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    Feb13th - Feb19th mid-Morning Updates

      Who's that I see walkin' in these woods?    I rode my bicycle past your window last night
      Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood.    I roller-skated to your door at daylight
      Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,    It almost seems like you're avoiding me
      You sure are looking good.    I'm okay alone, but you got something I need
      You're everything a big bad wolf could want.  
      Listen to me.  
      Little Red Riding Hood    Well, I got a brand new pair of roller skates
      I don't think little big girls should    You got a brand new key
      Go walking in these spooky old woods alone.     I think that we should get together and try them out you see
            I been looking around awhile
            You got something for me
      (Sam the Sham)    (Melanie)

    • a Blast from the Past.... courtesy Tosh "Fuckpuppy" Bliss

        ....the last story she was working on, as found on her PC.... Tosh Turns 21


      What big eyes you have,
      The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.
      So just to see that you don't get chased
      I think I ought to walk with you for a ways.
             I ride my bike, I roller skate don't drive no car
            Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far
             For somebody who don't drive
            I been all around the world
            Some people say, I done all right for a girl
      What full lips you have.
      They're sure to lure someone bad.
      So until you get to grandma's place
      I think you ought to walk with me and be safe.
            Oh! I got a brand new pair of roller skates
             You got a brand new key
      I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on   
      Until I'm sure that you've been shown   
      That I can be trusted walking with you alone.   
      (Sam the Sham)    (Melanie)


      Lil' Red Riding Hood

      On Friday AM, February 19, 1999

        • by GTEE1 :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Tracing Ginny's Path, part 1
          ginny zip (5k) (M/g,MMg/dad/grandfather,yng,inc con)
          Now 32yo, Ginny reflects back on her childhood and the loving and wonderful teachers she had...her dad and grandpa.
        • by Poker :...
        • Cartoon Time, part 4
          cartoon4 zip (9k) (MFf, incest)
          Alison finds out some of what has been happening within her family. She is shocked and disgusted, but her body betrays the fact that she is excited too...... Dave, caught out, shows Alison the paedophile cartoon that started it all.
        • by Stepdaddy :...
        • A Stepfather's Dilemma
          dilemma zip (14k) (Mf, inc, cons?, stepfather/stepdaughter, surprise?)
          I am in quite a pickle. I just don't know what to do. You see, my daughter Millicent- well, she's actually my stepdaughter -- is pregnant. That, in itself, would not be particularly vexing, except for a few pertinent, additional facts.      Millicent is not married.      And if she wants to marry the bastard who knocked her up, she can't - because she's only fourteen.      But even if she were old enough to marry this pervert, she still couldn't, because he's married.      And she could hardly ask him to get a divorce. Well, at least not without breaking up her own family. You see, the guy who impregnated her is married to her own mother.      Me.
        • by JS3729 :...
        • Every Night, part 5
          every05 zip (7k) (An incestous vampire love story)
          We disposed of Melody's body and held a family meeting. Little sis never showed up. I was very concerned. I went to her room. Little sis was dead on her mattress. Dusty had his throat cut from ear to ear and his blood was dripping over sis's mutilated face. I looked for evidence about who did this.      I heard the sound just in time. I turned and Laura rushed by me, knife dipped in garlic in her hand. She had the look of the hunter on her face, and I grabbed her shoulder and crushed it. She fell like a stone, but managed to swipe the knife in my leg. I went down and lost consciousness.      When I awoke, three days later, sis, Mom and Dad and Karin were all by my side. I motioned to them to let them know I was alive. Mom was still crying, and sis looked pained. Dad was angry.      "Dad, did you . . . "
        • by Angeleyes :...
        • Unconditional Love, part 1
          love1 zip (11k) (M/F)
          As I pulled into the highschool parking lot I promised myself that I would listen to Andy's side of the story before going off on him for getting suspended yet once again. Walking up to the front doors I lost my footing and broke the heel off my right shoe. Cussing, I walked inside holding my broken shoe and headed toward the office.     As I rounded the corner I spotted Andy leaning over his knees with his head in his hands. "Andrew." I stood there with my hands on my hips. "We'll talk in the car."     "I didn't do any...."
        • by Ron :...
        • Lucy
          lucy zip (51k) (M/f rom)
          "Howard, I want to know something about you. As a person. If you don't wish to answer that's alright, I won't hold it against you."      I nodded, starting to sweat a bit under the collar. What was it going to be? Ass or gas? Do me or get another job? Sexual harassment coming back to haunt me? It didn't look good at all.      "I know you're straight," he said, "but I'd like to know a little more than that simple fact. I see you looking at the women that come around here even though you know they aren't available."      Still not quite sure what was going on I replied, "I like women, Derrick. Everything about them. Why do you want to know?"     With a grin I jokingly asked, "Want me to go out with your sister?"      Surprisingly he didn't get it, the joke I was making about his family.      "No Howard," he finally said. "My daughter."
        • by ShadoWalker :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Family Recipe for Depression
          recipe zip (4k) (Mf, inc, ped, cons)
          After the death of his daughter, Jacks' wife finds another little girl for her husbands' special type of loving.

