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      Anyone's Daughter

      On Friday AM, January 08, 1999

    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • AveryL, All My Love!
      averyl zip (13k) (M/f,Incest,con)
      “GOD IF THIS IS WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND FOR ME THEN SO BE IT!..........IF NOT THEN LET’S GET ON WITH IT!” Reverend William James Washington screamed at his congregation as he led them in a final prayer for the upcoming week.     How can this be he said to himself, I started this year with over $30,000 in the bank and now I’m down to my last $1,000 and haven’t been able to get even a part time job in this one horse town.     14 people here today, wow this is the best yet even though it is the last Sunday of the year.    The collection plate feels about $50 and with the $100 for the wedding on Thursday, I’ll guess I’ll be able to break even this week IF I’m careful.     Now if I can just get enough to pay my $500 of child support next Friday. Wake up Billy, got to get to the front door to say good-by to everybody.
    • by Poker :...
    • Awakenings 2039, part 1
      awake1 zip (13k) (Mf, pedo)
      Alex Steele is used to living by his wits. On the streets of London in 2039 anything goes, and Alex is a survivor. Just. Drawn into the orbit of one of London’s crime bosses, Alex is made an offer he can’t refuse and, for the first time in his life, he doesn’t get the shitty end of the stick.
    • by JS3729 :...
    • Every Night, part 2
      every02 zip (9k) (An incestous vampire love story.)
      Melody returned in about an hour. Sis had left with the other girl and Mom went with her. She told me she didn't feel like cock tonight, so Mom would fuck her new slave's former boyfriend. I told sis to be back within a couple of hours. We would be moving!!     Dad was waiting with me for Melody. He wanted to try my new slave out himself. I was eagerly looking forward to Rhoda's introduction to a cock.     Little sis called to say sis had told her what was happening. She was going to come back here and help us out. She had just finished getting fucked by an eight year old boy. It was his first time and little sis really gets off on virgins. Maybe it was because she was a virgin when she got made.
    • by Amanda :...
    • Histoires pour petites filles perverses
      histoir1 zip (23k) (M/f, F+/f, incest, very cons)
      Alice avait beaucoup changé depuis un an maintenant que j'habitais à la maison. Elle avait vieilli, bien sûr. Les formes et les rondeurs prometteuses dont son corps de fillette commençait doucement à se parer, étaient là pour en attester. Pourtant, au-delà de la métamorphose physique, j'avais la sensation que mon intrusion dans sa petite vie bien tranquille avait plutôt exercé le rôle de détonateur. Avec moi, elle avait enfin trouvé quelqu'un avec qui parler, apprendre, rire et faire des bêtises, même si Alice ne comprenait pas toujours ce que je lui racontais.
    • by BP :...
    • Feeding Jenny
      jenny zip (7k) (Incest, preg)
      When Jim's brother Ralph, called to tell us that he was coming back to the States I had mixed feelings. You see Ralph is a pedophile. Oh, he doesn't make a habit of going out and grabbing little kids and forcing them to have sex but he has been caught having sex with several girls that weren't in highschool yet. Jim's parents got Ralph out of trouble by sending Ralph to Europe.    Ralph left for Europe shortly after Jim and I were married. That was twelve years ago, now Jim, Jenny and I live on the other side of the country. Jenny is my daughter, a result of our honeymoon. Ralph sent us letters and cards the whole time he was in Europe and presents for Jenny.
      The Treatments, ch 1 & 2
      treat1_2 zip (14k) (Teen, preg, toys semi-nc)
      Hi I'm Kim, I want to tell you about mommy's friend Doctor Nick and how he helped me. I remember one night after going to bed, hearing mommy and daddy arguing. I couldn't tell what they were talking about but I did hear mommy's friend Doctor Nick's name mentioned. It wasn't anything new, I had heard them talking about Doctor Nick for years. A couple days later mommy told me she was going to take me to see Doctor Nick for a check up. She said that now that I was having periods, she wanted to make sure I was developing correctly. That was fine with me as I like Doctor Nick and he had always been nice to me, my brother and sister. He also took good care of mommy.
    • by Mythos :...
    • Poncho and Cousin Katie
      ponchocuz zip (12k) (m/f, inc, beast)
      "Shit that was a great movie Poncho" Tom said to his dog. "I wish you could find me pussy to fuck just like that dog could but you can't even talk. Given the choice, I would take having you find me pussy to fuck over you talking." Tom picked up the TV listing to see if there were any other good Movies on.     He was home alone and had just finished watching "A Boy and His Dog" on one of the pay channels. "I wonder what this one is, 'I spit on your grave', sounds lame but there is nothing else to watch and I don't want to go to bed yet. I wish mom and dad would have let Jimmy stay over with me. I guess I'm lucky that they didn't make me stay with a babysitter. Its not like I asked to have Jennifer stay over. Ya, me and Jennifer here alone. They best looking girl in the 7th grade. You don't care, do you Poncho?"
    • by JV :...
    • Ginny's Latex Lust: Part 1
      ginny1 zip (21k) (ff/fff/mf/incest/pedo/mm/fetish/group)
      Ever since Ginny had discovered her parents wearing rubber clothing that Friday night long ago, she had always had an attraction to the man made product that she found inescapable. She liked everything about it, the smell, the feeling of having a second skin and the hot buttery mess her pussy made while trying on the tight clothing. After accidentally seeing her parents making love while wearing rubber clothing, Ginny could hardly wait for them to leave the house to try the strange clothing on herself. She loved to sneak into her parents walk in closet to touch the hidden and forbidden items that were hanging up behind all the other clothes at the very back of the closet.

