimming pool, laundry and restaurant. I work is as a security officer in a local factory where I work nights, which gives me all day to myself, which I often spend sitting by my front door watching the activity in the neighbourhood.     The local church was running a bus trip to the seaside for the families in the neighbourhood and I had volunteered to help. We had hired a coach to take us the fifty miles to the seaside resort and today was the day of the trip. There was a huddle of people standing around outside the church waiting for the bus by the time I arrived. When I checked around, there was only going to be three males on the trip being the bus driver, the vicar and myself.

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  • ~~~~~~~Hold~on~a-just~a~little~bit~tighter~now~baby~~~~~~~

    Love is so surprising
    Opened up my eyes and you
    Reached out and took my hand

    Baby you touched a-my soul now
    Woman don't let go now
    Hold on baby just a little bit tighter


    ("Tighter, Tighter", as written & performed by Alive and Kicking)


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