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      Cherry Hill Park

      On Friday AM, February 26, 1999

    • by Little Lover :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Day Care, part 1 & 2
      care1_2 zip (9k) (M/f)
      Mr Bates waits with 5 yr old Amanda for her mom
    • by Orca :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Girls
      lilgirl zip (32k) (M/f)
      Even at 17, I liked young girls, not young as in 15 or 16 year olds, I liked them REALLY YOUNG... 12, 11, even 10 year old girls. There was just something about the innocence and immaturity of their little bodies that really excited me.     I had always kept this "little" fixation to myself even from my best friend Paul who knew just about everything else about me, after all it wasn't exactly normal for a 17 year old Senior in High School to get a hard-on over 4th and 5th grade girls. It was kinda difficult because Paul and I would go to the Mall a lot to "check out the babes", and while he was looking at all of the big titted chearleader types, I was trying to sneak peeks their little sisters without being too obvious about it. Well, things were going pretty good one day, the mall was hoppin and there were plenty of girls to look at. Paul was busy eyeing a tall blond and was filling me in on what he would like to do with her, I on the other hand had just spied a cute little 10 or 11 year old brunette in pigtails sitting on a bench by herself eating a cookie. Her little breasts were just beginning to poke out, she was wearing a short demim skirt and was sitting with her legs slightly apart giving me just a glimse of her little white cotton panties.
      misty zip (12k) (M/f)
      It was Saturday again and as usual I was giving a group of kids a ride home from soccer practice. I had just finished dropping off the Baxter twins a couple of real bratty 13 year old boys who had just about worn my patience thin playing with all of the controls and knobs in my van. I had one kid left to drop off, a cute little 12 year old girl named misty. Her house was out in the country about 15 miles away, but I didn't really mind because I figured it would be a nice quiet drive and would help relieve the tension brought on by the Baxter brats.      With the twins gone, Misty moved up into the front passenger seat and sat sideways facing me.      "How do you like my new outfit?" she asked.
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Bed & Breakfast, Sunday, part 4A
      bfast4a zip (4k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, GS, MMMM/F, rough sex including dbl fk, anal, oral, best)
      Brad pulled his rod from my burning ass, dripping with his juices. He looked at Bobby and asked, "Do you want to lick me off, Bobby." The randy boy fell upon Brad's cock and began to lick and suck. Brad lay back on the bed and let our new young friend clean him. I turned onto my side to watch them. Jarvis came over to sniff my ass and began to lick Brad's juices with his rough tongue. Somehow, it soothed my wounded tissue. I turned onto my back and spread my legs apart. Jarvis licked and sucked me clean of his master's essence.
      Fill'er Up, Frankie; part D
      fillher4 zip (5k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      Joey came first because his cock was encased in the tightest slot. There was no cunt as tight as his brother's ass. It felt like a pulsating glove as he slid in and out. Fun to watch his cum melt and ooze, right out of Frankie's poop hole. Joey leaned back on his elbows to watch Frankie pull slowly out of Donna. He always liked to fuck Donna right after Frankie so his cum could mingle with his brother's. Frankie always brought her cunt so close to the brink that Joey found himself stiffening at the thought of her snug, inner walls clinging to his cock, while still warm and dripping from Frankie.
    • by B.P. :...
    • Taking Over for Mom
      takemom zip (18k) (M/f incest dad/daut)
      A few years ago a drunk truck driver ran into Mom's car. She sustained serious injuries to her hips and legs and was told that she would never walk. What was worse was the doctors told her she couldn't have regular sex again. They told her that her vagina was severely damaged and they had to remove most of it save her life. Dad didn't say much other then he was thankful Mom hadn't been killed. He did sue the truck company and the driver but said that wouldn't begin to make up for their loss.     For the first few days we were all in shock and our thoughts were focused on Mom's injuries and recovery. By the end of the first week Mom was out of danger but the doctors said it would be several weeks before she could come home. Dad and I were visiting her when she asked Dad to leave the room so she could talk to me. Mom took my hand and looked at me with tear filled eyes and asked me a lot of questions about sex and Daddy.
    • by rabbit108 :...
    • The Sexual Awakening of David by Les
      sexual zip (17k) (Voy/m/f/mff/inc/lesbian)
      "Happy Birthday son". I woke up bleary-eyed trying to get my bearings, focusing on my mom bending over me with a long box gift-wrapped. I gave her a kiss and thanked her, wondering what it could be. I opened the box and found it was a telescope. She also had bought me a tripod and a copy of the solar system She said "I saw you looking in the hobby shop and realised that you've been talking about the stars a lot".     I gave her a hug and started to assemble the telescope. "Don't look at the sun, it will damage your eyes," she said, going down stairs. I read the instructions and then started to look at the horizon. Living on the edge of town was an advantage. Clear views of the downs, sheep, horses, even rabbit looked as close as the houses opposite. I saw a car coming down the street and I zoomed in and saw it was Penny sitting in the front seat next to her dad.     Penny lives nearly opposite our house and she had her fifteenth birthday two days ago. She makes a point of telling me that she older than me even though it's only two days. She was the same height as me with blue eyes and golden brown hair. The very short skirts accentuated her figure and skimpy Jean shorts that she carried above the sexiest pair of legs in our class. Her breasts were small but very pointed. She never wore a bra even during P. E. I always noticed they bounced whenever she started to run and with in a short time her nipples formed tiny peaks clearly visible through her T-shirt.