      Thursday AM, January 07, 1999

    • by JS3729 :...
    • Every Night, part 1
      every01 zip (7k) (An incestous vampire love story)
      She was looking back. She sensed me, but it would do no good. Her creamy little pussy was as good as mine.   I watched for a few more minutes to make sure she was alone. She was.    I made my move.   "Hello Ms. Norris."   "Wwwhho are you and what do you want?"   "I want to fuck you."   She tried to slap me. It's the normal reaction. I expect it. Only the real brave (or horny) females have a different reaction.)   "Look at me."   She tried to turn her eyes away, but she can't. Nobody can.
    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Heaven On Earth, part 2
      heaven2 zip (26k) (M/f, m+/f+, F/m, group, inc, con, 69, anal)
      We had a good breakfast and started putting our plan into action. I had plenty of wine coolers for Judy and the girls took some upstairs to give to the kids latter during the day.    We continued putting things away. Julie laughed as she dealt with the placement of the things in the kitchen. She said that Sandy would have to rearrange everything when she got the time. Julie in some ways was a better organizer than my lovely Soul Mate Sandy.    Jeff mowed the lawn and Ron arranged and flattened all the empty boxes in the garage so we could get the cars in the garage and also prepare for the next load.    At 12:15 Judy and the kids showed up. Judy had an interesting look on her face when she met Julie, but soon became at ease with her. The two ladies in a short time took a strong liking with each other.
    • by Kelvin Guard :...
    • Return of the Kovz King, part 1 of 15
      kovzK01 zip (57k) (m/m, F/m, n/c, infantilism)
      (original m/m version)
      Eleven-year-old Kelvin wakes up in an alley with no memory of his past. With little more than a necklace to link him to his former life, Kelvin begins his epic adventure. After a stay in an orphanage where he is gang raped by eight other boys, young Kelvin is sold off as a slave by corrupt priests. His new master is thirteen-year-old Eric, for whom he will be a sexual plaything.
    • by Kelva Guard and The Carnal Quill :...
    • Return of the Kovz Queen, part 1 of 15
      kovsq01 zip (57k) (m/f, F/f, n/c, infantilism)
      (converted to m/f by Carnal Quill)
      Eleven-year-old Kelva wakes up in an alley with no memory of her past. With little more than a necklace to link her to her former life, Kelva begins her epic adventure. After a stay in an orphanage where she is gang raped by eight boys, young Kelva is sold off as a slave by corrupt priests. Her new master is thirteen-year-old Eric, for whom she will be a sexual plaything.

