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      On Friday AM, March 05, 1999

    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Baby Maker, part 2
      babymak2 zip (5k) (M/f, kidnap, pedo (very yng g to yng teen;), rape, nc, preg, B&D, nip)
      Don Bradley was a 32-year-old confirmed pedophile when he kidnapped 8-year-old Carolina Mattingly. She could have been just another piece of delicious ass in his life but for the fact that he filled her little belly with his she's his for wife to him and mother to his babies.
    • by Angeleyes :...
    • After Mom Left.....Part 1
      momleft1 zip (7k) (M/f incest)
      The sun was shining brightly that wednesday morning, June 3rd. It was the last day of my senior year and graduation day. I had torn my room apart, looking for my mother's old cameo. That cameo was the only thing that I had left to remember her by, she left us when I was 8. The only thing she said to father and I was left in a note that she placed on the kitchen table that morning before everyone woke up. I was the one that found the letter addressed to Thomas, my father. I can remember that day like it was yesterday.
    • by Pud :...
    • Your Ten Year Old Niece
      niece zip (7k) (M/f)
      As you generally do on a weekend, you are visiting your older brother and his wife. They have a pretty little daughter named Patty. At this point, their girl is 10 years old, almost 11. Over the past year or so, she has enjoyed sitting on your lap more than in the past. Even though this point is still a few years off, she seems to enjoy teasing you with her budding womanhood.
    • by silentkiller :...
    • Lucy and Daddy
      lucydad zip (12k) (Mf, ff, Mff, inc, cons, ws)
      When my daughter Lucy has a sleepover, her friends sneak into my bedroom and catch me naked. Then they dare each other to go even further.
    • by AnonX :...
    • Danielle Finds New Worlds
      newworld zip (5k) (F/F)
      The reader may remember Danielle, that delightful sixteen year old who has come into my home from Southeastern Advanced Technology Associates. We have spend a blissful eight months exploring every part of each other. I remain contented to this day. Those who have read "Danielle Strikes Back" will remember that, in our first episode, Danielle was a lovely but basic model from SATA. Since that time she had been upgraded with remote sensing and an attack package. Simply put, I could see and hear what Danielle saw and heard and, when prompted could amply defend herself.

