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    Spill The Wine

    On Friday AM, May 14, 1999

  • by Mandil :...
  • The White Tribe of Africa, part 1
    tribe1 zip (17k) (m/f, MF, voy)
    It is 1801 and Reverend Charles Morton and his family have moved to Eastern Africa so as to convert the natives to the Faith. But his son John soon becomes fascinated by all the bared breasts of the naked women. After having observed the natives for a couple of years, he arrived at the conclusion that the ways of life of the natives is not that bad at all.
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Allene's Spanking
    allene zip (6k) (M/f dad spanking)
    Damn! It just wasn't fair. I was now fifteen and blossomed fully to my 35D boobies my little 22 inch waist and my round firm 34 inch bottom. I had bought myself my first bikini although i knew Mom wouldn't approve she always bought those dumb one piece suits with frilly little skirts that are as sexy as dirt. I planned to get a headstart on my tan so when the water warmed I would look good for the boys.
  • by AnonX :...
  • Horse Punishment
    horsepun zip (5k) (M/f whipping)
    Girl accidentally kills Father's prize horse and is punished by everyone at ranch by being tied nude to corral and whipped
  • by Boz :...
  • In the Park, ch 4
    park4 zip (17k) (f/M+F best)
    "Please sir, I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. It's not my fault. I was sunbathing in my bathing suit when Harry's wife saw that he had his thing in my mouth and I had to run away and then some nice men took my bikini off and then some other men came and they put their things in me and the others took my bikini and they needed it so much for their cocks, I mean their things. I mean that I let them keep it and now I can't find my clothes that I left right here and I don't know what to do."
  • by Lenicka :...
  • Moje nevlastní dcera Petra
    mojenevl zip (5k) (M/F, dad/daut inc)
    Moje ruce ruce vklouzly pod její sukýnku a pøitiskly se na její pevné nahé pùlky, protože ona nosila jen takové malièké, hodnì vykrojené kalhotky, které se jí zaøezávaly do zadeèku.