      Thursday AM, February 25, 1999

    • by Mandil :...
    • The Great Depression, ch 8 - 11
      grea8_11 zip (17k) (bro/sis, inc., M/f)
      In this part of the story, Jimmy get to know Anna better. He also get to met Roland's sister and the four of them to for an afternoon fishing. What was bound to happen does so in a most unpredictable way.
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • F-Stop
      fstop zip (13k) (m/f, anal forced, f/f incest, m/f first time)
      You know, I have a real dream job. I have heard some photographers bitch about being unfulfilled about taking photos' of kids for those adds you get in your weekly newspaper, but for someone like me, it is a real thrill. Face it, how many guys who are obsessed with young girls can honestly say they are surrounded on a daily basis by beautiful young girls in various states of dress and are PAID to photograph them. My favorite time of the year is late winter, when we start work on the spring and summer adds. I spend hours and hours around girls of various ages in swimsuits and the latest fashions. Most are bright, friendly kids who are thrilled at being in the industry.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Tommy's sluttish mother
      tommy zip (5k) (m/F, incest)
      It had been three years since her divorce and Helen was beginning to experience something she hadn't even thought about when she decided to put an end to her marriage, she needed sex very bad.She hadn't gone out with men ever since she left her hubby and now she felt an unnatural urge to get laid.It was clear that three years without a man had been just too much for her to take.      As she sat on a couch in front of the television she felt a familiar tingle in her groin.She moved and noticed how damp her panties were getting.Her pussy was aching and needed something she couldn't get then.Helen looked at her watch and sighed in relief when she found it was 2 PM.Her son, Tommy, wouldn't be back until 3:30, so she had some time to finger her hole watching a porno movie.
    • by PedoDreamer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Young Rape
      yngrape zip (4k) (M/g rape nc)
      Man sees girl undressing in the window and goes back later for fun.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Calabreses IV
      calab4 zip (5k) (F/m, incest)
      Giulio sabía que no podía dejar de asistir a más clases, de lo contrario se lo comunicarían a su madre y habría jaleo.No se perdió ninguna clase de física, pero durante ellas su mente no hacía más que revivir las escenas que había presenciado y que habían cambiado drásticamente la idea que tenía sobre su madre y sobre su hermano.Podía haber sido una tremenda conmoción para él, pero no lo fue tan grande debido posiblemente a su mente calenturienta, que frecuentemente no le hacía ver más allá del acto sexual en sí, sin plantearse quiénes eran los protagonistas.

