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    Demon's Eye

    On Friday PM, July 09, 1999


    Thursday PM, July 08, 1999

  • by Neverlove :...
  • Decrepit
    decrepit zip (5k) (m/f M/F)
    Decrepit, a man on the street, and down the street floating, sterile on the best shock absorbers a life of platitude can purchase. Rotting, a radio pounding and pounding on beat after happy beat into infinity, and never halting in the holes of the souls of those it serenaded daily for years. Calm, and distant from all that were closest to him, a speechless and indifferent entity rolled closer to destiny, oblivious. For there, on the corner, perched on the sunlit and everything tied to the tired and bright of gaudy summer days, stood his dark enigma of a bride, dead.
  • by Jessi :...
  • Flying High, part 4
    flying4 zip (4k) (M/g cons)
    Continued.... we finally really go all the way...
  • by Mandil :...
  • Secrets of the Old Trunk
    secrets zip (14k) (M/f , voy, cuck)
    A man discovers the hidden diaries of his wife which give an account of the time when she was twelve and older. He discovers from them the details of her relationship with the married man next door.

    Wednesday PM, July 07, 1999

  • by rabbit108 :...
  • Girl
    girl zip (7k) (m/f young love)
    the paper boy gets sacked and a young girl takes his place. love soon starts to show through
  • by Maxamm :...
  • Little Girl For Birthday Boy
    lilgirl zip (8k) (m/f, pedo, bro/sis, bondage, w/s, rape)
    Cheryl's kid brother is fourteen today. He's been fucking her since he was four and they've explored just about every conceivable sexual perversion together. So, what does the kinky bitch get him for this special day? How about a sweet and innocent four year old girl named Donna, with whom they can both act out their wildest and most depraved fantasies?
  • by T. Trout :...
  • My Little Girl II: Mandy's Story, ch 2
    mandy2 zip (9k) (M/f inc pedo)
    This is another one of my "homage pieces." The story was inspired by the Mr. Double resident "secret author," whose story "My Little Girl" piqued my fancy. The plot line does not follow that of the original tale, but tells a slightly different story from the perspective of the character Mandy.
  • by Neverlove :...
  • Melissa
    melissa zip (6k) (m/f)
    My best friend's girlfriend is a hot little fifteen-year-old. Should I fuck her?
  • by emily :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Lindsey & our little boys, ch 1
    lilboys1 zip (8k) (FF/bbb mom/son inc)
    My friend Lindsey and I have bath-time fun playing with our three little boys.
    Life with my Sister
    mysister zip (6k) (FF/sisters inc)
    Love and sex with my sister. Sustaining a relationship from young teens to being mothers ourselves.
  • by NL Soldier and Bluewords :...
  • Relative
    relative zip (10k) (MF bro/sis inc?)
    The evening light cut through the mini blinds in Alan's room, creating streaks of orange, red and yellow. There was complete silence throughout the house except for the sound's of strained breathing and the rhythmic squeaking of Alan's bed.
  • by Spangles Muldoon :...
  • Sherri
    sherri zip (8k) (m/f)
    I really didn't like Sherri. I tolerated her, though, because Kevin wanted to fuck her, and he would have done the same for me. Admittedly, he had made absolutely no progress towards doing that yet, so he agreed to drive her to Stillwater one weekend to visit some of her friends. He figured he could gain some major points with her by doing that, not to mention getting to spend a lot of time with her during the trip.
  • by Thinner :...
  • My Sister And Her Kids
    siskids zip (11k) (F/fm incest)
    I've always had a great family. I was the only boy of 5 children and my sisters were always the most important things in my life. They are all younger than I am, and the baby, Linda, now 34, has always been my favorite. She is a beautiful woman, petite with slim legs and dark hair. She and I were close from the time she was born. I looked after her as she grew up and I'm proud to say that I chased away many a scumbag who wanted nothing more than to get her in the sack. She married at 19 and I was happy with her choice. He was a friend of mine who I knew would treat her well and he did up until a month ago when he was killed by a hit and run driver, leaving my sister and her 3 beautiful children to fend for themselves.

