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        Friday AM, May 07, 1999

      • by Little Girl Watcher :...
      • Amanda's Accident
        amanda1 zip (7k) (Mg/ Inc: Inc/WS/ped/)
        Amanda's daddy loves her, often and in a special way. This is how it all began.
      • by Nomad :...
      • Education
        educatio zip (10k) (Father/ Daughter)
        The letter from your school had been short and brief. Your education was deemed to be over. At 16 they had done all they could for you. Would it be enough I wondered, or would I need a firm hand with you?
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • The Nurse Teaches the Girls About Cocks
        schnurs7 zip (7k) (F/f/f/m - mat/oral/les/anal/voyeur)
        Returning home from a porno shop with dildos, the nurse demonstrates some of the wonderful things that you can do with a cock to her two young lovers. She then tries it on them, and they enjoy a climactic lesson. Little do they know that they have someone watching them now.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • The Waitress and the DishWasher
        waitress zip (11k) (F/m - oral/mast/sex)
        A young boy of 15 is washing the dishes at a restaurant when he develops a crush on an older waitress. It becomes annoying to her, until she literally takes matters into her own hands.
      • by T.C. :...
      • Die vergewaltigte Jungfrau
        jungfrau zip (26k) (M/M/F)
        Frau hat Probleme mit 2 Einbrechern
        theresa zip (5k) (f/dog ped)
        Theressa verbringt ihre Freizeit mit Ihrem Hund
      • by Mark Aurel :...
      • Wonderful Copenhagen, part 1
        wonder1 zip (13k) (MM/ffff, pedo, cons)
        "`Hallo"', rief mein Freund Ole und kam mir, mit der Kruecke seines Regenschirms lebhaft winkend und "uber das ganze Gesicht strahlend, entgegen. "`Willkommen in Koebenhavn!"'     Es war auf dem Bahnsteig des Kopenhagener Hauptbahnhofs; ich war gerade dem Schnellzug aus Hamburg entstiegen, und er war gekommen, um mich in Empfang zu nehmen.     "`Hast Du eine gute Reise gehabt?"' fragte er mich und fuhr fort, ohne meine Antwort abzuwarten: "`Komm, wir trinken ein Oel! Schoen, dass Du da bist!"'

