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    On Friday PM, August 06, 1999

  • by Ron :...
  • Daddy's Home: Welcoming Daddy Back
    dadshome zip (7k) (M/f M/f M/F Toys)
    "DADDY"S HO...," Linda started to yell then put her hand over her mouth to giggle into it, ran up and scrubbed the man's belly with her budding breasts.     "I missed you soooo much, daddy. Can you tell?" she asked softly, excitedly.     Petting her soft hair he replied, "Yes my pretty girl, I can tell."     "Oh goody," she said as she pulled away and started unbuttoning her flowery blouse. "I got to you first so I get to go first."     "Anything you want, sweetheart," he replied.
  • by Silvio Stoker :...
  • Family (Lives of the Great Waifs Part 7)
    family zip (34k) (Mf, Fb, MFf, Mff, etc., inc, anal, caution)
    "It's so lonely in my poophole... it needs a big policeman." The adolescent femme fatale meets a young medical student who soon learns that he needs fresh young virgins to stay happy, and trains the fourteen-year-old and her fifteen-year-old friend to hunt them down for him. They don't have to worry about getting caught - his young lover's daddy is a twisted cop.
  • by JohnFitz :...
  • My Personal Assistant and Her Son, ch 1-9
    perso1_9 zip (24k) (MF,Mb,Fb,inc,bdsm,cons&non-cons)
    Having been trained to be a submissive as an 11-year-old, advertising executive Ken Priest is amazed to find that his new PA and her 8-year-old son are prepared to enter his world of sex and B&D
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Child's Play: In Pornovision
    childpla zip (6k) (m/F/son/mother)
    The great experiment in porn presentation. I strongly encourage you to take a look and see if you like it. Oh yeah; the story has sex and perversion for those who are in to 'that' too.