    Tuesday PM, July 06, 1999

  • by Rogue :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Dreamgirl
    dreamgal zip (114k) (M/f)
    Naked, her pert tits reacted to the cold and stood proudly at attention, as did his cock. Their tongues wrestled as their bodies thrashed and her petite form wrapped around him. Her pussy was almost gushing, she was so ready. His cock slid home without a problem, driving deep on the first thrust. She came almost immediately. He pulled out and kissed her body until he was licking her clit. She shuddered with delight, then moved until she could take his prick in her mouth.
  • by Nomad :...
  • Club A
    cluba zip (11k) (broth/sis anal)
    It was raining heavily outside. That meant I couldn't meet with Jane and her little sister Wendy for our usual games.      There was a knock on the door. I lazily called for whoever to come in and idly tuned around to see my little twelve year old sister enter.       "Aren't you going out to meet Jane?" Maggie asked.      "What do you know about Jane?" I asked. No one was meant to know that we knew each other. My sister smiled like a cat that had eaten the canary, the type of smile that made me want to hit her.      "Oh, only that you two are doing dirty things together." She told me as she watched me, her face a little flushed.      "I don't know where you got that idea," I shrugged. "She's only ten or eleven," I told her. "She told me, so there. She told me you put things up her bum hole!" Maggie spat red faced and angry.
  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • Everything I do is wrong #1
    iswrong1 zip (23k) (M/F mom/son noncons/cons/inc)
    Glenda catches her husband, Will cheating on her. Who do you think she picks to replace him?
    Mothers and Mothers in Law, ch 1
    momnmom1 zip (23k) (M/F SIL/MIL cons)
    Jake comes off his ship to catch his wife fooling around on him. Who do you suppose takes her place, gladly?
  • by T. Trout :...
  • My Little Girl II: Mandy's Story
    mandy1 zip (17k) (M/f inc pedo)
    Mandy Roberts cried and ran to her room. The little girl had once been so close to her daddy, but before she'd reached her seventh birthday, he had started treating her coldly like mommy did. Mandy hated it.     Robin Lecy was playing "doctor and nurse" with boys in the neighborhood and telling Mandy all about it. Mandy wanted to play too, kind of. When she thought about it, she didn't really want a stranger to play with, she wanted her daddy. If she could get daddy, that'd be great. If not, well, maybe she'd go with Robin sometime.     Mommy was gone. Daddy said that grand-dad was sick. Mommy hadn't said anything, which was fine with Mandy. Mandy hated mommy. Mommy didn't let her dress like Robin's mommy did. Robin wore skimpy tube tops and tiny shorts and skirts that didn't even come down to the knee. All the boys looked at Robin. None looked at Mandy.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • A Mother Fucking Odyssey I
    mfuck1 zip (17k) (F/F/b/teasing/oral)
    Our young hero begins his epic journey that sees him add several knotches to the bedpost. Targets 1 and two are his own mother and her good friend Janet. The kid knows what he wants and invites you to read along as he starts to get himself some.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Secrets That Hurt, part 4
    secrets4 zip (8k) (M/f,pedo (yg g),MM/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
    Susan Madison was a normal, friendly little eight-year-old when she met up with a mysterious stranger looking for his "sons" one fateful early evening. They never found his sons, for he had none, but they found Susan's body and emotions as they showed her the way to fulfillment... the pleasure way.
    Unka Dickie, Billy & Me, part 5
    unkdick5 zip (4k) (M/f, pedo (yg g), b/g, oral, anal, nc, light B&D, rough)
    Mollianne was only eight and a half when her whole world turned upside down. Her kindly Unka Dickie and randy cousin Billy taught this sweet girl everything she needed to know about pleasuring her uncle lover, her cousin lover and herself.
  • by Poker :...
  • War Baby
    warbaby zip (17k) (MF, rape, MMf, rape, oral, inter-racial)
    Theresa O'Connell cowers on the steps of the altar, the sounds of the African night floating through the church's open window. With her are her three daughters, aged 7, 5 and 3. The Azanian Peoples Liberation Army are nearby and the villagers have fled into the bush leaving only the priest to protect the white family from the coming of the soldiers...
  • by SinQ :...
  • Shaved by Joanie, Vickie's Mom, part 4
    shaved4 zip (11k) (F/f/f/m, slaveboy & girl)
    Slutboy Bob settles in. What a surprise when 18 year old Sandy moves into his bedroom! Joanie, his girlfriend's mom, decides to shave their bodies in preparation for the special dinner she's planned for her daughter Vickie