          Tuesday AM, February 16, 1999

        • by Mandil :...
        • The Three Companions, part 6
          3comp6 zip (16k) (m/F, inc, M/F, voy, cheat)
          In part 5, Samuel finished telling his story, describing in minute details, how he and his sister Brenda ended by living together as husband and wife with their two daughters. Now it's Paul's turn to finish his tale and tell how his intimate relationship with his Aunt Paula came to a conclusion and what happen in the process to his Uncle Robert.
        • by CuriusCat :...
        • Fill 'er Up Frankie, part A
          fillher1 zip (9k) (M/f,pedo(very yng g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
          Donna's luckiest day was the day she met the Tanucci family. From the twins, Johnnie & Joey to Rosie to big brother Frankie. Our sweet innocent didn't stay innocent very long after they conspired to include her in their family fun. She took to the fun & games like a hot little duck to water. As she is the family's fav fuck toy today, her thoughts drift back to yesterday
          Rental Puppy
          rentpup zip (5k) (M/b,pedo (toddler),anal)
          A rental puppy's raisan d'etre was simply to service any A rental puppy's raisan d'etre was simply to service any pedo man who had the wherewithal to rent him on an hourly basis. Our sweet, little blue-eyed boy pleases our "hero" and well earns his fee.
          sweets zip (5k) (M/g,pedo (baby g),oral,nc)
          She lies there, looking up at me, with large, soleful eyes. I look back with anticipation and lust. I want her. Her own wants are incidental. I care not whether she enjoys my ministrations. She is mine. I paid for her. Rental sweets taste the best. Somehow when a treat is only on loan, so to speak, the taste is so much better.
        • by Proculus :...
        • Studio Schoolgirls, part 2 of 8
          skool2 zip (9k) (MM/fff)
          The three girls left school during lunchtime taking their free afternoon off, catching a bus, they went to the local shops near the new flat. There they casually walked around looking as desirable as possible.    "Have you noticed how the older men are always eyeing you up, stripping you with their disgusting eyes and playing with their pricks through their trousers. I bet they purposely cut holes in their pockets so they can get a proper hold of their cocks," giggled Valerie.
        • by JeanPaul :...
        • Tarty little sis
          tartysis zip (14k) (mF mf exhibit voy inc)
          When the sexy woman next door start's putting on shows in her bedroom at night, Trish, a very horny nubile 13-year old, soon gets an idea why her brother is so popular with the girls at school. She wants to do more than watch though.
        • by J-J Ames :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Angelic Quivers, ch 1
          angelic zip (11k) (f/f young)
          Young teens Bria and Lisa are best friends. Lisa and Bria find the joys of sex together as Lisa shares a video found in her brother's room.
        • by CuriusCat :...
        • Bed & Breakfast, Sunday, part 3A
          bfast3a zip (5k) (M/F,B&D,GS,MMMM/F,rough sex,anal,oral,M/F/b,M/bb,beast,nc)
          Cath O'Sullivan rapidly approaches her 40th birthday and none too gracefully. Her boobs are beginning to sag, crows feet seemed to have captured her eyes, and she doesn't feel sexy anymore. She has no man & her kids don't seem to need her. Her complaint to her best friend, Summer Knight that nothing exciting ever happens is about to change.
          Unka Bob, part 10
          uncbob10 zip (5k) (M/f,pedo(very yng g),rom,m/f,oral,anal,nc)
          Pleasant Memories (1 thru 10) of my childhood summers on a working farm in a midwestern community in the fifties. "Unka" Bob was my favorite for many reasons for all the jobs of pleasuring my own body and his that he shared the summer I was nine.
        • by Pedestrian :...
        • Diary
          diary zip (19k) (f/f/F/F)
          Tomboy Mary Beth has strange feelings toward a young neighbor girl.
        • by Al Garcia :...
        • La casa de mi abuela, por Anónimo
          abuela zip (12k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Todo comenzo cuando yo tenia 16 años para ese entonces yo estaba en la edad de la puñeta o como quieran llamarle, vivia en la casa de mi abuela ya que mis padres vivian en un pequeño poblado cerca de la ciudad y yo por motivos de estudio fui a vivir con mi abuela.      En la casa de mi abuela vivian dos tias solteras hermanas de mi padre que en ese tiempo tenian una 38 años y la otra 43, ademas de dos primas hijas de un hermano de mi papa, que tambien por motivos de estudio vivian ahi una tenia 18 años y la otra 22. La casa de la abuela era enorme contaba con 9 habitaciones ya que la familia de mi padre fue numerosa.
          El despertar del deseo, por Angerica
          desperta zip (4k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Mi madre es muy deportista, jugaba tenis y hacia aeróbicos y desde que Yo era pequeña siempre me inculco practicar algún deporte, y Yo me incline por el atletismo : Me gusta correr, lo hago desde que tenia 10 años y comencé a competir a los 13. Mi especialidad es la velocidad, 100 y 200 metros. Esta historia comienza cuando tenia 15 años y estudiaba en un colegio. Yo era parte del equipo de atletismo del colegio y era la mejor en 100m, y la segunda en 200m. Mis piernas estaban bien desarrolladas y mi busto, aunque no muy abundante es firme. Hoy tengo 24 años y aun mi cuerpo es admirado y chuleado por los hombres. Estoy casada y mi esposo tiene 38 años. Pero volviendo a la historia, el colegio decidió contratar un entrenador, (antes solo entrenábamos con el maestro de educación física ).
