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    Make Me Smile

    On Friday AM, March 12, 1999

  • by Benhead :...
  • Donna, ch2
    donna2 zip (7k) (M/f pedo)
    14 year old Steve is babysitting 8 year old Donna. After yesterday's initial sex play (see chapter 1), Steve finds a way for little Donna to suck his teenage cock. Donna gives him his first ever blow job and she even manages to swallow his cum.
  • by B.P. :...
  • Puffies, ch1
    puffies1 zip (6k) (f teen)
    Frank lovingly told me that he fell in love with my puffies before he fell in love with me. ( Puffies is the term Frank uses for my big puffy areola ) At first I wasn't too sure about his fascination with my boobs but ten years later we are still happily married. Growing up I was self- conscious that my boobs looked so much different. Mom taught me that different people have different likes and dislikes.     Unlike most mothers mom didn't hide her sexuality, nor did she feel that there was any harm in masturbating. She taught me how to stimulate my nipples, "G spot" and to make my pussy squirt when I come. She also taught me that all of these areas are interconnected. By the time I was fourteen I could cum just by playing with my nipples and my puffies.
  • by Al Garcia :...
  • El día que perdí aquello
    eldiaque zip (5k
    Tengo poco más de 19 años. Soy universitario y el verano pasado tuve una aventura que ni yo mismo acabo de dar crédito, a tenor de los acontecimientos.      Por razones económicas, y no por amor al arte, el periodo de vacaciones del pasado verano estuve trabajando de peón con un vecino mío que es albañil. Un día, me llevó a un piso con el objeto de hacer unas reformas en la cocina y el cuarto de baño.La propietaria era una señora de edad indefinida pero jamona, simpática y muy generosa.
    Mi maestra de historia, by Arturo R.
    historia zip (2k
    Había una maestra que impartía la clase de historia, su cuerpo no era espectácular pero tampoco nada despreciable, por suerte ese año nos tocó que ella nos diera clases, siempre vestía con faldas arriba de la rodilla y blusas trasparentes lo cual nos permitía ver su sostén, que eran de encaje y de media copa. Ella tendría unos 35 años y era divorciada. Un día nos dejó hacer un trabajo, al terminar la clase le pregunté si ella me podía dar alguna bibliogafía para poder hacer el trabajo a lo cual ella me rerspondió que en su casa tenía unos libros que, si quería, podía prestármelos, que la esperara cuando terminaran las clases para ir por ellos a su casa.