    Thursday AM, May 13, 1999

  • by The Story Teller :...
  • The Boy with an Allergy
    allergy zip (11k) (M/m, oral, cons, medical)
    I was just about to give up my home through the lack of money as an unemployed school teacher when an opportunity of a lifetime came up. The private tuition of a 12 year old boy with a medical problem. A boy with a father that understood my feelings towards boys!
  • by rave master :...
  • Hot Summer, part 1
    hotsummr zip (5k) (M/f rape)
    Summer outside..all the kids on the road was on the playground playing with each other.the only one sitting inside was little Michelle..4 yrs old and had enough fire inside of her to ligten up a entire city..she wanted really bad to play with the other kids..but she was sick..she had been inside the 7 last days to get over it!     she was feeling better though but her dad and mom wouldnt let her out just yet,but she wanted so bad..the window was open and she snuck out to the other kids,,they were all getting big icecreams and candy and she wanted her piece of it!!     she practially flew over to the playground,all the kids knew her and she was in the game the other kids played immediately.!
  • by Nomad :...
  • Jillian
    jillian zip (10k) (Dad/Daut)
    Fourteen year old Jill sat on the hall carpet, half hidden in shadow where she wouldn't be noticed and softly sucked her thumb while she listened to the row going on in the master bedroom. Her mother would spank her if she caught her sucking her thumb again and far more if they caught her right now, but Jill knew her mother wouldn't see her.
    The Session
    session zip (6k) (Dad/Daut)
    The doorbell rang and Rachel jumped, a bright blush quickly growing across her pretty elfin face.    "That will be our guest. You better go up and change," I told my daughter.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • The Nurse finishes Tommy, and Julie discovers her little sister
    schnurs9 zip (7k) (F/m/f/f - anal/oral/les/sisters/young)
    The school nurse continues her lessons with young Tommy, teaching him all about anal sex and Julie introduces her 10-year-old sister to the wonders of female sex. Enough said.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • The Girls of Spring Break 2
    springbr2 zip (6k) (M/f/M/f - oral/les/sex/3-way)
    Following a late night fuck on a parked car in front of a bar, Mike and Megan run back to join in with Phil and Sandy. They all end up in a hot tub together, and everyone must learn to share.
  • by Julie :...
  • My Caribbean Vacation, ch 1 - 5
    carib1_5 zip (22k) (Mf ff fF inc)
    Hi! My name is Julie. I'm the heroine of this story. I am 14 1/2. My parents are Roger & Dianne. They are both 42. My mother has a sister whose name is Lynn. She is 38. Her husband Pat is 37. They have an adopted daughter Sara who is 12. This story is in two parts, the first is about our "family fun" vacation in the Caribbean last summer.
  • by Mulligan :...
  • CuSeeMe, ch 6
    cucme6 zip (3k) (true, Mmf)
    As soon as they saw eachother online, John and Danny connected on CuSeeMe. It was about 7PM, Danny had just finished diner and couldn't wait any longer to get online to meet his new online friend. (Though it really was his daughter he was interested in).     Danny asked John what Laura had said about the nude shots John had taken of him yesterday. He answered Laura was very positive about them. She still was a little shy to come in front of the cam though. Maybe she would show herself in a couple of days, but she had asked her father to find out more about Danny. This was a disappointment for Danny, because he had expected to finally see Laura today. Well, he could wait longer.
  • by Diggity Dog :...
  • Sophie's Monday, part 2
    sophie4 zip (11k) (f/f, M/f oral, M/f, prostitution)
    Tina was in a mild state of shock. Sophie had seduced her this morning on the bus, playing with the tiny freshmans pussy. The fire she had lit smoldered all day and released with explosive fury when she came home with Sophie that afternoon. Here they were laying in the afterglow of their passion, when in walked Emma, Sophie's mom! Tina had screamed and tried to cover herself, but the blankets and sheets had ended up on the floor during all the wrestling around. So she clamped her body to Sophie's, trying to hide her nudity. Rather than screaming and yelling as Tina's mom would have, Emma was sitting on the edge of the bed, her hand on her daughters thigh, talking!
  • by Toby Fields :...
  • Munkaffären
    munkaff zip (16k) (Mff, cons, VERY pedo, ws)
    Kvinnan tittade frågande på mig. "Eh . . . Charlie?" frågade hon. "Skulle du kunna göra mig en stor tjänst? Flickorna behöver gå på toaletten, och jag är lite handikappad. Skulle du kunna ta med dig dem in dit och hjälpa dem? Jag skulle verkligen uppskatta det. De är rädda att någon främling ska komma in medan de är där inne," förklarade hon. Båda flickorna nickade allvarligt. "Så jag håller koll här ute, medan ni 'gör ert' där inne," sade hon.      Jag var TVUNGEN att veta säkert. "Och om jag också måste använda toaletten?" frågade jag.      "Gör det," svarade hon. "Flickorna har sett en mans 'sak' förut, så du behöver inte oroa dig för att chocka dem."