          El baño de la escuela, por Anónimo
          escuela zip (3k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Esto me paso cuando tenía 16 años. Nunca pense que algo así me pudiera pasar a mí, pero ocurrió y nunca lo voy a olvidar.      Yo iba en el primer año de preparatoria. Estaba con mi amiga Paty, y toco el timbre para entrar a la clase, pero como siempre llegamos tarde, y no nos dejaron entrar. En mi escuela si te veían afuera del salón te castigaban, entonces nos fuimos a esconder al baño, donde empezó todo.
          La hermana de mi amigo, por Anónimo
          heramigo zip (7k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Hace 7 anos, cuando yo tenia 20 anos, hoy tengo 27, me ocurrio algo inesperado pero fantastico a la vez. En ese entonces estudiaba yo en el extranjero pero regresaba en vacaciones a mi pueblo natal en Latinoamerica. En una de esas vacaciones a mi pueblo asisti a una fiesta en la casa de un amigo. Este amigo vivia con una hermana suya la cual era divorciada. Ella tenia alrededor de 25 anos. Era de estatura mediana, no muy alta, pero muy hermosa. Su cara era atractiva, de razgos finos y delicados, piel morena clara, ojos negros, pelo largo negro azabache , nariz respingada . Su boca era la mas sensual que he visto en mi vida, labios carnosos y apetecibles.
          El primer encuentro, por Anónimo
          laamiga zip (2k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Esto sucedió una fría noche de invierno, yo me llamare Laura tenia 42 años entonces estaba casada y tenia dos hijos, bueno era y soy feliz en me matrimonio, pero sucedió y así fue:        Mí hija tenia entonces 15 años y solía venir mucho a casa con una amiga suya Sonia se llamaba de su misma edad, pues estudiaban veían la tele y les preparaba la merienda, sucedió un día en el que vinieron del colegio y yo estaba en la ducha, vinieron mi hija y Sonia y mi hija abrió la puerta del baño para avisarme me saludo y luego al pasar por el pasillo vi a Sonia que me miraba de una forma desconocida para mi allí estaba yo desnuda(tengo un cuerpo de lo mas normal un poco entrada en kilitos pero normalito) y la forma en que me miro me excito nunca imagine que me pudiera pasar y me paso, esa noche al follar con mi marido me venían fantasías eróticas con Sonia, nunca tuve relación con ninguna mujer ni me gustaban pero me excite cuando me miro.
          El primer encuentro, por Nookie
          primerenc zip (6k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Esta es una historia que tal vez explique el origen de mi pasión insana. Desde pequeño siempre presente una tendencia al sexo. Siendo el mayor de dos hermanas pude verlas crecer y desarrollarse como mujeres. La mayor de mis hermanas es Diana, 3 años menor que yo y es la protagonista de mi historia.
          Primera experiencia lésbica, por La Puertorriqueña
          primlesb zip (3k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Yo soy viuda de 42 años, me case muy joven, pese a mi edad tengo muy bonito cuerpo, pelo negro tez blanca, con tres hijos y siempre había tenido buenas relaciones con mi marido, yo soy muy ardiente y después que falleció no había tenido relaciones con otro hombre y esto que les relato me sucedió hace como tres años atrás.
          Sexo En El Colegio, por: Anónimo
          sexocole zip (2k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Tengo que confesarlo, siempre le tuve miedo a las mujeres. A mis 16 años la experiencia más cercana había sido una película. Pero eso iba a cambiar dramáticamente. Toda mi vida estuve en un colegio de chicos. Nos masturbábamos y soñábamos con metérselo a una chica play boy.
          Los Simpsons
          simpsons zip (13k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Si eres un fan de los simpsons, he de decirte que este relato no está hecho para ofender a nadie, a mi también me encantan los simpsons y creo que no hace falta parodiarlos para que hagan gracia, pero es que me apetecia hacer una parodia y los simpsons tienen mucho jugo. Si no te gusta el humor violento y el sexo asqueroso, mas vale que no leas esto, si pasas de esta advertencia luego no busques culpables cuando te internen en el manicomio, no me hago responsable del daño que este relato pueda causar en tu cerebro.
          Sexo Juvenil, por: Anónimo
          sexojuv zip (4k) (a story written in Spanish)
          Cuando disfruté de esta experiencia tenía dieciséis años. Una tarde, un amigo me invitó a ver una pelicula porno a su casa y yo acepté. Mientras la veíamos recibió una llamada, era de su vecino, avisándole de que saldrían a entregar unos juegos. Mi amigo me dijo que siguiera viendo la película y me masturbara, y que luego me fuera y cerrara la puerta. Le dije que estaba bien.
        • by Chellefish :...
        • Die Revanche
          revanche zip (8k) (f/b)
          Eher zufällig muß ein Junge das Bett für die Nacht mit seiner älteren Schwester teilen. Aber wie sie so beieinander liegen, möchte der Junge endlich wissen, wie sich Mädchen zwischen den Beinen anfühlen....