      Thursday AM, March 04, 1999

    • by Angeleyes :...
    • Best Nut Yet, part 4
      bestnut4 zip (4k) (F/m mom/son incest)
      Joanna stripped the towel off of him, she could see his cock was still soaked with her sweet pussy juices. She bent down and started running her tongue up and down her son's swollen, rock hard, rod. Moaning with delight from the taste her pussy left on him, she took him into her mouth.    "I love it.... when you lick me." The touch of her tongue sent shivers up and down his body. Her tongue was like soft, hot velvet moving up and down the shaft of his rod. Licking off her own juices, moaning, tickling his balls with her fingers was driving him wild again. "Suck it mom."
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Fill'er up, Frankie, part E
      filler5 zip (6k) (m/f,pedo (yg 9 yr old g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      A few weeks later, my parents let me go on a trip to St. Louis with the Tanuccis and Pete. They're goin' to a Cubs-Cardinals baseball game. I'd never been to a real big league game even though my Uncle Bob played for awhile. My mom was real nervous about letting me go so far away but I promised to be good and the Tanuccis begged her so she gave it her okay. Dad didn't really seem to care.
    • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
    • Peggy and Brad
      peggy zip (23k) (M/F swing)
      My wife sent me to the store once to buy milk and bread and I came home with a dirty magazine that contained an ad for "Swingers in your area".      The idea of swinging had always been in the back of our minds. Something me and my wife talked about, during sex sessions, to heat up the action a little.      Me and Lynn were just entering our thirties at that time (early 1981) and we still looked good. Especially Lynn. She was a real knock-out, when I married her, and she still was: 5'4", 120 pounds, ample curves, blue eyes, long blonde hair, perfect C-cup breasts with no sag. A guy, like me, was lucky to have her!
    • by Bravo69 :...
    • The Cub Scout, ch 1-3
      scout1_3 zip (8k) (M/f)
      Steve sat on the couch, a Playboy magazine in his left hand, and his cock in his right. It had been a long work week, and right now, this seemed like the best way to relieve his stress.     As he closed his eyes, and fantasized about a nude twelve year old sucking his dick, the doorbell rang. "Shit!" he moaned, "always at the good part."     He thought about just letting the damn bell ring, but it rang again, and he worried it might be important. It would be just his luck that he didn't answer when the Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Patrol showed up.     He pulled on the only piece of clothing nearby, an old bathrobe sitting on the arm of a nearby chair, and strode to the back door.     Looking out, he saw the smiling face of a neighbor girl dressed in a cub scout uniform. She was about twelve years old with long brown hair and blue-green eyes. "Mmmm..." he muttered aloud as a fantasy entered his head.     As he opened the door, the girl smiled even more. Hi Mr. Richards, she called out. I'm here to collect the money for the Cub Scout candy you bought. He just stood there staring at her.
    • by Benhead :...
    • The Voyeur Chronicles, ch1
      voyeur1 zip (6k) (m/f)
      What is it about seeing the forbidden that holds such a strong allure? Catching a glimpse of panty, watching lovers mate, seeing that beautiful woman next door undress, observing the little girl at the beach whose leg bands are too loose. This is one man's journey into voyeurism.
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Bed & Breakfast, part 4B
      bfast4b zip (5k) (M/F, B(m/f,pedo (yg 9 yr old g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
      When I awoke to the small pleasure sounds of Bobby cumming into Brad's mouth, I watched quietly. My last day here at fantasy ranch. How had the weekend come and almost gone so quickly? I wondered. They were kissing and sucking when I slipped from the bed and went to shower. The hot needles of water soothed my aching, abused body. I had never thought of myself as a physical person before this unbelievable weekend of hedonistic and continual sexual experiences. Now, I wasn't too sure about my self-description as being more cerebral. One good dog fuck and I had turned into a rutting cunt. I thought then of Buck and his huge, swollen cock.
    • by Mr Crowley :...
    • The Paper Girl, ch1
      papergr1 zip (9k) (M/f Exhib. Pedo Oral Cons)
      Billy subscribes to the local paper and gets more then the news from his carrier!
    • by Borge :...
    • Min bäste vän del 3
      minbast3 zip (9k
      Jag antar att ni har läst de två föregående episoderna, så jag vecklar inte in mig i någon summering över vad som hänt, utan vi hoppar direkt in i handlingen.

      Wednesday AM, March 03, 1999

    • by Bravo69 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jeff and Kelly, ch 1
      kelly zip (11k) (m/f incest)
      Jeff heard the back door open as his younger sister entered the house. He quickly tried to slide his erect 6-1/2 inch cock back into his pants, but Kelly was too fast, and his prick was to hard. Thinking fast, he pulled the newspaper from the coffee table and placed it over his open zipper.     "Hey Jeff" she called out as she breezed past. Noticing his red face, she paused a moment. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Nothing" he answered back sternly. "Then why are you..." she started to ask. "None of your damn business!" yelled Jeff.     "Well OKAY!" responded Kelly. "Christ," she thought to herself, "who put the bug up his ass?"
    • by Angeleyes :...
    • Best Nut Yet, part 3
      bestnut3 zip (10k) (F/m mom/son incest)
      It was a beautiful day out that friday, and two days before Kevin was to graduate highschool. It was hot and humid, almost 103 degrees out sitting in the shade. Kevin hopped in his truck and started pulling out of the parking lot when his friend Jay jumped on the hood.    "Hey c'mon!" Kevin called out, hanging his head out of the window. "I gotta go pick up my sister at school."    Rolling off the hood and walking over to the window, his friend sighed, "Awe man, we were all going to Dana's for a pool party. Her parents left for the weekend and there's gonna to be some major liquor and chicks!"
    • by Poker :...
    • Cartoon Time, part 6
      cartoon6 zip (10k) (Mf, oral, incest, MFffFmFMFff, orgy, anal, lesbian, pedo, cons)
      It's Open Day at the playschool. The Rawlings family goes along and meets Colleen's parents and her 3 year old sister, Mary. 5 year old Jack is there too, with his mother. Once the "straights" have left, those remaining soon get down to a "no holds barred" orgy!
    • by Delphi :...
    • Lucky, parts 1 & 2
      luck1_2 zip (26k) (M/f, M/f/M)
      The Lucky uncle gets the girls for the day but wants it to be special. He contacts a friend and visits him to discover another lovely surprise, his daughter. Luck be a lday tonight.
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • The Sympathetic Rapist
      sympath zip (11k) (M/F)
      John was in love. Anything that he said or did was motivated by this love so while we may not be able to forgive him, hopefully we can try to understand. Susan Johnson was one sexy package. She is 5ft 9'' tall, 120 pounds and has a plump juicy little ass that she seemed to enjoy wiggling in front of every man who was willing to look. Most men were willing. Things might have gone differently for her if she wasn't such a ball breaking, cock teasing little bitch. Susan and her friends took perverse pleasure in stringing guys along, taking them right to the edge of sexual pleasure and then fabricating some half assed reason why they could not go all the way.