    Wednesday AM, May 12, 1999

  • by little girl Watcher :...
  • Amanda's Big Day
    amanda3 zip (10k) (Mg / dad/dau Inc: Ped/inc/ws)
    I'd been dying to fuck my sexy little daughter, but had a moral problem with dicking a 6yr old...Lucky for me, today she is 7.
  • by Dark Satyr :...
  • Cheaters, part 2
    cheater2 zip (11k) (M/F, girlfriend, fist, anal, oral, rom?)
    I moved myself lower onto the back of his legs and I moved my oily hands down and began massaging the cheeks of his ass. At this point I was very wet and his ass looked inviting as I continued to play with his cheeks spreading them to get a clear view of his cute little asshole, and leaning down to lick at it very lightly with my tongue.
    The Coach, part 2
    coach2 zip (7k) (M/f, m+/F, teen, wife, daugh, interr)
    Becky entered Coach Marlin's office and motioned for him to stay where he was, by the two way mirror on the wall. As he look on, Becky began to dance and gyrate sexily around the coach's office. Tantalizing and teasing him at the same time. As she moved around, swaying her hips, she began to run her hands up and down her body, over her slender teenage thighs, over her tight round ass and seductively over her pert little tits.
    Robin at the Movies
    robin2 zip (10k) (M+/f, M/F, teen, girlfriend, slut, anal, oral, interr, ws)
    We got our tickets cheap (escorted ladies are admitted free). Our eyes adjusted to the darkness as we entered. While trying to focus on a place to sit, we could see the screen before us showing a close up of a large black cock fucking in and out of a little white asshole.
  • by Nomad :...
  • Camp Cleaner
    cleaner zip (12k) (M/ggbg)
    Dressed in just a pair of loose nylon shorts Jim took up the broom and swept the loose sand from the shaded veranda in front of the supermarket. He was a well muscled young man, 18 years of age with short dark hair and skin bronzed by the sun. He carried the bucket with little sign of effort, well aware of the young girls watching him from the play area. They swung idly on the swings, most already in their swimsuits, some with a shirt over the top. The younger girls ran around playing tag while the boys formed another group and pretended not to look at the older girls.
    dream zip (10k) (Mother/Daughter)
    I dreamt and woke, or dreamt I woke, I don't know which. My bedside clock said it was two in the morning and Mummy was smiling as she told me to get up and take my nighty off. When you're eleven you trust your mother and I did as she asked without question, rubbing my eyes and keeping my curiosity to myself.     "Is this a dream?" I asked as I looked up at her and saw she was looking at me standing there nude.     "If you want it to be Darling," she murmured.    
  • by BOBBYLOVE :...
  • Did I Do That?
    dothat zip (5k) (M/f)
    I moved to Florida from Brooklyn shortly after I turned 19, I had packed up all my possessions and headed south. When I got there I got an apartment over a Cuban grocery store cause the rent was so cheap. I had gotten a job as a maintenance man in an expensive apartment complex. The tenets where mostly single guys and girls or young couples. The pay was good the work was easy, most of the time I was cutting the grass or cleaning out stuffed up garbage disposals, cleaning the pool witch was my favorite part of the job (getting to see all the woman in there tiny bikini's).
  • by Silk :...
  • Double Trouble, ch 2
    double2 zip (10k) (M/f unc/nec inc, oral)
    Pippa having left for her boyfriends for the night, Mark gets to achieve his fanasty and makes love to his niece Beccy.
  • by cozmo cookieman :...
  • The Ice-Cream Girls: Fuckin' Lottie
    lottie zip (8k) (Mff, pre-teen, con)
    "C'mon, Emmy," Lottie groaned as she poked at her little blond partner-in-crime. "It's my turn to fuck him now!"   The Latina Lolita gently but firmly pushed at the thoroughly fucked 9-year-old until she grudgingly crawled off of me. My still hard cock popped out of her tight hairless little fuckbox, leaving a trail of goop across my thigh as she slid off and snuggled up next to me.     Lottie ran her hand down over my sweat covered chest and began to plant wet little kisses on my neck and face, all the while humping her sopping, swollen, and obviously very horny cunt against my leg. She clamped her mouth over mine and sucked at my tongue until I reciprocated, kissing her back and sucking at her sizable oral appendage. Her fingers drifted across my belly, making me quiver and groan into her hot eager mouth. She wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock-shaft and stroked at it.
  • by TinaSlt :...
  • Uncle Pimp
    uncpimp zip (18k) (M/f, MMM/f, semi-con, B/D)
    I learned to be a great whore. Once my uncle made me realize how ungreatful I was.
  • by Vishal :...
  • (Untitled) Brother Sister
    vishal1 zip (7k) (m/f)
    Sometime after we reached puberty, my sister and I engaged in incestual contacts not so much out of curiousity, but in search of sexual release. We were competitive and proud, so when one of us was trying to get the other "interested", we didn't use romance or seduction. We often suggested a role-game, such as playing "doctor", or "runway model", or "Playboy photographer". My favorite was the latter, and since I actually owned some decent camera equipment, it made the scenario all the more real. There was one particular day when dad was fishing and mom was working. Patty and I were in our mid-teens and eager to be home by ourselves. We were playing cards when I suggested a wager. If she lost, we played "photographer" and she would be the "model".
  • by Lenicka :...
  • Moje matka
    mojematk zip (4k) (M/F inc)
    Bylo mi tehdy 15 let. Zaèínaly mì zajímat dívky, ale k nièemu jsem se nedostal a tak jsem mohl jen onanovat.     Toho dne jsem ležel ve svém pokoji na posteli nahý a onanoval.