      Wednesday AM, February 24, 1999

    • by Mesmer :...
    • Out Of Afrika
      afrika zip (39k) (black amazon)
      Paul Bryant, after six months of providing a counselling and psychotherapy service for the African government on a therapist-exchange basis to the far outback regions and communities of the country of central Africa had just settled back against the firm leather seat in the old rail carriage of the train that was finally taking him back to the real world of the coastal cities.
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Untitled (Casey)
      casey zip (27k) (M/f uncle/neice)
      I was outside in the front yard. It was a cool autumn morning. The leaves had piled up pretty good. I had half raked the yard when I saw the taxi coming down the street. I took a deep breath and began to walk towards the open garage. I got there just as the cab pulled into the driveway. Gracie jumped out from the back on the driver's side. She blew me a kiss and ran around to the back. The trunk popped open and Gracie came appeared a few seconds later with a large suitcase in tow. I suddenly remembered my manners and asked if there was any more luggage.      "One more, a gray one just like this. Don't take the blue one that one's going with me!" Once the bags were taken care of Gracie came over and gave me a light hug.
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • Little House on the Prairie
      lilhouse zip (10k) (f/f, m/f bro-sis, inc, 1st)
      Chloe and Phoebe are a couple of Little House on the Prairie girls who come of age in rural Oklahoma. After their parents died, Nathan, their brother was forced to explain the facts of life to the young girls.
    • by Tanzer :...
    • Orphans
      orphans zip (19k) (Mg/Mf/b+g+/Fb+g+ - Rape, anal, oral, orgy)
      What better place than an orphanage to find "willing" girls and boys?
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Bed & Breakfast, Saturday, part 2A
      bfast2a zip (7k) (the missing part)
      Brad slapped my naked ass and shattered my pleasant dream. I opened my mouth to protest and was greeted by a wet, dog tongue kiss. "Jarvis! Ick! No kissing." I complained. Brad laughed, "Yeah! But he knows how to get you up." I cracked an eye to stare at him balefully, "Fuck you! I want to sleep forever. I ache everywhere from all that fucking. Let me sleep." Brad stood watching me briefly before jerking all the covers back in one fell swoop. I lay there naked and shivering under his gaze. "Get up, you slug. Take a shower. Breakfast is nearly ready. Today is a whole other day of fun and adventure." I looked up at his face, "Adventure? Fun? What kind of fun and adventure do you have planned today?"

      Tuesday AM, February 23, 1999

    • by Young Fox :...
    • Aldo, The CockFighter
      aldo zip (15k) (M/F incest)
      Aldo was a cockfighter; he made his living with his cock. He'd worked the beaches when he was as young as fourteen, at first for the fun of it, but soon enough for money. Then he began films when he was seventeen (signing a waiver that he was eighteen). He moved east, tried posing for gay mags, at 18 had a layout in Playgirl and was picked "best erection" of the year. He danced in select "women only clubs". When he was 21 he became a cockfighter. He lived with his young niece, they were inseparable incestuous lovers.
    • by Poker :...
    • Cartoon Time, part 5
      cartoon5 zip (9k) (Ff, MffF, anal, incest)
      Alison, after having sex with her daughter Jane, can't get little 4 year old Debbie out of her mind..... Meanwhile, 10 year old Jane is getting inspiration from "Tokyo Schoolgirl Sluts", she wants her Daddy to put his "willy" in her "bottie" like she has seen on the film.
