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    Treat Her Like A Lady

    On Friday AM, April 02, 1999

      • by Dunthat :...
      • Beth sleeps in the Nude
        bethnude zip (10k) (M/f/f sleep/preg)
        My journey into the world of incest started in April 1997. I have a daughter Beth, fifteen and a son Allen, nineteen. My daughter is cute but doesn't get all that many calls from boys. Her body is nice and well proportioned. She is what you would call a daddy's girl and I love her very much.
      • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
      • Playing With the Fire, part 2 (final)
        fir17_18 zip (16k) (m/m/f, incest)
        Dianne, sitting alone at the kitchen table, felt as if she had been shot in the heart and was bleeding to death. She sat very still and lifeless, stunned by the immensity of her grief-induced pain and listening as the pace of the little splashes in the gravy crater quickened.     Where was all that liquid coming from? she wondered. How large was the reservoir in which they were stored? How many tears did a person have?
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Housebreaker, parts 2-3
        house2_3 zip (35k) (m/f rape, non-cons)
        Our house breaking hero has found another young lady and his Rambo-like skills are put to good use in grabbing her.
        Trailer Trash, part 7
        trailer7 zip (23k) (M/fff F dad/daut inc)
        Dalton tries to understand the emotional and sexual changes occurring around him.
      • by Rich Humus :...
      • Who Needs Oxy10, part 2
        oxy10_2 zip (9k) (M/f dad/daughter Oral, Leg Shaving)
        The continuing tale of my sexy young daughter Rebecca and her growing attraction to semen.
      • by Max Free :...
      • Twin Capers, part 3
        twins3a zip (13k) (MFmf inc)
        When Mary came back home, on a Saturday, she did not find an opportunity to talk to Mike about her and Janet's proposal to swap husbands. She found she had to leave the next Monday for about a month to help a friend of hers. And it happened that also Alex would be absent during a full month. So, during this time Mike and Maggie would have to look after themselves.
      • by MaDD :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Alaska, ch 1 & 2
        alask1_2 zip (7k) (M/F)
        Brad's wife recently divorced him and now he is going to Alaska to start a new life. His airplane ride turns into an unsuspected surpries when Megan, his seat companion, gets a little frisky.
      • by Boz :...
      • The Hotel, ch 4-6
        hotel4_6 zip (15k) (f/M+)
        In which young Susie discovers that age and experience can be as satisfying as youthful force, is introduced to Greek sex by Apollo himself, brings together two gay men, and comes between a man and his dog -- among other adventures.