    Thursday PM, August 05, 1999

  • by The Depraved Canuck :...
  • Dog Shows
    dogshows zip (7k) (beast/f/f/M/voyeur daddy)
    Two 'tails' for the price of one. Daddy is going to voyeur father's anonymous with accounts of little Jenny's and Kate's dog shows. A few laughs and enough to stroke. Another in the vanilla series.
  • by JS3729 :...
  • The Fourth Floor, part 4
    fourth4 zip (8k) (mc mf MF FF inc rom)
    A man gets a surprise gift from an old school chum. He has to learn how to use it.
    Johnny's Girl
    jgirl zip (65k) (mf MF FF inc rom CAUTION)
    Just a story describing a relationship that takes nearly a lifetime.
    Vignette #2
    vignett2 zip (9k) (Frustration)
    I still love Kelly no matter what she's done. No matter how much she hurts me, no matter that she knows she's hurting me.    I still have Wendy, and that's something, but when the woman you truly love shows you no love or compassion, it hurts.    I guess I need to start at the beginning.
  • by Tanzer :...
  • Leslie
    leslie zip (6k) (Mg - anal, oral)
    "Playing Doggie" with a three-year-old was much more fun than I imagined!
    Little Girl
    lilgirl zip (6k) (Mf - rape, anal, oral)
    Sometimes you just have to take what you want
    matt zip (12k) (Mb - anal, oral, golden showers)
    I had never had a thing for little boys, 'till I met Matt.
  • by Two Eyes :...
  • Muarke, part 7
    muarke7 zip (5k) (pedo m/f)
    Jessica Lesliam flipped open the locker excitedly. The suction cup stuck to the back wall. She pried it off happily and stuck it in her pocket. She had worried that Ashley would dismiss their meeting as a dream, and not even try the locker. Luckily she underestimate the girls lust.      Now The Watcher had the key to the innermost secrets of everyone in Muarke, and of course, the means to seduce her precious little pet Alicia. She slammed the locker shut and hurried away, tonight would be a magical night. She might even stop by Ashley Konner's dreams and give her a little thrill.
  • by Ron :...
  • Turning: Changes In Attitude
    turning zip (77k) (M/g Mg/g g/g M/M/g M/M/Gg/g Cons NC B&D the usual and then some)
    The shampoo hit the top of her head and was running into the head of light brown hair at my chest level, totally ignoring anything she had to say about what I was doing there. I didn’t explain, just did it and let her figure it out. Explanations had long discussions and not what I wanted from Tracy right then.     The first stroke on her vulva was soft and light as a finger softly slid over the top of the crease, returning to her tummy and back. Right now it was all so new to her being touched by a man for the first time, any mistake or injudicious feel would break the spell I was weaving for her. One must enchant and bewitch to seduce, not force things. I’d done that too but Tracy was going to be different. I wanted to entice and bewitch her sweet, young body into her first orgasm.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Unka Dickie, Billy & Me, part 8
    uncdick8 zip (5k) (M/f, pedo (yg g), b/g, oral, anal, nc, light B&D, rough)
    Mollianne was only eight and a half when her whole world turned upside down. Her kindly Unka Dickie and randy cousin Billy taught this sweet girl everything she needed to know about pleasuring her uncle lover, her cousin lover and herself.
  • by TheHornyOne :...
  • Addicted to sex, ch 1
    addict1 zip (5k) (MmFFf incest bro/sis/mom group sub)
    This time, Sally and Kev´s mom gets involved. And doesn´t she just LOVE vegetables!
  • by emily :...
  • Lindsey and our boys, ch 3
    lindsey3 zip (13k) (FF/f mom/daut inc)
    Lindsey and I try to find a cute little girl for our three boys to play with. But things get side-track when the girl turns out to have a crush on me!
  • by scatman_40 :...
  • Lyn, part 2
    lyn2 zip (13k) (MF, scat, gs)
    Nine months went past. In that time I never heard anything of Lyn or of my son for that matter. What can one expect of a twenty one year old after all.     I was sitting on the front porch of the house one sunny afternoon when a car pulled up in the driveway. I listened and heard a door slam and then another so knew it was maybe a couple of people. My mouth must have dropped open when Lyn walked around the side of the fence leading her two and a half year old daughter by the hand. They came up onto the porch and Lyn smiled hesitantly.
  • by Bandit :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Geschwister
    geschwis zip (5k) (Schwester/Bruder)
    Wenn ein Junge nach der Schule etwas Entspannung brauch, kann die kleine Schwester sehr störend sein.....oder auch nicht!!!
    Die kleine Anhalterin
    kleine zip (7k) (M/f)
    Auf einer Gechäftsreise kann man mit Anhalterinnen viel erleben! Besonders wenn sie so jung sind.
  • by Richard Waire :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Mutter und Sohn
    mutter zip (8k) (mom/son inc)
    Mutter und Sohn finden zueinander... laßt euch überraschen !