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Fill'er Up, Frankie; part C
      fillher3 zip (5k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      "So, he's chosen gentle this time," thought Donna as she felt his lips caress her shoulders. She was always such a sucker for his lips. As he wandered past her breasts, he took each one into his mouth and made love to it. It was an excruciatingly delicious feeling that only Frankie ever gave to her. He pulse quickened as he continued his descent down past her abdomen and settled in her genital area. "God, his lips and tongue are the most wonderful," thought Donna. "I can't wait until he nibbles at my clit." Donna groaned in pleasure and anticipation. Frankie smiled to himself at her groan.
      Sunny, part D
      sunny4 zip (6k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),M/f/m,M/m,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      Sunny put his face into his hands saying, "I ain't no cocksucker. I didn't want you to do it." Melvin uncuffed my hands and I reached up to touch Sunny. He slapped my hands away. Melvin sniggered at him. "Oh, yes you did. You kept that beautiful round ass up in my face. How could I not taste it?" "Sunny?" I timidly ventured to him, "Sunny, it's okay. It made it better for me 'cause his cock made yours harder, I think." Sunny looked up at my words. Continuing on, I added, "Besides nobody but us knows and we aren't gonna tell anybody."
    • by March_Hare :...
    • Mothers love
      momlove zip (6k) (F/f/M mom/dau/anal)
      A mother shows her love by having her daugther seduced by a neighbor,only to join in the fun.
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Bed & Breakfast, Sunday, part 3B
      bfast3b zip (6k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, GS, MMMM/F, rough sex including dbl fk, anal, oral)
      I smiled encouragingly at the boy and turned back to Brad. Brad dropped his left hand right on top of my exposed cunny and began to stroke lightly. I spread my legs apart and leaned back. I sensed the interest of our neighbor as Brad first stroked and then began to finger fuck my cunny. By the time the previews began, I was moaning softly from his touch. As I began to cum, I reached out and grabbed the leg of the boy next to me. He sat very still as I jerked imperceptibly. He and Brad and I were in our own alternative universe and he loved it!
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Una madre divorciada
      divorcia zip (4k) (m/F, incest)
      Todo discurría por cauces normales desde la separación y posterior divorcio de mis padres.Los dos habían quedado un tanto mal en tanto que no se podían ni ver, y yo me fui a vivir con mi madre, que era la que siempre me había dado más cariño y me habían consentido más.      Mi madre era una mujer muy especial, y no hubiera cambiado mi vida con ella por nada.A mis quince años, me llevaba con ella excepcionalmente bien, tal vez mejor de lo que se suele considerar normal, ya que hacíamos cosas que quizás se salían un poco de lo "correcto", por llamarlo de alguna forma.
      La vecina
      lavecina zip (6k) (m/F)
      En aquellos días yo vivía en el clásico bloque de pisos de un barrio de las afueras de la ciudad.La vida allí era algo aburrida, pero se sobrellevaba.Al ser hijo de una familia de clase media-baja no tenía muchas oportunidades de tener lujos de ningún tipo, y todo lo más que tenía era un balón de fútbol y una camiseta del Madrid.Sí, yo era muy aficionado al fútbol de adolescente, tal vez porque no contaba con ninguna otra distracción posible, y pasaba largos ratos pegándole patadas al balón en el patio común de los bloques del barrio.