    Tuesday AM, May 11, 1999

  • by DarkSatyr :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Cheaters, part 1
    cheater1 zip (11k) (M/F, girlfriend, slut, anal, oral, rom?)
    Wanting more of that, I pulled myself from his mouth, and went down on him again. As I did, I pulled my wet fingers from my cunt and rubbed my juices on his cock. As I licked and sucked him clean, he moaned loudly and pushed himself deeper into my mouth.
    The Coach, part 1
    coach1 zip (7k) (M/f, m+/f+, teen, interr)
    Coach Andy Marlin liked to watch as well as participate. And he always gave the boys on his school basketball team plenty of opportunities to get the hot-pantied little cheerleaders into their locker room so he'd have plenty to see. Of course, he always managed to keep one for himself too. What better way to watch his team bond, than having his own teenaged fuck toy to play with.
    Robin's Night Out
    robin1 zip (6k) (M/F, M/f, teen, girlfriend, slut)
    I put down the belt and rubbed my hand gently across the cheeks of her ass as she came down from her orgasm. Looking towards the door, I saw that the babysitter had slumped against the door frame, frantically fingering her pussy, trying desperately to cum. A few seconds later she did cum, cunt juices covering her hands and running down her thighs.
  • by Alice :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Mariko
    mariko zip (11k) (m/f)
    When a Japanese family moves next door 14 year old Mark meets 12 year old Mariko and one thing leads to a lot of things.
    Moira's Diary
    moira zip (26k) (m/f,mm/ff, etc)
    Moira, eleven, a nudist, keeps a diary detailing her sexual adventures with Mark, her brother, but adopted, not biological, and others.
  • by Xanya :...
  • Nice Guys Get Laid
    niceguy zip (8k) (MM, TV)
    Being a "nice guy," Brad could never say "No" when anyone asked him for a favor. But being a nice guy eventually paid off for him.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • The girls of Spring Break
    springbrk zip (5k) (M/fM/f - oral/sex/public)
    Two Florida guys take advantage of the tourists who come to the beaches for Spring Break. A wild romp ensues when they meet two 16-year-old girls with fake ID's, both trying to act much older.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • The nurse teaches little Tommy how to fuck
    tomfuck zip (8k) (F/m - oral/mast/sex)
    The nurse needed a real cock to fuck her girls, and she picked Tommy as their stud. Her plan was to seduce him and take his cherry, teaching him how to be a great lover in the process.
  • by Nomad :...
  • Trial
    trial zip (8k) (MMM/f)
    "Amen." The young monk muttered and his eyes opened and looked at her. Gulping she looked up into their deep blue depths, her ears buzzing and her face burning as she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. He smiled at her, saying nothing and waiting patiently as she undid each and every button.
  • by RWEIII :...
  • Changes of War, intro
    warintro zip (46k) (M/f+, Pedo, Rape?, Harsh!)
    Who could have known what the future would hold. What could I do with four girls? What would they have to trade for their survival?
  • by Mark Aurel :...
  • Wonderful Copenhagen, teil 3
    wonder3 zip (11k) (MM/ffff, pedo, cons)
    Auch der Mann, der seinen Schwanz in Susannes Mund gesteckt hatte, war inzwischen zum Orgasmus gekommen. Zwar hatte er sich im letz- ten Augenblick noch zurueckziehen koennen, doch spritzte er der Kleinen seine Ladung mitten ins Gesicht. Sein Samen lief ihr ueber Backen und Stirn und tropfte von dort auf den Boden. Sah verboten aus, fand ich!