    Thursday AM, March 11, 1999

  • by James Delehan, Jr. :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Jennifer
    jennifer zip (3k) (M/f)
    Jennifer is 10. She is my neighbor and she is clearly flustered. ... having trouble bringing a request to her young lips.      Slowly, at first, and then with a stammer, she reveals something very personal. This is her deep dark secret. And, after all, I was the only one to whom she could admit this information. Her secret is a fantasy, and she doesn't know that there is no shame in fantasy.      It made such sense to tell me. I had the power to resolve her needs while sat- isfying my own. Our actions will define symbiosis.      Jennifer wants to watch. She wants me to masturbate in front of her. While she looks; while she touches herself.
    melissa zip (5k) (M/f)
    I found her on the darkest of rainy nights. Only five-thirty on a Monday, but the sky was shrouded in a cloak of ominous portent. Making her way home from some late after school activity, she was apparently lost in daydream. She edged along an unlit side street under a tiny umbrella - so lost in concentration, lest a single drop of rain moisten her well-fitting Jordache ensemble.
  • by CuriousCat :...
  • Baby Maker, part 3
    babymak3 zip (5k) (M/f, kidnap, pedo (very yng g to yng teen;), rape, nc, preg, B&D, nip)
    "Wake up, Sleepyhead. Time for breakfast." I ruffled the covers hiding my child lover. The lovely girl yawned as she turned to look in my direction. A startled look appeared as she saw me. She looked around and scrunched up her face. "Where's my Mommy? I want my Mommy." My right hand snaked out so quickly, she had no idea of its intent. I slapped her hard on one cheek, leaving a bright red hand print. "Carolina, you have no Mommy. Only a, Daddy Don." She began to weep softly. I threatened, "Do you want daddy to punish you, bad girl?" Her lips trembled but she held back her tears, "No." "No, what?" "No, Daddy." I beamed at her, "Very good, Baby Girl. That's just what Daddy likes. A good little girl."
    Johnny Fucker Faster, part 2
    fucker2 zip (6k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),mmm/f/m,M/m,oral,anal,nc,rough)
    Two days later...      I was kinda nervous about seeing Johnny again since our intimacy of the day before yesterday. I didn't need to worry though. As soon as he saw me buckling on my roller skates, he came up right behind me and put his arms around my waist. I was totally unprepared for the extreme feeling of pleasure at his touch. I turned and grinned over my left shoulder. One look at his dreamy brown eyes and my little twat twinged. He turned me on big time.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • Cindy Meets the Meat
    cindy zip (17k) (M/F/M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M Exhib/Oral/GangBang/Sex)
    Cindy was a girl who got off on rough or dom sex. She met the Meat in college, and he introduced her to his massive cock. Following their date, he introudces her to 6 freshmen pledges.      It was a desire that had developed in her adolescence. She was consumed by her need for control and dominance, and it had actually frightened away many of the guys that she had dated or had been with. For Cindy, sex was not fulfilling to her unless she was in control of the situation, or there was some sort of pain or domination. Her first sexual encounters were more boring than painful or pleasurable. It was not until she was a senior in high school that she discovered the true pleasure that could be had through sex.
  • by JS3729 :...
  • Meeting the Past
    thepast zip (15k) (mf MF inc rom love)
    A story about a man who gets a visit from somebody he tried to forget and failed. It also deals with the results of that meeting.
    Waiting As Long As Needed
    waiting zip (8k) (mf MF inc rom)
    A man reminisces about his one true love - his sister.
  • by Drizzt :...
  • Youth Camping Trip, part 5
    youthcp5 zip (4k) (Mf, no sex)
    We lay together again for a while. Several times during that peaceful time I thought that I could die a happy man right then. Kelly was dozing a little, drained of energy. But being young, she recovered faster than I did. I was laying on my back and I had pulled her mostly on top of me. Our legs were intertwined, and I didn't pull the sleeping bag back up over us. The first thing she said was "Thank you, Chris".         "You're very welcome Kelly. I'm glad you liked it." I replied softly.     After that we just lay there together, listening to the rain taper off.
  • by Mystic :...
  • A Walk In The Park, part 8
    (M/f incest)
    The days passed and Tom did his best to contain himself around his little beauty. Danielle wanted to play with her daddy some more, but because of what he had said about only bad girls doing things like that, she thought it best not to say anything to her father. Tom's wife was ecstatic, seeing a wonderful change in her husband. He seemed more attentive, taking an interest in being home more and spending "quality time" with his family.     

    Tom worked with computers, mainly designing websites, so when the opportunity came to work from home, he grabbed it. The thought of being home everyday when little Danielle came home from school was too much for him to take. It didn't take much to set up a small office in the house, and within a few weeks, it was a done deal.

  • by Mark Aurel :...
  • Unschuldige Geilheit, part 1
    geilhei1 zip (12k) (M(20)/f(6), pedo)
    As a student the authors lived at a family with a 6 years old daughter. This little girl was extremely curious and uninhibited to expose all her 'treasures' to her new 'Uncle'. So the author and his friend had a lot of fun with her.
    kjomu zip (7k) (M/m(10?))
    Kjomu is the name of o black boy. The boy ran into the author, when he worked in the African bush. He was about 10 years and - stark naked. No wonder, the author caught him and masturbated his cute black boy prick.

