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    Whatever Gets You Thru the Night

    On Friday AM, March 19, 1999

      • by Young Fox :...
      • Countess Sara Washington
        countess zip (10k) (M/f, inc, multiple partners)
        Countess was a black girl born to a thirteen year old in a Detroit ghetto. She was very smart and loved to read, but she was obese. Her grandfather introduced her to fellatio and handjobs at an early age. But the first time she fucked, when she was eight, her life changed.....

        Thursday AM, March 18, 1999

      • by CuriousCat :...
      • Baby Maker, part 5
        babymak5 zip (4k) (M/f, kidnap, pedo (very yng g to yng teen;babies), rape, nc, preg, B&D)
        Don Bradley was a 32-year-old confirmed pedophile when he kidnapped 8-year-old Carolina Mattingly. She could have been just another piece of delicious ass in his life but for the fact that he filled her little belly with his she's his for wife to him and mother to his babies.
        The Creepers
        creepers zip (5k) (M/f, M/F?)
        My private thots about the kind of men who turn me on? The same type who turned on my seven-year-old body so long ago.
      • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
      • Libido
        libido zip (25k) (M/F/F, incest, swing)
        Lisa's brother-in-law teaches her and her husband a thing or two about lust when he takes them to a sex-club called LIBIDO.
      • by Jaz1701 :...
      • Rape Betrayal #4 - Don't Rape me, Rape my Daughter!
        rape4 zip (7k) (M/F/f)
        Susan could not believe what she was reading. 30 seconds ago a large white van had pulled up in front of her home. 10 seconds ago a tall heavily muscled man had rung her doorbell and without saying a word had handed her a piece of paper. "We have your daughter, we will rape her to pieces and you will never see her again unless you follow all instructions." This had to be some kind of sick joke, she tried to convince herself, but one look into those cold unfeeling eyes and she knew something was terribly wrong.
      • by A. Huri :...
      • Hélèna et les garçons
        helena zip (5k) (mmmf, teen, inc)
        Hélèna était le genre de fille qui semblait devoir m'être toujours inaccessible... C'était de l'avis général une des plus belles filles du lycée, avec sa longue chevelure blonde, ses yeux bleus toujours rieurs, ses nichons et sa croupe opulents, qu'elle n'avait pas l'hypocrisie de dissimuler sous des vêtements trop amples, comme beaucoup de jeunes filles gâtées par la nature. De plus, elle était remarquablement douée, et à seulement dix-sept ans était la meilleure élève de sa classe de terminale scientifique.