    Monday AM, May 10, 1999

  • by rave master :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Baby Raper
    babyrape zip (2k) (M/f infant rape)
    The convicted child rapist snuck down the dark alley, having just escaped from prison just an hour before. When he saw a dim light shine through an open window he looked inside to see a 8-month old baby sleeping in her crib. Crawling inside, he quietly picked her up out of her bed and carried her off out the window and down the dark alley, were behind a dumpster, he laid her down and ripped off her tiny diapers. Wasting no time, he slid his tounge deep in her small slit and forced his way deep inside the baby's womb. His hand was busy jerking his hard cock as he continued to eat out the small infant's pussy. Without thinking that it would never fit, he began rubbing his wet cockhead up and down her tiny slit. He pressed the tip inward and pushed hard, expanding her hole and allowing his cock to strech her cunt till the entire head of his cock was buried inside of the 8-month- old's virgin cunt.
    Baby Rape
    babyrap2 zip (3k) (M/f infant rape)
    An evil man snuck threw an open window and into the bedroom of a sleeping 18 month old baby girl at 3 a.m. in the morning. He crept up to her crip and pulled her out, setting her down on the changing table, he quickly tore off her diapers and began eating out the infant's pussy. Thrusting his tounge deep into the child's hole he could feel her tiny hymen as he poked at it over and over. Reaching in his pocket he withdrew a tube of k-y jelly that had a nozzle tip. He inserted it into the child's vagina and filled her small cavity with lube, then did the same to her ass, soon both holes were oozing the clear fluid. He opened his trench coat to expose his throbbing hard-on, which was slick with pre-cum.
  • by Young Fox :...
  • Family Matters
    family zip (14k) (M/f incest dad/daut)
    A father and son masturbate together and debate whether to fuck Carla, the eight year old of the family. She's a total prick tease running around half naked in her soiled panties, and Brandy, the mother, puts things in motion. But then, things unravel........
  • by Tanya Sissipus :...
  • Goddess
    goddess1 zip (26k) (F/m, femdom, malesub, bondage, punishment, cum)
    "If you truly wish to worship me, know that it shall be forever. I am not some whore who dominates men for a weekend and lets them leave." paul nodded. "Yes, Goddess." He tried not to show it, but his spirits were soaring at the prospect of serving her for the rest of his life. In the space of one day, he had gone from being a bitter, depressed, unemployed boy with no life to finding his true calling as a slave, entombed in the bonds of submission to a complete and utter stranger. And he couldn't be happier.
  • by Nomad :...
  • Terms & Conditions
    terms zip (10k) (M/f)
    "Jones," said the deep, somewhat nasal voice on the phone. "Jack!" I gasped, remembering the dark and balding man I had met during my business trip to Japan two months before. My ears beginning to burn I remembered the small cinema in which we met, the films they were showing, the young girls walking up and down the isles offering more than cigarettes and ice-cream.
  • by The Hentai Man :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Birthday Present