      Monday AM, February 22, 1999

    • by Tarislan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Meeting Lyssa, parts 1 & 2
      lyssa1_2 zip (13k) (M/f)
      I guess that's how you could describe my life. Depressingly, utterly, completely and absolutely normal. High school education, went on through college, got a job working for a small time radio station in a small town near where I grew up.      Barely got paid enough to pay off the bills, but I was having fun. At 23, who could ask for much more? I had a small house of my own, (well, let's be honest. The bank owned most of it, but I was getting a little bit more of it back each and every year) and a hoop in the driveway. Most of the time, when I needed to blow off steam from work, or whatever, I would grab my ball (the basketball, ya chowderheads, that other stuff comes around later) and go shoot around or whatever. Come the weekends, a few of my friends and I would gather and play some spirited 3 on 3. As I said, boring, but it passed the time.
    • by Sydney :...
    • Danny's Mom, part 3
      danny3 zip (7k) (F/m Mom/son inc)
      Danny is confused about his mom's reaction to their fooling around. But, when he comes home to find her masturbating in the bathroom shower with the handheld massage attachment they get right back into the swing of things.
    • by JS3729 :...
    • Every Night, parts 8 & 9
      every8_9 zip (13k) (An incestuous vampire love story)
      Got a call from Mom and Dad. Their inquiries had taken them out of the country, so I was in charge of the family for a while. Dad also told me that Jasmine's name had come up.      Dammn it! All I needed was Jasmine to show up and make me even more miserable than I already was. I could just see her eating out Rhoda, and then making her a slave, and then teasing me with the woman I could never have, now for eternity.      I decided I had to do something with Rhoda. I had to bite her. Just enough for slave status. I knew now there was no way I could ever have her want me without it. I broke my heart, but it had to be. I called Melody to me.      "Melody, I want you to fuck Rhoda, but don't let her cum. I will be using her cunt for the first time tonight. I can't stand waiting any longer."
    • by GTEE1 :...
    • Tracing Ginny's Path, part 2
      ginny2 zip (6k) (M/g,MMg/dad/grandfather,yng,inc con)
      Ginny continues her journey with an open mind and mouth.
    • by sniffer :...
    • Nicole, part 4
      nicole6 zip (5k) (M/f pedo)
      I was lying on my back. Nicole was standing over me in a sexy little dress. I had a wonderful view upskirt: The whole length of her muscular legs and then a light blue cotton panty tightly wrapped around the innocent curves of her virginal sex. She bent her knees. The thin fabric stretched over the prominent bulge of her mons and outlined the wonderful valley between the fleshy lips. There was a little moist spot in the middle.      I adored every detail before she straddled my face and sat down. Her childish sex, only hidden by her panty, covered my nose and mouth. She was hot and she smelled. A cloud of sweat and pee an aroma of fish, cheese and fresh avocadoes, the perfume of an innocent eight years old girl intoxicated me. My nostrils were wide open when I inhaled that arousing mix.
    • by rabbit108 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Candy
      candy zip (6k) (Ff/inc)
      The car pulled into the drive next door, the woman opened the door and as she pulled her legs to get out her short skirt pulled up to the top of her thighs, showing a quick flash of her white knickers, a preview of things to come.      I went to the attic where I had made a studio. Since my wife had died, I had plenty of time on my hands. I turned on the monitor. A picture of a bathroom lit the screen; it was the house next door. I had done some odd jobs around the house for the woman next door. She was a divorcee and her name was Karen. I had installed hidden cameras in the ventilation grills while she was at work, the cables I hid through the roof to my attic.      I knew her routine by heart, get a drink from the cabinet, go to the bedroom, undress, and take her drink into the bathroom, run the bath and get in.
    • by Digital Casper :...
    • The Weekend, ch2
      weekend2 zip (10k) (m/f, incest, preteen)
      It was a little after four when a knock on my door had disturbed a conversation I was having with an Internet buddy. I opened the door and there stood Sarah. She dropped her bag and threw her arms around me.    "Uncle Joey" she gave me the death hug.     "Hey honey" I lifted her off her feet.    "Where is your mother?"     "She's still in the car, I have to wave to them" and with that she ran out onto my balcony.
    • by Chellefish :...
    • Erziehung, Kapitel 4
      erzie4 zip (13k) (Mf)
      Thomas wird sich mit Yvonnes Eltern zunächst nicht einig. Yvonne versteckt daher als Druckmittel die gemeinsame Tochter bei Thomas. Thomas ist einen Abend und die Nacht mit seiner Tochter allein.. Thomas badet das erste Mal in seinem Leben ein kleines Mädchen. Und er hat nichts dagegen, daß sie nachts zu ihm ins Bett krabbelt.