    Wednesday PM, August 04, 1999

  • by Yendler :...New Author.!.!.!
  • A Very Brady Orgy, ch 1 of 2
    brady1 zip (6k) (m/f inc)
    She smiled and so did he the Brady's where a very close family and now that Dad, Mom, and were away and had given Alice the time off they got even closer. The only bad part was none of them had known what the others were doing till the night before mom and dad were do back.
  • by Nomad :...
  • England
    england zip (8k) (M/f)
    "Mr Woods," she said without an accent "I'm Rachel Martin," she told me. I shook her offered hand. Dressed in a well cut jacket and skirt with a sensible white blouse and flat shoes, she was far removed from the sort of person I expected to find there.      "I see you're confused," she smiled. "Yes, I am the mother," she told me, drawing me through the door and into a long corridor "and no, I'm not on Welfare."
    holiday zip (18k) (Fam incest)
    Index     Chapter One, Mother with Maid.     Chapter Two. Mother Introduces Son to Maid.     Chapter Three. Father Prepares Daughter.     Chapter Four. Mother and Son.     Chapter Five. Father and Daughter.     Chapter Six. Brother and Sister.
    tease zip (8k) (Mom/Dad/dau/Son incest)
    It's ten in the evening and you lie on your front watching TV, your tummy fluttering with a mixture of excitement and nervousness as, lying there in your short skirt and tight top, you feel your older brother's eyes sliding along your long teenage legs. How high has your skirt ridden you wonder as you wait. Does he like your little bum?
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Mom's Aren't That Stupid
    momsaren zip (7k) (m/F/incest)
    This is vanilla stength mkarl to ease the reader into the style. Capture the mood of a little perverted kid making his move to get into mom's forbidden panties and then enjoy the ride that follows.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Small Game Hunting, part 5
    small5 zip (10k) (M/b, pedo (yg b), oral, anal, nc, rough)
    Bob Johnson and his puppy, Ruffy, have an uncanny ability to seek out and find just the perfect playmate for both of them. Their shopping market? A kiddy park where parents should never take their eyes off of their children even for a second...
    Taken For A Ride, part 5
    taken5 zip (8k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, GS, MMM/F, rough sex, anal, oral, beast, M/F/b, FF/F)
    Susanna Baldwin was bored and hot on that steamy August evening when she met Nick Danger in his own lair. As he took her away from her humdrum life, she embarked on the adventure of her life.
  • by Mithunda :...
  • Wanting Daddy
    wantdad zip (11k) (M/f M/fFdad/dau dad/dau inc preg)
    Betty returned from work a little tired that day. She was going up to her room to change when she heard her daughter Gail's voice cooing, "Oh, daddy, it feels so nice. You really know how to make me feel happy". It was coming from Julie's bedroom. As Betty passed by, she could see through the open door, Julie and her husband Phil lying on the bed nude. Phil's mouth was engulfed over his teenage daughter's left breast and he was sucking it with passion. His hand was pleasuring his daughter's pussy which was glistening wet with her juices.
  • by TheHornyOne :...
  • Doped, ch 5
    doped5 zip (6k) (MmFfff best incest group)
    Now we all got together, and this time, with a four-legged participant!
  • by Rufus T. Firefly :...
  • MD Productions, ch 2
    mdprod2 zip (11k) (MF, F/fff, MMF, fist, beast)
    Another day begins at MD productions. Our favorite studio head, Milo Dent, pulls out all the stops for his latest movie, starring Melissa Joan Hart, "Sabrina's Trial"
  • by Cover :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Ungehemmt, teil 1
    ungehem1 zip (10k
    (m/f, slut, piss, cum)
    Es war heiß, aber die Renovierung der Wohnung mußte bald abgeschlossen sein. Ich half meinem Schwager in spe bei der Arbeit in seiner neuen Wohnung, da er keinen Urlaub mehr nehmen konnte und deshalb trotz seines Umzuges voll arbeiten ging. Ich hatte Semesterferien und konnte so relativ früh am Tage anfangen. Die Renovierung war schon weit fortgeschritten. Es fehlte nur hier und da ein Anstrich, Fußleisten, Teppiche und alles was danach getan werden mußte.