      Wednesday AM, January 06, 1999

    • by Amanda :...
    • New Author.!.!.!
      Sévices au Harem
      services zip (54k
      "Yasmine écarta la lourde toile et les hommes pénétrèrent sous la tente. Allongée sur des peaux de chèvres, Isabelle regarda approcher les cavaliers venus du désert, en compta six et ferma les yeux. Elle ne voulait pas voir ce qu'ils allaient lui faire et grâce à l'écœurant breuvage que Yasmine lui avait donné à boire, elle espérait qu'elle les sentirait à peine. Elle devait penser à autre chose, s'échapper dans le rêve pour oublier les mains qui s'insinuaient sous sa robe, froissaient le tissu pour dénuder ses seins et ses fesses, les mains avides qui la pétrissaient sans douceur, écartaient ses cuisses, les relevaient pour ouvrir son sexe épilé, huilé, parfumé au jasmin pour le plaisir de ces hommes dont elle ne voulait pas non plus entendre les souffles rauques, les grognements excités, les commentaires qu'elle ne pouvait comprendre mais qu'elle savait triviaux, pleins de mépris pour elle, la jeune pute blanche que l'émir Djamel al'Salen offrait à qui voulait bien en jouir, la chienne blonde de l'émir !
    • by The Englishman :...
    • Plonker, part 6
      plonker6 zip (14k) (M/f incest, first, reluctant)
      Mike decides to take things into his own hands, little knowing that Sammy has already done likewise. Things escalate beyond Mike's control when he gets a nasty shock.
    • by Boner :...
    • New Author.!.!.!
      Carwash Shock
      carwash zip (3k) (Bro/Sis)
      last month i experienced an unexpected encounter with a close member of my family, i havent been able to speak to her since ( i wouldnt know what to say! ) the wednesday following christmas was to be a busy day for me; after wrapping-up the remainder of the gifts for my thirty-seven year old sister and her two kids, i was to drive some fifty miles ( a considerable distance in the UK ) into the countryside to visit them.
    • by Scatman_40 :...
    • The Depraved, part 2
      abby4 zip (11k) (Mf, MFf, incest, pedo, cons torture, gs)
      Three days later I stood at Abby's front door. I had been shopping and had with me a pack full of goodies. I pushed the doorbell and waited. Abby opened the door, smiled and said, 'Welcome,' gesturing for me to enter. She led me to her bedroom where I dumped the pack on the floor, before turning to face her. Abby came straight into my arms and we kissed each other in a frenzy of sexual want.    'Where's Denise?' I asked.    'Oh Grandmas out visiting one of her friends, she's been a lot easier to live with since last week Dan,' Abby replied, 'We have little bits of fun every day now. I never thought I would enjoy having sex with a fat old lady but it's so disgusting, it's fun!'
    • by Mr. E. :...
    • The Lactation Consultant
      lactatio zip (7k) (F/ff, lactation)
      As a lactation consultant, Mary Conyers helped nursing mothers with the various challenges of breastfeeding their babies. Usually, this was routine, dealing with sore nipples, manual expression of the milk, infections, and the like. But on occasion, she would receive "grants" from an Austrian company called D-Lactopedia, GmbH, to conduct studies according to very strict guidelines, which, if followed exactly and properly documented by photographic evidence, would result in large bonuses.
    • by Shaking_Pen :...
    • The Edwards Family Secrets Part 4
      secrets4 zip (12k) (Mf/inc)
      I responded to Steve's invitation to sit down in front of the den's roaring fire as I sought to get my head together! I mumbled my thanks as I accepted the bottle of 'Bud' he offered and sat there, just trying to put the events I'd just witnessed in some sort of context!    I'd turned up at Steve's house as requested, with an overnight case for my 12 year old stepdaughter, Michele, who had agreed to stay over with Tracy, Steve's only daughter (they were best friends and shared birthdays...their 12th birthday having being celebrated only a few weeks previously!)
    • by smbell :...
    • SexToy 1b
      sextoy1b zip (14k) (M/f, inc, scat, w/s)
      Hi. I am Lee-anne. This story is about my first meeting with Steve, a very good friend of mine. I am writing it because my teacher will tell me to, and I like to anticipate him. He will be annoyed that I took a day off. I will have to read this out to him, and some of the rest of my class, sometime soon. Mr Peters is eager to make sure that I get the best possible education. I am going to miss him when I leave to start senior school this year. He has made my stay at junior school great fun.