        Wednesday AM, March 17, 1999

      • by Young Fox :...
      • Angelo, Boy Gigolo
        angelo zip (3k) (mF, cons)
        Angel Castro was an eleven year old gigolo. He had an usually large penis, almost eight inches long, and had been able to ejaculate since he was nine. As long as he'd been sexually active he always found himself attracted to older women---his mother's age or more---moreso than girls his own age.      He was a cute boy and had a fine ass, which was one of his most marketable points, as he was to discover working the beaches. He usually wore loose-fitting shorts that allowed his nuts to hang out. He called them his "prowling pants".
        Child Bride
        bride zip (7k) (MF/f, lesbian inc, sadism, semi-cons)
        He stood at the mirror, admiring himself. Naked, muscled, darkly tanned. His belly was flat, the navel tucked, a narrow band of black hair connecting to his pubis. In semi-profile, his buttocks were powerful yet smooth, the hips dimpling. He had a broad deep chest with sensitive nipples that stood sharp in the morning coolness. The nipples were puffy, and if he'd cared to refer to them as breasts he could say they were as large as those of the two girls in his bed.      He looked at the mirror and beheld a demon, a blood-thirsty woman-hating monster. A sex god.
        Grandma Larson's Sculptures
        sculptur zip (7k) (mf/F inc, dildos)
        David and Lois visit Grandma who teaches them her "craft", which is making plastic cocks from various guys who stop by to model. "Sculptures" are a family tradition the incestuous siblings pass on to their adolescent son......
      • by Pedros :...
      • Susie's First Bikinis
        bikini zip (18k) (M/f, incest, pedo)
        Susie's daddy brings her a daring pair of bikinis from a working trip to the Carribean. He also bought a pair for himself. Sexy fun and games begin when they both try them on....
      • by GoDSpiT :...
      • House of Dreams: Where All Your Dreams do Cum True
        dreams zip (98k) (M/f)
        I remember driving up to the house feeling a little intimidated because of where I am going. The rumors flying around this place, the daring accusations are perhaps the most surprising things. There are many cars parked in the garage that can fit about twenty cars, it looks to be full so I park in front of the front door. The house is huge two stories and perhaps has about twenty or more rooms. I feel a little anticipation wondering what I am going to see, I can imagine sex all over the place, little girls running around screaming with glee, or is it terror? That is what most of the media seems to suspect that nothing but rape is going on behind these doors but GoDSpiT (or Michael Stone) has promised that they are not going to hide anything to my eyes as I walk though this house to his private room.
      • by Badttbone :...
      • Orphan Train
        orphan1 zip (4k) (M/f nc pedo)
        James Webb is a runaway rapist trying to excape his past. then the "Orphan Train" rides into town and his evil side wins out. Two little girls find out, just how nice their new daddy can be.
      • by AirMax :...
      • Goth Bitch
        bitch zip (25k) (fff/f, semi-nc, menstrual, ws)
        The most popular girl at Glendale High gets broken in by the school's resident goth and her vampire-wannabe friends.
      • by Muc :...
      • Caught by my Sister
        caught zip (11k) (bro/sis inc)
        When had been in our new house less than a week, when I discovered by accident, a heating duct near the ceiling in my room, that connected with a duct in my older sister's room. What happened was, late one night, as I was watching TV in my room with the lights off, I heard my sister enter her room. As she flicked on her overhead lights, a column of light poured through the grill in my room. Intrigued, I stood on my dresser and looked through the grill, where I could clearly see Sherry's whole bedroom. Sherry was my gorgeous 18 year-old sister. She looked into her mirror and started to unbutton her shirt. I knew I should stop watching, but I didn't. Sherry had a very sexy body, which being her perpetually horny 13 year-old brother I had tried to peek at whenever possible. I knew she wore a 36C bra from looking through her underwear drawer in search of her panties to fondle as I jerked off. She pulled her shirt over her head, and there she stood in a lacy white bra. My boyish cock sprang to attention.. She unzipped her jeans, rolled them down her tanned legs, and kicked them into the corner revealing a pair of bright green panties. She reached back and unsnapped her bra, and her breasts bounced free.
      • by pandora_rose :...
      • Thru my eyes
        myeyes zip (5k) (M/F/fantasy)
        He confided to me that for years he had been taking young girl's panties from the laundryroom of his apartment complex to satisfy his desires in a "safe" way..looking up at him I asked if there was anyway I could help and if I could watch what he did with them.....
      • by Lincoln Lee :...
      • Suzy's Diary
        suzy zip (6k) (M/f incest)
        Dear Dairy,      I was at home today with Dad. It was nothing special except that I needed to do some reseach for a book report for school. Being in the sixth grade is such a bore. Anyway, my computer is not working, so I used Dad's. He left to get something from the store and I decided to look through some of his book marks.     I was shocked to find how many websites he visits that are about incest. He must really be interested in having sex with me. I say this because I found a message and I think my Daddy wrote it. It read:

        Tuesday AM, March 16, 1999

      • by Robert Q. Lewis :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Genny and Me
        genny zip (9k) (M/f teen)
        I see the eyes staring at me as I rise out of the pool, and squinting, I try to focus in on the slim female before me. But with out my glasses, it was hopeless, so I got them from the edge of the pool. And as I slipped them on, I saw the prettiest little girl I've ever laid my eyes upon. That's how this whole thing got started.
      • by The Vicar :...New Author.!.!.!
      • A True Romance
        romance zip (7k) (m/f incest)
        The summer between my first and second year of college my parents let me know that I would be taking my sister back to school and sharing the apartment I lived in with her. I could not complain for two reasons. The first is that my sister was pretty cool. An athletic gal she was built like an olympic track star. The second reason was that my parents paid for my living costs including rent of my apartment.     The day came when my sister and I found ourselves back at our adobe and preparing for school for the upcoming semester.     I showed my sister around the first floor apartment and to her room. My father had packed us a u-haul full of her stuff including her bed. While we were unloading I noticed her crying.
      • by Badttbone :...New Author.!.!.!
      • School Nurse, ch 1-3
        skool1_3 zip (7k) (M/ff nc)
        Mark is going nowhere as an intern in a nursing home until one day his fortunes change and all his perverted little fantasies become reality.
      • by Poker :...
      • Alpha Centauri, part 1
        alpha1 zip (9k) (MF, Mf, oral, pedo)
        Those of you who like computer games will probably know Sid Meier’s latest, "Alpha Centauri". Here is a story set within that framework. Ten years after the various groups landed on the planet Chiron, Zakharov, leader of the University faction, goes home and warns his family of impending war. That night, Tania, his 7 year old daughter has a nightmare and walks into her parents bedroom.........
      • by cozmo cookieman :...
      • Becky and Bobdawg
        bobdawg zip (6k) (M/f incest, bestiality)
        Ah! A beautiful midsummers day...the sun was shining and the sky was a color of blue that cannot be described. Nubile young girls clad in the most minimal clothing, flirting with tanned, hunky young boys. Hormones rampaging, unbridled and own included.      Summer...the greatest time to be alive! Well, except for one slight drawback...      I had just finished mowing the lawn, a job I'd hated ever since I was in my early teens, when I had at least five of them each summer. At least I got paid for mowing those lawns...
      • by J-J Ames :...
      • Angelic Quivers, ch2-3
        angel2_3 zip (8k) (mf ff young mast)
        Shortly after Bria and Lisa's gluttonous raid on Lisa's kitchen, Monica and Alex returned home from the game. Bria and Lisa had decided to keep the video, and maybe explore more of it later. What could Alex do? Surely, he couldn't confront them about it without admitting having it in the first place.      Monica and Alex were very playful towards each other as they sat in the living room to watch television. There were bouts of tickling and playful slugging as they searched channels for something to watch. The game had been lost by their high school team, and their antics were an obvious sign to the two younger girls that a make-up was in the works between their older siblings.
      • by Cassie :...
      • Chat Log #2
        chatlog2 zip (4k) (m/f incest role play)
        <Brother> hi Cassie <Cassie> hello Brother <Cassie> kisses <Brother> I prefer this <Brother> big kisses...all over <Cassie> so did I <Brother> I saved the log of our chat yesterday...very sexy <Brother> me fucking my little sis...NASTY <Cassie> I'm asking the same question do you mind if I send to double?

        Monday AM, March 15, 1999

      • by Tanya Sissipus :...
      • That's What Sisters are For
        sisters zip (12k) (ff, incest, seduction, menstrual, oral, ws)
        It all started when my sister caught me experimenting with a tampon, and offered to teach me how to do it right. From there, sisterly affection turned to something far more erotic, plunging us into a sticky, sexy mess of lesbian lust.
      • by que? & Mystic :...
      • Whatever I want, part 2
        whateve2 zip (8k) (M/f incest)
        Damn, it's your father. I open the door wide and extend my greeting, "Hey John, what's up?!!"      "I need to talk to Julie," he says walking through the door past me, "is she awake?"      I think to myself <oh great you want to talk to Julie and I need to fuck her> and say "uh, well she already went to bed a couple hours ago..."      John immediately cuts me off by saying, "You don't understand, I must to talk to her now. It's's about her mother and I. We are splitting up and I'm leaving her for good this time."      I look at John's wearied face and wonder <yeah well shouldn't you be over their fucking her for good one last time?> I begin to feel sorry for him and decide my aching balls can wait a little while longer, until I remember how you are tied to the bed naked and asleep. A devious thought crosses my mind, should I?
      • by Cassie :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Chat Log #1
        chatlog1 zip (4k) (m/f incest role play)