      Tuesday AM, March 02, 1999

    • by cozmo cookieman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sweet Becky, parts 1 & 2
      becky1_2 zip (10k) (Contains graphic descriptions of incestuous love between a father and his very young daughter.)
      As I opened the bathroom door, it was obvious what she was doing...her sighs and moans echoed from the tile lining the walls that surround the tub. I paused and listened, my cock slowly coming to life as it began to swell and harden. A twinge of desire crackled deep in my balls...they had not yet been drained that day.      I crept closer to the tub and listened, my heart pounding in my ears. My erection was now sticking out of my robe and I lightly pulled on the shaft. I could've easily stood here and jacked off as I listened to her, relieving my balls of their increasing fullness, but I had other things in mind. My little girl would take care of it for me.
    • by CuriousCat :...
    • Baby Maker, part 1
      babymake zip (k) (M/f, kidnap, pedo (very yng g to yng teen;), rape, nc, preg, B&D, nip)
      Don Bradley was a 32-year-old confirmed pedophile when he kidnapped 8-year-old Carolina Mattingly. She could have been just another piece of delicious ass in his life but for the fact that he filled her little belly with his she's his for wife to him and mother to his babies.
    • by Little Lover :...
    • Dear Diary
      diary zip (7k) (M/g con)
      Hi! My name is Tiffiny Louise Calender. Today is my 11th birthday and I got you for my birthday. I also got a bike and some money. I wish my friends could have been here at the party but we had to move away from my home cause mommy and daddy got a divorce. I feel all alone right now cause school is out to for the summer and I don't know anybody here yet. Diary, you will be my best friend. I am going to tell you things I don't tell nobody else ever.
    • by Lil N :...
    • Stuck In Traffic.....
      stuckin zip (3k) (F/ audio voyeur, masturbation)
      Lilly was upset. She was stuck in traffic on the highway on her way home from work. She kept glancing at her wrist watch, groaning with each glance. She was overdue at home.     Everyone was waiting for her. And she had been looking forward to this all week. Putting on her signals, she slowly drove her car over to the side of the congested highway and turned the engine off.      Digging into her large overstuffed purse, she pulled out her cell phone. She quickly dialed her home number. It rang a couple of times, and then a familiar voice answered.
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • A Million Miles From Here to There, part 2
      million2 zip (17k) (M/f, ped, Sifi)
      Kayla held her brothers hand again holding it felt safe she supposed. Kayla looked at his face, he was a man now her man. And she was going to be his man at least for a little longer, the storm had been building around her for some reason over the last few days, the tension had been buidling in her bones. Kayla loved the feel of him inside of her and she wished that she could have him again, she really wished that she could have had him more than just that one night, but she had known even as they made love that that would be the only time that they touched each other sexually, that that would be the only time that they made love to each other.
    • by Proculus :...
    • Studio Schoolgirls (3/8)
      studio3 zip (10k) (MMM/fff)
      By the end of their two month probationary period, they had made a great deal of money. Debbie was eighteen, Valerie and Pam's eighteenth birthdays were only another month away. They agreed to wait until they were all eighteen before expanding their operation to include sex. At the present time, they were very happy with their lesbian schoolgirl act and the punters loved every second of it.
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • Time Machine
      time zip (9k) (MF oral inc (mom/son) fantasy)
      I guess you will have read "The Time machine" by H. G. Wells, or at least seen the film "Back to the future"? So you will have the idea that making a time machine is difficult, and needs a degree in astrophysics, or at least a nutty old professor. Let me tell you - it's not difficult at all. It needs only three items which you will find in most houses - usually spread out through the house in different rooms, and very unlikely to be brought together. And that's where my downfall started!
    • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
    • Lusting For Valerie
      valerie zip (18k) (M/f/f incest father/daughter)
      Mr. Bistol wants to fuck his teenage daughter's best friend. Does he do it?
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • Camp Wakaleya
      wakaleya zip (10k) (M/f, f/f, 1st)
      Mitch, head swim coach, lined the students up in two lines. Boys in front of Paul, head Trail Skills Development Coach, and girls in front of himself. It was hot out, almost 95 degrees. He could see the campers sweating. They had not expected it to be this hot, this high up in the mountains.