        Thursday AM, May 06, 1999

      • by Nomad :...
      • Amanda
        amanda zip (12k) (Dad/Daut M/ff)
        Down in the basement James, the head butler silently rose to his feet and adjusted his jacket.     "It's time lass," he told Nancy, the newest of the four parlour maids. The young girl, barely in her teens, brushed a tear from her eyes and stood.     "You'll not be too hard on me, will you Mister James?" She asked nervously, her steps faltering as they approached the large doors to the library. "I'll be good afterwards. I'll even take it in me mouth. You've always wanted me to, haven't you Mister James?" She begged of the big and stern head butler.
        Baby Sitter
        babysit zip (11k) (Dad/Daut m/f)
        At promptly ten to eight Susan from across the road came in, her homework under her arm as if she meant to study while she baby-sat the young boy in the front room. Timothy was 12, pink cheeked and blond haired and was pretending he wasn't nervous or frightened, calming himself by playing with his Lego.      "Now you be good and do everything Susan tells you to do" his mother told him. Susan smiled to herself.
      • by Mikey :...
      • Another Day at the Beach
        beginin3 zip (4k) (M/F, M/f, M/M, inc)
        Inge and I wandered on down the jungle path, pretty much exhausted by our interlude at the crossing. We came to a lagoon - actually a small pool fed by a waterfall. There were folks swimming here - and folks fucking here as well. A group of boys and girls were jumping off a ledge into the deepest part of the pool, yelling and laughing. Some adults were sitting nearby, watching the fun and yelling encouragement every once in a while. Behind the waterfall, a teenage couple were coupling and kissing languidly. On the opposite side of the lagoon, a little girl of about 10 or so was sucking her father's cock. Her mother was fingering the little girl's pussy. Not far away, a little boy of 8 or so was imitating the little girl, licking away on his father's cock, while his baby sister played with the little boy's penis. Everybody seemed to be in a languid mood - except for the kids jumping in the pool of course.
      • by Silk :...
      • Double Trouble
        double1 zip (9k) (M/ff)
        I was leaning against the tube train door, my mind miles away when the tube pulled into the station. I eased myself further into the corner to allow the new passengers on. I hated rush hour in London ! I glanced around at the passengers, when my eyes fell on them. Double trouble. That was how I immediately thought of them (and how accurate that proved to be). Suddenly the phrase jailbait meant something. Let me describe what I saw.      Two teenage girls (who could have been anywhere between 13 and 16). Both could only be described as elfin; little miniature women, stunning and perfectly proportioned. Both were slim , but curved in all the right ways. The nearest had light hair that hung straight to just before her shoulders, streaked blonde due to exposure to sun (no chemicals here I could tell). She had pale blue eyes and a slightly upturned nose with faint freckles. Dressed in tight fitting blue jeans and a large black puffed jacket. The second had much longer brown hair, reaching guessed down to the top of her backside. Large brown eyes that made you melt, and again the slightly upturned nose. She also seemed to have very faint freckles. She was dressed in a black velvet two piece suit with a large white shirt underneath. Both looked very classy, and at ease.
      • by Baron Darkside :...
      • The Tree of Good and Evil
        goodevil zip (18k
        It all came to a head, pardon the pun, when my mom took a vacation during the first week of my summer break. It was the end of my junior year in high school and I guess that she figured what with me being a senior next year and leaving for college after I graduated, this might be the last time we would get to spend together before I up and flew the coop.     But, that was fine with me because I liked being around my mom, in fact, I liked being around her a little too much.     Therein lies the crux of the whole story.      I said that it all began when mom took her vacation, but in reality, it began a long time before that. Way back when I was around eleven or twelve. That was when I began to realize that girls were girls and had another purpose in life other than making life miserable for us guys.     But now that I think about it, I guess that making life miserable for us guys in one way or another seems to be a woman’s role in life.     They go around teasing us with their tits, ass, legs and ever other inch of bare skin they can until we are so worked up we’ll do anything for a shot of leg. And then when they get us to that point, they make us jump through hoops to get it. It’s just not fair! But enough editorializing.