      Tuesday AM, January 05, 1999

    • by 2x4 :...
    • New Author.!.!.!
      I'd bend her over somewhere!
      bendover zip (5k) (m/F, incest)
      Chris notices how good looking his sister has become when he's shopping with her at the mall. She catches him with a hard-on and when they get home, well, you'll have to read it to find out...
    • by PPingTom :...
    • Gender Bender Kids
      gendbend zip (14k) (Mf,Mm,mf pedo/cons)
      A new kid moves in behind Peter's house, and he can't tell if the pre-teen is a girl or a boy. As a bisexual, he decides it doesn't make any difference. But he may be in for a surprise...
    • by E. A. Stone :...
    • Grandpa's visit
      grandpas zip (5k) (M/f, incest, pedo)
      I went to visit my daughter for a few days. She lives about four hours from my home. My granddaughter Jessica was to turn nine the next day and I was invited to attend her party. When I arrived Jessica ran into my arms, wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.     "I'm so glad you'll be here for my party tomorrow grandpa." she squealed with delight.     "Momma says you can sleep in my room. I'll sleep on the sofa."
    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Heaven On Earth
      heaven zip (44k) (M/f, m+/f+, F/m, group, incest, con, 69, anal)
      I met Sandy during the Summer of 1996. Do I believe in love at first sight? I do now! I fell in love with her and to this day, I do not know why I didn’t pick her up and carry her to the nearest bed. The term Soul Mate is one that starts to describe what I felt at that moment when I first laid eyes on her. Many of my stories will evolve around her. I believe that as we continue to move into the Fourth Dimension (Heaven on Earth) we will manifest more and more of our thoughts and feelings. I see you Sandy all the time.
    • by Cagey :...
    • Jaw-k And Jill
      jawkjill zip (15k) (M/f)
      A writer/farmhand unknowingly falls in love with his best friend's, fifteen year-old gymnast daughter....and, as the nursery rhyme goes "Jack and Jill went up the hill
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • Samantha and Tracy
      samantha zip (12k) (f/f ff/m first teen lust)
      Samantha and Tracy discover the joys of their bodies, then try it out on a boy
      Tropical Paradise
      tropical zip (14k) (M/f)
      Jake finds himself landing on a tropical paradise and finds natives
    • by The Traveler :...
    • Secretary
      secretar zip (10k) (M/F mom/son)
      A few years ago I made the decision of starting my own business. I decided to go into consulting. That was great for me and my wife. We had no kids and she was the best secretary a man can ask for. We decided that we would make my office at home in the basement.    What was so great about my business and the fact that it was at home was that there was no need for me to dress-up any more. No more suit and tie. I actually started to work nude in my office. This I must say pleased my wife immensely. You cannot imagine the amount of times we made love on the top of my desk or how many times I talked to customers while my wife had my dick in her mouth. This was great for me and also for her. Let's face it! I was a home a lot more and loving it.
    • by Spangles Muldoon :...
    • American Made
      usamade zip (9k) (M/f teen)
      I have been working in aviation longer than I even care to remember. I work on the technical and regulatory side of aviation. I am not a pilot or aircrew member, nor do I have any desire to be. As a result of my chosen field, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively in several parts of the world. I am currently working for a helicopter company that is looking for new markets to expand into. They are looking at the possibility of expanding internationally. The countries they chose to look at were the Phillipines and Russia. Russia I could understand, but I really didn't understand the idea behind expansion into the Phillipines.
      Same Tomorrow As Yesterday...
      sameas zip (11k) (M/f teen)
      You learn a lot over the years, at least I know I did. Those of you who have read my other stories know that I grew up in a small, backwards, redneck town, and that my greatest ambition was to get the hell out of there and never return. So far, I have managed to do just that.    Still, as you get older, you learn, or, more importantly, you begin to piece together, tidbits of information, and you find out that what used to be a puzzle now begins to make a little sense. Sometimes, that leads to the realization that what you used to perceive as a handicap is in actuality a benefit. That, in part, is why I decided to make a pilgrimage of sorts, and go back to the old hometown.
    • by silent killer :...
    • The Babysitter Cycle
      thecycle zip (29k) (mF, MF, FMf, cons)
      Jon lusted after his babysitter Rhonda for years. Finally he was able to have her. Years later, he was able to babysit Rhonda's daughter