    birthday zip (7k) (Anime F/f/f/f young teen, adults)
    Sailors Neptune and Uranus landed gracefully on the balcony of their apartment. Neptune entered first, and Uranus followed, with a wicked gleam in her eye.     Neptune reached a hand up to rub her neck. "This new enemy sure puts a strain on the neck muscles."     "Here, let me, lover," Uranus said, and she reached up to massage Neptune's neck.     "Mmm, that feels nice."     "I've got something that would feel even better," Uranus said, and thrust her pelvis into Neptune, causing them both to fall onto the bed, Neptune trapped under Uranus.     Neptune pushed her hips up into Uranus. "Feeling a little frustrated, Haruka?"
  • by Smokey :...
  • Beth's Place, part 2
    beth2 zip (6k) (m/f)
    Alone at last, and in the dark, we both knew it was time to get busy. Shauna immediately rolled over to face me and planted one right on my lips.    "I wasn't sure if you liked me or not, you hardly talked to me at all," she said.    "Beth and Joel consume a lot of my energy," I said, "Plus, I’m kindof shy. But I definitely like you."    She smiled, and leaned forward. Our tongues met before our lips did, her inexperienced tongue thrashing around wildly, while I licked behind her teeth, and sucked on her lower lip. My hand found it's way to her pants again, and she took a quick breath. I slid my fingers under her panties and began massaging her clit again. She was still wet, and my finger slid easily into her tight, slick hole. As I did this, she reached down and grabbed the bulge in my pants.
  • by Amanda :...
  • Farouche - Chapitre 4
    farou4 zip (7k
    Pour ses quatorze ans, Marianne et Yvonne firent une fête. Elle souffla les bougies du gâteau et tout le monde chanta "joyeux anniversaire". Yvonne l'embrassa sur les deux joues.    -- Tout le monde t'aime, ma chérie, dit-elle, le souffle court, comme toujours.    Elle était plus grande que Marianne et ses cheveux étaient châtain foncé tandis que ceux de Marianne étaient presque blonds. Mais elles avaient ce même teint pâle, les mêmes petites rides au coin des yeux, le même front apaisé et les mêmes mains parfaitement manucurées.    -- Je crois bien que nous te faisons beaucoup de reproches, et je tiens quand à moi à m'en excuser. C'est seulement que nous te voulons parfaite. J'aurais aimé quand tu es venue chez moi, après la mort de ta pauvre maman, t'élever pour que tu soies tout ce qu'elle avait désirée. Je t'aimais tant que j'avais le sentiment que je lui devais bien ça. Et je suis persuadée que c'est ce qui se passe, ma chérie. Avec l'aide de Marianne, qui, ces derniers temps, a su prendre ma relève au bon moment. Je sais que ce n'est pas une excuse, mais je n'ai jamais été très douée avec les enfants.
  • by Mark Aurel :...
  • Wonderful Copenhagen, teil 2
    wonder2 zip (12k) (MM/ffff, pedo, cons)
    Das Maedchen, das als naechstes den Raum betrat, wurde als "'Lil"` annonciert. Ein hektisches Auflachen ging durch den Raum, als es erschien, denn es sah ganz so aus, als haette sich Lil in der Tuer geirrt, als waere sie auf der voellig falschen Fete. Die Kleine, nicht aelter als 13 und ziemlich spindelig, sah aus, als wollte sie ihrer Grossmutter einen Geburtstagsbesuch abstatten...