      • by Xanya :...
      • Help Desk Diary, ch 2
        helpdes2 zip (9k) (MF, oral)
        Melanie had a service request for the Help Desk that she needed taken care of right away. When she walked into Gary's office and asked, "Who do I have to blow to get this taken care of?", he thought she was joking.
      • by The Vicar :...
      • True Romance, part 2
        romance2 zip (10k) (M/F Incest)
        I awoke the next morning with a slight hint of guilt in my soul. My Sister Dana’s naked body lay next to me in bed. The previous night and into the early morning we had made passionate and lustful love three times in all. I must admit though that the Little Vicar was in no mood by the end of the night.     My sister stirred and curled closer to my body for the warmth. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer. Luckily it was a weekend and I didn’t have to jump up and grab my clothes for my college classes. I looked down onto my sister’s shoulders and down to her covered breasts. Guilt struck me again. This was my sister. Something changed in my thoughts immediately. We had confessed our love for each other the night prior. Reminiscing on those moments seemed to wash the guilt away.
      • by Takatak :...New Author.!.!.!
      • The Village Adventure, part 1
        village1 zip (8k) (M/F M/F anal inc)
        The hero Rakesh originally from this village come to the village to get married. But used to the city life he gets craving to have sex and so he explores the village and finds his targets. He takes advantages and opportunities which come by his way and is never satisfied by what he gets.
      • by NoReVaNs :...
      • Happy Cousin Visits, part 2
        cousin2 zip (3k) (m/f incest)
        The three of us sat naked in shock as my mom in her rollers and pajamas stared at our naked bodies. There was nothing any of us could do to cover up but we tried and each moved away from each other. I was certainly in no mood to finish what my cousins and I had started and I began to put on my boxers and shorts until my mom spoke.     "You might as well leave them off," said my mom.      I stopped getting dress wearing half of my boxers. I was unsure if she was angry or just shocked.
      • by Damocles :...
      • Honey 3: "Sarey's Secret"
        honey3 zip (11k) (M/f/f Dad/daut inc pedo)
        She was increasingly adventurous. Randall had gone an adult bookstore and bought a variety of porn videos to watch with her as well as a small vibrator. Emily had been captivated. They watched nothing but hardcore sex for the next two evenings. Disney just couldn't compete.
      • by Boz :...
      • In the Park, ch 1-3
        park1_3 zip (29k) (f/M+/best)
        Susie spends an exciting day in the park studying nature. Early on she discovers the charms of the wild male penis and spends the rest of the day pursuing all the varieties she can find. After she loses her clothes she finds them easy to attract. In fact she is usually surrounded by them. The valiant Officer O'Malley isn't too happy about the situation but his horse certainly is!
      • by T.C. :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Die Geschwister
        geschwis zip (10k) (m/f inc)
        Bruder und Schwester haben Spaß
        Meine kleine Tochter Michaela
        michaela zip (9k) (M/f inc ped)
        Vater und Tochter haben Spaß
      • by Skaidan :...
      • Gallegos
        gallegos zip (5k) (m/F, incest)
        La lluvia caía sin cesar y el barro comenzaba dificultar mis tareas fuera de casa.Tenía que cuidar las vacas a diario, ocupándome de ordeñarlas, sacarlas al corral y hacer que volvieran a él de nuevo.No era una tarea difícil, pero era penosa, aunque la verdad es que en aquellos tiempos había que dar gracias a que teníamos vacas con las que salir a delante.      Yo vivía solo con mi madre en una casa apartada del interior de Galicia, ya que mi padre había muerto en la Guerra Civil nueve años atrás.Desde entonces no nos había ido mal y teníamos dinero suficiente como para vivir bien, aunque sin excesivos lujos que, de todas formas, no existían en la época o eran muy escasos.Mamá y yo nos habíamos acostumbrado a vivir solos y nos repartíamos las tareas domésticas muy bien.Ella se encargaba del interior de la casa y yo del exterior, así que a mí me tocaban las vacas, los cerdos y los pocos cultivos que teníamos en un pequeño huerto.