    Wednesday AM, March 10, 1999

  • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
  • Cori
    cori zip (24k) (M/f incest)
    Cori was the teenage daughter of my mom and dad's best friends Sophie and Stosh. Her mother named her Corinna after that song by Ray Peterson which was Aunt Sophie's favorite before Cori was born. She was practically a cousin in the way that I had known her and her family all of my life. And in the way that I called her parents Aunt Sophie and Uncle Stosh and she and her younger brother called my parents Aunt Vi and Uncle Harry.
    digger zip (16k) (m/f teen)
    It was 1967, the psychedelic "summer of love" and free sex, and I had just turned 16.     I remember that, as a teenager, girls were something that I had on my mind constantly. I wanted a girlfriend desperately back then. But how to get one had completely eluded me. Being in the presence of a girl, in those days, made me goofy and tongue tied.      I didn't consider myself a total dork though. I had "fooled around" with a few girls, when I was younger, but nothing past the exploratory, kissy-feely, "spin-the-bottle" type of thing that you do as a kid.
  • by sniffer :...
  • Nicole, part 5
    nicole7 zip (8k) (M/f pedo watersport cons)
    Friday night. It was a terrible day to work. I was fantasizing the whole time, dreaming of little Nicole. Finally work was over. I hurried back home, took a shower and drove at Janet's. A second after ringing the doorbell the door was opened and Nicole jumped into my arms. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting black pants and a white blouse. She was kissing my face embracing me. I carried the little girl inside.
  • by rabbit108 :...
  • Trish My First Love
    trish zip (6k) (M/f/underage sex)
    She was there again, my heart pounded as I walked towards her, she looked at me and smiled, She was a goddess in school uniform sitting in the park with her mom; I smiled at her as I walked passed, pulling the dog behind me.      I let the dog make his way to a tree and sniff around, it gave me a chance to look back, she was still looking at me, her hand waved slightly so her mom could not see, I smiled and waved back.      I was to shy to make a move towards her, Christ I was fourteen years old and never made a move towards a girl before.

    Tuesday AM, March 09, 1999

  • by Little Lover :...
  • Little Kids Day Care, ch 3 & 4
    care3_4 zip (9k) (M/f)
    Mr bates makes a deal with 5 yr old Amanda. Amanda knows her mom has a crush on Mr bates and is willing to do anything to get Mr bates and her mommy together
  • by Mandil :...
  • Cuckold Uncle
    cuckold zip (24k) (m/F, inc., cheat, preg)
    This story is centered on three peoples. Peter and his wife Danielle and their nephew Ricky. Danielle's brother who is also Ricky's father is getting married, and while he plan to be on his honeymoon, he ask his sister Danielle to take care of his thirteen year old son Ricky for two weeks. While in Oakville with his Aunt and Uncle, Ricky discovers and appreciates the many charms of his Aunt without his Uncle knowledge of course
  • by Pedros :...
  • Star, part 4
    star4 zip (15k) (M/m/g pedo)
    Julie, our nine-year-old, want-to-be 'star' of porno movies, embarks on her next day of filming. She heads for the country with her male co-stars and discovers many new experiences on her way to fulfilling her dream. The first film of the day is a double-penetration with a tattooed man and Pete, her young, boy friend from her last session....
  • by Free Will :...
  • Family Happennings
    family zip (3k) (m/f, inc)
    As I got off my dad jumped on my started fucking my sister...
  • by Al Garcia :...
  • El club de los cinco, por Jorge García
    club5 zip (8k
    -¡Qué día de perros!-dice John (el criminal)-¡Voy a matar al jodido director! -El día de perros que hace ahí fuera no es culpa del director Vernon-contesta Brian (el empollón).     -No, el pensaba que hoy iba a ser una veraniega mañana de febrero en Chicago, empollón de mierda. Está nevando y aquí dentro la calefacción no funciona correctamente.     -Por favor, no discutáis más. No vamos a mejorar así nuestra situación, mejor no empeorarla-dice Claire (la princesa).