      Sunday AM, February 21, 1999

    • by JS3729 :...
    • Every Night, part 7
      every07 zip (11k) (An incestuous vampire love story)
      The first man came over to me with an expression of deep gratitude, He was the husband of Estelle evidently and judging by his reaction, had at least convinced her to listen to him. I untied Estelle, worrying a bit if she'd attack him, but all she did was sit there looking at him. The other lesbian and her husband had started yelling at each other, and finally Mom bit him to quiet him down.      I asked Estelle what she wanted to do. She looked at her husband and told him to leave her. She told him it was too late, and she had eaten cunts too long. He nearly collapsed. I didn't want to, but I felt compelled to do so. I looked in her mind.
    • by Angeleyes :...
    • Unconditional Love, part 3
      love3 zip (5k) (m/F incest)
      Hearing a male voice grunt from inside the closet, I ran over to take a look. There Frank stood jacking his cock off rapidly as his face had the look of a man in desperate search of something. And that something was to cum. Knowing that I was standing there and found him he called out, "Oh Go.....dddd. I'm!" Frank couldn't stop now. His cum shot out like a cannon straight at my naked body standing in front of him. Squeezing harder, stroking long and fast he moved the rest of his jism up the shaft.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • A Million Miles From Here to There
      million1 zip (26k) (M/f, ped, insc, more? Si-fi)
      David pulled his car into the driveway turning the keys in the ignition as soon as the car was in park, unsure of what he was doing here, or why he had agreed to come here again. Perhaps it was a part of his job to look after himself, or those around him, but why was he back here at the Gellhorn house again for the third time in a week? The house was old, had stood on its floorboards and supports for more than forty years, the Gellhorn family had lived in the house for about all forty years that the house had been around.
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • The Naughty Nurse
      nnurse zip (5k) (M/F)
      Have you ever had to stay in hospital? On the whole, it's not a nice experience. It's even less of a nice experience if you are there because there is something wrong with your prized possession - your cock. I know - it happened to me last year. I suddenly developed this sort of rash on my penis. It turned out to be nothing - a localised infection, they said. But for a while, it was either a new, undiscovered and untreatable social disease or the beginnings of terminal skin cancer. I lay unhappily in bed in hospital, actually quite well, but feeling so miserable I didn't want to get out of bed.
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Shrink, the Shadow, and Shannon (Parts 14-16)
      shrink5 zip (16k) (Mf, Ff, MFf, MFff, torture, cons, nc, rape, anal, fist, extreme caution)
      Dr. Sig, 42, the psychiatrist who is having a protracted breakdown, lets his best friend Scooch, 44, a heartless psychologist, dominate the depraved household, which soon includes not only the brutalized Shannon, 14, but also a sadistic whore who calls herself Alaska, 17, and Alaska's little sister Carrie, 13. Dr. Sig is horrified to find that Carrie's abused, puny body arouses him. Shannon describes what it feels like to be forced into orgasm while being beaten to a pulp, various narcotic pleasures are frantically indulged in, more fine liquor is consumed, and the last shreds of Dr. Sig's humanity begin to fray.
    • by FredFrog :...
    • Dave's New Job (conclusion)
      village3 zip (36k) (Exib, Pedo)
      It was a lovely sunny Monday morning as Dave carried his beer out onto the patio. It was the last week of the school holidays, and Alison had taken her kids down to the leisure centre in Bournemouth for some swimming so he had at least a morning of peace and quiet all to himself to sunbathe.      He had been relaxing for about an hour or so, and had just fetched his second beer when a voice called out from the side of the house "Hello, is anybody at home?"      With that, Camilla the pub landlords daughter appeared round the side of the house. She was a cute 10 year old redhead with just a hint of baby fat and as was her usual habit, she was as naked as the man laying out on the sun lounger in front of her.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • La cama de mamá
      cama zip (10k) (m/F, incest)
      Mi madre y yo vivíamos solos desde hacía ya cuatro años.Mi padre se había largado con una secretaria suya diez años más joven que él y no habíamos sabido nada más de él después del divorcio, salvo por los recibos de la paga que estaba obligado a darnos.      Los primeros meses de nuestra vida en solitario habían sido algo duros, pero mi madre pronto se repuso del duro golpe y se puso a trabajar de ayudanta de mi tía en la tienda que ésta tenía.Así, y con los recibos de mi padre, podíamos salir adelante, aunque sin muchos lujos y ahorrando bastante.
      Los secretos de Lyttegur
      lyttegur zip (20k) (F/MM, alien-human sex)
      El viaje desde la Tierra no había sido muy pesado, estaba claro que los vuelos espaciales eran cada vez más rápidos y menos molestos.Alicia Valle acababa de despertar de la breve hibernación en el pequeño compartimento que le habían proporcionado y en el que había tan sólo una cama, una mesa y un armario donde guardar la maleta y demás pertenencias.