        Wednesday AM, May 05, 1999

      • by little girl Watcher :...
      • Amanda's Questions
        amanda zip (11k) (Mg/ Dad/dau/ Inc: Inc/ (mild)ws/ ped)
        Amanda, enjoying her father's attention has questions about their new night time fun
      • by J-J Ames f.t. :...
      • Angelic Quivers, ch 4
        angelic4 zip (7k) (f/f young)
        Lisa and Bria continue their explorations of sex, submitting to their desires.
      • by leppard :...
      • 6th Grade Catfight, part 2
        catfigh2 zip (10k) (f/f, wrestling, catfighting, dildoes, oral, anal, f/f rape)
        As Kate laid on her back, enveloping Missy, she came to realize that though she had the upper hand, the current state of battle was not going to solve anything. Though she hated to give up her advantageous position, she knew she had to to settle this.     With Missy's panties gone and just her jean shorts around her hips, Kate knew she could finish in grand style. While still holding Missy's legs with her own, Kate quickly let loose with several hard punches to the side of Missy's head. While Missy was dazed, Kate rolled both girls onto their sides so that she was out from under her foe.
      • by Nomad :...
      • Homeless
        homeless zip (10k) (MFff)
        Sharon shivered. It was growing cold and even with her overcoat on she could feel it seeping into her young body. The clock on the station concourse told her it was five minutes after three, three minutes since she had last looked and the night seemed as if it would never end. There were others on the concourse, some in small groups. An old man smelling of drink had come across to her an hour ago, waking her from a doze with a hand on her knee and she'd jumped and hurriedly moved away. Now she couldn't settle and continued to watch everyone, all the things her parent's had warned her of at the forefront of her mind.
        parson zip (14k) (Mfff)
        New Hampshire, 1655 and the beginning of autumn for the settlers from England, their third in the New World. Parson Joshua McGovern stared outside at the rain sodden road and the settlers running to shelter. Mistress Bates was running to her new cottage. The girl was newly married and it showed in the bloom it had brought to her cheeks. The Parson admired the way her breasts moved beneath her blouse and the slender ankle she bared as she ran. He recalled looking down her simple wedding bodice as she had knelt to receive his blessing and his manhood stirred at the memory.
      • by Bozo Da Klown :...
      • Preteen Bound, ch 4
        preteen4 zip (12k) (M/f pedo kidnap bdsm)
        I smiled as I looked in the rear-view mirror to check on my little Kristin. The sun had been up for an hour, the light illuminating the interior of my van as we hurtled down the highway towards home. Through the open partition I could see her swaying gently in rhythm to the regular little bumps in the road. Her leather-encased body was hanging upside-down like some kind of black bat, her tiny white ankles bound and attached by ropes to two small hooks anchored in the van's roof. Her long golden hair trailed on the mattress, her gagged and blindfolded head suspended about twelve inches above it. The eighteen-inch gap between the hooks forced her little legs wide-open. She was oriented so that she was facing the front of the van. I could see her red puffy pussy lips through the open crotch of her black leather outfit, even though she was some nine feet away near the back, just a foot or so from the van's windowless back door. Her arms were bound to her sides with several turns of rope around her torso. I pulled my cock from my pants and began stroking it, thinking about what she had done at the last truck stop we were at, where she had had her first experience with other men.
      • by ShadoWalker :...
      • No Protection
        protect zip (3k) (Mf inc NC)
        Where can a rape victim go in order to be safe? Nowhere!
      • by BJ :...
      • Sandi, part 1: The prequel to "Work, part 1"
        sandi1 zip (49k) (Mf, ws (some))
        Sandi was no more than three and a half years old the first time that Mike ran into her. He had just gone through what he considered a mongrel of a four months. And the fact that his girlfriend had walked out that day didn't put him into a good mood.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • The Nurse takes the girls to Mr. Double's Erotic Delights
        schnurs6 zip (7k) (F/f/M/f/M - oral/voyeurism/mast)