      Saturday AM, February 27, 1999

    • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
    • The Pussy Show
      pshow1_2 zip (39k) (m/f brother/sister)
      Teenage carnaval boy is blackmailed into fucking his own, pretty, kid-sister in order to save their carnival.
    • by Mandil :...
    • The Great Depression, ch 12 - 14
      gre12_14 zip (13k) (M/f,incest,bro/sis)
      In the conclusion of this story,Jimmy finaly get to have his way with Anna. But soon it is discovered that both Anna and Peggy are pregnant, the problem is that no one can say who is the father of their respective child.
    • by Tanzer :...
    • Lula
      lula zip (6k) (Mf - anal, oral, facial)
      Just like every Friday at noon, I drove down to the local ABC (liquor) store to get a bottle of something refreshing for the weekend. Normally it was rum or whiskey, my favorites. I entered the store and saw two people behind the counter: An old woman who was missing a few teeth and a girl, maybe nine or ten, coloring a picture.      The old woman was haggard looking, but pleasant. "What can I getcha, dear?" She asked me.      I took a moment to decide, then said, "Baccardi, a pint please."      As she turned to get the bottle off the shelf, I glanced at the girl. She was reaching across the counter to get another crayon and her blouse hung loosely on her body, affording me a peek down her shirt. I was surprised but pleased to see a small pair of budding breasts. They were pointy, with tiny areolas and nipples, but a good peek, none the less.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Transference: A Jack Durango FBI Story
      transfer zip (31k) (M/f)
      FBI Agent Jack Durango set out to investigate "adult abuse" in The Keys, where "KIK" (Kids in Kommand) Clubs are springing up. It's basically child abuse in reverse, little kids torturing adults. His partners are Nina Raynes, ten years old, her incestuous brother David, thirteen, and Special Agent Morgan Kohl, a Goya-breasted redhead with mountains of hair, who is exchanging bodies with Nina thanks to a special drug. Only after they get there do they discover that a rogue FBI Agent is running the whole perverted thing!!!
    • by Lil N :...
    • Trisha & Stevie.....
      trisha zip (6k) (F/m,mother/son)
      Trisha groaned at the thought of going on another business trip for her firm. But she had to. It was part of her job. Trisha worked long and hard for the company. They paid her well. Trisha knew that she wouldn't be able to find a babysitter at the last minute to stay with Stevie, so she decided to take him with her.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Calabreses III
      calab3 zip (6k) (F/mm, incest)
      Los minutos se hacían eternos metido en aquel viejo armario y Giulio empezaba a perder la paciencia.Eran aún las once, así que decidió hacer un intento serio de estudiar.Eligió biología, ya que el inglés lo había practicado suficientemente ese día, y se puso a estudiar a la luz de la linterna.Era una asignatura que no le entusiasmaba, pero al menos no le aburría como la física, a la que aborrecía gracias a su profesor.

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  • ~~~~~~Well~I'm~not~the~world's~most~masculine~man~~~~~~

    I pushed her away. I walked to the door.
    I fell to the floor. I got down on my knees.
    I looked at her, and she at me.

    Well that's the way that I want it to stay.
    I always want it to be that way for my Lola.
    Lo lo lo Lola.

    Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls.
    It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world,
    except for Lola. Lo lo lo Lola. Lo lo lo Lola.

    Well I left now just a week before,
    and I never ever kissed a woman before,
    Lola smiled and took me by the hand,
    she said, "Little boy, gonna make you a man."


    ("Lola", as written & performed by The Kinks)
    (Summer of '98, BoysTown, Acuna, Mexico)


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