        Thursday AM, April 01, 1999

      • by little lover :...
      • Little Kids Day Care, parts 5 & 6
        care5_6 zip (9k) (M/Fggg)
        Mr. Bates aroze with a jerk. "My god, who was that?" He lay totally still, straining to hear. Nothing but silence.    "Maybe something fell." he thought as his gaze returned to the sleeping beauty beneath him 5 year old Amanda. He raised his upper body enough to be able to gaze once more at the union between them. The sight of his massive manhood still impaling the small creature caused him to regain a full erection and he began to slowly slide in and out of her once again. Suddenly the buzzer rang.
      • by Mustang :...
      • A FAMILY Trial, part 3
        famtria3 zip (9k) (Family incest)
        "When's Harry and the Queer getting back," Todd asked Blu from across the campfire.     "Soon I hopes," replied Blu scratching and adjusting his gentiles. "I's don't likes this waitin' around none."    "Ya don'ts suppose they's grab the plane and left wid out us?" piped up Belo.    "Naw... Harry won'ts do that," said Blu as he glanced across the fire to the near nude women huddling as close as they could get to their husbands and kids.    The big man then stood up and turned to Todd saying, "You 'n Belo watch these here peoples whiles I gets me a little ass!"    "Sure... Try the redhead. She's a real wild one was ya get her warmed up," chuckled Todd pointing at Kathy.
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Hypnotist, part 1
        hypno1 zip (20k) (M/ff Mind Control, oral anal inc)
        Jenner knew a little about Hypnosis, enough to get him started with his brother's little daughters.
      • by The Story Teller :...
      • The Boys in the Park
        boyzpark zip (25k) (M/m+, oral, anal, cons)
        Due to an illness, I was bored at home. The park behind my house, turned from being a nuisance to a godsend. I passed the time watching the youngsters play. Then out of the blue, I started getting urges I'd never experienced before. I found myself being attracted to boys around 11-14 years old and I wasn't even gay! I suddenly found such beauty in young developing male bodies as they stripped down to their shorts to play football in the hottest heat wave that I could remember. When by chance, circumstances brought a naked young boy in front of me, I realised what was missing in my life. I was a boylover!
      • by scatman_40 :...
      • The Depraved, part 5
        abby6 zip (11k) (Mf, MM, pedo, incest, cons rape, BD, scat, gs)
        Two weeks passed and during that time I was extra nice to my daughter Ginny. Ever since I had thought about fucking her, I couldn't get it out of my mind. Her sweet young 10 year old body was just crying out to be ravished by a man such as myself.     My wife (Gail) though I was just being nice. If only she knew what plans I had for her precious baby. I couldn't wait until Abby and I had figured out a way to fuck the little precious. Meanwhile, I was so horny looking at her I fucked Gail every day. Sometimes twice. Once I even had to hold her down and take her by force because she said she didn't feel like sex. She threw a complete fit after that little episode and didn't talk to me for the whole day, so I had to try and tone things down a bit after that.
      • by Patrice :...
      • Lunch With Kim
        lunchkim zip (2k) (F/f breastfeed)
        The idea occurred to me so I just decided to do it. I had left my one year old daughter at home with the thirteen year old girl who lived next door while I had a quick lunch out with my husband. He was on his way to a meeting nearby and called to see if I could meet him for a short lunch “date.” That just meant that he was too horny to wait until he got home.     We had picked up some Chinese food to eat in the car but never even got around to it. I spent our “lunch” sucking his cock on a quiet street and when he was just about to cum I opened the container of fried rice and jerked him off into it. I said it would turn me on to eat it later at home knowing that his semen was in it. He just grinned, knowing how bad I was.

        Wednesday AM, March 31, 1999

      • by Poker :...
      • Alpha Centauri, part 3
        alpha3 zip (12k) (Mf, pedo)
        General Yang, frustrated by the re-taking of Gaia's Landing, has sprung a surprise attack on the University and the part timers of the University Guard become involved in the defence of their city. Meanwhile, too far away to help, Captain Campbell has found an empty house where he can sleep off combat fatigue. There is a sound in the bedroom, Campbell wakes up and surprises someone sneaking around in the dark........
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Disaster, part 1
        disast1 zip (14k) (M/f cons)
        A lonely copter pilot has an ingenious scheme to find the girl of his dreams.
      • by Emerson Laken-Palmer :...
      • Playing With the Fire
        fire1_16 zip (148k) (m/m/f, incest)
        Dianne is a pretty, red-headed teenage girl with a problem: her big brother Bud. Today, in her bedroom, Dianne is going to find out just what her brother and his dirty friend Harold have in store for her and her nubile, female body.
      • by BeachDaddy :...
      • Bedtime, part 3: At The Beach
        bedtime3 zip (10k) (M/ff f/m)
        In the first chapter, Beachdaddy discovers "like daddy, like daughter" that his 11 year old daughter has a zest for life including every kind of sexual activity imaginable between loving daddy and daughter In chapter 2, Beachdaddy takes his daughter to buy a new swim suit to wear at the beach, and while at the store, they meet a teen age sales clerk, named Carol who goes to the beach with them.