        Joan had locked the door after Kelly left. Kelly was an adorable little blonde that had stopped by the nurse's office with concerns of breast cancer. After properly giving her an oral exam, Joan had proceeded to give her pussy an oral exam. She brought the girl to several intense climaxes before being interrupted by a knock on the door. As Kelly quickly scampered back to class, Joan had found herself alone in her office with a burning itch between her legs.     She locked the door and moved over to the small bed against the wall. Leaning down close to the sheets, she could still smell the intoxicating scent of the hot young girl she had just licked to orgasm. The sheets were actually drenched in her little girl juice and cum, and Joan held them in her hands and brought them to her face. She sucked on the cloth, tasting the wet juice on the fabric, and she lay back against the wall and savored the taste.
      • by Centaur :...
      • The Security Man, part 2
        securit2 zip (8k) (M/ff)
        Sarah reached down and took the bottom of Kim's nightshirt and pulled it up and off Kim in one quick motion. Kim's hands flew to cover her small breasts and she hung her head and continued to cry. Bill felt his prick lurch in his pants and stiffen immediately. Sarah looked over at Bill and Bill nodded his head in the direction of Kim's panties. Sarah took hold of the waistband of Kim's white cotton panties and started to pull them off.
      • by NoReVaNs :...
      • The Brady Bunch gets FReaKY
        brady1 zip (4k) (F/m/f incest)
        Alice took off her bra and said “Do you like what you see?”      Peter, the middle son managed to say yes. He was stroking his hard cock while sitting on the edge of Alice’s bed. Alice was now just wearing panties. Alice was in her 50’s and had been living with the Brady’s for quite some time. She always liked the older men, Greg and Mike but Peter caught her fucking Sam and threatened to blackmail her if he couldn’t do things with her. At the beginning Alice hated it but as time went on she started loosening up and felt that Peter was a decent fuck for a fifteen year old.      Alice removed her panties and bent over showing the teenager her old wrinkled pussy.
        Karate School Teaches Kelly More than Karate
        karate zip (4k) (M/f/m/m)
        My eyes opened at 11 o’clock in the morning and my panties felt wet. Last night felt like a dream and I wondered if I really fucked Frank. It was only 4 hours ago that Frank was filling my virgian ass with his cum. It was Saturday morning and I didn’t have to leave the house until 1 o’clock for my karate class. That gave me plenty of time.    My hand slid down my still moist panties down and my fingers probed my tiny slit. My middle finger was the first to enter my love hole. I moved my finger around in a circle motion and that was when I entered the index finger. Images came into my mind of last night. I could still taste his cock in my mouth. I then thought about when the time I jerked off Steven.
      • by Scatman_40 :...
      • Lyn, part 1
        lyn1 zip (10k) (MF, scat, gs)
        At my sons twenty first birthday party I got talking to one of his friends wife. Her name was Lyn and she was a fairly tall, 20 year old redhead with a full, plump figure. She was wearing a long skirt with an anorack over the top of it, which didn't leave much to see. As we talked I asked her why she was wearing so many clothes as it was a beautiful day. Lyn replied that she didn't like to show her figure off because she was fat.      'Rubbish,' I said, 'You've got a lovely figure. Well, what I can see of it anyway.'
      • by Dreamer :...
      • Annika
        annika zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut)
        Der 23. August neigte sich dem Ende. Die Geburtstagsgäste waren gegangen. Es wurde auch Zeit, mit allen hatte ich anstoßen müssen, und schließlich war ich ganz schön angeheitert. Eigentlich wollte ich jetzt nur noch ins Bett. Ich nahm meinen Schatz in den Arm. Mein Schatz hieß Annika, und es war ihr elfter Geburtstag.     "Was meinst du, mein Häschen, gehen wir ins Bett?" Sie sah mich verwundert an und schüttelte enrgisch den Kopf.     "Nein, erst müssen wir noch die Fotos machen!"
      • by WABE :...
      • Enges Leder
        engesled zip (12k) (written by Unknown Author)
        Irina lebt alleine in ihrer Zwei-Zimmer Wohnung. Ihr Mann hat sie verlassen, Stieftochter und Sohn sind ausgezogen. Aber sie mehrere gute Freundinnen, mit denen sie sich auch mal im Bett vergnügt.
        Heiße Worte
        heise zip (9k) (written by Unknown Author)
        Sylvia war heute etwas ganz Verrücktes passiert. Während ihrer Mittagspause hatte sie das Kaufhaus, wie in den letzten Tagen gewohnt, verlassen und war zu dem Postamt gleich um die Ecke gelaufen, um mit ihrem Mann, der seine Firma mit einem Stand auf einer Messe vertrat, zu telefonieren. Und auch heute hatte sie wieder die etwas versteckt gelegene Telefon-zelle gewählt, von der aus man einen guten Blick nach draußen hätte, selbst aber nur schwer zu entdecken war.