          Monday AM, February 15, 1999

        • by Silvio Stoker :...
        • The Shrink, the Shadow, and Shannon (Parts 10-13)
          shrink4 zip (14k) (MF, Mf, Ff, MFff, best, inc, pedo, preg, cons, nc, rom, rape, extreme caution)
          Dr. Sig, 42, the psychiatrist who has lost his license, has run off with a 17-y.o. whore who calls herself Alaska, leaving the pregnant Shannon, 14, in the care of his sadistic psychologist friend Scooch, 44. Scooch immediately lends Shannon back to her father, who punishes her for leaving, while Scooch borrows Chloe, Shannon's 3-1/2 y.o. daughter by her father. Between fucks, Alaska continues to tell the story of her miserable life and growing inability to have an orgasm unless she is watching Louie, 50, snuff virgins. Louie agrees to let Alaska participate in his torture sessions if Alaska will help him kidnap innocent girls. While she is hunting down a young victim, Lori, 11, to destroy in front of Lori's mother, Alaska continues to abuse her little sister Carrie, 13.
        • by The Puzzler :...
        • The Teacher
          teacher zip (9k) (MF/fffffff)
          Today the school schedule was in tatters. Miss Fry, who normally took the eight-year-olds, was off work with some chest infection. All her classes were redistributed amongst the rest of us, and I was given the last session of the day.      When I walked into the classroom, the class was a hubbub of noise.      "Sit down!! Let's have some order," I yelled.      There was a rush of young bodies trying to get into their own seats, and then there was silence.
        • by Amadeus :...
        • Tammy and Tara, ch 3
          twins3 zip (10k) (f/f, cons, inc)
          Following our daring frolic with daddy during his nap, Tara and I spent the remainder of the afternoon poolside. Daddy finally appeared, showered and shaved, donning a pair a of white summer cotton slacks, a powder blue T-shirt, and leather sandals.      We were enjoying the last rays of the afternoon sun when he sailed by with his usual flair. "How's it going girls," he asked, "are you interested in some dinner?" He walked over to the grill, lifting the hood, he continued, "Would you like me to grill some steaks tonight…smothered with mushrooms, maybe?"      He didn't even have to ask for he knew that we loved our steaks smothered with sautéed mushrooms. We both approved of the of menu choice.      "Do you feel better after your nap?" I queried, winking at Tara.
        • by JLuke :...New Author.!.!.!
        • Open Seas, ch1
          opensea1 zip (8k) (M/f nc)
          Turn of the century boatmen take advantage of three sisters mistakenly trapped on board.
        • by Diggity Dog :...
        • Cookies and Milk, part 2
          cookies2 zip (7k) (M/f/f)
          I definately couldn't face this straight. Girl Scout Mia Wanatabe had called me and told me she was bringing her friend Amy over to obstantasiously sell me some more of those damn Girl Scout cookies. Guilt washed over me as I remembered the last time the tiny asian teen had come by. Look, I'm not some monster or pervert, going around and feeling up little girls, much less fucking them. What happened had, well, just happened. And now she was bringing a friend over.     I needed to calm my nerves. I pulled out my bong and took a deep toke. Ahhhhhh, the tendrils of the smoke flooded my bain, taking the edge off the day. I took a couple more, each bringing me further away from guilt and closer to nirvana. I heard a knock at the front door and giggled. The door crept open and I saw Mia's face peer in, "Anyone home?" she asked in her singsong voice. I waggled my finger at her, still giggling. She came in with another small girl and introduced her as her friend Amy.