    Monday AM, March 08, 1999

  • by Poker :...
  • The Curse
    curse zip (12k) (Mf, rape, oral, anal, Mf, incest)
    Danny Rigoletto sat on the edge of the bed in the darkened room. His feverish face took on a bluish cast from the flickering screen of the television by the bed. As Danny watched the scene unfold, he slowly stroked up and down on his large stiff prick. The television was hooked up to the security system of the mansion. Danny had tapped into the line, along with installing an override to the off switch. Now, even when the Godfather switched off surveillance, a live feed always went to Danny's room. Licking his dry lips, Danny watched as Don Mantua stroked the hair of the little girl standing in front of him.
  • by Diggity Dog :...
  • The Trials of St. Agnes
    sagnes zip (48k) (Rel/Hist. f mast., F/F/f bond. ,F/multi M Rape, cons , M/F oral)
    It was three nights later. I was in my cell, performing my evening devotions, when I heard Fr. Linus cry out. "Brother Timothy, Brother Timothy, come quickly!" (another anoying Franciscan habbit, refering to all preists as brother) I grumbled as I left my cell and went into the work area. He was holding a early, leatherbound edition, almost reverently. Tears streamed down his face and in a quavering voice, he said, "I think you'll want to see this." extending the volume to me. Because of it's age, I carefully set the book on the work bench and opened the cover and regaurded the contents.
  • by Mark Aurel :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Franz
    franz zip (3k) (M/m)
    This is a short sketch, which describes very inten- sivly, how the author makes oral sex to a young boy
    My First Lolita
    lolita zip (12k) (M/f)
    The title is in English 'My First Lolita'. In this short story the author tells, how he had the first sexual contact with a 'Lolita'- girl as a youngster of 17.
    Ronny, part 1 & 2
    ronny1_2 zip (15k) (M/m incest)
    The author (as a young man of 19) pays a visit to his aunt's house and meets his cute 11 years old cousin Ronny.

    Sunday AM, March 07, 1999

  • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
  • The House of Joy
    joy zip (18k) (M/F/f/f,pedo)
    Man visits a New Orleans brothel and finds out the sexual servers are little girls.
    tempest zip (11k) (M/f incest)
    A man goes to his sleeping, teenage daughter's bedroom for a little sex.
  • by Boz :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Aperitif
    aperitif zip (13k) (fFmM+ inc)
    "Hi, Daddy!" said Sue, looking up from her book and stretching sensuously as her father, Will Davies, came through the door. "Can I suck your cock before dinner?"
    The Errand
    errand zip (23k) (fM+)
    Susie skipped happily along the sidewalk. The afternoon sun gleamed in her casually tossing blonde hair. Her rapidly maturing titties bounced under her clinging T-shirt, their pert roundness much more apparent now since she had begun swallowing so much male come.
  • by rabbit108 :...
  • The Boarders
    boarders zip (9k) (M/F/FF, lesb, underage sex)
    My name is Bert, I am a caretaker for a Young Ladies Prep school, the ages start from five to sixteen, and there are about thirty girls who live in small dormitories of three. Each girl has her own space divided by a curtain to give a modicum of privacy.      My job is to keep the school clean and do minor repairs, I have been with the school for eight years and know the layout, the school has just had a new wing added which involved joining onto the main building.     As the main walls could not be taken down a passage was made for the utilities servicing i.e. plumbing for the showers and toilets, this was kept locked and only I had a key.