        Tuesday AM, May 04, 1999

      • by Fuckpuppy :...
      • Pockets of Perfection...(Bio 1.5)
        bio1_5 zip (12k) (g+g+M+M+F+)
        So as Daddy tucked me in that night, I had to giggle at the ever so quizzical look on his face. I puckered my lips up dramatically and made loud smoochie noises at him.      "...sorry, sweetie!," he grinned. "I guess I'm still a bit amazed that Mimi is Didi's mom. I've known Sonny for fifteen years. I knew he had a younger sister in San Diego that he visited every year...not once did it ever occur to me that his own sister might be Didi's mother. You think you know someone pretty well, and then something like this comes bombing out of the clear blue...I'm just freakin' flabbergasted, I guess!"      That made me giggle...Daddy always had these funny words that he used whenever he couldn't think of anything more conventional to use. I took his hands in mine and held them.
      • by Nomad :...
      • Candy
        candy zip (12k) (family incest)
        Candy wondered what her mother would say if she could see her now, seated on the window ledge nude, playing with her button nipples while she waited for her Aunty to come and get her.
        confess zip (6k) (M/f)
        Mary O'Dowel stood before the Father confessor and, with a raging face, timidly repeated what she'd murmured in the tiny confessional a few minutes earlier. She knew she'd been naughty and regretted it, but it hadn't been her fault. At least, not all of it. As she answered the priest's questions she vividly recalled the moment her stepfather had entered her darkened room that night.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • The School Nurse Gives a Breast Exam
        schnurs5 zip (8k) (F/f - oral/first/young)
        When a young girl grows concerned over the possibility of breast cancer, she asks the nurse to show her how to give herself a breast exam. The nurse shows her how, and then lets her give herself on in front of her.
      • by NoReVaNs :...
      • Steven’s Sister Kelly
        siskelly zip (5k) (m/f incest)
        It was the end of eight grade and I was leaving David R. James Junior High School. As I walked down the hall of the second floor I pushed my long brown hair out of my eyes. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and saw my best friend Steven. He had short brown hair and green eyes. He wore a black polo style shirt with big jeans that bagged up around his Nike sneakers. We slapped hands and walked down the hall together.     “Hey Frank,” he said to me.     “Yeah?”     “What are you doing tonight?”     It was Friday night and I usually spent it at home watching a titty movie on HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime and jerking off, but he asked me to sleep over his house. I said yes.     This was nothing unusual, I was at his house a lot. And his family was like my family. He lived with his mom and dad and had two sisters, Kelly and Michele. We are close. I spent Thanksgiving at his house, and when I saw his family I would give them kisses and hugs (not the father... he would have to deal with the handshake).

        Monday AM, May 03, 1999

      • by Richard Strokker :...
      • Love Lesson From Mom
        lovemom zip (6k) (b/g teen oral)
        After total failure giving her first blow-job mom give some good advice.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • Shopping with the Nurse
        schnurs4 zip (4k) (F/f - oral/anal/voyeurism)
        A short visit to the mall encourages the school nurse to help out her teenage lover Julie in the dressing room.
      • by Tanzer :...
      • Travelin' Man - Paying the rent with her daughter's body
        payrent zip (7k) (Mg/Fg - oral/anal/incest/rape)
        The travelin' man helps a desperate Mom with her rent payments...
      • by Bozo Da Klown :...
      • Preteen Bound, ch 3
        preteen3 zip (11k) (M/f pedo kidnap bdsm)
        I awoke at dawn with a raging hard-on. I lay comfortably on the mattress that I had dragged in from the van. The floor of this old abandoned cabin was hard and rough, so the mattress was very useful. Sleeping in the cabin was preferable to sleeping in the van, since it gave me more room to play with my little preteen fuck-toy Kristin. I reached under the blanket and began slowly stroking my sore cock as I peered in the dim light looking for Kristin's tiny form in the corner, where I knew she was lying on the floor, bound and gagged, with a long heavy chain clamped to her right ankle, the other end securely fastened to the wall. It had been five days since I had taken her from the park. It must have seemed much longer to my little six-year old captive (she had told me that she was six, not seven as I had guessed), who had been the object of my lust the entire time, interrupted only by eating and sleeping. I had fucked her little pussy, ass and mouth countless times, to the point where she had become an unthinking, worked-over, little cum-bag slut whose sole purpose in life was to service my cock. But that wasn't the worst of it for her.
      • by NoReVaNs :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Happy Cousin Visits.........
        cuzvisit zip (5k) (m/f incest)
        As the sun rose, Danny woke up and the first thing he did was he moved his hand down to his cock and began stroking it. Danny was happy knowing that his cousin was coming over. Danny and his cousin Sherry have been doing things with eachother since they were six. Sherry was a year younger than him. Sherry’s sister, Lacey, who was a year younger than her also came over.
      • by Joe Slackie :...
      • Better, part 2
        better2 zip (6k) (m/f preg?)
        After watching their older siblings making love, a boy and girl experiment with sex