      Monday AM, January 04, 1999

    • by Ron :...
    • In My Daughters' Minds, ch 2
      dautmin2 zip (18k) (M/F/f/f cons esp)
      "Do you think they're still asleep?" the soft, high voice of six year old Eric asked.    "I guess so. I wish I could sleep with mom and dad like Brenda," his sister, Susan, stated.   "Me too," Eric, said. "Maybe if we're really good and clean up our rooms."     There was a moment of silence when I felt the tiniest exploratory touch of Susan's mind on mine, returning it with a soft splash of love. I heard a gasp and pulled back from her, but not before I let a little carnal desire out. Damn! That was clumsy.     Susan stuttered, "I, I ... I don't think that's what happened."
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • Sisters
      sisters zip (6k) (M/F+ FF span inc anal oral)
      Brian meets a girl he really fancies. But every time he makes love to her, she is somehow slightly different from the last occasion. On his birthday, he finds out why.
    • by DH2 :...
    • Parent Vacation, ch 1
      parent1 zip (7k) (m/f teen spanking)
      Mom and dad were gone for the weekend. Jason was twelve. His older brother, Tom, who was sixteen was taking care of him. The rules had been laid out for both the boys. Jason knew that his parents had told his brother, "no" when he asked about having Tina over on Friday night. Jason also knew that Tom had the right to spank his bare bottom if he needed it. Tom had his girl friend over that night. Now his big brother had broken the rules. Jason had been sent to bed at 9:30 and told to stay there. His brother told him it was because of his misbehaving, earlier in the day. Jason wasn't sure what his brother was talking about, he had been gone all day. He didn't argue about it. He didn't want to get spanked.
    • by Shaking_Pen :...
    • The Edwards Family Secrets Part 3
      secrets3 zip (14k) (M/F, M/f, inc)
      I trudged down the hall and went into our bedroom and got into bed. 'FUCKING HELL!!', I yelled, Michele had been was freezing!! As I shuddered under the duvet in the vast expanse of the king sized bed, I thought to myself that I'd been better off staying where I least that had been nicely warmed up!! 'SHIT!!', I thought, with my teeth just easing from acting as a pair of castanets...that would have been a brilliant move...NOT!!     I could just visualise the scene as my wife of five years, Gail and my 14 year stepdaughter, Helen, arrive home from their clothes party to find me and our 12 year stepdaughter, Michele, fast asleep and naked as jay birds, in my little pre-teen's bed, all nicely snuggled down and covered over with a freshly cum stained duvet with a LITTLE MERMAID motif!!! For fucks sake!!! What was I thinking about??
    • by smbell :...
    • SexToy 1a
      sextoy1 zip (10k) (M/f)
      Sometimes I have lucky days. Let me tell you about one of the best of them.     It was a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny with a light breeze to keep the temperature reasonable. I had a day off, and decided to spend some time in a nearby park, which was likely to be quiet. It was a large park broken in to many small sections by hedges. I headed for one of the sections furthest from the park entrance, where I was likely to get peace and quiet.     I got there mid-morning and found 'my' area deserted, apart form one young lady on skates. She was an attractive lass, so I settled down on a seat in the sun, and relaxed.

      Sunday AM, January 03, 1999

    • by Young Fox :...
    • Uncle Bevan and his Nephew James Play with the Maid
      uncbevan zip (9k) (M/m/f inc)
      A worldly man introduces his nephew to the female, offering his maid. James fucks the girl but is overcome with anger and guilt when he cums, disgusted that the girl has forced him to loose his seed at her tempo rather than his. He wants to kill her. Uncle learnedly shush-shushes his nephew's rage and successfully encourages him to give girls a chance.

      Saturday AM, January 02, 1999

    • by Mercury :...
    • For Love of Alicia, part 3
      alicia3 zip (31k) (M/f teen)
      Thursday morning came and I headed off for work. This was to be a day spent in the office catching up on some paperwork as I wanted to be sure I was not too far from home and would be able to get away in the middle of the afternoon.   Louise greeted me as she usually did by looking up from her typing and smiling sweetly across the office at me.
    • by Ammoun :...
    • Little Beth, part 3: Camping with Jan and Beth
      litbeth3 zip (36k) (M/F, MF/f, F/f, group, oral, anal, inc, pedo, gs, ws, beast)
      In Little Beth, I told you how Beth, the little 11 year old nympho who lived in my parent's neighborhood, came to my parent's house and seduced me while I was house sitting. In the second installment, I gave you the background of my girlfriend, Jan, who started having sex with her mother at age 9.    This story is about the time Jan and I took Beth on a camping trip with us.
    • by Shaking_Pen :...
    • The Edwards Family Secrets - the second night
      secrets2 zip (14k) (Mf/inc)
      This is the second episode of a multipart story which had its genesis in 'The Dawn'

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      I think you're gonna die of fright
      When I tell you what I've done

      I can hear your tales and lies
      You say I'm dumb and scraggy
      But man this dumb and scraggy is
      Your daughter's baby's daddy

      She's a lucky daughter
      Such a lucky daughter
      Why did I always get
      The kinda girl I didn't wanna get
      Now I've got what I've always fought for
      'Cause I've married a rich man's daughter


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