    Tuesday PM, August 03, 1999

  • by Forbidden Innocence :...
  • Tender Young Alice Rides the Big One
    alice2 zip (14k) (MFmmf incest)
    13-year-old Alice, who loves to tease both boys and men, is caught in her neighbor's basement while jacking off his 11 and 13 year old sons at the same time. She has deliberately stripped off her top, displaying her blossoming plum-like titties for their entertainment. Thick strands of hot sperm drip from her face, lips and breasts as she begins to worry what the boy's father will do. To make matters worse, her mom is upstairs unaware of her activities in the basement, recovering from the best fuck she'd had in years!
  • by little girl Watcher :...
  • Confessions And Consequences, ch 3: Surprising Daddy
    confess3 zip (16k) (MF~g/ Inc: Inc/pedo/oral/fist/anal/mild pain/1st)
    Doug felt his prick swell to it's full hard length in his pants. He'd sen Wendy naked hundreds of times before but the little toddler had never looked sexier to the excited father. His eyes locked to the tots tiny bare litle cunt and he licked his lips. He was briefly worried...what Kind of a man gets a hard-on from looking at his four year old daughter's pussy? For that matter, what kind of a man gets hot thinking about fucking little girls and boys in their moist mouths, hot cunts and tight assholes? THIS type of man does. Doug decided a minute later. Wendy was just begging to be touched and Sondra was right across from her, with her pants down and fingering her wet hairy snatch so flagerantly that she didn't have a problem with incest... All this went through his mind just as he heard the horny toddler yell out. "Molest me some more mommy!"
  • by TinaS1t :...
  • Daddies Whore
    dadwhore zip (16k) (M/f father/daut inc)
    Tina is surprised by her dads' reaction to her being caught doing it with a boy in the woods. Then a few weeks later she finds out why. She becomes just what she wants to be. Daddies Whore.
    The Group
    thegroup zip (10k) (m/f f/f swapping teen)
    This is the beginning of a series about a group of very sexually active teens from a local school. It will follow one 13year old from her first meeting to her graduation. I know such activeties take plac even today just like in the sixties and early seventies when this all happened.
  • by B. P. :...
  • Kelly's Visit
    kellyvis zip (14k) (Incest, impreg. Oral, Toys)
    Having not seen my sister Jean, in over eight years I was surprised when she called and asked me if her fourteen-year-old daughter Kelly could stay with me while she accompanied her husband and my parents on a business trip. After I got over the surprise, I said "surely." We chatted, catching up on family news and the like. During our conversation Jean made several comments I didn't understand but before I could ask what she meant she had moved on to talk about something else.      I guess I should tell you I was a surprise for my parents as I came into this world twelve years after Jean. Jean, thought it is was fun, to have a baby to play with and took care of me more then mom did. All my life I've had a special affection for Jean that turned into a longing as I got older. When she got married, I was crushed, I wanted to marry her. It then became my mission to find a girl like her.
  • by Lutwidge :...
  • Playing Doctor
    playdoc zip (8k) (Mm/f inc)
    Her vulva quivered and she felt another wetness; unable to contain her curiosity, she opened her eyes slightly and saw his head between her legs, his tongue stabbing out to lick her. The little nubbin that she discovered between her legs was all a tremble, and she spread her legs further. Just then, he lifted his head and she quickly shut her eyes; she didn't want her brother to know that she knew what he was doing. "Okay," he said hoarsely, as he pulled the sheet back over her, "It's my turn to be the patient." He got off the bed and turned around while she pulled her panties back on under the covers, then sat up and pulled her nightie over her head.
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Taken For A Ride, part 4
    taken4 zip (10k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, GS, MMM/F, rough sex, anal, oral, beast, M/F/b, FF/F)
    Susanna Baldwin was bored and hot on that steamy August evening when she met Nick Danger in his own lair. As he took her away from her humdrum life, she embarked on the adventure of her life.
    Unka Dickie, Billy & Me, part 7
    uncdick7 zip (4k) (M/f, pedo (yg g), b/g, oral, anal, nc, light B&D, rough)
    Mollianne was only eight and a half when her whole world turned upside down. Her kindly Unka Dickie and randy cousin Billy taught this sweet girl everything she needed to know about pleasuring her uncle lover, her cousin lover and herself.
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • The House Guest, ch 10
    house10 zip (12k) (M/F, Cuck, Voy)
    They had dozed for an hour or so and the sunlight was waning now, the deep golden last rays splashing through the window onto the lovers' bodies tangled on the bed.      Valerie turned to lay her head on his chest, reaching for the cock that had given her such pleasure. It was still
  • by Jimyh :...
  • Sweet Interludes With My Baby, part 1
    mybaby1 zip (7k) (M/f, pedo, inc)
    I watch you waddle… well, that’s the right word; you aren’t fat, my darling girl but at three years old you… you waddle. I hope you aren’t offended when, in later years, you read this. I have a momentary, wistful thought of your mother who died in the act of giving you life, my little love, and how she would smile at your naked beauty as you move toward me. (Not that she would even begin to approve of what you and me do together but your cuteness as you approach, ah, that would please her. Still, she is not here to appreciate or to disapprove, is she.)
  • by Lenicka :...
  • Chata, ch 2-4
    chata2_4 zip (14k) (M/F inc)
    "Už jsi viděl nějakou jinou nahou ženu? Nebo to bylo poprvé?" "Ne... poprvé..."     "Tak se můžeš podívat znovu a pořádně, dávej pozor!"     Postavila se u mé postele a pomalu začala rozepínat plášť.
    Molkenovi, ch 2-5
    molke2_5 zip (15k) (M/F inc)
    "No vždyť už jsi také velký kluk," usmívala se stále matka. "I on je nádherný exemplář."     A s těmi slovy natáhla znovu ruku a dotkla se jeho penisu. Tom se najednou vytrhnul ze svých myšlenek a cuknul sebou, jak se ho dotkla.
  • by Rex Wilder :...
  • Den sexglada familjen, ch 1
    gladsex1 zip (14k) (M/f/F/m, incest)
    Gun lyssnade med stigande kĺthet. Nog visste hon att Barbro var en kĺting men inte sĺ kĺt att hon knullade med smĺpojkar. Att hon bara vĺgade men gud sĺ skönt. Dĺ behövde hon inte ha dĺligt samvete. Sĺ underbart att höra att det fanns andra kĺta människor som knullade med......