        Sunday AM, May 02, 1999

      • by little girl Watcher :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Net Friends
        netfrien zip (29k) (MF~dog/Mg/MFM~dog~infant Inc: Inc dad/mom/dau/baby best/ Ped)
        "So I just had to come." Brad Taylor finished speaking and took another sip of his drink while starring intently at the young well built woman seated on the couch next to him. "After we'd talked for awhile over the internet and you made the offer...." The thirty -five year old man took another nervous pull from his glass.
      • by YoungFox :...
      • Casey and Cassandra
        cassand zip (24k) (bro-sis inc)
        Casey was seventeen when he went to his father's bedroom holding a fat leather belt he'd bought at the Army Surplus store. He wore one of his Dad's Bowie knives, the "Tennessee Toothpick", the sheath hooked to his left calf. His only regret was that his sister would have to see him kill their old man.
        John Dalton
        dalton zip (11k) (Mf/Fb incest, father daughter, mother son)
        John Dalton and his nine year old daughter Nina are lovers who celebrate their nuptials at Club Pedo. Sandra Dalton, a stunning 31 year old redhead with mountains of breasts, carries on a multi-year affair with their son Jeremy, now just thirteen.
        The Retreat
        retreat zip (11k) (M/ff)
        On a remote island, young girls are brought for sex with men. They are trained, drugged, liberated from the confines of staid childish morality. Unfortunately, Joel, the Pontifex Maximus of the island, has started using a training drug so powerful that the precious little cargoes of his lust are in danger of death......
      • by HIGH STORRS :...
      • Goodnight, Irene...
        goodnite zip (11k) (m/F oral anal spank)
        John lives next door to Irene - an old woman in his eyes, older even than his mother! Irene takes an interest in John, and he learns much from her.
      • by Dunthat :...
      • Lisa gets examined by her mother
        lisaexam zip (8k) (M/f/f sleep/drug/preg)
        His wife was a nurse and wanted to know if their daughter was still a virgin. She was going to drug her and asked for him to help. He was happy to agree as his daughter Lisa was very pretty and he hoped he would get to see her breasts. What happens surprises and pleases him beyond belief.
      • by Rick Roll :...
      • Visiting the school nurse together
        schnurs3 zip (6k) (F/f/f - oral/anal/3-way)
        Heather had come on to the school nurse Joan in much the same way that Julie had originally done it, and now they were both headed to her house. Following their encounter at school, Joan had told Heather to come by with Julie that night. Joan had spent the rest of the school day on fire, and her pussy was drooling onto her seat the entire time she sat behind her desk. On her way home, she decided to arrange her house to be ready for the girls.
      • by Centaur :...
      • The Security Man
        security zip (10k) (M/ff)
        He got to the elevators and pushed the down button. A few moments later the elevator dinged and the doors opened. He started in to the car and then paused. There were about ten young girls in the elevator, about twelve or thirteen years old - all wearing bathing suits. Most of them had some sort of towel wrapped around their waists, but their little nubbin breasts were protruding through the tops, some with little eraser-like nipples pushing against the cloth. One of the little girls towards the front got a big grin on her face at his hesitation.      "It's OK mister, we won't hurt you, you can come in," she said with a giggle. The rest of the girls joined in with their own giggles.
      • by Amanda :...
      • Farouche - Chapitre 3
        farou3 zip (7k
        Claire avait changé. Marianne était ravie, persuadée que l'adolescente mûrissait et faisait enfin des efforts pour apprendre à se tenir correctement. Cette semaine et la semaine dernière, elles s'étaient rendues dans les meilleures boutiques et avaient achetées des vêtements pour Claire, pour la rentrée. Twin-sets en cachemire, avec des jupes de laine assorties, des robes de lainages écossais avec de petits cols en velours, des pantalons de tweed avec des pulls jacquard assortis. Et comme Claire ne discutait pas et que Marianne commençait à s'inquiéter et voulait la voir sourire, elles avaient ajouté de nouveaux jeans, des sweat-shirts trop grands et une veste de velours en molleton. -- Merci, dit Claire avec gravité une fois les achats terminés. C'est superbe. Marianne la scruta du regard.