        Tuesday AM, March 30, 1999

      • by Rick Roll :...
      • Monica + Jeff
        monica zip (7k) (m/f - sex/oral/intense)
        A young high school couple do their best to find places to be alone. A perfect couple with an insatiable sexual appetite.
      • by Tanzer :...
      • Travelin' Man (A series)
        travel1 zip (10k) (Mf/oral/anal)
        I'd finally done it. After years of working for someone else, I'd started my company and ventured out as a consultant. It was scary at first, but the money and freedom it afforded me was too much to pass up. My first contract was a six-month assignment with a furniture company. Since things came together rather quickly, I ended up staying in an extended-stay hotel instead of the apartment I expected. It was only supposed to be for a week or two, until other arrangements could be made. It was a pain to haul stuff back and forth, but knowing that it was temporary made it easier.
      • by cozmo cookieman :...
      • View
        view zip (8k) (voy, pre-teen exhib)
        The summer of kid had moved out into the world and I really missed her. It's odd how much of my spare time was filled just by having a slightly hyper-active teen-age daughter around, and how deafening the silence was now that she was out of the apartment. I needed to find something to keep myself occupied, so I returned to my old hobby of rebuilding and repairing bicycles. I had tried it as a side-business once, but the amount of detail I went into on each job soon made me realize that I wasn't cut out to do it professionally. I couldn't charge by the hour, because by the time I had dismantled, cleaned, greased, and rebuilt everything I'd torn apart I would have had to charge more than the machine was actually worth. Most folks don't realize that like a car, a bicycle has to have periodic maintenance. Bearings and races wear out, grease needs to be cleaned out and repacked, drive chains stretch out and have to be replaced...
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Shrink, part 1
        shrink1 zip (23k) (M/f cons)
        A psychologist is forced to find a new line of work, for a social agency that has large number of young girls who have been sexualized since birth. Can our hero help them, or will he help himself?

        Monday AM, March 29, 1999

      • by HIGH STORRS :...
      • Birthday Party
        15thbday zip (9k) (mf+ oral)
        My fifteenth birthday party. The first time I had taken notice of girls. I was determined to have a birthday to remember, and a rigged game of hide and seek led to some surprising experiences.
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Housebreaker, part 1
        breaker1 zip (20k) (m/f sleep, rape, pedo)
        A fairly hip dude shares his tale of love and housebreaking.
        The Stalker, part 3
        stalker3 zip (8k) (M/ffff anal pedo)
        Teller begins to teach his little girls what wearing their horsie tails means.
      • by Ernie Walker :...
      • Girl Scout Gang Rape, part 2
        compoun2 zip (6k) (M+/ggg, nc, cum eating)
        Back in the Elevator, Cindy was surrounded by a group of men. One was crouched near her head (she remembered his name as Jimbo) and others had forced her legs open and were using fingers on her, and in her. They were putting them inside her pee-pee and in her bottom. She felt the big men open her up, and force another finger inside of her - she didn't know what was going on. Another of the men was licking her chest, biting her while he rubbed his thing.      They all had their things out - a few of them had completely taken their pants off, and the man between her legs was furiously pumping his thing. He would spit on it and rub the spit all over the middle of it.      She felt two hands grab her hair and turn her head. She saw Jimbo's pee-pee pointing right at her face. He was moving his hand over his thing too.      "Suck it."
      • by TinaS1t :...
      • Lisa, parts 1 & 2
        lisa1_2 zip (12k) (M/f MMM/f F/f Pedo incest)
        Seven year old Lisa id about to become a woman and beable to join in the other family members at the compound and no longerhave to be excluded. She is going to be brave as her dad and friends deflower her.
      • by Mandil :...
      • The Apprentice Mesmerizer, part 2
        mesmer2 zip (17k) (m/f ,inc.,voy)
        Lawrence has now succeeded to hypnotize his sister Sandra anytime he wishes. He now wants to be able to explore her young body but he has to be careful so that she won't get out of her trance while he does so. He soon discoveres that she has a superb body, but he also learns that he is not the first one to fondle her.
      • by Dunthat :...
      • Getting to know my daughters
        mydauter zip (25k) (M/F father/daughter/rape/preg)
        I drove up and parked in front of the house my ex-wife and her husband lived in. It was Friday morning just a little past nine AM. I was driving a rental car I had leased just over an hour ago in Raleigh, North Carolina. I got out of the car, walked up to the front door and rang the bell.      Jake, my ex-wife's husband opened the door.      "How you doing, Frank?" he asked.      "Pretty good. Are the girls ready?" I asked anxious to get away. I hated Jake and I hated my two girls Connie, sixteen and Amy fifteen being in the same house with him. The two girls were a little over a year and a half apart. Connie would be seventeen in two months, August 12th.
      • by BeachDaddy :...
      • Bedtime, part 2
        bedtime2 zip (8k) (M/ff pre/teen)
        Beachdaddy takes his 11 year old daughter to buy a new bikini and meets a teenage salesgirl to join their fun