    Monday PM, July 05, 1999

  • by Bach :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Helping Hand, ch 1
    helping1 zip (5k) (M/f spank con)
    To keep a friend's 3rd grade sister from getting spanked by her father, 12 year old Will steps in to help.
  • by Ed X :...
  • Going to a "Peak"nic
    peaknic zip (15k) (f/f, M/f/f, voyeur, cons, inc)
    Bob didn't even want to go to his company picnic, but he changes his mind after a sudden rain storm changes the picnic into a "peak"nic. He secretly watches his boss' young daughters pleasure each other after they seek shelter from the storm and finds out just how deep their family relationship runs.
  • by March_Hare :...
  • Sweetie, ch 3
    sweetie3 zip (4k) (F/f M/f incest pedo)
    What happens when mom comes home?
  • by Nomad :...
  • Tripoli
    tripoli zip (9k) (M/f/F)
    Our intrepid explorer goes to Tripoli in search of the slave market
  • by Forbidden Innocence :...
  • Uncle Phil Returns and Hypnotizes All the Kids, part 2
    uncphil2 zip (13k) (M/f incest)
    I looked over at my 11-year-old daughter on the seat next to me and noticed her enthusiasm. We had been traveling together for the last four or so hours. My erection had subsided from the antics I had put her through after hypnotizing her at the rest stop. She had no memory of stripping off all of her clothes, fingering her pussy and sucking my cock. I knew this was just a preliminary activity as compared to what I had in store for all the kids as we pulled up into the driveway.
  • by Benhead :...
  • Visiting Friends, ch 2
    visiting2 zip (8k) (M/ff pedo)
    I suddenly woke up to find that I was alone. Was it a dream that I just had or had I actually just fucked my best friend's eleven year old daughter. I reached down to touch my now flaccid cock and sure enough, I found dried semen and presumably pussy juice all over my cock.
  • by BeachDaddy :...
  • Latebloomer, part 1
    bloomer1 zip (6k) (M/f dad/dau cons first)
    My daughter recently turned 13, and although she had complained, at age 12 that she wished she had little breasts and a little peach fuzz between her legs, she certainly has caught up in the last year, and has not been unnoticed by me. Lets me explain our relationship so you will understand the circumstances that led up to this day.
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • The House Guest, ch 4
    house4 zip (5k) (M/F Voy Rom)
    Suddenly he was wide-awake. The events of the previous night sprang into his consciousness, her panties, left crumpled and loaded with his cum on the sink. The sound of her husband's moans as she pleasured him, pressed him between the enfolding softness of her breasts until he came with a loud moan, spurting his sperm hot and thick and heavy on the flat above her round perfect breasts.
  • by NL Soldier :...
  • Wedding Day
    wedding zip (9k) (MF inc)
    Denise and Jerome reminisce about their incestuous relationship on Jerome's wedding day.