          Sunday AM, February 14, 1999

        • by Fuckpuppy :...
        • Tosh Turns 21
          turns21 zip (11k) (M/f/F incest)
          My Dad was stretched out on the bed, his hands gently stroking my hair. His breathing was deep and steady with an occasional sigh of pleasure. Now and then his toes would curl.      I brought my mouth up off of his yummie thick cock, smacking my lips as the large head popped out of my mouth.      "Daddy..." I said looking up into his dark brown eyes. "You realize that I have a birthday coming up next week, don't you?"      He smiled his sweet loving smile and replied "yes, sweetie, I sure do realize that. Jeezus,'ll be twenty-one! Dang! It seems like only yesterday that I turned twenty-one!"      I stroked his rock-solid hard-on and watched as a clear drop of pre cum oozed out. My Dad may have been forty-three, but he still had the meat of a twenty-one year old stud.
        • by VirtualPete :...New Author.!.!.!
        • A fantasy
          fantasy zip (6k) (M/M M/F)
          A young girl gets an amazing birthday present from a complete stranger... With a promise of more to come.
        • by Poker :...
        • Cartoon Time, part 3
          cartoon3 zip (12k) (Mf, Fff, pedo)
          Dave Rawlings takes Debbie, his 4 year old niece, to her playgroup in the morning. He suspects that Sally, who runs the playgroup, is also a child lover. After a problem with the plumbing, Dave gets to see the children in their underwear, especially Debbie's best friend Colleen.
        • by Beffer :...
        • Protective Custody
          custody1 zip (17k
          Twelve year old Randy, was small for his age, but was in big trouble. He was going to have to hide out for two years in protective custody. He and his mother agreed that Randy would cooperate with his guardians and would never go out in public unless he was disguised. He had no idea what kind of disguise it would be!
        • by Sydney :...
        • Danny's Mom, part 2
          danny2 zip (7k) (F/m inc. Mom/Son)
          In my last story I told you how Mom walked in on me while I was jacking off in the shower and how the two of us moved slowly into a relationship that had little to do with being Mother and Son. I will admit to being completely confused, but eager for the next adventure. Here in I'll try my best to relate some of the things we did together.
        • by Euphoria :...
        • My Daughter, My Lover
          dautlove zip (14k) (pedo w/s scat dad/daut)
          Brian can't wait for his wife to leave the house. Tonight's the night he's going to touch his daughter. And that's not all!
        • by HIGH STORRS :...
        • Dentist
          dentist zip (7k) (MFf rape oral lac preg job)
          Christopher is - was - a dentist. He found hypnosis useful for more than the suppression of pain during dental treatment. Unfortunately, he becomes too confident - and too demanding of his female patients. A story with a moral!
        • by Ted & Jill :...
        • The Forbidden Zone
          forbid zip (5k) (M/f/f/f inc)
          Molly ... cute, perky 12-year-old with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes.      Asleep, she was the epitome of innocence. Her white cotton nightie was pulled up around her waist, and her matching white panties covered the forbidden fruits of her youth. I could see the shapes of her budding breasts, already perfect and round, and the outline of her pretty pink nipples, puffy, almost too big. Her breasts would grow into those nipples very soon ... she would have the figure of her mother, I knew.
          Karen's Wish
          karen zip (8k) (M/f inc)
          Karen Thomas finally shared her deepest, darkest secret with her roommate, Anne. They'd shared a dorm room for almost three months and had become good friends.     "Am I sick or perverted?" Karen asked earnestly.     "Look," Anne said softly. "You can't control what you think or how you feel. So I guess as long as both of you want it, you know, the consenting adult thing, then it can't be perverted. Right?"     "Right," Karen said quietly. She turned off the lamp on the table between the twin beds and laid awake for a long time. Then, once she heard Anne's breathing become slow and regular, Karen slipped her hands down under her covers and removed her panties.
          The Magical Tub
          magical zip (8k) (F/f/M inc mast oral)