        Sunday AM, March 28, 1999

      • by The Pied Piper :...
      • Three Little Friends
        3friends zip (13k) (NOT for the squeamish!)
        Whenever the weather is really warm, the two sisters love to play with their little friend in the sand pit. Today it was rather hot, so the children only wore short cotton panties. Little 4 years old Marion was completely occupied in building a sand castle. Her light blonde pig tails dangled over her narrow tanned shoulders. Her eight years old sister Sabine, white blonde, too, and her 7 years old Friend Julia were sitting on the edge of the sand pit letting their slender little legs swing.
      • by EricMJ12 :...
      • Family Love, A New Age Families, New Life Style; ch13b
        fftxt13b zip (37k) (family incest)
        Saturday & Sunday on the Richardson House Boat at the Lake:      Tom and Catrina Richardson along with Mike and Kim Bridges packed up the mini van early Saturday morning, just as the sun was coming up and drove off to the lake where their house boat was located.      They all loaded their supplies and gear on board the large spacious houseboat. Mike and Tom then motored and maneuvered the large houseboat out of the marina into the glass smooth, crystal blue, lake water. Mean while, Catrina and Kim were both down in the galley fixing breakfast.      After a while, Tom and Mike shut the motors down and let the large house boat coast and drift, while all four of them had a large and hot breakfast on the back deck of the houseboat.
      • by JeanPaul :...
      • Hareem Patir, part 3
        harim3 zip (9k) (M/g-f, exhib, inc, defloration)
        Corina's father died before she "came-of-age" so her uncle Marc is asked to take his place at her birthday party. He learn's why he and Sonya should start a family soon. Some events just don't happen everyday.
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Stalker, part 2
        stalker2 zip (18k) (M/f)
        He drove up and onto the freeway, taking his time, re-learning how to navigate the twenty six foot RV down the road, and more importantly, around corners. He didn't have too many turns and he was on the freeway. Now he could cruise. In the glove box, near at hand, were stimulants so he could keep at the wheel for at least 20 hours if he wanted. The engine was strong and the thing was streamlined and sprung like a bus, with powered everything. He just wished he had a stewardess to make him drinks and snacks. Realizing he was hungry after the long, emotionally wicked day, he popped the cooler he'd carried in from the van. It was full of sodas, juice, and about twenty sandwiches he'd bought at a QuikStop in the town before starting his epic round to get the girls. They were laid out on the back bed, dead to the world, in their nylon bags. They'd hold there until he got across the state line some two hours from now. Then he'd find a rest stop and pull this whale over and tuck them into the hidie holes he'd had built into the cabinetry of the RV.
        Trailer Trash, part 6
        trailer6 zip (20k) (Mff)
        The Trailer was lit up, with the porch light blazing, the girls were worried when he had not come home by 5:30 and turned the light on. Dalton looked at his watch, 'shit' he muttered under his breath, it was 8:30 PM as he and Cindy trudged up the stairs and he unlocked the door, both Missy and Christi peeking through the trailer window and screeching with delight that he had come home. As soon as he came inside he hugged both of them and then had them curl up around Cindy, who had stood, still shell shocked, near the front door.
      • by Max Free :...
      • Twin Capers, part 2a
        twins2a zip (6k) (MMFF)
        Janet and Mary woke up a few hours after their husbands had left. Jack and Mike would have been very surprised and very upset if they had heard what their wives then said to each other,      It was Janet who woke up first. She prodded Mary to wake her too and then they had the following conversation, a masterpiece of female illogical brainwork.
      • by scatman_40 :...
      • The Deraved, part 3 (missing part)
        abby4 zip (9k) (MFf, pedo, incest, scat, gs)
        A week later I was back. Thoughts of this depraved young girl had kept my cock hard almost all of the time since I had left her. I had been fucking Linda (my wife) every day and sometimes twice. I think she was wondering what was going on. When the door opened it was not Abby who stood there, but her Grandmother. She looked to be at least sixty five, maybe more, with grey hair and a face full of wrinkles. She was small like Abby but she was quite fat and looked like a small round dwarf. She had big heavy tits which hung way down past her waste line, but they stuck out because they rested on her protruding stomach. She was dressed in a really tight one piece dress of white lycra and all her bulges and fat stretched the dress out of shape. It was quite a bizare sight.
      • by Boz :...
      • The Hotel, ch 1-3
        hotel1_3 zip (13k) (f/M+F et cetera)
        Susie's mother thought that letting her accompany her father on his business trip to the big city would be educational. And so it was. Their hotel was full of men (not to mention women, animals and various inanimate objects) eager to teach the young girl all about sex -- and Susie was an avid student with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She couldn't wait to show Daddy all she had learned.