    Saturday AM, March 06, 1999

  • by Curious Cat :...
  • Fill'er Up, Frankie; part F
    fillher6 zip (6k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),m/f/m,mmm/ff,M/f,oral,anal,nc,rough)
    Donna's luckiest day was the day she met the Tanucci family. From the twins, Johnnie & Joey to Rosie to big brother Frankie. Our sweet innocent didn't stay innocent very long after they conspired to include her in their family fun. She took to the fun & games like a hot little duck to water.
    Johnny Fucker Faster, part 1
    fucker1 zip (5k) (m/f,pedo (yg g),mmm/f/m,oral,anal,dbl,nc,rough)
    Johnny Allen was 9 and I was still only 8 when Ronnie Davis forced us into going all the way. Ronnie liked watching us fuck 'cause we had such a natural body rhythm that he tried to horn in on the action. The difference between Johnny and Ronnie was like night and day. One was a lover and the other a fucker.
  • by Angeleyes :...
  • After Mom Left Part 2
    momleft2 zip (6k) (M/f incest)
    I came home from school that one afternoon, the week before I was to turn twelve, and found my father passed out on the couch. He hadn't touched me or made me touch him after that one night when I was nine. I hadn't forgotten about it, but I did forgive him. I knew that the break up between my mother and him took its toll on his emotions. He didn't know what he was doing. Those thoughts kept running through my mind every night before going to bed, hoping anyway that it was just that one night. And for two years it was.
  • by Silvio Stoker :...
  • House Of The Setting Sun
    setsun zip (71k) (Mf, Mf, mf, MMFffff, etc., inc (daughter, cousin, sister, etc.), caution)
    "There is a house in New Orleans..." Dirk, 47, and Drew, 52, both divorced, own a business together and decide to become neighbors. Dirk's daughter Daphne, 13, is a smart, pretty girl who is a little messed up because her daddy molested her when she was 9. Her father feels very guilty about it and had forced himself to stop -- but the onset of puberty is making Daphne irresistible to both her father and her uncle. Drew's kids, Perdita, 14, a ravishing, conceited blonde, and George, 16, a puny sissy, are not very well adjusted either -- it seems as if they are all about to enter a troubled adolescence at once... (This story is dedicated to Young Fox, a fellow scrivener on these pages.)
  • by Max Free :...
  • Twin Capers, part 1a
    twins01a zip (7k) (MMFF)
    The Kings originate from Europe where they were Protestants who believed that they did not need anybody to tell them what is GOOD and what is SIN. They just tolerated their clergymen as people who had studied a lot but who did not have the monopoly of wisdom. So the Kings had always been, and still are, very independent people, with their own ideas about a lot of things.      Jack was born about 15 minutes before Mike, but for the rest they are ‘identical’, that is they developed from one cell. Most people cannot distinguish between them. When this story begins, they are 41 years old. They are blond and athletic, in fact their friends often call them the Vikings. One more characteristic, most women like them, especially the younger ones.
  • by Benhead :...
  • The Voyeur Chronicles, ch2
    voyeur2 zip (6k) (M/f)
    What is it about seeing the forbidden that holds such a strong allure? Catching a glimpse of panty, watching lovers mate, seeing that beautiful woman next door undress, observing the little girl at the beach whose leg bands are too loose. This is the second installment of one man's journey.
  • by AnonX :...
  • Danielle Finds New Worlds
    danielle zip (5k) (F/F)
    The reader may remember Danielle, that delightful sixteen year old who has come into my home from Southeastern Advanced Technology Associates. We have spend a blissful eight months exploring every part of each other. I remain contented to this day. Those who have read "Danielle Strikes Back" will remember that, in our first episode, Danielle was a lovely but basic model from SATA. Since that time she had been upgraded with remote sensing and an attack package. Simply put, I could see and hear what Danielle saw and heard and, when prompted could amply defend herself.
  • by silentkiller :...
  • Jim's Sexual Liberation
    sexlib zip (14k) (m & f in many combinations, gay & hetero, inc, cons)