    Sunday AM, May 09, 1999

  • by Stepdaddy :...
  • Prosecutorial License
    license zip (19k) (Mf, nc(?), young teen, Asian)
    As district attorney, I get a career-enhancing case: the local gym teacher has molested a fourteen-year-old girl. I set out to see that justice is served.
  • by Mulligan :...
  • CuSeeMe, ch 4-5
    cucme4_5 zip (6k) (true, Mmf)
    One week he had been thinking about his daughters proposal. Could he do it? Could he really have sex with his duagher? Was it really what se wanted? Would it be possible to keep it a secret for the rest of the world?     All these questions were on his mind. The idea of having sex with his daughter turned him on though. She was a very pretty girl and he really loved her, since she was all he had left after his wife had died.    It was 3PM on a Saturday afternoon, and he was waiting for his daughter to come back home after she had been away to visit a friend of hers. He had made his decision. Today he would tell her that he agreed with her and that he would not look any further for a new woman is his life, but that he would let Laura take in her mothers place in his life.
  • by Dreamer :...
  • Böser Bruder, teil 2
    boser2 zip (9k) (M/f/m inc)
    "Also, meine Eltern, äh, unsere Eltern starben bei einem Verkehrsunfall vor ungefähr sieben Jahren, da war ich vier, und Tim war 11. Das war für uns eine schwere Zeit, wir wurden getrennt und kamen zuerst ins Kinderheim. Aber Silke, die Schwester von unserer Mama, meinte das ginge nicht, und holte uns zu sich. Sie war ziemlich reich, hatte irgendwie geerbt. Wir wohnten dort in einem großen Haus und waren richtig glücklich, endlich wieder zusammen zu sein. Ich hatte keine Familie mehr, nur noch meinen Bruder, und er war mein großer Held.
    Meine Großeltern
    meingros zip (7k) (M/F/f/m inc)
    Ich glaube, Opa hatte es immer schon getan, schon, als ich noch ganz klein war. Er hatte mich beim Baden gestreichelt und mir die Musch und den Po befummelt. Und ich genoß seine Berührungen, ohne genau zu wissen, was es damit auf sich hatte. Es waren einfach schöne Gefühle, die er mir damit bescherte. Schon früh hatte er auch damit angefangen, mir die Muschi abzulecken, was besonders schön war. Manchmal stellte er mich, mit dem Badetuch um mich geschlungen, auf den Toilettendeckel und ließ mich die Beine breit machen. Dann schob er seinen Kopf zwischen meine Schenkel und glitt mir mit der Zunge in die Spalte. Huh, das war so ein Kitzeln, das kann ich gar nicht beschreiben.
    Der Sportlehrer
    sportleh zip (7k) (M/ff)
    Thomas war schon seit zehn Jahren Lehrer an einer Grund- und Volksschule. Bisher gab es nichts außergewöhnliches aus seinem Leben zu vermelden, aber das sollte sich grundlegend ändern. Schon immer hatte er Spaß am Umgang mit kleinen Mädchen, aber es hatte nie sexuelle Züge angenommen. Er war regelrecht über sich selbst erschrocken, als er merkte, daß sich etwas in ihm veränderte.