    Monday PM, August 02, 1999

  • by Lovem Emom :...
  • The Vacation, part 2
    vacatio2 zip (6k) (m/F inc)
    Now that I had gotten my rocks off, I started to think. How did this just happened? Why did Mom let it go that far? I know I was willing, but I would never have thought Mom to want it too. But I was not complaining, I was counting my blessing. The vacation was going to be much more enjoyable then anticipated. I pulled out slowly and rolled off Mom. I started massaging her breasts. I lifted the towel and stuck my head under it.
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • The House Guest, ch 9
    house9 zip (10k) (M/F, cuck, voy)
    Valerie felt a huge warmth start in her loins, rumbling through her mound and tummy and then her whole body seemed to join in the celebration of his thrusting cock and her clenching cunt and then a wonderful release consumed her body.
  • by Mkarl :...
  • The Rape Video
    rapevid zip (7k) (extreme/gang-rape/racial)
    The warning kind of says it all. Do not read unless you are prepared to be offended. This one is for my hardcore fans.
  • by Shakespeare_I._ Aint :...
  • Under the Table
    thetable zip (23k) (m/FM, oral, masturbation, first time)
    A room service delivery boy receives a special reward from an appreciative couple for finding the wife's lost wallet.
  • by Hajo :...
  • Besuch in Suedfrankreich
    besuch zip (31k) (m/f, M/f, grandpa/grandaughter, voy, M/F, Inc)
    Ein Großvater besucht seine Tochter und ihre Familie in Suedfrankreich. Er erlebt die ersten Gehversuche seiner kleinen Enkelinnen auf sexuellem Gebiet und nimmt daran lustvollen Anteil. Es geschieht so allerlei im Laufe dieses Urlaubes.
    Cosbys Familienbande
    cosbys zip (55k) (M/F m/F M/f Inc)
    Eine völlig neue Folge der beliebten Fernsehserie
    Forsthaus Falkenau
    forsthau zip (72k) (M/F M/f m/F Inc)
    Auch hier eine völlig neue (unerwartete) Folge der Familienserie

    Sunday PM, August 01, 1999

  • by Onan The Librarian :...New Author.!.!.!
  • As If?
    asif zip (9k) (F/M/Incest)
    It was the opportunity of a lifetime for Gerry. His mother and father were having their problems and just guess who was johnny-on-the-spot to take up the ball.
  • by Little Girl Watcher :...
  • Confessions And Consequences, ch 2 : Teaching The Toddler
    confess2 zip (18k) (m/f/INC: Dirty talk/oral/anal/fan/)
    The next morning in the Castle home started off in a mad rush. After yet another marathon fuck session with Doug, Sondra wound up waking up a half an hour late. She was still a little sleepy, from being up most of the night getting balled, and her asshole ached sweetly from the anal pounding her well hung husband had treated her to.     After getting breakfast for Andy, Jamie and Wendy and getting the cute eleven year old off to school, she put her youngest daughter in front of the television and hopped into the shower for a well deserved scrub. Normally Doug would have been up to help her get the kids breakfasts, but today she let him sleep in. Her horny hubby was going to need all the rest he could get, because she had a busy fucking day planned for him.
  • by Centaur :...
  • The Quiet Storm
    thestorm zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut incest)
    Jack Masters stretched his six foot, three inch body in his bed, enjoying the feeling of a new morning. It was his best time of day, the whole day lay in front of him. He liked to just lie in the bed for a few minutes and review his options for what he could do today. He remembered waking briefly as his wife Betty got up about an hour ago. She was a realtor and was gone early every morning, usually to show someone a house or piece of property, or just have breakfast with a client. He vaguely remembered her going on about a Hastings deal - her deals tended to blur together in his mind. She only handled listing above a million, and she told him, often, that those types of clients needed lots of face time and involvement. It kept her on the go most days, and many nights as well. But, he didn't mind the income her work brought, a single sale was worth a lot of money in commission. Besides, her income let him spend as much time as he wanted on his yacht designs. Being a one-man design firm might be fun, he loved working in the guest house that he converted to a office, but it would be real hard to pay the bills selling two or three designs a year. He could triple his income but he refused to work five or six days a week, and travel around the country meeting with bored rich people. He just wasn't willing to let life pass him by while he worked his ass off. So he turned down all but the most interesting jobs, let Betty work her ass off, and spent two or three days a week playing, usually with his sixteen year old daughter Jill.
  • by James Bellamy :...
  • The House Guest, ch 8
    house8 zip (7k) (M/F, cuck, voy)
    She felt James tongue going deep into her open cunt, having made love to the lips and rim surrounding it he had slipped his clever tongue right into her, felling the tightness of the sphincter muscle meant for his cock! She squeezed his tongue, pressing it back out like a little cock.