          When my parents redid their bathroom, they added an oversized, two-person Jacuzzi tub. I loved to listen to them having sex in there! They thought they were being quiet, but I could still hear their voices echoing in the tiled room, even over the sound of the jets!     And, when nobody was home, I got in the tub myself, aimed my horny pussy at the spurting jets of water, and got myself off big time! God, that hot water sliding across my clitoris gave me HUGE orgasms!
        • by Black Dragon :...
        • Steve & Julie
          julie zip (7k) (m/f,1st)
          Steve meets Julie outside a convenience store. When he finds out she just moved here from Montana, he shows her his secret party spot. Then her shows her where HER secret party spot is.
          Oregon Rural Family
          ruralfam zip (8k) (M/f m/f f/g inc 1st)
          Life as it might be in the back hills of Oregon. Phil, his wife and 3 daughters come home from a quarterly bartering trip into town. Interesting things start to happen when Phil begins massaging his oldest daughter’s strained calf muscles.
          The Bath
          thebath zip (9k) (b/g, m/g 1st inc)
          Baby-sitting for a neighbor, Mike thought he could check out his new porno flick he borrowed from a schoolmate. But his charges won’t stay in the tub.
          Autobiography of a Virgin
          virgin zip (8k) (Mast, f/g 1st inc)
          15yo Christines first mastrubation session is interrupted by her 10yo sister Mellisa. Mellisa wants Chris’ opinion on some new clothes she bought. She knew her mother would be mad if she found out what kind of clothes she was buying.
          Schoolyard Crush
          school zip (4k) (m/f, m/fg, 1st)
          I was leaving school one day when I her a small female voice calling me from behind some bushes. It was Michelle, a girl from my 5th grade class. Seems that she had a crush on me. Things got interesting when I told her I kinda liked her, too.
        • by Centaur :...
        • Marie, part 3
          marie3 zip (63k) (M/f inc)
          Marv and Marie reluctantly uncoupled from their loving embrace and Marv suggested that they take a quick shower and spend a few minutes in the roof-top hot tub. Marv had a great time in the shower with the enthusiastic eleven year old. It was the first time Marie had ever showered with anyone and she was enjoying the attention she was getting from her Pappa, particularly when she insisted in washing his prick and making it get hard. After their shower they took their towels and headed up the elevator to the top floor and out the glass door to the hot tub next to the pool. The hot water felt great in the cool evening air, and both of them agreed that it was nice to be able to be together this way naked. Marie kept telling Marv how handsome and wonderful he was until he told her that once in awhile was all a "girlfriend" had to complement her man. She laughed and told him that she was new at this and he would just have to put up with to get such great sex - which caused him to join her in her laughter.
        • by TinaS1t :...
        • Mom, Dad and Me, part 4
          momme4 zip (14k) (M/f , B/D, Cons (?))
          Cute little KC is well on her way too becoming dads' special girl. She also is in the early stages of learning that pain can become pleasure.
        • by The Carnal Quill :...
        • Return of the Kovz King, Part 3 of 15
          kovsk03 zip (29k) (m/m, mast, oral, anal)
          Kelvin's epic adventure continues. Eric's grandmother intervenes in his behalf, and he and Kelvin are allowed to spend the night together, and Eric sucks Kelvin to his best orgasm yet, then masturbates for him. In the morning, the two bathe together and Eric teaches Kelvin how to give oral and anal sex. Afterward, they attend the church social where they and other kids go naked.
          Return of the Kovz Queen, part 3 of 15
          kovsq03 zip (34k) (m/m, mast, oral, anal)
          Kelva's epic adventure continues. Eric's grandmother intervenes in his behalf, and he and Kelva are allowed to spend the night together, and Eric sucks Kelva to her best orgasm yet, then masturbates for her. In the morning, the two bathe together and Eric teaches Kelva how to give oral sex, then they have intercourse. Afterward, they attend the church social where they and other kids go naked.