    Saturday AM, May 08, 1999

  • by Mandil :...
  • My Bitchy Sister's Hidden Charms
    bitchsis zip (20k) (bro/sis, mm/f, M/f, nc, preg)
    This story tells about the sexual adventures of a boy and his younger sister while they live in a small town. Even though there is little friendship between them, he manages to find a way to enjoy the voluptuous body of his sister without her being aware of it. After a few years when the family moves to a big city, things get much more complicated.
  • by Bozo Da Klown :...
  • Preteen Bound, ch 5
    preteen5 zip (14k) (M/f pedo kidnap bdsm)
    As little Amber clambered into the passenger seat, I slid the partition closed. No point in letting her see my other captive, bound and hanging upside-down in the back of the van. Not just now, anyway. Time enough for that later. As she adjusted herself in the seat, I reached across her and locked her door, brushing her bare legs with my forearm as I did so. It was all I could do to keep from ripping off her slicker and all of her clothes right there, fucking her until she was completely senseless. Her little girl aroma filled the van, all spicy and wet, making my balls ache as my hardened cock pressed against my pants, the large lump hidden from view by my shirttail, which I had hurriedly pulled out as she had gotten in.      Her scent was heady stuff and very difficult to resist. But one reason I've been successful at this kidnapping game is that I can usually restrain my most urgent impulses, especially when in a high-threat environment. I needed to get away from this house first before the games could begin, somewhere in the countryside around here perhaps, but not too far: I really needed to get into her panties soon. I figured that I had quite a bit of time before anyone discovered she was missing. The bus driver would show up and honk. When she didn't appear after a minute or so, he would go on, thinking she had found another way to school or was sick. Her teacher would note her absence, but administrative wheels would turn slowly before anyone suspected that she was actually missing. I might even have all day with her before someone noticed, if I was lucky.
  • by Roman A'clef :...
  • Prom Weekend II, ch 1 & 2
    prom1_2 zip (10k) (Family incest, M/F F/F Group Inc)
    "David!!"    The teen had just exited the plane and hearing his name turned to see his mother and father, both were grinning and waving at him as he made his way through the crowd. David grimaced slightly, the flight was long and his shoulder has hurting from where the strap of his bag was cutting in, that and with every step his cock and balls ached from the workout that they had received from the past 3 days.    "So? How was the prom?" Joan Atkinson asked as her husband took the bag from David's shoulder.    "It was fine..." David blushed slightly as he remembered the prom and the orgy that had followed it.
  • by Rick Roll :...
  • Tommy and the Nurse
    schnurs8 zip (7k) (M/f - oral)
    After spying on the girls and the school nurse the other night, Tommy confronts the nurse with what he saw. She orally convinces him to keep quiet. She also tells him that he might be able to join in.
  • by Takatak :...
  • Aunt Bhavani's Visit
    bhavani zip (8k) (M/F cons, F/b cons, M/F anal nc)
    Aunt Bhavani gets divorced and comes to stay for a few days to stay at Sheena's (her sister) house. She is seductive and has a go on Chirag (Sheena's Husband) and also on Amit (Sheena's Son). Sheena has to face Chirag's needs of anal sex...
  • by Mulligan :...
  • CuSeeMe, ch 1-3
    cucme1_3 zip (6k) (true, Mmf)
    Danny looked at his watch, 2.30AM, it was late and he was very tired. His eyes were hurting a little, because he had been behind his computer for about 8 hours already.      It had been a night pretty much like the other nights he spent on the Internet. He usually talked to people on IRC. Two weeks ago he got a webcam from his dad, and he had been experimenting with it ever since. Just like any other 19 year old guy, he was hoping to meet girls who would undress and play with themselves in front of the cam, but now, 2 weeks later, all he had seen nude, were gays, or other desperate guys, who gave up hope of ever seeing a nude girl.
  • by Diggity Dog :...
  • Sophie's Monday
    sophie3 zip (13k) (f mast, f/f mast, touching, f/f)
    Sophie lay back in the warm embrace of her bath. Her mother had been so right about the theraputic value of a good soak after "working". She closed her eyes and again saw the face of Ted as he grimaced while fucking her last night. As her mom had also predicted, Sophie had had to fake an orgasim to keep Ted turned on. She flinched a bit, her ass still a bit sore from the reaming he had given her this morning. Sophie sighed a grinned a bit, thinking how smart her mom was, faking orgasim's, blowing Ted before he awoke and letting him bugger her, unwittingly he had performed exactly like Emma had predicted, including the tip. Now, a thousand dollars later, Sophie could plan on getting the braces she so desprately wanted. She lightly fingered her tender pussy and sighed, "Oh, Ted, you're sooooo good!" The girl snickered, well, he was big anyway. Oh, well, if she wanted satisfying sex, she could always call Steph or Steph's Uncle Don. Ted and his ilk would always be there to get her what she wanted.
  • by WABE :...
  • Geile Spanner-Schwester
    peep1_3 zip (18k) (Author Unknown, translated by WABE)
    Die Frau wälzte sich auf dem Bett und draußen in der Dunkelheit der Gasse unterhalb des hell erleuchteten Fensters stand der Junge und beobachtete. Sie streichelte ihre Nippel durch den dünnen Stoff ihres Negligés, und der Junge sah, wie sie ihre Lippen bewegte, als ein Mann ins Blickfeld trat.      Tom stöhnte und stand da, seine Beine weit gespreizt. Er hatte sein Hände in den Hosentaschen und starrte mit gierigen Augen, als der Mann im Zimmer die hübsche Brünette in die Arme nahm und Küste.

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  • Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl
    Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl

    I thought to myself what could that mean
    Am I going crazy or is this just a dream
    Now, wait a minute
    I know I'm lying in a field of grass somewhere
    so it's all in my head
    and then.. I heard her say one more time:

    Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl
    Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl

    I could feel hot flames of fire roaring at my back
    As she disappeared, but soon she returned
    In her hand was a bottle of wine, in the other, a glass
    She poured some of the wine from the bottle into the glass
    And raised it to her lips
    And just before she drank it, she said:

    Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl
    Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl

    ("Spill The Wine", as written & performed by Eric Burdon & War)


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