    Saturday PM, July 31, 1999

  • by LordC :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Are you a bad man?
    badman zip (7k) (M/ff)
    A short story about kidnapping and what came of it. This is NOT n/c story.
  • by Magickthise :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Perversion of George
    george1 zip (19k) (M/f, ped)
    George, an ordinary man, explains to his psychiatrist how he ended up being in prison charged with raping a friends 8 year old daughter - but was it rape ?
  • by Mkarl :...
  • Another Child, Another Nightmare
    another2 zip (6k) (kid's logic/dumb mom/laughs)
    The epidemic has started. Do bad ideas get learned from TV and magazines? Probably not, but this is one kid who can't wait to see if Internet stories can come true.
  • by Ted :...
  • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 3
    awaken3 zip (11k) (mf/con)
    Ted seduces a girl for the first time.
  • by little girl watcher :...
  • confessions and consequences, ch 1
    confess1 zip (11k) (m/f/INC: Dirty talk/oral/anal/fan/ Intro to New Series)
    "Fuck this hole!" Sondra hissed up at her shocked and confused husband, her teeth pulled back into a rictus of pure animal lust. "Fuck it hard!" The blonde woman ordered as she pushed her wet cunt up against him. "Tell me all the things you want to do to OUR LITTLE KIDS while you ram this thing up my belly!"
  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Cum Here, Baby Girl, part 3
    cumhere3 zip (7k) (M/g (very yng g), anal, oral, nc)
    "Come 'ere, honey, I won't hurt you." I hesitated slightly, hoping against hope that Mr. Snyder was telling the truth. He wasn't, of course, he had every intention of hurting me in a way that only a confirmed pedophile hurts a child. He raped me. I was his trusting, innocent victim on that warm August afternoon. He lured me into his lair and used me to satisfy his own prurient tastes. I was never quite as trusting of any male again but then I didn't need to be.
    Taken For A Ride, part 3
    taken3 zip (6k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, GS, MMM/F, r(ough sex, anal, oral, beast, M/F/b, FF/F)
    Susanna Baldwin was bored and hot on that steamy August evening when she met Nick Danger in his own lair. As he took her away from her humdrum life, she embarked on the adventure of her life.
  • by JS3729 :...
  • DG Extreme, ch 2
    extreme2 zip (4k) ((M?F? mf FF mm) inc rom scifi)
    Cissy called her boyfriend John up and asked him to meet her at Ms. Ames's house that night. She told him the teacher needed to see him about his grades.      John's cock went rigid with the mention of the sexy teacher, and he imagined all the things he'd do to that luscious body if only Cissy wasn't going to be there.      John only went with Cissy because she gave great blowjobs. She wouldn't fuck, though, and John was looking elsewhere, anyway. Maybe somebody with bigger tits - maybe Lisa down the street...
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • A Visit To John
    jonvisit zip (7k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
    Gosh I don't know why I was so dumb. I had been driving for a whole year when I went into the garage a little too fast and hit the fender of dad's riding mower causing it to cut in and flatten the tire.      I really felt guilty and ran into the house to confess. They were both mad. Dad for the time and money to get it repaired and Mom in fear that the lawn wouldn't be mowed for her garden party. I thought they may revert to a spanking as they had done until I turned 16 but instead they said I would not be able to drive again for a month. I hated that since it would not allow me to feel forgiven as I could be after a spanking. I tried to explain that to them and offered to be spanked but they agreed I was now too old for that which just frustrated me.I think I know the real reason my spankings stopped. In my last one When my jeans were pullled down I was wearing thong panties to completely bare my buns and was wearing a half -shirt that worked over my boobs as I hung down oner the chair back. It was obvious the sight of my now fully formed body excited Dad as he dragged Mom to the bedroom right after my spanking. The next day Mom said no more spankings.