        Saturday AM, March 27, 1999

      • by Rick Roll :...
      • Mom gives a helping hand
        helphand zip (7k) (Mother/Son/oral/mast/inc/sex)
        When his domineering mother catches young Steve playing with his cock, she surprises him by not punishing him. She does, however, sit down to show him how to do it correctly
      • by RWEIII :...
      • Little Snacks For A Big Appetite
        lilsnack zip (18k) (M/f, Inc, Oral, Rom, First?, NC, Pedo)
        Julie cautiously emerged from the bushes. Her face was so red that the color ran down into her neck and shoulders. The naked shivering ten year old looked up at me not knowing what to say or do. It was nearly nine at night and the sun was just setting. I knew that it wasn't the near eighty degree temperature that was making her body quake in the orange light of sunset.
      • by sniffer :...
      • Nicole, part 5
        nicole7 zip (8k) (M/f pedo watersport cons)
        (previous post in error)   Friday night. It was a terrible day to work. I was fantasizing the whole time, dreaming of little Nicole. Finally work was over. I hurried back home, took a shower and drove at Janet's. A second after ringing the doorbell the door was opened and Nicole jumped into my arms. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting black pants and a white blouse. She was kissing my face embracing me. I carried the little girl inside.
      • by Dalton :...
      • The Stalker
        stalker1 zip (20k) (M/f)
        'tis better to have tried and failed…..      Teller spent most of his nights and some days in his cellar. He had everything he wanted there, his computer, a comfortable chair, a freezer, a sink with a short counter next to it where he racked a few dishes with a microwave on the far end. The floor was double padded to keep out the cold and the walls were framed out with 2x8's, jammed with Styrofoam packing peanuts he'd lunch boxed from work at the warehouse until he quit the previous year. That was the point he decided to just 'wing it'.
        Trailer Trash, part 5
        trailer5 zip (17k) (M/ff)
        After lunch, Dalton kissed both Cindy and Christi goodbye, holding their sweet, innocent faces up to his and kissing first their forehead, then a brief peck on the lips. Christi held his face against hers, pulling away then whispering, "I love you Daddy," before she and Cindy picked up their school bags and ran back up the hill to class.
      • by JeanPaul :...
      • Ten Feet
        tenfeet zip (12k) (M f voy, exhib - inc? maybe later)
        Brian had recently moved to a new apartment. An apartment in a building built jam packed next to another apartment building. The cute young 13 year old girl in the apartment across the air shaft is growing into a very adventurous, nubile and horny girl looking for appreciation and thrills. Their bedroom windows are barely ten feet apart.
      • by Cassie's Daddy :...
      • Cassie's Visit, part 2
        visit2 zip (3k) (M/f, incest, young)
        Daddy's online daughter visits and samples his real little girls

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Oh, you got to love her      (love her)
And tease her      (tease her)
But most of all you got to please her      (please her)
You got to hold her      (hold her)
And want her      (want her)
And make her feel you'll always need her      (need her)                                                  
You know a woman      (woman)
Is sentimental      (woman)
And so easy      (woman)
to upset      (woman)
So make her feel      (feel)
That she's for real, yeah      (real)
And she'll give      you happiness
Whoa-oh strange      as it seems
(treat her like)      (you got to treat her like)
You know you can't treat      a woman mean
(treat her like)      (you got to treat her like)

So my friend, there you have it
I said it's the easy, simple way
If you fail to do this
Don't blame her if she looks my way
'Cause I'm gonna...

Treat her like a lady
So affectionately
I'm gonna treat her like a lady
And she'll give in to me
Lord, you can see you know what I mean
Oh, you gotta...


("Treat Her Like A Lady", as written & performed by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose)


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