    Sunday PM, July 04, 1999

  • by GoDSpiT :...
  • Amber, part 2
    amber2 zip (21k) (M/f, ped, cons)
    The cool sun of an English summer was becoming almost hypnotic to Paul. He sat on the front porch watching the school bus unload the kids for the final time, the first official day of summer was finally here and Paul was very happy that it had finally arrived. Neither he nor Amber had gone beyond that first night over the last month and a half, it wasn't that they didn't want to or feel the desire to, it was more like they felt they had their whole life ahead of them and that they would be able to fulfill anything that they wanted at any time they wanted to.
  • by Pedros :...
  • Sleeping With Mum And Dad
    sleepmum zip (18k) (F/m/M inc ped)
    "Young Davey's bed gets wet in a storm and he goes into his parent's room to tell his mum. It is so late, she tells him to get into their bed, even though she and her husband both sleep nude. Davey's pj's are wet so he has to take them off. Touching can't be helped with three in the bed, but what follows certainly could have been....if they had wanted it!!!
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Small Game Hunting, part 2
    small2 zip (5k) (M/b, pedo (yg b), oral, anal, nc, rough)
    Bob Johnson and his puppy, Ruffy, have an uncanny ability to seek out and find just the perfect playmate for both of them. Their shopping market? A kiddy park where parents should never take their eyes off of their children even for a second...
  • by Julie :...
  • My Caribean Vacation, ch 7-9
    carib7_9 zip (12k) (mf Mfm fM ff, various, incest)
    Hi! My name is Julie. I'm the heroine of this story. This is a continuation of the previous story and introduces my cousins Janet (25), Barbara (12), Patti (9), Connie (21), Bill (22) and Kevin (15).
  • by Smokey :...
  • Hotsex Relay, part 2
    hotsex2 zip (7k) (M/f, e.teen, cons, sex)
    Paula wasted no time visiting me again. As it turned out, one of Paula's school friends lived really close to my apartment, so Paula rode the school-bus to her friend's stop and they then headed over to my place. The last thing I expected when I answered the door was to see Paula standing there, looking at me with those bedroom eyes, dressed in the tightest clothing she probably owned. But it was her friend that I really wasn’t ready for. The same height as Paula, her friend Rochelle was a wet dream come true.
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • The House Guest, ch 3
    house3 zip (7k) (M/F/Voy/ROM)
    It still bothered him that she had been looking into his eyes in the dark as she assertively rode her husband's maleness in the middle of the night. She had ridden up and down his hardness, while he lay a bit under the weather, not helping or participating much. Still she rode on until at last reaching her climax. He remembered exactly what she had said, how she said it, loved the sound of her soft intense sigh. . "ohhhhhhh .........ohhhhhhhh. Ooooohhhhhhh. Yyyyyyessss! It had been soft but firm, full of pleasure, soul, and meaning, almost enough to include him in its universal release.