    The Show
    theshow zip (5k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
    The Boss loaded the performers into two station wagons and we headed toward Puget Sound. The theatre turned out to be a house boat with all the windows curtained. Inside the boat was a small stage in the middle with chairs all around it, sort of a theatre in the round. There were already about thirty people in the audience both men and women but mostly men.
  • by BOBBYLOVE :...
  • Little Bobby, part 4
    lilbobb4 zip (4k) (family incest)
    I sat down at the table and then she said I heard all those screams last night... MY eyes popped open. What did you say? There must have been a couple of Bobcats out back last night they were making a racket, then she turned to me and winked.      She put out a plate of ham and eggs and toast then the phone rang, I was about to put jelly on my toast, Bobby its for you. I got up and took the phone Hello? Hi Bobby it's me Carol-Hey what's up? -IM sorry but I cant meet with you today I got caught sneaking in this morning. - Oh man that sucks how long are you being punished for? Just today but we can meet tomorrow if you like, Yea I said that sounds great. We were making new plans then Aunt Mary pecked me on the forehead and said that she was going to take a shower. I turned to watch her ass as she walk up the stairs she was pulling her dress up over her head my eyes bugged out of my head. I totally forgot about Carol on the phone. Hello? Hello? I heard ya Carol IM still here can you call me in a little bit? Sure I love you she said, I returned it with I love you too.
  • by Rufus T. Firefly :...New Author.!.!.!
  • MD Productions, ch 1
    mdprod1 zip (11k) (Mf, MFf, celeb, ws, fist)
    This is the first installment in a planned series about MD productions, purveyors of porn to the rich and famous. We get a tour of the facility and watch Britney Spears make a movie.
  • by Diggity Dog :...
  • Kissin' Cousins, ch 1
    kisncuz1 zip (9k) (M/f, vouy/oral/anal)
    I come from a big family, but I never knew how large until I received the invitation to the family reunion in Canada. I hadn't seen my cousins in 20 years, so deciding to go was an easy decision. Many families might rent out a hotel, but not us, we took over a campground in beautiful British Columbia. I loaded up my gear and made the long drive north.      I was met by my cousin Rod, one of the cousins I hadn't seen in years. I was greeted warmly and shown where I could pitch my tent. I started to set up my gear. The tent went up quickly, but errecting a rain fly was more than a bit of a chore. With the tarp flapping in the breeze, I heard a giggle. I looked over my shoulder and saw a cute girl, about 17ish. Not a beauty, just, well, cute. Shoulder length auburn hair framed a long face with large teeth. Not a bad body, tits maybe a 32 b cup, and wide, nicely flared hips. "Well, hello." I said, "And which cousin might you be?" She extended a delicate hand, which I grasped, letting the tarp fall, bringing another peal of laughter, "I'm Sara." she chuckled, "My dad asked me to come give you a hand." She waved a hand in the direction of the next camp and continued, "Looks like you could use help."

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  • in~the~dust~~~i'm~a~killer~~~i'm~a~clown

    tell me where the hell i'm going
    let my bones fall in the dust
    can you hear that ghost that's calling
    as my colt begins to Rust...


    ("Desperado", as written and performed by alice cooper)


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