      Saturday AM, February 20, 1999

    • by Mesmer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Hypno-bonding
      hypnobnd zip (25k) (hypnosis/mind-control)
      She's ticked off with me forever-He's searching for the ultimate woman. This is the place-Now is the time-And 'she' is the one he will bond with.
      Hypnotic Explorers
      hypnotic zip (9k) (hypnosis/mind-control)
      Women are 'not' their thoughts-'not' their emotions, and 'not' their physical sensations. He knows this, and introduces them to the absolute sesnsuality of 'who' they really are.
      Sibling Love
      siblove zip (17k) (hypnosis/mind-control)
      A young man makes a tape to improve his chances of winning a girl, but his sister finds it instead, with amazingly sensual and tender results.
    • by Resurgence :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jeannie, ch 1: Summer School
      jeannie1 zip (9k) (m/f, bro/sis)
      Jeannie had several of her friends over that summer afternoon, three girls, her boyfriend and another guy. We had been swimming during the afternoon; it was a great, hot sunny day. Our cousin, Diane, was spending the rest of the summer with us while her parents were in Europe. My sister had invited the rest of them over to swim, lie in the sun and generally party. Our parents were both at work and it wasn’t uncommon to find a group of kids at our house. They were entering their sophomore year in high school at the end of the summer. I was going to be a senior.
    • by JS3729 :...
    • Every Night, part 6
      every06 zip (7k) (An incestuous vampire love story)
      Hilda proved to be a lot easier to convert to our way of thinking than I thought. She evidently was a true bisexual, not really caring who she screwed. Melody was right, too - she was a whore. She told me after I converted her that Rhoda had paid her to fuck her that night. She was one of Rhoda's regulars, but she also liked fucking her so she didn't charge her often. I was a little suprised as I assumed they were an item from what Melody had said. She chuckled and said she was too horny to ever settle for one person. That night Rhoda was lonely and she needed a cunt to suck. All that talking was a ruse to get me to leave her alone and maybe bring Melody back.
    • by CuriusCat :...
    • Fill'er Up, Frankie, part B
      fillher2 zip (7k) (M/f,pedo(very yng g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      "Stick it in her mouth, Frankie. Choke her with your stick!" urged one of the other guys in the room. "Yeah, ram it down her throat!" "Give it to her hard so she gags!" Donna waited in anticipation, wondering if Frankie would follow their instructions or if he had something of his own to offer. It really didn't matter because he was always right, no matter what he did. She couldn't get enough of him, whether it was pleasure. . .or pain. He was simply the best. He could fill her with pleasure or torture her, it really didn't matter 'cause she loved it all and him.
    • by Mandil :...
    • The Great Depression, ch 1 - 7
      great1_7 zip (20k) (M/F, inc)
      It was a very difficult time to live in indeed. The great depression of the thirties had just begun and only those that had save a little money could be assure of eating their three meals a day. But putting money aside for possible harder times, had never been one of Jack Welden preoccupation. All his life he had been a hard working man, and although his job as a machines repair technician, at the Norwidge Iron Company earned him enough money to feed his family of three including himself, it wasn't enough to enable him to put anything aside for possible harder times.
    • by Angeleyes :...
    • Unconditional Love, part 2
      love2 zip (9k) (m/F incest)
      I rolled off of Andrew and layed between him and the back of the couch. Running my right hand over his sweaty chest and outlining his pecks, I looked up at him.    "Wow. See I told you that you'd enjoy it." I waited for his response. He turned his head the other way.    As I got up and rolled over my son, I stood there looking at his body, his cock limp and laying off to the right of his abdomen, his face had no expression at all on it. He was lying there still, not moving a muscle, peering over toward the fireplace, a cold cold look in his eyes.    I bent down and looked into his glassy eyes. Running my hand over his forehead, brushing his hair out of his face, I said, "Andy? I love you." I walked away and went up to my room. My entire body fell numb. What have I done? What did I do to my son? I feel as if I just raped my own son. My poor 16 year old baby will be scarred for life now because of the animalistic urges that Mr. Tackett brought out of me. Those feelings had lain dormant for 7 months and now a new set of feelings had come over me. The feeling of guilt, and shame.
    • by JLuke :...
    • Farmland, part 1
      farm1 zip (10k) (M/f nc inc)
      Two girls find themselves in a whole different world when they visit their uncle and cousins.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Un barco muy especial
      barco zip (31k) (M/f, m/F, F/F, m/FF, incest, impregnation)
      El puerto estaba extrañamente en calma.Casi no había nadie a aquella hora del día y Wendy estaba algo asustada.Eran más de las dos de la madrugada y todo estaba oscuro a excepción de unos cuantos focos provenientes de la zona de los almacenes.A pesar de lo tarde que era, hacía una temperatura bastante agradable en el puerto de Hong Kong, cosa que Wendy agradeció al no llevar puesto más que un vestido veraniego y una especie de sandalias.
      Calabreses I & II
      calab1_2 zip (11k) (m/F, incest)
      El día había sido pesadísimo en el instituto y Giulio aligeraba el paso para llegar cuanto antes a casa.Cada día soportaba menos a sus profesores, sobre todo al de física, que parecía tenerla tomada con él.Tan harto estaba de este profesor que había decidido saltarse su clase y volver a casa una hora antes de lo habitual.Se buscaría la excusa de que había faltado el profesor y se libraría de aguantar sus bromitas pesadas cuando lo sacaba a la pizarra a hacer los estúpidos problemas.

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  • ~~~~In~the~daytime~Mary~Hill~was~a~teaser~~~Come~the~night~she~was~such~a~pleaser~~~~

    Mary Hill sure was smart down in Cherry Hill Park
    Playing games with everyone till way after dark
    In Cherry Hill Park, Cherry Hill Park
    Then one day, Mary Hill, she married away
    A man with some money said come on honey
    And she said okay

    She went away to play a one man game
    And since that day it ain't been the same
    Cause Mary Hill was such a thrill after dark
    Yeah in Cherry Hill Park


    ("Cherry Hill Park", as written & performed by Billy Joe Royal)


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