    Saturday PM, July 03, 1999

  • by BigCuz :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Cousin Dee Dee, part 2: Bathroom Pussy Patrol
    ddbath zip (15k) (m/f incest)
    It was another scorching hot Saturday in June, and I was still in shock. It had been four days since I went to Swimland with my cousins Denise and Dee Dee. And on that glorious day, I had gotten lucky enough to watch my little cousin Dee Dee take a shower. She peeled off her one piece swimsuit and showered nude while two other guys and I watched in ecstasy through peep holes in the lockerrooms. And for the last four days, those precious few minutes were all I could think about.
    Cousin Dee Dee, part 1: Swimland
    ddswim zip (12k) (m/f incest)
    It was a hazy, scorching hot summer Tuesday in June. I had been in town visiting my cousins for about two weeks, just like I did every summer. Donnie was 21, Denise was 19, and Dee Dee was 16. Since I am 23, I usually hung out with Donnie and his friends most of the time. Denise spent most of her time with her redneck boyfriend, and I hadn't seen much of her on this trip. But last summer, Dee Dee and I had gotten to spend a lot of time together. She's a little quieter than her sister, almost to the point of being a little shy. But she is cute as can be, and a real sweetheart. We enjoyed running around together and got along great, and had become favorite cousins.
  • by Red Rivers :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Inseperable by the Woods, intro
    woods1 zip (4k) (M/f teen)
    Two young teenagers escaped at a house in the mountains explore deeply with each others desires.
  • by little girl Watcher :...
  • The Christening
    christen zip (43k) (MF~bb/MFbb~infant:Inc.Inc/ws/best/ped/mild Mb/EXTREME!/Gangbang~infant)
    My husband slowly slipped his big adult cock into our seventeen month old daughter's wet little mouth, groaning at the hotness from it. Meanwhile my nine year old son was fucking the baby with his four inch shaft of hard meat and his ten year old brother was using her litle fist to jack himself off.     I was watching my infant daughter get gang-banged by my husband and sons and loving every minute of it!
  • by Jessi :...
  • Flying High, parts 2 & 3
    flying2_3 zip (6k) (f mast)
    This is the continued story of what happened to me beginning when I was 11 - 12 years old...
  • by B.P. :...
  • I Saw Daddy Playing With Mommy
    isawdad zip (11k) (M/f/F incest)
    I don't know how old I was when I found out it was fun to play with myself, as in play with my puss and my nips. I do know that my playing started long before I knew that boys could be fun to play sex games with. Being an only child meant that I didn't need to worry about a snoopy brother or sister. Keeping my fingers out of my crotch and away from my nips took great will power and by the time I would get home from school I would run to my room to rub my itchy puss and pinch and pull on my nips.
  • by BOBBYLOVE :...
  • Little Bobby, part 2
    lilbobb2 zip (4k) (m/f)
    Me and Carol stood at the fork in the road making plans for the next day, we said; we would meet at the fishing hole about 11 am. We kissed goodbye and I watched her cute ass disappear into the woods. At this point I was starving I had not eaten in two days so I started to walk down the road towards the house, I was walking about ten minutes when I heard a car horn beeping. I turned to see aunt Mary's sister Linda, she pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted a ride I said; with a chuckle IM not supposed to accept rides from strangers what if you tried to do something nasty to me? She laughed loud and said get in I promise, IM going to do very nasty things to you. I jumped into the car real fast she leaned over and kissed me on the check.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Small Game Hunting, part 1
    small1 zip (5k) (M/b, pedo (yg b), oral, anal, nc, rough)
    Bob Johnson and his puppy, Ruffy, have an uncanny ability to seek out and find just the perfect playmate for both of them. Their shopping market? A kiddy park where parents should never take their eyes off of their children even for a second...
    Unka Dickie, Billy & Me, part 4
    unkdick4 zip (4k) (M/f, pedo (yg g), b/g, oral, anal, nc, light B&D, rough)
    Mollianne was only eight and a half when her whole world turned upside down. Her kindly Unka Dickie and randy cousin Billy taught this sweet girl everything she needed to know about pleasuring her uncle lover, her cousin lover and herself.
  • by T. Trout :...
  • Billy (aka The Squirt), ch 3
    squirt3 zip (17k) (b/b inc anal oral ws)
    I went up to Dennis' room and him and Ramón were sitting on one of the beds as Dennis flipped through a comic book. I sat down beside him and glanced at it. One glimpse and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. 'Cub Camp' has drawings of all these little boys like Ramón's age sucking men and getting fucked around a campfire and in tents and tied to trees and all kinds of stuff. I asked Dennis where he'd got it and he said that Gerry could get anything. Dennis said he liked the comics best and instantly I wondered what other things there were.