        Saturday AM, May 01, 1999

      • by Rick Roll :...
      • The School Nurse Wants More
        schnurs2 zip (8k) (F/f/f - oral/anal/young)
        Following their initial encounter, Joan and Julie grow more bold in their lovemaking, and Julie discovers something about her friend Heather at a sleep over.
      • by Xanya :...
      • Loving Daughters
        luvdauts zip (15k) (M/F/f, inc, cons)
        Dad has been taking good care of his daughters, and they love him very much. Now it's their turn to take care of him.
      • by Bozo Da Klown :...
      • Preteen Bound, ch 2
        preteen2 zip (8k) (M/f pedo kidnap bdsm)
        I pulled a washcloth from the compartment and wiped up the rest of my cum from her little seven-year-old face, leaving a behind a flaking transparent residue. The second-grader's eyelashes were stuck together from the cum I had shot there just moments before. With a cloth-wrapped finger I probed her nostrils and ears, removing all traces of cum. She was looking at me but didn't appear to see me, her little blue eyes glazed over, lost somewhere in the middle distance. Her breathing was shallow and I could see her little flat chest moving up and down with the effort. I was still on my knees, bracketing her head from behind. She laid perfectly still on her back, her bare little legs completely open and extended at right angles to her body, her wrists handcuffed underneath her, elevating her bare hairless pussy several inches into the air. Her little blue calico dress was torn and pushed up around her waist. Several buttons down the front were undone where I had sought access to her tiny nipples. I grabbed a handful of her angelic cum-clotted golden hair and twisted my fingers in it, enjoying its softness and fine texture. As I played with her hair, sometimes jerking her head several inches from the mattress and then watching it bounce when I let her hair go, I smiled with the knowledge that this kidnapped little girl-child was now my own very special preteen fuck-toy to do with as I pleased. I could fuck her any way I wanted to, any time I wanted to, and there wasn't a damn thing anyone could do about it.
      • by Pedros :...
      • Star, ch 5
        star5 zip (17k) (M/M/m/f M/f pedo)
        The continuing story of Julie, the nine-year-old star of porno movies. Encouraged to use her body to become a 'STAR' by her mother, the young girl is the film maker's toy to use in whatever ways his imagination can conjure up. Julie, however, discovers she revels in all of the roles assigned to her and becomes fully involved in every scenario, no matter how bizarre....or how many male actors....
      • by Alegro :...
      • 7th Heaven Fantasy, part 4
        7thheav4 zip (9k) (mast)
        About the time Annie and Ruthie were following Sam into the room to fuck, suck, and lick, Simon happened upon an area where some sort of contest seemed to be about to take place. There was a small stage, seats for spectators in a roped off area, and behind it more seats. A few boys about Simon’s age were milling about, and people, mostly young preteen or barely teen age girls were filling up the seats in the roped off space. Later Simon was to learn it was called the "Service Area". Curious, he approached and as he did so a man smiled at him, handed him a flier and asked him if he was interested in entering the contest.

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~~~She's got it~~~Yeah baby she's got it~~~

Her weapon were her crystal eyes
making every man a man
Black as a dark night she was
got what no one else had


("Venus", as written & performed by Shocking Blue)


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