    What a big heart I have-the better to love you with.    I asked your mother if you were at home
    Little Red Riding Hood     She said yes but you weren't alone
    Even bad wolves can be good.     Oh, sometimes I think that you're avoiding me
    I'll try to be satisfied just to walk close by your side.    I'm okay alone, but you got something I need
    Maybe you'll see things my way before we get to grandma's place.    
    Hey there Little Red Riding Hood     Well, I got a brand new pair of roller skates
    You sure are looking good    You got a brand new key
    You're everything that a big bad wolf could want.    I think that we should get together and try them out to see


    ("Lil' Red Riding Hood", as written & performed by Sam the Sham)
    ("Brand New Key", as written & performed by Melanie)

    Trivia & Quotes for "Freeway" (1996)

      Vanessa Lutz (Little Red Riding Hood), as performed by Reese Witherspoon
      Bob Wolverton (Big Bad Wolf), as performed by Kiefer Sutherland

      The photo of Vanessa's father that she shows to Bob is of serial killer Richard Speck.

      Vanessa (in court):   Holy shit, look who got beat with the ugly-stick. Is that you, Bob? I can't believe such a teeny-weeny little gun made such a big mess out of someone. You are so ugly Bob, you know it's going to cramp your style with that face big-time, you know that huh, specially little Miss Priss over there. And hey, I heard you have one of them big poop-bags that's like attached to your body, and all your shit comes out and like lands in it. Your just a big shit-bag ain't ya, Bob. You just think of me every time you empty that mother-fuckin' thing, mother-fucker

      Vanessa (quoting Bob):    My dick may not function, but I have not lost my smile.

      Vanessa (in court):    What are y'all lookin' at. Fuck all y'all....Fuck you Chipmunk-face, and your fuckin' skipper-wife

      Vanessa (at Grandma's house):   Hi Grandma, wake up! Why ya hiding? Here, let me see....them are some big ugly fuckin' teeth ya got there, Bob.

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