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • The Stepchild
    stepchld zip (33k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
    I must have been born under an unlucky star. I was an only child because I had torn up Mom so bad in childbirth she couldn't have another. If the guilt from that wasn't bad enough she died of ovarian cancer when I was ten. Naturally I thought that was my fault too and was heartbroken.      Daddy tried to console me and that made me transfer all my love to him. I really tried to replace Mom. I kept the house clean and washed his clothes but unfortunately I couldn't cook worth a damn. I went on the simple philosophy that "If you can't fry it. Fuck it."
    West Whip
    westwhip zip (4k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
    I awaken with a headache. I realize I am not in my own bed when I feel a rough canvas mattress against my legs and realize I am wearing some sort of homespun shift rather than my silk nightie.      I open my eyes to see I am in a cell of rough cement with iron bars at a small window and at the door. I am reminded of a ghost town I had seen in southern California.      I get up confused. The last thing I can remember is having a drink with Fritz but that was at an upscale bar in Los Angeles. I close my eyes again thinking this is a dream and I will awaken at home.
    White Victim
    whitevic zip (48k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
    I guess maybe I have spent too much time in liberal schools. In any case I had been feeling guilty about the "Black Womens" plight and when I saw a little blurb in the paper about a discussion of "The Black womans Experience" I decided to go. After all Daddy had left me a ton of money so I didn't have to work and I was a little bored      It didn't occur to me to dress a little down to go so I put on my white cashmere dress that goes so well with my blonde hair and tan skin.      The meeting was not in one of the "Nice," neighborhoods but at least it was not on the list I had picked up at the police station as neighborhoods to avoid to keep from being robbed or carjacked.
  • by G. H. Lawrence :...
  • Built for One Thing, part 2
    built2 zip (30k) (incest mother/son)
    I had fucked Mom's brains out, and now I simply had to have her beautiful, busty body again - even while Dad was home.
  • by Jimyh :...
  • Grampa Gets A Treat, ch 2-4
    grand2_4 zip (12k) (m/f/inc)
    Grey grunted with the effort as he lay his seven-year-old granddaughter down in the center of his huge bed. He continued to bend, then, and began slowly unbuttoning the child’s blouse. He was beyond reasoning with himself over what he was about to do, nor did the old man find it necessary to rationalize the seduction of the little girl. His cock was a ramrod in his pants and the youngster had invited this as far as he was concerned and no other explanation was required.      ‘What you doin’, grampa?’ the lass innocently asked as she watched her grand-father’s fingers work their way down her buttons.     ‘Why, I’m taking your clothes off, darling, so you’ll be naked just like that little girl in your pictures. Is that okay?’
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • The House Guest, ch 1-2
    house1_2 zip (10k) (M/F/ROM)
    Valerie folded the letter and put it once more into a small compartment in her bag. She didn't know why she'd kept it. It was a painful reminder of an affair her husband had had some years ago. An affair that was long over. It had been a rocky time, but now their marriage was strong again. Still she found herself reading the letter sometimes when she was alone
  • by SinQ :...
  • Vickie's Mom, part 3
    vickie3 zip (12k) (F/m/f/moth-daut inc,b&d)
    Virgin Vickie catches her boyfriend licking his own cum from her mother's tits and the fun begins.
  • by WABE :...
  • Backdoor Babysitter
    gynak zip (10k) (Translated into German by WABE)
    Die Schwester begrüßte Annette lächelnd, als diese das Wartezimmer betrat. Es war Zeit für ihre jährliche Vorsorge-Untersuchung und Dr. Horn sollte sie wie üblich untersuchen.     „Hallo Annette, wie geht es ?"     „Oh, vielen Dank, gut, alles o.k.!"     „Bitte komm weiter."     Die Schwester begleitete Annette zu einem der Untersuchungsräume. „Zieh Dich aus, bitte", sagte sie, „der Doktor wird gleich kommen."
  • by Rex Wilder :...
  • Lena, part 1
    lena1 zip (12k) (F/F/m/m incest)
    Ett av hennes nöjen var att klä sig så kåtigt som möjligt. Kort-kort kjol, högklackade skor. Givetvis gick hon utan trosor. Luften smeker fittan så gott då den får vara naken under den kort-korta kjolen. När Lena går så klädd täcker den kort-korta kjolen nätt och jämt fittan. Bara känslan av att en karl kan se lite av fittan gör henne så kåt att hon får sköna pirrningar i fittan.

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