    This is the story of how Jim's childhood sexual experiences influenced his adult sexual life. It doesn't have the explicit, juicy, lingering details of most Mr. Double stories, but it does describe a range of experiences and not just a few heated encounters.
    Teen Babysitter
    teenbaby zip (15k) (Mf, Mff, teen, incest)
    It was during my 1997 vacation to Amsterdam that I was first exposed to teen porn. I was in one of the many porno shops in the red light district when a magazine cover caught my eye. It said "Teen Love" in three different languages and showed a teen girl and boy who looked like they were 14 or 15 years old. They were laying on a bed. The girl's leg was hiked up in the air and the boy was fucking her from behind. It was incredible. I got a hardon immediately. I have never gotten a hardon so fast in my life. I flipped through the magazine and looked at the beautiful pictures. I bought the magazine and a few others like it and went straight back to my hotel where I masturbated for the next two hours while looking at the magazines. I had discovered a whole new level of sexual appreciation for myself. A little background about myself: My name is Chris and I was 28 when in Amsterdam. I was out of law school and working in a public defender office in New England. I had a six year old daughter, Stephie, who was the result of a bad relationship from my college years.
  • by Skaidan :...
  • Despertando a un nuevo mundo
    desperta zip (7k) (m/F, incest)
    Yo aún no era muy consciente de algunos fenómenos que estaban teniendo lugar en mi cuerpo.Tenía por aquel entonces doce años recién cumplidos y no hacía mucho que había despertado a la sexualidad.En realidad, ese despertar se reducía a la actividad más recurrente en los adolescentes (y no sólo en los adolescentes), que se realiza con una mano generalmente.En mí era bastante recurrente esta actividad, que desarrollaba en la más estricta intimidad.
    escayola zip (6k) (m/F, incest, impregnation)
    Aquélla fue la peor caída de mi vida.Yo iba andando por la calle tan tranquilo cuando, sin saber por qué, tropecé y tuve la mala fortuna de caer hacia la izquierda, donde había un desnivel en la calle de más de medio metro.Aterricé, por decirlo de alguna forma, sobre los dos brazos y me los partí.El dolor era insportable y no sé cómo logré incorporarme.Un par de hombres que por allí pasaban me llevaron al hospital y allí me escayolaron los brazos.
  • by Al Garcia :...
  • Nostalgia; by Jaime
    nostalag zip (20k) (a story written in Spanish)
    Soy el pequeño de seis hermanos y fui una "sorpresa" para mis padres, ya que no esperaban tener mas hijos, esto suponia que habia una diferencia de 5 años con el siguiente y aunque tenia sus ventajas, era el mas mimado de la familia, tambien tenia sus inconvenientes, no tenia en casa niños de mi edad, eran todos mayores y pronto comprendi que si no me comportaba como un niño chico, me aceptaban estupendamente y me trataban como a un adulto, pero si me ponia a llorar, patalear o demas tonterias por el estilo, me hacian el vacio y pasaban de mi. esto me hizo madurar mas rapido de lo normal.
    La primera experiencia, by Fabio
    primexpe zip (20k) (a story written in Spanish)
    Toda esta historia comenzó en el 93, cuando yo tenía como 15 o 16 años, en una de las tantas reuniones que organiza mi familia todos los años en que invitan a un matrimonio amigo a pasar todo el día a nuestra casa. Como todos los años, clavadas las 13.00 horas de ese día sábado llegaron nuestros amigos, Armando y Ana. Armando es un buen hombre, de unos 38 años en ese entonces, que trabaja en una oficina de ingenieros y urbanistas de mi ciudad. La protagonista en cuestión es Ana, su esposa, de unos 36 años en ese entonces, trabaja en una entidad privada como secretaria.

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  • ~~~~Now~I~need~you~~~more~than~ever~~~~No~more~crying~~~we're~together~~~~

    Living life is just a game so they say
    All the games we used to play fade away
    We may now enjoy the dreams we shared so long ago

    Oh my darling, got to have you. Feel the magic when I hold you
    Cry sweet tears of joy, touch the sky


    ("Make Me Smile", as written & performed by Chicago)


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