        Sunday AM, March 14, 1999

      • by Cestahhh :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Daddy Director, ch 1
        director zip (5k) (M/F, M/M father/daughter, pedo)
        Otto Klensh was a happy, happy man. Not only was he getting his cock sucked expertly by Tanisha, the ten year old daughter of his best friend Rashid, he was watching as his own 12 year old daughter Carrie licked Rashid's heavy black balls.      Gobs of cum were hanging from Carrie's chin, deposited there by another friend of Otto's, Jim, who was now operating the camera. Otto closed his eyes momentarily, smiling and thinking of how much money they would make from this movie on the underground market. The perverts would love this one for sure. Carrie had always been a very popular kiddie porn performer, since the age of six in the "Adventures with Daddy" series, but now that her body was starting to develop and she was getting tits, they were attracting a new tier of customers. These were the guys who liked the idea of deflowering virgins, and were lusting and wacking off at the idea of fucking their own daughters as they watched them reach adolescence.
      • by CuriusCat :...
      • Baby Maker, part 4
        babymak4 zip (6k) (M/f, kidnap, pedo (very yng g to yng teen;), rape, nc, preg, B&D, nip)
        "Well, my child did, in fact, have my bun in her tiny, hot oven. We spent the next four months in an idyllic state. She began to prance around in front of me, as often as possible, her naked protruding belly jutting out. Small, swollen breasts bouncing up and down as she strutted. Now, she was totally attuned to my arousal and made the most of it and her power over me. She became quite the well-trained whore and held me captive in her spell. Now that she was nearly six months gone, most of our actual fucking was from the back, while on our sides. Most of the other positions were too uncomfortable for her. My long cock would fit into her slit, even under that protruding belly but I really couldn't rest my body weight on her so I compromised.
      • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
      • Eddie and His Sisters
        eddie zip (21k) (m/f, m/f incest)
        True story of a young teenage boy who visits his best friend's house in order to have sex with his friend's pretty sisters.
        Different Sisters
        differen zip (31k) (F/m, m/F/f, incest)
        After "Eddie and His Sisters" I became friends with Stephen who had two, sexy sisters of his own. I had hped that he too was having sex with them but reality showed me otherwise. My fantasies showed me something else...
        mike zip (21k) (M/f, incest, pedo)
        11-year-old Kimmy tells us exactly what her 18-year-old brother did with her.
      • by Black Dragon :...
      • Kid Sister
        kidsis zip (6k) (m/f, inc, 1st)
        Brother get stuck watching his kid sister when he finds out sisters can be more fun than he thought when he finds out she likes porno movies, too. Their relationship moves to a new and different level when he finds out how un- inhibited his sister is.
        Catholic School
        catholic zip (10k) (f/f, 1st climax)
        Diane spends her first night in a private catholic high school. Didi, her new friend and roommate. She soon learns to get over her shyness, with Didi's help, of course.
      • by HIGH STORRS :...
      • Swiss Farmer's Wife
        swiswife zip (7k) (M/F oral)
        This is a true story. I was on holiday in Switzerland, and saw a farmer's wife making hay. I too decided to make hay while the sun shone, but mine wasn't made from grass.
      • by Boz :...
      • The Job
        thejob zip (19k) (f/M+F)
        "I'm sure you'll do well, dear. But remember: calm and ladylike. I'm sure they don't want a tom-boy running around the office."      Tomboy was the last word anyone else would have thought of to describe young Joanie Sutherland. She may not have been ladylike, but she certainly was womanly. Shapely beyond her sixteen years, with a face that combined wide- eyed innocence with an irresistible sensual allure. Even her father was stirred at the sight of her round, perky behind and her delightfully bobbing breasts as she ran down the sidewalk towards the waiting car.

        Saturday AM, March 13, 1999

      • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
      • Cristy
        cristy zip (36k) (m/f incest)
        I don't remember our ages when it first started. I can't even remember when it first began. I know I was a child. I guess, looking back, that Bobby was a child too. I know that he is three years older than me. It doesn't make a lot of difference now but, at that time, I must have been twelve and Bobby was fifteen. Bobby is my older brother. There was me, Bobby and my little brother Tommy (who was two years younger than I). We lived in a suburb of Cleveland and grew up in the 1970's with our parents.
        The Sex Doll, parts 1 & 2
        sex1_2 zip (56k) (m/f incest)
        I didn't love my job.     I mean, it paid well. But it just wasn't the kind of job I always thought a man should have or any person should enjoy.      I was a nurses' aid at a hospice in Cincinnati.      Don't laugh.      Me? A guy? A nurses' aid?      Well, let me explain a little.      First: a hospice is like a hospital. It has nurses and doctors and beds and rooms and medicines. But you don't go there to get cured. You go there to die. A hospice is where they send someone who has been diagnosed with a fatal illness and there's no need to keep them in a hospital because they are just taking up room and there's no way to cure them. Those people still need care and medical treatment but it's too expensive and time consuming to keep them at home so they are sent to a hospice.     Doesn't sound like a fun kind of place, does it?
      • by KBear :...
      • Gymnasties, part 2
        gymnast2 zip (14k) (M/f/group/young/spank/oral/anal/enema/non-con/first time)
        Ever wonder what those little gymnastics girls looked like in the nude doing thier routines... ever dream of doing "naughty" things to them...well this is one way it might happen...
      • by Ron :...
      • Hobby, part 3
        hobby3 zip (13k) (M/F M/f F/f)
        Teresa was just the cutest little eleven year old birthday girl with her pretty party dress on, bouncing around between all her neighborhood friends and having a grand time being the center of attention. All smiles and laughs, once in awhile sending me a special grin, an anticipatory smirk that said she had something planned for me. Or us. Whichever it was, I was diamond rock hard.      Or maybe it was all the other little girls and their sweet voices and innocent glimpses of panties they kept giving me so freely. I didn't care all that much for the reason, really, only thinking of Teresa slipping that dress off and spreading those smooth thighs of hers to open her nearly bare slit to my gaze, inviting attention to her needs.
      • by Resurgence :...
      • Jeannie, ch 2-4, Summer School
        jeani2_4 zip (19k) (m/f, bro/sis)
        It had been a long, slow night at work. That was good, my mind wasn’t really on my job and I was a little tired from the events earlier in the day. Still, I had managed to muddle my way through my shift under continuous abuse from my co-workers. It seemed that everyone knew what had happened, but that was impossible. Even the older waitresses were giving me a hard time, guessing, “I had got some”. But, they couldn’t have known.
      • by Tarislan :...
      • Lyssa; part 2 - ch3: "Lyssa's Consequences"
        lyssa3 zip (10k) (M/f)
        Well, I spent a good hour thinking about that single word. She had won fair and square, and according to the bet, I would have to do whatever she said. Aparently, she wanted to claim ME as her prize. My brain spent a hour running over the dilemmas that word caused me, and my friendship, (or love, a small part of me whispered) with Lyssa.
      • by Lil N :...
      • Tiffie's Bedtime Story.....
        tiffie zip (3k) (Father/daughter)
        Eleven year old Tiffany came skipping into the livingroom where her parents were watching tv. It was already past nine oclock and Tiffie was already past due her bedtime. She was dressed in a large tshirt. Her mother looked at her daughter with a scolding look.      "Tiffie....shouldn't you be in bed by now?" she asked.      Tiffie jumped onto her mothers' lap.      "I want a bedtime story, Mommy."     "Which story do you want me to read to you?"     "No Mommy...I want Daddy to read me my special story."
      • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
      • Trois contes pour les enfants turbulents, part 2
        contes2 zip (17k) (M/f, M/m, M/f, pedo, Mdom)
        Mes histoires ne sont rien d'autre que des contes, et comme tous les contes, elles sont parfois ambigues et cruelles et font cohabiter les princes charmants avec les ogres. A la différence de mon illustre ancêtre je ne les destine pas à la petite nièce de Louis XIV, mais à des adultes normalement capables de faire la part entre conte et réalité.     Ne lisez pas cette histoire si vous savez à l'avance qu'elle va vous scandaliser. Dans le cas contraire vous ne feriez que manifester votre hypocrisie.
      • by Conner :...
      • Ein Herzchen wie Lolita
        lolita zip (5k
        Neben der Mutter hat die Kleine ihn schon immer interressiert.Sie sieht ihn , den sie Onkel nennt , mit großen Augen an .Susanne kennt den Onkel nicht wieder. Sie hat sich nichts dabei gedacht , als er sie anfaßt. Sie sitzt auf seinem Schoß und findet es angenehm, die Hand an ihrer Brust. . .     Seinen schneller gehenden Atem führt sie auf die Balgerei zurück.     Ein paar Tage später. . .     Er überrascht sie auf der Toilette.Sie hat ihr Höschen runtergezogen und sieht neugierig ihren leicht behaarten Schlitz an. . .     "Gefällt Dir Dein Fötzchen?"     Susanne setzt sich schnell.     "Es ist besetzt, Onkel! Siehst Du das nicht?"

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    ("Whatever Gets You Thru the Night", as written & performed by John Winston Lennon)
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